England v South Africa, first Test, day three, The Oval

South Africa close day three of the first Test at The Oval on 403-2, boasting a first-innings lead of 18 over England.

21 July 2012 Last updated at 19:12

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As it happened

  1. 1908: 

    So, it was a good day for South Africa and one to forget for England. Can Andrew Strauss's men regroup tomorrow morning? Make sure you join us to find out. In the meantime, have a look at Stephan Shemilt's match report. Enjoy your Saturday night. Goodbye.

  2. 1902: 

    Amla finished on 183 not out, and Kallis was unbeaten on 82. However, this was Graeme Smith's day - the skipper making 131 in his 100th Test match, becoming only the seventh man in history to achieve that feat.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "It was a funny old day. We expected England to go strong and hard at South Africa, but the pitch didn't allow them anything. There was about an hour when Smith struggled against Swann, but both he and Amla waited patiently, knowing that was a crucial period, and they saw him off. From then on, it was like a benefit match. Like Test batsmen against club bowlers."

  4. 1855: 

    They might be sick of the sight of him, but England's players are sporting enough to offer a handshake to Amla. And rightly so, he has played one of the finest innings you will see. It was virtually chanceless.

  5. 1852: 

    And here it is, the final over of the day. Broad delivers it with his usual spirit, but Amla is determined to carry his bat, and he does it comfortably - his team closing on 403-2, a lead of 18.


    Bailey_Joel on Twitter: "Absolutely gutted the England vsSA series is only 3  matches. Cricket of the highest quality. Patience, skill & stamina."

  7. 1848: 
    Commentary- SA 402-2

    Trott is chuntering away to himself, and anyone who will listen, as Amla and Kallis press on. I imagine it's hard to sledge your opponent when you are bowling at speeds of 68mph and the scoreboard reads 402-2. I might be wrong.


    mattdvernon on Twitter: "So which is it? Has it been a great day of hard fought Test cricket with SA coming out on top or a terrible display from England?"

  9. 1847: 
    Commentary- SA 400-2

    Broad offers up a half-volley to Kallis, who smashes it for four through the covers. A steward leaps from his chair on the boundary to make a diving stop in front of the hoardings. That's proper commitment. That's 400 up for the tourists.

  10. 1843: 
    Commentary- SA 396-2

    Jonathan Trott is rewarded for his stint at fine leg with an over. He charges in with plenty of gusto, but very little menace. Just one from the over - I think both teams are ready for the close now. Three overs left.


    chrisyoungsheff on Twitter: "I'm sick of people whining about this game. If Cook & Trott had put on 260 and Trott & Bell another 130 they'd be: 'Marvellous!'"

  12. 1841: 
    Commentary- SA 395-2

    My hunch was right - Broad is, indeed, brought back into the bowling attack. He looks fired up and Kallis scores the only run of the over. After his over, he has a chat with Prior and Anderson. "Early night for me tonight lads," I reckon he was saying.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "There's no better feeling after a day like this than getting up to the dressing room and taking your boots off. Your feet go, 'aaah'. They are literally steaming."


    Jon in Eastleigh via text on 81111: "Have I got in a time machine and gone back to 1999? This has to go down as one of our worst days at home under Flower."

  15. 1835: 
    Commentary- SA 394-2

    Pietersen continues to bowl, offering very little threat. To his left, Stuart Broad is doing starjumps. I think he's about to come on for a final burst. Either that, or he needs the toilet.

  16. 1832: 
    Commentary- SA 391-2

    "They don't knock it around the field like this in Yorkshire," Bresnan is possibly thinking to himself. "They biff it, and get out." That's not the style of Amla and Kallis though - like Michael Vaughan said on TMS, it's like a net session for these two. It's so easy.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Kallis has moved on to 70 and he looks like he's having a net - a bit of middle practice with a crowd watching."


    Groucho via text on 81111: "This is proper old fashioned Test match cricket - would have been a privilege to have been there today - well done to SA & to England for plugging away." 

  19. 1828: 
    Commentary- SA 385-2

    Andrew Strauss has a look around the field, looking for volunteers. Just like the footballers during a penalty shootout, there is not a great response. KP is up for it, though, as South Africa move level with England. And they have eight wickets in hand.


    Michael Vaughan on TMS: “England are going to have 30 overs with the old ball in the morning tomorrow – at a time when the ball tends to do more than it does in the afternoon.”

  21. 1826: 
    Commentary- SA 379-2

    Bresnan continues to run in hard, throwing in a couple of short balls at Kallis, who rides them out easily. Waiting for a mistake from him is like waiting for Christmas.


    Dan from Lancashire, TMS inbox: "Time to take the Oval out of the test rota for a while with its dull, flat track and give other grounds a chance. Why, in this 3 test series are the Oval and Lord's included anyway?"

  23. 1821: 
    Commentary- SA 378-2

    This is getting painful for England now. Kallis and Amla are making Anderson look like a village trundler - knocking him into the expansive spaces of The Oval easily. Jimmy falls over in delivering his final ball of the over. He really is out on his feet.

  24. 1817: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SA 371-2

    Come on Tim, forget your bowling to one of the all-time greats. Pretend it's Big Bob in the Yorkshire League. It might seem easier then. Bresnan is bowling quite well, to be fair, and he raps one into the pads of Kallis. Again, it's not out - but it's good to see he is causing a nuisance.


    Matt in sunny Spain, via text on 81111: "Why does everyone go to extremes? Best ever attack one minute, toothless the next. Placid pitch, and the majority of Test matches are drawn - need to appreciate attritional Test match cricket for what it is."

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "From 267-3 after day one, to what it is now, with eight wickets in the hutch and De Villiers, Rudolph and Duminy to come... I bet the leg-spinner, Imran Tahir, is sat there thinking, 'come on boys, just bat until this time tomorrow'."

  27. 1812: 
    Commentary- SA 366-2

    Stephan has took the hint and has gone to stretch his legs. Either that or he fancies an ice cream? There's a few verbals going on out there as KP gets stuck into Kallis - much to the amusement of Anderson. I bet he's too long in the tooth to get suckered by sledging. England are the ones getting sloppy now, as Tim Bresnan misfields and costs his team two runs.


    What can we do to bring a wicket? How can we help England here? I know when I watch a football game with my dad, and we need a goal for our team, he goes out of the room and, as if by magic, somebody scores. Shall I send Stephan for a walk? Bresnan is back into the attack, but he has little impact. South Africa are 362-2 with 12 overs left in the day.


    L Hepplewhite, TMS inbox: "How do you do it? Keeping things interesting when the cricket is absolutely boring. No wonder people are reluctant to pay the entrance fees and Test matches are becoming unpopular."


    AntPercival on Twitter: "Such a shame this isn't a five-match series. Whoever loses this game is going to find it very hard to come back."


    Sportlover35 on Twitter: "Some may call this a boring day of cricket, but I call it a superb batting display."

  32. 1759: 
    Commentary- SA 361-2

    Anderson looks fed up out there. Can he raise himself for one last spell tonight? Kallis and Amla help themselves to a single apiece.

  33. 1755: 
    Commentary- SA 359-2

    There's a bit of amusement out there as Andrew Strauss throws the ball back into the keeper and, in doing so, his glasses come off his head and the ball somehow clatters into the glasses and smashes them to bits. That's some party trick. Deadarm Andy. Four runs from another Swann over.


    Anon via text on 81111: "Funny how nobody complained about the pitch while England batted."

  35. 1750: 
    Commentary- SA 355-2

    Jimmy Anderson is back into the attack, but the Burnley Express has dropped his pace to around 78mph. He picks up another maiden, though. I have just burnt my finger on the laptop. Ouch.


    Pav at the Oval via text on 81111: "England discovering what it's like to be playing truly the world's best team. Finally a contest and this amazing attack is way short especially Swann, who is good and no more."


    Alie Harvey on Twitter: "Why don't groundsmen make exciting Test match pitches anymore? This is the dullest Test I've seen in ages."

  38. 1746: 
    Commentary- SA 355-2

    If I had a pound for every over Swann has delivered today, I would be on for a good night tonight. "He has put a shift in," as Premier League football managers like to say. Andrew Strauss looks a bit unhappy, doing lots of pointing. I think he's told Big Tim to warm up.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "If South Africa get a lead and Steyn bowls quick and gets a couple of wickets, there will be a slight panic. It's a good pitch but we know pressure and all sorts come on you when you're up against it."

  40. 1743: 
    Commentary- SA 353-2

    Keep going Ravi, says Straussy. England are just going through the motions now. The floodlight have been turned on, but it's not dark. Maybe somebody is trying to trick the umpires into feeling sorry for Bopara and the boys?

  41. 1739: 
    HALF CENTURY- SA 353-2

    And there it is, as inevitable as Christmas - Kallis brings up his fifty from 94 balls. At the other end, Hashim Amla is 165 not out. Can he get to 200 tonight? He's got another 18 overs to do so.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "These have been long days. I only got my dinner last night at 9 o'clock; you shouldn't sleep on a full stomach. There's no reason why we shouldn't start at 10am these days."

  43. 1735: 
    Commentary- SA 352-2

    "This is proper Test cricket," says Paul Nixon, to my right. "England have had it easy for too long." Ravi is traipsing in, and concedes just one run from the over. On TMS, Geoffrey Boycott says he feels like he has been here a week. I bet the England bowlers feel the same.

  44. 1733: 
    Commentary- SA 351-2

    Can we have the ball back, please? The England fielders don't bother to chase it as Amla smashes another four off Swann. This reminds me of when I used to bowl with a tennis ball on concrete at my mate, Gareth. I could play all night and not get him out.

    Beth at The Oval, via text on 81111: "This is the most boring day of Test cricket I have ever seen in my life. Slow batting, pitch offering nothing at all and I can see this game grinding to a draw. This pitch is awful. Does nothing to make the game interesting!"
    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    On Graeme Swann's figures: "If you bowl 38 overs for 88, I think you've done pretty well."

  47. 1728: 
    Commentary- SA 347-2

    Ravi Bopara is being given an extended spell here. I reckon if we get our whites on, Andrew Strauss may give us a bowl? I can reach speeds of 55mph and swing it no ways. Do you reckon I have a chance? We certainly can't do much worse than one particular Bopara delivery, as an attempted slower ball presents more danger to the square leg umpire than Kallis, who advances to 48 not out.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Bopara has beaten Amla as much as anyone; there was that chance last night as well. It may be that Amla's guard has lowered slightly. But I don't think you can afford to have Bopara bowling more than about four or five overs - it becomes too easy to pick up runs."

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "I assume that England at some point tomorrow will go into completely defensive mode and slow the scoring down."

  50. 1725: 
    Commentary- SA 341-2

    Swann is being shown the sponsor's logo by a solid-looking Kallis, who then takes a single to advance to 43 not out. He is closing in on his 56th Test fifty. Astonishing.

  51. 1722: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SA 340-2

    Bopara goes up for a big caught-behind appeal against Amla. It's not out, but it has woken up the crowd. "Ravi has looked as likely to get a wicket as anybody today, he has beat Amla's bat twice," says Vic Marks on TMS. 

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "Kallis never gets into a verbal battle when he's batting, but that's not to say he doesn't look to get under the bowler's skin in other ways."

  53. 1720: 
    Commentary- SA 336-2

    Swann delivers a maiden over to Kallis - he's still keeping his discipline, but is he a threat?


    Gerald in Bristol, via text on 81111: "Fact is English supporters' memories are short. Only a couple of months ago, England were being thrashed by Pakistan. England are brilliant, but only in conditions that suit them. SA are a threat anywhere, any conditions."

  55. 1714: 
    Commentary- SA 336-2

    Ravi Bopara is chucked the ball - 'golden arm' is his nickname in some parts. He'd be worth his wait in gold if he could prise apart these two. They have shared in three triple-century partnerships together and six double-century. Shall we just come back on Monday when they declare? 

  56. 1709: 
    Commentary- SA 332-2

    It's looking like it could be an uncomfortable final day for England, on a spinning pitch against Imran Tahir. Paul Nixon is still beside me, eating copious amounts of bilton and doing a great Geoffrey Boycott impression. He can't praise Kallis and Amla enough. "It's a batting masterclass," he says. It's hard to disagree.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "Kallis has got 40 in no time; Amla just goes on and on. It's a tired attack and there are 27 overs left, so South Africa could get another 100 here. That would take them to 430 tonight. If they've still got wickets in hand, that's a very strong position to be in."


    Tom Flanagan on Twitter: "South Africa are making a mockery of the rankings system here."

    DRINKS BREAK- SA 329-2

    I've just glanced over my shoulder at Stephan Shemilt. The poor lad has to write a match report on this today. Where do you start with that one? Tim Bresnan has got the only wicket of the day so far, and he slips in a bouncer to Kallis which sits up and is hooked for a single. South Africa are 330-2.

  60. 1659: 
    Commentary- SA 328-2

    Swann toils away for his 35th over of the day. He deserves overtime, the lad. He's still wicketless, though. That doesn't happen very often.


    Surrey chief executive Richard Gould on if Kevin Pietersen would be offered a full-time contract at The Oval if he turns down his England central contract: "Potentially, yes. We haven't had that conversation yet, but he's one of the most outstanding batsmen in the world. We have to make money available [in case players aren't offered central contracts], and if they are then that money goes back into the budget."


    Steve in Jarrow via text on 81111: "Have we imported a pitch from the subcontinent here? What happend to proper English pitches? Slow flat pitch = I'm bored to tears."

  63. 1656: 
    Commentary- SA 326-2

    Anything Amla can do, Kallis can do better. He pierces the field with real style, his extra cover drive going for four. Don't bother chasing that one, lads. It followed a pull shot that also brought four. Classy work.


    Sean Sonnekus on Twitter: "Dale Steyn or Morne Morkel would help England right now. Morne bowled Kallis beautifully in the IPL."

  65. 1651: 

    Hashim Amla really has lit up today's cricket with some stunning strokeplay, and he goes to his 150 with a glorious four through the covers. It scatters the pigeons - who are still looking for scraps from tea. South Africa move to 315-2

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan AgnewContributor

    "It's so easy at the moment - runs being accumulated so easily."

  67. 1649: 
    Commentary- SA 311-2

    Tim Bresnan can't be faulted for effort, but that can only get you so far against these two. If anything, is Kallis an even tougher proposition than Smith before him?


    Rich in Doncaster, via text on 81111: "My wife just said 'have they had tea on the pitch? Is that why the pigeons are in the field eating the crumbs?'. Class."

    I thought Hugh Grant's earlier email was the best entry of the day. I might have to revise that one now - thanks Rich.


    Daphne, TMS inbox: "The Oompah Loompahs started the Mexican Wave. I am now in receipt of 10 beer carriers and a three-foot high plastic champagne bottle.... Empty!"

  70. 1644: 
    Commentary- SA 308-2

    The Mexican Wave sees pints, paper and chips thrown into the air. South Africa are not chucking this away, though. Kallis and Amla score two more runs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England will be starting to realise that there will be only one winner soon."

  72. 1639: 
    Commentary- SA 306-2

    The crowd are making their own fun now. The Mexican Wave is sweeping around the ground, but the members remain unmoved. And get booed for their troubles. In the middle, Tim Bresnan is tearing in. Okay, trundling in. Some good fielding from Ravi Bopara restricts the tourists to just one run from the over.


    Hugh Grant in Toronto, TMS inbox: "My idol was 'Fiery' Fred Trueman. His brand of gutsy fast bowling is just what England need right now." Not the Hugh Grant, I presume...?

  74. 1635: 
    Commentary- SA 305-2

    While Stuart Broad is running in manfully, he does not seem to have the ability to galvanise a crowd and raise a fightback quite like Freddie did in his pomp. He draws a rash stroke from Amla, though. How is everyone spending their Saturday night, then? I bet the England bowlers will get straight to bed. It's been a tough day.

  75. 1631: 
    Commentary- SA 303-2

    The last time a team got 500 against England was Australia at Cardiff in 2009. South Africa are well on course to reach 500 at this rate. Two more runs from the over.


    Soumen in Teeside, via text on 81111: "With any luck we'll see Stuart Broad do a Freddie Flintoff a la the Oval in 2005, when we made 373, Hayden and Langer both made centuries and then Fred bowled a mammoth 18-over spell. We actually got a lead of six. But we also had great cloud cover..."

  77. 1628: 
    Commentary- SA 301-2

    There's a bit more aggression from Broad, but he can't winkle out Amla after Kallis takes a single. How many will they end up with tonight?

  78. 1623: 
    Commentary- SA 300-2

    Neil Manthorp on TMS reckons Jacques Kallis has another three years of cricket left in him. What a tremendous career he has had. The best all-rounder ever? His stats suggest he is close to it. He is untroubled by Swann as he takes one from off stump and hits it for four through the leg side.

  79. 1621: 
    Commentary- SA 295-2

    Amla's timing is better than my son's when it is meal-time. He takes two off his legs to Broad, who looks short on inspiration. The England man bangs a couple in, the second one being called wide by umpire Steve Davis. Broad has steam coming out of his ears after that - can he put that anger to good use? It doesn't look like it. Here's one for you - if you could call on any bowler in the world for just one over, past or present, who would it be? I reckon Glenn McGrath could nip one out here. Text, tweet or email me.

  80. 1616: 
    Commentary- SA 292-2

    It looks like Jacques Kallis is determined to drop anchor here, just like his skipper. Swann is being easily worked around the ground for singles - despite trying his luck around the wicket to Amla.

  81. 1613: 
    Commentary- SA 289-2

    Stuart Broad tries to hurry up Amla, but this man is not for rushing. He eases the short ball for one, and Kallis takes up the baton to hit four past the outstretched dive of James Anderson. The ball just bobbled over his hand. Some day's your luck is just not in.

  82. 1608: 
    Commentary- 284-2

    John's got a point, the match is at a crucial period. We have got 42 overs left in the day as Swann concedes two runs to Kallis in another tight over.


    John from Manchester, via text on 81111: "Can't help feeling that this session is the tipping point in the game - runs and its South Africa's match for the taking, wickets and its level pegging again."

  84. 1605: 
    Commentary- SA 282-2

    I knew that if we gave Shemilt a run from the Commentary Box End, it would bring a wicket - and so it proved. England only need another eight now. Stuart Broad kicks us off after tea and Paul Nixon to my right says the paceman was always destined to be an international player when he came through the ranks at Leicestershire. Kallis works him for a single first up before Amla edges one down to third man for four.

  85. 1600: 

    Thank you Stephan, sterling work. I spent my time having a little wander around the ground and those fancy dress outfits are not looking as pristine after an afternoon of sun and beer. I think the fella who dressed as Bungle from Rainbow was regretting wearing such a warm and cosey outfit. It's hot out there.

  86. 1555: 

    As the tea interval draws to a close, I get a tap on the shoulder that tells me Marc Higginson has returned to the box. He'll be in place to talk you through the evening session.

  87. 1551: 

    On TMS, Aggers is talking to BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James. "I get why people find cricket boring, but if you're interested in it, then you don't." Fair point.

  88. 1549: 

    The clouds have rolled in across The Oval, but I don't think there's a threat of rain. In the middle, the groundstaff brush and mark the wicket. There's big clouds of dust coming from the track, which shows how dry it is.

    BBC Test Match Special's Simon MannContributor

    On Twitter: "Draw is odds on fav but we are only just approaching half way point in the match with overs to make up. 150 SA lead?"

  90. 1541: 
    INTERVAL- SA 277-2

    I spent a little time sat in the stands earlier, a stand without shelter. It was so warm that I don't think I could have stayed much longer and was glad to find some shade. Bresnan, in the last over before tea, gets too straight to Amla, and is easily swatted to fine leg for four. That's poor from the Yorkshireman. At the end of the set, Amla has his head high as makes his way to dressing room. England's shoulders are a little droopy.

  91. 1536: 
    Commentary- SA 273-2

    Graeme Swann replaces Anderson for a twirl before the tea break. There's a muted appeal for lbw against Kallis, but Swann's not interested. Kallis dabs, Amla flicks, the Proteas take two from the over.

  92. 1532: 
    Commentary- SA 271-2

    "England have to get the new batsman on strike as much as they can," says Paul Nixon sat beside me. Bresnan, though, has to bowl his set the bearded centurion Amla, who plays with the ease of a dad facing his son in the back garden.

  93. 1528: 
    Commentary- SA 271-2

    Bresnan lets Kallis get off the mark with four to fine leg, but he still gets big applause from The Oval crowd at the end of the over. Has he been underbowled? At the other end, Anderson, running in with the sun now shining brightly, draws an edge from the new batsman, but it flies wide of second slip for four more.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic MarksContributor

    "There was a little gate there between bat and pad. It took a circuitous route - it just had enough impetus as it bounced back towards the stumps to remove the bails. It's a magnificent captain's innings - a brilliant innings. It looked like he was going to go on and on."

    WICKET- Smith b Bresnan 131 (SA 260-2)

    This is not a typo. England have a wicket. Repeat. England have a wicket. Tim Bresnan replaces Stuart Broad at the Pavilion End, and pitches one up to Smith, who gets an inside edge onto his pad with the ball then trickling on to the stumps. Huge cheer from The Oval crowd - they know how much the hosts needed that. Smith gets a deserved standing ovation as he leaves the ground. Who's this chap passing him then? New lad, Jacques who?

  96. 1516: 
    Commentary- SA 260-1

    You can't say England haven't given it everything today, Broad illustrates the point by pulling off a very good stop at mid off as Smith drives for a single. Twice Amla goes back and crunches Anderson with back-foot drives to deep point. This boy can play.


    Zeno, TMS inbox: "Watch Anderson's speeds. I've noticed this for several years now. When he drops to 79-80 mph he seldom troubles the batsmen. When he's bowling around 85 mph he is much more effective."

  98. 1512: 
    Commentary- SA 256-1

    It's not especially sunny at The Oval, but it's very warm, quite muggy. We're half an hour from tea, but there are still 50 overs in the day remaining, so South Africa could have a good lead by the close. Broad tests Smith with a bumper, but the skipper is below it quicker than a big lad to a buffet.


    Patrick, in cold, wet Cape Town, TMS inbox: "Time to say goodbye to your number 1 status, England ( which has always seemed a bit unconvincing)."

  100. 1507: 
    Commentary- SA 252-1

    Thanks Marc, a great effort. The last time I was on commentary, South Africa were one wicket down. How many have England taken since then? What? None? Oh. Amla drives Anderson down the ground, uppishly, but for four. Jimmy responds with a bumper.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "If you're honest, should England have got more than 385, especially after the first day they had. It's a flat pitch, it's dry - 385 was ordinary. The batsmen have to put their hands up and say 'we didn't do well enough'."

  102. 1503: 
    Commentary- SA 247-1

    England are suddenly leaking more runs than a sieve, as Smith hits three consecutive fours off Broad. He is motoring now. Somebody else who is chomping at the bit is my mate, Stephan Shemilt. He's going to take over on the commentary for a bit, as I take a little break. Be nice to him.

  103. 1457: 
    Commentary- SA 234-1

    The legends just can't stay away from our box at The Oval. The latest to pop in is Paul Nixon. He might be retired now, but he obviously still keeps a close eye on the county game as he checks the scores on his phone. That new ball is not helping England so far, as Amla crashes Anderson through the covers. It's another sublime shot as he moves to 116 not out.

  104. 1453: 
    Commentary- SA 229-1

    Geoffrey Boycott believes Tim Bresnan will struggle to keep his place in the England team for the next Test. I bet Andrew Strauss would love to have Steven Finn with the new ball in hand now. Instead it's Stuart Broad to bowl, and Smith and Amla advance their partnership to 228 - a SA record for the second wicket at The Oval. They're not done yet, though.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "You play the second new ball similar to the first but your confidence is higher because you've got runs behind your name. Your feet are moving better, you're more relaxed, you see it earlier, but you might attempt a shot you wouldn't if you were on nought. Sometimes you get sucked in a little bit."

  106. 1448: 
    NEW BALL- SA 225-1

    That shiny red conker in Jimmy Anderson's hand is England's only hope, it seems. It's certainly hitting the keeper's gloves a bit harder. By the same token, it flies off the bat a bit quicker and Amla almost slashes one through to the boundary. Two from the over.


    Daniel in Manchester, via text on 81111: "How many runs or tons do SA have to make before Finn is considered for the next Test? In for Bopara, Prior at six and we still have a better tail. We need more than four bowlers against these."

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England need a drink. If they don't get three or four wickets with the new ball, we might well be commentating on South Africa still batting at this time tomorrow."


    Richard, TMS inbox: "Is Kevin Pietersen wearing an ill-fitting toupe as a joke or is that really his hair? Maybe it's intended to distract the batsman and get him a wicket."

  110. 1438: 
    DRINKS BREAK- SA 223-1

    We're stuck on double Nelson and it's a case of who will blink first. England are making runs hard to come by, but you sense Smith and Amla can up the pace whenever they want. The skipper turns one down to fine leg for an easy single.

  111. 1436: 
    Commentary- SA 222-1

    Kevin Pietersen is given a bowl, as Swann gives his fingers a rest. Amla and Smith milk him for five singles. Easy stuff.


    Frank McFarlane, TMS inbox: "Yet again we are seeing the limitations of this over-hyped, over-vaunted England bowling attack. If it doesn't swing, Andersen is far from the great bowler England claim. Without swing we are limited."

    BBC Sport's Stephan ShemiltContributor

    "Yesterday we wondered if Hashim Amla was observing Ramadan. I've found out that he, and Imran Tahir, who is also Muslim, are not fasting during the Test matches."

  114. 1433: 
    Commentary- SA 218-1

    Over on TMS, Jonathan Agnew talks about Geoffrey Boycott being his childhood hero. Tuffers raises a laugh when he says his was Linda Lusardi. Mine was Wasim Akram. Ian Austin was a favourite too. Who were yours? Get in touch. It won't surprise you too much to know that Smith and Amla have survived another over. Amla takes one off Bresnan.

  115. 1428: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SA 217-1

    Right, I'm going to predict a wicket in the next five overs. Swann, who bowls another maiden, is getting closer, as he has a solid leg-before appeal turned down against Smith. Nearly.


    Richard in Sheffield, via text on 81111: "Woops, just been reprimanded for taking one hand off the pushchair to refresh the live feed on my phone. But rest assured it was a very safe maneouvre; we're currently on a flat slow track, a lot like this Oval wicket."


    Jon in Eastleigh, via text on 81111: "What an abominable waste of a review that was! A man on a galloping horse in the middle of the night could see that! Pull your finger out Strauss!"

  118. 1423: 
    Commentary- SA 217-1

    A record may well go in this match. South Africa have never been beaten when Graeme Smith has scored a ton, and Tim Bresnan has never tasted defeat as an England Test player. Unless the match is drawn, something has to give there. Just two runs in the over, as England keep the run-rate down ahead of the new ball.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "England really banking on this new ball. And they really need to make something happen because they haven't looked like getting a wicket."

  120. 1422: 
    Commentary- SA 215-1

    This is a strange situation for Swann, he is struggling to attack Smith - instead having to try and keep it tight. Amla scores the only run in the over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "A review born out of desperation rather than anticipation or expectation."


    The only thing stopping that decision being overturned was the fact the ball was pitching outside leg, was going over the top and Smith got an inside edge. Desperate times.

  123. 1414: 

    When I need to get something off my naughty cocker spaniel, I have to trade it for a biscuit. It always works, though. Do you reckon that might tempt Graeme Smith? Maybe I could offer him a bag of Discos? Tim Bresnan is back into the attack and he keeps it tight. Then he gets one on Smith's pad - and Strauss calls for a review.

  124. 1411: 
    Commentary- SA 213-1

    Graeme Swann wheels away, getting a bit more purchase from the pitch and he concedes only one from his over. How Andrew Strauss would love to have Monty in his team now.


    John in London, via text on 81111: "Whoever invented salt and vinegar Discos should be given the keys to heaven."

  126. 1407: 
    CENTURY- SA 212-1

    Amla enjoys a bit of luck when he edges one through the slips for four, but there is nothing fortunate about the controlled steer to third man which brings up his 100, from 199 balls. It's his 15th in Test cricket, and he can't have played many better innings. To rub salt into England's wounds, Smith flicks Anderson for four.

  127. 1403: 
    Commentary- SA 203-1

    You're right there Matt. They are very much under-rated - well worth 50p of anyone's money. Swann is still spinning the ball past Smith's outside edge, but it's not likely to come into contact anytime soon. The turn is just too slow to cause a problem at the moment. One from the over.


    Matt via text in Birmingham, on 81111: "Discos are the Steven Finn of Test match cricket. Not given enough of a shout."

  129. 1400: 
    Commentary- SA 202-1

    Smith works one through square leg to bring up the 200 partnership with Amla. Trying to get rid of these two is like trying to take a bone off my cocker spaniel, Mickey. Virtually impossible.

  130. 1357: 
    Commentary- SA 200-1

    If Smith is workmanlike, Amla is watchandlike. Okay, I made that last word up - after another textbook boundary through midwicket from Amla. A sweep also goes for four, as the Proteas look to step on the gas again.


    Niall via text in Newcastle, on 81111: "Cowdrey, Miandad, Ponting, Stewart, Inzamam, Greenidge."


  132. 1354: 
    Commentary- SA 192-1

    This is where England have to show why they are the number one Test team in the world. Amla takes a single off Anderson, to move to 85 not out, and Smith almost gifts his wicket when he goes after one down leg which passes through to Matt Prior. Is a mistake the only way England will make a breakthrough? It is, after all, how they let South Africa back into the game - Pietersen, Trott, Cook, Bopara and Bell playing poor shots.

  133. 1349: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUT- SA 191-1

    Swann is getting so much turn, he manages to find first slip with one of his deliveries. Smith had left his bat dangling, and there is a muted appeal - which is turned down very quickly. That's a good over from the spinner, a maiden one.

  134. 1345: 
    Commentary- SA 191-1

    While my colleague Stephan gives me some stick for nipping to the petrol station last night for a bag of salt and vinegar  Discos - a hungry steward nearly confiscated them when searching my bag this morning - Anderson bowls a tidy over until straying with his final delivery and being hit for four by Amla.


    Ian R in Stockton on Tees, via text on 81111: "There are no 'cracking fancy dress costumes' at the cricket. Merely deeply unfunny and unsuitable clothing. Please keep your Scooby Doo/Flintstones/Hooters girls fixation at home."

  136. 1340: 

    The England players are back out there, and James Anderson looks to have a bit of purpose about him. It appears Lancashire's finest will bowl the first over. How England need their champion fast bowler to nip one out now.

  137. 1337: 

    Welcome back after the lunch break. I hope you are suitably refreshed  - and ready for a bit of a quiz question? Other than Graeme Smith, who are the other six batsmen to score centuries in their 100th Test? No cheating, please. The first correct winner will get their name in lights in this live text commentary. I can't promise to get the 'Champagne Moment' graphic out for you, though.


    Jonathan Brook on Twitter: "The price of oil will drop before a South African does at this rate."


    From Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne in the Peter May Stand, on 81111: "The purple robe is our ghoul! And he would have got away with it if it wasn't for your pesky commentary..."

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "Absolutely terrific performance from Graeme Smith. He's got a big heart and a strong mind. He's out-willed England. He's been up for the challenge and he's won the battle."

  141. 1305: 

    Take a bow, Graeme Smith. He becomes the seventh man in history to score a ton in his 100th Test. And, the way he is going, he could be thinking about doubling his score as he tucks into a well-deserved lunch. His side are 187-1 at the interval and England are on the ropes. I'm off for something to eat myself now, see you at the resumption.

  142. 1300: 
    Commentary- SA 179-1

    Amla gives Smith the strike, in the final over before lunch. The skipper goes within one run of his century with four down to third man and he slaps the next Bresnan delivery behind square for another boundary. Tremendous stuff. He scored his second 50 runs from 41 deliveries.

  143. 1256: 
    Commentary- SA 178-1

    I think Smith fancies sitting down to lunch with a century in his back pocket - he moves to 94 not out with another sweetly timed four. He and Amla then rotate the strike with easy singles to keep the scoreboard ticking over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "I think England would have been better served with Monty Panesar playing. They like a four-man attack: three seamers and one spinner."

  145. 1251: 
    Commentary- SA 172-1

    You go and praise Bresnan, and he lets you down with the first ball of his next over. He bowls it short and wide, and is crashed for four by Amla. Hashim then takes a single, as does Smith. Lunch can't come quick enough for England - they are looking short on ideas.

  146. 1249: 
    Commentary- SA 166-1

    There are 'oohs' and 'aaghs' in the crowd as Swann gets one to turn and beat Smith's outside edge. It's a good fightback from the England spinner, who is worked for two from the final ball of the over.


    Chopper in Sao Paulo, TMS inbox: "There was a guy dressed as a giant lobster leading the singing (and general chaos) on the Western Terrace at Headingley against the Saffers in 2008. When the stewards tried to eject him late in the afternoon the whole ground joined in with a chant of "We love you lobster, we do..." They relented and let him stay.

    BBC Sport's Stephan ShemiltContributor

    "We spoke about the group of men dressed as Team Sky, with one in a yellow jersey, a little earlier. I've just seen them running around the ground in tight formation, with one shouting 'keep the peloton together'. Where does one get a Team Sky outfit from? I've also spotted some grown men dressed as schoolboys, one chap in purple robes and two blokes in leopard-print leggings."

  149. 1245: 
    Commentary- SA 164-1

    Bresnan is finally called into the attack, and he almost has an instant impact as Amla chases one and is close to chopping it on to his own stumps. It's a typically solid over from the Yorkshireman. "Thee done well there, lad." Just two conceded.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "There are 20 overs until the new ball, so you're talking about a total of 220 by then - a very nice position. So you've got to be thinking I've got to get something out of the next 20 overs."

  151. 1240: 
    Commentary- SA 162-1

    Graeme Swann has switched ends - "they are hoping for a miracle," according to Boycott. Smith takes one run, as does Amla. That new ball, which is 20 overs away, seems very distant.


    Jacob Rawcliffe on Twitter: "Hashim Amla's cover drive should be in an art gallery. It's elegance defined."

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoff BoycottContributor

    "There has been more intensity from England this morning than yesterday evening, but the worrying point is the ball's not doing anything. It's not swinging; it's not seaming. You can't see where a wicket's going to come. And England have been outwitted, out-willed, by the South Africa batsmen."

  154. 1235: 
    Commentary- SA 160-1

    Big Tim's claims are still ignored for now, however, as Ravi continues. Geoffrey Boycott is in the TMS commentary box, and his frank assessment is that England have no chance of getting a wicket any time soon. Two more runs from the over, it's easy for South Africa at the moment.

  155. 1230: 
    Commentary- SA 158-1

    It's a relatively quiet over, by recent standards, as Broad concedes three from the over. Michael Vaughan makes a good point on TMS. How must Tim Bresnan be feeling when Ravi Bopara gets a bowl before him?


    Kate Lynham on Twitter: "Me & my friends went as Ghostbusters for NZ v Eng. We carved a mallowman out of a huge piece of foam...epic! Took a week to make!."

    That's commitment, Kate. Good work.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "If England knew beforehand what they know now about how this pitch has played, would they have gone in with two spinners? I wonder if England have asked for slow, turning wickets throughout the series. It's hindsight; I certainly wouldn't have played two spinners if I had to chose on the first morning."

  158. 1227: 
    Commentary- SA 155-1

    Andrew Strauss must be thinking along the same lines of Michael. It's not KP, but Ravi into the attack. It's given Smith and Amla something different to think about, as Amla takes a single from the second ball of the over. Smith is riding his luck a bit now, as he slices one in the air to third man for four. He is 83 not out now - will he emulate Alec Stewart and get a century in his 100th Test?


    Michael in London, TMS inbox: "How about giving KP a bowl here? If only to annoy them into something rash."

  160. 1221: 
    Commentary- SA 150-1

    Maybe Smith and Amla are seeing who can get to their century first? Or, maybe I am trying to tempt fate into giving England a wicket? Hashim takes a single from Broad to put his skipper back on strike, who flicks four more through the leg side. He then clips four more off his legs - but it's agonisingly wide of both Kevin Pietersen and Ravi Bopara. A bit of luck there.


    Stuart Cox, TMS inbox: "I remember a guy at Lords in 2003 dressed as a tin of tuna."

    Richard, London, TMS inbox: "I was at the Oval last year for the India match. Behind us were a bunch of ‘nuns’ and one ‘Jesus’. Late afternoon, ‘Jesus’ stood up with a bottle of water, and then theatrically swapped it for a bottle of wine. Nuns went wild, and so did we. Hilarious."

  162. 1215: 
    Commentary- SA 141-1

    Smith really is an inspirational leader, as he comes down the pitch to Swann and eases four through the leg side. Speaking of inspirational South African leaders, I watched Invictus last night - the film about Nelson Mandela and the South African rugby team of 1995. It is a great sports movie - up there with 'There's Only One Jimmy Grimble'. On the pitch, Smith is putting his foot on the gas now - scoring six more runs from the over to race to 71 not out. He has scored 21 from his last two overs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "The two days and one hour that we've seen have served as a reminder of just how great Test cricket is."

  164. 1211: 
    Commentary- SA 131-1

    Smith is looking threatening now, crashing Stuart Broad for four through the off side from the first ball after the drinks break. That ruins your cracking stat, Stephan. A single puts the stylish Amla on strike. He tries to slash one through point, but Ravi Bopara is equal to the shot and saves some runs.

    BBC Sport's Stephan ShemiltContributor

    "It comes as no surprise to learn that Smith is scoring almost exclusively on the leg side. 48 of his 56 runs have come off the pads."

    BBC Test Match Special's Neil ManthorpContributor

    "England haven't taken a wicket, but I still get the very strong feeling that South Africa are hanging in there."

  167. 1202: 
    HALF CENTURY- SA 126-1

    Graeme Smith is battling out there, and he scores three to bring up his fifty from 160 balls. South Africa have never been beaten when he has scored a century, so England have their work cut out for the next couple of hours. It looks like he is getting to grips with Swann too, as he sweeps for four. A single follows before Amla completes a successful over with two runs of his own. And here comes the drinks trolley.


    Tosh in Mansfield, via text on 81111: "How would someone drunk feel getting on the bus and seeing a giant parrot sat on it?"

  169. 1157: 
    Commentary- SA 115-1

    England's fielding can't be faulted this morning - Tim Bresnan saving a certain four through the covers from Amla's classy drive. He might be a bit of a unit, but Big Tim looked like Jonty Rhodes there. He can't do anything about the next one, though, as Amla finds the gap with perfection to score four.

  170. 1153: 
    Commentary- 111-1

    For my sins, I'm a bit of a fan of Coronation Street. This duel between Swann and Smith reminds me of the epic chess matches between Roy and Mary. I'll let you guys decide who is who. Amla is finding it a bit easier, being right-handed, and he scores the only single from the over. Swann, meanwhile, is getting closer - another loud appeal being turned down.


    Martin Hutchinson on Twitter: "Went to the sevens tournament at Twickenham in May, fancy dress was off the scale including soldiers from Rorkes drift."

  172. 1150: 
    Commentary- SA 110-1

    Stuart Broad is into the attack, and Amla is timing the ball to perfection - taking two with a classy drive on the front foot. He then scores an easy single, to put Smith on strike. A bit of light relief for the skipper? Broad comes from around the wicket and is met with a solid defensive shot.

  173. 1145: 
    Commentary- SA 107-1

    Stephan's right, there are some cracking fancy dress costumes in the crowd. What are the best you have seen at the cricket? Tweet us, #bbccricket, text on 81111, or email tms@bbc.co.uk - putting 'For Marc Higginson' in the subject line. There are no jazzy costumes out in the middle, however. It's a great duel between Swann and Smith - with the England man bowling another maiden over. Is the pressure building?

    BBC Sport's Stephan ShemiltContributor

    "Saturday is usually the day you see the most spectators in fancy dress. Today I've seen a group of Team Sky cyclists, complete with one man in a yellow jersey. Also, there's a group in stripey yellow and black blazers. Neither, though, beats yesterday's man dressed as a parrot. That sort of begs the question, how does he feel when he's catching the bus home? Drunk, probably."

  175. 1141: 
    Commentary- SA 107-1

    We have just been given some Biltong in the commentary box - it's a South African cured meat. I think I'll pass this time, thanks lads. Anderson bowls a maiden to Amla. It's like a game of chess, who will make the first move?

  176. 1137: 
    Commentary- SA 107-1

    Swann looks England's best bet against Smith, and he manages to get one past the bat and to hit the left-hander's pads. There's a big appeal, but it's not out. It has pushed the skipper on to the back foot - he looks like he is trying to see off Swann and score off the seamers. Amla scores the only run in the over.

  177. 1133: 
    Commentary- SA 106-1

    Somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. James Anderson, for no reason, throws the ball at Graeme Smith's stumps, with the South African skipper stuck in his crease. Grumpy or controlled aggression? Smith takes two off his legs to advance to 48.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "South Africa have done their homework on Swann and lbws. Amla is so far over to the off side that's he taken away the threat of DRS. If I was Swann, I'd be tempted to come around the wicket."

  179. 1130: 
    Commentary- SA 104-1

    Swann is keeping it fairly tight, only conceding two leg byes from his latest over. England are sitting in there, but they need some magic from their spinner to open up an end.

  180. 1126: 
    Commentary- SA 102-1

    Smith is a bit of a nuisance out there, cutting one between the slips and gully for four to bring up a century partnership, from 246 balls, with Amla. "He's no oil painting," says Simon Mann on TMS. He's effective, though.


    Matthew in Edinburgh, via text on 81111: "Personally I don't agree with Vaughan, I am from Northern Ireland and on a trip to England last year I witnessed a greatly exciting t20 match at Chelmsford involving Essex and Kent. It was very entertaining for a packed crowd and thoroughly enjoyable."

  182. 1123: 
    Commentary- SA 98-1

    Graeme Smith is a powerful man with a good middle on his bat, judging by his effortless four through the leg side. He only leant on that and it raced to the boundary. He then takes a quick single, with Phil Tufnell, on TMS, suggesting England's bowlers are in for a long day. It's hard to disagree.

    BBC Test Match Special's Phil TufnellContributor

    "I think this might be a batch of soft balls. When South Africa were bowling on the first day, you could hardly hear it hit the bat."

  184. 1120: 
    Commentary- SA 93-1

    He might be in for the long haul, but Amla looks determined to play a few shots too - his glorious back-foot four through the covers is one of the best shots of the match so far. Anderson fights back with five dot balls to finish the over.

  185. 1116: 

    Swann is causing a few problems, but Amla is up to the challenge and his single to mid on brings up a quality half-century. He looks like he is in for the long haul here.

  186. 1113: 
    Commentary- SA 88-1

    On TMS, Jonathan Agnew believes he has 'liberated' men throughout the country with his 'man bag'. He has a point, they are useful. I upgraded my carrier bag to one a few months ago - much to the amusement of my other half. On the pitch, it's another good Anderson over as Amla takes a single to long leg.


    Jonathan in Birmingham, TMS inbox: "I hope I am wrong but I can see SA making a big score today, can't see there being much joy for our bowlers sadly."

  188. 1108: 
    Commentary- SA 87-1

    Michael Vaughan is sat behind me, doing an interview with our radio guys. He believes the English domestic Twenty20 competition needs a revamp - along the lines of the IPL and the Big Bash in Australia. What do you think? Get texting, tweeting and emailing. On the pitch, Swann gets some early turn to Amla - one in particular coming back into the batsman's pads. We have a bit of an appeal, but it's not out - by a country mile. Amla takes a single and Smith finishes the over with a dot ball.

  189. 1103: 
    Commentary- SA 86-1

    The ball might be soft, but Jimmy Anderson is already working some magic with it. He gets one past the edge of Graeme Smith - that will keep him honest early on. It's a maiden to begin with.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "Andy Flower and bowling coach David Saker had all the England bowlers in a huddle this morning. Whether they were coming up with new plans, only they will know. I've spoken to some of the boys and they say the ball is soft, and it's only 37 overs old. Graeme Swann has to have a good day."

  191. 1100: 

    Don't forget you can also listen to all the action on TMS. Jonathan Agnew is kicking things off for them. I saw him at breakfast this morning - he looked to be enjoying his porridge. We've got 98 overs to get through today and Anderson will bowl the first one. Play.

  192. 1058: 

    What's that I hear? Ah yes, the comforting and stirring strains of Jerusalem. We're almost set. You excited? I am.

  193. 1057: 

    It's gone quiet out there as we await the players for the start of play. Stuart Broad and Tim Bresnan are being put through their paces and the square is being guarded by four men in green jackets, which say 'Response Team' on the back.


    Peter in Salisbury, on 81111: "Coming to Lord's for the first time ever tomorrow. Literally giddy with excitement already! Think England will be on top by then. Swann will skittle them out today with the pitch beginning to turn."

    So giddy with excitement that you're going to wrong ground?

    BBC Test Match Special's Shaun PollockContributor

    "I think the wicket will still be at its best for batting, it's dry and will start to turn. We've also seen a few balls misbehave, but that's what you'd expect. Graeme Swann will have a bit to work with, but I don't think there's anything batsmen will have nightmares about."

  196. 1053: 

    Who is South Africa's dangerman today, then? Graeme Smith averages more than 70 in this country, but if England do manage to dismiss him early they then have to get rid of Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, AB de Villiers and Jacques Rudolph. I bet they have had easier Saturdays.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael VaughanContributor

    "I don't think we will get much conventional swing, England will try and get some reverse swing and they will need to. You have to back one or two of the South Africa top seven to get a big score. If they bat well and get to the end of the day four or five down, then England will be under huge presure."

  198. 1050: 

    The conditions look perfect for batting this morning, but we did see some turn yesterday. And, with plenty of left-handers in the South African team, I reckon Graeme Swann will be getting through plenty of work today.

  199. 1047: 

    The South African boys have been warming up in the nets this morning - with one of them, we think Albie Morkel, almost taking Nasser Hussain out with a crunching shot.

  200. 1045: 
    Commentary- GET INVOLVED

    So what do we think will happen today, folks? Whether you want to talk about cricket, your plans for Saturday night or predict how many times Geoffrey Boycott will talk about last night's episode of CSI Batley, get in touch. You all know the drill - tweet us #bbccricket, text us on 81111 (remembering to include your name), or email tms@bbc.co.uk - putting 'For Marc Higginson' in the subject line.

  201. 1043: 

    South Africa will resume today on 86-1, with Graeme Smith and Hashim Amla at the crease. They are replying to England's 385 all out, and it's fair to say this contest is evenly poised. A couple of quick wickets would put England on top, but the tourists will know they are on for a big score of their own if they can get through the first hour or so.

  202. 1040: 

    So there you have it, everyone. The story of the Test so far. I'm going to pack away the party puns for now - I blame the Saturday night fever I am coming down with - and concentrate on the cricket.

  203. 1038: 

    As this party reaches a third day - the average length of a Phil Tufnell night out - there is a not too familiar, but welcome, guest about to cheer everyone up. He's expected to dazzle today - he is, of course, the sun.

  204. 1036: 

    Jimmy was not too pleased about that, sending Alviro packing with some classic swing moves but Graeme and Hashim soon had Stuart, Tim and Graeme singing to their tune.

  205. 1034: 

    That left a bitter taste in the mouth of the South Africans who couldn’t wait any longer to showcase their best moves. The big boys got involved – Dale, Morne, Vernon and Jacques getting stuck in. They barged the England boys off the stage a bit earlier than they thought.

  206. 1032: 

    On the first day, Graeme Smith’s men were like a nervy uncle who stands tentatively on the edge of the dancefloor waiting to make his move. They could only watch and admire as Jonathan performed the Trott in his usual indomitable style, while the local Cook, going by the name of Alastair, stole the limelight by serving up some tasty fayre for Andrew Strauss’s men.

  207. 1030: 

    It’s cricket’s biggest do of the summer – and South Africa arrived at the party in style yesterday.

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Live Scores - England v S Africa


  • South Africa beat England by an innings and 12 runs
  • England: 385 & 240 (97.0 overs)
  • S Africa: 637-2 (189.0 overs)
  • Venue: The Oval

England 2nd Innings

All out
View full scorecard
Strauss c Philander b Tahir 27
Cook c de Villiers b Philander 0
Trott c de Villiers b Steyn 10
Pietersen b M Morkel 16
Bell c Kallis b Steyn 55
Bopara b Steyn 22
Prior c Kallis b Tahir 40
Bresnan not out 20
Broad c de Villiers b Steyn 0
Swann c Petersen b Steyn 7
Anderson lbw b Tahir 4
Extras 12nb 1w 11b 15lb 39
Total all out 240