Second Ashes Test: Australia v England day three as it happened

Relive day three of the second Test as Australia lead by 530 after Mitchell Johnson's 7-40 bowls England out for 172.

6 December 2013 Last updated at 23:30

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As it happened

  1. 0807: 

    We're going to wrap things up here - our man in Adelaide, Tom Fordyce's match report is already online for you to read, and as usual there will be more to read from Tom and Jonathan Agnew in a little while. You can hear Aggers and Geoff Boycott's review of the day on the TMS podcast page, which also features the lunchtime chat with Keith Bradshaw, or listen to the Pint-Sized Ashes two-minute round-up.

    I wish I could offer you some wildly optimistic words to raise your spirits, but I won't kid you - it's been a hard day's night. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, get some sleep in at some stage, and I hope you'll join us at 2330 GMT for day four. Au revoir.


    Want to relive all the overnight action you've missed? (In other words, are you Australian?) BBC Radio 5 live sports extra will replay the entire day's play from 1100 GMT, and will play highlights from now until then. Also this morning, BBC Radio 5 live brings all the best analysis and reaction on Ashes Breakfast. You can hear both 5 live and 5 live sports extra on digital radio, online and via the BBC Sport app.

  3. 0801: 

    (England fans may wish to look away now)

    0252: Stokes lbw b Johnson 1 - (Eng 117-5) Full and straight, playing across the line. Out on review.

    0256: Prior c Haddin b Johnson 0 (Eng 117-6) Roughed up by the bumpers, edged the full one.

    0304: Broad b Johnson 0 (Eng 117-7) Worried about the short ball, leg stump exposed. Golden duck.

    0322: Swann c Clarke b Johnson 7 (Eng 135-8) Flash at a wide one, sharp catch at second slip.

    0325: Anderson b Johnson 0 (Eng 135-9) Another first-baller. Full, fast and straight. Stumps splattered.

    Match scorecard

    Full match scorecard

    Text 81111

    Rich in Hull: Johnson has been great but we cannot use the defence that they are a team full of greats like generations past. This England team I'm afraid are gone, peaked in England three summers ago. It's harsh to be too critical of our bowlers on this wicket but Cook, KP and Prior are living off days gone by. Please prove me wrong.

  5. 0759: 

    Mitchell Johnson has taken 16 wickets at 8.93 in the series. He now has 51 wickets against England at an average of 26. At the start of the series, his average against England was 34.

    Johnson's haul of 7-40 moved him above Clarrie Grimmett into the top 10 Australian Test wicket-takers of all time with 221. Ahead of him are Warne (708), McGrath (563), Lillee (355), Lee (310), McDermott (291), Gillespie (259), Benaud (248), McKenzie (246) and Lindwall (228).

    Peter Siddle has now dismissed Kevin Pietersen eight times, more than any bowler. Pietersen's average against Siddle is 19.8.

    • Test debutant Ben Stokes was out - on review - to the first lbw decision of the series.

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    James O'Donnell: Time to stand up and be counted, tough decisions to make and perhaps England careers to end. Can't take much more of this!

    Dan Gee: It's the elephant not only in my room, but standing over me with menace. The 5-0 is on again.

    Trent: Question now is will we be able to avoid 5-0 in the series? Got to look seriously at the captaincy.

  7. 0758: 

    Even with a first-innings lead of 398, Australia opted not to enforce the follow-on - seemingly to give their bowlers a rest. James Anderson struck twice early, removing Chris Rogers and Shane Watson in the same over, but David Warner tucked into the England attack and finished 83 not out at the close.

    Michael Clarke threatened to do the same before he fell on 22, bowled by a sharply turning delivery from Panesar, but Steve Smith joined Warner to leave Australia 132-3 at the close - 530 ahead with two days left, and in a virtually impregnable position.


    England batsman Ian Bell: "It's thoroughly disappointing. It is a very good wicket and we haven't given our bowlers any opportunity to get back in the game.

    "The guys are hurting but I reassure you they are doing everything to get this back. We've shown fight in the dressing-room in the past. We haven't done that so far this series but we have to put that right tomorrow and on the last day.

    "Give Mitchell Johnson credit, but as an England team we haven't done anything close to what we are capable. Andy Flower and Cookie will be hurting and they will want all of us, from one to 11, to put this right.!

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't know many of the England players, it's not personal.

    "Matt Prior can't carry on this way, especially if he doesn't get any runs in the second innings. At the moment, we're in a state of flux, we're past our best."

    Listen to Geoffrey and Aggers' full review of the day via the TMS podcast page

  10. 0754: 

    The afternoon session began with England 116-4 - but surely not even the most pessimistic among their followers in Adelaide could have anticipated what was to follow. England were simply blown away by a high-class spell of fast bowling by Mitchell Johnson, who took 7-40 including a double wicket maiden, and was twice on a hat-trick.

    In fact, he took the last six wickets to fall as Stokes, Prior, Broad, Swann and Anderson were blown away in quick succession. Monty Panesar bravely hung around with Ian Bell for an hour, even being hit on the head once and on the arm a couple of times, and they added 37 for the last wicket but Johnson returned to bowl Panesar just before tea.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    (Jonathan Agnew asked Geoffrey earlier what he would do if he were given an all-powerful role in charge of the England team):

    "They can't win the Ashes, they are not playing well enough. History says you don't come from 2-0 down. There has to be some straight-talking.

    "Bell must bat at three and someone needs to talk to Pietersen, he can't keep giving it away. Cook needs to get forward more and I don't think Stokes is good enough yet. Root needs to stop making mistakes, because what he did last year doesn't count.

    "I'd play Monty instead of Swann. He doesn't seem to know what field to set. He's been a great performer, but we can't be sentimental."

  12. 0749: 

    So, as we look back at the day, it's been one for England fans to forget - and for Aussies to cherish. England began on 35-1, trailing Australia by 535, and were looking good with Michael Carberry and Joe Root together - until Root suddenly tried to slog spinner Nathan Lyon and was caught in the deep. Kevin Pietersen soon followed, falling into a trap to get him caught at mid-wicket, and Carberry perished for 60 just before lunch to a great diving catch by David Warner.

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    Jamie Waterhouse: Not been the same since Strauss retired. Cook is too negative as a captain and the rest, apart from Bell, are lacking confidence.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "What Johnson has been doing is bowling at the same pace, but bowling it straight, and we don't seem to be able to play straight bowling. The young kid Stokes played across the line, Prior's in terrible nick averaging 13 in his last nine Test matches. Broad doesn't look as though he fancies the quicks here, and you can forget about the rest. Monty was brave and courageous, but Swann got one in front of his chin and as soon as he got that, he was going leg side and he was always going to edge it."

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "In 12 balls, Siddle gave Pietersen nothing to hit, and his ego - his hubris - gave it away in place of common sense. Bell should be batting at three, the best players in the world should take responsibility and bat at three or four. Carberry played very well, he played the quicks and the spinner well - which he didn't do in Brisbane - but getting out before lunch, at least he tried to pull the ball down but he got caught. It was a half-mistake."


    Edward: Will the England team be honest in their interviews? No empty platitudes about 'working hard' and 'having a bad day'. The batting has been incompetent for the past 18 months. They need to acknowledge their terrible display.

    Steve in Japan: The real question is whether or not England have hit bottom yet... they could get worse you know.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "They've had lots of praise for their performances when they've won Test matches and series, but they've got to accept criticism here. They've given the Ashes away. It's all over- they're not going to come back from here, it'll be 2-0 and then they go to Perth where they lost last time on a bouncy pitch. Our batsmen don't look up for the fight - Joe Root played a one-day shot, trying to slog the spinner over mid-wicket and was caught. Root's a young kid but he shouldn't keep making mistakes. Pietersen had a shocker - they put two men at short mid-wicket in the box, and he gave it away."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I said yesterday that I thought the bolts were starting to be loosened - now England's wheels are well and truly off and they haven't got long to try to find them. It really has been an incredible day. Mitchell Johnson has taken so much stick from us and from the England fans, but he deserves everything that comes his way. He has bowled as quick as I've seen and been backed up by brilliant fielding. Since winning the toss, Australia have been 50 times better than England at everything."

  19. 0736: 

    You may want to secure your headphones for this one - Aggers and Boycs are preparing for the end-of-play review on TMS. Geoffrey will be coming off the long run...

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    Alan Compton: Funny that all the pre-series talk was how important it was that England pick the right bowlers.

    Kevin Down: This a pathetic performance again. Pack your bags and come and stop embarrasing English cricket!

  21. 0734: 

    If you're an England fan just waking up, I wish I had some words of consolation to cheer you up. But I don't. It really has been that bad.

    Mitchell Johnson bowls James Anderson
    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have been crushed by an enormous steam-roller, an express paceman. Australia can play around with England tomorrow then let Johnson loose again."

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Andy Flower should front up tonight. He should answer the questions. Press conferences are never nice when you've had days like this."

  24. 0732: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Aus 132-3 (lead by 530)

    Warner moves to 83 with a single off his legs, Smith pushes a two through the covers, and adds a couple more off the last ball. That's the end of a nightmare day for the tourists - Australia lead by 530, they'll probably have a dart tomorrow morning and then force England to have to bat for the best part of two days to save the game.

    Text 81111

    Harry in Hampstead: Bell and Carberry to open. Monty at 3. Everyone else, pick a number out of a hat!

  26. 0729: 
    Aus 127-3 (lead by 525)

    A seagull scuttles round the outfield behind Stokes as he begins a new over and has Warner playing and missing. Warner taps the ball to mid-off, takes a quick single when he sees the fielder is Panesar, and makes his ground despite Monty's underarm throw missing the stumps. We'll get one more over in.

  27. 0724: 
    Aus 125-3 (lead by 523)

    Warner and Smith plunder a couple of singles before Panesar drops one in too short and Warner powerfully cuts him for four. A single takes him to 81 from 112 balls.

  28. 0721: 
    Aus 119-3 (lead by 517)

    In fact, Stokes has switched to the Cathedral End, Warner tries to whip him through square leg for a single but umpire Dharmasena signals a leg bye. Ian Bell is off the field briefly, chatting to some of England's non-combatants, but while Warner is still taking any runs that come, Smith - perhaps less sure of his place in the side - is more watchful. Probably time for three more overs.

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    Dane Le Page: Not so long ago Ian Bell was slated over and over again for being in this team. He is now the only batsman worthy of his place.

    Ian Vickery: Off to bed - this is English cricket almost at rock bottom. Gutless, no clue and all passion gone!

  30. 0717: 
    Aus 118-3 (lead by 516)

    Well, Stokes only got one over in that spell as Panesar's back on. Just a single from Warner off the over as Smith looks to preserve his wicket.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "There will be a few wondering why Australia batted again. A five-Test series is a marathon, so Australia will want to take a few with them, get miles in the legs of Broad and Anderson."

  32. 0713: 
    Aus 117-3 (lead by 515)

    Smith on-drives at Broad, Monty P gives chase, and by the time he gets the ball back in, Smith and Warner have run four. That's the fifty stand from 73 balls. Consolation for England fans: this can only last another 17 minutes...

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "I saw Mike Atherton outside. He asked 'were we this bad?' I said 'probably somewhere'."

  34. 0709: 
    Aus 113-3 (lead by 511)

    If there's a true sign that England are on the go-slow and trying to get away with bowling as few overs as possible - not only is there another change of bowling (with all the attendant field changes that brings), but new bowler Ben Stokes has cottoned on to Stuart Broad's trick of taking an age to relace his boot. Warner treats him with even less respect than the other bowlers, crashing his eighth four of the innings with a powerful straight drive. A single takes him to 74; Smith, very much the junior partner, adds one of his own to move to 14.

    I wonder whether a cunning captain might decide to declare now... stick England in for 10 minutes and give them three hostile overs of Johnson and Harris to survive tonight?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The Australians have been outstanding. I can't remember a game when an opening batsman has the chance to arrive on the fourth morning 70 or 80 not out with his team about 530 ahead. It's a nice position to be in."

  36. 0706: 

    BBC Sport brings you all the news and analysis from the first Test throughout the day. Cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew and chief sports writer Tom Fordyce are in Adelaide, while you can see everything you've missed at-a-glance with our Ashes catch-up.

    In addition, you can hear the Pint-Sized Ashes two-minute review, as well as the thoughts of Aggers and Boycott in the TMS podcast.

  37. 0704: 
    Aus 107-3 (lead by 505)

    Seamer Stuart Broad replaces spinner Panesar (I think that's the death-knell for any hopes of getting all the remaining overs in by 0730) but it's more of the same from Warner, four through the leg side, bosh, and he's having fun here. A single takes his score to 69.


    Ian in Warrington: Re: Geoffrey in charge (0655) The best thing he could do with these resources and this situation is go out for lunch with a very good wine list.

  39. 0700: 

    If your alarm clock has just gone off, I'm afraid you've not lurched into a parallel universe where the world is upside down, England can't bat and Mitchell Johnson can bowl straight. He ripped through the tourists today, taking 7-40, as England were bowled out for 172.

    Australia chose not to enforce the follow-on, and batting again, they're 102-3 with David Warner knocking it around the park, and the first-innings lead of 398 means they're "net" 500-3 in a one-innings match.

    Full match scorecard

  40. 0659: 
    Aus 102-3 (lead by 500)

    Anderson, round the wicket to the left-handed (and re-helmeted, if I didn't mention it) David Warner, who bides his time before hoicking Anderson towards long-on for three to take his score to 53, Australia's score into three figures, and the overall lead to 500. Painful, but true.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't see England having a chance of batting this out. Two days is a long time, unless Johnson pulls a hamstring. They don't seem to be able to play fast, straight bowling."

  42. 0655: 
    Aus 99-3 (lead by 497)

    Smith launches Panesar over his head with a lofted drive for four - he has 13, and Australia's lead is a mammoth 497.

    And the TMS podcast will be worth a listen today - Aggers has challenged Geoff Boycott to work out "how can you win the Ashes from here" if GB were given an all-powerful position as England's head coach, head selector, head bottle washer and everything else. I suspect one or two people may find themselves on the first plane home...

  43. 0652: 
    Aus 95-3 (lead by 493)

    Smith pushes Anderson to backward point, Carberry bullets in a throw but Smith is quickly through for a single. Today's attendance, by the way, is 36,414. Left-hander Warner is hit on the thigh pad, a half-hearted appeal but that would have gone way over. There are 11 more overs possible tonight - we may struggle to get them all in.

  44. 0648:  

    Want to relive all the overnight action you've missed? (In other words, are you an Australia supporter?) BBC Radio 5 live sports extra will replay the entire day's play from 1100 GMT, and will play highlights from the close until then. Also this morning, BBC Radio 5 live has all the best analysis and reaction on Ashes Breakfast. You can hear both 5 live and 5 live sports extra on digital radio, online and via the BBC Sport app.

  45. 0647: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 94-3 (lead by 492)
    David Warner

    Panesar to continue, Warner drives him through the covers again and Broad cuts off the four but Warner scampers through for a third run. Smith moves to eight with a single, then Panesar spins one into Warner's pads and raises both arms to appeal but umpire Dharmasena is unmoved and after a quick chat with Cook and Prior, England opt not to review it. (The ball-tracker predicts it would have missed the stumps).

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "This is the fourth highest first-innings lead in a Test in which the follow-on has not been enforced - and two of those were in timeless Tests."

  47. 0644: 
    Aus 90-3 (lead by 488)

    Smith sees off the over, and Anderson takes his cap from Erasmus with a rather resigned look on his face. Australia lead by 488.

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "That's not doing anywhere near enough to come back to hit the stumps, umpire Erasmus hasn't had a great day."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.


    So, it hit Smith outside the line of off stump but that's not a factor because he offered no shot - but did it do enough to hit the stumps? The ball-tracker shows it missing off stump completely, and Mr Erasmus has to reverse his decision. Smith is reprieved.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It came back. If it's hitting the stumps at all, he's gone because the umpire has given him out."


    The drinks cart chugs off, but England's hopes have long disappeared into the South Australian sunset as they reconvene for the final stint of the day. James Anderson is back on in place of Swann, Smith hangs his bat out and swishes at a wide delivery which disappears to the backward point boundary for four. But then he offers no shot and is rapped on the pad... he's given out but Smith opts to review the decision.


    England women's captain Charlotte Edwards: Oh no.. Back to sleep it is!! #ashes

    Text 81111

    Graham: Re: Michael Vaughan (0601) - here's the "Graham Report" Bowlers - toothless, Batsmen - brainless, team - characterless. King of Spain to come in as manager. Start re-build for 2016.

  54. 0636: 

    And that's time for drinks, with 14 overs left today.

  55. 0635: 
    WARNER 50- Aus 86-3 (lead by 484)

    Single from Smith, then Warner forces Panesar past point for four to bring up his fifty from 79 balls. The runs are starting to flow quicker as after Warner adds another two, Panesar drags another one down too short and Warner clubs it for another four through cover. I'm sure Warner must adjust his gloves between deliveries more than any other batsman I've seen. And I've seen a few...

  56. 0632: 

    If you're just waking up and have seen the score, we'd understand if you want to go back to bed... you've missed a pretty ghastly day for England, when they were blown away by Mitchell Johnson (7-40) and slumped to 172 all out.

    Australia opted not to enforce the follow-on, they lead by over 470 and David Warner is filling his boots.

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "I haven't seen an Australian bowler bowl like Johnson did today since the days of Thommo and Lillee."

  58. 0631: 
    Aus 75-3 (lead by 473)

    Warner cuts Swann, Carberry makes a diving stop at backward point, but another firm drive brings him one to the cover sweeper. Smith on-drives, there's already a man back at long-on so there's always a single there.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Someone called yes: Just seems ridiculous that this is the same England team who had only lost two series in five years before this tour.

    Alistair Lowe: Love mentality of Australia - England learn, no nicey nicey. Get them down and squeeze the life out of them. England in disarray.

  60. 0628: 
    Aus 73-3 (lead by 471)

    Warner steps out and firmly drives Panesar to the extra cover boundary, he may have his eye on a big score here after missing out in the first innings. A gentle single takes the left-hander to 47. There are another 16 overs available today, though they can't go beyond 0730 GMT.

    I'd be interested to see what any of you think of Vic's theory. Panesar or Swann in Perth? Or both? Or neither? Email, text or tweet us the usual way.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "There is a significance to this beyond this match, particularly with England's selection for Perth. It will certainly be considered that Panesar could play instead of Swann."

  62. 0625: 
    Aus 68-3 (lead by 466)

    Warner helps himself to another single against Swann to move to 42, young Smith tries an aggressive drive but Swann fields well off his own bowling.


    Bharath: I think Australia have made the right decision not enforcing the follow-on. Their bowlers get some rest and also it rules out the possibility of them having to bat on an awkward fifth day pitch chasing a win.

  64. 0622: 
    Aus 67-3 (lead by 465)

    Steve Smith is the new batsman, he's off the mark with a single to mid-on. Panesar is finding a bit of turn outside Warner's off stump, a silly point is brought in, but Warner bisects slip and silly point by dabbing a single. Panesar has 1-4 from three overs.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "The right-handers play Swann so well, and I would say that if you took this game in isolation you would say Monty has been the better of the two. That's an absolute pearler, a cracking delivery. Initially Clarke is aghast, but the big screen has shown him it's a good one."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  66. 0619: 
    WICKET- Clarke b Panesar 22 (Aus 65-3, lead by 463)
    Monty Panesar receives congratulations from his team-mates

    Bowled him! Clarke gets half forward and loses his off stump to Monty. That was like the ball which bowled Tendulkar in Mumbai last year - pitched middle and leg, and hit off. And with Clarke renowned as one of the best players of spin in world cricket... Monty to play ahead of Swann in Perth? He took five wickets there in 2006 after all.

    Fall of wickets: 1-4 (Rogers 2), 2-4 (Watson 0), 3-65 (Clarke 22)

    Panesar's figures: 2.1-0-2-1

    Full match scorecard

  67. 0617: 
    Aus 65-2 (lead by 463)

    After a single from Clarke, Swann, wearing his sunglasses as usual, bowls to Warner who has abandoned his helmet for a cap with two spinners on. Warner moves to 40 with a two through the covers. And the TV pictures keep showing Johnson running through England...

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England will play a maximum of one spinner in Perth. If, in this innings, Panesar outbowls Swann, would they consider that? In this climate, Swann is unlikely to offer much more with the bat."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "You feel that, by the close, Australia are going to be 530-560 ahead. Then, England will have a horrible morning while the ball is smacked around."

  70. 0614: 
    Aus 62-2 (lead by 460)

    Clarke dabs a single off his pads, Panesar fires a quicker delivery past Warner's pads and the left-hander can't get him away.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Paddy Emmerson: Changes for third Test, Ballance for the hugely over-rated Root, Bairstow for the out-of-form Prior & Rankin for Swann.

    Jason Knight: Every morning I'm excited to get up and check the score. That excitement is very short lived. Back to bed.

    Martin Williams: Consider Bairstow, for character? Seems crazy that Onions is not in England party.

  72. 0611: 
    Aus 61-2 (lead by 459)

    Warner aims another big hit against Swann, punching a four over extra cover. A single brings Clarke on strike, a careful sweep to Carberry at deep square leg hands him two more, and a single allows him to nick the strike. Warner has 38, Clarke has 20, and the lead is a mammoth 459.

  73. 0608: 
    Aus 53-2 (lead by 451)

    Yep - England's spinners will operate in tandem now as Panesar replaces Stokes. Warner is watchful against the slow left-armer, just adding a single to his score.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Everyone's spoken about back-to-back Tests with this game and Perth, but I'd have thought if Australia had enforced the follow-on, they'd ensure they had a day off on the fifth day. By not enforcing it, they may be bowling on day five."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia are batting for a second time, but simply to give their bowlers a rest. They'll no doubt declare some time tomorrow morning, and press for victory."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  76. 0603: 
    Aus 52-2 (lead by 449)

    Swann spins down a rapid maiden to Warner, just a bye from it, but Australia are on cruise control. Time to give Monty a bowl?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Sam Nokes: I'd still be happy with my 50 dollar ticket if tomorrow is a complete washout.

    Robbie Roberts: Thank you to England for putting the pain of today's Xmas shopping venture into perspective.

    MAW Holmes: Getting up to hear that England are bowling is really not the start my weekend needed.

  78. 0601: 
    Aus 51-2 (lead by 449)

    Clarke guides Stokes for a single, Warner moves to 32 with a three off his legs and then Clarke cracks another four through mid-wicket. He has 17, and Australia lead by 449.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "There was the Schofield Report after the 5-0 in 2006-07. Will there be another report commissioned if this tour goes pear-shaped?"

  80. 0600: 
    Mitchell Johnson celebrates

    If you're just waking up... consider yourself lucky you slept through what we've had to watch. Resuming on 35-1 overnight, England were indebted to Michael Carberry (60) and Ian Bell (72 not out) as many of the other batsmen played some rather daft shots, Mitchell Johnson bowled at the speed of light and took 7-40.

    Only a last-wicket stand of 37 between Bell and a brave Monty Panesar - who was hit several times after facing a rash of (arguably intimidatory) bouncers - stretched the England score to 172 all out. Australia, leading by 398, opted not to enforce the follow-on... and are sitting pretty.

    Full match scorecard.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "They'll keep doing this because they are so on top of Graeme Swann. They will want to keep him under the thumb."

  82. 0556: 
    Aus 43-2 (lead by 441)

    Warner ends a run of 19 dot balls by guiding Swann off his legs for three, Clarke rotates the strike, and Warner revisits his Twenty20 skills by launching Swann over mid-wicket for six, the Notts off-spinner has really not been on his game this month.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Paul Dixon: Last year at Adelaide, South Africa dug in for the draw then went to Perth and won, all is not lost just yet.

    David Laurie: This would never have happened in Graeme Hick's day.

  84. 0552: 
    Aus 33-2 (lead by 431)

    As Michael Vaughan and Aggers ponder possible England team changes for Perth - Bresnan back in, anyone? - Stokes makes it two maidens on the trot for him, and three for England, as Clarke is on the defensive. I think the likelihood of Australia declaring tonight is fading quickly.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't see how Ballance could make a huge difference. Stokes has been one of the positives here, at least with the ball."

    Text 81111

    Matthew in Epworth: Been awake with my 6 year old daughter who has a bad tummy ache. I'm not sure who of the two of us is in the most pain.

  87. 0548: 
    Aus 33-2 (lead by 431)

    England reluctantly resume - there's still another 28 overs due tonight - and Swann opens with a maiden to Warner.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England will probably make this drinks break last as long as they can. Two and a half days if possible. This is as tough as it gets as a player. They know they have let everyone down, the headlines won't be pretty and that there will be plenty said about them. They somehow have to show some fight."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Jamie: Watching the cricket in a pub in Brisbane. My Barmy Army shirt is soaking up my tears. Clarke and Warner partnership is very dangerous. I think they will get a lead of 500. Declare then grab a few wickets tonight, finish us off tomorrow. 2-0 is on the horizon. 5-0 is a short distance away!

  90. 0543: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Aus 33-2 (lead by 431)

    With the overall lead now 431, this is a better over from Stokes - a maiden in fact, and the umpires wave on the drinks cart, with its built-in giant drink bottle on the back that we think looks like a rocket launcher. A few of England's batsmen deserve to be strapped to it and blasted into space on today's evidence...

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Parsonson: An Aussie who lived the last five years in London. Took all the Ashes pain. Left in August. Moving back tomorrow. Not missing this!

    Ravi Singh: Went to the beach for three hours, hoping to return to Bell & Stokes/Prior batting. Come in, Clarke and Warner. Great.

  92. 0539: 
    Aus 33-2 (lead by 431)

    Swann has a short mid-wicket catching as well as the regulation slip and short leg for Clarke, who reaches double figures with a single before Swann serves up a full toss which Warner blasts through the covers for four. A couple more singles are added, and the Barmy Army bursts into song - ironically celebrating their 20th anniversary just as England seem to be reverting to the sort of spineless collapses which the Barmies had to endure 20 years ago...

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think there were times when the England batsmen looked frightened. They were timid and blown away by Johnson. I have concerns about the bowling too, because Anderson and Broad are now bowling quicker than they did in the first innings."

  94. 0535: 
    Aus 26-2 (lead by 424)

    A double change in the bowling as right-arm seamer Ben Stokes replaces Broad at the Cathedral End. In pure speed terms, Stokes was England's fastest bowler in the first innings. Clarke and Warner help themselves to ones and twos without too much difficulty.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    James McQuaid: He gives you a scare, He gives you a friiiiight, That Mitchell Johnson, His bowling's alright.

    Jonny Lipsham: I think that Cook and the entire team ought to do the press conference tonight and issue an apology for such pathetic cricket.

  96. 0529: 
    Aus 21-2 (lead by 419)

    After four overs of Anderson (who has 2-11), England turn to off-spinner Graeme Swann, who has a long-off, a deep square leg, two men catching and everyone else saving one for the left-handed Warner. He starts with a maiden.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ed Stockton: There is something amiss in that England dressing room, this isn't just a lull in form. There's a profound lack of belief.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "England were 398 behind on first innings here, but West Indies were 396 behind on first innings against New Zealand in the Test that's just finished in Dunedin, and got a draw out of it."

  99. 0525: 
    Aus 21-2 (lead by 419)
    The view from the stands

    Warner guides Broad for a single, Clarke pulls at a shorter delivery and guides it down to Kevin Pietersen at fine leg for a single. Warner rotates the strike again to move to 12. The electric atmosphere we had earlier when Johnson was charging in at the speed of sound seems to have dissipated somewhat, but the Aussies won't mind.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "If I were Clarke, I'd bat another 10-12 overs, take what comes to get rid of the new ball, then look to plonk the spinners for a bit and move on quickly. I don't think Swann's bowling very well at the moment."

  101. 0520: 
    Aus 18-2 (lead by 416)

    Clarke digs out a yorker from Anderson... he's not quite secure yet as Anderson bowls a tight line and length. Maiden over.

    Text 81111

    Perry Shears: How must Vaughan and Strauss feel watching all their hard work and legacy unravelling in front of them. Can't we send them to the dressing room to sort out this bunch of village cricketers we have sent on tour?

  103. 0516: 
    Aus 18-2 (lead by 416)

    There were a few words exchanged between Anderson and Clarke at the end of the last over... and I don't think they were exchanging addresses to send each other a Christmas card. Rather unnecessary, considering how one-sided this game has been, it's not like it will make any difference... Broad charges in for a new over to Clarke, he tries a short ball but Clarke effortlessly guides it down to long leg for a single. He has six, Warner has 10.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's one thing that has changed because of one-day cricket - the outfielding is so much better, when you think of the likes of Jonty Rhodes and Paul Collingwood."

  105. 0512: 
    Aus 17-2 (lead by 415)

    Warner pushes Anderson for a couple, then he knocks one off his legs to Ben Stokes at mid-wicket and a wild throw from the Durham youngster is over Prior's head and the Aussies scamper through for an overthrow. Clarke is off the mark, showing his class by clipping a four through mid-wicket, and I wonder what Australia's target is before they declare - runs, overs, or time? Meanwhile, Stokes redeems himself with a great pick-up-and-throw as Clarke guides another off his legs and calls Warner for a quick single. Warner would have been out if the throw had hit.

  106. 0507: 
    Aus 9-2 (lead by 406)

    Warner steers Broad between point and extra cover for four, while he guides a single. Meanwhile, there are chuckles on TMS as Geoff Boycott reveals he's been sent a DVD of the movie "9 and a half weeks".

    Not sure it'll really be Geoffrey's cup of tea, though perhaps a more appropriate film title for his batting would be "28 Days Later" - a man wakes up in hospital to find zombies rampaging around London, and Geoffrey still batting away after 28 days at the crease?


    Jonny: I'm going into the Borneo rainforest for three days next week and then to Australia and the MCG for Christmas. On reflection I may just stay in the rainforest.

    Richard: My wife and I had planned a trip down under for the Ashes this time around until the arrival of our daughter put a dent in our travel plans. I owe little Evelyn a massive debt of gratitude for making me miss this - although she arrived a week early and I missed a round of golf at the Congressional Club, where the US Open is staged, so she's probably back to evens.

  108. 0503: 
    Aus 4-2 (lead by 402)

    So, Australia are two down with only four on the board. Unfortunately for England, they're "net" 402-2 in a one-innings match. Michael Clarke may not have expected to be batting so soon, he shoulders arms to see off Anderson's over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've been in this situation, it's sometimes hard to concentrate because you're so far ahead. The edge has gone."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is all developing rather interestingly, wickets are clattering down. I wonder what directive the Australia batsmen have had."

  111. 0459: 
    WICKET- Watson c Carberry b Anderson 0 (Aus 4-2)
    England dismiss Shane Watson for a duck

    Shane Watson strides to the crease, Anderson will be encouraged by a hint of away swing with the new cherry for that Rogers wicket - and one brings two when Watson fences his second ball straight to Carberry at point!

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "No footwork, he was stuck in the crease. Rogers is an ordinary player, he won't last long for Australia. I sorry if that offends people at Middlesex, where he plays, because he's a nice lad. Sooner or later Philip Hughes will come in, he's a better player."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  113. 0455: 
    WICKET- Rogers c Prior b Anderson 2 (Aus 4-1)
    James Anderson

    After a single from Warner, Anderson goes round the wicket to Rogers, and he nicks one to the keeper second ball. Australia are one down... with a lead of erm, 402.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "People like Monty because he tries like hell - it annoys them when others play daft shots and give their wickets away."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  115. 0454: 
    Aus 3-0

    There's a predictably enthusiastic reaction as ice-creams arrive in the TMS box - and a predictable chorus of boos as Stuart Broad's name is announced over the PA. He'll be bowling from the Cathedral End, where the fans in front of the scoreboard will be turning a nice shade of pink if they've not stuck a hat and some sun cream on. David Warner is up and running with a single off his legs.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ryan Noon: Disgusting, appalling display on foreign soil again! Hang your heads in shame England! 5-0 Aussies!

    Peter Webb: Why so defensive? The game's gone. Let's rough them up a bit in prep for Perth and get a little momentum going.

    Rufus Spiller: As a Brit in Melbourne all I have is complete respect for Johnson. The Aussies were talking down this series only two months ago.

  117. 0449: 
    Aus 2-0 (lead by 400)

    James Anderson takes the new ball, and Chris Rogers gets Australia going straight away with a two past gully to stretch the home side's lead to 400.

  118. 0445: 
    David Warner walks out to bat

    So, the players emerge with Australia leading by 398. "People will be asking why on earth they're batting again," asks Jonathan Agnew on TMS, but I wonder whether they plan to blaze for 25 overs and stick England in tonight...

  119. 0442: 

    Michael Carberry is warming up on the outfield and he's not wearing pads, so I think we can safely assume that Australia have not enforced the follow-on.

  120. 0440:  

    If you enjoyed Tom Fordyce's chat with Don Bradman's son John on TMS, you can read more about Tom's visit to the Bradman Collection on the BBC Sport website.

    And if you missed Aggers's lunchtime interview with South Australia (and former MCC) chief executive Keith Bradshaw, it's available on the TMS podcast page.

  121. 0438: 

    Thanks, Stephan. As much as I ought to be impressed by someone called Mitch playing such a starring role, I wonder where England go after a session like that. Should heads roll? And will they?

    Brave performance from Monty - but as we know, in all likelihood his reward will most likely be to be dropped at Perth in favour of a seamer.

  122. 0434: 

    On TMS during the interval, our chief sports writer Tom Fordyce chats to the son of Sir Donald Bradman. Tune in to that and stick with us, because Mark Mitchener is coming in to the chair.

    Read Tom's feature on Searching for the real Don Bradman.

  123. 0432: 

    Just tuning in? You might want to tune out again. England have been steamrollered by the moustachioed menace Mitchell Johnson. From 35-1 overnight, they have capitulated to 172 all out.

    Root, Pietersen and Carberry fell to poor shots before lunch, with Johnson rampant in the afternoon. He took five wickets in five overs, including a triple-wicket maiden. Overall, he recorded 7-40. England 172 all out, not even close to avoiding the follow-on. We suspect Australia will bat again, though.

  124. 0431: 
    Mitchell Johnson walks off

    Australia paceman Mitchell Johnson: "It's hard to explain - after the injury I had, to be able to work myself back into this team has been hard work, after plenty of people told me I was never going to play again.

    "All the boys bowled well, we played as a team and it set me up to get those wickets. It was great to have the crowd behind me, always great to play in front of a home crowd but I think that Broad wicket helped me as it took more time.

    "I wasn't trying to bowl fast yesterday afternoon, but the rhythm has stuck with me and the ball reversed which definitely helped. Some of the people on the boundary were telling me I had to keep the moustache for ever, I don't think my wife would like that but I'm definitely keeping it through this Ashes series and trying to raise more money for Movember."

  125. 0430: 
    Eng 172 all out

    We take tea, waiting to see who will bat in the final session. My suspicion is that it will be Australia, to both rest their bowlers and heap further humiliation on England.

    Mitchell Johnson gestures to James Anderson
    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tom Doyle: Big respect for Monty Panesar taking a few for the team! Showing our batsmen how it's done and making him mad for their innings!

    Charles Isere: Panesar to replace Gooch as batting coach. Who should replace Flower? Tempt Darren Lehmann with a 6-figure salary?

    Joshua Tucker: Why not simply promote Panesar to number 3?

  127. 0426: 
    Eng 172 all out

    The end of a remarkable session of cricket, one entirely dominated by Mitchell Johnson. He has demolished England - Stokes, Prior, Broad, Swann, Anderson and, eventually, Panesar were blown away. Ian Bell stood firm for his 72, but that is a mere footnote to Mitch's magic.

    Match scorecard
    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "What an astonishing afternoon for Johnson - six wickets in the session, and figures of 7-40. To the left, to the right? No, straight down the middle - and fast. The roller's coming out - which suggests that Australia are batting again. My gut would be to enforce the follow-on, but the pattern these days is not to."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  129. 0425: 
    WICKET- Panesar b Johnson 2 (Eng 172 all out)
    Mitchell Johnson bowls Monty Panesar

    Mitchell Johnson needs only two balls to do for Monty Panesar, wrap up the innings and complete remarkable figures of 7-40. Full, straight, quick, clattering Panesar's stumps. England are 172 all out, they trail by 398.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60), 5-117 (Stokes 1), 6-117 (Prior 0), 7-117 (Broad first-ball 0), 8-135 (Swann 7), 9-135 (Anderson), 10-172 (Panesar 2)

    Bowling figures: Johnson 17.2-8-40-7, Harris 14-8-31-0 Lyon 20-5-64-1, Siddle 14-4-34-1, Watson 3-3-0-1.

    Full match scorecard

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Adelaide Oval

    On Twitter: Bowling bouncers at Monty is like punching a cow - the cruel, unnecessary punishment of a peaceful, slow-moving beast.

  131. 0424: 
    Eng 172-9

    Monty, meet Mitchell. Mitchell, this is Monty...

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    George King: STAT: Australia have not dismissed Monty since 5 January 2007. 8 runs from undefeated 67 balls since.

  133. 0423: 
    Eng 172-9 (Bell 72, Panesar 2)

    No, Lyon continues, posting five catchers around the bat for Panesar. Edged, just out of reach of the man in a second gully position. Bell jogs a single, then defends. "Ooohhhh, Belly" is the gasp from an Aussie. Now Bell is dancing, lofting high and long over long on - another six, his fourth. It really is remarkable how much better he is batting when compared to his team-mates.


    Bertie, Cambridge: Australia keep sending the short stuff after Panesar. Not the first time Monty's had to avoid bouncers.

    Mark Stott: When I finish my Christmas stint in Angola I have a ticket to day four at the SCG to look forward to. Is it worth the hassle, Wet and Wild Sydney has just opened.

  135. 0419: 
    Eng 165-9 (67 overs)

    The field is spread for Bell, who removes his helmet to reveal hair dripping in sweat. He looks like he's been in the shower, when actually he's been in the kitchen dealing with the cooking of Mitchell Johnson. In terms of the great spells, where does that rank? I can't think of many other occasions when a side has been so blown away by one man. A pace bowler in that sort of full flight really is an awesome sight. The Aussies come up to save the single and manage to do so. Is Monty about to face Mitch?

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Sams: Unfortunate enough to be at the Gabba two weeks ago. Fortunate enough to be at the beach this match.

    Steve Marshall: Flying to MCG Boxing Day, couldn't get seat next to mates, dreading being surrounding by celebrating Aussies! And day 1 & 3 at SCG.

  137. 0415: 
    Eng 165-9 (trail by 405)

    Lyon around the wicket to Bell, taking a single. More for Monty to face. At least he knows Lyon won't bounce him and he comes forward in defence as if it's the simplest thing in the world. Seriously, what's all the fuss about? Monty is batting like Garry Sobers.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "You have to applaud Monty for showing a bit of fortitude and resolve here. He's not the best batsman but he's getting in line and not minding if he gets hit."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  139. 0412: 
    OUCH!- Eng 164-9

    Tea can be delayed for half an hour while England are nine down, although I suspect that Monty may have to face some Mitchell Johnson if that happens. He's so adept at facing the bouncers, that he's now using his bonce to pick up a few runs. A duck, blow to the helmet, runs away for two leg byes. Another shortish ball, another duck, a blow to the arm. Should the umpires step in here? Too much short stuff? To be fair, Monty is wearing a few, but he doesn't look intimidated.


    Craig Walker: My son just turned two. We got him a little cricket set for his birthday, he'd fit into the England team perfectly with his wild swings of the bat and wayward bowling but at least he has the excuse of only having played cricket for two days. Please put us out of our misery.

    Dave May: Geoffrey is absolutely right - as usual - Bell should be a shoe-in at three and I'm still not convinced that Root should be in the team, let alone batting at three. He flattered to deceive in England and even in his big innings at Lord's he was dropped before he made double figures. In a Ashes atmosphere as hostile as this he looks like a boy playing men.

  141. 0407: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 161-9
    Monty Panesar

    Dropped catch! Monty gets a life. Thick edge from a Lyon turner, Michael Clarke at slip, into the belly and out again. When Monty gets a ton, we'll be saying that Clarke has dropped the Ashes.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben: Putting Johnson's spell to one side, how irresponsible do KP's and Root's wickets seem now. The rot started at the top.

    Craig Moore: How do you explain such disparity between two teams? Answer: you can't. Simply inexcusable to give up 400+ deficit on this pitch.

    Enzo Khan: Career saving innings will be needed now from Prior. From prince to pauper.

  143. 0405: 
    Eng 161-9 (63 overs)

    At 26, this 10th-wicket stand has now added more runs than the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth wickets combined. Bell even has enough confidence in Monty to not bother trying to farm the strike. He's straight to Siddle to play back a maiden.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    The Pete: It's a bad day at the office when Monty Panesar looks more composed against pace than the middle order!

    TC: I have faith that Bell and Panesar can do a Haddin & Agar here.

    Fergus Weir: I'd rather see Geoffrey in the top four even now than KP or Root, at least he knows what patience is.

  145. 0400: 
    Eng 161-9 (trail by 409)

    Australia have abandoned the plan to blow Panesar away, at least from one end, opting to bowl Nathan Lyon's off-breaks to the left-hander. "You're not singing any more," is the tune from one set of fans, presumably the Barmies. More solid defence from Monty, who is actually starting to look comfortable. I think he could pass on some tips to Cook, Root, KP and Prior.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "You look at a number 11 like Panesar, who doesn't have a lot of skill as a batsman - they must get so annoyed when a proper batsman gives his wicket away with a silly shot."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  147. 0358: 
    Eng 161-9 (Bell 64, Panesar 1)

    Yes Monty, off the the mark with a push for a single on the off side. Is that a hint of a smile on his face? I don't blame him, he's doing a decent job here. The Barmy Army - nearly 20 years old - are revving up in the South Australian sun. They were named Barmy by the Aussie press because of their unrelenting support on the 1994-95 tour, when England got battered. Bar 2010-11, England fans have had it tough down under. Are you there? Maybe heading that way for Christmas? Erm, should I be jealous or offering condolences?

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Bell should be batting higher. The great players don't hide down at five and six. You have to bat in the top four if you want to influence the game. Young Root's footwork's not good enough, he had seven failures at the top of the order in England."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  149. 0353: 
    50 FOR IAN BELL- Eng 159-9
    Ian Bell

    Is this the definition of a muted celebration? Well played Ian Bell, a slash through the off side brings him four and a half-century. Remember his Ashes-winning heroics of the summer? Now only he and Carberry are coming out of this innings with any credit. Then some intent - a biff over the top, a clip for four then...a huge drive over the off side goes all the way for six. Is Bell playing the same game as the rest of the England batsmen? No, he's playing the one the Aussies did.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Adelaide Oval

    "No surprise during that drinks break if a St Bernard had been sent out with brandy for England's players."

  151. 0348: 
    NOT OUT- Eng 141-9

    Yep, just a touch high, albeit an umpire's call. Bell survives. Is Monty pleased about that? I'm not sure I would be.

  152. 0347: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Eng 141-9

    Yep, I'd have reviewed this too. First ball after drinks, Ryan Harris to Ian Bell, pretty straight. High?


    Unhappy Chris in NZ: I think Sir Ian Botham's 5-0 prediction is looking quite good.

    Paul Hamlet: After the first day I predicted a score of between 150 & 200. I always thought I was a bit of a pessimist.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Ben Jeffery: In all seriousness, even as an Aussie, am praying that Johnson doesn't hurt Monty - tiger v tied up goat springs to mind.

    Christopher Hume: Not even rain can save this match now, we need a meteorite shower instead. Just get on the boat and come home.

    Richard Powell: A case of stiff upper lip succumbing to slug on the lip.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I do think the umpires should be doing something about these bouncers being bowled at Monty Panesar. He's only had about one ball bowled in his half of the pitch so far, and that's not right for a number 11."

    Geoffrey Boycott adds: "You're entitled to test the character and courage of anyone batting, but not ball after ball."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  156. 0345: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 141-9

    Finally, and perhaps mercifully, Johnson is pulled from the attack, with figures of 5-16 in five overs after lunch. Awesome stuff. Peter Siddle is his replacement, continuing the Aussie attempt to knock Panesar's head off. Monty is getting quite adept at the duck, and he's straight enough against the full stuff. At the moment, I'd say Panesar could probably bat at about number six in this team. Time for a drink. Where's the vodka?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's one thing about Monty's batting - you see some tail-enders back away to square leg, but Monty always gets in line and plays with a straight bat."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Nick, Brisbane, TMS inbox: I was unfortunate to be at the Gabba and witness one of the worst England games in recent years. But to top that, there's an even more gutless performance in Adelaide. This is a national disgrace! Heads must roll!

    Che Duvern, TMS inbox: There are thousands of proud Englishmen over here who would love the opportunity to show what it is to fight... scared and pathetic. Man up and fight for us or get on the next plane back!

  159. 0340: 
    Eng 140-9 (trail by 430)

    Hmmm...I can't help but think that Ryan Harris might be better off bowling at Panesar's stumps, rather than his head. Then again, the Aussie plan so far in this series has been to intimidate the tail, scare their resistance away. Monty, though, is not cowed. Wide-eyed, he gets in line when Harris goes full. Well played, Mr Panesar.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Adelaide Oval

    "England supporters often think they have seen it all in the rollercoaster years of following this team. But that 15-minute over from Johnson after lunch was a fresh horror, a triple-wicket maiden that has sucked even the gallows humour out of the watching tourists. How do England come back from this? Only the wild-eyed believe they can."

  161. 0336: 
    Eng 140-9 (trail by 430)

    Johnson was round the wicket for the hat-trick ball, but is now back over the Bell, the lone tree standing in an England forest that has been chopped down. What can he do? Try to protect Monty? The final ball of the over goes up and over the slips for four, meaning Monty is again in the firing line.

    Mitchell Johnson

    Mitchell Johnson has moved into the top 10 Australian Test wicket-takers of all time. Anderson's wicket gives him 220, ahead of Clarrie Grimmett (216).

    Ahead of him are Warne (708), McGrath (563), Lillee (355), Lee (310), McDermott (291), Gillespie (259), Benaud (248), McKenzie (246) and Lindwall (228).

    He now has 50 wickets against England at an average of 26. At the start of the series, his average against England was 34.

  163. 0333: 
    HAT-TRICK BALL- Eng 136-9

    Nearly, oh so nearly. Bell prodding, just falling short of Chris Rogers at mid off. The final wicket could come any ball here, it's almost a surprise when a batsman survives.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think the biggest sign that Australia will bat again is that when Shane Watson (off Panesar's armguard) took the catch there, he started to run off."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  165. 0331: 
    Eng 136-9 (trail by 434)

    Ian Bell stands tall, but what is he thinking about this carnage? He's watched it all from the other end. Since Carberry fell, England have lost six wickets for 24 runs. What must Monty Panesar be thinking? Hardly noted for this batting, he must face the fire of Johnson, but first Ryan Harris. In come the catchers - expect the chin music Monty. A duck, a blow to the armguard, then a duck into one. Monty survives, I think the umpire may have even spoken to Harris about the short stuff. Plenty of Aussie grins. Another Johnson hat-trick ball coming up...

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Mitchell Johnson has taken 5-12 in his last three overs."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If he's getting rid of players like Matt Prior, you can't expect the likes of Anderson to keep out Johnson here, he's on fire. I'm nearly speechless here, I just want to see some fight out there. I don't care about the toss - England would have been blown away on day one if they'd batted like this, they're mentally shot."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  168. 0325: 
    WICKET- Anderson b Johnson 0 (Eng 135-9)
    James Anderson is bowled

    Another first-baller! Mitchell Johnson can do no wrong. Now it's James Anderson, bowled before he can even bring his bat down. This is the most extraordinary spell of fast bowling you could ever see. Johnson gives Anderson the stare as he walks off, there's no need for words. I can't remember another time when one man has blown away a batting line-up in this fashion. Johnson has taken all five since lunch for overall figures of 6-36. He'll be on a hat-trick next over, if it lasts that long.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60), 5-117 (Stokes 1), 6-117 (Prior 0), 7-117 (Broad first-ball 0), 8-135 (Swann 7), 9-135 (Anderson)

    Johnson's figures: 16-8-36-6

    Full match scorecard

  169. 0324: 

    Mitchell Johnson holds the ball aloft and waves to the crowd. He has 5-36 and is in the form of his life. Now, he has James Anderson in his sights...

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England were favourites to win this series two weeks ago. I can't believe they've fallen over the way they've done here. Even when they lost 5-0, they didn't collapse the way they've done here. I can't see any other result than 5-0 the way they're playing."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  171. 0322: 
    WICKET- Swann c Clarke b Johnson 7 (Eng 135-8)

    The capitulation continues, the brilliance of Mitchell Johnson aided by a wonderful catch at second slip by Michael Clarke. Graeme Swann is the man to go, flashing a drive that flies high to Clarke's right, but the skipper leaps goalkeeper-style to take it in both hands. He never looked like dropping it. Did I say a slow death? England are speeding up their own demise.

    Mitchell Johnson

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60), 5-117 (Stokes 1), 6-117 (Prior 0), 7-117 (Broad first-ball 0), 8-135 (Swann 7)

    Johnson's figures: 15.5-8-36-5

    Full match scorecard

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Anyone in the UK who went to bed with Root and Carberry together, might wake up with them back together again soon. But they can do it both ways from here."

    Michael Vaughan adds: "I think they should bat again - give their bowlers a rest with back-to-back Tests coming up."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mark Adamson: Take out Bell, Carberry and extras and England's batsmen have scored 27.

    Stuart Flavell: Team for third Test in Perth: Cook, Carberry, Root, KP, Bell, Bairstow, Stokes, Bresnan, Broad, Tremlett, Anderson.

  174. 0317: 
    Eng 131-7 (trail by 439)

    In the madness, we haven't really had time to reflect on THAT Johnson over. It was skill to move the ball back into Stokes' pads, aggression followed by good thinking to do for Prior and raw speed to remove Broad. Is he the difference between the two sides? Yes, to a point, but England gifted three wickets to three other bowlers this morning. Why are they struggling on a pitch on which Australia made 500 and plenty? How long can they persist with the failing Prior?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This has been pathetic. Bell must be thinking he's got a debutant at six, Prior out of sorts at seven, and then the tail who aren't going to last long. He should have batted at three."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  176. 0314: 
    Eng 127-7 (trail by 443)

    Every ball is an event, every delivery a grenade that could blast another hole in this poppadom England batting line-up. Bell leans back to uppercut Johnson over the slips it goes for four, but it could have gone anywhere. If they mop up the tail soon, surely the Aussies have to enforce the follow-on?

    Text 81111

    David, Teignmouth: Oh. My. God. What the WG Grace is going on? This is Adelaide! No-one fails here! Boys are playing men by the looks of it. 2-0 it is then.

  178. 0310: 
    Eng 122-7

    Swann survives, chipping through mid-wicket. He runs like muck off a shovel to get three.

  179. 0310: 

    Here goes Johnson to Swann. Five slips, short leg, leg gully...

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Chris Gunn: Prior can't buy a run. This is the worst I have seen us in ages.

    Jay: If the last Ashes was a solid case against the DRS, this Ashes is all about why it is great for the game.

    Lee Halmarack: Would have picked Bresnan over Stokes simply for experience and I think it's time to consider a new keeper.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "That triple wicket maiden lasted 15 minutes. Broad spent seven minutes there for a golden duck."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  182. 0309: 
    Eng 119-7 (trail by 451)

    How on earth do we reflect on that? Mitchell Johnson now has 4-24 and will be on a hat-trick on the first ball of the next over. What does Ian Bell do? Try to farm the strike? He survives an appeal from Nathan Lyon, then takes a single to hopefully keep new man Graeme Swann from the Johnson nightmare. What does Swann do? Play some shots? He sweeps and takes the single. He'll face the Johnson hat-trick ball.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Si Lomas: Another awful dismissal for Prior hanging bat out to dry outside off stump, what's happened to him?, this is spineless.

    Howard Horner: Nine months ago Prior was voted England's player of the year. Nine months is an awfully long time though. Prior cannot play at Perth.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's one of the longest golden ducks I've ever seen, after a long delay trying to fix the sightscreen. These England left-handers keep getting too far over against Johnson - the leg stump was left naked, and disturbed. England are in complete disarray."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  185. 0304: 
    WICKET- Broad b Johnson 0 (Eng 117-7)
    Stuart Broad is bowled first ball

    Bowled him! Stuart Broad is gone first ball! Mitchell Johnson has bowled a triple-wicket maiden! It's wonderful bowling, accurate, hostile and, above all, fast. Broad, waiting for the short ball, gets too far across his stumps and loses his leg stump. After that wait to fix the screens, Broad has a seven-minute golden duck. England have only Swann, Anderson and Panesar to come. The end is coming, this is a shellacking.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60), 5-117 (Stokes 1), 6-117 (Prior 0), 7-117 (Broad first-ball 0).

    Johnson's figures: 14-8-24-4

    Full match scorecard

  186. 0303: 
    Eng 117-6

    Umpire Erasmus is down there, now some chap has put a set of ladders against the sightscreen. You couldn't make this up. I wonder what Broad is thinking. He's getting ready to face 90mph+ Johnson and some chap is cleaning the windows.

  187. 0301: 
    Eng 117-6

    Stuart Broad has a long wait to face his first ball, there's a problem with the sightscreens. There's a slow handclap from the crowd, Broad must feel like a Christian in the Colosseum. One ball left in the over, get ready for another Johnson bullet.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the ultimate working-over - Prior faced two short balls which he struggled to deal with, then one goes across him - he probably could have left it - but the edge was taken and Johnson is absolutely on fire straight after the interval, while Prior is all at sea. Modern captains don't like enforcing the follow-on, but they've got to do so here. Get through Broad and there's only Swann, Anderson and Panesar left."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Tom Rigler: What a surprise, England under pressure and they fall apart. On a flat pitch, surely it's not hard to play sensibly?

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Fantastic bowling by Mitchell Johnson, it just carried to Haddin. Prior didn't know much about that, and he's walking off. Another terrible failure by him."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  191. 0256: 
    WICKET- Prior c Haddin b Johnson 0 (Eng 117-6)
    Mitchell Johnson

    This is barely believable. Matt Prior's horrible form continues and he is the latest man to join the England procession back to the dressing room. He's well and truly worked over by Mitchell Johnson, hopping around to avoid 93mph thunderbolt bouncers. With the crowd oohing, baying for English blood, Johnson goes full, enticing Prior to edge a simple catch to Brad Haddin. England are being battered all around Adelaide.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60), 5-117 (Stokes 1), 6-117 (Prior 0)

    Johnson's figures: 13.5-7-24-3

    Full match scorecard

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "First ball to Stokes, quick and fullish, there's a hit of swing and it's hit him below the knee-roll, so he was always struggling unless umpire Erasmus got it right and there was an inside edge. So a good review by Australia. And with Johnson, his arm is so low that it means he bowls wicket to wicket. If ever England needed Matt Prior to find form, it's now."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    "A superb bit of bowling by Johnson - a quick ball which Stokes was slow to get to. We then had an extraordinary sequence of events where runs were given for the overthrow, but Stokes is on his way."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  194. 0252: 
    WICKET- Stokes lbw Johnson 1 (Eng 117-5)
    Mitchell Johnson celebrates

    England's crisis deepens. It looked very close on first look and Ben Stokes is indeed on his way. Mitchell Johnson got it full, tailing in towards leg stump. There was no edge to save Stokes and his first Test innings is over. England are being bulldozed and humiliated.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60), 5-117 (Stokes 1)

    Johnson's figures: 13.1-7-24-2

    Full match scorecard

  195. 0250: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Eng 117-4

    All happening. Johnson to Stokes. Appeal, not out. Then overthrows going for four. Given as runs, so ump Erasmus thinks Stokes has got an inside edge. Australia don't think so, so we're having a review. If he hasn't hit it, he's in myther.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    David Kirkpatrick: I'm still going to try and watch every ball of the Ashes, even though it's so painful.

    Michael Perera: Yes I made it through lunch! That is definitely the "over the hump" of Australian Ashes viewing.

    Ross McDonald: Nothing like coming in from a Friday night out and turning on TMS. I can't NOT follow cricket whatever the situation.

  197. 0249: 
    Eng 117-4 (Bell 29, Stokes 1)

    Ben Stokes has got plenty of company as Nathan Lyon delivers his offies from around the wicket. Four catchers, with wicketkeeper Brad Haddin offering plenty of chat. "Keep aiming for that front pad". "Get it on the way in". Haddin and Stokes had a little tiff yesterday, you'll remember. Sledging - part of the game or unnecessary and childish? Stokes pushes to mid off and sets off. Will this be close? No, Ryan Harris can't gather and Stokes is under way in Test cricket.

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think Carberry was at fault. He got over a short ball from Watson, tried to keep it down, did keep it down, David Warner was in an uncommonly close position and he pulled off a blinding one-handed catch four inches from the ground, so I can't see how you can blame the batsman for that."

    Vic Marks adds: "I give you that he hit it well, but he knew where the field was."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  199. 0246: 
    Eng 116-4 (trail by 454)

    It's beautiful in Adelaide, the sun burning bright in a baby blue sky. There are a few empty seats, either unoccupied by late lunchers or ticket-holders who haven't turned up at all. Johnson mobilises his moustache and pumps his arms towards Bell, who thrusts backwards to evade a bumper. We resume with a maiden.

    Text 81111

    Michael Hodgkiss: When are people going to wake up and realise that split management of Andy Flower and Ashley Giles is not working and won't work. Remember how difficult it was for Hussain came back to captain the Test team when Vaughan took over the ODI team? I can think of any other sport or business where you would have two managers.

  201. 0242: 

    England's batsmen are back out to face the music. Ian Bell is on 29, Ben Stokes still waiting for his first Test run. It's Mitchell Johnson to get us going after lunch. Just the 454 behind. Good luck, chaps.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    David Wilson: I remember this great batsman England used to have, went by the nickname KP. Anyone know what happened to him?

    Douglas Heard: All about facing down the overs! With this pitch, Belly could bat himself into Ashes form or Mitch could implode. Latter please!

  203. 0237: 

    Are you reconsidering your pledge to follow every ball of the series or are you managing to stick with us through the dead of night? Let me know if you are, text, tweet and email. I'm willing to talk about anything except cricket.

  204. 0235: 

    I can't dress it up, it's all thoroughly depressing. It could get a lot worse too. Consider this. If, and when, England fail to save the follow-on, Australia will be batting again, scoring 250 or so pressure-free runs. This could be a slow death for England.

  205. 0233: 

    Doesn't it seem a long time ago that Australia were 132-6 on that first day in Brisbane?

  206. 0209: 

    So, while you listen to Aggers and Keith Bradshaw on TMS, it's time for me to pass the live text baton to Stephan Shemilt who will talk you through the afternoon session.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Against this team, England don't look anywhere near getting 400. Australia won't enforce the follow-on, it's not the way they play their cricket."

  208. 0207: 

    To remind of you of the bare statistical facts, England trail by 454, and need 255 more just to prevent the follow-on - which may not be enforced, according to some.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have not made 400 against Australia since Lehmann took over. At 166-4, if they lose Bell after lunch, this could be another score under 200. They would have to play so well to get to 350. Doom and gloom, I'm afraid."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  210. 0204:  

    Joining Test Match Special during the lunch interval will be former MCC chief executive Keith Bradshaw, who's now chief exec at South Australia.

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "England are in a mess. Australia are so far ahead it will take take something remarkable just for England to save the game."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Adelaide Oval

    "Some sympathy for Michael Carberry - he had batted with calm intent all morning, and that shot off that ball was at least a legitimate one after the ghastly miscalculations of Root and Pietersen. But when the biggest cheer from England's support all day is for a wide from Johnson, you know there's trouble."

  213. 0203: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Eng 116-4 (Bell 29*, Stokes 0*)
    Shane Watson celebrates taking Michael Carberry's wicket

    Watson is taken off with figures of 3-3-0-1 (and combined series figures of 5-5-0-1), as Lyon returns to bowl Stokes's first delivery in Test cricket. The Durham left-hander defends well, he took a bit of chat from the Aussie fielders as he came in - it may have something to do with his being a New Zealand-born England player? But he negotiates his first over in Test cricket without further alarm. "Australia's session", we'd say - as we have done so many times in this series.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: For those saying harsh on Carbs, just look at his reaction.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Real Sausiedad: Just as it was starting to look a bit better for England.. Fantastic catch from Warner. Huge blow.

    Robert Proctor: Unlucky for Carberry, batted superbly. Credit where due for that catch though, that was flying!

  216. 0159: 
    Eng 116-4 (Bell 29*, Stokes 0*)

    So, who'd be Ben Stokes, walking out for his debut Test innings with six minutes until lunch... and Clarke throwing the ball to Mitchell Johnson for another quick burst before the interval? It's Bell facing first though, and his third delivery is a Harmisonesque wide outside off stump which keeper Haddin takes in front of first slip. An ironic cheer from the England fans, that's more like the Mitchell Johnson of 2010-11... Bell cuts, it's just over gully but away for four. Time for one more?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Carberry has almost played that too well. Warner was only 20 yards from the bat and he's grabbed that brilliantly in his left hand. He should have maybe hit it upwards. Look at the difference between the two sides, it's the half-chances. England haven't taken theirs and are now playing some iffy shots."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "You have to say that's the third soft dismissal of the morning. Carberry cannot believe what he's done."

  219. 0153: 
    WICKET- Carberry c Warner b Watson 60 (Eng 111-4)
    David Warner catches Michael Carberry

    The two burly Queensland seamers continue to keep it tight as Watson, bowling round the wicket, is not giving Carberry anything to hit... until he bangs in a bouncer, Carberry pulls and is brilliantly caught one-handed by David Warner at square leg. Nelson strikes... another soft dismissal I'm afraid to report.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4), 4-111 (Carberry 60)

    Watson's figures: 3-3-0-1

    Full match scorecard

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Former England international batter Ebony Rainford-Brent: Nice viewing! Carbs 50 and Bell looking classy! Dig in boys might stay up another hour!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Fred Gardner: Is this Carberry or Sangakkara batting for England? Shape of both helmet and drive identical. The former ugly, the latter dreamy.

    Simon Saunders: Cannot wait to have Bresnan back. Threat with the ball and a rock solid batsman. England's saviour?

  222. 0148: 
    Eng 111-3 (Carberry 60*, Bell 25*)

    Bell sways away from a couple of bouncers from Harris, a firm cut shot is retrieved by a man running round from point, Bell then has to fend off a snorter, and that's four maidens on the trot. Probably time for three more overs before lunch.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't speak highly enough of Michael Carberry. He dropped that chance on the first evening, then he had to face thunderbolts from Mitchell Johnson and co last night - but he's come out today and played well, attacked the spinner and played some lovely drives. And I liked the way Bell came out - that's why I want him at three."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  224. 0144: 
    Eng 111-3

    Captain Clarke shuffles his field as Carberry assuredly sees off a second maiden from Watson. England have been stuck on "Nelson" (111) for a while now.

    However, if you're really feeling optimistic, England are only 260 runs away from avoiding the follow-on (that target being 371).

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: This is superb bating by Michael Carberry and Ian Bell. Meanwhile KP has an unbelievable capacity to get himself out.

  226. 0140: 
    Eng 111-3 (Carberry 60*, Bell 25*)

    While Michael Vaughan on TMS wonders if Pietersen's mind is wandering ahead to his post-cricket career, Ian Bell needs running repairs to his helmet - it looks like something needs taping up inside. Considering the way he began his innings, maybe he's just dislodged a hidden speaker inside, which was hypnotising him into believing he was Virender Sehwag... it must have run out of batteries as he sees off a maiden from Harris.

    Fans enjoy Ian Bell's attacking start
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've described Kevin Pietersen as the best player we've ever had, but I worry about his mind. I just wonder if he thinks he has achieved everything he can in the game, because that was a real lazy dismissal."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  228. 0134: 
    Eng 111-3

    While we may yet see Doug "The Rug" Bollinger at Perth after he was put on stand-by for the third Test, it's now our first chance to look at all-rounder Shane Watson's bowling in this Test. The right-arm seamer was barely required to bowl at Brisbane, only sending down two maidens in the second innings. Carberry is watchful and sees off a maiden over.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport at the Adelaide Oval

    On Twitter: Worth a thought about Australia's increased strength as bowling unit. I guess this time three years ago Doug Bollinger was warming up..

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matt Hicks: About time, Carberry is showing that all you have to do is wait for the bad ball, and put it away, simple cricket.

    Drewseth: For some reason, Michael Carberry makes me want a Toby Carvery.

    Chris Parker: Now I don't want to sound too old, but how I'd kill for Collingwood to come in and save this match from somewhere down the order.

  231. 0129: 
    Eng 111-3 (Carberry 60*, Bell 25*)

    A change of bowling - Ryan Harris and his, erm, vest, are going to have another go from the Cathedral End. His extra pace seems to have put a lid on the new aggressive approach of Ian Bell 2.0. Instead, he laces a lovely four through the covers - that's more like the Ian Bell 1.0 we know, having reverted to his factory settings.


    From Robert in Leighton Buzzard: I fear for the series as a contest. Aussies more resilient with the bat, and more threatening with the ball - all-round simply a better side. It could get embarrassing.

  233. 0125: 
    Eng 107-3 (40 overs)

    So, Bell to face Lyon again - there's a man back at long-on, who has to retrieve an on-driven single from the Warwickshire man. Carberry punches a two through the covers before blocking the off-spinner with care. And there's still 35 minutes until lunch...

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Zak Millington: Nick Compton is not going to solve anything. He wasn't good enough at this level. An average of 31.93 in 17 innings in Tests.

    Will Lacey: Leave poor Joe Root alone. How's the lad supposed to settle when he's shifted around the order every three games.

    Tom Atkinson: Two stupid, idiotic and suicidal dismissals when England needed someone to hang around for a bit. A draw looks a long way off.

  235. 0122: 
    Eng 104-3 (Carberry 58*, Bell 20*)
    Michael Carberry

    Carberry tucks in to Siddle, adding his ninth four past gully to take England into three figures, before a flashing cover drive takes him to 58.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Well played, Michael Carberry. Just a few weeks ago you wouldn't have imagined that he would be opening the batting in these Test matches, but he is and he's playing well. But I don't want to be in here, if Geoffrey is in here, if Bell mistimes one of these and gets caught."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  237. 0118: 
    CARBERRY 50- Eng 96-3

    Lyon gets some vicious spin past Carberry's outside edge, but he responds with another firmly square cut for four - while a single wide of point brings him his maiden Test fifty from 115 balls. Well batted Carberry, he'll need to bat all day at this rate as Ian "Kamikaze" Bell goes for another big heave and smashes a six over mid-on! Is he playing a different game here?!

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Phil Mansell: That is the Kevin Pietersen that so many dislike. Woeful shot selection.

    Joe Coules: England deserve to lose when play poor shots like that. Consistent poor batting displays and not enough grafting.

    Gary Fairclough: This is an England side shorn of confidence. The Aussies aren't taking wickets, England are gifting them.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Is Ian Bell on speed? What's going on?"

  240. 0114: 
    Eng 85-3 (Carberry 45*, Bell 14*)

    Siddle goes round the wicket to the southpaw Carberry, he strays with a no-ball and then Carberry pushes a three through the covers. Bell - who's playing like this is a Twenty20 run chase - goes for a lofted pull over mid-wicket... what the deuce? Thankfully for him it's over the fielder and they run two. An on-driven four means Bell has 14 from 12 balls. Carberry, who at least is playing sensibly, has 45 from 110.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's not the pitch that's getting to them, and not really the bowling. It's the situation and the desire to assert themselves. That's what can happen on pitches like this, batsmen can succumb to the pressure."

  242. 0110: 

    Peter Siddle has now dismissed Kevin Pietersen eight times. More than any bowler. KP's average against Siddle is 19.8.

  243. 0108: 
    Eng 75-3
    Ian bell hits a six

    Carberry knocks Lyon for a single, there's a slip, a leg slip and a short leg for the right-handed Bell... what's he doing here? He skips down the track and smacks a six over long-off! All very good on its own, but is that really the best approach to take in the circumstances? "I don't think Lyon will be too upset to see Bell playing a few shots," notes Aggers on TMS.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Paul Roberts: Root's dismissal is befitting an England team handing the Ashes to the opposition on a silver platter.

    Tom Murgatroyd: Completely irresponsible by Root. Deserves to be dropped for the next game for even thinking about that shot, awful.

  245. 0105: 
    Eng 68-3 (Carberry 41*, Bell 2*)

    Ian Bell is the new batsman - it's deja vu all over again. Just as happened several times during the summer, Bell is having to walk out at three wickets down and England in an absolutely awful state entirely of their own making. He's off the mark with a two - Siddle has 1-12 from seven overs.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Adam Mitten: Dear oh dear KP! I'm lost for words to be honest! Dreadful batting.

    Jack Finnamore: Ridiculous. Crazy shot after crazy shot. What has happened to the English batsmen?

    Keith Flett: Geoffrey Boycott advises sleep. But how can you sleep when the voice of reason is speaking?

  247. 0102: 

    I can see why the "sold out" signs are out... the good folk of Adelaide must realise this game won't be going to a fifth day at this rate.

    While the players take drinks, I can remind you that the new BBC Sport app has a radio streaming facility which allows you to listen to TMS as well as read this live text and our other stories and reports.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a shocking shot, I can't tell you how bad that is. All Siddle has done is probe outside off stump, but Pietersen is too inpatient. He hasn't got the brains to stay there. He got out twice like that in Brisbane, but he hasn't learned. The Ashes are going. If I was in England I'd be going to sleep. It's galling to see that stupidity. I'm upset."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "We've seen that Pietersen shot so many times, but he didn't get over it. Australia are jubilant."

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Matthew Reeder: Tough on Root. We praise Michael Clarke for his aggressive approach against the spinner and attack Root when things go wrong.

    Ben Barton: Lost count of the number of times we've thrown our wickets away, not just in this series but also during the summer. Pathetic.

    Alexander Hardy: Recall Compton. NOW.

  251. 0059: 
    WICKET- Pietersen c Bailey b Siddle 4 (Eng 66-3)
    Kevin Pietersen was out for four

    Geoff Boycott on TMS is purring as Siddle bowls in Geoffrey's favourite "corridor of uncertainty" against Pietersen... and one seams in a little to squeeze between Pietersen's forward prod and his body. Next ball, Pietersen tries to flick Siddle through mid-wicket but is caught by one of the two men placed there for that exact shot. I really do despair at times like these...

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15), 3-66 (Pietersen 4)

    Siddle's figures: 6.3-2-10-1

    Full match scorecard

    A 'sold out' sign

    Richard: What is it with the Australian crowds? The ground looks empty and today I find out that my wife tried to buy me tickets for today but she told me that they were sold out. Just checked now online for two tickets for today - allocation exhausted. What is going on?

    TMS producer Adam Mountford sent us this "sold out" sign from Adelaide earlier today.

  253. 0057: 
    Eng 66-2

    Lyon tosses it up to Carberry, the bright South Australia sunshine glinting off Lyon's forehead and Carberry's space-age helmet. And as Swann found out yesterday, when a spinner drops short here, Carberry has time to rock back, pick his spot and square-cut him for four. He's up to 41 - this is now his highest Test score of his brief career.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff: Lots of fickle people moaning about run rate, get out playing an attacking shot then stick the boot in!

    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth: Look out for a run-out here - it happened twice between Carberry and KP during the one-day series in England.

  255. 0054: 
    Eng 62-2 (Carberry 37*, Pietersen 4*)

    Bit of an odd one that, I can't believe Australia could have seen an obvious edge - mid-on appealed but gully didn't, if that's any indication... KP is off the mark as he runs the ball down to third man for a couple, and he doubles his score with a couple more to leg.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Adelaide Oval

    "If you can ignore the scoreboard - and even that is a Victorian delight - the Adelaide Oval is a slice of Saturday sporting perfection: empty blue skies overhead, fig trees in the distance, sun-cream on noses, the fizz of drinks and the murmur of chat among old pals. For all that, it has the feel of a graveyard for English hopes. Albeit a gorgeously picturesque one."


    Pietersen stands his ground, it's not a no-ball but there's nothing at all on Hot Spot. The snickometer is checked - and there's not a glimmer. A flatlining snickometer means Pietersen survives, and Australia have lost a review.


    Pietersen prods at Siddle, there's a belated appeal for a catch behind. But Australia want a review...

    Text 81111

    Peter in Devon: No Joe Root. No no no no no. If you watch his eyes he was looking in that direction before the ball was being bowled. Premeditated stupidity.

    Will in Edinburgh: Boycott is verbalising what we are all feeling. Daft cricket from England.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special
    Joe Root

    On Twitter: Lost for words re: Root, I'm afraid. First ball he faced from Lyon, and had been batting so well. Running also frenetic... all appears jittery.

  261. 0049: 
    Eng 58-2

    Carberry defends a maiden over from Lyon, but the damage has been done. Australia's tails will be up, as they know how vulnerable Pietersen can be when he's all nervy trying to get off the mark.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Mike Wren-Kirkham: Serious questions have to be asked of Joe Root, he is clearly a talented player but Compton should play ahead of him right now.

    Stuart Barrable: I can see what Root wanted to do, ease the pressure against a weaker bowler. He's done so much good work but has thrown it away.

    Ben Dunbar: If Joe Root keeps getting out playing silly shots like that, Geoffrey Boycott is going to be removing his Yorkshire citizenship.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm steamed up, I want England to do well, but Root has given it away. He played a shocking shot in Brisbane and was mad at himself, but it's too late."

  264. 0045: 
    Eng 58-2 (Carberry 37*, Pietersen 0*)

    Geoffrey is still chuntering about how too much one-day cricket makes young players play daft shots like that as they're used to slogging spinners... and he's not wrong. Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman, he's the non-striker as Johnson has been replaced by Peter Siddle. Carberry adds a single, Pietersen offers no stroke to his first ball, he pokes his second to gully and thankfully they decide against a run, after KP ran Carbs out in the ODIs earlier this year.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "There's more brains in a chocolate mouse. I said to bat with care and attention, a bit of common sense. You're trying to make runs, but you're trying to bat through the day. If they don't bat well today, they can kiss the Ashes goodbye. That's as stupid a shot as you could ever see. Unbelievable."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  266. 0039: 
    WICKET- Root c Rogers b Lyon 15 (Eng 57-2)
    Australia celebrate

    Carberry is moving along nicely here, using the spin to work Lyon through the covers for four, before a single takes him to 36. But the very next ball after Geoffrey on TMS says "this is not a time for Joe to play his one-day reverse sweeps", Root goes for a big heave over deep square leg... and is caught on the fence. What an awful, awful shot.

    Fall of wickets: 1-9 (Cook 3), 2-57 (Root 15)

    Lyon's figures: 7-1-24-1

    Full match scorecard

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Carberry's biggest strength is watching the ball, letting it come to him. But, if you get a good length ball and you don't get your front foot out to it, then you can find yourself in trouble."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  268. 0035: 
    Eng 52-1

    Johnson's run of three maidens this morning is ended as Root unleashes a lovely cover-driven four, then rotates the strike for Carberry to crash one through mid-wicket for another boundary which brings up the fifty for England. The left-hander taps and runs a quick single to David Warner at backward point, that's 10 from Johnson's over which should bring a warm glow to England fans everywhere.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Charlie Beeching: It's a shame we're not playing Uruguay, Italy and Costa Rica for the Ashes and Australia in the footie... we might be in danger of winning.

    Physiomac: I fear a 5-0 whitewash. Said it all along. Should have backed Oz to regain the urn.

    Ben Christofides: I hope I'm proved wrong, but I predict a defeat by an innings and 170 runs. This is pedestrian, you can't block for three days.

  270. 0031: 
    Eng 42-1 (Carberry 26*, Root 10*)

    And a moral victory of sorts for the tourists as Australia make their first bowling change - with off-spinner Nathan Lyon replacing Harris. Lyon rubs his hands in the dirt before bowling, an action beloved of old-school spinners everywhere. There are two slips in, a short leg and a silly point. Carberry pushes him for a two, while then there's a hold-up as the "spidercam" has to be moved out of someone's eyeline. The spidercam floats away like an Imperial probe droid, while Lyon continues to probe Carberry's outside edge but the left-hander blocks him with ease.


    Kenny in Oban: Where can I get a cricket/spaceman/motor cross helmet like Michael Carberry's? Well cool.

    Michael Carberry
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have to be watchful, but they do have to put some pressure on the bowler. They can't just sit there all day."

  273. 0026: 
    Eng 40-1

    Cricketers often talk about setting targets - now, at this rate, England are probably at least a day away from the 371 they need to avoid the follow-on, but their first target ought to be to see off the first spell from Johnson and Harris. And, touch wood, they're coping well so far as Johnson switches to bowling round the wicket, but Root is stoic in defence. Another maiden - Johnson's not conceded a run yet today. He's fast, but definitely not loose.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    England international all-rounder Laura Marsh: Love Joe Root's cheeky smile reaction to Johnson's 94mph bouncer!

    Don't forget, after this Ashes series concludes, you'll be able to hear commentary on the Women's Ashes on TMS.

  275. 0021: 
    Eng 40-1 (Carberry 24*, Root 10*)
    Michael Carberry

    Carberry is under way with a push for two past the slips. "Catch it", cry the Aussies as Harris flings one down the leg side which flicks something of Carberry's - actually his thigh pad rather than his bat, as the snickometer confirms - and the ball bounces just in front of the tumbling wicketkeeper Brad Haddin. An elegant nudge to deep square leg brings Carbs two more.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Johnson is trying to push Joe Root back in the hope that he plays a false shot at the full ball. There's catchers waiting. Johnson is not only now a better bowler, but a better thinker."

  277. 0017: 
    Eng 36-1

    It's 93-92-93 on the Johnson-o-meter as he begins a hostile over to Root, while Aggers reveals his wife is visiting the palindromic Adelaide beach suburb Glenelg today - having sat next to Don Bradman's son John yesterday, in the Sir Donald Bradman Pavilion, and not asked him about his illustrious father. But Root gets into line well, ducks a short ball and sees off a maiden. Four overs, one run so far.

    Bradman fans - you'll be able to hear from John Bradman at tea on TMS today, after he took our man Tom Fordyce round the Bradman Collection.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I was with some England supporters last night, trying to cheer them up, and we saw an eccentric performance from Greg Matthews. Ironically, he was next to Vic Marks, Mike Selvey and me, and of course Greg has had one of those hair-jobs done. He had a lot of interesting theories and he talked a lot about Monty Panesar, who he used to work with."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  279. 0012: 
    Eng 36-1

    A candidate for the bizarrest TMS discussion of the day already - Aggers and Michael Vaughan respond to Twitter rumours that Ryan Harris is wearing a sports bra. Apparently it might be some kind of a training vest which either monitors performance, or helps if you've got a back injury, or both. England are finally under way as Root prods a single towards the square-leg umpire for a single which ends a run of 36 successive dot balls from Harris dating back to last night.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Daniel Kimber: I'm backing KP for either a huge ton, or a duck. Nothing in between!

    Alex Peters: The difference in size of arms between Carberry and Root is ridiculous.

  281. 0008: 
    Eng 35-1 (Carberry 20*, Root 9*)

    The aforementioned moustache takes up the bowling from the Cathedral End (with Mitchell Johnson still attached), Michael Carberry tries to force him to leg and it falls just short of the man coming in from square leg. A helmeted short leg is brought in, Johnson fires in a bouncer which the crowd cheers, and Carberry ducks. Another maiden - England have not added any runs today.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "According to the local paper here, the Adelaide Advertiser, Mitchell Johnson's success is nearly all down to his moustache. He may look like a gunslinger but apparently it's made him bowl faster and straighter."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  283. 0004: 
    Eng 35-1

    "Play", calls umpire Kumar Dharmasena. Can it really be three years since England began day three of the Adelaide Test on 317-2 in reply to Australia's 245, and those of us luck to be in the crowd were treated to a Kevin Pietersen double century? Ryan Harris takes the first over of the day, to young Joe Root who is firmly on the defensive, and plays out a maiden over.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's going to be a beautiful day for those on the hill - 30 degrees and bright sunshine."

  285. 2358: 
    Michael Carberry and Joe Root walk out to bat

    Umpires emerge, followed by the players. Crank up your TMS bedside radios, pour that cup of cocoa, pull up the duvet and cross as many of your fingers as you can for England.

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Stokes was very impressive in one way yesterday - pace. He was clocked at about 87mph yesterday, which was quicker than any of the other England bowlers.

    "I'm a bit worried about Anderson - he's a wonderful bowler and his accuracy is precision engineering, but you need to up the ante on a pitch like this and I'm not sure he can do that any more."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport at the Adelaide Oval

    On Twitter: The Adelaide Concert Band's jaunty rendition of Mac the Knife as we walked in reminds us that swing can be real danger, at the right pace. Optimistically I think England will be 290-6 at the close. Even optimism is relative in Adelaide.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Jamie Scott: As an Englishman suffering down under, Alastair Cook risks becoming confused with "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here".

    Stephen T Ellis: This is a massive challenge that could make a massive statement for people like Carberry and Root.

    Nathan J Pedersen: After getting Spain, the Netherlands and Chile in the football World Cup draw, I am hoping for an Australian Ashes rampage to lift the spirits.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "You shouldn't underestimate Johnson when he's bowling well - at 93-94mph, you don't have time to make decisions, you can only react. I'm a little worried about Cook's body, as he's never been that mobile and his back doesn't seem to be behaving on this tour."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  290. 2353: 

    As Simon Hughes has just mentioned on TMS, he's doing a daily "Analyst" video for the BBC, and yesterday he concentrated on Michael Clarke's clever footwork. You can watch the video online, or as part of our daily Ashes catch-up.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Adelaide Oval

    "Require some optimism as you head gently into this dark night? OK. England bat well enough to avoid the follow-on, if if only by a few runs; this would probably take until mid-morning on the fourth day. Australia then have to bat for two sessions to eliminate any possibility of defeat, however outlandish such a prospect currently appears. Which leaves England to see out four sessions for the draw. Perth? We'll worry about that graveyard of English hopes when we get there."

  292. 2349: 
    Michael Clarke

    Also in Adelaide, our chief sports writer Tom Fordyce has paid tribute to the masterful batting of Michael Clarke, whose innings of 148 on the second day helped propel Australia to 570-9 declared.

    "Clarke has begun these Ashes by not just orchestrating the Aussie assault but leading it from the front," he writes. "Already he has two tons in three innings, his average of 87 a monstrous 60 runs better than that of Cook."

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    "The ball that bowled Cook was a ball you dream of as a bowler, and dread as a batsman."

    Text 81111

    Steve: You have to congratulate the Aussies who have clearly put in the effort necessary to be ready for an Ashes Test series. As for England they are very clearly under cooked and can only assume that they believed the post-summer hype of an easy victory in Australia.

  295. 2346: 

    And don't forget, England had two lucky escapes off the last two deliveries of yesterday's play. Off the penultimate ball, Joe Root called Michael Carberry for a suicidal single which nearly ran Carbs out, while the Hampshire man was then hit on the pad by Mitchell Johnson, and Australia opted not to review it... when the ball-tracker showed it would have been given out on review.

    Join the debate at #bbccricket

    Peter Wood: Feels like I've written this a few times but this is a vital day for England to try and get a foothold in this series.

    Malcolm Rees: Going for a short walk, then hoping England can bat out till sometime day after tomo... or at least another 336 runs...

  297. 2343: 

    Hoping for rain to save Cook's men? Our colleagues at BBC Weather have put together another video forecast for you to watch. Apparently there's some rain to the west of Adelaide, but the weather should remain dry for day three. There may be some showers on Sunday and Monday - but can England last that long?

  298. 2341: 

    Anyway, is this the day England surrender the Ashes - or is this the day they fight back? Let us know - you can email (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK, or tweet us via the hashtag #bbccricket - I wait to hear from you.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Carberry and Root are Ashes novices - but here's the opportunity for both of them to become respected in this team. Carberry was too passive in Brisbane but he took the run-scoring opportunities last night, and I hope he comes out recognising you've got to take runs where possible and impose yourself.

    "At some point, England are going to have to ruffle Johnson - as a long-term strategy - as his confidence can be fragile. It's Muhammad Ali against George Foreman in the jungle - sit on the ropes, then come out and pow-pow-pow."

    Listen to Test Match Special commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 218 runs
  • Australia: 570-9 & 132-3 (39.0 overs)
  • England: 172 & 312 (101.4 overs)
  • Venue: Adelaide

England 2nd Innings

All out
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Cook c Harris b Johnson 1
Carberry c Lyon b Siddle 14
Root c Haddin b Lyon 87
Pietersen b Siddle 53
Bell c Johnson b Smith 6
Stokes c Clarke b Harris 28
Prior c Harris b Siddle 69
Broad c Lyon b Siddle 29
Swann c Clarke b Harris 6
Anderson not out 13
Panesar c Rogers b Harris 0
Extras 1nb 4w 1lb 6
Total all out 312

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