World T20 cricket final: Sri Lanka v West Indies as it happened

West Indies produce a superb bowling display to beat hosts Sri Lanka by 36 runs and win the World Twenty20 in Colombo.

7 October 2012 Last updated at 18:30

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As it happened

  1. 1823: 

    And on that note, as Chris Gayle throws a few dance moves ahead of a sign marked "CHAMPIONS", and adds a few press-ups for good measure, as the Caribbean party threatens to run all night, we're going to leave you. Well done West Indies (and Australia's women), commiserations to Sri Lanka (and England's women) - you can read Stephan Shemilt's match reports on the BBC Sport website if you want to relive today's men's and women's finals.

    Thanks for your company, emails, texts and tweets throughout both tournaments - it's been a pleasure as ever. But while the international calendar may snooze, it never sleeps - I hope you'll join us in the early hours of 15 November when England's four-Test series in India begins in Ahmedabad. Until then, you'll just have to cope with usual daily dose of Kevin Pietersen stories. Hang on, my phone's going, is that a text message? See you in November...


    Junaid Rahim on Twitter: "Congrats to the West Indies, cracking final. Now time to translate the form to ODIs and Test matches."

  3. 1815: 

    Darren Sammy lifts the trophy, West Indies are ICC World Twenty20 champions and the fireworks blast high into the Colombo night sky!


    West Indies captain Darren Sammy: "Throughout the last two years we've shown a never-say-die attitude. I've got to thank the Almighty, and thank everyone who's ever supported West Indies - this is for the fans. The team has been through a lot for the last decade, we left home with "one team, one people, one goal" - and the belief we left the Caribbean with took us through. Everybody chipped in, even when we looked down and out today. Marlon Samuels keeps saying how the two years he missed [through an ICC suspension] were two years of international runs, and any side with Chris Gayle is a plus, it's good to see him back and enjoying the game. I never worry about the critics, I go out and play for this [West Indies] crest and as long as I put in 100%, that's what matters to me. I know it'll be a party from Jamaica down to Guyana, thankfully it's Sunday as if it were a weekday nobody would be at work. We won't say 'we're back', but hopefully it's a step in the right direction and we've made the Caribbean people proud."

  5. 1810: 

    West Indies collect their medals, Chris Gayle outrageously milking it with some dancing as he collects his.

  6. 1808: 

    Time for the winners' medals. (And for those of you wondering about Marlon Samuels' gold ribbon round his neck, it's for luck - he had it under his shirt while he was batting).


    Player of the tournament Shane Watson: "The first four matches went well, the West Indies were too good for us in the semi-finals and there was always going to be one winner today. I'd never compare myself to Jacques Kallis, he's my idol. It's a privilege to bat with Dave Warner, hopefully we'd like to fire in the bigger games like the semi-finals."

  8. 1807: 

    Player of the tournament - two of main contenders were Chris Gayle and Ajantha Mendis. But the winner is Australia's Shane Watson.


    Man of the match Marlon Samuels: "Two years and I'm back, I can't explain how much this means to me. Thanks to all the West Indies fans and Sri Lanka fans, you made the atmosphere very special. I decided to attack their best bowler, Malinga, and it paid off. But it was an all-round team effort, we want to be on top, even in Test cricket, as Test cricket is the best."


    Romain Lusson on Twitter: "My only regret is that being French, I have literally nobody to share my enthusiasm with. A fantastic game though."

    Richard Giles on Twitter: "After watching both T20 finals, I think it's time the women's game has more exposure in the written media and on TV."


    Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene: "I think the first 10 overs were pretty decent, they knew they had to go for it and 3-4 bad overs shifted the momentum. The crowd was fantastic, we disappointed them but credit to West Indies, they played very well. Marlon Samuels played an outstanding knocks and hit some really good shots. We lost momentum when we lost Dilshan up front but we knew we had to play to win the game and not worry about Duckworth/Lewis. We know we had to turn up and perform, which we did not do today, we just couldn't get over that final hurdle. It's been a fantastic tournament and everyone should be very proud of themselves."

  12. 1758: 

    Umpires and match referee Jeff Crowe are the first to collect their medals - including Simon Taufel, who's just stood in his last international and takes a young chiild in his arms up onto the podium. Sri Lanka get their runners-up medals - some of them may have a pretty full cabinet of silver medals after 2007, 2009 and 2011...

  13. 1756: 

    Aggers is off to the airport, TMS have signed off but rest assured they'll be back for the first Test on 15 November when England face India in Ahmedabad. Keep your texts and tweets coming, as we're going to stay with Colombo for the presentation.


    Sam Collard on Twitter: "Woohoo!! Come on Windies, fully deserved!"

    Faraqsa on Twitter: "Congrats West Indies."


    West Indies team manager Richie Richardson: "It feels really good, we've been on a journey for the last few years and I am just so happy for everyone.

    "Everyone has been working really hard for the last few years and we wanted to win this tournament It's important for everyone in the West Indies, they look up to us and are happier when we are doing well. They have been supporting us throughout the tournament and we have done it for them and we will be having one big party tonight."

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Windies didn't wish to disappoint Usain Bolt tonight.This win will make it a full shelf of trophies for them. The 5 year jinx for Lanka continues from here. And it's a new beginning for cricket in the Caribbean. Well done rockstars."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "This was a brilliant game, even though it ended up being a bit one-sided. It was great for everyone at the Premadasa... apart from the 30,000 or so Sri Lankans who will go home disappointed!"


    Former England football captain and BBC sports presenter Gary Lineker on Twitter: "Great to see the Windies win the World T20. What a year of sport they've had!"


    West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell: "This is one of the biggest nights of my life. I want to say thanks for all the support we've had here as they helped us pull through."


    West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo: "It's a fantastic day, a fantastic opportunity for us to make history. Tonight the party's going to be non-stop! We had a good all-round team."


    West Indies batsman Chris Gayle: "It's been amazing. We love you Sri Lanka! We all enjoy playing against Sri Lanka, we knew it wasn't going to be easy and after a slow start we did it in the end. I guess we didn't disappoint, the favourites brought it home and we are really happy about that."


    West Indies all-rounder Kieron Pollard: "It has been a long time, the guys really fought tonight. Marlon Samuels has been brilliant for us, and we are world champions after so long."


    Shohidur Rehman on Twitter: "West Indies battered Australia in the semis and outplayed the hosts in the final so completely deserved."


    West Indies spinner Sunil Narine: "It makes it a lot easier with those guys playing well, every game is different but it's been a team effort and everyone deserves a round of applause."


    Santiago Malik on Twitter: "My Jamaican mother is in tears. Unbelievable."

    Sean Sonnekus on Twitter: "Windies deserve to win the World T20 if only for all their enthusiasm and top celebrations throughout!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "People will rejoice that Darren Sammy has got something to show from his years in charge of the West Indies. He's a delightful man, they've managed to reintegrate Chris Gayle into that side and they've had a wonderful tournament."

  27. 1743: 

    West Indies are all gyrating to some Caribbean-style music in front of their fans, and I think Cap'n Sammy's hamstring or calf may have healed a little!



    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "That is one of the most curious, unpredictable and strange Twenty20 matches I have ever seen, when you think West Indies were 32-2 after 10 overs. A truly remarkable victory."

  30. 18.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Malinga c unknown b Narine 5 (SL 101 all out)

    Narine to bowl the 19th over as West Indies look to apply the coup de grace - will the Slinger go down in a blaze of glory? He cross-bats the ball to long-on and turns down the single, presumably thinking he'll have to get it in sixes. Sammy makes a good stop at extra cover, it looks like he's gone in the calf, but Malinga skies the next ball into the sky over long-on, it's caught and West Indies have won!

  31. 18 overs: 
    SL 101-9 (TARGET 138)

    And start the gangnam indeed, as Samuels is surrounded by several teammates, picking at his West Indies shirt in some kind of pre-arranged dance routine. Young Akila Dananjaya is Sri Lanka's last man and "suddenly looks very small and very frail", according to Aggers on TMS. Malinga works Samuels' last ball for a single ff his legs so Samuels finishes with 1-15 from four overs and Sri Lanka need a frankly unlikely 37 from 12 balls.

  32. 17.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Mendis c Bravo b Samuels 1 (SL 100-9)

    Marlon Samuels, another man of the match contender, has a strange gold ribbon tied around his neck - perhaps the stadium DJ has played "Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The West Indies?" But he's going to bowl his fourth over Malinga and Mendis push three singles to bring up the hundred for Sri Lanka, then Mendis hoists a catch to deep midwicket. Start the gangnam!

  33. 17 overs: 
    SL 97-8 (TARGET 138)

    Ajantha Mendis is the new batsman in - tell you what, if he wins it for Sri Lanka from here, we should give him man of the match, player of the tournament, anything else going. He's not facing as Narine bowls to Malinga, who can't get the next two deliveries away. He guides the last ball for a single off his legs, leaving 41 needed from 18 balls.

  34. 16.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Kulasekara c Badree b Narine 26 (SL 96-8)

    West Indies turn back to Narine, Kulasekara whacks his first ball for two but can't repeat the magic of the last over as he holes out at deep extra cover.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "As many have already said, Sri Lanka have a bad habit of losing the all-important game, having qualified all the way through to the finals! The 2007 and 2011 finalists in the 50-over World Cup and the 2009 finalists in World Twenty20 seem to be still far behind despite Kulasekara heroics."


    Howard Horner on Twitter: "We always dismiss South Africa as chokers, but how many loses in finals will it take before Sri Lanka take that name from them?!"

  37. 16 overs: 
    SL 94-7 (TARGET 138)

    Ravi Rampaul returns as Cap'n Sammy shuffles his bowlers, I wonder if the genial St Lucian has pictured himself lifting the trophy just yet? Kulasekara and Malinga exchange singles, Kulasekara launches an enormous hit over long-on, and is spectacularly caught by a member of the Colombo ground staff, who not only avoids slipping on the waterproof sheets to cover the ground, but thankfully avoids impaling himself on the barbed-wire fence just behind him! That's six, anyway, and Aggers thinks it may be the catch of the tournament. The next ball is blasted for four through mid-wicket, Cap'n Sammy has a word with the bowler but the fifth ball of the over is square-cut for four more by Kulasekara, in the style of Robin Smith! And it's called a no ball, so it's a free hit, which Kulasekara slashes for four more over third man! The fielder went for the catch, even though he couldn't have been out caught (as it was a free hit) - why didn't he just cut the four off? Didn't he know it was a free hit? The last ball is drilled for a single to long-off, and that's 22 off the over - Kulasekara has given Sri Lanka some faint hope but they still need 44 from 24 balls...

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "To watch thousands of fans in eerie silence is a sight in itself. What's going on Team Sri Lanka? Make a fight out of it."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Unless something absolutely unbelievable happens, something which Aggers and I predicted at the start of the tournament is going to happen... West Indies will win!"

  40. 15 overs: 
    SL 72-7 (TARGET 138)

    New batsman is Lasith Malinga, but I'm not sure even the Slinger can get Sri Lanka out of this. Three singles are added from the rest of Sammy's over, and the hosts need 66 from 30 balls. There are some very glum faces around the R Premadasa Stadium.

    Ebony Rainford-Brent, BBC Test Match Special

    Former England cricketer on Twitter: "It is going to be a Gangnam fest at Colombo if Windies nail this!!! Already looking forward to the celebrations!!!"

    Roshan Abeysinghe, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think the Sri Lankan batting order is flawed - they're playing Thirimanne as a proper batsman at number seven, but he should be in at four or five as he's a similar player to Sangakkara, he needs time. I don't think Jeevan Mendis should be as high as five."

  43. 14.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Thirimanne c Charles b Sammy 4 (SL 69-7)

    Sri Lanka are 34 behind on D/L at this stage (though I stress the rain has stopped, it's a useful guide to see how far behind the eight ball they are). Narine's off, Sammy returns and Kulasekara blasts a single to long-off, turns for a second but Thirimanne hasn't moved and Kulasekara has to run back to regain his ground at the bowler's end. Sammy bowls round the wicket to the left-handed Thirimanne, who goes for a big heave-ho over cow corner and becomes the latest Sri Lankan to perish to a catch in the deep.

  44. 14 overs: 
    SL 68-6 (TARGET 138)

    Nuwan Kulasekara is the new batsman, he's more of a bowler who can bat rather than an all-rounder it has to be said. Thirimanne drills a single to long-off, Kulasekara's off the mark with a single and the crowd are getting restless as Thirimanne can't get Samuels away, until he guides the last ball for two to wide long-on.

    Ian Bishop, BBC Test Match Special

    "When you watched the women's game earlier today, you saw Lisa Sthalekar and other spinners ripping the ball, you'd think the men would be able to get more revolutions on it, so it was never a 170 pitch."

  46. 13.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Perera run out (Ramdin) 3 (SL 64-6)

    The rain seems to have dissipated, Samuels returns to the attack and Perera pushes a quick single but is run out by Ramdin who runs out from behind the stumps and throws him out at the bowler's end!


    Jeremy Smith on Twitter: "When the West Indies were 32-2 after 10 overs who thought the match would be poised like this?!"

  48. 13 overs: 
    SL 64-5 (TARGET 138)

    Lahiru Thirimanne is the new batsman - Roshan on TMS points out he's the last of the recognised batsmen. Perera knocks a single, Thirimanne is off the mark with a single through backward point. Perera pushes the ball to leg, Pollard hares in from the boundary and Sri Lanka don't risk a second run-out. 74 needed from 42 balls. Still possible, but you'd say West Indies are favourites.

  49. 12.3 overs: 
    WICKET- J Mendis run out 3 (SL 61-5)

    Thisara Perera is the new batsman, there's not much particularly subtle about his batting - just a lot of long handle. Perera drives to longoff, Mendis turns blind to come back for a second and West Indies think they've run him out at the bowler's end... it's referred to the third ump but he's clearly out.

    Ian Bishop, BBC Test Match Special

    "In this situation, you should play to win the game and think 'if the rain comes, it comes'."

  51. 12.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Jayawardene c Sammy b Narine 33 (SL 60-4)

    The Michael Jackson song "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" is played by the stadium DJ... now, is that a coded message to the Sri Lanka batsmen not to go off for rain until they're ahead on D/L? Jayawardene reverse-sweeps at Narine and is caught at cover point!

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Sri Lanka President Rajapaksa joked last night that he's been to two finals which SL lost. Well, he's at Premadasa again!"

  53. 12 overs: 
    SL 60-3 (TARGET 138)

    There's definitely rain in the air, as I cast my mind back to March 2009 when (then) West Indies coach John Dyson made a complete horlicks of reading the Duckworth/Lewis scores which cost them an ODI against England... Badree to complete his spell, and the D/L par score at the end of this over, with three wickets down, would be 76. Jayawardene manages a couple of twos and a single, and Mendis chops a single past the keeper. Jayawardene keeps the strike with a single to the cover sweeper as Badree finishes with 1-24.


    C Ingram on Twitter: "Windies might do this after all. Not scores you'd associate with T20 but still gripping."

  55. 11 overs: 
    SL 53-3 (TARGET 138)

    Ominously (considering those D/L statistics I mentioned just now), Roshan Abeysinghe on TMS has noticed that the Colombo ground staff appear to be mobilising as Jeevan Mendis walks to the wicket at number five - while Jayawardene had a sneaky look at the D/L scores, handed to him by the 12th man while the batsmen were changing over. The left-handed Mendis is off the mark with a two.

    Ian Bishop, BBC Test Match Special

    "They have to keep scoring. The gap between deliveries left and runs required has grown to more than 20."

  57. 10.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Mathews b Sammy 1 (SL 61-3)

    Gayle takes a break after two overs (that sprint may have taken a lot out of him), and it's captain Darren Sammy on with his right-arm medium pace. Mathews sees off three dot balls before trying to paddle the ball to fine leg and is bowled! Advantage West Indies?

  58. 10 overs: 
    SL 51-2 (TARGET 138)

    Angelo Mathews is in at four for Sri Lanka as vice-captain joins captain, Mathews bowled superbly with the new ball, but his country may need a big innings from him here. He's off the mark with a single, Jayawardene plays a two off his toes as keeper Ramdin scurries to retrieve the ball from square leg as he doesn't appear to have a throwing arm. We're at the half-way stage, and if it rained now (which it won't), Sri Lanka are 10 runs behind on Duckworth-Lewis - indicating we may have a very tight game on our hands. Super over, anyone?

  59. 9.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Sangakkara c Pollard b Badree 22 (SL 48-2)

    Badree replaces Narine, Jayawardene adds a single before a poor long-hop is skimmed by Sangakkara straight into the arms of Pollard at deep mid-wicket who takes the catch shin-high! The ground goes silent apart from those small pockets of Windies fans...

  60. 9 overs: 
    SL 47-1 (TARGET 138)

    Aggers and Vic thinks Sangakkara is looking a bit nervy, but he breaks the shackles with an inside-out drive through extra cover for a first-bounce four. A single takes him to 21, while Sri Lanka president Mahinda Rajapaksa briefly appears on the screen, the crowd cheer and he gives them a wave. Jayawardene and Sangakkara add some more singles, while we have the rare sight of Chris Gayle breaking into a sprint to retrieve the ball. That's rarer than, well, an elected politician getting cheered at a sports event...

  61. 8 overs: 
    SL 39-1 (TARGET 138)

    Sunil Narine gets a bit of turn from the start, bewitching Sangkkara for a couple of deliveries before he aims an off-drive and it slices down to third man for a single. Jayawardene tips-and-runs a single into the covers, Narine seems to be turning it away from the bats of both the left-handed Sangakkara and the right-handed Jayawardene. Another single means Sanga has 16, Jayawardene has 22 and the match is intriguingly poised. By comparison, at this stage West Indies were 22-2.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think both these ancient Sri Lankans realise that this is no cakewalk, and the required rate is going up rather than down. Narine's coming on now - he's their answer to Mendis as he spins it both ways and no-one quite knows what he's going to do."

  63. 7 overs: 
    SL 36-1 (TARGET 138)

    An interesting change of bowling - it's going to be Chris Gayle's part-time off-spin, even though we've not seen front-line spinner Sunil Narine yet. Jayawardene flicks a single off his legs, Sangakarra drills a single to long-off, Jayawardene adds another and as Aggers notes on TMS, the dancing girls (who leap up and dance after every boundary) don't seem to have had much dancing to do today, apart from that flurry of sixes Samuels hit. Sanga helps himself to a two to the cover sweeper, before swiping an ugly single to long-on.

  64. 6 overs: 
    SL 30-1 (TARGET 138)

    Rampaul to bowl the final over of the powerplay, poor old Dirk has to leave as he has a plane to catch and can't even see the end of the match. He may be off to play in the Champions League, given that he plays in just about every T20 domestic league in the world, he's probably eligible to play for half a dozen teams init... Sangakkara and Jayawardene add a couple of singles, Sanga dabs it to mid-off and steals a single from the dawdling Samuels. Jayawardene nicks the strike, and the stadium DJ is doing his best to gee up the crowd - as if they need any geeing up...

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "They're only going at five an over at the moment, but Sri Lanka are only one wicket down and have two outstanding batsmen in."

  66. 5 overs: 
    SL 26-0 (TARGET 138)

    Sangakarra singles against Samuels, Jayawardene executes his favourite late-cut shot for one, and Sangakkara turns an easy single off his legs. Jayawardene takes a step down the track but is beaten, thankfully having kept his back foot grounded as Ramdin removes the bails.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Dot ball pressure's going to win the game for West Indies, if they are to win, as they don't have the bowlers to blow Sri Lanka away."

  68. 4 overs: 
    SL 23-1 (TARGET 138)

    Badree has changed ends, that's a poor half-tracker which Jayawardene despatches for four. The skipper then paddle-swats a two down to deep backward square leg, and adds a couple more off the last ball of Badree's over.

  69. 3 overs: 

    West Indies have a mini-discussion before taking Badree's cap back from the umpire and turning to the off-spin of Marlon Samuels, fresh from his heroics with the bat. Sangakkara turns his first ball for a single, West Indies rather optimistically appeal for a catch behind off Jayawardene's pad, then the Sri Lanka captain slog-sweeps, it hangs in the air, Bravo charges in from the mid-wicket boundary and puts down the chance as they run two. A single takes Jayawardene to eight.

  70. 2 overs: 
    SL 11-1 (TARGET 138)

    Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman, he edges his second ball past the non-diving Chris Gayle at slip (well, he is the self-styled coolest man in cricket) and that's four, though it would have been a straightforward catch for second slip. A single brings Jayawardene to face Rampaul for the first time, he sees off the over.


    Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes on Twitter: "Malinga 4 overs for 54. Even the great death bowlers don't always get it right. Jade Dernbach might take heart from that."

  72. 1.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Dilshan b Rampaul 0 (SL 6-1)

    Right-arm paceman Ravi Rampaul takes the second over, great start for him as he bowls Dilshan with his first ball and literally removes his off stump!

  73. 1 over: 
    SL 6-0 (TARGET 138)

    Jayawardene, an old master at pacing an innings, gets Sri Lanka under way with a single, Dilshan rotates the strike with a leg bye, before Jayawardene nudges a four through third man.

  74. 1611: 

    Sri Lanka's openers Mahela Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan walk to the middle... and leg-spinner Samuel Badree will take the new ball for West Indies.


    Russell Moore on Twitter: "What's that old saying about runs on the board? Jayawardene and Sangakkara are absolutely key now."

  76. 1610: 

    As ever, it's a quick turnaround. It's 19 days since the tournament began with Sri Lanka hammering Zimbabwe - and now it comes down to one simple statistic: Sri Lanka must score 138 to win the trophy. Though with all the twists and turns we've had in the tournament, don't rule out that super over...


    Sri Lanka vice-captain Angelo Mathews: "The start was very important because we all know the batting they have and we had to be spot on from the first ball. The pitch was a bit on the slow side and was hard to score on, but when they get going, they really get going and our bowlers did a brilliant job to restrain them. They are probably 15 runs below par."


    Fayaz on Twitter: "I was expecting Gayle and Malinga to perform, it turned out absolutely against all expectations, both have been shocking!"

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Pakistan journo next to me says "You never know. WI might have just made enough to win". He's not completely wrong."

  80. 1602: 

    Some of these bowling figures require repetition. Ajantha Mendis - 4-12 from four overs. Angelo Mathews 1-11 from four. Akila Dananjaya 1-16 from three. And Lasith Malinga - 0-54 from four.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you're chasing 110 or 120, you can just go out and slog. But 140 still needs one batsman to play a big innings."

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Ajantha Mendis has been inconsistent throughout the tournament but the performance in the crucial matches is what matters."

  83. 20 overs: 
    WI 137-6

    Kulasekara often bowls the last over for Sri Lanka, they go for him rather than Dananjaya, and what can West Indies make from the last over? Sammy steers the first ball for two, then bisects the long-on and cow corner fielders for four. He drills a two to long-off and looks absolutely shattered - "he's going to do up a bootlace, which is the age-old method of getting a breather," notes Aggers on TMS. "It's so humid, even a man from St Lucia has sweat pouring off him." Sammy guides another two to long-on, then blasts the fifth ball to long-off, comes back for the second and is hit on the helmet as he tries to make his ground at the striker's end! One short is signalled too, Sammy didn't quite make his ground at the bowler's end. And a four past the bowler off the last delivery means West Indies have scored 105 off the last 10 overs - Sri Lanka will need to score 138 to win the World Twenty20.


    Reverend Liam Reilly: "Marlon Samuels should write a coaching manual on how to destroy Lasith Malinga's bowling. This is brutal."

    Adam Jones on Twitter: "Malinga just got waloppped by Samuels, he will be having nightmares for months."

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's quite a performance - they were 32-2 after 10 overs and have put on 90 in nine since then. Makes yuo think what they were doing in the first 10."

  86. 19 overs: 
    WI 122-6

    Dirk and Aggers on TMS wonder if Sri Lanka would have kept Malinga on if Samuels was still in, after the pummelling he got earlier. Single from Ramdin, then a delivery rather sums up Malinga's night - he slings in a brutal yorker, Sammy jams his bat down on it to avoid being bowled, and the ball squeezes out for four through fine leg! A single brings up the fifty for Malinga - that can't happen often in T20 - Ramdin slaps a single to third man (where Dananjaya fields to warm applause) and Sammy hits it high over extra cover, three Sri Lankans converge but none can take the catch and they run tqo. Sammy manages a single off the last ball so Malinga finishes with 0-54. Yes, the same Malinga who took three wickets in an over against England...


    Ralph Brooker on Twitter: "This is nonsense from WI. They got carried away by their semi-final performance. They have to do more than 'turn up' to beat SL."

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "With every game Akila Dananjaya continues to impress, says Hilal Suhaib from the Sri Lankan fans' website Island Cricket. The most impressive aspect of Dananjaya's bowling, according to Suhaib, is his ability to display good skills as a traditional off-spinner when the variations don't work."

  89. 18 overs: 
    WI 112-6

    "When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going" is played by the stadium DJ - bringing back a few memories for those of us old enough to remember it on the soundtrack of the 1985 adventure film "Jewel of the Nile". Denesh Ramdin, who was born that very year, is the new batsman. Sammy and Ramdin plod along with three singles and a leg bye from the rest of Dananjaya's over.


    Rahul Archie on Twitter: "Sammy's gonna have to put his bat where his mouth is after claiming to spoil the party."

  91. 17.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Samuels c J Mendis b Dananjaya 78 (WI 108-6)

    The Samuels entertainment is over as he steps outside off stump and goes for another big hit but is pouched on the mid-wicket fence.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "The other quicks earlier weren't getting hit, while Malinga is getting absolutely smashed!"

  93. 17 overs: 
    WI 108-5

    Malinga returns to the attack, can Samuels launch any mre sixes at him? He digs out a yorker for a single, Sammy rotates the strike, and Samuels slashes a four past point when the Slinger gives it a bit of width. Malinga responds by digging in a bouncer which Samuels hooks for six over fine leg! What a crazy game this is. Next ball, Samuels launches it miles and miles into the sky, and it lands in the very back of the stand over long-on - that must be the biggest six of the tournament, and at 108m it is. A single off the last ball takes Samuels to 78 from 55 balls, and Malinga has an un-Slinger-like 0-44 from three overs!

  94. 16 overs: 
    WI 89-5

    Captain Darren Sammy in to face the hat-trick ball. Jayawardene now has a slip and a gully in, this is like a club match where you put everyone round the bat for a hat-trick ball (I've even crouched down at short leg myself on such occasions)... Sammy digs out a single, Samuels tries to run a single off the last ball to take the strike, there's an appeal for a run-out as Sammy grounds his bat at the striker's end... and he's in by a few frames. Mendis takes his metaphorical sweater with superb figures of 4-12 from four overs. Candidate for player of the tournament? Would anyone (apart from Shane Watson's friends and family) disagree with his candidature?

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Mendis just causes havoc, particularly amongst West Indian batsmen - he doesn't spin the ball that much, but they just can't pick him."

  96. 15.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Russell lbw b Mendis 0 (WI 87-5)

    Andre Russell is trapped lbw sweeping at Mendis, who has 4-10 and is on a hat-trick!

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Mendis has had a topsy-turvy Test career, but I think we're going to see a lot more of young Dananjaya, in all forms of the game."

  98. 15.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Pollard c Dananjaya b Mendis 2 (WI 87-4)

    Ajantha Mendis to bowl his last over, Jayawardene sticks himself in at slip as if to emphasise he knows that Pollard struggles against Mendis. The big Trinidadian square-cuts - and it's straight to young Dananjaya at point!

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Usain Bolt tweeted that Jamaicans rock, the other day. Gayle seconded. But here the Jamaican boat is rocking actually!"

  100. 15 overs: 

    Kieron Pollard is the new batsman, can we expect any fireworks from him? Samuels and Pollard exchange singles against Jeevan Mendis, then Samuels launches the fourth six of his innings over the bowler's head (that's his fifty) before blasting only his second four. A single takes him to 59 from 48 balls, and Pollard, batting in a cap against the spinners, knocks a single to long-on.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Today's media were talking about Jeevan Mendis's dance after the Super Eight match against West Indies. But Mendis has admitted he is not comfortable with dancing and it was only an instant reaction. Fans who missed Gayle's dance might wish to see Mendis's dance again."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Bravo's a little unlucky there on several counts, as he was a long way down the pitch, possibly outside the line, it was a leg-break that seemed to be missing off stump and he seemed to get an inside edge on that. West Indies need all the luck they can get here."

  103. 14 overs: 
    WICKET- Bravo lbw b A Mendis 19 (WI 73-3)

    Ajantha Mendis replaces Dananjaya, he restricts the Windies third-wicket pair to four singles - clearly they're not taking any chances against the magic man from Moratuwa. Bravo stretches forward to the last ball of the over and is given out lbw!

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This innings has had one four and four sixes in it. If they have another 21-run over, West Indies might be back on track."

  105. 13 overs: 
    WI 75-2

    Sri Lanka turn back to Lasith Malinga, firing in a yorker at Bravo's toes which he digs out for a single, before Samuels belatedly takes West Indies past fifty with a flicked six over mid-wicket - then stands-and-delivers and wafts another six over extra cover! Vic on TMS can't understand why he's gone away from bowling slower balls... Samuels dabs a single to backward point, Bravo digs out another yorker for a single past the bowler, then Samuels blasts a slower ball towards long-on, this is six or out... and it's six! An astonishing over compared to what had gone before - 21 from it.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jayawardene's still got lots of options here. He's going to bring Malinga back now - there are eight overs left, and Malinga can bowl three of them. He's listed as 'right-arm fast' but has a wealth of well-diguised slower balls which the batsmen have trouble picking up.!

  107. 12 overs: 
    WI 48-2

    Single from Samuels, then the Windies finally break the shackles as Bravo hoists Dananjaya for six over mid-wicket! He gets the nect one to turn, though, but umpire Taufel shakes his head at the lbw appeal as the ball looked to be going down leg. Bravo moves to 15 from 14 balls with a single, Samuels flicks a two off his legs to move to 26 from 37.

  108. 11 overs: 

    Leg-spinner Jeevan Mendis into the attack, after a single from Bravo, Samuels comes down the track and lofts it to long-off where he's dropped by Kulasekara running round the boundary. Samuels and Bravo add a couple of ones and twos, six from the over.


    From Will Rider, via text on 81111: "They say you need one big over in the innings to shift momentum. West indies need 5, at least."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "For the locals the score is fantastic, for the neutrals it's a bit puzzling. When are the West Indies going to break the shackles?"

  111. 10 overs: 
    WI 32-2

    Time for Sri Lanka's Mystery Spinner #2 - Akila Dananjaya, the young man who's never played a first-class game and was fast-tracked into the national side after being discovered as a net bowler by captain Mahela Jayawardene. He bowls off-spin and just about everything else, apparently. Bravo and Samuels can only manage three singles as the 19-year-old finds a bit of turn. Aggers can't remember a T20 game reaching 32-2 at the half-way stage...

  112. 9 overs: 
    WI 29-2

    "Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot" blasts over the stadium DJ but West Indies are stone cold to freezing at the moment as they can't get Angelo Mathews' medium pace away - having taken 1-4 from his first three overs, he concedes a single to Samuels and a legside wide. Bravo manages a single before Samuels drills one towards the extra cover fence and the crowd are thrilled by a full-length diving stop by Lasith Malinga which restricts them to two. Another good stop, this time by Kulasekara, turns four into two once more, and you can tell Sri Lanka are riding on the enthusiasm generated by their crowd. Mathews finishes with 1-11 from four overs, and seven of those 11 came in his last over.

    Ian Bishop, BBC Test Match Special

    "Johnson Charles shouldn't have played. His footwork's not good... Dwayne Smith could have played instead."

  114. 8 overs: 
    WI 22-2

    Mendis often bowls in one-over spells in T20 internationals, but he gets a second over here - Bravo and Samuels manage a couple of singles and a two, but West Indies haven't even batted with the spark that the Aussie women did at the start of their innings in the women's final. Richie Benaud might be pleased that the score's 22-2, but I can't imagine the Windies will be happy.


    From Kingorry, via text on 81111: "This would be a slow start in a Test match."

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Akila Dhananjaya's best friend is a tsunami-orphan turned cricketer Pulina Tharanga. I met him last week and it is such an inspiring story."

  117. 7 overs: 
    WI 18-2

    So, West Indies 14-2 after the powerplay, and Mathews is back on to replace Malinga. Samuels chips a single over extra cover, Bravo rotates the strike with a leg bye, Samuels moves to 11 with a single and a good stop by Malinga at deep extra cover restricts Bravo to a single as he gets off the mark. It's cheered by a couple of female fans in West Indies shirts, who don't seem perturbed by the loss of Gayle, and the stadium DJ plays "Happy Birthday To You" (by Stevie Wonder) over the PA system for Bravo!

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Well, to say the least a cautious Chris Gayle was not a delight to watch, for sure!"


    Ian McCormack on Twitter "West Indies need to up the run rate."

  120. 6 overs: 
    WI 14-2

    Birthday boy Dwayne Bravo (29 today) is the new batsman - his first present from Mendis is one that spins sharply past his outside edge.

    Ian Bishop, BBC Test Match Special

    "West Indies have the highest percentage of boundaries in the tournament, but the highest percentage of dot balls too. They go from one extreme to the other. Historically, Gayle does not like facing Mendis, he's got him out a couple of times before now."

  122. 5.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Gayle lbw b A Mendis 3 (WI 14-2)

    Sri Lanka turn to Mystery Spinner #1 - Ajantha Mendis - and there are big cheers as he opens with a dot ball to Samuels, who then squeezes a single to short third man. Gayle swings at a legside wide, then there's another lbw appeal - though more from the crowd than from the players. But then Mendis hits him on the pad again, and this time Gayle's gone - having scored three from 16 balls. And the replay shows it's a good decision by umpire Taufel - he missed a straight one.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "There should be no concern about Gayle as if he faces another 20 balls, he could have added 50 runs. But if he gets out now... they will be in trouble."


    Jordan King on Twitter: "The West Indies inability to run between the wickets is going to cost them this final, you heard it here first."

  125. 5 overs: 
    WI 12-1

    Bring on The Slinger! Huge cheers greet fast bowler Lasith Malinga for the fifth over of the innings, as Gayle pushes him for a single. Samuels rotates the strike so we have a classic Malinga v Gayle duel.. which the Slinger seems to come out on top as only two more singles are added to the score, and Gayle is on a very un-Gayle-like three from 13 balls.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "The Premadasa stadium is packed but thousands more are still waiting ito get in, says the BBC's Azzam Ameen who is near the gates supplying live coverage for BBC World."


    England all-rounder Luke Wright on Twitter: "Bad luck to the England women. They have done themselves and England proud. Shame they did not win it but Oz were too good on the day!"

  128. 4 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- WI 8-1

    Samuels to face Kulasekara for the first time, he blasts the first four of the final through the covers. A single takes him to six from nine balls and brings Gayle on strike. He's hit on the pad by Kulasekara, big appeal, not out, but that clearly pitched outside leg stump. Gayle is finally off the mark from his ninth delivery when he drills a single to mid-on.


    Ben on Twitter: "Wicket maiden! What a start to the world cup final! Its all about Gayle's innings though, that will decide who wins this match."

  130. 3 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- WI 2-1

    Sri Lanka continue to put the squeeze on as Mathews is in for his second over, after three dot balls Samuels is hit on the pad, there's a huge appeal for lbw as Samuels rubs his knee, wincing with pain... umpire Dar shakes his head, and if we'd had DRS in this tournament, it would have been "umpire's call" on clipping the top of leg stump. The first run off the bat comes off the 17th legitimate ball of the innings as Samuels pushes a single into the covers, Gayle wafts at the last ball of the over and misses. Mathews has figures 2-1-1-1, not bad for T20...


    From Anon, via text on 81111: "Gayle can afford to see a couple of overs as he clears the fielders in the ring or on the fence. Somewhat takes the powerplay out of the equation."

    Please don't forget to put your names on your texts...

  132. 2 overs: 
    WI 1-1

    Nuwan Kulasekara, fresh from his catch last over, takes the second over and starts with a couple of dot balls to Gayle, though the big Jamaican sometimes takes a bit of time to get going. Kulasekara gets West Indies going with a wide, Gayle comes down the track and aims a big heave but can't connect... another good over by Sri Lanka.

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Charles, the first one to walk for a duck. paying a rash slash a bit too soon in the innings!"

  134. 1 over: 
    WI 0-1

    Marlon Samuels is in at three, and marks his guard by bashing a bail into the crease, Chanderpaul-style. He leaves his first ball outside off stump, and Mathews starts with a wicket maiden.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's good bowling. Charles premeditated the shot but didn't get the ball he wanted, and suffered as a result."

  136. 0.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Charles c Kulasekara b Mathews 0 (WI 0-1)

    A roar from the crowd greets the first ball from Mathews, which Charles leaves outside off stump. Charles can't get after Mathews early on, hitting a couple to Tillakaratne Dilshan at point, before he hoists one into the Colombo night sky and is easily caught at mid-off!

  137. 1432: 

    Johnson Charles and the great Chris Gayle opening up for West Indies, Sri Lanka will stick with medium-pacer Angeo Mathews who usually takes the new ball for them.

    Roshan Abeysinghe, BBC Test Match Special

    "I was surprised in one area that Dananjaya has been selected. He's not played a first-class match, how will he cope in this atmosphere?"

    Dirk Nannes adds: "Either he's going to be a national hero, or he'll be criticised for a number of years..."

  139. 1429: 

    Great atmosphere as the anthem concludes. Sri Lanka take the field, followed by the West Indies batsmen.

  140. 1426: 

    And here it is... the Sri Lankan anthem. In all its glory.

  141. 1425: 

    David Rudder's "Rally Round the West Indies" - a cricketing anthem rather than a national anthem - is first up. There are a few pockets of Caribbean fans at the R Premadasa Stadium, although they're going to be vastly outnumbered here.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Sri Lanka have decided to go for inexperienced teenager Akila Dhananjaya instead of experienced and reliable Rangana Herath. It may be risky but looks like Mahela Jayawardene has a lot of faith on his new found talent."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jayawardene said this was the biggest cricket match ever played in Sri Lanka, and the expectation is immense, but Jayawardene looks as cool as a cucumber."

  144. 1423: 

    Huge, and I mean HUGE ovation for the Sri Lankan players as they emerge.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Simon Taufel bows out as an international umpire tonight, it's good that he's been given this world final. Aleem Dar's with him, while Rod Tucker is third umpire and Ian Gould is fourth."

  146. 1420: 

    The Sri Lanka fans are out in force in Colombo, and I've just spotted my first "Wacky, Waving, Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men" of the day. Aggers has noticed the marching policemen, who he thinks are rather Pythonesque, and for the last time in the tournament the stirring music of "1492: Conquest of Paradise" by Vangelis precedes the players' entry to the field.

    And you've still got time to make a cup of tea before the final. Don't forget we've got the Sri Lankan anthem to get through...

  147. 1418: 

    And lest we forget, Mr Gayle himself said after the semi-final that "this World Cup is going to be ours"...

  148. 1417: 

    Here's some more via BBC Monitoring, from the competing captains today:

    Mahela Jayawardene on Chris Gayle: "[He is] just another player in a very good West Indies team. We never went after individual players. We have tried to control things the way we can control. We have to have our focus on the entire team."

    Darren Sammy: "The crowd will be behind Sri Lanka but the belief in the dressing room is that we've done what we've had to do to get to the final and once we get there, we'll probably have to bring our A-plus game. We needed our A-game to beat Australia and we have to play a touch better to beat Sri Lanka, and we believe we can do that."

  149. 1415: 

    As Vic has alluded to, these teams have already met in the tournament. Back on 29 September in the Super Eights in Pallekele, West Indies could only stumble to 129-5 in their 20 overs, before Sri Lanka knocked off the runs with more than four overs to spare and with nine wickets in hand.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you get some runs on the board, chasing can be a tense affair in a final, as we saw from the England women's chase. I think the Sri Lankans have decided that what you must do against West Indies is shun the orthodox - so they've gone with Dananjaya, who the West Indies won't know much about, ahead of the dependable Herath, as in the Super Eights match they saw Johnson Charles completely befuddled by Ajantha Mendis."


    James Tew on Twitter: "GAME ON! Sri Lanka in the field to start the game off. Can they keep WIndies to a low score.."

    San Khan on Twitter: "Team who bat first will have advantage at Colombo."

  152. 1410: 

    Whether you're supporting Sri Lanka or West Indies, or hail from Galle, Guyana or anywhere in between, we want to hear from you this afternoon as the final unfolds. You can email us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line) text 81111 (if you're in the UK - with "CRICKET" as the first word and don't forget to put your name on it) or if you're on Twitter, tweet us via #bbccricket - but first, a final word on the women's game...

    England head of women's cricket Clare Connor on Twitter: "So proud of England women led by Charlotte Edwards. Sport creates days like this to remind us of that fine line between loving it & hating it!"

  153. 1405: 

    Sri Lanka: Mahela Jayawardene (capt), Tillakaratne Dilshan, Kumar Sangakkara (wk), Angelo Mathews, Jeevan Mendis, Lahiru Thirimanne, Thisara Perera, Nuwan Kulasekara, Lasith Malinga, Ajantha Mendis, Akila Dananjaya.

    West Indies: Johnson Charles, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard, Andre Russell, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Darren Sammy (capt), Sunil Narine, Ravi Rampaul, Samuel Badree.

  154. 1400: 

    Jayawardene spins the coin, Darren Sammy calls "heads" successfully - West Indies have won the toss and will bat first. "It should be another cracker and hopefully the West Indies will win," Sammy grins. "It's Dwayne Bravo's birthday today." They're unchanged.

    Sri Lanka's Mahela Jayawardene thinks the wicket looks good - they've left out Rangana Herath in favour of the young "mystery spinner" Akila Dananjaya.

  155. 1356: 

    Here's BBC Monitoring's Vikas Pandey on some of the global appeal of the final:

    "The island nation of Sri Lanka is rallying around its cricket team to win the World Twenty20. The media is reflecting this sentiment. Most websites and channels are giving prominent coverage to the pre-match build-up. The Daily Times newspaper is running a live 'Good Luck' page asking readers to comment. The match will be keenly watched in India and Pakistan as well, despite their national teams' exit from the tournament. Most fans are expecting a cracker of a match, with both West Indies and Sri Lanka known for playing aggressive cricket in the Twenty20 format. Sentiments are not too different in the Caribbean. A win for West Indies will keep cricket alive and ticking in the West Indies."

  156. 1350: 

    Afternoon, everyone - it's a full house in Colombo where Sri Lanka host West Indies in the ICC World Twenty20 final. If you weren't with us for the women's final earlier (and if not, where were you), that set the bar pretty high in terms of excitement - Australia beat England by four runs, after the Southern Stars dominated much of the game but England took it to the last ball.

    But it's all about the men from here. Sri Lanka haven't won a global ICC tournament since they triumphed in the 1996 World Cup, having been losing finalists in 2007 and 2011. West Indies' last cup was the Champions Trophy in England in 2004. But who will prevail?

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Live Scores - Sri Lanka v West Indies


  • West Indies beat Sri Lanka by 36 runs
  • Sri Lanka: 101 (18.4 overs)
  • West Indies: 137-6 (20.0 overs)
  • Venue: Colombo RPS

Sri Lanka Innings

All out
View full scorecard
M Jayawardene c Sammy b Narine 33
Dilshan b Rampaul 0
Sangakkara c Pollard b Badree 22
Mathews b Sammy 1
J Mendis run out (Dwayne Bravo) 3
T Perera run out (Ramdin) 3
Thirimanne c Charles b Sammy 4
N Kulasekara c Badree b Narine 26
Malinga c Dwayne Bravo b Narine 5
A Mendis c Dwayne Bravo b Samuels 1
Dananjaya not out 0
Extras 1nb 2lb 3
Total all out 101

Women's World Twenty20 2012

Captains Jodie Fields (Australia), Shashikala Siriwardene (Sri Lanka), Sana Mir (Pakistan), Merissa Aguilleira (West Indies) and Charlotte Edwards (England) with the trophy

Results, reports and scorecards from the third Women's World Twenty20 tournament