GB Olympic Athletics Trials - as it happened

How the action unfolded on the final day of the Olympic Trials as Robbie Grabarz, Andy Pozzi and Shara Proctor all win.

24 June 2012 Last updated at 19:53

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As it happened

  1. 1907:  

    Those that haven't quite sealed their place in Team GB will head to Finland for the European Championships next week (27 June-1 July) in what will be their final chance to qualify ahead of the expected team announcement on 3rd July. Until then, it's goodbye from me.

  2. 1902:  

    We're now that much closer to knowing who will make up Britain's Olympic athletics squad for London 2012. Lawrence Okoye, Holly Bleasdale, Andy Pozzi, Shara Proctor, Perri Shakes-Drayton and Robbie Grabarz have all cemented their places and can breathe a sigh of relief. For others, like Andy Turner and Michael Rimmer they face a nervous wait with their fates in the hands of UK Athletics selectors.

  3. 1856:  

    The former rugby player who has deferred his place at Oxford University wins the discus with a throw of 63.46m. With that, the British record holder is off to London. Brett Morse was second (62.27m) and Abdul Buhari third (60.94m).

  4. 1851:  

    Well, that didn't disappoint. Andrew Pozzi stormed through late on as clear winner of the 110m hurdles in 13.41s. His training partner Lawrence Clarke followed him in second (13.45s), whilst 2011 world bronze medallist Andy Turner was third so faces a nervous wait to see if he's picked for the third place.

  5. 1848:  
  6. 1846:  

    The final event on the track and it's going to be epic. Tune in live to BBC Two now to watch the 110m hurdles final featuring Britain's fastest men - Andy Turner, Lawrence Clarke and Andy Pozzi.

    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "Osagie did what he had to do and looked good, he is a great stylist. Rimmer may have seen his Olympics place snatched away, With 5m to go he was in the team but he just fell away. He had second place in his grasp but it just slipped away in the last few strides."

  8. 1843:  

    With a peace salute and a wide smile as he crossed the line, Andrew Osagie runs well to take the men's 800m final in 1:46.89. Michael Rimmer was pipped to second place by Mukhtar Mohammed (1:47.52), which keeps his dreams of Olympic competition alive.

  9. 1841:  
  10. 1839:  

    Another British record has fallen. Holly Bleasdale has extended the British outdoor pole vault record, as well as her own outdoor best, to 4.71m.

    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "I don't think anyone would have expected, in these conditions, to come here and run a personal best but Margaret Adeoye did it in the heats to get the qualification time and she has backed that up with another quick time and a win as well. She came here with an outside chance and leaves as part of the Olympics team."

  12. 1835:  

    The Linford Christie-coached Margaret Adeoye (23.12s) defeats defending champion Anyika Onuora (23.23s). Both will be heading to the Games this summer.

  13. 1832:  
  14. 1830:   
    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "Great race in the 200m. Malcolm, the defending champion, won't be happy with coming second but Christian has done enough to get to the Games."

  15. 1828:  

    James Ellington told BBC Sport: "I was a bit nervous after the heat but I knew if I kept my head and came off the bend in contention, I should be strong enough to win it."

  16. 1826:  

    No let-up from James Ellington to take the 200m final in 20.57s. A strong, controlled race from the man who resorted to 'selling' himself on Ebay to raise sponsorship funds earlier in the year. Welshman Christian Malcolm secures his place at his fourth Olympic Games with his second place finish in 20.63s. Richard Kilty who held the 'A' standard was way off the pace in last (21.15s).

  17. 1824:  
  18. 1822:  

    The men's 200m fianl about to start on BBC Two and BBC Sport website about to start. Not to be missed.

    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "Jo has been one of the darlings of the British team for the last 10 years or so now, but she still cares, she still wants to win. Deep down she would like to be a little fitter going into the Olympics but she will go there and give 100%, you can bet your bottom dollar on that."

  20. 1815:  
    JO PAVEY WINS 5,000M

    Pavey led for much of the race and always looked comfortable. An attempted sprint by Barbara Parker on the final bend was easily thwarted by Pavey who stormed to the line in 15:54.18 and book her place on the coach (?) to London.

  21. 1812:  

    Jo Pavey leading the women's 5,000m with two laps to go. Next up on the track is a rather tasty looking men's 200m final including three men with the Olympic 'A' standard at 1820 BST. You can watch live on BBC Two, don't forget.

  22. 1809:  

    Lisa Dobriskey, who still needs to run the 1500m 'A' standard to secure Olympic qualification, told BBC Sport: "Realistically, where I am at the moment, I knew I wouldn't be able to beat Laura but I wanted that second place. At least I am selectable now, but whether that means I'm selected, I don't know. I feel like I climbed a mountain just to be here, so I am not going to complain at coming second to Laura. She was absolutely phenomenal."

  23. 1805:  

    Laura Weightman, after injury problems last season, told BBC Sport: "I just did what I needed to do. I wanted to leave it as long as possible and when I hit the bell, I felt so good I just wanted to push it as hard as I could on the last lap. After all the trouble I have had over the past couple of years, it is unbelievable. I am going to the Olympics. Steve [Cram, her coach] has had a huge impact on me. We have been working together for a few years now and learning from him has been an inspiration."

    Tom Fordyce , Chief sports writer, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: Steve Cram-coached Laura Weightman dominates the 1500m to bag a spot at her first Olympics. Lisa Dobriskey hangs on for 2nd, needs the 'A'

    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "She (Weightman) has completely destroyed the rest of the field on the last lap. She has worked very hard for this. Laura had a difficult year last year and knows how hard it is to come back from injury. But it has been plain sailing for her in training this year and that is what you get with a fit athlete. What a relief that will be for her."

  26. 1756:  

    With the 'A' standard already in the bag, Weightman joins Britain's Olympic team with a storming victory that was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the field. Her time of 4:18.83 was three seconds ahead of second place finisher Lisa Dobriskey (4:21.91).


    Dom Breslin on Twitter: Aww what a nice McColgan moment. A future star of the event perhaps for GB?

    Dave Dyke on Twitter: Watching @EilishMcColgan win 3000m Steeplechase reminds me of watching it as a child. Always found it quite thrilling

  28. 1742:  

    In a time of 9:56.89, McColgan, daughter of Britain's 1991 10,000m world champion Liz, secures her place in her first Olympic Games.

    Colin Jackson , BBC Sport athletics pundit

    "I am sure Martyn [Rooney] will be thinking, 'if I can get close to my lifetime best, I will be close to a medal'. For him it looks very promising indeed."

  30. 1732:  

    Martyn Rooney, after securing his place in Britain's Olympic squad: "It is just relief. It was a challenge. Conrad (Williams) really upped his game. I just want to thank my coach Nick (Dakin). Every year he gets me into shape. I am just happy."

  31. 1729:  

    Conrad Williams: "It is great. I just can't believe it. To make my senior debut at home, in London. I've got so many people to thank, it's crazy."

    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "What a race. Not super-fast in terms of time but three guys really battling it out. Rooney didn't panic when Williams came inside him on the home straight. The first three will probably all go to the Olympics."

  33. 1725:  

    Martyn Rooney (45.93s) and Conrad Williams (45.97) attacked the first 200m and were rewarded with a two or three stride lead over the field coming into the final bend. A late surge from Nigel Levine was not quite enough, who finished third and so will have to wait to see if he is given the discretionary third spot.

  34. 1724:  
  35. 1722:  

    Men's 400m final about to start. Four men have the top qualification standard but there are only 3 places in the team. This should be a cracker.

  36. 1717:  

    Perri-Shakes Drayton: "I am very happy. All year leading up to the Olympics, the first question people have been asking me is 'are you going to be on the team?' Now I can safely say I am going to be on the team and I am going to the Olympics. Hopefully I will have some more titles, and not just national."


    Charlotte Cullen on Twiiter: Delano Williams has also run the 'A' standard this year. He deserves a place in Team GB if he places in the top 3 today!

    Keith on Twitter: Fingers crossed for Lisa Dobriskey today, coming back from being diagnosed with lung blood clots.

    Chris Brown on Twitter: Cracking duel between Perri Shakes-Drayton & Eilidh Child in Women's 400m Hurdles - we've got 2 class athletes in this event.

    Steve Cram , BBC athletics commentator

    "It was a good performance from both of them. Eilidh has been in great form this year and I am sure she thought she was going to come here and win this race, esepcially as Perri has been struggling a bit by her own standards. But Eilidh didn't attack the last hurdle, and Perri did."

  39. 1712:  

    Shakes-Drayton had a fair amount to do in the home straight with Eilidh Child leading the pack up until a stutter over the final hurdle. Shakes-Drayton powered through in 55.45s to retain her title and book her place at London 2012. Child follows suit with a second place finish in 55.53s.

  40. 1712:  
  41. 1706:  

    If you're quick, you can grab yourself a cuppa and get yourself comfy before Perri Shakes-Drayton and Eilidh Child battle it out in the 400m hurdles final. Be quick, it's up in a couple of minutes.

  42. 1700:  

    Live coverage has started on BBC Two and at the top of this page (hit refresh). Do tune in. Let me know who you're looking forward to seeing via Twitter using #bbcathletics

  43. 1655:  

    Robbie Grabarz, who cemented his place in Team GB with a win in the high jump, told BBC Radio WM: "I'm pretty happy. It wasn't very high but it's what I came here to do. We're jumping in Britain [the conditions] are never going to be great. If I'm looking for an excuse I could blame the weather. I needed to realise this is what I wanted to do. I took myself away and made sure this is where my heart is at and it is. I'm dreaming of a gold medal."

  44. 1645:  

    I'm quite looking forward to the 110m hurdles final at 1848, I must say. Three men hold that magic 'A' standard - 2011 World bronze medallist Andy Turner and training partners Lawrence Clarke and Andy Pozzi. You would expect all three to be lining up in the Olympic Stadium this summer but it doesn't always go to plan, does it?

    Tom Fordyce , Chief sports writer, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: Perfect 10 for @goldiesayers - 10th consecutive national jav title. Never a doubt. Plus blue sky finally overhead in Brum. Albeit a smidge

  46. 1635:  

    Recent British passport holder Delano Williams, previously of the Turks and Caicos Islands, has squeezed through to the 200m final. The 18-year-old's previous nation of Turks and Caicos is not recognised by the International Olympic Committee so he is unable to represent them in London this summer. He'll face a tough battle with 'A' standard holders James Ellington, Christian Malcolm and Richard Kilty. Shockingly, Britain's fastest man over 200m this year, James Alaka, didn't make it.

  47. 1628:  

    Considering at the start of the year she was heaving a bobsleigh down a chute of ice at the Winter Youth Olympic Games , 18-year-old Jazmin Sawyers managed to jump into the record books with the furthest long jump distance by a junior in the world this year with 6.64m. That was enough for a third place finish and bronze medal to add to her silver medal from the Youth Olympics.

    Meanwhile, following poster-girl Jessica Ennis's heroics yesterday, winning the 100m hurdles and high jump, she didn't have the greatest day today. Earlier in the long jump, while Shara Proctor was setting new records, Ennis managed just three jumps from six with a best of 6.27m to finish sixth. Way off the 6.51m best she set last month when she broke the British heptathlon record.

  48. 1620:  

    A record you say? At the GB Athletics Trials? Yes ma'am. Shara Proctor leapt (or should that be flew?) to a new British record of 6.95m to win the long jump earlier today. The previous record of 6.90m set by Bev Kinch had stood for 29 long years. Superb effort two months out from Games time.

    Tom Fordyce , Chief sports writer, BBC Sport

    On Twitter: Three failures for @RobbieGrabarz at 2.31m, but clear and classy winner of high jump. 110m hurdles final shaping up as tasty as we expected


    Live coverage of today's athletics drama will come to you via BBC Two and the BBC Sport website from 1700 BST. Do tune in, if you can. Lots to look forward to including the women's 400m hurdles final at 1711, the men's 400m final at 1722 and a tasty 110m hurdles final at 1848.

  51. 1609:  

    We're in for a dramatic day of athletics and I'd be delighted if you'd join me. Who are you looking forward to watching? Who do you think will cement their place in Team GB today? Will there be tears? Get involved via Twitter using #bbcathletics and via text to 81111. My only stipulations are that you that say something interesting and leave your name and location when you text. Simples.

  52. 1605:  

    Essentially, athletes are aiming for two things today to ensure they'll be competing in the Olympic Stadium this August: a top-two finish in their event and the top qualification mark, or 'A' standard, held since 1st April. So, for the track events it's a specific time. For the field events it's a particular distance or height. You still with me?

    Of course, it would be naive of us to think that selection to Team GB is as simple as that. As yesterday's women's 800m proved, where favourites Marilyn Okoro and Emma Jackson finished fifth and seventh, the unexpected can and will happen. Up to three athletes can be selected in each event - two automatically (provided they meet the requirements I mentioned earlier), whilst the third spot is discretionary based on how well they are expected to do at the Games. Short of looking into a crystal ball, how on earth do you predict that? Good luck to UK Athletics selectors. Good luck.

  53. 1600:  

    Years of early nights, battles with lactic acid and stocking up on vitamin supplements comes down to this - the final day of the British Athletics Olympic Trials. Today we'll find out who will be joining the likes of pole vaulter Steve Lewis, long jumper Greg Rutherford, reigning Olympic 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu and hurdler Tiffany Porter, who earned their places yesterday, in Team GB and who, sadly, will miss out.

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