England v New Zealand, first Test, Lord's, day three

Joe Root makes 71 and Jonathan Trott 56 but England collapse late in a day they end on 180-6 - 205 in front.

18 May 2013 Last updated at 19:29

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As it happened

  1. 1901: 

    That's us for the day - enjoy your Saturday evenings, and we'll convene again on the morrow.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "England were looking like they could be in a position tomorrow where they could bat New Zealand out of the game, but it's turned on its head now. The third innings of a low-scoring game is always crucial. Now, England are fighting, 205 ahead with four wickets in hand gives you no leeway. If England are bowled out tomorrow adding only another 25 or 30, then New Zealand will be thinking they can win. They only need one of the likes of Taylor, McCullum or Rutherford to come off. I'm slightly in favour of England, but it's not convincing."


    England batsman Joe Root: "It's quite a slow pitch - you've got really work hard to start with. You look to play on instinct and I was lucky to get a few balls in my scoring areas and I tried to make the most of it. I was very disappointed not to kick on and, after giving them a sniff tonight, we're quite down about it. Hopefully we can have a good morning and build a platform to win the game."

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "For a while, England were coasting. Trott and Root were in control, there were no problems for the batsmen. When Southee came on, bowling with Williamson, they changed the context of the game. I'm not sure England let in slip, more that New Zealand went and grabbed it."


    New Zealand's Kane Williamson: "The boys bowled really well and the intensity lifted in the last hour. Until then we were a bit flat so it was nice to make that change and reap the rewards. Trott and Root were making it look very easy so it was nice to get back in the match. It's going to be a big challenge for us to come back tomorrow and take the last four wickets and then chase the total because it's suiting the bowlers."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "For the majority of the day, England have been very good. They got their lengths right, New Zealand wickets fell like dominoes in the morning session. When they batted, they played with much more assertiveness. Root batted well, but when he got out it was the moment that things started to turn. New Zealand, looked like were going to be completely out, but are suddenly back in it."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "10 overs were lost today. It's really time that the ICC took this seriously. With ticket prices up at around £100 a head, it's not good enough to deny the paying public that amount of cricket."

  8. 1830: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Eng 180-6 (lead 205)

    Six close fielders plus stumper now vultured around Finn. Good reach, kills the spin. Another big stride, smothers again. Tempter outside off, leaves - bellows of dismay from the close-in men, cartoonish really, quite safe. That's us done - 11 overs shy of the regulation 90, but splendid entertainment in a real see-saw affair. 12 wickets went in the day for 234 runs, and although England must remain favourites, with two days to go it's still very much up for grabs.


    From Nick in Nottingham, via text on 81111: The ECB seem to have put the mockers on Prior by naming him cricketer of the year. I wonder if he'll be asking for a retraction of the award.

  10. 1828: 
    Commentary- Eng 180-5 (lead 205)

    Southee tearing in, Finn standing tall, waiting... hit on the front pad, screamed appeal, rebuffed by Umpire Aleem Dar. Will they refer it? Southee hopes so... McCullum says no, and correctly, for the ball was heading narrowly over the bails.

    Someone tell Michelle to get back in the shower pronto. We need some stability here Tom! Ed, Cumbria
    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "That's classic off-spinner's dismissal, wide of Jonathan Trott's off stump and he got it to turn through the gate."

  13. 1823: 
    Commentary- Eng 175-6 (lead 200)

    Ian Bell has no choice now - flu-ridden or not, he's into the thick of it. Five men round the bat in addition to stand-in stumper McCullum, Finn edging past all of them to shrieks of excitement. Bell advancing - off the full face, just past the reaching fingers of silly point. 10 minutes to go in the day's play, and electricity crackles in the fresh evening air.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "Because it was wide and it was full, that's why Trott was interested in playing the stroke. That's a really important wicket."

    WICKET- Trott b Williamson 56 (Eng 171-6)

    Right back in this, the tourists - the lead is 196 with five wickets in hand, but one of them is the flu-stricken Bell, and instead we'll see Steve Finn come in as nightwatchman. Miserable game with the bat for England's player of the year Matt Prior - golden quacker in the first innings, plain old household quacker in the second. TROTT'S GONE TOO! Enormous turn for Williamson from outside off, fizzing it through Trott's gaping gate. It's alive, it's alive...


    Ian in Al Ain, via text on 81111: Michelle has clearly deserted her post. Dereliction of duty. Another double whammy on her watch. I will offer to go and stay in the shower till stumps.

    WICKET- Prior c sub (Guptill) b Southee 0 (Eng 171-5)

    Hold on, I'll count Kiwis - one, two, three.... ten, 11. Yup, it was a pitch invader. Doesn't make it very far - the stewards had him within five metres of the boundary rope in front of the Grandstand, scragging him like flankers bringing down a scrum-half darting off a ruck. Prior, short, pulls, straight to square leg...

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "A very important session for New Zealand. Southee getting Root and then picking up the important wicket of Bairstow. He needs to step up now. The wicket of Trott is so important."


    Tom Holmes: As much as I like Jonny Bairstow, he needs to start producing at the top level, not good enough again today. Must do better.

  20. 1810: 
    Commentary- Eng 170-4 (lead 195)

    Looking at the replays, the ball may have cannoned onto the stumps from Bairstow's shins, his bat grazing his boot as he frantically jammed it down. Trott chomps on his gum, narrows his eyes and drops to his knee to sweep Williamson fine for three. Hello, have we got a pitch invador dressed in whites, or have the stewards rugby-tackled a fielder?

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "When Bairstow gets fullish balls around leg or middle, he tries to turn it to square leg. That's asking for trouble, with a good chance of getting a leading edge. He'd be better off trying to play straight. This was a very full half-volley and he turned the face of the bat, but if he'd have played towards straight mid-on he'd have got more of a bat on it and that would have saved him."

    WICKET- Bairstow b Southee 5 (Eng 167-4, lead 192)

    Same length, same shot, and he's played all round that - Southee delighted, Bairstow aghast. The match wriggles and twists again...

  23. 1800: 
    Commentary- Eng 167-3

    Careful, Jonny - Bairstow almost plays round Williamson's fuller one; only a jammed down toe-end prevents an unnecessary lbw. 

  24. 1756: 
    Commentary- Eng 166-3

    One young Yorkie replaced by the other as Jonny Bairstow jogs in. He wants to get off the mark sharpish here - push towards the on-rushing man at cover, never one there, leave it. Drops one down into the leg side, fielder swooping, same result. Ah, there we go - sweetly timed on-drive bisecting midwicket and mid-on for three. Up and running.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "He played very nicely, his footwork has been good and he has been busy at the crease. He's a young cricketer that's good enough to be in the side now but will get better. This was a nice innings, but in future we will see some special innings."

  26. 1753: 
    Commentary- Eng 163-3 (lead 188)

    120 balls and eight fours in Root's knock - furious with himself for getting out, grimacing at the ever-present clouds. Trott - goodness, edging Williamson, McCullum unable to get a glove on it, Taylor at first slip getting a fingertip on it but no more. Streaky, but it takes Trotters to his half-century all the same: 129 balls, six fours.

    WICKET- Root b Southee 71 (Eng 159-3)

    Ach, the young buck's gone - played on, I think, a slightly tired shot, not quite getting out to the pitch, pushing away from his body. Splendid innings, a partnership of 123 that has done much to establish England's grip on this match.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "England have exposed the New Zealand bowling."

  29. 1744: 
    Commentary- Eng 158-2 (lead 183)

    Worryingly flat out there for the tourists at the moment. Two men down, misfields starting to multiply, part-time bowlers on... Williamson, to be fair to him, finding some sharp turn into Root there, but he can't get any turn if he doesn't land it - full bunger, pulled away, if only to the man in the deep for one.

  30. 1734: 
    Commentary- Eng 154-2

    Hands on head from Wagner as Trott spoons one in the air through the vacant square leg area for the four that takes him to 47. Despite his experience, the older man very much playing the supporting role to young tyro Root.


    Chris in Bury, via text on 81111: Is McCullum box-less as well as pad-less? The world needs to know how brave this man really is.

  32. 1730: 
    Commentary- Eng 150-2 (lead 175)

    Watling will take no further part today, we're hearing. He did look in trouble; you wonder if we'll see him behind the timbers again in this match. McCullum, increasingly desperate, calls for some gentle tweak from Kane Williamson. Single to Trott, Root again - ah, there it is, the single for Root 66. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Martin has gone too - he's heading off into the shadows of the pavilion, so problems here for the captain. Their keeper off, their frontline spinner off. This is looking ominous for New Zealand."


    From Charlie in Belfast, via text on 81111: Is Michelle out of the shower yet? Doing a fine job for the team I reckon.

  35. 1726: 
    Commentary- Eng 145-2

    Root pulls a slow, sitting-up bouncer from Wagner away to move to 65. He then spurns the opportunity for the single that would take him to Root 66. 

  36. 1721: 
    OUCH!- Eng 141-2 (lead 166)

    Martin the latest to be hit by a physical malaise. Is it cramp? You're a left-arm spinner, son - cramp? He completes the over, but he'll wobble off to the pavilion now. Two men gone today, busy old evening ahead for the physio.


    From Will in Clapham, via text on 81111: Good point, Simmo, the question now is whether he's wearing a box. I imagine Kane Williamson would be recommending so.

  38. 1717: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Eng 140-2

    The lead now 164. Wagner bustles in from round the wicket, a solitary slip in place, point, cover - hold your horses, he'll go over the wicket, bring in a second slip and lose a man from the covers. For the first time since around 1130 this morning, the sun takes a peek through a rare break in the oppressive cloud cover.


    The answers to the second and final #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official: Who are the six New Zealanders to make their Test debut since 2000 whose surnames begin with 'B'? Hamish Bennett, Shane Bond, Trent Boult, Doug Bracewell, Dean Brownlie, Ian Butler. Anyone get full marks?

  40. 1710: 
    Commentary- Eng 138-2

    Seeing that he's not bothering with pads, I wonder if McCullum might go the whole hog and lob the gloves away too. Root, so fresh-faced - ah yes, stepping back and away to pull Martin through midwicket. 100 partnership, off 199 balls. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "If he had been run out there, he should have walked back to Sheffield. They have to realise the situation they have got the team in, do not give New Zealand an easy run out."

  42. 1702: 
    Commentary- Eng 127-2

    An ugly short, wide ball from Martin is given the treatment by Trott as he picks up four runs. The Tweaker responds superbly with a ball that turns sharply past the outside edge. Bounce too. Swanny will be licking his lips.


    From Simmo at Lord's, via text on 81111: I know Brendon McCullum is a tough guy, but not wearing pads whilst keeping must be a first.

  44. 1659: 
    Commentary- Eng 123-2

    Mr O'Brien stands corrected as TV replays show that McCullum definitely has no pads on. Brave man with the pacey Wagner bowling. Trott gets a single to deep cover.

  45. 1656: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 122-2

    Horrible running from England, twice in a row! Trott dabs to Southee, Root is miles away and would have been run out by a mile if the throw hadn't missed. Then Root calls a suicidal single of his own and this time the throw hits the stumps but the batsman is safe.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "He's playing well, coming into the game full of confidence on the back of all the runs he scored for the Lions last week. I've known Joe since he was 10, but I didn't realise he was this good."

  47. 1651: 
    Commentary- Eng 120-2 (Lead by 145)

    Nice moment. Joe Root cuts Wagner to the fence to reach 50. It comes off 78 balls and features six fours. He follows up with a measured push for one. This boy can play. Iain O'Brien reckons McCullum does have his keeping pads on under his whites, by the way.


    From Anon (too embarrassed to name myself) in Bristol, via text on 81111: Last time I went to the gentleman's facilities, England lost a couple of wickets. I had a large amount of coffee at lunch. What should i do?!

  49. 1647: 
    Commentary- Eng 115-2

    A tremendous tea-time tale from Tuffers. There he is snoozing off while receiving a back massage from the ECB's in-house service when a lacky runs up to tell him that he is late for his own book signing! Off bounds a bleary-eyed Tuffers to find "hundreds" of people queueing to get his signature on a copy of his latest tome. Well, he is the Cat after all, I guess he has to sleep every now and then. Martin maiden.

  50. 1645: 
    Commentary- Eng 115-2 (lead by 140)

    Boult, as disciplined as ever, doesn't give Root a sniff of the two runs he needs to get to his fifty as he sends down a maiden.

  51. 1642: 
    Commentary- Eng 115-2

    Trott tucks in to a full one - two, driven away square. Almost applied some mockers there by commentating on how comfortable these two are looking, but thought better of it.

  52. 1638: 
    Commentary- Eng 113-2 (lead by 138)

    McCullum into the 'keeper's slot. Takes a clean one from Boult as Root, 44 not out, holds his bat high amd wide of the ball's tempting path. McCullum last kept wicket in an international match on 23 February, in the third ODI v England. Rusty? Not a bit of it. Short and wide, Root slashes it over gully for four. Boult will switch to round the wicket; Root defends into the covers.

  53. 1634: 

    Skipper McCullum will have to take the gloves. Seasoned stumper, of course, but we'll have to wait a while as he digs out his gloves and blows off the cobwebs.


    @Gary Lineker on Twitter: "He only looks about 12, but Joe Root plays with all the maturity of a seasoned test batsman."

  55. 1629: 

    Watling is indeed in trouble. The physio is on, the stumper's left pad is off and his trouser leg is up. May have tweaked it as he took off for that dive - the manner in which the physio is poking and the 'keeper wincing, it could be a patella tendon strain. I think he'll have to leave the field.

  56. 1627: 
    Commentary- Eng 109-2

    Watling struggling a little out there after that ostentatious dive, limping and gimping. Loose down leg from Martin - always one ball an over where he leaks the pressure away - and now Root will lean back and whip away a forcing shot backward of square for three. Shouts of dismay from the close fielders as Trott closes the face on an on-drive and gets a leading edge - along the ground.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "The throw was a little bit awry and it was a valiant effort from Watling to get up to the stumps. Root was still short of his ground, but Watling missed. That was a critical little half-chance, but not taken."

  58. 1618: 
    Commentary- Eng 105-2

    A lovely back-foot drive from Root takes England to 100, much to the delight of the Lord's faithful. Then he opens the face and guides one through a gap for two. Root's average this year in first-class cricket - 161.

    Now then, what's happened here... That was nearly full-blown mockers. Root calls a single, gets sent back by Trott and would have been run out by a mile if McCullum's throw from point hadn't missed the stumps. Watling gathered and still had time to run out Root but alas, he couldn't quite reach the timbers.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "What news of Ian Bell? Well now, I'm informed by the ECB spokeswoman that he's still suffering from flu-like symptoms but has arrived at the ground and will bat - if required - at number seven."

  60. 1615: 
    Commentary- Eng 96-2

    Root aims a cut at a slightly wider one from Boult, gets a fat bottom edge and picks up two as the ball flies up and over the three slips. No sign of rain, although the forecast for Sunday is good news for galoshes speculators.

  61. 1610: 
    Commentary- Eng 94-2

    Martin, round the wicket, gives it some air and loop, and Trott stands firm. A remarkable 40 overs left in the day, and if we squeeze all those in they'll be coming in off six-pace run-ups.


    From Anon, via text on 81111: Stuart Broad now has a worse Test match bowling average than Alan Mullally, and one wouldn't even be sure which of the two would be a better number 8 these days.

  63. 1608: 
    Commentary- Eng 93-2

    Trent Boult, left-arm over, three slips, Root on 29. Good line, pitching middle, middle and off, moving across the bows with its natural line. Floodlights on, lead 118.


    Bob Farrow: Sitting in Raffles Hotel in Dubai, enjoying afternoon tea and thinking £20 for steak sandwich is good value!

  65. 1603: 
    Commentary- Eng 93-2

    Fordyce back with you. A little warmer out there now, on a quick lap of the ground - still cloudy, and I'm told we'll play on 'til 1830. Tweaker Martin from the Nursery End, a single apiece.


    From Daz in Lightwater, via text on 81111: Who's going to tell Michelle in the shower the score?


    From Barb and husband, via text on 81111: Thanks for letting us know the sun is now shining over Lords - from the one but back row on the middle level of the Mound Stand, it's still chilly and dull, beanie and scarf firmly in use. Need a bit of excitement to get us jumping about to get warm. Either that or a nice cup of tea.


    From Beth in St Albans, via text on 81111: To Andy in Bath (1515). Someone said that about Alastair Cook once...


    Another #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official for you lucky people: Who are the six New Zealanders to make their Test debut since 2000 whose surnames begin with 'B'?

  70. 1544: 

    Grab yourselves a brew and a biscuit, and get yourselves back in front of your screen for 1600, when Tom Fordyce will see you through to stumps.


    Small Man Peaky: A lead of 300 should be enough. Although McCullum and Taylor will need to be got rid of quickly.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "A good session for England, they played with good intent. The ball hasn't swung a huge amount and the pitch looks to have dried out. With the outfield getting a little quicker, they have accelerated. There's still a game on, though."

  73. 1540: 
    INTERVAL- Eng 91-2 (Lead by 116)

    Lbw appeal from Southee to Trott as the ball nips back down the slope. Inside edge and it struck it outside the line ... but apart from that. Southee trudges back to his mark with the weary look of a man who has been forced to stay out for an undesired extra pint by a work colleague. And that, my good friends, is tea time. Good session for England.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "The pitch is now playing more like the Lord's pitch of the last 10 years. Good for batting, you can trust the bounce. England have got to make hay."


    Michael Foreman, TMS inbox: We were at the game yesterday and bought three steak sarnies for £60. I must say they were delicious but Im glad I only had tickets for one day!

  76. 1536: 
    Commentary- Eng 91-2

    Short and wide from Wagner and Root cuts him away for three runs to bring up the 50 partnership off 89 balls. Trott on strike now and he unfurls a sumptuous cover drive and picks up three more. Great TMS tea-time guest - Michael Palin - fresh from his Lifetime Achievement award at the Baftas.


    From Laura in Bristol, via text on 81111: Re 15:02, Ben on the train - think you might be alright without signal provided Michelle stays in the shower (though she probably looks a lot like a prune by this point...)

  78. 1530: 
    Commentary- Eng 85-2

    James (below) you are a sharp cookie. May we should just call them Troot. Root dabs for another quick single. Everything about England is more positive today - even their defensive strokes. The lead is 110.


    James, via text on 81111: Two batsman in, only 3 letters used to spell both their names. That has to be a record.

  80. 1525: 
    Commentary- Eng 84-2

    Jamie Oliver steak sandwich update, courtesy of MP Vaughan. After selling 11 of the £20 lunches on Thursday, they managed just five during Friday's play. By my maths, that's still 100 notes Michael, not to be sniffed at. Do let us know if you were one of the 16 who consumed one over the first two days. Wagner keeps Trott honest with a maiden.

  81. 1520: 
    Commentary- Eng 84-2

    Another defeat for Surrey, eh? "Surrey are in the slurry," quips Iain O'Brien to my left. Another gentle top and run moves Rootie-Tootie to 24 from 30 balls. Nothing flashy about it, just putting away the bad balls and taking the singles where possible. Trott has a flick at a ball down the leg side, Southee screams an appeal, but he doesn't get much support from his team-mates and Aleem Dar's headshake is of the dismissive variety. Trott works off his pads for one as the scoreboard continues to tick.

  82. 1515: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Eng 82-2

    Trott is going along at a decent (ahem) trot today, as is his partner Root. Trott opens the face and guides the ball past point for four. Lord's at its finest at the moment with the sun just breaking through and hardly a spare seat in sight.


    Andy in Bath, via text on 81111: I fail to see how Compton has gained a regular spot in this side, he scores incredibly slowly and has failed to dig on a number of important occasions.

  84. 1509: 
    Commentary- Eng 79-2

    England are taking on Martin a bit more here and this time it is Trott pushing a half-volley up the slope and taking an easy three, the ball slowing up on this sluggish outfield. Out come the England subs to serve up a quick bevvie to the not out pair. An unofficial drinks break shall we say.

  85. 1506: 
    Commentary- Eng 73-2

    Thank you Thomas. Fine work as always. Southee pitches a fraction short and Root comes over all Robin Smith as he wallops a square cut to the fence. The last ball of the over sparks a mini drama as Root calls a sharp single and Trott has to get a jog on to beat the Boult throw. He survives to take England's lead to 98.

    BBC Sport's Stephan ShemiltContributor

    In County Championship Division One, Nottinghamshrie have beaten Surrey in a first-class game at Trent Bridge for the first time since 1992. Paul Franks and Harry Gurney each took three wickets as the visitors were bowled out for 144 chasing 259.


    From Ben Hornby on the train to Lancaster, via text on 81111: We were cruising at 36-0, then I lost signal for 5 minutes and we lost 2 wickets. I know this journey well, and I know I'm about to lose signal again, what should I do??

  88. 1502: 
    Commentary- Eng 68-2

    Martin again from the Pavilion End, and he gets good turn there - Trott is left reaching for it, and that'll interest Graeme Swann. Change in the commentary box: Sam Sheringham with you until tea.


    Craig Bamford in Blackpool, TMS inbox: I think if you are romancing Miss Boycott then only a tattoo of Lord Boycott's face would cut the mustard and prompt a lowering of the drawbridge to gain to entry to Boycott towers.

  90. 1500: 
    Commentary- Eng 68-2

    Southee touched away by Root for a single to move to 14. Trott blocks and leaves. The lead now to 92, every run vital. 


    From Jonny P in Ashford, via text on 81111: What about if the suitor had a tattoo of Sir Geoffrey's face and 'Corridor of Uncertainty' on his lower belly?

  92. 1454: 
    Commentary- Eng 66-2

    The tattoo chat continues with the arrival of Tuffers. He's got a cat on one shoulder and his wife's name on his left rump. Fact. Spinner Martin on, short outside off, crunched away by Trott through point for four.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "There's another sporting contest taking place in the grounds of Lord's today and it is one steeped in history. The MCC Gold Racquet challenge in the Real Tennis court behind the Pavilion takes place on the Saturday of the first Lord's Test each year. It dates back to 1867, making it the oldest singles competition in any form of tennis. Amid an aroma of sweat and champagne I wriggled my way between the punters in the viewing area (aka the dedans) and caught a few points of this year's contest between title holder Jamie Douglas and challenger Connor Medlow. They were in to a fifth set, so I'll pop back later on to find out who won."


    From Anon, via text on 81111: Re 1430. What if I, as his daughter's suitor, turned up at his door with a tattoo of HIS name on arm? Surely that would get me in?

  95. 1447: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 58-2.

    Southee switching to the Nursery End. Excellent crowd in now, packed in with beverages slopping from plastic pots. Root pops Southee away off his pads for a brace. Drinks.


    The moment you've been waiting for - the answers to today's first #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official: Which four England players have scored five or more Test centuries at Lord's? Graham Gooch (6), Michael Vaughan (6), Kevin Pietersen (5), Andrew Strauss (5).


    Captain Monkeylegs in Fleet, via text on 81111: Would pay to see LGoB's face if the tattoo of his daughters name was on the suitors forehead. No doubt the subsequent conversation would provide a high degree of entertainment too.

  98. 1442: 
    Commentary- Eng 56-2

    Re Bueller/Bell, I can't see Bell borrowing a pal's father's Ferrari and driving to downtown London to star in a musical parade, before watching said pal accidentally trash the Ferrari. But I've been wrong. Rebel yell from Wagner as Trott leaves one alone that drifts back in and winks at the exposed timber on its way through.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "You can't get away with those sort of deliveries as you could two days ago."


    From Craig in Manchester, via text on 81111: Michelle, I don't know how you'll get this text, but please stay in the shower 'til the close of play. You're allowed out for some sandwiches at tea too.

  101. 1435: 
    Commentary- Eng 53-2

    Boult's raging in like a runaway train here, and he's in danger of coming off the rails - short, slapped away by the fresh-faced Root, short again, bashed away again for four more.


    Peter Ostler: Someone has got to knuckle down, dig in and get a hundred if England are to win this. Trott perfect for the occasion.

  103. 1430: 
    Commentary- Eng 45-2

    Nice from Trott, driving Wagner down into the springy turf and over point for four. Bell must have been summoned from his sick-bed - he can't bat higher than seven, because of the time he's spent off the ground. You just hope he hasn't done a Ferris Bueller and left a mannequin and snore-tape on the go while he pops off for some fun.


    Ian Lomas: What a game! Twists, turns and real suspense. Will be an interesting fourth day. Hoping it stays dry.

  105. 1430: 
    NEW RECORD- Eng 41-2

    Bit of chat with Lord Geoffrey of Boycott as he pops into our commentary box. Tells us that if his daughter's suitor ever turned up at Boycott Towers with an earring, eyebrow piercing, tongue-stud etc he would be banned from entry. Same for tattoos. Gave LGoB a new scenario: suitor turns up with tattoo, but a tattoo of his daughter's name. Stunned silence. Genuine stunned silence. Maiden from Boult to Trott.


    Michelle Garland: Right. I AM getting back into the shower.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "It certainly moved back, from the seam more than anything else. I was looking more for movement in the air, but it's come back down the slope at pace."

  108. 1423: 
    Commentary- Eng 36-2

    And so this match, which could barely have been stodgier on the first day, is accelerating at pace. Eight wickets have fallen for 90 runs today, that roof of grey clouds casting a hooping spell. Compton was perhaps late on that one; with Ian Bell ill in bed for most of the day, Joe Root will be the new man.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "There was no doubt that Compton was completely defeated by that, there was no error of judgement or bad luck. Quick, full of length, in-swing, bowled."


    Michelle Garland: After a quick shower I WAS relieved to discover we'd lost no wickets. Thinking I should get back in.

  111. 1418: 
    WICKET- Compton b Wagner 15 (Eng 36-2)

    Cook absolutely furious with himself as he walks off. He knows there was no need to play at that one; he'd been ticking along perfectly well, and it was a leave of a delivery however well set you were. BOWLED HIM! Right through the gate, timber dynamited everywhere.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "It was wide, it swung, just short of a half-volley and Cook couldn't resist. It was a good diving catch to the left of Dean Brownlie at third slip. The captain is disgusted with himself, it's a very disappointing dismissal for him and for England."

    WICKET- Cook c Brownlie 21 b Boult (Eng 36-1)

    Cook has an uncharacteristic chase outside off - thick edge, third slip diving to his left, two hands, super pouch...


    Guardian cricket correspondent - and former Middlesex and England seamer - Mike Selvey: Planes going into Heathrow from over London now. Means wind shifting round towards prevailing. Better for swing bowling.

  115. 1408: 
    Commentary- Eng 30-0

    Neil Wagner for a blast from the Pavilion End, left-arm over to Cook. Strayer to leg, eased away to deep square for a brace. He'll dash a single there off a little push, a sign that England are looking to be that much more positive than they were in that curiously limp first innings. 


    From Chris in London, via text on 81111: "I came into the office today to avoid watching the cricket and therefore force myself to revise for some exams...as it is, I'm being even less productive reading live text and pressing f5 approximately once a minute even though I know it will update automatically...damn you BBC!"

  117. 1401: 
    Commentary- Eng 28-0

    What lead would be enough on this track, against this England attack? You'd fancy anything over 270, and really fancy 300-plus. Ooof, super delivery from Southee, Cook playing no shot to a ball that snakes back in and skims the bails. Solid push, runs there wide of mid-off.

  118. 1357: 
    Commentary- Eng 25-0

    Boult, a lean whipper of a bowler. You could fit three of him into Tim Bresnan and still have room for some cheese sandwiches. Cook deflects off the face down to third man for three; Compton gets squared up by the one that runs across him and picks up a streaky four off the outside edge through gully. England lead by 50. 

  119. 1351: 
    Commentary- NZ 18-0

    Cook into his groove, stepping forward to drive Tim Southee through the leg side for two. A old woman in the crowd there with a hat that looks like the cloth lid you might find on a pot of lemon curd. 

  120. 1344: 
    Commentary- Eng 15-0

    And we shall resume. Three slips perched behind Alastair Cook, a gully, deepish point, mid ons and offs, miswicket, deep backward square leg. Trent Boult breezing in from the Nursery End. Push away off the back foot for three, and England are moving again.

    BBC Sport's Justin GouldingContributor

    David Warner could be the latest sportsman to fall foul of Twitter. Cricket Australia has asked the opening batsman to explain abusive messages to journalists from his Twitter account, after seemingly taking umbrage at an article about the Indian Premier League.


    Thaddeus Thorp: Why are these Test matches always arranged for when I have either coursework or exams?

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "A continuation of ball dominating bat. Some better bowling by England and mistakes by New Zealand, who find themselves staring down the barrel of a partnership from England, who will play better than they did in the first innings."


    Courtesy of @QofS_Official, here's the first of today's #QSTeasers for you lucky people: Which four England players have scored five or more Test centuries at Lord's? Stay tuned for the answers...

  125. 1301: 
    INTERVAL- Eng 10-0

    Tim Southee will take the second over, the last before the luncheon interval. Cook picked up a clipped four after that rebuffed referral, but watching Snicko there is a definite spike there as the ball passes Cook's bat. A small spike, but one nonetheless. Can't use Snicko for these things, of course, but all the same.. Compton drives through the covers for two, and he'll pick up four more as the bowler strays onto his leg stump. Enjoyable, action-packed morning of cricket, no?

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "It's not conclusive, we have to go with what the umpire says, so not out. The ball passed above the original white mark that existed on the bat, I don't think you can give that out."


    JoeRay93: How many times have England achieved a first-innings lead after making less than 250?


    Breathe again, batsman and nation - nothing definitive on Hot-Spot, a white mark visible but visible before the ball arrived. Cook survives, the crowd cheer heartily.


    Here come Alastair Cook to face Trent Boult from the Nursery End - has he edged that? They want it - they'll ask for the review...


    Jason Rodwell: Great effort from England here, they've completely mopped up a poor first innings batting. Only half the job done though.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "It's Saturday, it's Test Match Special, so if you are within range of a listening device tune in to View From the Boundary. Today's guest is stand-up comic and Mock the Week regular Andy Parsons."

  132. 1246: 

    Finn finishes with 4-63, Anderson 5-47, and six wickets have fallen for 54 runs in this session. England will bat before lunch is taken.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "Anderson has been the man, on and around off stump throughout. Now he can really relax and enjoy that 300."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "New Zealand have been skittled, just as England were yesterday. The whole thing is pretty much even stevens."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "The New Zealanders will feel that they have lost an opportunity here, there was a chance of a lead. This is a lift for England, because they might feel that they haven't played their best cricket over the first two days but could still be ahead."

    WICKET- Boult c Anderson b Finn 0 (NZ 207 all out)

    Short, nasty, fended up and away and straight down gully's throat. England lead by 25.

    WICKET- Watling c Prior b Finn 17 (NZ 207-9)

    Wafts outside off, edges, easiest of snags. England looking like they'll steal a first-innings lead here...

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "You can tell from two days and a bit that these teams are even-Stevens on this surface. I think it will go like this for the rest of the game - it might come down to who catches their catches because I don't think there will be much between the teams."

  139. 1235: 
    Commentary- NZ 207-8

    Anderson, who seems to have been bowling all morning, remains right on the money as he continues to charge in from the Nursery End and is dabbed for a quick single to cover by the luck-riding Wagner. Watling steals one off the last ball of the over to retain the strike.

  140. 1231: 
    Commentary- NZ 205-8

    Finn bowling with a lovely upright seam, and he's getting nibble off it. Wagner edges through the slips - bounced well in front of Swann, that, before racing away for four - and then picks up a single off a squirty outside edge to point's right hand.


    Chris Wilson: The England top order owe Jimmy a few beers, after many third-innings runs that is.

  142. 1226: 
    Commentary- NZ 200-8

    Four wickets down for 46 runs this morning, and Anderson is sniffing more here. Neil Wagner on strike - plays and misses, a thickish noise - off the top of the pad? Seems so - slips and bowler confer, but they decide against the review.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "In the words of Fred Trueman 'that were wasted on thee lad'. If you love your cricket, that was worth the admission fee. Quality."

  144. 1223: 
    Commentary- NZ 199-8

    Excellent morning from England's attack. Conditions overhead conducive to swing, but they're milking them merrily. Watling flicks outside off and sends Finn over the three slips for four. May well have played for that, in which case it was a decent shot.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "That was a victory for thought, skill and execution, absolute perfection from James Anderson."

    WICKET- Martin b Anderson 0 (NZ 195-8)

    What a ball that is - coming in, full, darting away to take the top of off. Sensational from Anderson, and that's his 13th five-for in Test cricket. Wave the ball to all corners, sir.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "He's half gone to pull it and didn't know what to do in the end. Forget the short ball that was edged for four, that was rubbish, but now he's been driven twice for four and then got the wicket. The bowler has won."

    WICKET- Southee c Root b Finn 12 (NZ 194-7)

    We knew Southee wouldn't hang about - Steven Finn into the attack, and the number eight batters him for three fours in four balls - slashing over the slips, battering down the ground. Gone! Tries to smash it into Maida Vale, top edge, Root underneath it for what seems like an age before it drops into his palms.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England look like they've had a bit of a talking to. They look keen in the field - very alert. It was cold yesterday so it's difficult to get that energy and that buzz going in those conditions."

  150. 1203: 
    DRINKS BREAK- NZ 182-6

    Floodlights burning bright, the chandeliers in the pavilion also catching the eye against the gathering gloom. Maiden from Anderson to Watling, Jimmy on 4-44 from his 21 overs so far.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "That's the way to get them; bowl well all morning, beat the outside edge, then bowl one down the leg side and let the batsman tickle it through. Williamson was very similar to Joe Root, occupying the crease, looking solid then getting a little tickle down the leg side. Perhaps only eight times in your career will you be out like that."


    From Geoff in Cheshire, via text on 81111: Re: 1126. I believe Watling is actually a posh verb, as in 'It was a watling good show, dear chap'.

  153. 1159: 
    Commentary- NZ 182-6

    Tim Southee the new man, and he's not one to park the bus. Watling goes to 11 with a tickle off the pads behind square, and Swann jogs back down the pavilion steps to rejoin the fray. An hour until lunch, the deficit exactly 50. Delicately poised.


    Allan Clayton, en route to Quebec, via text on 81111: Sir Thomas Beecham wasn't just rude to musicologists. He is reported to have said to a female cellist who was having a particular poor rehearsal, "Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands, and all you can do is scratch it!".

    WICKET- Williamson c Prior b Anderson 60 (NZ 177-6)

    Swann's had to leave the pitch here, must have hurt a finger in going for that snag. Williamson crashes Anderson over point for four, but he's gone three balls later - real strangler, deflected down the leg side and into Prior's waiting mitts.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "It's a tough chance. If Trott hadn't moved, I'm sure it would have gone straight into Swann's hands."

  157. 1150: 
    NOT OUT- NZ 171-5

    Let's have a look - not a no-ball, pitching in line, hitting in line... but only half a ball hitting the top of leg stump, and that will come back as umpire's call. Watling survives, Broad fumes.

  158. 1147: 

    CATCH IT! No, it's fallen short - Watling been drawn into the push, the edge has been found, but it's fallen just short of Stumper Prior. Firm push again - edged... dropped! Trott at third slip dived to his left as Swann at second dived right, and I think Trott fingertipped it onto his team-mate's wrists and away. Big lbw appeal - Umpire Davis says no, but Broad wants Cook to review, and he will...

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Williamson's a very organised player, technically correct, good scoring options on leg side, off side. You can see why New Zealand speak so highly of him. Martin Crowe is always close to everyone's lips when they watch Williamson play. They really think he could be that good."

  160. 1138: 
    HALF CENTURY- NZ 168-5

    Broad gives Watling a touch of width outside off, and the batsman seizes on the morsel to push a sweetly-timed drive away up the slope to the rope in front of the grandstand  - sub fielder Billy Root hauls it back, but they'll run three. Williamson on strike, clipping off the pads for the two runs that take him to his doughty half-century - it's taken him 158 balls, with only five boundaries, but it's an essential knock in the context of this tight contest.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Someone like Stuart Broad will have analysed his own performance yesterday; all the bowlers would have looked at the pitch map. Change of ends, new day, focus on bowling a little bit fuller... Finn was off his game yesterday so when he comes into the attack he's going to have to do exactly the same as Stuart Broad."

  162. 1134: 
    Commentary- NZ 160-5

    Williamson jumps to dab one off his hip and scampers through. That brief spell of sunshine is now long gone, a grey ceiling of cloud back in place. A very light wind tugging the MCC red and yellow penant atop the grandstand.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "Ian Bell is still at the England team hotel suffering from a temperature and flu-like symptoms. He will bat today if required, but is likely to have to come in at No.7 due to the regulations on non-external injuries."

  164. 1131: 
    Commentary- NZ 159-5

    Ian Bell still off the pitch, by the way - more on that from my colleague Sam Sheringham in a moment. Good from Broad, Williamson kept in his hutch, and this is much tighter, more accurate bowling from England this morning.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "It is not the first time Kane Williamson has worn one in the unmentionables. During South Africa's visit to New Zealand in March last year, a fierce delivery from Dale Steyn struck him so hard that it split his box in half, causing a short delay before a new groin guard was brought out."

  166. 1126: 
    Commentary- NZ 159-5

    Watling, who sounds like a crabby form of movement - the sort you make first thing in the morning after a night on the sauce, eyes squinting, hand on head, semi-crouched in a desperate attempt to keep the cataclysmic headache at bay. Anderson has him pushing and pulling the bat high from the ball's path.


    Nick Abel Smith: BJ Watling, the finest name in cricket since WG Grace.


    Jonny P in Ashford, via text on 81111: Re: 1047 - Sounds like you saw Sir Thomas Beecham's plaque. Eclectic conductor and despised by his peers. He was once quoted as saying 'a musicologist is a man who can read music but can't hear it'. Hope that answers your question.

  169. 1120: 
    OUCH!- NZ 158-5

    Ooof, look away now if you're squeamish. Or Kane Williamson's partner. Broad's fired one down the slope that has beaten his defensive push and caught him right on the cream-crackers. He's in trouble here. Stroll towards point, sink to the knees, stare at the heavens.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "Our Test Match Special colleagues are looking extremely dapper this morning having scrubbed up for a pre-Ashes photocall. I even witnessed Henry Blofeld – in his pressed red chinos - having make-up applied. Meanwhile, TMS pundit and former New Zealand captain Jeremy Coney was given the honour of ringing the bell to signal the start of the day’s play."

  171. 1115: 
    Commentary- NZ 158-5

    Anderson from the Nursery End, having bagged his 300th Test wicket from the Pavilion End on Friday afternoon. Three slips, gully, point, cover, mid-off, mid-on - lovely line, bending them in and then away. Watling gets forward and pushes for two past the diving Broad at cover.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "That was one of the most wasted reviews in the history of reviews, but that is absolutely what England needed. Well done Stuart Broad – he had an iffy day yesterday but he has got the one that England needed today. If you want to criticise McCullum, that was a bit risky."


    AD Munro: Huge wicket, great start! See what happens when you pitch it up, Broady?

  174. 1108: 
    Commentary- NZ 155-5

    Just seen bowling coach David Saker grinning widely on the England balcony, and why not. HOWZAAA... no, he's missed it, new batsman Watling playing and missing as the slips leap and wail.

    WICKET- McCullum c Prior b Broad 5 (NZ 155-5)

    Massive nick - Hot-Spot almost blinds us. Exactly the start England wanted, and all that pre-match limbering and a'loosening from Broad has paid off.


    Broad's struck! Or has he? McCullum seems to have been caught behind - England celebrate, but the batsman wants to review...

  177. 1101: 
    Commentary- NZ 154-4

    A bustle in from Sir Trottsalot, McCullum waiting, and he'll pull that round the corner for the first run of the day. Crowd still making their way in; could be a pivotal first session of the day, this one.

  178. 1059: 

    Here come the England fielders - warm applause, what else - and our umpires Aleem Dar and Steve Davis. Jonathan Trott with two balls left of his truncated over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "We've got to the stage of the game where we're saying every session is going to be crucial. This is going to be the defining session of the match. If England win it, they will be on top, but If New Zealand win it England will be in trouble. I expect New Zealand to score quickly. Stuart Broad and Steven Finn are not bowling well, but they will have a chance this morning to put that right and put Engand back on the front foot. But, if I was England I'd start with Graeme Swann and James Anderson. It's massive session for England, they have to win it."

  180. 1047: 

    Stuart Broad out there on the outfield, practising his bowling with coach David Saker. Strolling to Lord's through the streets of St John's Wood earlier, I saw a blue English Heritage plaque describing a former resident as a 'compooser and musicologist'. Any of the latter care to enlighten as to what the job entails? Sounds suspiciously made up to me.

  181. 1042: 

    You know the greyish I mentioned? Still all around, but there's also sunshine. New Zealand may claim to have four seasons in one day, but only in Britain can you have two seasons at the same time.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "After two days dominated by the blazers and ties and members and their guests, Saturday at Lord’s has more of a day-tripper feel to it with lots of cricket-lovers and their wives, brothers, sons or lovers making an annual pilgrimage to the game’s spiritual home. The picnic baskets, blankets and coolers have been dusted off for the first time this year, the local newsagents have sold out of broadsheets and there’s a cackle of anticipation in the concourses around the ground. Will the day live up to billing?"

  183. 1035: 

    A reminder of the overnight position: New Zealand will resume on 153-4, trailing England by just 79 runs. Kane Williamson is unbeaten on 44, skipper Brendon McCullum on an uncharacteristically muted one from 20 balls. Either way, that won't last.

  184. 1030: 

    Morning - all well? Another greyish morning at Lord's, but let's not allow that to dampen the spirits - it's Saturday, it's summer and there's Test cricket to dive into. Goggles on, deep breaths, in we go.

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Live Scores - England v N Zealand


  • England beat New Zealand by 170 runs
  • England: 232 & 213 (68.3 overs)
  • N Zealand: 207 & 68 (22.3 overs)
  • Venue: Lord's

N Zealand 2nd Innings

All out
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Fulton c Prior b Broad 1
Rutherford b Broad 9
Williamson c Finn b Broad 6
Taylor c Cook b Broad 0
Brownlie c Cook b Anderson 5
B McCullum lbw b Broad 8
Watling c Trott b Anderson 13
Southee c Root b Broad 7
Wagner run out (Anderson) 17
B Martin b Broad 1
Boult not out 0
Extras 1lb 1
Total all out 68

England v New Zealand

England with the Test series trophy

Results and reports from New Zealand's tour of England, after England win the Tests 2-0 and the Kiwis claim the ODIs 2-1 and T20s 1-0.