England v Australia, second one-day international as it happened

England stroll to a comfortable win over Australia in the second one-day international at The Oval.

1 July 2012 Last updated at 19:55

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As it happened

  1. 1920:  

    That's about if from us - no man of the match has been announced yet, but I'd have thought Ravi Bopara's 82, plus taking the crucial wicket of Clarke, would put him in the box seat. Take a look at the match report, and then enjoy our live text, video and audio coverage of the Euro 2012 final.

    As I mentioned, there's plenty of county and international cricket on BBC 5 live sports extra this week - and on Wednesday, TMS will be back with commentary of the first three hours of the women's ODI at Taunton from 1030 BST, followed by full commentary on the third England-Australia ODI from Edgbaston. We hope you'll join us then - thank you for your company today, and good night.

    Simon Mann , BBC Test Match Special

    "You look at the two danger men in the Australia line-up - England got both Warner and Clarke out for 10."


    From Andrew Pile on Twitter: "There are few feelings better than whipping the Aussies."

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "Because Australia no longer have that X-factor in their bowling, their batsmen are always going to have to click. You've got to be able to manoeuvre the bowling around - I wasn't a good one-day batter but I see Bailey more as a Test player than a one-day player. Darren Lehmann, when he played for Yorkshire, would get to 30 before you noticed. When you're a very good one-day cricketer, you make high-risk shots medium-risk, and you make medium-risk shots low-risk."


    From Michael Shaw on Twitter: "After all the hype about this new Aussie team, they are still not very good."

    You can continue the debate on Twitter via the hashtag #bbccricket

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "I don't think Australia needed to make the tinkering they did today. Bailey was fine at number three but they moved him down - if they didn't want Smith at six, they could have brought Forrest in at six. But England are an exceptional cricket team, they are becoming really hard to beat, Australia are going to have to play some exceptional cricket to win this series."



  8. 45.4 overs:  
    Eng 252-4

    Craig Kieswetter is the new batsman, but Morgan's on strike and he pushes a two to win the game with 26 balls to spare.

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "He's earned the right to get a red-inker [not out] there. You don't go for a run like that unless you need five off the last over."

  10. 45.2 overs:  
    WICKET - Bopara run out 82 (Eng 250-4)

    Doherty to bowl as England look to administer the last rites, Bopara pushes a quick single and is run out at the bowler's end despite his full-length dive!

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "This is near to being a hammering in one-day terms. The Eoin Morgan lbw shout may have made a difference, but I still think England would have won comfortably."

  12. 45 overs:  
    Eng 250-3

    Single from Bopara, then Morgan lofts McKay through square leg for four, to reduce the deficit to where England can win it with one hit. Morgan guides a three to the extra cover boundary, three to win and Bopara on strike. He runs a cheeky single to backward point. Morgan can't get the last ball of the over away, England need two to win from 30 balls.

  13. 44 overs:  
    Eng 241-3

    The Clarke experiment is over as Brett Lee has changed ends (for the third time in the innings) for the final over of his 10. But Bopara and Morgan keep plugging away, two singles mean it's 14 needed from 40 balls. Bopara blocks the next ball, and a riled Lee hurls the ball at the stumps at the striker's end, and only a diving stop by Wade stops it disappearing for overthrows. Bopara pulls a two to mid-wicket, where Peter Forrest runs round on the boundary to field - run, Forrest, run! - and a single off the last ball reduces the required tally to 11 from 36 balls. Lee finishes his spell with 0-58 (his ODI shirt number!) and remains locked with Glenn McGrath on 380 ODI wickets for Australia.

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "From what I've seen, Australia aren't playing like the number one team in one-day cricket. Mike Hussey has been a huge miss for them."

  15. 43 overs:  
    Eng 236-3

    David Hussey's off-spin back into the attack, one might almost suspect that Australia have given up any realistic hopes of winning, and want Hussey on to improve the over-rate! The fact that he's running back to his mark between deliveries would support that hypothesis. Bopara moves to 76 with a single, a century's out of the question for him now but Morgan tucks into the part-timer, steering a two before slashing a four through third man.


    From Farside on Twitter: "Can see the Aussies getting fined for arguing with the umpires. Unlike them to be unsporting when the game is going against them."

  17. 42 overs:  
    Eng 229-3

    Bopara and Morgan push a couple of singles against Clarke, then Bopara laces a four through the covers to get the crowd on their feet. A single gets Morgan on strike, as if to say "go on, you have a go".... and Morgan takes up the gauntlet by bashing a four of his own off the last ball. 23 needed from 48 balls.


    From Nick Smith on Twitter: "Your Dyson jokes [see 39th over] suck!"

  19. 41 overs:  
    Eng 218-3

    Morgan pushes Lee for a single, am I tempting fate to suggest we should be home and hosed well before the time the Euro 2012 final (kicking off in just under an hour) starts? Bopara moves to 68 with a single, and two more comfortable singles are all England need, with the required rate under four an over. Captain Clarke's going to bowl again, can he produce another explosive over?


    From Adam Lee on Twitter: "Are people still having a rant about KP?! Easily one of England's best batsmen, in all forms of the game. Let's appreciate that!"

    He always seems to get people to comment, even when he's not playing! Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved

  21. 40 overs:  
    Eng 214-3

    Last over of the batting powerplay, and McKay's ninth - Morgan helps himself to an easy two and flicks a single off his legs to move to 20. Bopara is the man of the moment now, guiding a two down to Lee at third man, and England need 38 off the last 10 overs. By comparison, at this stage Australia were 176-4 - so England's "worm" is well ahead of theirs.


    From Adrian on Twitter: "I am really enjoying Dirk Nannes as a TMS summariser. Like an Aussie Michael Vaughan."

  23. 39 overs:  
    Eng 209-3

    Australia coach Mickey Arthur is in animated conversation with fourth umpire Rob Bailey in the dug-out on the boundary edge, as Cap'n Clarke shufles his seam bowling options, with Lee replacing Watson. Single from Bopara, then Lee shifts to bowl round the wicket to Morgan, who adds a single of his own. Bopara plunders a two, and with Lee trying for the yorker, Bopara hammers another four through the covers. He has 65, and England are on cruise control with 43 needed from 66 balls.


    From James Dyson on Twitter: "Why are batsmen sure they have hit it when given lbw but never sure when given caught?"

    With a name like yours, James, I'm sure you'd agree that batsmen don't exist in a vacuum... we'll try to hoover up any follow-up comments!

  25. 38 overs:  
    Eng 201-3

    McKay, who we reckon has comfortably been Australia's best bowler today, can't quite work the magic his side need as Bopara knocks a two through the covers before opening the face to guide a four through the vacant slip cordon, with the keeper Wade standing up. Three more singles push England past 200 - Bopara has 58, Morgan has 16, and England need 51 from 72 balls. Australia need wickets, and fast.


    From Samson Earle on Twitter: "All this slating of KP is totally uncalled for. He was one of our best players. We should remember the good stuff not the bad."

    Feel free to praise or harangue Kevin Pietersen using the hashtag #bbccricket - that's what most people seem to use it for...

  27. 37 overs:  
    Eng 192-3 (TARGET 252)

    Watson replaces Lee, but is soon adopting his familiar "forlorn" look as Morgan smashes a four bisecting mid-off and extra cover, before whipping another boundary off his legs.

    Plenty of cricket coming up on BBC 5 live sports extra this week - there's Kevin Pietersen's return from holiday in Sussex's T20 game against Sussex on Tuesday, then on Wednesday there will be commentary on the first three hours of the England-India women's ODI before the next England-Australia men's ODI starts at 1400 BST (it's a day-nighter), then there's full commentary on Thursday's women's ODI at Taunton.


    From Jack Mendel on Twitter: "If England win 5-0, they go to number 1. Not sure that's a good thing. Lots of work before we can say we're the best."

  29. 36 overs:  
    POWERPLAY - Eng 184-3

    Having delayed it as long as they're allowed, England take the batting powerplay which will be in effect from overs 36-40. Clint McKay is back into the attack in place of Clarke, who's off after that one-over partnership-breaking spell - Dirk Nannes on TMS wonders if Clarke ought to make himself into a front-line bowler in ODIs, allowing the side to play an extra batsman, although Aggers wonders whether Clarke's past back problems may restrict him from bowling a full 10 overs. Morgan looks at a couple of deliveries from McKay before delicately running a single to third man - but that's the only single of the over.


    From Julian in Dorset: "Should Bell open the batting in Tests after Strauss retires?"

  31. 35 overs:  
    Eng 183-3

    Lovely shot from Bopara as he straight-drives the veteran speedster Lee for four, a couple of singles rotate the strike and Bopara reaches his ninth ODI fifty - and more importantly, his first against Australia - with a cover-driven single. Morgan unleashes a flashing drive of his own and the batsmen run three - so 10 from the over.

    And the snickometer, which isn't part of the review system, shows absolutely nothing as the ball passes the bat for that Morgan lbw decision.

    Jonathan Agnew , BBC Test Match Special

    "Morgan asked for the review immediately, so he must have known he'd hit it, you wouldn't burn off the team's only review otherwise. I thought it may have hit him outside the line of off-stump anyway, but we didn't get that far... although Hawk-Eye says it hit in line."

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "The review system's there to get rid of the howlers, and I think cricket's better off for having it. They should have it in every international match."


    From Aaron Clarke on Twitter: "I think we have to remember this is in English conditions, we still need to improve in the sub-continent. Unlike the Aussies."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  35. 34 overs:  
    Eng 173-3 (TARGET 252)

    Clarke now goes to chat to square-leg umpire Marais Erasmus, clearly he had a double-wicket maiden in mind. Morgan paddles Clarke to fine leg for two, and Jim Maxwell on TMS wonders if we've just seen a "telling moment" in this game.


    It looks good on the replay, but is there the tiniest bit of an edge on Hotspot? It looks like there's the faintest of feathery inside edges onto the pad, there's a long delay while the review takes place with third umpire Aleem Dar, whose verdict it... not out.


    New batsman for England is Eoin Morgan, but Clarke will need lightning to strike more than once if Australia are to take this game away from England. Clarke bowls over the wicket to Morgan, and traps him lbw second ball! But Morgan immediately signals for a review...


    From Paul Furbey on Twitter: "Crush, crush, crush the Aussies. Loving this from a rainy India - it's great to be an Englishman and dominating world cricket."

  39. 33.1 overs:  
    WICKET - Bell b Clarke 75 (Eng 171-3)

    Michael Clarke into the attack with his part-time orthodox left-arm spin, and his first ball skids through and bowls Bell!


    From Paul Forrest on Twitter: "There's no KP in TEAM."

  41. 33 overs:  
    Eng 171-2

    As if the eight runs from that Johnson over has made his mind up, Cap'n Clarke starts a vigorous arm-swinging warm-up exercise, looks like he'll be replacing Johnson next over. In the meantime, it's Lee in for his sixth over, Bopara moves to 40 (from 49 balls) with a single and Bell dabs a single to third man to move to 75. Lee sends down a full toss which Bopara helps on its way to fine leg for four. 81 needed from 102 balls, this stand is now worth 45.


    From Danny in Manchester: "Nice to see England's 12th man back bowling and giving us a few more extras. Thanks Mitchell."

  43. 32 overs:  
    Eng 165-2 (TARGET 252)

    "It's a long way from here to victory for Australia," notes Dirk Nannes on TMS as play resumes with a Bell single against Johnson. "Bopara's been in and out of the side, but whenever I see him play like this, he looks effortless." If the former Australia seamer is trying to commentator's-curse Bopara, it's not working as the Essex batsman unleashes a beaut of a cover drive for four. Bopara then bottom-edges a single to third man, his partner Bell works one off his legs, and another Bopara single means it's eight from Johnson's over. He has 0-43 from seven.

    Phil Tufnell , BBC Test Match Special

    "England are very much in control here - Bell has crafted his way to 72, Bopara has 33 and if they keep knocking off the ones and twos, they should do it."

    (Jim Maxwell adds: "A quick hat-trick would change the game!")


    From Rachel T on Twitter: "Australia are the No1 ODI side? Has anyone checked to see if it was, in fact, a typo and they are No11?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

  46. 31 overs:  
    DROPPED CATCH - Aus 157-2

    Brett Lee back into the attack, Bell fends off a ball to backward point but it's dropped by the diving David Warner - a hard chance, but still a drop. Three singles from the over, and a chastened Australia side have earned a drinks break.


    From Stuart, Swindon: "England are better without KP - should get rid of him from the Test side as well."

  48. 30 overs:  
    Eng 154-2

    Bopara survives the rest of the over, but with 98 needed from 120 balls, Australia need wickets - and fast.


    ...and it pitched outside leg stump (rendering the fact that it would have hit the stumps irrelevant), so Australia have lost their review. Johnson isn't happy.


    Mitchell Johnson back into the attack, and he immediately brings a few cheers from the crowd by bowling two wides - one down the leg side, the other wide of off stump. (Or, to amend ths Barmy Army song, he's bowled to the right, and bowled to the left). Bell dabs a single, then they appeal for lbw against Bopara - it's not out but Australia call for a review...


    From Mark Jones on Twitter: "This is a pleasure to watch. England vastly superior to the Aussies in all departments. Smug? You betcha!"

  52. 29 overs:  
    Eng 151-2

    Bell and Bopara push three gentle singles against McKay, there's a ripple of applause as England pass 150.

    An exciting last over in the women's ODI at Lord's begins with a dot ball and a run-out, but India captain Mithali Raj has hit the winning runs to finish on 94 not out - the tourists win by five wickets with three balls to spare.


    From John on the M1: "Dreaming of a 5-0 whitewash and number 1 status - but we're not world beaters until we can perform on the sub-continent. So time to embrace IPL and allow a proper window for it with a shortened county season - which might attract some of the big names to England again."

  54. 28 overs:  
    Eng 148-2

    Single from Bopara, then Bell blasts Doherty for four wide of mid-wicket, before advancing down the track for another smear to leg which brings him two. A single allows him to keep the strike - he has 67 from 93 balls.

    At Lord's, Katherine Brunt has taken another good catch, but India only need two off the last over with seven wickets remaining.

  55. 27 overs:  
    Eng (TARGET 252)

    Hussey, who'd make a good "over-rate bowler", is off after two overs that passed in the blink of an eye, and Clint McKay returns at the Vauxhall End. Bopara steers a single, then there's a very animated discussion between captain Michael Clarke and umpire Erasmus. About what, I'm not sure... it would be fun if umpires were "miked up" like rugby referees, wouldn't it? Bell dabs a single to move to 60, Bopara adds anopther and England need 112 from 138 balls.

    And it's still nip and tuck at Lord's but India look favourites - Harmanpreet Kaur is out for 50 in the 48th over, leaving India's women needing six from 10 balls with seven wickets remaining, and skipper Raj on 92.

  56. 26 overs:  
    APPEAL - NOT OUT - Eng 137-2

    Doherty skips in, Bell sweeps and misses, lbw appeal, nothing doing. A more bloodthirsty slog-sweep brings him four, a single takes him up to 59 and Bopara manages to nick the strike.

  57. 25 overs:  
    Eng 131-2

    England plunder three singles from a rapid Hussey over. And it's building to an exciting finish at Lord's - India's women need 21 from 21 balls to beat England, with skipper Mithali Raj 82 not out and Harmanpreet Kaur on 47.

  58. 24 overs:  
    Eng 128-2 (TARGET 252)

    Bopara steers a single to long-off, then Doherty spins down a leg-side wide which umpire Richard Illingworth signals with a flourish. Bell adds a single, but it's a rapid over from Australia who won't be in danger of any over-rate fines with Doherty and Hussey on.


    From Rob in London: "Bell looking good when he opens. Dare I say we don't miss KP at all. Bell for tons up!"

  60. 23 overs:  
    Eng 125-2

    And as if he's read that last paragraph, Cap'n Clarke turns to the part-time right-arm off-spin of David Hussey, who Aggers on TMS thinks increasingly resembles former Tottenham manager David Pleat. "I wouldn't be bowling part-time spin at this stage," ponders TMS summariser Ed Smith as Bopara knocks a single, and Bell reaches his 21st ODI fifty from 71 balls with an extravagant heave towards mid-wicket for four. Hussey's only skipping in off a couple of paces, it looks like he has a word with Bell about being ready to face the ball when the bowler's ready. (Which may be a bit unfair, as Trott wasn't warned about the time he takes to get ready!)


    From Benji, Bristol: "All this talk from the Aussies about England being a batsman short before the series as they went with four seamers. Now they look a paceman short themselves."

  62. 22 overs:  
    Eng 118-2

    Xavier Doherty back into the attack - without Steve Smith in the team, Xavier's going to have to bowl his full allocation of overs unless Cap'n Clarke calls on some part-time spin from David Hussey or himself. Bell helps himself to a single, before Bopara unleashes a delicate fine sweep past the keeper for four. A single allows him to keep the strike and takes his score to 23 from 26 balls - Bell has 46 from 70, and at this stage Australia were 105-3


    From Piers Saich on Twitter: "Hope Ravi has a good innings today. When he gets it right, he's a handful for the bowlers."

  64. 21 overs:  
    Eng 112-2

    Bopara clubs Watson for three through the covers, then a poor ball is savagely cut past four by the Warwickshire man. He has 44 from 67 balls, and Aggers on TMS feels "aesthetically, Bell is as good as they come". A single rotates the strike, then Bopara tries a wristy dab down to third man where the fielder tries an unorthodox feet-first sliding-tackle to stop the ball. In a bit of a comedy moment, he looks around to see the ball is while the batsmen run two. The crowd cheer as the comedy fielding is shown on the screen. And the comedy fielder? Step forward Mr Mitchell Johnson...

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "I've played against Ravi Bopara in county matches where he's absolutely dominant, but I think he can be a nervous starter."

  66. 20 overs:  
    Eng 102-2

    Lee runs in to Bopara.... and the batsman backs away as a pigeon flies right in front of him! Where's Henry Blofeld (or Bill Lawry for that matter) when you need him? When Lee finally can begin the over, Bopara and Bell keep pushing the singles, until Lee tries a slower-ball bouncer which Bopara expertly picks up and pulls for four, wide of the diving Doherty on the fine leg boundary to bring up the hundred. Doherty is a ball-magnet as Bopara guides a single to the same area.

  67. 19 overs:  
    Eng 95-2

    Bopara and Bell add three singles from Watson's over, the required rate has sneaked up to just over five an over (which is itself very close to Australia's rate).


    From Joseph O'Neill on Twitter: "Trott doesn't seem that same player he was a year ago."

  69. 18 overs:  
    Eng 92-2 (TARGET 252)

    Johnson takes a rest - perhaps best for Australia if they don't risk him during powerplays - and Brett Lee's back on, having switched to the Pavilion End. Bell and Bopara help themselves to several quick singles - four of them - and Ed Smith on TMS thinks the seam bowling of Watson and McKay may fare better in these conditions than the express pace of Lee and Johnson.

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a good tactic by Australia - bowl seamers, with the keeper up, and a ring field. Look at their innings - Ravi Bopara was effective for England. It's a pale-coloured wicket with the sun out, but just as Australia struggled a bit after Watson was out, England's batting hasn't been fluent. I wonder if the wicket's done a little more than they think."

  71. 17 overs:  
    Eng 88-2

    Australia take the fielding powerplay, so we'll have field restrictions from overs 17-21 (even though it can be taken as early as overs 16-20). It's Watson in for his third over, Bopara guides a single to leg, Bell moves to 36 and that's another economical over.

  72. 16 overs:  
    Eng 86-2

    Celebrity-spotting time in the crowd again - Sam, I'll see your Jamie Redknapp [see 4th over] and I'll raise you Mick Jagger. Johnson to bowl... and it's another no-ball (his fourth). Bell steers the free-hit ball for a single. If Johnson has a problem against England, we wonder if Bopara may have a point or two to prove against Australia after he struggled in the 2009 Ashes... He's off the mark with a single, Bell is held up while a man in a Surrey cap is sitting on a white set of steps behind the bowler's arm, but eventually play resumes and a single moves Bell to 35 from 55 balls. Bopara steers the last ball for a single.

  73. 15 overs:  
    Eng 81-2 (TARGET 252)

    Ravi Bopara is the new batsman, finally getting to face the last ball of the over after the common-sense decision is taken to hold a drinks break during the change of batsman. There's a slip in, and Bopara edges his first ball to that slip... but it reaches him on the bounce.

    Simon Mann , BBC Test Match Special

    "Trott got an inside edge there, not the sort of shot you normally see from him."

  75. 14.5 overs:  
    WICKET - Trott b Watson 17 (Eng 81-2)

    Bell comes down the track and launches Watson over his head for six! It looked completely premeditated - Michael Vaughan on TMS recalls Bell doing the same to Ravi Rampaul in that ODI against West Indies at the Rose Bowl. Having got that out of his system, he returns to his usual mode, nudging a single. Then Trott tries to give himself room, goes for a big hit and loses his middle stump!

    Over at Lord's, England's women have finally removed opener Poonam Raut, bowled by Danielle Hazell for 60 - India are 129-2 after 35 overs chasing 230 to win.

  76. 14 overs:  
    Eng 74-1

    Will this Johnson spell last more than two overs? Michael Vaughan on TMS thinks Johnson could still be a big player in next year's back-to-back Ashes series if they can work on the mental side of his game. Bell works a single through the covers, Trott... takes guard again. But he manages to dab a single to third man. Bell inside-edges a single past the stumps to fine leg, and Johnson has probably earned another over.


    From Sol Plant on Twitter: "I feel a strange Stockholm Syndrome-esque guilt that Australia are playing badly against England after all those years of thrashing us."

  78. 13 overs:  
    Eng 71-1 (TARGET 252)

    It's another double change in the bowling as the medium-fast Shane Watson replaces McKay - Bell keeps the scoreboard ticking with a single, Watson sends down a legside wide and the Warwickshire second-wicket pair plunder another single apiece. They're more than up with the required run rate, as it happens.


    From Rich W: "The previous generation of Atherton, Stewart, Ramprakash, Thorpe and Hick must be kicking themselves that they faced Warne and McGrath and not this current bunch!"

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Mitchell Johnson's action looks nice, I just think it's psychological against England, when the crowd get on his back and he bowls no-balls. Australia lost by 15 runs on Friday, but we've come to The Oval and I've seen too many changes in their batting and bowling orders. Coming on as first change may have helped Johnson, as McKay and Lee had bowled well with the new ball on Friday."

  81. 12 overs:  
    Eng 67-1

    Doherty's off, but it's not Watson on yet, it's Johnson into the attack - with five in the circle (including captain Michael Clarke, whose thumb is heavily bandaged) and some boundary riders out in the deep. Trott waits for the looser delivery and helps himself to a three wide of mid-on, then Johnson bangs one in down the leg side and it disappears for four leg byes, with umpire Illingworth indicating it came off Bell's hip. A single takes Bell to 22.

  82. 11 overs:  
    Eng 59-1

    The field restrictions are over - for five overs, at least, as the fielding powerplay can't be taken until the start of the 16th over. But McKay still keeps it pretty tight, Bell adds a single before his Warwickshire tem-mate Trott leans into a a rare half-volley and guides it unerringly to the wide long-off boundary. A delicate dab to third man allows him to keep the strike, and Shane Watson looks like he's warming up for a bowl - but McKay leaves the field at the end of his over, to be replaced by sub fielder Steve Smith.

  83. 10 overs:  
    Eng 53-1

    "I like 50-over cricket, there's just too much of it," comments Aggers on TMS as he and Dirk Nannes discuss the ICC's relentless tinkering with the ODI regulations, which will change again later this year. After starting the over with a two through mid-wicket, Trott unleashes an uncharacteristic reverse sweep for four past the keeper - for a man accused of being set in his ways, he's certainly capable of some improvisation now and again.

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "India's women do not bat a long way down, but at the moment their top order is doing well - they're 100-1 after 28 overs chasing 230 to beat England."

  85. 9 overs:  
    Eng 47-1 (TARGET 252)

    Bell gets a slightly fortunate edge, past the solitary slip, it would probably have bounced just in front of orthodox second slip in a Test match but it's away for four runs. Bell is batting well out of his crease against McKay's right-arm seam, but plays out five dot balls.

  86. 8 overs:  
    Eng 43-1

    Bell pushes Doherty for a single, Trott pushes one to the covers to get off the mark, and Bell drills one to long-off to keep the strike.

    And India have upped the scoring rate against England in the women's ODI at Lord's - the tourists are 93-1 in the 27th over, chasing 230 to win.

  87. 7 overs:  
    Eng 40-1 (TARGET 252)

    Jonathan Trott is the new batsman, taking guard in his usual fashion and seeing off the rest of a wicket maiden from McKay.

    And Dirk Nannes gives TMS listeners his five pace bowlers for next year's Aussie Ashes squad: Patrick Cummins, James Pattinson, Clint McKay or Peter Siddle (depending on fitness), Ryan Harris and Ben Hilfenhaus. Let us know if you agree or disagree...


    And you England fans are enjoying Mitchell Johnson's comeback...

    Richard McIntosh on Twitter: "Re the earlier idea that Australia are like England from the past, Mitchell Johnson is a cross between Tuffers and Devon Malcolm."

    Peter James Robinson on Twitter: "Oh what joy, the return of the pantomime villain (Johnson) is going so sweetly. Well ahead of the rate. Platform taking shape."

    Sean Ablett on Twitter: "Mitchell Johnson, Dave Grohl look-a-like. Bowl-a-like it appears too."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join in with the fun, or to speak up in defence of Johnson!

  89. 6.1 overs:  
    WICKET - Cook lbw b McKay 18 (Eng 40-1)

    When will I learn? "No-risk cricket"? Cook prods forward to an inswinger from McKay and is out lbw...

  90. 6 overs:  
    Eng 40-0

    Rather predictably, Johnson is taken out of the attack after two overs and, with his options limited, Clarke turns to left-arm spinner Xavier Doherty. Have to confess I'm surprised he's lasted this long in international cricket - when Doherty was dismissed on the last day of the Adelaide Test in December 2010, I stood up from my seat in the Chappell Stands and yelled "Bye Xavier! We'll never see you again!" Shows how much I know - although he's never played another Test, he's now in his 35th ODI.

    Anyway, Doherty spins down his first ball, which Cook smashes for four through the covers. He and Bell help themselves to three more singles, and they're already up to 40 playing no-risk cricket.


    From Phil Mansell on Twitter: "Absolutely love a bit of Mitchell Johnson! No ball!"

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "Mitchell Johnson has less of a slingy action than last year - he's changed his run-up, and the ball's coming out quite well, although he's bowled a few no-balls."

  93. 5 overs:  
    Eng 33-0

    Lee's off after two overs and fellow right-arm seamer Clint McKay's into the attack. (I nearly typed "eight-arm seamer" there, giving me visions of an octopus running in from the Vauxhall End). Bell pushes a single to move to 13, Cook does likewise to move to 12. Bell swings and misses, that's a tighter over from Australia's point of view.

    Jonathan Agnew , BBC Test Match Special

    On Twitter: "First impression of Mitch, who has been working with [Dennis] Lillee - running in a little faster and arm definitely higher - but he's given two fours away with free hits from no balls."

  95. 4 overs:  
    Eng 31-0 (TARGET 252)

    Johnson bowls another no-ball, this time earning Bell a free hit - and he makes no mistake with a full-blooded cross-batted blast for four through mid-off. Bell guides another loose-ish delivery through square leg and they scamper three. Cook hammers a four through point, and that was a no-ball too! Another free hit! But at least Cook can't get this one away.

    And with a surname like mine, I'm looking forward to a few more of the "Mitch loses the plot" headlines I saw when I was in Australia for the first two Tests of the 2010-11...

    Sam Sheringham , BBC Sport at The Oval

    "Celeb-spot in the crowd: Jamie Redknapp, in the posh seats, looking as sharp as ever. I'm pretty sure he wasn't one of the many punters loudly cheering after Mitchell Johnson sent down that no-ball. "

  97. 3 overs:  
    Eng 18-0

    Lee fires a wide down the leg side and it disappears to the boundary, so that's five wides - a bonus for England. Shane Watson is biting his nails at mid-on, and really looks like he could do with a haircut, it's becoming decidedly mullet-y at the back. Cook and Bell add a single apiece.

  98. 2 overs:  
    Eng 11-0

    The reaction from the crowd tells us that Mitchell Johnson is bowling his left-arm fast-medium bowls-to-the-left-bowls-to-the-right from the Pavilion End. We haven't really heard the song today, but just wait if he bowls anything wide... Bell prods the ball towards Johnson's follow-through and calls for a single, Johnson's throw to the striker's end is wide but had it hit, Cook would have been run out by a couple of yards. Johnson bowls a no-ball (quite a big one at that) which Cook leaves, entitling him to a free hit. And Cook nails the free hit, blasting it for four between extra cover and mid-off. "I don't think Cook could have hit that ball any harder than he did," notes Phil Tufnell on TMS. Seven from the over.

  99. 1 over:  
    APPEAL - NOT OUT - Eng 4-0 (TARGET 252)

    Brett Lee takes the opening over for Australia, England captain Alastair Cook pokes a single to third man off the second ball of the innings to bring his partner Ian Bell on strike. Bell pulls at a bouncer but can't connect, Australia appeal for a catch behind but Mr Erasmus isn't convinced. Bell steers a jogged three through the covers, it's a long boundary and the rain has slowed the outfield up a little - Bell originally thought it was going for four.

    Simon Mann , BBC Test Match Special

    "Jonathan Agnew thinks the rain has gone for the day, according to his radar, which is good news."

  101. 1538:  

    After some entertaining chat about Jubilee parades and chainsaw-juggling with Adrian Evans on TMS, we're nearly ready to go.

    A couple of stats for you - in the last 10 one-day internationals staged at The Oval, the average score by the side batting first is 266. And Brett Lee is now level with Glenn McGrath on 380 ODI wickets - one more will give him the outright Australian record, and sixth place on the all-time list behind Muttiah Muralitharan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Chaminda Vaas and Shaun Pollock.

    NB For all you stattos out there, McGrath has 380 for Australia, and one for an ICC World XI against an Asia XI in 2005, in a fundraising match after the Asian tsunami which was given ODI status

  102. 1532:  

    After a bit of rain during the interval, play will restart at 1540 BST.


    Stephen Brenkley, cricket correspondent of the Independent, on Twitter: "Guess England should fancy their chances but of 25 first innings totals above 240 at The Oval, 19 have won. Of 8 from 220-240, 5 have lost."


    From Andy Horrill on Twitter: "Jade Dernbach - unlucky today. Should have had four."

  105. 1526:  

    England's women have taken their first wicket in their ODI against India at Lord's - opener Mona Meshram has been run out by Danni Wyatt, and India are 26-1 in the 11th over chasing 230 to win.


    From Daniel P Hockings on Twitter: "Much better than the Aussies again - when was the last time England won the World Cup? It's about winning World Cups boys! When Australia beats England no one says anything but when England beat Australia, the fog horns come out! 10 years at the top!"


    From Robert Wolf on Twitter: "When did we forget how to catch?"

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join the debate

  108. 1500:  

    While we disappear for a sandwich, keep an ear on TMS where Aggers will be speaking to the Diamond Jubilee's Pageant Master, Adrian Evans - who's also Simon "The Analyst" Hughes's brother-in-law.

    Sam Sheringham , BBC Sport at The Oval

    "The dark clouds politely waited until the end of the innings before deciding to dump another bucketload on The Oval. Eoin Morgan was the last England player to leave the field after those two late clangers, pausing to have a look at the wicket before heading for the pavilion. Already plotting his match-winning innings perhaps?"

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "Having Mitchell Johnson back in the attack will be interesting, but this wicket should suit Clint McKay, Brett Lee can bowl his off-pace bouncers so it'll be interesting to see how England tackle it."

  111. 1456:  

    And would you believe, it's started raining just as the players go off... covers coming on, and with a shortened interval because of England's slow over-rate, if the rain abates, the TMS crew think play will be starting again at about 1528 BST.


    From Greg Torrance on Twitter: "Glad to see we're much better than the Aussies again."

  113. 50 overs:  
    DROPPED CATCH - Aus 251-7

    Aggers and Dirk Nannes on TMS think Australia could be about 20 runs short here, but let's see what they can manage from the last over, to be bowled by Dernbach. Johnson drills a single to long-on, Lee swats another low full toss to long-on, he doesn't quite get hold of it which means it drops just short of Morgan running in and they run two. A streaky inside edge goes straight to Swann at short fine leg, but Johnson is safely through for the single. Three balls left. Dernbach to fellow tattoo fan Johnson, the left-hander guides a two off his legs, Dernbach appeals for lbw off the penultimate ball but the umpire shakes his head as they run a leg bye. The last ball is a slower ball, it sails unerringly into the air towards that man Morgan... and is dropped again as it bounces out of his hand! Australia run three (it was in the air a long time) and finish on 251-7.


    From Simon Harwood on Twitter: "Weak abuse from the crowd to Johnson. What is going on?"

  115. 49 overs:  
    Aus 241-7

    Johnson straight-drives Bresnan, and once again it hits non-striker Lee as he tries to evade the ball! Lee aims a big blast towards long-on, this is six or out... and it's six over long-on's head! A single takes him to 13 from seven balls, Johnson rotates the strike, but the pace pair can only manage singles off the last two deliveries so Bresnan finishes with figures of 2-50 from eight overs.

    And England are already several minutes over the end-of-innings cut-off time, so we're going to have a shortened interval, folks...


    From Michael Baker on Twitter: "Watching present-day Australia reminds me a lot of many England sides in the past."

  117. 48 overs:  
    DROPPED CATCH - Aus 230-7

    Bit of a messy over from Dernbach, Lee and Johnson manage a single apiece while Dernbach sends down a full toss which Johnson swings at and misses. Lee blasts one high into the air and is dropped by Eoin Morgan at long-on. Another full toss, about waist high, is smacked by Lee for one, but the umpires confer about the height of these full tosses. Johnson drives a lower full toss, it hits non-striker Lee but they manage to run a single.

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "I was expecting a bit more fire from the crowd when Johnson walked out. But those are two big wickets for England."

  119. 47 overs:  
    Aus 224-7

    The Barmy Army's bete noire Mitchell Johnson is the new batsman, but he's not facing as they ran on the catch and Lee is on strike to steer a single off the last ball of Bresnan's over.


    From Lee Grist on Twitter: "And another! I've only missed one wicket. Only grouted half a wall as well [see 35th over] but it's important to focus on the positives."

  121. 46.5 overs:  
    WICKET - Wade c Broad b Bresnan 6 (Aus 223-7)

    With Mitchell Johnson at number eight on the card, the Barmy Army may be warming up their throats for "that" song, but instead it's Brett Lee striding to the middle, after his 29 not out at Lord's. He's off the mark with a single, then Wade comes across the stumps to try to flick the ball down to fine leg in T20 mode, and is easily caught by Broad at fine leg.


    From Callum J on Twitter: "It's up to the Barmy Army to wind Johnson up. Will be singing the song in Newcastle airport in hope."

  123. 46.2 overs:  
    WICKET - Bailey b Bresnan 65 (Aus 222-6)

    Single from Wade, then Bresnan bowls Bailey as he attempts an agricultural swing to cow corner! Double Nelson strikes...


    From Adam Palmer on Twitter: "Roll on Johnson and some good Aussie bashing."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket for Aussie-bashing, Johnson-baiting or anything else today!

  125. 46 overs:  
    Aus 221-5

    Broad in for his last over, Bailey lifts a single to long-off and Wade manages to dig one out for a single to get Bailey back on strike, but he can only guide a low full toss straight to the man at short fine leg. Bailey, who reminds me a little of Graeme Smith facially (maybe it's the dark green helmet effect), eventually manages a single to mid-wicket, then left-hander Wade guides a four through third man. Broad appeals for lbw on the last ball of his spell, which looks like it pitched outside leg, and they scamper through for a leg bye.


    From Phil Knox on Twitter: "Steven Finn, take a bow son."

    From Chris Williamson on Twitter: "Dirk Nannes has put the mockery on David Hussey for the second game in a row! Unbelievable luck."

  127. 45 overs:  
    Aus 213-5

    Left-handed wicketkeeper Matthew Wade is the new batsman, he's the non-striker as a single takes Bailey to 58. Wade, who has "every shot in the book" according to his former Victoria team-mate Dirk Nannes on TMS, clearly not fearing another commentator's curse, manages to rotate the strike with a leg bye. Bailey flicks one off his leg which perfectly bisects two fielders for four, he moves to 62 which is his highest ODI score. A single ensures he keeps the strike.


    From Kejal Khajuria on Twitter: "Aussies can get 250 here. With wickets in hand they have got nothing to lose. Not an easy target. We need to take some wickets now!"

    I should add that this was tweeted before the Hussey run-out... tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join in the fun!

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "I really must stop talking about David Hussey. Every time I mention how well he's batting, he gets out."

  130. 44.1 overs:  
    WICKET - D Hussey run out 29 (Aus 206-5)

    Bopara's off, Finn's on, Hussey pushes a quick single which the tumbling Finn half-stops but recovers in time to throw down the one stump he has to aim at, at the bowler's end! Brilliant fielding!


    From Freddie in London: "Realising how fortunate I am to have a full, unspilled glass of prosecco and intact smoked salmon blinis."

  132. 44 overs:  
    Aus 206-4

    Broad replaces Swann as Cap'n Cook rotates his bowlers, none of whom have bowled more than eight overs before this one. Broad begins his ninth with a single by Hussey and a leg bye, before Hussey tries a jab to leg and the ball goes down to long-off for a single. Bailey swings a single to mid-wicket, Hussey jabs a two and advances down the track before swatting a cross-batted single to long-on.


    From Andrew on Twitter: "For the pedants among us, 'les marais' [see Ed Smith's comment before 39th over] is a 'quartier' within the 4th arrondissment."

  134. 43 overs:  
    Aus 199-4

    Swann, still seething at that dropped catch last over, goes off for a sulk in the deep and England, with their quicker bowlers taking a bit of tap, turn back to Bopara's medium pace. After a single from both batsmen, it looks like a run-out is on the cards when Hussey taps the ball, Bailey backing up has come down two-thirds of the pitch before realising his partner hasn't moved, Bopara (collecting the ball as he follows through) turns and has all three stumps to aim at but misses, and Australia run a single as the ball sails past the unattended stumps! Hussey eventually knocks the last ball for a single.

    And a quick update from Lord's - England's women have been bowled out for 229 with five balls to spare in their ODI against India.


    From Terry, Kent: "Jade Dernbach is decent but no replacement for Anderson."

  136. 42 overs:  
    Aus 194-4

    Swann back into the attack, and Bailey forces a two through the covers to bring up his second ODI fifty. A single brings Hussey on strike against his erstwhile Notts team-mate - Hussey normally takes to take the spinners on, powering a two to leg, edging for a couple more before pushing a single wide of mid-on. Bailey goes for a big hit between long-on and mid-wicket... and is dropped by the diving Tim Bresnan. Swann is characteristicaly livid, as he is about any fielding off his bowling which is less than perfect. They run two.

    And a ripper of a George Bailey Fact from my colleague Arindam Rej to celebrate his half century: George Bailey grew up on his family sheep and crops farm in northern Tasmania then spent time living abroad in Scotland and the Netherlands. On a more sad note though, a motorcycling accident in Thailand saw him lose a toe.


    From Joe Cunningham on Twitter: "Re: Watto the bottle job - he's only got two tons compared to 18 fifties in Tests too."

  138. 41 overs:  
    Aus 184-4

    Australia took 36 from that five-over powerplay... fielding restrictions are over as Bresnan replaces Finn in the attack. Hussey aims a savage cut but Eoin Morgan makes a smart stop at backward point. A single takes him to 16, and Bailey is moving up through the gears here as he hammers it through mid-wicket - and a TV replay shows that Finn's leg was touching the rope as he made the stop, so that's four. It's also the fifty partnership. A two and a single take his score to 49 from 71 balls.


    From Wilson, Bath: "On the subject of Watson with his six ODI centuries being a bottler, how many Englishman in the history of ODI cricket have six centuries or more? Kevin Pietersen is the only one who springs into my mind."

    There's David Gower, Graham Gooch, Marcus Trescothick for starters...

  140. 40 overs:  
    Aus 176-4

    Bailey carves a single, Hussey helps himself to two from Dernbach before hoisting the Surrey bowler over his head for four. A single to square leg takes Hussey, who'd probably be familiar with Dernbach from his various spells playing for Notts, to 15. Bailey ends the over with a big heave-ho for four through cow corner. Ten overs left.


    From Richard Lindley on Twitter: "Australia have been strangled by good tight bowling. Benefits of having five out-and-out bowlers."

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "That's slightly broken the shackles for Australia - Steve Finn's extra pace and bounce have allowed Bailey to free his arms and give Australia a bit of momentum."

  143. 39 overs:  
    Aus 164-4

    With the drinks break concluded, Finn replaces Broad, and once again he manages to knock the bails off at the bowler's end with his right knee as he comes through his delivery stride. Bailey knocks a two, before punching a four past the despairing dive of Alastair Cook (I'm not tempted to repeat the Bedford Falls reference from the 30th overs) at mid-off for four. Finn then strays down the leg side and Bailey helps it on its way for four more. A single takes him to 37 from 65 balls - not really the strike rate of a limited-overs specialist...

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "We're nearly at the end of the 50 overs, England's women are 215-8 in the 48th over and have put their foot down in the last few overs."

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "Marais Erasmus has a great name - a French arrondissement and a 16th century philosopher."


    From Tom from the Isle of Wight: "England seem to be quickly establishing themselves as one of the dominant forces in one-day cricket, something which, if I was told 12 months ago, my response would be a polite laugh. A positive sign for the future!"

  147. 38 overs:  
    DRINKS BREAK - Aus 153-4

    TMS scorer Malcolm Ashton has calculated that with the rain delay, England - who were rather slow in bowling their overs on Friday - should finish the innings by 1443 BST. But Hussey and Bailey still aren't putting their foot on the accelerator, even though we're in a powerplay. Hussey pokes a single into the covers, Bailey tries to force it through mid-wicket but can only stumble through for a leg bye. Time for another drinks break.


    From Tom McGuirk on Twitter: "Bailey thinks he's playing a Test match."

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "Michael Hussey's been a massive loss for Australia, but with Warner going early, they're all right-handers - Watson, Forrest, Clarke, Bailey and Hussey. A left-hander always makes it more difficult for the bowlers."

  150. 37 overs:  
    Aus 151-4

    Aggers on TMS thinks Broad is "bowling within himself" on what appears to be a slow pitch as he begins his eighth over, Bailey and Hussey keep plodding along with singles before a legside wide allows Mr Illingworth to extend his arms once again.


    From Stu in Shrewsbury: "Re: Alan [29th over] and Richard [33rd over]: Can someone be a man and say they spilt a pint in celebration? Chilli oil and salad leaves don't quite cut it!"

    From Roger in Morden: "Chilli oil? Salad leaves? How middle class. I knocked over the beef dripping."

  152. 36 overs:  
    POWERPLAY - Aus 146-4

    Australia take the batting powerplay so Swann - who doesn't bowl in powerplays - is out of the attack and Jade Dernbach returns. He advances the score with a wide, before Bailey finally breaks the boundary drought with a straight-driven four. Michael Vaughan on TMS sees Bailey's technique as that of a four or five-day player, rather than a limited-overs biffer, even though he's the Aussie T20 captain. A few umbrellas go up around The Oval as Bailey pushes a single to move to 25.


    From Jake Cartledge on Twitter: "Is it just me or is Shane Watson the biggest bottler in world cricket? How many times has he got to 50 and got out in any form?"

    The answer? In 132 one-day internationals, Watson has 27 half centuries but only six tons.

  154. 35 overs:  
    Aus 140-4

    Hussey and Bailey manage a two and a couple of singles against Broad as their pedestrian progress continues.

    And a press release from MCC reveals that England captain Charlotte Edwards and distinguished former player Claire Taylor (who retired from playing last year) have been awarded honorary life membership of MCC. Taylor says she'll be "looking forward to joining the early-morning queues at the Grace Gates".


    From Lee Grist on Twitter: "Twice I've taken a break from grouting and we've got a wicket. For the good of England, I'm only working for five-minute stints now."

    When the match is nearly finished, Lee, it's fair to say it'll be all over bar the grouting...

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "England's women are 181-7 in the 43rd over, Arran Brindle has just been caught and bowled for 58."

  157. 34 overs:  
    Aus 136-4

    "Swann thinks this is Christmas," Michael Vaughan notes on TMS, as Bailey and Hussey can only manage two singles from the over. "He's never had such an easy one-day spell to bowl."

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "Just like we always compare West Indies to the side of the 1980s, people compare Bailey and Forrest to the likes of Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden and Justin Langer, but that was an incredible generation of players as you had guys like Darren Lehmann, Stuart Law and Stuart MacGill who couldn't even get into that side. They're searching for a formula, but shouldn't just panic and make changes after one game. England have stuck with players and allowed them to develop."

  159. 33 overs:  
    Aus 134-4

    Bopara's second two-over spell is halted as Stuart Broad returns to the attack. Hussey is off the mark with a single, Bailey adds another, but it's another tight over.


    From Richard from Newark: "Alan [29th over] lost his chilli oil, I lost a bag of salad leaves all over kitchen floor on the last wicket."

  161. 32 overs:  
    Aus 132-4

    David Hussey joins Bailey at the crease, he's the non-striker while the Tasmanian finally manages to find the boundary with one down the leg side.

    And time for another George Bailey Fact while he's still in... In his eight innings for Australia in one-day games, George Bailey has scored less than 30 on six occasions - including six internationals and two tour games. A failure to reach 30 has happened in his last five attempts - against England, Essex, Leicestershire and West Indies twice.


    From J.A. in Cambridge, TMS inbox: "Overheard from David Warner: 'England would have beaten Italy if they'd scored some goals.' Man's a genius!"

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "Watson's set the tone, he'd have wanted to bat through but I can understand why he played that shot. Someone had to take the bowling on. Swann's got the cigars out here."

  164. 31.1 overs:  
    WICKET - Watson c Finn b Swann 66 (Aus 128-4)

    Watson tries to force the pace against Swann, and it sails into the safe hands of Finn a few yards in from the cow corner boundary!

  165. 31 overs:  
    Aus 128-3

    Good spell this from Bopara, he again restricts Watson to a single before Bailey is hit on the pad with one which nips back and they run a leg bye. Watson dinks a single to third man. A rare Bopara blemish is a no-ball, but he has a very tidy 1-11 from his first four overs.


    From Dan, Dorchester: "Cricket and the award for the player least likely to succeed as an umpire goes to... Mr Stuart Broad!"

    Mind you, how many of us who watched his dad play in the 1980s would have predicted he'd become a match referee!

  167. 30 overs:  
    Aus 124-3

    George Bailey tries to sweep and Captain Cook, who was schooled in Bedford, falls to make a smart stop at short fine leg. Bailey knocks another one to long-on, Watson guides one to the marauding Finn who comes in off the mid-wicket fence and again they're restricted to one. Two singles from Swann's over, and England are really stifling the Aussies here. They may struggle to fulfil the "double the score after 50 overs" maxim here.


    From Stephen Mitchell on Twitter: "Watson getting bogged down a bit. Time for the trademark swipe across the line."

  169. 29 overs:  
    Aus 122-3

    Interesting bowling change as Finn, who's bowled seven overs, takes a rest and Bopara's back on. Watson knocks a single, Bailey aims a big heave at Bopara but can't connect, playing out a few dot balls before poking a single to long-on.


    From Alan in West Hampstead: "When the last wicket fell, l threw up my arms and forgot about the opened and full jar of chilli oil l had... gone everywhere."

  171. 28 overs:  
    Aus 120-3

    Single from Watson, then Bailey drills Swann for a single to long-on. Watson tries to force the pace through mid-wicket, but some sharp fielding by Finn on the mid-wicket fence restricts them to one. Even without the outstanding Anderson, England have been very sharp in the field today - barring that Trott drop early on. Two more singles complete Swann's over - Watson has 62, Bailey has 11.

    Malcolm Ashton , BBC Test Match Special statistician

    "106 of the 163 balls of this innings have been dot balls."


    From Ian Collier on Twitter: "This English summer tells us one thing... We don't know what a good score is!"

  174. 27 overs:  
    Aus 115-3

    Bailey rolls his wrists to guide Finn for a single to leg, Watson guides one to the cover sweeper, and Jim Maxwell on TMS fears we could be in line for another rain delay fairly soon. There's been far too much use of the word "mizzle" in this cricket season (I'm reluctant to use the word "summer" as I haven't seen enough conclusive evidence we've actually had it yet). Just those two singles from the over as England keep the squeeze on.

    Jim Maxwell , BBC Test Match Special

    "England have got Australia pinned here. This is an excellent attack, even without Jimmy Anderson."

  176. 26 overs:  
    Aus 113-3

    The players having been refreshed, Swann's in for his third over from the Vauxhall End, Bailey manages a single and Watson tries to hti out but can only smack it straight back along the ground to the bowler. Swann has 0-4 from three overs.

    And another George Bailey Fact from Arindam Rej: "Speaking of the late 1870s... The modern George Bailey, playing today, became the first man since 1877 to captain Australia in his first international match in any format. Bailey was made Australia's Twenty20 captain on debut last year after success as Tasmania skipper. The last man to do that was Dave Gregory in the first Test match in 1877."


    From James Callard on Twitter: "Warner [see 21st over] would make a great cricket commentator... mmm!"

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "Steady stuff here from England's women, they're 132-4 in the 35th over. Arran Brindle has 33."

    Jim Maxwell , BBC Test Match Special

    "A couple of things could have gone better for England - they put Watson down when he was eight, and that lbw review could have done their way - but it's been a struggle for Australia at times."

  180. 25 overs:  
    DRINKS BREAK - Aus 112-3

    Bopara's two-over spell is ended as Finn, who's comfortably been England's best bowler today, returns to the attack. Bailey pushes a single to fine leg, Watson guides one to fine leg to move to 58 and Bailey pinches the strike with another single. It's time to take drinks at the halfway stage of the innings.


    From Michael Shaw on Twitter: "All on Watson now. Think Oz will struggle to make 250 now. If the Hussey coming in after Bailey had a M in front of his name rather than a D, I would be less confident."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join the debate today

  182. 24 overs:  
    Aus 109-3

    Swann rattles through his second over, just a single to Bailey from it.


    From Joel Fentem on Twitter: "And I was just about to tweet in 'what is Bopara playing for?' I guess that's why..."

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "India have used seven bowlers here, it's been a bit of a struggle for England but they're 124-4 in the 33rd over - Heather Knight has been bowled by the leg-spinner Krishnamurthy. And this is the last game at Lord's before the Olympic archers move in tomorrow."

  185. 23 overs:  
    Aus 108-3

    "Have another over, old son," is the advice many a captain may have offered to a part-time bowler who has taken a wicket in their first over, and Bopara trots in for his second over. Bailey and Watson add three singles, but it's "tidy stuff" from the Essex man, according to Aggers on TMS.


    From Richard McConnell on Twitter: "The selection of George Bailey reminds me of the scene in Mike Bassett: England Manager when they call up Benson and Hedges."

  187. 22 overs:  
    Aus 105-3

    Graeme Swann into the attack, Watson helps himself to a two, but the off-spinner keeps it tight for the other five deliveries.

    And a "George Bailey Fact" from my colleague Arindam Rej... Australia's new batsman George Bailey is the great-great-grandson of an Australia player who was in that inaugural 1878 touring squad to England. His name? George Bailey. And that team bowled WG Grace's England out for 33 on their first visit to Lord's. "It's a wonderful life," they must have thought...

    Sam Sheringham , BBC Sport at The Oval

    "Hearty cheers at a packed Oval for the wicket of Michael Clarke, who trudges off to an ironic blast of 'Always Look on the Bright Side of Life' over the public address."


    From Mark Hollins on Twitter: "Traditionally I think the Aussie cricket team have always had better haircuts than the England team. My how things have changed."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket with any haircut-related banter...

  190. 21 overs:  
    Aus 103-3

    While Tuffers on TMS is bedazzled by Aggers showing him his Olympic Games accreditation, George Bailey is the new batsman for Australia - he's in ahead of David Hussey, who was down at five on the card. He's off the mark with a two to third man - and England will be pleased with that over.


    From Darren in Leeds: "Love David Warner's comments on the 1st ODI, when he said the Aussies could have won if they had a top-four batsman left at the end of the innings! Isn't that like saying 'we could have won if we had more runs'?"

    Phil Tufnell , BBC Test Match Special

    "That one seemed to keep a bit low, but it's great when a plan comes together and an occasional bowler gets you a wicket."

  193. 20.2 overs:  
    WICKET - Clarke c Kieswetter b Bopara 10 (Aus 101-2)

    England turn to their fifth bowler - but it's not spinner Graeme Swann, it's the right-arm medium pace of Ravi Bopara. Watson helps himself to a single, then Clarke nicks one to the keeper and Bopara has the breakthrough!


    From Michael Shaw on Twitter: "Forrest is not looking like a player the England bowlers will worry too much about."

  195. 20 overs:  
    Aus 100-2

    Dernbach returns in place of the slightly off-colour Bresnan, Watson reaches his 28th ODI fifty from 50 balls with a four past mid-wicket. A single to third man takes him to 53. Clarke adds a two to bring up three figures for the tourists, the fielding powerplay is concluded, and all of England's four front-line seamers have bowled five overs.

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "Watson hasn't had to force anything, he's been given most of his runs by bad balls."

  197. 19 overs:  
    Aus 93-2

    Watson flicks a four off his legs, then pushes a quick single to mid-on where the diving Bell acrobatically throws at the stumps at the bowlers' end - Watson has to dive full-length, and would have been short of his ground if it had hit... he's up to 48.


    Pad before bat, or bat before pad? It looked like pad first, but the impact is clearly outside the line, even though it would have hit the stumps - and England have rather wasted their only review of the innings. "How many times does Broad ask for reviews?" ponders Dirk Nannes on TMS.


    Broad appeals for lbw against Watson, umpire Illingworth shakes his head - and Captain Cook calls for a review...


    From Steve Homer on Twitter: "A perfect antidote to a very average football tournament and average performance. An English cricket side beating the Aussies!"

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "With the exception of Finn, England's bowlers have struggled for line today. Australia don't need to do anything silly at this stage, as if someone like Watson is there at the end of the innings he can score heavily."

  202. 18 overs:  
    Aus 88-2

    Watson knocks Bresnan for a single, but Big Tim's radar is somewhat off as he sends one down outside off stump which Clarke misses, then the next ball sails down the leg side for another wide - the sixth of the innings. Clarke rotates the strike, Watson dabs the ball through the vacant slip cordon for one. And another loose delivery from Bresnan is meat and drink to Clarke, who cuts it past point for four.


    From Terry Stone on Twitter: "Loving the Aussies clutching at straws about England being over-rated and trying to talk us down. It's quite sweet really."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join in with any Aussie-baiting (or Pom-baiting) you may fancy...

  204. 17 overs:  
    Aus 80-2

    Another leg-side wide from Broad, before Watson inside-edges another single to fine leg. He has 41 from 41 - Clarke sees off the rest of the over, he has three from 12.

    And the missing fielder was... Graeme Swann, who returns to the arena in place of Bairstow, as an Aussie reserve dashes on carrying some spare bats.


    There's no Hotspot edge, impact's in line but the ball-tracker shows the ball going over leg stump so the decision is overturned and Watson survives.


    Substitute fielder Jonny Bairstow jogs onto the field, not sure who he's on for, Broad sprays a wide down the leg side but then Watson is rapped on the pad, umpire Illingworth immediately raises his finger but Watson immediately calls for a review...

  207. 16 overs:  
    POWERPLAY - Aus 77-2

    England take the fielding powerplay at the earliest possible opportunity (overs 16-20), Clarke pushes a two before Bresnan's line strays again and the ball disappears for four leg byes. Clarke is on the defensive for the rest of the over, playing himself in.

    Meanwhile, over at Lord's, Sarah Taylor has been stumped for 38 - England are 87-3 in the 25th over against India.


    From Peter Blackburn on Twitter: "Fantastic catch from Kieswetter. A good breakthrough, but the big wickets are still to come."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to join the debate

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Australia's two best batsmen are at the crease now. Watson is due some runs."

  210. 15 overs:  
    Aus 71-2

    Captain Michael Clarke is Australia's number four, his first ball from Broad is a bouncer which swings after it passes him, so Kieswetter needs to change direction to make a good "take". Clarke pulls the last ball of the over to deep mid-wicket for a single... only it's not the last ball of the over as moustachioed umpire Richard Illingworth signals a no-ball, with a "free hit" to come. The free hit ball is a leg-side wide, so Watson gets another free hit - which he drags through mid-wicket for two. He has 40 from 37 balls.


    From Stuie Neale on Twitter: "Come on England. 2-0 would be sweet."

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "Kieswetter isn't as polished as some keepers, but he's very athletic, which is why he can take catches like that."

  213. 14.2 overs:  
    WICKET - Forrest c Kieswetter b Broad 12 (Aus 66-2)

    Single from Watson, then Forrest attempts to flick Broad down the leg side and is brilliantly caught by the tumbling Craig Kieswetter!

    Jim Maxwell , BBC Test Match Special

    "This is the 50th ODI at The Oval - and the average score here is 245."

  215. 14 overs:  
    Aus 65-1

    Forrest and Watson plunder a couple of singles against Bresnan to bring up the fifty partnership, but it's a better over for England.

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "Quite a muscular pairing, Watson and Forrest. I think they've managed a few bench-presses between them. One of the difficulties as a fielding captain at The Oval is that is has so many pitches, from deep cover to deep mid-wicket, the ball flies to the boundary on both sides."

  217. 13 overs:  
    Aus 63-1

    Broad to continue his spell, Watson guides a two just wide of Bell at mid-wicket, before riding his luck when an attempted cover drive is inside-edged just past the stumps for two more to take him past the landmark of 4,500 ODI runs. Another two, this time it's chalked up against leg byes rather than Watson, but the Queenslander blasts a four throught he covers to take his score to 36 from 33 balls - described as a "Surrey drive on the up" by Ed Smith on TMS.


    From Robin Bennett on Twitter: "Listening in a car on M25 with five friends en route to Paris for charity cycle. Praying for play... we've run out of conversation."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to have your say today

  219. 12 overs:  
    Aus 53-1

    Tim Bresnan has four balls left of his second over, Forrest gets Australia going with a single before Watson calmly carves a single to third man.

  220. 1203:  

    We're going to restart a minute or two early. Which is nice.

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "At the MCG, there are lots of signs saying you'll be fined $5,000 for streaking, but I think the last feller who did it only got fined $72, which may almost be an incentive for some people..."

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "Tammy Beaumont has gone for 27, which is a blow - England are 63-2 in the 18th over. Sarah Taylor is still there and playing some good shots. I don't know whether our sharp shower was as sharp as yours - but they played through it as umpires Nick Cook and Steve O'Shaughnessy kept them on. There's a crowd here probably similar to a County Championship crowd in terms of numbers, but there are plenty of kids here, which is good."

    Jonathan Agnew , BBC Test Match Special

    "There's a terrific bit of sledging with Mitchell Johnson and James Anderson on YouTube - Mitchell has a bit of a chunter, and Anderson silences him by getting a wicket and signalling him to be quiet."

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "Sometimes selection has to be intuitive. You look at the Australia line-up and with no Mike Hussey, you have to work out who's going to replace his runs."

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "I think Australia were a bit exposed with Steve Smith at six in the first game. It looks a far stronger batting line-up today, Forrest is a solid player."

  226. 1155:  

    We're going to restart at 1205 BST, with 30 minutes lost to the rain.


    From Nigel Gooderham on Twitter: "Big Glenn [1136] reckons England are over-rated. They're no.1 in Test rankings and no.4 in one-dayers. Not so sure you're right there."

  228. 1153:  

    While Michael Vaughan entertains TMS listeners with tales of a phantom sock-snipper in the Yorkshire dressing-room (and being made to do 50 press-ups, 50 burpees and 20 laps of the ground when captain David Byas suspected the young Vaughan and Anthony McGrath of being the "Yorkshire Snipper"), it looks like the covers are coming off - the square is uncovered although the run-ups and pitch are still covered. So we should get play soon, fingers crossed.


    From James in London: "Big Glenn [1136] sounds like plenty of over-confident England fans over the years when we got stuffed. That attack has potential and will take wickets at times but to grow into a world-class dominant bowler takes time - see Broad and Anderson as examples. Those who get through quickly and don't suffer a bit at some point are rare and are usually coming into an already settled and strong attack!"

  230. 1150:  

    Despite the rain at The Oval, play is still continuing on the other side of London where England's women are 49-1 after 16 overs at Lord's, with Tammy Beaumont on 22 and the in-form Sarah Taylor on 21.

    And not sure it's the same rain shower, but it's still raining in Colombo with Pakistan 488-4 against Sri Lanka.


    From Michael Bairstow on Twitter: "Cracking start by Bres."

    Ed Smith , BBC Test Match Special

    "I remember playing for Kent against Yorkshire at Scarborough, it's a natural ampitheatre, and if you let one through your legs fielding on the boundary, you're always reminded of it!"

  233. 1146:  

    We've been off for about 15 minutes now, with the square and bowlers' run-ups completely covered, but we can lose up to an hour's play to the weather before they start taking overs off, and we find ourselves in the arms of Messrs Duckworth and Lewis. Encouragingly, the large tarpaulins on the square are now being dragged off.


    From Mark Rookes on Twitter: "Bad news about Jimmy. I think we will miss him badly against this batting line-up. He took two massive wickets on Friday."

    Tweet us with the hashtag #bbccricket to get involved today

    Jonathan Agnew , BBC Test Match Special

    "We've got a band of showers heading this way, which seem to be homing in on London, but there are a few gaps in there. More sheets are being brought on, which suggests the groundsmen can see behind our stand."

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "England are without Lydia Greenway today, she injured her knee in the field during one of the Twenty20 matches, but they're hopeful she may still be able to play a part in the series."

    England's women are 34-1 after 13 overs against India at Lord's

    Sam Sheringham , BBC Sport at The Oval

    "The team flags at The Oval are flying at half mast in memory of Surrey cricketer Tom Maynard, who died after being hit by a London Underground train last month. His funeral will be held in Cardiff on Wednesday."

  238. 1136:  

    While the players dash for the safety of the pavilion, umpires Illingworth and Erasmus stay out in the middle while the covers are brought on to the pitch, as the rain batters down on their red jackets.


    From Big Glenn on Twitter: "Australia for the win. England very over-rated. Bring on the Ashes. Love our young seam potential."

  240. 11.2 overs:  
    RAIN STOPS PLAY - Aus 51-1

    A few umbrellas start to go up as Forrest pushes Bresnan for a double... and after a minute of umming-and-erring, the umpires signal the covers to be brought on.


    From Hector at The Oval: "I hope Warner is regretting saying he has nothing to fear in the England bowling attack."

  242. 11 overs:  
    Aus 49-1

    With the first (compulsory) powerplay over, Stuart Broad replaces Finn at the Pavilion End, and Forrest helps himself to a two and a single off his legs, but Broad keeps it tight otherwise.

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live at Lord's

    "It was a big blow early on for England to lose the captain Charlotte Edwards. But it's difficult here, batting at the moment. The ball is doing a bit."

    England's women are 18-1 after 10 overs in the first one-dayer against India

  244. 10 overs:  
    Aus 46-1

    Tim Bresnan is England's first-change bowler, replacing Dernbach at the Vauxhall End and Watson crashes his first ball for four through the covers, before hitting the ball straight at the stumps at the bowler's end, dubbed "the 12th fielder" by Michael Vaughan on TMS. A single takes Watto to 23, before Forrest pushes a well-run three off his legs. Watson helps a looser delivery down to fine leg as Bresnan struggles with his line a little.

    Kevin Howells , BBC Radio 5 live

    On Twitter: "Australia not replacing Cummins yet. But Mitchell Starc is already in the country. Bad news for Yorkshire t20 if that were to happen."

  246. 9 overs:  
    Aus 34-1

    Watson tries to open the face and bunt Finn down to third man, it reaches Swann at slip on the bounce and he parries the ball but can't collect cleanly and they run a single. Forrest doubles his score with a careful single to fine leg, Watson dabs one to third man and Finn strays down the leg side with another wide. But his figures of 1-14 from five overs are perfectly respectable.

    Phil Tufnell , BBC Test Match Special

    "Good comeback over from Dernbach, who had lost his line and length a little bit against Watson, but comes back with a maiden."

  248. 8 overs:  
    Aus 30-1

    Dernbach is tighter against Forrest than he was against Watson last over, the new Aussie number three is "getting a bit bogged down here" according to Jim Maxwell on TMS, and Dernbach has redeemed himself somewhat as he completes a maiden over.

    Meanwhile, mention must be made of the heroics of Loughborough University Staff Cricket Club, who have broken the world record for the longest continuous cricket match - beginning their game last Sunday, breaking the previous record of 105 hours on Thursday and finally calling it a day after 150 hours yesterday. They also raised over £10,000 for a children's cancer charity - well done.


    From Robbie Simpson on Twitter: "Anderson did look tired on Friday but we wanna beat these Aussies (No1 in the world somehow) so he needs to play."

  250. 7 overs:  
    Aus 30-1

    Finn is gun-barrel straight from the Pavilion End against the right-handed Forrest, who's described by Jim Maxwell on TMS as "a solid lad... I don't think he and Watson will be running many quick singles". Forrest finally picks up a single off the fifth ball when he guides a single to fine leg, Finn tries to dig the last ball in and it's signalled as a leg-side wide, though the bowler isn't happy.

    Jim Maxwell , BBC Test Match Special

    "David Warner told me yesterday that it's hard to rotate the strike against this England attack because they're so accurate."


    From Sammy in Edinburgh: "So, four excellent teams playing cricket in London with TMS keeping us up to date with both? Fantastic! I wish we had even more coverage of the ladies' game. More cricket, especially Test cricket, is best!"

  253. 6 overs:  
    DROPPED CATCH - Aus 28-1

    Watson finds the boundary for the first time, flicking Dernbach off his toes through the leg side for four... but next ball, he tries a similar shot, gets an edge and is dropped by Jonathan Trott at gully, who's one of the two compulsory close catchers in this opening powerplay (Graeme Swann is at slip). The reprieved Watson unleashes a careful push which rattles through point for four, before rocking back to cut four more through the same area. Three boundaries in that over have lifted Watson to 16 from 13 balls, and dented Dernbach's figures to 0-18 from three overs.


    From Matthew Simpson on Twitter via #bbccricket: "Anderson is our most important player in Test matches. He should be wrapped in cotton wool until the Saffers get here."

    Phil Tufnell , BBC Test Match Special

    "This is a decent surface, it's not going to change too much during the day."

  256. 5 overs:  
    Aus 16-1

    Aussie commentator Jim Maxwell had just taken over on TMS, managing to take an Australian wicket with his first ball... he describes new batsman Peter Forrest, who England fans may not have seen much before, as "a strong and solid player", while Tuffers wonders if he's nicknamed Forrest Gump... A single from Watson (they ran on the catch) brings Forrest on strike, he's hit on the hip and they try to run a single... but is sent back by umpire Illingworth, who rules that he wasn't attempting to play a shot or take evasive action, and signals "dead ball".


    From John, the sofa, Bromley: "I never thought the day would come when I'd feel sorry for an Aussie cricketer. The mental scarring of the 80s and 90s has finally been repaired... He bowls to the left..."

  258. 4.1 overs:  
    WICKET - Warner c Bell b Finn 10 (Aus 15-1)

    Warner miscues a pull, it sails into the sky and he's easily caught by Ian Bell at square leg!

  259. 4 overs:  
    Aus 15-0

    Warner pulls Dernbach through mid-on... oh dear, bit of a lapse by Captain Cook on the edge of the circle who lets the ball past him and it disappears for four. Should have got something behind it. Warner pokes a single to Finn at third man, Watson defends the last ball and this time Cook makes no mistake.

    Jonathan Agnew , BBC Test Match Special

    "If this is rained off, Johnson and Dernbach can have a 'tattoo-off' - settle the game by tattoos."


    From Patrick Neary on Twitter: "Oh Mitchell I've missed you."

  262. 3 overs:  
    APPEAL - NOT OUT - Aus 10-0

    After a single from Watson, Finn raps Warner on the pad, there's an appeal and umpire Richard Illingworth starts to raise his arm... but stops it halfway up, and then withdraws it, like a gunslinger reholstering his weapon. Hotspot reveals a thick inside edge by Warner. A couple of singles and a leg bye are added.

    For those of you concerned that Tuffers' tattoo chat came from nowhere, fans unfamiliar with Jade Dernbach may be unaware he has an armful or two of "decoration", though he may be rivalled by the similarly adorned Mitchell Johnson today.

    Phil Tufnell , BBC Test Match Special

    "I've got a little tattoo of a cat on my left shoulder. When I wasn't getting wickets, I used to tap it for luck. Didn't work much, though."


    From Rachael, Norwich: "My first ever cricket match! Buzzing! Hope we smash the Aussies and no balls come flying my way... And maybe I'll finally get on the BBC live text!"

  265. 2 overs:  
    Aus 6-0

    Surrey's Jade Dernbach opens up from the Vauxhall End, Watson is off the mark with a single before left-hander Warner again fishes at thin air, while Aggers and Tuffers on TMS compare the relative merits of approaching The Oval from the Oval tube stop, or Vauxhall railway station. There's a half-hearted appeal for lbw from keeper and slip, but not from Dernbach, and the ball-tracking replay indicates it was going over.

    Meanwhile, over in Colombo, rain has stopped play on day two of the second Test, with Pakistan 488-4 against Sri Lanka.

    Sam Sheringham , BBC Sport at The Oval

    "Disappointment for press and punters at the news of Pat Cummins's series KO, but it does give us a chance to catch up with Mitchell Johnson, last seen being splayed to all parts of the Sydney Cricket Ground as England wrapped up their Ashes series win down under. Oval gradually filling up with eager punters, but do they remember the song?"

  267. 1 over:  
    Aus 5-0

    Steven Finn takes the opening over, Shane Watson gets Australia going with a leg bye but Finn's second ball is a loose full toss which David Warner powerfully smacks through the covers for four. But there's encouragement for Finn as the last ball nips away from the left-hander as he prods forward.


    From monkeyhead78: "I see resting Anderson for the final Test match against West Indies is paying dividends."

  269. 1043:  

    Here come the players, to the strains of "Jerusalem". Aussie opener David Warner takes a nervous look at the skies as he approaches the square, as though he's heard a more pessimistic weather forecast than us...


    BBC weather forecaster Sarah Lucas: "The weather should be dry for most of the day. If we do see a shower, it's not going to last long. There's a chance of one or two light showers."

  271. 1040:  

    As ever, we'd love to hear from you throughout the day - and you can get in touch by emailing tms@bbc.co.uk (with "For Mark Mitchener" in the subject line), text 81111 if you're in the UK (with "CRICKET" as the first word) or tweet us via the hashtag #bbccricket - can England make it two out of two?

    Michael Vaughan , BBC Test Match Special

    "We all know that the crowd will sing the Mitchell Johnson song about him bowling to the left and bowling to the right, so it becomes a mental game for him rather than a physical game. He may have bowled well in the nets, so it's different when you've got 25,000 English fans, who will have had a few pints of lager by the time he bowls this afternoon, giving him a bit of stick."

    Dirk Nannes , BBC Test Match Special

    "Knowing the way that the Australians think, I would have batted - we saw a pretty good contest in that first game, and it should be tight today. Pat Cummins has had a bit of injury trouble in the past, but I hear from the Aussie camp that Mitchell Johnson is bowling well."

  274. 1033:  

    Over at Lord's, home skipper Charlotte Edwards has won the toss and England will bat first.


    England captain Alastair Cook on TMS: "I think we would have chased anyway - but hopefully we can put them under some pressure early on. James Anderson has a slight groin problem, he's disappointed to miss out but it's too early to talk about Wednesday for him. I'm sure Jade Dernbach will be desperate to put on a good performance on his home ground."


    Australia captain Michael Clarke on TMS: "Whether you bat first or bat second, you should be scoring runs on this wicket. Peter Forrest is a very good batsman and hopefully you'll be seeing a lot of him today."

  277. 1029:  

    Here are the full teams:

    England: Alastair Cook (capt), Ian Bell, Jonathan Trott, Ravi Bopara, Eoin Morgan, Craig Kieswetter (wk), Tim Bresnan, Stuart Broad, Graeme Swann, Steven Finn, Jade Dernbach.

    Australia: David Warner, Shane Watson, Peter Forrest, Michael Clarke (capt), David Hussey, George Bailey, Matthew Wade (wk), Mitchell Johnson, Brett Lee, Clint McKay, Xavier Doherty.

    Umpires today are Marais Erasmus and Richard Illingworth on the field, with Aleem Dar on TV replays and Rob Bailey as fourth ump. Match referee is Javagal Srinath.

  278. 1024:  

    The Test Match Special crew are limbering up and will be on air from 1030 BST - and as well as full commentary from The Oval, they will also have regular reports from the other one-day international happening in London today, where England's women are taking on India at Lord's. Interesting scheduling, having both games take place simultaneously - as I'm sure some folk would have liked the chance to attend both...

  279. 1020:  

    Australia win the toss and will bat first. As anticipated, Johnson is in for the injured Cummins, while batsman Peter Forrest replaces all-rounder (though given Australia's reluctance to bowl him, perhaps "alleged all-rounder") Steve Smith. For England, Jade Dernbach gets the nod ahead of James Anderson.

  280. 1017:  

    England also have injury worries of their own, with James Anderson nursing a groin problem, which has meant young Surrey speedster Stuart Meaker has been called into the squad as cover, though his Surrey team-mate Jade Dernbach, already in the squad, is another option to play.

    Sam Sheringham at The Oval , BBC Sport

    "Australia fast bowler Pat Cummins has been ruled out of the remainder of the one-series because of a side strain picked up during the 15-run defeat by England on Friday. He is expected to be replaced by Mitchell Johnson in the team for Sunday's second match at The Oval, but no extra bowler will be added to the squad. Australia team doctor John Orchard said: 'His return to cricket will be decided in due course, based on follow-up examinations in Australia'."

  282. 1015:  

    Morning, everyone. While the attention of one or two sports fans may be turning towards tonight's Euro 2012 final, we've got a peach of a warm-up act for you today - with England looking to forge a 2-0 lead against Australia in this five-game one-day international series.

    It may be umbrella weather here in Salford Quays (where some shark-suited folk have been attempting the Great Manchester Swim this morning) but our man Sam Sheringham at The Oval says the weather in London is set fair - and the BBC weather forecast for Kennington looks fairly promising, though not without the risk of the odd light shower.

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Live Scores - England v Australia


  • England beat Australia by 6 wickets
  • England: 252-4 (45.4 overs)
  • Australia: 251-7 (50.0 overs)
  • Venue: The Oval

England Innings

View full scorecard
Cook lbw b McKay 18
Bell b Clarke 75
Trott b Watson 17
Bopara run out (Lee) 82
Morgan not out 43
Kieswetter not out 0
Extras 4nb 9w 4lb 17
Total for 4 252