England v New Zealand, first Test, Lord's, day two

James Anderson passes 300 Test wickets but New Zealand close day two of the first Test on 153-4, trailing England by 79.

18 May 2013 Last updated at 10:07

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As it happened


    England fast bowler James Anderson: "It's in the balance, but I'd say they just have the edge. We didn’t build on yesterday as well as we would have wanted.

    "We started well with the ball but let it slip. They counter-attacked very well and we have a lot of hard work to do to keep us in the game."


    New Zealand batsman Ross Taylor: "We toiled hard yesterday and got the results this morning. We would have taken this at the start of the day.

    "I wanted to be positive. I thought if I could move my feet as positively as possible I would give myself the best chance."

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "New Zealand are in roughly the same situation as England were in. It could go either way tomorrow. Ross Taylor has played with more class than anyone on either side. England could have done better, too many people got starts and didn't go on."

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "New Zealand will be absolutely delighted. If England could have sneaked another couple of wickets they would have been happy, but New Zealand are in front."

  5. 1845: 

    So, New Zealand will resume on Saturday morning just 79 runs behind and with six wickets in hand. While England were on a similar score overnight, you'd have to say that the tourists will be the better pleased of the two - no reason at all why they should collapse as England did, with few dangers in the track, the ball 50 overs old and only Anderson of the four-man attack looking truly threatening.

  6. 1842: 

    Yes, umpires Davis and Dar have had a word with Cook, and it's off with the quicks, in with the Trotts. Four Test wickets at 92, Sir Trottsalot, although he has taken 7-39 in first-class cricket. I know. McCullum has a cut outside off but misses as the ball stays low, and that might be it anyway...

  7. 1839: 
    OUCH!- NZ 152-4

    Finn brings one down the hill to McCullum and cracks the unfortunate batsman in the unmentionables. Cruel cackles from a few half-cut punters. Surely too cold out there now for lager or chilled white wine - you'd want a whisky mac or toddy. Could be an issue with the light here - we might have to see Jonathan Trott and Swann in partnership...


    Tom Lambert: The fact that New Zealand have scored in under two sessions more than England scored yesterday shows the need to accumulate.

  9. 1834: 
    Commentary- NZ 152-4

    Broad, white sweatband high on his left forearrm, turns at the end of his run-up and accelerates in. McCullum check-drives for one before Williamson - two lives in, dropped once, another nick missed - plays for another day.

  10. 1826: 
    Commentary- NZ 151-4

    The ground may be less than a third full, but the next 40 minutes could be key in this game - should McCullum and Williamson stick a few on by the close, the tourists will hold the whip hand, but if England can winkle out two more then they will fancy a first-innings lead and all that follows. Finn keeps McCullum honest.

  11. 1820: 
    Commentary- NZ 149-4

    Now then, can England remove Kiwi captain Brendon McCullum and put themselves in the box seat here at Lord's? He's off strike at the moment as Broad resumes to Williamson. A nice flick off the hip earns him two to reach 43.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "He was good there, Cook. He took the initiative. Prior wasn't sure. Finally, a full ball and it takes the wicket. I know it's hard for fast bowlers but you have to err on the side of full."

    WICKET- Brownlie lbw b Finn 23 (NZ 147-4)

    The ball nipped back and struck Brownlie in front of middle and leg. Only an inside edge would have saved him. Great review from England. Crucial wicket.

  14. 1814: 

    We've still got about 50 minutes to play today, but the Lord's Pavilion is almost deserted and the ground about half full. New Zealand's partnership continues to develop as Williamson cracks a short, wide ball from Finn away for four. Now then, a big appeal as Brownlie is stuck on the pads. Not out says umpire Davis. Cook reviews.

  15. 1810: 
    Commentary- NZ 142-3

    It's not been a costly week for England Cricketer of the Year Matt Prior. Not only has he dropped a catch and been out for a golden duck, but, according to Michael Vaughan, he's twice been the loser at "credit-card roulette". Maiden from Swann.

  16. 1807: 
    Commentary- NZ 141-3

    Williamson forces Finn off the back foot through the covers for a single, then Brownlie plays his best shot to date, a beautifully-timed clip off the hips for four.


    Tom Dixey, via text on 81111: Bresnan gets three wickets for Yorkshire, what England could have done with a second bowler today.

  18. 1803: 
    Commentary- NZ 136-3

    Ooh la la. Close from Swanny as a ball spins sharply out of the rough and flies over Brownlie's leg stump.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "You very rarely bowl a team out with two bowlers. Anderson has bowled well and Swann bowled nicely, but Finn and Broad haven't been at the races. In these conditions you have to get it fuller."

  20. 1800: 
    Commentary- NZ 131-3

    Umpire Davis pulls out a stick of chapstick from the pocket of his white coat, screws out the tincture and applies it, with great delicacy, to his pursed lips. Finn can't find his length - oh behave - and so Williamson can force away off the back foot for three before Brownlie uses the pace of a wider one to steer it away for four through deep square leg. 


    Adam Carroll-Smith: The 'dropped catch' graphic looks like a grieving penguin.

  22. 1752: 
    Commentary- NZ 124-3

    Finn it is, Williamson waiting. Short and down leg-side - was there the faintest tickle on that? Finn likes it, but Prior has gone up half-cock, and umpire Davis won't have it. Let's have a look at Hot-Spot - voosh, he did get the tiniest touch on it. A review would have bagged it - little bar Jimmy going England's way out there.

  23. 1747: 
    Commentary- NZ 119-3

    A minimum of 25 overs still to come this evening, the deficit at 113 runs. Swann will have a blow, I think 0-17 off his six, Finn to have another canter.


    From Michael in Scotland, via text on 81111: Tim Bresnan should have played for Finn or Broad. His bowling's better suited to these conditions and his batting much more reliable.


    Jonathan Russell: Oh dear! Our player of the year has joined the primary club and dropped a howler. Cricket just as frustrating as golf sometimes!

  26. 1740: 
    DRINKS BREAK- NZ 119-3

    We'll be playing on until 7pm, light permitting. Swann twirls with little reward, and we'll take drinks.

  27. 1734: 

    Cheeky quicker one from Swann, foxing Brownlie and drawing the edge past slip. Anderson again, and he's bagged Williamso... no, spilled by England's player of the year Matt Prior. Sharp chance, low to the 'keeper's right, but he should have hung on - went one-handed, expecting the ball to keep going, when in fact he had time and space to go double-mitted.


    Oliver Reid-Smith: Broad has threatened and has gone at 3.6 an over. Finn hasn't and has gone at 3.8. The predictable cry: drop Broad.

  29. 1728: 
    Commentary- NZ 112-3

    Anderson the figurehead, the dangerman, drawing Brownlie into an injudicious slash outside off that flies just past the diving Bell at gully. Strayer down leg  for one more, semi-teapot from Anderson.


    TomHolmes19: Fair to say Jimmy is almost single-handedly keeping us in the match at the moment. Class act, one of the great English bowlers.

  31. 1722: 
    Commentary- NZ 106-3

    Swann starting to sniff something out here. He gets turn past Williamson's defensive prod but has his lb shout turned down - hitting outside off - and then turns to plead again, Umpire Erasmus shaking his stern head again. 

  32. 1719: 
    Commentary- NZ 104-3

    Brownlie the new man, Anderson charging, close fielders crouching. Short, Brownlie standing tall, thrashing away through cover for a dismissive four. Kahunas.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "As soon as it struck Taylor on the pad he knew. He was playing across the pad and it just tailed back in. As a captain, when you're in trouble you go to you're big lad with the ball and Anderson has done the business."

    WICKET- Taylor lbw Anderson 66

    Broad gets the old heave-ho at the Pavilion End in favour of Anderson. And there's the instant dividend - fast, nipping back in, Taylor caught on the front pad neither forward or back. 301 Test wickets and counting...


    Small Man Peaky: England had better pray for rain by Sunday. Otherwise they're in serious trouble. New Zealand doing everything England couldn't.

  36. 1714: 
    Commentary- NZ 100-2

    Swann bellows an appeal - Taylor looked like he was hit outside off as he aimed to loft to leg. Looking leaner than he has for a while, Swannage, if a little grey around the temples.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England have got to suffocate them a little bit - dry up the runs, hang it up outside the off stump. They have perhaps been guilty of trying to push it a tad."

  38. 1708: 
    Commentary- NZ 96-2

    Better from Broad, finding a more testing length that has Taylor halfway forward and edging past second slip for a streaky four. Mmm, good again, zipping one past the outside edge. He tries again, but this time he over-pitches, and Taylor slams him through the covers for his 13th four.

  39. 1702: 
    Commentary- NZ 87-2

    Taylor enjoying himself out there, after all his tribulations of the past year - down onto one knee, mowing Swann over the retreating Root's lid for four to the deep square leg fence. Untroubled, this New Zealand pair, and Cook has some thinking to do.

  40. 1659: 
    Commentary- NZ 83-2

    Cook decides to persist with Broad, but he'll take out one of those three slips and fortify his ring in front of the wicket. It stems the flow of runs but does little to bring the breakthrough. The biggest partnership of the match by some distance, this.

  41. 1656: 
    Commentary- NZ 83-2

    Yup, Swann it is - he'll bring Joe Root in at forward short leg, a short midwicket and short cover. Crikey - turns an absolute mile from outside off, Taylor startled and Stumper Prior yelping.


    From Charlie in Leeds, via text on 81111: This is why we miss KP! Taylor is doing what KP can do! A quick 50-75 will put England on the back foot.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "Broad seems to blow hot and cold. He has moments when he bowls well and gets wickets, then he has moments when he bowls innocuously. His batting used to be a bonus, but he might as well bat number 11 at the moment."

  44. 1653: 
    Commentary- NZ 81-2

    Broad struggling to make an impact out there - he pushes one up, attempting to tempt Williamson, but the batsman has his head over it and times it away down the hill for another four. New Zealand showing England how to seize the initiative. Swann o'clock, you'd have to think.

  45. 1645: 

    Controlled run away off the face from Taylor, and that's his half-century - 49 balls with 10 fours, a rollicking assualt in comparison with England's crabby effort. Anderson sizzles one past his outside edge; Taylor blows out his lips and raises his eyebrows in acknowledgement. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "Taylor is the one batsman in the match who has counter-attacked successfully. We didn't see the best of him during the winter. He's a game-changing type batsman."

  47. 1640: 
    Commentary- NZ 75-2

    Dismissive from Kane Williamson as Broad drops one short and wide - thumping cut shot through the inviting gap between gully and extra cover, four all the way. The bowler strides back to the crease and furiously paws the turf as Lord Boycott on TMS drops the rhubarb-bomb.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "England have to create more pressure on Taylor."

  49. 1635: 
    Commentary- NZ 71-2

    Genuinely cold out there. I'm no Grylls, admittedly, but on a tea-time stroll round the ground my two layers were no match for the chill May breeze. Anderson getting right close up to the stumps, that long follow-through of his sending one onto Williamson's hips, to be deflected round the corner for a single.


    Simon in Teesside, via text on 81111: Biblical cricketers - Ian Bellzebub.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "So what makes James Anderson the king of the swingers? I've been plotting his path to greatness, with a little help from former England coach Peter Moores and ex-team-mate Paul Collingwood."

  52. 1632: 
    Commentary- NZ 70-2

    Fordyce back with you, all in good shape? Ross Taylor on the attack post-tea, leaning back to slap a dasher backward of point for four, and following it up with a fabulous cover drive for four more. And again! Broad pitching it up, looking for the swing, and Taylor gets the front elbow high and bottom hand fast to bisect cover and mid-off.

  53. 1627: 
    Commentary- NZ 66-2

    Jimmy Anderson - 300 not out - resumes after tea from the Pavilion End. Tight line, risk-free stuff from Williamson and it's a maiden. That's it from me for now - over to Tom Fordyce until the close.

  54. 1621: 
    Commentary- NZ 58-2

    Here we go again then. Broad feeds Taylor's habit and is cut for four to  bring up the first fifty partnership of the game. A straighter ball and Taylor is saved from a plumb lbw by a thin inside edge. Taylor is scoring at a run per ball.


    Zorba Hutt, TMS inbox: Biblical characters: Young Samson from India is playing in the IPL as we speak! No Delilah though.


    How did you do with the #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official? Since 2000, eight cricketers whose surnames start with 'T' have played a Test for England. Name them. Answers (cue drum roll): James Taylor, Graham Thorpe, James Tredwell, Chris Tremlett, Marcus Trescothick, Jonathan Trott, Alex Tudor, Phil Tufnell.


    James Anderson, the fourth England bowler to take 300 Test wickets: "It's quite an emotional moment for me and it was nice to share it with the guys I've played with for so long.

    "It's brilliant, I'm delighted with the way things have gone today. I know it's a big moment, but I'm focused on trying to take the next eight New Zealand wickets." 

  58. 1604: 

    Good session that, with New Zealand wrapping up the England tail, Jimmy securing his place among the England immortals and Taylor and Williamson carrying the fight. So who will finish the day on top?


    AV2518: Didn't Luke Wright part of the Bible?


    PaulTheChapman: Biblical Cricketers.... John the (Eldine) Baptiste?


    Liam from London via text: "Jimmy's playing like the Ander-son of god!"


    Simon Knowles, TMS inbox: "Bible characters from cricket, couldn't go past Moises Henriques from Australia!"

  63. 1556: 
    OUCH!- NZ 54-2

    A nasty short ball from Finn gets Taylor in all sorts. He looks away and takes a blow slap bang on the shoulder. Taylor responds with a slash for four past third slip. Ahh, here's Mike Gatting in the comm box with us. First question: "When's the tea interval?" And here's your answer Gatt - right now.


    Andy White: Cricketers as Bible characters - two for the price of one... Adam Gil-Christ.

  65. 1551: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- NZ 49-2

    Jimmy thuds one into Williamson's pads and the slips are up in unison. Umpire Dar says no and they opt against a review. Wise move - it would have been yet another umpire's ball, with the ball clipping the top of leg stump. NZ are scoring at almost three runs per over, decidedly pacey compared with England's effort.


    Robert Wickham: Anderson's a very intelligent bowler, highly skilled and 300 wickets is a massive feat but he's not one of the greats, not yet.

  67. 1546: 
    Commentary- NZ 49-2

    TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton informs us that the last over from James Anderson was the first to feature two boundaries in the match. That tells you all you need to know. Mind you, here's another one, and it's dasher Taylor cutting Finn away over point. Then a tip and run from the compact Williamson earns a single. Taylor wants too but Williamson sensibly points out the error of his ways.


    Mike Adamson: Let's hope Kane isn't Able to score too many runs here! Any other cricketers as bible characters?

  69. 1542: 
    Commentary- NZ 41-2

    Anderson switches to the Nursery End and Ross Taylor throws the kitchen sink at a long hop and picks up four square on the off side. I had a chat with Ross Taylor pre-series and he said it was time to move on from his captaincy sacking saga. A big score here would help Rossy. Another poor ball from Anderson is pushed through the covers for four by Williamson. I'm sure you're all gasping for a brew but just a reminder that tea will be at 15.55.

  70. 1537: 
    Commentary- NZ 32-2

    Oooooh - a rip-snorter from Finn, with pace and bounce and tempting Williamson to prod at thin air. Maybe I was a tad harsh on Finn before, he's certainly making this pitch look livelier than anyone else has, and he completes a useful maiden.

  71. 1533: 
    Commentary- NZ 32-2

    Umpire Aleem Dar has a good look at the ball before deciding it's ok. Broad might want to change it now though - he's just given away two boundaries to fine leg. The first was leg byes, the second glanced by Taylor to take his score to 15.


    Gus Pingu in Nottingham, TMS inbox: "Re. Paul - a tractor is too heavy duty. If your broad beans have taken root, trot through and pick them off gently. You'll be able to cook a belter of a meal just resting them on the bare stove prior to eating."


    Tour King: Congrats Jimmy! Best swing bowler England have ever had.

  74. 1528: 
    Commentary- NZ 24-2

    Jimmy is clearly still buzzing from his record-breaking antics. The ball is dabbed to him at mid-off and he swivels and shies in a single movement and almost shatters the stumps. Taylor makes his ground but looks a bit alarmed by the whole episode. Despite this being his home ground, Finn still doesn't look quite as threatening as England's new ball pair.


    James Turrell: Nice to see Jimmy Anderson reach 300 wickets. Quality bowler, started off inconsistent, now proving to be England's star man.

  76. 1524: 
    Commentary- NZ 22-2

    Broad is in a very nice groove today and he comes within a cat's whisker of snaring Williamson with a ball that somehow eludes the outside edge. Then Williamson drives handsomely, but straight to mid-off. It's very dark out there - the floodlights have been on since about midday, but still no rank, thank goodness.

  77. 1519: 
    Commentary- NZ 19-2

    Oh Jimmy Jimmy, Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Anderson. Sorry, that just came out. Actually, the latest member of England's 300 club is taking a break and is being repaced by Steven Finn. There's some early bounce for Finn and Taylor is hurried into gloving it down to fine leg for four. Finn tries to do repeat the delivery but drags it down the leg side, well away from the danger zone.

  78. 1516: 
    Commentary- NZ 15-2

    Broad in for his sixth over, and it'll be his second maiden - tight, with just six runs shipped so far. Change in the commentary slots, Sam Sheringham taking over until tea.


    Kabir Singh-Brar: As for Anderson - not sure England will ever produce as complete a fast bowler. Rare brand of bowler who bowls with intelligence.


    Neil Dobson, TMS inbox: Please advise all other England bowlers to back off. Jimmy is 20% of the way through taking all ten wickets.

  81. 1513: 
    Commentary- NZ 15-2

    Adrenaline sparkling in his bloodstream. Anderson thrashes one into the track and up past Ross Taylor's snout. An unreconstructed dasher, Taylor, and he'll have a go at these - huge appeal, Prior likes it, Umpire Erasmus doesn't... no, no review, think the noise was bat on to pad.


    Seb Gillot, also in Cambridge, TMS inbox: Re: Chris in Cambridge: at this stage I'm prepared to do anything to avoid exam revision, so here goes:
    The most recent 7 first England batting innings of series (including this one), England's average score is 251; only 8 fifties scored (2 of which were hundreds) in these seven innings; the last time an England player scored a fifty in England's first innings of a series was against WI this time last year. This current game discounted, England have shipped an average first innings deficit of 165 runs."


    Rachel T: That his great mate Swann took the catch, well done Jimmy Anderson!

  84. 1507: 
    Commentary- NZ 11-2

    Williamson has faced 17 balls without getting off the quacker. Inevitably he then does so with a crashing drive off Broad through cover for four. 

  85. 1504: 

    Lord's rises to Anderson. The Burnley Express acknowledges the ovation by waving the ball to all corners. Well played sir; here's to many more. Botham's record of 383 is surely within his reach, no?

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "A great moment and quite nice that Graeme Swann was the man to take the catch, they are good palls off the field. He really has been the most skilful bowler, you could always tell he was the guy that could produce magic. He's been the guy that has led the attack in all conditions. The one tag was that he didn't bowl well in the sub-continent, but last winter he proved that wrong."

    NEW RECORD- Fulton c Swann b Anderson 2 (NZ 7-2)

    Jimmy... he's done it! Classic Anderson dismissal, moving one away off a great length to leave Fulton thrusting blindly. Super low take from Swann at second slip, and Anderson has become only the fourth Englishman in history to take 300 Test wickets. Trueman, Willis and Botham the other three, not bad company to keep.


    From Neil in Warrington, via text on 81111: I'm going to stick my neck out and say that 232 is a good score on this wicket!

  89. 1457: 
    Commentary- NZ 7-1

    Swing out there, no two ways about it. Broad with another maiden, and England are tightening the squeeze. They're also putting their Roots down - Joe's brother Billy, 12th man for the match with Tim Bresnan off back to Yorkshire, is on as a sub fielder.


    From Andy in Preston, via text on 81111: RE: Rob and Paul, I used to quite like tractors but I'm less keen nowadays. You could say I'm an extractor fan.

  91. 1453: 
    Commentary- NZ 7-1

    Mmm, nice from Jimmy, beating Fulton twice with skiddy tempters outside off. Tea will now be taken at 1555 rather than 1540, in order to make up the shortfall from Thursday's rain-curtailed play. Maiden.


    Ollie in Newcastle, TMS inbox: RE Chris in Cambridge (1433): The last time England batted well in the 1st innings of a series was (arguably) against South Africa last summer. Snag is, given the way the rest of that series went, I'm not sure that makes me any more comfortable.

  93. 1450: 
    Commentary- NZ 7-1

    Had a good chinwag with Broad last week at Trent Bridge. Very interesting on his development as a bowler, although I should warn you that there's a semi-obscene photo of his father Chris in the piece too. Broad getting movement down the slope, but he's starting them off too wide to tempt Williamson.

  94. 1446: 
    Commentary- NZ 7-1

    Kane Williamson tap-taps his mark, blinks and looks up. Anderson charging - seam standing proud, cherry swinging, dull-ish noise as the ball passes the batsman's bat and rump - Anderson has his arms out, Prior has his arms out... no bat in that, says Umpire Erasmus, and England - after some deliberation - decide not to refer it. Rightly, too - it nibbled his trousers rather than his blade.


    Rob Helps, TMS inbox: Re: Paul Cotterill in Lancs, TMS inbox – not sure about tractors, mate, but there seems to be an awful lot of detractors about England’s performance.

  96. 1439: 
    Commentary- NZ 6-1

    And so Anderson moves to within a single wicket of 300 Test victims. Stuat Broad in yoke from the Nursery, and he no-balls his first delivery. Looseners going away outside off, but that one keeps low - Fulton thumps the toe-end down to yelps from the bowler.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "He pitched it up. That is the key. He pitched it and got driven, then pitched it up and got a nick. Who's winning that contest? The bowler."

  98. 1433: 
    WICKET- Rutherford c Cook b Anderson 4 (NZ 5-1)

    Anderson will open out from the Pavilion End, three slips and a gully in, Stumper Prior sporting a natty pair of blue mitts, backward point. Peter Fulton nibbles a single, and then Hamish Rutherford drills a delightful four through cover. GONE! Super delivery, just enough nip away down the slope, took the shoulder of the bat and flew into Captain Cook's grateful grasp as first slip. England amongst it.


    Chris, Cambridge, TMS inbox: When was the last time England batted well in the first innings of a series? Would anyone like to do the stats on average score, no. of fifties etc. for their first innings of series compared to normal in recent years? 

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "There's a little bit of movement there; application is the key. Someone like Rutherford, who we know wants to play shots, needs to be not quite so expansive. I would be disappointed if England bowled badly on this. There's still a game on."

  101. 1426: 

    England's twin pillars, Stuart Broad and Steven Finn, are warming up in the middle, bowling at a single timber. Big session ahead for England, they will want to make early inroads into this Kiwi line-up.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "You have to give more plaudits to New Zealand than England. If the bowlers ever erred, it was on one side of the wicket. McCullum is a good captain, he is disciplined and gets that over to his bowlers. You have to say New Zealand have had the better of the match so far. It wasn't a great performance by England. Although the pitch and outfield are slow, they haven't done enough."

  103. 1422: 

    The bowling figures: Southee the pick with 4-58; Boult and Wagner able in support with 2-48 off 27 and 3-70; Tweaker Martin chipping in 1-38 off 26. Now, what can England's far more experienced and vaunted attack produce in response?

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "Southee has bowled quite well and Trent Boult has bowled very well. Bairstow had to play shots with the number 11 in, he hit that decently but maybe towards the bottom of the bat. It was a very good reflex catch."


    Paul Cotterill in Lancs, TMS inbox: Do you still publish emails which don't have that much to do with the cricket? If so, there's something I want to check about tractors.

    WICKET- Bairstow c and b Southee 41 (Eng 232 all out)

    What a catch that is - no CollySnag TM, but a sharp pouch to his left as Bairstow cannonballs a drive back at him. England all gone, four wickets for Southee, the tourists in the driving seat with pedal to metal.


    Carole in Maidenhead, TMS inbox: I have always thought “disappointing” to be a very powerful word, particularly when paired with The Look. You know the one – the ubiquitous look mothers employ when Jonny has his hand in the cereal packet again….. Well, Tom, I hope you can feel my disappointment.

  108. 1417: 
    Commentary- Eng 229-9

    Jimmy throws the willow and picks up three to midwicket. From the reaction of the crowd you'd think he'd just stood them all a choc-ice. Bairstow's seen enough - thumping drive through mid-off, and with that boundary he goes past Joe Root as his side's top scorer. 

  109. 1413: 
    Commentary- Eng 222-9

    Here comes Anderson, four slips, double gully, shortish extra cover, midwicket. Mighty old mow first ball, nowhere near it. And again. And again! McCullum pushes his fourth slip back into a fly slip position for the flying edge - Lord above, there is the edge, but a rapid snicker along the deck, and Anderson will scamper a scarcely deserved single.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Finn misread the line, planted his foot across the stumps, tried to get his bat around and was done for. A pretty simple decision."

    WICKET- Finn lbw Southee 4 (Eng 221-9)

    Bang in front, never a doubt... I'm sorry, Steve, I really am; entirely my fault, I shall tender my resignation forthwithly.


    Ben Watkin: Lots of moaning on TMS about facing left-arm inswing. Try being left-handed!! Everybody swings it in!

  113. 1404: 
    Commentary- Eng 221-8

    Bairstow flips Boult through square leg and sets off for two. No dramas. Dipping in again, this time beating the bat - they like this one, Hadleesque appeal... no, must have been just nipping down leg...

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England will be thinking that anything over 250 will be decent after that collapse before lunch. Steven Finn is looking comfortable but Jonny Bairstow is the man."


    Another #QSTeaser for all you quiz lovers from @QofS_Official: Since 2000, eight cricketers whose surnames start with 'T' have played a Test for England. Name them.

  116. 1402: 
    Commentary- Eng 219-8

    Two gullies in for Steve Finn. *** start of mockers section *** He can bat, Finn - no rabbit, the Watford Wonder. *** end of mockets section ***


    Chris Parry, TMS inbox: RE Bresnan's wicket for Yorkshire (1250) - Ryan Sidebottom also took a wicket with his first ball. New ball pairing for the second Test at Headingley?

  118. 1358: 
    OUCH!- Eng 219-8

    Oo-la - Bairstow chops at Boult, and almost plays on - inside edge, back past the timbers. The ball starting to dart around a little more now under this grey ceiling - back in again, Bairstow caught in the crackerjacks. Jimmy Anderson, two scalps shy of 300 Test wickets, watches on impassively from the England balcony.

  119. 1354: 
    Commentary- Eng 217-8

    Southee drops short, and Bairstow slashes - top edge, flying high over the slip cordon. With that the run-rate nudges up to 2.03 an over. Woop-woop. Good scampered single off the final ball, and the Yorkshire man has hung on to the strike.

  120. 1348: 
    Commentary- Eng 216-8

    Steve Finn with a push off his legs as Trent Boult strays down the slope. Bairstow gets out the cue extension to try to reach a wide one and misses. 

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "Plenty of punters paid a visit to the celebrated Lord's museum over lunch. In amongst the ancient bats, balls, scorecards and other assorted memorabilia is a very strange juxtaposition: situated right alongside the museum's most prized artefact - the original Ashes urn - is the cricket kit worn by Hugh Bonneville in Downton Abbey."

  122. 1344: 
    Commentary- Eng 209-8

    All well? Players back out, floodlights burning bright, England in need of some biff and beef. Tim Southee back at the Nursery End, and Jonny Bairstow leaves an unthreatening set of six alone.


    Barton Boot Camp: NZ have been patient. How many times do we see England bowlers go to the bouncer when they're not taking wickets?


    A reminder of today's first #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official: Who are the four New Zealanders to have taken five wickets in an innings in a Lord's Test?

    And the answers: Chris Cairns, Sir Richard Hadlee, Dion Nash, Daniel Vettori.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "We haven't seen many flamboyant strokes, but I don't think it's that kind of pitch. McCullum has beene excellent, he's a nice captain to watch and his bowlers have done well for him. England have been timid, they look like a side that are trying to set the foundation for a long summer. They have almost gone too far into their shell."

  126. 1302: 

    TMS guest? Actor Damian Lewis. Enjoy.

  127. 1300: 
    INTERVAL- Eng 209-8

    Big turn for Tweaker Martin out of some footholds, and the ball fizzes way past Bairstow and off the outermost webbing of Watling's gloves. No no - dragged down leg, he can leave that alone. Maiden, lunch, and New Zealand's session. Much for England to chew on during the interval.

  128. 1258: 
    Commentary- Eng 209-8

    Inswinger from Wagner, clipped away through midwicket for two by Bairstow before he drives down the ground for a single. Time for one more before the scran.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "High drama on the concourse behind the Pavilion at Lord's as a prim and proper gentleman loses one of the gold buttons from the front of his blazer. Cue a mass search, with lots of scampering here and there, until a proud punter unearths the vital item. Champers all round."


    Gary Evans, TMS inbox: Perhaps at lunch England should send out for 11 of Jamie’s steak sarnies. It will double his takings and might give then some protein to power their afternoon’s play.

  131. 1253: 
    Commentary- Eng 206-8

    Less than 10 minutes until lunch - while I can give no names away, I can tell you that TMS have a big-hitter of a guest at the interval. Bruce Martin for a tweak from the Pavilion End , and Bairstow will step away to cut late into the deep for a strolled single.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Finn has just got to hang in there for Jonny Bairstow."

  133. 1250: 
    Commentary- Eng 205-8

    Wagner will come round the wicket; Finn throws wood at a wide one, and then squirts one away off the edge past a diving third slip for a streaky two. Hearing that England reject Tim Bresnan has taken a wicket with his first ball for Yorkshire, having been sent back in favour of Finn on Thursday morning.

  134. 1244: 
    Commentary- Eng 203-8

    Now, what does Bairstow do here? Have a merry slap 'n' slash, reasoning that his tail-end chums probably won't stick around, or keep on ticking over on the basis that they might? There's one answer - sweet drive down the ground, should be three there, he coukld keep the strike - nope, just the two, and that's a little slack from this pair.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "It's just good areas, a ball on and around off stump. You have to play at it. England have got a problem. They batted badly in New Zealand and have had a lot of meetings about how to put that right. They are banned from talking about the Ashes and they looked fearful yesterday, scared to play big shots especially against Martin. When you have that mindset, you do play to a lesser standard than what you are capable. But, you have to give New Zealand credit. McCullum has set good fields and rotated his bowlers well."


    Mark Davies: One of the worst innings I have ever seen from this England team...Not only losing wickets, but taken an eternity to do it.

    James Jessop: I'll reserve judgment until both sides have batted before I start suggesting that we're not quite as good as we think we are.

    Alex Bell: The Kiwis waving their left arm wand and orchestrating the classic England middle order collapse of old.

  137. 1241: 
    Commentary- Eng 201-8

    Shouts of disbelief from all around as Finn leaves his first ball despite it being straight and just short of a length - must have missed the timbers by a splinter. Ostentatious leave again, but this time with the ball heading across the bows. Remember the £20 steak sangers? Apparently they sold a grand total of 11 yesterday. Might be time to review that price point. 

    WICKET- Swann c Watling b Wagner 5 (Eng 201-8)

    Bairstow now the lead man, 23 in both age and score. Swann with shirt collar up - GONE! Not a great shot, driving with front foot nowhere near the ball, but the Kiwis don't care. England on the rocks, only Steve Finn and Jimmy Anderson to come.


    Jon in Eastleigh, via text on 81111: We all joke about the Aussies being in disarray before the Ashes. If I was their bowling coach I'd be rubbing my hands at this batting line-up, once again floundering with no one looking like making a big score. Anyone else worried?


    Simon Cole in Birmingham, TMS inbox: You might say our batting is down to the Bair Roots.

  141. 1231: 
    Commentary- Eng 200-7

    Graeme Swann the next man into the trenches, and he sizzles Wagner through cover as the slips ooh-aah. Yes, nice riposte from Waggers, banging in a lifter that has Swann cowering. Three wickets in six balls there, and now 250 is looking like a decent score. New Zealand's morning, they're clambering all over this England team...

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Full, straight, yorker length with a little bit of swing and Broad played completely across the line. Broad looks out of sorts with the bat, he was all over the place there. That was absolutely stone dead."


    Dan Jones: Problem with a slow run-rate, a few quick wickets and you're in a quagmire.

    Mike Wren-Kirkham: Too many players getting in and not going on! Batting always looks vulnerable without KP.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "It wasn't very exciting yesterday but you never write off Test cricket. England have now got their backs to the wall and there is tension around the ground."

    WICKET- Broad lbw Wagner 0 (Eng 195-7)

    It's all happening... Full, hitting middle, Broad plays all round it - easiest decision Aleem Dar will ever make..

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "It pitched outside off stump, nipped back and hit Prior on the move. It was just clipping the top of leg stump. He was unlucky to get that first up, but teams will look to bowl straight at him because he's so good through the off side. New Zealand will go to lunch cockahoop now."

  147. 1220: 

    And in a flash, the match has turned. Stuart Broad to the crease, and he'll have a hat-trick ball to face. Four slips, two gullies, short midwicket, short mid-on, short cover, Southee steaming in, hunting history at HQ - no, dreadful waste, short and wide, and Broad can leave that alone all day long. 

    WICKET- Prior lbw Southee 0 (Eng 192-6)

    Given him - hitting the top of middle and off...


    Matt Prior - my giddy aunts, he's been trapped in front first ball - Umpire Erasmus gives it, New Zealand celebrate, Prior reviews desperately...

    WICKET- Root c Watling b Southee 40 (Eng 192-5)

    Bit of a strangle, that one - down the leg side, a skinny flick on it and Stumper Watling tumbles to his left to take the snag two-handed...

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Both Root and Bairstow are very assured. They've left it very well outside off stump, they've read the situation very well, seen off the new ball, rotated the strike nicely and just picked up their runs. They're setting a nice plattform for themselves after lunch - both are quite expansive players, Bairstow especially."

  152. 1208: 
    Commentary- Eng 188-4

    Ah, shot du jour from Bairstow, stepping forward to a fullish one from Wagner and crashing him back past the stumps for four. Wagner tightens up and Bairstow retreats into his shell.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "I saw Southee four or five years ago and he looked promising. But he has never come forward - that has got to be attitude. It's not just about skill at the top level - it's about your mental toughness, your heart, your desire."

  154. 1202: 
    Commentary- Eng 186-4

    Southee now to Root - gaagh, does that one hold up in the pitch a touch? Root spoons it, almost in slow motion, into the gap between point and widish cover. Hands on head from the fielders.


    Stephen Branley, TMS inbox: Can we not simply call them Root Ginger?

    BBC Sport's Stephan ShemiltContributor

    "In an innings when runs have been hard to come by, England have missed a trick with their running between the wickets. The home side have taken only 31 singles in 93 overs so far."

  157. 1155: 
    Commentary- Eng 184-4

    The run-rate drops below two an over once again. Two gullies in now for Root as Wagner looks to move one away down the Lord's slope and induce the edge. Big step forward by the young right-hander, pushing a controlled drive to mid-off. McCullum, double-jumpered, works hard on the ball and slings it back round the ring of fielders. 

    BBC Sport's Justin GouldingContributor

    Scotland are entering a "new era" this week, according to new captain Kyle Coetzer. He leads his country for the first time today against Pakistan - the first of two ODIs in three days in Edinburgh. The latest score: the tourists, who won the toss, are 57-1 after 15 overs.


    Will Bowden, Notts, TMS inbox: Shorthand for Root and Bairstow partnership: RooBairb in commemoration of Sir Geoffrey's bat of choice. I'll get my coat.

  160. 1150: 
    Commentary- Eng 183-4

    Long shadows stretching out from the players' feet, as if it were deep into the evening rather than midday. Wagner goes wide, heaving one down in the direction of a startled second slip, but there's bend on the next one and Bairstow is beaten on the inside. A menacing wedge of evil cloud drifting over from the west.


    Ian in Wolverhampton, via text on 81111: Surely the obvious acronym should be Batsmen of Yorkshire - the BOYs.

  162. 1143: 
    Commentary- Eng 176-4

    It's getting gloomier and gloomier overhead at Lord's and the floodies are on full beam as Boult continues his probing spell from the Pavilion End of this picture of ground. After five dots, the last ball strikes the pads, but the appeal is apologetic in nature.


    Matthew Clark in Spain, TMS inbox: Re: Bairstow and Root acronym. If it's a Brangelina stylee your after it has to be Jonjo (from Madrid on a 2-sweater day).

  164. 1139: 
    Commentary- Eng 176-4

    Wagner, charging in down the slope, has settled on a sweet line and length this morning, and Root takes no chances as he plays out a maiden.

  165. 1134: 
    Commentary- Eng 176-4

    After a bizarre delay for drinks, just half an hour into play on a chilly old day, Bairstow leans into a lusty drive to an overpitched ball from Boult and picks up four down the ground. That will settle a few nerves and get the juices flowing.


    The first of today's #QSTeaser for you from our colleagues at @QofS_Official: Who are the four New Zealanders to have taken five wickets in an innings in a Lord's Test? Stay tuned for the answers...

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "The first 20 minutes belong to England. The ball hasn't swung for New Zealand to any degree. Both batsmen looking relatively secure at the crease at the moment."


    Taff Morgan in York, TMS inbox: RBS - The Root and Bairstow show. BRRMM - Bairstow and Root Run Making Machine. As for Jamie you can buy half a cow and turn it into pies for the whole family for £20 up here.

  169. 1128: 
    Commentary- Eng 172-4

    Bairstow, looking to be positive as ever, aims a meaty waft at a tempter outside and misses by a mile. With the skies a oppressive grey, the floodlights - those giant fly-swats towering over the four corners - are burning bright.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jeremy ConeyContributor

    "The questions have already started about England: Compton's poor shot; is the Cook-Compton-Trott axis too adhesive? This is a five-day narrative, not five one-day narratives."


    Ray Beer, Potters Bar, TMS inbox: How about YTS? Not Youth Training Scheme but Young Tyke Strokemakers.


    Max Adams, TMS inbox: Bairoot? Has connotations of luxury cigars and Middle Eastern capitals. Both slightly unrelated to cloudy days at Lords though.

  173. 1124: 
    Commentary- Eng 169-4

    Skipper McCullum chomping on some gum in the slips, superfluous sunglasses pushed back onto his cap. Bairstow pulls a short one down behind square off the bottom edge, and then drives off the inside edge into the leg side for one more. 


    From Paul in Hull, via text on 81111: Root n Bairstow: RnB. Job done...I imagine Root is an old school aficionado whilst brash ginger Bairstow prefers a more modern approach.


    Matt Cann: BOYCS - Batsmen Of Yorkshire Cricket Scheme

  176. 1118: 
    Commentary- Eng 168-4

    Ooof - Bairstow edges, but he does so with softish hands, and the ball will bounce in front of second slip. Leftie Boult will bring this one back in, cracking the batsman on the pad - screamed appeal, pitching outside leg I'd wager. 


    Gareth Crooker, TMS inbox: The Broots. Not in the style of YBA, more Brangelina-style portmanteau.

  178. 1114: 
    Commentary- Eng 167-4

    Decent crowd in this morning, with more to come - the cafes and restaurants around St John's Wood doing a decent trade in cappuccinos and huevos revueltos. Root punches briskly through mid-on's despairing, reaching fingertips for three more.


    Stephen Branley, TMS inbox: Surely the obvious abbreviation is YMCA? Yorkshire Men’s Cricketing Academy? Yorkshire Men’s Cricket Artists?

  180. 1110: 
    Commentary- Eng 164-4

    Our man Trent Boult from the Pavilion End, a stack of three slips, gully, shortish cover, mid off, mid on, midwicket, deep backward square leg. Bairstow, short-sleeved shirt, gleaming white sleeveless pullover - he'll leave those alone in the manner of his gritty antecedents Boycott and Close.

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham at Lord'sContributor

    "Jamie Oliver, self-styled chef to the masses, is catering to a more elite audience this week. He has set up a grand stall behind the media centre here at Lord's offering steak sandwiches at no less than £20 a pop. The lavish luncheon contains Portobello mushrooms, peppery rocket and slow-roasted tomatoes among other delights but TMS pundit Michael Vaughan was unimpressed. 'I hope he doesn't try to sell them at Headingley,' he says. 'They want pie and peas.' I couldn't see anyone indulging this morning but Jamie's £8.50 bacon sarnies were going down a storm."

  182. 1104: 
    NEW BALL- Eng 164-4

    Tim Southee to take the first over of the day, cantering in from the Nursery End. Skipper McCullum has opted, not surprisingly, to take the new ball. Two feeblers down the leg side, but that one's straighter and a little wobbly - thick outside edge from Root as he adjusts late. Ah, shot sir - clipped through midwicket off a fuller one for the first boundary of the day.


    New Zealand spinner Bruce Martin: "There was not a lot of assistance from the wicket but it seemed to stop a little, keeping them in check. There was just enough turn to keep them at bay. I'm a little surprised that they didn't try to get after me, getting the wicket of Compton probably helped. If I had taken that catch off Trotty, things might have been different."

  184. 1058: 

    Umpires strolling down the steps, New Zealand fielders on their slow heels. And here come the batsmen...

    BBC Test Match Special's Ed SmithContributor

    "The New Zealand tour played its part in England's approach. They had a poor start in Dunedin and we were playing catch-up from there. Here, they wanted to be balanced and controlled and maybe let the balance slip a little too far the other way. But, if Bairstow and Prior get in later on then I expect scoring to be quicker."

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "The first day was a little bit laborious, England were very cautious. But that it not to take anything away from New Zealand, they bowled well and put England in trouble."

  187. 1052: 

    Usual drill: emails to tms@bbc.co.uk, texts to 81111, tweets using #bbccricket. Looking for an acronym/shorthand for the young Yorkie pairing of Root and Bairstow. In the style of the YBA or Young British Artists, I'll open the running with YYB (Young Yorkie Batsmen). Average at best.

  188. 1047: 

    England to resume on 160-4, of course, with Joe Root 25 not out and Jonny Bairstow on three. Trent Boult the pick of the bowlers, his 2-29 off 17 overs a fair reward for accuracy and effort, if not frightening pace and sorcery.

  189. 1040: 

    Conditions this morning? Grey clouds overhead, although apparently only a slim chance of rain; a cool breeze, necessitating at least two layers, and a track out there in the middle that contains as many scares as an episode of Ballamory.

  190. 1030: 

    Attritional. Engrossing. Absorbing. All euphemisms used on Thursday to describe the day's play. Dull. Painful. Mind-rottingly tedious. All words that could equally have been used. There have been better days of Test cricket, in short, and by golly let's hope today is one of them.

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Live Scores - England v N Zealand


  • England beat New Zealand by 170 runs
  • England: 232 & 213 (68.3 overs)
  • N Zealand: 207 & 68 (22.3 overs)
  • Venue: Lord's

N Zealand 2nd Innings

All out
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Fulton c Prior b Broad 1
Rutherford b Broad 9
Williamson c Finn b Broad 6
Taylor c Cook b Broad 0
Brownlie c Cook b Anderson 5
B McCullum lbw b Broad 8
Watling c Trott b Anderson 13
Southee c Root b Broad 7
Wagner run out (Anderson) 17
B Martin b Broad 1
Boult not out 0
Extras 1lb 1
Total all out 68

England v New Zealand

England with the Test series trophy

Results and reports from New Zealand's tour of England, after England win the Tests 2-0 and the Kiwis claim the ODIs 2-1 and T20s 1-0.

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