England v New Zealand, second Test, Headingley, day five, as it happened

England beat New Zealand by 247 runs in the second Test at Headingley to complete a 2-0 series victory.

28 May 2013 Last updated at 18:51

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As it happened

  1. 1615: 

    That's about it from us - Sam's match report is up, you'll be able to read Aggers's column later - join us on Friday for the first ODI from Lord's.


    Alex Moore: So everything worked out fine for England then? Everyone got some extra batting practice and we won comprehensively? No worries.


    Ade via text on 81111: Why would anyone apologise to Cook? Does the fact we won by 250 runs and at the last minute not further illustrate how needless our over defensiveness was? 

  4. 1606: 

    England collect the trophy. Graeme Swann seems to be the champagne-sprayer-in-chief, perhaps he's a trustrated F1 driver.


    England captain Alastair Cook on TMS: "It’s great to win 2-0, they were two good performances. I think we played better in this game than we did at Lord's, we knew the weather was about so we needed a couple of hours and the groundsman did a fantastic job. [On not enforcing the follow-on] Tactically, we wanted some more wear into that pitch and you saw quite a few balls misbehaved, the rough getting deeper and deeper, and I think that proved pretty good tactics. If you’re nit-picking, with that last 45 minutes yesterday, you could have said we could have pushed on but obviously we were pretty happy with the position we got ourselves in. There are lots of diff ways of attacking - you don’t always have to crowd the bat - there are always times when you think you can do things differently. [on Joe Root] It swung all day on that first day and how fluently he played against left and right-armers and a spinner was a very fine knock, I can’t remember a reception like that. [on Graeme Swann] We all know how good a bowler he is, he doesn’t need the help from the footmarks but when he gets it he’s nigh-on unplayable."


    England batsman Joe Root wins TMS's Brian Johnston Champagne Moment for his maiden Test century on his home ground: "It's something I'll remember for a long time. To get the opportunity to play for England somewhere where you've played your whole career."


    Man of the match Graeme Swann on TMS: "I may not win too many more of these awards with Joe Root around. I never thought I'd do it at Headingley. I actually agreed with the decision not to pick me here last year as I bowled like a drain at The Oval and it looked a seamers' pitch. I know we're not allowed to say the 'A' word but it was great to get some wickets ahead of the Ashes. I was delighted to get some wickets, bowling people through the gate normally only happens when you're playing well."

  8. 1553: 

    Graeme Swann is man of the match. No doubt an honourable mention in dispatches for home favourite Joe Root.


    Daryl King: England win by 247 runs in three and a half days and most people are complaining? I remember when we couldn't buy a Test win. 


    NZ captain Brendon McCullum on TMS: "We're disappointed as we had high hopes after a great series at home but England put us under pressure and we weren't able to respond. We made some strides forward as a batting group at home, but we've taken steps backward here. Our bowlers have been outstanding, but our batters still have work to do, both individually and as a group. Credit where credit's due, England have some class bowlers - Graeme Swann was outstanding and showed why he's one of the premier bowlers in the world."


    Greg, Birmingham via text on 81111: National Rail should take tips from the Burnley Express about timing and weather delays. 


    James Bradshaw: If they can get their batting sorted this will be a good New Zealand team, better then their ranking suggests.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Swann is a special off-spinner - he's far more aggressive than mean old off-spinners of the past like Illingworth, Titmus or Emburey. He's a canny operator, has a terrific cricket brain and is instinctively aggressive, bowling wider than Illy or the others would - he aims to hit the top of off stump and can hit either edge. He is the one man for whom England don't have cover in the Ashes, even with Monty around. With all those left-handers, he can be very effective."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "What's interesting down here on the pitch is how dark and gloomy it is. England may have been a bit lucky there, particularly with Finn and Anderson on. I think Swann's going to be man of the match."


    karlatkinson: Never in doubt that!!


    Gedders, via text on 81111: Re: John [1532] - why did Cook leave it to such fine margins? Game should have been over yesterday. But he will learn...

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "England could have been more ruthless at times, but 247 runs is a massive victory, and most of their side is operating well."

    BBC Test Match Special's Simon MannContributor

    "It's taken a long time for England to win this game - when they look back at the scorecard of this game in the future, it won't tell all the tales about how this game has developed."

  19. 1542: 

    Brave rearguard effort from Boult, who lasted 24 balls for his 0, and Wagner, left high and damp and equally scoreless from 37 balls. Anderson finishes with 1-28, but it's Swann who blew the big holes - 6-90 from 32 overs in this innings, 10-132 in the match. Well played sirs.

    WICKET- Boult c Prior b Anderson 0 - ENGLAND WIN MATCH BY 247 RUNS

    Yes, James Anderson it is. Four slips, edged, out! Simple enough chance, but England are understandably delighted - there have been times today when it looked like it might never happen, but they have now sealed their 2-0 series win. And breathe.

  21. 1535: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Wagner scoreless but unbeaten off 32 balls. Now 33, pushing Finn off his hip and away past that man close in round the corner. Good leaving from Wagner, a ninth successive maiden. Might England try to monkey with the Kiwi defensive plan by bringing on Anderson at the Kirkstall Lane End, and switching Swann to the Rugby Stand End?

  22. 1532: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Tossed up by Swann, blocked by Boult. Fielders crowd him like starving vultures. More blocking. Boult has survived 21 balls now - still on 0, but what does that matter?


    John, Kent, via text on 81111: If England win , will all the people who slated Cookie apologise?

  24. 1529: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Wagner angles Finn away through point - a run there, but he doesn't need it. Keep the nominally better batsman facing the paceman and the right-hander facing the offie. Wagner - edged... no! Into Cook's hands at first slip, but on the bounce.

  25. 1525: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Barely anyone in the ground to watch this, and you can't blame them - it's been filthingtons all day long. Boult defends, and defends, and breathes, and defends again. Just 248 runs needed for a surprise Kiwi victory.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Six slips, I like that. I can't imagine Wagner's looking to whack it anywhere. Finn has bowled well in this game, the selectors have done well to stick with him. You look at the way he and Swann bowl to left-handers - and four or five of the Australian top seven are left-handers."


    Ross Lawson: Have to give huge credit to Bracewell and Boult. Without their first innings partnership, the game would probably be over.

  28. 1523: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    SIX slips in now, short leg, mid off, long leg. Wagner has no idea where that one's gone, so I'll help him - past his groping outside edge at pace. And again. Short, the batsman up onto his toes to dead-bat down at his feet. Fast, nasty, snaking past the outside edge yet again. Good backward defensive yet again. Whoosh - past the outside edge for a fourth time. Gloom gathering. Nerves clanging.

  29. 1519: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Swann skipping in, the close fielders crouching and muttering, the clouds threatening. Boult nearly plays on to the first. Gaaghh - straight over the top of off. Good forward defensive to smother. And again. The drizzle may have lightened off a touch. They'll stay on for now, but for how long?

  30. 1517: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Here we go. Finn again, Wagner quaking. Four slips, gully, short leg, backward point, short extra cover. Thick edge down into the ground and into gully. Bouncer. Beaten! Outside off, horrible line to face. Wasteful bouncer, they'll survive for now.

  31. 1513: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-9

    Six wickets in the innings for Swann, and 10 in the match - the first spinner to do so at Headingley since Derek Underwood in 1972. One more to go, and injured bowler Trent Boult is walking in at the pace of a man heading to his execution.

    WICKET- Bracewell c Bell b Swann 19 (NZ 220-9)

    Five men around the bat now as Swann comes in. Quite why it's taken this long to be this attacking is an interesting question. GOT HIM! Bracewell pushed hard at it, and Ian Bell at silly point stayed low to pouch the precious chance in his outstretched right hand. Will they? Could they? Will it?


    Pete in Battersea via text on 81111: I have a dentist apt at five, not sure to cancel or wait to watch. Both will be painful. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Finn bowling short balls to tail-enders in this light is only going to put the umpires on alert."

  35. 1508: 
    Commentary- NZ 220-8

    My word it's dark out there. Is it raining again? I think there's the start of some drizzle at least. Finn - oh, so wasteful, a bouncer so short and pointless it's called a wide. Neil Wagner jumps to angle one away to point, and then again. Another bouncer! Done him like a kipper outside off now. Final ball... defended off the back foot. Tick-tock tick-tock.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Get everyone round the bat! They only need two wickets! Remember McCullum back in Auckland - two men in at silly mid-off. They know he's going to block."


    Let's have a look - no no, can't see any bat on that at all - just off the pad, Bracewell will survive...


    Graeme Swann now, two slips, short leg, silly point. Doug Bracewell waiting. Two balls too short, the next just past the outside edge. Sharp spin, the ballooning up and into Bell's hands - Erasmus has given it, Bracewell immediately signals for the review...


    Chris: If anything, what can we infer about NZ's batting from the fact that Prior has taken just one catch in 18 NZ dismissals this Test? 


    Tom Gee: Sat at work, sneaky headphone up the shirt and behind the ear to listen to the cricket.

  41. 1500: 
    Commentary- NZ 219-8

    Now - Steve Finn has three balls of his over left. Will he have to bowl dobblers so the batsmen don't get offered the light? No, full run-up, Neil Wagner waiting, defending one down into the ground and up to Joe Root at square leg, a poor ball, then a bouncer. You can barely see the hills in the near distance - this little window of meterological opportunity won't be open for long...


    Richard in Sheffield via text on 81111: Re: Ian from Berkhamsted (1430) probably next year if he keeps electing to bat at every opportunity, instead of delaring or enforcing the follow on. 

  43. 1455: 

    Right. Still gloomier than a Sisters of Mercy convention out there, but it's not raining. We shal resume at 1500. Cross fingers, but keep brollies unfurled.


    Morgan Ball: Not really sure what all the commotion is about. Sun, blue skies and not a drop of rain all day here in Scotland.


    Becky Herd: Have an exam at four, would be appreciated if the rain holds off and England can wrap it up before then.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "England's only concern over depth in their squad must be if anything happens to Swann. I know that James Tredwell has bowled 93 overs this year and he's not taken a wicket."


    Ian, Lichfield via text on 81111: Will it be a successful year if we look back and say we didn't win the Ashes but hammered NZ 2-0? No. Exactly why it was right for Cook to give his batsmen time in the middle.


    David McK: Credit to Cook. If he'd done anything different, would just have a dull wet Tuesday. Now we're on tenterhooks with weather in Leeds.

  49. 1431: 

    We will restart play at 1500 BST if the weather holds...

  50. 1430: 

    A round of applause as the ground staff begin to remove the covers...


    Ian from Berkhamsted, via text on 81111: Any guesses as to when Cook will become England's highest Test run scorer?

    Cook is currently on 7,524 - in seventh place behind leader Graham Gooch who has 8,900.

    BBC Test Match Special's Simon MannContributor

    "Umpires are having a chat with the groundsman - it may have stopped raining, they may be poised to take the covers off. I think we can still play till 7 o'clock tonight..."


    Chris Harvey: A draw here won't be because of the non-follow on, it will be Trott's refusal to either get out or score a run for two hours...

    BBC Test Match Special's Simon MannContributor

    "No prospect of an immediate resumption,although the expectation is that there is a patch of dry weather coming this afternoon."


    Freddie Drapkin: In what parallel universe was Cook in when he decided we needed to set NZ 50 more runs than the highest ever fourth innings chase? 

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Former New Zealand captain John Wright used to be the most popular man in county cricket when he was at Derbyshire, because when you turned up to play them, you know they could either play John Wright or Michael Holding as their overseas player."


    Tom in rainy West Yorkshire. (It's getting brighter!) via text on 81111: A Lancashire colleague of mine in the office just commented that Cook isn't to blame and instead we should blame the ECB for organising a Test at Headingley where it always rains. Because OT is located in the tropics of Manchester where it never rains.


    David Broome: Re; Sam Sheringham, only in Test cricket could ground-staff be referred to as 'lackeys', hope they doffed their caps as they passed.

  59. 1405: 

    The square is still covered, but while we're waiting for any news of play, here's a #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official - who are the four England bowlers to take a five-wicket haul in a Test at Headingley in the 2000s (before this Test)?

    (Apologies that we didn't bring you yesterday's answer - the four New Zealanders to make their Test debut since 2000 whose surnames begin with the letter R are Aaron Redmond, Mark Richardson, Hamish Rutherford and Jesse Ryder).


    Alan in Stoke via text on 81111: As tournament organiser to the English Tiddlywinks Association, I believe I know the difficulties in managing a tiddlywinks team. It's much harder than you'd think Steve. Cook should have declared earlier and set more aggressive fields. Doesn't mean we aren't behind him 100%. 


    Terry Mahoney: Methinks the management team must've let Cook exercise his own judgement about the declaration to learn from the experience.

  62. 1341: 

    If you're just joining us, the players have been off for just over an hour because of rain (and bad light). An early lunch has been taken, but it's still raining - only light rain, but persistent.


    Ben, London, via text on 81111: To those getting on Cook's back for negative captaincy - stop being so negative! We have crushed NZ and have a settled team who are mostly in form. What more do you want?

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "If England lose to Sri Lanka in the Champions Trophy, it could mean that it's the only game they play against anyone other than New Zealand or Australia in the whole of 2013."

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at HeadingleyContributor

    "Positive signs here at Headingley. The groundsman is strolling out to the middle and a couple of his lackeys are dragging a rope around the outfield to expedite the drying process. The covers are still on, but the rain is negligible." 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Still looking for movement out there, and can't see any, apart from a couple of ground staff and the fourth umpire David Millns. Not much breeze either, though the weather doesn't ook too bad outside Leeds."


    Christopher Pittard: Trott says that weather should not be a factor in tactical decisions. If invited to a barbecue at his house, decline.


    Steve in a very wet Southampton, via text on 81111: Getting a bit fed up reading the views of people who couldn't manage a tiddlywinks team. What a great day's cricket we had yesterday. Fully support captain Cook.


    Sean Done: The only thing more negative than Cook's captaincy was the mood after our medical law and ethics exam. Grim day. 


    Silas Gardner, via text on 81111: Root to go top of the order. To start off facing a new ball is completely different to facing a new ball half way through your innings. And he opens for Yorkshire and has got plenty of runs. Form player and allows Pietersen back in middle order. 


    ajbarnett75: Tip for keeping up with the cricket at work, if your manager circles waiting to catch you, QUIT & start your own company, I did.


    Iain Skinner, via text on 81111: It seems to me that the people who needed time in the middle were the England batsmen. Cook made a decision with the Ashes in mind: Cook made a century; Trott looked impossible to bowl out; Compton needed a chance. Not enforcing the follow-on was a sound tactical decision with the Ashes in mind.


    John Etheridge on TMS: "Rather than moving Root, there's a shortage of other openers out there who could come in - possiblty only Carberry."


    Rod in Devon, via text on 81111: Is Boult expected to bat, or is nine-down all out?


    Stephen Brenkley on TMS: "I think the selectors have got to go with Root at the top of the order for the first Ashes Test at Trent Bridge. If I were picking the team, I'd give Compton another go, but I think that's a minority view here in the press box."

    Mike Selvey points out that Root has twice been dismissed by the first ball of the second new ball in this series...


    The Independent's Stephen Brenkley on TMS: "England should have enforced the follow-on, and could have won it on Sunday night. I wouldn't like to think that Cook's captaincy will continue like this."


    Daniel Godlement: Cook's captaincy is more negative than firms operating in a contestable market. Economics revision with the cricket.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "More covers going on I'm afraid, it's looking quite bleak, though hopefully all we're going to get is light rain."


    Rick in Maidenhead, via text on 81111: Got the wife ringing me every five minutes going spare with kids indoors. Not easy for me here at work either - trying to keep one eye on the Test and another on my manager who's circling like Swanny around a tailender.


    Former Middlesex and England seamer Mike Selvey, now of the Guardian, on TMS: "If you want to be seen to be the best in the world, you need to be more ruthless. And they can't say they don't take the weather into account when not enforcing the follow-on - as they did take it into account in Wellington."


    Vincent Krasauskas: Why say the NZ target is irrelevant? It might be unlikely but I can see at least two people out on the crease trying for it. 


    The Sun's John Etheridge on TMS: "Cook and England have been conservative at best in this match; negative at worst."


    Gordon in New York, via text on 81111: Lunch is for wimps.


    Greedy Baster: Whose spare shirt is the wee sub fielder wearing? Finn's?

  85. 1243: 

    Time for lunch - and time for Aggers' journalist panel on TMS - it's Stephen Brenkley from the Independent, Mike Selvey from the Guardian, and John Etheridge from the Sun.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    On Twitter: "Radar suggests rain for a while…but then a decent gap that is currently over Cambridge. Dry there? Lunch taken."

  87. 1238: 

    The main cover is over the pitch, plus the tarpaulin over the run-ups. It's not looking a great deal darker or more threatening than it was 15 minutes ago, but it's enough - and with that, they will bring lunch forward to begin now.

  88. 1234: 

    Just to keep a good BBC balance in play, I should mention that New Zealand now only need 250 more runs for the win. Finn with two slips and two gullies in for leftie Wagner, and a short one up into the throat sees the batsman fend desperately down into that waiting cordon. But what's this? The umpires don't like it, the short ball hasn't helped, and is this another late twist in the tale?

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "That went sharply, but Trott clung on. Wagner's in - a left-hander, who played with wild aggression in the first innings - and he's going to be surrounded as Swann is scenting the kill."


    Five for 90 now for Swann, and he celebrates with clenched fists and a roar to the heavens. Just two men now between England and a 2-0 series victory. That last partnership produced 56 runs from 41 balls. 

    WICKET- Southee c Trott b Swann 38 (NZ 218-8)

    Edged - bagged it this time...

  92. 1225: 
    Commentary- NZ 212-7

    Did I say the target was irrelevant? Bracewell stands tall to crash Finn through extra cover with flashing bladem, and then smashes Finn's bouncer into the deep square leg distance for another six. If they keep this up, victory could be in the bag by tea. 


    Jonny in Wakefield via text on 81111: Light drizzle in Wakefield. Urgency required England.


    Si Lomas: Got in play bets on draw at 13/10 and just now at 11/2, just shortened further to 4/1 though...rain on the way?...come on rain.

  95. 1221: 

    Slip and short leg in now for Swann, point, cover. Southee - edge - dropped! It went quick to Trott's left at slip, but he got a late thumb to it. Would Colly have snagged it? I think we all know the answer to that one. Air again, Southee mowing regardless... six! Deep into the seas of empty blue seats in the West Stand.

  96. 1217: 
    SIX- NZ 190-7 (target irrelevant, but 468 if you'd forgotten)

    Finn on for Broad, and Southee clouts him up and away to deep square leg... Root sprinting round.. can he get there, can he get there... no! Six, clearing fielder and rope by the height of a small step-ladder. Super diving stop at point from local lad Jonny Bairstow. Full from Finn, Bracewell, slapping down late to keep his timbers intact.


    Bob, Hitchin, via text on 81111: So the prophets of rain were wrong, looking forward to the hearty apologies and congratulations to England's management team. 


    Tom Lambert: Since Sam Sheringham's ban of the word 'rain' yesterday on BBC text it has been mentioned 26 times. We British are obsessed.

  99. 1213: 
    Commentary- NZ 183-7

    Runs here for Bracewell, pushing Swann in the open spaces on the off side. Southee swats him down to Anderson at long-on for another. It has never looked more like raining without actually raining.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "That was a fine lofted drive off England's opening bowler. I remember Southee's Test debut in Napier, when he kept swatting Monty Panesar into the rugby stand. It's a novel way to save the game - he may think if he tries to bat like Williamson or Guptill, he'll get out anyway."

    BBC Test Match Special's Bryan WaddleContributor

    "Play actually started about four hours earlier than some of us were expecting. I've been let down by the forecasters."


    Djethro Colmer: I have that awful feeling England will only need one more wicket and the heavens will open.

  103. 1209: 
    Commentary- NZ 175-7

    Dougie Bracewell the next man into the headlights. Off the mark with a thick outside edge past gully and point. I'd say we have about 230 spectators in. Only a fiver a head for adults today, and free for under-16s. Crash! Muscular drive back over Broad's head for four.

  104. 1205: 
    Commentary- NZ 170-7

    Mighty grey overhead. This could go brollies up at any moment. Good job they're still taking lunch at 1300 then. Ho-hum... Southee lofts ambitiously over midwicket for two, and then watches aghast as another ball spits and turns to beat bat, stumps and 'keeper.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "A tame dismissal, wasn't it?"

    WICKET- McCullum c and b Broad 1 (NZ 162-7)

    What a catch! Low full toss, McCullum's big eyes lit up and he smashed a drive back at the bowler's ankles, only for Broad to fling himself down to his left to get his fingers underneath it. Unnecessary shot from the skipper, but England are now just three wickets from victory. Is there time? Is there rain?


    Chris Jones: My lunch is between 12pm till 1pm so it would be convenient for England to wrap this up within the hour.


    Paul in sunny Truro via text on 81111: Why can't we delay lunch if it's not raining? Surely makes sense to play whilst they can! 

  109. 1155: 
    Commentary- NZ 162-6

    Swann not quite giving Southee the air he needs to tempt the mighty mow, and he can run away a faster, flatter one past Jonathan Trott at slip. McCullum now, sharp turn from the rough outside off stump - anguished appeal, ball going over the top.


    Ollie, Newcastle, via text on 81111: I had tickets for the first day, my second washed-out day of Test cricket in a year. Have promised not to go near Headingley today, so England should be safe. 

  111. 1151: 
    Commentary- NZ 160-6

    Stuart Broad from the Rugby Stand End, and Brendon McCullum will ease one away to deep square leg for a single. Two men in the deep for Southee's mis-hit hoick, but that gives him the space to work away a single with straight bat instead. Very grey all around, but miraculously dry. Leeds, you've changed.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at HeadingleyContributor

    "Graeme Swann is two wickets short of becoming the first spinner to take a 10-wicket Test haul at Headingley since Derek Underwood in 1972. The decision to leave him out here last year against South Africa doesn't get any less baffling."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Isn't this amazing? I opened the curtains this morning and saw the rain coming down hard - the ground staff have obviously worked their socks off. What we don't know is how long this dry spell will last - or how long England will need it to last."


    Greg Double: It is testament to how far England have progressed in the last 10-15 years that we DON'T want it to rain in a Test match. 

  115. 1147: 
    Commentary- NZ 158-6

    Graeme Swann to complete the final two balls of the over that was truncated by bad light on Monday evening. Two dot balls defended by Tim Southee, and whatever else happens today, we have had play. Ring the bells, stop the clocks etc. Although make sure you re-set the clocks afterwards - could cause chaos if we're all arriving for meetings/trains/social calls at random times.

  116. 1140: 

    A reminder of the match position on this fifth and final day of the second Test at Headingley: England need four more wickets for the win and a 2-0 series whitewash; New Zealand require another 310 runs to pull off statistically the greatest fourth-innings run-chase of all time.

  117. 1136:: 

    That sun graphic is a blatant exaggeration. But unless these grey clouds overhead actually start shedding again, play will start at 1145.

  118. 1135: 

    7am: heavy rain. 8am: heavy rain. 9am: medium rain. 10am: just about some rain. 11am: is it drying up?

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Live Scores - England v N Zealand


  • England beat New Zealand by 247 runs
  • England: 354 & 287-5 (76.0 overs)
  • N Zealand: 174 & 220 (76.3 overs)
  • Venue: Headingley

N Zealand 2nd Innings

All out
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Fulton c Bell b Broad 5
Rutherford c Root b Swann 42
Williamson lbw b Swann 3
Taylor b Swann 70
Brownlie c Bell b Finn 25
Guptill c Trott b Swann 3
B McCullum c and b Broad 1
Southee c Trott b Swann 38
Bracewell c Bell b Swann 19
Wagner not out 0
Boult c Prior b Anderson 0
Extras 1w 2b 11lb 14
Total all out 220

England v New Zealand

England with the Test series trophy

Results and reports from New Zealand's tour of England, after England win the Tests 2-0 and the Kiwis claim the ODIs 2-1 and T20s 1-0.