India v England, third Test, Kolkata, day two as it happened

Alastair Cook hits a record-breaking 23rd England Test century as the tourists reach 216-1 in reply to India's 316 on day two.

6 December 2012 Last updated at 10:54

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As it happened

  1. 1050: 

    And, as Sir Geoff prepares for tomorrow, so too will we. Before now and the early hours of Friday morning, gorge yourself on Sam Sheringham's match report and keep any eye out for the TMS podcast and Jonathan Agnew's column. Rest easy, a big day ahead. Until then...

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Compton in his third match is much more defensive, much more careful than Cook. You can't expect him to play like a seasoned performer so early in his career. The fact is England were doing well, you shouldn't be in competition with your team-mates because you're working for your team, so from that point of view it was successful, but then he went for a shot which he didn't need to do.

    "In terms of India, it's hard when the captain's not moving things around and trying to change things, when you've got a poor standard of athletes it's even harder. You go round them and think where are the quick bowlers to change things?

    "Even if it doesn't turn too much, the scoreboard pressure will tell on India and I have no doubt England will continue tomorrow as they did today."


    Nick Dear on Twitter: "Is it worth mentioning that, going into this Test, Cook has a 75% win record as captain? Good Omen?"

  4. 1046: 

    Lots and lots to come on the BBC Sport website today, so I'll start my plugfest nice and early. You can already relive the moment Alastair Cook went to his 23rd Test hundred and listen again to James Anderson on his involvement in a film on Maasai cricketers.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "That was a special day for Alastair. I thought he played very similar to the other innings, but in fact he's played a little more fluently and better. He's actually got these spinners in his pocket, the great side to him is the fact that he doesn't allow any bowler to get himself out of his comfort zone which is the perfect way for an opening batsman to be. Today he started to express himself a little earlier, with a low slow pitch and fast outfield he played beautifully. I haven't seen at any time that this lot look like they will get him out."


    Albion Roar on Twitter: "Raise a glass to Alastair Cook. 23rd Test Match ton (Eng record) and youngest cricketer to reach 7,000 runs. Marvellous scenes."

  7. 1040: 

    Sir Geoff mentioned earlier that he thought England could have a lead of 100 by tea tomorrow. At this rate, surely they could be further on than that? Let's not get ahead ourselves, though. We have an obligation to pull out the classic "first session tomorrow is crucial" mantra.


    Jack Mills on Twitter: "Is Cook's record undermined by the fact that cricketers today play more games than their predecessors?"

    Perhaps, but Cook has played fewer Tests than Boycott, Cowdrey and Pietersen and only one more than Hammond.


    From Chris in Warrington, via text on 81111: "We have seen it before. England get themselves in a good position then the next day the undo all the hard work! Cookie needs to show them the way tomorrow morning! Need start like its day one."


    Sahil Oberoi on Twitter: "If India actually bothered using DRS or holding on to catches, Cook wouldn't have made a single century on this tour."

  11. 1033: 

    Graham Gooch is on the boundary's edge to shake hands with his boy Cook the moment the England skip crosses the rope. All of the England team are on their feet as Cook and Trott enter the dressing room, with high fives and fist pumps all round. Only 100 behind with nine wickets in hand, the tourists look to be holding all the aces.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I am not seeing anything here that says to me the Indian bowlers can knock off nine wickets tomorrow, from the first Test match India have fallen in to the trap of believing they were better. They have never looked at themselves, their own batting, their own bowling - they just looked at England. They thought England made them look world-beaters but I thought this isn't a great Indian team, I haven't seen anything to worry about."

  13. 1030: 
    Eng 216-1

    Both sides might want this to be the last over of the day. It's Zaheer to Cook, who jabs into the off side to bring up the 50 partnership. A couple of slips converge for Trott as "we are the Army" can be heard from the Barmy Army. TV pictures show Steven Finn padded up ready to be England's nightwatchman, but it seems unlikely that he'll be needed. Trott takes one to third man, then, fittingly, Cook pushes back the final ball to end his record-breaking day.


    Daniel Nixon on Twitter: "What makes Cooks achievements so special is that he's an opening batsman, that many runs against the new ball is incredible"

    Terry Mahoney on Twitter: "Let's not get too myopic re Cook. Michael Clarke, bit older but two recent double tons, 21 centuries in all, test average 52."

    Yusuf Mahamed on Twitter: "Where was Cook against Steyn, Morkel and Philander earlier this year? He wouldn't make SA's top six."


    Malc, via text on 81111: "Tresco born 25/12, replaced by Cook born 25/12... replaced by my 11 year old son born 25/12. I've been telling him, it is his destiny for last few years..."

  16. 1024: 
    Eng 214-1

    We've had a few mentions of the fact that Kevin Pietersen could match Cook's 23rd Test hundred tomorrow, which is quite right. Would we then be talking about which of KP or Cook is England's best ever? More pace from India as Ishant Sharma serves up a bumper to Trott, but the pitch is so slow it bounces twice on the way through to Dhoni.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Batsman put you in a position to win, bowlers will win you matches but if batsmen don't bat well you will lose the game. When you play cricket your bowlers can have a poor session and come back because they only need one ball, but batsmen can have a bad session and lose the game. You can put yourself under immense pressure to chase the game, let alone win it."

  18. 1015: 
    Eng 214-1

    India are in no hurry to bowl their final three overs, turning to the left-arm seam of Zaheer Khan. One that ducks into the left-handed Cook is squirted through square leg for a single, with Trott then moving across his stumps to work to fine leg for one more. Trott is up to 20, the partnership is 49, as Cook signals to the dressing room for a drink.


    Matthew Cobb on Twitter: "Jingle bells, jingle bells. Jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to see England dominate in the sub-continent."

    Hannah Westlake on Twitter: "The other notable chap born 25th December - Marcus Trescothick?"

  20. 1014: 
    Eng 212-1

    Is it OK to say if he'd missed that he might have been in trouble? Is it the same as a bowler saying "it would have bowled him if he hadn't hit me for six"? Either way, Cook might have been plumb had me missed that sweep shot off Ashwin, but when you're 134 not out, you don't miss many.


    From Ali, TMS inbox: "Alastair Cook's projected career record if he retires in 2022 at the age of 37, based on his current record: Tests-229, Innings-403, Runs 18,832 and 100s-61. He could be on his way to becoming the greatest Test batsman of all time."

  22. 1010: 
    Eng 210-1

    India's fielders seem more likely to hit the stumps than their bowlers at the moment, with Ishant Sharma hitting direct from mid off as Trott sprints a single. Ojha is over the wicket to Cook, firing it into his pads with a leg slip waiting, but Sir Alastair of Cookshire is wise to that plan.


    Gren in Warwick, via text on 81111: "Until Cook can score a chanceless 23 in a day on an uncovered pitch facing Bishen Bedi, batting with a stick of rhubarb, wearing his grandma's pinny... he will always be number 2."

  24. 1007: 
    Eng 209-1

    Just switching on? Where have you been? Not only have you missed England bowling India out for 316, but also Alastair Cook hitting an England record 23rd Test hundred. The skipper now seems intent on being there tomorrow morning, giving Ashwin some big bat and pad for a maiden.


    Giles Gibson on Twitter: "Captain Cook love-in perhaps going a bit too far now. What's next? Comparisons to other notable chap born on 25th December?"

    Nick Gill on Twitter: "I don't think we can fully judge Cook until he's retired, because don't forget KP could equal him on 23 centuries and he has more runs."

    Andy Johnstone on Twitter: "Every time I dropped the ball playing cricket in the garden with my Dad he'd say 'That man went on to get a hundred.' Too true."

  26. 1005: 
    Eng 209-1

    The India fans seems quite quiet in Kolkata, with the strains of Barmy Army trumpeter Billy easily heard around Eden Gardens. England look to be easing down to the close now, as Trott plods forward to push back Ojha.

  27. 1002: 
    Eng 209-1

    Ashwin, right hand up above his head, delivers the ball from shadows to light towards Trott. There's a little turn there, but not much, with Trott clipping towards mid on and taking a single. By the way, anyone remember the beating England got in Ahmedabad?


    Aman Sheth on Twitter: "Can we just hand England the match now and get it over with. Embarrassing to watch the bowlers toil to no results."

    Tom Stimson on Twitter: "To think, Alastair Cook, the greatest England batsmen ever lives 3 doors down from me, and his mum taught me chemistry!"

  29. 1000: 
    Eng 208-1

    India going through the motions here, allowing Cook to take a single from Ojha. The skip is up to 133.

    BBC Sport's Alistair Watkins

    And here's where Alastair Cook stands in relation to other recent leading England players. His batting coach and mentor Graham Gooch hit 20 centuries, Andrew Strauss made 21 and Michael Vaughan 18.

  31. 0957: 
    Eng 207-1

    Is that a good sign for England? Maybe they'd like to have a decent lead before they see the pitch misbehaving, as Ashwin gets one to keep low to Trott. JT deals with it well, though, jamming down to take one to mid-wicket. Trott is up to 15.

    Michael Vaughan

    "I reckon Cook will win the Ashes on his own next year....."


    Pete, via text on 81111: "Cook as the greatest ever English batsman? I say yes. People will say Gooch for volume of runs, the nostalgic votes will plump for Hammond or Hutton. But at only 27, Cook has a chance to eclipse all English records. And he's done it all over the world in all conditions, at home, in Australia, in India. Truly remarkable."

  34. 0954: 
    Eng 205-1

    Shadows have encroached right across the ground as Ojha bowls around the wicket to Trott. Half of the wicket is in shadow, half in sunlight. Time and again Trott looks to work on the leg side, finally getting his reward with a sweetly timed clip through mid-wicket. India look less interested than a mob of sulky teenagers, they can't wait to get off the ground.


    Ilyas Najib on Twitter: "It goes without say Cook is now England's greatest Test match batsman, Gooch, Boycott and Gower deserve an honourable mention"

    Jon Powell on Twitter: "Thirty hundreds by the end of the two Ashes series will see Cook as England's greatest batsman."

    Tom on Twitter: "Until he wins Strictly Come Dancing Cook can't be the greatest cricketer."

  36. 0949: 
    Eng 201-1

    As the light begins to fade in Kolkata, Cook brings the 200 up by punching Ashwin down the ground. India have hardly any pressure on the England captain now, they are simply waiting for him to make a mistake - that came a long time ago, when he was dropped by Pujara at slip. I wonder what Che's thinking right now?


    Ed Short on Twitter: "So Captain Cook has now passed Captain Strauss. Next up KP but that would need a grandad ton."

    Tricky Hawes on Twitter: "Great achievement,but Cook not the best ever - have to look at averages too. Hammond 58.5, Barrington 58.7, Hutton 57 - Cook 50"

    Oliver Jones on Twitter: "Cook is a great batsmen, but he struggled against Warne and McGrath in 07, and he didn't have to face Walsh, Ambrose and co."

  38. 0949: 
    Eng 199-1

    Cook moves to 131 with a single off Ojha, then Trott shows a little fluency with a lovely clip through mid-wicket for four. England trail by 117 - at this rate they could be well in front by lunch tomorrow.


    From Sam in Melbourne, TMS inbox: "Looking forwards to the next Ashes series, Cook and Clarke, two captains in brilliant form, should be a fantastic contest. Of course, the Aussie's don't have a top order, so we'll stuff them, but Cook vs. Clarke should be fun."

  40. 0945: 
    Eng 194-1

    Careful skipper, don't got getting yourself run out. Cook takes a short single to mid off, with the throw hitting the stumps at the non-striker's end direct. Cook looks to be well home, with the third umpire confirming as much.

  41. 0943: 
    Eng 191-1

    Trott is getting all bottom-handed to Ojha, but can't get the ball away. A maiden gives me the chance to mention another golden Cook moment - his highest Test score of 294 against India at Edgbaston in 2011. In that match, bowling at Lord Cook was futile as firing ping pong balls at a revolving door.

    BBC Sport's Alistair Watkins

    "Cook has 23 centuries and has time on his side to challenge plenty more records in his already brilliant Test career. Sachin Tendulkar has the most Test centuries with 51 from 192 matches, while Jacques Kallis is second on 44, Ricky Ponting third on 41 and Test Match Special pundit Rahul Dravid fourth on 36. To get into the top 10, Cook will need to get to 30 but at his current rate that could be next year during the Ashes...

  43. 0938: 
    Eng 191-1

    Spin from both ends now, with Ravichandran Ashwin serving up a full toss that Cook could hit for four in the dark. With his eyes closed. That boundary through midwicket takes him past Andrew Strauss as England's ninth-highest Test runscorer of all time. Records being broken faster than plates at a Greek party.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Look at a batsman and see how he plays, the key is to get him out of his comfort zone and see how you want to play him. It's not easy on certain pitches to get people out of their comfort zone but you have to try, you've got to get him to play a little bit wide before he gets in before he feels confident and his feet are set. That is the secret to bowling, you really have to study players and bowl differently for all of them, once they get in their repertoire will just increase."

  45. 0937: 
    Eng 187-1

    One of the reasons that cricket is such a great sport is the contrasts it throws up. While Alastair Cook is in the sort of form that would allow him to hit a pea with a stump, Jonathan Trott is struggling to hit a cow with a shovel. Trott is feeling his way in, going forward and back to play back an Ojha maiden.


    Josh Dobias on Twitter: "Remarkable how a few years ago people were calling for Cook to be dropped."

  47. 0933: 

    So, as the players take drinks, I pose this question. Does 23 hundreds make Alastair Nathan Cook England's greatest ever Test batsman. And, if it's not him, then who?

  48. 0931: 
    Eng 187-1

    Aaahh Peter, you bring me to more reflections on Sir Alastair of Essex. That dreamy winter of 2010-11, when Cook's broad bat flayed Australia for 766 Ashes-winning runs. Bookended by huge hundreds in Brisbane and Sydney, it's safe to say that Cook made the Aussies sick of the sight of him, mainly thanks to sort of cover-driven boundary just dished out to Zaheer.


    From Peter, TMS inbox: "I'm just looking forward to next summer's blockbuster: Alastair's Ashes."

  50. 0926: 
    Eng 181-1

    Compton's dismissal rather rudely prevented us from further reflection on Alastair Cook's magnificent achievement. There's a nice symmetry about the record-breaking ton coming in India, after all, it was in this country that he scored a century on debut in 2006. Since then, bar a lean spell before the last Ashes, he's been a consistent run machine. Trott gets off the mark by flicking Ojha to fine leg for four.


    Elliott Marks on Twitter: "Odds on the royal baby being called Alastair? Awesome stuff from Cook, can't wait to see more in the years to come!"

    Jack Byrne on Twitter: "Are we likely to see a battle now ala Warne/Murali between KP and Cook as they swap positions over the next few years?"

    Darren Coverley on Twitter: "This Cook lad looks half decent, might be one for the future."

  52. 0923: 
    Eng 176-1

    Jonathan Trott is the new man, a player badly in need of some runs. He is not on strike, though, as Cook twice pulls Zaheer Khan, first for a couple, then for four. What's next? Wowzers. He rocks back and laces a cut through point like a musketeer lunging his sword at a baddie. The England skip is seeing it like a beach ball.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is Test cricket - don't give the opposition a sniff. Compton will sit down later and say to himself there are days when the ball moves around and you will get out twice cheaply, so when you get in like today you have to make the most of it."

    WICKET- Compton lbw Ojha 57 (Eng 165-1)

    Where has that come from? England were making untroubled progress but, finally, India have a breakthrough. As was always likely, it comes from batsman error, with Compton missing a sweep off Ojha. Umpire Rod Tucker initially shakes his head, but then raises his finger. Bizarre, but replays show it was probably a decent decision. The long partnership is over, but Compton has done his bit to put England well on top.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think it will be such a big deal to him (Cook), at his age of 27 he's going to get quite a lot more unless he has a serious illness or injury he's just going to play. He's in the best years of his life and will automatically play, he has a good technique and should be well on the way to 40's by the time he's finished."


    At the office? At school? Stand up and applaud England's most prolific century-maker in Test match cricket. Alastair Cook dabs Ashwin for two to fine leg to bring up that magical 23rd Test century, pumping his first as he runs the first. He takes off his helmet, raises his bat and flashes a smile as wide as his bat. You don't often get the chance to witness greatness, but this is surely that. History made.


    Nick White on Twitter: "Cook could be the greatest England batsman. You don't always appreciate it at the time, you only think back in retrospect- ENJOY!"

  58. 0908: 
    Eng 152-0

    Sharma is pulled from the attack in favour of the left-arm spin of Pragyan Ojha. That's into Cook's arc, though, and the England skipper sweeps hard for four. 98. Two more from leaping above Boycott, Hammond, Cowdrey and Pietersen. Two more from being the sole England batsman to have made 23 Test hundreds. We have to wait a little longer, though...

  59. 0905: 
    Eng 148-0

    Cook and Compton continue to gorge on the diet of singles, there's very little pressure being applied to the England batsmen right now. Two from the over. Cook inching, inching, towards further greatness.

  60. 0903: 
    Eng 146-0

    Sharma is hanging the ball outside Cook's off stump as a Mexican Wave starts to lap Eden Gardens. The Essex left-hander isn't interested in playing at any of that though and is happy to let a maiden pass through to wicketkeeper Dhoni.


    Dan Hayward on Twitter: "Catch Me If You Can."

  62. 0858: 
    Eng 146-0

    Sedate stuff from the Ashwin over, a single apiece from Compton and Cook as the skipper nears history.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's not easy to replace a player of Andrew Strauss' quality and Nick Compton has made a great start to doing that. It's been a great effort."

  64. 0853: 
    50 FOR NICK COMPTON- Eng 144-0

    Sharma tests Compton's mettle with a few head-rattlers, but, after ducking and weaving, Denis's grandson hooks for the single that takes him to his first Test half-century. He's been threatening this for the first two matches of this series and has looked very much at home in Test cricket. Cook moves into the 90s with a slash through third man for four.


    ControlledMagic on Twitter: "A Passage Through India."

  66. 0849: 
    Eng 138-0

    A bit more on that Cook record for you. He's the first 27-year-old to reach 7,000 Test runs. The great Sachin Tendulkar was 28, Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis both 29. The England skip celebrates by pushing back an Ashwin maiden.

  67. 0847: 
    Eng 138-0

    The sky is still cloudless in Kolkata, but the shadows are lengthening just a touch. The light did fade noticeably in the evening session yesterday. I get the impression that Alastair Cook is in the sort of form that would allow him to get runs with only the light of a miner's helmet. The skip rocks back to cut Sharma through cover for four. A pushed three through the covers take him to 88 and, at 27, the youngest ever batsman to reach 7,000 Test runs.


    From Rob in Durham, via text on 81111: "Does a 100 today make Cook our greatest batsman of all time? Most tons, runs in India, runs down under and he's only 27, can anyone compete?"

  69. 0842: 
    Eng 131-0

    Cook and Compton were occasionally a little jittery between the wickets during the afternoon session, but Cook scores his first run evening by pushing Ashwin to mid off and scampering a single. A paddle sweep takes Compton to 49, one away from his first Test fifty, but Ashwin makes him wait with a carom ball that beats the outside edge.


    From James in Kuwait, via text on 81111: "Bat to the future? No way out? Driving Miss Sharma? Brokebat mountain?"

  71. 0838: 
    Eng 127-0

    Ishant Sharma, who was fairly impressive after lunch, gets us back under way after tea. He starts badly though, overstepping and allowing Compton to cut for four.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's been very little spin and not a lot of reverse swing, it's been easy-paced batting. Dropping Alastair Cook may come back to haunt India."


    Alistair Nicholls on Twitter: "Cook & Compton - Lawrence of Arabia - seriously good and goes on for even get a break for a cup of tea after 2 hours!"

  74. 0831: 

    Breaking news from the tea interval - JLS have arrived. That's enough chat about them for one day, though. We have a potentially historic final session ahead of us. The players are back on the pitch - slightly late, I might point out. Alastair Cook is 20 runs away from the magical 23rd Test ton, Nick Compton nine away from a maiden half-century.

  75. 0817: 

    A nice early film title entry from Tony in Longmont there. Time for a quick cuppa here. Stephan Shemilt will be back to direct the closing episode of the Batting Brothers.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a really good session for England. The two seamers bowled really well and made them play and miss a couple of times but after that it's been comfortable for Cook. He's played really well and has looked in control with a range of shots, in fact he went down the pitch and hit a six off the spinner he was so comfortable. Compton has played well again, his role is second fiddle to Cook and he's played very sensibly."


    From Tony in Longmont, Colorado, TMS inbox: "How about "Wind on the Willows" for the Cook/Compton silver screen special?"

  78. 0813: 
    TEA INTERVAL- Eng 121-0

    England collect another five runs off Ojha in the last over before tea, the highlight a lovely three to Compton threaded through a gap in the leg side. He has 41, Cook has 80, and is 20 runs from history.


    From Tom in Shanghai, TMS inbox: "I'm not sure it's a good or bad thing that I didn't know who JLS [0730] was until I Googled them. At first thought I was looking for a lengthy Indian name well abbreviated."


    David Carr on Twitter: "Almost that horrible time when I have to accept I need to get ready for work and can't sit watching cricket in slippers all day."

  81. 0809: 
    Eng 116-0

    Is Cook playing for the interval now? Looks like it as he plays out an Ashwin maiden. One over until a cup of char all round.


    Major Blunder on Twitter: "Messaging my colleague the score, who is stuck in all day meetings here in India. He currently thinks we are 240-0."

  83. 0806: 
    Eng 116-0

    Three more runs off Ojha. Some of the Indian players are looking hopefully at the umpire, wanting him to call tea. I'm afraid you're going to have to wait another five minutes gents.

  84. 0804: 
    Eng 113-0

    Three more to Cook off Ashwin in his favourite area on the off side to take him to 77. Compton blocks out the rest of the over. Born to Bat? The Bat Men? Any other possible titles for a Cook and Compton silver screen special? I'm picturing something long and slow-moving, but deeply meaningful.


    Dan Murphy on Twitter: "One of the great things about Cook's form is it takes a bucket load of pressure off his new opening partner. World class."

  86. 0801: 
    Eng 113-0

    Compton is in the zone now as he punishes a straight ball from Ojha with a flick off his pads to the boundary. This outfield is so fast that the England players are finding the boundary with little nudges and nurdles. Tendulkar pointed the way to this approach yesterday and the England openers are following his lead.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "At tea we hear how Jimmy Anderson is getting involved in Warriors Film, telling amazing story of Kenya Maasai cricket team."

  88. 0758: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 104-0

    Ooh, a rare appeal. Cook's well forward but Ashwin thinks it was pad before bat. The umpire disagrees so Cook takes guard again and promptly creams Ashwin through the covers.

  89. 0754: 
    Eng 100-0

    Dhoni's not happy with the ball. He'll try anything at the moment. England are thoroughly outplaying India in their own backyard and their skipper is feeling the heat. Dhoni's wish is granted as the third umpire comes out with a box of balls and a similar sphere is chosen. Ojha drops a fraction short and Compton cuts him for four to bring up the hundred partnership.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a beautiful day for batting. We could still be batting, not just tomorrow, but the day after. If England bat sensibly they will pass India's score by lunchtime tomorrow and be 100 ahead at tea. There's loads of time and India are very good at helping our bowlers by making mistakes. This is rare for a team to come here and outplay India. You have to enjoy it."

  91. 0748: 
    Eng 95-0

    Boycott bounces into the TMS box full of the joys of spring, confidently predicting that England could bat into day four. Cook shows a bit more caution this time round, blocking five balls from Ashwin, then snatching a single to keep the strike.

  92. 0746: 
    Eng 94-0

    Cook effortlessly pushes the last ball of Ashwin's over for four before the England duo help themselves to another four runs from an Ojha over. The scoring rate is rising quickly now and Cook is only 33 runs away from an England record 23rd Test ton.


    Adam Scott-Allen on Twitter: "England's openers have both hit sixes? In a T20 match that is unheard of, never mind a Test match in India."

  94. 0740: 
    Eng 86-0

    I'm become dangerously partial to Compton. Solid, sensible, serene, or any other similar word beginning with s you can think of. England continue to milk Ojha like a dairy cow. Where are India going to conjure a breakthrough from?


    From Anon, via text on 81111: "Compton. How wonderful that name appears on the score sheet. Would it be possible to fill the other places in the England side with such illustrious names."

  96. 0737: 
    Eng 83-0

    Spin from both ends now as Ashwin takes up the attack. Deary me, a mid-pitch collision between the two England openers is only avoided by a brilliant body swerve from Compton. More hapless running almost brings a run out but Yuvraj's throw is of the "couldn't hit a barn door" variety and it's four overthrows to England.


    From David Carter, via text on 81111: "Vic Marks - can I have the lottery numbers for Friday please?"

  98. 0733: 
    Eng 74-0

    Fine work Stephan. Treat yourself to a second scotch egg. Runs coming fairly easily off Ojha, who is getting very little turn from this sleepy pitch. Compton tickles to square leg for a single then Cook sweeps for a couple.

  99. 0730: 
    Eng 74-0

    I'm hearing rumours that JLS are the reason for the security, they are live on BBC Breakfast later. There's no way past Cook's door-like defence for Zaheer, despite some more reverse swing in to the left-hander. I'm off to hunt for JLS autographs, with Sam Sheringham jumping into the hotseat.


    From Stu in Dubai, TMS inbox: "I shall make a mockery of 'The Mockers' and confidently predict that England will win by an innings with a day to spare and Cook getting +150."

    Any other match predictions? Email us at, text us on 81111 (UK only) or tweet us using #bbccricket

  101. 0726: 
    Eng 74-0

    Victor Marks [0716], I tip my hat to you. Compton comes skipping down the deck, not quite near to the ball, but it doesn't matter as he frees his arms to loft Ojha over straight long off. What a shot from a man who previously had 17 from 75 balls. Also, well held by the sub fielder in a bright yellow bib. Compton up to 23.

  102. 0721: 
    50 FOR ALASTAIR COOK- Eng 67-0

    Absolutely beautiful from Cook, with a straight drive down the ground as easy on the eye as Scarlett Johansson in those perfume adverts. That takes him to 49, with the skip ticking over to 50 with a dabbed single on the off side. Did anyone ever think that captaincy would affect his batting? The man is a machine.

  103. 0716: 
    Eng 62-0

    Victor was right, sort of. Compton did use his feet, but, rather than hitting down the ground, defended on the front foot. A maiden. In other news, those security barriers outside the office have been joined by security guards. Still no idea who it's for.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's fatal to make predictions but I think Compton will come down the wicket and hit Ojha over his head in the first two overs he faces."

  105. 0714: 

    Are you just waking up? Want to know what you've missed? India were bowled out for 316 this morning, Monty Panesar ending with 4-90 as MS Dhoni counterattacked with 52. Since then, England have made good progress, surviving one scare when Alastair Cook was dropped at slip by Che Pujara. Pragyan Ojha is going to have a bowl after drinks...


    In reply to John [0659], we have had some suggestions on what other foodstuffs could be 'scotched'.

    Oliver Thomas on Twitter: "Surely a scotched pork pie would be such a handsome foodstuff you'd be able to survive a month on nothing else!"

    Andrew Harvey on Twitter: "Like Mars Bars you mean?"

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Every run Alastair Cook scores after being dropped will hurt India. He has been the key for England this series, and especially this match since India have not got a lot of runs. India have bowled well and kept England quiet but have not taken the one opportunity they created."

  108. 0711: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 62-0

    Now then, this is a rum do. Yuvraj Singh dives at point to stop a Cook drive, revealing a pair of luminous yellow and black undershorts. I'm rather taken aback. What else might cricketers be concealing under their whites? The first hour after lunch negotiated by England, we take drinks.


    Madeleine in Canada, TMS inbox: "To Paul in Perth (5.23): Well, that's done it. Now I won't know whether to do my usual squinty scrolling tomorrow morning, or just start looking for marriage proposals among the updates."

  110. 0705: 
    Eng 62-0

    After Cook got that inside edge in Ashwin's last over, India have responded by posting a leg slip. Still Ashwin finds the inside edge, but it squirts away for single. Cook is up to 45.

  111. 0703: 
    Eng 61-0

    We called it right, Sharma is pulled from the attack. Still no Pragyan Ojha, as Zaheer Khan returns. Zaheer is getting plenty of reverse hoop, into Cook and away from the right-handed Compton, who is nearly caught out by one that goes straight on.


    John Davis on Twitter: "Why is it only eggs that get the scotch treatment? Surely some other foodstuffs would benefit."

  113. 0659: 
    Eng 60-0

    As shadows just start to encroach at long on, England's good start continues. The pace of the outfield is highlighted as an inside edge from Cook off Ashwin races for four to fine leg, with the skip and Compton also taking a single apiece. Straight Outta has 17 from 60 balls.


    Anonymous via text: "Even if Compton doesn't get a big big score this series, he is worth sticking with. Patience and valuing your wicket are two skills that shouldn't be underestimated."

  115. 0656: 
    Eng 54-0

    Ooohs and aaahs from bowler and slips as Sharma gets one to nip back to Cook, with the captain nearly chopping on. Is Sharma just tiring a little? A leg-stump half-volley is tucked away for four by Cook. It might be time for a change.


    Collingwood College on Twitter: "Collingwood College CC locked in on a social - snow outside, (hopefully) watching Cooky bat all night - perfect."

  117. 0651: 
    Eng 50-0

    This is the part of Cook's game that he has developed since becoming one-day captain. He skips down the track, lofting Ashwin over long on for a maximum. Lovely shot. A sweep for one brings up the 50 partnership, of which the skipper has 34.


    Freddie Mickshik on Twitter: "Nick Compton seems to be unaware that 'Movember' is only meant to last a month - someone get the lad a razor."

  119. 0647: 
    Eng 42-0

    The leggy Sharma, running towards some trees poking over the fine leg fence, finally serves up a loose ball, with Cook gobbling up a wide half-volley like a hungry teenager. A wide half-volley disappears through the covers for four, but Sharma has still only conceded 12 runs from nine overs.


    Richard in Sheffield via text: "N.W.A might get one song quoted on the live feed but the rap outfit Public Enemy make frequent appearances. Tracks such as "Harder than you think" "I shall not be moved" "catch the thrown" "Run til its dark" and the KP inspired "Don't believe the hype" prove their cricketing heritage."

  121. 0642: 
    Eng 38-0

    Drop-catch victim Zaheer has been yanked from the attack, replaced by the off-spin of Ashwin. Cook immediately goes on the sweep, getting four to square leg, then pinches a single in the direction of Sachin Tendulkar at mid off. Ashwin, with the action of man trying to get out of a straightjacket, stays around the wicket to Compton, who is fortunate when an edge runs for four.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Kolkata

    "Wasim Akram and Navjot Sidhu are having an animated discussion about respective merits of Swann and Panesar over their buffet lunch. Swann, they agree, is the better bowler because his variations are more likely to cause problems in all conditions, although they believe Monty now has greater belief in himself. Sidhu, incidentally, is looking resplendent in matching purple turban and tie, reminiscent of villain Kamal Khan's henchman in the Bond film Octopussy."

  123. 0638: 
    Eng 29-0

    There are several crowd control barriers lined up outside the office, with a few hardy souls already taking a place behind them. I wonder who they could be here to see? I presume it's not to watch the live text team strut our stuff. Sharma, with the mullet of Gerry Francis, is bowling well here, giving Compton a good examination around off stump. A maiden.


    Paul Rawlins on Twitter: "Having jumped ship and moved to America, one of the big things I miss is scotch eggs. And cricket."

  125. 0634: 
    Eng 29-0

    Pujara is back at slip as Zaheer, with his long triple-jump style delivery stride, is slashed behind square for a single by Cook. Compton, with a forward defence wider than the back end of a bus, then takes one to point. Both men have faced 48 balls, Cook is 18, Compton 11.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "India are doing what they should be doing and putting pressure on the batsmen. They must get into the game. If they let Cook get in, he will be here all today and tomorrow. England are finding it hard going - the drives aren't getting away at the moment."

  127. 0629: 
    Eng 27-0

    It's curious that Pujara was even standing at first slip. Virender Sehwag is India's regular slipper, but he's mooching about in the covers. Pujara was wearing fielding pads and a chest pad when he dropped that and has now been moved to short leg for Sharma, with Ashwin going into the grabbers. Compton watchfully plays back a maiden.


    Matt on Twitter: "Surely a scotch egg is a convenient ready made breakfast ball."

  129. 0625: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 27-0

    Some advice to India: Do not drop Alastair Cook. It's Che Pujara at first slip, grassing a regulation low chance after Zaheer, finding some reverse swing back in to the left-hander, gets a genuine outside edge. Costly?

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you watch Ishant Sharma bowl he has the height, a decent action and pace but he has never really done it. He should be a fixture in the side with his talent but he's not fulfilling his talent. He looks to have all the attributes."

  131. 0620: 
    Eng 26-0

    It's pace from both ends after the break, with Ishant Sharma bowling with two slips and a short leg under the clearest of blue skies in Kolkata. A scuttler does for Cook outside off stump, then an absolute rozzer that shapes away from the skip again passes his groping bat. Good maiden from the long-maned Sharma.


    James in York via text: "I always quite enjoy reading peoples reasons for being awake at ungodly hours of the night and the frequent stories from new parents have led me to the conclusion that as and when I have my own children I will do my best to time their birth along side an away Ashes series."

  133. 0615: 
    Eng 26-0

    Zaheer is around the wicket, but strays on to Compton's pads and sees the first ball of the session to go to square leg for four. There's that hint of reverse, just beating Compton outside off stump. Zaheer already blowing hard, has he not just rested for 40 minutes?

  134. 0609: 

    Right then, is this the biggest session of the match so far? England's batsmen will be looking to continue the good work of their bowlers. Zaheer Khan has the ball in his hand, perhaps looking for some reverse swing after lunch. Alastair Cook has 17, Nick Compton is on five.


    Simon West on Twitter: "I can't believe it, #bbccricket quoted N.W.A's 'Straight Outta Compton' to describe Nick Compton!"

  136. 0603: 

    Have you breakfasted/lunched well? I was ridiculed for eating a scotch egg so early in the morning. Surely it's always the right time for a scotch egg?

  137. 0535: 

    So, the players take time out for refreshments and so too will I. Stay tuned to TMS as they look back on England's successful tour of 1984-85 with Tim Robinson, then join me for the post-lunch frolics.

  138. 0533: 

    England's morning? I doubt they will be any less pleased than when they started the day. Now, though, "the real game begins". In the afternoon session we'll find out the true worth of the work done by England's bowlers. Boycs reckons that if the tourists are still batting at tea tomorrow then they will have a lead of 100 and India will be in the brown. Plenty of work to do before then.


    DG via text: "Re Madeline (0449) I am reading this before flying back to the UK from Austria. I will turn on my phone with a little fear and read the updates through my fingers!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The ball hasn't done anything for the seamers this morning. India will have to create pressure like Monty did, bowl very few gift balls, work really hard for their wickets and put England under pressure."

  141. 0531: 
    LUNCH- Eng 22-0

    India might try and squeeze in two overs before lunch, and apply some pressure to Compton by posting a short leg for Zaheer. Straight Outta Compton manages to squeeze a single to square leg, with Cook then leaving the last two balls before what proves to be the interval. England's openers march off, they've done a good job, but the thrust of the battle is still to come.


    Kenneth Owen on Twitter: "I would listen to cricket on radio as I fell asleep. When I woke up I would find I had dreamed the night's proceedings."

  143. 0524: 
    Eng 21-0

    It's spin for the first time, with Ravichandran Ashwin bowling around the wicket to Cook. "It will be a big Test in the afternoon for the India spinners," says Sir Geoff on TMS. Cook aims a couple of cut shots, but can't beat point. It's a maiden.

    Adam Mountford, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "During lunch on Test Match Special (0530) we remember England's last series win in India back in 1984/85 with Tim Robinson."

  145. 0523: 
    Eng 21-0

    Compton, with the sense of duty of a captain going down with his ship, plods on to the front foot to defend Zaheer. Careful there skipper, don't get thinking that Sachin Tendulkar is too long in the tooth to run you out. There's some negotiating over a single between Compton and Cook, with Cook eventually sent back safely.


    Paul in Perth, TMS inbox: "Is Madeleine married?"

  147. 0518: 
    Eng 21-0

    Is that the first false shot of England's innings? Cooks hangs on the back foot to Sharma, edging between the slips and gully. Was that at catching height? Not sure. The upshot is that it runs for four to third man.


    Daryl Tinworth on Twitter: "In reply to Madeleine I go straight for the score & the inevitable pain of reading how it happened. That's courage."

  149. 0513: 
    Eng 17-0

    Zaheer is accurate to Compton, with the Somerset man happy to cover up in defence. If Compton and Cook are to be England's opening pair for a while to come, I think we should get used to these solid, unspectacular starts. Right now, it's just what England need. Just over 15 minutes until lunch.


    Cricket Record on Twitter: "1st time India has been bowled out in Eden Gardens Test since Pakistan bowled them for 407 in Mar 2005. Since then India declared all 5 inns."

  151. 0510: 
    Eng 17-0

    "This is an important time for India," says Rahul Dravid as he moves into the TMS box. Ishant Sharma has spent a long time out of the game with an ankle injury, but doesn't seem to be showing any affects as he runs in here. Just a pulled single to Compton - who is on four - from the over.


    Madeleine (0449) seems to have plenty of like-minded cricket lovers out there:

    Joe Sykes, TMS inbox: "In reply to Madeleine living in Canada, I am an Englishman at university in Philadelphia who will go to sleep this evening with the pleasure of knowing I have a kindred spirit out there."

    James in Texas, TMS inbox: "Madeleine - yes!!! I feel so much better about myself now!"

    David in Niagara on the Lake, Canada, TMS inbox: "That's exactly what I do."

  153. 0504: 
    Eng 16-0

    As various BBC Breakfast presenters enter the building, Cook and Compton exchange singles before the skipper glances fine for four to move to 13. With one more run England's deficit will be under 300. Small targets...

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Kolkata

    "For England to take control of this match you feel, as in Mumbai, two batsmen need to make hundreds. Only two Englishmen have made Test tons at Eden Gardens - Colin Cowdrey (107) in 1964 and Tony Greig (103) in 1977. Marcus Trescothick's 121 in an ODI in 2002 is the only other three figure score here."

  155. 0459: 
    Eng 10-0

    Not great from Sharma, who is too wide of off stump. Compton, not short of patience, is not interested is fishing for those, letting each ball of the over go by. A maiden. Few alarms for England so far.


    Andrew Carr on Twitter: "Strange 1970s buffet Cook is eating [0447]. Surely it would be chicken tikka and onion pakora washed down with a fresh lime soda!"

  157. 0455: 
    Eng 10-0

    Still no movement for Zaheer, but he cramps Cook for room as an outside edge flies past gully for four. Umpire Rod Tucker, in an outstanding Panama hat, scratches at the footholes and asks Zaheer to land a little wider. Where do umpires get their hats from? I want one.


    Madeleine (from Buckinghamshire), TMS inbox: "Time for bed here in Canada. Curious to know how others catch up with TMS in the morning. Does anyone else half-squint at the screen, eyes almost shut to to avoid seeing the score, while scrolling down in nervous anticipation to where one left off the night before? And then the joy... or anguish... of catching up over by over..."

  159. 0449: 
    Eng 6-0

    The pace of Ishant Sharma will be a slightly different challenge for Compton, who so far in his Test career has had to deal with at least one spinner taking the new ball. After a bit of hesitation, he and Cook scramble a single, with the shy at the stumps going for an overthrow. Not much happening for the pace bowlers.


    Stephen Chater on Twitter: "I once heard James Bond let Blofeld complete his plan of world domination to watch the Ashes Boxing Day Test in 2010."

  161. 0447: 
    Eng 4-0

    Zaheer, bowling with two slips and a gully, doesn't look to be getting any early movement. When he drops short, it's buffet for Cook, who helps himself to pickled onions, scotch eggs and little sausages on a stick with a cut for four.

  162. 0441: 

    Right then, no time to draw breath. India have had their huddle, England's batsmen are on the way. Alastair Cook is on strike, Nick Compton at the other end. Zaheer Khan has the ball. Big session? You betcha.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you had offered that after losing the toss England would have taken it. There was the possibility of 400 plus but it's now up to the batsmen to put into context what the bowlers have done. The bowlers have done really well as a unit and now England have to bat well as a unit."

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Kolkata

    "India's last 5 first innings scores at Eden Gardens prior to this match were 631, 643, 616, 407 and 411. This is their lowest total first dig since their 171 in that extraordinary win following on against Australia in 2001."


    From Sammy in Norwich, via text on 81111: "I never believe the 'wife is in labour but the cricket is too engrossing' texts you always have, but I fear that may be the scenario I am now in!"

    Are you suggesting that someone might make something up in order to get a mention? If so, surely we could do better than fake labour?

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Lovely cricket... Finn bowled it short and it got big on Dhoni into his chest and he couldn't get out of the way because the ball followed him. This is what Finn has - the ability to get wickets. I think he will play all seven Test matches in England next summer and we will have a pretty good attack, with Broad back to his best."

    WICKET- Dhoni c Swann b Finn 52 (Ind 316 all out)

    Finally England end India's resistance, with extra pace of Steven Finn doing the trick. After Dhoni belts through extra cover to bring up 27th Test half-century, Finn digs one in, taking the top of the bat and looping to a sort of fourth slip area. Graeme Swann runs around and takes a good diving catch. That was a great effort from Dhoni - how valuable might his contribution be? On the whole, though, I think England will be pretty pleased.

  168. 0427: 
    Ind 312-9

    This is getting frustrating for England now, as Ojha plays Swann back as if he's some club filth-chucker. It's another maiden, but last-wicket partnerships are not supposed to last this long. They've now added 16.


    PB in Wakefield via text: "One advantage of having insomnia is that I might get to see England heavily into the run chase before most people are awake."

  170. 0424: 
    Ind 312-9

    Still the Anderson-Dhoni battle continues, now with fewer words between the two. The singles continue to be refused, with Jonathan Trott doing some good work at third man to prevent a boundary. Four dots. Five dots. Now what? Good from England, keeping Dhoni down the non-striker's end for Swann's upcoming over. Three maidens on the bounce.


    Terry, TMS inbox: "I'm feeling for you Stephan. It's 30+ here in Thailand & the only ice I see is keeping the oysters cool at the side of the pool - no wait that's ice in my wife's cocktail!"

  172. 0420: 
    Ind 312-9

    Monty might be aggrieved to be taken off with a chance to bowl at number 11, but England have turned to Graeme Swann for the left-handed Ojha. Swann skids one on, but Ojha jams down on it, then is not ruffled when Alastair Cooks sits under his nose at silly point. A maiden.


    From James in Leeds, vis text on 81111: "Having England on top does take the edge off the early morning feed for my 14 day old son, Joshua!! The wife was surprised when I offered to warm the bottle."

  174. 0416: 
    Ind 312-9

    The familiar pattern continues, Dhoni happy to sit tight for the first five balls of the over as the fielders hug the boundary. Have England given up on trying to get him out? The field comes up, can Dhoni get one? Not this time. Ojha will face the music.

  175. 0413: 
    Ind 312-9

    Ding, ding. Monty v Mahendra, round two. After winning round one, Dhoni takes it easy in the early stages of round two - level on points after four balls. The slip goes, Monty fires the fifth in, a dot, then chips the final ball of the over to long off for one. Pretty even, but the fact that Dhoni keeps the strike is a win for the India captain. He's up to 48.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The way Dhoni plays at Eden Gardens maybe he should play higher than some of the other batsmen! My friend Sourav Ganguly and colleague Rahul Dravid think this is a good pitch but I think this is a goodish pitch. You have to work and graft like Tendulkar did, but it's not that flat and I think it's a good 350-370 pitch. I just have a different view of it. If this was in England with a pitch like a jigsaw puzzle it would be over in three days."

  177. 0408: 
    Ind 311-9

    Anderson is delighted to have a bowl at Ojha, who recently discovered which end of the bat is the right one to hold. The left-hander jerks backwards from a head-rattler, then is all too happy to get off strike with a scrambled leg bye. Will Dhoni keep attacking? He winds up, gets nothing, then pinches a single. How about this for a stat? Dhoni's average at Eden Gardens is over 200.


    Adam Davies on Twitter: "Surely Dhoni should take responsibility and bat above Yuvraj? He is a more controlled and proper player and won't get stranded."

  179. 0401: 
    Ind 309-9

    Like the sultry brunette stood at the bar, Monty is tempting Dhoni, giving the ball more and more air. Dhoni finally takes the bait from the fifth ball, leaning forward to loft over long off for a maximum. Now then, this last ball is big, will Dhoni look for the single? Well, no. He smashes high to long on, a massive hit, well on the way to downtown Kolkata. The skip goes to 46.


    From Ben via text: "Re: Nick in Sydney (0329) Anderson's currently 5th on the list of England's all-time leading wicket takers. It's not unlikely he'll end up first. He's won 2 Ashes series, and been the chief fast bowler as England have simultaneously topped the Test and ODI rankings for the first time. 'Just another decent quicky', then."

  181. 0355: 
    Ind 297-9

    Now, what does Dhoni do here? There's only number 11 Pragyan Ojha for company as he faces up to Anderson with the field spread. It's stalemate as Dhoni refuses singles from the first four balls, with the field then converging like flies on a jam scone at a summer picnic. Nothing from the fifth, will the sixth be a bouncer? It is, but Dhoni can pull for one to keep the strike.


    Philip Sparrow on Twitter: "England mopping up the tail like a garlic naan with the last of the Madras."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The stumps were well and truly splattered. I could tell you it turned and bounced but Sharma just missed a straight one. Monty is sometimes quicker than you think, especially when you just come in, and the batsman missed a full half-volley. Things are looking up for England, especially if they can get Ojha and leave Dhoni stranded."

    WICKET- Sharma b Panesar 0 (Ind 296-9)

    Panesar strikes again and is closing in on another five-wicket haul. Cook oddly decides against crowding number 10 Sharma, but Monty doesn't need more close catchers. The left-armer gives it a little more air, with Sharma simply missing a straight one to lose his middle stump. England are on the brink of having a bat.


    Lloyd Griffiths on Twitter: "For once an Christmas ad had my heart bouncing in anticipation. Yes, a Lego advert. Key question - does Lego cricket exist?"

  186. 0349: 
    Ind 296-8

    Ishant Sharma is the new man - he's a staunch blocker. He watches on as Anderson bowls with a spread field to Dhoni, who isn't interested in the single. The fifth ball is flicked through long leg for four, with Dhoni playing and missing at the last, exposing Sharma to Monty.

    WICKET- Zaheer lbw Panesar 6 (Ind 292-8)

    Monty to the rescue! Or at least, Monty does plenty to get his spinner mate Swann off the hook. Zaheer plods on to the front foot, but Monty gets it to slide on with the arm, thudding in to the front pad. Panesar appeals, wide-eyed with arms outstretched, begging Kumar Dharmasena, who responds with the deadly digit. 3-77 for Monty now, but, more importantly, England have the breakthrough.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The reason Swann didn't catch that is because he's stood so close. Anderson is grumpy. Swann was surprised at the pace because it came chest high but Anderson is generating a bit of life off this pitch. The ball is new so the carry will be greater than when it's old so I wonder if they have taken that into the equation."


    Gordon Pal on Twitter: "Yelling Jerusalem in bed in Sheffield at 3:30am could only be beaten by being in Kolkata."

  190. 0343: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ind 291-7

    Simple, simple chance goes begging for England. Anderson, fired up and bowling with pace, gets a genuine edge from Zaheer that flies straight towards second slip Graeme Swann's belly. Swann can't get his hands in the right place and, though the rebound was also catchable, the ball is grassed. Jimmy, whose default setting seems to be 'wound up', responds with a wild bouncer that flies over Matt Prior's head for five wides, with Zaheer rubbing salt into the open wound by hoiking over the leg side for four more. Anderson the opposite of amused.


    From Jimmy, via text on 81111: "Desperately attempting to get this criminology essay finished. Deadline in a matter of hours. TMS to keep me sane and (hopefully) awake."

  192. 0337: 
    Ind 282-7

    It's spin from the other end, with Monty Panesar bowling around the wicket. Dhoni is more circumspect, taking just a single to point. Tiny hint of turn for Monty. Dhoni is 28, Zaheer 2.


    Vincent Clerk on Twitter: "Good weather in India again. Will see what the pitch does. Big innings for Dhoni here under pressure as captain."

  194. 0334: 
    Ind 280-7

    We could well be in for some early fireworks. From the second ball of the day, India skipper Dhoni shimmies down the track to belt Anderson through mid off for four. When India scramble a leg bye from the next, shorter, delivery, Jimmy gives MS a long stare. After an exchange of singles, the second of which is a mis-timed hook from Dhoni, Anderson and the skipper have a few words. "Eeehhhh Mahendra lad, dunna be walking down the track to meh." At least, I think that's what Jimmy said.


    From James in Birmingham, via text on 81111: "Just been woken up by my house-mate coming home. Whether he gets an earful or not in the morning depends on England getting some early wickets."

  196. 0329: 

    Umpires Rod Tucker and Kumar Dharmasena shake hands and pat each on the back as they emerge from the pavilion. England follow, with Mahendra Dhoni and Zaheer Khan greeted by a huge cheer from the passionate Eden Gardens crowd. James Anderson removes his cap and shades, he'll be bowling to Dhoni. Let's play.


    From Nick in Sydney, TMS inbox: "Will Jimmy Anderson be remembered as an England great - or just another decent quicky?"


    India batsman Gautam Gambhir: "We have Zaheer Khan and Ishant Sharma to reverse swing the ball, so if they are on song it will be very difficult for England."

  199. 0324: 

    Before we get started, I have the opportunity to bring you one bit of news from the wider cricketing world. Following the retirement of Ricky Ponting, Australia have recalled Phil Hughes for the first Test against Sri Lanka in Hobart. Added to Ed Cowan, David Warner and Shane Watson, the Aussies have four openers in their squad. Mike Hussey began his career at top of the order too.


    James Anderson, reflecting on day one: "I thought we all bowled pretty well. We did well with the new ball and then got the old ball to reverse swing. It turned a little bit for the spinners, but not much, so to get seven wickets in the day was a great effort."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "How good is this pitch? England will be thinking that they need a biggish lead."

  202. 0318: 

    And while you're snuggling somewhere warm, you might even feel the need to get in touch, which you can do in the three usual ways. Tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket, text 81111 or email with 'For Stephan Shemilt' in the subject. Maybe you can suggest how I stop my car from icing over on the inside?

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's sunny, a little bit misty and muggy. The crowd are gathering, it's an early start here, but not as early as back home, of course. The players were in the nets at about eight this morning."

  204. 0315: 

    One thing that is undeniable, though, is that it is very, very, cold here in the UK. So cold that the inside of my windscreen was iced over this morning. My advice? Snuggle under the duvet, stick with us and listen to TMS, which has just come over the airwaves.

  205. 0313: 

    But, you don't have to believe me when I say England had the better of the opening exchanges, however, you may be interested in the the thoughts of Jonathan Agnew and James Anderson. They both agree with me. So there.

  206. 0311: 

    Yep, with India 273-7 at the end of the first day after winning the toss, it would have been England that enjoyed their sleep just a little more. Still plenty to be done by the tourists, though. Firstly, they have to to wrap up the last three India wickets, then, bat long.

  207. 0310: 

    So, after England's Miracle Of Mumbai, we had A Good Start At The Gardens, with Alastair Cook's men taking the upper hand on their Indian hosts in Kolkata. Want to find out what happens next? I'll tell you...

Live Scores - India v England


  • England beat India by 7 wickets
  • India: 316 & 247 (84.4 overs)
  • England: 523 & 41-3 (12.1 overs)
  • Venue: Kolkata

England 2nd Innings

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Cook st Dhoni b Ashwin 1
Compton not out 9
Trott lbw b Ojha 3
Pietersen c Dhoni b Ashwin 0
Bell not out 28
Extras 0
Total for 3 41

England in India 2012-13

India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

Reports and scorecards from England's one-day tour of India, which includes five ODIs.