Champions Trophy: England v Australia as it happened

England beat Australia by 48 runs while James Anderson becomes his side's leading ODI wicket-taker.

8 June 2013 Last updated at 19:05

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As it happened

  1. 1900: 

    So, plenty to discuss after today. Has the first shot been fired in anger ahead of the Ashes? Will this game be talked about in the same way that 100-run T20 victory at the start of the Ashes summer of 2005 still is? Plenty of twists and turns left in this ICC Champions Trophy - not least tomorrow, when Sri Lanka face New Zealand at Cardiff - make sure you join us tomorrow morning for that one, it's another 1030 BST start. TMS commentary is on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra and via the BBC cricket website.

    Until then, do have a lsiten to the "All-time Composite Ashes XI" chat on the TMS podcast page, and if you tune your telly to BBC Two right now, you can watch Fred Trueman guesting in a cricket-themed episode of Dad's Army! What's not to love? Enjoy the rest of your Saturday evening.


    AwesomenessVlog: Great overall performance bar some shaky middle-order batting and a slow final power play for England. Well done lads.


    Man of the match Ian Bell: "It was nice to get a decent score, I have been getting a lot of 30s and getting out. I was pleased to give us a good platform. I have enjoyed opening – it’s nice to play some shots at the top of the order. The wicket was different to the ones we are used to, the pace went out of it halfway through our innings but to get to 180-2 meant we were in a good position."


    Australia captain George Bailey: "We couldn’t get any momentum and well done to England - they restricted us well. The scoreline flattered us a little; it was the batting which let us down. If it continues to be dry, we need to consider a spinner. James Faulkner is a very good cricketer and every time he gets challenged he steps up quickly. It doesn’t look great for us, but it’s just one partnership scoring runs which will make the difference."


    RetroGirl: Madonna recorded a special song for the Aussies: "Don't Have A Prayer."


    England captain Alastair Cook: "It was a good toss to win. We were 180-2, we should have got 300 but credit to them for the way they bowled at the death but I thought 270 was always going to be enough. Jimmy and Broady were exceptional in the first 10 overs. Jimmy is a great bowler, he just keeps getting better and better and we are lucky to have him."


    Mr_Peteroy: Basically Australia miss Clarke more than England miss Pietersen.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "Australia will be licking their wounds after this – the defeat is more than the 48 runs on paper, they were outplayed by England. They haven’t played together for a while, so they had no form coming into this tournament. The problem for Australia is going to be getting up for the next game. That killer instinct we saw four or five years ago isn’t there any more. How do you give that to young players?"

  9. 1842: 

    Ian Bell is named as man of the match for his 91 from 115 balls.

  10. 1840: 

    So, England beat Australia by 48 runs. Statement of intent for the next few months?

  11. 50 overs: 

    Probably a third of the seats are empty now as the match reaches its inevitable conclusion - Bresnan bowls a high delivery which Faulkner guides for four past the keeper (a ball which sees Big Tim warned for a presumably accidental beamer), then brings up his maiden ODI fifty with a punched four through the covers. As McKay works another effortless single off his legs, I can't help but think that this pair have worked the ball around for singles a lot easier than Bell and Trott did several hours ago... Perhaps that's being harsh on England. The last ball is a bouncer which Faulkner ducks, and the Aussies finish 48 runs adrift.


    Former England captain Michael Vaughan: Comfortable win for England .. The bowling was exceptional..They will have a play a little better though against the bigger teams!


    rutteger: (Madonna songs) La Isla Bopara...

  14. 49 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 208-9

    Broad back at the Pavilion End - Australia still happy to bat out the last few overs so their net run-rate isn't harmed as much as it might be if they wre skittled with overs to spare. More singles, Faulkner flicks a four off his legs, and he could even reach a cheeky little half century here if he's careful. He finishes the over on 43, and he'll have the strike. 62 runs needed off the last over... Australia need snookers. And then some.


    David Tomlinson: England look strong. Australia unusually timid. We look favourites for the Ashes and contenders for the Champions trophy. #bbccricket

  16. 48 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 199-9

    Bresnan returns at the City End, to bowl the 48th over (and 50th if needed). Faulkner and McKay continue to play with the freedom who know this cause was well and truly lost a long, long time ago, helping themselves to the odd single. With 71 needed from 12 balls, I'd even fancy turning my arm over at this stage and keeping them to under the required rate...

  17. 47 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 196-9

    Anderson's last over, can he dislodge this last-wicket pair? Aggers has noticed coach Mickey Arthur on the Aussie balcony, and wonders what homework he may set the squad after this game... But there's no 237th ODI wicket for the Burnley Express as he finishes with 3-30 from his 10. 74 needed from 18 balls.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "I only batted once in the Big Bash this year - in fact, I've only faced three balls - including training - since August last year. Most teams think there's no point as if your number 11 has to bat in T20, you've lost the game anyway, and if I want to practise batting, it holds the team bus up."

  19. 46 overs: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Aus 194-9

    "McKay's not the worst number 11" says Dirk Nannes on TMS - a commentator's curse if ever there was one - as Broad returns at the City End with the sun still shining. McKay guides a single off his hip, Faulkner blasts a single back at the bowler, and McKay unleashes a pleasant off-driven single. A theoretical 76 needed from 24 balls if anyone's still counting...


    Peter Simmons: This Australian team should be renamed the Mitchellin men! 

  21. 45 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 191-9 (target 270)

    Last man Clint McKay strides to the crease - England still keep the minimum five in the circle with four on the boundary. McKay edges his first ball - just wide of Cook at slip. A putative 79 needed from 30 balls - but as Dirk and Ed have said on TMS, this match ceased to be a contest a little while ago.


    2 Chew: Australia are running out of Mitchells

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "Strangely, the ball doesn't seem to be reverse-swinging as much as it was earlier. It almost looks easier to play than it did 15 overs ago. Anderson's been very impressive - the trouble Australia may find now is that they haven't really got a lot they can change. Where can you find 100 runs from in a couple of days?"

  24. 44.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Starc b Anderson 5 (Aus 190-9)

    Thought so - Bopara's off and England turn back to Anderson as they attempt to seal the deal. Starc manages a single, Faulkner nicks a four off his legs, and a single takes his cameo knock to a none-too-shabby 32 from 27 balls. But Anderson shows his class when he knocks Starc's middle stump over.


    Richard in Sheffield, via text on 81111: Wow. If only we were playing against this Aussie side more frequently in the coming months. Oh wait... 

  26. 44 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 164-8

    Tredwell to complete his spell, bowling round the wicket to the left-handed Starc, who pokes a single back past the bowler. Faulkner guides a gentle single to cover, as if we're in middle-overs accumulation rather than Australia needing something north of 13 runs per over. Starc steers a two wide of mid-on, and Tredwell takes his cap with figures of 1-51 from 10 overs.


    Chris Dewling: (Madonna song) - La Sith-A Malinga.

  28. 43 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 179-8

    It's been a good day for the Edgbaston crowd, but a few of them are starting to trickle towards the exits as Australia's number 10 Mitchell Starc heads to the middle. Faulkner balloons the ball back to Bopara who claims a caught-and-bowled - now this is another one, was it a bump ball or off the boot? Third ump Billy Bowden's verdict is "bump ball". Faulkner slashes a four wide of cover point - now, will that be the last we see of Ravi today?


    Tom Atkinson: (Madonna songs) Like a Vaughan-gin.

  30. 42.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Johnson c Morgan b Bopara 8 (Aus 175-8)

    Bopara ambles in for the final "fifth bowler" over at a rather languid pace, but with a whippy arm action. Johnson and Faulkner nudge and nurdle a couple of singles before Johnson swings at a knee-high full toss, gets an edge and it's an easy catch for Morgan at cover point.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "On flatter pitches, the ball is more about trying things - whether you're a batsman or a bowler - as if you settle for four an over, that may not be enough. England have bowled very well, and got their batsmen out of jail a bit."


    Stuart, Deal, via text on 81111: (Re: Madonna) Don't forget 'Lucky Starc' back in 1983, one of her first hits I believe? 

  33. 42 overs: 
    SIX- Aus 173-7 (target 270)

    Tredwell into his ninth over, Faulkner slog-sweeps him for six over mid-wicket before drilling a two to long-on and pulling a quicker ball to mid-wicket. With Johnson on strike again, the crowd are baying "Mitchell, Mitchell"... and he's deceived by an off break which turns just past off stump. The left-hander chops a single into the covers. 97 needed off 48.


    Sam Keeping: (Re: Madonna songs) Material Gayle.


    Tony: (cricketers who sound like Madonna songs)  Finn-to The Groove.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "We were having a moan about England not hitting many fours, but Australia have only managed nine."

  37. 41 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 163-7

    SIngle from Faulkner, then Bopara hits Johnson on the pad and there'a a big appeal - mainly from the crowd, it has to be said - as Johnson lumbers through for a leg bye. The Aussies manage some ones and twos, but the required rate now tops 11 - they need 107 from 54 balls.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "People can make their own minds up about that one, but we really thought that was out, and so did the crowd."


    Chris, via text on 81111: So how many texts/emails/tweets have you had from people lambasting England's batting performance lately? Surely they have to stick to their guns and still accuse England of throwing away the game?

  40. 40 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 154-7 (target 270)

    New batsman is Mitchell Johnson, to huge reaction from the crowd (who sing the Mitchell Johnson song) - Faulkner calls him for a quick single, Johnson has to pull out a full-length Monty-style dive, and as Buttler takes the bails off and Johnson's bat is facing up rather than down, has he been run out without facing a ball? After much deliberation from third umpire Billy Bowden,,, he's not out. Reprieved, he pushes a single to extra cover. Faulkner knocks a single past the bowler, the "Mitchell, Mitchell" chanting starts again and an eventful over finally ends.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "If you're planning a barbecue tonight, it's probably safe to get it fired up now."

  42. 39.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Bailey c Root b Tredwell 55 (Aus 151-7)

    ...and it's probably Goodnight Vienna as Bailey goes for a big heave-ho and is pouched by Joe Root at long-on.

  43. 39 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 151-6

    Interesting bowling change by England - they still have three "fifth bowler" overs from either Bopara or Root to smuggle through before the end, and Ravi's back for his third over. Bailey manages a single, Faulkner takes three deliveries to get off strike and Bailey smears the last ball for a single to short fine leg. Still sunny here - it's not going to rain, but the Duckworth-Lewis "par" score shows Australia about 70 adrift...

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "So Anderson now stands on 236 ODI wickets - the most by an Englishman. Darren Gough took 234 (in 12 fewer games), Andrew Flintoff 168, Stuart Broad currently has 155 and Ian Botham claimed 145."


    Chris Jones: (Re: Madonna songs) Ray Illingworth of Light.

  46. 38 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 148-6

    With the powerplay concluded, England turn back to Tredwell at the City End - Faulkner pushes the ball towards mid-wicket, sub fielder Jonny Bairstow shies at the stumps at the bowler's end, Captain Cook doesn't back the throw up and is disappears to the extra cover boundary for four overthrows! So Faulkner has a five to his name. The Aussie seventh-wicket pair busily run a few singles, but with the asking rate into double figures, this is looking beyond them. Ian Bell returns to the field at the expense of the chastened Bairstow.

  47. 37 overs: 

    Aussie skipper George Bailey brings up his fifth ODI half century with a two off Bresnan, but raises his bat rather sheepishly as the wickets which have tumbled around him - three for seven runs in the space of 21 balls - have rather taken the wind out of Cap'n Bailey's sails. A single brings new man James Faulkner on strike, he's off the mark with a single.


    James Benson: (Re: Madonna 34 overs) Think she had a hit in the 80's with Allan Borderline.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "The Aussies have been a bit timid, haven't they? I think this is out of their grasp now."

  50. 36 overs: 
    WICKET- Wade c Buttler b Anderson 1 (Aus 136-6)

    Matthew Wade is the new batsman, he knocks his first ball for a single, Bailey rotates the strike, then Wade appears to nick one behind... England celebrate, Wade stands his ground, did that carry? Umpires confer and send it upstairs to the third umpire. The stadium DJ clearly thinks it's out, playing "Bye Bye Baby" again while the replays are analysed, but is it Bye Bye Wadey? Yes it is - the Aussie stumper is belatedly sent on his way.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "At the moment, 269 is looking perfectly adequate. But the one thing that Australia do have is plenty of men down the order who can hold a bat."


    Richard in Sheffield, via text on 81111: Re: cricketers who sound like Madonna songs: Like a Prior?


    That's also Jimmy's 235th ODI wicket, making him England's leading ODI wicket-taker, one ahead of Darren Gough with whom he had shared the record.

  54. 35.1 overs: 
    WICKET- M Marsh c Morgan b Anderson 5 (Aus 134-5)

    Anderson back on at the City End, Marsh slices it straight to point!


    Dtyler: I can hear cheers from the stadium before I hear it from the radio, spoilers from living next to Edgbaston.

    I bet you can hear the drums, too. If you haven't guessed, I'm not their biggest fan...

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "An update on the alien cheerleaders for you (I know you're curious)... Three of the four are slumped in giant, red plastic chairs that resemble egg shells sliced down the middle. The last man/woman/being standing just made a half-hearted attempt at a dance that is probably better described as a wiggle of the bum. It's been a long day."

  57. 35 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Aus 134-4 (target 270)

    Bailey punches a quick single to mid-on, and Marsh is off the mark with an aggressive pull for four wide of the man at short mid-wicket. A single takes him to five, Bailey has 47, Bresnan has 2-25 from seven overs, and it's time for another drinks break... and more of that fevered drumming... anyone in the Hollies Stand got any earplugs?


    Mitch Mitchell, (aka John Morris), Boston, USA, via TMS inbox: Besides three Mitchells in the Aussie line-up, there were three Mitchells whose texts, twitters & emails were used early on in the day's proceedings? Conspiracy theories abound.

    I should add that the superficial similarity of my surname to those three Aussies' forename is entirely a coincidence...

  59. 34 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 128-4

    England opt not to risk spin in a powerplay - so Broad returns at the City End. Bailey inches closer to his half century, moving to 46 with a single. Mitchell Marsh is playing only his second ODI (the previous one coming at Centurion in October 2011) and he can't get Broad away, so another tight over by England. The asking rate is creeping up towards nine an over.


    Totum: The reverse sweep is very much en Voges.

    Or rather it was when you sent that tweet.... Never mind, is he the only international cricketer whose name sounds like a Madonna song?

  61. 33 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 127-4

    Mitchell Marsh is Australia's number six and the first of their triumverate of Mitchells to come out to bat... and he's lucky to survive the over as Bresnan whistles one past his outside edge.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "The thinking behind it was fine, the execution wasn't. There was just a flicker of inswing there from Bresnan, Voges tried to play the big shot but the ball was too good for him."

  63. 32.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Voges b Bresnan 15 (Aus 127-4)

    It looks like Bopara's going to return to the attack - only for Bailey to call for the batting powerplay, so Bopara sticks his cap back on and England recall Bresnan at the Pavilion End. England have their three permitted boundary riders at third man, fine leg and deep mid-wicket. Three singles are garnered before Voges goes for a big hit and is clean bowled!

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "England have got away with their fifth bowler very well today, with Root and Bopara sharing it out. Something's got to give here - the next five overs may decide the game."

  65. 32 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 124-3

    Voges emulates his captain from the previous Tredwell over, reverse-sweeping the Kent skipper for four before gently lap-sweeping him for a double, and drilling a single to long-on. Bailey rotates the strike with a single before Tredwell dives full-length to field well off his own bowling.


    Mark, Manchester, via text on 81111: The simple fact is that this Australian side looks to be incompetent. Teams like India, SA and SL would eat this total up without even burping.

  67. 31 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 116-3

    Anderson bowls to Voges, the right-hander smacks a straight drive back at the bowler, Anderson gets a hand to it but the deflected effort breaks a stump, and we have to wait while a member of the Edgbaston ground staff trots on with a replacement. A Bell fumble at cover allows Voges a single, Bailey is beaten by a potent away-swinger but has to dig out an inswinger. Another great over from Anderson, who has three more up his sleeve. Aussie skipper Bailey has 42 from 54 balls.


    WB in Surrey, via text on 81111: Writing the Aussies off for the summer is like saying the weather we are now enjoying won't end.

  69. 30 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 115-3 (target 270)

    Change of bowling, same action as Tredwell replaces fellow off-spinner Joe Root at the City End. After helping himself to a couple of twos. Bailey gambles with a reverse-sweep and sweeps it fine, past Bopara at short third man and away for four. England were 142-1 at this stage... the "double the score at 30 overs" theory nearly worked for them (as they finished on 269). Double Australia's score after 30 overs and they'd fall well short.


    Gary from Preston, via text on 81111: I think Richard Parfitt (25 overs) should stick to Status Quo rather than cricket.

  71. 29 overs: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Aus 105-3

    Edgbaston is once again bathed in sunshine as Anderson returns at the Pavilion End, while Tredwell looks like he's warming up for a second spell. (If you're not keeping track, England still have to find three more overs from either Root or Bopara to fill the fifth bowler's allocation). Anderson is as miserly as you'd expect - two singles from it, Australia are finding themselves cast adrift here.

    And if you missed the "All-time Composite Ashes XI" chat at the interval, it's now available via the TMS Podcast page. Well worth a listen.


    Jamie Patrick: Has Australia got its teams mixed up today? Haddin Siddle Pattinson vs Marsh Starc Johnson! Mitchell cubed should be in Scotland.

  73. 28 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 103-3

    Root tosses it up to Bailey and Voges, the Aussies are into three figures but the young Yorkshireman will be fairly content that only four runs come from the over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "I just spotted the 12th man bringing on sweets for Ravi Bopara."

  75. 27 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 99-3

    Broad in for his seventh over, for the first time in the innings we now have two right-handers at the crease. Bailey and Voges, who have both played in English county cricket, have a job on their hands here. Three singles from the over, Broad has impressive figures of 7-2-23-1.


    LenM: Australia are just not fearful any more, compared to the days when they were winning World Cups! 

  77. 26 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 96-3

    As TV replays show that lbw would have been "umpire's call" had Australia reviewed it, new batsman Adam Voges is off the mark with a single off his first delivery. Bailey - on whom a lot now rests - has 28.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "England's batsmen didn't seem to have to deal with a moving ball, whereas their bowlers have managed to get the ball reversing from about the 15th over, and Australia have had the handbrake on since then."

  79. 25.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Hughes lbw b Root 30 (Aus 94-3)

    Root skips in for his fourth over, there's a confident appeal for lbw against Hughes as he heaves across the line - and umpire Dharmasena raises his finger!


    Chris Jones: England need a couple of wickets in the middle overs or 270 will be very achievable with big hitters and wickets in hand.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "The fancy dress thing has become a bit de rigeur for Saturdays in England, but it seems a particularly English thing. You don't see people turning up to Newlands in Cape Town, dressed as Mr Blobby."

  82. 25 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 93-2 (target 270)

    With Bopara leaking runs, England turn back to Broad, who's changed ends and will charge in from the Pavilion End. No slips, third man and fine leg are back, with a sweeper on each side - wtih mid-on and mid-off right back on the edge of the circle. A hint of swing for Broad as Bailey chops a single to thrid man, and Hughes guides one off his legs. A leg bye takes Australia to the halfway stage - at which point England were 111-1.


    Richard Parfitt: If we're honest, we're probably watching the two worst teams in the tournament right now.

  84. 24 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 90-2

    England keep Root going from the City End, Bailey and Hughes help themselves to some easy singles in the way that England didn't when Bell and Trott were getting bogged down. Five singles from the over.


    Ben Franklin: It appears Australia have forgotten how to play cricket. So far there looks to be no threat to the Ashes this summer. 

  86. 23 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 85-2

    Bailey finds easier pickings against Bopara than he did against Root, pushing the Essex man for two and then pulling him for four through mid-wicket - ending an epic 11-over boundary drought. Then Hughes joins in the fun, lofting Bopara over his head - will that be six over long-on? No - bounces just in front of the rope. A better over for Australia (their best of this innings) - Hughes has 27 from 47 balls, Bailey has 22 from 30.


    Phil in Worthing: Why are England not using Finn - the number 3 ODI bowler in the world, due to "tactics"?

  88. 22 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 72-2

    Bailey is lap-sweeping and reverse-sweeping at Root, knowing Australia have to cash in against England's part-timers. Five runs from the over and whether you're an England fan and think the score's 72-2, or an Aussie who thinks it's 2-72, it's not looking too great for the men in yellow at this stage.


    Matt Higton: Now sat in glorious Roussillon sun, G&T in hand, listening to TMS. Serenely relaxing or v. middle aged, you decide.

  90. 21 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 67-2

    A double change in the bowling as Ravi Bopara comes on at this Pavilion End with his right-arm medium pace. England were indebted to his unbeaten 46 from 37 balls at the end of the innings today, which might have quietened the Bopara-bashers (we know there are a few of you out there) for a while. Four singles from the over, and Hughes wants a new bat.


    Jack in Waterloo, via text on 81111: I think the Aussies are looking to see off Tredwell, Broad, Bresnan and Anderson before they get started.

  92. 20 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 63-2 (target 270)

    Although Tredwell has bowled four impeccable overs at the cost of only eight runs (with 19 dot balls), I guess England know they have to introduce a fifth (and sixth?) bowler at some point - so they toss the ball to part-time off-spinner Joe Root at the CIty End, and he yields only three singles in his first over. England were 87-1 at this stage, by the way.

  93. 19 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 60-2

    Bailey and Hughes pick off some ones and twos against Bresnan - while Tuffers on TMS puts Jim Maxwell on the spot by asking what his fancy dress outfit of choice is. "I went as a Thunderbird the other day," admits the ex-Middlesex and England spinner.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "If there's any retirement in the last six or seven months that's really affected Australia, it's Mike Hussey. What a consistent player he was."


    Thomas Lawlor: If England drop Bailey would it be a wonderful life?


  96. 18 overs: 

    Bailey shovels Tredwell for a single, Hughes guides a two down to Morgan at fine leg, it's an iffy second run but the throw's not accurate enough to threaten a run-out  And, oh dear, Buttler's wicketkeeping will come under scrutiny again as Tredwell gets one to turn, Hughes overbalances as he reaches forward and Buttler can't complete a sharp stumping chance.

    And we have confirmation, if you missed it earlier, that Watson was caught by Cook off Bresnan's bowling, not lbw.


    Conor Whelan: Captain Cook is from the same school of fielding as Michael Vaughan.

    Harsh, Conor. Vaughan himself did admit on TMS last week that he used to field at mid-off because he was one of the worst fielders in his England team.

  98. 17 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Aus 53-2

    Bresnan has Hughes poking at thin air, Ed Smith on TMS thinks England have got the ball reversing already - which would be no mean feat, given that the two white balls mean this ball is only eight overs old. A wide and a Hughes single advance the score, while Bailey tries an aggressive pull shot but can't quite time it and the ball lands safely in front of deep mid-wicket. Bailey, let's not forget, is the Aussie T20 captain leading the ODI side today because of Michael Clarke's injury. Time for drinks (and drumming) - time for Australia to regroup and rethink.


    Stuart Swindon, via text on 81111: I've seen nothing from Watson or Hughes so far that would make me think England in the Tests will encounter problems. Same can be said for Warner, but I don't know if he will play or not, likely to be Cowan. 

  100. 16 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 50-2

    Tredwell spins down another rapid over, Hughes adds a single and Bailey is off the mark with a two swept through square leg. 50 up for the Aussies.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "James Tredwell a poor man's Graeme Swann? The figures suggest it might not be that straightforward. Tredwell has taken 25 wickets at an average of 23.52 in 15 ODIs, with an economy rate of 4.74, compared to Swann's 103 wickets at 27.55 in 78 matches, conceding 4.54 an over."


    Mark, S London, via text on 81111: Has anyone else noticed James Tredwell looks exactly like the alien in ponderous Ridley Scott film Prometheus? 

  103. 15 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Aus 47-2 (target 270)

    New batsman George Bailey is hit on the pad first ball, big appeal... not out. The Aussie stand-in skipper is then cut in half by one which he didn't know much about, as Bresnan completes a wicket maiden.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "Tredwell deserves half a wicket for that, from creating the pressure. Bob Woolmer used to tell me he got most of his wickets for Kent by bowling at the other end to Derek Underwood."

  105. 14.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Watson c Cook b Bresnan 24 (Aus 47-2)

    Bresnan hits Watson on the pad right in front, that's got to be close... and it's out! And even if he'd hit it, he'd have been out caught at gully. In fact, it's retrospectively changed from lbw to caught.


    Chris Mitchell: Reckon these dropped catches from Cook will cost us. Admittedly half chances but had to take one of them. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Tredwell's got the confidence to take the pace off the ball - and you need confidence to do that - it's intriguing, if Swann gets back to fitness, whether they might try to play both of them."

  108. 14 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 47-1

    Off-spinner Tredwell bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Hughes, with Jonathan Trott in as the solitary slip. Flight and guile from the Kent skipper, Hughes can't get him away as Ian Bell is kept busy at short extra cover - and Tredders completes an accomplished maiden over.

  109. 13 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Aus 47-1

    Some remnants of the Barmy Army burst into song with "Everywhere We Go"... and once again the luckless Captain Cook gets a hand to an edge but can't hold on as Hughes square-cuts and they run one. Would have been a fantastic catch if he'd taken it - but we have to put it down as a chance. Watson and Hughes push a couple of singles... and England were 60-1 at this stage.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    “There are a handful of St George’s flags draped over the fencing in the front row of the crowd, a scene so familiar with England trips abroad. The atmosphere is building here, with every play-and-miss, ropey single or half-hearted appeal cheered/jeered with gusto."

  111. 12 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 44-1

    Much to the delight of fellow off-spinner Vic Marks, England have turned to James Tredwell from the City End - and the change seems to pay dividends as the Kent skipper bowls five dot balls to Watson, before the big right-hander manages a two to deep mid-wicket. Meanwhile, the Edgbaston stadium DJ plays "Moves Like Jagger" - should a cricket version be "Moves Like Aggers"?!


    James from Eastcote, via text on 81111: Fantastic unbeaten 150 from Luke Wright at Lord's. Proves he can play the long game too. Wonder if England are regretting leaving him out?

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Do you think if Bresnan gets all three Mitchells out today [Marsh, Johnson and Starc], he might call his new baby Mitchell when it comes?"

    Jonathan Agnew adds: "I quite like the sound of Mitchell Bresnan. But I don't think it's a particularly Yorkshire name."

  114. 11 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 42-1

    England's change bowlers - and how Captain Cook uses them - could have a large bearing on the destiny of this match. The first bowling change comes as Tim Bresnan replaces Anderson here at the Pavilion End, and Watson helps himself to a two and a single to move to 22, before Hughes tucks into a wide one and whacks it through the covers for four. You can't give him width...

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "If Australia - bowled out for 65 by India this week - fail again with the bat today, they might be tempted to promote Peter Siddle up the order in the Ashes. The angry man of the bowling attack completed his maiden first-class hundred for Australia A against Scotland today. Batting at number seven, he ended unbeaten on 103 to complement Brad Haddin's 113 as Australia A amassed 372-8 in Edinburgh. The hosts have just been bowled out for 149 in reply, with James Pattinson taking 3-16."

  116. 10 overs: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Aus 35-1 (target 270)

    As Aggers reminds TMS listeners of Hughes's Twitter faux pas here in 2009 - when he revealed in a tweet that he'd been dropped before the official team announcement - the left-hander nearly cuts his own throat as there's another mix-up between the wickets when he goes for a run and has to be sent back. Broad completes his second maiden of the innings - that's it for the field restrictions, and the full-house crowd at Edgbaston are rather enjoying this in the afternoon sunshine.


    Bailey Noyes: England have made a brilliant start. However, I am dreading when Anderson and Broad aren't bowling, Bresnan and Bopara liabilities.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "A steady start by Australia, but this is one of those games where they don't have to go hell-for-leather from the very word go."

  119. 9 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 35-1

    Still no bowling changes, Anderson races in from the Pavilion End and Watson pushes a three through the covers as the ball loses pace just before the rope. Hughes (recently described in a Worcestershire press release as "the New Road run machine") tips-and-runs a quick single to mid-off, and it looks as though Anderson has broken his boot - the 12th man brings on some replacement footwear. When the "Burnley Express" has been re-shod, he is able to finish the over.


    Simon Twickenham, via text on 81111: Why is it cricket captains stick to the batting order so often in one-dayers? I like England's line-up. But review each next man in on the situation of the game as each wicket falls and we would get more out of it. I think radical flexing is a future tactical advancement.

  121. 8 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Aus 29-1

    Watson pokes forward at Broad, England claim a caught-and-bowled, was it a bump ball, or did he push it onto his boot? The umpires aren't sure and call on their third ump colleague, It's not out. Then Watson gets another life as he gets an edge, Cook (the solitary slip) gets a hand to it... but can't hold on. To add injury to insult (as it were, Cook seems to have hurt his shoulder on landing. Australia continue to live dangerously as Watson pushes a single into the covers, and the dawdling Hughes would have been run out by miles if the throw had hit the stumps... Hughes is off the mark with a fluent four through the covers, and to celebrate the Aussie boundary, the stadium PA plays a rather ropey cover version of "Down Under" by Men At Work, seemingly the go-to Aussie sports song.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "So how does your all-time Ashes XI compare with the Test Match Special panel's team? Jack Hobbs, Len Hutton, Don Bradman, Wally Hammond, Allan Border, Ian Botham, Adam Gilchrist, Shane Warne, Harold Larwood, Dennis Lillee, Glenn McGrath. 12th man (and social secretary): Keith Miller."

  123. 7 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 20-1

    Anderson has a slip back in for Watson, but the opener pokes a well-run two through the gully region. The Aussie combo of Jim Maxwell and Dirk Nannes on TMS are rather pessimistic about Michael Clarke's back injury - even raising questions over what Australia would do if it made him a doubt for the Ashes. "Do you call Ricky Ponting?" Jim asks. "I fear it's unlikely we'll see much of Clarke in this series [the Champions Trophy]."


    Simon: What England need is a Watson/Warner type aggressive opener, what Australia need is a Bell/Trott type innings steadier. Trade? 

  125. 6 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 17-1

    Broad completes a wicket maiden with the last ball of the over to new batsman Phil Hughes - the first maiden of the match, in fact. And interestingly, England immediately post a 7-2 off-side field for Hughes.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "Broad's done a great job in snaring that wicket with the outside edge."

  127. 5.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Warner c Buttler b Broad 9 (Aus 17-1)

    On the fifth ball of a probing over, Warner flashes at a wide one and is caught behind!

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "I've just had a quick serving of bangers and mash. I think the bread rolls have moved more than the white ball has so far. A couple of former England captains were scathing about their own team and the pace of their innings. I'm leaning slightly to Australia, I think England were 10-15 runs short. But it's not like the old days of Ponting and Hussey, while Michael Clarke's not there today either. England are bowling to a plan, and giving Warner nothing to throw his bat at."

  129. 5 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 17-0 (target 270)

    Anderson keeps it pretty tight, with the slips out and the compulsory close catchers at short extra cover and short mid-wicket. Two singles from it. And if you want a comparison, England were 27-0 at this stage. Where did it all go wrong?


    Brandon in Kent, via text on 81111: I don't agree that changes are needed player wise, it's all about their mentality and approach. We seem to have become negative and scared of losing. Ashley Giles, I'm looking at you! 

  131. 4 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 15-0

    Warner, forearms with the strength of tree trunks, faces Broad for the first time and brutally pulls him through square leg for the first four of the innings. Two more singles, and Ed Smith on TMS is ominously describing the pitch as a "shirtfront"...


    Ed in Manchester, via text on 81111: 31 short of par.

  133. 3 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 9-0

    Watson flicks Anderson to deep mid-wicket, where Root is one of the two permitted boundary riders in these first 10 overs. With a left-hand/right-hand combo in, that won't improve the over-rate either... and they all rotate again as left-hander Warner guides a single to fine leg. Another single and a leg bye continue Australia's one-at-a-time progress.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "You get one-day games sometimes when you start with two slips and about 10 balls later, one of them gets moved to short extra cover... Alastair Cook's not quite there yet, but the way the ball's coming off the bat, I don't think England's second slip is going to be there for long."


    Raj from Birmingham, via text on 81111: Can't really see Watson and Warner taking the "keep wickets in hand" approach, if they're still there after 20-25 overs this game is over.

  136. 2 overs: 
    Commentary- Aus 5-0 (target 270)

    Stuart Broad takes the second over - unsurprisingly, given Steven Finn's absence from the XI today. If you weren't with us earlier, Finn isn't injured but has been left out, while Graeme Swann is out with a back injury, Watson is under way with a two wide of mid-on. He's going for a third successive Champions Trophy century after reaching three figures in the semi-final and final of the 2009 event - and nicks the strike with a single off the last ball.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "I used to enjoy watching David Warner come out and whack it from ball one - he's more circumspect now, and I think he's due some runs."

  138. 1 over: 
    Commentary- Aus 2-0

    Warner gets Australia moving with a couple off the back foot through the off side. Watchful first over.


    Welcome back to the action as James Anderson gets us under way after lunch... David Warner and Shane Watson opening for Australia in a W-W formation.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "I’ve just enjoyed a lunchtime lap. Plenty of shorts and T-shirts on show, and even a group of lads with dungarees that have been converted into hot pants. Very fetching. I almost bumped into Captain America and Bananaman round the back of the RES Wyatt Stand too – you’d never have known they smoked, would you?"

  141. 1450:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    Harold Larwood gets my vote as the final pace bowler in the team. It's not a bad side.

  142. 1448:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    I'd have two 12th men - Keith Miller for the social side of things and Gary Pratt if I needed somebody to do some fielding.

  143. 1447:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    It's hard to argue with Glenn McGrath and his record in Ashes cricket. He's got to be in the team.

  144. 1446:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    I have got Dennis Lillee at number nine - he was my hero growing up, a superb fast bowler.

  145. 1444:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    Apart from The Don, Shane Warne is the easiest pick in the team at number eight. How can you argue with that?

  146. 1442:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    Alan Knott should get a mention, but I'm a modern man so I'd have to go for Adam Gilchrist as the wicketkeeper.

  147. 1440:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    I'm going to throw Warwick Armstrong into the mix for the all-rounder's spot. He once made an opposition debutant wait 19 minutes to face his first delivery. But really, you have to go with Ian Botham.

  148. 1438:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    Allan Border was Captain Grumpy - I'd much rather be interviewing Steve Waugh at the end of a day's play. Border hated having to do press conferences.

  149. 1437:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    Allan Border would be in ahead of Steve Waugh because you need a left-hander in the team. Simple.

  150. 1435:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    It's Wally Hammond and Allan Border for me. After having to bowl at Border, I know he was a tough cookie. He'd shore up the middle order, and what a captain he was too.

  151. 1434:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    I have got Wally Hammond at four and David Gower at five because I love watching him bat and because of his Ashes record, he averaged 60 against the Aussies.

  152. 1433:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    It's fairly obvious that Sir Donald Bradman should be at number three - and we all agree with that. But what about numbers four, five and six?

  153. 1430:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    I have made Shane Warne my captain - ahead of Douglas Jardine.

  154. 1428:  
    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor- COMPOSITE ASHES XI

    My opening pair would be Jack Hobbs and Herbert Sutcliffe - they were the most dominant opening pair in the history of Ashes cricket.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Good finish by England - they needed that impetus; it was just a bit subdued for me. England will be pretty satisfied with 269 and I think Australia will too, in a funny way. We'll see how they go because their batting has been the weak point. It's intriguingly poised."

  156. 1425: 

    So, while you pick the bones out of that one, we've got a shortened interval coming up - so keep listening to TMS as after rounding up the county scores, they're going to debate their all-time Composite Ashes XI.

    You can send your XIs to TMS via email ( or via the TMS Facebook page. Cursing Australia's lousy over-rate, I've got to dash for a quick break...


    Jonny Green: England have got more than enough... Australia struggle to make 100 these days.


    Stuart, Chislehurst, via text on 81111: Bopara showing how to play carefully but with purpose. And with the pressure of having everyone waiting to have a go if he fails. Fair play. 

  159. 50 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 268-6

    Buoyed by that six, the Edgbaston crowd launch into a rendition of "The Mitchell Johnson Song" when they see who's bowling the last over. Bresnan knocks a slower ball for a single to cover. Second ball, Bopara launches it high into the Birmingham stratosphere and he's dropped by Bailey running back at extra cover - he gets a hand to it but can't hold on. Ravi smears a single to third man. Johnson sends down a ropey wide which attracts the biggest cheer of the day - is the crowd getting to him? Bres swings at a short ball, is struck on the body and scuttles through for a leg bye. Two balls to come. Bopara hammers a straight-drive past his partner and past the diving David Warner at long-off. Last ball, Bopara walks across to the off side... and Johnson refuses to deliver the ball. When he does deliver, Bopara clubs a single to wide mid-wicket and finishes on 46 from 37 balls. Big Tim has added 19 from 20. But will it be enough?


    Dennis M: The fact that Bresnan is being cheered tells you everything. Remember, anyone could be Tim Bresnan. Workmanlike.

  161. 49 overs: 
    SIX- Eng 258-6

    Starc to bowl the penultimate over, his last. Bowling round the wicket, he has a ring of four fielders in the off side and three scouts back on the leg-side fence. Bresnan helps himself to two well-run twos and a single, then Bopara belatedly launches the first six of the day over cow corner. A two means he has a reasonably rapid 38 from 33 balls, Big Tim has 18 from 18. Last over coming up.


    David Hettle: Tim Bresnan - consecutive boundaries, time to go back to the days of the pinch hitter at 3? Bell/Trott at 4? 

  163. 48 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 245-6

    This is going to be close to a four-hour innings by the time they're done with it - which for 50-over cricket just isn't good enough, and I would say that whether it was Australia, England or anyone else. Faulkner finishes his spell, yielding some ones and twos and finishing with figures of 2-48. Two overs left - can England make 260 or even 270?


    Jack Ralston: BREAKING NEWS: England have hit a boundary, I REPEAT, England have hit a boundary.

  165. 47 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 239-6

    Starc returns, Bresnan gets the England fans going with back-to-back boundaries - a pull through backward square leg and another which bisects third man and backward point. That's more like it, Big Tim - he adds a single, Bopara rides his luck with a full toss which he edges past the keeper and it's stopped for two just inside the third man boundary. A single means it's 12 off the over. Three left.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "This is about the time England need the Buttler - but he's back in the rooms, serving himself lunch. I wonder what odds you'd get on England winning by two runs, like they did in the 2005 Test."


    Phil Jones: This just proves the England batting plan doesn't work. Cant rely on big hitters every innings to get to a par score.

  168. 46 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 227-6

    Faulkner fires a couple down the leg side - the first is flicked for four by Bopara, the second is a wide, but the left-armer recovers to have the Essex man playing and missing at one outside off stump. Bopara nurdles a two to long leg, a single takes him to 23 from 25 balls - Bresnan doubles his score with a single. To think we were talking about it being a 300 wicket early on... that feels like a different game now.


    Sebastian Eaton: Well Ravi, you can get a few people back on side if you get us out of this mess.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "There’s a second Mexican wave of the day under way at Edgbaston - with significantly less enthusiasm than the first, it must be said. It peters out after barely a full circuit. A fitting metaphor for England’s innings."

  171. 45 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 218-6

    McKay in for his last over - having the luxury of seven bowlers means that none of the other Aussies have bowled more than eight, giving Cap'n Bailey some options for the last five. The crowd are getting restless with England here as Bopara and Bresnan can only contribute two singles and a leg bye from the over - McKay finishes with 2-38 from 10.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "Those people who are seeing James Faulkner for the first time today will have been impressed."


    Daz, Widnes, via text on 81111: These tactics are ridicilous, outdated and extremely unfair on Morgan, Buttler and Bopara. Just because they did it last game doesn't mean they can every game. 

  174. 44 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 215-6

    Tim Bresnan is the new batsman - no news yet on the expectant Mrs Bresnan, who was due to give birth to the couple's first child last Monday, but the "action stations" call has not yet gone out to Big Tim so he's able to play today. He's nearly run out trying to push a single - rather as he was at Southampton last weekend - but makes his ground. Bopara moves to 14 with a single.


    James Gunn: Absolutely not enough. Should be well over 300 on this wicket! Changes needed! Trott slow and selfish! Great player but not ODI.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Buttler did go fully at it, with no foot movement at all, so it was asking to be dragged on."

  177. 43.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Buttler b Faulkner 1 (Eng 213-6)

    The wheels are coming off for England here as Buttler is bowled by the second delivery he faced, via his inside edge and his boot. There's a brief glimmer of hope as it may have been a no-ball... but it wasn't.

  178. 43 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 213-5

    Time for the Buttler to deliver - Jos Buttler in at seven for England, he nicks the strike with a single off his first ball.


    Tim in Marlow, via text on 81111: What in the name of Boycott are England up to? This nudging and nurdling is reminiscent of Neil Fairbrother in the middle overs of a B&H Cup game in the early 90s. Give it some humpty!

    In his defence, Neil Fairbrother used to be able to score the minimum of a single off nearly every ball he faced!

  180. 42.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Morgan b McKay 8 (Eng 212-5)

    A few cheers as Bopara lofts a four over mid-off. Bopara then opts to bunt, dropping the ball at his feet and running a quick single, while McKay fails his audition for the Socceroos as he can't kick the ball onto the stumps. But an unremarkable Morgan innings is ended as he is bowled round his legs.


    Rob Biddle: This is so frustrating great batting conditions, wickets in hand and they are going for singles.


    Not out - "that's possibly the worst review I've ever seen," says Aggers.


    Hang on a minute, they're reviewing that last delivery for lbw, even though it appeared to pitch a yard outside leg stump...

  184. 42 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 205-4

    Morgan pushes Faulkner for two as England stutter past 200, but the Aussies will be happy to concede only singles at this stage.

    And stand by for a pretty short interval - the minimum 30 minutes - because of a pretty shabby Australian over-rate. Not entirely unexpected considering their refusal to field a front-line spinner. Maybe the ICC could dock them runs? But keep tuned to TMS for the pundits' Composite Ashes XI discussions.


    Alex Goddard: If Bopara bats through the innings for 25 I'll punch myself in the head then write a strongly worded letter to Ashley Giles.

  186. 41 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 199-4

    Morgan and Bopara can only plunder three singles from McKay's eighth over. More interestingly, there are two Mr Blobbys chasing each other around the Hollies Stand, providing far more entertainment than England at the moment.


    toblerohner: Why oh why is Bopara in ahead of Buttler?! 


    Chris: Before pushing up the run-rate, Morgan needs to run out Bopara.

  189. 40 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 196-4

    Bopara should have plenty of bowling to do today, but he's got an important job to do with the bat first. The Essex man pushes Faulkner for a couple of twos and a single, to bring the left-handed Morgan on strike. Umpire Dharmasena signals for a review - for what, we're not immediately sure. The spider-cam hovers above Dharmasena, in the manner of a mind probe looking to descend on him. And... it's all to do with an errant bail, which blew off without the intervention of any of the players, so we're going to carry on. But someone in the TV booth (possibly the third umpire) presses the wrong button and the screen says "Out!" before hastily changing to "Not Out". So from that powerplay, England scored 23 runs for the loss of two wickets.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "England have some work to do here. At the moment, they're behind."


    Benjamin Pelc: Why are England so rigid with their batting line up? Other teams change the order depending on the situation.

  192. 39 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 190-4

    England keep their Buttler under wraps as Ravi Bopara is the new batsman. He's off the mark with a carefully dabbed single to third man.


    Chris Harvey: England's tactics will be fully vindicated if Morgan whacks a quick-fire 400....

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Morgan is going to be crucial here. He's England's one-day 'gun'. I'd have liked to see him come in earlier."

  195. 38.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Root c Bailey b McKay 12 (Eng 189-4)

    The castle walls are crashing down as Root gives an easy catch to mid-wicket.


    Stephen, via text on 81111: Am I right in remembering we played in this astoundingly old-fashioned way in the 2007 World Cup? Then afterwards realised what an outdated idea it was?

  197. 38 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 189-3

    As 'Bye Bye Baby' by the Bay City Rollers plays over the PA, it's Bye Bye Belly for England - his last 16 scoring strokes were all singles. Make of that what you will. New batsman Eoin Morgan can't get his first two deliveries away.


    MM: Ian Bell the most selfish batsman around. Only worried about his own figures.


    David Oakley: Is Boycott the new England ODI coach or Giles?

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "That didn't look a particularly complicated ball. It was gun-barrel straight, and he missed it. I can't work out whether that was a great innings, or an innings that was just not aggressive enough."

  201. 37.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Bell b Faulkner 91 (Eng 189-3)

    Root aims a reverse sweep at the recalled Faulkner but misses, but when he works the ball down to long leg, an attempted relay throw is fumbled and the third-wicket pair are able to scamper back for a third run. But Bell's hopes of a ton on his home ground are ended as he's bowled!


    Liam in Sheffield, via text on 81111: What's with all the negativity? We are perfectly set up to score at least 300 here. WI and Pakistan game showed the pitfalls of losing early wickets.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "I've always dreamed of going in to bat and being told 'you tee off, Dirk'. But it's never happened. I never know what batsmen say to each other."

  204. 37 overs: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Eng 186-2

    Watson's off after that one-over spell, and McKay returns at the City End while we have our first Mexican wave of the day as the sun beats down here at Edgbaston. Bell and Root keep pushing the singles, with the former into the (nervous?) nineties. Root pulls a slower ball for one - he has nine from 11 balls, Bell has 91 from 114.


    Jon in London, via text on 81111: Why are we the only country that play one-day cricket in this way? Most start aggressively and look to push on. We are stuck in the last decade!

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "The less glamorous side of international sport on view under the West Stand: two male cheerleaders dressed as aliens taking a breather in the shade, stripped to the waist, tights sagging, detachable foam head in their arms, wiping sweat from their brow. Can’t say I envy them on a day like this."

  207. 36 overs: 
    POWERPLAY- Eng 180-2

    Yes, it's Batting Powerplay o'clock - only three men allowed outside the circle for overs 36-40 (so six in the ring). After three singles, Root has the crowd on their feet as he moves across and scoops Starc over his shoulder and through fine leg for four! 180 - a good score in darts, but is it enough with 14 overs left?


    Sahil Oberoi: Trott used up 56 balls for his 43 runs. On this type of wicket that's just not good enough, hence all the criticism.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "I still think Mitch Marsh is a bowling all-rounder who can come in and fill the gaps - Australia didn't really need to bowl him. I just sense England are lacking urgency, I'd have liked to have seen Morgan bat ahead of Root, although I'm biased as I've played with him."

  210. 35 overs: 
    OUCH!- Eng 173-2

    The two-over Marsh experiment is ended as Watson returns at the City End. Bell moves to 85 with a single. Root aims a pull shot and is struck on the body as they run a leg bye. Bell keeps the strike with a single to third man. And time to lock your doors and put the cat out - it's time for the Batting Powerplay...


    Rob Wilson: England do seem to be too cautious too often in ODIs. Don't quite know why they've suddenly become so scared?

  212. 34 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 170-2

    No change in England's batting order as Joe Root is the new man in - he nudges his first ball for a single to third man, Bell chops the last ball of the over to cover and Root may have been in danger if the throw had hit - which it didn't.


    Ade, via text on 81111: Man, we needed that. And I'm English.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "If he hadn't played at that one, it would have been a wide."

  215. 33.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Trott c Wade b Starc 43 (Eng 168-2)

    Starc switches to bowling round the wicket in the manner of Wasim Akram - Bell adds a single, Trott pushes a couple of twos but then wafts at a wide one outside off stump and it's an easy catch for the keeper.


    Barton Boot Camp: Would be criminal if these two get out just before the powerplay leaving two new men at crease to accelerate.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "Australia should be reasonably happy with the control they've bowled with so far. They're doing what they can, and they're doing it quite well."

  218. 33 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 163-1

    Marsh's bowling is towards the military side of medium - but he sends down another wide. (In terms of other Aussie Marshes, he's the brother of Shaun and son of Geoff, but not related to Rod). The Warwickshire pair pick up some ones and twos, they seem to have finally found third gear - but at the time when most teams are moving up into fourth.


    Peter in Devon, via text on 81111: Re Dan and Suraj..why all go for Hayden as the opener? Stats wise Hayden might have got a better average as an opener in Tests, but when it comes to the Ashes what about Michael Slater? 7 Ashes centuries... which I believe is more than Hayden.


    Paul Steed: Composite Ashes XI Joyce, Hughes, Key, Ramprakash, North, Manou, Afzaal, Harris, Doherty, Johnson, Plunkett.


  221. 32 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 157-1

    Cap'n Bailey shuffles his bowlers as Starc replaces Johnson at the Pavilion End - a Bell single takes England to 150, and Bell to 80 - his highest ODI score on this, his home ground. Trott pushes a two, Starc bangs in an aerial wide, Trott pulls a couple of twos and he now has 36 from 50 balls. That's the century stand.

    And I don't want to worry England fans even more than Bell and Trott's pedestrian progress has done, but there's a dark cloud on the horizon in about three overs' time. I name thee Batting Powerplay, Destroyer of Hope...

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Neither of these batsmen are sloggers. Bell has more scope to use the aerial route - it would be interesting to see what will happen if a wicket falls. With 31 overs gone, I'd be astonished if Morgan didn't come in next rather than Root. Then, if they can get into the 40s [overs], they can send Buttler in with Root in reserve. I still think a par score here is around 300."


    From Johnny, London, via text on 81111: These tactics by England are fine IF the batsmen at the top of the order get a big score - but the problem is that more often than not, the top order batsmen will get no more than 40, leaving the middle order with a lot of overs to get through and a run-rate of about 3.75. My point is that these tactics are not sustainable! They just won't work often. 

  224. 31 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 149-1

    Watson's off, and Mitchell Marsh is on as Australia's seventh bowler (another right-arm seamer), and there's a bit of a clash between Trott and keeper Wade as he tries to take the fielder's throw in. A few Paddington Bear-style "hard stares" are exchanged by Trott and Wade, and the umpires have to have a word. (I discovered the other day that there's a Paddington Bear shop at Paddington railway station. How splendid) Marsh strays with a wide, but Bell and Trott add some ones and twos - time for another drinks break, and time for those drummers to start up again...


    James Morgan: Talking of condiments, Trott & Bell's run rate is the equivalent speed to ketchup being nurtured from the old glass bottles.

  226. 30 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 142-1

    Johnson bangs in short, it flies off Bell's top edge as he hooks and it sails over the keeper's head for four. A couple of singles are added before Trott guides the ball down to fine leg and really gets his head down, scampering a very well-run two, before punching a quick single to mid-off. "That's more like it," notes Aggers on TMS. And if England are following the "double the score after 30 overs" maxim... will 284 be enough? Or have the new rules changed that theory?


    Kartik B: Teams will bowl their worst bowlers in the middle overs and keep the best for the death if England remain so one dimensional.


    "I've chosen my Composite Ashes XI - I couldn't get him into my team, so I've made Keith Miller my 12th man for his social skills."

    Send TMS your Composite Ashes XIs via email ( or Facebook - they will be discussing it during the interval between innings.

  229. 29 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 132-1

    Jonny Bairstow sneaks on with a drink for the England batsmen between overs - not that they've exactly broken sweat recently - and is shooed away like a naughty schoolboy by Mr Erasmus. But it's a slightly better over for England, who pick up a few ones and twos against Watson, while Bell adds a streaky four through the vacant slip area.


    BillyBunter3rd: Re: Roman Duzinkewycz - it's a 50-over innings NOT 35 or 40 overs. Trott/Bell setting it up for Morgan/Buttler et al.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Australia will be, quietly, quite pleased with the way things have gone. England won't always be able to accelerate the way they did at Trent Bridge - that was a freak, a one-off."

  232. 28 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 123-1

    After five overs without a boundary, Bell crashes Johnson for four through the covers... then there's a bit of cat and mouse between batsman and bowler as Bell leaves his ground and Johnson doesn't deliver the ball. A few words are exchanged. Bell moves to 65 with a single to fine leg - five off the over, but as Aggers points out, only two scoring strokes out of six. And only nine boundaries in 28 overs...

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "At what age should you stop wearing replica shirts? The reason I ask is I’ve just seen a chap approaching 40 in the club shop sporting an England top, trousers and cap. The only thing missing were the coloured pads. A marketing man's dream. Surely he’s old enough to know better..."


    Lindsay Ship: If Trott stays in he'll end up with a run a ball strike rate, just needs time to get in.

  235. 27 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 118-1

    Despite Trott and Bell having played Voges as though he's Saeed Ajmal, the part-time spinner is given the hook after three overs and Shane Watson has changed ends, chugging in from the City End with his right-arm medium-fast seam, rather like a traction engine which has seen better days but remains pretty reliable. Bell cuts, Bailey makes a good stop, three singles from the over. Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" plays over the PA - but England may have been taking its "take a back seat, relax" lyrics a little too literally.


    Jack Mendel: Composite Ashes XI; Strauss, Hayden, Ponting, Pietersen, Hussey, S.Waugh, Gilchrist, Warne, Mcgrath, Lee, Jimmy.


    Dan Bradley, Manchester, via text on 81111: This is a joke, on a flat wicket and a part time spinner, England should be 140+ by now. This is not a Test match Bell & Trott. 

  238. 26 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 115-1

    Change of bowling, same action at the Pavilion End as Johnson replaces fellow left-armer Faulkner. More singular run-accumulation by the two home favourites Trott and Bell, while Ed Smith on TMS compares Johnson's haircut to that of Don Draper from "Mad Men" - "one of the few TV shows you're not on, Tuffers," Ed playfully reminds his summariser. Four singles added to the score, England are struggling to find third gear here.


    Roman Duzinkewycz, via TMS inbox: Can someone tell the England batsmen to 'GET A MOVE ON' - we are already playing catch up after 21 overs and this is a good batting wicket showing no demons - what is wrong with Bell and Trott? I can see England being embarrassed again today - pathetic performance - what is Giles saying to these batsmen?

  240. 25 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 111-1

    Once more, Voges whistles through another over in little more than a couple of minutes - England milk him for a two and four singles to move to Nelson at the halfway stage, but one can't help but feel he's not the best spinner they'll face in this tournament...


    Alex Goddard: Get the impression England never really know what score they should be aiming for, and just tick along and see what happens.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "This is vintage 'middle-of-the-one-day-innings' stuff."

  243. 24 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 105-1

    Another single from Bell, then Trott pushes hard for a two after beating the ring of off-side fielder. No fireworks on the scale of India's innings against South Africa on Thursday, as it's five from the over. And England's sedate progress towards batting utopia is silenced by the sound of drums between overs. Perhaps it's a secret signal from coach Ashley Giles trying to tell them to get a shift on?


    Gary, Liverpool, via text on 81111: I don't see why Trott is getting stick for his sedate scoring rate. If he stays in he will always accelerate, but more importantly he will give us wickets in hand for the final 10 or so overs, and we've seen what can happen then. 


    John Coote: Bell + Trott is like watching Thorburn v Griffiths; miserably excellent. If Morgan and Buttler fall cheaply we are in trouble.

  246. 23 overs: 
    Commentary- BELL FIFTY - Eng 100-1

    Tuffers and Ed Smith think Bell and Trott have to get after Voges, who's potentially one of the weak links in this Aussie attack. Bell drives, George Bailey dives at cover and can't quite reach it as the opener moves ot 49. Trott flicks an easy single to the mid-wicket sweeper (who has no fewer than four bright advertising logos on the ground in front of him), and a gentle single allows Bell to move to his 27th ODI fifty from 70 balls. And it's the hundred up for England.


    Ben Kirby: He likes bowling to Bell, he likes bowling to Troooottttttt, Mitchell Johnson is out of his rot! 

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "With the new rules, you're not sure if England are under par - but I think they'll be happy with this position."

  249. 22 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 97-1

    After a single from Trott, the England boundary drought is ended as Bell pulls Faulkner for four through mid-wicket. A single takes the Warwickshire man to 48 - the other Warwickshire man (Trott) has 12.


    Dafydd at Edgbaston, via text on 81111: That's the magic 65 passed! Should be an England victory now. What better way to start the Ashes summer.

  251. 21 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 91-1

    Part-time slow left-armer Adam Voges comes on for a twirl from the City End, I wonder whether Bell and especially Trott may have faced him during one of his spells in county cricket - mainly with Notts, but he's also played for Hampshire, as have no fewer than six members of this Aussie squad, including Michael Clarke and Glenn Maxwell who aren't playing today. Voges is quickly through his over, Bell adds a couple of twos to the score and he has 43.


    Suraj Singh: Composite Ashes XI; Hayden, Gooch, Bradman, Ponting, Gower, S Waugh, Botham, Gilchrist, Warne, Lillee, McGrath. KP (12th man).

  253. 20 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 87-1

    After a single from Bell, left-armer Faulkner slants one outside Trott's off stump and the right-hander falls over trying to swat it through the off side. Two more singles added, Radio 4 Long Wave listeners return to TMS after the Shipping Forecast but England are somewhat becalmed here. In calm waters. If you know what I mean. And what can this be... a SPINNER?

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "You need to pick bowlers who can take wickets in these middle overs so you're buying yourself some time."


    Will Collins: He's bowling it fast, he's getting some swing, it's not Mitchell Johnson, it's his identical twin.

  256. 19 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 84-1

    While Jim and Dirk on TMS wonder what a 'par' score on this ground would be (the highest ODI chase here is 280 by Australia in 1993, scorer Malcolm Ashton points out), it's more steady accumulation from Trott and Bell - four singles from the over.


    Paul in Devon, via text on 81111: Peppering the reporting with these condiments is an insalt to true cricket fans. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "You think England need a Pietersen somewhere in the side to give their middle order a bit of oomph if they're to be a really successful one-day side."

    Dirk Nannes adds: "You can have a player like Trott to be the glue in the side, but you can't have three or four of them."

  259. 18 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 80-1

    Australia turn to their fifth seamer - it's our first look at left-armer James Faulkner, who's also in the Ashes squad. Single from Bell, Trott opens the face to guide a single to third man, and after a couple of leg byes, Bell works a slower ball through square leg for two. Steady if unspectacular, England - Bell has 35, Trott has eight.


    Phil Jones: Trott is a quality batter but he takes too long to get going. Bell needs to accelerate now to compensate.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "Jonathan Trott goes into this game on the back of 183 runs in the recent 2-1 one-day series defeat by New Zealand, including an unbeaten 109 in the second match. He's clearly a man in form. Plus his only previous ODI at Edgbaston yielded 110 against Bangladesh in 2010. So best of luck, Australia."

  262. 17 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 74-1

    Jim Maxwell informs TMS listeners how Mitchell Starc has a talented younger brother, Brandon Starc, who is an Australian Under-19 high jump athlete - while Mitchell's girlfriend is Alyssa Healy, who plays for the Aussie women's cricket team (as well as being the niece of ex-Aussie keeper Ian Healy). Quite a sporty family, then. Trott cuts loose for the first time when he drills Starc for a flashing four through the covers.


    Jon, WirralI, via text on 81111: I take to condiment jokes with relish. Let's hope England don't end up in a pickle. 


    Tim Crowley, via TMS inbox: With Bell and Trott in the run rate will now drop putting pressure on those to come in.. We need to be more flexible in our batting line-up otherwise we have no chance in this competition.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "Watson's bowling very well, he can be very effective on wickets like this where it helps to bowl straight. He just seems to have a knack of picking up wickets."

  266. 16 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 70-1

    Bell and Trott push a couple of singles after the resumption, while an Aussie fielder gets a telling-off by umpire Erasmus for deliberately throwing the ball in via several bounces, in order to scuff it up.

  267. 1144: 

    As the drinks-carriers leave and the drummers desist, don't forget you can contact TMS with your Composite Ashes XI (email or via Facebook). Imagine a bowling attack containing the likes of Dennis Lillee, Glenn McGrath and Harold Larwood... and would "The Don" avoid being run out by G Boycott?


    Anthony in Coventry, via text on 81111: Two of the spare seats are for my son and I. Very frustratingly his school cricket match just been extended from 20 to 30 overs! 


    Alan MacDonald, Dundee, via TMS inbox: If McKay comes anywhere near Scotland and claims that his name rhymes with pay rather than pie, he'll not receive a very warm welcome!

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "The drummers here look like Grenadier Guards in red tunics and bearskins, there are groups of them around the ground and without a great amount of subtlety, they beat the living daylights out of these big bass drums. And it's always fun to see the drinks buggies - players never take a drink from them, they're just for the benefit of sponsors, so this one is just driving around the ground."

  271. 15 overs: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 68-1

    A change at the far end as left-arm quick Starc returns in place of right-arm quick McKay - while Dirk on TMS thinks Australia should keep Johnson on for the Ashes. A bit of kidology - any Aussie fans out there really want Johnson back in the Test fold (apart from the odd horses-for-courses pick on a flyer at Perth)? Text, tweet or email us if you do. Bell hoists a two over Hughes at short cover before threading a single to the cover sweeper. Umpire Dharmasena decides it's time for drinks.


    Russell Moore: His bowling is straight, his bowling is faaaassstttt, Mitchell Johnson, I doubt it will last.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "When Matthew Wade appeals, he keeps going, like a man hitting the final note of an aria."

  274. 14 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 63-1

    This is a better spell for Australia, McKay and Watson have put the brakes on England a little. (Aggers and Dirk on TMS agree, by the way, that it's probably pronounced "Mc-Kie" rather than "Mc-Cay"). Bell pushes a two and flicks a single to fine leg. Trott prods forward, Watson appeals, keeper Wade appeals even louder... and they decide against a review.


    Benjamin Pelc: Another ODI 30 for Cook, not pushing on this season. Trott surely to play the only way he knows how. Time for a shower.

    BBC Test Match Special's Dirk NannesContributor

    "It's quite difficult to bowl to someone like Trott when he moves so far outside off stump to work the ball through mid-wicket. I've noticed the umpires having a word with the batsmen about running down the middle of the wicket."

  277. 13 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 60-1

    McKay begins his fifth over, a Bell single brings his Bears team-mate Trott on strike - he's off the mark with a single, Bell rotates the strike with a leg-bye - he has 24.


    Colin Picton: At this rate the Aussies will be playing ketchup. One for you gentlemen to relish.

  279. 12 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 57-1

    Jonathan Trott strides to the middle, tries to work Watson through the leg side but hits it straight to the swooping mid-wicket fielder.


    Josh-Calne, via text on 81111: He's bowling quite fast, he's bowling quite straight, Mitchell Johnson, when'd your bowling get great?

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Cook's never been the most natural cover-driver but I thnk he was getting tied down a little and was trying to smear it. Jonathan Trott in now, so we have an all-Warwickshire partnership at Edgbaston."

  282. 11.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Cook c Wade b Watson 30 (Eng 57-1)

    Nearly every seat has been taken now, and there's an expectant murmur around Edgbaston as Bell guides Watson for a single. A few white fluffy clouds above, but nothing like the downpour there was when I was last here - that rain-ruined Test against West Indies last summer. But there's a cloud on Cook's horizon as Watson finds the edge, Wade takes the catch and England are one down.


    Former England striker Gary Lineker: It will take something out of the ordinary to extricate me from the sofa today. First taste of England v Australia.

  284. 11 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 56-0

    More singles from Cook'n'Bell - Ed Smith on TMS has noticed a bit of inswing for right-armer Clint McKay. While the Aussies may have three Mitchells in their team, can anyone remember another first-class cricketer called Clint?


    Thomas Stirk: Still think England lack a Gayle, Watson type opener, Alex Hales and Michael Carberry are a few choices for that role.

  286. 10 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 54-0

    Johnson takes a rest after an uncharacteristically miserly 0-15 from four overs - Shane Watson to take up the attack from this Pavilion End. I've always thought Watson walks back to his mark a little carefully, as though he's scared he's about to pull a hamstring at any moment - and he has no chance to settle as Bell brutally straight-drives his first ball back past the bowler for four! That's the fifty stand. After a couple of singles, it's Bell's turn to summon Woakes for a replacement bat, and he hits a two with the replacement blade. A decent start for the hosts as the field restrictions end.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "Daryl Cullinan, who I played with at Kent, was very good at saying 'this is a 200 wicket' or 'this is a 250 wicket' early on in one-day matches. From the look of it, I think this may be a 300 wicket."


    Harvey Austin: (Re: 7 overs) Get Phil Mustard keeping to top it off.

    BBC Sport's Justin Goulding at EdgbastonContributor

    "This pitch looks a belter: hard, barely a blade of grass in sight and the same colour as a pair of chinos - the original ones, not the fancy blue or rust ones you can buy nowadays. There have been four scores above 300 in ODIs at Edgbaston - could we see a fifth (and sixth) today?"

  290. 9 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 46-0

    Single from Bell, then there's a brief delay as Captain Cook needs a new bat. 12th man Chris Woakes brings a choice of three replacements, but the skipper immediately knows which one to go for. No problems with the new bat as Cook cracks it to backward point where David Warner dives like a goalkeeper and "saves" the ball on the bounce - earning him a pat on the back from three or four team-mates.


    Ian Mitchell, via text on 81111: Think we need to stop the condiment and dressing jokes at sauce !

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "The captain, as ever, is a boundary fielder short under these new regulations. But Cook looks more fluent than Bell."

  293. 8 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 45-0

    Bell tries to flick Johnson down the leg side and they trot through for a leg bye. Cook looks in good form as he drills his third boundary of the day past mid-off. Two more singles and an accomplished Cook flick to long leg mean the skipper has 28 from 30 balls, while Bell has 13 from 19.

    And an early call for you - during the interval today, the TMS pundits will be selecting their all-time Composite Ashes XI (England and Australia). Who makes your unbeatable XI - Bradman? Botham? Warne? Can you find a place for big Merv? Email with your selection, or let us know via the TMS Facebook page.


    Bailey Noyes: The cheers of delight when we heard Mitchell Johnson was playing today, figures of 0-70+.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I think you need a couple of good spinners if you're playing on pitches like this and Cardiff. England only have one front-line spinner, Australia... don't."

  296. 7 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 36-0

    Cook, strong off his legs as ever, works McKay for a single to move to 17. Bell knocks a single into the covers, the throw is fumbled by keeper Matthew "Buttergloves" Wade but thankfully for the Aussies it's backed up. Cook crashes another four through the covers - Jim Maxwell and Vic Marks on TMS thinks we could be in for a run-fest today. Anyone for 300 v 300? Or would you settle for a finish as close as the Test here in 2005? All together now: "Jones... Bowden!"

    BBC Test Match Special's Jim MaxwellContributor

    "Johnson has bowled pretty well so far, Australia just can't find a wicket."


    Claire Marshall, via TMS inbox: The players look like hot dog toppings in those kits, we should give Graham Onions a go.

    At least batting first, they don't have to ketch-up with the run rate. I'll get my coat.

  299. 6 overs: 
    Commentary- Eng 30-0

    Cook clips Johnson off his legs for two, then is hit on the pad attempting the same shot and they scamper through for a leg bye.


    Paul Gurley, via text on 81111: Recently Aggers talked about Fred Trueman on Dad's Army. It's on BBC Two tonight.

    Definitely worth a watch, that episode. It's on at 1900 BST - this game may be home and hosed by then, we would hope.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • England beat Australia by 48 runs
  • England: 269-6 (50.0 overs)
  • Australia: 221-9 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: Edgbaston

Australia Innings

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Warner c Buttler b Broad 9
Watson c Cook b Bresnan 24
Hughes lbw b Root 30
Bailey c Root b Tredwell 55
Voges b Bresnan 15
M Marsh c Morgan b Anderson 5
Wade c Buttler b Anderson 1
Faulkner not out 54
Johnson c Morgan b Bopara 8
Starc b Anderson 5
McKay not out 7
Extras 1nb 1w 6lb 8
Total for 9 221

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