England v Sri Lanka, second Test, day one as it happened

England reach 36-0 in reply to Sri Lanka's 257 on the first day of the second Test after Stuart Broad's hat-trick.

20 June 2014 Last updated at 10:30

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As it happened

  1. 18:52: 

    It's been an interesting day's cricket - after Sri Lanka's 257, Stuart Broad's hat-trick which he didn't even realise he's taken, and Liam Plunkett's five-for, it'll be a big batting day for England tomorrow.

    With England's footballers heading home from the World Cup unless something drastic happens in the next few minutes, you've no excuse not to concentrate on the cricket tomorrow. Play will resume at 11:00 BST tomorrow, we'll be back before then and even if you're going along in fancy dress tomorrow, watch out for cheese-based projectiles. Be careful out there - see you tomorrow.

    England fans in fancy dress
    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "If I was to give Cook some constructive criticism I would say play with the full face in the 'V' from mid-off to mid-on. Graft in the morning, time is irrelevant, stay in and remember, you can't score runs in the pavilion. Keep it simple. I said Robson had problems around the off stump but he has played very well tonight - closer to the body - and that augers well."

  3. 18:47: 

    If you missed it at lunchtime, you can also hear the "Ask the Umpire" feature with John Holder on the TMS podcast page - with questions ranging from Mankading to errant ducks on the outfield.


    England fast bowler Liam Plunkett: "To pick up five is a great feeling. A few of the Yorkshire guys were here, hopefully not drinking too much as we've got a game on Sunday. My mum and dad were here too, just back from holiday in Cyprus. We created so many chances and beat the bat a lot. I was night-watchman so I was glad I didn't have to go in."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "We've had a poor day in the field. Prior dropped a cuckoo, Broad missed the stumps by light years trying to get a run-out and you thought what was going on, so to get them out for 250 I think we have done alright. What they have to do now is bat well."


    Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara on the "catch" which reprieved Alastair Cook: "I felt I jammed my fingers under it, but sometimes you really don't know. I just wanted the umpires to have a look so it's always better to be safe. People used to walk, people don't walk, people used to take the fielder's word but that's the way the game is now."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I remember a few years ago Plunkett played against Australia and they said he hit the bat harder than any other English bowler. His career has gone downhill but he took a punt on Yorkshire and I remember saying to him if you can get the ball down there on off stump sharp you'll cause problems for the batsmen. When you've got a bit of pace the game changes."


    Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara: "The key is to focus and bat for runs - you can't go out blazing from ball one, you have to plan an innings and go one ball at a time. With the ball moving around, we tried to be more positive than at Lord's. You look for a positive, run-scoring attitude from your number seven."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This was a better day than we had in the first four at Lord's. There was a bit in it for the bowlers - occasionally the odd one swung and seamed. The bounce is on the low side - not too slow but a lovely bounce - and you felt we had a game. I was a bit surprised Cook put them in as the pitch does a bit in the morning but if you're still there at lunch it's yours to plunder runs. There were moments when England must have wondered if they had made the right decision. But wickets come in clusters here, though we won't know a good score until England have batted."


    Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara: "The wicket started to play pretty well but flattened out, some good balls in the right areas and the tail not wagging for too long probably cost us 75 runs. Broad and Jordan put us under pressure."

  11. 18:34: 

    And so it's time for the comforting words of Jonathan Agnew and Geoffrey Boycott to review the day - which will be made available later as the TMS podcast.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a good day for England. It was looking like Sri Lanka might have wrestled the initiative from them but Stuart Broad came to the party and England have been in complete control since then. Cook was fairly fortunate to get away with that slip catch, TV replays were inconclusive I suppose is the nicest way to put it, I thought it was out. But a good day for England."

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    Close of play scorecard

    England 36-0 (15 overs)

    Batsmen: Cook 14*, Robson 21*

    Fall of wickets:

    Bowling figures: Pradeep 5-1-16-0, Eranga 6-3-9-0, Herath 3-1-7-0, Prasad 1-0-4-0

    Sri Lanka 257 all out (Sangakkara 79, Plunkett 5-64)


  14. 18:31: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Eng 36-0 (15 overs)

    Sri Lanka may try to whistle through this Herath over to try to get another one in, but some judicious shoelace-tying may mean it's the last. Robson edges a two past slip, and another two through point takes him to 19 - equalling the highest score of his brief Test career. Some more delaying tactics from England waste a bit more time, Robson guides a two to fine leg and as the ball hits the stumps, they check with the third umpire - Robson's clearly not out, he's almost past the stumps, but it means it's the last action of the day.

  15. 18:26: 
    Eng 30-0 (14 overs)

    Cheesy puns aside, seamer Dhammika Prasad is into the attack for the first time, but he bangs one in too short and Cook despatches it for four through mid-wicket.

    England fans might remember Prasad being used as a sacrificial night-watchman on the third evening of the second Test in Colombo in 2012. With just one over to face before the close, Prasad was pushed up to open (on the basis that if he got out, stumps would be drawn anyway). But not only did he survive James Anderson's over, he went on to score 34 the next morning.

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    John Shaw: You get a better class of numpty at the cricket. At least it wasn't a whole Edam. that would be serious.

  17. 18:22: 
    Eng 26-0 (Cook 10, Robson 15)

    Cook pushes Herath for a single, Robson is playing for stumps and we may have time for three more overs?

    By the way, we've not worked out yet which Sri Lankan fielder it was who was struck by the cheese. I can neither confirm nor deny it was Edam-mika Prasad.

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    Andy Greenwood: Leg brie-fore wicket.

    Jonny Huntridge: I'd love to be thrown Babybels whilst I was at work or, better still, scotch eggs.

    Matthew Bennett: That fielder must be cheesed off.

  19. 18:19: 
    Eng 25-0 (Eranga 6-3-9-0)

    Eranga, who's bowled well this evening, begins his sixth over but Robson, who almost seems to be batting on off stump, isn't having anything to do with anything he doesn't have to play. Another maiden over.

    England batsman Sam Robson
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Ed Dent: Just had to de-cheese my packed lunch more in case refused entry tomorrow for possession of projectile dairy products.

  21. 18:15: 
    Eng 25-0 (Cook 9, Robson 15)

    I would presume CCTV might be able to identify the cheese-chucker (and I certainly hope he or she didn't extend their arm by more than 15 degrees while throwing it on the field). Meanwhile, Herath completes a maiden over to Cook.

  22. 18:13: 

    Both umpires are walking off towards deep square leg to see what was thrown - it appears to be a small red object, and would you believe, it's a Babybel cheese. Graeme Swann on TMS can't contain his laughter, but given the large number of stewards patrolling the crowd, can it really be that no-one noticed who threw it?

    Ready to resume now.

  23. 18:11: 
    Eng 25-0

    A Sri Lankan fielder - I think it's Kaushal Silva - dons a helmet and some shin pads to field at short leg as left-arm spinner Rangana Herath comes on for a bowl before the close.

    Hang on, there's something brewing here. It looks as though the deep square leg fielder is indicating that something was thrown at him from the crowd...

  24. 18:09: 
    Eng 25-0 (Cook 9, Robson 15)

    Another good shot from the increasingly assured Robson, guiding Eranga for a three through the covers, although there's a slight hold-up when someone lurks by the edge of the sightscreen at the Kirkstall Lane End. Cook moves to nine with a single.

    England batsman Alastair Cook
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    Neil Virani: Beer snake blood is an occupational hazard of watching cricket! Like being at the front of the crowd at a Metallica concert!

  26. 18:05: 
    Eng 21-0

    Robson waits to guide Pradeep for four through third man and move into double figures, before taking a single off the last ball. Theoretically nine overs left, more realistically 26 minutes.

    Sri Lanka bowler Nuwan Pradeep
    Scorecard update

    England 16-0 (8 overs)

    Batsmen: Cook 8*, Robson 7*

    Bowling figures: Pradeep 4-1-11-0, Eranga 4-2-5-0


  28. 18:00: 
    Eng 16-0 (Eranga 4-2-5-0)

    After the excitement we had in that hour after tea, the match is gradually winding down for the day as Eranga bowls another maiden to Cook.

    Barnsley's holy trinity of Michael Parkinson, Dickie Bird and Geoffrey Boycott are together on a balcony. I wonder if there's any discussion about how over-rates were better in their day...

  29. 17:57: 
    Eng 16-0 (Cook 8, Robson 7)

    Robson, with a rather crouching stance, forces Pradeep for a single off his leg, while Cook nicks the strike with a quick single off the last ball.

    Meanwhile, Aggers spotted match referee Andy Pycroft speaking to Cook before play today, possibly about over-rates. It still mystifies me how in the first Test, 17 overs were lost to tardiness (not weather), yet Sri Lanka were found to be up with the rate after allowances were made, and England were only one over in arrears. Time for the ICC to get a grip...

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    Chris Hey: Re: C.Grant (16:00) if you don't come back from the Test, sunburnt, tipsy, hot and smelling of beer you haven't had a good day.

  31. 17:53: 
    Eng 14-0 (Eranga 3-1-5-0)

    We have 13 overs left today - which with the best will in the world, they're not going to bowl in the last 40 or so minutes remaining, so it'll be an 18:30 BST finish. Cook is watchful against Eranga, and that's a maiden over. 12 left.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Robson looks like a huge grafter. He gets low, like a little crab, prodding away."

  33. 17:48: 
    Eng 14-0 (trail by 243)

    Given that Sangakkara rode his luck with the bat today, I'm sure he won't begrudge that decision going in Cook's favour, given that he genuinely didn't seem to know whether the catch had carried. The left-handed England captain pushes a single, then Robson drills the third boundary of his brief international cricket career with a firm straight drive between the bowler and mid-off.

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    James Young: Graduated today, come back to find Broad has a hat-trick and Plunkett took a five-for. What a day.

  35. 17:44: 
    Eng 9-0 (Cook 6, Robson 2)

    So, the Chef survives, even though many will think he is lucky to do so. Eranga is bowling a good length but stays with a no-ball, and Cook then knocks a single to fine leg. Eranga finds a bit of movement as Robson lets a couple go by outside off stump, but a decent start by the seamer from Chilaw.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I thought that was out. The precedent was set last week at Lord's with Matthew Prior."


    It looks like he took it cleanly, bouncing into the fingers and into the hand - although the more times these sorts of catches get replayed, the more doubt creeps into one's mind. Verdict... not out! Michael Vaughan didn't agree...


    Cook edges to Kumar Sangakkara at first slip who takes the catch low down - but it's immediately sent upstairs for the third umpire Paul Reiffel to rule on.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Robson deserves a run in the team. You need five or six games, opportunities to bed into the side but I hope England keep an eye on Alex Hales and if he continues to do what he has in the last month why not put him it? You look at David Warner for Australia. I hope their eyes are open with Hales, winning games for Notts, they chased down 390 the other day."

  40. 17:38: 
    Eng 6-0 (Pradeep 2-1-4-0)

    Pradeep, from the Football Stand End, has three slips and a gully for Cook, while that pesky pigeon is still resolutely remaining on the square. Perhaps the Headingley ground authorities could send Dastardly and Muttley to capture it? Meanwhile, Pradeep is running in like a smooth DeLorean, hitting 88mph but serving up a full toss to Cook who times his shot to perfection, guiding a four through the covers.

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    Chris in Leeds: I've been at Headingley all day and no one has lasted out in the middle longer than the little white pigeon who has been at square leg since 10.30am. Kudos.

  42. 17:33: 
    Eng 2-0 (Cook 1, Robson 1)

    Shaminda Eranga will share the new ball, bowling to the right-handed Sam Robson who will be desperate to impress after making one and 19 in his first Test. Back in the 1980s, two Tests without passing 20 would see you sent back to county cricket, never to return, but I hope the game has moved on since then? A hesitant prod into the off side earns him a single. Cook turns an inswinger off his pads for a single.

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    Craig Moore: Do have to wonder how Sam Robson gets picked with a loose technique? Surely someone should have spotted he's not quite ready?

  44. 17:29: 
    Eng 0-0

    Nuwan Pradeep, fresh from his tail-end batting cameo, starts with a maiden over to Captain Cook, who looks unruffled in comparison to Pradeep, whose mane of dark hair always looks ruffled.

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    Ed Longden: Nobody's going to say Cook captained well today, but he did. Won the toss, chose correctly, and set good fields.

    Mikey Knight-Robson: Aggressive by Cook. Put them in because he knew he had the bowlers to roll them. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Warney!

  46. 17:26: 

    England are up and running already, with Alastair Cook and Sam Robson opening the innings.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is the perfect time to bat. I don't think there will be a huge amount of movement. But both of these players are under a huge amount of pressure."

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  48. 17:25: 
    How's stat?!

    So Stuart Broad is the fourth man to take two Test hat-tricks, and the first to do so against different opposition, having taken one against India at Trent Bridge in 2011. The others?

    Hugh Trumble - Australia v England (Melbourne, 1902 & 1904)

    Jimmy Matthews - Australia v South Africa (Old Trafford, 1912) - once in each innings

    Wasim Akram - Pakistan v Sri Lanka (Lahore, 1999 & Dhaka, 1999)

    England bowler Stuart Broad
    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "The view from the back of the TMS box, which you'll notice looks decidedly un-radiolike. That's because it's usually a classroom, with the pavilion a shared facility with Leeds Metropolitan University."

    Test Match Special commentary box
  50. 17:23: 
    Today at the Test

    If you've just joined (or rejoined) us, you've missed an enthralling session of cricket since tea. Sangakkara and Chandimal got off to a flier after the interval, punishing some loose England bowling.

    Then it all kicked off when Broad removed Sangakkara with the last ball of one over, Plunkett snared Prasad, and then with the first two balls of Broad's next over, he took two wickets to complete his hat-trick - but didn't even realise it until it was announced at the end of the over!

    Herath and Pradeep then enjoyed an entertaining last-wicket stand before Plunkett took his fifth wicket to complete a memorable spell.



    England pace bowler Stuart Broad on his hat-trick: "I had no idea. We had a tough hour after tea, so that Sangakkara wicket was the big one. I was listening to the guy over the PA and I was thinking, 'why is he mentioning the last ball of the last over?'. And then it clicked - it must have been a hat-trick."

    "It was a fantastic bowling performance by everyone and Liam has come away with five wickets. There's always a lot of pressure when you win the toss and bowl, so we're delighted to have got off the field 15 overs earlier."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have bowled excellently. All the seamers have got it in the right areas. Anderson held length really nicely, Jordan was unlucky not to pick up a few, Broad bowled nicely and didn't even know he had a hat-trick. I'm really pleased for Liam Plunkett. It just goes to show it is never over if you've got a bit of talent.

    "There was a period when you thought if Sri Lanka batted another hour they could go past 300. This is perfect for a captain - you dream of bowling them out and batting in the sunshine."

  53. 17:19: 
    Scorecard update

    Sri Lanka 257 all out (69.5 overs)

    Top scorers: Sangakkara 79, Chandimal 45

    Fall of wickets: 37-1 (Silva 13), 56-2 (Karunaratne 28, 108-3 (Jayawardene 22), 108-4 (Thirimanne 0), 161-5 (Mathews 26), 228-6 (Sangakkara 79), 229-7 (Prasad 0), 229-8 (Chandimal 45), 229-9 (Eranga 0), 257-10 (Pradeep 13)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 19-5-49-2, Broad 15-3-46-3, Jordan 16-4-58-0, Plunkett 15.5-2-64-5, Moeen 3-0-16-0, Root 1-0-9-0


  54. 17:17: 

    Take a bow, Liam Plunkett - he leads England off with figures of 15.5-2-64-5 in front of an appreciative crowd from his (new) county, who are probably even now recounting to their friends how Middlesbrough, Plunkett's birthplace, was historically in North Yorkshire. (A bit like Bournemouth being historically in Hampshire before the 1974 county boundary changes).

    England bowler Liam Plunkett
  55. 17:15: 
    WICKET- Pradeep c Prior b Plunkett 13 (SL 257 all out)

    This last-wicket stand is starting to become annoying from England's point of view - but it ends as Pradeep nicks to the keeper and Liam Plunkett has his first Test five-for.


  56. 17:12: 
    SL 256-9 (69 overs)

    Herath guides a single off his legs to move to 13, Pradeep nurdles the ball off his legs and is nearly run out when he starts thinking about a single but is sent back. A two back past the bowler means he joins Herath on 13 - and this stand is now worth 27.

    Text 81111

    T Hunter: Graeme Swann is on top jinx form today. "If these two stay together for another half an hour..." Can Graeme say "T Hunter will definitely not score a ton tomorrow"?


    "Off the thigh pad" is Graeme Swann's immediate verdict - HotSpot shows the ball flicking Herath's thigh and umpire Steve Davis makes the "safe" signal.


    More entertainment from the Sri Lanka tail-enders as Herath aims a baseball-style blast over Broad's head and only the diving Anderson can prevent it going for four. Then there's an appeal for a catch behind, down the leg side, and with two reviews left in the bank, they decide to use one.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There is nothing worse than a number 10 playing authentic shots. It's great to see a proper tailender willing to have a good old hack, it is good for everyone involved."

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  61. 17:06: 
    SL 251-9 (Herath 10, Pradeep 11)

    Herath hoists Plunkett over deep square leg, but it reaches Joe Root on the bounce and they run one. Pradeep fences at a bouncer which flies over the slips and two more runs push the score past 250. Not a bad little last-wicket stand this, after all the excitement of Broad's "stealth" hat-trick. A silly point is brought in as Pradeep again steps back and has another big swing. Proper tail-end batting, this.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Stuart Broad is the first man to be involved in three Test hat-tricks - having taken two, he was also the last victim of Peter Siddle's hat-trick at Brisbane in 2010."

  63. 17:02: 
    DROPPED CATCH- SL 248-9 (Broad 14-3-41-3)

    Broad - only the fourth man (and the first Englishman) in history to take two Test hat-tricks - begins a new over to Herath, who manages a single, The tall Pradeep, backing away and nearly treading on short leg's toes, swipes and misses a couple of times, then gets an edge but is dropped by Gary Ballance at third slip. The Sri Lankan last-wicket pair scamper a two.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "Has anyone ever taken a Test hat-trick without being aware of it? Stuart Broad did not know, the England team did not know and the Headingley crowd did not know. It was only at the end of the over that the realisation dawned, with Broad getting a handshake from Alastair Cook. The only man in the know? TMS's Simon Mann, who was alert to the prospect even before the Eranga wicket. For a short time, the TMS box was the only place on the ground that knew of that bit of history."

  65. 16:58: 
    SL 245-9 (Plunkett 14-2-60-4)

    Plunkett - whom we've not mentioned, now has his best figures, beating his previous best of 3-17 - looks to wrap it up. A bouncer to little Herath is called as an aerial wide, while a couple of tail-end swipes bring the left-arm spinner a four and a two. Pradeep, mane of hair bursting out from the back of his helmet, belies his number 11 status with a perfectly good off drive for four.

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    Bevan Mortimer: At least an Englishman has a hat-trick to his name. Take note Rooney!

  67. 16:53: 
    SL 232-9 (Herath 1, Pradeep 3)

    The field comes in for what England seem to think is the hat-trick ball - not even England seem to know he has already taken three wickets in three balls. Last man Nuwan Pradeep, the unlikely batting hero of Lord's, somehow survives and helps himself to a three. The hat-trick is announced over the public address - and only when that happens, do Broad and the England fielders finally twig that a hat-trick has been taken, albeit spread over two overs (which makes it no less legitimate). Captain Cook rather sheepishly shakes Broad's hand at the end of the over.

  68. 16:48: 
    WICKET- Eranga c Prior b Broad 0 (SL 229-9)

    Broad is on a hat-trick (having taken one wicket with the last ball of his previous over), and Shaminda Eranga edges his first ball to the keeper - STUART BROAD HAS A HAT-TRICK and I'm not even sure he knows!


    England bowler Stuart Broad
  69. 16:47: 
    WICKET- Chandimal c Cook b Broad 45 (SL 229-8)

    Sri Lanka are getting rolled here, Chandimal perishes as he drives but edges a regulation slip catch to Captain Cook. Three wickets down for one run.


    England bowler Stuart Broad
  70. 16:46: 
    OUCH!- SL 229-7

    Rangana Herath is Sri Lanka's number nine, the little left-hander tries a big slog but misses and is hit in the unmentionables. Gotta hurt...

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "Is there such thing as a streaky 79? Yes. Is there such thing as a streaky Kumar Sangakkara 79? Apparently so. Four lives he had before eventually falling, he was effectively 79-5. With Prasad going soon after, England should be batting tonight."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Very good from Liam Plunkett. He tried the short ball first ball first up and the next one, undeterred, he got it right on the money. It was quick."

  73. 16:41: 
    WICKET- Prasad c Prior b Plunkett 0 (SL 229-7)

    New batsman Dhammika Prasad, after failing to connect with his first ball from the recalled Plunkett, tries to duck his second ball but it flicks his glove and Prior - who's not had a great day - takes a good catch.


    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've put the kiss of death on a Sri Lankan batsman - I've never done that before! It has not been the normal Sangakkara today, Ian Bell taking a good diving catch in the gully, and eventually he goes for a streaky 79 by his high standards."

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    Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara
  75. 16:38: 
    WICKET- Sangakkara c Bell b Broad 79 (SL 228-6)

    Sangakkara's luck finally runs out as he swipes at Broad and is caught by the diving Bell at gully. A good catch by the man playing his 100th Test.


  76. 16:38: 
    SL 228-5

    Anderson takes a rest with figures of 2-49 from 19 overs, and England turn back to fellow right-arm seamer Stuart Broad, who's not bowled since the 37th over (this being the 63rd). Broad will go round the wicket to the left-handed Sangakkara, whose charmed life continues as he tries to turn the ball through mid-wicket but it pings towards point where it threatens one of the aforementioned pigeons. Chandimal pulls a short ball for four down to fine leg, then has to fend off another lifter but there's no short leg in there now, and he can run a single.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We said at tea the game was in the balance, it's now looking like a very good position for Sri Lanka. The missed chances to Sangakkara are really starting to glare down on England There won't be anyone more keen to get him out than Matt Prior. If these two stay together for another half an hour it will have been Sri Lanka's day."

  78. 16:33: 
    SL 222-5 (62 overs)

    Poor from Jordan, short and wide and Sangakkara lofts him over the slips for four. England have really not been at the races since tea. Two singles rotate the strike, Sangakkara wristily flicks one to deep square leg to move to 78. The late David Shepherd would be pleased that Sri Lanka are on 222 - but England will think they've left them off the hook a little here.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think they should have a third man, you don't want to leak so many runs so quickly. This is the sort of surface where nothing does much and then one nips a bit. But you can't keep giving them easy runs. England's problem is one end should have a quality spinner, they can't go on with not having one."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "Bird update: Our feathered friend has been joined by what looks like a grey pigeon. Emboldened by strength in numbers, our intrepid duo are inching nearer the bat. Much closer and they will be at short leg. Send for helmets."

    Umpire Billy Bowden
  81. 16:28: 
    SL 215-5 (Sangakkara 72, Chandimal 38)

    Another fluent square drive brings Chandimal four more to bring up the fifty partnership - the runs have flowed quicker than the beer since tea. Another short delivery from Anderson, Chandimal pulls and that's another four. He'll have caught Sangakkara up before long.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "If they carry on paying like this it is going to get a little serious for England. It might not be a high scoring pitch, this. I still think there will be a bit there tomorrow but it's not unplayable, it's nice for playing your shots."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Sri Lanka batsman Dinesh Chandimal
  83. 16:25: 
    CLOSE!- SL 207-5 (Jordan 15-4-51-0)

    Chandimal steers another four past point and then tries to pull a bouncer from Jordan, it strikes the glove and bounces agonisingly over the leaping wicketkeeper Matt Prior as the batsmen run two, when the Sussex pair so nearly combined to make the breakthrough. Jordan does seem sometimes to bowl a little loose when he's rattled - witness all those leg-side wides he sent down in the ODI at Lord's - and Chandimal punishes him with another four to the same region as the first. A single takes the stand-in keeper to 30 from 41 balls.

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    Mart: If Sri Lanka get over 300 after being put in England will need to make 400+ to have a chance of last inns chase!

  85. 16:20: 
    SL 196-5 (59 overs)

    Sangakkara taps Anderson towards mid-wicket and calls for a quick single, but Chandimal makes his ground safely. Chandimal, not as fluent as Sanga but taking anything available, guides a three through the covers.

    And some news from Notts - their overseas player Peter Siddle has been recalled by Cricket Australia and will leave Trent Bridge in mid-July, so they have signed New Zealand all-rounder James Franklin.

    Text 81111

    Alex: Jonny (16:10) it's normally the vowels which r dropped n txt spk.

  87. 16:15: 
    SL 191-5 (Sangakkara 71, Chandimal 15)

    Another tight over from Jordan, just a single from it, as Sri Lanka look to consolidate post-tea.

    If you've just heard Simon Mann on TMS mention the 13-year-old from Somerset, Tommy Stewart, who took 10 wickets for two runs in a school match, you can read about it on the BBC Sport website.

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    Henry Carless: Sangakkara is a true great. The last of a dying breed who can build innings/attack and recover without seemingly changing pace.

  89. 16:10: 
    SL 190-5 (Anderson 17-5-36-2)

    Unsurprisingly, Joe Root's one over for nine runs isn't going to earn him another one after tea - it's James Anderson back on. Chandimal forces one off his legs, it doesn't travel too far but it's nowhere near a fielder and they manage to run two. A single off the last ball ensures he keeps the strike.

    Meanwhile, Geoff Boycott on TMS explains how the next redevelopment of Headingley will increase the ground's capacity - although there are plenty of empty seats already which they've not been able to fill today...

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jonny Brook: Sangakkara's now been dropped more often than the consonants are in text speak.

  91. 16:06: 
    SL 187-5 (Sangakkara 71, Chandimal 11)

    Chris Jordan takes the first over after tea, bowling to Chandimal - who's one of a number of current international wicketkeepers with similar first names (Sri Lanka's Dinesh Chandimal, India's Dinesh Karthik and West Indies' Denesh Ramdin - have I missed anyone?). Chandimal gets Sri Lanka going with a single, Sangakkara gets another fortunate inside edge, this time past the leg stump for four.

    Text 81111

    Francis Hunt in London: Someone needs to take the microphone away from Swann before he costs England the match: "if they could just add Sangakkara's scalp" - dropped catch; "The over before tea is an easy maiden" - nine off the over.

  93. 16:01: 

    We've got a potentially long session coming up, with 35 overs still to be bowled, and with the state of England's current spin bowling resources, the vast majority to be sent down by their four pacemen. England and Sri Lanka retake the field.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley
    Jazz trio at Headingley

    "'Put on a happy face', sings the Chris White Jazz Trio, available for weddings and other social occasions. Are they intending that tune for England skipper Alastair Cook, who was decidedly grumpy in his pre-match media duties yesterday?"

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chris Grant: We need a tea break interview with the head steward to discover why they get so upset at beer snakes.

    I think it may be something to do with when beer snakes break in half, they can shower the people underneath with the dregs of several dozen pints...

  96. 15:56: 
    Hedley Verity remembered

    TMS are looking back at the life of Hedley Verity - the subject of a new book. If you're a younger cricket fan who may not be aware of Verity, let me fill you in.

    A left-arm spinner for Yorkshire and England, Verity took 144 wickets in 40 Tests at an average of 24.37 between 1931 and 1939. He was England's spinner in the "Bodyline" series of 1932-33, and dismissed Don Bradman more than any other bowler in Tests. In first-class cricket, he took 1,956 wickets at 14.90 in 378 matches between 1930 and 1939, including the famous 10 wickets for 10 runs against Notts which features in the book.

    He died in the Second World War, where he was a captain in the Green Howards, and died of his wounds after the Allied attack on Sicily in 1943.

    Former Yorkshire and England bowler Hedley Verity
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Anand Dahihandekar: Hope Indians are watching and taking inspiration from Sanga on how to play in England.

  98. 15:48: 

    If you enjoyed the "Ask the Umpire" feature with John Holder at the lunch interval today, you can listen to it via the TMS podcast page.

  99. 15:46: 
    Scorecard update

    Sri Lanka 182-5 (55 overs)

    Batsmen: Sangakkara 67*, Chandimal 10*.

    Fall of wickets: 37-1 (Silva 13), 56-2 (Karunaratne 28, 108-3 (Jayawardene 22), 108-4 (Thirimanne 0), 161-5 (Mathews 26)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 16-5-33-2, Broad 11-3-28-0, Jordan 12-4-34-0, Plunkett 12-2-47-3, Moeen 3-0-16-0, Root 1-0-9-0


    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England are still in a good position but the game is still precariously placed. If these two can continue their partnership for 45-50 minutes they can get up to 250-5 and they will be happy enough with that. If England can get these two out they have every chance for rolling them out for a low total and a chance of going on to win the game."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    David Grant: Sanga is such a class act, he just plays the ball so late.

  102. 15:43: 

    So, we reach the break with Sangakkara on 67 from 130 balls, having made 51 of Sri Lanka's 108 runs since lunch.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "That might have been one of the worst one-over scenarios before a break we have seen for a while."

  104. 15:42: 
    TEA INTERVAL- SL 182-5

    Local hero Joe Root is handed the traditional spinner's last-over-before-tea - can he fare any better than fellow part-time offie Moeen Ali? There's a slip, a leg slip and a forward short leg as Root bowls round the wicket to Chandimal, who punches a four back past the non-striker, then takes a slightly risky single to mid-on - not something many would risk just before an interval? Root's last ball is a Steve Smith-esque full toss, Sangakkara says 'thanks very much' and expertly guides it through the covers for four. Nine from the over.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I always felt the over before tea was a good time to bowl because it's an easy maiden as they are not going to get after you and if you're get a wicket you're going to bowl the next over after the interval."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  106. 15:38: 
    SL 173-5 (Sangakkara 63, Chandimal 4)

    Chandimal steers Jordan for a single, while Sangakkara justifies his place in the Aesthetically Pleasing XI with an effortless, checked straight drive for four - had you or I played that shot, the ball might only just have made it back to the bowler, but it scoots away to the rope with no trouble. A single takes him to 63, and Chandimal nicks the strike with a single off the last ball.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "It's starting to warm up on the Western Terrace, where the first beer snake of the Test has appeared. Perhaps going for a softly softly approach, security waited until the beast was the size of a Carpet Python before stepping in. Boos all round, derogatory songs, then things settle. As we know, the Terrace is little more than half full today. Imagine the carnage tomorrow."

    Sign at Headingley
  108. 15:34: 
    SL 166-5 (Anderson 16-5-33-2)

    I've often heard the saying "you make your own luck" - but Sangakkara, who turns 37 in October, should not entertain any remote thoughts of packing the game in (it's been rumoured that he and Jayawardene may call it a day after next spring's World Cup) on the evidence of his recent form - he effortlessly sees off a maiden over from Anderson.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen is not normally a fielder you would find in the business area but he got both hands to it. If I were Kumar I would be down to put a few quid on the lottery, he's having a charmed life."

  110. 15:31: 

    Sri Lanka look to be playing for tea - but Sangakkara has another life when he cuts at Jordan and is dropped by the leaping Moeen Ali, who jumps to his right at backward point but can't hold on to the chance. So, having been dropped on 27, he's now been put down on 57. They run one.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England are in a good position. Anything less than 160-5 I think they would be very disappointed with but if they could just add Sangakkara's scalp they could bowl them out for 190."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Sri Lanka's Kumar Sangakkara
  112. 15:26: 
    SL 165-5 (Sangakkara 57, Chandimal 3)

    That stat with Sangakkara and Jayawardene's runs - only one run's difference - is almost as remarkable as Alec Stewart's Test run total (8,463) matching his date of birth (8 April 1963, ie 8.4.63). Sangakkara moves to 57 with a single.

    And at the interval, TMS will be looking back at Hedley Verity's famous analysis of 19.4-16-10-10 for Yorkshire against Nottinghamshire in 1932. Yes, that's not a misprint - 10 wickets for 10 runs.

    Text 81111

    Andrew B In London: Is it possible that teams could send someone else to talk to the media? Not always the captain. Especially if he is about to opening the batting. Is it contractual that it's always the captain? What about the coach... it often is in football.

  114. 15:21: 
    SL 164-5 (Jordan 10-4-26-0)

    Chris Jordan replaces Moeen Ali, who's off after leaking 16 runs in his three overs. Still three slips and a helmeted short leg in for the right-handed Chandimal, who dabs a two past gully.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We always regarded Chandimal as a very good player but one who could play outrageously dim shots out of nowhere."

    How's stat?!

    With Sangakkara reaching 56, he and Jayawardene have compiled an astonishing 50,000 international runs between them. It is comprised of 11,415 Test, 12,675 one-day international and 1,382 T20 runs for Sangakkara, while Jayawardene has made 11,414 Test 11,621 one-day international and 1,493 T20 runs. Remarkable.

  117. 15:16: 
    SL 162-5 (Sangakkara 56, Chandimal 1)

    Dinesh Chandimal is the new batsman, keeping wicket for Sri Lanka in this game because of Prasanna Jayawardene's injury - he averages 51.47 from 12 Tests, not bad to have from your number seven. He's off the mark with a single.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "A ripper from James Anderson, perfect length, the batsman's feet went nowhere, a little bit of away movement. It didn't look like it was going to carry but neat catch by Ballance. He knows he's got at least two drops in him before he gets moved now!"

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  119. 15:13: 
    WICKET- Mathews c Ballance b Anderson 26 (SL 161-5)

    Anderson to continue as England look for some control at the other end - and he makes the breakthrough as Mathews edges to third slip where Gary Ballance takes a good low catch.


    England bowler James Anderson
    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "There's been an extra white figure on the field for the whole session. Patrolling the cover/mid-wicket area has been a white bird, who has pattered around for well over an hour despite Joe Root's attempt to move him on. Walk around, peck at the ground, stick a beak into the air, with no concern over the action going on 30 yards away. To be fair, the bird might well be here each day and it is in fact we who are the guests."

  121. 15:10: 
    SL 160-4 (Sangakkara 55, Mathews 26)

    Sanga is happy to pick off Moeen for another four through the leg side, a single rotates the strike and then Mathews joins the party, lofting Moeen over long-on for six to bring up the fifty partnership.

    How's stat?!

    Kumar Sangakkara has now scored at least a half-century in his last six innings. That sparkling run of form reads: 75, 319, 105, 147, 61 & 55* today.

    Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara
  123. 15:07: 
    SANGAKKARA 50- SL 149-4

    Mathews, sporting a cable-knit sweater of the sort which are sadly disappearing from international cricket, takes one hand off the bat as he guides a single to fine leg. A checked off-drive brings Sangakkara his 47th fifty from 124 Tests - he's got a good conversion rate too, having gone on to score 36 hundreds.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "The captain should say to Moeen, 'I am not expecting you to get a wicket - just keep it tight and don't let them get away with easy runs'."

  125. 15:04: 
    SL 147-4 (46 overs)

    Plunkett's off and it's time for some part-time spin - off-spinner Moeen Ali, who's been restricted to just one over immediately after lunch to allow the bowlers to change ends. There's a hint of turn, but Sangakkara, who's one of the most experienced players of spin in world cricket, tucks into a shorter delivery which he pulls for four to move within one run of his half century.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tom McMahon: The England cricket team is like the England football team. They are good but they have no star in-form players like Sangakkara!

    Boom: If Prior hadn't dropped Sanga, would we still have taken the other two wickets?

  127. 15:00: 
    SL 143-4 (Sangakkara 45, Mathews 19)

    Sangakkara takes an uncharacteristically big swipe at Anderson and it sails over the slips for four - a shot you might be more likely to see in the 45th over of an ODI rather than the 45th over of a Test. A tapped single to Broad at wide mid-off brings him a single which takes him to 45

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It should have been the end of his spell about two or three overs ago. We've got four seamers, you can interchange them and keep them fresh."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  129. 14:56: 
    SL 138-4 (Plunkett 12-2-47-3)

    Although Henry Blofeld is not on TMS duty for this Test, he may be moonlighting as a Headingley TV cameraman as there's been an inordinate number of shots lingering on pigeons today... Plunkett to continue, Sangakkara is solid in defence before guiding a single down to fine leg. It's a long old spell from Plunkett - at which Geoffrey's not happy - and he may be tiring as he strays down the leg side and Mathews elegantly glances it away for four, before whipping another four through mid-wicket. That may be the end of Plunkers for a bit.

    England bower Liam Plunkett
    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "The interval midway through the session is not called a drinks break these days. It's a hydration break. Hydration is of a different kind on the Western Terrace, where a man in a floral dress is serenaded."

  131. 14:52: 
    SL 129-4 (Sangakkara 39, Mathews 11)

    James Anderson returns at the Kirkstall Lane End, with 1-16 from his first 10-over spell this morning. He won't be pleased with his new-ball partner Stuart Broad, who rather dives over a Sangakkara cover drive that disappears for four. Had the boot been on the other foot, you can bet Broad would give the errant fielder a hard stare and a double teapot... Sangakkara chops a three past mid-on.

    How's stat?!

    Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene have now played an astonishing 122 Tests together. Only four other pairs have played as many:

    146: Sachin Tendulkar & Rahul Dravid (India)

    137: Jacques Kallis & Mark Boucher (South Africa)

    132: VVS Laxman & Rahul Dravid (India)

    122: Sachin Tendulkar & Anil Kumble (India)

  133. 14:47: 

    Many thanks, JL. I can see where Geoffrey's coming from a bit, there - England seemed to give Prior every opportunity to prove his fitness, despite only having kept wicket in one first-class game and one T20 game before the first Test. Meanwhile, Ben Stokes played in many more matches for Durham but was not considered to have proved his fitness yet. Ready to resume.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Plunkett has deserved his wickets. Matt Prior drops one and it's 'unlucky', but if it were Jos Buttler or Jonny Bairstow did that, they'd say 'he's not good enough'. It's a slower pitch, there's a little lateral movement and you need patience in batting or bowling."

  135. 14:44: 
    DRINKS BREAK- SL 122-4

    An utterance from the Sri Lankan captain as he mis-times a pull shot at Plunkett, not sure what language it would have been in. One more wicket here would be very handy for the home side. How many is Sangakkara going to make today? Time for a drink and for Mr Mitchener to return to the keyboard.


    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "'York-shire, York-shire' is the chant that tells Liam Plunkett this is where he belongs. Having moved from Durham, Plunkett has revived his career and is taking wickets for England on his new home ground. Even the roar that took him to the crease for the hat-trick ball is dwarfed by the applause received whenever he returns to fine leg. Plunkett responds with a thumbs-up."

  137. 14:40: 
    SL 120-4 (Jordan 0-24 from 9)

    Thanks Jonny. The snake never caught on as much, did it? I remember being able to do one side of the cube, and then once removing the stickers in attempt to convince my sister I had completed the whole thing. Maiden from Jordan. Impressive stuff from the seamers today. Surely justifying the decision to bowl first? Sangakkara still there.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jonny Huntridge: Re. 14:04. Rubik's Snake.

    Scorecard catch-up

    Sri Lanka 120-4 (40 overs)

    Batsmen: Sangakkara 31*, Mathews 10*.

    Fall of wickets: 37-1 (Silva 13), 56-2 (Karunaratne 28, 108-3 (Jayawardene 22), 108-4 (Thirimanne 0)

    Bowling figures: Anderson 10-4-16-1, Broad 11-3-28-0, Jordan 8-3-24-0, Plunkett 10-2-36-3, Moeen 1-0-1-0


  140. 14:36: 
    SL 120-4 (Sangakkara 31, Mathews 10)

    Man of the moment Plunkett rushes in with sunshine still dominating. He's only timed at the mid-80s on the speedgun but the aggression is evident. Three slips and a gully in place. Robson at short-leg waiting for the one that is fended off the body. No alarms for the batsmen this time, however.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Above the sightscreen, there's a white sheet billowing around. Someone like Alec Stewart - who could spot anything behind the bowler's arm - might have pulled away at that matter."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  142. 14:32: 
    SL 114-4 (Sangakkara 31, Mathews 4)

    Fresh from his outstanding low slip catch, Jordan comes back into the attack for his eighth over. The final ball curves dramatically after it passes the bat. Prior will no doubt be alerting his colleagues to this. What a ball it would have been had the swing been at the batsman.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "What about this for a view? I can't think of many Test grounds in England where a lap of the ground takes you in front of the sightscreens for a position right behind the advertising boards. From here, you get a real sense of the pace of the ball, the movement and the task facing the batsman."

  144. 14:26: 
    SL 108-4 (Sangakkara 30, Mathews 1)

    Urged on by the crowd, Plunkett steams in for the hat-trick ball and it's full on leg stump but Angelo Mathews keeps it out. The skipper then gets off the mark. Great ovation for Plunkett as he makes his way back to the boundary - he's one of their own at Headingley these days.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Angelo Mathews will have had to get his pads on in a hurry here. Now, what's the hat-trick ball going to be? They're getting five slips in."

  146. 14:22: 
    WICKET- Thirimanne c Robson b Plunkett 0 (SL 108-4)

    Fended to short leg. Simple catch this time. Hat-trick ball coming up for Plunkett. The wondrous ebbs and flows of Test cricket.


    England bower Liam Plunkett
    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "My word, what a fantastic catch that was. He's a good cricketer, this lad. That's breathtaking - no need for Graeme Swann at second slip any more, Chris Jordan has taken an absolute blinder."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  148. 14:20: 
    WICKET- Jayawardene c Jordan b Plunkett 22 (SL 108-3)

    Oh but what a catch! Jordan one handed at slip as Jayawardene drives wide of off stump. Brilliant stuff.


    England's Liam Plunkett and Matt Prior
  149. 14:19: 
    SL 107-2 (Sangakkara 29, Jayawardene 22)

    Now what is that going to do for morale? Not a lot I would suggest. A horrible feeling to drop a key batsman. Nobody does it on purpose though. Bowlers never really buy that one though do they? Jayawardene plays a sublime cover drive off Broad to the boundary to bring up the 50 partnership from 100 balls, their 43rd together.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Kaylan Geekie: Gotta love Billy Bowden; gave Sangakkara out when Prior had already dropped the ball.


    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "There is no 'how long' when it comes to holding a catch like that. The umpire has to decide if the catcher has control of the ball - you have to hold on to it long enough to convince the umpire you have control."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's as simple as they go. It's wobbled a bit, it's in the gloves and out of them. I was watching Prior earlier, he stumbled during the run-out attempt. He's let two go through to the boundary for four byes, and the over before, Sangakkara played and missed but Prior only just kept hold of that one."

  153. 14:14: 

    Oh Matt. Prior has spilled Sangakkara off Plunkett. He had it in the gloves up into his chest and it has toppled out. Sangakkara on 27. Hard to tell where he was looking with his eyes shielded by the large coloured shades but he was pointing to something. Always blame something else, the old classic.


    England's Liam Plunkett
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We heard a big nick here in the box. John Holder is sitting next to us - he gave it out."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  155. 14:11: 
    SL 100-2

    A play and miss from Sangakkara, it looked classical but there was no contact. More excitement in the commentary box than from the fielders. Sangakkara shapes to play again but may have withdrawn the bat, and certainly wanted the bowler to think that. Good disciplined lines from Broad in a maiden. Glorious conditions for the crowd, many of whom are shirtless, which isn't so glorious.

  156. 14:07: 
    SL 100-2 (Sangakkara 27, Jayawardene 17)

    Now be nice please, Zavier. Poor old Cookie, it never stops does it? We haven't seen any unusual fields yet, though, it has to be said. There are three slips in place as Plunkett steams in. After another flowing Sangakkara drive for four, Jayawardene brings up the Sri Lanka 100 from the final ball of the over with a neat push for two off the back foot.

    Text 81111

    Zavier Austin in London: Captain Cook, stop moaning about how people being nasty to you and get on with it! Oh yes, and try being a little more positive in everything you do as well.

  158. 14:04: 
    SL 93-2 (Broad 0-23 from 9)

    I'm not sure resplendent is the right word, and I know Graeme Swann is not a fan of it, but the Headingley pavilion is gleaming in the sunshine. I always think it looks like one of Rubik's creations. Not the cube, one of the later ones. It's still Broad and he is skilfully flicked away through the leg side to the boundary by Jayawardene. We talk about all these thousands of runs, and so many will have been scored in that delightful fashion.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I like this England side, but I'd like to see a spinner in this side, someone with pedigree and plenty of wickets behind them."

  160. 13:59: 
    SL 89-2 (Sangakkara 22, Jayawardene 11)

    I am favouring the Pork and PPckle pie, Mark, a marvellous introduction I am only recently aware of. Plunkett sends down a superb delivery that zips away from Sangakkara's outside edge. The elegant left-hander responds with a trademark drive through the vacant mid-off for four. Good contest here.

    Text 81111

    Mark in Leicester: Who's got what for lunch? Peanut butter sandwiches for me.

  162. 13:56: 
    SL 83-2 (Sangakkara 17, Jayawardene 10)

    Not good for Prior's stats as a Broad delivery keeps low and shoots through under the wicketkeeper for four byes. Key phase in the match you fancy. Sunshine enveloping the ground, the crowd finding their voice, if not a melody.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Thomas Broadley: Empty stands at Headingley. Us Yorkshire folk are saving up and more fired up for the Roses T20 game next Friday.

  164. 13:51: 
    SL 77-2 (Plunkett 1-13 from 5)

    Only one over for now from Moeen Ali so the over rate will be going back down then. It was something of a running theme at Lord's and we have only just had the 30th in this match. A maiden from the returning Liam Plunkett, who has more of a Clooney facial hair style today rather than the Kris Kristofferson effect he was sporting at Lord's. This is the remarkable stat, we have been going overboard with the calculators and have concluded we are 53 runs from 50,000 international runs between Sangakkara and Jayawardene!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matthew Pearson: I think Emmet Maloney (11:54) should come off the fence and tell us what he really thinks about Shane Warne

  166. 13:48: 
    SL 77-2 (Broad 0-17 from 7)

    It is Stuart Broad from the Kirkstall Lane End two runs are scored as Jayawardene punches the final ball of the over down the ground. And between the two great friends, Jayawardene has 11,401 Test runs and Sangakkara 11,375.

  167. 13:42: 
    SL 75-2 (Sangakkara 16, Jayawardene 7)

    Many thanks and it's spin in the sunshine as we start the afternoon, what can Mooen Ali do today? Sangakkara was his first Test victim of course. There is some turn, rather innocuously wide of the off-stump but no immediate alarms. Some remarkable statistics these two batsmen. At the start of the session only 23 runs separated their Test run totals.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If Sri Lanka can get 350-plus, England will be under pressure, but if England can restrict them to 250-ish then they should control the game. With these two at the crease England will know they will have to strike early."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  169. 13:39: 

    After a characteristically entertaining Ask the Umpire session, England are ready to resume - and it's time for Jamie Lillywhite to talk you through the next part of Sri Lanka's innings.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "Has England's decision to bowl first been justified? They have taken two wickets and could have had two or three more. The extra degree or two added by the sunshine has brought with it some exaggerated swing, but will also lend itself to batting as the day progresses. With the two maestros at the crease, the hosts will need to strike early after the break, but 74-2 will provide Alastair Cook's men an enjoyable lunch."

    England's Liam Plunkett
    Ask the Umpire

    Can you be out hit wicket off a wide?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "Yes. But not a no-ball."

    Ask the Umpire

    What if the ball hits a duck perching just inside the cover boundary which stops a certain four? Or if it hits a bottle thrown from the crowd?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "If the umpire feels four runs would have been scored if the duck - or the bottle - were not there, he can award four runs."

    Ask the Umpire

    Shane Shillingford was recently told that if he bowled his doosra, he would be banned for 12 months. What if he took a wicket with it?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "You'd have thought the umpire would call no-ball. I've watched him bowl, he's tried to amend his action and it's changed significantly from before."

    Ask the Umpire

    If the striker completes a run without calling and the non-striker doesn't leave his crease, and the wicket at the striker's end is put down, who is out?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "If the non-striker has never left his ground, the striker is out."

    Ask the Umpire

    I grunt like Monica Seles when I bowl and was once warned by the umpire. Is this right?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "If in the umpire's opinion, your grunting is disturbing the batsman, he can warn you."

    Ask the Umpire

    Can a batsman stand his ground if dismissed, if the bowler's mode of delivery (over or round the wicket) is different from that which is announced to the batsman?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "Every ball should have been a no-ball if the bowler tells the umpire he's bowling over the wicket and bowls round."

    Ask the Umpire

    A player dives for the stumps to avoid being run out, the bat comes out of his hand and hits the stumps and breaks the wicket, the ball is thrown in and hits the bail-less wicket with the batsman out of his ground, is he out?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "To be not out, he has to be in his ground. I'd give him out - why should you penalise the fielding side?"

    Ask the Umpire

    The bowler threw down the ball in frustration after a missed run-out and the batsmen ran another run. Was the ball dead?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "Dead ball. As soon as the bowler starts to walk back to his mark, he's not trying to get an extra run, so the ball is dead and the extra run should not be allowed. Otherwise batsmen could try to run while a bowler with a 40-yard run-up was walking back.

    Ask the Umpire

    What if a very slow fielder allows the batsmen to run five or six - but then boots the ball over the boundary, accidentally or otherwise?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "The batsmen is credited with the runs they've run. If they're quick enough to run six, they get six."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Ask the Umpire

    Rangana Herath 'walked' after being caught behind at Lord's, but the replay showed his hand had left the bat when the ball struck his glove.

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "If the batsman leaves the crease under the misapprehension that he's out, the umpire should tell him and recall him. I'm not sure what the ICC regulations are for what the third umpire can and cannot say to the on-field umpires."

    Former umpire John Holder
    Ask the Umpire

    Are you able to defend yourself with the bat if the bowler throws the ball at you to try to run you out?

    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "If the ball is thrown at you, you're entitled to defend yourself - but you can't take any runs from it. And there's a difference between defending yourself and just taking a swipe at the ball because it's near you. However, if you're trying to regain your ground and the ball is live, you can get runs from it."


    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS (on Jonathan Agnew's suggestion that the umpires could enforce a five-run penalty for backing up): "The elite umpires say it's impossible to watch the popping crease for a no-ball and watch the non-striker as well - your eyes can't be in two places at once."

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I remember seeing it down at Taunton a couple of years ago when Murali Kartik 'Mankaded' Alex Barrow. In my playing days, I was warned once by the opposing captain John Wright for backing up too far, but I wasn't Mankaded."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Former Test umpire John Holder on TMS: "I have never had an incident of a bowling stopping in delivery to 'Mankad' a batsman. But batsmen only leave the crease early for one reason - to steal a couple of yards, which is illegal. I find it strange that the fielding side is vilified for running him out, even when the bowler has gone beyond the call of duty and warned him twice. When I left Hampshire, I played league cricket in Lancashire and Yorkshire for years and never saw it there. But the umpire is responsible for fair and unfair play - he can call 'dead ball'."

    Sri Lanka's Sachithra Senanayake runs out England's Jos Buttler
  185. 13:05: 

    Right then, strap yourselves in for Ask the Umpire on TMS, featuring former Test umpire John Holder answering your queries via email (tms@bbc.co.uk) and Twitter (@bbctms).

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "Plenty being made of the empty seats inside Headingley - the grand old ground is barely half full. Those here are doing their bit to make up for the no-shows - noisy din of chatter in the stands, bars doing steady trade. It's an ideal day for watching cricket - the morning cool has given way to sunshine. Warm without being too hot."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matt Knowles: Would have a better chance of a full house at Headingley if they weren't choosing to go for second tier tourist side Test each year.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "They were on the ropes there, the Sri Lanka pair. The Sri Lankans have not done too badly to only lose two wickets. England have bowled well, led brilliantly by Jimmy Anderson, he sets the tone. Alastair Cook will be delighted that the two new men Jordan and Plunkett are looking very comfortable and doing what they do for their counties."

  189. 13:02: 

    So that's lunch, with England three overs short of where they should be, but having bowled well so far. Here are the bowling figures:

    Anderson 10-4-16-1, Broad 6-2-15-0, Jordan 7-3-20-0, Plunkett 4-1-13-1.

    England's Stuart Broad and James Anderson
    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Greg in Blyth: Cook walks such a fine line. If England bowl out Sri Lanka cheaply, he is a genius. If Sri Lanka pile up 500 then Cook must quit. He can't win, well he can but he can't, if you know what I mean…

  191. 13:00: 

    With England again opting not to field a front-line spinner, I sense we'll need the full extra half-hour to get the overs in today, as the 27th over begins with the clock closing in on lunchtime. With Plunkett charging in from round the wicket, Jayawardene hooks at a bouncer, Ian Bell gets a hand to it at leg slip but it doesn't stick and they run one. Sangkakkara is nearly deceived by one that swings and nearly disturbs his stumps - but they make it to lunch without further qualms.

  192. 12:56: 
    SL 72-2 (Jordan 7-3-20-0)

    Jayawardene looks to have one eye on lunch here against Jordan - we're probably two or three overs away from the interval - while Plunkett slurps down from a water bottle on the boundary. Jaywardene's armguard looks as though it's served him for each of his 145 Tests and 417 ODIs - and the last ball ofJordan's over finds the edge as he prods forward, but the ball bounces well short of Cook - a bit like the last ball of the previous Test. Maiden over, and probably time for one more.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "You might think the silence in the TMS box would be, well, radio, but conversations at the back of what is usually classroom continue as if the broadcast wasn't happening. John Holder is given a warm greeting, while Graeme Swann goes through the actions of bowling a single over before lunch. When the Karunaratne wicket fell, all gathered around the monitor, with a collective groan following the waste-of-time no-ball check."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pace is fantastic but there has to be some skill element, some movement through the air."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  195. 12:52: 
    SL 72-2

    I'd wager the sun cream will be coming out at Headingley in the open stands as Jayawardene guides Plunkett for four through the leg side, and then tries to turn one down to fine leg as the third-wicket pair scamper a leg bye.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chris Betteridge: Can anyone tell me why Steven Finn isn't in this England side?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "He's in terrific form, Sangakkara, and when you're in form a little bit of lady luck goes with you. If Alastair Cook played that shot it would have gone straight into the stumps."

  198. 12:48: 
    SL 66-2 (Sangakkara 15, Jayawardene 1)

    Sangakkara firmly drives Jordan for four between the bowler and a very wide fielder at mid-off - but then dices with danger as he gets a big inside edge and the ball scoots past the stumps and away for four. But fortune favours the man in form, who's hit two centuries at Lord's in the last month - one in the ODI, one in the last Test.

    Text 81111

    Eddie in Warwickshire: Would Cook's decision to bowl first have been influenced by his own poor form at all? Get out there and get on with it!

  200. 12:43: 
    SL 58-2 (Plunkett 2-1-6-1)

    It's another hostile over from Plunkett, bowling over the wicket to the right-handed Jayawardene (who has a dark blue bandana visible under his helmet). The heavy beard Plunkett sported at Lord's has been reduced to a more streamlined five-o'clock-shadow look, but unlike Samson, he's clearly not lost his strength as it's some fierce bowling.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Jordan has been the pick of the bowlers. The pace he has been getting them through, that little bit of zip, he has made Sangakkara play and miss at three or four."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  202. 12:39: 
    SL 58-2 (Jordan 5-2-12-0)

    Sangakkara drives and misses at Jordan again, before some sharp fielding off his own bowling means it's a maiden over for the Sussex man, who has been right on the money this morning.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Dan in Lambeth: Re: Warne's criticism. Surely he and our very own Sir Geoffrey are similar beasts - both good in their day but now make a lot of noise to which you either listen to or don't - you don't take too much heed as it's just in their nature to be provocative, and move on. I sympathise that Cook doesn't get much chance to answer them off the field but to say that Warne should be stopped is a bit ridiculous - they are paid to share their opinions...

  204. 12:36: 
    SL 58-2 (21 overs)

    Mahela Jayawardene is the new batsman, joining his close friend and long-serving comrade-in-arms Sangakkara at the crease. His first ball is edged past the slips for a single to third man, and Sangakkara adds a single as Plunkett - now of Yorkshire, once of Durham and born in Middlesbrough - takes some warm applause for a hostile opening over.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Mendel: Cook is massively overburdening and overbowling James Anderson, much like Strauss did to Flintoff.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "We questioned whether Liam Plunkett would find the right length but this has swung pitched on or around off stump and really swung nicely, crashing into leg stump. I'm convinced it's swinging more this morning."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  207. 12:31: 
    WICKET- Karunaratne b Plunkett 28 (SL 56-2)

    Liam Plunkett replaces Anderson, comes round the wicket and makes an almost immediate impact, bowling Karunaratne second ball! It swung well enough to knock the left-hander's leg stump out of the ground, though he lingers for a moment as the third umpire checks for a no-ball - it was nowhere near. Karunaratne had struck Plunkett's first ball for four down the ground, but Plunkett had the perfect riposte.


    Sri Lanka batsman Dimuth Karunaratne is bowled
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Charlie Hawkesworth: Time for Liam Plunkett to step up on his home ground. Pitch and overcast conditions should suit him nicely.

  209. 12:29: 
    SL 52-1 (Karunaratne 24, Sangakkara 6)

    Sangakkara drives Jordan in the air, but it's just past extra cover and away for four - one Sri Lanka fan in the crowd eagerly waves his country's flag as the score passes 50. Then there's a moral victory for the effervescent Jordan as one sails just past Sanga's outside edge.

    Don't forget, get your questions in to TMS via email and Twitter for the "Ask the Umpire" feature with John Holder at lunchtime - always a popular listen.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Martin Turner: Did Emmet Maloney (11:54) really just use the way Warne looks as a reason for not valuing his opinion as an ex-cricketer and captain?

  211. 12:24: 
    SL 48-1 (Anderson 10-4-16-1)

    Anderson keeps plugging away, having bowled unchanged all morning - this is his 10th over, what's the longest you can remember a fast bowler going in a Test? Karunaratne rotates the strike, Sangakkara pushes a single to mid-wicket which doubles his score.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It has been a twitchy start from Sangakkara hasn't it? He almost ran himself out, and scampered to get off the mark."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Paul Hannaford: The England seam attack for the 1992 Headingley Test was Chris Lewis, Neil Mallender, Tim Munton, Derek Pringle and Graham Gooch! Talk about dobbers!

  214. 12:21: 
    SL 46-1 (Karunaratne 23, Sangakkara 1)

    Sangakkara is off the mark with a single, Karunaratne steers a carefully placed three through the covers - and despite having bowled nine overs off the reel, it's James Anderson giving chase. According to Swanny on TMS, Anderson reckons he's the fittest he's ever been ("he's got these bumps on his arms he's never had, called biceps"). Jordan then wobbles one past Sangakkara's outside edge and it deceives Prior who lets it bounce off his gloves and away for four byes.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "They say that only good batsmen get caught behind and Kaushal Silva was finally good enough to nick off from James Anderson. Beaten by two previous beauties, Silva got the slimmest feather through to Prior to the leaping delight of the England slips. He thought of a review, but, from my position on the boundary behind Prior, the edge was clear."

    England bowler James Anderson
  216. 12:16: 
    SL 38-1 (Anderson 9-4-14-1)

    Anderson, buoyed by that 1,000th wicket, gets another over - his ninth - and Karunaratne confidently shoulders arms as the ball swings past the off stump and Prior takes it down the leg side. Anderson then swings the next ball away from the left-hander, that's another maiden over.

    Text 81111

    Will, a Yorkshireman fractionally shorter than Silva: Sat in the library attempting to do some MA dissertation work with TMS on - just guffawed at Geoffrey's comment on shooting himself if he played on covered pitches and didn't average 85, now have a few tentative looks from the people around me.

  218. 12:12: 
    SL 38-1 (Karunaratne 20, Sangakkara 0)

    Jordan completes a maiden over - and Sangakkara may consider himself fortunate, as if Broad's throw had hit, he'd be back in the hutch without scoring.


    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialHow's stat?!

    "That wicket was the 1,000th wicket taken by James Anderson in first-class, List A and Twenty20 cricket."

  220. 12:11: 
    CLOSE!- SL 38-1

    Sangakkara prods Jordan into the on side, sets off for a run but then hares back, Stuart Broad comes in from mid-on and his throw misses the stumps but Matt Prior tries to gather it up and breaks the wicket with his gloves, though can't gather the ball cleanly. They're going upstairs... but the verdict is not out.

    Sri Lanka batsman Kumar Sangakkara
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Benjamin Pelc: Boycott bingo going well so far and only an hour in. Uncovered pitches, his mother, modern batsmen aren't as good...

    Boycott Bingo
  222. 12:07: 
    SL 38-1 (Anderson 8-3-14-1)

    The players change ends again, Anderson sends down a dot ball to Karunaratne.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mike Adamson: With the start the Sri Lankans have made and his comments in the week, Captain Cook may have sailed England into choppy seas.

  224. 12:06: 
    SL 38-1

    Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman, so we have two lefties at the crease. He manages a leg bye off his first ball. And there's momentary chaos as the players change ends, and Jordan is about to bowl before they realise they've only bowled five balls...

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    "James Anderson has taken only 10 wickets at Headingley at an average of 50.7 in five previous Tests."

  226. 12:01: 
    WICKET- Silva c Prior b Anderson 13 (SL 37-1)

    Anderson makes the breakthrough as he finds Silva's outside edge and the little right-hander is pouched by the delighted Matt Prior behind the stumps. Silva really doesn't look like he wants to go, but after a chat with his partner, he trudges off.


    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think county cricket is as interesting. Uncovered pitches up to 1979 created some great England players. They became very rounded players against all sorts of bowling."

  228. 11:59: 
    SL 37-0 (Karunaratne 20, Silva 13)

    England make their first change as Broad, with 0-15 from six overs, is replaced by Chris Jordan at the Football Stand End. The Barbados-born paceman has had an impressive start in international cricket - and nearly makes an immediate impact, finding some bounce as Karunaratne, playing a back-foot defensive shot, gets an edge off the shoulder off the bat and it sails over first slip for four.

    And for those of you keeping score, it was 11:57 BST when Geoffrey first referenced uncovered pitches. He's on feisty form today...

    England captain Alastair Cook
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jules in North Wales: Re: Ian Bell best memory - Oval August 2011 England looked shaky in the morning then IB joined up with KP still there at the close and went on to make 235? Magnificent day, much beer and celebrations with "Bananaman" & a giant Pingu... Only at Test cricket!

  230. 11:54: 
    SL 33-0 (13 overs)

    A lovely cover drive brings Karunaratne four. Somehow it always looks so classy from a left-hander, whether it be David Gower or Kumar Sangakkara - who England might have hoped to be bowling to by now, having won the toss. Karunaratne expertly flicks a single off his legs to fine leg where poor old Moeen Ali is having to shuttle from one corner of Headingley to another with a left-hand/right-hand combo in.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Emmet Maloney: How can you take anything that Warne says seriously? The last time I saw teeth like that they were on Bingo from the Banana Splits. His eyes now look like something from the Klingon nation and let's not get started on that thatch on his bonce. Dream on Shane, fine spinner in your day but you're a joke as a bloke.

  232. 11:50: 
    SL 28-0 (Karunaratne 11, Silva 13)

    Silva off-drives, Moeen Ali chases it to long-off and they run three. Karunaratne adds a single, but there's some increasing confidence from the Sri Lanka openers.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England need to find a spinner and the best one is Monty Panesar. But they keep telling me he is not in the right frame of mind."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Text 81111

    Martin, Newcastle: Herath to bowl England out on day 5, absolute banker!

  235. 11:47: 
    SL 24-0 (Anderson 6-2-9-0)

    England have a young 12th man on the field as Liam Plunkett is up on the balcony changing his boots. Karunaratne looks happy to just get through this Anderson opening spell as he completes another maiden over.

    If you've not seen it on the TV, Sri Lanka are wearing black armbands after the death of their long-serving baggage man, while Geoffrey on TMS is still charging in off the long run about England's team selection and tactics...

    Text 81111

    Anthony Cocozza: (Re: 11:38) Sir Geoffrey's bat looks a little high to me. Surely he's scooping an easy caught and bowled?

  237. 11:43: 
    SL 24-0 (Broad 5-2-11-0)

    Broad in for his fifth over, Silva is hanging in there after his reprieve a couple of overs ago. Now Broad finds some movement and it's another maiden over, but Geoffrey's still not happy...

    Sri Lanka batsman Kaushal Silva
    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I played on this pitch a long time and I am not sure I would want to bowl on it this morning. If you're going to bowl at Headingley you have to pitch it up. The nature of the pitch has changed over the years and unfortunately it has got better for batting. If they don't get wickets this morning they are in trouble because they don't have that quality of spin they used to have from the man in our commentary box, Swann."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Benjamin Pelc: Definitely a bat first day. Watched a lot of cricket at Headingley, today's overhead conditions are not those of swinging legend.

  240. 11:38: 
    SL 24-0 (Karunaratne 10, Silva 10)

    Karunaratne isn't finding it easy against Anderson, but guides a four past gully - is it too early to be concerned about how many runs have come through third man? Both batsmen are into double figures.

    And if you've heard mention on TMS of a picture Aggers has posted of Geoff Boycott playing cricket in the garden with his mother and brother, here it is. Stick of rhubarb not shown.

    Geoffrey Boycott playing cricket with his mother
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Hugill: Do England consciously make newcomers stand at short leg?

    Never mind England, I think all teams do!

  242. 11:34: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SL 20-0

    Karunaratne pushes a single through the covers, then Broad strays onto Silva's legs, he tries to force it down the leg side and it disappears for four leg byes. Broad responds by hitting Silva on the pad, there's a big appeal and it looks like he wants a review... but he's talked out of it. And wrongly so, according to the ball-tracker, which suggests it would have hit leg stump. Oh dear.


    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I used to hate it when the third slip changed next to me. Tim Bresnan would dive for everything but very rarely touch the ball. Jonathan Trott would stand far too close to me, which I didn't like. The only one I liked was Paul Collingwood, who would stand wide, which I liked, and catch everything."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  244. 11:30: 
    SL 15-0

    A perfect exhibition of outswing bowling from Anderson, as Silva is left poking at thin air. Silva then punches one through the covers, it bounces just short and wide of the diving Joe Root but he gets a hand to it as the batsmen run two.

    Meanwhile, the names keep coming on TMS of seamers who played one of their few Tests at Headingley - Phil Newport, Steve Watkin, Martin Bicknell, Neil Mallender... anyone remember any more?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Imogen: I think Cook has had too much criticism - even though I know it comes with the job! Each captain brings different strategies.

    Jonathan Evans: Cook's "something must be done" interview was a terrible own goal.

  246. 11:26: 
    SL 13-0 (Karunaratne 5, Silva 8)

    Broad bowls to Karunaratne for the first time, and the left-hander comes within a whisker of edging to the slips. He pushes a two through mid-wicket.

    And the TV camera picks out Michael Parkinson and Dickie Bird sitting together in the crowd - can any of you Yorkies let me know, is there a special stand reserved for Barnsley legends, and will Sir Geoffrey be joining them later?

    Sri Lanka's Dimuth Karunaratne
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a good start for Sri Lanka rather than England. I hate to say it and sound like someone in the media, but England have bowled a bit too short. Jimmy Anderson normally gets it spot on but I think he has been a yard short."

  248. 11:22: 
    SL 11-0 (Anderson 3-1-3-0)

    Still plenty of empty seats at Headingley. It's still Anderson to Karunaratne - a lack of singles mean the batsmen have not changed ends yet, and we're in the fifth over of the day. Anderson is still keeping it tight, the ball is swinging and the strike finally rotates as Karunaratne pushes the last ball past short leg for a single.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Philip Hockley: Mr Cook is upset because of what Warne says about his captaincy style. Well it just goes to show that he is a man desperately short of self-belief. Personally I think Cook would be much better use to England as a opener without the captaincy around his neck. He is still too re-active, and cautious. He should have had people around the bat half way in the second session, not after tea… and the best fielding decision was Anderson's idea…

    Andy Gardner: The criticism of Cook has been totally unfair, 25 Test centuries, a very good Test average, an Ashes victory and a series win in India, and the current team is going through a transition period. SK Warne is just a loudmouth.

  250. 11:17: 
    SL 10-0 (Broad 2-1-8-0)

    Simon Mann and Graeme Swann on TMS recall the days of the occasional left-field England pick on a seaming wicket at Headingley - Kabir Ali, or Gloucestershire left-armer Mike Smith (below), for instance - while Broad begins his second over, still with three slips and a gully in, and junior batsman Sam Robson under the lid at short leg. Silva is watchful, and it's a maiden for Broad.

    Former Gloucestershire and England seamer Mike Smith
    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's never been a tougher time to be England captain, with the social media. Everyone is beating on Alastair Cook's door. And when Shane Warne says something, people tend to copy him."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Former England spinner Graeme Swann and England captain Alastair Cook
  252. 11:13: 
    SL 10-0 (Karunaratne 2, Silva 8)

    Karunaratne scratches his crease, Anderson is probing well - overcast weather being very conducive to swing bowling - and he takes his total of dot balls to 10 before Karunaratne steers a comfortable two through the covers. Plunkett then makes a good stop at point to prevent a quick single.


    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "My stock has risen since I retired. I know full well it was a featherbed at Lord's and I would have been begging the captain to put the seamers back on."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sam Turner: Applaud bravery of fielding but is bravery what you need at the start of a Test? This could look a terrible decision in two hours.

    Tom Doyle: Oh great. The cricket hasn't even started yet and we're criticising the team! Good plan...

    Ollie Hayward: I wonder whether Cook would have batted first if he was in better form.

  255. 11:08: 
    SL 8-0

    Stuart Broad shares the new ball as usual, and makes Kaushal Silva play and miss before the right-hander executes a textbook square drive for four to get Sri Lanka under way. Next ball, it's four more past gully, Liam Plunkett gives chase but the Middlesbrough man's dive can't prevent another boundary. Silva, not the tallest, then has to duck a bouncer.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I was dropped here two years ago as they went with all seam, so I went on holiday to north Wales with my wife and child. I was looking round Conwy Castle when I heard Kevin Pietersen had taken something like 3-15..."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  257. 11:03: 
    SL 0-0

    Anderson immediately finds some inswing against the left-handed Karunaratne who, like his partner, has donned a sleeveless sweater. Maiden over.


    Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews: "It is going to be testing. We've got to fight out the first two sessions and get through the new ball. There were a lot of positives from the last game but England had the edge over us. This is a winner-takes-all match and we've got to start fresh."

  259. 10:59: 

    It's the left-handed Dimuth Karunaratne and the right-handed Kaushal Silva opening up. James Anderson will bowl from the Kirkstall Lane End, with the new pavilion - which I recently heard likened to a Rubik's Cube - behind him.

  260. 10:58: 

    That's a nice touch - Ian Bell, playing his 100th Test, leads England out onto the field and is given plenty of time for a nice ovation before he is joined by his team-mates and the Sri Lanka batsmen.

    England's Ian Bell leads the side out
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Nick Elliott: When Warne had him lbw with that slider in '05 who would have thought Ian Bell would make 100 Tests? Congrats!

  262. 10:57: 

    The strains of "Jerusalem" ring around Headingley - while Aggers urges all you TMS listeners to get your questions in early as at lunchtime today, former Test umpire John Holder will be joining them for the popular "Ask the Umpire" feature.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Vinny Person: 22 innings since Cook's last century and probably another 28 till his next. Thought he was captain that inspires?

  264. 10:54: 
    Get involved

    So, while we expected England to be unchanged, what do you make of the decision to field first? What about Ian Bell's 100th Test, what are your favourite memories of the man from Coventry? And is Alastair Cook right to hit back at Shane Warne's criticism - or does it come with the territory as England captain?

    You can email us at tms@bbc.co.uk (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (with "CRICKET" as the first word - as there's a World Cup on, it will help us find them easier in a football-dominated inbox), or tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket if you're out in the Twitterverse.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "They say that, at Headingley, you should look up, rather than down when assessing the conditions. England have done just that, sniffing the heavy, greyish air when asking Sri Lanka to have a bat. However, the feeling is the sun will come out later today and remain for the weekend. This morning might be the best conditions for bowling, so the hosts must use them well."

  266. 10:50: 
    Behind the stumps
    Dinesh Chandimal

    Prasanna Jayawardene, Sri Lanka's established Test wicketkeeper, damaged a finger in the first Test at Lord's, and while there are several potential glovemen in the squad, Dinesh Chandimal has got the nod to keep in this match.

    Chandimal, you might recall, was recently replaced as Sri Lanka's Twenty20 captain after nobly - in the style of the late Mike Denness - dropping himself for the World T20 final, which Sri Lanka won. He's more of a batsman-keeper than a specialist keeper, but he's kept in seven of his 12 Tests, 12 of his 84 ODIs and six of his 27 T20 internationals. We'll see how he goes.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "As an England captain you are a punchbag, that is the nature of the England captain, and the only opportunity you get to throw punches back are by winning cricket matches. It's also the hardest era to be an England captain because of the social networking."

  268. 10:46: 

    Aggers has noticed Chris Jordan marking out his run-up - he eschews the modern way of using a tape measure, and measures it out by putting one foot in front of the other. "It works for me," the Sussex man says.

    Stephan Shemilt, BBC Sport at Headingley

    "Can you imagine this many people being allowed on the Wembley turf before an England international? A rough count suggests well over 100 people are busying themselves on the Headingley playing area. Players limbering, media chatting, staff busying, security standing. In fact, there might be as close to as many on the field as there are in the stands that surround it."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook just has to get back to scoring runs. That will be what is playing on his mind more than anything. If he scores runs he'll find the captaincy that much more enjoyable. To say something needs to be done [about Warne] I don't think he has really got the right words there."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  271. 10:42: 
    Cook v Warne

    It's never an easy life as England captain - and Alastair Cook has come out fighting after the latest round of criticism of his captaincy style, led - as ever - by a certain SK Warne.

    "Yes, when we lose games of cricket as a captain you get criticised, but I've also won a lot of games of cricket for England," he told BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew yesterday.

    "I've won more one-day games as an England captain than anyone. I've won an Ashes, I've won in India away, and that's what I am proud of, so to be criticised for three years totally with those results I find quite hard to take to be honest."


    BBC Weather's Alex Deakin: "It will gradually get better for batting as the day goes on. I don't think we're going to see a lot of sunshine but it looks dry and fine and the humidity levels will drop as the days goes on. Definitely the best bowling conditions will be first thing."


    England captain Alastair Cook on choosing to field first: "We've got three guys from Yorkshire who know the conditions well so hopefully we can make some use of the first couple of hours. If it was glorious sunshine we would have batted first but it swung in the warm-up and hopefully it will."

  274. 10:37: 
    Century up for Bell
    England batsman Ian Bell

    It's hats off today to England batsman Ian Bell, who plays his 100th Test today. Stephan Shemilt, our man at Headingley this week, has penned a feature to mark Bell's 100th Test - find out about "the young Englishman who went to Australia and didn't sledge"...


    England captain Alastair Cook on Ian Bell, who is playing his 100th Test: "He's one of the best batters I've ever played with, if not the best. To join the hundred club, he can be very proud. Hopefully it will be a special week for him."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    (speaking before the toss was made) "Bat first, 1,000% bat first. As a spinner you have to bowl 30 boring defensive overs in the first innings. England haven't got a spinner really so they have got to bat first."

  277. 10:32: 

    Alastair Cook wins the toss and has no hesitation in opting to field first. England are unchanged. Sri Lanka bring in batsman Dinesh Chandimal, who will keep wicket in place of the injured Prasanna Jayawardene. Another change sees Dhammika Prasad replace fellow seamer Nuwan Kulasekara.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "You feel these conditions will favour Anderson and the England bowlers. The skill is hitting the stumps, not bowling too wide, making the batsmen play. You have to be brave with your fields, gamble with the umbrella fields and force the drive on the front foot."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  279. 10:30: 

    Morning, everyone. I suppose, after all the excitement, it was a disappointing finish for England - and the man in charge has had to endure a number of criticism, some of it rather personal.

    But that's enough about the first Test... It's eyes on Headingley for England and Sri Lanka's final meeting until November. (Apparently there was a football match on yesterday, but you can read more about that elsewhere on the website).

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Live Scores - England v Sri Lanka


  • Sri Lanka beat England by 100 runs
  • England: 365 & 249 (116.5 overs)
  • Sri Lanka: 257 & 457 (132.5 overs)
  • Venue: Leeds

England 2nd Innings

All out
View full scorecard
Robson c M Jayawardene b Prasad 24
Cook b Prasad 16
Ballance lbw b Prasad 0
Bell b Prasad 8
Root c Thirimanne b Pradeep 31
Plunkett c Pradeep b Herath 0
Moeen not out 108
Prior c K Silva b Prasad 10
Jordan lbw b Herath 21
Broad lbw b Herath 0
Anderson c Herath b Eranga 0
Extras 9nb 4w 11b 7lb 31
Total all out 249

Sri Lanka in England

Sri Lanka celebrate with the Test series trophy

Reports and scorecards from Sri Lanka's tour of England, which includes a Twenty20 international, five ODIs and two Tests.

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