Pakistan v England: Third Test day one as it happened

Sixteen wickets fall on the first day of the third Test, with England 104-6 in reply to Pakistan's 99.

3 February 2012 Last updated at 19:00

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As it happened

  1. 0525: 

    Good morning, and welcome to the first cricket text commentary on our new-look website. We've got lots of tricks and treats up our sleeves in this new format, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. For now the question we're all wondering is whether England will look to outdo us with a new look of their own? Ravi Bopara for Eoin Morgan perhaps? Full team and toss news on its way.


    Bad start for Skipper Strauss as he calls incorrectly in Dubai. Misbah fancies a bat, not surprisingly, and Strauss says he would have done the same.

  3. 0537: 

    Now then. The team news. And Strauss confirms that England will be unchanged, with Eoin Morgan retained in the number six slot. Here's the skip himself: "If someone is going to be left out it has to be for a good reason. I think we still have six very good batsmen in our dressing room and this is a chance to show that." One change for Pakistan, with Aizaz Cheema back in for Junaid Khan.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "Pitch looks a little drier than last time we were here... Should spin later in the game!!??"

    BBC Radio 5 live's Alison Mitchell

    "Big game for Morgan, whose place was the most vulnerable, with Bopara waiting in the wings."

  6. 0548: 

    Looks bright and sunny out in Dubai, as per usual. England have the same bowling attack, so another chance for Swann and Monty to prove themselves as king spin twins. I'm Sam Sheringham, and I'll be spreading my patter all over this page until lunch, when Mark Mitchener will take over for the second session. Then we'll fight over the final session. If you want to get involved, tweet us via the hashtag #bbccricket, text us on 81111 (UK) or send an email to the TMS inbox on or if you are reading this on our website, you can fill in the form on the top of this page.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "It's dry and it will spin. But England have got a good chance here. It might swing for a few overs with the new ball. The imperative is that England have a lead by the end of the first innings because they don't want to be chasing many on this pitch."

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "It would have been unfair on Bopara to play, it's such a long time since he had a knock. My view is more about Morgan, I'm not convinced he's a Test player."


    From Alan at work: "England have spin twins, Pakistan have spin triplets."

  10. 0600: 

    Right then, two minutes until Jimmy and Broad are unleashed on the Pakistan pair. There's been lots of good positive PR from England this week but can they deliver the victory they need to be guaranteed of holding on to the number one Test ranking beyond April? Before we start, have a quick read of the Alec Stewart column. He says England's batsmen need to take individual responsibility for their performances. Anyway, it's the bowlers' turn first. Here we go...

    WICKETTaufeeq lbw b Anderson 0 (Pkn 1-1)

    Mohammad Hafeez pushes into the covers to get the Pakistan score ticking over. There's some decent pace out there for Jimmy, that one's beats the bat, and strikes the pad. He's out! They have a quick chat about a review, but Hafeez tells Taufeeq Umar he's got to go.


    From Steve: "Bit of respite for our batsmen bowling first but due to poor performances we are really under pressure to get them all out for under 300."

  13. 0609: 

    Tremendous start for England. And they almost snaffle another and Broad gets some away swing and fires one past Hafeez's outside edge. Then a bit more bounce, and Hafeez cuts loosely. It flies off an edge high to Andrew Strauss's right and he gets his left hand to it but can't cling on. Tough chance, but those ones were sticking last summer.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "It's Matthew Prior's 50th Test cap today, and Alastair Cook's 75th. He's only 27."

  15. 0615: 
    Pkn 8-1

    We're back in the Johnny Cash stadium, so-called because of its "Ring of Fire" when the floodlights are on. Unfortunately it's a big ol' empty bowl at the moment but we're expecting a few more later on after morning prayers. Azhar Ali is the new batsman, fresh from his second-innings 68 in Abu Dhabi. Turned out to be a pretty important innings that. And he gets of the mark with a single in an otherwise runless Anderson over.


    From Anonymous: "Right call I think from Strauss with same team, allow players to fight for their trip to Sri Lanka, failure here for Morgan could be curtains maybe should be."

  17. 0623: 
    Pkn 8-1

    Pakistan are looking to regroup after that somewhat frenetic start with a wicket and a dropped catch and Azhar is happy to see out a maiden from Broad. Jimmy is getting the ball to dance a bit out there, the last ball of his third over snaking, at pace, past the outside edge.

    UMPIRE REVIEW - Azhar Ali

    Broad thinks he's got Azhar but the umpire says no. Looks like an inside edge to me.

    WICKETAzhar c Prior b Broad 1 (Pkn 8-2)

    The ball nipped back a bit off the seam and HotSpot showed a clear mark on the inside edge of the blade. The third umpire Shavir Tarapore takes a while, but Simon Taufel is forced to overturn his own decision and Pakistan are two down!

  20. 0629: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUTPkn 10-2

    Broad erupts into a very optimistic appeal from Younus Khan's first ball, but there's little support from his team-mates with the ball heading down the leg side. Then an absolute pearler scoots past the outside edge. England are all over Pakistan like a cheap suit.


    Injured England seamer Chris Tremlett: "After seeing specialist. Scans reveal a bulging disc and may require a little clean up. Hopefully back playing mid to end of April."

  22. 0634: 
    Pkn 14-2

    Hafeez pushes off a length through cover and Alastair Cook slips on the outfield as he stoops to collect. That could have been painful but I think the vice-skip's ok. What a chance for England to take control of this match today...

    WICKETYounus c Prior b Broad 4 (Pkn 18-3)

    Broad strays onto Younus Khan's pads and gets the full punishment as Monty gives chase but can't prevent a boundary. Then he bowls a short, wide one, it's a horrible shot from Younus, and he's caught behind!


    From Jim on the way to work in Norfolk: "Cracking start. This team thrives on momentum. Re: Morgan - a summer playing the four-day county game is required. Will come back a better Test player."

    BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt

    "Matt Prior becomes the sixth wicketkeeper to have played 50 Test matches for England. I'm offering a point apiece if you can name the others."

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "All the talk has been about England's batsmen and their troubles against spin, but Pakistan have forgotten to bat themselves. England should aim to be batting today."

  27. 0646: 
    Pkn 21-3

    As the French would say, extraordinaire. Two more wickets and England will be into the Pakistan tail. Hafeez is doing his best to be the boy with his finger in the dyke as he sees off another Anderson over. By the way, if you have been trying to email us using the form at the top of this page, try no longer as we are having some problems with it. Go back to the old-fashioned method of emailing from your own account to Or write a letter.

    BBC Sport's Joe Wilson in Dubai

    "Wonder if England now wish they had a third seamer in the team after this start... oh, but of course they do. Trott."

    UMPIRE REVIEW - Hafeez

    Broad has his arms raised agains as he smashes one into Hafeez's pad. Umpire Taufel says no, but England are going to review.

    WICKETHafeez lbw b Broad (Pkn 21-4)

    It's another one! The ball was hitting the top of leg stump and umpire Taufel is overruled again. Three wickets for Stuart Broad. This is beyond England's most exotic of dreams.


    From Ady in Sheffield: "Re: wicketkeepers to have played 50 Tests for England. I'm going to suggest the mighty 'tache terrier' that is Jack Russell."

    One down, four to go.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "Pakistan are in trouble - the way they're going, they're going to be bowled out cheaply as they're staying on the crease and not pickiong up the length. The pitch is still good, and they're not going to have anything for their spinners to bowl at."


    You cannot take your eyes off this. Anderson thuds the ball into Misbah's back pad. Steve Davis says it is out but the Pakistan skipper wants a review. This is desperate stuff from the hosts.

    WICKETMisbah lbw b Anderson 1 (Pkn 21-5)

    The ball was set to clatter into leg stump and he is a goner. We are in the 11th over of the day and Pakistan are five down!

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "Umpire's call? Bye bye, five down! England to win in three days! What will happen if they get bowled out with seam, and we get bowled out with spin?"


    From Steve: "Looks like we will roll them over cheaply. If we do it for less than 100 we could get a 1st innings lead. Ha ha."

  37. 0701: 

    Drinks break - I think the Pakistanis are having a stiff whisky. One more wicket and England are well and truly into the tail. Could they bowl Pakistan out for fewer than 72? That has to be the goal. Meanwhile, the TMS commentators are competing over who can oversee the most wickets. Current score is Aggers 2, CMJ 1, Blowers 2 and we've only had an hour of play!


    From Jonny in Leigh, TMS inbox: "Alan Knott and Alec Stewart surely?"

    Correct. Two more to get.

    BBC Sport's Joe Wilson in Dubai

    "Reviews all going England's way. Five wickets in an hour in an empty stadium, slightly surreal. Broad and Anderson; consistent through series."

  40. 0706: 
    Pkn 23-5

    Asad Shafiq squeezes his first ball to midwicket for a rare run before Adnan Akmal gets off the mark with a clip of his hips (a hip-clip?). The consensus seems to be that Hafeez got an inside edge on his dismissal that wasn't shown up on HotSpot. Simon Taufel looked pretty unhappy about the review and noted something down in his book. Everything is going England's way at the moment.

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    "Broad's having one of those jiggery-pokery Harmison moments, he lost his run-up twice in that over."


    From Alan, TMS inbox: "Re: wicketkeepers to have played more than 50 Tests for England, Godfrey Evans."

    That's four out of five, but it seems that you're struggling with the fifth.

  43. 0710: 
    Pkn 23-5

    A maiden from Lord Jim, and it's Monty-time.


    From Jon in Portsmouth: "Whoa - slow down boys! Kettle hasn't even boiled yet for 1st cuppa of the day!"

  45. 0715: 
    Pkn 26-5

    Ironically, England would love to have a third seamer in their attack at this moment in time, despite the success of two spinners last time round. Pakistan look much happier facing the gentle tweak of Monty as Akmal and Shafiq jog a single each.


    From Andy in Salford: "The last one is Bob Taylor."

    That's the lot. Going on victims per innings, Prior is second only to Jack Russell.

  47. 0719: 
    Pkn 34-5

    What a let-off for Pakistan! Shafiq pushes into the off side and calls for a suicidal single. Eoin Morgan collects and shys at the stumps but misses. Would have been out for the count. A better over for the hosts with Shafiq slapping three through midwicket and a couple of twos.

  48. 0722: 
    Pkn 35-5

    I think this qualifies as a partnership for Pakistan with this pair adding 14 so far. Monty rattles through another over, with very little sign of turn.

    BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford

    "Pakistan fast bowling great Waqar Younis among our guests during the lunch interval. 8am UK time."

  50. 0727: 
    Pkn 39-5

    Broad is steaming in for his seventh over but there are signs that these two are settling at the crease as Shafiq gets a couple through point. Still plenty of life in pitch as ball, as the last ball nibbles away past Akmal's bat.


    A full delivery from Broad nips back and traps Akmal in front of leg. After some deliberation, Davis says he's out but Akmal wants a review.

    WICKETA Akmal lbw b Broad 6 (Pkn 39-6)

    Once again, replays confirm that leg stump was set to take a pounding and Akmal has to go. Broad has 4-16. Slap, bang, wallop.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    "If Stuart Broad were asked if he'd rather bowl at the Waca or Dubai, he'd probably say Dubai! This could be a two-day Test match!"

  54. 0737: 
    Pkn 42-6

    Monty was England's main man in Abu Dhabi, but he's just a supporting actor here, with Broad nailed on to take the Oscar at the moment. Shafiq gets forward and collects three runs off a thick outside edge to take Pakistan's total into the 40s - for six!

    BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

    "The record number of dismissals in a three-Test series is 33 - Pakistan in the West Indies in 1992/93 - and we're up to 30 already. Ramiz Raja was lbw in both innings in Port of Spain."

  56. 0742: 
    Pkn 43-6

    In case you were wondering, Pakistan's lowest score against England is 72 - the same as England's against Pakistan. It's a quieter over from Broad as new man Abdur Rehman gets off the mark from a thick edge to third man.

    BBC Sport's Stephan Shemilt

    "At the age of 27, Alastair Cook is playing in his 75th Test match and extends his England record of 73 consecutive Tests. By my reckoning, if he doesn't get dropped or injured, he will break Sachin Tendulkar's record for the youngest player to play 100 Tests on the Ashes tour of 2013-14."


    Andrew Miller of The Cricketer magazine: "Hell of a start to the deciding Test from England... oh wait, hang on..."

    WICKETRehman c Pietersen b Swann 1 (Pkn 44-7)

    A brainless heave from Rehman goes high into the Dubai sky. Pietersen has an age to get into position, have a quick coffee, and pouch a simple catch.

  60. 0747: 
    Pkn 44-7

    You know I made it sound as if KP took that catch effortlessly? Actually I've just seen it again and he was pretty lucky, with the ball lodging in the back of his cupped paws. He pointed at the sky afterwards, as if blaming the sun, before thrashing his arm in anger. Saeed Ajmal sees out Swann's last two balls.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

    "Pakistan needed a solid hour of batting to see off Anderson and Broad - and they didn't manage it. Credit to England for bouncing back so viciously."

  62. 0751: 
    Pkn 44-7

    A lazy waft from Ajmal outside off stump almost brings about his downfall but ball misses bat by a whisker. Just seen a few replays of the wickets. England have been bowling straight and full and getting the rewards.


    From mattfowlerphoto: "Squeaky bum time for England batsmen? All over in day and a half?"

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    "If Broad is compared to Glenn McGrath, then the Anderson comparison - when he's at his very best - would be Richard Hadlee."

  65. 0756: 
    Pkn 47-7

    Swann is taken off after one over and one wicket and Anderson returns to try to snaffle his third victim. Ramiz Raja says Ajmal can be a handy tail-end "survivor" as he skilfully blocks out five balls from Anderson.


    From Andrew in Azerbaijan, TMS inbox: "I would urge any Dubai ex-pats to get down to watch some cricket. I took my son to Abu Dhabi to watch the fourth day and we had a great day despite seeing England skittled. The England players were sitting right in front of us looking very miserable."

  67. 0800: 
    Pkn 48-7

    A hip-clip (not a clothing accessory I promise) from Shafiq gets him two runs through midwicket. He's quietly putting together a decent little knock here, but will he run out of partners?

  68. 0804: 

    Shafiq stylishly cuts the last ball before lunch for four as Pakistan end the session on a high, but it's been England's morning, no doubt about that. What's the verdict then folks, a resurgent England finally showing their true colours, or Pakistan taking their eye off the ball? Probably a bit of both, but it's been a lot of fun to watch.


    From Rich in Sutton:"Nice try England but it's too little too late. You don't prove yourself as the world's number one team once the series is lost."

    BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

    "That was clinical, efficient bowling from England, particularly from Broad. Pakistan went out there thinking they could roll over England again - they'll be deflated and I'm not sure how they can get out of this tricky situation."


    From Dean in London: "When you win the toss and bat you are hoping for your openers to be batting at the end of the day. In fairness you can see that happening."

    BBC Radio 5 live's Alison Mitchell

    "Just looking up what I think is shortest completed Test - Aus v SA 1932 at MCG. 5 hrs 53 mins, but didn't finish til four days after it started!"

  73. 0814: 

    Right then, time to catch our breath and reflect on that barely credible morning. It felt more like the thrills and spills of Twenty20 than Test cricket with seven wickets falling in 26 overs to a combination of sharp seam bowling and poor shot selection. Stuart Broad was the star for England, taking 4-21, with Jimmy Anderson (2-24) as his able side-kick and Greame Swann lunching on figures of 1-1-0-1. We're off for a quick bite, listen to TMS in the meantime and join us for the second session at 0840 GMT. Mark Mitchener will be in the hot seat and he's promised to rattle out the last three wickets.


    Nick Hoult, Daily Telegraph: "Tim Bresnan fitness test today and he could be in UAE by tomorrow. Final call on fitness for one-dayers to be made in Lions match on Friday."

  75. 0834: 

    Many thanks to Sam Sheringham for a sterling effort this morning - hope you're enjoying the new live text system. I'm Mark Mitchener and I'll be your guide for the afternoon session. But with Sam having helped reduce Pakistan to 53-7, how do I follow that? The phrase "on a hiding to nothing" comes to mind...

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    "I'm hearing that the Duchess of Cambridge is being lined up to become the new patron of English cricket. She has a connection - her sister Pippa used to go out with former England all-rounder Alex Loudon."

  77. 0843: 

    Ready to resume - Stuart Broad, with figures of 11-4-21-4, will take up the attack. When a bearded man speaking into a mobile phone just above the sightscreen realises he's holding up play and sits down.

  78. 0846: 
    Pkn 53-7

    Saeed Ajmal is nearly cut in half as Broad pings one between his half-hearted prod and his midriff with the first ball after lunch, but he survives to play out a maiden over.


    From Anonymous: "If this was England batting it would've been, 'Oh, what poor batting' or 'What a useless technique'. But like it has been throughout this series, when England bat & get out it's poor cricket, but when they bowl and take wickets it's great bowling."

  80. 0850: 
    Pkn 57-7

    Monty Panesar back into the attack in place of James Anderson, who had sent down the last over before the interval. There's a slip and a short leg in for Asad Shafiq, and a man back at long-off in case he fancies a big heave. Monty has little margin for error, as Shafiq uses a bit of width to hammer a four through the covers.


    From Sam in Leeds: "Mark I'm going into an exam now so I expect you to have cleared the rabbits by the time I finished or I'll be bringing Sam back for his 10-for!"

  82. 0854: 
    Pkn 58-7

    Broad bangs in a lifter in which hits Ajmal squarely in the unmentionables... and I'm afraid to report that we no longer have the "OUCH!" graphic which we did under the old live text system, as this would be the perfect time to use it. Ajmal is grimacing, as you might expect, and the Pakistan 12th man brings him on a replacement "box". England's fielders are trying to stop themselves from grinning... Ajmal eventually dabs a single to Jonathan Trott at third man, but he's still doubled up in pain when he reaches the safety of the non-striker's end.

  83. 0858: 
    Pkn 59-7

    Panesar spins one past Ajmal's outstretched outside edge, and the batsman is in the wars again as he tries to sweep and is struck on the left shoulder. OUCH! A careful single to wide mid-on allows him to keep the strike.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "If you were on four-for, like Broad, and you were bowling well, you'd want more than two slips, wouldn't you?"

  85. 0902: 
    Pkn 61-7

    Ajmal plays and misses at Broad, he's taking a lot of the strike considering he's the number nine and his partner Shafiq is the recognised batsman. Ajmal goes for a pull shot, it lands in the deep mid-wicket area but safely and they run two as the fielder runs round from deep square leg. A swing and a miss rounds off the over.


    From Ed inBurton-on-Trent: "In reply to Rich in Sutton [0804], this is exactly what the number 1 team in the world do. When you have been humbled by 2 sessions of bad cricket you bounce right back. The best teams always bounce back. I'd back England to be number 1 on April 1st. Best bowling attack in the world and bowlers win you matches."

  87. 0904: 
    Pkn 64-7

    There's a bit of dispute on TMS about who sent them a particular cake which arrived in the commentary box earlier today. Could be a job for the International Cake Council's controversial Cake Decision Review System.

    Back on the pitch, there's a single from Shafiq, then Ajmal tries a lofted drive, there's a chase for Swann at long-off and he uses his soccer skills in an attempt to stop the ball with his foot from reaching the boundary - he may be a Newcastle fan but his footwork brings back memories of the Magpies' comedy central defenders Bramble and Boumsong as he nearly (but not quite) kicks it over the rope...

  88. 0908: 
    Pkn 69-7

    A single moves Shafiq to 30, but Ajmal is still looking like the senior partner as a hook shot evades the pursuing Panesar at fine leg and goes for four.

    And I could have been dreaming, but I'm sure I just saw the rugby league Challenge Cup and Super League trophies appear to my right, before being whisked away. All happening here at Beeb Towers in Salford Quays...

  89. 0910: 
    Pkn 70-7

    Shafiq steers a single to long-off, Ajmal prods one between slip and silly point and wants a run but is sent back. Monty being on doesn't half help England's over-rate.


    From Andy in Manchester: "Having woken up at 44-7 I said to myself I would set off for my job interview when England took their next wicket. I'm now in danger of adding to the UK's unemployment levels!"

  91. 0915: 
    Pkn 77-7

    Still only two slips in for the indefatigable Broad, who's bowling his 16th over - Shafiq drags one just wide of Swann at second slip, Ajmal rotates the strike and Shafiq rocks back to powerfully hammer a four through mid-wicket. A single takes him to 37, and this is becoming a distinctly annoying stand for England - worth 33 so far.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    (to Henry Blofeld) "Is that your handwriting? It's really messy."

    WICKETAjmal lbw b Panesar 12 (Pkn 78-8)

    Single from Shafiq, then Ajmal prods forward and is trapped lbw by the delighted Monty Panesar!

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    "That's a modern dismissal - he played forward and missed. Panesar doesn't need to straighten it that much to get it to pitch on, hit the pad and it would have hit."

  95. 0920: 
    Pkn 78-8

    Umar Gul is the new batsman, and I'm rather sharing Monty's delight at that wicket - not just because I'm a fellow number 11 batsman who needs to be hid in the field, but because I can imagine you storming Salford with flaming torches and demanding the return of Mr Sheringham to text commentary duty if I went a full session without a wicket... Gul sees off the over.

    BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

    "Umar Gul was the only batsman not to be out bowled or lbw in one of their innings in the second Test - he was not out in both innings."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    "I can't think of any grounds in the subcontinent, now that we have DRS, where you should't play two spinners."

  98. 0924: 
    Pkn 80-8

    James Anderson, tail up, replaces Broad at the Pavilion End (well, that's what TMS are calling it), Shafiq steers a two, while 12th man Ravi Bopara is on the field in place of Swann, who may have been injured trying to stop that four a few overs ago.


    From Matt in Plymouth, TMS inbox: "England's bowling has not been the problem - it has been the batting. If anything, England's bowling unit is proving again why they are the best in the world. Just time for the batters to come to the party!"

  100. 0926: 
    Pkn 80-8

    Having taken his first wicket, there's a bit of a spring in Panesar's step, but Gul - who normally favours a brief but entertaining cameo innings with the bat - plays out a maiden over.

  101. 0930: 
    Pkn 85-8

    Shafiq gets an edge to Anderson, but it flies just wide of the diving Swann (who's back on the field) at second slip... would have been a regulation catch for third slip - and they run two. A more successful shot, a flashing drive, sails through the covers and Anderson looks a little cross as Eoin Morgan slops the ball just in front of the rope as Shafiq completes a third run... meaning he keeps the strike. If he'd let it go for four, England would have been able to have another go at Gul.

    By the way, you can still e-mail us at to join in with the debates - we've had a bit of teething trouble with the "get involved" button on the website which points out how you can text or tweet us. Keep 'em coming.

  102. 0933: 
    WICKETShafiq lbw b Panesar 45 (Pkn 85-9)

    Monty has his man again! Having survived the first five balls, Shafiq tries a cut shot as he tries to farm the strike with a single and is hit on the back pad! Shafiq doesn't look too happy, but with no reviews left, he's got to go. And the ball-tracker had it hitting two-thirds of the way up middle stump.

    BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

    "Shafiq was the sixth lbw of the innings, which is one short of the world record. We're also one short of equalling that record for a three-Test series."

  104. 0938: 

    Aizaz Cheema is the new batsman, but he's the non-striker as Anderson attempts to remove Gul. Gul has an old-fashioned tail-ender's slog, but as the ball rattles away towards mid-wicket, he turns down a single - clearly doesn't have any confidence in the number 11. Gul is hit on the pad by the last ball of the over, England's appeal is turned down but they call for a review...

  105. 0938: 
    NOT OUTPkn 86-9

    It's "umpire's call" on whether it was hitting leg stump - so England lose a review, and Gul also managed to run a leg bye to keep the strike.


    From S3AN19: "Sat in the Uni library at 9am being spurred on by magic Monty! Great response from England. Makes German colonialism bearable!"

  107. 0942: 
    Pkn 95-9

    Gul goes on the attack against Monty, that's a huge hit towards cow corner and that's six! But hitting the next ball into the deep, he again rejects the chance to run a single. With two balls of the over left, some of the deep fielders come in, but Gul squeezes it past mid-wicket and they run three. And Cheema finally gets to face a ball, for the first time in the series, no less. A half-decent forward prod allows him to survive the last delivery of the over.

    BBC Test Match Special's Vic Marks

    "We discover that when Swann's out of the slip cordon, he's not the fleetest of foot."

  109. 0943: 

    Time for a drinks break. Just one wicket for England to take, they can be very pleased with their day so far.


    From Adrian, TMS inbox: "Pakistan will look to push on to 100 and bat only the once."

  111. 0948: 
    Pkn 99-9

    Geoff Boycott joins Aggers on TMS, lamenting the "indifferent" and "poor" shots played by Pakistan, as Anderson runs in to the big-hitting Gul. He drills the ball along the ground to wide long-on, and once more rejects a single. Gul tries to help a slower ball down the leg side, it disappears for four before Panesar can chase round from fine leg. As the field comes in, the fifth ball is a great yorker which Gul digs out, the sixth is punched to Kevin Pietersen at extra cover and England will now have a full over at Cheema.

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "England have had the sort of day that Jack Nicklaus used to say about golf - you can't win a four-day golf tournament on the first day, but you can certainly lose it."

  113. 0950: 
    Pkn 99-9

    Panesar tosses it up to Cheema, but the tail-ender plays out a maiden over.

    WICKETGul b Anderson 13 (Pkn 99 all out)

    Gul tries an agricultural swing at a straight ball and misses - Pakistan are skittled for 99!


    From Anonymous: "Following Lord Boycott's house selling and hat eating exploits after the last debacle in Abu Dhabi I wonder which of his possessions is on the line this time round?"

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "If England can't win from here, they're definitely not number one in the world - if they can't do it, they need to jump in the shower and stay there, with the cold water on."

    We will try to keep you posted with any hat-eating or house-selling pledges from Boycs!

    Monty Panesar One of the new features on the new live text system is that it allows you to add pictures - and we know how much you all love Monty Panesar so here he is to see you through until the England innings.
    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "Can you believe playing Cook and Trott playing in the top three of the one-day team, and Bell can't get in the side or only in at number six? He has the widest range of quality shots in the England side. No wonder we have a poor record in one-day cricket. I'd have Pietersen and Bell at either three or four, or one of them to open."


    From Big D at work: "Time for England batters to stand up and deliver or it could be their last game for England!"

  120. 1001: 

    If you're just joining us... where have you been? England steamrollered Pakistan after the hosts won the toss, taking five wickets in the first hour, seven by lunch, and have just wrapped up the innings for 99. Stuart Broad took 4-36, James Anderson 3-35, Monty Panesar 2-25, and Graeme Swann only bowled one over but it was a wicket maiden.

    England are ready for their innings - a big innings for some of their batsmen.


    From Muhammad, Birmingham: "Is it 25 England need to avoid the follow on?"

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "I saw Stuart Broad writing in an English paper the other day about how English batsmen have never done well in the subcontinent. Well, I got a scorer to look up some stats for me - Ken Barrington played eight Tests in India and Pakistan and averaged 90. Ted Dexter, Tony Greig, Dennis Amiss, Ian Botham, Douglas Jardine, all did well - and before you asked, I played eight Tests in India and Pakistan and averaged 58. Some teams and players have done well - like David Gower's in 1984/85 or Nasser Hussain's in 2001. So, some people talk a lot of tripe."

  123. 1009: 
    Eng 4-0

    Umar Gul takes the new ball for Pakistan, and captain Andrew Strauss gets England under way with a nudge off his legs for four.

    And thanks for your emails about one or two problems with the scorecard - we're aware there have been one or two teething problems with the live text system and the technical team are on the case.


    From Graeme in the Netherlands, TMS inbox: "Nice to see the England boys doing well (albeit belatedly) but I would still have liked to have seen Bopara playing instead of Morgan. The jury's still out as to whether Bopara's a part time pie-chucker who can swing a bit of willow or a decent middle-order batting all-rounder, but I think he deserves another chance. He's not the worst player of spin in the England set-up and he, Trott and KP could be our combined fifth bowler. Having said that, Morgan will probably go on to make a 'daddy' hundred, show I don't know what I'm talking about and cement his place for another couple of series."

  125. 1013: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUTEng 5-0

    Alastair Cook is hit on the pad by the first ball of the second over, bowled by Aizaz Cheema, there's a big shout but they decide against a review. And just as well, as the ball clearly pitched outside leg. The Essex opener turns a single off his legs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "Darren Gough's a better bowler than Cheema, but they have a similar trajectory, his natural delivery comes across the left-hander."

    WICKETCook c Akmal b Gul 1 (Eng 5-1)

    Cook half-heartedly jabs at one outside off stump and he's gone as the delighted wicketkeeper Adnan Akmal takes the catch diving in front of first slip!

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "Trott is probably the safest batsman in the England team. If he gets out, there'll be panic in that England dressing-room - and the spinners haven't even come on yet."

  129. 1020: 
    Eng 6-1

    Jonathan Trott is indeed the new batsman, and England will hope he'll still be there, digging his "Trott Trench" in the crease, this evening. He pushes a single into the covers - and please do not adjust your set. We really have had 11 wickets fall before tea on the first day. If this were the County Championship, the ECB pitch inspectors would be sliding down their pitch inspector Batpoles and revving up the pitch-inspecting Batmobile to come and have a look at the wicket!


    From Shadow_me: "This Test match is getting ridiculous."

  131. 1024: 
    Eng 7-1

    Pakistan are attacking with three slips and a gully (who's virtually a fifth slip) as Cheema trots in to Trott, who forces a single off his legs.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "You can tell Strauss is trying to find his rhythm at the crease. He's trying to see which shots he can get away with."

    WICKETTrott lbw b Gul 2 (Eng 7-2)

    Trott hit on the pad by Gul as he tries to force the ball to leg, and becomes the 12th wicket of the day!


    From Andy in Salisbury, TMS inbox: "I can understand why a lot of people are saying that Morgan should be dropped but let's not forget we are the number one team in the world and Morgan has played a part in getting us there. If we drop him after two bad matches and replace him with Bopara who also struggles we will just be in a position of instability at number six, swapping and reinstating all the time."

    BBC Test Match Special's Jonathan Agnew

    "The combined score is 106-12."

  136. 1031: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUTEng 9-2

    Kevin Pietersen is the new batsman, the way wickets are tumbling should they have sent in a tea watchman? KP is off the mark with a single off his first ball, while Gul appeals for lbw against Strauss with another one which pitches outside leg. A single takes the skipper to five, though his side are yet to make double figures.

    We've also now equalled the record number of lbws for a three-Test series and to add insult to injury, the ball-tracker shows that if Trott had reviewed his lbw decision, he'd have been reprieved as the ball was missing leg stump!

    BBC Sport's Sam Sheringham

    "Elsewhere in cricket, are the real India finally standing up? After a miserable 4-0 humbling in the Test series and a 31-run drubbing in the first Twenty20 international, they have bowled out the hosts for 131 in the second match in Melbourne."

  138. 1036: 
    Eng 12-2

    England limp into double figures with a leg bye, Pietersen forces a two off his legs but surely Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq must be tempted to give slow left-armer Abdur Rehman a twirl before tea? He won't need to if Pietersen continues to play awful slogs like that - aiming a huge swing that could easily have edged to the slip cordon or onto his stumps. But somehow he survives.

    BBC Test Match Special's Adam Mountford

    On Twitter: "England and Wales Cricket Board also confirm an approach made to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to become patron of ECB."

  140. 1039: 
    Eng 12-2

    Time for two more overs before tea? Strauss doesn't look comfortable against Gul but sees off the over - while Aggers will be speaking to the ICC's Tim Anderson, who works on developing cricket around the world, on TMS during the interval. Just about time for one more - and time for spin?


    From Arthur, TMS inbox: "Maybe we should make our batters practice without pads on so they'd get better at using their bats to hit balls."

    INTERVALTEA - Eng 19-2

    Off-spinner Saeed Ajmal is the man chosen for the last over before the break, rather than Pietersen's slow left-arm nemesis Abdur Rehman. He cracks the fourth ball of the over through the covers for three, which at least gets him off strike. Strauss tries a fierce cut shot which brings him four wide of the slips, and defends the last ball of another incredible session. Five wickets fell for 65 during it.


    From Stephen, still looking for shoes: "It appears as though my refresh button has turned into a wicket generator today. Must... resist..."

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "A partnership has to develop and 'go big' here. We've seen England get bowled out for 160 or 190, but they're in a position to get a good lead from here."

  145. 1048: 

    We're going to take a short break for tea - keep an ear on TMS for Aggers speaking to the ICC's Tim Anderson. As we mentioned earlier, there's a few things happening in the world of cricket today - India are 42-0 chasing 132 to beat Australia and level the Twenty20 series, while New Zealand thrashed Zimbabwe by 90 runs in their first ODI, and the ECB have made an approach to Alex Loudon's ex-girlfriend's sister to become their patron.

  146. 1058: 

    Another match happening today is the England Lions' latest unofficial ODI against Sri Lanka A - the Lions were bowled out for 204 and the two top scorers were openers Samit Patel (yes, opening) and Alex Hales who made 50 and 62 respectively.

    Interesting chat on TMS about the development of cricket around the world in places like China and the US - while a date for your diaries a week today on Friday, 10 February is Afghanistan's historic first ODI against Pakistan in Sharjah.


    From Paul in Farnham: "What must Steven Finn think, dropped mid-Ashes series despite being top wicket taker, about Morgan being selected?!"


    From TheRatt55: "The way this game is going, Test cricket will be known as the shorter format."

  149. 1103: 

    "Go and have a look at the BBC website which has a brand new look," says Aggers on TMS. Thanks to everyone out there for your patience with the occasional technical gremlins we've had with the new live text page, I'm pleased to say the "full scorecard" link on the site is now working, while the TMS link should also hopefully be working OK. Cross those fingers - England are batting again!


    From Matt, disgruntled in Leeds: "Re: Adam Mountford's tweet - Perhaps the ECB should ask Kate Middleton if she's available to bat in England's top order! By 'eck!!"

  151. 1107: 
    Eng 24-2

    Pietersen and Strauss begin some careful accumulation against Gul in the first over after tea, the first three balls are despatched for singles before Strauss cuts for two - it's hearts in mouths time as Strauss then looks to have edged to the keeper but it doesn't quite carry to the tumbling Akmal.

    BBC Test Match Special's Ramiz Raja

    "It's been a powerhouse performance by England's bowlers, but they now need to sort out their batting."

  153. 1112: 
    Eng 29-2

    Aizaz Cheema replaces Ajmal who sent down an over before tea - and Pietersen unleashes his first boundary of the innings with a fluent cover-driven four, before nudging a single to keep the strike.

    BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

    "Not since 1907 has a side been bowled out for under 100 in the first innings of a Test and won - England made 79 against South Africa at Leeds but went on to win by 53 runs after bowling South Africa out for 110 and 75."

  155. 1118: 
    Eng 30-2

    Pietersen pulls out of a bloodthirsty pull shot as Gul fires in a bouncer and opts to sway out of the way. When he does connect, it's a controlled pull along the ground and they run one. Cap'n Strauss sees off the over, and England are becalmed enough for a female spectator to be reading a book (a large paperback and she's near the start) while her male companion is engrossed in his mobile phone. But most of the day has been much more exciting than that...


    From Chris in Exeter, TMS inbox: "Who needs Twenty20 entertainment when Tests are this riveting? It was -10 in these parts last night and the cricket is certainly warming us up back here in cold old Blighty... can the poor form really all be down to the pitch?"

  157. 1121: 
    Eng 34-2

    Saeed Ajmal into the attack after that solitary post-tea Cheema over, but Pietersen is positive and advances down the track to drill a single wide of mid-on. He has 15 and is easily outscoring his skipper, who moves on to 13 with a nurdled single to fine leg. Meanwhile, play is held up by a man wandering around and bobbing his head up behind the sightscreen... set the stewards on him I say, and if he reoffends, lock him in a room to be lectured by Geoff Boycott about holding up the over-rate!


    From ChrisDoffer: "As this cannot be a draw now, if England lose this from here, top order heads, together with their pads and bats must roll."

  159. 1126: 
    Eng 49-2

    That's more like it from Strauss, rocking back and brutally square-cutting Gul for four. That earns the skipper a mid-pitch glove-pump with KP. Another punch through the covers earns him two more. Gul switches to bowling round the wicket and Strauss helps a single down the leg side. Pietersen leathers another four down the ground and flicks the last ball for four through square leg, that was straight off the middle and 15 runs off the over!


    From 1954baby: "Why don't we open with Broad and Prior, then the rest of the bowlers. They will get us a first innings lead. Then the batsmen can bat with no pressure."

  161. 1130: 
    Eng 50-2

    What's that? Kevin Pietersen hitting fours and playing more fluently than he's looked like doing all tour? "Hello, Central Casting? Get me a left-arm spinner!" It's Abdur Rehman into the attack with his potent blend of slow left-armery, and a single from Strauss brings Pietersen back on strike against the dreaded SLA. But he survives. For now. Fifty up for England, by the way.


    From Robin in Coventry, TMS inbox: "KP has learnt nothing from this series then\u2026.anyone who has got runs has done a GB by accumulating runs and 'treating each ball on its merit'. KP obviously seems to think 20 minutes' slogging will get him a face-saving score."

  163. 1133: 
    Eng 52-2

    Strauss pushes Ajmal for two, this stand is now worth 45, I'm almost afraid to comment further amid "commentator's curse" fears...


    From Lynchy, Shepherds Bush: "Is the lack of crowd affecting the batsmen's concentration in this Test series? I imagine if the equivalent international football/rugby match between two of the world's top teams was played on neutral territory with sparse crowds there would be a noticable drop in the quality and motivation of the players."

  165. 1136: 
    Eng 58-2

    Rehman skips in to bowl to Pietersen, while Blowers on TMS mentions that "rather like Batman, Michael Vaughan has appeared - and he's dressed rather like Batman too." I'm sure our coverage would be enhanced if you could watch a TMS webcam while reading the live text. Pietersen slog-sweeps Rehman for four, and that's the fifty stand.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "The last 35 minutes or so has been the most positive that anyone has batted in this match. But the England batsmen have the bowlers to thank for putting them in the position where they have the opportunity to bat like this because they're only chasing 99."

  167. 1139: 
    Eng 61-2

    TMS scorer Andrew mentions that this is only England's third fifty partnership of the series as Strauss continues to bat fluently against Ajmal, pushing a two through extra cover and positively sweeping for a single.


    Simon Mann (who'll be commentating on TMS during the one-day internationals): "It must have been a lively morning around the breakfast table when the Akmal boys were growing up."

  169. 1143: 
    Eng 63-2

    Strauss plays and misses at Rehman... then again... maybe the last 40 minutes was a mirage after all. He and Pietersen manage a single apiece, and KP gets a fresh pair of gloves from reserve wicketkeeper Steven Davies, who's also on hand to offer the batsmen a quick drink.

  170. 1147: 
    Eng 64-2

    Shadows spreading across the Dubai International Cricket Stadium (or as CMJ dubbed it during the first Test, the "Johnny Cash Stadium" as it's known as the "Ring of Fire" when the floodlights are on). Pietersen continues to walk the line against Ajmal's off-spin, just a single from the over.

    UMPIRE REVIEWPietersen

    Pietersen plays forward against Rehman and is hit on the pad, umpire Simon Taufel raises his finger... but England want a review!

  172. 1150: 
    WICKETPietersen lbw b Rehman 32 (Eng 64-3)

    Will he succumb to left-arm spin again? Pitching in line, impact in line, the ball-tracker thinks it might have grazed the top of leg stump by a millimetre but it's "umpire's call" and a furious KP pulls his gloves off in disgust!

    And however he may protest that he doesn't have a problem with it, the crucial eight letters here are: KP LBW SLA.


    From seasiderlsa: "Is this a case of two good bowling sides or two bad batting sides? The scoring has been quite low by both teams?"

  174. 1153: 
    Eng 64-3

    Apparently the technical bods on the TV think that was 2.2 millimetres away from missing leg stump. I hope Matt Prior warns KP about placing his bat anywhere that it could accidentally (though perhaps a little implausibly) bounce up and break a window. Ian Bell is the new batsman and he sees off the rest of a wicket maiden from Rehman.

  175. 1155: 
    Eng 64-3

    Ajmal sends down an uneventful (but rapid) maiden over to Strauss.


    From Ian in Glasgow: "Does anyone have stats for the number of reviews KP asks for and how many if any are successful?"

  177. 1159: 
    Eng 66-3

    Bell and Strauss plunder a single apiece against Rehman, so the Warwickshire man is off the mark.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "I think the only position Ian Bell could bat in the one-day side would be to open. To bat in the middle order, you need to be able to hit sixes down the ground. The game's moved on - you need power options at 4, 5, 6 and 7, and I don't think Bell has that. With Alastair Cook captain, I think Bell's options there will be limited so I think Pietersen will open. I also think a few of the Test players won't be in the ODI squad - I hope they give Buttler a run in the team, and Jonny Bairstow's the future. Finn was exceptional in India, he's got to play. Hampshire slow left-armer Briggs has done well, he could be in."

  179. 1202: 
    DRINKS BREAKEng 70-3

    Strauss hits Ajmal down the ground for his fourth boundary, before showing a perfect forward defensive stroke to the spinner. That's drinks - and this is Mark Mitchener handing over for the rest of the day...

  180. 1206: 

    Thanks Mark for another wicket-fuelled stint. Sam Sheringham taking over now to see us through to the close on our trigger-happy new text commentary system. Will it fire out another two England batsmen pre-stumps or can Andrew Strauss help build a healthy lead?

  181. 1207: 
    Eng 72-3

    Rehman bowls the first over after a tea-time tipple and Bell waits until the last ball before whipping throgh midwicket for two. We've just heard that was the 22nd time Kevin Pietersen has been dismissed by a left-arm spinner and he's not a happy bunny apparently. There's no doubt the DRS is having a damaging effect on batting averages but if the ball is going to hit the wickets, then you should be out, no?

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "Pakistan have got to get Bell on strike against Ajmal. If he still can't read him, he's got a problem."


    Saeed Ajmal thinks he's got Strauss out stumped here. The third umpire is taking a look but I think he's going to be OK.


    The England skipper missed a sweep shot there, but managed to sneak his foot behind the line just before stumper Akmal whipped off the bails. Boy does Strauss need a fifty here at the very least.

  185. 1216: 
    Eng 72-3

    Ajmal has dismissed Ian Bell three times this series and conceded 10 runs in the process. Bell looks like he's taking his driving Test such is his obsessive concentration as he sees out a maiden from his nemesis.


    From Steve in Birmingham: "Genuinely feel sorry for KP there; normally a big critic but his reputation as a bad player of SLA probably cost him his wicket there, very tight call."


    From Phil, Henlow: "You don't have to have alliterative names to do live text commentary, but it helps, clearly."

  188. 1220: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUTEng 72-3

    Scratchy stuff from Strauss as an inside edge deflects on to his back pad, then there's a stifled appeal for lbw, with replays showing a faint inside edge. The spinners have a bit of a stranglehold on England again here.

  189. 1223: 
    Eng 72-3

    Bell is going through the full range of defensive strokes here: forward, back-foot, desperate last-minute. It's another maiden, this time from Rehman, the fourth in a row. Talk amongst yourselves.


    From David in a dressing gown: "Not sure I agree with Steve in Birmingham [1216]. I doubt Mr Taufel gave him out on his reputation. Although that would be a novel approach to umpiring."


    Strauss breaks the shackles with a tickle round the corner for a single. Then Belly Savelas (as he's occasionally known in these quarters) gets a rush of blood and lofts Ajmal over the top. It lands safely and the run two. Bell plays and misses at the next ball and they are appealing for a stumping again....

  192. 1227: 
    WICKETBell st Akmal b Ajmal 5 (Eng 75-3)

    He's out you know! Very unlucky though as Akmal actually fumbled the ball and it bounced off his gloves and onto the stumps. The third umpire takes an age to make the decision but Bell's foot was not back in time and he's failed again.

  193. 1232: 
    Eng 75-4

    Boycs is giving the Indian third umpire Shavir Tarapore an absolute hammering for taking so long over that but surely the important thing is that they get these things right. Here's Eoin Morgan ... and he safely blocks the last ball of Ajmal's over.


    From chris5marsh: "Would be interesting to get some stats on which batsman has scored the most runs after being reprieved by DRS..."


    You cannot take your eyes off this for a second. Eoin Morgan pushes forward and the ball strikes his pad. Looked like a routine leg bye but Pakistan are reviewing it...


    He was well outside the off stump and that's a total waste of a review by Pakistan.


    From TP, Bedford: "If England don't build a good lead from here I'll buy all Boycott's three houses. He can keep the hat..."

    BBC Test Match Special's statistician Andrew Samson

    "Bell's record against Ajmal in this series - he's faced 34 balls, scored 12 runs and been out four times."

  199. 1237: 
    Eng 77-4

    England have left-handers at both ends, so surely it can only be a matter of time before Pakistan introduce specialist leftie-slayer Mohammad Hafeez. Strauss sees out the rest of Rehman over, which means it will be Ajmal to Morgan. Wicket graphic alert?

  200. 1239: 
    Eng 77-4

    Sorry Eoin, a bit harsh I confess but it's time you delivered young man, or you'll be spending your Easter back home. It's a maiden as Morgan blocks six balls in a row. At some point, England have to counter-attack or any lead will be slender.


    From Petiepie71: "We constantly hear how good Morgan is against spin, time for him to prove it."

    BBC Radio 5 live's Alison Mitchell

    "If Akmal had actually taken the ball cleanly, Bell would have got his toe back in time - unlucky!"

  203. 1243: 
    Eng 79-4

    Strauss sweeps and there's another big appeal from Rehman but Pakistan choose against using their last review. Bad decision - replays suggest that would have been out! Then Blowers gives TMS listeners a coronary by suggesting England are seven down. Morgan uses his feet to get off the mark with a push to long-on for a single.


    From Bhavesh, Gujarat: "If the ECB had the power that the BCCI have, they would outlaw spin bowling."

  205. 1246: 
    Eng 88-4

    Morgs, Morgs, Morgs! The Dubliner hits the shot of the day by miles, crisply lofting Ajmal straight over the top for six of the best. Where's he been hiding that one? He looks so much better when he's being positive. A Misbah misfield turns one into two, Morgan pushes a single to long-on, and it's a profitable over for the tourists, who are now just 11 runs behind.


    Morgan plays back and misses. Umpire Taufel says no but this looks very, very close...

  207. 1249: 
    WICKETMorgan lbw b Rehman 10 (Eng 88-5)

    He was struck on the bat pad with the ball going on to his the top of middle. Simon Taufel is overruled again and England are five down. We've had 15 wickets today. Anyone fancy meeting up on Sunday?


    From David M, TMS inbox: "Was just looking at your new 'Appeal' icon. It may just be me, but I cannot help but see a weight lifter completing the 'jerk' phase of a clean-and-jerk lift, whilst standing in front of a small radiator."

  209. 1256: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUTEng 92-5

    The batting averages are taking a hammering! No batsmen has made a century in this entire series and the highest score by anyone today is 45. David M (below), here's your weight-lifter, as Pakistan appeal for an lbw against Prior. No review this time but it hit him on the back leg and must have been close. Prior sweeps for a single. We have eight overs remaining today and England will be desperate to avoid further damage.


    From Nick, trying to work: "Bell has failed again but so has the whole of Strauss's dropable batting unit so far. 40 contributed by numbers 2 to 5 in pursuit of 99 - let's hope the rest of them know how to hold a bat."

  211. 1259: 
    Eng 95-5

    Strauss's scoring has ground to a halt here with wickets a'tumbling at the other end. But he gets a much-needed single with a flick to long-on. We've had nine lbws today and 35 in the series, which is a record for a three-Test contest. The record for a five-Test series is 43 so it's not impossible that we could break that one too.


    From Dan C, Lincs: "On the icon theme, the wicket icon looks like the umpire is jiving under disco lights!"

  213. 1301: 
    Eng 97-5

    England's fragile state in a nutshell as Strauss is caught in two minds and lofts a complete nothing-shot just wide of the bowler Ajmal. That would have been a horrible dismissal, and there have been plenty of those today.


    From Anonymous: "I was also just looking at the review icon and I can't help but see someone striking a karate pose!"

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "It's the England bowlers who are giving the batsmen the opportunity not to look too silly because they keep bowling Pakistan out. Morgan missed a straight ball, Trott played across a straight ball, and Bell didn't pick Ajmal again. It's been a fascinating day - the bowlers gave them a great opportunity but England have looked very nervous in the last few overs."

    WICKETPrior b Rehman 6 (Eng 98-6)

    Rehman strikes again as Prior is deceived by the spin and is castled. The ball turns a bit but not hugely. Can't help feeling most of the demons here are in England's minds.

  217. 1311: 
    Eng 100-6

    England send out Jimmy Anderson as a nightwatchman to protect their number eight batsman Stuart Broad. Strauss gets a run to give Anderson the strike straight away and he defends three balls before Ajmal gifts England the lead with a horror-delivery that scoots off for three runs down the leg side. Crazy, crazy cricket this.

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "I'm not sure it's the right decision sending a nightwatchman out here. Do you need to protect your number eight?"


    From Rory in Lisbon, TMS inbox: "The Umpire Review icon looks like an interlocked fingers disco ripple from the 1980s."

  220. 1316: 
    APPEAL - NOT OUTEng 103-6

    We are into the last four overs of the day with men around the bat and Anderson intent on survival. Rehman appeals for an lbw but it's too high, then another huge appeal but there's an inside edge, then they claim a short leg catch but it's off the pads. Something is happening every ball here, and the umpires would be within their rights to claim double pay for this shift!


    From Anonymous: "And the umpire review icon is definitely Boycott choking on cake!"

  222. 1319: 
    Eng 104-6

    Anderson shuffles a run into the leg side to give his skipper three balls of Ajmal to face. The first turns sharply past the outside edge, the last two are safely kept out. Two overs to go folks, hold on to your hats.


    From Mark in London: "The 'toss' graphic looks like two men clay-pigeon shooting, without guns."

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "I can't believe they've got a long-on for Jimmy Anderson. He's never hit the ball over mid-on in his life."

  225. 1323: 
    Eng 104-6

    A well as the afore-mentioned long-on, there is a leg slip, a slip, a short leg and a silly mid-off for Rehman. But blocker Jim is doing his best to live up to his newly-acquired nickname with some textbook defence. One to go.


    From TomAstleyPhoto: "I wonder how many wickets Shane Warne would have if DRS was available for all his career. Batsmen have nowhere to hide any more."

  227. 1328: 
    CLOSE OF PLAYEng 104-6 (lead by 5)

    Strauss does his best to lift the mood with a late boundary but fails to connect with a sweep shot. The last ball sparks another appeal but Strauss was well outside off stump there and they decide not to review. Thus concludes a quite extraordinary day of Test cricket.

  228. 1330: 

    Pakistan engage in a lengthy huddle at the end of the day as captain Misbah addresses his troops. They have done a phenomenal job with the ball after a pretty dismal one with the bat and England's lead is just five runs with four wickets remaining. Test cricket, who would have thunk it.


    From TomEMcKeown: "Is this a new form of cricket crossed with that card game where the lowest score wins? Crazy."


    From David M, TMS inbox: "And for the full set, does the 'not out' icon not look more than a bit like a honky tonk piano player striking a chord in some speak-easy? It's been a long day?"

    BBC Test Match Special's Michael Vaughan

    "I don't remember a series where so many batsmen looked so out of form. A lot of the balls today were just full balls that they played across the line of. And the DRS is causing chaos for batsmen."


    From John in Essex: "The close of play icon looks like Sir Geoff going out to bat with stick of rhubarb..."

  233. 1338: 

    Talking of Lord Geoffrey, here's his verdict on a quite remarkable day's play...

    BBC Test Match Special's Geoffrey Boycott

    "Some of the Pakistan batting in the morning was poor, but the England bowling was excellent - Anderson and Broad kept the length up and Pakistan succumbed to poor shots. With all the talk about England collapsing to Pakistan's spinners, they've struggled against top quality seam bowling. But we've made their spinners look world class - Prior's was the perfect example, he was so square-on and bat miles in front of his pad. That's not the way to play the slow turning ball."

  235. 1340: 

    Right then folks, it's time to say goodbye. It's been emotional, eccentric, extraordinary and plenty more besides. Stephan Shemilt has done his best to sum it up in his match report. I'll see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 0530 tomorrow morning. Bye for now.


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Live Scores - Pakistan v England


  • Pakistan beat England by 71 runs
  • Pakistan: 99 & 365 (152.4 overs)
  • England: 141 & 252 (97.3 overs)
  • Venue: Dubai

England 2nd Innings

All out
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Strauss lbw b Rehman 26
Cook c Y Khan b Ajmal 49
Trott c Rehman b Ajmal 18
Pietersen b Ajmal 18
Bell c Shafiq b Gul 10
Morgan c A Akmal b Gul 31
Prior not out 49
Broad c Umar b Gul 18
Swann c Shafiq b Gul 1
Anderson c Y Khan b Ajmal 9
Panesar lbw b Rehman 8
Extras 3nb 4b 8lb 15
Total all out 252

Pakistan v England 2012

England's one-day squad for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Fixtures, reports and scorecards

All the details of England's Test and ODI series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates.