Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Live text commentary as the Baltimore Ravens see off a power cut to edge the San Francisco 49ers and win Super Bowl XLVII at the New Orleans Superdome.

4 February 2013 Last updated at 05:49

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As it happened

  1. 0411: 

    Well as Chappers says, that had about everything you could imagine. Huge touchdowns, power cuts, classic comebacks, Beyonce and a win for Baltimore.

    Thanks for joining us and get yourselves to bed sharpish. Over and out.

  2. 0410:  
    Mark Chapman, Presenter, at the Superdome

    "An astonishing Super Bowl where we saw everything that could happen, happen."

  3. 0409: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "Ray Lewis makes that Baltimore team better. What a way for him to go out."

  4. 0402: 

    Nathan, Newcastle on text: "Right..... time to put the kettle on...."

    Leave that bag in...

  5. 0401: 

    Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis: "There's no greater way to go out on your last ride with the men that I went out with then as a champion.

    "You look around the stadium and Baltimore we coming home baby! We did it!"

  6. 0400: 

    Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is named MVP.

    He says: "We don't make it easy but that's the way the city of Baltimore is. We can't wait to get back there for the parade."

  7. 0359: 

    Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh: "It's never pretty, it's never perfect, but it is us. That is how we do it. The end of the game was the hardest thing I've ever experienced. I told my brother that I love him and he congratulated me."

  8. 0357: 

    The Vince Lombardi trophy is brought out to be presented. Plenty of fanfare and tickertape as you would imagine.

    "You've reached the mountaintop" says the NFL commissioner before declaring that the Ravens are world champions. Not sure about that. Let's see the Ravens take on the cream of South Africa first...

  9. 0355: 

    The Baltimore Ravens are massing near the presentation platform. They saw off a remarkable comeback from the 49ers to hang on and win. An epic, epic match.

  10. 0355: 

    Charlie Forrest on Twitter: "An insane game! Best Super Bowl I've watched!"

    Sturge on Twitter: "Though the 49ers had it then! What a comeback that would've been!"

  11. 0351: 

    Ashley B on Twitter: "Well done #ravens this #superbowl has rekindled my love for american football. I'm glad I stayed up to watch this."

    Tom Davies on Twitter: "Question now is do I sleep for 3 hrs or stay up?"

  12. 0349: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "The Harbaugh brothers didn't make much of it, they handled it really well. What a unique moment."

  13. 0346: 

    Ray Lewis has gone. Huge tears as the Harbaugh brothers embrace.

    What a game that was!

  14. 0345: 

    Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers

    Ray Lewis
  15. 0345: 
    Full-time- Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers
  16. 0344: 

    Katie M on Twitter: "I'm hungry"

    Stay with it Katie!

  17. 0343: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers

    Baltimore will kick it away from their own 20-yard line. Four seconds on the clock. This is still not over!

  18. 0341: 
    SAFETY- Baltimore Ravens 34-31 San Francisco 49ers

    Baltimore don't punt it - they take the safety by being forced out of bounds in the endzone. They concede two points but eat up the time and limit the chance of a punt return goign for a touchdown. Clever.

  19. 0341: 

    "Welcome to the Jungle" hits the airwaves at the Superdome.

  20. 0340: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Baltimore take their last time out. There are 11 seconds left and they will punt it away. The game is as good as done.

  21. 0338: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    We are into the last minute...

  22. 0335: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    So Baltimore have the ball back with one minute 46 on the clock. They can take as long as they want in between plays and will see this out.

    Jim Harbaugh is going mad on the sidelines, he wants a penalty for holding on Michael Crabtree. Nothing given though.

  23. 0334: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Michael Crabtree is knocked over as he tries a catch - and it's fourth down. They are going to play it, they have to - and it's no good!

    It's incomplete and that could be that...

  24. 0332: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Back in play, Colin Kaepernick looks for Michael Crabtree in the endzone but he can't find him.

  25. 0331: 
    Darren Fletcher, BBC commentator, at the Superdome

    "If you were Baltimore, would you be thinking: "It's inevitable that the 49ers will score, so why not let them do it early and preserve enough time for us to respond?"

  26. 0331: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "Colin Kaepernick, he's had two passes that you can't throw any better. He has a funny throwing motion but I'd take it."

  27. 0330: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Two-minute warning. This is going to the wire people.

  28. 0329: 

    Stuart, Wiltshire on text: "It's a shame that this superbowl will be remembered for that power outage especially if the 49ers do complete the comeback, but the ravens will only have themselves to blame if they do lose with the experience they have."

  29. 0327: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    This is brilliant stuff! The 49ers are within a few yards as Frank Gore sprints away down the left, he almost edges in but is stopped on the six.

  30. 0326: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick in the shotgun, looks down field and finds Vernon Davis with a huge pass! Davis is free, it's in his fingertips but he can't gather it in. That was almost huge.

    On the next play it's another big throw, as Michael Crabtree makes 15 yards. Kaepernick is hurling bombs out there.

  31. 0325: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick runs it again - picking up a first down and getting out of bounds to stop the clock. Hold on to your hats...

  32. 0325: 

    Shoaib Wibz on Twitter: "Who will provide the Aguerooooooo moment for 49ers?"

  33. 0324: 
    Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers

    The 49ers have never led in this game, but they are a touchdown away from taking the lead. They will start from their own 20-yard line with four minutes and 19 seconds on the clock. Can they do this?

  34. 0323: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "This is the game here. One drive."

  35. 0321: 
    FIELD GOAL- Baltimore Ravens 34-29 San Francisco 49ers
    Justin Tucker

    Justin Tucker nails a 38-yard field goal to put the Ravens five points clear. Four minutes and 19 seconds remain.

  36. 0319: 
    Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers

    The Ravens are eating up the clock here, taking their time between plays. They are within field goal range now.

  37. 0318: 

    Pete Childs, Chelmsford on text: "Staying up to watch this! Amazing game! Baltimore Ravens can hang on!"

  38. 0317: 
    Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Oh huge catch by Anquan Boldin! He wraps it up in spectacular fashion to get a first down. Great athleticism.

  39. 0316: 
    Successful challenge- Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Successful challenge for the 49ers, so it's 3rd&inches for the Ravens.

  40. 0313: 
    Challenge- Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Baltimore scramble for a first down, it's close though and the 49ers challenge the call. It will be measured again.

  41. 0313: 

    Elle Osili on Twitter: "I'd love to know how this game would have gone without the #blackout. Can't believe the respective change of play."

  42. 0311: 

    Mark, Berkshire on text: "Wow, this is fantastic stuff. Whatever the outcome John Harbaugh clearly lost the plot, which is not the sort of leadership his team needed."

  43. 0310: 
    Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Great defence from the 49ers restricts the Ravens to 3rd&9 - but there's a penalty called for pass interference by Chris Culliver and the Ravens have a first down.

    Just over eight minutes remain.

  44. 0310: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "Colin Kaepernick is like Peter Crouch - but with the pace and agility of someone who is 5ft 7ins."

  45. 0306: 
    That's a record
    Colin kaepernick

    Colin Kaepernick may have become the first 49ers quarterback to throw an interception in Super Bowl history earlier on, but he has another record.

    That 15-yard dash for the corner is the longest run for a touchdown by a quarterback in Super Bowl history.

  46. 0305: 
    TWO-POINT CONVERSION NO GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick looks for a pass but it's no good. Two points in it still.

  47. 0304: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 31-29 San Francisco 49ers


    Colin Kaepernick scrambles clear and runs in for a touchdown of his own! Superb stuff.

    Two-point conversion attempt coming up then...

  48. 0302: 
    Baltimore Ravens 31-23 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick makes another brilliant pass. He picks out Randy Moss in space and it's a first down for the 49ers.

    Frank Gore then runs another first down to put Jim Harbaugh's side inside the 20-yard line.

  49. 0301: 
    Baltimore Ravens 31-23 San Francisco 49ers

    So with seven points available for a touchdown and a conversion, the 49ers need to score and then try a risky two-point conversion to tie this game.

    Remember, we've never had overtime in a Super Bowl.

  50. 0301: 

    The biggest question of the Super Bowl - not whether it was Beyonce, Jim Harbaugh or Bane from the Dark Knight Rises movie who was to blame for the power cut, but whether 5 live's Darren Fletcher's voice will last out the fourth quarter. Hoarse.

  51. 0257: 
    FIELD GOAL- Baltimore Ravens 31-23 San Francisco 49ers

    Some stern defending keeps the Ravens down to a field goal, which Justin Tucker converts.

  52. 0255: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    Anquan Boldin - remember him from the first-half? - picks up a first down for Baltimore. They are within sniffing range of the endzone.

  53. 0254: 
    FINAL QUARTER- Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    We are back in play.

  54. 0253: 

    Tim in London on text: "Re: 0222 The perfect brew is with pyramid teabags in large tin blue and white enameled camping mug with three sugars and stewed for a while. Silver top milk too. I call it my builders brew."

    You can't be having sugar. It's outlawed in our office - too much effort.

  55. 0252: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "The most spectacular third quarter in Super Bowl history. A 109-yard kick-off return for a touchdown, a 35-minute delay for a power cut and then a fightback for San Francisco. Amazing."

  56. 0251: 
    END OF THIRD QUARTER- Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers
  57. 0250: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    Bernard Pierce gets the first down for Baltimore with a razor-sharp run down the left - he is clobbered by a high challenge but with 10 seconds remaining in the quarter the Ravens are well placed for some points.

  58. 0248: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    The Ravens finally get some yards under their belts. Joe Flacco gets them moving downfield.

  59. 0247: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    I can't believe there's only five points in this now. Two minutes left in the third quarter.

  60. 0246: 
    Ouch!- Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    Jacoby Jones returns the kick-off again - and Blammo! He is hit hard by Delanie Walker! massive hit.

    Delanie Walker's nickname is 'The Swiss Army Knife' apparently. He can do everything.

  61. 0244: 
    FIELD GOAL- Baltimore Ravens 28-23 San Francisco 49ers

    San Francisco have scored 17 points in four minutes since that power cut. Remarkable.

    David Akers does the business this time. Three more.

  62. 0242: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-20 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick pumps for the endzone, he almost picks out Ted Ginn for another touchdown but it's tipped away.

    David Akers takes the field goal - it's NO GOOD! He slices it wide but there's a penalty for taking the kicker out.

    They will replay the kick from five yards closer. It's all going the 49ers way...

  63. 0241: 

    Mark Webb on Twitter: "This is why I love sport, you think it's going one way and BAM, change of momentum."

    Frank Gore
  64. 0239: 
    FUMBLE!- Baltimore Ravens 28-20 San Francisco 49ers

    Unbelievable! Tarell Brown pouches a lose ball after Ray Rice loses the ball for Baltimore!

    This is a meltdown from Baltimore. 49ers ball.

  65. 0239: 
    Darren Fletcher, BBC commentator, at the Superdome

    "I've been in New Orleans since Monday. The power cut is the first time that I've seen Ravens coach John Harbaugh agitated. He was having a real row with somebody in a suit and I wonder if that has transferred to his team. Jim Harbaugh, on the other hand, was very cool for the 49ers."

  66. 0239: 

    Norwichfarmer on Twitter: "Don't you think this is like the champions final 2005 liverpool v ac milan? The great come back."

    Thomas Williams on Twitter: "Wow, what a game we have on in New Orleans. 2 quick touchdowns and it's all to play for."

  67. 0235: 
    PAT IS GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 28-20 San Francisco 49ers

    After a delay for an injury on the field, David Akers drills the extra point through the posts. Eight points in it. Eight points!

    Baltimore had a 22-point lead 12 minutes ago...

  68. 0234:  
    Mark Chapman, Presenter, at the Superdome

    "If during that power shortage you were with someone who went to bed - get them back up! All of a sudden the 49ers fans are up on their feet and we have a game on."

  69. 0232: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 28-19 San Francisco 49ers

    Yes. They. Can!

    Frank Gore runs the ball in to the right-hand corner and all of a sudden this game is well and truly back on!

  70. 0232: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-13 San Francisco 49ers

    Vernon Davis with the catch and he is up to the six-yard line! Can the 49ers score again?

  71. 0230: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-13 San Francisco 49ers

    Joe Flacco gets a big sack! Ahmad Brooks dumps him on his back and the momentum is definitely with the 49ers. Baltimore have to punt from in the end zone.

    Ted Ginn Jr returns it to within the 30-yard line! Chance here for another score...

  72. 0228: 

    Apparently that amazing touchdown Jacoby Jones touchdown has been reduced to a 108-yard score. Not 109. Rubbish.

  73. 0228: 

    James Hails on Twitter: "Has the fight back begun? Did the lights change everything? Fingers crossed"

  74. 0226: 
    PAT IS GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 28-13 San Francisco 49ers

    David Akers adds the extra point.

  75. 0224: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 28-12 San Francisco 49ers

    Booom! There it is! Colin Kaepernick keeps the drive going with another big throw, finding Michael Crabtree, who bounces off two attempted tackles to run into the end zone.

    Excellent score.

  76. 0224: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    Colni Kaepernick is on a roll now - pinging Vernon Davis for 18 more yards. The 49er wheels are in motion...

  77. 0222: 

    Joe on text: "RE 0210: Awh, I was looking forward to more enthralling tea-based discussions!"

    Tom in Cambridge on text: "I don't drink tea myself... (I'm definitely still British!) but I do know that the bags under my eyes during lectures are going to be a little darker now."

    Keep the tea chat coming Joe, it's a subject close to my heart...

  78. 0219: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick throws it this time, he looks long for Michael Crabtree, it's a huge throw! Crabtree gets a hand to it but can't grab it in and it's incomplete. That would have been huge.

    The Niners get first down next up though. They keep this drive ticking along.

  79. 0217: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick fakes the hand off on the first play, and he then takes off under his own steam, making five yards. They must score on this drive, surely, if they are to retain any hopes of a comeback?

    Kaepernick runs it again, making first down and reaching the 40-yard line.

  80. 0214: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    They punt it away. San Francisco will have the ball again, with 10 minutes left in the third quarter.

  81. 0214: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    The Ravens are stopped a yard short on third down. Will they try for the first down or punt?

  82. 0210: 
    BACK UNDER WAY- Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    The 49ers start from a 3rd&13, it is swallowed up and the 49ers will have to punt it away.

  83. 0210: 

    We are back on the field - looks like we are about to play!

  84. 0208: 

    Nathan in Newcastle on text: "I'd never considered leaving the tea bag in before, must try that."

    Jason in London on text: "Trust the Americans! they even manage to make a lights out more dramatic than us English! On the tea front milk first or last?"

    Nathan - it will blow your mind. Jason - milk always last. Always.

  85. 0207: 

    We have been delayed for 31 minutes now.

  86. 0204: 

    49ers coach Jim Harbaugh is very animated down there now, he is rallying his troops. Maybe he thinks this break gives them a chance.

  87. 0203: 

    Andrew from London on text: "How long do you keep the tea bag brewing for? Should be 3-6 minutes maximum apparently but I keep it in there till I've finished drinking."

    Excellent topic of chat Andrew. Three minutes is about par I would say but there are certain members of the BBC Sport office who are 'bag in' people. Leave it in the whole time. I'm not averse to a bag-in situation, but it makes it very strong. Depends how you like it.

  88. 0202: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "Don't forget the players had 40 minutes in the locker room at half-time. They have one play after half-time, that 109-yard kick-off return, and now they have had another extended break. This will not be doing them any good."

  89. 0159: 
    Power cut

    The power appears to be coming back in now. It is patchy on one side though - as the scoreboard comes on and then flickers off again.

  90. 0157:  
    Mark Chapman, Presenter, at the Superdome

    "This is a situation totally out of our control. We have been told that there was a blown transformer. The safety lights are on but our cameras are now up and running again."

  91. 0155: 

    Charlie on text: "Waiting to hear Bane shout 'let the games begin'"

  92. 0151: 

    This is a bit of a farce. Erm, what shall we talk about in the meantime - anyone got anything they need to get off their chest? I'm going to put the kettle on. If the BBC News channel goes off air altogether then you can blame me for another power surge...

  93. 0149: 

    Apparently the lights have started to come back on but we may have a further 15-minute wait for play to restart.

    Let's just play in the dark lads?

  94. 0145: 

    The players are having some serious stretching drills out on the field. This could be a lengthy old delay. This cannot be good news for the San Francisco 49ers.

  95. 0144: 

    James, Bath on text: "Seems the recession is hitting sports hard as no-one can afford to pay the electric bill at the moment!"

    Tom, Liverpool on text: "Do you reckon the guy who pays the electricity bill at the superdome is the same as the one who pays it at Craven Cottage?"

  96. 0141: 

    This is what happens when you book Beyonce. It was a spectacular show, but she has quite literally blown a fuse.

  97. 0140: 
    POWER OUT- Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    So just to clarify, with 13:22 of the third quarter left the power has gone out! We have some TV audio back now, but it looks like half the stadium is lit up, with the other half in darkness.

  98. 0139: 

    We've had a power cut in the Superdome - 5 live are speculating that it might have something to do with 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh wanting to pull the plug. They are still on air, as no doubt an army of sparks put down their popcorn and get cracking. Sharp intake of breath. Gonnacostyoumate.

  99. 0138: 
    Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    That is one way to save the game. Sabotage? All the TV commentary is down as well. Someone has unplugged something fairly major in New Orleans.

  100. 0136: 
    LIGHTS GO OUT!- Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    That touchdown has understandably taken the wind out of the sails of the 49ers. Colin Kaepernick is tripped AS THE LIGHTS GO OUT!

    A power cut. That could save the 49ers.

  101. 0135: 

    Mark, Berkshire: "Game over?"

  102. 0134: 
    That's a record- JACOBY JONES

    Jacoby Jones is in the record books now for that 109-yard touchdown run. Amazing.

  103. 0133: 
    PAT IS GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 28-6 San Francisco 49ers

    Justin Tucker adds the extra point.

  104. 0132: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 27-6 San Francisco 49ers


    Jacoby Jones runs the kick-off back for a touchdown - 109 yards! That is insane. As if Beyonce wasn't spectacular enough! That is the biggest play in Super Bowl history as he ran 109 yards in 11 seconds.


  105. 0131: 
    Kick-off- Baltimore Ravens 21-6 San Francisco 49ers

    We are back in play...

  106. 0129: 
    Baltimore Ravens 21-6 San Francisco 49ers

    Only five teams have won a Super Bowl after trailing by more than seven points. The Washignton Redskins and the New Orleans Saints have both won from 10-0 behind.

    So if the 49ers are to do this, it would be a record.

  107. 0127: 

    Kate Howe, via Twitter: "@Beyonce you. are. phenomenal. absolutely and utterly took my breath away #bbcsuperbowl"

  108. 0125: 

    You didn't like that? It was no falconry display at Meadow Lane, but it was much better than Madonna and Black Eyed Peas in recent years I thought. We might gets the reunion of 5ive at the Champions League final if we are lucky I suppose.

  109. 0124: 

    Josh Heaton, via Twitter: "As if this is happening in the middle of an American football game. Imagine if this was the FA cup #BBCSuperBowl"

    Toby Cooper, via Twitter: "#bbcsuperbowl after watching Beyonce for 20 minutes do we really now have to go back to looking at chappers' face for 3 hours?"

    Joel McKay, via Twitter: "I didn't think you could worse than the Black Eyed Peas. I was wrong. #SB47 #BBCSuperbowl"

    Gemma Childs, via Twitter: That's how you do a show. Love Beyoncé, worth the wait #bbcsuperbowl

  110. 0123: 

    "Thank y'all for this opportunity. God bless."

    And with that, Beyonce is gone. That could not be more American if it tried. A very busy few minutes for the roadies now to turn the field back into a sporting arena.

  111. 0120: 

    She's still on is Beyonce. Back on her own now and belting out a bit of "Halo."

  112. 0119: 

    Gabriel, London on text: "Am intrigued, are the players allowed to watch the halftime show?"

    Definitely not if you are 21-6 down Gabriel...

  113. 0116: 

    Not wearing much, is Beyonce. Hope we are not about to witness our first wardrobe malfunction since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake's exploits in 2004? If it does, we're in for another decade of hoary, old but safe American rockers. Or Paul McCartney.

  114. 0116: 

    Here's the other two. Destiny's Child are now on stage - Independent Women indeed.

  115. 0114: 

    Chris Maden on Twitter: "You know you're getting old when the half time pizza is more appealing than Beyonce!"

  116. 0111: 

    Fireworks coming out of a guitar! That is a whole new level. Must be a fire risk though surely?

  117. 0108: 

    Hundreds of manic extras start the show by running out onto the pitch as Beyonce appears from a trapdoor under the stage. Top production values as Mrs Knowles kicks off her set with "Crazy In Love".

    A classic. There are plenty of fireworks and she is definitely not miming this one! 100% - cast-iron guarantee.

  118. 0106: 
    A celeb has been spotted

    Jay-Z is in the house ready for his missus to come on and perform. Here comes Beyonce...

  119. 0103: 

    Mark Jones via Twitter: "Why do I get the feeling the 49ers are going to come back and win this in the second half? #bbcsuperbowl"

    We sincerely hope the second half is a little more even, Mark. Can't be having any of you calling it a night and going to bed, can we?

  120. 0102: 

    Apparently we are less than four minutes away from Beyonce.

  121. 0101: 

    Theo in London on text: "Heavy hitting? Long balls? Set plays? I can see Stoke competing for the next Super Bowl!"

  122. 0100: 

    Former England rugby union captain Martin Johnson: ""I'm frustrated. The 49ers have lost a bit of composure and there are too many mistakes. They needed a touchdown there at the end of the half. They are still there though. I've followed them for 30 years but I've never seen them play live before."

  123. 0058: 
    Half-time- Baltimore Ravens 21-6 San Francisco 49ers
  124. 0057: 
    FIELD GOAL- Baltimore Ravens 21-6 San Francisco 49ers

    David Akers nails the 21-yard field goal for some much-needed points for the 49ers.

  125. 0057: 
    Baltimore Ravens 21-3 San Francisco 49ers

    This Ravens defence is super tight. The 49ers waste two downs trying to run through it, but there are no gaps at all. Looks like a field goal to end the half.

  126. 0053: 
    Baltimore Ravens 21-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Now then Colin Kaepernick, now then. This is more like it! Cracking pass down the middle to find Delanie Walker for a big first down. 49ers take a time out with 57 seconds of the half left. They need to score.

  127. 0053: 

    Joey Le on Twitter: "A lot of long ball football here, would like to see the 49ers try a bit more tiki-taka."

  128. 0050: 
    Darren Fletcher, BBC commentator, at the Superdome

    "Unbelievable play! 56 yards for one of the greatest, most spectacular plays in Super Bowl history. I'm just glad Martin Johnson has left the commentary box."

  129. 0049: 
    PAT IS GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 21-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Justin Tucker adds the extra point.

  130. 0048: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 20-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Baltimore at 3rd&10 then, what can Joe Flacco do?

    Oh this is what he can do! He hurls a huge pass down the park, Jacoby Jones is wide open, he makes the catch and is able to get back to his feet and dodge into the end zone! Massive touchdown.

  131. 0044: 
    Darren Fletcher, BBC commentator, at the Superdome

    "John Harbaugh is a former special teams coach for the Ravens. He must have thought he had seen something in the way the 49ers line up for field goals while watching hours of tape in the build-up to this game to try that fake."

  132. 0043: 
    Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    The 49ers punt, it is fumbled but the Ravens keep hold of the ball.

  133. 0042: 

    Beyonce is coming up shortly people...

  134. 0040: 
    Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick is almost intercepted again! He just about gets away with it but the 49ers will have to punt this away. Baltimore set to end the half with the ball.

  135. 0038: 

    Martin Johnson, who was captain when England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003, is a massive 49ers fan. He roared his delight on 5 live as Justin Tucker failed by two yards to gain the first down. Potentially a massive momentum changer. Very risky call from John Harbaugh, the Ravens head coach.

  136. 0037: 

    Andrew on Twitter: "Wow! Fake kicks are my favourite thing."

  137. 0035: 
    Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Justin Tucker for the field goal then - but no! They fake the field goal, Tucker runs for the corner for a touchdown - but he is stopped just short!

    You do not see that very often. Brave effort. San Francisco will have the ball back on their own six-yard line.

  138. 0035: 
    Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Some solid 49ers defence prevents the first down, and Baltimore will kick for three more points...

  139. 0033: 
    Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Ray Rice picks up another first down for the Ravens as they approach the end zone again. We have under five minutes of the half remaining.

  140. 0032: 

    Alternative Football on Twitter: "Looking forward to Emelie Sande at the half-time show."

    She's not due to perform - but you never know...

  141. 0029: 
    Handbags- Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    That interception kicks off a huge fight with players and officials from both teams getting involved. It is eventually calmed down - the referees call personal fouls for unnecessary roughness on both sides so it's game on.

    That is the first interception in a Super Bowl for the 49ers. Not a record Colin Kaepernick wanted.

  142. 0028: 
    INTERCEPTION!- Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Well they won't score at this rate! Colin Kaepernick is intercepted downfield by Ed Reed, and Baltimore have the ball back.

  143. 0026: 

    With seven minutes remaining of the first half, can the 49ers find a way back? They need to score before the break you feel.

  144. 0022: 
    PAT IS GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 14-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Justin Tucker again, brings up the extra point with the score.

  145. 0021: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 13-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Ravens score again! Joe Flacco again picks the pass, finding tight end Dennis Pitta for the score.

  146. 0021: 

    JD, London town on text: "This is the only American Football Game I watch each year. But Vernon Davis of the 49ers is the Gareth Bale of American Football."

    Kathleen in Cheshire on text: "I wonder how American footballers would get on in our Super League? Proper tackling with no helmets?!"

  147. 0019: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Joe Flacco is on it. The Ravens quarterback pulls off another fine pass to Ed Dickson, and that's another first down. The Ravens are knocking on the door again.

  148. 0017: 

    Super Bowl Stat: Teams winning the turnover battle (that's when they recover fumbles, or intercept opponents' passes) have won 33 out of 37 previous Super Bowls in which there has been a turnover differential. Anoraks.

  149. 0017: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    The Ravens get a first down as they look to make that turnover pay.

  150. 0016: 

    London 2012 silver medallist, rower Mark Hunter, is a life-long 49ers fan after watching his heroes play at Wembley in 1988 in one of the old American Bowls. He's in New Orleans, and has just been speaking to 5 live about his first live experience of the NFL in the United States. Not a bad one to start with...

  151. 0015: 

    Paul Edmond on Twitter: "Peter Odemwingie tried to get the Ravens to sign him."

  152. 0012: 
    FUMBLE!- Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    LaMichael James runs the ball wide for the 49ers - and he fumbles it! It's recovered by Ravens' Arthur Jones. First turnover of the game and that could be costly. There's no point in Jim Harbaugh, the 49ers head coach, in asking for a video replay - it's clear that James lost the ball before he fell to the ground.

  153. 0012: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Cracking drive from the 49ers as Frank Gore picks up another first down. Real momentum here.

  154. 0010: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Time for 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to deliver - and he does! A golden arm as he bullets a pass into Vernon Davis for a big gain of 20 yards plus. He then finds Davis again for another first down.

  155. 0009: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "American Football looks like a game of chess sometimes but ultimately it comes down to making plays. Joe Flacco, the Ravens quarterback, was in the grasp of the defenders three times but he has such a strong arm - and he knows that Anquan Boldin can go up and get it."

  156. 0008: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Cracking start for Baltimore and John Harbaugh then - we could be in for a high-scoring game as Baltimore punt to start the second quarter. The 49ers will start from their own 20-yard line.

  157. 0008: 

    Martin Best on Twitter: "Who said Flacco doesn't take risks? Great 30yd throw across his body down the sidelines with the cavalry after him."

    Eddie McDowell on Twitter: "Joe Flacco has pulled off some amazing passes under pressure."

  158. 0006: 
    Darren Fletcher, BBC commentator, at the Superdome

    "Jim Harbaugh wants his team to tackle better, as Joe Flacco wriggles away and successfully completes a pair of passes despite being under heavy pressure from the 49ers pass-rush."

  159. 0005: 
    END OF FIRST QUARTER- Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Joe Flacco is sacked this time on third down - and that's the end of the first quarter.

  160. 0005: 

    Matthew Morgan on Twitter: "Where's Alan Hansen to say the defence are out of position?"

  161. 0004: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Joe Flacco is blitzed by the 49ers defence, he runs away to his right and pumps a long pass downfield - it's a bit hit and hope but he finds Anquan Boldin! A 31-yard gain and a big first down!

  162. 0002: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Less than two minutes of the first quarter remain as the Ravens go to 3rd&7.

  163. 0000: 

    T.E.A.M. on Twitter: "Ed Reed leaving the field is NOT good for the #Ravens. That man NEEDS to be on the field. He's a Defensive QB! #BBCSuperbowl"

  164. 2359: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Ravens in possession on their own 22-yard line, Joe Flacco floats a pass out to Dennis Pitta on the left touchline for a nine-yard gain.

  165. 2357: 
    Ouch!- Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    I said that Ravens safety Ed Reed made a huge hit on Vernon Davis a few minutes ago - but it is Reed who is off injured. His knee buckled on impact.

  166. 2357: 

    Alice Whittall on Twitter: "I now get why Forrest Gump was so good at American Football."

  167. 2353: 
    FIELD GOAL- Baltimore Ravens 7-3 San Francisco 49ers

    Colin Kaepernick over-throws his receiver in the endzone - and he is then sacked by Paul Kruger! 49ers will kick it - and David Akers nails the kick. Confidence-boosting effort there from the veteran, who uncharacteristically missed 13 of his previous 42 attempts this season and led to speculation that he was going to be replaced.

  168. 2352: 
    Ouch!- Baltimore Ravens 7-0 San Francisco 49ers

    The 49ers pick up 24 yards with a pass to Vernon Davis - who is then smacked by Ed Reed. Huge tackle, but the 49ers are on the eight-yard line. Can they convert?

  169. 2350: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-0 San Francisco 49ers

    49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is famed for his running ability and he shows it by picking up seven yards to move into the Ravens half. Frank Gore then picks up another first down for the 49ers, who have reacted well to going behind.

  170. 2350: 
    Baltimore Ravens 7-0 San Francisco 49ers
    Anquan Boldin

    Anquan Boldin scored four touchdowns for Baltimore in the regular season and opened the scoring in style tonight.

  171. 2348: 

    Scott Viggars via Twitter: All this American-ness on my tele reminding me of all my US holidays and when I worked over there :( I miss the states!!! #bbcsuperbowl

  172. 2347: 
    Handbags- Baltimore Ravens 7-0 San Francisco 49ers

    The 49ers get the game back under way and as Frank Gore is stopped on a run it all kick-off. The officials have their work cut out but sort it out.

    Michael Crabtree then picks up 19 yards for the 49ers with a solid catch.

  173. 2343: 

    Mike Harding on Twitter: "So it's basically an elaborate came of catch mixed with British bulldogs??"

  174. 2341: 
    PAT IS GOOD- Baltimore Ravens 7-0 San Francisco 49ers

    And Justin Tucker nails the conversion. Ravens lead by seven with 10:36 on the clock in the first quarter.

  175. 2340: 
    TOUCHDOWN- Baltimore Ravens 6-0 San Francisco 49ers

    Perfect start from the Ravens as Joe Flacco bullets a pass over the top for Anquan Boldin to make the catch. Routine for the wide receiver.

  176. 2340: 

    MAZ, via Twitter: The awkward moment when #bbcsuperbowl trends worldwide over US sports channels."

    Why thank you... Keep 'em coming folks!

  177. 2339: 
    Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    Joe Flacco wriggles out of danger in the pocket but his long pass forward is overcooked and clears the end zone altogether. It's 3rd&4 for the Ravens after a penalty.

  178. 2337: 
    Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    The Ravens are flying here. Joe Flacco picks out Torrey Smith downfield for another first down and they are inside the 20-yard line.

  179. 2336: 
    Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    Solid run from Vonta Leach as the Ravens pick up eight yards. Baltimore in a decent position as they then get a first down in the San Francisco half.

  180. 2335: 
    Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    It's three-and-out for the 49ers on their opening drive as that Baltimore defence lives up to its billing. They will punt this away.

  181. 2332: 
    Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    Tight End Vernon Davis makes a catch but there's a penalty on the play - 49ers have to replay the first down with a five-yard penalty. A running play then comes to nothing.

  182. 2332: 
    Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    The kick goes right through the endzone so San Francisco will start from their own 20-yard line.

  183. 2330: 
    Kick-off- Baltimore Ravens 0-0 San Francisco 49ers

    Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker gets us under way...

  184. 2330: 
    Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    There may be a lot of "prawn sandwich / wine and cheese" fans in tonight, but the fact that we're in the Superdome, which has a roof (funnily enough) means there's nowhere for the noise to go. Reverberating.

  185. 2329: 
    Mike Carlson, BBC NFL expert, at the Superdome

    "My head said San Francisco, my gut says Baltimore. It's two teams with big offensive lines and physical defences. They play the same way and are big and tough."

  186. 2328: 
    Toss- Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    Baltimore call heads - and it's heads. Baltimore will kick-off...

  187. 2327: 

    Here comes the coin toss.

  188. 2327: 
    Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    5 live pundit and former Super Bowl winner Rocky Boiman's keys to the game: "For Baltimore, they've got to be the more physical team - which is not going to be easy against the 49ers. They need to get to Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick and put pressure on him."

  189. 2327: 

    Shane Leybourne on Twitter "Could you imagine if all this happened before FA Cup Final? Gordon Strachan sitting through Tulisa singing national anthem!?"

  190. 2325: 

    We've got through the pre-amble without super-villain Bane turning up. That's a win already...

  191. 2323: 

    Ray Lewis has been moved to tears already - such is the power of Alicia Keys. It won't be the last time he cries today though I bet.

  192. 2322: 

    Two years ago Christina Aguilera appeared to forget the words to the National Anthem. A classic Super Bowl moment. I think Keys has nailed this though. She's no Jimi Hendrix, but it's a strong version.

  193. 2321: 

    We've got a military band now. And here's Alicia Keys.

  194. 2318: 

    The Sandy Hook Elementary School chorus and singer Jennifer Hudson now sing 'America the Beautiful.' Tears already in the stadium. This could be a long night for some.

  195. 2316: 

    The pregame ain't over until the fat, I mean perfectly proportioned, lady sings. Warming up as we speak is Alicia Keys...

  196. 2314: 

    Mark from Fleetwood on text: "Seven Nation Army is already chanted in darts! Michael van Gerwens name is chanted in the tune of it!"

    James from Reading on text: "When Baltimore last won the Super Bowl in 2001 Mark Calcavecchia shot 256 after 4 rounds of golf. Phil Mickleson has just matched this and Baltimore are in the Super Bowl final. Spooky!!"

  197. 2313: 
    Darren Fletcher, BBC commentator, at the SuperdomeBaltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    "As the 49ers enter the gladitorial arena, there seem to be more of their red and gold colours in the crowd."

    Or maybe not - I trust Darren, he's there, not in Salford...

  198. 2311: 

    The 49ers come out to a bit of, I believe, 2Pac. Is that a bit of a hostile reception? Maybe more Baltimore fans in the house...

  199. 2311: 

    Ray Lewis, by the way, will be sporting typically understated gold boots (or cleats, to humor/humour our American chums). But when you've played 17 seasons of one of the world's toughest sports (preparing to be flamed by rugby league fans), been selected to the Pro Bowl a gazillion times and already won a Super Bowl ring, I guess you can get away with a bit of bling.

  200. 2309: 

    Over a TV video package that could be ripped straight from John Fashanu's Gladiators, the teams are announced. Here come the Baltimore Ravens, quipping one-liners like an Arnie film.

    "We're 60 minutes from greatness"

    "I'm doing this for my brothers"

    "Let's do this"

    They run out to some U2 and plenty of fireworks.

  201. 2308: 

    Kick-off is about 20 minutes away. Time to get that supper on.

  202. 2307: 

    The fabulously named Rocky Boiman, Super Bowl winner turned BBC 5 live pundit at the Superdome, says "Baltimore's defensive leader Ray Lewis has encouraged his team-mates to perform above and beyond their potential for years - that's the sign of a great player.

    "He is still a very tough player, but after playing for 17 years he isn't a 'sideline to sideline' player any more."

  203. 2307: 
    Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh: "Would I rather I wasn't playing my brother? No. It makes it all the more special. It makes it neat."

  204. 2305: 

    "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes is being chanted in the ground. Is there any sport which that chant hasn't infiltrated? You'll be hearing it at the darts soon. Der Der Der Der De Deeeerr Deeeeerrr!

  205. 2304: 

    Nige on Twitter: "SUPERBOWL ... Pumped! One of the greatest if not greatest days in the sporting calendar."

    Rob Kennard on Twitter: "Taking bets on how many cups of tea or coffee I'll drink between now and 3am...come on 49ers"

  206. 2302: 
    Live now

    TV coverage is go!

  207. 2259: 
    Haydn Parry, BBC Sport, at the Superdome

    "Ray Lewis emerges for warmups & Ravens fans wave sign that says 'RAY 2:52' (reference to his shirt number and possible 2nd Super Bowl ring)"

  208. 2259: 
    A celeb has been spotted
    Will Ferrell

    The celebs keep appearing in New Orleans - TV Anchor Ron Burgundy is the latest to appear, sporting a quite magnificent moustache. No sign of Veronica Corningstone just yet though...

  209. 2255: 
    Starting soon- Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    Live coverage from New Orleans with Mark Chapman is about to start on BBC Two, BBC HD, and right here on this page. Don't move a muscle...

  210. 2252: 

    Games are divided into four 15-minute quarters. There are also two-minute breaks at the end of the first and third quarters as teams change ends of the field after every 15 minutes of play.

    The clock stops at the end of incomplete passing plays, when a player goes out of bounds, or when a penalty is called. The clock starts again when the ball is re-spotted by an official.

    If a game is tied, a 15-minute overtime period will be played. No Super Bowl has ever gone to overtime. Will we see the first?

  211. 2250: 

    The ball is either moved downfield by a pass from the quarterback, or by running it. If a team get to fourth down they usually punt the ball away.

  212. 2248: 

    A few of you are asking for the rules - I'll try a very, very, very basic version.

    Teams score points by getting the ball into the endzone - the colourful section at the end of the pitch - or by kicking a field goal. Like a penalty in rugby union or rugby league.

    Teams have four attempts - called downs - to move the ball 10 yards down field. If they are successful, they get a fresh set of downs. If not, the opposition get the ball.

  213. 2246: 

    Hang on in there Keanu Reeves, your Oscar moment cannot be far away...

  214. 2246: 

    In 2009, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar.

    I repeat that - Bullock, so cruelly overlooked for her work in Speed and Speed II, won an Oscar for her portrayal of Ravens player Michael Oher's adoptive mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy.

    The film was based on a book by Michael Lewis, which detailed the life of Oher and his transformation from homeless teenager to earning a scholarship at the University of Mississippi and finally being drafted by the Ravens.

    Oher is not expected to start tonight but he may come on. What an extraordinary few years he has had.

  215. 2245: 

    Darren Campbell on Twitter: "Tonight's big questions: Will Kaepernick finally falter under pressure? Will Ray retire in triumph? + Will Beyonce mime again?"

    Michael Jones on Twitter: "I predicted everything right last year. I'm going for overtime with an interception to win the game for ravens."

    Andrew Priestley on Twitter: "Not big into the rules of American Football. But I think if someone catches the golden snitch at any point, the game is over."

  216. 2243: 

    Tom in Stroud on text: "German first tomorrow so stay awake now and catch up on sleep in German!!"

    A sound choice Tom.

  217. 2242: 

    Mastered the tactical basics? Try this for size from BBC Radio 5 live's Haydn Parry, who is lucky enough to be at the Superdome, producing their live coverage.

    He says: "Look out for 'zone read' plays, where 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick will look to hand off to running back Frank Gore, described by Ravens opposite number Ray Rice as a 'bull' this week. But Kaepernick may opt to keep the ball himself and scramble into the gap vacated by any duped linebacker bearing down on Gore."

    It's all about the "Pistol" formation, as opposed to the traditional "Shotgun".

    Still with us?

  218. 2242: 

    As ever, the fate of this match could come down to which quarterback has the better game.

    Baltimore's main man is 28-year-old Joe Flacco, who comes into the Super Bowl in the form of his life. He has thrown eight touchdown passes without an interception during three playoff games - that is very tasty form indeed.

    The 49ers have put their faith in Colin Kaepernick - who is making just his 10th start tonight. No pressure Colin...

  219. 2238: 

    Hurricane Katrina struck the Louisiana coast in 2005. Pictures of the damage were beamed around the world - among the most harrowing came from the Superdome, which played host to 30,000 people as a "refuge of last resort". The very future of the stadium was questioned, but a hugely expensive reconstruction was completed within barely a year.

    Even so, Super Bowl XLVII comes at just the right time to help The Big Easy's bottom line. Before Katrina, New Orleans had 10.5m visitors annually, but projections are that slightly more than nine million visited in 2012.

  220. 2237: 

    Rocky Boiman, who won a Super Bowl with the Indianapolis Colts, reckons the atmosphere will be a bit different from what it's like at Baltimore's raucous home stadium.

    With tickets changing hands for more than $1,000 we can expect more "cheese and wine" fans, he says on BBC Radio 5 live, rather than the "face-paint and horns" brigade.

    I think he's talking about the American version of the Prawn Sandwich brigade, folks...

  221. 2235: 
    Ray Lewis

    All eyes will be on Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis tonight. The veteran is bowing out of the NFL after the game, and the MVP from Super Bowl XXXV back in 2001 wants another title.

  222. 2230: 

    After some initial heavy betting on the Ravens, punters have been swinging heavily towards the 49ers. The consensus now is that Baltimore will win by four points - if that's true, we're in for a treat...

  223. 2229: 

    Ben in Hitchin on text via 81111: "I'm supposed to have double maths tomorrow morning, yet I have a feeling I might be falling asleep in it! Let's go Niners!"

  224. 2229: 

    Each 30-second advertising spot sold for as much as $4m this year. More than more than 111 million viewers are expected to tune in - in the US alone. Some say it's the biggest sporting event on the calendar - but Seb Coe and Boris Johnson may have a word to say about that.

  225. 2227: 
    Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers (2330 GMT)

    Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on competing against his younger brother: "When we were in the backyard [as children], we did go against each other one-on-one 'in the Super Bowl' - but we were playing, we weren't coaching! I think we always thought we'd be playing in one.

    "Jim got way closer than I did as a player but we both fell short. But they always say if you can't do it as a player, do it as a coach and so this is our chance.

    "He's built a team that looks like him - they reflect his personality. Whoever wins the game, I'm going to tell him I'm proud of him, I love him and I'll see him next time."

  226. 2224: 
    A celeb has been spotted

    You can always rely on the Super Bowl for celeb spots galore.

    This year is no different as Alicia Keys is singing the national anthem, before Beyonce takes the field for the half-time show.

    I would say I was impressed, but I once saw a falconry display at half-time of a League One match at Notts County...

  227. 2224: 

    Jarleth Eaton on Twitter: "Really want Ray Lewis to finish his career with another SB ring. Think he'll do it. Ravens 24-20 49ers. #bbcsuperbowl"

    Gary Robinson on Twitter: "Love my Sky Sports during the season and would be lost without it - but Super Bowl time? Carlson and no ads? #bbcsuperbowl wins everytime."

    Kathryn Eversfield on Twitter: "I WILL stay awake and watch all of the SuperBowl! #bbcsuperbowl #drinks #takeaway #giggles #beyonce"

  228. 2222: 
    John and Jim Harbaugh

    Imagine what parents Jack and Jackie Harbaugh (what is it about the letter J in their household?) are going to go through tonight. Maybe Gary and Phil Neville's dad, the ever amusingly named Neville, could get in touch with us to let us know. Or maybe your kids are in different Sunday league teams?

    "There's going to be one winner and one (son) that's going to be totally disappointed," Jack Harbaugh said. "Our thoughts go to that one that will not experience the thrill of victory."

    They got a "dry run" last season, when John's Ravens beat Jim's 49ers. "We opened the door to the Ravens locker room ... guys jumping up and down, the smile on John's face. They were just ecstatic," Jack Harbaugh said. "Then you realise that you're not needed here. So you walked across the hall to the 49ers locker room ... and finally saw Jim, all by himself in this room, just a table and a chair.

    "He was still in his coaching outfit. His head was down in his hands and you looked into his eyes and you realised that this was where you're needed as a parent. Every single parent can identify with that."

  229. 2221: 
    BBC coverage

    The BBC are all over the Super Bowl, there's literally no excuse for missing a second of the action. Except sleep. I will grant you that one.

    The game is live on the BBC HD Channel and BBC Two from 2300 GMT.

    And we are on the airwaves right now on BBC 5 live extra; with coverage switching to BBC Radio 5 live at kick-off (2330 GMT).

    You can also access all the radio and video from this here page.

  230. 2217: 

    We've all had plenty of fights with our brother down the years. From arguing over whose turn is it on the Amiga to who has the biggest bedroom, sibling rivalry is part and parcel of growing up.

    Tonight could be the biggest argument of all time in the Harbaugh household though. Big brother John Harbaugh is head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, and kid brother Jim Harbaugh is leading out the 49ers. Ouch.

  231. 2216: 

    Stuie Neale on Twitter: "49ers to win by a TD #bbcsuperbowl"

  232. 2215: 

    A newbie to the NFL? Welcome aboard! We'll give you a helping hand over the next few hours, but in the meantime the NFL have produced a video guide to the basics of the game which you may want to have a brush up on.

    It's simpler than it looks. I hope.

  233. 2215: 

    The Ravens, meanwhile, had a real battle in the traditionally tough AFC North division. They had the same 10-6 record as Cincinnati, but took the honours thanks to the NFL's tiebreaking procedures.

    They did not have one of the better division winners' records, though, and had to host Indianapolis in Wildcard week. This did not prove too difficult - Baltimore ran out 24-9 winners.

    Few gave Baltimore any chance on the road against Denver, but in a classic encounter the Ravens stunned their hosts 38-35 to set up an AFC Championship road-trip to old foes the New England Patriots. Again the Ravens were underdogs, but again they performed heroically to win 28-13.

  234. 2212: 

    The 49ers, who were eliminated at the semi-final stage last year when they lost to eventual Super Bowl winners the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game, won the NFC West division with a record of 11 wins, 4 losses and 1 tie.

    Because they had the second best record in the NFC, they were given a bye through Wildcard week, and hosted Green Bay in the Divisional round.

    After comfortably seeing off the Packers 45-31, they travelled to top-seeded Atlanta, where they beat the Falcons 28-24 in the Championship game.

  235. 2211: 

    Jackson on Twitter: "Being so tired but knowing that you're going to be awake for at least seven more hours. Buzzzing #SB47"

    Michael Hudson on Twitter: "Will struggle with my early start tomorrow with the Superbowl playing so late on a Sunday but definitely worth it!"

  236. 2210: 

    Where would we be at Live Text Towers without hearing from you lot? Nowhere, that's where.

    So if you're loaded up with pizza, crisps and energy drinks in an attempt to see the night through, let's hear from you.

    If you do this every year and you're not really sure why, let's hear from you.

    If you are a die-hard NFL fan who can recite the winners of every MVP of the last 25 years, let's hear from you. Someone needs to talk to you...

    Fire over a text to 81111 (UK Only), with your name and who you are cheering for on there, or Tweet us using the hashtag #bbcsuperbowl.

  237. 2207: 

    Over 70,000 overly-excitable Americans will be packed into the New Orleans Superdome this evening for the 47th Super Bowl.

    It's Baltimore Ravens v the San Francisco 49ers.

    The Wire v Midnight Caller; East coast v West Coast; Ladder 49 v The Rock; David Hasselhoff v Huey Lewis; Edgar Allen Poe v Robert Frost.

    It's all going off. The bookies make the 49ers favourites, but what do they know...?

  238. 2200: 

    "Green 39! Green 39! Hut-Hut."

    Yep, it's that time of the year again: Super Bowl Sunday.

    The one evening a year when you settle down for four hours of American Football action, punctuated by half-time entertainment from the great, the good, or New Kids On the Block.

    It's like the FA Cup final on steroids. So who's with us and pulling an all-nighter? Course you are...

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