World T20 cricket: Day four as it happened

England beat Afghanistan by 116 runs to reach the Super Eight phase of the World Twenty20, after New Zealand beat Bangladesh.

21 September 2012 Last updated at 18:20

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As it happened

  1. 1817: 

    So that's it from day four of the World Twenty20, a day when the defending champions made a comfortable start to the defence of their title and Brendon McCullum wrote his name into the record books. Tomorrow, the real action begins, with Sri Lanka taking on South Africa in the first match of the day, followed by West Indies against Australia. Join us then.


    Man of the match Luke Wright: "It was a special evening for me, something I've wanted to do. I was desperate to get back and try and win games for England. I think at times I've tried to hit the ball too hard, but I've gone away and worked on my game. I want to bowl more, any time I can do that will help me and take the pressure off my batting."


    England captain Stuart Broad: "The way we struck the ball was powerful and excited to see. We're delighted with that performance, it's a great way to start the tournament. It will do Luke Wright's confidence the world of good, especially because he's batting in an important position. We will have a nice relaxed day tomorrow and will turn up fresh on Sunday for the India game. We will all be fired up and wanting a win."


    Afghanistan captain Nawroz Mangal: "Everyone is following us back home and their expectations are high. I would like to tell them not to be disappointed and that we will do better in the future."

  5. 1806: 

    How much can England take from that win? Well, you can only beat what's put in front of you and Broad's side dealt with the Afghans with ease. Luke Wright's knock will obviously be pleasing, he's just one of what looks to be an England line-up full of power. My one concern would be Craig Kieswetter at the top of the order - he seems to face too many dot balls.

  6. 1803: 

    In case you needed reminding, that win puts England through to the Super Eights and sees Afghanistan go out. The Afghans certainly haven't disgraced themselves, though. I'm sure we'll see plenty more of them in the future.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Overall, that has gone far better than England could have hoped for."


    Nyiko Nkuna on Twitter: "Give that Man a Man of the Match... Great Knock by Naib."

  9. 17.2 overs: 
    ENGLAND WIN BY 116 RUNS- Naib c Morgan b Dernbach 44 (Afg 80 all out)

    All that's the lot. Naib, looking for a half-century, is outsmarted by a Dernbach slower ball and can only spoon a catch high to Eoin Morgan in the covers. Well batted Gulbodin Naib, you saved your team from humiliation.


    From Andy from Ealing, via text on 81111: "Naib has more runs than the other eight batsman combined. One man team."

  11. 17 overs: 
    Afg 80-9

    Naib might only have number 11 Izatullah Dawlatzai for companyy, but he's still playing his shots. Steven Finn is mowed into the leg side, with Jonny Bairstow making hash of the fielding at long on. Finn puffs out his cheeks and shakes his head, looking at Bairstow as if the Yorkshireman has just knocked over his pint. If that made Finn angry, the final ball could see steam coming out of his ears as Naib plays one of the shots of the day, stepping across his stumps and flicking a full toss to fine leg. Naib is up to 44.

  12. 15.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Zadran lbw Swann 9 (Afg 70-9)

    Zadran falls, but not before he hammers Swann for six over cow corner. It's a huge blow from the left-hander but Swann has his revenge from the very next ball. From around the wicket, Zadran is plumb in front of all three and has to go.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The tournament is going OK, but what we need is a really cracking game where no-one knows the result with four balls to go. Not many of the big teams have played each other yet. What may hearten England is not the 196 runs, but those two brilliant pieces of fielding by Buttler and Bairstow. Those were the two pieces of cricket where you'd think 'not many other teams could have done that'."

  14. 15 overs: 
    Afg 64-8

    Naib changes his bat, but only gets the toe of his new willow when flaying Jade Dernbach towards long on and they run a single. Zadran then does well to angle a single of his own top third man with Naib then leaning back to bludgeon Dernbach back over his head for a maximum. That only crept over the rope, but the next ball sails over, Naib throwing his front foot out of the way to moose over cow corner. Naib is 35, and Afghanistan are in sight of passing that lowest-ever total.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "These kind of games will not bring people to the ground. We need the top eight teams playing each other."

  16. 14 overs: 
    Afg 50-8

    Stuart Broad returns, with Naib turning down a couple of singles from the first two deliveries. Naib must think he can chase this total in boundaries, and duly gets one with a thick edge over slip. Broad does not look impressed - what price on the next ball being a bumper? It is, but Naib has the answer, shovelling over mid off, and refusing a second run. Zadran has one ball to survive and easily defends on the back foot.

  17. 13 overs: 
    Afg 45-8

    With the spinner going the distance, Stuart Broad decides Afghanistan have had enough fun and turns to the brisk medium pace of Luke Wright. Shapoor Zadran swipes and misses at the first ball, causing a change in the field that sends England players rushing all over the pitch like blue ants. The upshot of all that movement is to try and stop Zadran from taking a single, but the only run that comes from the over is a Wright wide.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Luke Wright's going to have to bowl very badly here not to be man of the match."

  19. 12 overs: 
    Afg 44-8

    Fetch that Swanny. You might have bowled two maidens but Gulbodin Naib is going to give you some humpty. First Swann disappears over his head for four, then is swiped out to cow corner for another boundary. Naib is having some fun now, sweeping for another couple, before launching a huge six out over long on. Have a rest, Graeme?


    Emily Roberts on Twitter: "Reckon we should give Afghanistan another innings. We would still win."

  21. 11 overs: 
    Afg 28-8

    Afghanistan have been stuck on 26 for what seems like an enternity, but Shapoor Zadran finally gets them moving by sweeping Patel out to deep mid-wicket for a couple. He's then careful in defence, perhaps determined to make England field for the full 20 overs.


    Ralph Brooker on Twitter: "No KP. No worries. County cricket is producing the goods."

  23. 10 overs: 
    Afg 26-8

    Finally the flow of wickets is disrupted as Gulbodin Naib plays back a maiden from Swann. Blessed relief for a text commentator's fingers.


    David Denny on Twitter: "Are cricket teams allowed to throw in the towel? Or should the umpires be allowed to stop the contest?"

  25. 9 overs: 
    WICKET- Zadran st Kieswetter b Patel 0 (Afg 26-8)

    Still there is no modicum of defence from these Afghanistan batsmen. Dawlat Zadran copies what so many before have tried, and the outcome is just the same. He charges, misses, and is stumped by miles.

  26. 8.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Nabi b Patel 1 (Afg 26-7)

    What's another word for procession? A parade. Mohammad Nabi gives Samit Patel the charge, looking to hit the ball back to Afghanistan, but he misses by a mile and loses his middle stump. The lowest score ever in a T20 international is 67 by Kenya against Ireland. I think that will be beaten today.

  27. 7.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Shenwari c Finn b Swann 2 (Afg 25-6)

    This is a procession now. Graeme Swann's first bowl of the tournament is greeted by a reverse sweep from Samiullah Shenwari, but the right-hander can only get a thick top edge that flies into the safe hands of Steven Finn at deep point. The tall Finn had to reach to take the catch, it might have evaded most others in this England team.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Normally, England might have thought about giving Luke Wright a few overs in this game, as he's their sixth bowler, but having pummelled 99, he may need a bit of a rest!"

  29. 1715: 

    They might not be winning any cricket matches, but, for my money, Afghanistan deserve credit for their pyjamas. I'm fairly certain they've played in blue in the past, but their kit here is mainly silver, with flashes of white, black, green and red. Easily my favourite in the tournament.

  30. 7 overs: 
    Afg 25-5

    Afghanistan will be glad to see the back of the pacemen, will England opting to give the left-arm spin of Samit Patel a trundle. Samit starts well, conceding only three singles.


    George Rowe on Twitter: "Already looks like a solid win, but give that many opportunities to India, or any other teams in the Super 8 and we'll struggle."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "The thing about Bairstow is, he's like Buttler - he's a better fielder than he is a wicketkeeper! A few analysts will be watching and telling their players not to take too many quick singles to either of them."

  33. 5.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Stanikzai c Bairstow b Broad 4 (Afg 22-5)

    This is exhibition stuff from England now, as the boys in blue pull off another stunning piece of fielding. This time it's the best of the lot as Jonny Bairstow pulls off a sensational catch at fine leg. When Stanikzai top edges a hook off Broad, Bairstow has to move way to his right and dive forward. The ball is only centimetres off the ground, but the Annie lookalike gets both hands to hit and clings on, tumbling as he hits the floor. Awesome stuff.

  34. 5.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Karim run out 5 (Afg 22-4)

    This is more excellent fielding from England to bring about the downfall of an Afghan batsman. Stanizkai hammers Broad on the leg side, but Jos Buttler pulls of a fine diving stop. Karim has already set off from the non-striker's end and is stranded when he's sent back. Buttler's throw isn't the most accurate, but Broad has plenty of time to remove the bails.


    Russell Moore on Twitter: "I know Sam went off to write his match report. I'm starting to think that the word 'ruthless' will appear in the first sentence."

  36. 5 overs: 
    Afg 22-3

    This is nice from Karim, clipping Finn off his legs for three. Finn hit the stumps at the non-striker's end in that ball and gets a talking to from umpire Simon Taufel. The next time he does that, it might get called dead ball.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't know how much you trust bookmakers, but I went on the site of a leading English bookmaker befor leaving for Sri Lanka, and India were favourites - England were seventh favourites. But it looks like the 'predicted eight' will go through - Ireland and Bangladesh have one more chance, but Zimbabwe are out and it looks like Afghanistan are going out. We'll wait to see what happens in the other groups, but it looks like we've got itchy feet for the Super Eight stage. We need some close games, but we're not getting one tonight."

  38. 4 overs: 
    Afg 17-3

    I sense the point Aggers is making below is one that might be rather heavily debated over the next few days. The World T20 has always won praise for its scheduling, especially compared to the World Cup, but the decision to have the opening games in this tournament to involve the 'minnows' has led to some one-sided contests and will mean that the later group games are dead rubbers. Broad gets some good carry to new man Asghar Stanikzai, who is under way with a couple on the leg side.

  39. 3.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Mangal c&b Broad 8 (Afg 14-3)

    What a catch this is from Stuart Broad, providing another example of the gulf between these sides. The England skipper, on for his first bowl of the tournament, digs the ball in to Mangal, who pulls. It goes straight back to the bowler though, with Broad grabbing the chance to his right and tumbling over. Great snaffle.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "Already seen too many one-sided games in this tournament. This might be the worst yet."

  41. 3 overs: 
    Afg 12-2

    Mangal decides the best way to play Finn is to not bother getting in line, stepping back to heave wide of mid on for four. Finn's radar has gone a touch awry here, there's three wides sent down the leg side, although the lanky pacer reckons Mangal might have got a glove on the third one. An inside edged single means Mangal keeps the strike.


    From David Delboy in Spain, TMS inbox: "Sam Sheringham off to pen the match report? - I do a nice line in goose quills if he's interested?"

  43. 2 overs: 
    Afg 4-2

    I said there was pace in this pitch and Karim Sadiq finds out the hard way when he takes one on the bonce from Dernbach first ball. Karim is expecting the short stuff now, and is swinging like a revolving door. He picks up a couple, then gets fresh air, before being deceived by a slower ball.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "It didn't go to plan for England in their first over with the bat, but it has gone to plan with the ball."

  45. 1.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Shafiqullah c sub (Bopara) b Dernbach 0 (Afg 2-2)

    This Afghan innings is over almost as soon as it starts, with new man Shafiqullah falling in similar circumstances to Shahzad. A swipe from his first ball, delivered by Jade Dernbach, goes high into the covers, to be taken by sub fielder Ravi Bopara.

  46. 1 over: 
    WICKET- Shahzad c Broad b Finn (Afg 2-1)

    The major difference between these two sides was always likely to be fielding and England demonstrate it right away. Shahzad looks to launch Finn out of Colombo, but only succeeds in sending the ball into orbit. The ball hangs in the air for an eternity before Stuart Broad settles himself to take the catch.

  47. 1640: 

    It is indeed Finn with the new pill in his hand. Mohammad Shahzad and Nazroz Mangal are the Afghanistan batsmen who will face the music.

  48. 1636: 

    Thanks Sam, a sensational effort. This deck looks a bit lively. If I were an Afghanistan opener, I wouldn't be too pleased to see Steven Finn at the end of his run-up.


    From Will Collins in Yorkshire, TMS inbox: "I imagine Mr Bopara is packing his suitcase as we speak."

  50. 1632: 

    A good chance, Luke? I think you're being a bit cautious there. Or maybe I'm having another attack of the mockers. Anyway, I'm off to start penning the match report, while Stephan Shemilt sharpens his digits to type you through the Afghan reply.


    Luke Wright: "I'll take that - the main thing was to get a nice total, I was pleased the boys came in and hit boundaries as I was tired from all the running! We managed to go at the spinners a bit and hopefully we've got a total we can defend and get our first win. We've given ourselves a good chance."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Terrific knock by Wright, as England were a bit nervous when he came in."

  54. 20 overs: 
    Eng 196-5

    Last ball, and Wright needs a boundary for his ton. He swats it into the leg side but it's not got the power to reach the rope and they have to settle for two. So Wright finishes stranded on 99 and walks off looking disappointed. He should be mighty pleased with himself though - he's helped England recover from 0-1 after one over to post a bit of a monster of a total.

  55. 19.5: 
    WICKET- Bairstow c Sadiw b D Zadran 12 (Eng 194-5)

    Wright reaches 96 but loses the strike with five balls to go. Bairstow smacks Sawlat Zadran over midwicket for four, then a single to give Wright a chance to reach his hundred. He takes a big swing but only nicks it onto his pad and scampers a single. Bairstow faces the penultimate ball, but hoists it straight to long-on where Karim Sadiq takes a comfortable catch.


    Andy Mitchelmore: "Nice job Paul Lewis (14:58) Spot on about Luke Wright."

    Plenty of others have echoed similar sentiments.

    Prakash Wakankar, BBC Test Match Special

    "It's been some rather ordinary bowling, with not a lot of help from the field, but Afghanistan will learn from this."

  58. 19 overs: 
    Eng 187-4

    Jonny Bairstow announces his arrival at the World Twenty20 with a humdinger of a shot - lifting a no-ball high over midwicket for six. Another no-ball follows - and a big one at that - resulting in a free hit for Luke Wright. The fielder catches him on the boundary but I think the fielder stepped back and touched the rope. Yes he did! Six more to Luke Wright. Make that six more. Drilled over the bowlers's head for six. And another one! 31 runs off the over and still a ball left ... but it's just a single - making it the joint second most expensive in a T20 international, level with Buttler's effort against South Africa last week.


    Sean Perry on Twitter: "Is Monty Panesar fielding coach for the Afghans?"

  60. 18.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Buttler lbw b Izatullah 15 (Eng 159-4)

    Buttler has started like Colin Jackson as he clears midwicket with another swipe off Izatullah. The next ball is fuller and Buttler misses it by some distance. Plumbers dumbers.

    Ian Chappell, BBC Test Match Special

    "I saw a lot of catches dropped at the Under-19 World Cup from fielders diving when they didn't need to. A lot of the time, it's better to stay on your feet."

  62. 18 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Eng 155-3

    Wright slices one in the air - another howler from the Aghan fielders as Shahzad grasses an easy catch. Jos Buttler gets off the mark in style with a cover drive for four. Then he shows his power by dangling his bat at a wide full toss and lifting it over the infield for four more.

  63. 17 overs: 
    WICKET- Morgan c Mangal b Izatullah 27 (Eng 141-3)

    The onslaught continues as Morgan slaps an Izatullah no-ball for four high through extra-cover. Free hit next and Morgan slices to third man, where Shapoor drops a simple chance. It looks like he's hurt his hand in the process too - would be a real shame if he's broken something there. The last ball is a waist-high full toss which Morgan can only hoik to midwicket. He timed it badly, and paid the price.


    Some more weather-related cricketers suggested on Twitter using the hashtag #bbccricket:

    Tim Hughes: "Gareth Breese at Durham. Also qualifies for food related cricketers as in 'multiple of brie'."

    Rory McMahon: "India's Sunil Gavaskar."

    Alex Browning: "Aidan Blizzard who has played for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL."

  65. 16 overs: 
    Eng 131-2

    Nice one Morgs, I knew you were listening. the Dubliner starts the assault with a six over midwicket, then Wright picks up four from a switch-hit thanks to a misfield. Wright smacks his third six over long-off, then collects four more to surpass his previous highest international T20 score of 71. Big over that for England - they look on course for 170 or more now.

    Ian Chappell, BBC Test Match Special

    "This is the period where Morgan can do so much damage for England. With Morgan and Wright going well, they should get 160."

  67. 15 overs: 
    Eng 109-2

    Dawlat Zadran sends fown a tidy over, serving up a full toss last ball that Wright blasts straight into the bowler's knee. Five over's left, eight wickets in hand, time for a big finish from England?


    Chris Cargill on Twitter: "According to the internet, Kieswetter comes from an old German nickname for a weather forecaster! True story!"

  69. 14 overs: 
    Eng 105-2

    After the storm, the calm of another over of singles, finished off by a couple to Morgan, who's playing himself in very nicely out there.


    Some weather-related cricketers coming on Twitter:

    Jonny Savant: "Chris Gayle."

    Chris Shephed: "Ronnie Iraini. No? I'll get my coat."

    Joshua Tendeter: "How about Suresh Raina of India, Elias Sunny of Bangladesh and England's John Snow?"

    Ian Chappell, BBC Test Match Special

    "Luke Wright has become a lot more aggressive since he's been playing for the Melbourne Stars. He was very much appreciated there - not just for what he did on the field, they were impressed with his attitude and approach."

  72. 13 overs: 
    WRIGHT FIFTY- Eng 99-2

    Wright has had enough of this nudging and nurdling as he hammers spinner Shenwari into the stands over midwicket to reach 49. The fifty comes up off 34 balls with five fours and two sixes. Two more follow off a sweep shot, then another four thrashed to cow corner.


    Dan Lamb on Twitter: "My fantasy team wicketkeeper was a toss up between Brendon McCullum and Craig Kieswetter - I stand by my decision of Kieswetter."

  74. 12 overs: 
    Eng 84-2

    More spin, more singles. Rik Andrews obviously wasn't watching the Bangladesh-NZ game earlier or he would have had Elias Sunny in his weather-related team straight off the bat.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think when Luke Wright got to Sri Lanka, he wasn't sure he'd be in the best XI - it was probably him or Ravi Bopara, as they can both fill that fifth/sixth bowler slot. But I think this knock will keep him in."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "I've lost my phone, and Ian Chappell thinks it's amusing to come in with every possible phone in the building and ask if it's mine. He's just here to annoy me."

  77. 11 overs: 
    Eng 79-2

    England are dealing in singles at the moment with the field back and the spinners operating in tandem. Five from Shenwari's latest over as Wright moves to 41 off 30 balls. What's that I hear? Oh it's the mangled munchings of another Wright doubter eating their hat.


    Rik Andrews on Twitter: "Have there been any players with weather related surnames other than Hales? I remember a chap called Shine playing for Somerset."

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Sadiq only has one way to bowl - low-slung off breaks, which keep low. He's doing quite a good job, and because he gets such low bounce, England are having trouble finding the boundary against him."

  80. 10 overs: 
    Eng 74-2

    Eoin Morgan is off the mark with a single then Wright works Sadiq away for a couple. There's an appeal for lbw but it's a silly one really with ball pitching well outside leg.

  81. 9.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Hales run out (Sadiq) 31 (Eng 69-2)

    What rotten luck. Hales falls in the worst way in cricket as he is run out backing up when Wright's drive deflects off the bowler's outstretched thumb and onto the stumps.


    Michael Bradley on Twitter: "I hope Craig Kieswetter gets Air Miles, because he's well and truly missed the boat here."

  83. 9 overs: 
    Eng 69-1

    Two quiet overs are quite enough to encourage Wright to have a heave. The ball goes high into the night sky, but lands safely between two fielders. He swiftly recovers his compusure and drives Shenwari down the ground for four. Hales dinks the last ball round the corner for a couple to take the England score, and partnership, to 69.

  84. 8 overs: 
    Eng 60-1

    One thing the Afghans could do without is sloppy fielding but this is a touch shabbym as Sadiq tries to flick the ball at the stumps and concedes an ovethrow. Just four runs from the over so Afghanistan have stemmed the tide. For now.

  85. 7 overs: 
    Eng 56-1

    Spinner Samiullah Shenwari is drafted in to calm things down a bit and he succeeds with some tidy leg-spin. The last ball is a long-hop and Wright swats it away but only collects two.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Everyone talks about how important it is to use the powerplay overs - England would have probably taken 52-1 from six overs at the start of the game, they'd have taken it with absolute disbelief when they were 15-1 after four."


    Rory Curran: "This is why I love Luke Wright. Amazing player."

  88. 6 overs: 
    Eng 52-1

    Wright's six is the fifth biggest of the tournament so far, we're told. He certainly looks in fine nick as he late cuts new bowler Izatulluah for four. Hales stands and delivers using his long levers to skim one back over the bowler's head for four. He rounds off with a drive all along the ground for another boundary. England have score 37 off the last two overs.


    Matt Everitt: "Cometh the hour, cometh the recall. Wright has the form, skill and exuberance to dominate this tournament."

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    "Luke Wright has just made England sit a little better in their dug-out after a nervy start."

  91. 5 overs: 
    Eng 38-1

    Massive over for England. Four byes over the keeper's head, then two boundaries for Hales. The first is cut in the air through a gap for four, then he flicks one past fine leg for another boundary. Wright takes over to finish the over with a straight four and an ever straighter six. Tt only takes one over to turn things around in this form of the game.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "I see Afghanistan are keeping Shapoor on - I'd keep Dawlat on too, to bowl through the powerplay. In fact, if England are being tied down, why move the fielders out when the powerplay finishes?"


    Chris Bown on Twiter: "Played impromptu game of cricket next to Brit Embassy in Kabul in 2003, they were talking about Test cricket status."

  94. 4 overs: 
    Eng 15-1

    Finally, a shot of authority as Dawlat drops too short and Wright pulls him hard over midwicket for four. Dawlat follows with a rip-snorter that nips back through the gate and somehow misses the top of the stumps.

    Wait a sec, despite bowling one of the balls of the summer, Dawlat seems to have lost his mojo and twice pulls out of his run-up before releasing the ball. Finally he delivers and Wright chops the ball down but gets no runs.


    From James, bored in Kingston, TMS inbox: "Forget the 1983 World Cup, biggest upset in cricketing history was a 12-year-old me smashing my 16-year-old brother for six sixes to win the garden cricket world cup, 1988."

  96. 3 overs: 
    Eng 10-1

    Hales tries to pull Zadran but misses, then gets hold of one but can't get past point. Another horribly risky single gets Hales off strike, then Luke Wright plays and misses at Shapoor. "I should think the next batsman probably has his eyes shut at the moment," quips Aggers.

    Maybe Wright hears him because he finally gets hold of one through the covers and the ball, despite slowing up dramatically, just beats the fielder to the rope.

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "There have been 12 deliveries, and every one has been a good'un. Not a poor delivery bowled. Shapoor didn't get much bounce from the other end, but that last one really got up at Wright's gloves."


    From Mark in Scarborough, TMS inbox: "In answer to your 14.47 question. No. I would certainly back Afghanistan against the Netherlands. I would probably back them against Ireland and Zimbabwe. If real money was involved, I would back them against Bangladesh in this format. They certainly deserve to be here - for all sorts of reasons. I'm an England fan but just look at where these guys have come from and what they have done. Game on...!!!!"


    Calum McKenzie-Ward: "England well and truly slipping on the banana skin so far."

  100. 2 overs: 
    Eng 5-1

    England's dodgy start continues as Alex Hales cuts loosely and edges Dawlat Zadran over the slips for four. A push to mid-off, a reckless single, and if captain Nawroz Mangal had hit Hales would have been a goner. Dear me. Luke Wright blocks his first ball then gets startled by a short ball and can only fend it off into the ground.

  101. 1 over: 
    WICKET- Kieswetter b Shapoor 0 (Eng 0-1)

    Hang on, I thought this was supposed to be a bouncy pitch. The first delivery from Shapoor barely bounces above knee height and trickles through to the keeper. It's the first of five dots from the off, with Kieswetter struggling for timing early doors. No more struggles for Kieswetter - he's out as an inside edge hits the ground and dribbles onto his stumps. Terrible start for England - it's a wicket maiden!

    Vic Marks, BBC Test Match Special

    "Looking down the English line-up, it's a very young team, only Graeme Swann is over 30. Eoin Morgan's 25, but he's the senior citizen in that batting line-up. Sometimes a bit of naivety, a bit of youth is helpful in this format. I think they didn't want Dernbach and Briggs in the same team as it lengthens the tail, even in Twenty20."


    From Darren, TMS inbox: "Surely the biggest upset in cricketing history was England winning the last Twenty20 World Cup?"

  104. 1458: 

    The Afghans belt out their national anthem with passion and pride. England do likewise before Aggers scoffs over the fact that God Save the Queen was sung by an American. Stuart Broad says England are "buzzing" after beating Australia and Pakistan in the warm-up games. How will they be feeling in three hours time. Only one way to find out.


    Paul Lewis on Twitter: "I can't work out why Luke Wright is in the team. Neither his batting or bowling is good enough for international cricket."


    Afghanistan coach Kabir Khan on TMS: "In the T20, anything can happen. Four good overs from any bowler or a great innings by a batsman can make such a difference. I was really happy to see people in a Kabul street playing cricket recently. This sport has taken guns out of the kids' hands and put cricket bats in them. England have worked very hard with the Afghanistan cricket board and been very supportive."


    From Tim via text: "Re biggest upset in cricketing history, no it wouldn't, in limited overs that has to be 1983 World Cup Final when India demolished a sleepwalking West Indies. My local Indian shut for a week whilst the owner returned to Delhi to celebrate!!"

  108. 1452: 

    A quick reminder of how Afghanistan and cricket came together. During the Soviet occupation of the 1980s, Afghan expats learnt to play cricket in refugee camps in Pakistan. When they were finally able to return, they introduced the noble game to their homeland. The Afghan national team became an ICC affiliate nation in 2001, gained full ICC status in 2009 and qualified for the 2010 World Twenty20, where they lost both group games.

  109. 1447: 

    Mockers, reverse mockers, jinxing, call it what you like but I'm going to throw it out there. If England lose today, would it be the biggest upset in cricketing history?


    Here are the full teams:

    England: Craig Kieswetter (wk), Alex Hales, Luke Wright, Eoin Morgan, Jonny Bairstow, Jos Buttler, Samit Patel, Stuart Broad (capt), Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach.

    Afghanistan: Mohammad Shahzad (wk), Nawroz Mangal (capt), Karim Sadiq, Asghar Stanikzai, Mohammad Nabi, Samiullah Shenwari, Shafiqullah, Gulbodin Naib, Izatullah Dawlatzai, Dawlat Zadran, Shapoor Zadran.

  111. 1443: 

    Test Match Special will be on air at 1445 with commentary from Colombo, so make sure you tune in while reading your live text. As ever, I need a bit of help with the prose, so send your missives via Twitter to #bbccricket via text to 81111 (UK) or through email to with For Sam Sheringham as the subject. We've tried carrier pigeons but they don't work.

    And if you've been hanging around in this page since the New Zealand Bangladesh game, give it a quick manual refresh for the correct scorecard. Thanking you.

  112. 1436: 

    England choose Samit Patel over Danny Briggs and Steve Finn over Tim Bresnan. Luke Wright will bat at number three in Colombo.

  113. 1435: 

    It was a thrill to watch Afghanistan in action against India, where they gave the World Cup winners quite a scare with their fearless brand of cricket. Indeed, had in not been for four dropped catches they might have pulled off one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport.


    Afghanistan skipper Nawroz Mangal: "The boys will work very hard and insha'Allah [God willing], we will do well."

    England captain Stuart Broad: "We were going to have a bowl, but I don't think it'll make much difference as it looks a cracking wicket."

  115. 1434: 

    Afghan skipper Nawroz Mangal calls correctly and has no hesitation in choosing to bowl first, just as they did against India the other day. England will want to post 160 or more, but look out for opening bowl Shapoor Zadran, a tall left-arm bowler with some serious wheels.

  117. 1430: 

    Yes, here we are for the start of England's defence of the World Twenty20 title. Afghanistan will be out if they lose after going down fighting against India the other day. Here comes the toss.

  118. 1426: 

    Welcome back. Time for the main event, and anyone expecting a nice relaxing England victory over Afghanistan should probably give their fingernails a quick trim before we get started. Don't forget England lost to the Netherlands in the inaugural World Twenty20 when Stuart Broad conceded a crucial overthrow from the last ball. Oh, and at the last World Cup in 2011, England suffered ignominious defeats by Ireland and Bangladesh. It can't happen again, can it?

  119. 1411: 

    Time for a very quick pit-stop here before the main course. England v Afghanistan, over by over, with plenty of patter from you, is coming up from 1425 BST. Catch you shortly.

  120. 1410: 

    What did we learn there then? Brendon McCullum is a brilliant big-hitting batsman, New Zealand have a well-rounded if batsman-heavy side, and Bangladesh are still not quite there yet. In fact, that was the tigers ninth straight loss at the World Twenty20. They'll be desperate to stop the rot against Pakistan on Tuesday.

  121. 20 overs: 
    Ban 132-8

    The inevitable is delayed somewhat by a wide well outside off stump from Oram. then Rahman tucks a single down the ground. A leg bye, a single to Abdur Razzak and a textbook defensive, and it' all over. NEW ZEALAND WIN BY 59 RUNS


    EmilyRo99644680 "There would be no point including teams such as Scotland and Holland, they cannot beat county teams."

    Although don't forget, the Dutch famously beat England in the opening game of the 2009 World Twenty20 - you can relive that game with video highlights on the BBC Sport website.

  123. 19.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Sunny c Oram b Southee 5 (Ban 128-8)

    Silly Sunny, but you can't blame him for trying. A skyward slap is mere catching practice for Oram at mid-off and the Tigers are eight down.

  124. 19 overs: 
    Ban 128-7

    There's nothing bright about this Bangladesh performance, but here's Elias Sunny to try to shed some light on things. His first ball is a top-edge over the keeper and runs away for a boundary.

  125. 18.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Mortaza c Franklin b Oram 5 (Ban 123-7)

    Mashrafe Mortaza effortlessly smacks an attempted yorker from Oram over the bowler's head for four. Then he scoops an easy catch to Franklin at short third man.

  126. 18 overs: 
    Ban 119-6

    Southee follows his wicket with a leg side wide and is swatted for two by Rahman off the last ball of the over.


    jbell737 on Twitter: "Anyone questioning the merit of the associates being in the tournament have to look at Bangladesh today. Are they really any better?"

  128. 17.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Hossain c Guptill b Southee 50 (Ban 115-6)

    Well played that man. Hossain cuts very late for four to reach an excellent fifty off 37 balls. Not so well played that man. Then he clubs one to long-on and is athletically taken by Guptill, who grabs the ball from above his head and manages to stay just inside the rope.


    From Paul in Manchester via text on 81111: "There's always at least one upset a tournament... Step forward the Afghans!"

  130. 17 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ban 111-5

    Top edge from Ziaur Rahman, Vettori is under it, but he makes a total hash of a simple catch. It's not been a great day for the former skipper - he conceded 31 runs off four overs with the ball. Rahman applies the salt by pulling a short ball for six. Mills is bowling much too short here and his penultimate delivery is pulled through midwicket by Hossain for four.


    francoisedarras on Twitter: "Please could you explain how net run rate works. Thanks."

    Briefly... you work our your own team's average runs scored per over, and the average runs per over scored against them - and deduct the latter from the former. But if you're bowled out in less than your full overs, the average runs is calculated as if you had batted the full overs. So even in a losing cause like Bangladesh today, it's to their advantage to bat the overs out. Cricinfo has a fuller explanation - and be warned, it gets even more complicated in a Duckworth/Lewis scenario.

  132. 16 overs: 
    Ban 97-5

    Nasir Hossain comes down the wicket and slams Vettori past extra cover for four. The last ball of the over is deposited over the bowler's head for a four that bounces about a foot inside the rope. Credit to Bangladesh for avoiding total ignominy here.


    effaheap on Twitter: "Nonsense tournament format - adding Holland, Scotland, Nigeria/Ghana combo and China [?] could have made every game matter."

    Mark Mitchener, BBC Sport

    "TMS producer Adam Mountford has just tweeted a picture of a ticket to England-Afghanistan today. It costs 27.50 Sri Lankan rupees or 25 US cents - somewhere around 14p."

  135. 14.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Mahmadullah c Williamson b N McCullum 15 (Ban 87-5)

    It's a tame ending to Mahmadullah's innings as he loops a catch to Williamson at long-on.

  136. 14 overs: 
    Ban 86-4

    Anyone for tennis? Extraodrinary shot from Hossain as he slaps a Jacob Oram short ball cross-court for a flat six! The next ball is outside off stump and he delicately guides it through the vacant slip area for four. Good over for the Tigers - 12 runs from it.

  137. 13 overs: 
    Ban 74-4

    There's no great hurry on out there, but as I'm sure you know, it is in Bangladesh's interests to bat out their overs here, with net run rate used to decide between teams on the same number of points. Hossain swings high and hard but finds a gap on the leg side and they run a couple.

  138. 12 overs: 
    Ban 69-4

    Bang! That's more like it. Mahmadullah latches on to a flighted delivery from Vettori and hammers it into the stands for six, the first of the innings.

    Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter, looking ahead to England v Afghanistan: "Finally at the stadium... these late hours of play taking some getting used to (local 1930-2230) Threat of rain. Can add extra 30 mins."

    Test Match Special's coverage of England-Afghanistan starts at 1445 BST

  140. 11 overs: 
    Ban 59-4

    I'm struggling for inspiration here folks as this match is petering out horribly. Nathan McCullum's latest over goes for five runs, including a streaky two off a thick edge. Don't forget England are in action later and we'll be all over that one like a rash.


    From Jason, Cambridge, via text on 81111: "The Bangladesh coach should now be saying 'get 150', forget the wìn - just give us a chance vs Pakistan if it's down to run rate."

  142. 10 overs: 
    Ban 53-4

    The required run rate is up to almost 14 per over now. If Brendon McCullum came out to bat for Bangladesh now against his own side, I'm not even sure he could get these runs. Nasir Hossain is doing a good job of finding the gaps as he nudges Vettori for a two, then a three, but it is boundaries Bangladesh need now and lots of them.

  143. 9 overs: 
    Ban 47-4

    Nathan McCullum, New Zealand's leading T20 wicket-taker with 36, drags one down the leg side for a wide. But it's an otherwise uneventful over and the Tigers are going down with a whimper here.

  144. 8 overs: 
    Ban 43-4

    Right on cue, here's Danny V. No sign of the the Harry Potter theme tune from the local house band. That's how he's greeted by the Barmy Army trumpeter. It's a typically tidy first offering from the left-arm tweaker, until Hossain pulls the fifth ball past mid-on for four.

  145. 7 overs: 
    Ban 37-4

    Southee completes a wicket maiden with two dot balls to Nasir Hossain. So what we do reckon, are New Zealand just flat track bullies or could they actually win this thing? They look a very well-balanced side to me. And don't forget Daniel Vettori hasn't even turned his arm over yet.

  146. 6.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Ashraful lbw b Southee 21 (Ban 37-4)

    This is pretty desperate stuff. Ashraful is trying to clout Southee out of the ground but can't get a bat on the ball. Then he has a horrible swipe across the line and is trapped right in front of his timbers.


    jayt28 on Twitter: "Wonder if the keeper will be in the next side after that drop?"

  148. 6 overs: 
    Ban 37-3

    The Bangaladesh rebuilding job is underway, but you can't rebuild for long if you are chasing 192. A two and a one from Ashraful is the sum total of the over's scoring and the Bangaldesh body language is that of a side that knows the game is up.


    Sho_Rahman on Twitter: "Same old same old with Bangladesh. The talent is there but the mind isn't."

  150. 5 overs: 
    Ban 34-3

    Mahmadullah is the new man and he's very very nearly snaffled first ball as he plays and misses outside off stump. And I though Twenty20 was supposed to be the great leveller. Hasn't been the case so far this tournament.

  151. 4.4 overs: 
    WICKET- Mushfiqur c Williamson b Mills 4 (Ban 33-3)

    To state the obvious, Bangladesh need a partnership. They are not going to get one here though as Mushfiqur Rahim has a big heave and picks out the man the long-on boundary! This ship is sinking fast.

  152. 4 overs: 
    DROPPED CATCH- Ban 29-2

    Can we forgive Brendon McCullum for the odd indiscretion with the gloves? After his stellar effort the with the bat, it's good to see that he is human as he shells the simplest of chances presented when Mushfiqur gets a nick off Jacob Oram. Oram, who must surely be touching 50, looks livid, chuntering and spitting. His mood isn't improved as Ashraful first hooks, then drives for boundaries.

  153. 2.5 overs: 
    WICKET- Shakib c Williamson b Mills 11 (Ban 19-2)

    Kane Williamson produces himself extremely Abel in the field as he dives to stop a certain four. Shakib finds the gap on the off side to clatter the next ball to the fence. But the following delivery is a slower ball and Shakib gets his timing all wrong as he scoops a catch to cover point.

  154. 2 overs: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Ban 14-1

    This is the first game in this group, so nothing can be decided today. Pakistan are the other team in the group so even if Bangladesh lose today, they will have a chance to redeem themselves. Tim Southee thinks he's got Ashraful lbw here as a full delivery thuds into his front pad. But it's going down the leg side and is rightly given not out by Marais Erasmus. Just the five runs from the over, so it's a good one for the Black Caps.


    psharland55 "Just got up and watched McCullum's innings. Absolutely astonishing what that man can do... him and Gayle = game changers."

  156. 1 overs: 
    Ban 9-1

    Shakib Al Hasan is Bangladesh's best player. Boy do they need him to produce something now. He gets a four off his first ball, edged over the slips. Then a single to give the strike to Mohammad Ashraful, who pulls a length delivery for four.

  157. 0.3 overs: 
    WICKET- Tamim Iqbal c Guptill b Mills 0 (Ban 0-1)

    Kyle Mills almost cuts Tamim Iqbal in half with a snorter of an opening delivery that jags in wickedly off the seam. Third ball is far too remping for Tamim to resist, but he cuts it straight to Guptill. Dreadful start for Bangladesh.

    Mark Mitchener, BBC Sport

    "Brendon McCullum's 123 is not only the highest score at a World Twenty20, it also places him joint 10th on the list of all-time highest scores in all Twenty20 cricket (international or domestic). The leader? A certain B McCullum for his unbeaten 158 for Kolkata Knight Riders in the opening game of the first Indian Premier League in 2008. Graham Napier (152 not out for Essex later that year) is a worthy second."


    Michael Bradley: "Brendon McCullum vs Chris Gayle, who wins?"

  160. 1241: 

    Come on the Tigers, let's see you roar... Does anyone out there honestly think Bangladesh can get these? Thought not. Worth a cheeky fiver? Thought not.

    Come on, anything's possible isn't it? And if anyone can, Tamim Iqbal can.

  161. 1234: 

    Who could have predicted those fireworks? Certainly not Mushfiqur Rahim when he won the toss and decided to have a bowl. It's a huge ask for Bangladesh to chase this score, but it will be mighty entertaining if they get close. To talk through the Tigers' reply, it's the six-hitting Sam Sheringham.


    Brendon McCullum: "I'm very pleased to make a contribution, we've got what should hopefully be a very good score. The partnership with James Franklin set us up to have a bit of a dip at the end. Some days it comes off, some days it doesn't, you've got to take risks and make pro-active decisions and when it comes off, it helps the team. Bangladesh have very good bowlers, they did well against us a couple of seasons ago but it was nice to post such a big total. The ball skidded on quite nicely, it's a good pitch aided by one short boundary."


    The tweets are flooding in to #bbccricket after McCullum's stunning knock:

    Will Phillips: "Brendon McCullum take a bow, T20 was created for innings' like this."

    Jeremy Smith: "Traditional dark horses of major tournaments, New Zealand look good again. Who's going to want to bowl at Brendon McCullum?!"

    Jamie Moffatt: "Brendon McCullum, absolutely unbelievable hitting, this is what the T20 is all about!!"

  164. 20 overs: 
    WICKET- B McCullum c Tamim b Razzak 123 (NZ 191-3)

    There's just one ball in the innings to go, it's wide from Razzak, so wide that he would have been called wide had McCullum not punted it towards the safe hands of Tamim Iqbal in the deep on the off side. No red-inker for McCullum, but he exits with the highest score in T20 internationals in his back pocket. Sensational stuff, thrilling entertainment and what T20 cricket is all about. We salute you and your tattoos.


    The highest score in all T20 international cricket is South Africa's Richard Levi's unbeaten 117. McCullum has it in sights with a huge pull off Razzak for six, then trades singles with Taylor. A couple to point equals the record, the he writes his name into the record books with another huge six over the leg side. Breathtaking stuff, history made. Brendon McCullum has well and truly brought this competition to life.

  166. 19 overs: 
    100 FOR BRENDON McCULLUM- NZ 175-2

    The first blemish in McCullum's stunning knock - and perhaps a sign that he's destined for three figures - comes when a vicious flat-batted drive off Sunny is dropped at point by Mortaza. They run one, then another single gets him back on strike. Sunny tosses one wide, with McCullum lofting over extra cover to move to 97. Within touching distance of a ton, he moves to well-deserved century with a savage pull, making him the first man to score two T20 international hundreds. He celebrates by launching a huge straight six, then keeps the strike with a reverse sweep for a single.

  167. 18 overs: 
    NZ 158-2

    Even McCullum's batting partner is in danger, as Ross Taylor has to hit the deck quicker than Luis Suarez when a straight drive nearly takes his head off. Perhaps deciding that the safest place to be is on strike, Taylor tucks into the buffet bowling being served up by Shakib Al Hasan, twice slog-sweeping for four.

  168. 17 overs: 
    NZ 143-2

    This really is the Brendon McCullum show now, he's teeing off as if he was playing in the Ryder Cup, bossing Bangladesh with boundaries all over the pitch. First he hits Shafiul Islam high and straight, getting a maximum as the ball just plops over the boundary, evading the fielders at long off and long on. He gets some luck with an inside edge for four, then plays another outrageous swipe, cutting high over point for four more. He moves to 87, in sight of only the fourth ton in World T20 history.


    Russell Moore on Twitter: "That's the most incredible shot I've ever seen - forget switch hits and 'Dil-Scoops' pulling a six to mid-off? Outrageous."

  170. 16 overs: 
    NZ 128-2

    As Sam says, New Zealand skipper Ross Taylor is the new man, but his brief will be to give McCullum the strike. This is tidy from Shakib, conceding four singles from the first five balls of the over, with McCullum, who now has the highest score by a Kiwi batsman at a World T20, denied a boundary from the final ball by some good fielding.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport

    "In comes Ross Taylor and that's my cue for another video clip. This time, check out Taylor tonking 26 off a single over on the way to a century against Pakistan in the last World Cup. I know, we're spoiling you, but that's how we roll."

  172. 15 overs: 
    NZ 123-2

    What is that shot? I literally have never seen anything like this before. McCullum advances to Mortaza, who reponds by digging the ball in. McCullum has an answer though, playing an Andy Murray-style forehand over long off for six. You read that right, over mid off for six. Please do not attempt to replicate, you may end up dislocating your elbow. Mortaza looks bemused - how do you bowl to that?

  173. 14.1 overs: 
    WICKET- Franklin c Sunny b Mortaza 35 (113-2)

    Bangladesh finally have a breakthrough, delivered by by Mashrafe Mortaza. James Franklin has played his part in this impressive stand with McCullum, but falls as he slaps a long hop straight to Elias Sunny at deep mid-wicket.

  174. 14 overs: 
    NZ 113-1

    With 75 runs coming from the last seven overs, Bangladesh ask Abdur Razzak to hold back the tide. The left-armer does a decent job, varying his length as the Kiwi pair consistently run down the pitch. Just four singles from the over. Amid the carnage, Razzak has 1-13 from three overs, which is a very good return.


    KnightOfSimonia on Twitter: "Current World T20 format doesn't give upcoming nations enough chance to play top teams - all that qualification for two matches!"

  176. 13 overs: 

    As the floodlights begin to take effect, Bangladesh turn back to seam to try and stop the bleeding. It matters not to McCullum, who unleashes a savage pull for four to bring up his half-century from only 29 balls. That's also the highest score of the tournament so far, which he adds to with a delicate glance for another boundary. New Zealand are like a runaway train here, Bangladesh have no answers.

  177. 12 overs: 
    NZ 97-1

    With McCullum at the crease, the spectators close to the boundary are in severe danger, as a another flat sweep for four proves. James Franklin then gets in on the act, skipping towards Sunny for a straight maximum. Do you remember when Franklin was a left-arm seamer who wasn't sure which end of the bat to hold? It's been quite a turnaround for the man who has spent some seasons with Gloucestershire.

  178. 11 overs: 
    NZ 84-1

    How on earth does Brendon McCullum play shots like this? He dances down the track to Shakib, safe in the knowledge that there will be no turn, but is miles away from the ball. Still, he's able to free his tattooed arms through the ball, swiping it miles over the cow corner boundary for a maximum. Only Popeye could hit it further than that. Bangladesh need a wicket. Badly.

    Sam Sheringham, BBC Sport

    "If anyone is feeling frustrated at not being able to see McCullum giving it some humpty, you might enjoy this little video of him teeing off at the last World Cup. It should give you a fairly good idea of the type of stuff that's currently going down in Pallekele."

  180. 10 overs: 
    NZ 75-1

    Elias Sunny is yet another left-arm spinner for the Tigers, bringing with him this rozzer of a stat. In his 20 T20 internationals, exactly half of the balls he's bowled have been dots. Only two dots in this over though, with Franklin skipping down the track to loft over mid on for four. Kiwis going well here, not much turn for the Bangladesh spinners.


    From David, Royal Wootton Bassett, via text on 81111: "Agree with Rob in Somerset [3rd over]. Pietersen's England career should be over. Bring through some young English talent, I've never understood our obsession with picking South Africans."

  182. 9 overs: 
    NZ 69-1

    Now then, are there any cricketers in the world that only go by one name? Bangladesh off-spinner Mahmudullah is one and he perplexes the advancing James Franklin, who is lucky to see an inside edge run away for four. After a single, McCullum proves he has brains as well as brawn, delicately reverse-sweeping for four more. 13 from the over, bringing up the 50 partnership.


    From Don in Oldbury, TMS inbox: "Have we got a 'like' button for Rob in Somerset's e-mail (3 overs)?"

  184. 8 overs: 
    NZ 56-1

    More left-arm spin from Bangladesh, in the shape of Worcestershire man Shakib Al Hasan. After some nurdling, McCullum decides that Shakib is prime for a charge, running down the track and lofting high over extra cover for six. It's a magnificent shot, adding weight to my theory that McCullum might be about to spark this tournament into life.


    moss2415 on Twitter: "So, who reckons Bangladesh can be the first country to conjure up an upset today?"

  186. 7 overs: 
    NZ 45-1

    This is a good over for the Black Caps, with McCullum the catalyst. First he smears Shafiul Islam over cover for a one-bounce four, then manages to pick up five without the ball leaving the square as a shy at the stumps to prevent a quick single runs away for four overthrows. Two more singles make it 11 off the over, taking New Zealand to 45-1. McCullum has 19 from 13 balls.


    From Frank, TMS inbox: "KP is all about money and his personal convenience and should not play Test cricket for England again. Let him farm himself out to the highest bidder and good luck to him making runs and upping his bank balance. Let us move on and give a chance to new players in time for the flurry of Ashes series coming up. And he is not England's best batsman as everyone else keeps saying. Alastair Cook is the best, comfortably. KP was absolutely England's most flamboyant batsman but certainly not the best."

  188. 6 overs: 
    NZ 34-1

    McCullum has added some urgency to this Kiwi innings. Between the wickets he's quicker than a hiccup and he and Franklin are now doing well to rotate the strike. Five singles come off the first five balls of Razzak's over, with some good fielding at point keeping the final ball to a dot.

  189. 5 overs: 
    NZ 29-1

    Bangladesh are a touch ragged in the field here, with a Mahmudullah mistake allowing Franklin to pick up a couple off Mortaza. A single gives McCullum the chance to rock onto the back foot and punch through the covers for four, a lovely shot and the first boundary since the second over. It's dark out there, with the clouds hovering. The rain is a bit like last orders at the pub. You know it's coming, but you wan't to delay it as long as possible.


    From Paddy McLaughlin, via text on 81111: "It's about time the lower-ranked nations arrived to this tournament. It's been a bit embarrassing thus far & that's coming from an Ireland fan."

  191. 4 overs: 
    NZ 20-1

    That wicket brings New Zealand's gun player, Brendon McCullum to the crease. Stat fans - McCullum is the highest runscorer in T20 international history and has hit more sixes than the Bangladesh team put to together, He's off the mark with a straight single, with Franklin repeating the dose.

  192. 3.2 overs: 
    WICKET- Guptill b Razzak 11 (NZ 19-1)

    If this is how New Zealand are going to play the Bangladesh spinners, they could be in trouble. With only his second legitimate delivery (he bowled a wide), left-armer Abdur Razzak gets one to go straight on between the bat and pad of Guptill, disturbing the furniture. That seemed very, very easy.


    From Rob in Somerset, TMS inbox: "For goodness' sake - give it a rest with all the damn Pietersen references. He's not there, most people think he's been a plank, and England are able to win without him. He is not the be-all and end-all. Move. ON."

  194. 3 overs: 
    NZ 18-0

    A lot of New Zealand fans in the stadium are wearing shirts from the 1992 World Cup, a grey design with three stripes of red, green and white across the shoulders. Remember when all international one-day tops were the same design? I think I preferred those days. Mortaza is bowling well here, conceding a single before getting one to nip back and hit Guptill in the googlies. From the next ball, Guptill pulls for a single, and there's just two from the over.

  195. 2 overs: 
    NZ 16-0

    My word this is a big hit. Correct that, a huge hit. Shafiul Islam shares the new ball, with Guptill watchful at first. After a couple of balls, Guptill has seen enough, takes a few steps down the track and launches the ball miles over mid on, further than I can hit a golf ball. When a man on a tuk tuk retrieves the ball from the town centre, New Zealand finish the over with a couple of singles.

  196. 1 over: 
    NZ 8-0

    There's some early shape for Mortaza away from the right-handed Martin Guptill and the innings opens with four dots. Not content, Mortaza looks for the inswinger and gets it all wrong, sending the ball miles down the leg side for five wides, before Guptill gets off the mark with a tuck off his hips for three.


    The Dubai Divots: "Did KP apologise to Strauss via a text message?"

  198. 1058: 

    A few people are describing this as the Group Of Death, which I think is probably fair enough. Bangladesh certainly won't fear New Zealand, especially in these conditions. We should perhaps fear the weather, though. Definitely some rain about as James Franklin and Martin Guptill make their way to the crease. Pacer Mashrafe Mortaza has the ball.

  199. 1056: 

    The teams are out for the national anthems, Bangladesh decked out in their grassy green pyjamas, New Zealand in all black with hints of gold and silver. Neither anthem quite matches up to the Sri Lanka one I heard the other day, that was epic.


    From Steve in Atherstone, via text on 81111: "You know its going to be a good day when the first line of commentary says '859 days ago, captain Paul Collingwood punched Australia's Shane Watson'."


    Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraful, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim (Capt, Wkt), Mohammad Mahmudullah, Nasir Hossain, Ziaur Rahman, Mashrafe Mortaza, Elias Sunny, Abdur Razzak, Shafiul Islam.

    New Zealand: R J Nicol, M J Guptill, B B McCullum (Wkt), K S Williamson, L R P L Taylor (Capt), J D P Oram, J E C Franklin, D L Vettori, N L McCullum, K D Mills, T G Southee.

  202. 1047: 

    And, of course, another day brings another update on Kevin Pietersen. Last night, Andrew Strauss revealed that he had received an apology from his former team-mate, while today, KP has tweeted that he is "hoping" this soap opera is sorted by the time England tour New Zealand in February and March. Your thoughts please.

  203. 1039: 

    So, now we've done that bit of housekeeping, it's left for me to remind you of how to get in touch. There's the three usual ways - Twitter, text 81111, or email I've also recently completed a course in semaphore, so flag-waving would also be acceptable.


    Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim: "The wicket looks dry and if there is something for the spinners it will be early on. Duckworth/Lewis comes into it too. We will probably have a better chance chasing. We've prepared very well over the last five or six months and this is the probably the best team we've had for a few years."

    New Zealand captain Ross Taylor: "We would have had a bowl. Hopefully we can put a big score on the board and put some pressure on the Bangladesh boys."


    The coin comes down in Mushfiqur Rahim's favour, with the Bangladesh skipper choosing to have a bowl first. Their looks to be a bit of rain around - the covers are poised next to the track - so Mushfiqur's decision could have been made with Duckworth-Lewis in mind.

  206. 1033: 

    Before that main course, though, we have the hors d'oeuvres of Bangladesh v New Zealand in Pallekele, with news from the toss coming right up....

  207. 1032: 

    Yep, from the Caribbean to Colombo, Stuart Broad's men start their defence of the World Twenty20 against an Afghanistan side that more than held their own against India on Wednesday. England have form for struggling against the minnows too. After defeat by the Netherlands in 2009, they needed the rain to avoid a humbling against Ireland a year later.

  208. 1030: 

    859 days ago, captain Paul Collingwood punched Australia's Shane Watson wide of mid on to seal England's first major limited-overs trophy. Today, they begin their attempt to do it all over again.

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Live Scores - Afghanistan v England


  • England beat Afghanistan by 116 runs
  • Afghanistan: 80 (17.2 overs)
  • England: 196-5 (20.0 overs)
  • Venue: Colombo RPS

Afghanistan Innings

All out
View full scorecard
Shehzad c Broad b Finn 1
Mangal c and b Broad 8
Shafiqullah c Sub b Dernbach 0
Sadiq run out (Buttler) 5
Stanikzai c Bairstow b Broad 4
Nabi b Patel 1
Shenwari c Finn b Swann 2
Naib c Morgan b Dernbach 44
Dawlat st Kieswetter b Patel 0
S Zadran lbw b Swann 9
Dawlatzai not out 0
Extras 5w 1lb 6
Total all out 80

Women's World Twenty20 2012

Captains Jodie Fields (Australia), Shashikala Siriwardene (Sri Lanka), Sana Mir (Pakistan), Merissa Aguilleira (West Indies) and Charlotte Edwards (England) with the trophy

Results, reports and scorecards from the third Women's World Twenty20 tournament