England v Australia, second ODI, Old Trafford as it happened

Australia beat England by 88 runs in the second one-day international at Old Trafford.

8 September 2013 Last updated at 18:14

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As it happened

  1. 1810: 

    And with that, our business here is done. All in all, it's been a pretty poor day for England, who were comprehensively outplayed by a decent-looking Australia side. They lock horns again at Edgbaston on Wednesday. Join us then.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Mitchell Johnson's bowling was excellent. A lot of people give him a lot of stick but they haven't seen him at his best. We are starting to see him bowling fast, accurate and menacing spells. Today, he was particularly fiery."


    Australia captain and man of the match Michael Clarke: "It's nice to get a win and it's a good start to this series for us.

    "England bowled pretty well up front on a good batting wicket, but all our boys did a fantastic job. To make over 300 was a really good score and all our bowlers executed.

    "It's a good start for us, but there's three important games to go.

    "I'd like to play the next three one-dayers and every Test at Manchester, it's a nice batting wicket.

    "Mitchell Johnson bowled with really good pace, hopefully it's the start of a big series for him."

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Morgan won't criticise his own decision. Everyone here thinks he was a bowler short. Once Tredwell started getting hit around, England had no options."


    England captain Eoin Morgan: "300+ on that wicket was above par but it was well within our capabilities and we needed someone to lead from the front at the top of the order. That didn't happen.

    "I don't think I would have changed my decision to bowl first. Regardless of what we did first, we didn't restrict them to enough.

    "I don't think we were a bowler short, but we weren't particularly happy with our bowling performance."

    "I'm not concerned by the balance of the side, we have a lot of bowling options. Not enough people put their hand up today."


    First Line: 8 players selected because they can bat a bit, but only 3 turned up. Not good enough at this level.

  7. 1754: 

    England have left out a number of big names - Cook, Bell, Swann, Anderson and Broad - but they have not been replaced like-for-like. The hosts chose to pack their batting at the expense of frontline bowlers. Was that merely so the likes of Ben Stokes could be examined more closely? Will England change the make-up of their side for Edgbaston?

  8. 1752: 

    Australia, on the other hand, were excellent throughout. They found the boundary with regularity and bowled with much greater skill, accuracy and variety than the home side. They looked to be a powerful and balanced one-day outfit.

    Australia celebrate
  9. 1751: 

    Where did it all go wrong? Or, what actually went right? England looked at least one bowler short and the decision to field first, perhaps because of that selection, proved to be incorrect. The hosts then wilted in that big chase, particularly in the face of Mitchell Johnson's pace.


    David Clarke: "England really owe it to the fans to do better. They might not think the series is important but people have paid to see this."

  11. 1750: 

    There are some glum faces on the England team as they come down the pavilion steps to shakes hands with the Aussies. They will need something of a rethink if they are to get back in this series at Edgbaston on Wednesday.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "That is a thrashing. England were always going to struggle when they had to chase over 300. The first 10 overs with Mitchell Johnson getting the two wickets, England only flickered. If KP stayed in longer, anything was possible. Morgan and Buttler played well but there was nothing else to trouble the Aussies. An emphatic victory for Michael Clarke's men and England will have to put their thinking caps on. That was some hiding."

  13. 44.2 overs: 
    AUSTRALIA WIN BY 88 RUNS- Finn c Voges b McKay 16 (Eng 227 all out)

    And that is that. Steven Finn's mow off Clint McKay finds Adam Voges at cow corner, bringing to an end a pretty one-sided one-day international. Australia win by 88 runs and go 1-0 up in the series. England have been hammered.

  14. 44 overs: 
    Eng 226-9 (target 316)
    Steven Finn

    Hello, Steven Finn, where did this come from? A knee-on-the-ground slog sweep ends in the stands at cow corner, Finn stands and looks at his bat as if he plays shots like that every day. He follows that up by dancing and belting down the wicket for four. Erm, game on?

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Some solace for England, Buttler makes it look a bit more respectable but an exceptionally encouraging day for Mitchell Johnson, he has had a grand day with the ball."

  16. 43.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Buttler c Johnson b Fawad 75 (Eng 216-9)

    Jos Buttler's fun is over as he holes out to Fawad Ahmed. After heaving the leg-spinner to long on, Buttler looks to repeat the dose, but only sends the ball high in to the sky, with it coming down to nestle in the hands of Mitchell Johnson. An entertaining knock is over, Buttler departing to a standing ovation. Australia need only one wicket.

  17. 43 overs: 
    Eng 212-8 (Buttler 71*, Finn 6*)

    My word, Jos Buttler gives it a whack. Clearing his front leg and leaning back, he sends Clint McKay over long off for the third maximum of his knock. Is he thinking of a maiden ODI ton? That's probably the only cheer that England could take from the rest of this game.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think England have the right balance in the side. It is not about ditching someone because they are not good enough, the captain doesn't have enough bowling options."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  19. 42 overs: 
    Eng 203-8 (Buttler 63*, Finn 5*)

    The way that Steven Finn is swinging the willow, you'd think that one full, straight delivery would be enough to do for the lanky pacer. The Watford Wall, however, seems to have the happy knack of keeping out the straight ones and missing the wide ones. He is, however, doing little for this run chase. Mitchell Johnson is done, his 10 overs yielding 2-36. Well bowled, sir.


    Adam via text: "Not that this series has a whole lot riding on it, but England's arrogant selection getting exactly what it deserves."

  21. 41 overs: 
    Eng 201-8 (target 316)

    Still Buttler continues to play his lone hand, picking McKay up with huge hit over long on. Sixer. In his eagerness to get the strike, Buttler almost leaves Steven Finn stranded in a mid-pitch fandango, but the big man is home before the throw comes in. England need 115 runs from nine overs. Impossible? One would suspect so.


    Paul: "This England performance suggests we need to rethink resting so called 'tired' players."

  23. 40 overs: 
    Eng 193-8 (Buttler 55*, Finn 3*)

    Some spectators at Old Trafford have seen enough and are heading for the tram. They are missing out on this sustained assault from Jos Buttler, who belts Johnson through the covers for four. Likely to be too little, too late, but entertaining all the same. Just as entertaining is Steven Finn's attempt at hitting Johnson, which almost results in the big man swinging himself off his feet.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a slower ball from James Faulkner and Buttler smashes it into the temporary stand for 50. He was nearly caught by the Honey Monster."

  25. 39 overs: 
    50 FOR JOS BUTTLER- Eng 187-8
    Jos Buttler

    Steven Finn is slightly more comfortable facing James Faulkner, but his swiping is still not resulting in the ball going very far. Jos Buttler, in contrast, is now finding the middle of bat with regularity, a pull for six taking him to a maiden ODI fifty. Only 49 balls for that half-century, some decent hitting likely to be in a losing cause.


    Kat B: "Oh England, this is just horrible to watch! Painful!"

    Jon Evans: "Hope ECB take some of Vaughans advice on part-refunding tickets. Poor show for the fans with the second string team."

    Thomas Lawlor: "England should declare. It's all over."

  27. 38 overs: 
    Eng 180-8 (target 174-8)

    This is tough on England number 10 Steven Finn, who has to face the nastiness of Mitchell Johnson. He takes a blow to the body, then decides that some long handle is the way to go, heaving the ball into the leg side and sprinting a single. Shane Watson, who I don't think has smiled all summer, decides that this is hilarious. Jos Buttler, slightly more accomplished when it comes to biffing the pacers, cracks through extra cover for four.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Tredwell was always struggling. It was a good throw from Michael Clarke and you could just tell from the fielders that he was gone. Australia have just looked the better team today."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  29. 36.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Tredwell run out 1 (Eng 169-8)

    This rather sums up England's day. Coming back for a second run, James Tredwell is barely in the picture when the stumps are broken at the non-striker's end. The match is speeding towards a conclusion and England are on the way to an embarrassing thrashing.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Pressure, scoreboard, run rate over 11, Australia bowling on a dry wicket; they have been excellent today. They've bowled, fielded and batted brilliantly."

  31. 36 overs: 
    WICKET- Stokes c Bailey b McKay 5 (Eng 167-7)

    The end draws nearer. Ben Stokes holes out on the leg side, top-edging a pull shot off Clint McKay to the mits of George Bailey on the square leg fence. England being outplayed in every department today.


    Maverick: "Gosh this is painful. Out of all the rested players, Anderson and Swann are sorely missed."

  33. 35 overs: 
    Eng 163-3 (target 316)

    The reappearance of the sun into the Manchester evening sees the shadows lengthen on the Old Trafford turf, everyone of the 15 men out there casting a long dark clone of themselves. More good stuff from James Faulkner sees the rate climb further. England have not found the boundary since the 27th over.

    The view at Old Trafford
    Charles Dagnall, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "Such stark contrast to the England and Australia innings. For Australia, that was straight out of the middle of the bat. It is not England's day today though."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  35. 33.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Morgan c Clarke b McKay 54 (Eng 154-6)

    That is surely the ball game. Eoin Morgan, surely England's last hope, slices Clint McKay into the off side, where Michael Clarke runs back from cover to take the catch. Morgan had opted to take the batting powerplay, but a traditional area of weakness for England in ODIs strikes again.


    Joshua Tucker: "I never understood why the ODI series is done after the Ashes. Would mean much more for both teams if it was after like in 05."

  37. 33 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 151-5

    Left-arm seamer James Faulkner looks like a handy one-day operator, mixing both his length and pace to make sure that England's hunt for a boundary continues on like the quest to Mordor. "It's drinks after this over," says an Aussie voice on the stump mic. Indeed it is.


    James Offer: "The Australian cricket team came to the UK in May: since then Australia has had three Prime Ministers."

  39. 32 overs: 
    Eoin Morgan

    Boundaries still a rarity as Fawad Ahmed continues to twirl away on the dusty grey-brown Old Trafford square. England dabbing and nudging, the final single of the over taking Eoin Morgan to a 64-ball 50, the 18th of his ODI career. Well played, skipper. Can you pull one out of the fire here?

  40. 30.2 overs: 
    NOT OUT- Eng 136-5

    ...yep, the fastest reviewer in the west is proved correct. Indeed Morgan did get an inside edge on that attempted sweep shot, the decision overturned almost as quickly as Morgan reviewed it.

  41. 30.2 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Eng 136-5

    Wow, this is the fastest call for a review I've ever seen. As soon as he is given out lbw to Adam Voges, Eoin Morgan is making the 'T' sign. He must think he's got an edge...


    Barry Eastwood: "England's 2nd string getting a whacking. Poor team, poor performance, management has obviously decided this series is irrelevant."

  43. 30 overs: 
    Eng 135-5 (target 316)

    England swiping at Fawad, Eoin Morgan's heave into the leg side falling between the two men riding the fence. We've had no boundary for three overs, not ideal for a batting side in need of more than nine an over. The game is drifting once more.


    Phil in Memphis, TMS inbox: ODI need "draws". If you get within 10% of the runs or 10% of the wickets then you can draw, you have to get 10% more runs or wickets to win. Draws are the only way to make ODI's keep their excitement till the end.

    How do you take 10% more wickets if a team has been bowled out?

  45. 29 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 130-5

    Blimey, this has almost decapitated Adam Voges, Buttler's belt down the ground bursting through his hands and causing umpire Sundaram Ravi to duck for cover. I wonder if umpires have ever considered wearing helmets. I wouldn't like to be 22 yards away from the likes of Chris Gayle, Kevin Pietersen, Brendon McCullum etc. It's boozy hour inside Old Trafford, songs from the terraces are filling the air.

  46. 28 overs: 
    Eng 126-5 (target 316)

    Australia's twin spin attack will hurry through some overs, ticking down England's time before the hosts have realised. Oooohhhh...close for Fawad Ahmed, Jos Buttler's cut just evading the dive of Clint McKay at point. The required rate climbs towards nine.


    Dave Foot: "Jos Buttler to smash a century? It's time he had more than a cameo."

  48. 27 overs: 
    Eng 123-5 (target 316)
    George Bailey fields

    A change of ends for Adam Voges' left-arm spin, Jos Buttler playing his first aggressive stroke by bunting a full toss through mid-wicket for four. Not much sunshine at OT now. It looks cold out there.


    Mal via text: "Can England do better than Scotland and get within 200 runs? Time to give Wales/Glamorgan Test status."

  50. 26 overs: 
    Eng 114-5 (target 316)

    Some of this Australia squad have been in England since the end of May, having arrived before the Champions Trophy. By the time they leave in a week or so, they will have been here for almost a third of the year. That's a lot of coach trips and hotel rooms. Fawad Ahmed back into the attack having been expensive earlier. Just four singles from it this time, though.


    Joe, TMS inbox: Is there such a thing as the MCC Coaching Manual, and if there is, isn't it about time it was revised and updated?

  52. 25 overs: 
    Eng 110-5 (target 316)

    So, captain Morgan, what do you do here? 200+ needed at more than eight an over with only five wickets in hand. Pulling Shane Watson for four is a good start. The skip can't do it alone, though. He'll need help from new man Jos Buttler and probably Ben Stokes too. At the halfway point of this innings, England are staring down the barrel.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was an extraordinary dismissal. It is hard to understand why Bopara didn't just walk. He looked in a daze as to how he could hit a gentle half volley back to the bowler. That is exactly what he did, though."

  54. 24.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Bopara c&b Voges 1 (Eng 103-5)

    This could unravel pretty quickly for England. Ravi Bopara falls in very tame fashion, patting a catch back to Adam Voges. At first there is confusion as to whether or not it's a bump-ball, but replays clearly chow that Bopara chipped back to left-arm spinner Voges on the full. The home side are in danger of getting a real thumping.


    James Pearce: "All very well saying with Pietersen "it's the way he bats" but I think the way he bats costs us more games than it wins."

    Maverick: "I do believe that was that. If England win from here it'll be a near miracle."

  56. 23 overs: 
    Eng 97-4 (target 316)

    Ravi Bopara is England's new man, a man who put on a match-winning stand with Eoin Morgan in Dublin on Tuesday. A slightly different proposition here, mind. Bopara plays back the rest of Watson's wicket maiden. England need more than eight an over.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special
    Shane Watson strikes

    "KP is obviously a vital wicket. Shane Watson has bowled well since he has come on and the slightly unusual field may have played a part in the dismissal. Credit to the captain for that."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  58. 22.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Pietersen c Faulkner b Watson 60 (Eng 97-4)

    Probably the most crucial moment in this match and perhaps the delivery that wins it for Australia. Kevin Pietersen is gone, falling trying to up the scoring after a sedate period. He belts Shane Watson on the up towards cover, but only succeeds in picking out James Faulkner. Watson screams his delight to the heavens. Australia will feel that they have a toe in the winners' enclosure.


    Gavin via text: "Why is Alex Hales not getting a chance to open in ODIs?! In an age where T20 is blamed for ruining a players ability to play other formats why is his obvious talent being pigeon holed?"

  60. 22 overs: 
    Eng 97-3 (target 316)

    It's Mitchell Johnson who continues to look the most threatening of the Aussie bowlers. He's accurate to Morgan, forcing the England skip to play back a maiden. Will Mitch have one more? Crowd cheers inside Old Trafford tell me that a Mexican wave is brewing. That always suggest the on-field action has tailed off slightly.


    Stev White: "Can't believe someone's moaning about Trott. he averages 65 at a strike rate of 87 in ODIs in 2013. What more do you want????"

  62. 21 overs: 
    Eng 97-3 (Pietersen 60*, Morgan 27*)

    This game has entered something of a lull, with England happy to take the singles offered by an Australia team more interested in protecting the boundary. The home side can take these risk-free runs, but can't let it drift for too long. The required rate is over 7.50 an over.

    James Faulkner celebrates

    Want to see some more pictures of this game? Check out our photo gallery on Facebook.

  64. 20 overs: 
    Eng 92-3 (target 316)

    Fawad Ahmed taken out of the attack, Michael Clarke turning to Mitchell Johnson in the search for a wicket. That threat of rain we talked about seems to have subsided, the sun is out once more at OT. Johnson, length mainly short and pace ranging from low 80s to above 90mph, concedes four singles without looking threatening.


    TheBarefootRascal: Listening in a beach in Koh Samui. We're relying on KP to stop us going to the pub.

  66. 19 overs: 
    Eng 88-3 (Pietersen 55*, Morgan 22*)

    What is this shot from Kevin Pietersen? Shane Watson into the attack, greeted by a walk down the pitch and a sweep-come-scoop to the vacant fine leg area, one bounce for four. How on earth do you play shots like that to a man bowling over 80mph? I'm fairly certain that isn't in the MCC coaching manual.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Typically belligerent innings from Kevin Pietersen, he just has that presence no-one else has."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  68. 18 overs: 
    50 FOR KEVIN PIETERSEN- Eng 83-3

    Amidst the destruction of earlier in the innings, Kevin Pietersen has stood firm to deliver his 25th ODI fifty. Only the 54 balls for KP. At the other end, Eoin Morgan is sweeping, reverse-sweeping and dabbing Fawad Ahmed, who at the moment does not look to be carrying much of a threat. His two overs have gone for 23.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "It feels like the English side have started playing the way Australia did. Morgan and Pietersen are really starting to put the pedal down - and they have to. The ball is not doing a lot."

  70. 17 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 73-3

    England rebuilding steadily, gradually trying to get a hold back in this game. After a couple of singles, Pietersen plants Faulkner over extra cover for four. This stand is now worth 35, Pietersen goes to drinks only one away from a half-century.

    Bowling figures:

    McKay: 5-1-21-0, Johnson: 5-1-17-2, Faulkner: 4-1-13-1, Voges: 2-0-9-0, Ahmed: 1-0-13-0


    Andrew, TMS inbox: We wore red back in 1966. OK different sport.

  72. 16 overs: 
    Eng 67-3 (target 316)

    As we thought, Adam Voges is withdrawn, giving way to the leg-spin of Fawad Ahmed. So much has been made of the Pakistan-born leggie, I'm eager to see him twirl away for the first time. Tallish, with a walk to the wicket, he spins himself some catches, right hand to left hand. How will Kevin Pietersen treat him? With disdain, obviously. Front foot planted, a heave over cow corner for six. Just for good measure, Eoin Morgan gets out a reverse sweep for four. Not the best start for Fawad.

  73. 15 overs: 
    Eng 54-3 (Pietersen 36*, Morgan 8*)

    The contrast of England's bright, fire-engine red and Australia's canary yellow is rather garish. A bit like an aggressive rhubarb and custard sweet. James Faulkner, a slightly odd action that perhaps has him bowling off the wrong foot, concedes only a single.


    Scott Thompson: Both Pietersen & Morgan should go for it now, give the crowd some entertainment.

    Rachel T: Are England addicted to being 30-something for 3? Ashes deja vu here.

    George Iredale: Don't know why England have picked Trott, hasn't played well recently and has continued his poor form today.

  75. 14 overs: 
    Eng 53-3 (target 316)

    I wonder how long the Adam Voges experiment might last. Pietersen is down the ground to belt over cover for four in an over that did not look threatening. With three wickets already down, Michael Clarke may be thinking about another option to find another wicket.

  76. 13 overs: 
    Eng 46-3 (target 316)

    Strange conditions inside Old Trafford, bright sunshine underneath some pretty filthy dark clouds. That's a gift to Morgan, Faulkner serving up a horrible long hop which the left-hander cuts for four. Lots of chat between Morgan and KP at the end of the over. Fill in the gaps for what they might be saying to each other.


    Luke in Southend, TMS inbox: Can't help but think this England red kit has an awful lot to answer for... And coupled with that appalling ski slope helmet Carberry wears he sadly stands no chance... Do we have the worst kit in international sport?

  78. 12 overs: 
    Eng 40-3 (target 316)
    Kevin Pietersen runs a single

    Cheeky from Michael Clarke, asking Adam Voges to send his part-timers down to Kevin Pietersen. Voges is a left-arm spinner, supposedly Pietersen's kryptonite. Sure enough, there's an inside edge and a missed sweep, which has the tall Voges appealing for leg before. Two singles from it.


    James in Twickenham, via text on 81111: Johnson's performance with the ball so far is in Starc contrast to how the other Mitchell performed in the tests. I'll get my coat.

  80. 11 overs: 
    Eng 38-3 (target 316)

    Captain Morgan, your team needs a skipper's knock. It's the left-hander from Dublin in at number five for the home side and he sees off the rest of Faulkner's over. Quite simply, England need lots of runs with not a heap of overs in which to get them. Oh yeah, there's only seven wickets in hand, too.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Joe Root looks down at the pitch to say it did something he did not expect. But I think he's done him for pace if anything. It beats the inside edge and hits the top of middle stump."

    Listen to BBC Test Match Special

  82. 10.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Root b Faulkner 3 (Eng 38-3)
    James Faulkner

    Bowled him! England in deep trouble as James Faulkner comes on to shatter Joe Root's timber. On a decent length, just nipping back in to the right-hander, Root is bowled through the gate. At the moment, it looks like the hosts are going to need every bit of that batting depth.


    James Pearce: England lose Carberry and Trott early...bet they head straight to the bar, not offer to score or umpire. Hate it when batsmen do that.

    James Brandon: Mitchell Johnson is either world class or horrendous. The kind of player you need to have. Match winner.

    Stephan Vant: This team is going backwards under Giles!

  84. 10 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 37-2

    If we are set for some Pietersen magic, he will need a touch of luck and he gets just that as a Chinese cut off Johnson flashes past off stump and runs for four. An attempted pull shot flies to slip and is grabbed by Shane Watson, but the Aussie appeal has no grounds for success.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "The thing that Pietersen does is intimidates the bowler and I think he is targeting McKay with Johnson bowling so well."

  86. 9 overs: 
    Eng 32-2 (Pietersen 23*, Root 2*)

    Slightly ugly from Pietersen, but four in the scorebook nevertheless. Swiping McKay across the line, he picks up a boundary through mid-wicket. Was that ugly? This is brutal. A step down the pitch, a huge hit over long-on for a maximum. Remember, this is KP's first ODI in England for two years. Is he going to put on a show?

    Fans celebrate Pietersen's six
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I've seen a lot of Mitchell Johnson this year and think he has got his mojo back. He has to be back on the radar for Australia Test match cricket."

    Listen to BBC Test Match Special

  88. 8 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 20-2

    Pietersen finally gets the scoreboard moving, flaying a rare Johnson bad ball through the covers for four, then a chance goes begging for the tourists. Joe Root's attempted pull shot goes to the left of wicketkeeper Matthew Wade, whose dive results in the ball being grassed. Wade only got one hand on the ball, but probably should have got two there. A let-off for Root.


    Andy, via text on 81111: Awful team selection, Carberry is not international quality and Pieterson is not an opener. And I haven't even mentioned Rankin or Stokes. On for a thumping.

  90. 7 overs: 
    Eng 14-2 (target 316)

    England at a virtual standstill in this powerplay, only one boundary in seven overs so far. While Johnson has been fire and brimstone, Clint McKay has been all gurning and accuracy. Pressure cranked up, only three from the over.


    BW, TMS inbox: He bowls to the bat, He bowls to the p-a-ad, That Mitchell Johnson, His bowling's not bad.

  92. 6 overs: 
    Eng 11-2 (target 316)

    Pietersen hops around as Johnson, jet-black hair and tattoos covering his arm, stalks in. Having had enough of Mitch, Pietersen pinches a single and leaves Joe Root to grope outside off stump. Johnson, looking like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, stares at the youngster from halfway down the track.


    Andrew, TMS inbox: That England start was painful. 50 of us out in Ibiza watching in pain after a long weekend and counting down the minutes to a 10pm flight home! Please England entertain us - we are relying on you.

  94. 5 overs: 
    Eng 10-2 (target 316)
    Mitchell Johnson

    Could this be the re-emergence of Mitchell Johnson? A comedy figure in the last Ashes down under and left out of the Test squad for this summer's series, he looks a different animal today. The pace and accuracy that deserted him are back. I wonder if we'll see more of him on faster Australian pitches this winter. Joe Root joins Kevin Pietersen for the England rebuilding exercise. One from McKay's over, it's KP's turn to face the Mitch music.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Johnson's pace and extra bounce did for him more than anything. It was a classic fast bowler's dismissal. There will be a few notes taken not just for the rest of the series but the one coming up. It's a good tactic against Trott but England are in real strife."

  96. 4 overs: 
    WICKET- Trott c Wade b Johnson 0 (Eng 9-2)

    The Barmy Army may not be able to rib Mitchell Johnson for too much longer. He sends Jonathan Trott back with an absolute snorter. Back of a length, over 90mph, Trott can only fend through to wicketkeeper Matthew Wade and goes for a blob. England in real trouble.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a sad dismissal, it's back of a length, he made room to cut and gave a simple catch to backward point. Carberry is yet to fire in the red of England, it's been a difficult time for him."

    Listen to BBC Test Match Special

  98. 3.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Carberry c Clarke b Johnson 4 (Eng 8-1)
    Michael Carberry

    England's task becomes that little bit harder as Australia strike. It's the impressive Mitchell Johnson who makes the breakthrough, albeit from a delivery that Michael Carberry really should have punished. Short and wide, the Hampshire man can only cut straight to Michael Clarke at point. You can't help but feel for Carberry. Prolific at county level, his ODI career has not started well.

  99. 3 overs: 
    Eng 5-0 (target 316)

    England finally off the mark from the 15th ball of the innings, a Pietersen single on the leg side. Cheers from the crowd and a recording of a trumpet blast played across the tannoy. What is that, by the way? I'm fairly certain I first heard it at the rugby World Cup. A lovely back-foot punch from Carberry brings England a first boundary.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is impressive stuff from Johnson around about off stump. Two maidens and a very purposeful start. It highlights the magnitude of the task for England."

  101. 2 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 0-0 (target 316)

    Left-armed England fans' favourite Mitchell Johnson with the other new ball, bowling to left-hander Carberry. Johnson matches McKay's accuracy, Australia appealing for nothing in particular when Carberry leaves on off stump. Not out. Johnson follows that up with an absolute rozzer that beats the outside edge. Another maiden.


    Matthew in Harlow, TMS inbox: Apparently England are going to rest Michael Carberry before the big beach cricket tournament scheduled to take place shortly in Marbella....no Carbs before Marbs.

  103. 1 over: 
    Eng 0-0 (target 316)

    Two slips for McKay, bustling in to the hulking, imposing figure of Pietersen. McKay is immediately into the groove, line and length on off stump. England's chase begins with a maiden.

    Dark skies at Old Trafford
  104. 1429: 

    Starting what would be England's highest chase to win an ODI will be Kevin Pietersen and Michael Carberry. They are in the middle, Pietersen on strike. Clint McKay has the ball.

  105. 1428: 

    Without rain, though, this afternoon's equation is quite simple. England need 316 from 50 overs to take a 1-0 lead in this ODI series. a tall order, it's Australia that look to have the upper hand. If England even get close, we could be is for some fun.

  106. 1425: 

    A swift turnaround, barely time to wolf down your Sunday roast. The rain radar I've seen suggests there's a slight chance of a shower. Clouds have certainly gathered over Manchester.

  107. 1406: 

    Scotland have been bowled out by Ireland for 165 in their World Cricket League match in Belfast. After a poor start, Calum MacLeod (39) and Richie Berrington (35) gave the Scots some hope but they suffered a late collapse and will need a superb effort with the ball to avoid a second successive defeat by Ireland.

    Match scorecard

  108. 1403: 

    But, the hosts have packed their side with batting. Ben Stokes coming in at eight gives them depth, so the chase of 316 to win is not out of the question. We'll be back for the England reply in about 20 minutes. In the meantime, keep listening to TMS, who have former England pacer Steve Harmison and Glamorgan wicketkeeper Mark Wallace as guests.

    Listen to BBC Test Match Special

  109. 1400: 

    We wondered if England had picked the right team and made the right decision at the toss. Now they've conceded 315, I wonder if they are having the same thoughts. There will be some bruised England bowlers currently taking their boots off in the dressing room, the figures don't read too well.

    Finn: 10-1-68-2 Rankin: 10-0-49-2 Stokes: 10-0-66-0 Bopara: 10-057-2 Tredwell: 8-0-60-1 Root: 2-0-13-0

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a flat wicket but I think Australia have got their selections the right way around - they have a couple of spinning options and bowlers to rely on. This will take some getting and will be difficult with rain around and clouds overhead. It's difficult from a batting view how to go about a chase with rain about. Surely you think about rain as a cricketer even if the coach tells you not to."

  111. 50 overs: 
    Aus 315-7

    Shot, Mitch. Johnson leans back to biff his first ball through the covers for four, scampers a couple off the next then gets only fresh air when he aims a hoik towards Bolton. Last ball...missed again...a bye scampered through to the wicketkeeper. Australia close on 315-7. Too many?

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "A batsman is trying to give himself as much room as possible in this situation and hit over the off side. The idea was good but the execution was not."

  113. 49.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Faulkner c Morgan b Finn 18 (Aus 308-7)

    Steven Finn picks up the wicket of James Faulkner in the last over of the innings, the right-hander looking to find the vacant off-side fence but only picking out Eoin Morgan at extra cover. Four balls for Mitchell Johnson to come and be part of...

  114. 49 overs: 
    Aus 307-6 (Voges 15*, Faulkner 18*)

    By my reckoning, England are behind the over rate. They should have been done by now. Rankin does well to keep the ball full, but James Faulkner responds by leaning back to smash over the off side for six. Following that up with four down the ground, Faulkner has taken Australia past their highest ODI score against England in the UK. Rankin finishes with 2-49 from 10, pretty good stuff.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "Sometimes it is just a batsman's day and there is not much you can do as a captain. But Australia kept playing shots from overs 15-35 and you need to think: 'hang on, we can get a wicket here.' The quicks have dropped a little short."

  116. 48 overs: 
    Aus 294-6 (Voges 13*, Faulkner 7*)

    We saw James Faulkner biff the ball around in the fifth Test at The Oval and here he backs off to swipe Steven Finn through the leg side for four. If you were to be critical of Finn, you could say that length is too short. Not many yorkers have been bowled by England today.


    Hugh in Newbury, via text on 81111: Baffled that neither Tremlett nor Onions are in the one day squad. Surely it would be beneficial to include bowlers of their experience and also give them some valuable time around the England set-up.

  118. 47 overs: 
    Aus 284-6 (Voges 9*, Faulkner 1*)

    Well bowled, Boyd Rankin. No hat-trick - James Faulkner survived his first delivery - but two wickets and only two runs from the 47th over is exactly what England required. Could the hosts yet keep the Aussies to something manageable?

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the type of shot you see Shane Watson play, to run it down to third man to get one, and he's squeezed it onto his stumps."

  120. 46.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Wade b Rankin 0 (Aus 283-6)
    Boyd Rankin

    Gone first ball! England sticking to the mantra of 'the best way to keep runs down is by taking wickets' as Boyd Rankin strikes twice in as many balls. It's Matthew Wade who goes for a golden blob, chopping the ball on to his stumps. Big Boyd is on a hat-trick.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "It was an enjoyable innings to watch. I really enjoy watching people who can play spin well. He makes it look effortless. He has been criticised for his strike rate in the past but now has had a good one for a long time."

  122. 46.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Clarke c Buttler b Rankin 105 (Aus 283-5)

    Michael Clarke finally goes, attempting a heave off Boyd Rankin than only results in an edge behind. He leaves to a standing ovation, quite right too, as it's been a wonderful knock by the Australia captain. His elegance has resulted in a beautiful assault, one that has battered England to all parts.

    Michael Clarke
    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Fawad Ahmed will be a threat, particularly because England don't know much about him. They might not know the best place to hit him. The problems are mounting for England."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  124. 46 overs: 
    Aus 282-4 (Clarke 105*, Voges 8*)

    Five overs remain, more than likely that three will be bowled by Steven Finn and two by Boyd Rankin. With Voges heaving on to the leg side, we get another look at the throwing arm of Ben Stokes. So many times today he's rifled the ball in with fire coming off it. Yet another bullet arm leaves Jos Buttler's hands stinging. It's another good over for England, five come from it.


    Simon Neville: Bopara's the pick of the bowlers. Desperate for an all rounder? Surely there's an argument for inclusion in the Test side.

  126. 45 overs: 
    Aus 277-4 (Clarke 105*, Voges 3*)

    Adam Voges is the new man to join the late shebang, off the mark with a single off Bopara then facing up to Ben Stokes' final over. Mixing his length as the Aussie batsmen move around in the crease, Stokes does well to concede only four singles. He ends with figures of 0-66.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "That's the sort of ball where your eyes light up as a batsman. But it was an outstanding innings. Bailey just started to play shots, it was testament to the wicket. England have not bowled well but Australia have been playing shots you can only play on a true wicket."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  128. 43.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Bailey c Tredwell b Bopara 84 (Aus 271-4)

    George Bailey, what have you done? The most horrible half-tracker from Ravi Bopara can only be helped around the corner, straight to James Tredwell at short fine leg. A hundred goes begging for Bailey, England have the wicket they have needed for so, so long. Only problem is, Bailey has batted Australia into a position where wickets no longer matter.

  129. 43.1 overs: 
    100 MICHAEL CLARKE- Aus 269-3
    Michael Clarke

    The completion of a wonderful hundred by Michael Clarke, his eighth in ODIs and first against England. I can't think that's he's given a chance and has put his side in position for a monster total.


    Neil in Sheffield, via text on 81111: Can anyone imagine Australia circa 1998 - 2000 deciding to rest The Waugh Brothers, Ponting, Warne and McGrath before a one day series against England?

  131. 43 overs: 
    Aus 263-3 (Clarke 95*, Bailey 82*)

    A relatively calm over, Ben Stokes restricting this Aussie pair to singles. Still, it's enough for the partnership to be stretched to 147, a record fourth-wicket stand for ODIs at Old Trafford.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "We've seen some extraordinary batting. It's just been out and out aggression. I've probably not seen this much from George Bailey in the last few years. You rarely see this in any other format from him than Twenty20."

  133. 42 overs: 
    Aus 259-3 (Clarke 93*, Bailey 80*)
    Michael Clarke

    George Bailey is swinging like a baseball slugger, tucking into the buffet Ravi Bopara serves up halfway down the track. Both pull shots, six then four. The first goes over the head of Ben Stokes at cow corner, but lands inside the rope. Should he have been right on the fence? The second is right out of the meat, sailing for a maximum. After a single, Michael Clarke is on the act, biffing downtown for four to move into the nineties.


    Dave in Hitchin, via text on 81111: Re: Chris Parker (32 overs). Not much relevance if he loses though. Cook tends to be good at avoiding that.

  135. 41 overs: 
    Aus 244-3 (Clarke 89*, Bailey 69*)

    At the moment, this barely looks like a contest. Bailey's swivel to pull Ben Stokes for four leaves the Aussie pair giving it big grins, while many of the England team cast the depressed look of a side that has chased leather for 40 overs.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Bopara has done a good job for his captain bowling liquorice allsorts but has not gone for too many. Australia could get 100 in the last 10 here though."

  137. 40 overs: 
    Aus 235-3 (Bopara 1-32, Tredwell 1-60)

    Eoin Morgan juggles his bowlers, employing the economical Ravi Bopara. Old Trafford is slightly subdued, only the odd lone voice in song can be heard. Before this series, Michael Vaughan suggested that England's decision to rest some big names should mean that ticket-holders should be partly refunded. If you're inside OT, do you agree? Clarke leans back to belt Bopara over mid off.


    Tom Lambert: Re 16 overs: Surely if the batsman is almost out the bowler gets one ball at an open wicket but with his eyes closed?

  139. 39 overs: 
    Aus 227-3 (Clarke 83*, Bailey 59*)

    Fielding restrictions relaxed, England once again call upon James Tredwell. Around the wicket, the round-bellied Tredwell is accurate enough, but Australia can still work seven from the over.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "George Bailey is striking the ball beautifully from the time he came in, great power. It is a very measured partnership that is putting England in trouble. England's batting line-up is very powerful but I just wonder if another bowling option would give it greater balance. They need Chris Jordan in the side looking at the squad they've got."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  141. 38 overs: 
    50 FOR GEORGE BAILEY- Aus 220-3

    England have problems, big problems. After Michael Clarke tickles the returning Stokes for four to move to 80 and the highest score by an Aussie in ODIs at Old Trafford, Bailey belts down the ground for six. For Bailey, the Paul Collingwood lookalike with a very similar style, that blow takes him to a seventh ODI fifty. One consolation for England is that the powerplay is done with.


    Adam, via text on 81111: Is there a case for the England management to say to Finn 'I don't care how you run in or where you deliver from, just bowl as fast as you possibly can'?

  143. 37 overs: 
    Aus 208-3 (Clarke 76*, Bailey 47*)

    Gloomy again inside OT, but Rankin continues to do a decent job. Just short of a length at decent pace, he has this Aussie pair swinging and swiping, only three coming from the over. Contrast that to the previous eight, which yielded 64.

  144. 36 overs: 
    Aus 204-3 (Clarke 76*, Bailey 43*)
    George Bailey

    I'm hearing reports that rested England pacer Stuart Broad is at the Italian Grand Prix. In his absence - and that of the also-rested James Anderson and Graeme Swann and the injured Tim Bresnan - England are going the distance. Clarke and Bailey traded boundaries, both on the leg side when Finn loses his length. Clarke is sniffing a ton, Bailey a half-century. They have shared 88.

  145. 35 overs: 
    Aus 194-3 (Clarke 71*, Bailey 38*)

    Boyd Rankin after drinks, one of only two England bowlers to go at fewer than six runs per over. The other is Ravi Bopara. The big Irishman is exasperated to see Bailey's poked edge fly to third man for four. England in dire need of a wicket, the bowling figures of this attack not making too pleasant reading.

    Finn 6-1-36-1, Rankin 7-0-31-0, Stokes 6-0-36-0, Bopara 7-0-24-1, Tredwell 7-0-53-1, Root 2-0-13-0.


    James Baillie: Have England forgotten how to bowl yorkers? Can't remember the last time I saw an England player bowl one.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "'Don't stop me now' is the song through the tannoy after another Clarke boundary. The DJ has had a tremendous summer." Australia have still got plenty left to come. How many can they get? They could get 325 here."

  148. 34 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- Aus 188-3

    Australia opt to take the batting powerplay two overs earlier than when it would have been enforced, with Steven Finn the first England bowler into the firing line. "Wickets in this powerplay lads," is the chirp from an England fielder, but Michael Clarke first bunts down the ground then savagely pulls through mid-wicket, earning two boundaries. Any idea why they allow drinks breaks during the powerplay? Supposedly one of the most exciting points of the game interrupted. Text, tweet and email.


    Mark, TMS inbox: Watching Australia pile on the runs, fairly easily I might add, I keep asking myself why did England not bat?

  150. 33 overs: 
    Aus 177-3 (Clarke 61*, Bailey 32*)

    James Tredwell, very expensive earlier in the day, is recalled to the attack and is tidy from around the wicket. The crowd appeals when Jos Buttler takes a looping ball off the pads of Bailey, but there's no bat involved. Much better from Tredwell, only two singles from it.


    Titus, via text on 81111: In my local, the rule concerning pool was that winner stayed on & three straight victories meant playing the fourth game with a choice of umbrella or mop-handle - chalk allowed.

  152. 32 overs: 
    Aus 175-3 (Clarke 60, Bailey 31*)

    There's very little pressure on these Aussie batsmen, it's a case of picking the gaps and running hard. England desperate for a wicket, but Joe Root is milked for five singles. This partnership is worth 59 from 60 balls. Clouds are rolling in, some of them dark. Surely we're not in for rain?


    Chris Parker: Can we get Eoin as captain all the time? Forcing the game and aggressive, much more exciting than Cook.

  154. 31 overs: 
    Aus 170-3 (Clarke 58*, Bailey 28*)

    After those few tight overs, England are once again on the back foot. First Bailey swings Stokes through mid-wicket, then Clarke guides to third man. Both bring boundaries. England potentially in the soup, their plan to chase with a long batting line-up looks likely to be tested.


    Mike Wren, Blackheath CC in London, via text on 81111: To all you DRS Heads- Did you know that cricket has managed without technology for over 200 years and continues to do so away from the International Cricket, every day. The "Howler" argument is acceptable but is the system is not used for that. If we are going to have to use it then it should just be for the 3rd umpire for real howlers and not marginal decisions. On another point, to give anyone out simply on sound is ridiculous. As an umpire, and I am one, you need to see the ball hit the bat and not just guess if you hear something.

  156. 30 overs: 
    50 FOR MICHAEL CLARKE- Aus 159-3
    Michael Clarke

    As we thought, Joe Root is going to roll his arm over, bowling his off-breaks in shades that would be better suited in a science fiction film. Whereas Tredwell bowled with loop, Root darts the ball in with some success, but his final ball of the over is swept for four by Michael Clarke, taking the skipper to a half-century. Clarke's 55th ODI fifty. That's a lot.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "I look at Ben Stokes and know he is not the finished article, but I see a bit of Andrew Flintoff in him."

  158. 29 overs: 
    Aus 151-3 (Clarke 46*, Bailey 21*)

    As the sun reappears, Australia look to manufacture a few shots in order to break the shackles. A Clarke chip over mid off, Bailey's shovelled pull, both could have presented chances, but result in a couple of twos. More convincing is Bailey's stride to plant Stokes down the ground for his second six, straight at where the Aussie 12th man is sitting.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Consistently England have swung the white ball and if you look at this surface it is very abrasive. Old Trafford is renowned for reverse swing and it is no surprise it is moving about a bit."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  160. 28 overs: 
    Aus 140-3 (Clarke 43*, Bailey 13*)

    Indeed Tredwell is given the hook, replaced by Ravi Bopara. 1-22 from six previous overs, Bopara again does the business, getting the odd delivery to hold in the deck. Only two singles from it, England enjoying a tight spell. Morgan, though, may need to find someone to fill in Tredwell's overs. Maybe a whirl for Joe Root?


    Steve in Stockport, via text on 81111: Remember playing in school where we made one lad permanently play with the bat handle and we still couldn't get him out.

  162. 27 overs: 
    Aus 138-3 (Clarke 42*, Bailey 12*)

    Lovely stuff from Stokes, just nibbling the ball away from the groping edge of Bailey. The movement prompts England to post a slip, with Michael Clarke then following Bailey's example to play and miss. Impressive over from Stokes, bowling in the high 80s, with only one from it. Warm applause in appreciation.


    Brian in Birmingham, via text on 81111: Who'd be an umpire? Travel all over the world, lift nothing heavier than few ounces, free lunch laid on every day, a few weeks on then a month off, never have to work through your lunch or tea break, work in perpetual sunshine. And free company uniform!

  164. 26 overs: 
    Aus 137-3 (Clarke 42*, Bailey 11*)

    George Bailey doesn't take too much time to have a look, he's down the track to hit Tredwell high and handsome, straight as you like for a maximum. If there is an Aussie plan to target Tredwell and expose England's limited bowling options, it's working. The Kent man has gone for 51 in his six overs. How much longer can Eoin Morgan keep him on?

  165. 1208: 

    In the World Cricket League match between Ireland and Scotland in Belfast, the visitors are 62-4 after 21 overs after their captain Preston Mommsen fell to Kevin O'Brien for 12.

    Ireland ended Scotland's hopes of automatic World Cup qualification with a one-wicket win at Stormont on Friday, but the Scots will have another chance to progress at the final World Cup qualifying event in New Zealand in January.

    Latest scorecard from Sunday's match

  166. 25 overs: 
    Aus 129-3 (Clarke 41*, Bailey 4*)

    I suspect the disappearance of the sun means it is not too pleasant sitting in the upper tiers at Old Trafford. It looks pretty cold up there. Lots of coats on and hoods up. Still Ben Stokes, reddish hair, 59 on his back and a spider-like action. A wide one is slashed for four to third man by Clarke, but the rest of the over is decent.


    Andy Cooke: Bat handles? We used to call them "peg-legs"

  168. 24 overs: 
    Aus 124-3 (Clarke 36*, Bailey 4*)

    Tredwell is over the wicket to Bailey, but around to Clarke, bowling as the sun temporarily disappears. That brings some chilliness, so much so that Clarke signals to the dressing room to call for a sweater. A single from every ball.


    Michael in Stockport, via text on 81111: 3 bat handles, not heard of that since playing in the school playground 30 years ago.

  170. 23 overs: 
    Aus 118-3 (Clarke 33*, Bailey 1*)

    Ben Stokes returns after the wicket, bowling on the arrival of new man George Bailey. Bailey usually comes with references to It's A Wonderful Life, but I've never seen it so they are lost on me. He's off the mark with a single.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "He just picked out Joe Root. Every other innings he has played he has trusted himself to hit it 10 rows back. Clearly the execution was not right but I'm loathe to say it was a terrible shot."

  172. 21.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Finch c Root b Tredwell 45 (Aus 116-3)
    England celebrate

    England needed this. James Tredwell was taking some tap from Aaron Finch and Michael Clarke, 10 from the over, but Finch went to the well once too often. Looking to bludgeon down the ground, he could only find the belly of Joe Root at long on. Tredwell has been expensive, but he'll be glad to see the back of Finch.


    Paul, TMS inbox: How can it be umpires call for impact? The TV pics show where it has hit, there is no further element of tracking guesswork involved.

  174. 21 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 106-2

    Still the tidy Bopara, shuffling in to deliver his medium pacers with Jos Buttler back up to the stumps. Both Bopara and Buttler appeal when Clarke's attempt at a late cut results in the ball nestling in Buttler's gloves. There was a noise, but it was Clarke's bat on pad. Bopara has impressive figures of 1-22 from his six.

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm more if something is 80 per cent right use it rather than on something 50 per cent right. But the whole umpire's call is a wide scope at the moment. It is harsh to lose a review over it. The Decision Review System can be refined."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  176. 20 overs: 
    Aus 104-2 (Finch 39*, Clarke 26*)

    Two contrasting methods of playing James Tredwell's off-spin from these Aussie batsmen. Michael Clarke, balletic and elegant, dances for a couple of singles and a lofted drive over mid off for four. In between, Aaron Finch, the blacksmith, heaves over the leg side for a maximum. One aesthetically pleasing, one brutal. Both effective.

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't know what's upset Kettleborough the most, the overturned lbw or the ice cream van stopping play."


    Robin: Can umpires be disciplined for showing dissent at the umpire's decision?

    Paul Atkinson: Surely they must be able to speed Snicko up so it can be part of DRS? Seems more accurate than Hot Spot most of the time.

    Derry Bannister: Have to praise Eoin Morgan as a captain he knows who to bowl at who and sets good fields. He has a brilliant cricket brain.

  179. 19 overs: 
    Aus 91-2 (Finch 32*, Clarke 20*)

    Now then, that decision to reprieve Finch is exactly what I'm talking about when giving a batsman three 'bat handles'. No idea what I'm talking about? Disputes in street cricket used to resolved by having the batsman turn his bat upside down. If he could survive three balls batting with the handle, his innings could continue. Get Finch to do that now. Meanwhile, Ravi Bopara's over is halted by the reflection of the sun off both an ice cream van and the groundsman's blotter shining in the batsmen's eyes. The ice cream van is moved, the blotter covered by a towel from the dressing room. Low-tech solutions to modern problems.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "In a way it was not a bad review but it was umpire's call and it is not out."

  181. 17.2 overs: 
    NOT OUT- Aus 80-2

    You very rarely see these overturned. Yes, it's close, but Finch is adjudged to have got outside the line on the front foot by virtue of an 'umpire's call'. England's only review is gone.

  182. 17.2 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Aus 80-2

    Now then, what's going on here? James Tredwell thinks he's got Aaron Finch. It's not much of an appeal, but Tredwell has done enough to convince Eoin Morgan to have another look.

  183. 17 overs: 
    Aus 79-2 (Finch 29*, Clake 12*)

    For all the chat of England potentially being light on bowling, Ravi Bopara has started well. His medium-pacers are helped by the slowish deck and Australia are struggling to get him away. Clarke shows his frustration with an ugly heave, one of four singles from the over.

  184. 16 overs: 
    Aus 75-2 (Finch 27*, Clarke 9*)

    DRS taking some flak here. What's the solution? Get rid of it? Surely there's other, more pressing, law changes that need to be made first? I personally think it should be mandatory for the wicketkeeper to have at least three overs in every ODI. Also, a batsman given out on an 'umpire's call' lbw should be given the chance to survive with three 'bat handles'. Think of the drama. Rankin after drinks, Clarke swivelling on a short ball to pull for four through mid-wicket.


    Ben in Shanghai, TMS inbox: Did someone slip an England shirt into the Aussie white towel laundry? They're a lovely shade of pink!


    England batsman James Taylor on Twitter: How can you have technology involved in cricket if it is going to be so inconsistent...

  187. 15 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Aus 69-2

    The fall of Watson has not deterred Finch, who leans back to wallop Bopara over the leaping Morgan at mid off for four. Finch puffs out his cheeks as the ball batters the boundary boards. Relief that he wasn't pouched by Morgan, or indifference to his Sunday morning task? He can reflect over a drink.


    Mark, TMS inbox: What a joke international cricket and DRS has become when an off-field umpire over rules the on field umpire on a sound.

  189. 14 overs: 
    Aus 62-2 (Rankin 0-19, Bopara 1-6)

    The upshot is that Aussie skipper Michael Clarke has arrived at the crease, greeted by the returning pace of Boyd Rankin and with a slip and short leg for company. Clarke to be tested by some early chin music? Riding the bounce, the captain takes a single on the off side.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Shane Watson's walking off shaking his head. But there was definitely a noise, I don't see what else it could have come from. I think it was the right decision. He should have been out first ball anyway."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  191. 12.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Watson c Buttler b Bopara 38 (Aus 60-2)

    More DRS shenanigans. No Hot Spot, but it seems the noise has been enough to condemn Shane Watson. Richard Kettleborough again looks bemused as he overturns the decision, Watson muttering to the umpire and then to himself as he trudges off. Was there enough evidence to change the original call? I'd like to be a fly on the wall when Kettleborough and third umpire Aleem Dar share a brew at the interval. In the end, though, after Watson's earlier reprieve, have these decisions evened themselves out?

  192. 12.4 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Aus 60-1
    Ravi Bopara

    Is there anything on HotSpot? Not sure. That doesn't mean there wasn't an edge. We're seeing slow-mo replays from three different angles. There was a loud, woody sound. What else could it have been?

  193. 12.4 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Aus 60-1

    England are convinced they have Watson here, Shane swiping at Bopara, perhaps getting an edge through to Buttler. Big noise, but nothing from umpire Kettleborough. We'll have another look.


    Bailey Noyes: Eoin Morgan is a class act in the field, combined with his destructive batting and you have a brilliant ODI player!

    Chris Parker: I think people are forgetting Stokes is a great bowler, a proper all rounder that can bat and bowl, 4 front line bowlers.

    Martin: And Australia wonder why Stuart Broad didn't walk. Watson was out. Umpire failure again.

  195. 12 overs: 
    Aus 57-1 (Finch 19*, Watson 38*)

    Spin for the first time, the offies of James Tredwell. "Good morning, James," says Watson, dancing to hammer over long on for the first maximum of the series. Tredwell finds some turn in response. We'll see more of that on this slow deck.

    Shane Watson
    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "Watson's absolutely stuffed up there. Yes. No. Yes. No. He's been involved in a few run outs in his career, he just does not make the commitment in his call."

  197. 11 overs: 
    CLOSE!- Aus 51-1

    The end of the powerplay sees Ravi Bopara come into the attack, delivering his wobblers with keeper Jos Buttler up to the stumps. The field spreads as the sun momentarily hides behind a cloud. What's happening here? "Yes, no, wait, sorry!" Watson pushes into the off side, wanting a single then stopping, leaving him and Finch shaking hands in the middle of the pitch. Finch is long gone if the throw at the non-striker's end hits, but it's off target. That would have been a gift for the men in red.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "England are probably one quick bowler light but they want to look at Ben Stokes."

  199. 10 overs: 
    Aus 49-1 (Finch 18*, Watson 31*)
    Ben Stokes

    Right then, England's back-up bowling begins its examination. Ben Stokes to bowl his seam first change - I fear that some well-set Aussie batsmen could tuck in if the likes of Stokes and Ravi Bopara don't get it right. A wide full toss is certainly not getting it right and Stokes is sent through the covers by Watson. Hmmmm.


    Tim in London, via text on 81111: DRS is ludicrously inconsistent. Balls clearly hitting the stumps given not out, batsmen reprieved because there might just have been a nick. Very muddled thinking on how it used.

  201. 9 overs: 
    Aus 43-1 (Finch 17*, Watson 23*)

    As the sunshine shimmers off the shades perched on the head of Joe Root at second slip, Finch clips Finn through mid-wicket for four, then absolutely batters a pull shot to the square leg fence. If a fielder had been daft enough to try to catch that, it would have taken him with it. A cheeky grin appears on the face of Aussie coach Darren Lehmann. His side are going well.

    Michael Vaughan, Ex-England captain on BBC Test Match Special

    "If you look at Shane Watson's innings, he could have been out, then he plays and missed, then he plays a great shot, then he edges. We have the lot from him today."

    Listen to live commentary on BBC Test Match Special

  203. 8 overs: 
    CLOSE!- Aus 31-1

    All sorts happening in this Boyd Rankin over. First an attempted pull from Aaron Finch - he is still batting, despite the attention being hogged by Watson - is top edged but short of third man, then a genuine nick from Watson doesn't carry to wicketkeeper Jos Buttler. Watson, who is alternating between World XI and village third XI, follows that up with a booming cover drive for four.


    Andy Harrison, TMS inbox: How about Finn getting a fin edge from Finch?

  205. 7 overs: 
    Aus 26-1 (Finch 4*, Watson 22*)

    A characteristic big pad being plunged down the track by Watson, it gets him into a spot of bother, but his up-and-down knock continues with a chip over mid on for four. An Aussie fan greets the boundary with waves of a flag. Steven Finn's response is a bumper that draws ooohs and aaahs from the crowd.

    Charles Dagnall, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "Looking at Snicko on the Watson lbw review, the thick mark suggests that the ball hit the pad rather than the bat."

  207. 6 overs: 
    Aus 22-1 (Watson 18*, Finch 4*)

    This is very skittish from Watson. Lots of attempted dabs to third man and flat-footed drives outside off stump, all with little success, causing Boyd Rankin to hop about in a "that-was-close" kind of way. When Rankin drops short, Watson pummels his second pull shot to the boundary.


    Andy in Essex, TMS inbox: Great decision from Kettleborough, horrific decision from Dar. Why have reviews if they end up with the wrong decision. Watson clearly out.

  209. 5 overs: 
    Aus 16-1 (Finch 3*, Watson 13*)

    Beast and the beauty from Watson. First, a horrible swipe aimed towards Oldham that got nowhere near the ball, then a perfect straight drive that runs all along the carpet, past Finn for four. Plenty of folks still arriving from the Old Trafford tram stop. Surely with the price of tickets, you'd want to get in on time?


    Sean Murphy: Nice day for cricket...

    Old Trafford
  211. 4 overs: 
    Aus 10-1 (Finch 3*, Watson 7*)

    Take that. The first sign of aggression from Australia as Watson belts a short ball from Rankin in front of square for four. Rankin is up around 90mph, but the ease with which Watson dealt with that suggests this pitch has no great pace. Replays show Shane Watson's wonderful reaction after that first-ball lbw decision. The turn and scowl was like someone had clipped him around the ear and run off.


    Rob in London, via text on 81111: I thought the third umpire was there to overrule the on field umpire only if its a howler? If the third umpire has to convince the on-field umpire, then he's not doing his job.

  213. 3 overs: 
    Aus 5-1 (Finch 3*, Watson 2*)

    Two slips wait for Finn as he runs in, knees pumping, towards the stubble-faced Finch. Finn to Finch, the prospect for confusion. It's good from Finn, decent pace and a nagging off-stump line. He gets straight with the final ball and is worked for a couple.


    Rachel T: The only dancing I want to see is KP strictly down the wicket. Come on England!

    Dave Brown: 3 frontline bowlers?! Too much pressure on them to go well. Loads of batsman so if some fail they have backup.

    Sally Smith: Bopara - if he has a good bowling day, great, if not then Root, KP and Trott might have to bowl. Think we are a bowler light.

  215. 2 overs: 
    Aus 2-1 (Finch 1*, Watson 1*)

    Boyd Rankin to share opening duties and complete possibly the tallest new-ball attack in history. Right-hander Finch, who watched on from the other end as the entertainment of Finn's first over unfolded, dabs to third man to get Australia under way. Watson follows suit for a single of his own.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special commentator

    "We're listening to the third umpire and umpire talk and they are discussing whether the bat has hit the pad or the ball. It took a long time to be convinced."

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "His reaction was classic Shane Watson: 'are you sure?' He's hit it ... just! It's as clear as day, he's smashed it!"

  218. 0.5 overs: 
    NOT OUT- Aus 0-1

    Boos around Old Trafford greet the arms-across-the-chest signal from Kettleborough. Watson survives, Steven Finn questions the umpire, who himself doesn't look too happy that he's has to overturn that decision. All happening and we've only had five balls.

  219. 0.5 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Aus 0-1

    Third umpire Aleem Dar says there's an edge, standing umpire Richard Kettleborough says he doesn't think there was.

  220. 0.5 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Aus 0-1

    There's a mark on HotSpot, but has bat hit ball or has bat hit pad? Tricky call. On-field decision was out.

  221. 0.5 overs: 
    UMPIRE REVIEW- Aus 0-1
    Steven Finn appeals

    Out! Surely? It's walking lbw candidate Shane Watson, pinned on the front pad first ball. It looks plumb, but we all know Shane likes a review...

    Dirk Nannes, Ex-Australia bowler on BBC Test Match Special

    "There was no real hint of movement, the ball did not do too much, it was an error of judgement or execution from Marsh. It was almost a half volley and usually an easy one you strike for four. It was classic Shaun Marsh, he can move his feet when he gets in but does not move them all that well early on and has come unstuck. It's disappointing after he made so many runs for Australia A. When he is on song he is great to watch."

  223. 0.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Marsh c Buttler b Finn 0 (Aus 0-1)

    What a start by England, Steven Finn strikes with the fourth delivery of the day. Good pace and a full length from the Middlesex man draws a tentative poke from left-hander Shaun Marsh, the result being an edge to the left of wicketkeeper Jos Buttler, taken at waist height in both paws. First blood to the men in red.


    England T20 captain Stuart Broad: Good luck to the England boys at OT today. Cracking stadium to play at now. Hope everyone enjoys it!

  225. 1014: 

    More Jerusalem being belted out as the players emerge into this beautiful day. England, in their red, followed by the Aussie yellow/gold. Quite a colour clash. Shaun Marsh is the man on strike, the very dangerous Aaron Finch at the other end. Steven Finn has the ball.

  226. 1012: 

    Yep, believe it not, the sun is beaming down on Old Trafford, there's not a cloud in the blue sky to interfere. It's not tropical, mind. Warm in the sun, cool in the shade. Those folks I saw heading to the cricket when I was driving up the M6 this morning will probably need a jumper.


    Chris Fawkes, BBC Weather Centre: "We have better prospects for almost a full day. We have clear blue skies but will get patchy cloud from early afternoon. Peak risk for showers at Old Trafford is between 5 and 6pm. It is likely to last 10 minutes if it comes."

    Vic Marks, Ex-England spinner on BBC Test Match Special

    "Joe Root probably strengthens the bowling but they are still fragile with the ball. Stokes is a key man as they have to anticipate him bowling 10 overs. It will be tricky against Australia on a good pitch. It is a big match for him."


    Myles Stevens, TMS inbox: The England team looks great for a 40 over game. Not sure there's 50 overs of bowling, especially if one of the Aussies take a shining to Finn again.

    Sarah Ferner, TMS inbox: Re: 9.59. No. No. Yes.

  230. 1005: 

    TMS has hit the airwaves on 5 live sports extra, online and the BBC radio player app. They've grabbed a few more thoughts from the skippers:

    Eoin Morgan: "Kevin at the top of the order is very exciting for us bearing in mind there's 50 overs. Potentially we will have Bell and Cook but if KP plays well we have to fit him in somewhere."

    Michael Clarke: "The forecast is not the best for later this evening but we will hope to put big runs on the board. I think the wicket looks good and it will be pretty even for both teams."

  231. 1003: 

    One more thing to note about Kevin Pietersen is that he will open the batting, the last time he did that in ODIs he got back-to-back hundreds against Pakistan in 2012. His opening partner will be Michael Carberry, pictured here front right, perhaps trying to get over the shocker he had on ODI debut against Ireland. Two dropped catches, one over for 12, barely troubling the scorers. The two having a hug are Ben Stokes and Boyd Rankin, teenage pacer Jamie Overton the beast on the right.

    England training
  232. 0959: 

    So what do we make of all that? Right team chosen by England? Right decision at the toss? Do you like the look of this Australia side? They seem both powerful and balanced. Three usual ways to get in touch - text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket or email tms@bbc.co.uk.

  233. 0956: 

    As Eoin Morgan said, England see Joe Root, Jonathan Trott and Kevin Pietersen come into the side that beat Ireland on Tuesday. Pietersen, by the way, has not played an ODI in England since July 2011. Only three frontline bowlers for the hosts - Steven Finn, Boyd Rankin and James Tredwell. They will need to get at least 20 overs from Ben Stokes, Ravi Bopara and Root. A bowler light?

    England: Michael Carberry, Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Ravi Bopara, Jos Buttler, Ben Stokes, James Tredwell, Boyd Rankin, Steven Finn.

    Australia: Aaron Finch, Shaun Marsh, Shane Watson, Michael Clarke, George Bailey, Adam Voges, Matthew Wade, James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Clint McKay, Fawad Ahmed.


    Australia captain Michael Clarke: "We would have batted first, the wicket looks fantastic, it's great to see the sunshine and hopefully we can score some runs.

    "We were looked after well in Scotland, it was great to see the openers go out and make big scores.

    "It's good to see Mitch [Johnson] back bowling well and I think he'll do well on this wicket."


    England captain Eoin Morgan: "It's early morning and we're not sure how it will play.

    "We were happy with the result against Ireland but we lacked intensity

    "We're with the same bowling attack and have Joe Root, Kevin Pietersen and Jonathan Trott back. Kev will open the batting. Having him up the top gives him a license."

  236. 0949: 
    Eoin Morgan tosses

    Yep, Old Trafford may be bathed in cloudless sunshine, but stand-in England skipper Eoin Morgan fancies a bowl first. Michael Clarke says he would have had a bat. Do you know something we don't, Eoin?

  237. 0947: 

    Can we cling on to the last days of the most wonderful time of year? We most certainly can, with the help of a little one-day international action. The pesky Leeds rain prevented the start of the series between England and Australia on Friday, but Manchester is glorious today. And, we already have news...

  238. 0945: 

    Let's be honest, the gradual ebbing away of summer is rubbish. Back to school, darker evenings, the return of Strictly Come Dancing...

Live Scores - England v Australia


  • Australia beat England by 88 runs
  • England: 227 (44.2 overs)
  • Australia: 315-7 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Manchester

England Innings

All out
View full scorecard
Pietersen c Faulkner b Watson 60
Carberry c Clarke b Johnson 4
Trott c Wade b Johnson 0
Root b Faulkner 3
Morgan c Clarke b McKay 54
Bopara c and b Voges 1
Buttler c Johnson b Ahmed 75
Stokes c Bailey b McKay 5
Tredwell run out (Finch) 1
Finn c Voges b McKay 16
Rankin not out 1
Extras 6w 1lb 7
Total all out 227

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