World T20 cricket: Sri Lanka v Pakistan as it happened

Hosts Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by 16 runs in a thrilling match to secure their place in the final of the World Twenty20.

4 October 2012 Last updated at 18:18

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As it happened

  1. 1814: 

    Well, after an enjoyable Colombo double-header, that's if from us today - thanks for your company, messages, tweets, texts, and carrier pigeons. You can read more about Sri Lanka's gritty win over Pakistan or indeed England women's comfortable win over New Zealand on the BBC Sport website.

    On the menu tomorrow, it's Australia v West Indies. Twice. The women's semi-final begins at 1000 BST, with the men's semi-final at 1430. I'm pleased to report that Stephan Shemilt and Sam Sheringham have been "reintegrated" into the live text commentary roster - you can join them from 0930. And after that, I hope you'll join me for the final on Sunday... Farewell for now.


    Sri Lanka captain (and man of the match) Mahela Jayawardene: "It means a great deal to us - great support from the fans, they were like our 12th man and it was great to perform like this in front of a big crowd. We felt Pakistan had a lot of right-handers and we needed a left-arm spinner, and Rangana Herath bowled well. We hadn't played on this square for a couple of weeks so we had to assess the conditions and keep wickets in hand, we were probably 15 runs short as we struggled to accelerate but 140 was a par score, we made a few mistakes in the field but thankfully it didn't cost us. Whoever we play in the final, we will try to execute a good game plan."


    Pakistan captain Mohammad Hafeez: "I'm really proud of the way the whole team played in the whole tournament. Everybody gave 100% in the field, we played positive cricket and we are really happy. The better team won tonight, the middle order collapsed and we couldn't find a partnership but it was a good game of cricket. Thank you to everyone who came to support Pakistan."

  4. 1801: 

    Rather like with the women's semi-final earlier, there's a bit of debate about the man of the match award... Dirk and Aggers suspect it will go to Mahela Jayawardene.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think the groundsman will have a little talking-to after today... I think with Sri Lanka set to face Australia or West Indies, who'll like a little more pace on the pitch, we'll see a slow, low one for the final."


    Sho_Rahman on Twitter: "The way Hafeez went out was very bad cricket and Afridi's batting the whole tournament was woeful."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "It was a sub-standard pitch really, for this kind of match, but it was a good game of cricket until Pakistan lost their way near the end. These pitches are looking tired, and I hope it's not going to be like this for finals day."

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "We didn't know which Pakistan team would turn up today - if it would be the free-flowing, high-scoring Pakistan, or the one that keeps playing and missing, and playing strange shots. I think the difference in the game was the way Jayawardene played - he was exceptional, even though Dilshan was a bit scratchy at the other end. The fact that they were no wickets down after 10 overs allowed them to go for it. Whereas with Pakistan, once Hafeez was out there was nowhere to go from there."


    SRI LANKA WIN BY 16 RUNS TO REACH ICC WORLD TWENTY20 FINAL - the party is just beginning in Colombo!

  10. 20 overs: 
    Pkn 123-7

    Akmal plays the ball into the covers and Sri Lanka have won!


    From Wijay, via text on 81111: "Moments like this I wish the planet was flat and there was no such thing as time difference - my mind is in Colombo and my body is in London."

  12. 19.5 overs: 
    Pkn 123-7 (TARGET 140)

    Akmal, now helmeted again, swipes a four through third man but it's too little, too late, with 17 needed from one ball.

  13. 19.4 overs: 
    Pkn 119-7 (TARGET 140)

    Gul smears a single - 21 needed from two balls - and Akmal wants his helmet back on. Umpires not happy.

  14. 19.3 overs: 
    Pkn 118-7 (TARGET 140)

    The laws of mathematics are against Pakistan as Akmal can only drag a single into the covers. 22 needed from three - not the time to bowl no-balls or wides.

  15. 19.2 overs: 
    Pkn 117-7 (TARGET 140)

    Akmal removes his helmet - how tempting would it be for Kulasekara to bowl a bouncer now? Akmal swings and misses outside off stump - 23 from four.

  16. 19.1 overs: 
    Pkn 117-7 (TARGET 140)

    So, Pakistan need 23 from six balls to reach the final - or 22 to provoke a super over. Nuwan Kulasekara is the man who'll be doing the bowling. With third man up and a long legside boundary, Dirk Nannes on TMS is expecting a lot of slower balls. First ball, Akmal drags it to leg and sends Gul back... rather than run ones, he's going to have to hit fours and sixes. 23 needed from five.

  17. 19 overs: 
    Pkn 117-7 (TARGET 140)

    Another full delivery outside off stump, Akmal swats it to backward point where Jayawardene makes another diving stop and they run one. 26 from 10. Gul on strike, with fine leg up. Gul swings and misses, the game is slipping away from Pakistan here, 26 from nine. Fourth ball is again full and wide, this time it's too wide and umpire Taufel spreads his arms, 25 needed from nine. Next ball, again full and wide, Gul swipes and misses, 25 needed from eight. And with Malinga, howver you set up for the ball being full and wide, you know he can just sling one in at your toes to shatter your stumps. Gul finally connects with the fifth ball but can only bludgeon a single to long-on. 24 from seven. Akmal on strike. He lashes the last ball through the covers, he'll only get one - but with 23 needed from six balls, he'll be facing the last over. From which he must hit six boundaries.

  18. 18.1 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Pkn 113-7 (TARGET 140)

    Malinga to bowl his last over - Akmal hangs his bat out, plays the ball to point but doesn't run, Gul has to run back to the non-striker's end but Malinga slightly fumbles it at the non-striker's end - after the throw comes in, he throws the ball at the stumps but did the bail dislodge before Gul ran his bat in? Many, many replays are shown, it's a big decision for third umpire Ian Gould and the verdict is... not out! 27 needed from 11 balls.


    From Chris, via text on 81111: "I know the English batsmen are continually abused for not being able to play spin, especially in the sub-continent, but has any team shown even a little ability against it in this tournament!?"

  20. 18 overs: 
    Pkn 113-7 (TARGET 140)

    With 27 needed from 14 balls, Umar Gul... shoulders arms to his first ball from Mendis! He prods the last ball back to the bowler - Umar Akmal will be on strike for the penultimate over, but as Dirk points out, "that was a free hit for the tail-ender - try to hit it over the fence." 27 needed from 12 balls.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Umar Gul played an unbelievable innings a couple of games ago, but he'll be facing a completely different bowling attack now."

  22. 17.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Tanvir st Sangakkara b A Mendis 8 (Pkn 113-7)

    "Pakistan need a big over here," notes Aggers on TMS. Ajantha Mendis to bowl. Umar helps himself to a couple of twos and a single, Tanvir comes down the pitch to aim a big shot and is stumped.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "In Sri Lanka's road to the 1996 World Cup they faced a similar semi-final where they beat India. India collapsed under pressure after Sachin Tendulkar gave them an excellent start - Sri Lankan fans are hoping for a similar result."


    Jordan King on Twitter: "They might as well rename Boom Boom Afridi, 'Flop Flop Afridi'. He hasn't played a decent innings for ages."

    Ilyas Najib on Twitter: "16 years to the day Afridi hit the fastest ODI century against Sri Lanka, now he goes first ball in a semi-final. Bye bye, Afridi."

    Akeel Mirza on Twitter: "Why does Umar Akmal come in so late?! Best Pakistan batsmen by a mile. He doesn't panic, values his wicket, bats under pressure."

  25. 17 overs: 
    Pkn 108-6 (TARGET 140)

    Malinga returns, Tanvir goes for a big heave-ho, it's not quite six but it's a welcome four for Pakistan through cow corner. Quite disgracefully, Pakistan non-striker Umar Akmal decides he needs a fresh pair of gloves (yes, the NON-STRIKER, who's only faced 10 balls needs new gloves) and the Pakistan 12th man runs on mid-over. Both umpires do their best to shoo him off the field, but there's a delay as Umar gets his new gloves. "It comes to something when the umpires can't stop that happening," fumes Aggers on TMS. But Tanvir can only play out three dot balls from the Slinger before managing a single, leaving Umar facing the last ball of the over - it's a wide outside off stump. He pokes the replacement ball for a single to keep the strike, but the rate has gone up - Pakistan need 32 from 18 balls.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Mahela Jayawardene must realise he can't be slow tonight - he's on a warning for over-rates, and it would be terrible if he got suspended for the final."

  27. 16 overs: 
    Pkn 101-6 (TARGET 140)

    Sri Lanka keep their last Ajantha Mendis over up their sleeve as Mathews returns to bowl his last over. Tanvir nudges a single, Umar Akmal has a rather big task on his hands with 47 needed from the last 28 balls, he smears a two to fine leg before he comes down the pitch to swipe a cross-batted four over extra cover. A single takes him to 16, that's Pakistan up to 100 but Tanvir can only manage a single off the last ball so he'll be on strike next over. The stadium DJ plays "Stayin' Alive", but will Pakistan's hopes still be alive at the end? And will Vic get his super-over?


    From Faysal, via text on 81111: "I'm feeling the absence of Razzaq (an all-rounder) who was replaced by Tanvir (a bowler)."

    Dirk Nannes has just made the same point on TMS...

  29. 15 overs: 
    Pkn 92-6 (TARGET 140)

    The crowd are going wild now, and the camera keeps showing a young blond lad who's leaping up and down with a flag... and I'm reliably informed that he's England all-rounder Danielle Wyatt's brother! The left-handed Sohail Tanvir is Pakistan's new batsman, he's off the mark with a single but Herath takes his cap and a few high-fives from his team-mates with figures of 4-0-25-3.

  30. 14.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Afridi b Herath 0 (Pkn 91-6)

    Boom Boom! Time for Shahid Afridi to lead Pakistan over the line with some champagne hitting, or throw his wicket away almost immediately? Well, he goes for a big heave, gets an inside edge onto his stumps and is bowled, and little Herath's on a hat-trick! Boom Boom indeed...

  31. 14.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Hafeez st Sangakkara b Herath 42 (Pkn 91-5)

    Herath on for his last over, but Hafeez's charmed life is over as he aims an ugly swipe, misses and is stumped by Sangakkara!

    Joe Wilson, BBC Sport in Sri Lanka

    On Twitter: "Malinga's white hat helps batsmen know exactly where he is so they can hit it straight to him. Helpful."

  33. 14 overs: 
    Pkn 91-4 (TARGET 140)

    Ajantha Mendis back into the attack as Sri Lanka look to wrest back control of this see-saw game. Umar Akmal steers a four past point, he and Hafeez share some more ones and twos to leave Pakistan needing 49 from 36 balls. It would take a brave man to predict how this game will finish, though...

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Eight an over for seven overs is gettable - the only question-mark for Pakistan is the wickets. Who knows which Afridi's going to turn up today?"


    From Amir in Manchester, via text on 81111: "No real big scoring between the big teams in the last few games, goes to show that T20 isn't all about explosive batting but also disciplined intelligent bowling."

  36. 13 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pkn 83-4 (TARGET 140)

    With 69 needed from 48 balls, Hafeez pushes his strike rate up to 100 for the first time by reverse-slog-sweping Herath for four, then aims a big inside-out lofted drive over long-off, Kulasekara on the boundary leaps but it goes through his hands for six! How might these missed chances cost Sri Lanka? And how many more lives can they give Hafeez? Two more singles mean it's 12 from Herath's over, and Hafeez has 41 from 38 balls.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "At this moment, you'd probably still rather be in Sri Lanka's shoes, but nothing is certain here."

  38. 12 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pkn 71-4 (TARGET 140)

    As Vic on TMS notices, we've had no sixes in this game - Sarah Taylor being the only player to hit a six today... suddenly that target of 140 looks a long way away for the Pakistan batsmen. Mathews begins his third over, Hafeez lofts the ball high over long-on - where he's dropped by Malinga. Very, very disappointing catch you'd expect him to take. "That's a bad miss - straightforward by modern standards," notes Vic Marks on TMS. They run one. New batsman Umar Akmal is off the mark with a single, then Hafeez whips a four off his legs to move to 29 from 31 balls. A single rounds off the over.

  39. 11 overs: 
    WICKET- Malik b Herath 6 (Pkn 64-4)

    Malik and Hafeez scratch their way to a couple of ones and twos against Herath, but the little left-arm spinner strikes when he spins one past Malik's forward prod and takes his off stump! Pakistan reeling.

  40. 10 overs: 
    Pkn 58-3 (TARGET 140)

    Shoaib Malik is in at number five, there are some young Pakistan fans looking rather dejected at the loss of two batsmen this over, Mathews varies his pace well and has Malik fencing at thin air. Mathews has no great pace but varies it well, his bowling sometimes reminds me (as a biased Hampshire fan) of Dimitri Mascarenhas, who showed this year he's still a very useful customer at medium pace with the ball in T20. Malik is off the mark with a single off his legs.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "The pitch may have had a little to do with that, but it was a terrific slower ball. This is a big over for Sri Lanka."

  42. 9.4 overs: 
    WICKET- K Akmal c Jayawardene b Mathews 1 (Pkn 57-3)

    And a long-awaited replay for the lbw shows... that ball pitched outside leg stump. No wonder Jamshed looked so miffed. New batsman Kamran Akmal is off the mark with a single, Hafeez rotates the strike, then there's a big puff of dust as Kamran swings at a slower ball and he swipes a catch straight to mid-wicket.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Kamran Akmal's in at four, you never quite know how he's going to play - Mathews looks really pleased with himself after that wicket."

  44. 9.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Jamshed lbw b Mathews 4 (Pkn 55-2)

    Mathews makes the breakthrough as Jamshed is hit on the pad, umpire Tucker raises his finger and the Pakistan batsmen look furious - but with no DRS, they have no right of appeal to a higher power...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a lot of tension out there. It's not hostile, but it is tense - these two innings have gone at almost identical pace."

  46. 9 overs: 
    Pkn 55-1 (TARGET 140)

    Left-arm spinner Rangana Herath into the attack after that brief Perera experiment, but as Aggers points out, he doesn't turn it as much as Holly Colvin... Herath's first ball hits Jamshed on the pad, there's an appeal but it's given not out as they run a leg bye. Hafeez and Jamshed plunder some ones and twos, six from the over plus that leg bye and Pakistan need 85 from 66 balls.

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Colombo stadium comes alive with Imran Nazir's wkt! The crowds back to waving flags and chanting slogans."

  48. 8 overs: 
    Pkn 48-1 (TARGET 140)

    This game is so tight and so difficult to call, Vic Marks is already expecting a super over... Jayawardene positions himself at slip for Ajantha Mendis's second over. Left-handed Jamshed dabs a single, Hafeex launches a bit of a slog towards cow corner where the diving Malinga almost knocks the ball onto the rope but recovers as the batsmen run three. Every run could be precious here if we're on for Vic's super over... Anotehr Jamshed single precedes a Hafeez first-bounce four lifted over extra cover. Who are you backing at this stage? Keep tweeting, texting and emailing...

  49. 7 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Pkn 39-1 (TARGET 140)

    A slightly surprising move as Thisara Perera, who's more of a late-order slogger in this format and didn't bowl in any of their Super Eight games, comes on with his medium-fast right-arm seam. Hafeez bashes a four over the bowler's head before launching another one for the same region where he's dropped by the diving figure of Rangana Herath, the little spinner having run round from long-on. A single takes him to 10, his new partner Nasir Jamshed is off the mark with a single. Interestingly, Pakistan only bowled three overs of seam in the first 15 overs - Sri Lanka have already bowled six in the first seven.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "He'll feel unlucky there, Nazir, as it came off bat and pad. We've said how when Mendis is good, he can be very, very good."

  51. 6 overs: 
    WICKET- Nazir b A Mendis 20 (Pkn 31-1)

    Aggers replaces Roshan Abeysinghe on TMS as Ajantha Mendis (off-spin, leg-spin, carrom balls, mystery spin, the whole kit and caboodle) replaces Kulasekara for the final over of the powerplay. Hafeez slog-sweeps and is hit on the pad, Mendis appeals for lbw but the ball looked to have pitched a fraction outside leg stump. Hafeez drills into the covers, there's a superb stop by Dilshan at short extra to prevent any runs, then next ball he has to hit the turf again to prevent an overthrow as Hafeez jabs a single to mid-wicket. Nazir sweeps for four, then Mendis spins one through bat and pad, and bowls him with the last ball of the powerplay!

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Lasith Malinga is using his quicker ball as his shock ball now, he's been taking the pace off a lot and bowling slower balls."

  53. 5 overs: 
    Pkn 26-0 (TARGET 140)

    Nazir tries to drill the ball through the covers against Malinga but the diving Lahiru Thirimanne restricts them to one. Hafeez, who's batting at Dilshan pace so far, swings and misses. Next ball is a slower ball - the Slinger slings, Hafeez swings, the crowd sings (and somewhere a bell rings... you get the idea), but a dot ball is all there is to show from it. Hafeez manages a leg bye, but that's all - Malinga has 0-8 from his first two overs.


    Chris Young on Twitter: "At the moment, Nazir seems to be building a very dangerous partnership with Extras. Maybe SL should just bowl straight."

  55. 4 overs: 
    Pkn 24-0 (TARGET 140)

    Hafeez, having only faced two deliveries in the first three overs, finally gets on strike against Kulasekara and manages a single, before Nazir hammers a single to fine leg. Hafeez goes for an unorthodox flick down the leg side but can't connect, then attempts an agricultural heave with the same result - a much better over from Kulasekara, whose names is not unlike that of a British rock band of the late 1990s... two singles from it.

    Ramiz Raja, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Sri Lanka should use Malinga as a strike bowler, I'm not sure his change of pace is helping Mahela Jayawardene's cause."

  57. 3 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Pkn 22-0 (TARGET 140)

    And right on cue, Pakistan turn to Lasith Malinga - alias The Slinger! Huge cheers around the ground as he's thrown the ball. Nazir defends his first ball, before Malinga slings a wild delivery down the leg side for five wides, not giving the keeper any chance - looked like it slipped out of his hand. Not much is going for Sri Lanka at the moment as Nazir edges a two past the keeper. Then there's a big lbw appeal from the Slinger as Nazir is hit on the pad by a slower ball, and umpire Taufel's "not out" decision is vindicated by the ball-tracking replay which shows the ball missing leg stump. Good recovery by Malinga as he finishes with four dot balls.


    Mark Lawson on Twitter: "If Malinga bowls as well as he did against England, Pakistan have no chance."

  59. 2 overs: 
    Pkn 15-0 (TARGET 140)

    Nuwan Kulasekara takes the second over as Sri Lanka begin with right-arm seam from both ends - Nazir, who has the highest strike rate of any player from the four teams still in the tournament, is beaten by one that sails between his forward prod and body, and just over the stumps. Next ball, he comes down the track, and swings and misses again. Kulasekara strays with a couple of legside wides, then Nazir opens the face to guide a four just out of the reach of third man, before nicking the strike with a single off the last ball, just as he did last over. A good start to the over from Kulasekara's point of view, before his radar went off-beam.

    Ramiz Raja, BBC Test Match Special

    "If you get a head start, it becomes pressure on the fielding side - Mahela will want Pakistan to feel the pressure from the spinners, so Sri Lanka need to get off to a good start."

  61. 1 over: 
    Pkn 8-0 (TARGET 140)

    Bit of a hold-up as there's something up with the sightscreen, but when umpire Taufel gives the thumbs-up for (potentially) his last innings as an international umpire, Mathews bowls to Hafeez and he's off the mark with a single before Nazir flashes at one outside off stump, it just evades the diving Dilshan at backward point and they run two. A more fluent shot over the cover fielders brings Nazir four, and a single off the last ball means it's a good start by Pakistan.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "It looks like it will be a repeat of 2009 unless Mahela and his boys puts up spirited performance. It was, however, Angelo Mathews's tournament as everybody was talking about the young all-rounder after his superb performance in England."


    chrisyoungsheff on Twitter: "Re: Neil [20th over]. How would the great Windies team have fared? Posted 200 and bowled the other lot out for 75 in 15 overs. Just because."

  64. 1616: 

    Yep, it's Mathews to bowl, and it's eyes down for Pakistan's run chase, 140 for a place in the final, 139 to thrill Vic Marks with another super over. Imran Nazir and Mohammad Hafeez opening up for Pakistan.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sri Lanka are going to keep faith with their tried and tested method of giving Angelo Mathews the first over."


    superpiran on Twitter: "Stumped off a wide is like rain on your wedding day #notironicjustratherunfortunate"

    Do I detect that you're having a sly dig at a certain Alanis Morissette song here?


    England captain Charlotte Edwards on TMS: "We've come here to win five games of cricket and we've got one more to win. The messages of support we've had have spurred us on, keep backing the girls and hopefully we can bring back the trophy."

    Aggers added that "it's not often that you get a peck on the cheek from the captain of England..."

  68. 1612: 

    An interesting comparison pointed out by my match-report colleague Stephan Shemilt - Sri Lanka made a not dissimilar 138-6 in the final of the 2009 tournament against Pakistan at Lord's. Pakistan won by eight wickets with eight balls to spare. UK-based Pakistan fans looking to relive that win can still watch highlights of that game - and indeed the entire 2009 tournament - on the BBC Sport website.


    England spinner Holly Colvin on TMS, reflecting on their semi-final win earlier today: "We're delighted to get over the line today - all the bowlers have contributed, we kept them quiet in the powerplay and played our game and played it well. It seemed an older wicket than we'd played on in Galle, but that's where Lydia Greenway came into her own with the sweeping. People say the favourites tag may add pressure, but it's good if other teams think we're the one to beat."


    Pakistan pace bowler Umar Gul: "I feel that there's a bit of dew in the pitch, so I tried to bowl cross-seam. I'm satisfied with the captain's decisions and always happy to bowl when he asks me. I hope I don't have to bat today, if the batsmen bat for 20 overs then hopefully we will win the game."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The sages in here thought 140 might be a good score, and they're one off. So get ready for that super-over, folks! I think we've got a cracking game on our hands."

  72. 20 overs: 
    SL 139-4

    In contrast to the impressive over-rates from the women's semi-final, this innings is dragging on somewhat - we're an hour and a half into the innings, and only now just starting the last over. Gul to bowl, Mathews slices the first ball for four through third man and the second for a single to cover. Perera blasts the third ball back at the bowler, both Gul and the umpire duck for cover for fear of decapitation and that's four all the way. The fourth is hoisted over mid-off for four more, earning a big round of applause from Jayawardene in the dug-out. The fifth is mis-timed to short mid-wicket for one, leaving Mathews on strike for the last ball of the innings. The vice-captain chips it over mid-off for two, Sri Lanka finish on 139-4 and Pakistan must score 140 to reach the final.


    From Neil, TMS inbox: "With this format of the game, how would the great Windies team have fared, the likes of Richards, Greenidge, Haynes, Kalicharran, Lloyd, Holding, Garner, Marshall?"

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Lankan struggling. Mahela's face says it all with dreams of big-hitting not realised as yet."

  75. 19 overs: 
    SL 123-4

    Angelo Mathews is the new batsman, another clean hitter - what havoc can he and Perera wreck with 12 balls left? Only a single apiece off the first two deliveries, Mathews aims a big hit into the leg side but it's only one again. And two more singles mean it's five from the over, rather less than the fireworks the home fans may have fancied.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Stumped off a wide, he's been penalised for turning the ball. Not something which probably ever troubled you, Victor..."

  77. 18.0 overs: 
    WICKET- J Mendis st K Akmal b Ajmal 15 (SL 118-4)

    Ajmal spins down one outside off stump to Mendis, who is easily stumped by Kamran behind the timbers. And it's off a wide as well.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Perera looks like a heavyweight boxer, and he really can whack it."

  79. 18 pvers: 
    SL 117-3

    As I thought might happen, the left-handed Thisara Perera is sent up the order to give it a bit of long handle, but he can't get his first ball away.

  80. 17.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Dilshan lbw b Gul 35 (SL 117-3)

    So, that's a free hit for Mendis which he smears for a single, and Dilshan's scratchy innings is ended when he falls lbw to one of Gul's yorkers.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Maybe Sri Lanka were hoping Dilshan was out? I wonder what the lowest score is, to carry your bat through a Twenty20 international innings? Apparently it's only happened once at a World Twenty20 - Chris Gayle got 63 not out against Sri Lanka in the 2009 semi-final [in which the West Indies were bowled out in 17.4 overs]."

  82. 17.4 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SL 116-2

    Gul (who has Afridi in his ear after the first delivery) keeps it tight against Dilshan, who's lost his timing (Vic on TMS thinks he'll be saying "take me back to Pallekele") and can only nurdle a single to mid-wicket. Mendis is hit on the pad... and is given out. Time for some firepower to send Perera up the order, or Mathews? Hang on a minute, replays show that's a borderline no-ball... and Dilshan is recalled!


    From Yasir, via text on 81111: "Considering Sri Lanka are only two wickets down, the score is quite restricted in my opinion. Pakistan have done well."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sri Lanka have either been very clever to get a satisfactory total on the board, or they've misjudged it. You can see the spinners drying the ball with rags, so it may not be easy for the Pakistan batsmen. Sri Lanka haven't really had one very, very good over yet."

  85. 17 overs: 
    SL 114-2

    Ajmal replaces fellow off-spinner Hafeez, he'll be happy to concede singles at this stage, although Dilshan guides only his third four of the game away down the leg side. A single takes him to 34, the field is shuffled for the left-handed Mendis who can only hit the ball straight back to the bowler, Mendis then aims a big heave to leg but can't connect and is hit on the pad.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sri Lanka are still going to have to go somewhat to get to 140. I'm sure Dilshan's going to play some big shots now, you don't want to be 34 not out at the end."

  87. 16 overs: 
    SL 107-2

    Aggers still isn't happy with the delays as 12th men run on with drinks and gloves - and neither were the umpires he spoke to the other night, apparently. As Vic mentioned, Umar Gul's on and Kamran Akmal, standing back, is now keeping wicket bare-headed. Mendis carves a two towards cow corner, but he can't get the next couple of deliveries away, and eventually pulls a two just over the leaping Tanvir (who put an absolute dolly of a chance down the other day) at short mid-wicket. Gul, whose length had been pretty good so far, pings in a bouncer which is called as an aerial wide, before another Mendis cross-batted heave brings him a scampered two to the mid-wicket sweeper.


    Ollie Smith on Twitter: "How is Raza Hasan allowed to wear 100 on his shirt when his top score in T20s is five not out?! Should be criteria for that sort of thing!"

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Umar Gul's going to come on, he'll be looking for a bit of reverse swing. But we've seen it go both ways with him - he can bowl yorkers and slower balls, or he can go for a few. And it's very rare you get an opening batsman still in after 15 overs, but having only scored 28."

  90. 15 overs: 
    SL 100-2

    Mendis and Dilshan start Hafeez's over with another couple of singles, then Mendis absolutely hammers a reverse-swept four over point, before drilling a single through extra cover to retain the strike. He has seven from six balls, Dilshan has 28 from 37.

  91. 14 overs: 
    SL 93-2

    Ajmal's off again as Afridi will come back for his fourth over. After conceding a pair of singles to Dilshan and Mendis, the bearded leg-spinner tosses it up and that's more like the Dilshan we know, belting a full toss through mid-wicket for four. A two off his last ball means Afridi finishes with 1-28 from his four overs as he has to chase the ball off his own bowling.

    Alison Mitchell, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Word from a couple of Eng fans is that it's getting a tad uncomfortably crowded in the cheap seats, where it's just concrete steps. Rammed in."

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Just spoke to the man in charge of 1,200 volunteers - Dileep Mudadeniya. He says the ICC is so grateful for the volunteers that they will hold special sessions in three venues, together with Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, to thank the unsung heroes of the tournament. But he admits it is mainly a men dominated force."

  94. 13 overs: 
    SL 85-2

    New batsman Jeevan Mendis looks on as Dilshan takes a single from the last ball of Hafeez's over.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "One down in the 13th over, why not have a go? You can't get upset at that - but you might at something like the Dilshan reverse-sweep when he's not playing to his strengths."

  96. 12.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Sangakkara c Malik b Hafeez 18 (SL 84-2)

    Captain Mohammad Hafeez belatedly into the attack with his off-spin. Dilshan tries to emulate his captain's reverse sweep, but can't connect cleanly and it just pokes a single to cover. ("I've played with Dilshan for four or five years and hardly ever seen him play that shot," notes Dirk on TMS). Kamran Akmal then appeals for a stumping, but Sangakkara's foot remained grounded. Hafeez strays with a wide, Sangakkara helps himself to a two off his legs, then lofts a steepler over long-on... where Shoaib Malik takes the catch, and Sanga perishes for a breezy 18 from 11 balls.

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "Sri Lanka are going well, but it depends on which Pakistan batting team turn up this evening."


    Farah on Twitter: "Pakistan need to find a way of silencing the home crowd, who, by the way have been sensational throughout this tournament."

  99. 12 overs: 
    SL 80-1

    Ajmal back on and as if he's heard Dirk purring with praise for him on TMS, Sangakkara steers a four through third man before drilling a well-run two to long-off, which Imran Nazir fumbles in the deep. Sanga bashes another four through extra cover before he cracks a single to mid-on to take his score to 16 from only seven balls. He's in danger of overtaking Dilshan, who smears his 18th run off his 29th delivery.

    And Pakistan are leaving it a bit late to introduce a fifth bowler, who may not be able to get all his overs in unless he bowled unchanged...


    Sajjy on Twitter: "Why are people moaning about Tanvir coming in for Razzaq? He's done well so far with his bowling. Give him some credit."

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I love watching Sangakkara, he's one of the guys I'd gladly pay admission at a cricket ground for."

  102. 11 overs: 
    SL 68-1

    Kumar Sangakkara is the new batsman and his timing looks inch-perfect straight away, firmly on-driving his first ball for four and helping the next one off his legs for a single. Big, big appeal from Afridi as Dilshan is hit on the pad... looked like it was going down leg. In a somewhat scratchy innings, Dilshan has 17 from 28 balls.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Apart from newcomer Raza Hassan, all other Pakistan players who are playing in this match played in the recently concluded Sri Lanka Premier League. So they are used to these conditions and Premadasa Stadium will be like home to them as well."

  104. 10.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Jayawardene c Hasan b Afridi 42 (SL 63-1)

    Single from Dilshan, then it's all over for Jayawardene when he gets down to try and flick the ball over fine leg - not a true Dilscoop as he wasn't trying to hit over the keeper's head - and is caught by Raza Hasan at short fine leg.

  105. 10 overs: 
    SL 62-0

    Hasan in for his last over, Dilshan pushes a quick single and Jayawardene runs well to run his bat in, although there's an appeal for a run-out and the third umpire - England's Ian Gould - says "not out". Jayawardene then unleashes a switch-hit, crossing his hands over to hit a two into the covers, before adding two more. Another four off the last ball of the over takes Jayawardene to to 42 from 35 balls and at the half-way point of the innings, Sri Lanka are sitting pretty.

    I wonder how Dilshan feels about his batting partner switch-hitting - given that there was a bit of a row in the Colombo Test against England in March, when Dilshan kept stopping on his way in to bowl whenever Kevin Pietersen shaped up to switch-hit?

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "I'm surprised we've not seen Hafeez bowl himself, he normally bowls a lot of his overs early on."

  107. 9 overs: 
    SL 53-0

    Dilshan drills Afridi for a two and a single, while there's now a constant wall of noise around the R Premadasa Stadium, with special cheers for every run scored by the home side. Jayawardene, who's a pleasure to watch when he's on song, carves a four over extra cover as the Lankan fans wave their flags joyously. A bye and a single complete the over. I've heard people say how it was the 1996 World Cup that turned Sri Lanka cricket-mad - jut think of the lift they'd get from winning this tournament on home turf.

  108. 8 overs: 
    SL 44-0

    Raza Hasan (who wears 100 on the back of his shirt, which if nothing else makes him easy to pick out in the field) is back on for Ajmal as Pakistan skipper Mohammad Hafeez rotates his spinners. Four singles mean the dominant Jayawardene has 30 from 27 balls, while Dilshan - who's not really got going when you consider the fireworks of which he's capable - has 11 from 21.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Jayawardene has two reverse sweeps - the one that he gently nudges, and that one which he hits very hard."

  110. 7 overs: 
    SL 40-0

    Shahid Afridi into the attack with his brisk leg-spin, Dilshan knocks a single before Jayawardene belts a reverse-swept four. A single rounds off a rapid over, and Pakistan need a wicket.


    From Manzar, via text on 81111: "Big mistake leaving out Razzaq for Tanvir! This is going to be hard to watch."

    This seems to be a common theme - do any of you Pakistan fans think Tanvir deserves his place? 0-11 from three overs in a powerplay isn't too bad? Let us know...

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "This could be Australian umpire Simon Taufel's last match as he has announced he will stand down from the International Cricket Council's elite panel following the conclusion of the World Twenty20, unless West Indies beat Australia so he could stand as the umpire for the all-important final."

    Dirk Nannes, BBC Test Match Special

    "That's a fantastic shot. If Jayawardene had missed that, he probably would have been bowled."

  114. 6 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SL 34-0

    Pakistan need a wicket, and turn to one of their trump cards - off-spinner Saeed Ajmal. But he overpitches and Jayawardene powers it down the leg side for four. The Sri Lanka skipper then tries a reverse sweep, can't connect and keeper Kamran Akmal misses it down the leg side as the batsmen run two byes. Jayawardene then sweeps and misses, and umpire Simon Taufel turns down a confident lbw appeal - looked as though the impact was outside the line as Jayawardene stepped across his stumps. Ajmal is getting a bit of turn on this track, as the England women spinners did earlier, but Jayawardene stays ice-cool and reverse-sweeps his second four ov the over.


    From Ludo Millar, via text on 81111: "Battle between Jamshed and Jayawardene will be an interesting one. Both top quality T20 cricketers and both in a good run of form at the moment."

    Ramiz Raja, BBC Test Match Special

    "I can't understand why Hafeez has taken the slip out. Pakistan need to get Mahela Jayawardene out quickly if they want to win this game."

  117. 5 overs: 
    SL 24-0

    Tanvir begins his third over, single from Jayawardene while Dilshan pulls out of a hook shot when Tanvir pings in a bouncer, and then a wide out of Dilshan's reach outside off stump. But Dilshan is getting a little bogged down here, by his standards... until he edges it past the keeper, straight through where slip would have been, and they run two. And Ramiz Raja hands the TMS summariser's chair to Dirk Nannes, who announces he is pleased to have been "reintegrated" back into the commentary team.

  118. 4 overs: 
    SL 20-0

    Hasan to Dilshan who works it off his legs but doesn't run, Jayawardene by then is halfway down the track and has to rush back into his crease. Dilshan drills a single to mid-on before Jayawardene skilfully steps outside the line and sweeps a four to get the crowd on their feet. He's hit the most fours in the tournament - 22 - just ahead of Imran Nazir's 21, and adds a single off the last ball of the over to move to 14 from 12 balls.

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Several seats still empty in Colombo. It's a working day after all, for a 27k stadium to be full."


    From Clive Jones, TMS inbox: "The Sri Lankan national anthem is so long it must just about send opposing teams to sleep. At best they must lose an edge listening to it. Would it be fairer to give the opposition 10 runs if the home side insists on playing it at every match?"

  121. 3 overs: 
    SL 14-0

    I hadn't realised that this is Sri Lanka's first appearance at Colombo in this tournament, allowing the capital's cricket fans to watch their heroes at close quarters. Tanvir has a slip in for Jayawardene, but the Sri Lanka skipper edges one well wide of the close fielder and they run one. Dilshan can't penetrate the ring of off-side fielders until he pushes the last ball for a quick single to cover.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Sri Lanka go into the match with full confidence as they have beaten Pakistan in a Test and ODI series at home in June, points out the BBC's Azzam Ameen, who is in the press box with me. Interestingly the T20 series finished all square with each team winning a game. A win for Sri Lanka will mean they will contest their fourth ICC final in five years - they are yet to win one..."


    From Sadia, TMS inbox: "I smell defeat for Pakistan today - losing toss and then having to chase later isn't going to be easy. The decision to leave Razzaq out today also seems unwise as he can bat quite well."

  124. 2 overs: 
    SL 12-0

    Left-arm spinner Raza Hasan, who's often taken the new ball for Pakistan in this tournament, jogs in but Jayawardene threads a well-timed three through the covers, some good fielding by Shahid Afridi prevents the boundary. But a firm cut shot to a quicker ball is four pretty much from the moment it leaves Dilshan's bat, although the young spinner rounds off the over with three dot balls.


    Paul Collinson on Twitter: "As Vic Marks might say - Sri Lanka start as favourites, but a Pakistan win wouldn't be a complete shock."

    Tweet us via #bbccricket to join the debate

    Ramiz Raja, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's good for Sohail Tanvir that he doesn't have a left-hander to bowl at, at this stage, as he can lose the plot bowling to left-handers."

  127. 1 over: 
    SL 5-0

    It's going to be left-arm seamer Sohail Tanvir to take the new ball - Jayawardene withdraws his bat from the first delivery of the match, but whips the second off his thigh, Umar Gul gets a hand to it at fine leg but can't stop the ball trickling onto the boundary. "We've seen that a lot with Pakistan in the field - you've got to do better than that," notes former skipper Ramiz Raja on TMS. A single brings Dilshan on strike, he slashes at the last ball of the over as Tanvir slides it across the right-hander but can't connect.

    Ramiz Raja, BBC Test Match Special

    "I still think it's a good toss to win. You want to bat first in a pressure match."

  129. 1432: 

    Helmet adjusted, Dilshan and his batting partner Mahela Jayawardene stride to the middle. Will Pakistan start with spin?

  130. 1431: 

    You can't doubt this is very much a home match for Sri Lanka - some fireworks are blasted into the sky after the anthem ends. The umpires (both Aussies) Simon Taufel and Rod Tucker stride to the middle, Sri Lanka opener Tillakaratne Dilshan adjusts his helmet on top of his royal blue headscarf and Pakistan are having a Michael Vaughan-style "huddle".


    From Osama, TMS inbox: "Very surprised that Razzaq hasn't been included. It's not like he did anything wrong: in the previous match he played a handy knock and wasn't required to bowl. Here's hoping that this decision doesn't come back to haunt Pakistan."

  132. 1428: 

    If they play a reduced-overs match under Duckworth/Lewis rules, does D/L provide for a slightly more abbreviated version of the anthem?


    Asim Majid on Twitter: "Pakistan for the win - great morale boost for the country and some very needed positive coverage in the media."

  134. 1426: 

    Pakistan's anthem is sung pretty lustily by most of their players, and absolutely belted out by some of their fans in the stadium. If you need to make a cup of tea before the game, you've got time - here comes the Sri Lanka anthem which is very jolly but very, very long...

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I often think that the tenser a game like this is, the more value there is on having runs on the board and putting pressure on the two batsmen out there."

  136. 1423: 

    We're getting the full blast of the stirring pre-anthem music - if you're not aware, it's by Vangelis (he of Chariots of Fire/Blade Runner fame) and is from the Christopher Columbus film "1492: Conquest of Paradise". Music to stir the soul.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is an intriguing contest as there are some terrific spinners involved. I wonder if you offered Jayawardene 150 now, would he take it? I think he would. We saw the likes of Holly Colvin spin the ball a long way earlier - the spinners in this game bowl quicker so it might not spin as much."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "The players are coming out a bit earlier than normal - but we've got the Sri Lankan anthem to get through today, and that takes a while."


    ErosSach on Twitter: "Wrong decision leaving out Razzaq IMO, could be very useful as a batsman."

    Tweet us via #bbccricket to join the debate

  140. 1415: 

    Test Match Special are back up and running - as Aggers notes, the R Premadasa Stadium is a lot fuller and noisier than it was during the women's semi-final earlier. And I'm not surprised, as I've just been shown some pictures of huge numbers of fans queuing up to buy tickets. If you weren't with us for the women's game, Saroj from BBC Sinhala explained how Sri Lanka released 3,000 tickets this morning and police struggled to contain the crowds that turned up.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Sri Lanka have opted for experience than experiment in the battle of the spinners. They have rested teenager Akila Dananjaya who was in superb form in the last two matches and opted for Ajantha Mendis and Rangana Herath instead. Contrary to rumours, Mahela Jayawardene captains the team despite the danger of a ban in the finals if Sri Lanka beat Pakistan."

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Sri Lanka win the toss and will bat first... If they score more than 160, then will surely be tough chasing. Pakistan players are great catchers in the nets. Why do they mess up many times while the game is on then?"

  143. 1407: 

    Pakistan's bowling options include two seamers and no fewer than five spinners (counting the part-timers), while Sri Lanka have eight players who could realistically bowl, including four spinners and, of course, The Slinger.

    So, Sri Lanka or Pakistan? Whoever you're supporting, or predicting to win, you can email us at (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 (if you're in the UK - please stick "CRICKET" as the first word and don't forget to put your name on them) or tweet us via #bbccricket - what's not to love?

  144. 1401: 

    Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene - leading the side for real this time - wins the toss and elects to bat first. They bring in left-arm spinner Rangana Herath for young mystery spinner Akila Dananjaya. Pakistan have left out Abdul Razzaq and turn back to left-arm seamer Sohail Tanvir.

  145. 1359: 

    If you weren't with us earlier, you missed a fairly straightforward win by England's women - New Zealand were never really at the races after their captain Suzie Bates was run out in the first over and England put the squeeze on them by bowling 14 overs of spin. You can read Stephan Shemilt's match report on the BBC Sport website.

    But from here on in, it's all Sri Lanka v Pakistan - can the hosts book their place in the final, or will 2009 tournament winners Pakistan prevail? We want you to tell us who you're backing and why...

    Nitin Srivastava, BBC Hindi in Colombo

    On Twitter: "Rameez Raja waiting rather impatiently at the crease for the two captains to arrive and do the toss!"

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Pakistan have seen very little of Ajantha Mendis and they have played Rangana Herath a lot more, says Hilal Suhaib, the editor of the fans' website Island Cricket. He says contrary to popular feeling, Mendis should be played more often against Asian opposition. The Sri Lankan camp feel that Asian teams have mastered him, and therefore, he gets very little opportunity to redeem himself against them."

  148. 1355: 

    If you think we've started earlier than usual, you're right - as even though the "late" games in the tournament so far have started at 1500 BST, the men's semi-finals and final are starting at 1430. So we'll be expecting them to toss up in about five minutes or so. TMS will be on air from 1415.

    Saroj Pathirana, BBC Sinhala Service in Colombo

    "Sri Lanka captain Mahela Jayawardene has indicated to The Telegraph that Kumar Sangakkara might again be the 'official captain'. At a media briefing on Wednesday, he once again insisted that naming Sangakkara as captain against England was a move aimed at preventing a match ban for himself and Angelo Mathews. But he said no decision was taken with regard to Thursday's match and the ICC did not seek any official explanation."

  150. 1350: 

    Afternoon, everyone. Time for the first men's semi-final in Colombo - if they're using the same pitch on which England's women just beat New Zealand, I think we can expect plenty of spin on show.

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Live Scores - Sri Lanka v Pakistan


  • Sri Lanka beat Pakistan by 16 runs
  • Sri Lanka: 139-4 (20.0 overs)
  • Pakistan: 123-7 (20.0 overs)
  • Venue: Colombo RPS

Pakistan Innings

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Hafeez st Sangakkara b Herath 42
Imran Nazir b A Mendis 20
Jamshed lbw b Mathews 4
K Akmal c M Jayawardene b Mathews 1
Shoaib Malik b Herath 6
U Akmal not out 29
Shahid Afridi b Herath 0
Tanvir st Sangakkara b A Mendis 8
Gul not out 2
Extras 9w 2lb 11
Total for 7 123

Women's World Twenty20 2012

Captains Jodie Fields (Australia), Shashikala Siriwardene (Sri Lanka), Sana Mir (Pakistan), Merissa Aguilleira (West Indies) and Charlotte Edwards (England) with the trophy

Results, reports and scorecards from the third Women's World Twenty20 tournament