New Zealand v England third Test day two as it happened

England finish on 50-2 but trail New Zealand by 393 at the close of play on day two of the final Test in Auckland.

23 March 2013 Last updated at 05:23

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As it happened

  1. 0516: 

    I'm afraid that's it from me for today. Thanks for your company and be sure to join us for the third day's play at 2100 GMT. In the meantime, a match report is now online and also watch out for Jonathan Agnew's column a little later on. Goodbye.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The game has moved forward a great deal. But at the end of the day the fact is England are still looking dodgy. They have got to score quite a few runs before avoiding the follow-on, and they have got two young kids in Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow coming in next. Root has had a couple of failures and Bairstow hasn't had a knock for weeks, so it's a lot of runs. England look vulnerable without Pietersen."

  3. 0513: 

    England will also expect a big innings from Joe Root, who has not scored the runs expected of him in this series after such a sensational winter leading up to it. Both he and Bairstow are probably battling it out for one batting spot in England's Ashes team.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a much more enjoyable day from an English point of view because their body language was excellent and the intent was there. That's what we expect from a team ranked second in the world and who have been number one. Yet the pitch is exactly the same - it's as flat as a pancake. All three quickies and Monty upped their game and they got their reward. They stifled the runs in the morning."

  5. 0508: 

    I am particularly looking forward to watching Jonny Bairstow bat tomorrow. I reckon he's got a great future and will relish the short boundaries at Eden Park. A major innings here could be the making of him.

    BBC Radio 5 live sports extra

    New Zealand wicketkeeper BJ Watling: "We have got the runs on the board now and we got two wickets too which was crucial. They bowled a lot tighter and they came hard at us this morning. We were disappointed not to make 500 but 443 is a reasonable total.

    "It's a nice batting track and it's going to be a lot of hard work to take the next eight wickets. It's crucial to get the next three wickets and put England under pressure."


    Geoff Woods, TMS inbox: "Without Pietersen, England needed a big innings from Cook to reach 400. Now that he's gone so early, the best England can hope for is a draw - which is by no means guaranteed."

  8. 0502: 

    So what do we think about that? It's going to be an intriguing third day, with England's inexperienced middle order of Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow likely to be tested. However, I think the tourists will be happy with their day's work and will expect to pile up the runs tomorrow.

  9. 0500: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- Eng 50-2

    It's everyone around the bat for Bruce Martin's final over of the day but Nick Compton is in obdurate mood and England reach the close without further loss. They finish on 50-2, 393 runs behind.

  10. 0454: 
    Eng 50-2

    Lovely stuff from Trent Boult as he goes past Ian Bell's outside edge before sending down a 90mph bouncer. He's got wheels this lad. He decides to try a couple of deliveries around the wicket but England come through unscathed. One over to go.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have limped to their 50 rather than got there confidently."

  12. 0452: 
    Eng 50-2

    Thankfully, my worst fears are allayed by Ian Bell who brings up England's 50 with a thick edge towards gully. Nick Compton plays a stout defensive shot to finish the over. Two to go.

  13. 0449: 
    Eng 49-2

    England finally manage a run when Ian Bell turns Trent Boult behind square for a single. That means Bell will face an over from the spinner, Bruce Martin. Why am I worried?

  14. 0445: 
    Eng 48-2

    Nick Compton shows his nerves when he tries to smash the cover off one outside off stump and misses the ball completely. Why was he playing at that one? Bruce Martin bowls New Zealand's fifth maiden in succession.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Brendan McCullum is an outstanding pro-active captain. Like watching his work..."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I get the impression Nick Compton feels a little stressed by the situation - he needn't be after scoring two hundreds in the Test series. But, because the two wickets have gone reasonably cheaply, he seems to have got a little bit tense. He's looking to stay in rather than bat and that's dangerous."

  17. 0442: 
    Eng 48-2

    Trent Boult is quicker than he looks and he tries to shake Ian Bell with a bouncer approaching 88mph. The left-armer cranks it up even more with one which slides down the leg side. He's really giving Bell the hurry-up. A tricky time for England.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm glad to see the number four batsman out there - I'm not a big fan of nightwatchmen."

  19. 0439: 
    Eng 48-2

    Bruce is a solid name, isn't it? Bruce Martin continues to twirl away and annoy Nick Compton with some nice drift and a hint of turn. The opener looks stressed out there.

  20. 0436: 
    Eng 48-2

    Steven Finn is padded up - let's hope England don't need him as we enter the final half hour of the day's play. It's damage limitation for England now and Ian Bell gratefully plays out a maiden to Trent Boult.


    Si Lomas: "Waste of a review, if I was an England batsman I'd be annoyed there. Compton's fault - Trott knew, his bat was already tucked under arm."

  22. 0431: 
    Eng 48-2

    New Zealand scent blood now, in the final minutes before the close. Bruce Martin has five close catchers around the bat of Nick Compton. This is a bit of a test for the inexperienced opener, who almost goes chasing a wide one. It's time for some cool heads now.


    Phil Robins: "Important we don't lose another wicket today before the death. Play calmly and then we score runs more quickly tomorrow."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Reviews are so important and it's a waste to use one on such an obvious one. When the ball starts swinging back from a left-hander it's tricky. Trott went too far over and played across one."

  25. 0427: 
    WICKET- Trott lbw b Boult 27 (Eng 44-2)

    It's a poor review from England as replays show that Trott was plumb. He shuffled across his stumps and Boult pinned him. Top bowling. Enter Ian Bell.

  26. 0426: 

    Problems for England as Trent Boult shapes one into Jonathan Trott's pads and the umpire raises his finger. Nick Compton tells Trotty to review...


    Rhys, London, via text on 81111: "Re 0356. If Rob wants to lower his son's expectations for English sport, the Six Nations decider is still available on BBC iPlayer for another 12 hours..."

  28. 0422: 
    Eng 42-1

    It's going to be interesting to see if Bruce Martin can, once again, extract more turn than Monty Panesar. He's been the best spinner in this series and is being afforded plenty of respect by Trott, who can only add one more to the England score.

  29. 0419: 
    Eng 41-1

    Trent Boult looks like Jay from the Inbetweeners but probably doesn't tell as many lies. He's bowling an honest spell here and Compton and Trott take a single each to rotate the strike. England are beginning to play towards the close now.


    Danny Britton, Essex, via text on 81111: "I have tried to watch this and have nodded off twice. I used to love cricket but seven out of ten balls get left. We want to see some action not a three-match series where they all end a draw."

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Jonathan Trott has just passed India batsman Vijay Manjrekar's record of 3208 Test runs without scoring a six."

  32. 0412: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 39-1

    Jeremy Coney is granted his wish and Bruce Martin is given a chuck. He almost induces a wicket too when Jonathan Trott gets a leading edge and the return catch flies past the bowler and runs down the ground for four. Time for some drinks.

  33. 0409: 
    Eng 35-1

    Tim Southee, who rattles through another maiden, always looks like a good bowler to me - getting nice movement away from the right-hander at a decent pace. He's got impressive variations in one-day cricket too. So it surprises me that he only has 66 Test wickets at an average approaching 38. He has only taken one wicket in this series so far too.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'd like to see Martin have a little roll sooner rather than later while the ball is still relatively new."

  35. 0403: 
    Eng 35-1

    Wagner looks a lot different than the last time I saw him - on X-Factor. Joking aside, Neil Wagner is a decent bowler and has impressed me in this series. So has Trott, who creams a lovely four through the covers. Textbook.


    Oli, North Carolina, via text on 81111: "Re 0338. At university I had to eat a quarter pounder with cheese from a certain fast food outlet in Surbiton before each hockey match. Seemed to work between the ages of 18 to 21 but for some reason between the ages of 22 and 29 it has just made me fat. Perhaps a change is in order. Fillet O'Fish, maybe."

  37. 0359: 
    Eng 31-1

    Tim Southee is getting a bit of movement through the air but Compton leaves well alone - until the bowler strays down the leg side. The Somerset man pulls out of the shot and curses himself after seeing Captain Cook fall in a similar manner. That completes Southee's third maiden from five overs.

  38. 0356: 
    Eng 31-1

    A wide from Wagner helps England rotate the strike before Compton claims a single to give Trott another chance to go through his time-consuming rituals. Eventually Wagner comes in and is met by a solid defensive stroke. And again. The left-arm bowler perseveres but Trott leaves the ball well alone.


    Rob, Kent, via text on 81111: "My two-day-old son Jack is getting rather spoilt by English sport. After watching the football team score eight, he insisted on getting up to watch the cricket team skittle NZ out. I fear for unrealistic expectations being formed."

  40. 0351: 
    Eng 29-1

    That's two maidens in succession as Aggers reveals that his dog is also on Twitter. And has more than 5,000 followers. Incredible.

  41. 0348: 
    Eng 29-1

    The baby-faced left-arm seamer Trent Boult is steaming in, getting some nice shape into the right-handers. While Nick Compton plays out a maiden over, there is breaking news from the TMS box. Stats man Andrew Samson has joined Twitter. He's already sailed past the 200 mark for followers in a matter of minutes. A genuine A-lister.


    Si Lomas: "Re 0338. My superstition is if we won our cricket match the week before, I would try to arrive at ground in same clothes as week before."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I suspect Alastair Cook will be filing Auckland 2013 in the reject bin as far as his career is concerned. He put New Zealand into bat, and they scored 450, and then he lost his wicket for just four. Unfortunately it happens to all of us."

  44. 0342: 
    Eng 29-1

    I hope I'm not placing any commentator's curses here but Compton and Trott look assured as we head into the final hour of the day's play. Trott clips four past deep square leg before adding three more in a similar area.

  45. 0338: 
    Eng 21-1

    Do any of you have any superstitions? When I played for Radcliffe CC Under-13s, I was convinced Honey Nut Loops were the secret to our success after we lost a game on the one morning I didn't eat a bowl of that particular cereal. Out in the middle, Trott takes a single to fine leg before Compton, who looks in good nick, helps himself to another boundary.


    Katie-Lou Horrocks: "Love listening to Geoffrey Boycott at this time of night, really makes me laugh! Come on England!!"

  47. 0333: 
    Eng 16-1

    Tim Southee is running in hard now, knowing a couple more wickets will really put England under pressure. He is rewarded for his efforts with a maiden over to Nick Compton.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jonathan Trott has a method of getting himself into the zone when he comes in to bat and to cut himself off. He does a particular series of physical actions, scratching and marking, which can be quite irritating for the opposition, but it helps him to mentally prepare. Many great sportsmen, and great winners, have superstitions."

  49. 0329: 
    Eng 16-1

    Jonathan Trott's superstitions on arriving to the crease are dividing Ed Smith and Geoffrey Boycott in the TMS commentary box. Smith reckons the scratching and marking is the batsman's way of getting into the zone while Boycott believes there is no need for such "nonsense". Whoever you agree with, there is no denying the good it does Trott who is off the mark with three past square leg before he hammers a four from the final delivery of Boult's over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cook played a tempting leg glance and it was away from the pads. He knew there was no chance of hanging about. Was it a bad shot or unlucky? Unfortunately it does happen occasionally."

  51. 0323: 
    WICKET- Cook c Watling b Boult 4 (Eng 8-1)

    What a blow for England. Captain Cook is out in disappointing fashion, attempting to glance one down leg and getting a feather through to the keeper. New Zealand are cock-a-hoop.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Out of the three grounds England have played on in this series, this is the one I'd like to bat on. It's nice and warm, the ball comes on to the bat and the boundaries are short and straight."


    Jack Alhadeff: "Great day so far for England! Wish I could say the same about my essay. Keep getting distracted by wickets! Hopefully no more."

  54. 0322: 
    Eng 8-0

    Nick Compton looks a different player since scoring that century in the first Test of the series. The tension seems to have disappeared from his game and we are seeing a much more fluid batsman these days. He gets off the mark by angling Tim Southee down to third man for four. Both openers are up and running.


    Jon, Aylesbury, via text on 81111: "Only watched 30 minutes of this match and seen four wickets. Also all 10 wickets were caught - how many times has this happened?"

  56. 0318: 
    Eng 4-0

    A welcome slice of luck gets England up and running. Alastair Cook tries to pull his bat away from Trent Boult's first delivery but succeeds only in middling it through the slip cordon for four. Boult is steaming in and gets one to move away from Cook's outside edge. Be careful, Skip.


    Hitcho, Toronto, TMS inbox: "Poor decision to put the Kiwis into bat. It's much harder to chase 450 than it is to set it. Couple of early wickets and England will be under real pressure. If they fold, then they could lose the Test and the series. On a flat track, you always want to bat first, rack up the runs and let the other side have to worry about chasing it down. NZ will sense a real chance here, especially with some youngsters in England's middle order."

  58. 0314: 

    Alastair Cook and Nick Compton walk to the wicket and take guard while Trent Boult has the new ball in hand for New Zealand. We're almost set.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It looks like a big total by New Zealand, but I think England have done well to take nine wickets for less than 200 runs today. New Zealand haven't done themselves justice after the platform of yesterday. England, to top off the day, need to bat tonight without losing wickets."

  60. 0310: 

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Jurejko: "Steven Finn's late double salvo equals his best-ever Test figures. The England pacemen ends with 6-125 after mopping up the New Zealand tail. His previous best - incidentally his last five-fer before today - came against Australia in November 2010 at the Gabba. It is the fourth occasion he has taken five wickets in an innings."

  61. 0309: 

    Steven Finn finished with 6-125 from 37.3 overs, with James Anderson taking 2-79, Stuart Broad 0-94, Monty Panesar 1-123 and Jonathan Trott 1-9. Matt Prior also took five catches behind the stumps.

  62. 0307: 

    So after conceding 250-1 on the first day, England have taken nine wickets for less than 200 runs today. That's a fantastic effort on a flat track. Now it's over to the batsmen.

  63. 0304: 
    WICKET- Boult c Compton b Finn 0 (NZ 443 all out)

    Make that six for Steven Finn as Trent Boult slashes his first delivery straight into the safe hands of Nick Compton at point. New Zealand are finally all out for 443.

  64. 0302: 
    WICKET- Watling c Prior b Finn 21 (NZ 443-9)

    That's the fourth five-for of Steven Finn's Test career as a nick is identified by the third umpire and the unconvincing BJ Watling is sent packing.

  65. 0301: 

    England go for their first review of the innings after BJ Watling chases one down the leg side and Matt Prior takes a diving catch. The umpire says not out but England are convinced there was an edge.

  66. 0259: 
    NZ 443-8

    Worrying signs of the pitch beginning to offer assistance to the bowlers as BJ Watling almost succumbs when Monty gets one to spit and the ball drops just short of Joe Root running in from backward point. Unperturbed, Watling sweeps the next delivery for four.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a genuine snick from Martin after a bit of bounce and movement. It is not a great sign for an England supporter or player that the ball nibbled a bit. There is probably more intent and energy from the England bowlers because the ball has done more than yesterday."

  68. 0252: 
    WICKET- Martin c Trott b Finn 10 (NZ 436-8)

    Steven Finn closes in on a five-wicket haul as Bruce Martin guides a rising delivery into the safe hands of Jonathan Trott at second slip.

  69. 0250: 
    NZ 432-7

    Monty deserves another wicket or two for his efforts today, I wonder if he can mop up the tail? Once again, it's just one from the over as Bruce Martin angles a single.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was entertaining stuff from Southee - he played nicely. England would have been worried about Southee batting for another half an hour or so longer, because he could have added a few runs in those three, four or five overs. But you think they should be able to restrict Watling and Martin.

    "Since tea, New Zealand's intent has been obvious. They want to score quickly and get themselves as near to 500 as soon as they can. That's the right approach."

  71. 0245: 
    NZ 431-7

    While the wickets fall, Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan and Jonathan Agnew are being distracted by people eating fish and chips nearby. Like ice cream, fish and chips are one of those things which are hard to resist once you get a whiff. Anyway, back to the action where Bruce Martin has replaced Tim Southee and moved quickly to five not out. BJ Watling adds a couple himself. I suspect they will throw the bat now.

  72. 0242: 
    WICKET- Southee c Prior b Finn 44 (NZ 424-7)

    That's the end of a lively Tim Southee knock as he tries to give himself some room and only succeeds in getting a bottom edge behind to Matt Prior. That's Steven Finn's third wicket of the innings.

  73. 0241: 
    NZ 422-6

    Monty Panesar has got through some work in the last couple of days, his 45th over of the innings going for just two runs. He's bounced back well today.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Southee has clearly been sent back out after tea with a message to attack - he's swung out at every ball."

    Tim Southee
  75. 0237: 
    NZ 420-6

    I think Jonny Bairstow must have had 40 winks during the interval judging by his sleepy misfield on the boundary which gifts Tim Southee four runs from the first delivery after tea. That serves to wind up Steven Finn, who sends down a couple of bumpers. Southee adds two more with a pull shot to deep midwicket. He's on 41 not out from 31 balls now.

  76. 0231: 

    Hands up who had 40 winks during the tea break. I hope you are ready for the final session of the day. Tim Southee is, as he returns to the middle wielding his willow around his head.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a much better session for New Zealand as they have scored the best part of 90 runs. They have scored and scored nicely. The scoreboard has moved on.

    "In some ways it was not a bad session for England either because they got a couple of wickets and it's been difficult to get wickets. They've bowled with more intent and more aggression. I think England will get a bat tonight - there's no danger of that not happening unless rain or bad light interferes. England's attitude has been much better than yesterday - they are tired but they are giving everything."

  78. 0211: 
    TEA- NZ 414-6

    This partnership is beginning to damage England now as BJ Watling hammers a four off Monty. That's his lot for the over and the players are going to head off for a spot of tea. I'm going to have a brew too, so stay tuned to Test Match Special and I'll be back shortly.

  79. 0209: 
    NZ 410-6

    Steven Finn heeds Sir Geoffrey's advice and peppers Tim Southee with a bit of chin music. The first one whistles into the gloves of Matt Prior but the second sits up nicely and is pulled for two into the leg side. It looks like Southee has broken his bat playing that second shot and he has to get some new willow from the dressing room. The new wand still has plenty of magic in it as the all-rounder smashes back-to-back boundaries.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is very difficult at short leg if someone shapes for a big shot and you half-duck. Southee fooled everybody."

  81. 0204: 

    Tim Southee is all smiles because he knows he has got away with one. He winds up for a big shot against Monty but pulls out of it and pokes a catch just past the despairing dive of Joe Root at short leg. His single brings up New Zealand's 400.

    Tim Southee falls over
    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have got to knock Southee's block off. Getting the ball up around head height is the most difficult thing for a batsman to deal with - if they go for it, it's either a six or they are out."

  83. 0202: 
    NZ 399-6

    Just 10 minutes left before tea as Steven Finn bowls a maiden over to BJ Watling. Standby for some insightful advice from Sir Geoffrey...

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Only 11 times has the team which batted first made 450 or more and then gone on to lose. That's spanning 2082 Tests."

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.


    Sean Opie: "Is Southee a genuine all rounder? He's a swing bowler and swing batsman."

  86. 0157: 
    NZ 399-6

    There's a big, dirty black cloud hanging about above Eden Park and the groundstaff appear ready to race on at a moment's notice. Stuart Broad continues and BJ Watling goes on the attack to a short ball and is relieved not to pick out the fielder. Tim Southee then finishes the over by lifting two over mid-on.


    VonBlade: "Time to rattle through the tail in a few overs and be batting before tea. C'mon England."

  88. 0153: 
    NZ 396-6

    It looks like Tim Southee is going to have some fun here as he dabs a single to third man. Steven Finn's pace seems to have dropped but he bowls four dot balls to BJ Watling before the keeper scampers through for a single to retain the strike.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "Finally some entertainment for this sparse crowd as Southee goes on the attack. He has swung the willow from the word 'go'."


    Henry Venmore-Rowland: "I seem to remember Ian Bell often being used as a bowler by Warwickshire - 47 wickets at 34.00."

    Spot on Henry. However, Bell has not unleashed his right-arm medium pace in the Test arena for a long time. His last over came in the 2005/06 Ashes series in Australia as England were battered by 277 runs in the opening Test in Brisbane.

  91. 0147: 
    NZ 394-6

    If Stuart Broad was in any doubt as to how good Tim Southee is with the bat, he knows all about him now as the 24-year-old smashes the first two balls of his over for six. Both shots were massive - picking out those in the posh seats. Broad changes to a Peter Fulton-type line and is carved over extra cover for two more. Broad's under siege here.

  92. 0144: 
    NZ 379-6

    Jonathan Trott's reward for his hard work is to be replaced by Steven Finn. Tim Southee is the new man at the crease and he effortlessly clips four through midwicket. Test Match Special's Jeremy Coney reckons the all-rounder is a better player than he sometimes gets credit for. A Test best of 77 not out (against England in 2008) certainly backs up that theory.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "That was James Anderson's 297th Test wicket. That puts him equal-fourth on the list of England's all-time leading wicket takers with Derek Underwood."

  94. 0137: 

    BBC Sport's Jonathan Jurejko: "So who exactly are these 'incredible' players (0123) who have fallen victim to the slow right arm of Jonathan Trott? Let me tell you. Bangladesh's Jahurul Islam was the first player sent traipsing back to the pavilion by Trott when he was caught and bowled for 46 at Lord's in May 2010. Trott had to wait another 13 months for his next success - and that also came at Lord's. Then, he trapped Sri Lanka opener Tharanga Paranavitana lbw for 44 in the second Test of 2011's three-match home series. And his most-stellar capture, before today's dismissal of McCullum, was Pakistan's Younus Khan. Khan was sent packing for 37 after being trapped lbw in Dubai in January 2012."

    Jonathan Trott
    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a bonus wicket for England. The ball was there to be hit, but Brownlie hit it straight at Compton who took it well."

  96. 0134: 
    WICKET- Brownlie c Compton b Anderson 36 (NZ 373-6)

    England are really beginning to turn the screw now as Dean Brownlie cuts James Anderson straight into the hands of Nick Compton at point.

  97. 0132: 
    NZ 373-5

    The Barmy Army are in good voice now as Jonathan Trott continues to work his magic. He's teasing the batsmen a little bit now, bowling little wobblers outside off stump. BJ Watling takes two into the off side and the bowler howls with disbelief. He genuinely believes he can get a wicket with every delivery.

  98. 0128: 
    NZ 371-5

    We're all having a little chuckle about Trott's bowling prowess but I bet the man himself takes his bowling very seriously. He's still 291 behind Jimmy Anderson who is worked for a single by BJ Watling. Just one from another tight over.

    Matt Prior congratulates Jonathan Trott

    Injured England spinner Graeme Swann: "Never underestimate the bowling prowess of J Trott. He's got some incredible players out in his time."

  100. 0123: 
    NZ 370-5

    Golden arm Trotty continues to steam in, looking balder by the delivery, and he sends down a timely maiden over. He's got the New Zealanders worried here after toppling their leader...

  101. 0119: 
    NZ 370-5

    If England can somehow run through the New Zealand lower order now, they will feel in control of this match for the first time. BJ Watling has other ideas as he smashes Panesar for four straight down the ground. Monty sends down a couple of long hops but gets away with them. Just five from the over.


    Matthew Stephens: "Cook desperate? Nope. Genius."

    Richard Parfitt: "Worth staying up just to see a Jonathan Trott wicket."

    Michael Grunwell: "Trott getting McCullum's not April Fools Day yet is it?"

  103. 0115: 
    NZ 365-5

    Jonathan Trott definitely got the ball to wobble away from McCullum and BJ Watling is the new man at the crease. It was the fourth wicket of Trott's Test career and brings his bowling average below 100. Golden arm.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Well done Alastair Cook - he brought on Jonathan Trott and for three balls in a row, McCullum was looking to dominate Trott. Then a wider one, a teaser, got a big expansive waft from McCullum and he got a little outside edge. England claim the wicket they badly wanted."

  105. 0109: 
    WICKET- McCullum c Prior b Trott 38 (NZ 365-5)

    Great stuff from England skipper Alastair Cook. He brings on Jonathan Trott, perhaps preying on the ego of Brendon McCullum, and after two near misses Trott gets his man when the Kiwi skipper flashes at one outside off stump and gets an edge behind to the standing Matt Prior.


    Murray White: "If New Zealand want to win this match, they need to put their foot down and increase the scoring rate."

  107. 0106: 
    NZ 365-4

    If Anderson is one of England's greatest ever bowlers, Monty is certainly one of the most popular. He's doing a solid job for the team here, conceding just one run to Brendon McCullum.


    Joshua, Cambridge, via text on 81111: "Re 0038. Just catching up with the cricket after my MA Dinner at Jesus College, where I was chatting to a lovely lass who wants to learn how to play cricket. I got her email address, now all I need is a handful of wickets from the Montster and I'll be a very happy man!"

  109. 0104: 
    NZ 364-4

    James Anderson is on 295 Test wickets at the moment and is quickly rising up the charts. Who do you rate as England's finest bowler of all time? I used to love watching Darren Gough bustle in trying to knock the batsman's head off. Out in the middle, Brownlie adds eight more to his score from a profitable over.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have bowled better but I also think New Zealand let them bowl with a great platform to attack. I've been very pro-New Zealand, but I thought this morning was their worst session of the series.

    "Yes, New Zealand don't find themselves in a period of dominance very often as they are going through a period of change. But when you are on top and have the chance to attack, you should. To go back into your shell was surprising and if they don't force the win it will be disappointing for them."

  111. 0058: 
    NZ 356-4

    I fear Monty is going to come in for some punishment soon as Dean Brownlie comes down the wicket and creams four through the covers. Panesar responds by getting one to drift past the outside edge.

    Monty Panesar
  112. 0054: 
    NZ 351-4

    Brendon McCullum brings up the 50 partnership with a flick for two past square before he pulls James Anderson for four. This could develop into a good little battle between two top players.


    Jonathan, Doncaster, via text on 81111: "Re 0038. On the dancefloor? I'm actually DJing in a club where the dancefloor is showing as much life as this wicket. Down to the snow of course rather than my music taste."

    You need to play a bit of Soul Limbo (the TMS theme) and they will come flocking in, Jonathan.

  114. 0049: 
    NZ 345-4

    Brendon McCullum finally breaks free of Monty's shackles by shuffling down the pitch and striking four through the covers. He is toying with Panesar now as he drops back into his crease and cuts another boundary past point. By using his feet earlier in the over, he has created doubt in the bowler's mind.

  115. 0046: 
    NZ 336-4

    James Anderson is back into the attack and instantly gets one to shape away from Brownlie before the mulleted one responds with a pull shot for two. It appears that Brownlie is beginning to find some rhythm as he punches a lovely shot for four down the ground. Cue some Anderson grumpiness.


    The Pete: "The ICC should rate pitches poor for being lifeless like this. This kind of cricket is what's going to kills Tests."

  117. 0041: 
    NZ 330-4

    As Geoffrey points out, Brendon McCullum is being tied down at the moment and, with Monty bowling, you sense something has to give. That's Panesar's 17th maiden of the innings. He's done a sterling containing job today.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I get the impression Brendon McCullum has not got going after lunch and he is wanting to get going. He's not the kind of guy who wants to hang about, but he won't put his wicket in danger either - he's a smart cookie. But the scoreboard isn't moving and he's getting a bit of individual scoreboard pressure."

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.


    Quincy, Finchley, via text on 81111: "Re. nicknames, McCullum has always been 'the Bren Gun' to me. Especially when he gets blasting away with some rapid-fire boundaries. Hope he jams up today though..."

  120. 0038: 
    NZ 330-4

    What's going on around the country then? How many of you are eating a Friday night/Saturday morning kebab while watching the cricket? Who is reading this live text commentary on a nightclub dancefloor? Just a single for McCullum from another tight Stuart Broad over.


    Yusuf Mahmood: "Slow run rate, Wickets hard to come by, any result still possible - Test cricket at its ugliest best."

  122. 0034: 
    NZ 329-4

    Brendon McCullum just cannot keep still at the crease, to the extent he is furiously chewing gum between deliveries, and he comes charging down the pitch at a worried looking Monty but fails to time the ball properly and takes a single to mid-on. Like with the wicket of Ross Taylor earlier, it's good to see the England spinner occasionally deceiving the batsman through the air.


    Stamford Raffles: "If Allie Cook gets in on this wicket he could bat for three days, sub-standard Test wicket, designed for a draw."

  124. 0030: 
    NZ 328-4

    There's a break in play while a new box of balls is brought out and the cherry is replaced. Stuart Broad hangs the new nut outside off stump and Brendon smashes it for a single towards the point boundary. Dean Brownlie adds four more to his score when he gets an outside edge through the slip cordon. That's a moral victory for the bowler.


    Wal, South London, via text on 81111: "An interesting Test match developing, I'm pleased the NZ batsmen are finally displaying a Test match attitude and valuing their wickets, for too long have we relied on Taylor, McCullum and Vettori to bail us out. The criticism of NZ batting too slowly and for a draw is a bit unfair, yes Fulton was slow, but once Guptill and Ryder are back fit, I would suggest a line-up of Guptill, Rutherford, Williamson, Ryder, Taylor and McCullum could score the odd boundary... I am now looking forward to our boys coming over to England in May and playing a competitive series and hopefully it's the Aussies that will get smashed and not us, not the scenario many would have picked a month ago."

  126. 0024: 
    NZ 323-4

    Monty is doing a good job of containing Brendon McCullum at the moment, with the Kiwi skipper content to work a single into the leg side. That's as good as it gets from another economical Panesar over. He's got figures of 1-89 from 36 now.


    Andrew, County Durham, TMS inbox: "Over a 15 session game it's still 3-1 to New Zealand. However England have got some momentum and they need to get McCullum out. But after the tedium of slow scoring last night I'm torn between a swashbuckling innings or more England momentum."

  128. 0021: 
    NZ 322-4

    Finally Dean Brownlie finds the middle as he square drives Stuart Broad for a lovely four. The England bowler responds with one which nips back and it is firmly defended by the batsman. I suspect it's only a matter of time before the Black Caps cut loose now.

  129. 0017: 
    NZ 318-4

    Now 'Two Metre Peter' is back in the pavilion we are short of nicknames out in the middle. What suitable nicknames can we give to Brownlie and McCullum? Get 'twexting'. Monty's run of five consecutive maiden overs is ended when he concedes five runs - McCullum flashing the final delivery past point for four.

  130. 0015: 
    West Indies beat Zimbabwe

    BBC Sport's Alistair Watkins: "Spinner Shane Shillingford took 5-34 as the West Indies thrashed Zimbabwe by an innings and 65 runs in the second Test in Dominica to complete a comprehensive 2-0 series victory.

    "Zimbabwe were skittled for 141 in their second innings to slump to defeat inside three days after the West Indies had declared on their overnight 381-8 - a first-innings advantage of 206. That left Shillingford with match figures of 10-93 on his home ground and a remarkable 19 scalps in the two-match series having also claimed 9-107 in the first Test."

  131. 0014: 
    NZ 313-4

    Apparently, Mr Boycott had fish and chips for his lunch. It knocks my bean hash into a cocked hat. Dean Brownlie is still to get going in this innings, taking the only single from Stuart Broad's over. A cautious start after the interval.

  132. 0010: 

    Good evening, I hope you enjoyed Test Match Special during the interval. We had a few showers during the lunch break, and the covers were brought on, but there is no delay to proceedings and the players are back out in the middle. Stuart Broad has the ball in hand.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It has been a good session for England and they have taken three key wickets. But I would still rather be in the New Zealand dressing room with 312 on the board. New Zealand weren't very proactive with the bat, but with Brendon McCullum at the crease, if he can bat a session he will score runs and take the game to England."

  134. 2333: 
    LUNCH- NZ 312-4

    Monty Panesar is given the final over before lunch and Brendon McCullum is at the other end, banging his bat into the pitch like a bull ready to charge his prey. However, the skipper manages to resist the temptation of going for the big shots and safely plays out a a maiden. I'm off for a bite to eat, but make sure you listen to Test Match Special during the break when they preview the new county season. See you shortly.


    Cricinfo: "Peter Fulton faced 346-balls - the most by a NZ opener against England in an innings, beating John Wright's 343-ball knock at The Oval 1986."

  136. 2327: 
    NZ 312-4

    Is Brendon McCullum the most destructive batsman in world cricket at the moment? I'd say he is on a par with MS Dhoni in the way he consistently comes in and takes bowlers apart. He gets a slice of fortune, however, when he squeezes an edge through the slip cordon for four before punching a couple into the covers. Seven in total from the over.


    Tattz: "You get the feeling this either going to be 350 all out and game on, or McCullum will smash a double hundred, Astle-style."

  138. 2324: 
    NZ 305-4

    The Barmy Army have found their voice as Monty manages to keep Dean Brownlie tied down with another maiden over. I bet the Montster will give everything not to have to bowl to Bullyboy Brendon.


    Gary Blacker, via text on 81111: "New Zealand have reaped what they've sown, and it's nothing less than they deserve. Without the Barmy Army the ground would be empty, and quite frankly I don't blame the locals for staying away."


    DaveyBoyChef: "The Kiwi fans I sat with thought yesterday's dirge a great success. I've gone fishing today instead, think I might be right."

  141. 2322: 
    NZ 305-4

    That's 300 up for New Zealand as Brendon McCullum gets off the mark with three down to backward square leg. Dean Brownlie is getting a little bit frustrated at the other end, struggling to time the ball against Steven Finn. He does, however, manage a single into the leg side from a pull shot. The skipper finishes the over by smashing a length ball for four through point. Incredible power.


    Paul Denny: "This is more like it! New Zealand's batsman are collapsing like Spurs's Champions Leagues hopes! Get in there!"

  143. 2317: 
    NZ 297-4

    That could prove to be the turning point in the match. England could have been into the New Zealand lower order, but instead they could get dazzled by some Brendon McCullum fireworks after lunch. Monty bowls yet another maiden to Dean Brownlie.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "Peter Fulton's innings lasted seven hours and 38 minutes. He faced 346 balls and hit 15 fours and three sixes. This morning he scored 12 off 69 balls with no boundaries."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Straight away McCullum reviewed it. You can always tell from a batsman when they review it straight away and they don't walk down to their partner. McCullum was spot on."

  146. 2313: 
    NOT OUT- NZ 297-4

    A lifeline for the Kiwi skipper Brendon McCullum, who survives following a review. He was trapped in front on the back foot but the ball was going over the top and umpire Paul Reiffel overturns his initial decision.

  147. 2311: 

    Steven Finn gets one to nip back into Brendon McCullum and the Kiwi skipper is given out leg-before, but instantly goes for the review.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was superb athleticism from Matt Prior. It was reminiscent of Rod Marsh or Alan Knott in their prime."

  149. 2307: 
    WICKET- Fulton c Prior b Finn 136 (NZ 297-4)

    Finally England winch out Two Metre Peter. Fulton's determined knock is brought to an end when he chases one down the leg side and Matt Prior takes a stunning diving catch to his left. Enter Brendon McCullum.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand have got to be more positive. You have got to send a message to the bowlers that you're going after them and try to nick a single here and there. That will force them into making an error."

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  151. 2306: 
    NZ 297-3

    On this evidence, I struggle to see how Peter Fulton has played 49 one-day internationals. I reckon his slow run-rate is bordering on selfish now - as though he realises he won't ever get a better chance to get a mammoth score. However, it's Dean Brownlie who plays out the latest maiden over.


    Ben, snowed in in Cockermouth, TMS inbox: "Allan Donald for Grumpy XI. Not so much grumpy as psychotic. You sometimes got the feeling he was angry when he got a wicket, because he wanted to keep hammering them with his ninety mph bad boys."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Fulton is playing a dangerous game here. It's one thing to bat steadily, but it's another thing when you're not scoring. He's playing as though New Zealand are trying to save the game in the fourth innings. That pressure will build and build - he's going to get himself tired and bogged down."

  154. 2303: 
    NZ 297-3

    The runs have dried up again since Monty's incredibly long fingers snaffled Ross Taylor. Just one more added to the score from another tight Steven Finn over.


    Roy Axtell: "England being too formulaic. Mix it up boys. Get Finn bowling bouncers around the wicket. Get the sledging going."


    Dan James, Dartford, via text on 81111: "Dale Steyn would be in the Grumpy XI. He only smiles when he gets a wicket or draws blood..."

  157. 2300: 
    NZ 296-3

    Monty bowls another maiden over to Two Metre Peter, stopping before his final delivery to press a button on his watch. I can only guess what that is about. Maybe his favourite programme is about to start?


    Sebastian Eaton: "Good lad Monty! NZ are not going anywhere I kidding myself thinking 20 wickets are possible on this pitch?"

    LJ Davies: "Just seven more wickets to beat the England football team tonight..."

    Liam McShane: "Monty Panesar, Super Fielder."

    Monty Panesar celebrates his first wicket of the match
  159. 2255: 
    NZ 296-3

    Dean Brownlie was brought up on the true pitches of Western Australia, so I imagine he will love the tennis-ball bounce of this Auckland pitch. He's certainly an attractive player to watch as he creams Steven Finn for four through mid-off. Finn regains some control and five dot balls follow.


    Cricinfo: "Ross Taylor dismissed most often against a particular bowler in Tests: v Panesar/Harbhajan 5 times - Broad/Herath 4 times."


    James, Exeter, via text on 81111: "That wicket just shows how important it is that Monty isn't afraid to toss it up, even after being hit for boundaries - he beat Taylor with the flight there."

  162. 2252: 
    NZ 292-3

    So while Neil (below) predicts an eight-fer for Monty, the left-arm spinner continues to wheel away and Peter Fulton adds two more to his score. He'll have his 150 by the close at this rate.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand don't care about winning - they are only interested in the three draws. Their ambition isn't as high as England's. They don't have the ambition to play for the win. I don't say that with pleasure - I totally disagree with that way of playing. But I can understand what they are doing."


    Neil, Sheffield, via text on 81111: "Monty! About to run through them now, all out for 350! Yes it is Friday night and I have had a drink..."

  165. 2248: 
    NZ 290-3

    Peter Fulton seems like he will only play shots into the leg side, waiting for Steven Finn to err on to his pads before taking a single. The new batsman is Dean Brownlie, he of the jazzy haircut. With the Barmy Army trumpet playing to the tune of 'Waltzing Matilda', the new man is happy to bide his time. Just one from the over.


    Patrick Warburton: "Fulton starts with a big ton under his belt and scores five runs in the first hour. This is making me grumpy."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was beautifully bowled by Monty. He got arc on it and it left that position open for Taylor. It was a little bit too straight for him to work that shot, but he thought he could after hitting Monty for two boundaries. It's easy to say the batsman made a mistake but sometimes you have to give the bowler credit - that's one of them."

  168. 2242: 
    WICKET- Taylor c&b Panesar 19 (NZ 289-3)

    It appears New Zealand are going to finally up the run-rate. First Ross Taylor flicks Monty for a six over midwicket before another wristy shot in the same area brings four. However, Taylor's adventure proves to be his undoing as he tries to work a single into the leg side and Monty snaps up a catch from a leading edge. Lovely stuff.


    Simon Mountjoy: "Merv Hughes would be in a Grumpy XI. I once saw him give dirty looks to his own fans for chanting his name at the Basin Reserve!"

    John Lagrue: "The Grumpy XI would, of course, have to be captained by Ponting."

  170. 2238: 
    NZ 278-2

    Substitute fielder Chris Woakes is on the pitch, I think in the place of James Anderson. Steven Finn bowls the first over after the drinks break and his obligatory short delivery is pulled for three by Two Metre Peter. Four from the over.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "There is more intensity in the English bowling today, rather than just running up and bowling - like they were on the opening day. There is a little bit more intensity. Having said that, there is still nothing there for the bowlers. They are not making any in-roads because the pitch is just too good."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "During the interval on Test Match Special we look ahead to the County season starting in Abu Dhabi on Sunday. Who are you tipping for the title?"

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.


    Grant, via text on 81111: "Grumpy team coach would have to be Duncan Fletcher. "

  174. 2231: 
    DRINKS BREAK- NZ 274-2

    Peter Fulton has scored less runs in an hour than England managed goals against San Marino in the same timeframe. I think England, and possibly New Zealand if they declare, will need a winch to shift him from the middle. Another maiden over and time for some drinks.


    Marcos Garcia, TMS inbox: "Surely there has to be a place in the Grumpy XI for Allan Border, aka Captain Cranky."


    Rob McTaggart: "When did Monty become Monica Seles? Less grunting more wickets please."

  177. 2228: 
    NZ 274-2

    There's a change at both ends as Steven Finn is given a bowl. I am a bit worried about young Finny. I think he has the potential to be the best England pace bowler of all time, considering his young age, but he seems to have lost his mojo in this series - at the same time his run-up has been changed. He begins with a short one and Peter Fulton pulls him away for a single - his fifth run in an hour. It's slow going out there.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think we will get to a fourth innings in this match, because of the way the players play today and I certainly think McCullum will attack."


    Marc Sepetowski: "Don't think I've ever seen Harbhajan Singh smile! Grumpiest spinner?"

  180. 2223: 
    NOT OUT- NZ 273-2

    It's Monty time and immediately he gets one to spin into the pads of Ross Taylor. There's a loud appeal, which is turned down, and Captain Cook wisely decides not to review - the ball was sliding down leg. A maiden over to begin with for the Montster, but not much turn.


    David Fletcher: "Re Grumpy XI. Must have Sir Geoffrey and Ponting in the top three."


    Nadeem, Doncaster, via text on 81111: "Is it me or does Kane Wiliamson's batting style remind others of a certain Mr Vaughan? No wonder Vaughan keeps praising him."

  183. 2219: 
    NZ 273-2

    The Barmy Army trumpeter is belting out some 'A-Team' to try and rally England. I'd love to see BA steaming in to bowl right now - although it would be pretty hard getting him to New Zealand in the first place considering his fear of flying. Instead, we have to make do with JA - the Burnley Express conceding a leg bye to Ross Taylor as New Zealand make slow progress.


    Cricinfo: "Williamson out for 91, for the 18th time a NZ batsman out in nineties against England in Tests. Last time Brendon McCullum out for 97, Lord's 2008."


    Marc, via text on 81111: "Grumpy XI captain - Allan Border. Opening bat - Graham Gooch."

  186. 2216: 
    NZ 272-2

    Perhaps both sides also believes this is a key moment in the game and series because both seem to be sitting in, waiting for the other to make a mistake. Ross Taylor takes a single before Two Metre does his usual trick of playing out the rest of the over. Come on big man, show us some of your shots.

    James Anderson fields from Ross Taylor

    Chloe Wooles: "Re Grumpy XI. Gus Fraser has got to be a shoe-in..."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "England, because of the surface, became dispirited on the first day and particularly after tea the bowlers looked almost reluctant to bowl. That was because of the expectation they held in the surface, because in the one-dayer here it gave a bit more to the faster bowlers. So once it wasn't there their shoulders dropped a little bit.

    "If England don't pick up wickets this morning then New Zealand have the long view of the match and will be in the park until tea today if England don't take early wickets. Now is the moment for England, not only of the match, but of the series. All the players have got to be feeling it."

  189. 2211: 
    NZ 271-2

    Test Match Special's Ed Smith says now is a make-or-break session in this three-Test series. If England can force an opening, they are well in this match. If not, they will be chasing the game for the next three days. Peter Fulton has about as much urgency as I have when I am summoned to the mother-in-law's for Sunday dinner. He plays out another maiden over to Jimmy.


    Dave the Postie, via text on 81111: "Re Grumpy XI. Opening the bowling with Glenn McGrath has got to be Bob Willis. He got grumpier with every step of that marathon run up!"

  191. 2207: 
    NZ 271-2

    Is Peter Fulton really that good that England need to be trying to negate him by bowling so far outside off stump? He might be 128 not out, but let's remember that his Test average is a little more modest (23). He and Taylor take a single each from Stuart Broad's 23rd over.


    Duncan Taylor: "Re Grumpy XI. MS Dhoni when an LBW decision doesn't go his way."

  193. 2203: 
    NZ 269-2

    Peter Fulton hits a lot of balls in the air on the leg side and he almost chips into the hands of Jonny Bairstow at midwicket but is mightily relieved to see the ball run away to safety for his first three runs of the day. Taylor adds a single himself before Fulton sees out the over by leaving another one outside off stump.


    Soumen, via text on 81111: "Re 2122. KP got himself out to Kallis at the end of day one, the weather turned nasty, as did Steyn and company, and we collapsed on day two. The 1980s Headingley-style conditions abated when they were 1 for 1- the sun came out and we never recovered. Not a trace of movement. We need the weather gods on our side today!"

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "I did a bit of homework last night and there was some relatively good news for Alastair Cook. Four other captains have endured a worse day after asking their opponents into bat."

  196. 2158: 
    NZ 265-2

    England have got their tails up now and Stuart Broad almost induces Ross Taylor into a caught behind. The new batsman is being given a bit of a working over as one nips back in and the former captain just manages to jab his bat down and keep the ball out. He responds with a lovely cover drive for four - that should ease some nerves.

  197. 2155: 
    NZ 261-2

    Jimmy Anderson was a touch grumpy yesterday - throwing the ball at Peter Fulton and hitting the opener on the foot. He briefly raises a smile when he gets rid of Kane Williamson before giving the batsman a big send-off. In honour of our favourite grumpy Lancastrian, let's have your suggestions for a Grumpy XI. I reckon Glenn McGrath would share the new ball with Anderson. The new batsman is Ross Taylor and he gets off the mark with a single down to third man.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a terrific delivery from Anderson. It just angled in and then nipped away so Williamson had to play it. He got a thick edge and it went straight into the hands of Matt Prior. But Williamson had a solid innings - he looks like a good player."

    James Anderson has Kane Williamson caught behind
  199. 2151: 
    WICKET- Williamson c Prior b Anderson 91 (NZ 260-2)

    At long last, England end this partnership of 181 runs. It was always going to need a good delivery to get rid of the impressive Kane Williamson and Jimmy produces it with one which seams away and the edge is gleefully pouched by Matt Prior. Good stuff England.

  200. 2148: 
    NZ 256-1

    Aggers was critical of England's lines yesterday, saying they allowed New Zealand to leave too many deliveries. It seems like similar tactics are going to be adopted today, with Peter Fulton happy to leave a number of balls on the way to another Stuart Broad maiden.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand have to see off the first 40 minutes and then up the gears. They have got to be proactive with the bat and score quicker than they did on the first day."


    LJ Davies: "Congratulations two-metre Peter. Every England fan wished you over the century line. Now kindly get out, there's a good chap."

  203. 2144: 
    NZ 256-1

    There's a hold-up in play while James Anderson changes his boot on his left foot which, worryingly, is heavily strapped. These back-to-back Tests on unresponsive pitches are tough on the bodies of pace bowlers. Peter Fulton runs a leg-bye before Kane Williamson slashes hard at one outside off stump and gets the first boundary of the day down to third man. At least he's willing to be more expansive today.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a good start from England. They have showed good intent and bowled a good length as they try to manoeuvre and force an error."

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  205. 2138: 
    NZ 251-1

    Stuart Broad is the man charged with getting England back into this game from the other end and he gifts New Zealand their first run of the day with a no-ball. That is the only blemish in a solid over, with Kane Williamson failing to score a run off the bat.

  206. 2133: 
    NZ 250-1

    To put into context how short the boundaries are in Auckland, television's David Lloyd marked out Bob Willis's legendary run-up before the start of play and it began three yards in front of the boundary rope. Jimmy Anderson's run-up is much more measured and he begins with a maiden over to the watchful Peter Fulton - the final delivery seaming away and beating the outside edge. A good sign.

  207. 2129: 

    Right then, we're almost set. Can England fight back? Or will New Zealand grind them down and then unleash some Brendon McCullum fireworks to finish them off? Let's find out...


    Kevin Dowling, Vancouver, TMS inbox: "Have a bet England will score more goals than England take wickets today - only need three more goals!"

  209. 2125: 

    Even the most ardent of England supporters was willing Peter Fulton over the line yesterday as he closed in on his maiden Test century seven years after making his debut. 'Two Metre' continues on 124 not out today, and was delighted with his landmark score on the first day.

    "I've played a few Tests now and haven't been able to get a century," Fulton said. "I guess if I'm being brutally honest at the start of this season I thought maybe my time had come and gone.

    "So to get that Test 100 and cross that off the list is a great feeling."


    Richard Parfitt: "England cricket team likely to have lower score than both NZ cricket team and England football team by end of the night."

  211. 2122: 

    If England want to take any positives, this match reminds me of the one against South Africa at The Oval last summer. On the first day of that Test, England closed on 267-3 - seemingly set for a giant first innings score. Instead they folded to 385 all out, South Africa hammered 637-2 declared and England were skittled for an innings defeat. That was supposed to be a flat pitch too - can England reverse the result this time?

  212. 2119: 

    So Aggers is reporting there is a bit of rain around. I wonder if the overnight stuff will freshen up the pitch? And whether the stuff yet to come will help with some cloud cover? I imagine Alastair Cook was doing the mother of all rain-dances last night.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Overnight rain. Sunny morning. Auckland airport reports light showers over next 24 hours."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand will be saying 'let's set the foundations for the day by not losing the first hour and letting England back into the game'. They will be looking to nullify Broad, Anderson and Finn, because Panesar should not be a threat on this pitch, and then allow the likes of Taylor and McCullum to come out and score runs."

    You can listen to Test Match Special on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  215. 2117: 

    What did you make of it all? Are England in danger of defeat here, or has this match got draw written all over it? Perhaps you think England will still win? Make sure you don't let those football lads have all your attention tonight - spread the love around and send us a tweet (#bbccricket), text (81111) or email ( Good stuff.

  216. 2115: 

    Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew did not agree that England bowled well under the circumstances.

    "In general, England bowled too wide of off stump, allowing New Zealand to leave too much alone and as a unit they were not on top of their game," Aggers told BBC Sport.

    "England will argue that they have not let New Zealand get away because they did not score the number of runs they might have done. However, they have got quick scorers to come and an excellent platform on which to build."

  217. 2112: 

    It was a chastening opening day for the tourists but bowler Steven Finn reckons England can be pleased with the way they performed - limiting New Zealand to just 250 on such a good batting wicket.

    "One wicket wasn't ideal but they haven't got away from us," said Finn. "If we can get quick wickets, we will be in a good position."

  218. 2110: 
    Live now

    Before we go any further, let me tell you that Test Match Special is on the air. You can listen to BBC Radio 5 live sports extra online and on your mobile devices.

  219. 2108: 

    So while England's footballers run riot against the minnows of San Marino, their cricketing counterparts are having a little bit of trouble against a team ranked only above Bangladesh in the ICC world rankings. The Black Caps, led by 'Two Metre' Peter Fulton (124 not out) and Kane Williamson (83no), are making a mockery of such ratings.

  220. 2105: 

    It appears the pitch is as flat as a pancake, offering as much movement as the M6 during rush hour and with about as much fizz as a bottle of cheap cola. That can be the only acceptable excuse for England after New Zealand piled up 250-1 on the first day of the series-decider in Auckland. What has day two got in store?

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Live Scores - N Zealand v England


  • New Zealand drew with England
  • N Zealand: 443 & 241-6 (57.2 overs)
  • England: 204 & 315-9 (143.0 overs)
  • Venue: Auckland

England 2nd Innings

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Cook c Brownlie b Williamson 43
Compton c Watling b Southee 2
Trott c Watling b Wagner 37
Bell c Southee b Wagner 75
Finn c Southee b Williamson 0
Root lbw b Boult 29
Bairstow c Taylor b Southee 6
Prior not out 110
Broad c Taylor b Williamson 6
Anderson c Taylor b Williamson 0
Panesar not out 2
Extras 1nb 4lb 5
Total for 9 315