New Zealand v England, first Test, day one as it happened

The first day of the opening Test between New Zealand and England in Dunedin is washed out by rain.

6 March 2013 Last updated at 03:29

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As it happened

  1. 0318: 

    If anyone, anywhere, is still reading this page I have some news for you. After several inspections the umpires have finally decided to abandon play for the day. We'll have an earlier start at 21:00 GMT tomorrow and I'm sure you'll join me in hoping for better weather. Goodbye.

  2. 2310: 

    The latest pictures from Dunedin show that it's still raining out there and we won't get any news of a restart until it stops. With that in mind, we're going to pull over in a service station for a midnight feast. As soon as there is a sniff of play we'll be back.


    Greg Jordan: "I think Swann leaving the series is a big blow, but it gives the Montasaurus a chance to wreak havoc."

    Simon Newport: "It's a big blow for the series but our 'back up' spinners aren't too bad themselves. Need Swann for the Ashes though."

    Maximus the great: "Swann won't be a big miss, I think even Monty on his own can take five wickets against the current Australia batsmen."


    Big Leg: "The New Zealand weather is my Justin Bieber right now."

    Teenage Canadian heartthrob Bieber caused uproar last night when he turned up late to start his sold-out concert in London. Not sure there will be thousands of tearful teenage girls upset by the Dunedin rain though....


    New Zealand players BJ Watling and Ian Butler peer around the pavilion door to see whether the Dunedin rain is relenting. It isn't...

    New Zealand v England

    Will Mitchell: "Swann out of the series!! Massive blow for England! Need him fit for the Ashes."

    Luke Jameson: "Middlesbrough lose late on, terrible decision in Man U game, raining in NZ and now Swann out of series...? Terrible evening!"

    How big of a blow is spinner Swann's departure? Let us know using the #bbccricket hashtag on Twitter, or by text on 81111. Remember to put your names on those texts though.


    Peter Humphrey: "Good to see the situation being resolved, Swanny would not have lasted a couple of years if he'd played on all year."

    The Pete: "Good time for Swann to get his elbow sorted with back-to-back series vs NZ. Be ready to rip apart the Aussies in the summer."


    Bad news for England as Graeme Swann has been ruled out of the tour, despite taking part in fielding drills earlier in Dunedin.

    New Zealand v England
  9. 2249: 

    In his column in the Sun yesterday, Swann described his elbow as a "big worry". Now we know how big. He had an operation on it back in 2009, but the problem simply hasn't gone away. What does it mean for England anyway? Will Monty thrive as the number one spinner, or does he prefer operating as part of a duo? And do we now have to worry about the length of the tail? Send over your thoughts.

  10. 2244: 

    There I was about to park the live text in the hard shoulder and then this steamed up on my inside: Graeme Swann has been ruled out of the entire series and will fly to the United States for surgery on his troublesome elbow. James Tredwell has been called up as a replacement for this tour.

    BREAKING NEWS- Swann out of series

    Neil Virani: "Re 2140. Rio also did his hammy lifting a cot. Santiago Canizares cut ankle tendons catching a dropped aftershave bottle with his foot."

    Paul Morant: "Michael Stensgaard, Danish goalkeeper at Liverpool, dislocated his shoulder while attempting to fold down an ironing board."

    Dominic Collingwood: "Former Rangers and Scotland defender Kirk Broadfoot was admitted to hospital after a poached egg exploded in to his face."

  13. 2237: 

    Broad insists there will be no complacency from England against their hosts: "It's important that we know from the T20 and one-day internationals what a dangerous team New Zealand are.

    "They might have struggled in South Africa but we know what a powerful side South Africa are. We lost to New Zealand's A side and we know the dangers New Zealand can offer on home turf."


    Gaz, Wigan: "I shattered my tibia and ankle making a goal saving tackle. It was a friendly and the player had already been flagged offside!"

    Nick Farley: "Palace footballer Richard Harris once picked up ankle injury. In the programme it reported he tripped over his kitten."

  15. 2235: 

    When we do eventually get underway it will be a big innings for Nick Compton. To my mind, he did everything you want from an opener in India, putting on partnerships of 123, 66, 58* and 165 with Captain Cook. But he's 29 and his highest score in eight innings is 57 so there are already people saying that he should be replaced by youngster Joe Root. A first innings century here would surely put that debate to bed.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "We will be paying tribute to Christopher Martin-Jenkins from 10:30pm GMT with Richie Benaud, Mike Atherton and Mike Selvey."

    You can listen to Test Match Special's special tribute to BBC commentator Christopher Martin-Jenkins, who died aged 67 in January, on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.


    Ted Roberts, TMS inbox: "A teammate of mine was once unable to play for my rugby club (Capenhurst RUFC) as he had moustache-shaped burns from a flaming sambuca!"


    David Fletcher: "Re 2207. Yes to pink ball, day night games and pay per session not whole day for spectators."

    Alex: "A white or pink ball isn't much good in the rain though?"


    "It's not a common injury so there is not a clear definition as to what the treatment is for it," added Broad. "The left heel is important for you as a bowler because you slam down on it. But I've got through this week with no problems, so I would say I'm 100% for this Test match series."


    Play is still delayed in Dunedin after groundstaff brought on the covers about 30 minutes ago.

    New Zealand v England

    R. Warner: "Tony Gwynn, Hall of Fame baseball player, once injured his hand slamming it in the door of his Porsche in a bank parking lot."

    Henry Morgan: "I once dislocated my jaw drinking a cup of tea..."

  22. 2222: 

    I've not seen pictures from Dunedin for a while, but I think it's safe to assume that it's still pretty wet out there. In the meantime, let's linger on this embarrassing injuries for a moment or two longer. Anyone remember how Rio Ferdinand strained a knee tendon during his Leeds United days? Putting his feet up on the coffee table to watch telly, that's how.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sorry about the delay! Just some advanced warning. We might start our tribute to Christopher Martin-Jenkins earlier than planned. Will keep you posted."


    Tom Lambert on Twitter: "Surely the injury of Glenn McGrath in 2005 Ashes was both embarrassing and incredibly fortunate for us!"


    England bowler Stuart Broad says he is 100% fit for the Test match series against New Zealand following his recent heel injury.

    "The way this tour has been set up, with the T20s, the one-dayers and then the Tests, has been the perfect workload for me," he told Sky Sports. "The heel was a little bit sore to start with but I've not felt it for four or five days. I'm raring to go."


    Simon Woodman, TMS inbox: "Strange injuries: in 2004 Lewis Moody (Leicester and England rugby player) injured himself opening Christmas presents! It was his wrist tendons I believe. Over exuberance!"

  27. 2207: 

    Ed Smith on TMS reckons sport is about entertainment and cricket needs to rethink it's bad light regulations. Should they consider a white (or even a pink) ball for Test cricket? Send your views to #bbccricket or 81111 (UK).

  28. 2205: 

    As you can see from Aggerscam the rain is falling pretty heavily out in Dunedin now. It was going to be hard enough staying awake through the night to tell you about the cricket. But overnight rainwatch? Wish me luck...

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "View from the TMS box..."

    New Zealand v England

    You can listen to Test Match Special while waiting for the action to start in Dunedin on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  30. 2200: 

    Here's another talking point for you. What on earth has happened to Australia? What happened to their production line of top cricketers? Are they now so bad that winning the Ashes won't be as much fun as it should be? Or should England fans just enjoy the boot being on the other foot?

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Horrid here. Squally. Raining. Cold…"

  32. 2155: 

    Some light drizzle is falling out in Dunedin now. Start digging out those replay tapes.


    From Derek Howie in Edinburgh, TMS inbox: "Is Doug Bracewell related to former Test player John Bracewell?"

    Indeed he is, Derek. John, the former New Zealand and current Gloucestershire coach, is Doug's uncle. It doesn't stop there: Doug's father, Brendon, won six Test caps in the 1970s and 80s, uncle Mark played first-class, and cousin Michael plays for Otago.

  34. 2153: 

    So the game the world stopped to watch is over, and now we have the game the world couldn't watch even if it wanted to because it's a bit gloomy overhead. Sometimes cricket does itself no favours.


    Ian Smith: "Re 2140. I once missed the school cross country because I slid on my Mum's wet kitchen floor and took my big toenail off on the fridge."

    John Dalby: "Southampton FC stalwart Francis Benali broke his leg while raking leaves in his garden."

    Alex: "I once put my back out taking a thrown in, 15 seconds into my Sunday League football debut."


    The Dunedin crowd wait patiently as the start of the opening Test match is delayed because of bad light.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "When waiting for bad light to pass over, I think you are quite relaxed as a bowler. You warm up a little bit and play some cards. It's much harder for the batsmen."

  38. 2147: 

    Oh dear, more bad news from Dunedin. I'm told the groundstaff are preparing the covers on now. Looks like rain.

  39. 2146: 

    Anyone confused by the reasons behind Swann's absence, here's what he wrote in his newspaper column this morning:

    "We are embarking on arguably England's greatest year of Test cricket ever and I can't wait for the back-to-back Ashes series. But I have one big worry — the state of my right elbow. It caused me discomfort again during our only warm-up match before tonight's first Test and I had to leave the field. I'll be honest, the elbow is always a concern. It's been hanging over me for several years and, despite having an operation in 2009, the problem hasn't entirely gone away."


    Lewis Edwards: "Huge year of Test cricket for England commencing today. 75 days of cricket that could lead us back to the summit of the rankings."

    Tattz: "Test. Match. Cricket. How I have missed thee."

    Michelle Garland: "Can we not get Warney out there and get him to smile continuously until the clouds clear?"

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a little bit of light over the hills in the distance. But we might be waiting for a while because there is little breeze to move the clouds along."

  42. 2140: 

    We need a talking point and I think I've got a gem. You may well have heard that New Zealand paceman Doug Bracewell has been ruled out of this Test after cutting his right foot while cleaning up glass after a party at his house. Sounds like the ideal opportunity to send in your favourite embarrassing sporting injuries. Didn't Dave Beasant once drop a jar of mayonnaise on his foot?

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "As an opening batsman you just want to get out there and get started. It's difficult with bad light because you could be out there in 10 minutes or you could be out there in an hour.

    "It's the hardest thing in cricket when you're in that dressing room because you don't know what is happening with bad light. You don't know whether to stay on your toes or save your energy."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Some people haven't been here, like Kevin Pietersen, Monty Panesar and Nick Compton, and they have only had the opportunity of one warm-up match. Then other people like Samit Patel and Jonny Bairstow haven't had a match at all. It's been poor planning."

  45. 2135: 

    Umpire Paul Reiffel tells TV viewers that the light is unsafe for play at the moment. The safe level is 4.5 and at the moment it has dropped to 3 apparently. All very disappointing.

  46. 2131: 

    Bad news I'm afraid folks. It's a bit dark out there and the start of this Test match has been delayed. The umpires have been out in the middle with their light meters and they aren't happy.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's always concern when somebody like Graeme Swann gets injured. But I'm more concerned about the way they have planned the tour. I've been a big supporter of the current selectors and I think they have done a splendid job. But I can't believe they had 10 days off between the one-day international and this Test match, with only one four-day match inbetween."


    Richard in Powys, TMS inbox: "Compton deserves his place at the top of the order, the guy did nothing wrong in his first series as an opener and he deserves his chance in New Zealand. As for Swann and Broad, Monty is more than an adequate replacement for Swanny though the batting is weakened, but for me Broad is only keeping his place on past performances in my book."

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    Bruce who? Bruce Martin is the ripe old age of 32, but he wins a first Test cap after 115 first-class matches. A slow left-armer who plays for Auckland, he is also no mug with the bat: England would do well to note he has scored two first-class centuries.


    Steve, Kent: "Broad is going to need to contribute runs as well with Finn, Anderson and Panesar as 9,10,11. Delighted for Monty."


    England captain Alastair Cook: "It's a toss you wanted to win with the overhead clouds, but the pitch we're using looks like a decent wicket. It's up to our batsmen to grind out the runs."

  52. 2122: 

    A quick bit of history for you. New Zealand have only beaten England once in a home Test series - in 1984 - but the last two contests have been very hard-fought. The spoils were shared 1-1 in 2002 when New Zealand won the final Test in Auckland, and last time round England had to recover from a bit of a pasting in Hamilton to win the series 2-1.


    Marc Sepetowski: "Really looking forward to this test series!! Not looking forward to work tomorrow though. Told my boss productivity will be low!"

    Thomas Kirman: "Don't forget young Root can turn his arm over with a few off spin of needed."


    England: Cook, Compton, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Root, Prior, Broad, Finn, Anderson, Panesar.

    New Zealand: Fulton, Rutherford, Williamson, Taylor, Brownlie, McCullum, BJ Watling, Southee, Martin, Wagner, Boult.

  55. 2113: 

    Plenty of talking points to get your teeth into then. Could England win the Ashes without Graeme Swann? Does Stuart Broad deserve his recall? Are England right to retain Nick Compton at the top of the order? get in touch via Twitter on #bbccricket, via text on 81111 (UK) or send an email to with 'For Sam Sheringham' as your subject.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "There are a lot of English flags around the ground and a lot of English support."

    You can listen to Test Match Special from Dunedin on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Swann's absence is intriguing. Maybe there was a bit of kidology there from England. Swann was out there in the warm-up, taking catches in the slips and he even had a little bowl.

    "It's a blow because he is a wonderful spinner and he will be missed this week."

    You can listen to Test Match Special from Dunedin on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  58. 2110: 

    Wow, big news and worrying news for England. Swann has been troubled by his elbow for some time and talked about his Ashes fears in his newspaper column. But I'm not sure anyone expected him to be ruled out of this one. He's been sent for a scan and we'll let you know more news as we get it.


    Alastair Cook gets his call wrong and Brendon McCullum has no hesitation in choosing to bowl first. New Zealand hand a debut to 32-year-old left-arm spinner Bruce Martin.

    Alastair Cook describes England's defeat in the warm-up game as a good wake-up call then drops a bombshell. Graeme Swann is out with an elbow injury. Monty plays.

  60. 2100: 

    Just caught my first view of the University Oval in Dunedin. Looks a very pleasant parkland ground, surrounded by tall trees. The capacity is 5,500 so more of a ground than a stadium, but it looks a very pleasant place to play cricket. Here come the skippers for the toss...

  61. 2054: 

    So what do we know about New Zealand then? Well, they are ranked a lowly eighth in the ICC Test rankings, have only won one of their last 11 Test matches and were torn to shreds by South Africa at home in their last Test series.

    On the other hand, the return of their best batsman Ross Taylor after a Pietersenesque saga should strengthen them considerably, and when you throw in the explosive Brendon McCullum, exciting young batsman Kane Williamson and promising seamers Tim Southee and Trent Boult you realise that will be no walkover for Alastair Cook and his men.

    Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special

    "Cloudy with a chance of light drizzle in Dunedin...A good day for having a bowl me thinks..."

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    View from @bbctms commentary box in Dunedin two hours before the start of the #nzveng series - on air at 9pm."

    New Zealand v England
  64. 2048: 

    The first Test, which gets underway at 21:30 GMT, represents the first of 15 for England against Antipodean opposition in the next 10 months. After three Tests in New Zealand, England will host the Kiwis for two Tests in May before the opening shots in back-to-back Ashes series are fired at Trent Bridge on 10 July.

  65. 2045: 

    I feel a bit like a parent trying to interest their child in a piece of fruit while standing next to an ice-cream stall. Ok, so New Zealand-England is not exactly "the game the world will stop to watch" (in fact, if you are in the UK, it's more like the game you'll have to stay up very late to watch) but I'm sure we can find some suitable hyperbole to get the juices flowing ahead of the first Test in Dunedin.

    How's about this: "England's road to the Ashes starts here".

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Live Scores - N Zealand v England


  • New Zealand drew with England
  • N Zealand: 460-9 (116.4 overs)
  • England: 167 & 421-6 (170.0 overs)
  • Venue: Dunedin

England 2nd Innings

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Cook c Watling b Boult 116
Compton lbw b Wagner 117
Finn lbw b B Martin 56
Trott c and b Wagner 52
Pietersen c Watling b Wagner 12
Bell not out 26
Root run out (Southee) 0
Prior not out 23
Extras 1nb 1w 6b 11lb 19
Total for 6 421