Champions Trophy: Australia v New Zealand as it happened

New Zealand's Champions Trophy clash with Australia at Edgbaston is abandoned because of rain.

12 June 2013 Last updated at 19:04

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As it happened

  1. 1831: 

    Time to say goodbye. Out-of-date prawn curry permitting, Mark Mitchener will be in the chair to bring you England's match against Sri Lanka tomorrow. A win would put the tournament hosts through to the semi-finals. Toodle-pip.

  2. 1826: 

    OK folks. I have news and it isn't of the good variety. The umpires have had a look and decided to abandon the match. The captains shake hands on a No Result and go home with one point each.

  3. 1804: 

    News from Edgbaston. The rain has eased and there will be a pitch inspection at 18:15 BST.

  4. 1626: 

    That makes me feel slightly better, Joe, but not much. In fact, not enough to persuade me to stop typing. We'll take a break while the rain continues to fall - in the meantime, amuse yourself with a brief report of today's antics so far.


    Jo Gascoigne, TMS inbox: I'm currently sitting in an office opposite Borda Cricket Ground in Georgetown, Guyana. Let me tell you, whatever rain you have there, it's nothing compared to what we have here...

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "Update from Edgbaston - filled in, pouring, must be a good chance that's it for the day."


    Gavin in Bristol, TMS inbox: Given Warner's recent scores, is there any truth in the rumours that he was in Walkabout for a job interview on Saturday night?

    Warner's most recent scores, for Australia and Delhi Daredevils in the Indian Premier League: 9, 0, 0, 2, 0, 44, 4, 13, 8.


    Tim Hughes: Re: Christian G in Horsham - there are never usually any Aussies in Walkabout on Broad Street anyway. Fluke.

  9. 1619: 

    By my reckoning (if it's wrong I'm blaming my Duckworth-Lewis app), if the rain relents and play resumes, the par score after 20 overs is 107-2 - providing New Zealand don't lose any more wickets. A tough ask.


    Guardian cricket correspondent Mike Selvey: "Looking at the rainfall radar it does not look too promising for a resumption in near future if at all."


    Jason Bright: Will be kind of ironic if the british weather saves the Aussies' backsides.


    David Rogerson in London, TMS inbox: In reply to Chris Halliwell, he must have a very short memory as there was a rain delay yesterday evening in the Indian chase.


    Tom Moody on the chances of a resumption: "From memory, when the groundstaff bring out the fourth set of covers and you can't really see the buildings in the distance, we are in for a long wait to get this game finished if we get it finished at all."

  15. 1604: 

    I'm afraid there's no sign of the covers coming off at the moment, and the hardy souls in the crowd who have not run for cover continue to shelter under any form of plastic they can find.


    Patrick in New Zealand, via text on 81111: Mitchell Johnson's appalling hairdo is clearly Australia's desperate attempt to channel the spirit of bowling legends like Warney, Hughesy and Dizzy Gillespie.


    Aarran Shaw: Re: bad hairdos - during the Ashes 2005, KP sported the 'dead skunk on the head' look.


    Richard in Pinner, TMS inbox: "This is not the first time this summer I've heard rumblings of sympathy for the Aussies and it's getting disturbing. As a cricket lover in my mid-40s, I have endured endless years of Border, McGrath and Warne et al giving us a merciless beating and as such I am happy to favour smugness over sympathy for a good few Ashes series yet."

  19. 1555: 

    Moody on Warner: "I don't know him that well; I've interviewed him a couple of times in various media roles and he's always seemed very pleasant. He's got a bit of get up and go and he's learning. We all make mistakes."

  20. 1552: 

    More from Moody: "To me the environment and the culture that is created by the players should police all of this. Australian cricket has lost a lot of leaders in recent months and maybe that concept of what is acceptable in a cricket team has been lost a little bit. The likes of Ricky Ponting and Mike Hussey were great leaders of men."

  21. 1549: 

    Former Australia batsman Tom Moody spares me talking about the rain, adding his voice to those discussing the David Warner incident.

    "I think it's easier for a winning team than a losing team to move on," he says on Test Match Special. "Australia are certainly in the position where they have been struggling to rebuild. They have had their injury problems and it's so easy for little incidents that happen off the field to become inflamed situations. Without knowing exactly what happened, it's hard to make any judgement on that night."


    Chris Halliwell: Is this the first rain break we've had all tournament? Nearly a week in and in British summertime. Incredible!

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a rather gloomy sight. The rain has eased off a bit but it's not stopped completely."

  24. 1545: 

    The plastic sheeting more familiar with club cricketers is now entirely covering the square at Edgbaston, so an imminent resumption looks unlikely.

  25. 15 overs: 
    RAIN STOPS PLAY- NZ 51-2 (target 244)

    The sight that every cricket fans dreads: the covers being brought on. Or, more correctly, the hover cover. The players trudge off, the Australians perhaps less enthusiastically than the Kiwi batsmen given that they will be the happier of the two sides with the state of the game. If there's no further play, this game will be a no-result - we need five more overs.

  26. 15 overs: 
    NZ 51-2 (target 244)

    Xavier Doherty, the left-arm spinner, has a twirl. Williamson helps himself to a paddle-swept three and Taylor a single.


    John Andrews: Is there a bookmaker taking bets on Ricky Ponting being drafted back in to the team for the Ashes?

  28. 14 overs: 
    NZ 47-2 (target 244)

    Steady away again from Faulkner - there has been just one four in the last nine overs - but this New Zealand pair seem in no rush. There's a long way to go yet...


    Sir Ian Botham on Australia's Ashes chances: "Anyone that makes the mistake of writing off Australia and saying they're weak doesn't know Australia and doesn't know Australians. There's no such thing as a weak Australian. They'll come out there and they'll fight 'til the last man. But on paper England should win - they are better in most departments, if not all departments."

  30. 13 overs: 
    NZ 44-2 (target 244)

    I'm struggling to get over just how bad Mitchell's hairdo is. It's a sort of undercut with a cross between curtains and a floppy fringe. If there's a worse one in professional cricket, I'd love to know about it. Ah, the cricket - Taylor and Williamson trade singles.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand have yet to beat Australia in a Champions Trophy and I think Duckworth-Lewis could be their best chance today."

  32. 12 overs: 
    NZ 42-2 (target 244)

    The umbrellas are out but the players are still on. Well done, the umpires. Remember, we need 20 overs of this innings before messrs Duckworth and Lewis come into play.

    Clint McKay Australia congratulate Clint McKay for the wicket of Luke Ronchi at Edgbaston.
  34. 11 overs: 
    NZ 39-2 (target 244)

    Johnson, sporting the worst haircut in the tournament and an equally poor goatee, continues to apply the brakes. New Zealand struggling to get the scoreboard moving here.

    Simon Mann, BBC Test Match Special

    "It just has the feel of the weather closing in here. There is rain moving up from the south-west. That could be a factor in New Zealand's run-chase."


    Tim in Oxford, TMS inbox: Surely Aussies have to consider Bailey as an opener with his performances so far? Australia need to get off to a good start if they're going to improve and Bailey seems to calmly go about his business.

  37. 10 overs: 
    NZ 38-2 (target 244)

    Left-arm medium-pacer James Faulkner - on in place of McKay - starts with a tidy over yielding just the single for Taylor. Australia will be happy with the first 10 overs.


    Harvey Satterthwaite: Still struggling to understand firstly how Ronchi is eligible to play for NZ & secondly why he was selected in the first place.

    He was born in New Zealand and, after qualifying and playing two ODIs and three Twenty20s for Australia - the most recent in January 2009 - he re-qualified for his native country. As for the rights and wrongs of that...

  39. 9 overs: 
    NZ 37-2 (target 244)

    Maxwell is being kept busy square of the wicket on the off side. He has his palms stung by a forcing shot from Williamson, who then drives on the up in textbook fashion through cover. He's now in double figures. Taylor has three.


    Christian G in Horsham, TMS inbox: Yes, what Warner did was wrong, but what's puzzling is why England's players should choose a rowdy, Aussie-themed bar to celebrate their win over a pitiful Australia...could be considered a bit provocative.

  41. 8 overs: 
    NZ 31-2

    As if to compound matters, schoolboy cricket from New Zealand to end the over: Williamson runs one short and he takes only a couple - rather than three - through point off McKay.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "That'll be disappointing for Ronchi because he was starting to get on the front foot more than he has in the tournament. He's going to have to look to control that shot if he is going to continue to play in that area. Taylor is going to have to get going for New Zealand to have a chance."

  43. 7.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Ronchi c Watson b McKay 14 (NZ 26-1)

    And the pressure tells. Ronchi, of neither front foot nor back, attempts to steer the first ball of the over to third man, but locates the man stationed at a fine gully/fifth slip. Watson holds on to a shapr chance above his head. A good plan well executed, as they say these days.

  44. 7 overs: 
    NZ 26-1 (target 244)

    Watson tightens the screws more with a maiden. Williamson has just two off 13 deliveries.


    George Craven: Australia might have enough wooden spoons by the end of the year to feed their whole team.

  46. 6 overs: 
    NZ 26-1 (target 244)

    McKay resembles a jogger in the dying stages of a marathon as he gasps for air in his run-up, eyes screwed up, pain etched across his face. It's working, though: two runs off the over. His first three have cost just five.


    Mike Rice: Re 18 overs: never mind them, recalls for Border, Jones, Marsh and Lillee would improve the current side!

  48. 5 overs: 
    NZ 24-1 (target 244)

    Johnson is told to take a blow by his skipper, nursing figures of 0-15 from two overs. Shane Watson replaces him, and is only a couple of yards away from removing Ronchi. As it is, a square drive flies narrowly to the right of backward point and brings Ronchi four.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "A really handy wicket. Guptill has been one of those centres of threat, but he loves a bit more pace on the ball and it just pegs New Zealand back. Williamson, who is replacing Guptill, has tended to be one who anchors an innings rather than dominates it."

  50. 4 overs: 
    WICKET- Guptill c Maxwell b McKay 8 (NZ 18-1)

    McKay, who starts the over swearing under his breath, ends it grinning from ear to ear as Guptill slices a drive to backward point. It wasn't quite there to drive, and that's as easy as they come for Glenn Maxwell.

  51. 3 overs: 
    NZ 16-0 (target 244)

    Ronchi collects three off his legs to get the over moving, before Guptill punishes Johnson for over-pitching once more by drilling him through cover for the most imperious of boundaries. Lovely stuff.


    Sam from Guildford, via text on 81111: Re Alex in Leicester (46 overs), you can't compare a night out with Swedish women's handball team and one with Broad & Woakes wearing silly wigs! If I had a choice, I know which one I'll take.

  53. 2 overs: 
    NZ 6-0

    And it's Clint McKay who gets first use of the second new ball from the other end... He'll be happy with conceding a solitary single from the over.


    Jordan King: When was the last time you could argue that Australia could be the weakest side in an ICC tournament? Decent case for this lot.

  55. 1 over: 
    NZ 5-0 (target 244)

    Thanks Sam. And thanks Mitchell, I'm sure Luke Ronchi is thinking after he strokes a wide half-volley from Johnson through cover for four off the first ball. Johnson gains a measure of revenge by beating Ronchi's outside edge. The wicketkeeper gets off strike and leaves Martin Guptill to see out the rest of the over.


    And here's Justin Goulding to talk you through the start of New Zealand's chase...


    Tattz: Quietly effective, controlled and utterly dependable. Daniel Vettori is pure class.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Following the David Warner incident, an easy conclusion to reach is that Australia are all over the place. It is the latest indication there is a serious lack of discipline there but this is also the kind of thing that can really galvanise a group.

    "People don't need any excuse to fan the flames of anticipation and rivalry and this is an opportunity to over-hype things, but ultimately it won't make any difference to the Ashes."

    Read more from Aggers

    Joe Root

    England captain Alastair Cook says Joe Root, who is believed to be the victim of David Warner's "unprovoked attack" in Birmingham on Saturday night, is "a pretty resilient character".

    He told BBC Radio 5 live: "You don't often get a window or an opportunity to enjoy success like that - it was a very good win (over Australia). Clearly there is always a limit, and an unwritten guideline which we are very strict on trying to enforce without curfews. There are certain times when you have five days off that you can let your hair down, and it's important to do that."

    Asked whether he would be happy to face David Warner in the Ashes, Cook says he considers the matter closed.

  60. 1358: 

    A quick reminder, before we break off for bangers and mash, of today's big news.

    Australia opening batsman David Warner is being investigated over claims of an unprovoked attack on England's Joe Root. Cricket Australia said he was involved in an alleged physical altercation in a bar hours after Saturday's loss to England at Edgbaston. And the England & Wales Cricket Board said Warner had apologised for an "unprovoked physical attack". Warner was stood down for today's game pending a hearing.


    Nathan McCullum: "I'm reasonably happy - the boys chipped away well I thought but we got them 20-30 under par so hopefully we should be alright. I'm sure if we can put a partnership together we can put these guys under pressure."

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think it's a good total - 244 is probably going to be a little bit more than par. It's certainly achievable but given the way we saw the slower balls gripping and keeping low I think that innings of Voges may prove crucial."

  63. 50 overs: 
    Aus 243-8

    MM - on a five-fer - is asked to bowl the last over and it's a good one for the fielding side with only five runs coming from it. Two dots as Maxwell turns down singles, then a high full toss is called a no-ball. Maxwell finally gets some bat on ball four and picks up two more, then slaps the last ball to long-on for a hastily run two.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "The thing with Glenn Maxwell is he can do that to anyone on his day, he can just explode, there's nothing in Williamson's previous overs to suggest he was going to go for that many in his last over."

  65. 49 overs: 
    Aus 238-8

    McKay sprints another single to leave Maxwell centre stage. And he lives up to billing with a timely onslaught. A massive six over cow corner is followed by a switch hit for four and a pull into the stands. Then a single, meaning he is on strike for the final over, with Australia 12 short of 250.

  66. 48 overs: 
    Aus 220-8

    Clint McKay scampers a single off the last ball of MM's over to keep the strike. Williamson to bowl his last over now, with Australia desperate for a late flurry.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "One good thing McClenaghan has done today he hasn't been predictable, even though he's going for runs he's keeping the Australians guessing so it's difficult to get him away."

  68. 47.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Johnson c B McCullum b McClenaghan 8 (Aus 219-8)

    Mitch M v Mitch J and it's first blood to the Aussie leftie as he smacks two fours in a row. But McClenaghan lands the knockout blow with a slower ball outside off stump, which Johnson cuts straight to cover. Four wickets and counting for MM.


    Jordan King: NZ the only side who have kept men up in the ring throughout the innings and they consistently take wickets. Quality captaincy.

  70. 47 overs: 
    Aus 210-7

    Mitchell Johnson, he of the dodgy line and length and even dodgier comb-over (allegedly), is the new man. Three dots for Williamson. Australia are running on empty here.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "He was looking to give it a hit; with four overs left you've got to have a go. It's tough wicket to come in on. New Zealand have bowled exceptionally in these last few overs."

  72. 46.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Faulkner c McClenaghan b Williamson 6 (Aus 210-7)

    A great day for the Kiwi spinners continues as Williamson removes Faulkner. It's a loose drive straight to mid-off.


    Alex in Leicester, TMS inbox: With regards to Rob in Brighton (14 overs), I vaguely remember Usain Bolt being out with the Swedish Handball team between rounds?! Didn't seem to affect him too much, apart from possibly making him even more popular!

  74. 46 overs: 
    Aus 208-6

    Maxwell has a full swing - a Tiger Woods drive if you like - excepts he only makes minimal contact and simply manages to edge it onto his own shoulder. Another wild swipe catches the bottom edge for another four. Great over from MM at this stage of the game.


    Bob Hawkins: There's nothing a Aussie hates more than feeling people feel sorry for him.

  76. 45 overs: 
    Aus 206-6

    Williamson races through his eighth over, conceding just four singles. Five to go now. Cue the fireworks?

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a throw of the dice with Glenn Maxwell; you never know what you're going to get from one day to the next."

    Listen to live TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra


    Dave Brown: You used to have to find the players you didn't fear in the Australia team. Now it's hard to find a player to fear.

  79. 44 overs: 
    Aus 202-6

    Two new batsmen at the crease - Glenn Maxwell and James Faulkner - both with a reputation for giving it some humpty dumpty. Not yet though, ones and twos to get the ball rolling as MM completes his wicket-taking over.

  80. 43.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Voges c B McCullum b McClenaghan 71 (Aus 196-6)

    Oh dear, what a miserable way to end a fine knock. Voges gets a leading edge on a shin high full toss and plans it straight down McCullum's throat at short extra cover. Not a good time for the Aussies to be losing momentum.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's an ugly dismissal. The ball was probably only just going over the top of off stump and he tried to pull that. That's one to shelve away and never look at again."

  82. 42 overs: 
    WICKET- Marsh c Ronchi b McClenaghan 22

    A good partnership comes to a sorry end as Marsh skies a pull into the air directly above his head and is easily caught by Ronchi.

    Nathan McCullum Nathan McCullum removed Matthew Wade and George Bailey in his figures of 2-46

    Jon, London, via text on 81111: England need to remember their high hopes of the 2006/7 Ashes in Oz where they took delight in towelling us 5-0... I think we ought to beat them like a dinner gong. In the words of Malcolm Tucker, 'Let's set fire to tears!'

  85. 41 overs: 
    Aus 182-4

    Adam Voges reverse sweeps for four as Nathan McCullum completes his spell with handy figures of 10-0-46-2.


    England captain Alastair Cook on whether the England players were wearing wigs or fancy dress in Walkabout on Saturday night: "I don't know but we have investigated and don't believe we've done anything wrong."

    He adds that England players "don't often get a chance to have days off", and that it "builds team spirit when you can celebrate a win".

  87. 40 overs: 
    Aus 176-4

    A thick outside edge from Marsh finds its way to the boundary as Williamson drops short. Then it's too full from the Kiwi twirler and Marsh thanks him heartily for his generosity with a spanking cover drive to the fence.

    Adam Voges Adam Voges' fifty - his third in ODIs - spanned 53 balls and contained five fours
    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "Picking up wickets here in this stage of the game before the last 10 overs takes away that death hitting, the whack daddies."

  90. 39 overs: 
    Aus 166-4

    The average first innings score in the last 10 ODIs at Edgbaston is 261. Unless it's a pretty explosive finish Australia look set to fall short of that mark. Mitchell Marsh - another MM incidentally but lets not confuse matters - tries to prove me wrong as he pulls McCullum away for four.


    Lewis Wright: Australia to play an ODI at Headingley. Warner fielding on the Western Terrace boundary could be interesting.

  92. 37 overs: 
    Aus 155-4

    Voges hits McCullum for two then a single to give Marsh the strike. But the 21-year-old has not found his timing yet as an inside edge clatters into his pads.


    Hugh, TMS inbox: What is all this tosh about being sympathetic towards Australia? When they are down, keep your foot on their neck and keep it there until the beast has been tamed. There was no way on this little planet that the likes of the little Grumpster Border would have thought about anything else, nor Waugh, Ponting or any of the other Aussie Captains either. Sympathy? Piffle!

  94. 36 overs: 
    Aus 152-4

    Voges takes a chance as he aims Willimson over the top but gets a toe-end and drops it just short of long-on. New man Mitchell Marsh faces up to a Test match field with a silly mid-off and a leg slip and decides to smother his first three balls.


    Ian Young: I read the Aussies were in the VIP section of Walkabout. Is that the bit where your shoes don't stick to the floor?

  96. 35 overs: 
    WICKET- Bailey b N McCullum 55 (Aus 151-4)

    Voges brings up his half-century with a single but two balls later Australia lose their captain as Nathan McCullum comes over all Shane Warne. The ball pitches well outside off stump but keeps low as it turns sharply behind Bailey's pads to hit leg stump.


    Nick Bruzon: Good to see the Aussies making a bit more of a fight of this one than they did against England. Could be on for at least 230.

  98. 34 overs: 
    Aus 148-3

    And Vettori completes his 10 overs. Just two runs off the last leave him with splendid figures of 0-23. Well bowled indeed.

    Pat Murphy at Edgbaston, BBC Radio 5 live

    More details on Warner-gate: "I understand Warner walked over from a VIP area and swung a punch at Root, who took a glancing blow to the chin. Clint McKay, one of several other Australian players in the bar, then led Warner away.

    "On Sunday I am told that Warner contacted Root to apologise profusely, offering to meet up and smooth things over. Root happily accepted the apology.

    "The ECB says there was no suggestion any of the three England players - Root, Broad and Woakes - were drunk and there is no issue in them being in a bar at 2am. Since 13 May, Broad & Root have been on daily England duty, and Sunday 9 June and the next day were designated days off before practice resumed on 11 June before the next match on the 13th at The Oval against Sri Lanka."

  100. 33 overs: 
    Aus 146-3

    Williamson rattles through another over as NZ opt for spin from both ends. A misfield by the normally immaculate Guptill at midwicket is the only incident of note. Bailey moves on to 53, Voges 47.

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Vettori is without doubt one of the great bowlers of the day, particularly in this form of the game."

    Listen to live TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  102. 32 overs: 
    Aus 142-3

    McCullum has seen enough and he sends for Vettori to try to stem the slow of runs. The former skipper responds superbly to the call with an immaculate maiden.

  103. 31 overs: 
    Aus 142-3

    Voges's fine knock continues with a four to fine leg off Williamson. He has 45 off 46 balls.


    Rog in Lancs, via text on 81111: That's some convincing ID Root must have!

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's starting to build for Australia - everything along the ground, safety first, working the ball around. McCullum has to change the bowlers; he's trying to counter this recovery."

    Listen to live TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  106. 30 overs: 
    Aus 136-3

    Voges is in the zone now and MM has lost the plot. Two leg side balls are helped on their way to the boundary, the second a no-ball, which is followed by a wide. The resulting free hit yields just a single, one of 15 runs from the over.

  107. 29 overs: 
    BAILEY FIFTY- Aus 121-3

    Spinner Kane Williamson comes into the attack as Brendon McCullum strives to break this stand. Bailey sweeps for four to reach his fifty off 71 balls.

  108. 28 overs: 
    Aus 116-3- Aus 116-3

    Voges is starting to show why he has an ODI strike-rate in the 90s, driving Southee for two fours on the trot. Signs of an Aussie charge here?

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "If Australia are able to carry this out and get to a total of 230-plus, they will think things are going with them. They have a number of options with the ball; there's a range there for Bailey to contemplate."


    Ed in London, via text on 81111: Re Rod in Devon (24 overs): I love knocking the Aussies but this is a case of pots and kettles having witnessed us Brits abroad!

  111. 27 overs: 
    Aus 107-3

    George Bailey drives an overpitched ball from MM (Mitchell McClenaghan for any newcomers) down the ground for the first boundary in 10 overs. Bailey is not the most aesthetically pleasing of cricketers, but he's certainly effective - almost a Paul Collingwood clone, and he even looks a bit like the Durham skip.


    Ed Kay in London, TMS inbox: The English sympathy for the Aussies is part of our national mindset and while it makes me proud, I also believe it's partially to blame for any poor showings by our national sides. With the Aussies in such disarray I find it hard as an Englishman to look forward to a humbling and embarrassing Ashes whitewash, and I'm sure our cricketers will feel the same and find a way to lose at least one match. No such problem for Ponting et al during the 90s who found great enjoyment in absolutely smashing the opposition.

  113. 26 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 101-3

    Two appeals, off successive balls, from Southee as he locates the pads of Voges and Bailey. The Voges one looks close but umpire Llong says no and there's no review.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "The Australia batsmen are creating panic for the boundary riders; New Zealand are under pressure in the field."

    Listen to live TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

  115. 25 overs: 
    Aus 99-3

    More good, hard running from this right-handed Aussie duo as they pick up seven runs off Nathan McCullum to reach 99-3 at the halfway stage in the innings.


    Chris Harvey: Anyone else think it's strange that Australia travel halfway around the world and choose to sample Walkabout?

  117. 24 overs: 
    Aus 92-3

    Southee is back, charged with an improvement on his expensive opening offering. It's a better over, but the Aussies still pick up five singles. Voges has made a promising start in partnership with his skipper.


    Rod in Devon, via text on 81111: Is it only me that finds it slightly odd that Warner both trained with the squad and is carrying the drinkies? 'Stood down' but out in the middle with the team...

  119. 23 overs: 
    Aus 87-3

    Two singles apiece off McCullum as Charles Dagnall on TMS reminisces fondly about how he practically lived in the Walkabout on Birmingham's Broad Street during his Warwickshire days.


    James Cruickshank: I think for the first time ever, I actually want Australia to win.

    Jim Brown: I've discovered a new emotion; sympathy (perhaps pity) for Australian sports fans.

  121. 22 overs: 
    Aus 83-3

    Voges pushes another two off Vettori, who reacts with four dots in a row. Meanwhile, Australia's latest mishap is having a very strange effect on some of you...

  122. 21 overs: 
    Aus 80-3

    Ooh, Voges is a lucky boy as a mis-timed drive nearly results in a return catch for Nathan McCullum. Voges puts it out of his mind and punches a shorter ball behind square for two.

    Pat Murphy at Edgbaston, BBC Radio 5 live

    On what happened in Walkabout in Birmingham on Saturday night: "There was a private VIP area and some of the Australia players were in there. The three England players - Joe Root, Stuart Broad and Chris Woakes - were some way away and were 'larking' around - wearing silly wigs and that.

    "I understand Warner took umbrage and went over to Root and glanced him on the chin. I also understand Warner contacted him the next morning to apologise and try and smooth things other. I am hearing that Broad put his arm around Root as soon as it happened and said 'time to go back to the hotel', and I am also told that they were not worse for wear.

    "One thing that is important to say is that since 13 May the England players, particularly Root and Broad have not had a day off - 8 June was identified as down time. The matter is closed as far as the ECB is concerned."

  124. 20 overs: 
    Aus 76-3

    Adam Voges is the new batsman, boasting an average of 49.72 from 19 matches. A quick single off Vettori to point gets him off the mark and keeps him on strike. In case you wondering, Warner was on hand again a few minutes ago to hand round the drinks. They are hardly sheltering him from the limelight, are they?

    Here's Pat Murphy with more on what happened on that fateful night at Walkabout...

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special

    "There was no hesitation from umpire Dharmasena, his gun was out of his holster in two seconds. That was a referral that was very optimistic."

  126. 19 overs: 
    WICKET- Wade lbw b N McCullum 29 (Aus 74-3)

    It was hitting him in line and going on to hit the top of middle stump. Silly referral really and Australia need to rebuild again.


    George Bailey must have a very short memory! He clips to Guptill and calls for a single and Wade would have been run out by a mile if the Kiwi fielder hadn't missed. Then Wade is struck on the pad and the umpire's finger goes up? Wade sends for a review...

    George Bailey Stand-in skipper George Bailey leads Australia's recovery from 10-2
  129. 18 overs: 
    Aus 71-2

    More superb spin from Vettori as he gives up just the one run. His figures thus far 6-0-16-0. Will Kiwi skipper Brendon McCullum be tempted to bowl him all the way through or will he hold a couple back?


    George Craven: If Australia recalled their retired generation of Gilly, Hayden, Warne, McGrath etc they'd probably stand a better chance even now.

  131. 17 overs: 
    Aus 70-2

    Wade charges down the track and lashes McCullum over the top for four. A nice change of pace from the Aussie opener just as the NZ spinners were threatening to get on top.

    Phil Hughes and Martin Guptill Phil Hughes is run out without scoring, the first time in seven ODI innings when he has failed to reach 20
    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia were certainly under the pump early on - they've come back well. Wade has batted quite slowly. While you've got someone like Bailey at the other end, that's fine. Hopefully, with wickets in hand you can explode towards the end. On a wicket like this 240 would be a winning score - and they're on the way to achieving that."

  134. 15 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Aus 65-2

    Daniel Vettori is quietly putting together a very handy spell here to put the squeeze on the Aussies. He is varying his pace superbly and giving the ball plenty of air. Just the one run from the over. Time for a drinks break.


    Daniel Glasswell, TMS inbox: Darren in Norwich (over 8), I would remind you that there were plenty of off field incidents in the Border/Waugh/Ponting eras. Shane Warne himself would be responsible some number of those charge sheets. The Aussies will forgive and forget. Don't forget either that Pointing himself was a practiced protagonist at late night bar-room brawling, when he was just a young pup.

  136. 15 overs: 
    Aus 64-2

    Spin from both ends now as Nathan McCullum replaces Southee, who conceded 12 runs in his one over. Two singles each. Bailey now on 32, Wade on 21.

  137. 14 overs: 
    Aus 60-2

    Vettori rattles through another quick over, conceding just three runs to the Aussie duo.


    Rob in Brighton, TMS inbox: Re: Euan in Glasgow. Cricket seems to be one of the few sports where professionalism goes completely out the window.

    For a team which is struggling for form in this format, the players should be doing everything they can to prepare for the next match. A severe lack of discipline will be the undoing of this side. You wouldn't see an Olympic athlete in the pub at 2am between a qualifying round and a final.

  139. 13 overs: 
    Aus 57-2

    With perfect timing, Bailey twice clips Tim Southee down the ground to take his boundary tally for four. We've had 29 runs in the last 24 balls. If ever there was a day that Australia needed a captain's innings it was today, and Bailey is delivering for the Baggy Greens.

    Iain O'Brien, BBC Test Match Special

    "You're always at your best when you're calm. George Bailey appears to be very cool, calm and collected."

    Listen to live TMS commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  141. 12 overs: 
    Aus 45-2

    Wade clips Vettori away off his pads for a single, then Bailey smashes a shorter ball through cover for four. A nice little innings developing from the Aussie captain here - he has 16 off 23 balls, Wade is on 19 off 40.

    David Warner David Warner is restricted to 12th-man duties for Australia

    Craig Scott: If Starc was playing would it have possibly been the most Mitchells in an international match with 4 of them?

    All I can say, Craig, is thank goodness our very own Mark Mitchener isn't doing the commentary today.

  144. 11 overs: 
    Aus 40-2

    Mills is into his sixth over on the bounce here and I'm not surprised. It's been a lovely little spell. The Aussies work four runs off his first three balls before Bailey is beaten. The captain responds well with a whip through midwicket for four.

  146. 1118: 

    News from the England camp. The alleged victim in Warner-gate, Joe Root, trained as usual with his team-mates at The Oval this morning ahead of tomorrow's game against Sri Lanka. Skipper Alastair Cook is expected to address the incident at his pre-match press conference, which is due to take place at around midday.

  147. 10 overs: 
    Aus 32-2

    More sharp turn from Vettori but he's yet to settle on a really testing length. Wade gloves down the leg side for a single, then Bailey sweeps for two.


    Sean Whittall: New Zealand have easily got the nicest kit. The black and blue is so easy on the eye.

  149. 9 overs: 
    Aus 28-2

    Some slightly incongruous chants of "India, India" emanate from the schoolchildren in the crowd. Shame that the India-Pakistan game on Saturday has turned into something of a non-event. Just a single off Mills.


    Robert Wolf: I'm not surprised Michael Clarke's back is playing up. Carrying an entire team is hard work.

  151. 8 overs: 
    Aus 27-2

    There's some turn for the bespectacled Daniel Vettori in his first over. Bailey works a single to cover and Wade does likewise to midwicket. What's David Warner up to, I hear you asking? Any sign? Yes indeed, here he is bringing out the drinks to the not out Aussie pair.


    Darren in Norwich, TMS inbox: There seems to be a complete lack of leadership in the Aussie camp these days. I simply cannot see any of the recent off field incidents, nor the lack of fight on it, occurring during the Border/Waugh/Ponting eras. They have turned into the England side, and administration, from the 90s.

    Strong teams are built around strong leaders, and it appears neither CA nor the playing side have any strength at the helm.

  153. 7 overs: 
    Aus 25-2

    Another snorter from Mills as he cuts Wade in half. There's a definite noise and New Zealand go up in unison for a catch behind. Wade is unmoved, and so is umpire Dharmasena, with HotSpot revealing a mark on the batsman's back leg.


    Euan in Glasgow, via TMS inbox: Am I the only person wondering what the England (and Australia) squads were doing out in Birmingham at 2am on Sunday morning, in the middle of the tournament? Not advocating a curfew but maybe some clearer thinking in the management of both teams would have meant this incident would never have occurred.

  155. 6 overs: 
    NZ 25-2

    Mitchell McClenaghan is a live text commentator's nightmare. Shall we just call him MM? Bailey is beaten by another beauty, angled across him and drawing an unconvincing push. Two ones and a two from the bat - Australia need this partnership to develop into one of substance.


    Finlay Jones: There once was a man called Mitchell McClenaghan, he bowls full and pitches up again, Watson nicks and now he's out again.

  157. 5 overs: 
    Aus 21-2

    Too short from Mills and Matthew Wade helps himself to two fours, one punched through the covers and the other pulled to square leg from outside off stump.


    Toby Foot: It's a shame this match is being overshadowed by the Warner incident, especially after an exciting start as well.

  159. 4 overs: 
    Aus 13-2

    Australia's man for a crisis? Stand-in skipper George Bailey, so often the glue that holds them together. He is greeted by a pearler from McClenaghan, who then released the tension a touch with a no-ball. It's a free hit, but McClenaghan bowls a clever wide yorker to register a dot.

  160. 3.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Hughes run out 0 (Aus 10-2)

    He's out by some distance. It was a very athletic pick up and throw from Guptill at cover point. Australia are two down. Blimey!


    Jeepers Creepers, Australia contrive another fine mess as Wade calls a quick single. A Guptill direct hit looks to have run out Hughes.... Let's take a look

  162. 3 overs: 
    Aus 10-1

    A superb start to the over from Mills as he slides two balls in a row past Wade's outside edge. The Aussie keeper-batsman gets off the mark with a punch to third man for one and Hughes keeps out another probing ball.


    Callum Jenkins: How did the Aussies manage to keep the Warner incident under wraps until Wednesday?

  164. 2 overs: 
    Aus 9-1

    McClenaghan angles the ball into Phil Hughes's pads and the ball races away for four leg byes down the leg side.

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Australia in all sorts of bother here, on and off the field it seems."

  166. 1.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Watson c Ronchi b McClenaghan 5 (Aus 5-1)

    More misery for the Aussies as they lose an early wicket. One ball after finding the cover boundary, Watson is caught behind. And to add insult to injury, the NZ catcher is none other than former Australia wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I was sitting next to David Warner at a lunch on Sunday for an hour and a half and would not have known anything about the night before, it wasn't even mentioned."


    Tim Milford: I bet George Bailey isn't thinking "it's a wonderful life" right now...

  169. 1 over: 
    Aus 1-0

    A gentle start to proceedings in Birmingham as Australia eek a single off Kyle Mills's first over - a dab to third man by Watson.

  170. 1032: 

    Ok folks, as Shane Watson and Matthew Wade make their way out to the middle, time for a quick plea for your contributions as usual via the Twitter hashtag #bbccricket, text to 81111 or email to tms@ We're more than happy to hear your views on Warner, but you will appreciate that given the nature of the story, and the fact that a hearing is pending, we'll have to keep the Aussie-bashing to a minimum.

    David Warner and Phil Hughes David Warner gets a hug from team-mate Phil Hughes
  172. 1027: 

    Australia captain George Bailey: "It's a used wicket; obviously there are some scuff marks. It did look like it got tougher to bat the other day and spin played a big part."

    New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum: "We weren't too sure what to do with some rain expected later on. Daniel Vettori is playing. It's great to have that continuity and we're excited about today."

  173. 1025: 

    Australia have made two changes to the side beaten by England with Xavier Doherty & Glenn Maxwell replacing David Warner and Mitchell Starc. New Zealand field the same side that scraped a one-wicket win over Sri Lanka in their opening match.

    Australia team: Watson, Wade (wk), Hughes, Bailey (capt), Voges, Maxwell, Marsh, Faulkner, Johnson, McKay, Doherty.

    New Zealand team: Ronchi (wk), Guptill, Williamson, Taylor, McCullum (wk), Franklin, McCullum, Vettori, Southee, Mills, McClenaghan.


    We'll keep you posted on any more developments on the breaking Warner story as they reach us throughout the day, but it's probably time to focus a bit on today's match. Australia have won the toss and chosen to bat.

    Jim Maxwell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Warner has history. He's a kid from the back blocks, who has a lot of talent but he is a loose cannon and has been for some time. I'm sad to say this is no surprise that this has occurred. It's not long ago he got in trouble for tweeting a fair bit of invective towards some journalists and he got fined by cricket Australia for his outburst and there has been some other history at his club in Sydney. He has to pull his head in otherwise he is in trouble."

  176. 1018: 

    Could Australia's Ashes build-up get any worse? Let me remind you that this is the second time in three weeks that Warner has been in trouble with authorities. Last month, he was fined £3,700 for posting abusive comments to journalists on his Twitter account. Oh, and their captain Michael Clarke is still crocked with a back problem. And then there was Homeworkgate, which occurred, don't forget, during a 4-0 whitewash in India.

    Pat Murphy at Edgbaston, BBC Radio 5 live

    "I am hearing that a glancing blow struck Root on the chin. I believe it happened around 2am at the Walkabout bar in Birmingham. Neither Root nor the ECB propose to take further action."

  178. 1011: 
    David Warner & Phil Hughes

    As I write, I am watching television pictures of Warner warming up with his team-mates at Edgbaston and receiving a few pats on the back and hugs from his team-mates. I remind you, however, that he has been dropped from this game.

  179. 1006: 

    And, hot off the press, here's the response from the ECB: "The England & Wales Cricket Board confirms that David Warner initiated an unprovoked physical attack on a member of the England team in a Birmingham bar following England's 48 run victory over Australia. Warner has admitted behaving inappropriately and has since apologised to the player involved who has accepted the apology.

    "Following a full investigation the England team management has concluded that the England player was in no way responsible for nor retaliated to the attack. ECB has concluded that this is a matter for Cricket Australia and have no further comment to make."

  180. 1004: 

    In a statement this morning, Cricket Australia said: "Warner has been reported for breaching Rule 6: Unbecoming Behaviour after he was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with an England player in the early hours of Sunday morning following the ICC Champions Trophy match between the teams in Birmingham."

  181. 1000: 

    Let's cut to the chase, shall we? Australia's Champions Trophy hopes may well be on the line against New Zealand today but the match has been overshadowed by another bitter blow to their Ashes preparations. Australia opening batsman David Warner is being investigated over claims he attacked an England player, believed to be Joe Root, in a physical altercation hours after Saturday's 48-run defeat by England at Edgbaston. Warner, 26, has been dropped for today's match pending the outcome of a full hearing.

Live Scores - Australia v N Zealand


  • No result
  • Australia: 243-8 (50.0 overs)
  • N Zealand: 51-2 (15.0 overs)
  • Venue: Edgbaston

N Zealand Innings

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Ronchi c Watson b McKay 14
Guptill c Maxwell b McKay 8
Williamson not out 18
Taylor not out 9
Extras 1w 1lb 2
Total for 2 51

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