World track championships Day Five as it happened

Becky James wins keirin gold and a fourth medal as Laura Trott takes silver in the omnium on the final day of action.

24 February 2013 Last updated at 14:21

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As it happened

  1. 1421: 

    The Belarus organisers look like they are going to squeeze in one last cheerleading routine from their overworked dancers. There are pom-poms, but I'll spare you the rest - Becky James victory is a far better moment to leave the scene on.

    Thanks for all your messages. I think the one thing we can guarantee after the last five days is that we can all do this again pretty soon. Bye for now.

  2. 1417: 

    For all the mud that has been slung at cycling recently, and much of it well-deserved, there is something magically about those rainbow jerseys. The ultimate bit of sporting stash.

  3. 1413: 
    Medal ceremony

    UCI top brass Pat McQuaid safely negotiates the legally-hazardous task of helping a young lady into a new cycling jersey. Becky James turns stage left and and God Save the Queen gets going.

  4. 1410: 

    Becky James completes the last of her media commitments before taking to the podium. She will probably get plenty of practice in that over the rest of her career as well. Right, the fanfare has begun, the platters of medals are carried to the stage and the women's keirin presentation can begin.

  5. 1407: 

    The men's madison medallist are posing for their group shot. Only one final thing remains on the Minsk 2013 agenda. Appropriately enough it will involve Becky James and the British national anthem.

    Craig MacLean, Former world champion on BBC TV

    "They did not come into this with any particular targets, but it is a remarkable medal haul from these championships for Great Britain. Becky James has been the star of the Championships and it just goes to show what a decent run of training can do."

    Great Britain finish at the top of the medals table with a total of nine - five gold, two silver and two bronze. Australia and Germany each picked up eight medals.

  7. 1358: 

    Double world champion Becky James: "It's going to take a while to sink in. It feels like a complete dream. I want to thank everyone for helping me . It's been tough but we finally made it. Can't believe I've got two golds, two rainbow jerseys."


    Paul Clarkson: "That was awesome Becky James #Keirin world champion."]

    Believe in Lucas: "YES BECKY JAMES!!! Hope Vogel is okay."

    The German was walking, rather gingerly, back to her team pen. She got caught down on the flat of the track and did not have the traction needed to stay upright as the race headed into the home straight.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic cycling champion on BBC TV

    "Nobody could have asked for more, or dreamt of more before this week."

  10. 1355: 

    Becky James' grandparents get another chance to revel in her success as she greets them at trackside. She is still shaking her head in disbelief. The winning margin was a healthy 0.116 seconds over Jinjie Gong. Lisandra Guerra was third.

  11. 1350: 

    In total command. Becky James covers the attack of Lisandra Guerra and leads from front to back. A second world title in the bag and a meteoric new star is lighting up British Cycling's firmament.

  12. 1350: 

    Kristina Vogel in second and Cuba's Lisandra Guerra attacks from deep...

  13. 1349: 

    We are under way cleanly at the second attempt and Becky James drops straight in directly in the draft of the derny.

  14. 1348: 

    A bit of an odd false start. The field looked like they were waiting for an instruction from one of the commissaries and were caught unawares as the derny whizzed round.

    Rob Hayles, Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "If Becky wins a fourth medal. it's unprecedented. I'm so nervous for her. I so want her to do it. There's no pressure on her. I hope she goes out there relaxed and calm."

  16. 1346: 

    That sounds like a big disadvantage, but the derny does not rack up the speed quite as sharply as it once did.

  17. 1345: 

    Becky James draws last spot in the gold-medal final. She will be at the back of the line of riders following the derny and will have a bit of ground to make up to get into optimum position once it departs with two and half laps to go.

  18. 1342: 

    France's Sandie Clair takes the minor final. Now the big one...

    Rob Hayles, Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "We talked up the British duo so that result was a big disappointment. Owain Doull struggled but that's bike racing, you give what you've got on the day. It was a quick race."

  20. 1342: 

    A man in a black catsuit is firing up the derny. The women's keirin gold-medal final is coming up shortly with Becky James. First though is the scrap for positions seven to eleven.


    GB's Owain Doull after he finished 11th in the madison with Simon Yates: "I didn't have the legs for it. Simon was carrying me round for most of it. It was certainly an experience."

  22. 1336: 

    Great Britain's Owain Doull and Simon Yates finish 11th on 2 points and could not get their teeth into any of the most exciting bits of action in that madison race.

  23. 1335: 

    France see it home to take gold, but it is Spain's heroic late surge that is the big news on the last lap. They take five points to Germany's one and leapfrog into silver medal position.

  24. 1333: 

    Spain attack one last time in an attempt to take silver from Germany.

  25. 1333: 

    Switzerland could get silver with a sprint victory and a lap gain. It is a big ask though.

  26. 1331: 

    France, Germany and Spain catch up to the back of the pack to gain a lap. France now have 18 points, four clear of Spain, with both enjoying a lap advantage over the rest of the pack. Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland have set off in pursuit of a lap gain but it is too late for gold with only one final set of sprint points and seven laps remaining.

  27. 1326: 

    Spain, France and Germany working in harmony and it looks like they might have broken the spirit of the rest of the field. It is a European Union diplomat's dream.

  28. 1324: 

    The added bonus of attempting a breakaway is that you gather up the sprint points in doing so. France cross first on sprint number eight to take five points and move onto 13. They are three clear of Italy and Ukraine.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic cycling champion on BBC TV

    "There are lots of teams showing fatigue now. It's a war of attrition."

  30. 1321: 

    Germany looked happy to sit on the rear wheel of Spain, but they are now co-operating, doing some shifts on the front of the group of two. They are making some decent ground and France like the look of this. They buy in as they make the effort to cross the divide.

    Three riders might be enough to take this group away decisively. Great Britain are still sat back in the pack.

  31. 1318: 

    Spain have made an attack in pursuit of a potentially decisive lap gain. They are chased by Germany and, although they have gained a third of a lap over the rest of the field, Switzerland are beginning to respond form the peloton in an attempt to quell this little uprising.

  32. 1314: 

    Switzerland move up to joint second overall as they win the sixth sprint to go level with France on eight points. Ukraine still out in front on ten.

  33. 1312: 

    Not long now until Becky James saddles up in pursuit of her second gold medal of the championships. Can the 21-year-old add the keirin title to Saturday's sprint success? About half an hour until we find out...

  34. 1309: 

    The Czech Republic take the fifth sprint with Great Britain not in contention. Ukraine still lead overall with those two early sprint victories on ten points as we start the last 100 laps. Germany and then Denmark both go off hard attempting to make a break as others recover from the sprint. Neither can get away though.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic cycling champion on BBC TV

    "The madison is a highly skilful race and beautiful to watch."

  36. 1305: 

    Great Britain get on the board as they follow France and Belgium across the line on the fourth sprint. All of these intermediate sprints would be blown out of the water should any team manage to take a lap out of the rest of the field. Gaining a lap trumps any number of points. It is a death-or-glory tactic, but some teams lack the sprint power to rely on anything else.

  37. 1259: 

    I hope Owain Doull and Simon Yates got a session on Dr Peters' counselling couch. Trying to pick a path through the madison melee takes grandmaster concentration.

  38. 1258: 

    The British cyclists do a lot of work with psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters and Joanna Rowsell explains: "It's all about getting in the zone, not getting overawed. Go into the race and do your race. Becky is the rider of the championships for me. She needs to stay in that zone, full of calm and focus."


    Laura Trott on Twitter after her omnium medal: "Silver in the omnium :) pretty happy with that. Fair play to Sarah Hammer!"

  40. 1257: 

    With riders dipping in and out at will to swap in for their team-mates, it is hazardous work being a madison rider. Those riders not racing soft pedal around the top half of the banking just to add to the chaos. Understanding the race is like trying to pick a tune of white noise at times. Italy have just won the third sprint, Great Britain yet to score, Ukraine still lead overall.

    Rob Hayles, Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "That was a big, big hit by the Belgian rider but he's back on his bike. He's a roughie toughie Belgian."

  42. 1254: 

    One to make you wince. Belgium's Kenny de Ketele heads over the handlebars after clipping the back wheel of a Ukrainian rider. Belgium are the defending world champions, but their hopes of retaining the title won't have been helped by that fall. De Ketele is back in the race, but his partner Gijs van Hoecke had to an extended stint on the front while he was scrapped up and dolloped back on the bike.

  43. 1251: 

    Up to the second sprint and Ukraine make it two out of two to open a lead of four points over Kazakhstan in the overall standings.

    Rob Hayles, Former world champion on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    "The British duo are nicely positioned. They are staying in the top half, top third of the peleton which is important."

  45. 1245: 

    The first sprint comes after 20 laps and the Ukraine put a spurt on to claim the first set of five points. Kazakhstan lead the chase and take second ahead of Denmark and Austria. Great Britain bide their time amid the meat of the pack.

  46. 1242: 

    On the very first lap one of the Russian riders gets a close-up taste of the pine as his back wheel slips from underneath him. There is some lycra rippage and some nice road rash on his hips but they are alright to continue.

  47. 1238: 

    Next, it gets messy. On track is the men's madison. 200 laps with ten sprints and two riders a team, tagging in and out. Owain Doull and points race world champion Simon Yates are Great Britian's pairing


    Michael Lawrence on Twitter: "Track cycling is one of the most exciting and entertaining sports at the moment."

  49. 1232: 

    We have just been treated to another exposition in Belarusian cheerleading. This one seemed to be themed around the Little Drummer Boy. Stefan Botticher enjoyed it as he waited to receive his sprint gold medal. He sets his face to proud patriotism just in time for the anthems.

    Stefan Botticher

    Joanna Rowsell is talking about the change in the women's pursuit to four riders and four extra laps: "Four extra laps doesn't seem much but normally in the last two laps your legs are full of lactic acid and you do anything you can to get there. This will be quite a different event, there's a lot of learning to do. It's an exciting new challenge."

  51. 1223: 

    With Elinor Barker slipping into her seat to help Dani King and Laura Trott to world title gold earlier in the week, and the likes of Sarah Storey waiting in the wings, Joanna Rowsell might have a bit of a job on her hands getting back into the team pursuit gang. Fortunately for Great Britain the UCI are going to boost the event up to match the men's.

  52. 1222: 

    Olympic team pursuit gold medallist Joanna Rowsell says Becky James will be talking tactics with her coach ahead of the keirin final. "We often get a video straight away of the previous race. She'll be able to see what she did well and what she should do in the final."

  53. 1220: 

    The keirin final field has been completed by Germany Kristina Vogel, China's Gong Jinjie and Hong Kong's Lee Wai Sze who fill the top three positions in the other semi-finals.


    Vicki on Twitter: "Becky James is absolutely smashing it at the world champs."

    Stash Heinrich on Twitter: "First chance to watch these champs- really good stuff and really like Jo Roswell in the studio. Fluent, informed and a natural."

    #bbccycling is the handle to sling your messages over to us.

  55. 1216: 

    Australia's Anna Meares will be the women deposed as keirin world champion this afternoon. Judging by her tweets, she would not mind if Becky James takes on the technicolour sweater from her.

    Six hours ago she tweeted: "JAMES! BECKY JAMES!!!! A handful in Delhi, now she is WORLD CHAMPION at 21. Congrats @BecksJames Has Wales had a cycling World champ b4?"

    Cue some messages from over the west end of the Severn Bridge.

    "Stacks of Welsh World Champs! Becky joins an amazing list :)"

    Thirty minutes ago: "Getting ready to bid farewell to the keirin rainbows. Last day of Worlds in Belarus."

  56. 1207: 

    Becky James looked in trouble with a lap to go, boxed in and fifth with 250m to go. But a gap opens up on the back straight and the Welshwomen dives through like a rat up a drainpipe and is second behind Cuba's Lisandra Guerra. That is good enough for a place in the final at 1335 GMT,

  57. 1207: 

    The derny departs the scene with two and half laps to go. Becky James is well set in thrd.

  58. 1206: 

    We are off and flying in the first of the keirin semi-finals. Becky James has taken up fifth position behind the motorised pace-setting derny. This race is over eight laps with the first three riders to progress to the final.

  59. 1205: 

    The organisers of this World Track Cycling championship have brought cheerleading to track cycling in a big way. On the first day one of the dancers caught another in the head with a stray foot. This time a routine passes off peacefully as we prepare for Becky James' keirin semi-final.

  60. 1159: 

    Sarah Hammer is getting very moist of eye as Old Glory rises to the rafters in the Minsk Arena. This is her first omnium world title.

  61. 1158: 

    Laura Trott takes her place next to the second spot with a slightly uneasy smile. UCI president Pat McQuaid takes a break from sparring with Lance Armstrong to present the medals. Sarah Hammer is wreathed in smiles as she pulls on the rainbow jersey.

  62. 1155: 
    Medal ceremony

    It al looks very sociable as the women's omnium medallists sit and wait for their presentation. Is it a minor faux pas to sit in the middle of the other two as Laura Trott has done, if you are not the gold medallist? If so Sarah Hammer and Annette Edmondson are very polite about it, chatting away happily.

  63. 1152: 

    A bit of a silver lining for Great Britain in that result in that Jason Kenny overcame Botticher by eight- thousandths of a second in the second round. The German returned to contention via the repechage though and ultimately took the spoils. On conkers rules though, Kenny could claim it.

  64. 1149: 

    A photo finish but Stefan Botticher, at just 21, has the race and the world title by a quarter of an aero wheel as he lunges for the line.

  65. 1147: 

    Down on the track, France's Francois Pervis has powered his way to a second win in the bronze-medal final against Sam Webster to secure his place on the bottom step of the men's sprint podium. Next up Denis Dmitriev needs to fend off Stefan Botticher to deny the German gold and take it to a decider.

    Chris Boardman, Olympic cycling champion on BBC TV

    "Overall it was strong riding from Laura Trott. The edge was not there from the Olympics, which is understandable. But a silver medal is still a great performance."

  67. 1143: 

    Laura Trott speaking on BBC 2 after winning silver in the omnium: "I wanted to win, but I did my best and a better rider beat me on the day the day. What more can I do?

    "After the points race [Trott was 10th] I'm happy to come away with a medal, so to come away with a silver, I'm super happy."

  68. 1142: 

    Laura Trott will look back at her tenth-place finish in the points race as when the gold medal slipped too far out of range. It is the first time that the Briton has tasted anything other than gold at a major championships, having picked up a total of nine titles at the World Championships in Apeldoorn and Melbourne and London 2012.

  69. 1135: 

    In the end, it was a bridge far too far for Laura Trott. The Briton comes home fourth fastest and Sarah Hammer is only two places behind in sixth. Hammer is choked up as she wheels round on her slowdown lap. She comes to a stop to give a big hug to husband and coach Andy Sparks before draping herself in the Stars and Stripes.

  70. 1134: 

    Laura Trott clambers aboard and puffs out her cheeks. She will need errors from the American across the track to take gold though.

  71. 1132: 

    Annette Edmondson and Katarzyna Pawlowska have just gone in the penultimate heat. Edmondson goes second in the time sheets with a time of 35.533 seconds. Next up is Sarah Hammer and Laura Trott to decide the gold medal.

  72. 1130: 

    It is only a little over 30 seconds, but it is still time aplenty to get tight and hunched on the tri bars. The riders use traditional drop handlebars over the first lap as they put down the grunt to get a huge gear turning over, before making the switch around halfway round.

  73. 1126: 

    Glesni Maxwell: "Having enough time before the start of my shift to watch the Women's Omnium #lifesgood"

  74. 1124: 

    Half of the riders have gone in the time trial and so far France's Laurie Berthon has gone fastest with a time of 36.697 seconds. Trott's winning time in London 2012's time trial was 35.110 by way of a sighter.

  75. 1121: 

    Hammer is weaker than Laura Trott over the time trial, but she may just be strong enough to hang onto the lead. When the pair raced in London 2012 Trott finished fastest in the time-trial on her way to Olympic gold. Hammer finished fourth which earned her silver, The same time-trial result here would swap last summer's podium positions with Hammer on the top step and Trott second.


    Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell is in the studio, having decided to miss the track season this year and instead focus on the road with the Wiggle Honda team.

    "I miss the track and miss not being in Minsk but I'll be super motivated for the road and track next winter," she tells BBC2.

    Rowsell competed in her first road race yesterday, the Omloop het Nieuwsblad in Belgium. "It was horrendous conditions, not getting above -1. Normally I wouldn't go out in that because it was icy and dangerous. It was so cold I couldn't feel my hands or feet and my face and lips were numb. But it's only going to get better from here, it can't be any worse!"

  77. 1115: 

    The riders take their time-trial turn in reverse order on the basis of their overall standings in the omnium. First up for their two-lap burn round the pine therefore are backmarker Lucie Zaleska and Volha Masiukovich. Sarah Hammer and Laura Trott will be the final pairing and the Briton will have to put the hammer down and hope for a mistake from Hammer to steal gold.

  78. 1111: 

    Stefan Botticher successfully forces Denis Dmitriev into the lead with some delicate track-standing and gobbles up the subsequent sprint to take a one-nil lead in the gold-medal race.

  79. 1108: 

    Meanwhile Laura Trott, who finished third in this morning's scratch race and the individual pursuit, is preparing for the time-trial that will decide the fate of her omnium defence. We think, after some quick maths, that she needs to finish seven places clear of leader Sarah Hammer to secure gold.

    Laura Trott
  80. 1104: 

    Francois Pervis, who had looked the event's form rider before semi-final defeat to Stefan Botticher of Germany, takes the first race of his bronze medal final. Next up Botticher takes on Denis Dmitriev of Russia in the first of the gold medal showdowns.

  81. 1102: 

    First up on the track is the first races of the men's sprint finals. In the bronze medal ride-offs, Sam Webster of New Zealand will lead off Francois Pervis of France.

  82. 1059: 

    This is not just a one-way street though. Oh no. You can fire back into this live text commentary via Twitter on #bbccycling or via text message on 81111 from UK mobiles.

  83. 1056: 

    You can get across video coverage of all those and more on BBC Two and online from 1100 GMT with audio coverage beamed back to us courtesy of BBC Radio 5 live sports extra from the same time.

  84. 1055: 

    So, with Kenny leaving his lycra back in the team hotel, these are the Britons to look out for in today's racing.

    1110 GMT: Women's omnium time-trial featuring Laura Trott

    1210 GMT: Women's keirin second round featuring Becky James with final to follow at 1335 GMT.

    1235 GMT: Men's madison final featuring Owain Doull and Simon Yates.

    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport in Minsk

    "If Becky James were a country, she would be sixth on the Minsk medal table above France, China and Russia. She's not, of course - she's a 21-year-old from Abergavenny - but she is has been a medal machine over the past few days in Belarus and is still looking to add to the gold and two bronzes she has already has in her suitcase to take back to Wales tomorrow.

    "James was "buzzing" and could hardly sleep last night after winning world sprint gold but she didn't look tired as she surged to victory in the first round of the keirin. She has one more race to get in the final, then she will be looking to get back on the blue podium that has become her second home this week."

  86. 1048: 

    Before the championships started you may have looked at the schedule for this final day and presumed that Jason Kenny would hog a large slice of the British attention. Instead the Olympic sprint champion will be confined to cheering on girlfriend Laura Trott, rather than attempting to add the world crown to his London 2012 success after elimination in yesterday's quarter-finals.

    Chris Bevan, BBC Sport in Minsk

    "Last day already? There's a lot I'm going to miss about Minsk, starting with the icy blast you get whenever you step outdoors here. I still haven't seen a snowman yet, and I still haven't had a smile from any of the security guards at the velodrome either... but those are the only negatives I can report from what has been an enjoyable week. Great Britain's success on the track has helped, of course - they are top of the medal table after 15 of the 19 events and could add to their tally of seven medals, with three more up for grabs on day five."

  88. 1040: 

    Laura Trott is also on for a second gold after her part in the successful team pursuit trio earlier this week. She goes into the final discipline of her omnium title defence - the 500m time trial - six points down on leader Sarah Hammer.

  89. 1034: 

    As we tick down to the final day of action out in Minsk, Britain are sitting pretty at the top of the medal table with seven medals, four of which are gold, already in the bag.

    The Team GB women have been particularly impressive and Becky James' whirlwind championships could yet be crowned with a second gold and fourth medal in total. She goes in the keirin second round at 1210 GMT.

  90. 1030: 

    British Cycling's big cheeses played down expectations before these championships.

    Performance David Brailsford spoke of an "opportunity for our young riders to compete alongside the world's best and experience the competitive environment" and focussed on the team performing to "the best of their ability".

    It all sounds like the sort of thing they did instead of sports day back in liberal pockets of the seventies.

    Instead it is Great Britain who have taken the rest of the world back to school.

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