New Zealand v England, first Test, day two as it happened

New Zealand close the second day of the first Test on 131-0 after bowling England out for a paltry 167 in Dunedin.

7 March 2013 Last updated at 07:27

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As it happened

  1. 0521: 

    Yesterday I kicked off our coverage of this series by boldly declaring that England's road to the Ashes starts here. Well folks, it looks like they've stalled trying to get the car out of the driveway. Full credit to New Zealand for the way they played but surely England can only improve tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us through the night. Just us again at about 20:45 for day two. Au revoir.


    Salim Akhthar, via text on 81111: "This is abhorrent we seriously need to get our act together. If the Aussies are watching they will be thinking the Ashes are game on!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a disappointing and poor day for England. Everything New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum did came off for him. I always say if you're a lucky captain you're a good captain. If you are a good captain and a lucky captain that that's even better."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "England were not in a clever mode at all and that's down to the mindset. For whatever reason, when they batted England didn't have the right mindset. They have got to win every single session tomorrow and they have got to win them well."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England were sloppy, careless and I feel there's almost a holiday atmosphere. The 10 days off in Queenstown have not done them any good at all."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a brilliant day for New Zealand. It was a good toss to win, but it hasn't helped them that much. All England had to do was respect, do the basics and see off the new ball to lay the foundations. We saw them do that in India, but the majority of the batting order, and it was the majority, not one or two, didn't turn up and didn't play to the standards they have set themselves."

  7. 0510: 

    A quick recap of the day before we get the views of Vaughan and Boycs. England were bowled out for 167 after a dismal batting display. Jonathan Trott top-scored with 45, while Steve Finn and James Anderson's 47 stand was the highest partnership of the innings. New Zealand followed up with a supremely confident batting display, the untried partnership of Hamish Rutherford and Peter Fulton taking them to 131-0 by the close. Rutherford finished on 78 not out and Fulton on 46.

  8. 0503: 
    CLOSE OF PLAY- NZ 131-0

    The last over of the day and the ball is in Steve Finn's hands. England's bowling big man tries his darndest to end a dismal day for England on a high note but to no avail as Rutherford and Fulton pick off a couple of singles and see their side through to stumps. Only one team turned up today. Well played New Zealand.

  9. 0457: 
    NZ 128-0

    Joe Root keeps his shades on, a la Chris Gayle, as he's called upon to turn his arm over. "Think about that Yorkshire tea lad," screams Matt Prior, bizarrely. There's a bit of drift but it's all very tame and Fulton and Rutherford would never forgive themselves if they threw away a wicket at this late stage in the day.

  10. 0454: 
    NZ 127-0

    Rutherford takes his eye off the ball and gets smashed on the shoulder by Finn. But this being New Zealand's day, the ball evades fine leg and runs all the way for four. Joe Root is warming up now.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "You know its been a bad day, and Sir Geoffrey has gone through the entire bingo card, when he pulls out the 'brains of a chocolate mouse' line."


    It has been a day of frustration for England as Stuart Broad looks to the heavens after Kevin Pietersen drops New Zealand debutant Hamish Rutherford.

    New Zealand v England

    John Royle, TMS inbox: "Woken up by car alarm outside, not able to get back to sleep. At least I can catch up with the cricket... Somehow today isn't shaping up to be a good one."

  14. 0451: 
    NZ 122-0

    Trott loses his footing in his delivery stride and pulls out of the delivery. A run apiece to the NZ openers.


    Helen, Somerset, via text on 81111: "I treated myself to a five-day ticket for NZ v England in Christchurch in 1984. England bowled out twice for 82 and 93 in reply to NZ's 307. Truly dreadful. So 167 could be worse..."

  16. 0447: 
    NZ 116-0

    Is Rutherford starting to think about tomorrow morning? Possibly, but he's still picking up runs here and there, working Finn for a couple past point then nabbing a single off the next ball. I'm pretty sure England are thinking about tomorrow morning. They can't get off this pitch soon enough.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "If ever England need a 'bang, bang' it's now. They have got absolutely nothing from today."


    Craig Higgin: "Good time for a reality check, just before the Ashes!"

  19. 0443: 
    NZ 116-0

    Time for Jonathan Trott and his dibby-dobbly-dos. No real shape or swing on the ball from Trott and the New Zealand batsmen help themselves to a couple of singles.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "The last time New Zealand enjoyed such a great opening day was against Pakistan in Hamilton in 2001. Pakistan were out for 104 and New Zealand finished 160 without loss in reply."

  21. 0438: 
    NZ 114-0

    Eight overs left today and Cook decides it's time to give Finn another burst. Yet again a decent over is blighted by a boundary ball as Rutherford cuts a wide one ruthlessly for four. It really has been some debut from the 23-year-old leftie.

  22. 0433: 
    NZ 110-0

    Fulton plays with the Monty spin and drives the ball back past the bowler for four, the 16th boundary of the New Zealand innings.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's straight at him. For a gully catcher it's straightforward. That wasn't difficult if he stays still. You have to stay still in the gully."

  24. 0429: 

    When the chips are down and all that. Rutherford cuts straight to Pietersen at gully, but somehow he puts it down. Pietersen seemed to move slightly away from the ball but he still got two hands to it at waist-height and really, really, should have clung on. Broad fumes. Doubt England are going to be tearing up the streets of Dunedin tonight.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England set up their field for Panesar to bowl to off-stump and then he bowls short. Bowlers have to work with their captain and have to bowl to field settings - otherwise they make their captain look stupid. That was poor bowling - as bad as some of the batting. He showed the brains of a chocolate mouse."

  26. 0426: 
    NZ 104-0

    A scream from Prior as Fulton flicks Monty away in the air, but it's not close enough to short midwicket to really constitute a chance.


    Tom Elliott, TMS inbox: "England not at the race at all today. Time to take a page from D:Ream - Things can only get better..."


    Tim Cummins: "46 all out against the Windies in '94. Definitely worse."

  29. 0417: 
    NZ 100-0

    A single to Rutherford brings up the 100 partnership for New Zealand. It's their first 100 opening stand against England at home since 1988, says Samson. If this was a boxing match, the referee would be calling it off shortly and declaring NZ the winner.


    Diddydavid: "Day 1 - Melbourne '06 was a low for me. Series already lost, Warne's 700th wicket, 58 runs for eight wickets and cold as hell."

  31. 0414: 
    NZ 99-0

    Joe Root gets his trousers dirty with a slide along the boundary to prevent a Fulton pull from bringing up four runs. Instead it's two runs to take New Zealand to 99.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Monty should think about coming around the wicket, just try something different and hope something happens. New Zealand have got us by the short and curlies. They've had a magnificent day. The ball hasn't turned for us."


    Peter, Aldershot: "Worse day? No. Better day? Yesterday!"

  34. 0410: 
    NZ 97-0

    Lots of noise coming from Matt Prior behind the stumps but he's sounding increasingly desperate with no wicket in sight. Lots of encouragement for Monty Panesar and he'll need plenty of it as he's mercilessly cut for four by Rutherford.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "We certainly weren't expecting a day's play like this - and neither were the England players. That has been the problem."

  36. 0407: 
    NZ 91-0 (trail by 76)

    Broad gets the last hour's play under way, conceding a solitary single to the off-side sweeper as Rutherford moves on to 55.


    Jon Evans: "Re 0358. Headingley, 2009 Ashes, on the first day? That's got to be as bad/worse? It was the Ashes and bad."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "You've got to respect the game and today England didn't respect the game. They took the Micky out of Mr Cricket. England's mindset has been over-confident; they weren't prepared to do the hard yards."

  39. 0401: 

    Panesar tosses one up to Fulton and gets smacked through the covers for four. Time for some drinks and some strong words from Michael Vaughan...

  40. 0358: 
    NZ 86-0

    It turns out that the umpires were informing Cook that HotSpot isn't working at the moment. Does that mean England can't review at the moment? Their day isn't getting any happier. Now then, can anyone remember a worse single day of Test cricket from England?


    Petey Anderson: "More preparation games could well help, but it is hard to balance player workloads when there are three formats."

  42. 0356: 

    Rutherford drives Broad down the ground and the ball slips through the bowler's fingers. It's a half-chance at best with the ball travelling at a serious pace. Broad stays on the ground for a while afterwards then gets up holding his back. His pained expression rather sums up England's day.

  43. 0352: 
    NZ 84-0

    There's a slight hold-up between the overs while the umpires have a chat with Alastair Cook. TMS seem to think they are warning him to cut out the level of chirping around the bat. Just the one off Monty, pushed down the ground by Rutherford.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been very impressive from Hamish Rutherford. I don't care what the pitch is like, and it's a good one now, to go out there and play like that on your debut, against the England attack, is wonderful to watch."

  45. 0346: 

    Anderson has bowled a four ball almost every over today and there's another one, one leg stump, which is whipped to square leg for four by Rutherford. The young opener punches the next ball down the ground for three to bring up his fifty on debut off 65 balls.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Your job as a batsman is to assess the conditions when you are out there. England haven't done that today.

    "As a player your job is to do everything to switch on and adapt. You could sense from an early stage that England weren't at the races mentally. They didn't have the right mentality. I feel like this England side needs poking, to be bowled out cheaply, to focus."


    Steven, Kiwi in Cardiff, via text on 81111: "Not sure what's more entertaining, NZ dominating with bat and ball (which we enjoy once a decade or so), or Geoffrey Boycott getting steadily grumpier and grumpier in the box."

  48. 0342: 
    NZ 76-0

    Monty Panesar adjusts the ball carefully in his spinning fingers and delivers to Fulton, who gets a giant stride in and smothers any hint of turn. We've got 20 overs left today. At this rate, New Zealand might be getting close to the England total by stumps!

  49. 0339: 
    NZ 75-0

    Maiden for Jimmy. Where is the wicket coming from?


    Michael Williamson in Queensland, TMS inbox: "Have to go to rugby training in Brisbane tonight facing the retribution for the abuse I gave my Australian team mates over their team's display in India. I blame Vaughany. We English should never gloat, it always comes backs and bites us in the rear."

  51. 0335: 
    Ouch!- NZ 75-0

    Wow, a real statement of intent from Rutherford as he smears Monty's fifth ball over the top for six. The ball travels 87m and lands right on the noggin of a beer-swigging punter over the boundary. Luckily the lad looks ok, could have been nasty that.


    Andrew, County Durham, TMS inbox: "Welcome all new dads to the late shift and the brownie points for volunteering for late night/early morning feeds.

    "Hoping that Broad can silence his critics here...will take being 150 behind after this start, but might be better to check the weather to hope to escape with the draw. On the other hand, one session does not make a series....anyone remember how we started in India?"

  53. 0330: 
    NZ 69-0

    The runs are flowing at a decent rate for New Zealand now as Anderson's first ball is tickled down to fine leg for four by Rutherford. Cook has seen enough and sends for Monty.


    Dean Pepperell: "I said I wouldn't sleep till we take a wicket it's getting increasingly hard. Get Monty on."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Nobody in the England side wanted to graft - they wanted to play shots and then got out to poor shots. New Zealand's openers have been patient and they are sitting pretty at the moment.

    "I can't see where the wickets are going to come from. It will be a mistake more than anything because I haven't seen any lateral movement from the ball. I think Monty should come on to bowl. England need different movement."

  56. 0325: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- NZ 64-0

    Broad gets very excited over an appeal but umpire Rauf is anything but impressed and rightly so with the ball pitching outside leg stump and missing leg stump. Broad drops one short and Fulton pulls him for four. Broad responds well by beating the bat.


    New Zealand opener Hamish Rutherford looks assured on his Test debut as he continues to frustrate England's bowling attack.

    Hamish Rutherford
  58. 0322: 
    NZ 59-0

    No Monty yet, instead it's Jimmy having a pop from the other end. Anderson needs only 12 wickets to get to the magic 300 mark, but he doesn't look like getting one at the moment. A short ball is cut to the fence by Fulton, who moves to 24.


    Ross, Leeds, via text on 81111: "I know the Aussies have just had a shocker but if we play like this, we're going to get hammered in the Ashes!"

  60. 0316: 
    NZ 48-0

    Broad strays too far towards leg stump and Fulton whips him through midwicket for four. how long before Cook decides to see if Monty Panesar can do a Bruce Martin on the Kiwis?

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I hope someone tells our managing director Hugh Morris, who is probably sleeping back in England, when he wakes up that we're talking about the poor preparation. If it keeps happening and they cock up with the batting then they will have to keep chasing. You don't want to be chasing all the time. You need better preparation. Stats don't lie, they don't tell you everything but they tell you something. There's no shame in changing something if it's not working."

  62. 0313: 
    NZ 48-0

    More hostile stuff from Finn, grazing Rutherford's nose with a bumper and a half. But still no wicket.

    Andrew Samson, BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "The last 13 tours England have been on, they've won the first Test only once - and that was against Bangladesh. They've lost nine and drawn three."

  64. 0309: 
    NZ 47-0

    The first over after drinkies is a neat and tidy affair from Broad, which yields a single to each of the openers. I'm told NZ have had 18 different opening partnerships since 2004. This one is going well so far.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand will be using their drinks to contemplate their opening 14 overs and they will be very happy. It's the without loss that will send a slight serenity coursing through the juices of the rest of the players waiting to bat. They just need to be calm and thoughtful about how they bat and don't panic."

  66. 0301: 

    Fulton, playing his first Test since December 2009, is still hanging in there, coping well with Finn's pace and line. We've had 14 overs since tea and it's time for drinks. A chance for England to talk tactics methinks.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't remember a worse single day's Test cricket for England in a long time. It's been a very bad day."

  68. 0257: 
    NZ 45-0

    England are starting to string some decent balls together here, with Stuart Broad swerving one past Fulton's outside edge. Just a leg bye from the over. You can already see that Broad is a bit sharper than he was in India out there.


    Peter, Aldershot, via text on 81111: "Up working, thought I would check the cricket score. Wish I hadn't..."

  70. 0252: 
    Ouch!- NZ 42-0

    Two Metre Peter takes a painful blow on the shoulder after misjudging a Finn bouncer. Fulton recovers but looks anything but at home out there. "It's a bit of an autopsy by ball at the moment" says Jeremy Coney on TMS.


    Clear blue skies have overlooked the University Oval on day two in Dunedin - a stark contrast to day one's washout.

    New Zealand v England
  72. 0248: 
    NZ 41-0

    Broad finds the edge of Rutherford's bat straight away but the ball flies through the vacant third slip area and away for four.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "New Zealand, of course, batting second get several advantages. Firstly, they have had the opportunity to know the pitch and see how the other team's batsmen have approached the pitch in their first innings. New Zealand should learn from that and use canny intelligence. They are eighth in the world and should watch other players to see how they can improve."

  74. 0244: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- NZ 37-0

    Finn gets one to jag back into Fulton's pads. The opener plays around it but Finn's appeal is dismissed, probably on grounds of height. Finn has a few choice words for Fulton at the end of a maiden over.


    Edward Pearce: "Very disappointing start by England. Having said that they always improve as an away side as the series goes on! Watch out NZ!"

  76. 0240: 
    NZ 37-0

    A better over from Anderson, testing Fulton with a tight off-stump line. The batsman survives, if a little unconvincingly.


    Aaron Thornhill, TMS inbox: "I think we're already seeing how much Graeme Swann is being missed by the England team. He would have more than likely added 30+ runs to the total taking us to around 200. Psychologically getting to 200 is massive."

  78. 0236: 
    NZ 36-0

    Finn fires off a 90mph bullet, which almost shaves Rutherford's edge and is taken by Prior alongside his head. The England bowlers are simply not bowling consistently enough and Rutherford takes advantage of a half-volley to pick up four more. Finn goes round the wicket but the result is the same - in the air through the covers, but four more.

    Whichever way you look at it England appear undercooked here. Remember Finn and Anderson didn't even play in the warm-up game.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    If debutant Hamish Rutherford's impressive start to his innings has taken England by surprise, they might well have overlooked his first-class batting average of 43 in 20 games. The son of former former batsman Ken, who won 56 Test caps for New Zealand, Hamish made his Twenty20 and one-day international bows against England last month.

  80. 0231: 
    NZ 28-0

    More runs for the hosts. Too full from Anderson and Fulton plays across his front pad but manages to flick down the ground for four. The next ball is on leg stump and Fulton effortlessly rolls his wrists and picks up four more.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's no swing for England, which they would have been hoping to see, especially Jimmy Anderson. There's a bit of nip off the pitch but nothing drastic, while Finn is bowling a decent pace as you would expect with his height.

    "New Zealand were the underdogs but they have an incredible chance because 167 all out is miles below par - about 250 below par."

  82. 0228: 
    NZ 20-0

    Fulton, all 6 ft 6 in of him, shuffles into position and tucks Finn away for a single. Solid start from the hosts, onus on England to make something happen here.


    Simon Witt: "South Africa skittled New Zealand for 45 in January. There's hope yet."

  84. 0223: 
    NZ 19-0

    Another cracking shot from Ruthers, slashing an overpitched ball from Jimmy through the covers for four. When he hits it, it stays hit.


    Michael Ladbrook, TMS inbox: "Why did Michael Vaughan get so carried away and had to gloat about the Australia's struggles in India. It's not all rosy in the England camp at the moment.

    "We have a number of issues to address namely cutting out the soft dismissals when batting, poor catching in the slips and depth of our fast bowling resources if Anderson and Finn get injured. I am keeping a low profile today at work as I am work in Brisbane."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Rutherford looks a nice player. He sets up well, minimal foot movement, good trigger, presses forward and looks like he hits it hard."

  87. 0220: 
    NZ 15-0

    TMS scorer Andrew Samson hits us with some stat gold. Two first-class double-hundreds have been scored on this ground: one by Hamish Rutherford and one by Peter Fulton. Ruthers punches Finn through the covers for three then drills one with such power that Pietersen can only parry it at mid-off.

  88. 0215: 
    NZ 10-0

    It's a new-look England slip cordon with Cook at one, Trott at two and Pietersen at three. Not sure I've seen KP at slip before, normally Swann would be lurking there of course. Jimmy has settled on a typically probing line here, hitting the seam and causing Fulton to grope at thin air.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Hamish Rutherford has already scored more than his father made in his debut test. Ken started with a pair v West Indies in 1984."


    England bowlers James Anderson and Monty Panesar have plenty of work to do with the ball as the last-wicket pair trudge off after England's 167 all out.

    New Zealand v England
  91. 0213: 
    NZ 10-0

    Scorer Sampson announces that Ken and Hamish Rutherford are the ninth father and sons to play for New Zealand. Here's Finn, off his shorter run, and Rutherford collects another boundary from a thick outside edge. A fair bit of zip off the pitch from Finn but Rutherford is comfortable leaving well alone.

  92. 0208: 
    NZ 5-0

    Fulton gets NZ ticking along with a clip to long leg then Anderson cramps up Rutherford and stifles an appeal. Ruthers, son of Ken, is making his Test debut here and he gets his first runs with an absolute bludgeon of a drive past mid-on. Sizzling start from the new boy.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "NZ need 17 to avoid the follow on....."


    Dan Pritchett: "There is no easy game in Test cricket, England have batted like they will turn up and get a walkover. Not reality."

  95. 0204: 

    The New Zealand openers are Hamish Rutherford and (Two Metre) Peter Fulton. James Anderson has ball in hand...


    Miles, Twickenham, TMS inbox: "Something not right with England's preparation for tours. Always slow starters. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India now New Zealand. Even Ashes down under started poorly."

  97. 0202: 

    I'll level with you. Before this series I was seriously worried about my capacity to stay up through the night to guide you through day after day of slow-burning Test cricket. But if every day of the series is like this one, I don't reckon I've got too much to worry about! England batted like schoolboys on a holiday camp there and will now have to bowl like demons from the off just to keep the match alive.


    Kevin Richards: "Both. Teams. Have. To. Bat. Twice."

  99. 0154: 

    I'm off to take my smoking keyboard to the IT department, so I'll hand you back to Sam Sheringham for what could well be a match-shaping final session. Should England manage early wickets, that lower-order 'rally' could become all the more important. But if New Zealand get through with minimal damage, they could find themselves in a mightily dominant position come the close of play.


    Ian Smith, TMS inbox: "How welcome, returning home from an evening of hard work as a jazz musician, to hear the musical tones of Jeremy Coney on TMS. If only the rhythm section with whom I played this evening had shown the same balance and natural timing..."

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "They have batted badly and it's been costly for England. I don't really know the reason for it, but it has not been precise and pinpoint bowling. But New Zealand will be delighted with it. They have got a chance; now can they take it?"


    Jimmy Brewster: "As bad as this seems for England, if they can get four or five wickets by close of play, it's very much game on!"

    Benjamin Pelc: "167 all out. Time for Jimmy to blow NZ away. Very clever of England to try and make use of today's bowling condition."

    David Ross: "Amazing show of solidarity from England. One out, all out."

  103. 0150: 

    The umpires confirm that tea will be taken during the change of innings. New Zealand's players leave the field buoyant, England's less so. Hands up who expected that before play started today... (be honest now)

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jimmy tried to hit it too hard, it slipped off the face and it spooned up to the man at backward fine point. But you can't blame the tail-enders when the top seven have batted poorly with poor technique and poor shots. I would never be too critical of them. The top seven have left a lot for the bowlers to do."

  105. 0147: 

    Martin finishes with 4-43 on his Test debut and Wagner 4-43 - and that's the lowest total England have made in the first innings against New Zealand. The less said about that the better, from England's point of view. Unfortunately, Geoffrey is armed with the mic...

    WICKET- Anderson c Wagner b Martin 23 (Eng 167 all out)

    The 47 that Finn and Anderson put on was the highest partnership of the innings, a reflection of their team-mates' travails as much as any gumption they showed. There's no chance of he and Monty repeating the feat as Anderson charges at Martin and succeeds merely in slicing to a grateful Wagner.


    Rachel T: "I thought Comic Relief was next week?"

  108. 0141: 
    Eng 166-9

    If Anderson was in a hurry before, he's definitely not hanging around now, with the arrival of Monty Panesar at the crease. At least the Barmy Army will be happy.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Look, he's batted nicely and made a few runs but it wasn't the smartest thing to do. The next ball after he pulled one, the bowler puts a fielder at deep square-leg and then he pulls another straight down his throat. Then he slaps his leg in frustration. His brains were in his boots. It went wrong because he didn't think."

    WICKET- Finn c Rutherford b Wagner 20 (Eng 166-9)

    Brendon McCullum turns to Wagner, who did much of the damage this morning. Finn greets him with a disdainful swat through midwicket, a shot which rivalled Anderson's in the previous over in terms of ugliness. Wagner's revenge comes off the next delivery, hurrying Finn into a pull that is easily taken by Rutherford, running in from deep square-leg.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Wow, what a shot Jimmy! I was for a second stupefied - I thought 'what are you doing'! He's playing like a batsman with a reverse sweep and a late cut."

  112. 0135: 
    Eng 162-8

    Are my eyes deceiving me, or did Jimmy just reverse-sweep Martin for four? You'd think England had 500 runs to their name, judging by the way these two are laying into the Kiwi bowlers now. Has somebody said something to upset them? Anderson follows it with a slog-swept four that won't be found in the MCC coaching manual.


    Sam Hollis: "Slating England right now is like leaving the ground if your football team is losing after 20 minutes. Loads of time left."

  114. 0131: 
    Eng 152-8

    Crikey O'Reilly! Anderson survives a run-out chance. That would really have summed up England's day. Just when the tailenders were starting to calm England's nerves, Anderson digs out a Southee yorker and attempts a frankly ludicrous single to mid-on. If the throw had hit at the non-striker's end, he would have been yards short. Finn smears Southee through mid-on's hands off the last ball of the over.


    Michael Williamson, TMS inbox: "Have to go to rugby training in Brisbane tonight facing the retribution for the abuse I gave my Australian team-mates over their teams display in India. I blame Vaughany, we English should never gloat, it always comes backs and bites us in the rear."

  116. 0127: 
    Eng 147-8

    Martin's action is a cross between Daniel Vettori and the former Zimbabwe left-armer Ray Price. Or maybe a lack of sleep is playing tricks on me. Nothing to report from that over.


    Pete Rom: "First EngvNZ Test since emigrating to NZ, colleagues giving it plenty in the office. Bit too early for crowing I reckon..."

  118. 0124: 
    Eng 143-8

    Southee's return to the attack has helped England's cause in the last half-hour. He has been the least impressive of the New Zealand bowlers today, and concedes four byes way down the leg side before Anderson edges him just past a diving gully. England edging towards 150.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Geoff Boycott in red, he says to 'match the red faces of England'."

    Geoffrey Boycott
    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Eric Morecambe would have the precise word for this England performance: rubbish."

  121. 0119: 
    Eng 135-8

    What makes a good total here? You tell me, because all I know is that England's - at the moment - is not enough, however good Anderson and Finn are with the ball in hand. Martin resumes after drinks with a maiden.


    Chris, Doncaster, via text on 81111: "I don't want to know what Geoffrey's thinking. The language might corrupt me. Diabolical excuse of a performance."

  123. 0114: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 135-8

    "All these runs precious now," says Ed Smith in the TMS commentary box as Anderson drives Southee between gully and point for a not wholly convincing boundary. The partnership is now worth 16, the third biggest of the innings.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "You could think 'maybe we have been doing the New Zealand bowling a disservice'. It's been there or thereabouts, but it has not been precise bowling which has created difficulties for the batsmen."

  125. 0109: 
    Eng 130-8

    England gorge themselves to seven off that over, albeit three of them courtesy of byes. At the risk of jinxing this, Finn and Anderson have supplied a modicum of calm to a car crash of an England innings.


    Rory, London, TMS inbox: "I'm doing an essay but every time I glance at the web, there on the BBC Sport page is a blue wicket box with a total jinxing mocker immediately below. Cheers, Beeb."


    New Zealand's players congratulate Bruce Martin after he dismisses Matt Prior for his first Test wicket. Martin was soon celebrating two more after helping remove Jonathan Trott and then Stuart Broad.

    New Zealand v England
  128. 0106: 
    Eng 123-8

    Here's the first bowling change of the afternoon session as Tim Southee replaces Trent Boult. There's precious little lateral movement, but he keeps Anderson - promoted to number 10 with Monty Panesar in the side - honest with a bouncer before beating the outside edge with his final delivery.


    Stuart, Swindon, via text: "The only thing that is keeping me awake at the moment is that I think our bowlers could do the exact same to the NZ batsman. But that's clinging to the last bastions of hope at the moment."

  130. 0101: 
    Eng 120-8

    Bruce has been dubbed 'Martin the Destroyer' by the TMS team. You can't argue that, after he dropped Alastair Cook early this morning, his day has been on an upward curve. One run off the over.


    Chris Bennett: "Did Dougie Bracewell hold a party for the England batsmen last night?"

    Aiden Triggs: "Was just going to watch a nice comedy film before i went to bed but think I'll watch the end of the England innings instead."

    Arthur Wilson: "If England skittle NZ out for 150 then this poor batting display will be slightly justified. Maybe the pitch favours the seamers."

  132. 0057: 
    Eng 119-8

    Boult hurries through another over as England fail to add to their paltry total. I'm sure they'd gladly take 150 from this position. It seems they have not solved their problems early in a series.


    Junaid Mati: "England are doing a good job of i) making NZ look like world beaters and ii) making the Ashes hype all the more interesting."

  134. 0054: 
    Eng 119-8

    Finn at least maintains enough composure to play out the remainder of Martin's over.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "That is not a Test cricket shot from Broad. He held the bat to his head as he left the field; he was thinking 'I can't believe I have just done that'. He tried to almost overhit it and went for the boundary six and picked out the man. It's doesn't look good and it continues England's rather strange collapse."

    WICKET- Broad c Brownlie b Martin 10 (Eng 119-8)

    The squeamish among you England fans are best advised to look away now. Martin gets another wicket with the sort of delivery that would get you taken out of the attack in club cricket, never mind Tests. He drops short, Broad pulls, miscues and finds only Dean Brownlie at deep square-leg. He trudges back looking at the toe of his bat, but the finger of blame should be pointed firmly at the batsman.


    Colin Troth, TMS inbox: "What's Prior playing at? Halfway through day one, five wickets down and he's playing in Twenty20 mode. And then Trott plays such am uncharacteristic shot after all that hard work..."

  138. 0048: 
    Eng 115-7

    Maybe it was just me, but even when England were losing those early wickets, it didn't feel like there was a great deal of concern among the tourists - and fans. That's certainly not the case any more, as New Zealand are undisputibly bossing this game now. A good toss to win but, boy, haven't England's batsmen contributed to their own downfall...? Finn plays out the rest of the over after Broad takes a single off the first.


    James Ward: "Oh dear. We're being 'Done in in Dunedin'. We do love an unfathomably poor start to our overseas Test series' don't we?"

    Jimmy Murphy: "This is so poor from England, they're just giving their wickets away."

    Thomas Durkin: "England's performance almost making me want to give up, turn TMS off and go to bed. Almost."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "It is very hard to explain this England batting performance. Trott goes for the full and it comes off the top - it's another poor shot. It's poorly executed - the shot is on if you play it well. It's almost as if he started to panic - it's not a shot you see Jonathan Trott play very often."

  141. 0044: 
    Eng 114-7

    It's all happening here. Broad unfurls one of the shots of the day - a back-foot force through the covers - before surviving an lbw shout from Martin that replays showed would have been overturned had New Zealand opted to review it. Steven Finn, the new batsmen, is rapped on the pad off the last ball of the over.

    WICKET- Trott c Boult b Martin 45 (Eng 109-7)

    Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Trott becomes the latest England batsman to depart with a red face. As well as he has batted today, that shot was a shocker: a sweep at Martin that took the top edge and looped tamely to short fine-leg, where Boult took a tumbling catch. What has happened to the England players today...?

  143. 0038: 
    Eng 108-6

    Boult maintains the pressure with another maiden. Trott, as ever, is unflustered.


    Josh, London, via text on 81111: "I can't remember the last time I saw such a self-destructive performance in Test cricket.

  145. 0035: 
    Eng 108-6

    Broad survives his first ball - but not without alarm. A thick outside edge of a loose-ish drive lands safely amid "oohs" and "aahs" from the fielders as New Zealand end the over in the ascendancy. Still.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "The slowness of the pitch... It was a bit too full to play that shot and it comes off the top edge for a simple catch. Most of England's wickets have been down to mistakes. There has been some poor batting - poor thinking and poor execution."

    WICKET- Prior c Williamson b Martin 23 (Eng 108-6)

    Just as Prior's fightback was gathering pace, he perishes for 23. New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum persists with Martin, and he's rewarded when Prior slaps what can only be described as a long hop straight to point, a la Alastair Cook. Not that Martin will care how his first Test wicket came about.


    Max Mclean: "We've seen this before. Cue a nifty fifty from Prior and a stolid century from Trott, bit of tail wagging and a 300 score."


    Jonathan Trott works the ball on his favoured leg side as he leads England's recovery.

    Jonathan Trott
  150. 0030: 
    Eng 107-5

    Boult's radar may let him down on occasion, but you can't fault his over-rate: he fairly marches back to his mark. Prior uses the angle to steer one wide of the three slips courtesy of a clever open face, before taking England past 100 - and beyond - with two glorious drives through and over wide mid-off. Take that.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "You look at the situation of the game, with Stuart Broad coming in to bat next for England, and he hasn't scored many runs recently, you have just got to bowl your best two bowlers. At the end of a session as a captain you should be thinking 'who are my best two', not who can hold the other end, and then bowl them. Especially when a team is five down."

  152. 0026: 
    Eng 95-5

    Prior succeeds where he failed in the last over, cutting successive deliveries from Martin through the off side, thank you very much. Just what you need to move into double figures.

  153. 0023: 
    Eng 86-5

    Boult keeps probing around off stump, and is rewarded with a maiden. You may have noticed that he is one of three left-armers in a four-man New Zealand attack, alongside Wagner and Martin. Can anyone remember any other teams with so many lefties? (No political gags please)


    Keith Flett: "Aggers and Michael Vaughan discussing on TMS if Geoffrey Boycott will join Twitter. Name: 'In My Day'. Avatar: stick of rhubarb."

  155. 0019: 
    Eng 86-5

    At two overs, this is now Martin's longest spell of the match. He's finding a hint of turn, though far from threatening - but Matt Prior is also guilty of a lack of patience as he plays and misses attempting to cut one that's too close to him.


    Jon Evans: "I would go to sleep, but the flicker of hope of a fantastic comeback keeps me up. Better be worth it!"

  157. 0016: 
    Eng 86-5

    And Boult gets the ball at the other end... Trott leans into a wonderful drive that pierces the covers, before chasing a wide one that falls just short of Ross Taylor at second slip. It goes without saying that another dismissal to a shoddy stroke is not what England want so soon after lunch.

  158. 0013: 
    Eng 81-5

    As with Martin's two overs before the interval, there's not much to report from that one. No runs to add to the score.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Spectators on the outfield during lunch at the University Oval in Dunedin."

    New Zealand v England

    Thanks for your sympathy, Tim. Rest assured we're fully stocked up on chocolate, sweets and biscuits to keep us going through the small hours. And play is about to resume in Dunedin, where the old new boy Bruce Martin gets us under way...


    Tim Miller: "The beauty of this, Sam and Justin, is that with it not going so well, the rest of us can just go to sleep! Good night..."

  162. 2338: 

    Who saw that coming then? England right up against it after one session of the series! Was it careless strokes or just ring-rusty batting? Probably a combination of the two but I'd quite like to be a fly on the wall in the England dressing-room at this moment in time.

    We're going to take a short break and when we return Justin Goulding will be the man on the mic.


    Tattz: "I'm backing our lower order to put on 250+ runs. Typical slow start to a tour. England will win this match."

    Kieran Mccaul: "Just finished work, expecting to see England sitting comfy at 120-0. Oh, oh dear."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been a terrific morning - everything has virtually gone right for Brendan McCullum with his bowling changes. The ball has not moved very much, but they have put effort in and taken their chances.

    "Looking objectively, it has been a very poor performance from England. If I was in the dressing room I would be using some strong words and saying 'look, we were rubbish, we are better than that'."


    Alex Thomas: "Well, hands up who was calling this score two hours ago! Another bad start to an overseas tour..."

    Jack Mendel: "Another wicket fallen due to batsmen error. Hard enough when you are got out, but handing it away is not good enough!"

    Karl Cobane: "Wait months for Test match cricket to not be on in the middle of the night, and England get embarrassed by New Zealand, fail."

  166. 2331: 
    LUNCH INTERVAL- Eng 81-5

    Boult is entrusted with the last over before luncheon. Trott works the fifth ball for a single and Prior keeps out the last. New Zealand's morning, categorically.


    Kay, London, via text on 81111: "We see this in cricket so often. Where a couple of top order wickets go quickly and suddenly the middle order looks tame. Unless you are Trott off course. Some say he has interchangeable blood supplies. Ice cold and normal. He puts the ice cold supply in everytime he walks out to bat in a crisis."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "During the lunch interval (23:30 GMT) TMS will be chatting to New Zealand and Worcestershire legend Glenn Turner."

  169. 2327: 
    Eng 80-5

    We're approaching lunch so spinner Bruce Martin is given a quick over, which Prior deals with fairly comfortably, mostly off the back foot.

  170. 2324: 
    Eng 80-5

    Prior gets off the mark in scratchy fashion with an inside edge past the stumps. He's another one who only had the one warm-up game to get himself into the groove although he did knock a nice fifty in Queenstown.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Wagner has got effort; he's got enthusiasm. If you have got seven or eight triers and three or four class players, then you've got a chance of winning matches. Cricket is about character as well as ability. It's about average people that are prepared to give it their best shot."


    Craig, London, via text on 81111: "Re 2306 'Swiss dogs' - They are regular hotdogs loaded with Swiss cheese and sauerkraut. Pretty disgusting!!"

  173. 2319: 
    Eng 79-5

    England are a one-man team at the moment. Trott's fine innings gathers momentum with two more boundaries, the first cut behind the square and the second driver through the covers.


    Josh, London, via text on 81111: "Time for Joe Root to produce something speci... Oh, er, right..."

  175. 2317: 
    Eng 71-5

    Matt Prior walks out with 15 minutes of cricket before lunch. Before the series, Prior talked at length to me about the transformation of his England career. With only Broad and the tail to come, boy could England do with some runs from their stumper here.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "His really poor footwork let him down. He banged his foot in short of a length and then just stood up and poked it up. He didn't put his foot back to give him more time to play the ball.

    "I'm not sure he's quite ready to open - he's technically good, but I think he's better down the order at the moment. I've watched him at Yorkshire and he's very good but I would like to see him get longer further down - but I'm not sure he will."


    Paul Denny: "England need to liven up here! Cook better get the hair dryer ready!"

    WICKET- Root c Brownlie b Boult 4 (Eng 71-5)

    Root pokes at a ball outside off stump, gets a nick and is pouched at third slip. England are five down before lunch!


    Ian Bell can only look to the floor as he falls cheaply to Neil Wagner. The New Zealand bowler traps the England batsman with his first ball from around the wicket.

    New Zealand v England
  180. 2310: 
    Eng 71-4

    Trott hits two through point to go past 3,000 Test runs and take his average beyond the 50 mark.

    Amusing scenes in the crowd as the cameras spot a woman applying sunblock to her follically-challenged partner's head. He doesn't look very pleased about it at all.


    Robert George: "Stage set for Root to show what a class act he is. Future captain."

  182. 2306: 
    Eng 69-4

    Trott picks up a single to backward square leg to move to 29 then Root leaves the last two balls of the over well alone. Just seen a burger van at the ground selling "Swiss dogs". Anyone got any idea what on earth they are?


    Marc Sepetowski: "To be fair to Wagner, he talked about that exact plan for bell to the NZ bowling coach Shane Bond. Cameras picked it up!

    Aaron K: "Well I guess now we get to find out if Joe Root is the saviour (TM) of English cricket."

    Mike Wren-Kirkham: "England in trouble but it could be worse, we could be Australian."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "If I was Brendon McCullum, I wouldn't be disappointed to see Joe Root play that shot. So good captaincy and good planning by New Zealand."

  185. 2300: 
    Eng 68-3

    Wagner continues from round the wicket and Joe Root receives a bouncer first up and ducks it comfortably. Root gets off the mark off the last ball of the over as he chases a wide one and gets enough bat on it to send it all the way to the rope.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "This a captain's dream - who ever made the call to Wagner to go around the wicket got it spot on. That's a big mistake from Ian Bell, who was playing nicely. But he is walking off knowing he has made a massive mental error. They have set him up and he falls for it."

    WICKET- Bell c Rutherford b Wagner 24 (Eng 64-4)

    Wagner's first ball from round the wicket is pushed by Bell straight to short extra cover. I didn't see that coming.


    Tom, Cardiff, TMS inbox: "What surprises me most about Boycott's comments is his knowledge of pop music. Give that man a knighthood."

  189. 2252: 
    Eng 64-3

    Bell, that was swell. He waits for the ball to swing away then caresses it through extra cover for four. "Shot of the morning for me," says Ed Smith on TMS and it's hard to disagree. A single to midwicket rounds off the over.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Surely as a bowler you know whether the batsman has hit it? DRS is so important in the modern game you can't afford to lose an obvious inside edge like that."

  191. 2250: 
    NOT OUT- Eng 59-3

    The replay shows a thick inside edge and New Zealand have wasted a review.

  192. 2249: 

    Southee to Bell, slammed into the pads. Huge appeal. The umpire says no. Was there some bat in that? New Zealand want to review this.


    Daniel Finn, TMS inbox: "Fantasy Foursome - Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy Keane and Cuneyt Cakir [the Turkish referee who sent off Manchester United footballer Nani]….would make for either a very noisy or very quiet round!"

  194. 2248: 
    Eng 59-3

    Trott tucks the ball off his hips for two then leans into a drive and steers the ball beautifully away for four. Remember the days when England number threes used to come and go like London buses. Trott really has made that position his own.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch is still good. New Zealand have just got to be patient, put the dots together and hope it forces the error. Bell and Trott will hope to get through this situation and go big."


    Adam Wheeler: "TMS foursome past and present: Boycott, Arlott, Johnners and Blofeld with Peter Alliss as caddy. Don't think much golf would be played."

  197. 2242: 
    Eng 52-3

    Trott makes a very wise decision to withdraw his dangling bat at the last minute to Southee. Five dots then a single, pushed into the offside by the Trotters to hog the strike.


    Marcus and Katie, Abingdon, TMS inbox: "Our fantasy foursome (us counting as one) for a round of golf would be: Reading FC manager Brian McDermott, as he knows how to manage a club well; Roy Cropper from Corrie, as he does well with the tee in his cafe, and author of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, as he knows a thing or two about albatrosses."

    Bryan Waddle, BBC Test Match Special

    "Good pace from Wagner. He's not been renowned for hitting 140km/h too often but he has today. He's energetic, he's confident and he's getting good rhythm with his bowling."

  200. 2238: 
    Eng 52-3

    Wagner to Trott - don't bother chasing that one as it dissects cover and mid-off. Wagner responds with a bumper at a decent lick but Trott ducks expertly. A short ball to Bell doesn't get up as high and Bell pulls him away for four more. Textbook execution there from Bell, totally in control of the shot as he plucked the ball from right in front of his eyes.


    Richard, Powys, TMS inbox: "Fantasy Foursomes. Sir Donald Bradman would love to have been around to see him play, Beefy my hero when growing up and, a real obscure fourth member, Sandra Bullock. Just think she's great!"

  202. 2232: 
    Eng 43-3

    Just the one over of spin, then Southee returns and draws a thick outside edge from Bell, which runs away for four.

    I'm loving this golf theme already. Surely we can relate it to cricket as well. What about 18 holes with Botham and Ian Chappell, with Dicky Bird to adjudicate?


    Michael Blighe: "Fantasy Foursome? Boycs, Ricky Gervais and Thom Yorke would be an interesting day out methinks!"

  204. 2229: 
    Eng 37-3

    Wagner is trying to tempt Trott into a false shot with some width, but one ball is so wide that it is called by the umpire.

    Just to be clear, when Geoffrey was talking about the 'Pink Panther', he didn't mean the pink diamond in the 1960 film series. He was talking about American golfer Paula Creamer, who loves wearing pink on the course and also has a Pink Panther headcover. Fantasy foursome indeed!

  205. 2226: 
    Eng 36-3

    Bruce Martin, the 32-year-old left-arm spinner on debut, is given a twirl and England are respectful to his opening effort, with Trott's single to cover point the only run.


    Max Conway: "I think we're going to have to start including Katy Perry in Boycott Bingo cards soon."


    Neil Wagner wheels away in delight after dismissing England's Kevin Pietersen as New Zealand take control on the opening morning in Dunedin.

    New Zealand v England
  208. 2223: 

    Katy Perry's Twitter following? 33 million. And no doubt if Sir G was on Twitter it would be 33 million and one. "She's a very attractive lady," he concludes.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I was asked the other day who would be my favourite three people to play golf with. My reply was Seve Ballesteros, Katy Perry and the Pink Panther."

    I'll have what Geoffrey's having! Anyone else got a fantasy foursome?

  210. 2217: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 35-3

    Trott crashes a half-volley through the covers then almost perishes trying to repeat the shot as he plays and misses at Wagner. Trott nudges down the ground for three, then Wagner bounces Bell with a beauty. We're midway through this elongated session and it's time for a drinks break.


    Will Thurston: "Great movement from Wagner, a virtuoso performance, orchestrating England's downfall, etc etc."

    Alex Munro: "Composer puns, is it? Hopefully Trott and Bell can get a Handel on this situation..."

  212. 2214: 
    Eng 32-3

    Another tidy over from New Zealand as Southee keeps Bell to blocks and leaves. England know they simply can't afford any risks at the moment.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I feel for Nick Compton and Kevin Pietersen - the problem is they haven't had enough cricket. Partly to blame for their dismissals are the three men who run English cricket - they have organised a tour like this with not enough cricket. They haven't had enough batting.

    "It's a disgrace that England had 10 days off and played one four-day game. They've been doing all sorts of things, not playing cricket games. For me, they should have been playing cricket, not practising. Too many nets drives you mad; you get bored. It's match cricket they want."


    Mark, TMS inbox: "Re Composers. Trott and Bell both happy playing off the Bach foot."

  215. 2209: 
    Eng 28-3

    Wagner's impressive spell continues with a maiden to Trott. His figures thus far in his fourth Test: 3-2-1-2.


    David Warbuton, TMS inbox: "Re 2126. Picky I know but two metres is 6 feet 6 inches, spoils the rhyme a bit. Yorkers may be the order of the day!"

    Matt in Hove, TMS inbox: "Re 2126. Not quite sure about that Danny. Two metre Peter measures in at 198cm, don't think I'd be brave enough to lop off a good six inches of him to bring him down to the basement of 6 foot for the sake of a second catchy name!"

  217. 2204: 
    Eng 28-3

    Bell picks up his first boundary via an inside edge which races away fine of fine leg. His second is altogether more pleasing as he eases a Southee half-volley through square.


    Hary Manoharan: "Every time I hear Wagner, I think of that bloke from the X Factor."

  219. 2159: 
    Eng 20-3

    Cook's shot does not get any better on replays. A real lazy chop at a long hop. Very un-Cook like. Trott hasn't really settled yet either and he's beaten twice in the over by the increasingly chipper Wagner.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "If New Zealand can get a breakthrough here, they will feel they've got a little bit of a chance early in this game. When you're presented with a chance, you've got to recognise it and claim it - that's how you win games."


    Craig Jackson: "England started wobbly in India and came back strong. Bell and Trott perfectly capable of rescuing this innings."

    The Mighty Mojo: "I knew I was enjoying Australia's demise in India a bit too much..."

    Gary Blanchard: "So what was KP doing between last tour and this? We can't be expecting him to come in tip top without any match practice."

  222. 2156: 
    Eng 20-3

    Wagner, Elgar, Strauss, what is it about cricketers and composers?

    Time for England to settle down and build a bit of a partnership and a lot rides on the Warwickshire pair of Bell and Trott. Bell, who made a century in the warm-up game, has the TMS commentators purring over his elegance already. Boult blots his copybook by slipping one out of the back of the hand and giving away a wide then almost draws an edge down the leg side.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "England 19 for 3... KP out first ball ... Improve please lads... I feel a barrage of abuse coming from Australia!!!!"


    Not the start Nick Compton had envisaged as the England opener falls for a duck.

    New Zealand v England

    LJ Davies: "Given how many reacted to Compton's dismissal, I presume they will all now demand Cook never play for England again either?"

    Mark Shelton: "England making up for the loss of 1st day by pushing the game along quickly."

    Robert: "Let's wait and see what OUR bowlers do in these conditions before we slate our batsmen!"

  226. 2151: 
    Eng 19-3

    Wagner on a hat-trick to Ian Bell, who safely keeps it out.

    Looking back at the KP dismissal, he was trying to work the ball to leg but misread the line and was caught on the right ankle right in front of middle stump.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "Alastair Cook undercut that so he got underneath it and he had to go up. He didn't get enough contact to get up and over. He had to go up or down and he did neither.

    "Asad Rauf had no problem giving Pietersen out. The hands were moving around the ball for Pietersen and there was just enough movement from Wagner. Essential breakthrough for New Zealand."

    WICKET- Pietersen lbw Wagner 0 (Eng 18-3)

    KP gets an inswinging yorker first up and is a plumb as plumb can be. England in all sorts...

    WICKET- Cook c Rutherford b Wagner 10 (Eng 18-2)

    We have our first bowling change with left-armer Neil Wagner replacing Southee. And the change works a dream for New Zealand as Cook slaps a long hop straight to Rutherford at point.

    Ed Smith, BBC Test Match Special

    "How important will that drop be? Cook's not the kind of person you want to be giving two lives to."

  231. 2142: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 18-1

    Cook goes after one and clips in the air to midwicket, where debutant Bruce Martin spills a tricky diving catch. He got two hands to it and possibly should have held on.

    Jeremy Coney, BBC Test Match Special

    "You can't waste this new ball. It's not getting a lot of movement; perhaps it's a little bit cold. Both the New Zealand bowlers have been a little bit wayward."


    Felix Mulderrig: "I doubt very much this is the end of Compton. Unless I'm mistaken he's down to feature in the second innings also! Give him a chance."

    Scott Clark: "Ah, glad to see the doom-mongers are as eager as ever to kick a man when he's down... give Compo the series to prove his worth!"

  234. 2139: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 17-1

    Southee thuds one into Trott's pads and appeals, but a replay reveals an inside edge. The England pair are being given very little to leave alone here, with Southee the pick of the bowlers so far.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have a decent amount of depth and that's why Nick Compton is under more pressure than he would have been 10 years ago.

    "Joe Root at six - will he stay there or move up to open in the summer? One, three, four and five are set in stone. But will Root move up and Bairstow come in at six? If Compton scores run in this series then he will stay. But there are so many formulas England can go with."

  236. 2135: 
    Eng 17-1

    Trott tickles one to square leg for a single then gets everything behind a straight one. Sensible batting in the face of some probing bowling at the moment.


    Yusaf Deen, TMS inbox: "5am and on honeymoon in Malaysia, but will be keeping up to date thanks to the TMS boys and hotel wi-fi. Mrs might not be as happy as I am! England win, even in four days."

  238. 2131: 
    Eng 16-1

    Two Metre Peter, in case you were wondering, is New Zealand's giant of an opening batsman. Southee's tight line continues and Cook takes no risks as he plays out a maiden.


    Danny Thompson, TMS inbox: "Is Two Metre Peter (Fulton) the only player who has a nickname that works in both metric and imperial? 'Two metre Peter' converts to 'six feet Pete'."

  240. 2126: 
    Eng 16-1

    Trent Boult digs one it short but Trott reads it early and ducks well out of the way. The next ball is full and wide and Trott creams it square on the off side for four.

    It's officially a sunny day out there and I can't tell you how green the grass is at this picturesque parkland venue. English gardeners spend a lot of money on all manner of products to get their lawns anywhere near that tinge.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Good start for New Zealand, particularly Tim Southee, who has got the ball nice and full. He's not doing a huge amount but doing enough to keep you honest as a batsman."


    Si Lomas: "Having seen Compton in India, he looks like he lacks confidence and was shotless over there, scared of making mistakes."

    Stewart Pirie: "Compton looks like he was done for pace there, played the ball so late and so soft it was always going backwards."

    George Tidbury: "Compton fails, how long will it be until the selectors trust the young lads. I sense a Pietersen 2005 selection come the Ashes."

  243. 2122: 
    Eng 12-1

    Southee gets his length spot on and snakes one past Trott's outside edge. A fuller ball is pushed down the ground by Trott, who gets off the mark with a three. The ball is nipping around a bit and both bowlers are asking some questions of the England batters early on.


    Ade: "That Ashes series looks a looooooong way away for Compton."

  245. 2117: 
    Eng 9-1

    Lightning Boult? Not really. He's got a bit of nip about him but the ball is dying on the pitch. One ball is pitched a fraction short and Cook rocks back and drives it through the covers for the first boundary of the day.


    Jon: "Looks like Compton isn't used to starting a test match at this sort of time either."

    Von: "At 29 you have to say this could be the end of Compton. Give Root some experience opening pre-Ashes."

    Claire Cottingham: "Oh Compton. That's not what you needed. Sad to see him go out so early."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Test Match Special on the air - and would you believe it we can see some cricketers on the field!"

    New Zealand v England

    You can listen to TMS on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  248. 2114: 
    Eng 5-1

    Jonathan Trott strides out, probably a bit earlier than he was expecting. Despite a relatively low-key 2012, his average remains a decidedly impressive 49.50. Oh dear, here I go again, bigging someone up.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think he's a little bit late on it. It just nipped back in. He just played it straight back on to his off stump. The worst possible start to the series for Nick Compton. He was looking to leave the ball but then he played it. It tells you about the mindset - he wasn't really looking for the ball. The pressure increases when you start with a zero."

    WICKET- Compton b Southee 0 (Eng 5-1)

    Mockers alert. Compton is a bit indecisive, playing late at a ball on his off stump and deflecting it onto his timbers.


    Alex McCann: "Who needs Gary Neville when you've got Jonathan Agnew."

    Laurence Nutt: "Loving the Barmy Army starting the day with a great rendition of Jerusalem. Just how Test cricket should be."

    Nathan Daniels: "Can see a captain's innings from cook to put England in a dominant position today."

  252. 2109: 
    Eng 4-0

    Left-armer Trent Boult is Southee's new-ball accomplice and he's worked away for a single to leg by Cook. There's a hint of late swing as Compton leaves well alone. Big day for Compton - great chance for a big score.


    England's Kevin Pietersen amused himself on a Segway as the rain hammered down in Dunedin yesterday.

    New Zealand v England
    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "We have only had six balls but already you can see it is going to be a slow pitch. The ball is not coming off with much zip.

    "You need a big suitcase coming over here. It's not like the Caribbean where you chuck in a couple of flip-flops and some shorts. You need to pack for all seasons here."

  255. 2105: 
    Eng 3-0

    Captain Cook is typically watchful early on as he gets use to the pace of the pitch, which is decidedly slow by the looks of it. The last ball of the over is worked away for three to long leg. There's a reasonable crowd assembled, many of them wrapped up warm as they laze on the grassy banks that surround the boundary. There's a significant Barmy Army contingent too, replete with banners displaying the names of their favourite football teams.

  256. 2100: 

    Right then, TV pictures from South Island confirm blue sky and some light, wispy clouds. Alastair Cook will face the first ball of the match from Tim Southee. Let's have some cricket.


    Jordan King: "This is so weird getting ready to watch cricket at 9 in the evening."

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "I still think the pitch is going to do a bit this morning because it has been under the covers for 24 hours. I would have bowled first today if I had won the toss. It is going to be tricky for the English batsman."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "We have got a bright and breezy, fresh day in Dunedin. Think Derby in April with a bit more brightness to it and that is the day we have got for it."

  260. 2058: 

    Test Match Special are on air now over on Radio 5 live Sports Extra. Every remaining day of this match will start half an hour early at 21:00 and the follow-on deficit has been reduced from 200 runs to 150.

  261. 2055: 

    Thanks Marc - good to have you onboard. With five minutes until we set sail there's plenty of room for more of you up here on deck. Send us an email to with For Sam Sheringham as the subject, tweet us via #bbccricket or text us at 81111 (UK).


    Marc Sepetowski: "Productivity was high today. I hope I have an excuse for it not to be tomorrow!!"

  263. 2052: 

    Now then, remember one about Dougie Bracewell and the broken glass. Well, here's another tale of mischief and misfortune from the New Zealand dressing-room:

    Spinners Jeetan Patel and Daniel Vettori have apologised for their "completely unacceptable" behaviour on a night out, which left the former unable to take the field against England in Queenstown. Patel stumbled and banged his head and had to take himself to hospital on the first night of a New Zealand XI's four-day match against the tourists last week. He had been drinking with former New Zealand captain Vettori, currently out of contention to play in the Test series against England because of injury.


    Matt Prior on England spinner Graeme Swann: "We've known for a few days now but it's bitterly disappointing. Looking forward, it's the right decision for Swanny. You can tell a difference in Swanny and you could tell he wasn't able to complete his action as well as he would want to. The right decision has been made and let's hope everything goes well. If you asked any other team in the world whether they would want Monty Panesar in their team, they would jump at the thought. He's an experienced cricketer and I'm sure he'll grab this opportunity."

  265. 2048: 

    Apart from the rain of course, yesterday was all about Graeme Swann and the news that England's off-spinner has been ruled out of the series and will fly to the United States for surgery on his troublesome right elbow. Swanny has been replaced by Monty Panesar in Dunedin, but when he was asked about his chances of being fit for the Ashes he was pretty upbeat. Swann told BBC Radio 5 live: "The Ashes are four months away, so if I'm not fit by then I will be very surprised. The last operation I had was by the same guy and he's a genius in the field."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Looks like the Test is starting finally at 9pm UK time. Few dark clouds but sun peaking through occasionally. @bbctms on air 855."

  267. 2045: 

    Now then everyone, shall we try again, and without those pesky footballers from Real Manchester and Madrid United getting in the way? After yesterday's washout in Dunedin, it looks like the first Test between New Zealand and England will be starting on time on day two. England, remember, will be batting first after New Zealand won the toss and chose to field. Test match cricket, the stage is yours.

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Live Scores - N Zealand v England


  • New Zealand drew with England
  • N Zealand: 460-9 (116.4 overs)
  • England: 167 & 421-6 (170.0 overs)
  • Venue: Dunedin

England 2nd Innings

View full scorecard
Cook c Watling b Boult 116
Compton lbw b Wagner 117
Finn lbw b B Martin 56
Trott c and b Wagner 52
Pietersen c Watling b Wagner 12
Bell not out 26
Root run out (Southee) 0
Prior not out 23
Extras 1nb 1w 6b 11lb 19
Total for 6 421