Super Bowl XLVI - New England Patriots 17-21 New York Giants

Ahmad Bradshaw's last-minute touchdown earns the New York Giants a 21-17 Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots in Indianapolis.

6 February 2012 Last updated at 15:05

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As it happened

  1. 2230: 

    Well, well, well. What a Sunday feast of sport that was. We had a starter of grilled Panesar as Monty span England back into some sort of contention against Pakistan, and followed that up with a portion of double Demba delight as Newcastle saw off Aston Villa. Then came the meaty main course: Halfpenny roast in Dublin accompanied by a Stamford Bridge mixed grill. Like all good Sundays though, I hope you've left room for afters. As it's only Super Bowl Sunday. Less of a dessert, more of a challenge. Can you stay up all night and still make it into work? Course you can...

  2. 2233: 

    Yep, this is an all-nighter job, and it is set to be another classic. These two sides met in the Super Bowl just four years ago, with quarterback Eli Manning leading the Giants to a 17-14 win in the dying seconds. Could we be on for another nail-biter? You bet.

  3. 2236: 

    Standing in Eli and the Giants' way are the Patriots, led by three-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Tom Brady. The David Beckham of the NFL. This is Brady's fifth Super Bowl appearance, and he's not forgiven the Giants for his sole defeat in the showpiece. He wants another ring...

  4. 2239: 

    So we're in this for the long haul, and we want your help. Are you having a Super Bowl party? Have you got the American lagers, crisps and pizzas in? Or are you just putting off going to bed for a few more hours and hoping you'll be snowed in? Give us a shout. You can tweet the commentary via the hashtag #BBCSuperbowl or Tweet me @TJRostance. You can also text in via 81111. So get cracking...

  5. 2241: 

    Jarleth Eaton: "First time I'm pulling an all-nighter (I can go into college at 10am)... seventh Super Bowl for me. Prediction? G-Men by 7."

  6. 2244: 

    Dan Ericsson: "10 years today since Tom Brady made me an American Football fan and a #Patriot in SB37. Time to get ourselves another one."


    "Hi all. Warrenpoint Co. Down here. Big NFL crowd watching and cheering on the Giants. With a few lagers."

  8. 2248: 

    So after 256 regular season games, and a further 10 in the playoffs, it all comes down to tonight. You can listen to the 5 live sports extra coverage by clicking on the link on the right, and we will have the BBC One stream appearing at the top of the screen in around five minutes. Multi-media-tastic

  9. 2253: 

    I can bring you a bit of team news as we approach kick-off. Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski has been struggling with an ankle injury but he has been passed fit to play tonight. That is bad news for the Giants. Gronkowski - or the Gronk as he shall now be known - has scored three touchdowns in the playoffs, is 6ft 6ins tall, and weighs in at 18st 13lbs. Try tackling that.

  10. 2258: 

    That should have the live stream at the top of your screen now. Hit refresh if you're having any troubles.

  11. 2259: 

    So how did these two end up here? The New York Giants struggled for much of the season, only booking their playoff berth (with a 9-7 record) in their final game by beating the Dallas Cowboys in an NFC East winner-takes-all decider. And it seems sudden-death football suits the Big Blue - after shutting down the Atlanta Falcons in the wildcard round, they travelled to frozen Wisconsin to face the odds-on Green Bay Packers. A stunning 37-20 victory set up a trip to the mean streets of San Francisco, where they faced another of the unfancied teams in the NFC - the 49ers. After an unbelievably tense game, Scotland's very own (kind of - he was born in Greenock) Lawrence Tynes booted the winning field goal in overtime to book the Giants' ticket to Indianapolis.


    "Booked tomorrow off to watch Superbowl then got told I had to go to work... fine but don't expect any productivity until about 2pm."

  13. 2302: 

    By contrast, the New England Patriots have been more consistent, winning the AFC East at a canter with a 13-3 regular season record - five games ahead of the New York Jets. In having the best record in the AFC they also had a bye through the first week of the playoffs and homefield advantage throughout. The Denver Broncos were easily swept aside before the Baltimore Ravens arrived for the Championship game. The Patriots' hopes of making their fifth Super Bowl in 11 years could, and should, have ended on home turf but a calamitous botched field goal from Billy Cundiff with seconds remaining kept New England's dreams alive.

    BBC pundit Mike Carlson

    "These are two very well-balanced teams. I see it being a lot more of a defensive battle than many predict. This is the third incarnation of the Patriots during their successful era - really impressive from coach Bill Belicheck."


    Chris from Trafford: "1 year ago today my baby girl was born, forcing me to miss the superbowl for the 1st time in 10 years. Now my Pats are in it this year I'm determined 12 months of sleepless nights will help keep me awake, screaming baby or not."

  16. 2306: 

    Now there's dedication for you. Missing the Super Bowl to attend the birth of your daughter. We salute you Chris.

  17. 2307: 

    Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick is your NFL equivalent of the old-school tracksuit manager. He can usually be found prowling the sideline in his trademark sober-coloured hoodie but, uniquely, sported a bright red one during Super Bowl XLII, when New England lost to the Giants. Boston is famed for its sporting folklore, and of jinxes (the city's Red Sox baseball team blamed their lack of success for years on the Curse of the Bambino - referring to Babe Ruth's departure from Fenway), so Belichick has already promised that there will be no return for any red top tonight...

  18. 2308: 

    I predict there will be plenty of Giants fans wearing red then tonight.

    St Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola

    "I think there are eight guys remaining on the Patriots who played in the loss to New York in the Super Bowl four years ago - deep down inside it bothers them (despite what they may say in public)."

  20. 2311: 

    Here come the teams onto the field. There are many things the Americans struggle at - keeping quiet, making a good brew, irony - but they know how to put on a show. Razz-a-matazz galore. The Patriots are booed onto the pitch - they don't get on with the Indianapolis Colts, and we are in Indianapolis. They did come out to Ozzy Osbourne though so plus points for me...

  21. 2313: 

    There are 70-odd thousand fans packed into the Lucas Oil Stadium tonight. Tickets are like gold dust - when we checked one "secondary ticket market" website around 2130 GMT the cheapest nosebleed ones were still fetching more than $1,000 apiece. In the days leading up to the event, they were going for far higher sums - so much for tough economic times. As for how they are allocated in the first place, both of the competing teams get 17.5%. The other 30 clubs in the league get around 1% each. A similar proportion is made available in an annual lottery open to the general public, a la Wimbledon tennis ballot.

  22. 2314: 

    Some reality tv stars are on the pitch singing America The Beautiful - it's no Abide With Me. Miranda Lambert is one of them, and she has a lovely pink diamante microphone. Understated.

  23. 2317: 

    And now it's Kelly Clarkson singing the national anthem. I hope she remembers the words. Christina Aguilera forgot them last year but gamely carried on and made them up. What a trooper.

  24. 2318: 

    If this wasn't enough pop star action for one Sunday night by the way, stay awake until at least half-time. Madonna no less is in action. You don't get that at the FA Cup final


    Anonymous on text: "I took the evening off to watch the game but then they offered me double time!!! Couldnt turn it down.....thank god for the BBC Live Coverage on my phone!!!"

    That's why we're here...

  26. 2321: 

    PinchofPork: "As a Bostonian sitting in Amsterdam, we are SO thankful for #bbcsuperbowl making it so we can watch the game & cheer on our team. GO PATS!"


    Anonymous on text: "Good luck to Lawrence Tynes. Takes me back to 1989 when I took him to his first Celtic match along with his dad and 2 brothers. Celtic beat hearts 2-1."

  28. 2323: 

    Ah, Lawrence Tynes. Born in Greenock, the New York Giants kicker could be the man with all the pressure in the world on his shoulders later on. Just look at what the pressure of a missed kick did to the guy in Ace Ventura...

  29. 2325: 

    Referee John Parry is in charge of the coin toss, and New York's Zak DeOssie calls tails, but it's heads. Patriots win the toss then, and they choose to kick-off.

  30. 2327: 

    If the Patriots want any extra motivation, the Giants' official website had a "website malfunction" on Saturday, as they declared "The Giants are Super Bowl champions!" and directed viewers to a special range of merchandise. "It is common practice for both teams to create web pages in advance of the conference championship games and Super Bowl," the NFL said in a statement obtained by the Bloomberg news agency. "In this case, the hidden URL for the page was inadvertently available for a brief period of time while it was being positioned on the NFL server for possible post tomorrow night." Oops...


    Adam from Ireland: "Just finished watching the film Any given Sunday just in time for the start! Very much in the mood for some passes a la Willie Beamen!"

  32. 2329: 

    Adam from Ireland, you are a man very much of my own heart. I watched it this week. Classic from Pacino. Neither side has LL Cool J as a running back though...

  33. 2330: 

    And we're off. Stephen Gostkowski kicks off and New York return it 23 yards. Game on.

  34. 2332: 

    Eli Manning completes his first pass of the night to the wonderfully named Bear Pascoe. 3rd&6 for the Giants, and Manning finds Victor Cruz for a first down. Manning was marvellous at finding a first down during the playoffs, and he's off to a good start here.

  35. 2334: 

    Chris Noble: "Feel for us just sat down to watch #bbcsuperbowl and there's a power cut in Leeds. I've travelled from darlo as well."

  36. 2335: 

    The Giants are over halfway as Eli Manning finds Hakeem Nicks for a great catch near the touchline. Very positive drive from the Giants - but Manning is sacked! Brandon Deaderick brings him down for a two-yard loss.

  37. 2337: 

    Eli Manning is sacked again - this time by Mark Anderson - and the Giants are forced to punt on fourth down. Steve Weatherford punts downfield and Tom Brady and the Patriots will start inside their own 10-yard line.

  38. 2340: 

    Tom Brady's first pass is long - and incomplete. And he is called for intentional grounding! He throws the ball away before he can be sacked in his own endzone so New York are awarded two points for a safety. Not the best start for Brady and the Patriots.

  39. 2344: 

    New England had to kick-off again as well, so Eli Manning has the ball on his own 22. Henry Hynoski runs 13 yards for an instant first down. Great start for the Giants.

    BBC Pundit Mike Carlson

    "Tom Brady had so much time but the coverage of the Patriots' receivers downfield was so good by the Giants that he had no target open. Bill Belichick will not be happy."

  41. 2346: 

    New York's running game looks good so far as Ahmad Bradshaw makes 24 yards up the sideline. Six minutes left in the first period...

  42. 2348: 

    Michael Thomas: "In Scotland, watching American Football, with Indian food, French wine and Peruvian beer! #BBCSuperbowl"

  43. 2349: 

    Eli Manning hits Victor Cruz, who fumbles it! Sterling Moore rips the ball out so it's Pats ball - but the officials overtun it as New England has 12 men on the pitch - one too many. A schoolboy error and a huge let-off for the Giants.

  44. 2351: 

    Eli Manning finds Victor Cruz with a two-yard pass and it's Touchdown Time. Perfect pass and a perfect start for the G Men. Scotland's very own Lawrence Tynes adds the extra point. There are 3:24 left in the first quarter.

    Victor Cruz of the New York Giants
  45. 2352: 

    Torrid start for the Pats then - but there's a long way to go yet.

  46. 2356: 

    So having an extra man on the pitch proved very costly for the Patriots. Someone in the locker room will be getting an ear-bashing from coach Bill Belichick as we speak.

  47. 2357: 

    Barry Davies: "Victor Cruz doing a little Patrick Swayze "time of my life" dance in the endzone. I have a lot of time for that!"

  48. 2357: 

    Right, New England have the ball for only the second time so far. Tom Brady completes his pass to BenJarvus Green-Ellis - otherwise knows as The Law Firm. Think about it...

  49. 2358: 

    Brady hits Deion Branch, and that's first down. Wes Welker then grabs another first down as the Pats roll out over halfway.

  50. 0000: 

    Another first down for Wes Welker. There's been no sign of The Gronk for the Pats yet, you'll know about when he gets on it though. He's built like Arnie.

  51. 0001: 


  52. 0001: 

    Well then, let's have a look at that first quarter. Eli Manning completed all nine of his passes in that quarter for 77 yards and a touchdown, while Tom Brady has at last started to find his rhythm after a nightmare opening play which cost him two points.

  53. 0003: 

    Josh Dixon: "I think some of these guys need to learn to tackle properly, an afternoon at Twickenham would do the trick! TAKE THE LEGS!!"

  54. 0004: 

    Second quarter is under way, and Tom Brady finds Aaron Hernandez. The Law Firm then ploughs up the middle and it's 3rd&4. We are within field goal range...

  55. 0005: 

    Tom Brady's pass on third down is tipped away by Jason Pierre-Paul so Stephen Gostkowski nails a 29-yard field goal to get some points on the board. An impressive recovery from Brady and the Pats.

  56. 0008: 

    New York claim a fair catch from the kick-off so Eli Manning will start this next drive from his own 20-yard line.

  57. 0011: 

    Liam Bradford: "Even as a Giants fan I have to say Tom Brady looks so smooth and freakily calm under pressure. I'm a bit worried..."

  58. 0012: 

    Giants carve through the middle again as Brandon Jacobs makes a first down. The Patriots' defence looks to be struggling against the running game at the minute. Injury time out as Travis Beckum - not Beckham - is down holding his knee. With all the padding? Get up man...


    Chris on text via 81111: "Why don't quarterbacks run more? I'm a rugby scrum half and I can see the gaps in the pocket! Both sacks on Manning could've been avoided."

  60. 0014: 
    A celeb has been spotted

    Aerosmith singer Steve Tyler is in the crowd. What a legend. And you have to admit, the Dude does look (a bit) like a lady...

  61. 0015: 

    What a catch! New York again complete on third down as Eli Manning picks out Hakeem Nicks down the centre for an 18-yard gain. Nicks was well up in the air and took that above his head. Great athleticism.

  62. 0017: 

    New York lose five yards for a penalty as they too have an extra man on the pitch. Basics boys, basics. 2nd&15

  63. 0018: 

    Eli Manning can't find the first down this time so it's punt time. Steve Weatherford launches the ball through the end zone so the Patriots will start their drive on the 20-yard line.

  64. 0020: 

    Don't forget you can give us a shout as we stoke up the coffee machine in snowy Salford. You can tweet the commentary via the hashtag #BBCSuperbowl or Tweet me @TJRostance. You can also text in via 81111. Is this New York's game? Or will Tom Brady pull off another comeback win?

  65. 0022: 

    George Owen: "Why not get Emile Heskey on the pitch? Patriots would definitely win then!"

    There's not a sport on this Earth that Emile wouldn't improve...

  66. 0022: 

    Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul again tips away a Tom Brady pass as the Pats struggle to find a way through. At 3rd&7 Brady finds Wes Welker and he is inches short of a first down. "It's all about the Inches!" as Al Pacino would say. The Patriots decide against going for it on fourth down and punt downfield.

  67. 0024: 

    Confirmation that Giants tight end Travis Beckum has torn his cruciate ligament. Ouch. Ouch indeed.

  68. 0030: 

    It's looking effortless for Eli Manning at the minute as he picks up another first down. But the Giants are then penalised 10 yards for holding, and Mario Manningham can't hold on to a long pass from Manning. Giants have to punt away and Steve Weatherford pins the Patriots back to the four-yard line.

  69. 0030: 

    By the way, I'm playing with our new live text console and have added in a picture of the Victor Cruz touchdown. Have a scroll down and it should be there...

  70. 0032: 

    More sloppy play from the Patriots as they are penalised for a false start. It's now 1st&12 but on their own two-yard line. Super cool from Tom Brady though as he bullets a pass out of the shotgun to Wes Welker. He got that away super fast. And Danny Woodhead makes the first down.

  71. 0034: 

    There's the Gronk! Great catch from the big man who doesn't look 100% fit but still manages to haul in a first down. It's like having the Predator downfield.

  72. 0035: 

    Jim Murphy: "Can't work out what the Patriots tactics are in this game so far; got to change or this will be over before Madonna sings."

  73. 0037: 

    For those of you asking, the coaches are able to talk to the quarterback on those microphones during the game. I bet some Premier League managers would like to be able to do that!

    St Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola

    "I play football because I get to hit people. Hard. You don't get to do that every day."

  75. 0039: 

    I love the Gronk. But the other New England tight end, Aaron Hernandez, makes a catch and has the ball ripped out. The Giants think they have a turnover but the pass is ruled complete. Tom Brady then finds Danny Woodhead for another first down. It's all clicking into gear - but another penalty for holding hits the Pats. They lose 10 yards and there's less than 90 seconds of the half left.

  76. 0041: 

    Aaron Hernandez picks up first down with a smart catch as the Pats move toward field-goal range. Wes Welker picks up another first down and the Patriots call a time-out. Tom Brady and co will be looking to go ahead at the break with a touchdown here...

  77. 0045: 

    The Pats pick up another first down with a pass to Danny Woodhead, and Tom Brady finds Woodhead again as they move to the three-yard line. Woodhead is everywhere, great drive from the Pats. Woodhead receives the ball for a third time in a row but he is dragged down by Jason Pierre-Paul. Another time out.

  78. 0047: 

    Who else? Danny Woodhead gets on the end of a Tom Brady pass for a four-yard touchdown with eight seconds of the half remaining. Fantastic play from the New England offensive line to give Brady eons of time and he doesn't miss those. Stephen Gostkowski tacks on the extra point and the Patriots lead for the first time.

    Danny Woodhead of the New England Patriots
  79. 0050: 

    That ties the longest-ever drive in terms of yards in a Superbowl. The Patriots shifted it 96 yards in 14 plays in 3:55. And Danny Woodhead was everywhere.

  80. 0051: 
  81. 0054: 

    We are five minutes away from Madonna time people. She's doing four songs I believe. Some new track - which will be rubbish - and three classics. Vogue anyone?

  82. 0056: 

    The old cliche of turnovers winning matches has not come into play so far. Very disciplined by both quarterbacks, apart from Tom Brady's early safety.

  83. 0057: 

    By the way, this year's NFL match at Wembley sees Tom Brady's Patriots take on the St Louis Rams, with tickets going on sale on Monday after a few days of confusion. Get yourself down there.

  84. 0101: 

    Here comes Madonna - this is camp as Christmas. She is led out by some Roman-style Centurions - and yep, it's Vogue. Solid set opener.

  85. 0102: 

    David Platt: "Maddona at the half time show can't be worse than last year, the Black Eyed Peas were shocking."

    They really were Dave. I was watching with my dog and that was the point he checked out and headed to his basket.

  86. 0104: 

    Nate D: "Oh look, it's GaGa in 40years"

  87. 0104: 

    Madge has clicked into her 2000 hit 'Music.' Not one of my favourites to be honest, I preferred her William Orbit years. 'Frozen' - now there's a pop song.

  88. 0105: 

    Alex Perkins: "It's basically a highly organised version of British Bulldog 1-2-3 only in helmets and spandex."

  89. 0106: 

    In amongst the Madonna gig, here's some NFL stats. Eli Manning has completed 13 of 17 passes for 120 yards and a touchdown. Tom Brady, meanwhile, hit 15 of 18 passes for 148 yards and a touchdown.

    The Patriots are struggling to run the ball though (just 30 yards from nine attempts) while the Giants are a threat on the floor (70 yards from 16, including 44 from nine for Ahmad Bradshaw.)

  90. 0107: 

    FourFourTom: "If I was the Giants manager right now I'd be switching from 4-4-2 to a 4-5-1. They're slightly outnumbered in midfield."

    They need to deploy someone in the hole, I agree...

  91. 0108: 

    Madonna is now doing her own thing, some new track I presume as I don't know it. Pity it's not Bruce Springsteen or the Who to be honest...


    Adam in Darlington: "Quick vote: is she miming? Yes or No?"

  93. 0111: 

    But fair play to Madge, she reaches into the top drawer and pulls out a big gun in 'Like A Prayer'. Epic. If this doesn't inspire the lads to produce a mammoth second-half display, nothing will.

  94. 0112: 

    So where's this one heading? Will Tom Brady bag his fourth Super Bowl or can Eli Manning again rally the Giants/ Don't be shy - you can tweet the commentary via the hashtag #BBCSuperbowl or Tweet me @TJRostance. You can also text in via 81111.

    St Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola

    "Usually half-time is a time for a quick adjustment but in the Super Bowl it's around half an hour so it's a big change for a player."

  96. 0118: 

    It's fair to say Madonna is dividing opinion. But that's not really why we are here, and the second half is due to start soon, Honest.


    James in Bath: "Could you imagine this kind of thing happening in the Premier League? Imagine Madonna at half time in the Utd - Chelsea match earlier; Fergie would be calling for an extra 20 minutes at the end to make up for the waste of time."

    St Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola

    "I'm backing the Patriots to come through. What you're going to see them do is get Rob Gronkowsku into the game but I'd like to see them hit it long."

  99. 0123: 

    The second half is under way. Tom Brady has the ball on his own 20-yard line and instantly finds Chad Ochocinco for a big first play. Ochocinco, by the way, changed his name by deed poll as Ochocinco is Spanish for 85. Which is his jersey number. Character.

  100. 0124: 
    That's a record

    The Patriots are ripping up the field. BenJarvus Green-Ellis - The Law Firm - flies up the outside to pick up another first down, and Tom Brady then finds Wes Welker. Brady's arm is greased up now as he makes his 14th straight completion - a Super Bowl record.

  101. 0127: 

    This has been a sensational start to the half from Tom Brady and the Patriots, as they cap a super-quick 79-yard drive with a touchdown. Brady hits Aaron Hernandez on the seven-yard line, he runs into Deon Grant and steamrolls him into the end zone. Too easy. Stephen Gostkowski adds the extra point.

    Aaron Hernandez scores for the Patriots
  102. 0130: 

    I told you the Patriots would be inspired by 'Like A Prayer.' It's hard not to be. Life is a mystery

  103. 0131: 

    That's 17-straight points from the Patriots, but here's some promising stuff for the Giants as Jerrel Jernigan evades a couple of tackles to get the kick-off return up to the 35-yard line.

  104. 0134: 

    Giants on 3rd&4 but Hakeem Nicks picks up a first down. That could be a big play as Eli Manning and his boys need some yards. And some points.

  105. 0136: 

    Hakeem Nicks makes another first down, that's his fifth catch of the night. Eli Manning hits Nicks again - and he is destroyed by a a hit from Patrick Chung! Blammo. The pass is incomplete, unsurprisingly, but Nicks carries on. I would need emergency surgery after that one.

  106. 0138: 

    The Patriots dish out some more treatment as Hakeem Nicks is stopped in his tracks on third down. The Giants turn to Scottish kicker Lawrence Tynes and he does the business - just. His 38-yard field goal is good to reduce the lead to five.

  107. 0141: 

    The Patriots have the ball back after the kick-off.


    Anonymous on text: "Big shout out for Lawrence Tynes, from Campbeltown, Scotland! (Where he grew up)!! Loving the game so far, cmon the Patriots!!"

  109. 0143: 

    Martyn Brown: "My one-year-old is wide awake and jabbering away like a parrot... here's me thinking I'd fall asleep by halftime!!"

  110. 0143: 

    Stephen Connor: "Tom Brady has to be the best all time, most total passing yards in superbowl history now holds the record for 16 consecutive comps."

  111. 0143: 

    Back on the field and Pats running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis is hit hard and stopped for a short gain. He's hit by Chase Blackburn - I'm not making this up - and hits the deck. As my colleague Ian Shoesmith says, Chase is "as big as Blackburn - the whole town."

  112. 0147: 
    BBC Pundit Mike Carlson

    "The best way to stop New England is to pass-rush Tom Brady and throw his timing out from the start. You can also flood the coverage areas so you have a load of defenders there, and try to confuse Brady into not knowing which area to throw into."

  113. 0147: 

    Finally, Tom Brady fails to complete a pass after 16 straight completions, and he is then sacked. He's human after all. Great defence from New York. New England punt from their own goal-line and New York will takeover from a good position.

  114. 0151: 

    So a big drive here for New York - but they almost blow it at the start. Hakeem Nicks makes the catch, he fumbles the ball as he is tackled but the Giants recover it with Henry Hynoski picking it up. Lucky, lucky lads.

  115. 0153: 

    Giants pick up a first down through Bear Pascoe and they are in field goal range. On the bench, Tom Brady is nursing his left shoulder. As long as it's still attached, he'll be out there.

  116. 0154: 

    Eli Manning is sacked on 3rd&8 and the Giants will take a field goal attempt.

  117. 0155: 

    The Giants are not turning their possession into touchdowns and it could cost them. But there's only two points in it now as Lawrence Tynes drills another one through the middle.

    Lawrence Tynes
  118. 0156: 

    If anyone's flagging out there, don't you dare go to sleep yet. Just two points in it and 35 seconds left in the third quarter. It's going to the wire. The DJ at the stadium chooses this moment to unleash a storming record. 'Hell's Bells' from AC/DC. Simply brilliant

  119. 0158: 

    Tom Brady hands off to BenJarvus Green-Ellis - and that's the end of the third quarter.

  120. 0201: 

    Eli Murphy: "You can't spell elite without ELI - GO G MEN."

  121. 0201: 

    Eli Manning is the man in the fourth quarter - statistically the best in the NFL. Two points is nothing and we have 15 minutes between these two sides and the Super Bowl. BACK UNDER WAY

  122. 0203: 

    Tom Brady throws an interception! He is almost sacked but just about scrabbles free, looks up and attempts a huge pass to Rob Gronkowski downfield and that man Chase Blackburn picks it off. New York ball. A fit Gronk would have gobbled up man and ball there.

  123. 0204: 

    As the pressure winds up, the mistakes increase. A play after Tom Brady's crazy pass, Ahmad Bradshaw fumbles the ball for New York but Chris Snee gathers it in and it remains Giants ball.

  124. 0209: 

    Jacob Cusworth: "The Giants are doing what Scotland Rugby team are quite good at- not getting trys (touchdowns) but lots of fieldgoals"

  125. 0209: 

    Lovely pass from Eli Manning as the Giants convert another third down. He finds Hakeem Nicks downfield who holds on amazingly well as he is smacked.

  126. 0212: 

    Lauren Perrett: "This may well go to overtime!"


    Adam and Ben in Plymouth: "If Emile Heskey was in the NFL he'd be more successful than Vince Lombardi... Rumour is Giants are signing him as running back...POWERHOUSE."

  128. 0212: 

    By the way you're not missing anything, there's an injury time-out.

  129. 0213: 

    We are back in play, and Eli Manning finds another pass to Victor Cruz for a first down. Manning is behind the wheel for another fourth-quarter drive here, as he finds Mario Manningham for another first down. The Pats defence has no answer at the minute. Still 10 minutes of the ball game left though, plenty of time for both sides to have possession after this one. It's going to the wire

  130. 0216: 

    The Giants can't get organised and have to take a time out. They've only got one left now, in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. That could be costly on the last drive of the night. 3rd&5

  131. 0217: 

    Penalty against New York's Kevin Boothe costs them five yards, and Eli Manning can't complete to Mario Manningham - who looks like he was impeded by Sterling Moore! No call from the officials though and the Giants have to punt. That one fizzled out...

  132. 0221: 

    So it's Tom Brady on the ball, New England start on their own eight-yard line. He is almost sacked but gets away and squeezes out an incomplete pass. Incredible composure then from Brady as he steps out of a tackle to pick out Wes Welker and take it to 3rd&5. The Pats are still only on their 12-yard line but Danny Woodhead wriggles clear to make first down. Big play from Woodhead

  133. 0226: 

    A trick-play from the Patriots sees Tom Brady hand off to Danny Woodhead, who then pitches it to Wes Welker and he makes the first down with a dash up the sideline. The Pats are noticably using up as much of the clock as they can as we tick toward the last six minutes

  134. 0229: 

    In case you were wondering, the Super Bowl has never gone to overtime. Yet.

  135. 0230: 

    Kieran Macklin Page: "Still backing the Giants all the way, Eli Manning will show some quality on the next turnover !! , Come on Giants"

  136. 0231: 

    Tom Brady hits Wes Welker with a big pass on second down, it's high and the receiver juggles and drops the ball. "He makes that catch 100 times out of 100" says a rather confused American commentator. Brady then sees another pass go down and the Patriots punt.

  137. 0232: 

    So here comes Eli Manning for a drive with under four minutes left. He launches a huge 38-yard pass first up and finds Mario Manningham! On the sideline. Amazing catch from Manningham, but a very risky pass as he was covered by two defenders. Bill Belichick and the Patriots are challenging this play but it looks good...

  138. 0235: 

    After a review the play is confirmed - CATCH IS GOOD

  139. 0236: 

    Karl Bolton: "That is a great catch! #GameWinner?"

  140. 0236: 

    That was the longest play of the whole game. Risky, but brilliant. The ball is on halfway and the Giants have 3:30 left. Remember, a field goal will win it from here - but there's time on the clock for the Patriots yet

  141. 0238: 

    There's the two-minute warning as Hakeem Nicks gobbles up another pass to get first down. Gripping stuff

  142. 0241: 

    Ahmad Bradshaw bolts through the middle to make some yards as we approach the last 90 seconds...

  143. 0241: 

    Hakeem Nicks gets a first and goal and gets out of bounds - which stops the clock. That could help the Patriots.

  144. 0242: 

    Patriots take a time out. This is like chess now as both sides play the clock down. New York don't want to take the lead with too much time left, as it will allow the Patriots to come back and win it. It's all about taking the lead as late as possible. The Manchester United route

  145. 0243: 

    Bizarre scenes here! Ahmad Bradshaw runs through the middle, the defence parts and he tries to stop himself on the one yard line to kill some more time. However his momentum caries him into the end zone and he scores a touchdown he didn't want. That means that Tom Brady now has a minute to come back. New York go for the two-point conversion but don't make it.

    Ahmad Bradshaw
  146. 0247: 

    Just to clarify, the Giants were trying to stop on the one-yard line, then they would have killed 30 seconds on the clock before kicking a field goal to take the lead and leave the Patriots with just 20 seconds left. As it is Tom Brady has 57 seconds left with time outs.

  147. 0248: 

    Tom Brady now has 48 seconds left to travel 80 yards - and he's sacked on third down! Justin Tuck makes the play and that could be that. The Patriots take a time out but they need a 16-yard gain on fourth down

  148. 0250: 

    Tom Brady wriggles out on fourth and long, and finds Deion Branch, who gets out of bounds. That was stunning quarterback play! Brady makes another first down and they have to spike the ball to stop the clock. Into the last 20 seconds

  149. 0251: 

    There's a five-yard penalty as the Giants had too many men on the field. A huge 'hail Mary' pass coming up from Tom Brady

  150. 0252: 

    Tom Brady pases to Deion Branch but he's out of bounds. Five seconds left and it's all or nothing on this play

  151. 0253: 
  152. 0253: 
  153. 0253: 

    Tom Brady came close to a miracle there, as he launched a hail Mary pass into the end zone toward Aaron Hernandez. The ball was tipped up and the Gronk almost gobbled it up, but it's Mr Cool Eli Manning who has his second Super Bowl win after another come-from-behind drive in the fourth quarter

  154. 0258: 
    St Louis Rams wide receiver Danny Amendola

    "Rob Gronkowski's ankle played a big part in that last play, and the whole game really."

  155. 0259: 

    Sam Van Gelder: "New found respect for American Football. Decent game."

  156. 0259: 

    So it's a repeat of four years ago as the New York Giants overturn a fourth-quarter deficit to beat the Patriots, with an improbable catch in the drive. Four years ago it was Dennis Tyree who caught the ball against his helmet, this year it was Mario Manningham who hung on to that pass at the start of the fourth. Stunning

  157. 0302: 
    New York Giants

    Great scenes at the Lucas Oil Stadium then as the Giants celebrate their win. Unsurprisingly, Eli Manning was voted MVP after that match-winning drive.

  158. 0304: 

    Musa Okwonga: "Manning taking it there, sometimes scrappy but always relentless, like Frodo entering Mordor."


    Anonymous on text: "First Superbowl I've watched in its entirety, what a game! Great entertainment."

  160. 0307: 
    New York Giants CEO John Mara

    "You never get used to this feeling. There's not one coach in the league that I would trade Tom Coughlin for and he's a two-time Super Bowl winner now."

    New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin

    "I'd like to share this with all the people who helped to get us here, we came up against a great team and it was one of the best finishes ever. I said at half-time that we could play better than we had done, we were energised and we came through."

    New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning

    "I'm proud of our team. We stayed positive, we were moving the ball well but we just couldn't get touch downs. I knew that our defence would get us a turnover eventually and they did and then it was down to a last drive. We made some big plays, and it feels great."

  163. 0313: 

    Eli Manning wins a car for being named MVP - he couldn't look less bothered. I imagine he could buy one of those cars every other day with his salary

  164. 0318: 

    So there we go, another epic Super Bowl. As I predicted at 2233, it went to the wire, but that man Eli Manning led the Giants to the win. Thanks for your company tonight, and I hope you all make it in for work in the morning. Adios

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