India v England, second Test, Mumbai, day four as it happened

England race to a target of 57 to wrap up a 10-wicket win over India in the second Test and level the series.

26 November 2012 Last updated at 06:16

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As it happened

  1. 0615: 

    When I began rambling in the wee small hours, we talked of the Monday morning glow. England have only gone and delivered, making the worst part of the week so much easier. So come on, jump out of bed and get to school or work. Go and be awesome. See you for the third Test. Roll on Kolkata.

  2. 0612: 

    Yep, as Jack says, the UK is just waking up to the news of a remarkable England win, one of their finest in recent years. We roll on to Kolkata for the next Test, which starts on 5 December. Set your clocks a little earlier for that one, play gets under way at 0330 GMT.


    Jack Ashbee on Twitter: "And there's me thinking a bacon sandwich is the best thing to wake up to. Well done England!"

  4. 0606: 

    To bring you up to date with events in Adelaide, Australia have finally removed Jacques Kallis and now need four wickets in around an hour to force victory. South Africa are 234-6, debutant Faf du Plessis has an unbeaten hundred to his name. There will be a full report on the BBC Sport website when the match is done. Can the Proteas pull off a remarkable escape?


    The ICC on Twitter: "England spinners took 19 wickets in a Test for the first time since achieving this feat against New Zealand at Leeds in 1958."


    Si Lomas on Twitter: "Monty Python destroys India on spinning snake pit in KP sends England nuts."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Do England change a winning side? Now there's a question. Bell will come back and it will come down to Bairstow or Patel. There's a question mark over Broad. He's not played a part in to two Tests. I need bowling - and better than he has dished up. Can he pick himself up and bowl like we know he can? They can't just pick him because he's a number eight batsman. They want a proper bowler."


    England wicketkeeper Matt Prior on Twitter: "Its 5pm somewhere in the world time to celebrate! Great win lads!"

  9. 0600: 

    A few snippets of info that you may find interesting. This is England's first Test win since beating West Indies at Trent Bridge. That match was all the way back in May. They have lost three and drawn two since then. This is also only England's second Test win in 14 matches in India, a run stretching back to 1985.


    England bowler Steven Finn on Twitter: "Yes lads!!! Great win. Bring on the 3rd Test."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Tendulkar is playing poorly, Yuvraj hasn't got a great Test record, Kohli, who they think is the wonderkid - and I agree - has played three terrible shots. There are a number of their players not in the best of form."


    Former England batsman Paul Collingwood on Twitter: "Its days and results like this that makes you proud to be English."


    David Wilson on Twitter: "On the upside, England wrap up a convincing win over India. Downside, I'd counted on live updates getting me through the workday."

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "People say England are not great, and there is truth in that. Two people got hundreds but most of the others got out cheaply. I think India got lulled into thinking England were poor in Ahmedabad. They thought, 'the more it turns then quicker we'll beat them'. But the worse a pitch, the more it seams or spins, it levels the sides up. My goodness, how Monty has bowled."


    From Glynn, TMS inbox: "What an awesome result for England.Take note Australia! And South Africa looking like they might hold on for a draw in Adelaide. Go Proteas and sorry to Aussie wife."

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "No let up for Tim Bresnan despite England's crushing win, he's steaming in to bowl on the practice wicket behind the presentation ceremony. KP man of the match award has displeased the remaining Indian fans chanting 'Monty Monty Monty'."


    Richard Vining on Twitter: "Monty Cooks up a storm in Mumbai with a splash of good old KP - truly magical turnaround!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "The Test match was a wonderful advert for Test match cricket. It had so many good things in it: superb batting, different styles and wonderful spin bowling by the two England bowlers, who proved they are better than India's. A terrific Test match."


    Man of the match Kevin Pietersen: "Now that we've won, that hundred is at the top for me. Panesar and Swann were outstanding in the second innings and Cookie is a magnificent cricketer. What a difference a week makes."

    On his problems of the past six months: "Thanks to the guys in the dressing room for sorting everything out, every day you put on an England shirt is special. It was a brilliant team performance, and this accolade goes to the team."


    England captain Alastair Cook: "It was a tough week at Ahmedabad but the character we've shown this week has been fantastic. It was an important toss, but the way we bowled on the first day was fantastic, then Kevin took the game away from them. It was a great innings to watch from the other end. The way Swanny and Monty bowled in the India second innings was a brilliant performance. We get amazing support everywhere we go and to see so many English fans here means a lot."


    India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni: "For most part of the game we were outplayed. Monty bowled really well, the pace at which he was bowling made it really uncomfortable. He was the major difference. Our spinners could have tried to bring their batsmen on to the front foot a little more. A target of 200 would have been decent, whether we would have won with that, we will never know."


    From Ian in Winchester, via text on 81111: "I texted at 8am Saturday to say my wife was going into labour. I feel I owe it to the live text community to confirm that, despite being as hard to get out as Pujara and Cook combined, at 2pm Sunday we had a healthy baby daughter."

    See, more great news to add to the Monday morning glow.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "India underestimated Monty. They now can't go into the next Test asking for pitches that turn straight away. I don't think they will or should review Tendulkar's future until the end of the series. We need someone of his experience."


    From Tom, TMS inbox: "Greatest England win since Ashes Test at Edgbaston in 2005."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "Everything was supposed to be in India's favour, so credit to England, who has played beautifully. I can't speak more highly of Alastair Cook, who has batted beautifully and picked his team up after such a big defeat in Ahmedabad. India will take heart from the fact that there is still two matches to go and it is really set up to be a great series."


    From Eleanor, TMS inbox: "Just wanted to say hurrah for the England team and for my 5-week old daughter Sophia who had a long sleep only to wake for feeding at exactly 4am, so I could hear all this morning's play. Great way to spend the small hours!"


    Paul James Hewitt on Twitter: "It's phenomenal. Not just beating India in India but thrashing them, and thrashing them at their own dusty spinny game."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "After everything that happened in Ahmedabad and then losing the toss, this is a serious win."

  29. 0530: 

    All this after losing the toss in the toughest of conditions. Question; this is England's great win since....when?


    From Brian Doyle in Dublin, TMS inbox: "I thought this was supposed to painful to watch and there would be sweaty palms all round? and you call yourselves experts."


    Ed Mehen on Twitter: "I woke up to listen in, and England's assured performance means I can get an extra hour's kip before work. Well done everyone!"

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's almost a complete turnaround. It's tough to beat India in India, it really is. I'm particularly pleased that Compton got a few runs and stayed not out. It stands him in good stead."


    Wealthwise on Twitter: "Poor Swann. 8 wickets @14.125 and not even among top 3 contenders for man of the match."


    From Ed Atkinson, TMS inbox: "I'd hoped we would drag this out for a little longer. Now I've got to get on with some work here in Abu Dhabi. Did Phil from Birmingham [0345] have his baby?"

  35. 0526: 

    Cook lets out a cry, then hugs Compton in the middle of the wicket. The skipper yanks two stumps out of the ground and the England balcony rises to celebrate a brilliant win. Remember the hammering at Ahmedabad? No, neither do I.

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    "This was one of the most remarkable victories in England's history. Headingley 81 was pretty remarkable, but this was something else."


    Compton cuts Ashwin for four, taking England to within just one blow of a memorable win. Ashwin, like a man trying to get out a straight jacket, turns one down the leg side, Dhoni misses it, and it runs for four byes! England have won, England have won. I repeat, England have won!

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "England have obviously learned from Abu Dhabi. They've played with common sense. Compton has played really well. If he gets another 30 not out, it's a good start (to his Test career)."


    Jon Danger Schafer on Twitter: "Monty in at three if a wicket falls. Deserves the chance to really leave a mark on this victory."

  40. 0522: 
    Eng 50-0 (target 57)

    Are you becalmed under the duvet? All ready to celebrate the win? Maybe even sneak in an extra hour's sleep before you have to get up? Monday mornings are so much easier to face with an England win already sewn up. Comfortable progress continues against Harbhajan. Seven needed.


    John Russell Steel on Twitter: "Hoping this Test match isn't finished before this essay."

  42. 0519: 
    Eng 45-0 (target 57)

    More good running brings England a couple of singles and I'm now confident in saying that this game is all over. Just 12 needed.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's a cakewalk for England. By being positive and batting in a sensible manner, England have taken the game away from India easily. India are demoralised."


    Ady Lee in Indonesia on Twitter: "Following from Jakarta too. Spent a day explaining cricket to co-workers. Sadly they won't appreciate the England win like I will."

  45. 0516: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 43-0 (target 57)

    India turn to Harbhajan but England, smelling an afternoon off, remain on the charge. The dancing Cook takes three down the ground, with Compton getting a single in similar fashion. India appeal when Cook misses with a sweep, but the skip is well outside the line of off stump.


    From Gary, TMS inbox: "Flood warning here in Newark, Notts. Don't know what I'm more nervous about, watching the River Trent rise steadily up my garden or watching England try to knock off these runs!"

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "Nick Compton seems to have taken a leaf out of the Trescothick manual for chasing small totals. Quite out of character. India have pretty much given up the ghost now, Yuvraj looked like he was running in quicksand chasing Compton's reverse sweep for four."

  48. 0510: 
    Eng 38-0 (target 57)

    Nick Compton really is taking to Test cricket, now shimmying down the track to launch Ojha straight for a maximum. Only six overs have been bowled in this innings, but England have been teeing off. Already up to 38, only 19 more required.


    Vivek K Singh on Twitter: "Big loss on 'tailor made' pitch for India will be as disgraceful as was 4-0 loss in England."

  50. 0510: 
    Eng 31-0

    Singles everywhere for England and the good running continues after Cook cuts past a creaking Sachin Tendulkar for three. Kevin Pietersen sits on the balcony with his feet up, with a helmeted Jonathan Trott stood behind him. In other news, BBC Breakfast's Bill Turnbull has been been dropped off at the door. Showbiz.

    Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special

    "Those Indian media lads are ready for Dhoni. He'll just shrug it off but he'll definitely get the questions - they're ready."

  52. 0506: 
    Eng 25-0 (target 57)

    Ojha has four men around the bat, but 44 catchers wouldn't prevent England from sprinting after this target. Compton takes one, with Cook missing two big sweeps before scampering a couple through square leg. Very quiet in the sparsely populated Wankhede.


    John Robertson on Twitter: "It's a shame that Cook won't be given the chance to get a third consecutive century."

  54. 0503: 
    Eng 21-0 (target 57)

    Compton is in one-day mode here. He misses with a ramped sweep, then whips Ashwin through mid-wicket for four. Out comes the reverse sweep, with the Yuvraj Singh Escort Agency ensuring the ball gets to the fence for another boundary. England on the charge - they must have a lunch booking.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "England tried to block it in Abu Dhabi; maybe they're trying the positive approach here. I think it's the right one - bring the required runs down very quickly."

  56. 0500: 
    Eng 13-0 (target 57-0)

    Hello Nick Compton, what's this plan? He's down the track to belt Pragyan Ojha through mid off for four. Get to the pitch before the pitch gets you. I like it. Replays showing that appeal for a bat-pad catch off Cook in the last over might have been a good one. The England skipper may have swept the ball on to his pad, but did it carry to short leg?

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    South Africa, meanwhile, are edging closer to a remarkable draw in Adelaide. They have lost just one wicket in the first two sessions on day five, taking tea on 212-5. It leaves Australia needing five wickets in the final session to claim a victory which looked a near certainty when South Africa resumed on 77-4 this morning. Faf Du Plessis, who is unbeaten on 94, and the injured Jacques Kallis, with 34 not out, stand in the hosts' way.

  58. 0457: 
    Eng 8-0 (target 57)

    England will take all help that is sent their way, and the tourists get going with four byes through Mahendra Dhoni's legs from the very first ball. India appeal for a catch at short leg, then, when Ashwin is too wide, Cook slashes through backward point for four. Less than 50 required. Great start for England.


    From Joel Eley in Indonesia, TMS inbox: "Following at work in Jakarta, rain here but 33c so not too bad. Really need a win today as I have a cricket match on Sunday with the Indian expats and need to be able to hold my head up high."

  60. 0454: 

    Just to add to Rahul Dravid's point, England's spinners have taken 19 wickets between them and have comprehensively outbowled India's trio of Ashwin, Ojha and Harbhajan. Here come the batsmen, Alastair Cook and Nick Compton. Something tells me this won't be a dash for home, it could be tense. Ravichandran Ashwin has the new ball in hand.


    From Steve Tervet in Albury, New South Wales, TMS inbox: "Quite an army of ex-pats following from Australia. If England wrap this up and South Africa can hold on in Adelaide, it will genuinely make my week."

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "In my time I can't remember a game when spinners have dominated like Monty Panesar and Graeme Swann."

  63. 0449: 

    Just a thought, of the 30 wickets to fall in this match, 28 have gone to spin. Matt Prior was run out yesterday, while the only wicket to go to a pacer was James Anderson trapping Gambhir lbw from the second ball of the game. In India's second innings, Monty Panesar finished with 6-81, Graeme Swann 4-43.


    Diana Musiime, with a message for India captain MS Dhoni, on Twitter: "Next time ask for turning tracks if you actually know how to bowl and bat on them!!!"


    Read, re-read and read it again. England need only 57 to beat India on a dusty bin in Mumbai. There will be plenty of spin on the short road ahead, but surely this is as good as won?

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "India would have backed themselves to score a few more, but credit to England who have bowled beautifully and beaten the Indians at their own game."

    WICKET- Gambhir lbw Swann 65 (Ind 142 all out)

    That's it, England have wrapped it up. Swann straightens one to Gambhir from around the wicket and screams at Tony Hill, who duly obliges to put his finger up. Gambhir shakes his head, it looks like he might have got an inside edge on to that front pad, but England care not, with Swann throwing his head back and shaking his fists in celebration. Part one of England's morning mission is complete.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "The England spinners have continued from where they left off last evening. Monty Panesar has bowled a lot quicker than the rest of the bowlers and it's the right pace. He's pitched it and made it turn and bounce. India would have liked maybe 100 runs to make things a little uncomfortable for England."

  69. 0442: 
    Ind 142-9 (lead by 56)

    Still, somehow, Ojha survives. Cries of "catch it" come from behind the wicket, but there's no chance, with a leg bye then adding another to England's run chase. Gambhir crouches, India flag on his helmet, and turns one more away for a single. Every run is one more England have to get.

    Henry Blofeld, BBC Test Match Special

    "England are on the edge of their toes, the edge of their seats, the edge of everything they've got. Victory is theirs but they just need to get there."

  71. 0438: 
    Ind 140-9 (lead by 54)

    Yes. No, Yes. Wait. Sorry. Somehow they get a single on the off side, getting Ojha out of harm's way. With shadows sleeping around from about long off to deep point, Swann turns a ripper past Gambhir's outside edge. A beauty, but just too good. India clinging on.


    Chris Tubby on Twitter: "May have scared my fellow teachers sitting in my Korean school with a almighty shout of get in there with Monty's wicket. Oops."

  73. 0433: 
    Ind 139-9 (lead by 53)

    Ojha aims a shoulder-dislocating heave at Panesar, but somehow gets an inside edge to square leg for one. With off the off-side field back, Gambhir dabs to cover and they manage to scamper a couple - it's close for Ojha at the non-striker's end, though. The upshot is, Swann can have now have a dabble at the left-handed number 11.

    Rahul Dravid, BBC Test Match Special

    "India's tactics this morning have been a bit surprising. I would have thought Gambhir would have wanted as much strike as possible but he hasn't looked to farm it at all. The tailenders are playing the shots. It all seems a bit strange."

  75. 0432: 
    Ind 136-9

    Positively dull over compared to what's been going on this morning. Gambhir pushes back Swann's set, but that means Monty gets another go at Ojha...


    From Simon Witt, TMS inbox: "Re Tom Elliott (0418), another Queenslander enjoying today's cricket here :) Looking like a comfortable win for England and hopefully South Africa can hold out for a draw. My Aussie mate won't be happy if this turns out to be the case."

  77. 0430: 
    Ind 136-9 (lead by 50)

    If I was Gautam Gambhir, I think I'd be doing everything I could to keep Ojha from the bowling. Build a wall, suit of armour, anything. I, however, am not Gautam Gambhir, and he takes a single to again let Ojha face the music. Obviously, Gautam knows a bit more about cricket than I do, as Ojha smashes down the ground for four. England then think they've got their man when the ball flies to leg slip, they appeal as if it's a formality, but Aleem Dar is unmoved. Oh dear, replays show Ojha got a huge nick onto his pad.


    Nathan Forde on Twitter: "Please oh please England do not let this slip. Why is it so nerve wracking being an English supporter?"

  79. 0425: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ind 131-9 (lead by 45)

    Oooooowwwwzzzzaaaattttt? Huge shout from Swann as the ball turns and cannons into Ojha's back pad. That must be close, but it's just missing off stump. England crowd Ojha, a slip, gully, silly point and short leg as Swann rips another past the outside edge. The number 11 survives. Just.

    Justin Goulding, BBC Sport

    "If India were seeking inspiration in a seemingly lost cause, they could do worse than look at South Africa's rearguard action in Adelaide. Resuming on 77-4 and needing to bat out the final day to salvage a draw, the tourists have edged to 196-5 as tea approaches. Debutant Faf Du Plessis, who made 78 in the first innings, has resisted to the tune of 90 not out second time around, having seen AB de Villiers make a defiant 33 off 220 balls - an innings that contained not a single boundary."

  81. 0422: 
    Ind 131-9 (lead by 45)

    Pragyan Ojha is the new man. I'm not sure if he knows which end of the bat to hold. He's not on strike as Gambhir plays back the rest of Panesar's over, but now Ojha has to dance to Graeme Swann's tune....

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's all going to plan here. After a dodgy first over, England are back on top. Zaheer couldn't resist for too long, he went for a bit of a heave and Prior took a simple catch."

    WICKET- Khan c Prior b Panesar 1 (Ind 131-9)

    India are surrendering now. Zaheer loses patience with pushing Monty back and looks to slog-sweep the ball out of Mumbai. He can only get the thickest of top edges, sending the ball into the cloudless blue sky. Who wants it? Matt Prior calls, steadies himself and the ball disappears into his gloves. 11 in the match for Monty, one more needed by England.


    From Tom Elliott, TMS inbox: "Well that settled the nerves - Stuck at work in sunny Queensland listening to Australia vs S.A on the radio and reading the live text of Eng vs India - doubt that both the matches will still be going by the time I head home!"

  85. 0418: 
    Ind 131-8 (lead by 45)

    No suggestion of Gambhir farming the strike as he takes one off Swann, with Zaheer repaying his faith with a single of his own. Oooohhhhs and aaaaahhhhs as Gambhir thrusts a pad at the off-spinner, but he survives a vicious kicker.


    Tom Shaw on Twitter: "England need to be ruthless here - wouldn't fancy chasing too many more than 100 after seeing that Harbajan wicket - T&B there!"

  87. 0411: 
    Ind 129-8 (lead by 43)

    I wonder how sleeping partners were awoken with shouts of joy when Trott took that catch? Surely it's worth getting a belt from the other half in the name of an England win? Gambhir takes one off Monty, then new man Zaheer Khan stomps on to the front foot to defy the left-armer. The Wankhede is practically empty, have India supporters abandoned the sinking ship?

    WICKET- Harbhajan c Trott b Swann 6 (Ind 128-8)

    Gggggoooooottttt hhhiiiiimmmmmmmm! Swann gets the early wicket England were craving, extending last night's Indian procession into the morning. Harbhajan goes back to one that turns and bounces in to him, looking to cut, but can only get a glove towards slip, where Jonathan Trott moves to his left to complete the catch. Two more, then England can get chasing.


    From Robin, TMS inbox: "Expecting Monty and Graham Swann, to address Vic Marks concerns and polish off the tail within the first hour and allow those of us just going to bed in Canada a relaxing night. Not a game they really understand here, as they need a shoot out to decide anything that lasts more than 3 hours."

  90. 0405: 
    Ind 127-7 (lead by 41)

    Wondering how India might go about pulling off the great escape? Wonder no more. Harbhajan belts the first ball of the day over mid off for four. Tasty. Monty looks a little stiff, and is too short to let Gambhir tickle around the corner for four more. 10 precious, precious runs from the first set.


    From Debbie in the baking Australian desert, TMS inbox: "Doing everything I can to stay inside away from the 40 degree Pilbara heat to watch and listen to today's developments. No rain in this neck of the woods."

  92. 0400: 

    England emerge from the shadows cast by the stand at the Wahkhede Stadium, moving purposefully into the Mumbai sunshine. Panesar removes his hat and shades, he's got his game face on. Here come the batsmen, Gambhir and Harbhajan Singh, whose got two Test hundreds before. Alastair Cook gives a huge smile. Anyone nervous? Let's play.


    England batsman Kevin Pietersen says "Panesar was exceptional; Swann was exceptional" yesterday evening. He also predicts that Alastair Cook will break all century records for England after the captain and Pietersen both scored their 22nd in Tests - to move level with Hammond, Cowdrey and Boycott at the top of the pile. "He is a super player, he is a super guy. He should go on to score thousands and thousands more runs."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is the best Swann and Panesar have bowler together. They have spun it more than the triumvirate of India spinners. If England can leave Mumbai 1-1, India will scratching their heads, thinking, 'hang on, spin is our department'."


    From Will, TMS inbox: "Up and ready for another amazing day of cricket. Umbrella up covering the radio, just in case the roof gives in."

  96. 0355: 

    As well as being all over events in Mumbai, we'll be keeping you in touch with the other Test matches going on in the world today. Australia currently have that fearsome pace bowler Rob Quiney trundling in as they bid to bowl South Africa out on the fifth day in Adelaide. The Proteas are 181-5, with debutant Faf du Plessis 81 not out. In Colombo, New Zealand's Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are giving Sri Lanka some humpty. The Kiwis were 223-3 at stumps on day one.


    From Casper in Ascott-under-Wychwood, TMS inbox: "Don't know about the M6 Stephan, but Freddie could take a pedalo through most of the Cotswolds at the moment."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "If England can win this game, what a series we're in for - but you can't take anythin gfor granted. England have got to keep India's lead to double figures - just to keep a serene dressing room."


    From Phil, Birmingham Women's Hospital, via text on 81111: "Still in the final stages of labour of our first child. Just asked the midwife if she knew what time the cricket started and got a disapproving look!"


    Benjamin Blackford on Twitter: "Getting the word 'inception' into a finished essay just before start of play. Are England really winning in India?"

  101. 0345: 

    So, once again, so many questions. Are England going to claim the grandaddy of all overseas victories? Can India get out of this pickle? Will the M6 be flooded when I come to drive home? I need you to provide the answers. Text 81111, tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket or email with 'For Stephan Shemilt' in the subject.

    Oliver Doward, BBC Sport in Mumbai

    "It's very very quiet outside the Wankhede this morning, gone are the long queues and blaring horns of the previous three days, just a handful of young Indian boys trying to offload their tickets. England fans I've spoken to remain predictably pessimistic however, fearful of some lower order long handle and a tricky 150 chase."

  103. 0340: 

    In case you need reminding, India will begin the day on 117-7, a lead of only 31. Gautam Gambhir is 53 not out, but only has the tail for company. Realistically, how many might they need to have a chance of making England's chase a tough one?

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Every dog in Mumbai gathered beneath my window during the night to bark it's protest at the predicament of Indian team."

  105. 0338: 

    OK, so maybe I am letting the early morning caffeine go to my head, but England have been pretty special over the past two days, a performance made all the remarkable given the bunsen burner wicket and the shellacking they got in Ahmedabad. Did anyone really think they had a sniff of levelling the series? If they do - and there's still some work to be done - we're in for two humdinging final Tests.

  106. 0336: 

    So beat not afeared of Monday morning and its horrible wind and rain. Put you Monty mask on, snuggle under the duvet and let me tell you tales from a far off land, another dreamy fantasy.

  107. 0334: 

    It might still be the middle of the night, but I can tell you this: It was no dream. This is reality. England really are nearing their greatest victory since, well, the last time they played a Test match in Mumbai.

  108. 0332: 

    Did that really happen? Was it not just a dream? Alastair Cook can't have got another ton, can he? I'm fairly certain my eyes saw Kevin Pietersen play shots from another planet. I know I marvelled at magical Monty as one by one, India batsmen trudged off in a head-bowed procession.

  109. 0330: 

    Monday morning. Urgh. Easily the worst time of the week, only ever made bearable by the warm glow left over from a great weekend. Do you have that feeling inside? If you don't today, you probably never will.

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Live Scores - India v England


  • England beat India by 10 wickets
  • India: 327 & 142 (44.1 overs)
  • England: 413 & 58-0 (9.4 overs)
  • Venue: Mumbai

England 2nd Innings

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Cook not out 18
Compton not out 30
Extras 8b 2lb 10
Total for 0 58

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India's Mahendra Dhoni and England's Alastair Cook

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