England v South Africa, second Test day five, Headingley as it happened

England and South Africa agree a draw with six overs remaining on the last evening of the second Test at Headingley.

7 August 2012 Last updated at 10:03

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As it happened

  1. 2000: 

    So, that's it from a sunny Headingley. If we'd had this kind of weather throughout the Test, we may have had a result. As it is, we head to Lord's as we arrived in Leeds, with South Africa 1-0 up this series. Thanks for your company during this match, join me at the home of cricket, when England look to keep their status as the world's number one Test team.

  2. 1956: 

    Unfortunately we can't bring you anything from the captains at the moment, but we'll have full reaction from them and Kevin Pietersen later on the BBC Sport website.

  3. 1951: 

    Kevin Pietersen has told TMS that he "can't give any assurances" that the next Test will not be his last. Huge statement.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "We gave them a little scare some with extra energy but I thought it was too big a task to score those runs. I don't blame England for trying. We haven't seen the real England, where is that bowling that can bowl teams out? How do you leave Swann out with three left-handers and foot holes galore? Bresnan is not getting any runs so you have to judge him as a bowler and I think they will go with Finn at Lord's."

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "I think it's the most organised South African team since isolation."

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Amid all the excitement suddenly there was pressure on Trott and on Bell, but both did a good job, one of those going quickly would have put huge press on Taylor on his debut and then you're into the tail. I think both sides have come out with some credit."

  7. 1936: 

    A platform is wheeled on to the outfield on which the post-match presentation will take place, while the groundstaff are already watering the square. Word from the skippers and man of the match when we have it.


    That's it, Graeme Smith offers his hand to the England batsmen, the match is drawn. For some time it looked like we might have a chance of a result, but we head to Lord's with South Africa 1-0 up. England will have to win to stay on top of the world Test rankings.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "I think your supper will be burning Victor."

  10. 1931: 
    Commentary- Eng 130-4

    Kallis is testing out the middle of the pitch, repeatedly causing Trott to duck. With the light fading, that might cause the umpires to have a discussion. Trott has no problem seeing a half-volley though, driving through extra cover for four.

  11. 1927: 
    Commentary- Eng 125-4

    The sun has reappeared, lighting up the ground and casting long shadows from the Western Terrace. To that direction, Trott works a couple off his hips, then gets a vicous short ball that climbs sharply. Trott can only guide the ball towards third slip, but survives as the ball just goes wide of Jacques Rudolph. A scare for England, but only seven overs left to negotiate.

  12. 1923: 
    Commentary- Eng 119-4

    Before Kallis's over, umpire Rod Tucker is handed a light meter, while, as the bowler runs in, the flash of a camera highlights just how much the light is fading. Kallis finds some extra bounce to take the edge of Trott's bat, but the ball falls short of the slips. A leg bye gives England their first run in nearly four overs.

  13. 1920: 
    Commentary- Eng 118-4

    Plenty of fans leaving the ground now, some pausing to stand directly behind the batsman as Morkel runs towards them from the Kirkstall Lane End. Bell defends, foward then back, playing back the third maiden in a row.

  14. 1915: 
    Commentary- Eng 118-4

    Trott is happy to play Kallis with a dead bat, repeatedly going on the back foot and defending with soft hands. When Kallis is wide, Warwickshire man Trott leaves alone. Smith still wants to keep England batting.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "I think Graeme Smith will want to keep going for another half hour, he'll want to say 'ha ha, who's got the foot on the throat now?'"

  16. 1912: 
    Commentary- Eng 118-4

    We're really in the dying embers of this game now, with Bell not interested playing anything that is even fractionally wide from Morkel. There's 11 overs remaining.

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "If South Africa's aim was to reclaim the initiative that Kevin Pietersen so rudely took from them on Saturday, they will feel pretty satisfied."

  18. 1907: 
    Commentary- Eng 118-4

    Interesting move from South Africa, as Jacques Kallis, who has been nursing a bad back, comes into the attack. Bell at first is content to leave, then pulls for a single, with Trott then flicking in the same direction. It's fair to say that some of the intensity has gone out of the game now.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "If this pair are still together in five or six overs, then I think they will shake hands. If South Africa get a couple of wickets, then England will have a flap on."

  20. 1902: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- Eng 115-4

    Plenty of spectators leaving now as a cloud comes across to plunge Headingley into gloom. Morne Morkel, replacing Steyn here at the Kirkstall Lane End, finds the edge of Bell's bat, but it falls short of Jacques Kallis at second slip. When England take a single, Trott is hit on the pads. Morkel appeals, but that's heading well down the leg side.

  21. 1856: 
    Commentary- Eng 114-4

    The problem for South Africa is that one of those wickets belongs to Jonathan Trott. He plods forward in defence to Philander, with all the sense of duty of Winnie the Pooh guarding against the Heffalumps. A maiden.

  22. 1855: 

    As I reach for the last remaining slice of pork pie in the box, Graeme Smith gathers his troops together to urge one final push. Six wickets stand between them and the world number one ranking.

  23. 1852: 
    DRINKS BREAK- Eng 114-4

    Are there just a few spectators starting to drift away now? Steyn, not looking like man bowling in the final session of a Test, is still charging in, repeatedly sending down some knee-knocking bouncers to Bell. The Warwickshire man ducks, bobs and leaves, with drinks coming on as the last hour begins. From now on, the captains can agree on a draw.

  24. 1847: 
    Commentary- Eng 114-4

    As a single blackbird flies slowly across the ground, Bell scampers a leg bye of his thigh pad, then Trott covers up in defence. Another over ticks down, just one until we enter the last hour.

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "England don't seem to be trying any aggressive shots, I don't think they are going for it. South Africa will see if they can pick up two wickets, if they don't manage to do it I think the game might be called off."

  26. 1843: 
    Commentary- Eng 112-4

    England are not overly attacking to Trott, setting only a slip and a gully to the bolwing of Steyn. The paceman though, decides for some fire and brimstone, coming around the wicket and moving Graeme Smith from mid on to leg slip. Steyn sends down a rapid leather-sniffer, which Trott ducks, but with both feet off the ground, but another over ticks by. 17 left.

  27. 1837: 
    Commentary- Eng 110-4

    South Africa show their intent to attack by bringing Vernon Philander on for Imran Tahir. Trott takes a single to bring Ian Bell on strike, with the new man doing well to keep down one that spits at him. Lengthy shadows are now being cast by the evening sunshine in Leeds. If the two sides do not agree on a draw, which I don't think they will for some time, there are 18 overs remaining.


    From Ben, Germany, TMS inbox: "A quick question: would England have gone for victory if this was a) the first game of the series or b) they were one up in the series?"

    WICKET- Prior run out 7 (Eng 106-4)

    Prior is shown to be just short, AB de Villiers having the bails from Smith's throw just before the wicketkeeper can make his ground. You sense that may be the end of the run chase, but do South Africa now feel that they are the team that can win this match?


    Oh dear, is this the chase over for England? They were having a good over off Steyn, with Trott cutting Steyn for four. However, when Trott dabs into the leg side, Prior turns for a two that isn't there. He gets sent back and dives for his ground, but the throw comes in. Is he short of his ground???

  31. 1825: 
    Commentary- Eng 99-3 (target 253)

    England, with two relatively new men at the crease, do well to milk Tahir for four singles, then Prior gets a sweep away fine for four. Eight off the over - more than what England require. 154 needed off the final 20 overs of this Test.


    From RHarro: "Wonder if anyone will do the Onions fist-clench if it goes horribly wrong and we need heroics at the end."

  33. 1821: 
    Commentary- Eng 91-3

    Prior is away first ball, with a single to the off side. 162 needed from 21 overs with seven wickets remaining. Who are you backing?

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Now I think it's England who are going to be uncomfortable for about 21 overs. But Gordon Bennett, here comes Prior! I think there's a lot going on here, who's trying to get on to the high ground, while both captains are secretly thinking it's going to be a draw."

    WICKET- Cook ct Rudolph b Steyn 46 (Eng 90-3)

    Now, how big a blow to England's chances is this? One delivery after the umpires ask for the ball to be changed, Cook looks to work Steyn on the leg side and gets a leading edge to Jacques Rudolph at short cover. England will still attack though, they have sent Matt Prior in at five.

  36. 1812: 
    Commentary- Eng 88-2

    Tahir stays around the wicket to the right-handed Trott, who gets off the mark with three through the leg side. Cook sweeps for two, then gets a top edge for a single to keep England ticking, just as a cloud covers the ground. I don't think we're in for any rain, though.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "They're playing for a draw, perfectly understandably, they wouldn't have sent out Trott at number four if they were really going for it, that's my reading of it."

  38. 1808: 
    Commentary- Eng 82-2

    England are just taking the runs that are offered at the moment, with Duminy offering Cook an opportunity he can't fail to take. A full toss is swept high over mid-wicket for six. The home side may well look at how many they need and with how many wickets in hand with about 15 overs to go. At the minute, they need another 171 off 23.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "You get those more often than not."


    It's hitting the middle of middle, but Cook survives by just, marginally, getting outside the line of off stump. Very, very close.


    Tahir raps Cook on the pads with the left-hander playing on the back foot. Did that keep a little low? It looks close, but Steve Davis says no. We've got a review though...

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "Never a nice way to get out, a full toss."

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I'd written 750 well-crafted words on the basis of a fairly tame draw and now I have had to hastily scrabble around."

    WICKET- Strauss c and b Duminy 22 (Eng 75-2)

    For the second time today, a part-time off-spinner gets a wicket with a horrible full toss. JP Duminy is initially milked by the England pair, but when he overpitches, Andrew Strauss can only offer the simplest of catches back to the bowler. England were going well there, so perhaps a bad time to lose a wicket. Jonathan Trott is the new man.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "I think it's a terrific declaration by Smith sowing that seed of doubt for England."

  46. 1754: 
    Commentary- Eng 71-1

    Imran Tahir is on at the Football Stand End, bowling his leg-breaks around the wicket to these left-handers with plenty of cover on the leg side. The home side can pick up four singles, plus one from a no-ball and a leg bye, to keep the score ticking. 182 needed from 26.

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "If these two put on a 100 partnership I think they'll give it a go again."

  48. 1750: 
    Commentary- Eng 65-1

    These really are perfect conditions for cricket, the early evening sun causing the players to cast long shadows. More luck for England as a Cook edge falls short of Jacques Kallis and runs away for four. Dale Steyn, with a good nose on him, looks like a man who's lost his tea and sugar. Big moment in this chase now, we're going to see some spin...


    From Ade: "I'd much rather England lost going for the win than shut up shop. It's a three-match series, these opportunities don't come along often."

  50. 1746: 
    Commentary- Eng 59-1

    Slice of luck for Strauss, whose drive falls just short of Imran Tahir at mid off. They run one. Cook then turns Morkel for a two and a single on the leg side, allowing Strauss to finish the over with a classy cut for four. The longer England have wickets in hand, the more their confidence will grow.

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "You never know they might still go for it but at the moment they're still trying to lay a foundation."

  52. 1741: 
    Commentary- Eng 51-1 (target 253)

    Steyn comes around the wicket to Cook, getting one to shape in then nip away, beating the edge. An absolute howitzer. Cook responds with a sweet drive past extra cover for four. England going nicely. They will need all the time they can to knock these runs off, so they need build a platform. Too many early wickets would leave victory out of the question.

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "Both captains are jousting with cardboard swords at the moment, but you can still do some damage with a cardboard sword."

  54. 1737: 
    Commentary- Eng 44-1

    Three times in a row Strauss misses with drives at Morkel, the third time by miles. He was playing down the wrong line there, Bakerloo I think. Morkel stands at the end of his follow through and sighs in frustration, just as a plane flies overhead. In the end, there's just a single on the leg side from the over.


    From TrueBlueJacko: "Although out I'm glad England choose to open with Pietersen, showed flexibility which England sometimes lack even when winning. Plan A has usually worked very well for England, but I've always been concerned Plans B onwards get very little thought."

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "I was happy with sending Pietersen out, I really wish they had padded up Prior and had him ready as well."

  57. 1733: 
    Commentary- Eng 43-1

    The first change of bowling sees Dale Steyn replace Vernon Philander, with the short-haired pacer looking to swing the ball in to this pair of left-handers. He succeeds, but four times England are able to take singles on the vacant leg side. There's a sense of calm at the moment, with England just looking to move into a position that will allow them to attack later in the innings.

  58. 1728: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- Eng 39-1

    I can report that we are bathed in beautiful early-evening sunshine, there looks to be no chance of a disruption. Should we need to, we will be going to the very end. Just a scrambled single from the Morkel over, as a few more spectators begin to trickle in. Free (discretionary) entry, remember.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England still just chipping away."


    From theolandey: "What is the weather like? What are the chances we go till the end? Bad light? Rain? Thunder? Tsunami? Anything?"

  61. 1724: 
    Commentary- Eng 38-1 (target 253)

    I'm not sure I agree with Henry Blofeld, at least not yet. Philander gets too straight to Cook, allowing him to glide for four, then a single gives Andrew Strauss the chance to cut for his 7,000th Test run in what his 99th match. Huge applause from the crowd, with another Strauss cut making it nine from the over. 215 more needed from 33.

    BBC Test Match Special's Henry BlofeldContributor

    "I think an England victory is probably the most unlikely of the results now."


    From officialdrees: "Remember the knock Andrew Strauss played in Chennai v India in the 2011 World Cup? Now please skip..."

  64. 1720: 
    Commentary- Eng 29-1

    To be honest, I think I'm currenly about as excited as I've been watching Test cricket, this really is gripping stuff. Morkel is around the wicket to both these left-handers and getting a fair bit of seam movement, conceding just a Cook single from the over.

    BBC Sport's Mark MitchenerContributor

    "The only time Andrew Strauss has not opened for England was on the tour of New Zealand in early 2008. Omitted from the preceding tour of Sri Lanka, he was recalled in NZ at number three, with Alastair Cook and Michael Vaughan opening. He scored 43 (batting at four after a night-watchman) and 2 at Hamilton, 8 and 44 at Wellington, and then 0 and a career-saving 177 at Napier."

  66. 1716: 
    Commentary- Eng 28-1

    It is Andrew Strauss at three for England, he's away with a single to fine leg, with Cook repeating the does to third man. Philander is called wide for a bouncer that is too high, so has another go, only for the skipper to hook for four.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Now it puts the momentum back in South Africa's favour, and they say to England, 'we're going to put the pressure on you.' But you can be sure South Africa will be breathing a sigh of relief."

    BBC Test Match Special's Henry BlofeldContributor

    "There was a certain inevitability about that and it's fair to say the game won't continue at this pace."

    WICKET- Pietersen ct Tahir b Philander 12 (Eng 21-1)

    Huge wicket for South Africa, as Pietersen attempts to pull a ball from Philander that is not quite short enough and can only offer a simple catch to Imran Tahir at mid on. Perhaps not terminal to England's chances of winning this match, but their trump card had been played and ripped up.


    From ThomReilly: "Wow, what was that I just heard? Sounded like a giant gauntlet being thrown down and then picked up again!"

  71. 1710: 
    Commentary- Eng 21-0

    Morkel is around the wicket to Cook in the bright Headingley sunshine, so bright that it's reflecting off the empty blue seats in the stand. TV pictures show that Matt Prior is not padded up, he's not even in his whites. It looks like Andrew Strauss might come in next. Morkel gives Cook width, allowing the Essex man to dab to third man for four more. 36 overs left, 232 more required.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "One thing they have got in their favour is Tahir, who can put men on the boundary and bowl into the rough, which is very hard to get away."

  73. 1705: 
    Commentary- Eng 17-0

    It will be Vernon Philander bowling to Alastair Cook, who has been in great touch for the England one-day side, remember. Sure enough, when Philander offers width, the left-hander cuts for four.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Get another catcher in Graeme Smith - you've declared! Andrew Strauss has counterattacked with the big right hand!"

  75. 1702: 
    Commentary- Eng 12-0 (target 253)

    Drama, drama at Headingley. Pietersen gets four from an edge from the second ball of the innings, then four more with a square drive that just trickles to the point boundary. When Morkel hangs the last ball of over outside off stump, KP smashes through cover for four more. Huge cheers, great first over for England.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "That is great. This is proper to-ing and fro-ing, Smith saying I'm in charge, Strauss saying I'm in charge sending in my big lad!"

  77. 1658: 

    Huge cheers for Pietersen as he came out to bat, "come on Kevin," shout the crowd. Morne Morkel will bowl the first over, Pietersen is on strike with two slips, a gully and two men back on the hook.

  78. 1656: 

    If anyone had any doubt that England were going after this run chase, doubt no longer. Kevin Pietersen is opening the batting with Alastair Cook.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "What's important is England have had a good day in terms of taking wickets, now they have to finish the game well and take positives, because it has been a better performance here than at The Oval."


    From Simon Aindow, Southport, TMS inbox: "Could this really be KP's last series in any England shirt? This won't be t'he last time this whole IPL issue rears its ugly financial head. We need to get it sorted out right here and right now before we lose our players to it a la Gilchrist, Malinga to name but two."

  81. 1654: 

    So, 253 off 39 overs it is for England at a smidge under 6.5 per over. Tough in one-day cricket, but made harder today when you consider that this is a fifth-day pitch, there are no limits on how many overs South Africa's bowlers can bowl, no fielding restrictions and the umpires will not be too strict on wides.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "England have got to be careful because if you're 15-3 playing huge shots there are still 30 overs or so, they'll be thinking get to 50 off 12 without being silly then you look at the equation. I hate to put a dampener on it but you just can't see it."

    WICKET- Morkel ct Cook b Broad 10 (SA 258-9 dec)

    I'm not sure what to make of this decision, maybe South Africa think they can win this game, maybe they don't want to expose last-man Imran Tahir. What I do know is this; after Morkel hits Broad high into the hands of Alastair Cook to give the Notts man his fifth wicket, Graeme Smith called his side in to set England 253 to win off 39 overs. Unbelievable.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "We've been asked to say there is free discretionary entry after 5pm, not sure what discretionary means in this case, maybe they won't allow any drunks in."


    From Mat, Birmingham: "Is no one else seeing the possibility here that England bowl out the Saffers and then get cleaned up for around 140 themselves."

  86. 1644: 
    Commentary- SA 249-8

    Morne Morkel is the new man, my feeling is that he might try and play a few shots. Sure enough, when Anderson drops short, Morkel mis-hits towards a deepish mid-wicket, where James Taylor has just been posted. Taylor back-peddles, but the chance just evades him. Drama.


    From JonnyVarden: "If England do get into a position to potentially win the game will they be bold enough to rearrange the batting order?"

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "What has gone on in the last hour?"

    WICKET- Steyn c and b Anderson 3 (SA 247-8)

    What a catch, what a flipping catch!!!! If England do win this match, this catch will be replayed over and over again for a long time. Anderson has put down two chances today, but when Steyn pops one back to the bowler, the Lancashire man leaps to his left to pluck the chance out of the air one-handed. Amazing. The crowd are stunned at first, then launch into huge cheers. England need two more wickets for the chance of a chase.

  90. 1638: 
    Commentary- SA 247-7

    Staurt Broad continues after tea, bowling to Alviro Petersen with only one slip and the field scattered - England want to bowl at Dale Steyn. Sure enough, the field closes when Petersen takes a single, but Steyn is able to drive through the slips for a three, with Petersen then lifting over mid-wicket for four. If you want to come down and watch the end of this match, entry is free after 1700.


    From Richard in Sheffield: "If KP was buffet bowling, Broad reminds me of the dinnerlady at my old uni hall of residence - no matter how hungry you were, how late on in the lunch hour you were, how much of the vast trough of lasagne was left, you always got the same just-about-acceptable sized slice. Happy days."

  92. 1633: 

    Just a short break before the action resumes, then. The umpires are on their way. Are we set for the grandaddy of all finishes, or will this match fritter away like my early 20s? Strangely, the batsmen take the field well before the England fielders. To remind you, there's 44 overs left in this match.


    From Chris_KI: "So... Does anyone want to question Broad´s place in the side now?"

  94. 1616: 

    So, to update you on the state of the game, South Africa are 233 ahead with three second-innings wickets in hand. There are 44 overs left in the day, less two for the change of innings. Reallistically, what could England chase?

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "What a session, we might have a game on our shoulders. An amazing spell of bowling by Broad and Pietersen and it has given England an opportunity."

  96. 1614: 
    INTERVAL- SA 239-7

    Petersen is not moving with any great comfort, but he still manages to flick Anderson fine for four. England try and stop the single to make sure Steyn is on strike after tea, but an inside edge allows Petersen to walk to the other end. What a session. Six wickets have fallen for 116 runs, potentially setting us for a humdinger of a finale. Maybe.


    From Oliver, from an office in Leeds city centre: "Kallis wicket settles it, I'm heading to the ground!"

  98. 1609: 
    Commentary- SA 234-7

    Stuart Broad is banging the ball in to new man Dale Steyn, who defends with relative comfort on the back foot. In this spell, Broad has taken 4-16 from five overs. England sprint round to make sure they get in one more over before the tea break.


    From Ashley Smith, working in Northampton, TMS inbox: "Watching the text updates whilst at work is painful. Firstly, news of KP's buffet bowling was hard to take – I haven't had lunch today and had visions of delicious pies being thrown my way, then to top it off, a wicket is falling every two minutes and I can't watch it."

  100. 1606: 
    Commentary- SA 234-7

    Whereas an England run chase was looking unlikely not so long ago, it is now looking probable. The question is, how many runs will they need and how long will they have to get them. Every over that is ticked down and every run scored makes their task harder, with Petersen driving Anderson square for four.

    WICKET- Kallis ct Prior b Broad 27 (SA 230-7)

    I do not believe what I'm seeing here, Stuart Broad is running through the South Africa middle order in a spell of skilful and hostile fast bowling. After flooring Kallis with a bouncer, he digs in another short ball that the all-rounder can not get his gloves away from quickly enough. Prior takes the catch, leaping as he does, with the small Headingley crowd cheering beyond their numbers. We really do have a game on now.


    From Come_on_England in Guernsey, TMS inbox: "The only way we can win this is if we can bowl SA out within the next 10 overs, for no more than 50 runs. Then drop Trott down to 4th and Pietersen up to 3rd in the batting order, if Strauss and Cook get us off to a good start, why not go for it! We’d need around 6 an over, but KP has shown when he is at his destructive best that’s possible... It would definitely give us the psychological advantage going to Lord's!"

  103. 1556: 
    Commentary- SA 226-6

    This session has seen 22 overs bowled, with England taking five wickets for 102 runs. The home side recall James Anderson to the attack, he has four men on the boundary and only two slips for Kallis. The Lancashire pacer is a little wide to begin with, and Kallis is happy to leave the ball alone.

  104. 1550: 
    Commentary- SA 225-6

    This time it is Alviro Petersen coming to the crease - I wonder how much his hamstring strain will affect his running? He gets under way with a single to fine leg. England will feel that another wicket here will have them right in the hunt. There are 49 overs left in the day.

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "South Africa will be thinking, 'we don't want to give them 30 overs to chase something.'"

    WICKET- Philander lbw Broad 6 (SA 223-6)

    Surely it can't happen, can it? This time Philander, who I may have mistaken for Alviro Petersen earlier, is the man to be undone by Broad. The Notts pacer is just getting the ball to move off the seam, and this time gets one to nip back, hitting the right-hander on the back leg to trap him plumb in front. England are on a roll, the door is ajar.

  107. 1544: 
    Commentary- SA 223-5

    If Jacques Kallis is having any trouble with his back, it's not affecting his ability to cover drive, as he of the barrel chest unfurls the most glorious stroke for four. Two more through mid-wicket keep South Africa ticking. Runs are pretty important to South Africa now - if they were to be bowled out they need as many as possible to make a succesful England chase all the more unlikely.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "I imagine Andrew Strauss is thinking, 'right, where's Swanny, oh, we didn't pick him.'"

  109. 1541: 
    Commentary- SA 215-5

    Those few fans that have come to Headingley today are now being treated to some gripping Test cricket in glorious sunshine. From nowhere, England look like they could take a wicket any moment, with Philander lucky to get off the mark with an edge through the slips for four.

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "Imagine if England gave themselves a chance and the rain came."

  111. 1536: 
    Commentary- SA 209-5

    When I said there was no need for AB de Villiers to review his lbw decision, I was wrong on two counts. Firstly, because South Africa do not actually have any reviews left. Secondly, because replays show that the ball was actually missing leg stump. Either way, the tourists are now under a smidge of pressure, with Kallis doing well to survive a hostile Finn over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "People are knocking off scores on over 200 in Twenty20 so England will be having a real go in the next 15 or so overs and think they could come out and whack them off."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "Just suddenly there'll be some tension in that South African dressing room."

  114. 1532: 
    Commentary- SA 209-5

    Philander is able to play forward in defence, denying Broad a hat-trick, but has the Notts man put a tiny bit of fire under this game? England still have five wickets to get and are 203 behind, but there are 38 overs remaining before the last hour of a final 15 overs begins.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "You've been sitting in there watching your mates and you get one of those, an inswinging yorker and get your bat caught up in your pad."

    WICKET- Duminy lbw Broad 0 (SA 209-5)

    Now then, do we have a game on our hands? Broad serves up a mirror image of the ball that got De Villiers to the the left-handed Duminy, with Steve Davis again answering the appeal with the finger. Broad is on a hat-trick, bowling to Vernon Philander....

    WICKET- De Villiers lbw b Broad 44 (SA 209-4)

    Pietersen's spell finally comes to an end, replaced by Stuart Broad at the Football Stand End. Broad has De Villiers playing across a full ball, hitting him on the pads in front of all three. There's barely need to appeal, there's certainly no question of a review. ABDV is on his way.


    Former England seamer Mike Selvey, of the Guardian: "In the series, KP is England's leading run scorer, wicket-taker, has highest score, best bowling figures and best strike rate with bat and ball."

  119. 1522: 
    Commentary- SA 205-3

    I think I could watch AB de Villiers play back-foot drives every day until I die. He cracks another off Finn between cover and point for four, a perfect cricket stroke. Meanwhile, Finn clatters the stumps at the non-striker's end for the first time since the first day, with Rod Tucker calling dead ball.


    From Bailey_Joel: "KP is giving every club bowler hope of taking a Test wicket. Absolute buffet. Hand grenades take wickets."

  121. 1517: 
    Commentary- SA 200-3

    Jacques Kallis is not going to give KP's off-spin the time of day here. He skips down the track and hits high over mid off for four. "That's the way to do it," says a South Africa voice beneath me. "Hit the ruddy thing."


    The Sun's cricket correspondent John Etheridge: "This is a bit village... bloke bowling mainly filth with some good balls and getting wickets while proper spinner is nowhere to be seen."

  123. 1514: 
    Commentary- SA 189-3

    While Pietersen chucks his hand grenades at the other end, seemingly able to get wickets by sending a potato down, Steven Finn's plan is to bang the ball in halfway down. The thinking may be to test out Jacques Kallis's back, but a backfoot drive from the man mountain suggests he's moving well enough.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "What a catch that was, it rose to him sharply, brilliant catch, poor skipper he's going to have to answer questions about a spinner later in the day. I guarantee some of the lads will have switched off, they'll be enjoying the cricket and trying their hardest but if you get a chance to relax, they play so much you take it."

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "This is why you should always have a spinner in your side."

  126. 1510: 
    Commentary- SA 185-3

    After a drinks break, Jacques Kallis, he of the stiff back, is the new man. He's nearly gone first ball too, just edging Pietersen past Anderson at slip.

    WICKET- Amla ct Cook b Pietersen 28 (SA 182-3)

    As all club cricketers know, bad balls get wickets. Pietersen serves Amla up with a pretty filthy full toss, one that the batsmen can hit anywhere he likes. Curiously, he chooses to hit it in the direction of Alastair Cook at short cover, with the England vice-skip clinging on to a chance that comes pretty hard. Pietersen is bowling some horrible stuff, but he's also finding a way to take wickets.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "What's important with plans is you do have to have plans B, C and D as well, if it's all based on stats you're not thinking on your feet."

  129. 1504: 
    Commentary- SA 179-2

    Steven Finn replaces Bresnan at the Kirkstall Lane End. The tall Middlesex man has not been at his best in this innings, but is accurate here, conceding only one from the over.


    From LeaBoulby: "Pietersen should retire now end his career on a high, bring in Joe Root, a promising young cricketer, let him establish himself."

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Off spinners that bowl occasionally, three overs are perfect but real quality players just line you up."

  132. 1459: 
    Commentary- SA 178-2

    A less eventful over from Pietersen, South Africa able to drive, cut, nudge and milk for four singles. James Taylor bowls some leg-spin, I wonder if we'll see him get a trundle.


    From CricketPodblast: "KP's batting makes dealing with him worth the sacrifice. And he's now our frontline spinner."

  134. 1456: 
    Commentary- SA 171-2

    It really is beautiful at Headingley now, perfect for cricket. If we'd had this weather yesterday, this match may not be heading for a draw. England post a short leg for Amla and again Bresnan goes short, but the bearded one rides the bounce like a boy on a space hopper.


    From John Forster, Northamptonshire, TMS inbox: "I reckon Pietersen's Test bowling average dipped - briefly - below 100 when he had Smith caught. At that point, Pietersen had taken 8 for 797."

  136. 1452: 
    Commentary- SA 170-2

    Dear oh dear, another dropped catch, again put down by James Anderson. A lot of Kevin Pietersen's bowling my be of the buffet variety, but here he gets De Villiers to edge towards Anderson at slip. Jimmy is slow to react, the ball hitting on the knee. Anderson looks about as amused as man with particularly aggressive sunburn.


    From Arbapikealpacas, TMS inbox: "For Lord's I feel England should drop Bresnan and Broad; bring in Swanny and Onions."

  138. 1448: 
    Commentary- SA 160-2

    England's stock response to a South Africa batsman playing a few shots is to bang the ball in short. Sure enough, Bresnan tests out De Villiers with the short stuff, but ABDV hooks for four with all the ease of a darts player downing a pint.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I'm sure Geoff Miller will be saying, 'well I put Swann in the squad, it's up to the other two to decide who plays.'"

  140. 1445: 
    Commentary- SA 156-2

    De Villiers is not giving Pietersen much respect here, reverse sweeping for four. James Anderson trotts to retrieve the ball, nearly taking ABDV out when he throws it back in. Did he do that on purpose?

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Given the choice of ends De Villers would be happier at the moment at Bresnan's than Pietersen's."

  142. 1440: 
    Commentary- SA 149-2

    My next question also involves Pietersen, but because of the success he is currently having with the ball. Did England get the team selection right for this Test match? What should the XI be if they are to have the best chance of squaring the series at Lord's? In the middle, new man De Villiers rocks back to play one of the shots of the day, punching Bresnan through the covers for four. As beautiful as Gabby Logan on the late-night Olympics highlights. De Villiers, though repeats the dose. You don't get two Gabbys.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "De Villiers won't want to allow Pietersen to dominate him, but it's the sort of field Jim Laker used to use." 

  144. 1436: 
    Commentary- SA 135-2

    Pietersen, England's part-time off-spinner, is bowling to De Villiers with three close catchers, but drops short to let the new man off the mark with a single to point. Amla is then allowed to drive through the empty cover region for ofur.

  145. 1434: 
    Commentary- SA 129-2

    With Jacques Kallis injured, AB de Villiers is batting at four. England get excited when his first ball goes to Taylor, who has just completed his first catch in Test cricket, but there's no bat involved. At the other end, Amla is solid in defence to Bresnan.

    WICKET- Smith ct Taylor b Pietersen 52 (SA 129-1)

    This time Pietersen has his man, Smith departing with a wry smile on his face as replays show the tiniest mark on the inside edge of his bat. With regards to the questions I just posed, how much would England miss KP's off spin? Quite a lot if they were to leave Graeme Swann out again....


    Now does Pietersen have his man this time? Smith looks to work on the leg side, but it loops up into the hands of James Taylor at short leg. The finger goes up this time, but now it's the skipper calling for a review...

  148. 1423: 
    Commentary- SA 129-1

    That excitement aside, it's fair to say that this session could meander along somewhat. So, I'm going to take the opportunity to pose a few questions, the first of which involves Kevin Pietersen. He has faced questions about his future during this match, as to whether he will continue playing Test cricket. Would it be the right decision for him to retire? How much would England miss him? Who could take his place? Can any solution be found to this mess? Tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket, email tms@bbc.co.uk, text 81111. On the pitch, Amla plays a classical straight drive, with Stuart Broad making a hash of the fielding at mid off.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I think it would be fair to say Smith would not like to be dismissed by Pietersen."


    England were certain that was out, but the truth is that ball simply turned too much to hit anything. England have no more reviews left and they might just be wondering what might of been had they picked Graeme Swann.


    Kevin Pietersen, the man who made the breakthrough before lunch, continues after the break. Again he turns one sharply and is off celebrating as if he has Smith caught behind. England are convinced, but Steve Davis doesn't move a muscle. We have a review.

  152. 1415: 
    Commentary- SA 123-1

    I must apologise to Smith, whose landmark of 50 I missed in the final over before lunch. He can lean on his bat after the break as Bresnan seldom forces Amla to play.

  153. 1412: 

    The batsmen finally emerge. Hashim Amla will be on strike to Tim Bresnan. Graeme Smith is at the other end, unbeaten on 50.

  154. 1410: 

    Headingley is bathed in sunshine as the umpires return after lunch. While the sun is bright at the moment, though, another shower is very possible this afternoon. England have taken the field, but the South Africa batsmen are lagging behind. While we wait for them, I will say that I hoped you enjoyed lunch, whether it involved pie or not.

  155. 1335: 

    All the talk of food this morning has made me hungry, so the lunch break is welcome. I'll be back in about half an hour. Enjoy your pork pie.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Graeme Smith, whenever he's called upon to do something he comes up with the goods, a tough morning session for England, South Africa almost home now."


    From Tim, Keighley, TMS inbox: "British piccalilli contains various vegetables - invariably cauliflower and vegetable marrow - and seasonings of mustard and turmeric. A more finely chopped variety 'sandwich piccalilli' is also available from major British supermarkets. It is used as an accompaniment to foods such as sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, cheese, and tomatoes - no mention of Pork Pies!"

  158. 1332: 
    INTERVAL- SA 123-1

    With that wicket falling, it turns out Pietersen's over is the last before lunch. New man Hashim Amla is off the mark with a single pushed to square leg, with Graeme Smith then flicking fine for a couple. The players leave in bright sunshine, England to again ponder how they go about removing the South Africa skipper. The Proteas lunch 117 ahead.


    From Karen in Upminster: "For me, it's salad cream on my pork pies!"


    The Independent's Stephen Brenkley: "First time since Durban Timeless Test in 1939, England have conceded two opening stands above 100. Strangely, three batsmen involved then too."

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Great delivery, things like that create a bit of doubt and that's what the spinner can do on the last day. There's Graeme Swann sitting at home thinking 'I wouldn't have minded a little go on that for an hour or two.'"

    WICKET- Rudolph lbw Pietersen 69 (SA 120-1)

    For the second time in this match, the part-time spin of Pietersen does for Rudolph. Again it is with the second ball bowled by KP and again it turned. Does that reignite the debate about England leaving Graeme Swann out? Either way, England have a breakthrough.


    England turn to spin, Kevin Pietersen sending down his part-time off-breaks from around the wicket to Rudolph. He gets one to pitch and straighten, hitting Rudolph on the front pad. That looks dead....up goes the finger! We've got a review though...


    From the Lord o' Worms: "The perfect accompaniment for pork pie is my home-made red onion marmalade. I'll send the TMS chaps a pot."

    And the text commentator?

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Tough catch at this situation in the game."

  166. 1324: 

    Tim Bresnan, who has dismissed Smith both times in this series so far, is finally given a trundle from the Kirkstall Lane End. Immediately Big Tim finds the edge of Smith's bat, with the ball going low to James Anderson at second slip. Jimmy dives, gets a hand to hit, but can't hang on. As South Africa run two, Anderson lies with his head in his hands. Tough chance, but they need to be taken. Smith doesn't give many.


    A few suggestions for Tuffers (see 1302) for the disco at a monkey's wedding:

    Dave in Woking: "Must have 'Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns and Roses in there?"

    John, near Cardiff: "'Monkey Man' by Toots and the Maytails/The Specials/Reel Big FIsh."

    Cliffy, Southampton: "Surely Gorillaz would feature at some point?"

  168. 1320: 
    Commentary- SA 115-0

    There's particular firm providing the security at Headingley, one that should have played a prominent role in the Olympics. I've just noticed a lone young boy leaning over a rail looking for the autograph of Kevin Pietersen, who is fielding at third man. The boy was moved on by a security guard. Smith helps himself to twin boundaries off Finn, moving past 2,000 Test runs against England in the process.


    From Jaime Hargreaves, TMS inbox: "Too much talk of pork pies – had to nip out to the shops and get me one. Arrived back with large PP with apple & chutney instead of sauce – amazing combo. Also cheese, bread, pate, crisps… Lucky everyone is out of office so I can spread out and have myself a desk picnic (whilst simultaneously following 18 sports)."

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "South Africa will be loving this position, taking their runs, keep the bowling down, tire them out and gain the momentum for Lord's."

  171. 1315: 
    Commentary- SA 106-5

    Interesting to note that Tim Bresnan is yet to be employed in a session where England were, initially at least, striving for wickets. Anderson reinstates the backward square leg for Smith, but the skipper is solid in defence.

    BBC Test Match Special's Simon MannContributor

    On Twitter: "Off and on like a toupee in the wind and it feels just as futile."


    A few explanations for piccalilli [see 1224]:

    SunterAndrew: "Piccalilli is a mustard based pickle or chutney. Think cauliflower usually main veg in it."

    OllyBarham: "Piccalilli is the pickle of champions."

    briandsteel: "Piccalilli is a disgusting mix of vinegary lumps of cauliflower and cucumber with mustard - a Melton Mowbray needs none of this!"

  174. 1311: 
    Commentary- SA 104-0

    Little doing in that over from Finn, with Rudolph working to square leg then Smith flashing to third man, both for singles.


    From Sean in Sussex: "I'm sorry but you're all totally wrong. The only thing that should accompany a pork pie is more pork pie! The use of condiments/sauces is just wrong!"

  176. 1307: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- SA 102-0

    England's chance of forcing a result may be slipping, but there are points to be scored before that last Test as Lord's. Anderson, kicking his heels as he runs in, continues the tactic of bowling short to Rudolph, who isn't dealing with it too well. Also, we have some lovely sunshine sweeping across the ground.


    From Travelling Actor, TMS inbox: "I am somehow currently following TMS from Eastern Vietnam. I have managed to sneak under the government censor imposed on the BBC website throughout the country. (They seemingly disapprove of open journalism, just in case someone criticises the regime apparently). I wouldn't even mind if they caught me so long as we get a result! Come on Strauss and co!"

  178. 1302: 
    Commentary- SA 96-0

    There was just one ball for Smith to defend in that Anderson over. From the first ball of the next, Jacques Rudolph aims a hook at Steve Finn, getting a top edge that flies high but drops between three fielders. England have four men on the leg side to Rudolph, a short leg, leg gully and two men in the deep. He should be prepared for some leather-sniffers. Sure enough, the left-hander aims a wild flash at a bumper, then edges for four through the slips. Shaky.


    From Dan, Lambeth, TMS inbox: "Re: Matt [1245] - can see the logic behind pork pie with mustard alongside ale but surely there isn’t a crisp in the world that can combine pork pie, brown sauce and champers?!"

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "I wonder what the disco would be like at a Monkey's Wedding?"

  181. 1256: 
    Commentary- SA 90-0

    Just a short delay then, with the players now back on the field. James Anderson will be completing his over, bowling to Graeme Smith. I'm being told that the last hour of today's play, when the game can be declared a draw, will not begin until 1800.


    From Stuart Brown, TMS inbox: "I grew up in Leeds in the 1980s, and a fond memory is being taken to the working men’s club with my dad and having hot pork pie and mushy peas with brown sauce - delicious!"

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "We used to say to Mick Hunt the groundsman at Lord's, 'can you do something for us' and he's always say: 'yes I'll see what I can do for you lads' but it was the same every time, just a good pitch. I think Graham Onions could come into the fray, pitch it up, Glenn McGrath type."

  184. 1249: 

    Just to wind me up, the cover hokey cokey continues. They're coming off now, the rain has stopped, but the sky is darker than when the players went off. What is it with the weather in Leeds? It's definitely not like this in Stoke.

  185. 1248: 

    The square is being fully covered, but the umbrellas that were up in the stands are now coming down. Do I know what's happening with the weather? The answer is no. What I do know is that this is game is now looking like a nailed-on draw.


    From Matt Crisp, TMS inbox: "Re: pork pies – it all depends what I’m drinking with my pork pie. If I’m drinking a hearty pint of ale then it’s English mustard, if it’s champagne then I’m afraid it’s brown sauce for me. These are the only two drinks that can suitably wash down a pork pie."

  187. 1245: 

    Inceidentally, as the players were coming off, James Anderson was having another chat with the South Africa batsmen. Perhaps he was asking if they'd like to share a lift to Lord's. The sky has got darker now, the rain is much heavier.

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "We refer to this in South Africa as a "Monkey's Wedding" - raining when it's bright sunshine."

  189. 1243: 

    Now this is both bizarre and frustrating in equal measure. Rain forces the players off, but they haven't reached the boundary edge before the sun returns. "Get back out" shout spectators, but the wet stuff continues to fall in an odd, bright light.


    From Simon Jordan, TMS inbox: "Surely the best option to accompany Pork Pie is a good dollop of Branston Pickle?"

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "This pitch has done enough to have seen teams bowled out for 250, why hasn't it happened?"

  192. 1237: 
    Commentary- SA 90-0

    If England don't take a wicket soon, this could become little more than a glorified net for South Africa. Steven Finn, who hasn't been at his best in this second innings, is too short to Smith, who cuts for four.


    From Top10Films: "Lord's has been kind to the batters in recent years. England, who must WIN, have to drop a batsman (Taylor) and play five bowlers. Team: Strauss, Cook, Trott, Pietersen, Bell, Prior, Bresnan (or Onions), Broad, Swann, Anderson, Finn."

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "They may play five bowlers at Lord's, they've been successful with four, Swann is the key, he should have played here, they got that wrong."

  195. 1233: 
    THE SUN IS OUT- SA 85-0

    Those hardy souls that have first turned up, then waited through the rain are now being treated to the tiniest hint of sunshine. Anderson stays round the wicket to Rudolph, who gets a thick edge to third man for four. Jimmy thinks about saying something, but no words come out, as if he couldn'tthink of a witty enough insult. In more pork pie news, Phil Tufnell comes to the back of the box and nabs a slice. He pooh-poohs the notion of red or brown sauce, but is all for mustard or pickle.


    From Alex in Johannesburg, TMS inbox: "Re: the mustard.. it could quite possibly be neither a sauce or a condiment but rather a 'Tracklement'."


    If England are to win this match, they have to find a find of shifting Jacques Rudolph, who goes to his 11th Test half-century by slashing Steven Finn behind square on the off side. After that rain delay, lunch has been pushed back to 1330, which means any more pork-pie eating will have to wait.


    From OllyBarham: "I can't believe anybody would put mint sauce on a pork pie; try piccalilli, it will blow your mind."

    What exactly is piccalilli?

  199. 124: 
    Commentary- SA 76-0

    James Anderson gets us back under way, around the wicket to left-hander Graeme Smith. He abandons the leg-side tactic to a degree, bringing Ian Bell from backward square leg to point. Bell is straight into the action, fielding a tame cut shot, and we resume with a maiden.


    From Sukh, Dijon, TMS inbox: " Re: Anthony [1148] - it very much depends what kind of mustard you are eating. If it is derived from mustard seeds, i.e. as traditionally made here in Dijon or in England then it is a condiment but if it is the 'American style' mustard you get in squeezy bottles then it is indeed a sauce."

  201. 1215: 

    I think the cricketing gods are intent on teasing me today. Just as I started to sniff out the pork pie, the covers began to come off. All of them have been removed now, with a rope being dragged around to dry the outfield. The bell has gone, the umpires are on the way.

  202. 1203: 

    The rain looks to be set in for a little while, so I'm going to tuck into more pork pie. I'll bring you more new when I have it.

  203. 1157: 

    It turns out that we were just being teased by the elements. Just as the rain looked to be easing, it has returned harder than we've seen all day. The covers that were being removed have now returned. Our delay will be longer.

  204. 1152: 

    And just like that, the rain has stopped and the covers are coming off. We'll be plaing again pretty shortly I fancy. In other news, TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton prefers apple sauce on his pork pie.


    Marching On Together: "The only sauce you put on a pork pie is mint sauce, well it is in Yorkshire anyway."

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Anderson will feel he can't bowl much better than this, there will be a nagging feeling, not so much of morale gone but 'how are we going to get seven of these out before we get to the tail?' Not only here but at Lord's."

  207. 1148: 

    For all my gusto about this only being a short delay, there are more covers being laid on the square and the sky is getting darker. The rain was fine before, but is now getting heavier. Every moment we are delayed further decreases the chance of a result.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "There must be a rainbow somehwere."


    From Anthony in London, TMS inbox: "Re: Sauce in pork pies. I swear by a bit of mustard with my pork pie, but is this a sauce or a condiment?"


    From Ray Abis, TMS inbox: "A great pity that a draw carries so much value in Test cricket. Here we are on another final day with the prospect of an exciting day, given some will to win by both sides. Instead the fear of losing may carry the day as it so often does. C'mon lads, take a risk for the sake of a potentially thrilling day and to blazes with who is number one in the world."

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "This is a slightly surreal sight, there is blue sky above and shadows on the pitch as the players leave."

  212. 1141: 

    Just as Anderson is about to begin his over, a shower seeps across the ground. The umpires don't take much persuading to lead the players off, but the brightness suggests to me that we won't be delayed for long.


    From Willie T (approaching Grantham): "I'm sat on the London to Leeds train, due to arrive in God's own country a shade before 1pm. I should make the second session. Weather seems ominous the further north we get though. I'm confident nonetheless of an England victory. Come on the four quicks - do the business!"

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "I would imagine Bresnan would be most at risk for Lord's, Broad might come under discussion, Anderson wouldn't."

  215. 1140: 
    Commentary- SA 76-0

    We have our first change of the day, Steven Finn replacing Stuart Broad at the Football Stand End. Is the Middlesex man bowling for a place in the final Test on his home ground of Lord's? He starts too straight, with both these left-handers picking him off through the leg side. The best shot of which is a Rudolph drive through mid on for four.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Coming down the hill from the Kirkstall Lane End, Anderson's rhythm has been very good, but the wicket won't come, he's deserved more."


    From Crispin in Bath (the city!), TMS inbox: "Having listened to Aggers' conversation at lunchtime yesterday about the derivation of various cricket terms which was very interesting by the way, can anyobody explain what a 'jimzooter' is and possibly who coined it?"

    'Jimzooter' coined by S Shemilt, 2012. Feel free to make up your own words to describe great deliveries, it's loads of fun.

  218. 1135: 
    Commentary- SA 69-0

    To my horror, Kevin Howells says that the pork pie is missing some red or brown sauce. Surely no one puts sauce on a pork pie? Anderson decides to test Rudolph out with some bumpers, to which the batsman ducks. When Anderson then goes full, Rudolph is slow to come forward and is beaten. I can't remember seeing a Test match where so many balls have gone past the outside edge.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "It will be interesting to see who they pick at Lord's, that's why it will just keep them going here."


    From Joseph Hodgson, TMS inbox: "Optimistic prediction for the day! SA to be bowled out just before tea thanks to the overcast conditions and an inspired England attack. England to chase around 180 in the last session, opening with Prior and Pietersen in a mad dash to victory."

  221. 1130: 
    Commentary- SA 69-0

    My BBC colleague Kevin Howells is cutting in to the largest pork pie I've ever seen, to which Vic Marks asks if it's a little early for pork pie. Is it ever too early for pork pie? Broad has bowled well this morning, but Rudolph has looked in equally good touch. The left-hander unfurls a cover drive for a couple, then a uppish square drive for four. Broad pokes at where he is taking off, he's so unhappy that he comes around the wicket, but Rudolph still helps himself to two more. The lead is 63.


    From "a tight Yorkshire Man": "Whose idea was it to charge £20 for adults when it's basically a 'dead game'? No wonder there isn't anybody in the stands."

  223. 1126: 
    Commentary- SA 59-0

    It's grey over Headingley, but there's some bright sky in the distance in front of me. There was bright sunshine when I went for a run (honest) around Leeds city centre this morning, but that has long gone. Anderson comes around the wicket to Rudolph, shuffling his field to post a short cover, tucking up the left-hander with one that angles in.


    Former England seamer Mike Selvey, of the Guardian: "Little chance of result but if rain stays off England have opportunity to make a strong statement."

  225. 1120: 
    Commentary- SA 58-0

    Broad, who has started well, gets one to seam away from Smith, who gropes as the ball goes past his outside edge. The South Africa skipper smiles, but it's forced, as if someone as just dropped a coin in his pint. Bad banter, but you have to go along with the joke. Captain Smith then gets two slices of luck - first when a flick off his hip just evades Ian Bell at backward square leg, then when a genuine edge falls short of the slips. Encouraging for England.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "No swing, no seam movement at the moment for Jimmy Anderson and he just dropped short, Rudolph looks in good form."

  227. 1116: 
    Commentary- SA 54-0

    Smith, hunched over his bat, does not miss out when Anderson gets too straight, taking a couple then a single through the leg side. Anderson is then too wide, allowing Rudolph to slash through the off side for four. Not the best start from Anderson, who has a few words with Rudolph at the end of the over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "Sounds a bit planky that bat of Rudolph's, he got it right out of the middle but it sounded a bit tinny in the headphones."

  229. 1112: 
    Commentary- SA 47-0

    Broad is accurate to Rudolph, but when the Notts man overpitches, the batsman does not miss the chance to drive past the dive of Steven Finn at mid off for four. The shot draws applause from the sparse crowd, but other than that, it's pretty quiet at Headingley.


    From Mark Jackson, TMS inbox: "I only hope that if a small miracle does happen - SA out for say 100 today an hour after lunch, that Mother Nature, the feistiest of mistresses doesn’t intervene with the Cook-led smash and run chase. Would you put the Twenty20 specialists in first though?"

  231. 1107: 
    Commentary- SA 43-0

    England, as they have throughout this Test, have the leg-side packed as James Anderson bowls to Smith. Proteas paceman Morne Morkel told the press last night that even if there was nine fielders on the leg side, Smith would still try and find a gap. Sure enough, Smith nudges one on the leg side, then Rudolph drives straight for three. Not much swing for Jimmy.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "The England bowlers might be fighting for a place at Lord's so they won't want to miss out."

  233. 1103: 
    Commentary- SA 39-0

    Broad, running in with his knees pumping, gets a jimzooter to nip back at the left-handed Rudolph, cutting the batsman in two. There's no inside edge though, with Prior unable to take the ball cleanly. We begin with a maiden.

    BBC Sport's Jamie Lillywhite at HeadingleyContributor

    "A lovely sedate atmosphere at around 1000 this morning, attractive ladies resplendent in white handing out four and six cards, a trio of South Africans having a look at the adjacent rugby ground and the myriad food stands starting up for the day. Sadly the crowd does not appear to have filled up much since then though."

  235. 1059: 

    England appear and instantly go into a huddle. It looks like Matt Prior is giving the last few words of encouragement. He was bullish about their chances of winning in the press conference last night. The South Africa batsmen follow, Jacques Rudolph on 21, Graeme Smith on 17. It will be Rudolph on strike to Stuart Broad.


    From Paul, TMS inbox: "Back for day five despite my mate being struck by lightning in the North Stand yesterday afternoon and spending five hours in A&E after the game. Still, it's his own fault, he did have a Lancashire CCC umbrella up."

    Struck by lightning? Is that the most severe injury ever sustained while watching cricket?

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "The likely outcome is a tame draw but we often get surprised."

  238. 1052: 

    A rope is being run around the outfield to remove any surface water, while Stuart Broad is the first England bowler in his whites to go out and loosen up on the square. There's ever so slightly more spectators occupying the stands, but still so few that I could mention them all by name (if I knew them).

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "There only two results - a draw or England can win, South Africa are not going to be coming out a rate of knots, they want to get out with a draw, with a mixed up batting order, there are a few issues there, then two or three quick wickets, so if England have to chase 150 in 20 or 30 overs there is an opportunity but they need to strike early."

  240. 1044: 

    So, are England set for the most dramatic of wins, or will they run in to a South African wall? Will South Africa fold faster than Superman on laundry day, or will they stand firmer than a Rahul Dravid forward defence? Get in touch in the three usual ways. Tweet using the hashtag #bbccricket, email tms@bbc.co.uk (with 'For Stephan Shemilt' in the subject) or text 81111, starting your message with the word 'Cricket'.

  241. 1042: 

    And, in their quest to pull of the most unlikely of wins, England have two things going in their favour. The first is the cloud currently covering Headingley. Its presence should provide encouragement for the bowlers. The second is the injuries afflicting South Africa. Alviro Petersen (hamstring) and Jacques Kallis (back) will both only bat if needed.

  242. 1040: 

    That is because England have the tiniest sniff of a chance of winning this game. Rememeber the fifth day at Cardiff last year when they bowled Sri Lanka out for 82?

  243. 1038: 

    I am, however, not a merchant of doom and gloom. I bring good news. The rain has now relented and the covers are off. The players are out limbering up in front of the empty stands. We are likely to start on time. Maybe, jut maybe, we are in for a humdinger of a day.

  244. 1036: 

    And today, at Headingley, really is nothing like a day at the Test. As I arrived through the Leeds rain, there was no bustling crowd and now there are maybe 100 people in the stands. The square was covered and there were no players to be seen.

  245. 1034: 

    The players warm up on the pitch before returning to the dressing room ready to re-emerge five minutes before the start of play dressed in clean whites. The seats beside you are filling up, full of expectant fans. There's nothing like a day at the Test.

  246. 1032: 

    Maybe you buy a programme and one of those little radios that clip to your ear. You take your seat and delve straight into the huge cool box of food you've got. There's far too much to get through in one day, so you start eating the sandwiches and pork pie you've got for lunch before play has even started. In a few weeks, you'll check back in that cool box and find the mouldy remains of a scotch egg you didn't eat.

  247. 1030: 

    There's nothing like the feeling you get on the morning of a day's Test cricket. The crowd bustling to the ground, the waft of bacon cooking at a food van, being offered a card with 4 and 6 on each side by an attractive girl dressed in white. Maybe, just maybe, the sun will be shining.

Live Scores - England v S Africa


  • England drew with South Africa
  • England: 425 & 130-4 (33.0 overs)
  • S Africa: 419 & 258-9 (67.4 overs)
  • Venue: Headingley

England 2nd Innings

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Pietersen c Tahir b Philander 12
Cook c Rudolph b Steyn 46
Strauss c and b Duminy 22
Trott not out 30
Prior run out (Smith) 7
Bell not out 3
Extras 1nb 1w 8lb 10
Total for 4 130