First Ashes Test: Australia v England, day four as it happened

Australia bowl England out for 179 to win the first Test by a massive 381 runs at the Gabba.

23 November 2013 Last updated at 23:33

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As it happened

  1. 0844: 

    Michael Vaughan makes a big claim there, suggesting Australia are a better side than England, but it's hard to argue with him after what we've witnessed over the last four days. Or should I say three and a quarter days? Doesn't it feel a very long time ago that Australia were 132-6? Goodnight.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This England side have a lot of character. They were in this position a year ago, we questioned them three years ago. However, I have the sense that Australia are a better side, that's what we began to see in the English summer."

  3. 0838: 

    Stay on the BBC Sport website for all the reaction to England's dismal defeat. We'll have both full reaction pieces from both captains, including Alastair Cook's statement that some of Australia's comments to the media have been "disrespectful".

    Cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew will be filing his column from Brisbane soon, while you will be able to see everything you've missed at-a-glance with our Ashes catch-up.

  4. 0832:  
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    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra will replay the entire day from 1100 GMT, and will play highlights from the close until then. Alternatively, you could listen to a two-minute highlights edit of the day's play.

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    Alex, TMS inbox: "All this talk of replacing Root, Trott, Prior etc is ridiculous and something that we used to be associated with. We have most of our best 11 on the park - they quite simply haven't fronted up and been caught on the hop. Ballance was the form batter taken on tour from the summer (with Carberry) and didn't get a run in the warm ups. No changes in the batting, Tremlett to lose out to Finn next test. Swanny's diary to be put on hold by the management."

  6. 0825: 

    So, England have 11 days to wash themselves down, heal their wounds, and work out how on earth they are going to play this rejuvenated beast of a man called Mitchell Johnson. Oh, and there's a two-day game in Alice Springs against a load of kids in between. That should help.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook is a very impressive young guy and the way he played today was with real composure and calmness. England need to get five of their top seven batsmen firing quickly - you never get seven out of seven. But this England have a lot of character. We all wrote them off after the third Test at the Waca on the last Ashes tour and said that Australia would then go on to win the series. But in the space of four hours in the next Test at Melbourne, they completely turned things back around."

  8. 0814: 

    Australia coach Darren Lehmann: "It's a long series and we'll enjoy this match but we've got to get back on it for Adelaide. We thought we played well at the back end of the England tour and we also felt our players had more time in the middle building up to this game. Mitchell Johnson has got his confidence back and he was the difference here - first with the bat, then he blew the game away with the ball on day two."

  9. 0813: 

    Michael Clarke on TMS: "It's a proud and happy moment. We've worked hard, that started before the Ashes in England.

    "The fact that we played with good intent, we had planned and stuck to them made it a fantastic team performance.

    "We have some aggressive players who at their best on the front foot, but it's not something we've discussed.

    "I said at the start of the series that if Mitchell Johnson performs the way he can, he'll be man of the series."

  10. 0811: 

    Loving this "team song" tradition. Mitchell Johnson says Nathan Lyon gave a good rendition of it in the dressing-room. "He was pretty nervous but he did a good job" reveals Johnson. The words, by the way, are sacred. What goes on in the dressing-room stays in the dressing-room and all that.

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Mike Hussey handed the team song over to Nathan Lyon and he's not had chance to sing it yet. This will be a special one for him, but I think they will savour and enjoy it and there might be several renditions. Once we were still singing at 2am.

    "There are a couple of fruity words in the team song, which is called the Southern Cross, and you have to sing it with all of your heart and lungs. People tend to be husky after singing it - you have to give it everything."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

    Mitchell Johnson

    Australia bowler and man-of-the-match Mitchell Johnson: "The crowd has been amazing in this Test. The emotions are running high - we ran in and sang the team song as soon as we took that wicket. We've not sang it for a while so that was great. To go 1-0 up in the series is a great start and the bonus being it came in four days and we get an extra day's rest. I've never doubted that I could get back in the team, I just needed the opportunity. I was nervous on day one but once I got over it I used the pitch to my advantage. The cracks began to open up and it got into their minds a little bit."

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "England need to admit they were pretty average in this match and they need to show some fight in Adelaide. Australia will take a lot into the next Test - they played extremely well and executed their plans perfectly."


    Alastair Cook on TMS: "It's a very disappointing game for us. We had a good first day, but Australia have outplayed us since then.

    "We didn't score enough runs.

    "Johnson bowled well this game. Sometimes it goes that way and sometimes it doesn't. We have to look at a few things.

    "I can look back at a number of games when we have bounced back from defeats, India springs to mind.

    "Trott has things to deal with. He's a quality player, you have these blips in your career. He will bounce back.

    "There was a lot of things said that we think have been disrespectful, but you have to give the Aussies credit for how they played."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

    MAN OF THE MATCH- Mitchell Johnson

    Michael Clarke is almost hyper-ventilating as he speaks at the presentation. It's Australia's first win in 10 Tests.

    No surprise to see Mitchell Johnson picking up the man of the match award.


    Chris Brown: Looking forward to seeing the real Mitchell Johnson back in for the second Test. 1-1.

    Luca: What a collapse. England you flogs! Johnston you legend! Bring on Adelaide.

    dukkaboy: England must stick with the same XI for the second test. These players haven't become poor overnight.


    England captain Alastair Cook, speaking at the presentation: "We got ourselves into a good position with the ball in their first innings but they got themselves to a competitive total but one which we still felt was just short of par. We also got ourselves into a good position with the bat but that collapse put us behind the eight ball. We've not been surprised by Mitchell Johnson. He's bowled well and put us under pressure but we've faced him a lot in the past and had success against him. When you only bat for 50 overs in the first innings, the bowlers need to put their feet up. We, as batsmen, didn't let them do that. This side has plenty of character and we've fought back in the past before."

  18. 0800: 

    Time for the denouement and wise words from both captains.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This could have long-term effects, because they had been blown away. People are trying to avoid facing Johnson. They will know they have a lot of soul-searching to do. They have to come out with a different mindset in Adelaide. This is one tall order, a bigger challenge than coming back to win in India."

  20. 0758: 

    Just waking up on a Sunday morning? Well, here's the sorry tale of the fourth and final day. England actually started quite well, surviving the first hour before Kevin Pietersen had a rush of blood and holed out to deep square leg. Ian Bell made a decent 32 before nicking Siddle behind.

    Then came a dramatic rain shower and an even more apocalyptic collapse as England lost four wickets for nine runs. Another shower briefly delayed the inevitable, but Australia returned to take the last two wickets as England were bowled out for 179. The 381-run defeat is their second biggest in terms of runs in Australia.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Alastair Cook would bite your hand off if you offered him retaining, rather than winning the Ashes. Perth should have more pace and bounce than Brisbane, so England could easily go 2-0 down in that match (the third one). They need to find a way of winning matches on these wickets."

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Mitchell Johnson has come back mentally tougher and sorted out a few technique issues. He's happier off the field too, with a young family, and hopefully he's going to be around a long time for Australia."

  23. 0749: 

    Take a bow Mitchell Johnson. He took 5-42 off 21.1 overs in England's second innings for match figures of 9-103. A no-brainer for man of the match?

  24. 0747: 

    It's all getting a lot more civilised now. The Aussies go on a lap of honour to applaud their fans, while the England players head down the steps to shake hands with Darren Lehmann.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "James Anderson went and shook hands with a few Australian fielders after his dismissal. Maybe that carping will be put to one side until the next Test now."

  26. 0746: 

    Australia went into a flash huddle straight after the wicket, Mitchell Johnson looking directly at James Anderson, with Peter Siddle in to dish out some four-lettered abuse. Then the traditional handshakes. England have been hanged, drawn and quartered at the Gabbatoir.

  28. 0744: 
    WICKET- Anderson c & b Johnson 2 (Eng 179 all out)
    Australia celebrate

    What a fitting ending. A Johnson short ball pops up off the face of Jimmy's bat and Johnson collects a simple catch for his five-wicket haul.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32), 5-142 (Cook 65), 6-146 (Prior 4), 7-151 (Broad 4), 8-151 (Swann 0), 9-172 (Tremlett 7), 10-179 (Anderson 2).

    Johnson's figures: 21.1-7-42-5

    Match scorecard

  30. 0741: 
    Aus 179-9

    Root slots the new ball through midwicket for four, then ducks a bumper from the last ball. Good luck Jimmy.

  31. 0739: 

    We're trying to fathom exactly what Clarke said. Some people are suggesting it was "broken helmet" rather than hand, and others are saying "broken arm". All friendly banter of course.

  32. 0738: 
    NEW BALL- Eng 175-9

    Anderson is red in the face. He looks terrified and that is totally understandable. Anderson somehow leaps out of the way of two bouncers then accepts the invitation to drive the last ball of the over and picks up two.

    More bad news for England: the new ball is being taken.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Another gobby Aussie when they're winning, they aren't so chatty when they are losing. George Bailey sledging in his first Test match? He's still wet behind the ears."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  34. 0733: 

    It's all kicking off. The Australians are giving it to Jimmy big time. Jimmy has a word back to Bailey. And the umpires step in to try to cool it all down. Clarke tells Anderson to "get ready for a broken helmet". Nasty.

  35. 0731: 
    Eng 173-9

    I think we've found a chink in the Australian armour. Run out execution. George Bailey messed one up in similar fashion last night. Root doesn't attempt a single off the last ball of the over, meaning Jimmy Anderson will be on strike to face Mitchell Johnson.

  36. 0727: 

    I've seen a lot of things in cricket, but... For some absurd reason Anderson called for a run there when Root struck it straight to leg gully. But Lyon's elbow ensured the game goes on a little bit longer. Root was halfway back to the pavilion when the reprieve came.

  37. 0726: 

    This is touch and go. Could be a farcical ending...

  38. 0726: 

    Woah... Is this out? Root thinks so as he takes on a suicidal single and is run out by a mile. But has Nathan Lyon broken the stumps before taking the bails off?

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd play Trott at Alice Springs. Get some runs. He's been in the nets, practising short balls and it hasn't worked. He'll still have plenty of time in the nets at Adelaide. He has to decide how to play the short ball, he can't just have a dart and get out hooking. The signs were there in England when he kept getting hit on the gloves in front of his face."

  40. 0724: 

    Good text that from Ade. The likes of Trott and Prior have genuine long-term issues that cannot simply be glossed over. Andy Flower and Graham Gooch need to earn their corn before Adelaide.

  41. 0723: 
    Eng 172-9

    Jimmy Anderson makes the slowest of walks to the crease with a look of utter disgust on his face, then manages to keep out the last ball of the over from Harris.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's all over bar the shouting. It was a nice catch at short leg. Tremlett's resistance was stubborn, but as a number 10 he could do no more."

  43. 0721: 
    WICKET- Tremlett c Bailey b Harris 7 (Eng 172-9)

    Short and straight from Harris, Tremlett is fending on the back foot and Bailey leaps forward from short leg to take a sharp, low one-handed catch.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32), 5-142 (Cook 65), 6-146 (Prior 4), 7-151 (Broad 4), 8-151 (Swann 0), 9-172 (Tremlett 7)

    Harris's figures: 17-3-45-2

    Match scorecard


    Ade, via text on 81111: Please whoever is interviewed from England after this game, at least give us more than the standard 'we will come back hard at Adaleide'. How long has it been since out precious top seven had the proverbial public kick up the behind?

  45. 0718: 
    Eng 168-8

    Johnson is ever so sensitive towards Root, offering him lots of advice on how to bat. So kind. Solid defence once again from the Yorkshireman. Maiden over.

  46. 0714:  
    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialCATCH UP WITH BBC RADIO

    Want to relive all the overnight action? Really? Ok, here's how.

    5 live sports extra will replay the entire day's play from 1100 GMT, and will play highlights from the close until then. Also this morning, 5 live will bring all the best analysis and reaction on Ashes Breakfast. You can hear both 5 live and 5 live sports extra on digital radio, online and on the BBC Sport app.

  47. 0713: 
    Eng 168-8

    Harris has changed ends to test out Tremlett, who once again is a lone beanpole in a circle of fielders. He tickles to leg for two then does well to avoid a straight bouncer. Lessons for the top order there.


    Rich, TMS inbox: Can't believe the English media and fans already writing their team off. I'm an Aussie and delighted to see us on top but this series has plenty of life left in it. There is a lot of quality in that England team and plenty of good cricket to come. Don't write your team off yet England.

  49. 0709: 
    Eng 166-8 (394 behind)

    I'll answer my own question. The transformation is largely down to one man: Mitchell Johnson. Not only has he taken eight wickets in the match, he also scored 113 runs for once out. I imagine his name will be cropping up rather frequently in England team meetings over the next couple of weeks.

    Root does very well to keep him quiet for another over, and receives a few more choice words from Johnson for his troubles.


    Josh in Mumbai, via text on 81111: Need to get James Taylor back into the mix. Absolute travesty he hasn't been included in the squad after his recent form for Notts.

  51. 0705: 
    Eng 166-8

    Root tickles Lyon into a gap for a single as Johnson starts limbering up for another burst from the Vulture Street End. Has a team ever gone from looking so innocuous to so utterly menacing in such a short space of time? And it's largely down to one man.

  52. 0702: 
    Eng 165-8 (Root 20, Tremlett 1)

    Joe Root has played very well, and he gets the game back under way with a sumptuous straight drive after Harris overpitches. Could there be another twist in the tale? Could we all be coming back tomorrow?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "What Trott needs is two or three days with the coach, just working hard. It's not just technical, it's mental. He'll probably spend some time with the psychologist."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  54. 0658: 
    Alastair Cook is out

    So, here we are then, ready to read the last rites on this match. It was looking relatively rosey for England at one point today, and I do stress the word relatively. They were 142-4 with captain Cook at the crease before all hell broke loose. In just 18 minutes, four wickets, and nine runs, it was as good as over.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There is an argument that says a game against some kids in Alice Springs won't do Trott much good. He could go straight to Adelaide and get in the nets. A two-day game is nothing."


    Stuart Flavell: England team played no meaningful cricket in two months. Aussies played ODI & Shield matches. The poor preparation is hurting us.

  57. 0650: 

    Time to pad up again Tremmers. Good luck matey.

    David Warner has found a novel way of passing the time. He's giving out sweets to children from a paper cup. And I was always told that you shouldn't take sweets from a stranger, especially one with a moustache like that.

  58. 0644: 

    I'd love to be in the England dressing-room now. I have this picture of the batsmen all huddling on one side of the room looking sheepish and guilty talking about anything but the cricket and the bowlers - two of whom still have to go out and face the music - shaking their heads across the other side.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Lehmann is a big player in this, he won't let the Aussies rest at all. I wouldn't be surprised to see Harris rested for Adelaide to make sure he's ready for the Waca."

  60. 0639: 
    Eng 160-8

    The umpires have been out to have a look. Darren Lehmann has had a cheeky word with Dharmasena. And low and behold, they are unpinning the covers.


    Michael, TMS inbox: In a similar position, Australia would go for broke in the next Test and call up that young Essex tyro who has been peppering our batters in the nets...( can't even recall his name!)

    Tymal Mills is the young chap you're referring to.

  62. 0636: 

    Blue skies. The sun is shining. This one is finishing today folks.


    Duncan from Blackpool, via text on 81111: The England team simply are not good enough, they don't know how to bat in tough situations. It's ok batting well when your dominating but you also need to be able to battle. Trott, Prior and Pieterson fail to deliver time after time. Can't wait for the excuses, but will the coaching staff be brave and give someone else a chance, the answer is no.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I think England can come back, but it will take a stronger effort. The warning signs were in the summer, Old Trafford, Durham and The Oval. Australia were better in those matches, bar one spell from Stuart Broad."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  65. 0631: 

    Apart from Broad, has anyone else in an England shirt had a decent match? Swann has figures of 2-215 in this match and a pair. Oh dear.


    Dave in Teignmouth, via text on 81111: Abject, humiliating, call it what you will but England will struggle to recover from this psychologically. Prior, Root and Trott must have big question marks over them. Anderson looks to have peaked, Tremlett toothless, Swanny out of form. Would have to think a win in Adelaide is a must. Perth could be painful!

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm pretty sure that England won't rip up their plans and start again. They just have to be honest and say they have been outplayed. The real concern is that Jonathan Trott's mind has gone. He was jumping to the off side and playing flapping hook shots. He's been out to left-armers all year. He clearly has an issue and he will have to face Johnson every time he goes to the crease."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  68. 0627: 
    Mitchell Johnson

    So what happened there then? In the short gap between rain delays, England's chances of saving this Test match went down the swanny. And talking of Swanny - he was one of four England batsmen who lost their wickets in a crazy 18-minute period of 21 balls. Alastair Cook (65) and Matt Prior (40) fell to Nathan Lyon before Stuart Broad and Swann succumbed to a pumped up Mitchell Johnson. England are 160-8 - 401 runs behind Australia. Whenever this match finishes, it will go down as one of England's most humiliating defeats.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It is raining and you have to apply the same rules as if two frontline batsmen were in. It's a shame, though."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  70. 0620: 

    I can see plenty of blue sky so this doesn't look nearly as bad as the last shower when there were golf ball-sized hailstones falling. Mind you, I can't tell you exactly where the clouds are coming from. If it does go to tomorrow, it will be free entry to the Gabba. Can't imagine that's a massively attractive option for England fans...

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "It doesn't look like a big storm, but who knows in Brisbane? There's still a chance we'll be here tomorrow."

  72. 0618: 

    The umpires have a chat. Here come the groundstaff. We're going off. Talk about a stay of execution.


    Russell Green: Can't believe what a bad team England look. I preferred the Mitchell Johnson of old!

    Dimitri Arlando: Our batting line-up is about as solid as a well dunked rich tea biscuit!

  74. 0616: 
    Eng 160-6

    Smith is on for Lyon. Not sure why. He bowls an over of utter dross but Tremlett is in shotless mode and it's another maiden over.

  75. 0613: 
    Eng 160-8 (Root 15, Tremlett 1)

    I can see rain falling out there as Harris bombards Root. Darren Lehmann is looking skyward. Root tickles round the corner for two then drives beautifully for four.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Even in the England camp, I don't think they want to see a storm drag this into a final day. So many England batsmen have got out in predictable ways that the Aussies would have talked about."

  77. 0610: 
    Eng 154-8

    Hold on, remember those big dark clouds earlier that yielded an apocalyptic storm. There are a few more of them on the way. Tremlett does a very good job of smothering a Lyon maiden. The groundsman's lackeys are poised. Ryan Harris to replace Johnson.

  78. 0607: 
    Eng 154-8

    "Only one team can win this 5-0" chirps Glenn McGrath from the back of the box. Mitchell Johnson sends another short ball over Root's chest then gives him a cheeky grin. I've not seen a more menacing smile than that since Jack Nicholson in The Shining.


    Euan in Melbourne, TMS inbox: Oh dear, this is just embarrassing now! England quite simply haven't dealt with the flaws revealed in the summer. Carrying two batsmen (Trott and Prior), with two more (Cook and Root) who have issues with technique that the Aussies have exploited. Big issues that I hope are sorted by the time I get to the MCG on Boxing Day.

  80. 0603: 
    Eng 152-8

    Tremlett keeps out a Lyon maiden, leaving Root to face up to demolition man Mitchell Johnson.


    Ben Stanfield: The lack of England batsman's ability to 'dig in' has been nothing short of abysmal! So many soft dismissals! Where's the desire?

    Felix Carrasco: We have no middle order, two weeks to change that.

  82. 0601: 
    Eng 151-8

    Tremlett looks like a lone fox surrounded by hunters as he takes guard in the middle of a ring of fielders. He somehow squeezes out a single on the off side to get off the mark and ensure England have at least avoided their second heaviest defeat by Australia. Cue ironic high fives in the TMS box.


    Stoney: Another shamefully pathetic batting display by the overrated and overly complacent England top order. Utter rubbish.

    Paul Mason: Already looking forward to some typically sanitised, platitude laden post match comments from the England camp.

    Paul Tynan: And so follows the all to common 'we were a little under prepared' excuse as per every series in recent times.

  84. 0557: 

    Replays show the ball hit his arm guard so Tremlett lives to fight another day. When Mitchell Johnson is in this mood, that is not necessaily a good thing.

  85. 0557: 

    Big appeal here as the ball hits Tremlett somewhere on the arm and loops to Watson in the slippers.

  86. 0556: 
    Eng 151-8

    Root on strike to Lyon. Is there any point in him trying to farm the strike with about 130 overs left in the Test match? He doesn't. It's a maiden.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is payback time for Australia and payback time for Mitchell Johnson. All that "bowls to the left, bowls to the right," while this is a big two fingers up to the Barmy Army."

  88. 0553: 
    Eng 151-8

    To say that Clarke has gone on the offensive would be the biggest understatement of all time. He now has three slips, a gully, a leg slip, a fly slip, a short leg and a silly point in place for Tremlett, who somehow survives the last two balls of the over.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a monstrous defeat for England, not just in terms of runs but psychologically. They have been bombarded, blown away."

  90. 0550: 
    WICKET- Swann c Smith b Johnson 0 (Eng 151-8)
    Mitchell Johnson strikes again

    Johnson angles a ball across Swann, gets the edge and it's taken at third slip by Smith. Carnage.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32), 5-142 (Cook 65), 6-146 (Prior 4), 7-151 (Broad 4), 8-151 (Swann 0)

    Johnson's figures: 15.4-5-44-4

    Match scorecard

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm not sure that a bowling machine can replicate this fast, slingy, left-arm bowling. You just have to get out there and figure out a way to play it."

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a nasty delivery, around the wicket and into the ribs. Broad got across and it got big on him. It just flicked the glove on the way past."

  93. 0547: 
    WICKET- Broad c Haddin b Johnson 4 (Eng 151-7)
    Mitchell Johnson leads the celebrations

    It's calypso collapso time again. This one is fast and short, over leg stump and Broad gloves it through to Haddin. No review ... he's walking.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32), 5-142 (Cook 65), 6-146 (Prior 4), 7-151 (Broad 4)

    Johnson's figures: 15.2-5-44-3

    Match scorecard


    The Mighty Mojo: Whisper it - but would Johnny Bairstow have done much worse than Prior in this Test? Where is the stubborn Gladiator of NZ?

  95. 0546: 
    Eng 151-6

    Out comes Stuart Broad to the customary boos, wearing his Carberry-style cycling helmet. Boom! Second ball he blasts Lyon over his head for four.

    By the way, in eight Tests since the start of the English summer, Prior has 150 runs at 18. His two innings here were truly dreadful.

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Is that a plan the Australians are working on? It's outside leg stump, he doesn't need to play at it. It can't go anywhere except to that man. He really should be leaving those."

  97. 0542: 
    WICKET- Prior c Warner b Lyon 4 (Eng 146-6)
    Matt Prior is out

    Leg slip in place for Prior, and he falls right into the trap as he simply helps a ball from Lyon round the corner into Warner's hands. The writing is on the wall. In permanent marker.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32), 5-142 (Cook 65), 6-146 (Prior 4)

    Lyon's figures: 14.4-3-40-2

    Match scorecard

  98. 0541: 
    Eng 146-5

    The Johnson and Root show continues. Sounds a bit like a firm of chartered surveyors, with added fire and brimstone.

    Root ducks under a bouncer then gets another tongue-lashing from the snarling Aussie quick. Johnson, with beads of sweat gathering around his handlebar moustache, steams in again and digs another one in short, but Root is on his toes, deflecting the ball short of short leg.

  99. 0536: 
    Eng 146-5

    Matt Prior's Test record in Brisbane. Two innings, two golden ducks. He survives his first ball then gets off the mark with an unconvincing cut shot, that flies off a top edge for four.

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's what a break can do. It seemed to bounce a little bit more and it was too close to cut. That's the wicket Australia were after."

  101. 0532: 
    WICKET- Cook c Haddin b Lyon 65 (Eng 142-5)
    Australia celebrate

    Is that the death knell sounding? The roar of jubilation from the Aussie fielders crackles through my headphones as Cook tries to cut Lyon and gets a thin nick through to an elated Brad Haddin.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32), 5-142 (Cook 65)

    Lyon's figures: 13.2-3-36-1

    Cook's innings: 226 minutes, 195 balls, three fours

    Match scorecard

  102. 0531: 
    Eng 142-4

    Johnson fizzes one past Root's nose then calls him a "pretty boy" several times. Root gives his best schoolboy smile as if to emphasise the point then gets back down to business. At the end of the over, Johnson feigns to shy at the stumps then fixes Root with his meanest stare. Great theatre.

  103. 0527: 

    I'm told we could carry on until 0830 GMT. Enough time for Australia to knock over England's final six? We will soon find out. Here come the players...

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I have seen Cook play better, with better footwork, than this. I get the impression he is having to work really hard to hold it all together and is not entirely comfortable out there. But he has such mental toughness that he is hanging in there."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  105. 0522: 

    In theory, the rain helps England by taking time out of the game but Nathan Lyon raises a good point. The Australian fast bowlers have had a nice hour and a half to put their feet up and, in the case of Peter Siddle, get through a good half dozen bananas. They will be champing at the bit to get stuck into England again, while Cook and Root will have to play themselves in all over again.


    Australia off-spinner Nathan Lyon: "It was a pretty impressive storm but that's past. Our bowlers have had a good rest so hopefully we can come out and put more pressure on them. The groundsman has done a great job. England batted really well. We expected that. It's Test match cricket at the end of the day."

  107. 0517: 

    I arrive with good news. The umpires have had another look and they are happy. Play will restart at 0530 GMT.

  108. 0510: 

    Right, we've gone more than an hour without play. The word is that the umpires aren't too happy with the bowlers' run-ups, which weren't actually covered. I'm off to dry out, Sam Sheringham is here with a big sponge.

  109. 0507: 

    If you're just waking up and wondering what's going on, I can tell you that a granddaddy storm has stopped play in Brisbane. The sun is now back out and we're likely to have play again soon.

    In the play that was possible today, England's survival bid has moved on to 142-4. Alastair Cook remains on 65, Joe Root has six.

    Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell are the men out. Pietersen needlessly hooked Mitchell Johnson to long leg for 26, while Bell looked good before edging Peter Siddle behind for 32.

  110. 0504: 

    Rumours are that they will come again in 15 minutes. Perhaps they will dig their hats out to make the decision.

  111. 0503: 

    Umps Dharmasena and Dar are hatless in their inspection. Why do they take their hats off to inspect? Why do they never umpire without a hat? Questions.

  112. 0502: 

    It's cracking the flags in Brisbane now. The umps are out having another look.


    Hannah Tucker-Bloom: Welcome to Queensland, England - thunder, lightning and hail one minute, sunny, humid and blue skies the next.

  114. 0457: 

    Our man Kevin says they've got state of the art equipment at the Gabba. Erm, there's a man pushing a sponge about. He'd be better off trying to wipe up with some kitchen roll.

  115. 0456: 

    Groundsman Kevin Mitchell Jr: "It's draining fairly well. The amount of rain that dropped fairly quickly was about a seven or eight on the storms I've seen here before. I think it will be fit about half an hour after the inspection."

  116. 0452:  
    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialCATCH UP WITH BBC RADIO

    Want to relive all the overnight action? 5 live sports extra will replay the entire day's play from 1100 GMT, and will play highlights from the close until then. Also this morning, 5 live will bring all the best analysis and reaction on Ashes Breakfast. You can hear both 5 live and 5 live sports extra on digital radio, online and on the BBC Sport app.


    Jeff Hervel: Don't know why everyone's so happy with this rain, it'll be humid now, ball will be swinging like a monkey in a tree.

  118. 0450: 

    Australia coach Darren Lehmann: "It's been good so far, but there's a long way to go.

    "It's pretty intense, but it was in England. It must make for good viewing.

    "There's still plenty of time to get the job done, but we have to bowl well."

  119. 0447: 

    BBC Sport brings you all the news and analysis from the first Test throughout the day. Chief sports writer Tom Fordyce and cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew are in Brisbane, while you can see everything you've missed at-a-glance with our Ashes catch-up.

    In addition, you can hear the Pint-Sized Ashes podcast, as well as the thoughts of Aggers and Boycott.

  120. 0442: 

    The umpires have decided that this isn't the inspection, but rather they'll wait until 0500 GMT to inspect. I suspect that means we'll start at around 0520.

  121. 0439: 

    A different sport, I know, but golfer Ian Poulter has tweeted that his Christmas lights have gone up. Surely it's too early? We're still closer to Bonfire Night than Christmas.


    JeffH: Don't know why everyone's so happy with this rain, it'll be humid now, ball will be swinging like a monkey in a tree.

  123. 0433: 

    Out come the umpires. Inspection time.

  124. 0432: 

    The blue sky is now the home to some fluffy, white clouds. The groundstaff have got the waterhogs out. Won't be long before we're playing again.


    Matt in Aberystwyth, via text on 81111: Chef must reckon we can win this still. Doesn't want the Aussies to get away with it.

  126. 0428: 
    Ian Greig in the TMS box

    On TMS, Jonathan Agnew is talking to Ian Greig, the brother of former England captain and broadcaster Tony, who died last year.


    Scotty Reynolds: The Queensland soil swallows up rainwater faster than David Boon swallows beer on a flight. Play to resume soon.

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is one of the best draining grounds in the world. I've seen it rain so heavy that the whole ground looked like a lake, but the water gets soaked up. One thing is for sure, though, it will be very humid."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "When the order came out to 'run for your lives', people did. Now we have blue sky and you wouldn't have known that anything had happened."

  130. 0422: 

    Thunder still rumbles, but the rain looks to have relented. Indeed, the sun has even re-appeared! The groundstaff are heading back out to mop up. If you thought the rain was going to save England, think again.


    England cricketer Luke Wright: Serious storm at the Gabba! Happy Days! More please. Get out of jail free card would be very handy.

  132. 0420: 

    Rain drips down the England greenhouse dressing room. Joe Root looks a bit worried. He usually cuddles his teddy during thunderstorms. Alastair Cook, frankly, looks livid. He'd bat in a storm if they allowed him to.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Gabba
    A hail storm hits the Gabba and suspends play

    "Now this is a proper storm. Lumps of ice all over the outfield, lakes appearing round the covers, thunder and lightning, very very frightening."


    Sean: Hail too? Father Christmas must be aware that we've been very good this year!

  135. 0417: 

    My word, the thunder is deafening. There are huge puddles on the edge of the square. If I was having to control security on the middle of the pitch during this thunder and lightning, I'd need new pants.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Gabba

    "Australian TV filling the soggy minutes with an interview with Billy Birmingham, aka the 12th Man. Well, it is nearly 2.22pm..."

  137. 0416: 

    I mean, watching cricket abroad usually requires different apparatus than an English Test match. In England, it's an umbrella, a blanket, 14 layers, a waterproof, a carrier bag to sit on and a cloth to wipe your chair. Abroad, it's sunscreen, a cap, shades and aftersun.

  138. 0414: 

    Water is running off the covers and on to the square. Fans are retreating to the back of the stand. It's dark as night out there. I wonder if those who rocked up in shorts and T-shirts are feeling chilly.


    Gary Richardson: Rain dance time at 4 in the morning.

  140. 0412: 

    There are hailstones the size of golf balls falling on the Gabba. Amazingly, about 16 security guards have been asked to remain on the outfield. That's why they are there! One tackles a pitch-invader who wants to run in the rain. No cricket, but all happening.

  141. 0411: 

    Have a butcher's at this! Check out how dark it is in Brisvegas. The groundstaff have secured the covers and are heading for higher ground. Rain? It's hailing. Say what you want about English weather, but hail doesn't often stop play.

    Storm clouds gather

    Francis, TMS inbox: Probably the only man in Mexico following the Ashes. Can't keep my eyes off the live feed. Although the X-Factor type show for kids here is doing its best to distract me. Currently, one of the contestants' mothers is in a box filled with snakes. I'm not sure why that is happening.


    Hot Scot Racing: Two days ago England was great and Aussies were useless . Now its all reverse. Stick with your team. Its only the first Test.


    Mike in Hull, via text on 81111: Cook and Root bringing the thunder.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "England have got some form over the past few years for getting out of these situations. They will remember those four or five occasions that they have hung on."

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Tomorrow's forecast is very good. In the week running up to this Test, they did say it would rain on day four. This was expected."


    Bob, TMS inbox: It's 03.50 as I sit on the labour suite at Mid-Suffolk Hospital, watching my darling wife edge closer towards The Big Push with every tug on the happy gas. Not that she's having it all her own way; I've discovered nitrous oxide is the perfect antidote to another lacklustre batting performance by our gallant boys down under. Regular updates to the team of midwives via TMS are generally met with blank stares.


    Keith: Mitchell Johnson has a sense of humour! He just signed this... Barmy army loved it.

    England fans in Brisbane
  149. 0402: 

    That is a filthy cloud that hangs over the Gabba. Apparently, there's a hail warning in Brisbane. It's dark, very dark. You know that scene in Independence Day when the spaceship comes over the White House? The cloud is like that. How much will it dump on us?

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's not quite like Wimbledon but it's similar in the way they are rushing around because they don't want any water on the surface."

  151. 0359: 
    RAIN STOPS PLAY- Eng 142-4

    The covers are rushed on. First the sheet for the wicket, then the huge white blanket for the square. There's even advice for the spectators on what to do in the event of a storm. Who needs advice? If there's thunder and lighting, run and hide!

  152. 0358: 
    RAIN STOPS PLAY- Eng 142-4

    Here it comes! In a matter of seconds, the rain is here and heavy. The players scarper while the trumpeter plays singing in the rain.


    Jack Spearing: Hope is pretty much gone, but I'm determined not to miss any of the Ashes so staying up to probably watch us lose.

  154. 0356: 
    Eng 142-4 (need 419 more)

    The groundsmen are preparing, their waterproof jackets are on. Must be tough being a groundsmen, you only get out when it rains. Edgar Allen Poe/Nathan Lyon sends his off-breaks around the wicket to Root, who pushes forward. I'm not sure whether to watch the cricket or the weather.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Gabba

    "Increasingly grey overhead at the Gabba. But grey in a brutal half-hour thunderstorm way, not an Old Trafford four-week drizzle fashion."

  156. 0353: 
    Eng 139-4 (target 561)

    The floodlights are on and taking effect. Some red-shirted groundsmen wait. Are we going to get a daddy storm? Billy the trumpeter plays the Great Escape and Rule Britannia, but the biggest cheer greets a nearby clap of thunder. The rain, though, looks to be in the distance. Siddle to Cook, front-footed defence to push back a maiden.

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "A week in Brisbane is not the same without a good storm. Get ready for a very loud thunder clap coming soon."


    From Ali in Carlisle: Same situation as Sam (02.53) except I'm trying to explain cricket to an Irish girl, however judging by her comment 'this is the most boring thing I've ever watched on TV,' I don't think it's getting me very far.

  159. 0349: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 139-4
    Alastair Cook survives

    Chance! Nathan Lyon's off-breaks after drinks, Cook slashing an edge towards slip. Michael Clarke is on the way down before the ball gets to him, then it's past before he can get a hand on it. Has the light hampered Cook? It's getting very dark. Cook seeing it well, mind. A crunching drive batters the boot of silly point David Warner. Remember the chirp, skipper? Don't feel sorry for him.


    James via text: In a nightclub but being unsociable and keep refreshing the internet on me phone to see what's happening.


    Wisden editor Lawrence Booth: Siddle has 169 Test wickets at 29 apiece - a lower average than either Anderson or Broad.

  162. 0342: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 134-4

    The greyish cloud over one half of the Gabba is as menacing as the look on Peter Siddle's face. Ball into Root's thigh pad, he looks to control it for the fielders. "Leave it," screams Siddle. Poor Joe, don't be nasty to him. Someone give him a cuddle. Short leg comes in to further keep Root penned to the crease, but he leans into a lovely straight drive for four. Face of a baby, heart of a lion? We're about to find out. Drinks please.


    Steve, TMS inbox: Re: Ian (0317). Chin up mate. At least it's at the start of the series. Imagine if this was the final Test.

  164. 0338: 
    Eng 130-4 (431 to win)

    Mitchell Johnson immediately cranked up as soon as Root arrives. Next man Matt Prior shares a joke with Kevin Pietersen. I'm not sure I'd be smiling, Matt. Firstly, you're getting gubbed all around Brisbane, secondly, you've been out for a golden duck on the two previous occasions you've batted on this ground. Johnson to Cook, the England skipper standing firm amid the wreckage.


    Timothy Duffield, TMS inbox: How am I getting through the night? Well, here in the desert in Utah it is only 8 in the evening and I am settling in with a nice steak, corn on the cob and a decent burgundy and looking forward to watching history being made as England lay the groundwork for tomorrow's win.

  166. 0332: 
    Eng 130-4 (target 561)

    What sort of mettle does this England lower-middle order have? Joe Root the new man, both he and Matt Prior owe England a score. Australia immediately strengthen the slip cordon - four grabbers and a gully. They think Root's reluctance to get on the front foot make him a nick-off candidate. They are probably right. "Sidddd-le, Sidddd-le," chants the Gabba, but Root passes his first test.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a really good delivery. Bell just tried to take the bat away and it's a simple catch for Brad Haddin. Siddle has been bowling a good spell and he is delighted.

    "The Australians have realised that they just have to keep hammering the pitch hard. What a big test for Joe Root."

  168. 0327: 
    WICKET- Bell c Haddin b Siddle 32 (Eng 130-4)
    Ian Bell is out for 32

    Gone! Australia take another chunk out of England's resistance, Ian Bell bluffed out by Peter Siddle. The off-side is packed, making Bell think it might be full, but Siddle is short of a length and Bell can't pull his bat out of the way in time. A feather through to wicketkeeper Brad Haddin, Australia and the Gabba whoop-whooping. What do England have left?

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26), 4-130 (Bell 32)

    Siddle's figures: 12.1-1-21-1

    Bell's innings: 101 minutes, 70 balls, three fours

    Match scorecard


    Dave from Grantham via text: Any lingering doubts about missing a ball have been ended by my teenage daughter learning that alcohol - like a KP pull shot - should be enjoyed sparingly.

  170. 0326: 
    Eng 130-3 (431 to win)

    Oooohhhh, Ian Bell almost falls into the Aussie crocodile trap, driving a wide one from Harris just short of short point. Harris, sweat making him look like's just come out of the shower, then produces a rozzer to go past the edge. Chat from Harris, Chris Rogers throws his hands to his over-sized cap. When Bell defends, he looks to stop the ball with his bat but is immediately admonished by the Aussie fielders. Even Nathan Lyon is chirping. You only sledge when you're winning?

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I found facing short-pitched bowling in Australia easier than anywhere else because you could trust the bounce. My game was best suited for when a full ball would bounce to hip high, so I played better in Australia than I did back home or in Pakistan.

    "I think mental toughness is when you know the opposition have set a trap and you don't fall into it."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  172. 0322: 
    Eng 129-3 (target 561)

    A minor victory for England, Johnson's post-lunch trundle is ended, replaced by Peter Siddle. Siddle, permanent grimace, zinced lips, looks like a bully from Neighbours. Cook as popular as Bell with the Aussie fielders, catchers in front of the wicket on either side, slips and a gully. Siddle, the bustling metronome, searches the off stump, but Cook is redoubtable.


    Ian, TMS inbox: Just been binned by my girlfriend of what I thought was a steady eight years. Thank God for TMS.

  174. 0317: 
    Eng 127-3 (Cook 57, Bell 31)

    Can England ride this post-lunch storm? Harris to Bell, plenty of company. Two slips, a gully, shortish point, two catchers on the leg side. Bell has enough time for a brew and a biscuit before hooking that bouncer for a couple. Joe Root waits with his pads on, Michael Carberry sports a huge set of headphones. When did big headphones become fashionable again?

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is what the game is about. It is theatre, absolute drama. Johnson is getting ratty as hell because he is not getting them out with his best balls."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  176. 0312: 
    Eng 123-3 (target 561)
    Ian Bell avoids a bouncer

    Did I say this pitch had lost a little life? As the sun pokes through, Johnson has Bell thrusting backwards to get his nose out of harm's way. Bell was close to wearing that snorter, but responds with a single to bring up the 50 partnership. Left-armer Johnson back around to left-hander Cook. Ooohhh, that's a good leave, trusting the angle and bounce to see the ball go past off stump. Good contest. Has David Warner just accused Cook of backing away? Pipe down, fool.


    Rufus Spiller: Actually laughed out loud at exchange about Geoffrey Boycott's banking habits. Makes listening here in Melbourne a joy.

    Pam Nash: Geoffrey never gets money from a cash machine because, being a canny Yorkshireman, he uses everyone else's....

  178. 0307: 
    Eng 121-3 (partnership 49)

    Ryan Harris, dirt up his back from a diving stop, changes the angle to bowl his right-armers around to Cook. This will really challenge the skipper's sureness around off stump. To play or not to play? A beauty from Harris nips away to beat the edge, as David Warner becomes the latest moustachioed Aussie to chirp at Cook. Warner was actually complimentary of Cook in his press conference last night. Cook, earplugs in, is unmoved.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "Cook has great strength of character and mind, determination, courage - he has all those qualities. The one tactic they haven't tried is bowling into his ribs."

  180. 0302: 
    50 FOR ALASTAIR COOK- Eng 119-3
    Alastair Cook

    Now then, Johnson around the wicket to test Cook's mettle, but an opening short ball is cut for four to take Cook to a 33rd Test half-century. 156 balls, only two fours, his third slowest fifty. Dig a trench, skipper. Johnson goes short again, Cook repeats the uppercut is disdainful fashion. Third man goes back, Cook now leaving the bumpers. A few words snarled through Johnson's moustache, Merv Hughes-style. I think Cook has a bigger ticker than Graeme Hick, though.

  181. 0257: 
    Eng 110-3 (Cook 48, Bell 24)

    Do England have any tiny hope of saving this game? They are still 250 runs short of a 200-run defeat. Harris, as he has all year, explores Cook's off stump, but the England skip is in good order. A firm push through the covers for three nudges him towards 50.


    Sam Burrows: Trying to explain cricket to my uni housemate who is from Belgium at 3am is proving difficult.

  183. 0253: 
    Eng 107-3 (Cook 45, Bell 24)

    Now this is extraordinary. Geoffrey Boycott reveals that he has never got money out of a cash machine. Really? The oddest game of 'I have never' ever played. I wonder what else Geoffrey has never done? It's like Harry Redknapp and mobile phones. The prowling Johnson, black hair bouncing, cranks it past 90, but the hopping Bell keeps him out.


    Matt via text to 81111: Having stayed up every night of this first Test so far, my body clock is all over the place and night has now become my day. Watching highlights of the Cardiff Test during lunch has given me hope we can see this through. Big, big scores needed from Cook, Bell and one other.

  185. 0248: 
    Eng 105-3 (target 561)
    Ryan Harris

    Ryan Harris to share the post-lunch duties, urging his hulking frame to the crease as Michael Clarke hits the turf for some back-stretching exercises at second slip. He drops short but, as with Johnson, there doesn't seem to be the same pace in the track, and both Cook and Bell have time to hook. TV pictures show a crack in the pitch, wide enough to put a pen inside. It's like a sketch from the 12th Man. It'll be the Moistometer next.


    Kev in Maidstone via text: If our batting continues to be so poor why is no one criticising Graham Gooch? Is there a "thou shalt not criticise the batting coach" law I don't know about?

  187. 0243: 
    Eng 101-3 (Cook 43, Bell 22)

    Not that I'd want to be 22 yards away with only some willow as a weapon, but Johnson has been a touch down on pace today. I can't remember him pushing 90mph, merely hanging around the mid-to-late 80s. Military medium. Cook tucks in on the leg side, before Bell goes up and over gully for a couple.

  188. 0239: 
    Eng 98-3

    The players have returned to a gloomy Brisbane afternoon. Chance of rain? Cook on strike, two men on the hook. Play.

  189. 0238: 

    Right then, Stephan Shemilt in the chair to talk you through the afternoon.

    Digging in is the order of the day, both for the England batsmen and you following the cricket, particularly if you're going through the night. For some, keeping track of every ball of an overseas Ashes tour is a rite of passage, a badge of honour, but this must be testing your resolve?

    How are you managing to get through the night?

  190. 0208:  

    Time for some refreshments in the live text commentary box. Have a listen to TMS during the interval for Ian Bell's revealing interview with our very own Tom Fordyce.

    Listen to the interview on BBC Test Match Special.

    Read Tom's feature on Bell on the BBC Sport website.

  191. 0207: 
    Kevin Pietersen

    A summary of the session? If you must. England started well, negotiating the first hour with little alarm. But in the first over after drinks, Pietersen gobbled up the bait of a Johnson bumper and planted a catch to deep square leg. England survived without further inroads thanks to the stoic efforts of captain Cook and the increasingly eye-catching Bell. Honours even for the morning then, but Australia are still holding all the cards.

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Honours were shared this morning, it was a steady session. You feel this partnership between Bell and Cook is England's last hope."

  193. 0201: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Eng 98-3 (trail by 463)

    A chance on the stroke of lunch. Bell nudges Lyon round the corner and the ball passes a fraction wide of Warner's outstretched arm at leg slip. KP aberration aside, not a bad morning for England.

    Match scorecard


    Rob in Cambridge via text: Shane Warne remains one of the most amazing bowlers ever to play the game, that is without question, but as a wit... Oh dear.

  195. 0158: 
    Eng 94-3

    Cook is clearly not going to take a single risk today and why should he? He is getting further forward than normal as he plays out a second successive maiden from Shane Watson. One more over before luncheon o'clock.


    Jack, an England fan at the Gabba, via text on 81111: My (adult) ticket for today was £18, including free public transport all day. No reason at all for the empty seats.

  197. 0153: 
    Eng 94-3

    In the air from Bell ... but safely between bowler Smith and mid-on and away for four, his second of a productive over for England. If these two can bed in this afternoon, Clarke will at least have a bit to think about.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "The last Test match without an lbw was Sri Lanka v Australia in September 2011. The time before that was Sydney in the last Ashes series in Australia. There have been 87 Tests without an lbw in 2102 in the history on the game."

  199. 0151: 
    Eng 89-3

    Shane Watson - he of the permanently anguished expression - is belatedly pressed into action to bowl to Cook. It's a very tidy over that ends with a low push from the England skipper that isn't far away from offering Watson a return catch.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Even if England are 280-3 at the close, it would still be a massive effort to save the game on the final day."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  201. 0145: 
    Eng 84-3 (Cook 39, Bell 7)
    Ian Bell plays an attacking stroke

    Fine footwork from Bell as he gets to the pitch and drills Smith through extra cover for four. The next ball is a full toss and Bell misses out as he cracks it straight to mid-on.


    Laurie, TMS inbox: So agree with Mat in Cornwall (0127). KP is a package deal. He has a low boredom threshold. If you want the batsman who scares other teams to death, you also get the player who'd rather get out playing a daft shot than not play any shots at all.

  203. 0142: 
    Eng 80-3

    Mark Ramprakash looks like coolness personified in his shades on the England balcony. He's out there with the Performance Squad I believe. He had a decent Ashes record, did Ramps... just don't bring up his stats against anyone else. KP is up there too, sitting next to England batting coach Graham Gooch. "Look Kev, about the short ball..."

    England's go-slow continues with another quiet over from Siddle.

    Glenn McGrath, Ex-Australia fast bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Sabburg was on for only two minutes. He'll have that story to tell for the rest of his life. I don't think I've seen a happier bloke out there for a long time."

  205. 0136: 
    Eng 78-3

    Here's a turn-up? Steve Smith is entering the fray with his part-time leg spin. Seems an odd call from Clarke, but he did snaffle a few surprise wickets at Lord's in the summer you may remember. Bell swats him through midwicket for one.


    Former England opener Mark Butcher: Just woke up with a racing heart rate having dreamt that KP was dismissed by Chris de Burgh.

    Former Australia leg-spinner Shane Warne: Message to all my English followers who have been sledging me during the last ashes series. Hope you're enjoying Brisbane hahaha!!!!

  207. 0133: 
    Eng 77-3 (Cook 39, Bell 2)

    Two overs in one here - sorry about that. Two to Cook off Lyon, who is rattling through his overs. Bell catches the eye with a straight drive off Siddle, but there's a man in position to keep him to one. England's next target? Lunch, without further damage.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Gabba

    "Horrible sense of deja vu about that dismissal from KP. He did exactly the same to Johnson at the end of the second day in Sydney three years ago, unable to resist the blatant bait of a short ball with men back. On that occasion it didn't affect the match result; it probably won't here, either, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating for England's downhearted supporters."

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "They had pre-sold a lot of tickets, the ones that are empty would have been sold last because they get the afternoon sun. You'd have though they would get 30,000 every day. It's surprising there aren't more people here."

  210. 0127: 
    Eng 76-3

    With Cook and Bell at the crease, I think we can expect an air of caution. England take just a single off Siddle's over, with Cook moving to 37.


    Mat in Cornwall, via text on 81111: And so begins the KP hating. Let's see what people are saying at the end of series. KP playing shots has got us into winning positions before sometimes it goes wrong, so what? Rather that than get out not having a go.

  212. 0123: 
    Eng 73-3 (trail by 487)

    Bell looks a bit edgy early on against Lyon - probably because he knows he got out to him in the first innings. It's another maiden - the off-spinner is offering captain Clarke great control and allowing him to rotate him seamers at the other end. Siddle is back on for Johnson now.


    James Davies: Two wickets to average Johnson bouncers. Lack of preparation obvious. Strange, considering Flower's normal meticulous planning.

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport at the Gabba
    Chris Sabburg

    On Twitter: Sub fielder, Sabburg, who caught KP, is a former fruit packer who basically plays as 'specialist fielder' in Queensland.

  215. 0118: 
    Eng 73-3

    High fives all round for KP-catcher Chris Sabburg as he rejoins his team-mates in the Aussie dressing-room. Johnson has his tail up but Bell manages to poke away a single into the covers to get off the mark. Then Cook sways out of the way of another fierce short one.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "England are only in this difficult position because they got bowled out cheaply in the first innings. If you bat so badly, it's difficult to get out of the situation. England had their chance when Australia were 132-6. You can't give that away, it was a great chance to knock them over and take the upper hand. England probably would have batted better."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  217. 0113: 
    Eng 72-3

    If this was a slasher movie, the tense preamble would be over and the killer would have claimed his first victim. Lyon maiden.


    Mike Swanson: Sometimes you have to ask; why Kevin? Why?

    Tom Hadden: Is there any match situation where KP won't take on ridiculous shots?

  219. 0110: 
    Eng 72-3 (Cook 36, Bell 0)

    Johnson greets Bell with an absolute pearler of a bouncer. Fast and straight, it has bell leaping like a salmon and arching his back to avoid a knockout blow.

    It was sub fielder Chris Sabburg who took the catch to remove KP by the way. I'm not sure who he was on the field for but that must be one of the best Ashes interventions by a sub fielder since Gary Pratt ran out Ricky Ponting.

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "He and Trott have got themselves out. You need sensible shot play. It would be almost impossible to bat defensively for two day, but you have to be sensible."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There won't a great deal memorable about Pietersen's 100th Test. It was an uncontrolled pull shot that has flown to long leg. He has contributed significantly to his own downfall."

  222. 0107: 
    WICKET- Pietersen c sub (Sabburg) b Johnson 26 (Eng 72-3)
    Mitchell Johnson strikes

    I don't know what was in Pietersen's drink but it has gone straight to his head. A Johnson short ball tempts him into a hook shot and it's straight down the throat of deep backward square leg.

    Fall of wickets: 1-1 (Carberry 0), 2-10 (Trott 9), 3-72 (Pietersen 26)

    Johnson's figures: 6.2-2-15-2

    Match scorecard

    Geoffrey Boycott, Ex-England batsman on BBC Test Match Special

    "I find it extraordinary that, after England won the last three series, Australia take control of one Test and the aggression is out. Warner's comments on Trott are pretty gobby for a man who only has three Test match hundreds. You'd think he was Wally Hammond and Bradman rolled into one."

  224. 0102: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 71-2

    David Warner walks up to field at silly point without a helmet. Warner described England as "scared" overnight and Cook looks like he wants to make his point as he aims a lusty drive. Warner winces but the ball misses him by a distance and they run three. Drinkingtons


    Graeme, TMS inbox: I picked up a ticket for my son and me for $20 yesterday just by walking down to the Gabba. The ticket office was selling tickets for $55 each. Of course this is very affordable in Australia. A loaf of bread costs $5!

    Ed in Melbourne: I purchased tickets for the boxing day test for $40 (plus the mandatory $4.68 booking fee per ticket just for some office bod to put them in an envelope). So the price of a ticket for one of the biggest occasions in sport, including add ons, works out at £25.30. You couldn't even park near a Test match ground for the day in the UK for that!

  226. 0058: 
    Eng 67-2
    George Bailey tries to run out Alastair Cook

    Cook is dealing in twos at the moment, his latest whipped through a gap on the leg side off Johnson. An 89mph bouncer from Johnson is safely negotiated, before a second shortly passes harmlessly wide of off-stump. Nothing overly worrying from big Mitch as of yet.


    Neal in Melbourne, TMS inbox: Trott's innings could have been accompanied by the theme to Eyes Wide Shut.

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Gabba

    "Muted atmosphere at the Gabba this morning, not least because the ground is no more than a fifth full. But Johnson's arrival has pumped up those who have come along, and with the heavy clouds overhead producing more favourable conditions for swing bowling this fast-forward match is not likely to stay still for long."

  229. 0054: 
    Eng 65-2

    Not much in the way of turn for Lyon on this fourth day pitch. How long before Clarke asks Shane Watson to put his hamstring to the test?


    Martin Tremlett, TMS inbox: Soundtrack to today's proceedings - Against All Odds by Phil Collins.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I was mildly surprised when Johnson didn't bowl first this morning, but I could see the logic. At the moment you fancy Johnson against Trott and, on the evidence of the first innings, Root."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  232. 0050: 
    Eng 63-2

    A single apiece brings up the fifty partnership, then a lovely clip from Cook for two. Johnson seems a tad down on his pace from the 90mph plus stuff he was sending down in the first innings, and that can only be good news for England. The last ball of the over clocks in at 86.9mph.

  233. 0047: 
    Eng 61-2

    Agreed on Lyon Rachel. In this era of muscle-clad, tattooed, Brylcreamed sportsmen, Lyon is a refreshing throwback. Skinny, pale and with no obvious hairstyle, he looks more like a history student than a professional criggider. In contrast, here comes the muscle-clad, Tattooed, Brylcreamed Johnson...


    Rachel, TMS inbox: I don't know if this has been mentioned before but in our house Nathan Lyon is referred to as "Edgar" because of his uncanny resemblance to Edgar Allen Poe.

    Nathan Lyon

    Sarah, TMS inbox: Not everyone can afford to attend live cricket games in Australia; the ticket costs are high, and the concession stand prices eye-wateringly steep. Moreover, unlike the UK, since the cricket is on free-to-air TV, Aussies can demonstrate their support quite well from the comfort of their sofas at home.

  236. 0041: 
    Eng 54-2

    Siddle is furious with himself as he gifts Cook an easy couple of runs off his hip. Then a much better ball, full on off stump, finds Cook's inside edge. Pietersen is surprised by one that keeps low. Siddle grins. Clarke claps. Exactly what the Aussies want to see.


    Will Yates: 127 Hours. Drawn-out suffering, oppressive heat and permanent scarring almost unavoidable.

    Nathaniel Jansen: Seems obvious but The Great Escape?

  238. 0036: 
    Eng 50-2

    Nathan Lyon time. And Pietersen fancies a piece, cracking his first ball through the covers for four. Then a dart down the crease and a heart in the mouth moment as a mis-hit ends up at fine leg.


    Joe Blackmore: The Mission Impossible theme tune.

    Scott Mabbutt: After the last three days I can only think of the Benny Hill theme tune.

  240. 0031: 
    Eng 41-2

    Apparently, the official attendance at the Gabba today is 11,873. Astonishing, given the ground holds 40,000 and Australia are pushing for their first Ashes win in eight Tests.

    Two to Cook through backward point, then some blocks and leaves. England have achieved their first objective of getting through the opening half hour.

    More potential movie soundtracks to accompany the action on their way...


    George Garrett: Found myself listening to 'A View to a Kill' by Duran Duran - can't think of a more apt tune for Aus today.

    Steven F Galloway: Yep I'm watching the cricket. Was considering something more positive and life-affirming though. Like Schindler's List.

    Djethro Colmer: At the moment the most appropriate music is from the shower scene in Psycho, over and over and over again.

  242. 0027: 
    Eng 39-2

    We've been going for 25 minutes and there's a ripple of optimism coming through in your texts and tweets. I hate to be a party-pooper but England could bat all day today and still lose by plenty.

    Anyway, their solid start continues as Cook tucks into an easy three on the leg side. Must be Mitch time soon.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "These two have looked good so far, they've been positive. There will also be something in it for the bowlers, though, with those cracks appearing. I really expect England to come out and fight today, they will be so disappointed with how they have played so far."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special.

  244. 0023: 
    Eng 36-2
    Kevin Pietersen

    Jack in Oxford, you raise an interesting point. I'm not convinced though. This feels more like a psychological thriller than a camp Hollywood romp to me. Anyone else got any thoughts on which movie soundtrack would be appropriate to accompany today's proceedings?

    Pietersen is playing a risky game as he reaches across his pads to whip Siddle away for two.


    Jack in Oxford, via text on 81111: I have discovered that the music from Pirates of the Caribbean makes an excellent backing track to TMS commentary.

    Contact us via the usual ways and means. Text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket or e-mail

  246. 0017: 
    Eng 34-2 (Cook 13, Pietersen 11)

    Pietersen works Harris off his toes for three to move into double figures. Cook sees out the final four. I can't help feeling Australia are two wickets away from going through us.


    Ollie Bennett: Australian media coverage of The Ashes has been nothing short of a disgrace so far.

    James Clouting: Nobody at the ground again. Aussie's support is a joke.

    NB16: Not panicking here in context of series. Always expected Aussies to win the first Test. However form of some players worrying!

  248. 0013: 
    Eng 30-2 (target 561)

    In comes Bailey at short leg under the helmet. Time for some chin music? No, the double bluff and Siddle nips one back through the gate and raps Pietersen on the thigh. Then a tempter outside off that bamboozles Pietersen as it beats the bat. Great start from Siddle - this is the best he has bowled all match.

    BBC Radio Test Match Special

    On Twitter: View from @bbctms commentary box on the 4th day at the Gabba. Very small crowd in at the moment.

    The view from the Gabba
  250. 0008: 
    Eng 29-2

    It's Ryan Harris, not Mitchell Johnson, who is kicking off with Siddle. A fraction overpitched from Harris and Pietersen drives him firmly down the ground for the first boundary of the day. That will get his mojo going.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pietersen's record of being not out overnight and starting again the next morning is not a good one. You could say that he's due."

  252. 0004: 
    Eng 25-2

    Good start from Siddle - hitting the pitch hard and locating the inside edge of KP's bat, the ball scooting off for a single. Cook edges the final ball towards the slips but it keeps low. Pats on the back all round for the Bananaman (Siddle has a 24-a-day-habit).

    Latest match scorecard.


    Ian Palmer, TMS inbox: Can we do it? No. But just think what it would do to the Aussies if we did. I think they would be scarred for the next 5 Ashes series!

  254. 0000: 

    Right then, KP is digging himself a trench at the pitch, Alastair Cook is applying his war paint. Peter Siddle is sharpening his dagger. Stay tuned if you dare...


    Rich E. Barrett via text to 81111: Believe Sam! If it has been booting it down all night that may help slow down the pitch and neutralise Johnson. Some retro grinding from Captain Cook, KP desperate to show himself off on his 100th, Ding Dong still to come, the man with no name to be the man to knock off the winning runs sometime very late tomorrow afternoon. Maybe.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: More from the Brisbane papers this morning. Now having a go at Graeme Swann...


    In fact, it wasn't just Jonathan Trott who had a miserable day. Graeme Swann has had better matches too, while Michael Clarke and David Warner will remember this Test match for a long time to come. Recap on everything that happened on day three with our handy little guide.

    You can also read chief sports writer Tom Fordyce's colourful musings from Brisbane on the BBC Sport website


    Tom Pickwell: Huge runs please Cook and Pietersen. Nothing else will do! Make the impossible, possible!

    Jack Blackburn: In reality, I think that England's best hope from this point is to retain rather than win the Ashes.

  259. 2349: 

    So where do England go from here? Is Trott really running scared? How has Mitchell Johnson gone from circus act to the greatest left-arm quick since Wasim Akram.

    Contact us via the usual ways and means. Text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket or email

  260. 2347:  
    BBC Radio Test Match SpecialAGNEW COLUMN

    Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew was also critical of Trott's form, suggesting England's number three is "in a mess" and clueless against the hostile Mitchell Johnson.

    "He now looks a pale imitation of the player whose unbeaten hundred on this very ground four years ago, in a record-breaking partnership with Alastair Cook, helped England save the Test and sapped the life out of the Australia attack," observes Aggers in his BBC Sport column.

    Ah, the miracle of Brisbane 2010...

    Listen to a pint-sized version of day three courtesy of Aggers and Co

  261. 2346: 

    Aggers reports wall to wall gloating in the morning papers in Australia. One of them has even gone as far as to claim that "Our WAGS are hotter than yours" apparently...

  262. 2345: 

    Simon Hughes thinks England have been mentally scarred by Australia already and Aussie batsman David Warner seems to agree.

    As Joe Root can testify, Warner pulls no punches - and he came out swinging in the direction of Jonathan Trott at the close of play on the third day following the England batsman's tame dismissal by Mitchell Johnson.

    "England are on the back foot," said Warner. "It does look like they've got scared eyes at the moment. The way Trotty got out today was pretty poor and weak."

    Simon Hughes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think even the England players are in slight shock. There is no doubt there has been some significant psychological impact from what happened last night. It has knocked them sideways."


    Former England all-rounder Dominic Cork, speaking on BBC Radio 5 live's Fighting Talk: "I watched it overnight, England were terrible - but they will still win the series 3-1. And my prediction for man of the series? Stuart Broad."

    Listen to a special Ashes edition of Fighting Talk with Cork, Andrew Flintoff and Matthew Hoggard

  265. 2340: 

    Hang on...

  266. 2339: 

    Scores on the doors? Look away now if you are of an English persuasion.

    England will resume their second innings on 24-2, no less that 537 runs adrift of Australia with two days of the match remaining. Captain Alastair Cook has 11, Kevin Pietersen has three. If there's a single person out there who truly believes England can get out of this one, I want to hear from them.

    Text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket or email

    Tom Fordyce, Chief sports writer at the Gabba

    "The good news for England: there has been heavy rain in Brisbane. The bad news: it started about three hours after play finished last night, and ended as dawn broke. Alastair Cook's men must survive 1,098 balls to draw this match. As asks go, it's like walking from Adelaide to Perth."

  268. 2330: 

    Still with us? You hardy souls. Day four of the first Ashes Test is almost upon us with England standing on the edge of the cliff and Australia poised to apply the final push.

Live Scores - Australia v England


  • Australia beat England by 381 runs
  • Australia: 295 & 401-7 (94.0 overs)
  • England: 136 & 179 (81.1 overs)
  • Venue: Brisbane

England 2nd Innings

All out
View full scorecard
Cook c Haddin b Lyon 65
Carberry b Harris 0
Trott c Lyon b Johnson 9
Pietersen c Sub b Johnson 26
Bell c Haddin b Siddle 32
Root not out 26
Prior c Warner b Lyon 4
Broad c Haddin b Johnson 4
Swann c Smith b Johnson 0
Tremlett c Bailey b Harris 7
Anderson c and b Johnson 2
Extras 1nb 1w 2lb 4
Total all out 179

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