Ricky Burns v Jose Gonzalez as it happened

Ricky Burns defends his WBO world lightweight belt after a punishing fight with Jose Gonzalez in Glasgow.

12 May 2013 Last updated at 00:11

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As it happened

  1. 2337: 

    I'll sign off now. It was a strange ending to a tense night for the defending champion but Ricky Burns toughed it out to retain his belt against a very tricky customer.

    Thanks for your company and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. 2335: 

    A quick recap on what was a dramatic night of boxing in Glasgow: Ricky Burns retained his WBO lightweight title after Jose Gonzalez stayed on his stool at the end of the ninth round.

    The 29-year-old mandatory challenger from Puerto Rico went into the fight unbeaten in 22 fights, with 17 of them won inside the distance, but an injury - with the suggestion it was a broken wrist - scupper his chances of an upset.

    Burns was largely out-boxed in the first six rounds and survived a seventh round in which he took some punishment and although he came back after that he was behind on points when the fight came to a premature finish.

  3. 2330: 

    So what now for Ricky Burns? Will he get a crack at one of the big boys from across the pond?

    WBC champion Adrien Broner or Miguel Vazquez, holder of the IBF title, will be in his sights.

    Once again, Burns demonstrated that he has the heart of a lion but he will need to sharpen up his act if he is to succeed against either one of those men. Gonzalez had him flummoxed for long spells.

  4. 2325: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "The post-fight media conference should be interesting. The arena is almost empty now and we are left to reflect on a gutsy win for Burns but also ponder what might have been for Gonzalez had a damaged, possibly broken, left wrist not ended his challenge."


    Craig Rothnie on Twitter: "Or if you cant get up out your stool, then just give up? - weirdest end to a fight i have ever seen! #bbcsportscot"


    Kevin Mitchell, former WBO Inter-Continental lightweight champion, on Twitter: "I've fought with broken hands! More like Gonzalez didn't have the heart Ricky had! #greatwin"

  7. 2319: 

    Ricky Burns parades in the ring with his belt aloft. It wasn't the champion's best performance by any stretch and Jose Gonzalez fought a smart fight until he ran out of steam. A damaged hand ultimately ended the contest but perhaps the challenger had just lost heart as the Scot kept coming forward under the hot lights at the Emirates Arena.

  8. 2315: 
    WBO champion Ricky Burns talking to Sky Sports

    "I felt he was getting tired and I had to keep the pressure up.

    "I couldn't believe how awkward he was. I felt like it was maybe a boring fight and I thought I should go to town a bit and I knew my corner didn't like it. I could hear (trainer) Billy (Nelson) going off his nut!

    "But I take my hat off to him (Gonzalez), he's a class opponent and he caught with me with a few good shots."

  9. 2312: 

    Benny Lynch and Ken Buchanan are widely regarded as Scotland's best ever boxers but Burns must now rank alongside Jim Watt in the second tier of greats and he could yet rise higher if he can get a tilt at a glitzy unification fight.

  10. 2310: 

    Round seven was a major turning point as Burns took the fight to Gonzalez and both men looked out on their feet. However, the Scot somehow had energy in reserve, while the challenger was spent.

  11. 2307: 

    Burns got through one hell of a battle through strength of character and his terrific physical condition. He was certainly in all sorts of trouble during the opening six rounds.

  12. 2306: 

    The bell sounds and Gonzalez does not get off his stool. The challenger is out with a damaged hand apparently... The crowd are a little bewildered and there is a lengthy pause before the celebrations start.

  13. 2305: 

    Gonzalez has lost his snap, crackle and pop as Burns continues to step forward. The challenger appears drained and is just wafting his tired arms. The champion is on top without really hurting his opponent.

  14. 2302: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "This is the most ragged I have seen Burns since the opening rounds of the Roman Martinez fight, which, of course, he won. But the Scot is in the midst of an almighty battle here. Just how much energy has Gonzalez spent?"

  15. 2300: 

    Both men look for a bit of a breather after that punishing last round, with Gonzalez trying to keep his distance. However, Burns traps his man with a couple of tasty shots. The champion is the one coming forward as his opponent slips awkwardly but he's not really doing much damage.

  16. 2257: 

    Burns is wobbling as Gonzalez catches him with a couple of beauties. The champion responds with a brave flurry but the Puerto Rican takes the fight right back to him and turns up the heat. Both men look utterly exhausted at the end of that round, with Burns collapsing into his stool.

    Gonzalez is causing Burns all kinds of trouble Gonzalez is causing Burns all kinds of trouble
  18. 2252: 

    Burns is missing a lot and looks flustered as Gonzalez coolly ducks out of danger and gets through with a few counter-punches. There is barely a bead of sweat on the challenger. Burns needs to do more, much more, if he is to hold on to his belt.

  19. 2250: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "Jose Gonzalez is already showing what a proficient boxer he is. At the end of the fifth round he winks to his corner as he saunters back for a short rest after three fabulous minutes."

  20. 2248: 

    The crowd try to get Burns going with a blast of the old favourite "Here we go..." But the champion is going nowhere as Gonzalez shakes him with a right hook and has him trapped on the ropes for a while. A big round for the challenger.

  21. 2244: 

    Gonzalez continues to look composed as he probes for openings with his impressive jab. The Puerto Rican has yet to unwind with a big punch yet but is really mixing it up as Burns edges forward in a rather jittery fashion.


    BBC Scotland's Kenny Crawford on Twitter: "Great noise at Emirates Arena for Ricky Burns fight, but Jose Gonzalez doesn't look too shabby. And he has glittery shorts. #bbcsportscot"

  23. 2241: 

    Burns is being out-jabbed and trainer Billy Nelson is screaming "don't get frustrated" from the corner. A brief flurry from the champion gets the crowd going but Gonzalez recovers well from a couple of blows to the body.

  24. 2238: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "The opening two rounds suggest this could be a thriller. Jose Gonzalez, 10 feet from me, heads back to his corner after six minutes of action looking composed and determined. No sign of panic or distress yet."

  25. 2236: 

    Gonzalez may be two inches shorter but he has a longer reach and he's keeping Burns at bay with ease as he slips and slides one way then another. An early uppercut from the challenger flashes narrowly wide of the mark as the home favourite again fails to land any significant punches.

  26. 2232: 

    Gonzalez looks pretty relaxed in what his first fight outside his homeland and the Puerto Rican lands a couple of tasty blows as Burns struggles to find his range. Nothing for the crowd to get excited about after such a frenzied build-up.

  27. 2228: 

    Ding, ding. We're are off...

  28. 2227: 

    Ricky Burns milks one more roar from the crowd as referee Russell More brings the fighters together. Both men weighed in at 9st 8lb 8oz.

  29. 2223: 

    The national anthem of Puerto Rico is played out before the crowd launch into an impassioned blast of Flower of Scotland.

  30. 2220: 

    No such flash from the champion as Ricky Burns makes his way through the crowd to a huge roar of approval.

  31. 2218: 

    A loud chorus of boos greet the challenger Jose Gonzalez as he dances into the ring wearing a blue sequened cape. The Puerto Rican looks like a sparkly Obi Wan Kenobi.

  32. 2216: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "The lights are dimmed in Glasgow's east end at the splendid new Emirates Arena. There's an air of nervous, boozy excitement. Burns' fans sing "I Just Can't Get Enough" and stamp their feet. It really is great theatre."

  33. 2214: 

    The "mind games" started at Wednesday's media head-to-head. There was no silly niggle beyond the obligatory staring contest but Gonzalez did turn up wearing a peach, short-sleeved shirt, which takes some front under any circumstances.

    Very few men outside the world of darts can carry the short-sleeved shirt, with the obvious exception of Homer Simpson and Gus Fring at Los Pollos Hermanos.

  34. 2210: 

    The skirl of the bagpipes fills the arena and the crowd are in the mood after that last fight. Not long before Ricky is in the ring...


    Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh on Twitter: "C'MON RICKY BURNS!!!!"

    Old Irv often provides very entertaining Twitter commentary on a range of sports which begs the question how does he ever get any proper work done?

    And the Edinburgh scribe follows in a long line of novelists enthralled by boxing, including Jack London, George Plimpton, Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates and of course Papa Hemingway, although he preferred an actual scrap to writing about the sweet science.

  36. 2200: 

    The main event will be along very soon and Ricky Burns's trainer Billy Nelson is in confident mood but thinks his man does not quite get the credit he deserves in his homeland.

    "Ricky is a genuine world class fighter and that's what we tend to forget in Scotland," he said yesterday.

    "We don't appreciate what we have got until maybe it is not there anymore.

    "We should be very proud of him.

    "There is nobody in the whole world - and I sincerely mean this - who could beat Ricky Burns at lightweight just now.

    "I think he is in the condition of his life to be perfectly honest."

  37. 2159: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "Choi Tseveenpurev's trainer lifts his fighter on to his shoulders at the end of the 12-round contest. This doesn't go down well with the home support, who boo loudly."

  38. 2157: 

    John Simpson gets the nod from all three judges. The lad from Greenock puffs out his cheeks and affords himself a smile after a tough night's work.

    Simpson wins 116-112, 117-112, 116-113

  39. 2155: 

    The old warrior Choi Tseveenpurev lands a few crunching body shots in the 12th round but John Simpson has probably done enough for a very hard-earned victory for the vacant WBO Inter-Continental super-featherweight title.

  40. 2151: 

    Simpson is getting one last talking to on his stool before going out for the final round in what has been an enthralling contest.

  41. 2148: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "Simpson's squat little Mongolian opponent is not for giving up here and is still hammering away with both fists. It's hard not to be distracted, though, by his astonishing pony-tail-of-sorts - it was cunningly disguised under a traditional Mongolian hat when he entered the ring. Simpson just needs to keep it tidy in the last two rounds for a points win."


    Kevin Mitchell, former WBO Inter-Continental lightweight champion, on Twitter: "Good luck tonight bro."


    Use #bbcsportscot on Twitter.

  43. 2145: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "The crowd is focused on John Simpson's tough bout against Mongolia's Choi Tseveenpurev. After nine rounds, the Greenock super-featherweight looks to have edged ahead of the 41-year-old but the veteran has danger in both fists and is capable of a knock-out. And he has never been stopped..."

  44. 2143: 
    BBC Scotland's Keir Murray ringside at the Emirates Arena

    "On the undercard, Edinburgh's Steve Simmons won the vacant Celtic Cruiserweight title after Michael Sweeney's corner retired the Irish fighter with an unspecified injury after three rounds.

    Glasgow super-featherweight Michael Roberts survived a cut eye from a clash of heads in the third round and some thumping, varied shots in the sixth to beat Brentford-based Polish southpaw Mariusz Bak.

    Judges gave the Scot the nod with a score of 58-57. The 26-year-old takes his record to 12 wins and no defeats as he seeks to build a case for a tilt at the British title."

  45. 2141: 

    The 30-year-old champion from Coatbridge has been tipped for potential big-money meetings with WBC champion Adrien Broner or Miguel Vazquez, holder of the IBF title, should he defeat Gonzalez. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

  46. 2138: 

    Burns, who has won 35 of his 37 professional contests, has not fought since beating Kevin Mitchell in September last year because his last two planned fights were both called off at short notice.

  47. 2135: 

    Gonzalez, unbeaten in 22 fights with 17 of them won inside the distance, is confident he can spring a surprise tonight.

    "I respect Ricky Burns as a boxer and as a person," he said yesterday.

    "He is the best I have ever fought, he is two-times world champion.

    "He has got a lot of skills, he is a good boxer, and he throws a lot of punches.

    "I respect that a lot but this is one opportunity I have in my life to prove I am a true boxer too."

  48. 2130: 

    Good evening fight fans and welcome to our coverage as Ricky Burns makes the third defence of his WBO world lightweight belt in Glasgow.

    The challenger at the Emirates Arena is Jose Gonzalez; a big-hitting 29-year-old from Puerto Rico.

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