West Indies v England, third one-day international, Antigua, as it happened

England beat West Indies by 25 runs to win the one-day series 2-1 in Antigua.

5 March 2014 Last updated at 12:50

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As it happened

  1. 22:05: 

    And they will move on to three Twenty20 internationals that carry the important context of the impending World T20. The first of those is on Sunday evening, so join us for that. Until then, goodbye.

  2. 22:03: 

    Ashley Giles is all smiles as Joe Root gets a little confused about which cheque he should be collecting. That ODI took a little while to bubble up, but the denouement certainly had us gripped. All in all, England can be pretty happy that this young team have registered a first series win in a lifetime.

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    Altaf Shaikh: So England can win without KP!

  4. 22:01: 

    All in all, it's been some day hasn't it? Graeme Smith's last as an international cricketer, no less. That dramatic Australia win over South Africa seems a while ago, doesn't it?

  5. 21:59: 

    Man of the match (and the series) Joe Root: "My hand is sore, but it should be alright.

    "Using the new ball has been a new experience. It's come off alright, so I'm pretty happy.

    "Moeen Ali got us off to good start, then it was good to get a nice partnership going with Jos. We wanted wickets in hand in the last 10 overs."

  6. 21:58: 

    England captain Stuart Broad: "I'm very happy, especially with the way the batsmen played. The last 10 overs was a pleasure to watch and won us the game.

    "You had time to play yourself in. Jos did that superbly today. He looks unstoppable when he gets going like that.

    "Yorkers will be important in Bangladesh. We saw the last delivery that the perfect yorker has a part to play. We have worked hard on our fielding and that has shown."

  7. 21:56: 

    West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo: "We wanted to chase today, there was nothing wrong with the wicket. The top order let us down again. It was always going to be an uphill task without a good start.

    "England batted well, you have to give credit to them. They capitalised on the start and then Root got a hundred. We can't blame our bowlers, the batsmen have to take the blame for this loss."

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    Claire Cottingham: I couldn't have shouted 'play the yorker' any louder! It worked! Congratulations England! Well deserved series win!

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Yorkers seem to have gone out of fashion, but it's a very hard ball to hit for four or six. It always comes up in team meetings that people can play Dilscoops or Jos Buttler-style scoops. But there are so few players who can play that. And if you can bowl fast yorkers at the death, you can clean up."

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    Sam Shepherd: Full and straight. Bowls him. Remarkable discovery that from England. Has anyone ever used this before? Incredible.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Joe Root will probably get it but personally, I'd give man of the match to Jos Buttler. He'd had two bad games with the bat, but was absolutely electric getting from 50 to 99. He'll be devastated to walk off for 99, but for me he's man of the match as he played an innings some fans may not have thought possible from an England player."

  12. 21:45: 

    Denesh Ramdin, by the way, ended on 128. For a moment there, it looked like he might pull off something extraordinary. It was an odd match that only really came to life in the last hour or so. The Windies always seemed behind the game, but Ramdin's late hitting certainly had England concerned. In the end, though, 25 runs is a decent margin of victory.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Tim Bresnan peeled off to the off side and the whole team mobbed him. I think it was England's first yorker in three games at the death, after such a torrid winter they bounced back to take the series 2-1. But a fantastic comeback by West Indies, what an innings by Denesh Ramdin. They were let down by their top order."

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  14. 21:42: 
    England win the series 2-1

    It feels like lifetime since we've been able to say that England have won a series, doesn't it? Bresnan is off on a sprint of celebration, shouting some pretty fruity words as he goes. He gives Broad a bear hug - those two have suffered more than most this winter.

  15. 47.4 overs: 
    England win by 25 runs- WI 278 all out

    The yorker does it! The penny finally drops for Tim Bresnan, who goes full and straight to castle Denesh Ramdin and give England victory by 25 runs. Yorkers, eh? Who'd have thought it?

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stuart Broad and Eoin Morgan have come over to speak to Bresnan. I hope one of them is saying 'come on Bres, base of the stumps'."

  17. 47.3 overs: 
    WI 278-9

    Brainless from Bresnan. Short, pulled for four. Meeting between Bresnan, Broad and Morgan. Pitch it up? Nope, you know best. Another short ball, cut for four. 14 taken off three balls, 22 needed off 14.

  18. 47.1 overs: 
    WI 270-9 (target 304)

    What on earth has Denesh Ramdin had for breakfast? Length from Bresnan, in the slot to be swung over long on for six. 34 needed off 17.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a very casual attempt to get back by Narine, he didn't look unduly perturbed. But Broad has done brilliantly, flicking the bails off as Narine casually tries to get back. That's a very big chain Narine is wearing, he's walking off the ground very slowly as though Mr T is going to snatch it back off him in the dressing-room."

    The "Ask Swanny" feature from the interval is now available on the TMS podcast page

  20. 46.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Narine run out 10 (WI 263-9)

    Is it now safe to say England are home and hosed? Some very dozy running from Sunil Narine and some excellent work by Stuart Broad sees the Windies lose their ninth wicket. Narine is sent back, turns slower than the QEII then dawdles his way back home. In the mean time, Broad acrobatically gathers the throw and takes the stumps to leave Narine well short. We must be done now, right?

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's not any rabbit pie going around with Narine, he's just smashed that one over deep mid-wicket, that was massive!"

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  22. 46.3 overs: 
    WI 262-8

    It couldn't happen, could it? Stuart Broad is looking bereft of answers as Narine leans back to hoik a short ball over midwicket for six. Smiles on the Windian balcony as the floodlights come on.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's always a chance of a run-out around now as Narine will just be looking to get Ramdin back on strike, so the infield can come in close."

  24. 46 overs: 
    WI 254-8 (target 304)

    Ramdin is joined by Sunil Narine, with the keeper only able to scamper when boundaries are not forthcoming. Narine, batting with a Del Boy-style chunky gold chain around his neck, gets away with an uppercut for a one. Very gloomy out there, sunlight virtually all gone. If this was a club game, they'd be asking for spectators to turn their car headlights on. 50 needed from four overs.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Stuart Broad would want to bowl Stephen Parry's last over at the two tail-enders, but he won't want to bowl him against Ramdin."

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  26. 45.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Miller c sub (Jordan) b Bresnan 10 (WI 246-8)

    Tim Bresnan returns to put an end to this nonsense. It's not Ramdin, but Nikita Miller who is on the walk back. Shorter from Bresnan, Miller heaving straight up in the air to the hands of sub fielder Chris Jordan at cover. The Windies need two runs a ball with only two wickets in hand.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ramdin only had one chance to have a go at Tredwell in that over after Miller couldn't get off strike. Tredwell's bowled tidily, but while Ramdin's still in, West Indies still have that chance. As soon as they try to hammer down that coffin, each time the lid comes off again."

  28. 45 overs: 
    WI 246-7

    Ramdin is swinging like a rusty gate in the gathering gloom. Now it's James Tredwell's turn to go downtown. The Windies need 58 from 30 balls. Ramdin has hit three of his last four deliveries for six.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was massive from Ramdin. I thought he might go berserk after reaching his hundred, but he's backed himself, played the big shot and it's come off. I don't know what his record is against other teams, but he seems to score a hell of a lot of runs against England."

    Three of Ramdin's five international centuries (four Test, one ODI) have come against England.

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  30. 44 overs: 
    100 for Denesh Ramdin- WI 239-7

    Well played, Denesh Ramdin. The first ODI century by a West Indies wicketkeeper is completed by the second of two slog-sweep sixes off Stephen Parry. The first was so big it looked to have bounced in the public toilets. Remember how Ramdin got a piece a paper out of his pocket when he got a ton at Edgbaston in 2012? No note this time, maybe he wasn't expecting to have a good knock. Only 99 balls, with nine fours and three sixes.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "West Indies have got to take all the risks here. There are four men out on a big leg-side boundary. It wouldn't surprise me if this game finishes very quickly. Will Ramdin be thinking 'we aren't going to win this game, and I need 14 for a hundred'?"

  32. 43 overs: 

    Another chance for England, this time with Denesh Ramdin the man given a let-off. James Tredwell the bowler, Ramdin stepping back to slash towards point. Stuart Broad leaps, but he barely gets off the ground and his one-handed effort sees the ball hit the turf. Didn't we say he only fields there because he's the skip?

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a great effort by Stokes, he was the one who made it into a catch. He could have just sat back and allowed it to come to him on the first bounce, but he tried his utmost."

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  34. 42 overs: 
    WI 218-7 (Ramdin 82, Miller 6)

    Cccaaaaaatttttccccchhhhh! Again it's a Bresnan bumper, again it's Stokes, but the Durham man can't cling on with his spectacular forward dive to reprieve Nikita Miller. Ramdin, hunting a first ODI ton, continues to swing himself off his feet, while Miller takes four from a thick edge. 86 needed from 48 balls.

  35. 41 overs: 
    WI 212-7 (target 304)

    That Ramdin-Sammy stand, by the way, was worth 71 runs from only 64 balls. Nikita Miller is the man asked to continue the charge, arriving at the crease with the Windies needing more than 10 an over for the last 10 of the match. There's no doubt about it, the umpires are suspicious about England at the moment, as once again they ask to look at the ball. Broad to Ramdin, thick edge for four then a step back and flay over the covers for six. While Ramdin is there, they have a sniff.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Ramdin is still there, West Indies still have some hope. It has become a little more competitive than it was earlier, and you can see the crowd is more energised because of the heroics from Sammy and Ramdin."

  37. 40 overs: 
    WICKET- Sammy c Stokes b Bresnan 24 (WI 202-7)

    Is that the killer blow? Tim Bresnan breaks this dangerous partnership with the help of some very smart work by Ben Stokes on the deep square leg boundary. Darren Sammy is on the hook, but the fleet-footed Stokes is around the rope to take the catch above his head a few blades of grass inside the playing surface. Job done?

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    Si Lomas: England gonna lose the cricket when it seemed impossible to do so again?

    Finian Black: WI making a real go of this. One more wicket will make it safe for England. No worries. They're not Australia, people.

  39. 39 overs: 
    WI 200-6 (need 104 runs from 66 balls)

    Now then, we could have a rumpus here. A few overs ago, one of the balls was changed because of what the umpires called "unnatural deterioration". In other words, the umpires weren't happy with the state of it and suspect England may have altered it. No penalty runs were given, though. Stuart Broad is in an animated discussion with umpire Erasmus. I suspect we have not heard the last of this.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If West Indies hadn't lost all those wickets it would be a good run chase. Sometimes when you get close, you say 'if only', and this might be one of those situations. But it's still an open game, and if these two are still together for some time, we could see some fireworks."

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  41. 38 overs: 
    WI 193-6 (target 304)

    If the Windies are going to get close to this target, then they will need luck like this. Tim Bresnan returns, digging one in, with Sammy top-edging skywards. Ben Stokes comes charging in from the leg-side fence, but the white leather drops short of his full-length dive. The powerplay ends with 53 runs coming from it. Game on? 111 needed from 72 balls, so maybe not yet. One more wicket could have it in the bag for England, but much more biffing and bums will be squeaking.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "All of a sudden, West Indies are thinking that if they can keep these two at the crease, they're in with a shout here. That six from Sammy, flat over point, was a shot of incredible power and timing."

  43. 37 overs: 
    WI 185-6 (Ramdin 64, Sammy 22)

    Ever since I said there doesn't look like the Windies are making much effort in this chase, Ramdin and Sammy have put the burners on. A Broad bumper is flat-batted for four by Ramdin, before Sammy slaps a tracer-bullet six over the covers. Broad, rolling his fingers over one, screams for leg before against Ramdin then looks puzzled when Marais Erasmus isn't interested. I've no idea why, it wouldn't have hit a third set, let alone leg stump.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "20 runs off that over, but it was good batting more than anything. Ramdin gambled. I'd just like someone like James Tredwell, stood at extra cover, who's played a lot of one-day cricket, to have a word with Parry. These are better players than he's played against in domestic cricket, they forced him to change his line and he got spooked a bit."

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  45. 36 overs: 
    50 for Denesh Ramdin- WI 172-6

    Denesh Ramdin brings up a defiant half century first dancing to biff Parry for a maximum, then rocking back for a textbook back-foot drive. 70 balls for that fourth ODI 50. Did I say the onslaught was not forthcoming? A slog-sweep brings Ramdin four more, with Sammy getting on the cut for his part in the fun. 20 off the over.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "Very disappointing from West Indies after they looked to have England on the ropes at 116-4. They've played some rather thoughtless shots."

  47. 35 overs: 
    WI 152-6 (Ramdin 43, Sammy 10)

    Stuart Broad after drinks, the skipper giving a cry of "never" as a short ball is called wide. It's get worse when another short ball is dragged through mid-wicket for four by Ramdin, but there's still not much sign of a Windian assault on this target.

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    Dave: Have England finally arrived in the cricket 21st century by using spinners in the opening 15 overs. Getting 30 overs out of your slower bowlers creates pressure for the opposition to make rash shots. England have struggled for years in ODI's because of this tactic

  49. 20:31: 
    WI 143-6 (target 304)

    Question. Why on earth do they take drinks in a powerplay?

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Very good over from Stephen Parry, he's very confident with his field settings. It's only his second international game but he's bowled in the powerplays both time. I used to avoid powerplays like the plague, but he's grown up in the T20 generation and loves it. You sense something must happen in the next two or three overs as the West Indies can't just let this game drift."

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  51. 34 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- WI 143-6 (target 304)

    Yep, the Windies opt for the revolutionary tactic of taking the batting powerplay two overs early. Stephen Parry is summoned as England are forced to bring six fielders into the ring. One possible reason for England rattling through their overs is that threat of rain, which still lingers with the overhead clouds. Only three from Parry's over. Drinks

  52. 33 overs: 
    WI 140-6 (Ramdin 35, Sammy 7)

    Tredwell (Tricky to his mates) his whirring through his over in a flash, sliding his roundish belly towards Sammy from around the wicket. Only one from it. 17 overs remain, West Indies need a huge 164 from it. I think we could be due an early powerplay...

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    Dennis Edwards: The West Indies seem lethargic, indifferent and resigned. And as a spectacle it's quite boring really.

  54. 32 overs: 
    WI 139-6 (target 304)

    England are rattling through their overs, which is clearly good for the game, but not great for the fingers of your humble live texter. Bopara on a full length as what looks like the fourth umpire hands out what could be fruit or sweets in the Windies dressing room. Skullduggery! I'll level with you, the slow death of this ODI is not the most entertaining watch.

  55. 31 overs: 
    WI 133-6 (need 171 more to win)

    Jos Buttler is not only a helmet-wearing snaffler, he's also decent value for a chirp from behind the sticks. This time he's encouraging "Tricky" Tredwell, which is a nickname I like. Tricky, from around the wicket, concedes only a single to Sammy. Time is slipping away in this game like sand through an hourglass.

    Text 81111

    Tony, London: Let's not forget that this is a Windies team minus their two best players - Gayle and Pollard. It really is poor fare. Not a yardstick at all of England's progress.

  57. 30 overs: 
    WI 132-6 (target 304)

    Darren Sammy is the new man as Jos Buttler goes from pulling off a smart catch to, well, looking a bit village. He's standing back, but still wearing his lid, like a young lad in the under-11s. With 20 overs to go, the Windies need another 172 runs at nearly nine an over.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "With the loss of Bravo, that may have been the last chance for West Indies having someone at the crease who can take you home, but let's see what Sammy has in store."

  59. 29.2 overs: 
    WICKET- DJ Bravo c Buttler b Bopara 27 (WI 131-6)

    We move a step nearer to the ball game thanks to some excellent work by Jos Buttler. Standing up to the stumps to Ravi Bopara, Buttler cleanly takes a thick edge from Dwayne Bravo to send the skipper on his way. England are sprinting towards a series win.

  60. 29 overs: 
    WI 129-5 (target 304)

    James Tredwell, looking more at home with the cloud cover, comes back to replace Ben Stokes. It's decent stuff, only three singles from it. Before much longer, the Windies will have to hit the throttle. But, with that comes risks, and they have only five wickets to play with.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sometimes, when it's your day, you can win games like this from here, as Ireland showed against England in Bangalore in the World Cup. The game is still just about live, although England are odds-on to win from here."

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  62. 28 overs: 
    WI 126-5 (target 304)

    England call on their eighth bowler, the wobbly dobblies of Ravi Bopara as the clouds once again cover the ground in a foreboding, rain-threatening gloom. Bopara scuttles in but drags it down, allowing Bravo to pull through mid-wicket for four. A man who I'm told is called Pappy jumps to his feet and blasts the bugle. All around seem to know the tune he's playing, but I'm none the wiser.

  63. 27 overs: 
    WI 117-5 (target 304)

    Ben Stokes is getting a decent spell here, perhaps in a Broad plan to bowl him into some form. Neither line nor length is consistent, with Bravo flaying a wide one to third man for four. Still, the required rate is more than eight an over.

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    Douglas Elder: Is it just me who thinks that James Tredwell looks like one of the engineers from the movie Prometheus'?

  65. 26 overs: 
    WI 110-5 (Ramdin 23, Bravo 17)
    Stephen Parry

    Still Parry, or "Pazzer" to his wicketkeeper. Hoppy, creepy, windmilly arms. Bit leggy, then width for Ramdin to cut. Six from it, but it's hardly a contest at the moment.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Bertie Glanvill: With regards to cricketers who have picked up adjectives, surely Big Bresnan is the most common.

  67. 25 overs: 
    WI 104-5 (target 304)
    Dwayne Bravo

    Dwayne Bravo has Caribbean flair in spades. His bat flows like the locks of Jennifer Aniston in Friends. High back-lift, flourishing follow-through whether he is playing off the front or back foot. His cover drive is particularly pleasing on the eye. Ben Stokes, though, is doing a miserly job, with only three coming from it.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Jock: The lack of technology reminds me of the front cover of Sir Geoffrey's book on the 1981 tour of the Windies; "In the Fast Lane", that showed our hero gamely practising on a concrete strip with a car tyre as a wicket. Maybe things haven't improved much in the last 30 years?

  69. 24 overs: 
    WI 101-5 (Ramdin 21, Bravo 12)

    It's fair to say that the sting has gone out of this contest, at least for the moment. The Windies are looking to consolidate, knowing that further loses could well be terminal. hat suits England, who know that ticking the overs down is more than enough for now. Poor from Parry, though. A long-hop is pulled for four by Ramdin.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "West Indies have lost too many wickets for a heavy run chase like this. But you never say never, we've seen what sport is about all around the world. The individual who gives up quickly never wins."

  71. 23 overs: 
    WI 96-5 (target 304)

    I think we've actually just had a few passing clouds, as the sun is now doing its thing again. Still, the breeze is strong enough to ruffle the shirts of all in the middle. You know when I wondered if Joe Root had frozen peas on his thumb? It actually looks like he's holding a huge piece of meat. I hope that red steak doesn't end up on the barbie.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Paul, Brentwood: I'm an England fan but is Buttler a bit lucky there, looked like his gloves were in front of the stumps before Samuels hit that? Remind me of the law on that please?

  73. 22 overs: 
    WI 93-5 (required-rate 7.53)

    Joe Root, poorly thumb etc, looks like he might be done for the day. Sitting in the dressing room, he's even got rid of his red pyjamas in favour of blue training gear. Stephen Parry makes running in look quite hard. In fact, I almost want to give him a push in his delivery stride to make sure he releases the ball. The wind has got up, and the sun has disappeared. Rain? Please not.

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Somehow England need to get Ben Stokes's confidence back. Your team-mates need to give you confidence if it's drained away from you. Having been one of the finds of the ill-fates Ashes tour, he's become vulnerable early on."

  75. 21 overs: 
    WI 88-5 (target 304)

    Ben Stokes into the attack - after his Ashes exploits this trip to the Windies hasn't gone too well for the flame-haired Durham all-rounder. For that reason, this might actually be a good time for him to be bowling, get at the Windies whilst they are under the pump. Having said that, he doesn't start well. Leggy, then driven straight by Bravo for four.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Giles: Abut DRS, I'm afraid you're all wrong. The DRS is to use when the umpire's decision is obviously, clearly wrong. If the video evidence is inconclusive then the "umpire howler" that the DRS is for has not happened and the captain has made a huge mistake in reviewing what is not a clear-cut error - the review should definitely be used up. Please stop trying to engineer the rules to include more DRS reviews, there need to be fewer. Howler - reviewed - overturned = good. Marginal decision foolishly reviewed by a daft captain = you lose your review.

  77. 20 overs: 
    WI 80-5

    Dwayne Bravo is the new man, the skipper will have to do something special to get the men in maroon out of this one. On the DRS debate, it seems pretty daft to have it without all the gizmos at your disposal. Like eating chips without gravy.

  78. 19.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Samuels c Buttler b Parry 23 (WI 80-5)

    Yep, Samuels' demise is confirmed, though he's not happy about it. The slider from Parry wasn't really there to cut and Samuels, apparently, got a feather through to the white mitts of Buttler. Hard to see how England lose from here.

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a feather, that edge, but it's there. Third umpire Rod Tucker is a former player - he's being thorough."

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  80. 19.5 overs: 

    Without Hot Spot and Snicko, you could watch replays until Monty Panesar gets a Test hundred, but it's far too difficult to see an edge. It's hard to see how they can overturn this...

  81. 19.5 overs: 
    Marlon Samuels and Jos Buttler

    Now then, umpire Joel Wilson proves that his fingers aren't glued into his pockets. Cut shot from Marlon Samuels, has he tickled Stephen Parry through to Jos Buttler? Wilson say yes, Samuels says no. Someone give the third umpire a nudge...

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a magnificent strike, into the wind as well, but he's done that before, Marlon Samuels, taking on the off-spinner. If he thinks his groin is reverting to its injured state, he could be looking to score a few more boundaries."

  83. 19 overs: 
    WI 77-4

    Are there any cricketers who have picked up adjectives to go with their name? Young Joe Root? Burly Samit Patel? Gobby David Warner? Oh, hello Marlon Samuels! A dance results in a massive hit into the blue sky, miles over long on for six. James Tredwell needs a bike to fetch that one.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Mat Harris, Cornwall: Re: Bob Murray (11th over). This is far better preparation. Slow turning wickets. ODI format with three T20s next. Against the world champions. Compared with Test cricket on seaming bouncy wickets.

  85. 18 overs: 
    WI 68-4

    Will Pietersen always have "discarded England batsman" in front of is name? Remember John Darwin, the man who faked his own death by canoeing in Hartlepool? He was always described as "canoeist John Darwin", as if he'd won an Olympic gold medal. Tim Bresnan after drinks, three from it.

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    Discarded England batsman Kevin Pietersen on Twitter: Just seen ENG scorecard. So happy for Joe Root! He is going to be a fine cricketer! And... Jos Buttler - he's a freak! Test cricket now!!!

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Either Samuels, Ramdin or the next batsman in will have to score close to 100 if West Indies are to win this game."

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  88. 17 overs: 

    Ooofff, steady on there James Tredwell. Ramdin plays the ball back to the bowler, with Tredwell looking to hurl the ball to keeper Jos Buttler. The Kent man's radar is awry, though, pinning Ramdin on the wrist. Singles the only food on offer, so instead the players head for drinks.

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "I haven't seen anyone accelerate like the way Marlon Samuels did in that World Twenty20 final in Colombo in 2012."

  90. 16 overs: 
    WI 64-4 (target 304)

    Still Bresnan, casting a kicking shadow to his left as he bullocks in. All rather subdued. The early overs were an smorgasbord of boundaries and wickets, but now we have a Windian consolidation. Problem is, that required rate is now above sevens.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Anthony John Browne: The young dinosaur that Graeme Swann describes Stuart Broad as being. Is that a Broadasauras rather than a Brontosaurus? Or a Ty-Root-ysaurus?

  92. 15 overs: 
    WI 63-4 (Samuels 13, Ramdin 7)

    Still Tredwell around the wicket. The sun is glinting off his head, so I do hope he has creamed up. Tight ring inside the 30-yard single for England, some excellent work in the covers by Broad (who must only field at cover when he's captain) denies Samuels, before the right-hander gets one through for a couple.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "A tricky chance for Tredwell at slip, but a chance nonetheless. Samuels is being very possible, he's looked to attack Tredwell from the start and shown his intent."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  94. 14 overs: 
    WI 60-4 (target 304)

    Marlon Samuels does well to avoid being sconned by a Bresnan bumper, before the Yorkshireman finds Ramdin's edge. Has that carried to James Tredwell at a wide slip? Hard to say. I'm in a good mood, so I'll give the fielder then benefit of the doubt.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mat Harris: Who's kidnapped the England team and replaced them with this lot?

  96. 13 overs: 
    WI 58-4 (Samuels 10, Ramdin 5)

    England employ their fourth spinner of the innings - all from the same end - in the shape of the cuddly James Tredwell. Marlon Samuels greets him with a straight-batted shimmy to plant a maximum over long off. Calypso plays at the end of the over, while one lucky chap chooses a sausage from the barbecue.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I owe DRS at least 50 wickets in my career. The very fact that it makes umpires look again at decisions when the ball would have hit the stumps. But if I were put in charge of the ICC I think there would be some major changes made for the worse, I think they'd soon get rid of me."

  98. 12 overs: 
    WI 50-4 (need 254 more to win)

    Stuart Broad takes himself out of the attack in favour of the big-backsided Tim Bresnan. The powerplay is over, but a slip remains. Bresnan kicks in, conceding only a single. The Windies required rate is already approaching seven an over.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Bob Murray: In comparison with what we've witnessed in Cape Town today this is village cricket. This tour is no preparation whatsoever for the forthcoming World T20.

  100. 11 overs: 
    WI 49-4 (target 304)

    The 'stands' in Antigua are a lot of grassy banks, with brick stairs that wouldn't have looked out of place in the Colosseum. Parry, dark-haired, skip of a racehorse at the start of his run, gets his arms in front of his head as he prepares to deliver the ball. Short cover comes in, four singles from the over.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There used to be a lot of decisions like that in county cricket when there was no review system, there was just simmering tension. The DRS ought to eradicate these incendiary moments in the game, but it doesn't because of human error, so England are stewing."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  102. 10 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- WI 45-4
    Stuart Broad

    I don't think Stuart Broad is going to buy umpire Joel Wilson a rum after this match. Carbon copy of the reviewed decision from Simmons, this time with Ramdin the batsman. Every man in red is jumping around, arms aloft, begging for the caught-behind decision. Same result, nothing doing. Meanwhile, Joe Root is off the field with ice on his thumb. Probably frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Dennis Edwards (and many others): What's the point in reviewing if there's no technology in place? Might as well leave to the on-field umpires.

  104. 9 overs: 
    WI 43-4 (target 304)

    Before that Simmons wicket, Jos Buttler was chirping from behind the stumps that the batsman was likely to play "a guilty shot". I'm not sure if that was guilty, just rubbish. Moeen Ali withdrawn after taking a wicket in favour of Stephen Parry's left-arm tweakers. Two batsmen on zero - Marlon Samuels and Denesh Ramdin. Parry hopping in around the wicket, starts with a maiden.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's exactly what Stuart Broad would have wanted. He's removed Lendl Simmons and he's roared in his face like an angry young dinosaur. The West Indies were always going to be 80-0 or 40-4 at this stage and it's going England's way at the moment."

  106. 8 overs: 
    WICKET- Simmons b Broad 16 (WI 43-4)

    The review is an irrelevance as Lendl Simmons gifts his wicket to Stuart Broad. It's short, but not short enough to pull, with Simmons playing-on to his stumps. Broad celebrates with a scream in the face of the departing batsman. England are steaming towards victory.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you're going to use the technology, you need all of it. I have no doubt it was out, Stuart Broad knew it was out, Jos Buttler knew it was out and the man who's got away with it is Lendl Simmons."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  108. 7.2 overs: 
    NOT OUT- WI 43-3

    Not out, and I can see why. Without Snicko and Hot Spot, it's very difficult to overturn decisions such as these without a smoking gun. Broad asks questions of umpire Joel Wilson, but the skipper might have to smarter in use of reviews.

  109. 7.2 overs: 

    Buttler immediately wanted a review, and there's a noise as the ball passes. Do we have enough evidence to overturn, though? Hot Spot and Snicko are not available in this series.

  110. 7.2 overs: 

    I might not have done that Bopara catch justice. He was very close to the bat at short mid-wicket and Bravo's shimmy and clip came out of the meat. Bopara, though, took off vertically, heels kicking up behind him as he took the pouch. Now what? Broad to Simmons, edge? Big appeal, England convinced. Not out, but the skipper, obviously as he's bowling, will look again.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "What a catch! I was just waiting behind Viv thinking how good a start England had, but he's plucked that one out of nowhere. At short mid-wicket, you don't have any time to react."

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was hit as powerfully as anything, you can see the disappointment on Bravo's face as he walks off. It looked like they were going to need a crane to drag him off the pitch as he struck it so sweetly. Bopara has some of the safest hands around - tough luck, young Bravo."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  113. 7 overs: 
    WICKET- DM Bravo c Bopara b Moeen 16 (WI 42-3)

    Has someone hit the fast forward button on this game? Darren Bravo is the third Windian wicket to fall, hitting the final ball of Moeen Ali's first over to Ravi Bopara at short mid-wicket. Bopara actually makes a tricky catch look very simple, jumping to snaffle the ball in two hands above his head as cool as you like. Bravo was on the dance, but now must shuffle back to the shed. England all over it.

  114. 6 overs: 
    WI 37-2 (target 304)

    There's some chaps on the boundary edge that are gathered around a table, playing a rather raucous game of dominoes. Meanwhile, on a glorious Antiguan afternoon, Darren Bravo leathers a Broad half-volley through the covers for four. Windies rebuilding after that horror start.

  115. 5 overs: 
    WI 32-2 (DM Bravo 12, Simmons 10)

    What do we think of Joe Root opening the bowling? There's one eye on the World T20, clearly. Strikes me as the sort of thing that will soon be ditched when a McCullum, Warner or Finch gets hold of him. Around the wicket to Bravo, driven for four.

  116. 4 overs: 
    WI 25-2 (target 304)

    Right then, where are we? Windies need 304 to win on a deck that looks much better for batting than at any point in this series. But, they've lost two cheap ones, so England well on top in the cloudless Caribbean sunshine. Two slips for skipper Broad as he gallops in to leftie Darren Bravo, who uses the angle of a slightly shorter one to guide behind point for four.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Bob Hawkins: Joe Root's got one hand on the man of the match trophy.

  118. 3 overs: 
    WI 21-2 (target 304)

    Bob Marley's Three Little Birds plays on the PA between overs. "Don't worry about a thing". A few in Antigua might be taking that message too literally. I'm hearing Darren Bravo was announced as half-brother Dwayne when he walked out to bat. Chaos out there, Carry On Cricket. Back on the cut strip, Simmons straight drives Root for four.

  119. 2 overs: 
    WI 14-2 (target 304)

    In all the fuss, I wasn't able to tell you that Darren Bravo came in at number three. He watches on as Simmons hooks a Broad bumper fine for four. All happening in the first two overs, live texter struggling to keep up.

  120. 1.1 overs: 
    WI 10-2

    Now then, what's happened here? Marlon Samuels made his way to the crease at number four, only to be told he can't bat yet because of the time he spent off the field earlier on. Samuels drags himself off, leading Lendl Simmons to have to sprint down the dressing-room stairs. In fact, Samuels can't bat until 17 minutes into the innings. Who's in charge in there?

  121. 1.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Smith c Moeen b Broad 9 (WI 10-2)

    Two wickets in two balls! It's more brainless batting from West Indies, this time as Dwayne Smith helps Stuart Broad's first ball to Moeen Ali at long leg. Smith on the pull, Moeen barely having to move for the catch to hit him in the bread basket. England cockahoop, could the Windies fold here?

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Not the smartest move from Powell. There was no need for that shot. That was not in the plan for the West Indies as they set about chasing this huge total."

  123. 1 over: 
    WICKET- Powell b Root 1 (WI 10-1)
    Joe Root celebrates with James Tredwell

    I'll have what Joe Root's having. First a hundred, now a wicket in the first over of the Windies reply. Dwayne Smith had swept a couple of fours but, when leftie Kieran Powell looked for the same shot, it ended as an ugly swipe across the line and leather into middle stump. Superman Root does the damage despite a bust thumb, Powell departs looking like a bit of a fool.

  124. 18:12: 

    Kieran Powell and Dwayne Smith to open the batting, centurion Joe Root to once again begin the attack for England with his off-breaks.

  125. 18:10: 

    Thanks, Sam and Swanny. Stephan Shemilt here to talk you through the West Indies chase of 304 to win this third ODI and the series. When was the last time England won a series? Seems a while ago...

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special
    Graeme Swann answering questions on TMS

    Last one: Which cricketer do you wish you could do an impression of?

    "Viv. The coolest man ever."

    (Proceeds to do impressions of Kevin Pietersen, Tim Bresnan and Jonathan Trott).

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Jos Buttler for the Test team?

    "He's not ready yet as a keeper or a batsman in my opinion. Matt Prior has had a poor nine months since New Zealand but he's the heartbeat of the team and a vital batsman at number seven. He'll play this summer. To throw Jos in now... he's not kept much in first-class cricket, he needs two or three years with Lancashire but I think it could set him back to throw him in now."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Would you be an umpire?

    "I'd never be an umpire. I was shrewd with the DRS as I knew if it hit the pad, whether it was hitting the stumps or not. Matt Prior refused to agree to a review against Mark Boucher at the Wanderers once, I felt you had to be careful not to waste the reviews as DRS got me so many wickets."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Who should be going to the 2015 World Cup?

    "From a Notts perspective, I'd love to see Harry Gurney going, and I'd love to see big Samit Patel shed a few pounds and get himself back in the reckoning as he's got so much talent. If you get a bit of belief in the camp, you never know what can happen, like we did in the Caribbean in 2010."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Do you regret not having played in the IPL?

    "I'd love to have a couple of million in the bank, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss playng international cricket or seeing my wife and children. The last two months I've had at home have been the best two months of my life in one way, and had I played at the IPL, I wouldn't have had that. Don't listen to anyone who tells you the IPL is about the cricket - it's blatantly about the money."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Who should replace you to lead the Sprinkler dance and the team song?

    "I'm nervous about our team song - I can't say what it is because it's got a few rude words in it - but I've never known a more tone-deaf changing room. Cookie, for someone who used to be a professional choirboy, sounds like a cat being dealt with."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    What has been your greatest moment in cricket?

    "The Northamptonshire Under-13s final, I think I was about eight or nine. In the final their big gun came out and skied it over my head at cover. I'd never taken a catch before, but I held it. Forget the Ashes, that was my favourite moment in cricket. From then on, I knew it was the greatest game in the world and hoped it lasted for ever."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Mitchell Johnson was the major difference between the two teams this winter. But when you go for a beer with him after the series, he's a meek, mild and nice bloke. Last time we were in Australia he was bowling as though he had a blindfold on and he got publicly humiliated every game. But he came back magnificently - if Johnson was taken out of that team, they'd quickly fall back into the pack with the other sides, but he makes them a formidable team at the moment."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "James Taylor, I know he's got what it takes. He scores runs for the Lions and against the touring teams, I wonder whether his size counts against him. Maybe he'll play the first Test of the summer, maybe he'll have to keep churning out runs for six, 12 or 18 months but he's as professional a bloke there is. Alex Hales is not a Test batsman yet. The fact is, he averaged eight or nine in County Championship cricket last season and got dropped. If you throw him into a Test match, you could ruin him."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Moeen Ali has potential - but what we should avoid is saying 'he got 50 in this game and he bowls a bit, get him in the Test side, quick'. That can ruin a player. He needs more overs under his belt before he can be seen as a Test all-rounder. If he can bowl 25-30 an innings and bat at four or five, then you can build a team around him and Stokes."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Mushtaq Ahmed was a great guy to have with the team. I don't know why England have a full-time batting coach, bowling coach and fielding coach but always a part-time spin coach. There should be a full-time spin coach and it should be Mushy.

    "Scott Borthwick has so much talent as a leg-spinner, in my opinion he needs to move counties where he'll bowl more than he does for Durham."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I remember playing the Windies in a one-day game at Bristol with a ludicrously small straight boundary. Chris Gayle was smashing Jimmy and Broady everywhere and Andrew Strauss asked me to bowl with a fairly new ball. First ball, Gayle hit me about 150 yards out of the ground. Then I bowled him an arm ball which hit his pads and bowled him - I ran to Straussie, hugged him and said 'don't you ever make me do that again'."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    Who was the best player you bowled at?

    "I never had to bowl at Ricky Ponting when he was in great form, so I never minded him. I used to bowl well against Hashim Amla in South Africa, but then in England when he was in good nick, he was very hard to bowl at. The two who were most consistently hard to bowl at were Shane Watson and Jacques Kallis - he was a superb player."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Andy Flower told me a lot of people would look on me as a scapegoat, but I know the truth. People like Andrew Flintoff say I should have stayed out there for the final two weeks and helped Scott Borthwick - I'd have loved to stay on in Australia for two weeks in five-star hotels. But it was made clear to me that I had to go."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't justify carrying on in county cricket as I wouldn't be good enough for that either. I'd love someone to offer me a contract to play as a batsman. In that tour game at Alice Springs, Monty [Panesar] was getting turn and bounce but I couldn't get the rotations on the ball and I knew something wasn't right. I thought I was going to be dropped at Perth, but Alastair Cook told me he wanted me in, and when Shane Watson got after me in the second innings, I felt I had nowhere to go. It was a horrible feeling. Look at the footage of me - if that's the standard of spin bowling you want in the Test team, you're following the wrong Test team."

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've taken a lot of stick from people accusing me of abandoning my team-mates because we were losing, but the simple fact was that my elbow wasn't good enough to bowl well enough to keep me in the team. If that's letting your team down by admitting you're not good enough... it would be leaving your team in the lurch to keep going, stay on the tour and pick up your central contract."

  142. 17:40: 
    Graeme Swann

    Now it's time for Ask Swanny on TMS...


    South African commentator Neil Manthorp on TMS: "It's the end of an era for South Africa. The wicketkeeper, first and second slip from the last decade have all retired. Smith has been captain for 11 years and none of the current side has played under anyone else. AB de Villiers is the obvious candidate to replace Smith, but can he bat at five, keep wicket and captain? The immediate future is daunting for them."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Gilad Lipschitz: England have batted brilliantly. Fantastic 100 for Root and great 99 for Butter. Now the bowlers need to bowl like the last game.


    South African commentator Neil Manthorp on TMS: "Graeme Smith was very gracious in defeat. It's been on his mind a lot for the last 10 days or so, there were many contributing factors in his decision to retire - his three-year contract with Surrey was clearly looking to the future, but all ideas of a fairytale finish ended last summer when Mark Boucher had that horrible eye injury at Taunton. That persuaded him you can't plan fairytale endings and you can't rely on them. He's had a great run, he's got two young children and cricket's no longer the be-all and end-all."

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Martyn Arnold: Amazing day of Test cricket between SA and Aus. However, people should keep in mind that Steyn was only able to bowl around 13 overs in the whole game. A fit, and firing, Steyn would surely have had an impact on the batting and, ultimately, the result.


    South African commentator Neil Manthorp on TMS: "It was a brilliant finish - when a series is decided deep into the final hour of the final session of the final day of the final Test, it's gripping. South Africa never had a chance of winnings but AB de Villiers played an innings of monumental self-denial, facing 228 balls to score 43 after the night-watchman Kyle Abbott had lasted for an hour and a half. With 30 balls to go, the Australian fast bowlers were dead on their feet. But with one last effort from Ryan Harris, he found two magnificent yorkers and that was that, although the Australians were almost too exhausted to appreciate it."

  148. 17:30: 

    OK mes amis. I'm off for a pit stop. After the TMS interval chat with Graeme Swann, Stephan Shemilt will guide you through the West Indies run chase.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch has quickened. Even though the spinners have had an effect, the Windies shouldn't be discouraged. The openers will have to start well if they are to chase that. England have done well. Any time you get 300 it is not a a bad score to defend."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  150. 50 overs: 
    Eng 303-6

    Rampaul maintains his leg stump line and completes a very effective final over, with just six runs coming from it.

    Still, England will be delighted with the efforts and the Windies will have their work cut out to chase down 304.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If he had stayed in his normal position he would have easily turned it down to fine leg. He was doing a little improvisation and got the angle of the bat wrong."

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's rotten luck. It was a free ball down the leg side that he could have nudged away, somehow he hit it straight up in the air. It would have been a massive wide."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  153. 49.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Buttler c & b Rampaul 99 (Eng 300-6)

    Agony for Buttler! He's out for 99. The ball is way down the leg side and he tries to flick it to mid-wicket but gets a leading edge and sends the ball skywards. Rampaul gets underneath it and has plenty of time to take a simple catch.

  154. 49 overs: 
    Eng 297-5

    Dwayne Bravo delivers an absolute gift of a full toss to Ravi Bopara, who finds the gap and the boundary. England on course for 300 and beyond...

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a special knock, exceptionally well played for what he has achieved for the team."

  156. 48.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Root c DM Bravo b DJ Bravo 107 (Eng 291-5)

    Root tries his own version of the ramp shot but can only pick out Darren Bravo at short third man. Root walks off to a standing ovation.

  157. 48 overs: 
    Eng 288-4

    Nudges and nurdles to see out Narine, who finishes with 1-52 off 10. Buttler is now within one of his mighty blows of a first England century.

  158. 47 overs: 
    Eng 282-4 (Root 103, Buttler 92)

    Could this be the end of Matt Prior? Another blistering Buttler blow gets him six over cover and takes him into the 90s!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Justin-T: Lovely stuff from Jos & Joe, the wheels had that "I might be about to drop off" look to them at 116-4...

    Chris Gunn: Go on Joe Root. Going to be a great player.

    Matt B: Well done Joe Root, South Yorkshire grit at its finest!

  160. 46 overs: 
    Eng 273-4

    Jos Buttler backs away and lashes Sunil Narine over the top for six then reverse sweeps a four to move to 78. He has time to pick up a hundred of his own here... And that's clearly what he's thinking. Narine oversteps to gift Buttler a free hit, and he takes advantage to crash another six over mid-wicket.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a decent enough knock. He will be happy because he was wounded early on. We saw jumping and the same hand that was injured he was pumping."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  162. 45 overs: 
    ROOT 100- Eng 252-4
    Joe Root celebrates his century

    Root takes a single to get to 99. Bravo sends down a rare pair of dots to Buttler with a yorker and a slower ball. Then a single off the toe end of the bat to bring up the England 250 and give Root the strike. Square cut - single - it's 100 for Root! He greets his first one-day hundred with some fist-pumping and a kiss of the badge on his helmet before lifting both arms aloft.

  163. 44 overs: 
    Eng 248-4 (Root 98, Buttler 65)

    Look away, miss some runs. Ones and twos as Root moves within two of tonnage.

  164. 16:59: 
    ICC rankings

    Australia's victory over South Africa in Cape Town has ensured they move above India into second place in the International Cricket Council's rankings.

    As it was the final Test before the ICC's 1 April cut-of date, it will ensure South Africa receive $475,000 (£283,981) in prize money for being top, with Australia (2nd) getting $370,000 (£221,206), India (3rd) get $265,000 (£158,431) and England (4th) earn $160,000 (£95,656).

  165. 43 overs: 
    Eng 243-4

    These two are doing a brilliant job. Root goes aerial but the ball lands safely for a single. Buttler goes aerial - and clears the ropes!

  166. 16:55: 
    Farewell Biff

    In case you need reminding, Australia have beaten South Africa to send Graeme Smith into retirement with a dramatic defeat. Smith exits international cricket after skippering in 109 Tests, a world record. We have been looking back at his career, so have a read.

    Graeme Smith
  167. 42 overs: 
    Eng 229-4 (Root 89, Buttler 55)

    Bravo calls up a new bowler in the shape of medium-fast Lendyl Simmons. But England take 13 off the over, with Root helping himself to back to back fours. This 114 stand is a record fifth wicket partnership for ODIs on this ground.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Bows: Re: Les Cazin (37 overs): Australia didn't destroy a very good SA team. They beat them 2-1 losing the 2nd Test by 230+ runs. They then came within 27 balls of it being a tied series. SA are still good but have a big Kallis-shaped gap to fill and now a Smith-shaped one.

    Adrian Boreham: I certainly wouldn't say that Australia "destroyed" South Africa. It was two very good sides playing great cricket and it's worth bearing in mind that South Africa lost a bowler in the last two Tests. Why isn't this a five-match series? It's an absolute disgrace. This is Test cricket at its finest.

  169. 41 overs: 
    BUTTLER FIFTY- Eng 217-4 (Root 78, Buttler 54)
    Jos Buttler

    Narine has three overs left to bowl. Buttler pushes Sammy for a couple to reach his fourth ODI fifty off 56 balls. Two more to Root brings up the 100 partnership between this pair.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Seeing that ball spin, England have four spinners, so maybe 40 overs of spin. If Buttler bats the majority if these 10 overs, they will be in good shape."

  171. 40 overs: 
    Eng 209-4

    This may be the same pitch that they used for the second ODI, but it seems so much quicker and truer. There's still plenty of turn though and Buttler is a bit hurried by Narine.

  172. 39 overs: 
    Eng 206-4

    Risky from Root at he slashes at Ravi Rampaul, but the ball flies past short third man for four more. Buttler pulls out his trademark scoop shot to add four more to his total. The partnership is now 89 from 94 balls.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I wonder whether the team have spoken about the powerplay and playing more sensibly, as it's really been a weakness for England. It's really important these two stay together, and if they're still in after five or six more overs, they've got a chance of moving towards 300."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  174. 38 overs: 
    Eng 195-4

    Ravi Bopara is England's next man in - still at number seven despite his recent plea to bat higher up the order. Two singles off Narine take Root to 71.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Gary Kelly, Swindon: Do you think we are seeing the reasons why none of England's players were purchased for the IPL?

    Ed: Why is it that England/the county game in recent years doesn't seem to be producing the stable of truly quick bowlers that other countries, particularly South Africa and Australia, produce?

  176. 37 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 192-4

    Buttler tries to run Rampaul away to third man but a fine edge actually slips through Ramdin's oustretched glove. Now here's Root hooking - there's no one there so it's four more runs to the England total.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Les Cazin: Having seen Australia destroy a very good SA team maybe we should rethink whether England were as bad as we thought. David Warner & Steve Smith are both making significant and regular contributions and Harris and Johnson are both on top form. Maybe a rough and ready coach such as Darren Lehman is what they needed and maybe we do too.

  178. 36 overs: 
    Eng 184-4
    Jos Buttler

    Buttler muscles Bravo through extra cover for four - shot of the day. He then anticipates the short ball and pulls it square for another boundary. Lancashire's new stumper is finding his range.

  179. 35 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- Eng 173-4

    Buttler strokes Miller down the ground for a single, the fourth run in another "blink and you miss it" over. Time for the powerplay, which usually spells bad news for England.

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "Root's a Yorkshireman after all, and if he's still wringing his hand after all this time, he must be in trouble."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  181. 34 overs: 
    Eng 169-4

    Root's right hand is still causing him trouble out there. He's clearly in some pain and may well need an X-ray later. I don't think he's going to be able to bowl, which is a big blow to England as he has opened in both matches to date.

    Dibs and dabs. Ones and twos.

  182. 16:18: 
    India beat Afghanistan

    In all the excitement over Australia beating South Africa, we've not brought you today's other result - in the Asia Cup in Mirpur, India beat Afghanistan by eight wickets but it's already going to be a Pakistan-Sri Lanka final.

  183. 33 overs: 
    Eng 164-4 (Root 57, Buttler 24)

    Nikita strays to leg and Buttler helps the ball on its way, but is thwarted by some sharp fielding at short fine leg and has to settle for a single.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "I presume they may have given it 'not out' on sound. The strange thing is that umpire Erasmus walked round from behind the stumps, and only then gave Root out."

    Derek Pringle, Ex-England all-rounder on BBC Test Match Special

    "To me, the right decision has been reached, as there wasn't strong evidence either way over whether he hit it. But the new ICC protocol has been that you need strong evidence to overturn the on-field decision."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Australia captain Michael Clarke: "Graeme Smith has been an amazing player and a fantastic leader for a long time. The game is a sad place for Graeme retiring."

    NOT OUT- Eng 160-4

    Rod Tucker comes to Buttler's rescue and overrules the original call. England remain four down.


    No Snicko or Hot Spot available to the third umpire here. No obvious sign of an edge either. But is there strong evidence to overturn the umpire's call?

  189. 32 overs: 

    Big appeal from Denesh Ramdin behind the stumps as Buttler cuts at Samuels. Umpire Marais Erasmus takes his time, then puts the finger up. Buttler reviews.

  190. 31 overs: 
    Eng 155-4 (Root 52, Buttler 21)

    Buttler collects four more with a single wristy swish through backward square.


    South Africa captain Graeme Smith: "The resilience and the courage that the guys showed today was immense. To take it as deep as we did was a huge effort for the boys and something I'm very proud of.

    "It's important to congratulate Michael and the Australia team on a series victory. We've had some great battles in the past and this is another.

    "I've always had huge respect for he game and it's great to see the Test format in such good shape."

  192. 30 overs: 
    ROOT FIFTY- Eng 150-4
    Joe Root

    Joe Root smacks Samuels for four to bring up his sixth ODI half-ton. An heroic effort given his dicky thumb. Buttler then brings up the England 150 with a tickle for two.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Test Match Special statistician Andrew Samson: Mitchell Johnson 59 wickets in 8 Tests this season at 15.23. Since Ryan Harris's debut Aus results are: P 24, W 15, L 6, D 3 in matches he has played and P 24, W 8, L 11, D 5 when he didn't play.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tom Flanagan: Is there anyone out there who likes the Aussies? The brief time spent with them not beating everyone at sport was glorious.

    Steve Dickson: Last summer the Aussies were in disarray! Now they have beaten Eng and S. Africa! What has Darren Lehmann put in their water?

    Andy Widdowson: Graeme Smith... Thank you and goodbye!

  195. 29 overs: 
    Eng 141-4

    Buttler rocks onto the back foot and laces Miller through the covers for four - his second of the innings. Runs are still coming at a decent pace for England and if they can keep wickets in hand, we could be talking 280 or more. It's a big if though.

  196. 28 overs: 
    Eng 134-4

    England are dealing in singles here as they look to steel themselves for a late charge.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Darren Lehmann is an old-school style of coach which would have helped Australia. I don't think they enjoyed writing lines under Mickey Arthur."

  198. 27 overs: 
    Eng 131-4

    Buttler could do with a score here, and he's starting to find his range, paddling Miller round the corner for four.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Davies: Heartbreak for South Africa! Amazing Test cricket. Incredible scenes!

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a great opportunity for England to regroup and get themselves back into a position where they can build a solid base for the remaining batters. West Indies will be feeling good at this stage, particularly with the start England had, but they'd like to do some more damage."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  201. 26 overs: 
    Eng 125-4

    Incredible scenes in Cape Town as hero Harris wheels away in celebration before being mobbed by his team-mates. Meanwhile it's a bit more sedate in Antigua where Buttler plays late off his pads to work Narine round the corner for two.

  202. 15:49: 

    All over. Ryan Harris needs only two balls to remove Morne Morkel's off stump, ending a remarkable day of Test cricket. The headline is that Australia win the series 2-1, but the sub-plot is that South Africa's five-year unbeaten run is over and Graeme Smith goes into retirement with a defeat.

  203. 25 overs: 
    Eng 119-4

    One hand, one bounce? Luckily not for England as Root is snaffled on the first bounce at cover. It's half-time, with England 119-4.

  204. 15:46: 
    Steyn b Harris 1 (SA 265-9)

    Bowled him! Dale Steyn's resistance is ended by a Ryan Harris yorker. Late in-swing end's Steyn's 44-ball vigil and moves Australia to within one wicket of a series victory. Standing in front of them is number 11 Morne Morkel.

  205. 24 overs: 
    Eng 116-4 (Root 34, Buttler 0)

    Narine is weaving his magic again and the England scoring rate is going backwards. Jos Buttler shows no signs of reading the little magician's variations but somehow manages to survive the over.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "No team seems to stay on top for any length of time in this series - England went off pretty quickly this morning then lost two quick wickets, and the same sequence has come again."

  207. 23.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Morgan b Narine 1 (Eng 116-4)
    Sunil Narine and Denesh Ramdin celebrate after dismissing Eoin Morgan

    Morgan mockered? He's certainly bamboozled by Narine as he fails to read the spin and pace and loses his bails. England four down.

  208. 23 overs: 
    Eng 116-3

    Eoin Morgan, he of the 40 average from 113 ODIs, is a welcome sight striding out to bat at number five. And he's off the mark with a risky sweep for one.

  209. 15:39: 
    SA v Aus

    Nothing doing, six overs to go. 36 balls for South Africa to survive and send Graeme Smith into retirement with the five-year unbeaten record intact.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "After getting that wicket, captain Dwayne Bravo would have been saying a few words of encouragement to sharpen up the West Indies' body language."

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  211. 22.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Moeen c & b Miller 55 (Eng 115-3)

    Moeen comes down the pitch and drives the ball back towards Miller, who takes a fine catch.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Zinedine Windass: This is gripping Test cricket. Wonderful to watch. Such a shame to see so many empty seats today, and throughout the series.

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "If Marlon Samuels does bowl his faster ball [which the ICC has banned him from bowling], what do the umpires do? No-ball him? Ban him?"

  214. 22 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 113-2

    A lazy appeal from Samuels but Moeen is a long way down the pitch. The batsman then thrashes at a wider ball that flies past his outside edge.

  215. 15:33: 
    SA v Aus

    Even Mitchell Johnson is looking short of inspiration. Wide of Vernon Philander's off stump, then leggy for the right-hander to flick a boundary that brings him a half century. Leg slip in, but the horse is in the next field. Seven to go.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "This ground is in the middle of nowhere, and there's been a fuel shortage on the island so that may be the reason there are fewer people here today. There was a rumour that a tanker was going to arrive and fuel the island."

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  217. 21 overs: 
    Eng 110-2 (Moeen 51, Root 33)

    Root sweeps Miller emphatically for four then winces after a drive back to the bowler. That thumb injury clearly hasn't gone away.

  218. 15:28: 
    SA v Aus

    Now it's Shane Watson looking for the breakthrough, only to face Dale Steyn's dead bat. Bumper, sway out of the way. Pushed back to the bowler, who feigns a throw in the batman's direction. South Africa stand firm in the evening sunshine. Eight to go. Here comes Mitchell Johnson...

  219. 20 overs: 
    MOEEN ALI FIFTY- Eng 106-2
    Moeen Ali sweeps

    Here's Marlon Samuels, who is not allowed to bowl his quicker ball after the ICC ruled it illegal. Moeen Ali reaches his fifty in style with a slog-sweep over midwicket for six! Well played sir - a first England half-century off 51 balls.

  220. 19 overs: 
    Eng 97-2

    Root looks to have shrugged on his thumb concerns. Moeen Ali misses Miller but Ramdin fumbles a very tricky stumping chance. Classy from Root at the end of the over as he tickles three runs.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Isabelle: Win or lose this is in my opinion the best way for Smithy to bow out after a very fine career - his team-mates trying to salvage a draw and save the series.

  222. 15:22: 
    SA v Aus

    Time is running out for an Australia side ringing the changes and going through all the options. Harris withdrawn, Nathan Lyon on to be pushed back by Dale Steyn. Ten overs remain. One more spell for Mitchell Johnson?

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The one thing we didn't even consider was whether it was too high. I always say these umpires do a great job! The important thing for England is that Joe Root survives, and the West Indies have lost their review."

  224. 18 overs: 
    NOT OUT- Eng 90-2

    This looks plumb. It pitches in line and looks on course for middle, but the ball-tracker says it's bouncing sharply and going over the top of the stumps. Root survives.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "This looked out to me. If he's not hit this, it's hitting leg stump and it's out. I think he's in a lot of trouble. You can always tell by the bowler's reaction."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  226. 15:19: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Eng 90-2

    Sunil Narine raps Root's pads. The umpire says no, but Graeme Swann thinks this is out.

  227. 17 overs: 
    Eng 88-2
    Moeen Ali

    The ubercool-looking Nikita Miller is in the attack now, but his tossed up turner is too short and Moeen cuts it to the boundary for his third four. Seven more runs for his half-century.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd just been thinking how well Moeen Ali was playing Narine, but I think that was the first time he bowled the carrom ball which comes back into the left-hander, and it's just gone between bat and pad and over middle stump. Narine will know now that Moeen isn't picking him all of the time."

  229. 16 overs: 
    Eng 83-2 (Moeen 37, Root 21)

    To misquote John Arlott, Moeen Ali plays so late as to be posthumous to pick up two runs. Narine gets his own back with a beauty than spins between bat and pad, but somehow misses the stumps.

  230. 15:11: 
    SA v Aus

    Three overs have ticked by without further alarm for South Africa. The weary Ryan Harris has Dale Steyn leaving, then ducking. Shadows long, 12 overs to go. Australia still need two wickets.

    Ask Swanny
    Graeme Swann

    After the success of "Ask Viv" on Sunday (still available on the podcast page), TMS will be hosting an "Ask Swanny" feature during the interval betwen innings today. You can get your questions in to former England spinner Graeme Swann by emailing tms@bbc.co.uk or tweeting @bbctms with the hashtag #askswanny - thanks in advance.

  232. 15 overs: 
    Eng 78-2

    I'm not ashamed to say that my eye is being drawn to the SA-Aus climax too. The perfect illustration of why Test cricket will always trump one-dayers for me. Ones and twos for England, who are going at 5.14 per over.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Matt Comben: Was planning on settling down to the England ODI but this Test match is fascinating. Come on SA, already doing what we failed during the Ashes and showing real fight.

  234. 14 overs: 
    Eng 71-2

    A hint of tweak for Sunil Narine, but little more. Just two runs from the over.

    Still no wicket in Cape Town, with 13 overs to go.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It'll be interesting to see, with four spinners up England's sleeve, how much the ball will turn today."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Kevin Howells, BBC Test Match Special

    "I haven't noticed whether umpire Joel Wilson has picked up the beat of the music today. He was cutting a few shapes on Sunday."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  237. 13 overs: 
    Eng 69-2

    Moeen Ali flicks for two then steers another aesthetically-pleasing single to third man. Root can't get the ball away for the rest of the over though. And finally, after 13 overs, it's time for spin.

  238. 15:00: 
    SA v Aus - Philander reprieved

    Huge, huge moment at Newlands. Vernon Philander looks to have been bounced out by Mitchell Johnson, but the decision is reviewed. The ball has definitely hit Philander's thumb, but was his hand on the bat? Replay after replay, an age to decide. Eventually, umpire Aleem Dar crosses his hands across his chest to overturn the decision. Cheers in the ground, disgust on the Aussie balcony. Bit of verbals with Michael Clarke, Dale Steyn and David Warner - obviously - involved. The upshot is there is 15 overs left for Australia to take two wickets.

  239. 12 overs: 
    Eng 65-2

    Dwayne Smith gives Root some width and Yorkshire's finest locates the boundary with a sweet square cut.

    Meanwhile, there's drama in Cape Town to report...

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Jon Cryer: Re: 1320 Graeme Smith: Whilst the stats don't lie, consideration should be taken to the fact that Ponting, Waugh, Taylor and Richards were all late 20s, early 30s and established Test players (each more times without captaincy than they did with it) prior to earning the captaincy compared to a 22-year-old with seven caps and just over a year's experience. Surely that counts for something?

  241. 11 overs: 
    Eng 59-2

    Darren Sammy comes on to bowl, but Moeen is going along swimmingly. This surface seems to suit his subtle skills. He likes to wait for the ball and punch it into the gaps, and it's working well just now.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chris Mitchell: How does Ben Stokes get in this team. Not the right conditions for his bowling & batting's woeful. Is he really the best available?

    Tom Girling: Can't imagine Joe Root being able to bowl his off-spin if his thumb is as swollen as it sounds!

  243. 10 overs: 
    Eng 54-2

    Joe Root is still looking anything but comfortable out there, but he's well enough to see out the over and complete the powerplay.

  244. 14:50: 

    Ok folks - we'll keep you right up to date with the latest from Cape Town, but they are ready to go again in Antigua, with Joe Root facing Ravi Rampaul and England resuming on 53-2.

  245. 14:48: 
    SA 259-8

    Ryan Harris, who picked up his 100th Test wicket earlier in the match, replaces Smith to bowl to Steyn. Midway through the over, Clarke brings in a short leg and a brute of a bouncer almost takes Steyn's head off. Steyn, who has dished out plenty of chin music of his own over the years, wears the next ball in his stomach before defending a full straight ball to wrap up another over.

  246. 14:44: 
    SA 259-8

    Johnson must be getting tired but he hasn't lost any of his zip. One ball shapes past the outside edge, the next sails one inch over the top of middle stump. 17 overs left.

  247. 14:41: 
    SA 255-8

    Shots of "catch it" from the slip cordon, but this is high and handsome from Philander as he pulls Johnson for four.

    They will be restarting in Antigua in 10 minutes.

  248. 14:39: 
    SA 251-8 (Philander 41, Steyn 1)
    Steve Smith

    Steyn swings the bat at a half-tracker from Steve Smith, but keeps the ball on the ground as it trundles to midwicket. Good flight from the leggie Smith, and a bit of turn. Steyn survives. 18 more to go.

  249. 14:35: 
    SA 251-8

    Johnson slots a tempter past Philander's outside edge, but the all-rounder gets his own back with a brilliant pull in front of square for four. Shade of Kevin Pietersen, dare I say. We have 19 overs remaining in the match.

  250. 14:33: 

    Australia are two wickets away from a win, with 19 overs left and only Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel still to bat.

    Meanwhile, in Antigua, the rain has abated and we are expecting a restart in about 20 minutes.

  251. 14:30: 
    WICKET- JP Duminy c Lyon b Johnson 43 (SA 246-8)

    Got him! Could that be the moment? Duminy falls into a trap set by Michael Clarke as he clips Johnson off the face of the bat to a jubilant Nathan Lyon at leg slip.

  252. 14:29: 
    SA 246-7

    This series is currently tied at 1-1, while South Africa skipper Graeme Smith is playing his last day of Test cricket. Turn, and bounce, from Nathan Lyon surprises Philander, but he keeps it out. South Africa began the day on 71-4, and were indebted to AB de Villiers, who scored 43 off 228 balls.

  253. 14:25: 
    SA 246-7 (Target 511)
    Mitchell Johnson

    South Africa are seven wickets down as they battle to save the Test. The batsmen at the crease are Vernon Philander and JP Duminy, with Mitchell Johnson charging in to bowl. Philander goes on the pull and picks up a couple. There are 21 overs remaining in the match.


    While the players are off for rain in Antigua with England 52-2 after 9.3 overs, we'll switch focus to Cape Town and keep you in touch with the thrilling climax of the series between South Africa and Australia.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Edwin P Doorman: England get to 34 for 0, all talk is of 'huge scores', and 'wouldn't want to chase'. Get real. Prediction - England 156 all out.

    Sir Viv Richards, Ex-West Indies captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "When it rains, it really pours. From the view we have, you can see it's sweeping across the ground from east to west."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  257. 9.3 overs: 
    RAIN STOPS PLAY- Eng 52-2

    The clouds have done their thing and it is now absolutely tipping it down out there. I can see some blue sky in the distance, however, so this might not last long. Joe Root will be delighted.

    South Africa v Australia

    In Cape Town, South Africa have held firm in the eight overs since tea. JP Duminy (41) and Vernon Philander (30) have added 64, taking them to 237-7 (chasing a theoretical 511), while Philander has been hit by a beamer from James Pattinson - but the important figure is that there are 25 more overs for the Proteas to survive.

  259. 9 overs: 
    Eng 52-2

    Root looks in serious pain here, his hand coming off the bat after a simple defensive stroke. And there are one or two dark clouds starting to circle round the ground.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jack Byrne: Just given Lumb a standing ovation in my office as his fantastic ODI career comes to an end. Well done Michael.

    Zak Millington: Stokes looked the part in test cricket, but his ODI record is very poor so far, including that golden duck.

    Luke Jones: It's a bit early for a collapse, isn't it?

  261. 8 overs: 
    Eng 46-2

    Root recovers to put his gloves back on and defend the last ball of the over.

    Kevin Howells, BBC Test Match Special

    "Root is a pale-looking lad at the best of times, but he's looking especially pale right now."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  263. 14:10: 
    Root injury
    Joe Root has an injury treated

    To my untrained eye, it looks like Root's thumb has swollen to about twice its normal size. Stuart Broad doesn't seem too concerned - he's sipping up cup of tea in the England dressing-room. Root's popping a couple of painkillers now, while trying to practice gripping the bat.

    Kevin Howells, BBC Test Match Special

    "Yesterday, on what I think was the same hand, Root took a blow in the nets."

  265. 7.5 overs: 

    So, after that promising start, England are back to square one with some rebuilding work to do. And this is the last thing Joe Root needs. A delivery from Ravi Rampaul spits up out of the pitch and slams him on the right thumb. On comes the physio.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Caspar: Saw the positive start, thought I might dare to switch the radio on only to hear Lumb and Stokes fall on consecutive balls. No fear everyone else, I've now switched it off again - England to score 200 without loss for the third wicket now…

  267. 7 overs: 
    Eng 37-2

    The hat-trick ball is quick and straight but Joe Root gets everything behind it and keeps it out.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special
    Ben Stokes is caught off his first ball

    "It's been a disappointing three games for Stokes with the bat. He's struggled in the middle order, coming in in pressure situations. Bravo has dropped it short first ball and he's tried to ride it, rolling the wrists for a single. It's got through him quickly, and he's ballooned it up in the air."

  269. 6.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Stokes c Rampaul b DJ Bravo 0 (Eng 37-2)
    Dwayne Bravo and Darren Sammy

    Stokes falls for a golden quacker as he top-edges a pull shot to Rampaul at short fine leg. Bravo on a hat-trick...

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a very good plan from the Windies. They have a slip, a gully, then a deepish gully. It's not a position you would normally see, but they feel Lumb is vulnerable in that area. It wasn't a great ball, wide of the off stump, but Lumb has guided it to that man."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  271. 6.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Lumb c Narine b DJ Bravo 20 (Eng 37-1)

    Anything short just sits up on this pitch, and both Moeen and Lumb help themselves to singles with controlled pull shots. But Lumb falls to a fuller ball as he cuts low to Sunil Narine at backward point.

  272. 6 overs: 
    Eng 35-0

    Just the one run from the over with a fine stop from Lendl Simmons denying Lumb a certain four. There's a strong breeze blowing across the ground on a bright sunny day, but little sign of the rain Kevin Howells was nattering about earlier.

    Email tms@bbc.co.uk

    Robert in Kendall: If England get to 30 overs at 200 for 2 I would advocate Morgan at 4 and would be surprised if they didn't bump him up the order. If England are 50 for 2 at 15 overs, far more likely, I would feel better having Morgan still to bat.

  274. 5 overs: 
    Eng 34-0
    Moeen Ali

    England's solid start continues as Moeen clips one off his toes before Lumb tips and runs. Then Moeen leans back and, with sweet timing, cracks four through the covers. They are going at more than six an over at the moment!

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That is the shot of a very confident batsman. He's seen the off side is heavily set, so knows the line Rampaul will bowl. He's walked across his stumps and hit the ball a good 80 yards. It's a wonderful shot."

  276. 4 overs: 
    Eng 26-0

    Lumb reads the length early and clubs Rampaul over long-on for six. Then he follows up with a slick cover drive for four. This pitch is so slow I reckon I could hang around for a few balls you know.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Small Man Peaky: Still don't know why Morgan isn't batting at 4. He's too destructive to be left down the order.

    Rick Wilson: So England couldn't decide if they wanted to bat or field. Afraid I don't think Giles or Broad are the ones to take us forward.

  278. 3 overs: 
    Eng 12-0

    Moeen Ali plays and misses again outside off stump at Dwayne Bravo. Then he leans into a drive to pick up three runs. It looks to me as if this outfield has been trimmed and the ball is zipping along at a slightly greater lick.

    Text 81111

    Fenners: Broadly speaking, the Root of our probLumbs has been reAli Ravish batting. Jost Tredwell and we won't end up any blind Alis.

    Erik Lancaster: Has anyone pointed out to Shane Warne how Michael Clarke may have been a bit conservative with his declaration?!

  280. 2 overs: 
    Eng 9-0

    He's a bit of a snake charmer is Ravi Rampaul in the way he gets the ball to sway from side to side. A late swinger catches Moeen by surprise and beats his bat, but the Worcestershire man gets his own back with a punch through the covers for three. Michael Lumb goes on better as he cracks a half volley square on the off side for four.

    South Africa v Australia

    In Cape Town, South Africa reached tea without losing any more wickets - they're 201-7 with 33 more overs to survive (chasing a theoretical 511).

    And in Mirpur, India have lost a couple of wickets but they're on the verge of beating Afghanistan - they're 130-2 after 27 overs chasing 160.

  282. 1 over: 
    Eng 2-0

    We're off, and so are both batsmen with a single off each of their first balls from Dwayne Bravo. Cut to Ashley Giles munching on a sarnie on the England balcony. Graeme Swann gave Giles a ringing endorsement for the top job the other day, in case you missed it.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Louis Parry: Morgan vs Narine will be a good contest.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Stephen Parry bowled exceptionally well on Sunday, even considering it was on a helpful pitch, while Michael Lumb, making his ODI debut at the age of 34, looks at ease in the team."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Text 81111

    Doctor Brownale, Hartlepool: Does "pretty ropey cricket" (see 1254) involve a lot of boundaries?

  286. 13:27: 

    It's almost showtime in Antigua. TMS commentator Kevin Howells says there may be rain around. England openers Michael Lumb and Moeen Ali on their way to the middle...

    Tony Cozier, BBC Test Match Special

    "There are three Twenty20 matches next, then the World Twenty20, then the West Indies lose a lot of their players to play Twenty20 in the IPL. When West Indies lost the first Test of last summer, Clive Lloyd said he thought they looked drunk on Twenty20. I think Chris Gayle has only played two first-class matches in the West Indies in the last two years, I don't think it's good for West Indies cricket."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    One Cricket Fan: Good team. I can smell victory. Or it might be my pasta salad. As long as it's not humble pie.

    Jordan King: Morgan in, game won.

    David Longley: Glad Morgan is back. Glad Samuels is back. Wish Dernbach was playing. One of those statements is a lie.

  289. 13:23: 

    Batting is Marlon Samuels's strongest suit but he will also give the Windies another spin bowling option. He is not allowed to bowl his quicker ball after it was ruled illegal by the ICC last year.

    Graeme Swann, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Eoin Morgan has scores centuries and won games for England, so the whole squad will be pleased he's back. It may be a small tournament and it's under the radar a bit, but they'll be keen to get some silverware."

    Listen to TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  291. 13:20: 

    To inform you in the Smith debate, the outgoing SA skipper has a record 53 wins from 109 Tests, but his win ratio of 48.62% is inferior to that of Aussie trio Steve Waugh (71%), Ricky Ponting (62%) and Mark Taylor (52%) as well as Viv Richards (54%). Over to you...


    England captain Stuart Broad: "I'm not unhappy batting, and if we get a competitive total on the board I think it will be difficult to score later. The fielding has taken huge steps forward and we've been bowled really tightly in the first few overs."


    West Indies captain Dwayne Bravo: "We're going to make use of the early morning moisture, it's a good chance to field first. For the past two games, we've been concerned with our starts, so perhaps with a total on the board our batters will go better."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ollie Kemp: Happy with the toss - pitch will only turn more as game goes on, wouldn't fancy chasing on it!

  295. 13:11: 
    Team line-ups

    West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Kieran Powell, Marlon Samuels, Darren Bravo, Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Bravo (capt), Darren Sammy, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Nikita Miller, Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul.

    England: Michael Lumb, Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler (wk), Ravi Bopara, Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad (capt), James Tredwell, Stephen Parry.

  296. 13:10: 

    So, both teams welcome back a key batsmen, while Luke Wright makes way after failing to reach double figures in any of his last seven innings across both limited-overs formats. As ever, we want you right in the thick of things today, so get in touch with anything you want to get off your chest to #bbccricket, text 81111 if you're in the UK or email tms@bbc.co.uk. As well as all matters England and Windies, it would be good to hear your views on the outgoing South Africa skipper Graeme Smith. Where does he rank among the game's great captains?

  297. 13:03: 

    West Indies win toss and field. Skipper Dwayne Bravo says it's a must-win game for the hosts. Marlon Samuels comes in for Kirk Edwards.

    Stuart Broad says England were unsure whether to bat or bowl, and is expecting the pitch to turn increasingly as the game goes on. Fit-again Eoin Morgan returns for the tourists, replacing Luke Wright.

  298. 13:00: 
    Elsewhere in the world of cricket

    We'll also be keeping you up to date with another big game...

    In Cape Town, South Africa are approaching tea on the final day of the third and deciding Test against Australia. Set an unlikely 511 to win, the Proteas are 183-7 with another 35.5 overs left to survive. JP Duminy and Vernon Philander are at the crease, with only Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel to come.

    And in the Asia Cup in Mirpur, India are on course for a win - after bowling Afghanistan out for 159, they're 84-0 in the 19th over. But it's a dead rubber for both sides, with Sri Lanka and Pakistan already having made the final.

  299. 12:57: 
    How's Stat?
    Joe Root

    Cricinfo informs me that England have bowled 314 deliveries of spin in the two matches so far this series. Their most in a series of three games is 384 during the 1977-78 series against Pakistan which was played over 35 eight-ball overs.

  300. 12:54: 
    The story so far

    It's been a funny old series so far to be honest, with some pretty ropey cricket from both sides. England reprised their nasty habit of snatching defeat from the slavering jaws of victory in the first match before edging a tense, low-scoring contest to level up at 1-1. The same Bunsen Burner of an Antigua pitch will be used for the third match in a row so expect it to be slow with the spinners very much to the fore.

Live Scores - West Indies v England


  • England beat West Indies by 25 runs
  • West Indies: 278 (47.4 overs)
  • England: 303-6 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Antigua

West Indies Innings

View full scorecard
K Powell b Root 1
Dwayne Smith c Moeen b Broad 9
Darren Bravo c Bopara b Moeen 16
Simmons b Broad 16
Samuels c Buttler b Parry 23
Ramdin b Bresnan 128
Dwayne Bravo c Buttler b Bopara 27
Sammy c Stokes b Bresnan 24
Miller c Sub b Bresnan 10
Narine run out (Sub) 10
Rampaul not out 0
Extras 5w 3b 6lb 14
Total all out 278

England in West Indies 2014

Jos Buttler and Darren Sammy

Reports and scorecards from England's limited-overs tour of West Indies

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