Manchester United victory parade as it happened

Live video and regular updates as Premier League champions Manchester United embark on their victory parade.

13 May 2013 Last updated at 20:50

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As it happened

  1. 2032: 

    As the players make their way off the stage, it is time for our coverage to end. But don't forget you can keep up to date with the live action of Brighton's play-off semi-final second leg against Crystal Palace on the BBC website. after we have gone.

    Sportsday starts up again at 0800 BST so head back in the morning to get all the latest news.

  2. 2029: 

    Well, it's been a brilliant evening for Manchester United fans as they cheered their idols and said farewell to Sir Alex Ferguson.

    There are going to be a few fuzzy heads in the morning after this party. The retiring United manager can now get ready to settle into his armchair with some wonderful memories. He was certainly sent off in style.

    Football will never see the like of him again and I doubt they will ever see a party like this again either.

  3. 2025: 

    And how do you end a title winning party? Well, there is only one tune to bow out on and as Queen's "We Are The Champions" blasts out of the speakers the United players and their manager says adios to an era.

    Ferguson could not have believed there would be scenes like this when he decided to call it quits. He is going to miss it. Now the question is will David Moyes be up on that stage with a big smile on his face next season?

  4. 2021: 

    Finally Sir Alex Ferguson is brought from the wings for one final goodbye and he is clearly stunned by the number of fans that have come out to wave him off.

    Comparing the celebrations to the year Manchester United won the treble, he says: "I thought 1999 would never be beaten but you have beaten it."

  5. 2019: 

    The shy and retiring Paul Scholes is even persuaded to say a few words as he prepares for retirement.

    "We set out each year to try and win the league. Most seasons we do it but it is good to see this turn out."

  6. 2018: 

    Rio Ferdinand is next up for a quick chat, he claims: "Manchester has never seen anything like this. "

  7. 2017: 

    Patrice Evra tells a crowd that seems almost ready to burst: "Last season was an accident and now we have our trophy back."

  8. 2016: 

    Michael Carrick is now being interviewed on the stage.

    He says: "It just means everything. This is incredible and we have got our trophy back."

  9. 2012: 

    The players have now decamped to the stage and are bouncing around. The trophy in front of them wobbling about on the plinth.

  10. 2010: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson joins in for a chorus of "Glory, Glory Man United" before lifting the trophy one more time to cheers with Paul Scholes next up to show off the Premier League silverware.

    Even Wayne Rooney has cheered up, bouncing around with his arm on Anderson's shoulders.

  11. 2007: 

    Even Sir Alex Ferguson has his phone out taking pictures now - something to show the grand kids, along with 49 trophies!

  12. 2006: 

    Skipper Nemanja Vidic has the trophy in his hands while Michael Carrick takes pictures of the crowds.

  13. 2005: 

    Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Alex Ferguson are both dancing to The Courteeners as they play "Not 19 Forever", a song the club adopted as it attempted to win a 20th title. Ferguson is having a ball as he bounces up and down.

  14. 2002: 

    There are big screens either side of the stage boasting a United badge and the words "Champions 2013" as the bus pulls to a halt.

    The players as one as raising and lower the trophy to cheers from the fans.

  15. 2000: 

    A lucky few are packed in watching the bus edge closer to the stage, where The Courteeners are belting out their hits.

    Richard Conway reports: "It is incredibly loud here."

  16. 1958: 

    In Albert Square the band have started up and red flares have been lit.

  17. 1956: 

    Richard Conway reports from Albert Square: "The atmosphere here in the centre of Manchester is really hotting up. They know Sir Alex Ferguson is not far away now."

    Manchester United title parade Albert Square
  18. 1955: 

    Rhys Barker tweets: "Just been to check out parade...Rooney looked like he would rather be at home..."

  19. 1954: 

    There are some brave souls trying to balance on rooftops and a red flare is burning away from an office window as the crowds now pack every available vantage point to cheer on their heroes.

  20. 1952: 

    Not far to go now as the bus ups the pace as it travels along Deansgate. Around this time last season it was City celebrating. The pictures of that parade hurt Sir Alex Ferguson so much that he decided to stay on for one more year to win back the title.

    You wonder if they will hurt whoever is in charge at Manchester City next season quite as much.

  21. 1949: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson's masterstroke this season was persuading Robin van Persie to ignore the cash on offer at Manchester City and join his team instead.

    And even the Scot was in awe of the Dutchman when he hit his stunning second goal in the title-clinching 3-0 win over Aston Villa.

    Ferguson said: "It was goal of the century for me. It was marvellous - the technique with his head down, over the ball and just perfect timing. It was a magnificent strike."

    Robin van Persie Manchester United title parade
  22. 1944: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson looks like he is trying to go incognito at the back of the bus. He has his hood pulled over his baseball cap and is wrapped up warm.

  23. 1942: 

    More from BBC Sport's Richard Conway: "Thousands of fans now in central Manchester awaiting the bus. Many speak of how they have only ever known a Manchester United led by Sir Alex Ferguson. Many have brought their children, determined that they too will witness Sir Alex lifting the Premier League trophy and saying goodbye as he enters retirement."

    Sir Alex Ferguson banner Manchester United title parade
  24. 1939: 

    BBC Radio Manchester: "Hanging off the rafters in Manchester City centre..."

  25. 1939: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway is getting a flavour of the atmosphere in middle of Manchester.

    He reports: "All the fans I have spoken to see it as their chance to say goodbye to Alex Ferguson, the man who has dominated English football and taken their team to so many championships. They want to have a party."

  26. 1935: 

    Meanwhile, Northern Ireland defender Jonny Evans was embarrassed by his fiancee, MUTV reporter Helen McConnell, who was asking questions on the bus.

    "Are you going to have a good summer?" she asked.

    "Yes," replied Evans. "I am getting married to you Helen."

    Jonny Evans title parade
  27. 1931: 

    And here are the other three wins that were crucial in Manchester United's title win.

    Manchester United 3-1 Sunderland. Saturday 15 December 2012.

    During captain Nemanja Vidic's three-month absence with a knee injury, United endured something of a wobble as they lost five out of 19 games in all competitions. The Serbian centre-back returned for the home win over Sunderland and, since then, United have suffered only four defeats from 25 matches.

    Manchester United 1-0 Reading. Saturday 16 March 2013.

    Wayne Rooney's solitary goal edged Manchester United ever closer to a 20th league title. With neighbours City losing 2-0 to Everton, victory over Reading gave United a 15-point cushion at the top of the table.

    Manchester United 3-0 Aston Villa. Monday 22 April 2013.

    Robin van Persie scored a first-half hat-trick as Manchester United brushed Aston Villa aside to clinch their 20th league title with a comprehensive win at Old Trafford.

  28. 1927: 

    As the fans start singing while marching in a throng behind the bus, lets look at the five key games that saw United win the title beginning with two from the autumn.

    Southampton 2-3 Manchester United. Sunday 2 September 2012.

    Robin van Persie struck twice in the final three minutes to complete his hat-trick as Manchester United fought back from 2-1 down to snatch victory at St Mary's.

    Chelsea 2-3 Manchester United. Sunday 28 October 2012.

    Javier Hernandez scored a 75th-minute winner in an ill-tempered match at Stamford Bridge, which saw Chelsea finish with nine men following red cards for Branislav Ivanovic and Fernando Torres.

  29. 1926: 

    Back in April 2011 Real Madrid's Sergio Ramos dropped the Copa del Rey trophy off the front of the bus during a parade and it was crushed by the wheels. Javier Hernandez is clinging on to the Premier League trophy with a firm grip to ensure there is no repeat.

  30. 1923: 

    Fans have travelled from across the world to witness the parade. From Durban to Cornwall, BBC Manchester catches up with some supporters who have made the trip.

  31. 1921: 

    There is an important game on tonight as well, in case you have forgotten. Brighton take on Crystal Palace in the Championship play-off semi-final.

    Palace are without leading scorer this season, 30-goal Glenn Murray, because of a knee injury. Aaron Wilbraham, who has scored one goal in 25 appearances this season, comes in.

  32. 1918: 

    Daniel Thomas tweets: "The big test will be to win it three times in a row." - That's the best line. Fergie's done what no one else has. Twice."

  33. 1917: 

    The crowds are thinning out as the bus makes its way towards the centre of Manchester but there is a huge party waiting for the United players at Albert Square.

    Manchester United title parade
  34. 1914: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway: "One #mufc fan has climbed a lamp post to reveal a "Man City Cup Winners 2013" banner."

  35. 1912: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway has been fighting his way through the throngs of fans trying to catch a glimpse of the United parade.

    He reports: "For many fans they will have only know Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford, only known a period of success.

    "A lot of them have come out because they see it as a moment of history for the club and a moment of history for English football. They have brought their children to share the moment."

    Man Utd parade
  36. 1909: 

    BBC Sports Andy Swiss reports: "It was a spine-tingling atmosphere when the players and the boss Sir Alex Ferguson got on to the bus.

    "Old Trafford was packed with fans wearing scarves and waving banners all bearing Sir Alex's name. It was a great tribute."

    Man Utd parade
  37. 1904: 

    BBC Radio Manchester: "@gmpolice say Albert Square is at capacity for the #MUFC parade. No one else will be allowed in."

    Albert Square
  38. 1904: 
    Wayne Rooney

    Simon Bromley tweets: "Wayne Rooney gets booed at parade". "Man U fans booing someone who wants to leave. Because *that* will encourage him to stay..."

  39. 1902: 

    It had threatened to rain on Manchester United's parade but the sun has come out to shine on Sir Alex Ferguson as he waves goodbye to thousands of fans who have come out to say goodbye.

    Sir Alex Ferguson
  40. 1901: 
    Sir Bobby Charlton

    There is one man on the bus who has enjoyed more celebration parties than most. Sir Bobby Charlton never seems to bore of open top bus rides as he beams with happiness alongside Anders Linegaard.

  41. 1858: 

    Former Manchester United manager Wilf McGuinness, who famously has a terrible time after taking over from Sir Matt Busby, believes David Moyes will find it easier than he did taking over from a legend.

    He says: "What has happened in the past is great because we have two wonderful Scottish managers in Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson and now we have another Scot waiting in line. I respect him a lot and he will be a top notch manager."

  42. 1855: 

    There are fans perched on the top of a container being used by workmen as the bus eases its way past a chip shop. With United parading the trophy today, does it mean that Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has had his chips?

  43. 1850: 

    Mascot Fred the Red is walking in front of bus as he crawls its way up Chester Road towards the stage at Albert Square where more fans are waiting. People are hanging out of windows to see the trophy that is being proudly displayed by the players.

  44. 1843: 

    Away from the parade, former England striker James Beattie has been named manager of League Two club Accrington.

  45. 1842: 

    The United players are wearing scarves and waving red flags as they past crowds that are thirty deep in places.

    Man Utd victory parade
  46. 1837: 

    The bus leaves Old Trafford with Rio Ferdinand still in control of the proceedings, singing: "We've got our trophy back", as the coach drives down St Matt Busby Way.

    Man Utd parade
  47. 1835: 

    In contrast, Rio Ferdinand grabs the microphone in his role as ringleader and belts out a few chants. Unfortunately for those in ear shot he is out of tune and rather too loud. Not so much club choir master, more an embarrassing uncle at a wedding. I bet there are plenty on and off the bus wishing the sound would cut out.

    Man Utd parade
  48. 1833: 

    Paul Scholes is urged up from a seat on a quiet part of the bus to stand next to Sir Alex Ferguson for a final photo with the trophy. What a great shot of the retiring pair who have done so much for the club.

    Sir Alex Ferguson
  49. 1833: 

    Ferguson now speaks and he is a lot less emotional than when he delivered his heartfelt goodbye on the Old Trafford pitch on Sunday.

    He says: "This is fantastic, I'm more pleased for you than anything else. To go through a 38 week programme of Premier division and win it in style with a great bunch of players was great.

    "It is a young squad with a lot of good young players and they will get better. The big test will be to win it three times in a row."

    He added: "Yesterday, is a day I will never forget. It was wonderful. Thank you. It was something all my family enjoyed and the grandkids will never forget it."

  50. 1828: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson finally makes his way up to the top of the bus and lifts the trophy to cheers from adoring fans. Paul Scholes is sat nearby with a big smile on his face.

    Sir Alex Ferguson
  51. 1825: 

    The red open top bus is still stationary outside Old Trafford and the players are slowly climbing on board and giving their views on the title win.

    Chris Smalling says: "Every day the fans are here and there's a great turnout today. It's a great feeling to win the title and it will stick with me forever."

  52. 1820: 

    The bus has Champions 2013 emblazoned down the side and underneath a picture of Sir Alex Ferguson. The retiring manager is expected to speak to fans before the bus sets off from Old Trafford.

    In the meantime, Rio Ferdinand says: "I don't get many goals but it was a great time to score one and a great way for the manager to go out with a win."

  53. 1817: 

    As they take their seats on the open top bus, some of the Manchester United players take to the microphone to address the fans.

    Patrice Evra says: "It was great to get over the line and a hugely proud moment. We bounced back straight away to win the trophy back, that's what we do at Manchester United."

    Man Utd parade
  54. 1813: 

    Wayne Rooney now joins the party and there are some boos from the crowd. Some United fans are obviously not happy about his decision to ask for a transfer. He ignores the catcalls and grabs the trophy for a quick photo in front of Old Trafford.

  55. 1808: 

    Finally, the trophy is on view at Old Trafford. Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic carry the Premier League crown on to the bus and lift it high above the mass of fans.

  56. 1805: 

    Motherwell manager Stuart McCall is named as the Scottish Premier League's manager of the season having finished second behind Celtic.

  57. 1804: 

    Manchester United fans are packed into the Old Trafford forecourt to see the parade.

  58. 1801: 

    The Daily Telegraph's Mark Ogden is at Albert Square and tells BBC Sport: "This is incredible. It is like 1999 when they won the treble."

  59. 1800: 

    England bowler Tim Bresnan is confident he is back to his best after one of the toughest decisions of his life to go through with a second elbow operation.

    He says: "A couple of hours before the op, it's like 'Well, this could go one of two ways. I might never play for England again, or play cricket again, or I might be back better than ever'.

    "I probably lost three or four yards. But I feel as though I've got that back," he said. "I've not been in front of a speed-gun, but it feels good."


    BBC Sport Richard Conway reports: "Fans now let in to Albert Square, rushing to get a prime position in front of the stage where Sir Alex Ferguson and his team will appear a little later this evening."

  61. 1749: 

    Rio Ferdinand has been in the pub this afternoon ahead of the victory parade and tweets: "I've only got a slide in my throat! #theparade"

  62. 1745: 

    BBC Sport's Aimee Lewis is soaking up the atmosphere at Old Trafford as Manchester United prepare to parade the Premier League trophy through the streets of Manchester.

    She reports: "'Glory Glory Man Utd' is the song of choice at the moment outside Old Trafford but the fans have been through the repertoire.

    "Rain, hail - even some thunder - not dampening thousands of voices. Angela Bates, a United fan since 1958, drove from Cardiff last night and has been at the stadium since the morning.

    "She was wily enough to bring a waterproof poncho with her, though. Even talking about Sir Alex now brings tears to her eyes. "I've cried, and cried and cried," she says before wiping away a few more tears. "He's an amazing man, not only for what he's done for this club but for British football."

  63. 1739: 

    Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins remains optimistic about his flagging Giro d'Italia chances following a challenging first week hindered by difficult weather conditions.

    The Englishman lies fourth overall and 1min 16secs adrift of Italian race leader Vincenzo Nibali and says: "The gap is far from insurmountable."

  64. 1736: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway is in the centre of Manchester waiting for the parade to start winding its way to Albert Square from Old Trafford.

    He reports: "It's contrasting sounds in Central Manchester. The Courteneers have finished their very loud sound check. And in the distance, beyond the barriers surrounding Albert Square, is the faint echo of Manchester United fans tooting horns and singing.

    "Crowds now gathered around the square, waiting to be let in."


    There are some amongst you who believe Roberto Mancini has underperformed. Tell us your view using hashtag #bbcsportsday.

    Aaron Farmer: "I think Mancini should go, look at the funds he's had available! Compare him with the likes of Steve Clarke look what he's done!"

    Andrew McFarlane: "Steve Kean would have won a title with that City squad, Mancini isn't good enough and moans and whinges too much."

    Greg Matthews: "As a Man Utd fan, I'm disappointed Mancini is being sacked. They may actually get a manager in now who knows what he's doing."

  66. 1727: 

    Top French trainer Andre Fabre says up and coming colt Ocovango, winner of the prestigious Prix Greffulhe, will run in next month's Epsom Derby.

    Fabre, 24 times France's champion trainer, took the same race with Pour Moi en route to success in Flat racing's premier Classic in 2011.

  67. 1723: 

    Less than 40 minutes until Manchester United's open-top parade gets under way from the forecourt of the East Stand at the club's Old Trafford stadium.

    There is going to be some congestion in the city as Sir Alex Ferguson leads his team through Manchester but Reds fans will not mind getting home late.

    Gary Neville

    Gary Neville

    Signed from: Joined the club via its academy and made his debut in 1992

    United appearances: 602

    Goals: 7

    Honours: Premier League (8): 1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99, 1999-2000, 2000-01, 2002-03, 2006-07, 2008-09

    FA Cup (3): 1995-96, 1998-99, 2003-04

    Football League Cup (2): 2005-06, 2009-10

    FA Community Shield (3): 1996, 1997, 2008

    UEFA Champions League (2): 1998-99, 2007-08

    Intercontinental Cup (1): 1999

    FIFA Club World Cup (1): 2008

    Have any of Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United lieutenants epitomised the passion of playing for the club more than Gary Neville? The Bury-born player came through the club's academy and played for almost 20 years at Old Trafford. He formed a sterling partnership with David Beckham down United's right and pride played a part in his decision to quit in 2011 when he was the first to recognise a drop in the level of his performances.

  69. 1719: 

    BBC Sport Aimee Lewis is also down at Old Trafford waiting for Manchester United's victory parade to start.

    She reports: "I've managed to get a picture of the back of his head!" shouts on excitable supporter as he thinks he has captured the less recognisable side of Sir Bobby Charlton.

    "A crowd has gathered outside the club shop, everyone craning their necks in hope of catching sight of Sir Bobby, that's if it even is Sir Bobby in the club shop. There's an hour until the parade begins and fans are already near bursting with excitement. What will they be like when they see Sir Alex and his squad?"

  70. 1715: 

    Gareth Hock and Danny McGuire are among seven Super League players charged with disciplinary offences during the fifth round of the Challenge Cup last weekend.

    Widnes forward Hock is charged with "making deliberate physical contact with the referee" while Leeds Rhinos' McGuire was hit with a charge for a "punching offence."

    The other five are Hull KR's Corey Paterson, Huddersfield duo Joe Wardle and Leroy Cudjoe, London Broncos forward Antonio Kaufusi and Salford City Reds player Jordan James.

  71. 1708: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway is dodging the rain in Manchester to follow United's victory parade.

    He reports: "Fans are starting to gather in central Manchester now. Many have come with flags and a balloon salesmen is doing a brisk trade in inflatable Champion League trophies.

    "Meanwhile, Manchester band The Courteeners are currently sound-checking. They'll be on hand later to play "Not 19 Forever" which has already become a fans favourite following the club's 20th League title this season."

  72. 1704: 

    Chelsea are refusing to reveal if skipper John Terry and playmaker Eden Hazard will be fit for Wednesday's Europa League final with Benfica.

    Terry damaged his ankle and Hazard suffered a hamstring problem in Saturday's win at Aston Villa and underwent scans.

    But the Blues are keeping quiet about the latest condition of their injuries.


    Mark Watson: "Not City's best season, but sacking Mancini is NOT the answer. Board are starting to make us look a bit "Typical City"..."

    Beau Edwards: "Those calling for Mancini to stay have either not been watching City or are fans of rival teams, only Pardew is worse in prem."

    Lewis Wainwright: "Take note of Fergie's speech @MCFC: stand by a manager and create lasting quality and achievement."

    Get involved in the debate about Roberto Mancini's future via Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsday

  74. 1648: 
    Carlo Ancelotti

    Paris St Germain club president Nasser al Khelaifi has told Reuters that the club has rejected a bid by Real Madrid to hire coach Carlo Ancelotti.

    "They (Real) came and I discussed it with them. He's got a contract with us for one more year...for me, he's here next year," said Al Khelaifi.

    "He's a fantastic guy and I'm sure he'll respect his contract."

  75. 1644: 

    Crowds are gathering outside Old Trafford ahead of Manchester United's victory parade which gets underway at 18:00 BST.

    There will be coverage on the BBC News Channel and BBC Radio Manchester as well as updates into Sportsday Live on the BBC Sport website.

    BBC Radio Manchester's Bill Rice is at Old Trafford and is keeping listeners up to date via Twitter.

  76. 1638: 

    Durham have kept their nerve to beat Surrey and move to the top of the Championship Division One table after career-best bowling by Scott Borthwick at The Oval.

    The leg-spinner claimed 6-70, for match figures of 8-92, as Surrey were all out for 229 on the final morning. He then contributed 42 to a second-wicket stand of 100 with Mark Stoneman (67), with Durham needing 181 to win.

    They suffered a wobble either side of tea, but 35 not out by Ben Stokes saw them home by five wickets on 181-5.

  77. 1632: 

    Former Wales centre Jamie Robinson has ended his playing career because of injury.

    The 33-year-old, who won 23 caps between 2001 and 2007, has spent the past three season playing for Agen in the French championship after a spell with Toulon who he joined after 10 years at Cardiff Arms Park with Cardiff and then Cardiff Blues.

  78. 1630: 

    Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes says that 11 players will not be offered new contracts. Among the casualties are veteran former Scotland internationals Gary Naysmith and Gavin Rae.

    The others to leave include Stephen Hughes, Jordan Brown, Rory Fallon, Mitch Megginson, Rob Milsom, Isaac Osbourne and goalkeeper Dan Twardzik.

    McInnes, who took over from Craig Brown in March, has also told four youth players they will not be offered new deals.

  79. 1618: 

    Watford boss Gianfranco Zola admitted he "lost it" when his side scored a late winner in Sunday's Championship play-off semi final against Leicester.

    Troy Deeney netted a dramatic goal seconds after keeper Manuel Almunia saved a penalty at the other end to send Watford to Wembley.

  80. 1613: 

    Former Italy midfielder Gennaro Gattuso has become the fifth coach to be sacked by Swiss side FC Sion this season.

    The 35-year-old was dismissed following Saturday's 5-0 defeat at St Gallen and will be replaced by the club's under-21 coach Michel Decastel. The ex-AC Milan man joined Sion as a player at the start of the season and was appointed player-coach in February.

  81. 1605: 

    BBC Sport's Martin Emmerson at Surrey v Durham

    The fraught afternoon that many thought would visit upon Durham hasn't quite happened, although they did lose Will Smith in the first over for three and two wickets without a run when on 126.

    But a 100-run partnership between Scott Borthwick (42) and Mark Stoneman (67) for the second wicket eased the visitors into a comfortable position and within sight of their first championship win at the Oval.

    At tea Durham are 149-4, needing 32 more to win.

    You can hear live commentary from the Oval on the BBC Sport website.


    John Fisher: "As long as William Prunier is given an honorary position in the team I'm happy."

    Nick Warwick: "I cant believe how most people seem to have forgotten how good Mark Hughes was, would rather him than Rooney in the best XI."

    Mark: "If Fergie had stayed longer we might've been adding Rafael & De Gea to the XI, they have that much potential."

    Add your opinion to the debate via Twitter using the hashtag #fergiesbestxi

  83. 1544: 

    Dutch referee Björn Kuipers will take charge of Thursday's Europa League final between Chelsea and Benfica.

    The 40-year-old has been an international referee since 2006 and took charge of the 2011 Super Cup in Monaco between Barcelona and Porto and was also part of the refereeing team for Euro 2012.

  84. 1537: 

    And after Laura Robson's win over Venus Williams, there is more good news for Britain's representatives in the men's doubles at the Italian Open as Jonny Marray and Dominic Inglot beat American pair John Isner and Sam Querrey in a third-set tiebreak. Marray and Inglot saved match points in the third set to eventually triumph 7-5 6-7 12-10.

  85. 1533: 

    Alan Pardew says his comments about not caring if Newcastle lose 4-0 to Arsenal on Sunday were a joke.

    The Newcastle manager made the remarks after the 2-1 win at QPR on Sunday had secured their Premier League safety.

    "It is definitely not the case that I would be happy for us to lose 4-0 against Arsenal on Sunday. I simply want our players and fans to be able to enjoy the game without looking over their shoulders.

    "Even though we are now safe, we will be putting in the same effort that we would for any other Premier League game."

  86. 1523: 

    Robson looks in control throughout, winning six out of nine break points but Venus, who is now ranked 24 in the world, is no longer the force she was following illness.

    The British number one's reward for beating Venus is a tie against her sister and world number one Serena.

  87. 1518: 

    Britain's Laura Robson claims one of the biggest wins of her career with a 6-3 6-2 win over former world number one Venus Williams in the opening round of the Italian Open.

  88. 1513: 

    Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz has added his voice to the growing criticism of this year's Pirelli tyres.

    Despite the fact three-times champion Sebastian Vettel leads the championship, Mateschitz is understood to have spoken to F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone over the issue.

    Mateschitz told Austrian reporters: "Under the circumstances, we can neither get the best out of our car nor our drivers.

    "This is a competition in tyre management. Real racing looks different. There is no more real qualifying and fighting for the pole as everyone is just saving tyres for the race."


    Adam Smart: "Can't go sacking managers after one season without a trophy. Perfect chance for City for win the title next season with Mancini."

    James Grierson: "Sacking Mancini will just be another example of poor industry standards. Stabilty is the key. Look at Chelsea."

    Ben Lewis: "Sacking Mancini is justified, but appointing Pelligrini isn't. Surely they have a better option. Ancelotti?"

    Let us know your thoughts on Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini's future via Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsday

  90. 1447: 

    Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: "I can't wait for later when we can share this moment with our fans in Manchester! Who's going later??? I want pics galore on my timeline from of people going bananas!"

  91. 1441: 

    Laura Robson wins the opening set of her Italian Open first-round match against Venus Williams 6-3. You can keep up to date with the latest on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  92. 1439: 

    An appeal has been lodged with a court in Lithuania over the bankruptcy order placed on Ukio Bankas, which is Hearts' main creditor.

    Fears had been raised about the future of the football club following the collapse of major shareholder Vladimir Romanov's financial empire .

    A judge will now set a date for the appeal to be heard in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnuis.

    Hearts owe the bank about £15m and a further £10m to parent company UBIG.

  93. 1434: 

    Wales have called Cardiff Blues outside half Rhys Patchell and Newport Gwent Dragons hooker Sam Parry into their training squad for the tour of Japan.

    But Scarlets fly-half Rhys Priestland has been ruled out of the tour after injuring his achilles tendon on Friday.

  94. 1423: 

    And there are more bird-related problems at Sedgefield racecourse where one of the fences will be omitted for tomorrow's evening meeting at the course due to ducks nesting.

  95. 1419: 

    The voice of Bath head coach Gary Gold is being used to scare away a flock of birds that have taken residence at the Recreation Ground.

    The club's groundsmen had stripped away last season's surface and replanted grass seeds, only for the birds to descend onto the pitch and eat them.

    But in an attempt to deter them, South African Gold has recorded a warning message to be played over the tannoy.

  96. 1415: 

    Laura Robson has made a flying start against Venus Williams in the first round of the Italian Open and leads the former world number one 4-1. You can listen to live commentary on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.


    Jack Alex Turner "No sign of either Jordi Cruyff or Seb Veron in any of these #FergiesBestXI suggestions. Scandalous."

    Sam Bigland: "It doesn't matter who's in 'Fergies Best XI', as long as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is on the bench they wouldn't lose!"

    Jack Donaldson: "Taibi, May, Johnsen, Berg, Fortune, Chadwick, Kleberson, Djemba Djemba, Blomqwist, Bellion, Fangzhou. Sub: Howard Webb."

    Let us know your thoughts at #fergiesbestXI

  98. 1408: 

    Earlier, we asked which seven teams have Leicester Tigers played in Premiership Finals at Twickenham?

    The answers are: Bath, Gloucester, Harlequins, London Irish, London Wasps, Saracens and Sale. Northampton will become the eighth team in a couple of weeks.

  99. 1405: 

    Britain's Laura Robson is in action against former world number one Venus Williams in the first round of the Italian Open. You can hear live commentary of the match on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  100. 1358: 

    English referee Howard Webb is appointed as one of the officials for this summer's Confederations Cup.


    Harmeet: "Mancini should go, he has not gotten anywhere near the best out of the resources at his helm. Poor show and man-management."

    Carolcoulter: "Been a disappointing end to a less than vintage season, but the last thing we want is to 'do a Chelsea'. Have faith in Mancini."

    Sadozaie: Mancini is good but he hasn't got any half decent European record so I think he should go."

    Let us know your thoughts on Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini's future at #bbcsportsday.

  102. 1346: 

    Mark Lane, the World Cup-winning coach of the England women's team, is to stand down after five years in charge.

    Lane oversaw England's World Cup and World Twenty20 double in 2009, a year in which they also retained the Ashes.

  103. 1337: 

    FA Cup winners Wigan put plans for a victory celebration on hold until their Premier League fate has been decided.

  104. 1333: 

    Great Britain's women suffer another defeat to Belarus, with Damian Jennings's team losing 64-50 to Belarus in Lithuania.


    Moe Muntz: "In the end Mancini will stay and have last laugh. After he gets backing and an apology from the boardroom. They were pathetic."

    Josh Hammersley: "From a neutrals point of a view, I think Man City should give Mancini another season, time, & the funds."

    Jay: "If Manchester City sack Mancini, they'll become like a kid who just wants the next shiny thing to play with."

    Let us know your thoughts on Roberto Mancini's future at #bbcsportsday.


    Alex Etheridge: "Feels wrong leaving Solskjaer out."

    Dale Hawson: "Disappointed at the lack of even a mention for the one and only Fabien Barthez!"

    Andrew Lambert: "Schmeichel, Parker, McGrath, Stam, Irwin, Ronaldo Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Cantona, Van Nistelrooy."

    Let us know your thoughts at #fergiesbestXI.

  107. 1315: 

    It's going to me a nervy afternoon for Durham as they chase 181 for their first championship win at The Oval.

    Scott Borthwick's career-best 6-70 helped to see off Surrey as they made 229, a lead of 180. Durham Coach Geoff Cook warned last night it would be a difficult wicket to bat fourth on if Surrey were able to add a further 50 runs this morning. They ended up adding another 65.

    Durham's cause wasn't helped with the loss of Will Smith in the first over of their second innings either. It will be a very interesting afternoon!

  108. 1310: 
    Rio Ferdinand

    Rio Ferdinand

    Signed from: Leeds United for £30m in 2002

    United appearances: 428

    Goals: 7

    Honours: Premier League: 2002-03, 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2012-13

    League Cup: 2005-06, 2008-09

    Community Shield: 2003, 2007, 2008, 2011

    Champions League: 2007-08

    Club World Cup: 2008

    Became the most expensive British player in history when he crossed the Pennines for around £30m after starring in the 2002 World Cup in Japan. Missed eight months in 2003 after missing a drugs test but United stood by him and he remains a key figure.

    So does Ferdinand make your line-up of Ferguson's best XI? Let us know your line-ups at #fergiesbestXI.


    Jake Parker: "If Mancini goes it will add that extra bit of gloss to Ferguson's career - another manager seen off."

    Kit Marsden: "Why would you sack Mancini? If one League title, one second place, and FACup runners-up is a failure, there is no hope!"

    Si Hawkes: "Mancini should go. Spoke out about running of the club too often, thrown players under the bus too. Klopp would be ideal."

    Let us know your thoughts on Mancini at #bbcsportsday.


    Billy Bradley: "Webb; Elleray, Rennie, Winter, Wiley; Dowd, Foy, Poll, Marriner; Gallagher, Durkin."

    Nicki Wilcox: "Schmeichal, Neville, Pallister, Bruce, Scholes, Giggs, Beckham, Ronaldo, Cantona, Rooney, Solskjaer."

    Matty Jones: "Changed my best XI. However well CR7 played for United, there's no denying what Beckham could accomplish on that right wing."

    Let us know you thoughts #fergiesbestXI.

  111. 1254: 

    A long men's match means that Laura Robson's meeting with Venus Williams at the Rome Masters is now likely to start at about 1345 BST. You can listen to live coverage on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  112. 1248: 

    Borussia Dortmund will play fellow German side Bayern Munich in the Champions League final at Wembley on 25 May.

    "Bayern swept Barcelona and Juventus out of the stadium so that they had trouble finding the exit," Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp told kicker magazine. "This is hardly possible against us.

    "We know how good we are. We are uncomfortable opponents for any team."

  113. 1234: 

    Russia president Vladimir Putin signs a decree waiving visa requirements for athletes and officials attending international sporting events in the country.


    Ash: "Might be harsh on Mancini but he's been making up too many excuses for a team that cost over £200m. Benitez to replace the guy."

    Ralph Brooker: "Mancini is a very successful manager on most standards. Doesn't really bother me, but mcfc shouldn't go the Chelsez way. Faith."

    George Crawford: "First Mario and now Nasri (amongst others) under performing shows he can't get the best out of his players. Surely has to go."

    Let us know your thoughts on Mancini #bbcsportsday.


    Daniel Scott: "As an Arsenal fan I can't understand why none of these Utd XIs feature Dwight Yorke or Andy Cole!"

    Jon Ridge: "Schmeichel, Parker, Irwin, Bruce, Pallister, Robson, Giggs, Keane, Kanchelskis, Hughes, Cantona."

    Damien Brooks: "Schmeichel, G Neville, Stam, Ferdinand, Irwin, Ronaldo, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Cantona, van Nistelrooy. Rooney amongst subs!"

    Let us know your best XI at #fergiesbestXI.

  116. 1206: 

    Arsenal play Wigan on Tuesday with the Gunners needing a win to help their chances of qualifying for the Champions League and the Latics after three points to help them avoid relegation.

    Gunners boss Wenger says: "It is a very important game for both sides so we expect huge commitment from each side.

    "We are playing at home so we want to take advantage of that. We are on a remarkable run. We have been hugely consistent and we are in a position where our destiny depends on us and we want to now finish the job."

  117. 1157: 

    British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland says players not involved in upcoming domestic and European cup finals could have an advantage when it comes to earning the nod for the opening Test of the summer tour.

    "The players that prepare for that first game [in Hong Kong] are going to have the biggest advantage on tour," said Gatland.

    "They are the players not involved in the finals so they are going to have the best preparation in the next couple of weeks. The players coming back from finals are going to be at a disadvantage because of their lack of preparation time."


    Charlie Hurley: "Taibi, Fortune, Prunier, McGibbon, May, Kleberson, Djemba-Djemba, Veron, Milne, Bellion, Forlan."

    Daniel Higgins: "Tiabi, Donaghy, Prunier, Berg, Albiston, Milne, Beardsmore, Kleberson, Djemba x2, Obertan, Forlan."

  119. 1149: 

    Ajax midfielder Christian Eriksen says talks have taken place over a possible move to Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund.

    The 21-year-old Denmark international tells De Telegraaf: "I know there has been contact between the two clubs and both Ajax and Dortmund have already talked to my agent."

  120. 1142: 

    So what has Wayne Rooney got to say after Manchester United's retiring manager Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed the striker has asked to leave the Old Trafford outfit.

    "Delighted for @TigerWoods on winning players championship," said Rooney on Twitter.


    Should Manchester City part company with manager Roberto Mancini?

    The Italian led his side to the Premier League title last season but City lost their top-flight crown to Manchester United this time around, while they were also beaten by Wigan in the FA Cup final. Let us know your thoughts at #bbcsportsday.

    Here what Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says on the issue: "I don't know if it will happen or not but I am sorry for every manager who loses his job."

  122. 1125: 

    Today's #QSTeaser from @QofS_Official: Which seven teams have @LeicesterTigers played in Premiership Finals at Twickenham?


    Dan Higgins: "Schmeichel, Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, Irwin, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo, Cantona."

    David Shepherd: "Schmeichel, G Neville, Stam, Vidic, Irwin, Ronaldo, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Cantona, Van Nistlerooy."

    avstrong: "Schmeichel, Gary, Stam, Vida, Irwin. Cr7, Keane, Scholes, Giggs. Eric and Ruud."


    Fleming Jensen: "Should Mancini be sacked for a trophyless season? No. Should he be sacked because he's incompetent and immature? Absolutely."

    Dental Mental: "Mancini should go. Poor management, tried to change a winning side too much, cant get the best out of players just buys more."

    Wayne Ellis: "The rest of the Premiership are in big trouble if City appoint even a half-decent manager. Mancini just wasn't good enough..."

  125. 1111: 

    Fifa president Sepp Blatter reacts to the racist chanting by Roma fans at AC Milan's players during a game on Sunday.

    "Appalled to read about racist abuse in Serie A last night. Tackling this issue is complex, but we're committed to action, not just words," said Blatter on Twitter.

  126. 1100: 

    Olympic 110m hurdles champion Aries Merritt believes his world record at the distance could soon be lowered.

    "I think that the world record will come down below 12.8secs. Soon," he was quoted as saying in French sports newspaper L'Equipe.

    "Many of us can run 12.9 and a lot are working hard to break the record and and the magic number 12.8," the 27-year-old American added.

    Merritt shattered the previous record of 12.87secs held by Cuba's Dayron Robles at the final Diamond League meeting last September in Brussels.

  127. 1057: 
    Jaap Stam

    Jaap Stam

    Signed from: PSV Eindhoven for approx £10.6m in 1998

    United appearances: 127

    Goals: 1

    Honours: Premier League: 1998-99, 1999-00, 2000-01

    FA Cup: 1998-99

    Champions League: 1998-99

    Intercontinental Cup: 1999

    Ten million pounds seemed a lot of money for a relatively unknown Dutchman in the summer of 1998, but Stam more than justified his price tag with a series of superb displays as United won the treble in his first season. Blessed with plenty of pace and strength, not many Premier League strikers got the better of him before he was sold to Lazio for £16.5m after claiming in his autobiography that Ferguson had made an illegal approach to him in Holland.

    Share your views on whether Stam would get in your Alex Ferguson best ever Manchester United XI at #fergiesbestXI.


    Karl Brookes: Final result and performance was bad. Sacking a successful Manchester City manager makes the situation, worse.

    Matt Brookland: There's now a world class manager without a job..... Fergie to City, he would help stabilise the club.

    Tom Moose Manson: As a United fan, I don't feel Mancini deserves to go. An FA Cup, a league title and a runner up in both his seasons is no failure.

    Robbie Ellison: City shouldn't sack Mancini, he's a club legend who was let down by Marwood pre season and by his players throughout it.

    Share your thoughts on Mancini at #bbcsportsday.

  129. 1046: 

    Billy Sousa Hughes: Schmeichel, Neville, Pallister, Vidic, Evra, Ronaldo, Keane, Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Rooney

    Joe Hegarty: Schmeichel, G. Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo & Van Nistlerooy, Rooney or Cantona?

    Nicholas Chen: Schmeichel, G Neville, Bruce, Ferdinand, Evra, Ronaldo, Scholes, Beckham, Giggs, Solskjaer, Van Persie

    Tell us who you think should be included in Alex Ferguson's best ever Manchester United XI, tweets to #fergiesbestXI.

  130. 1040: 

    Salford head coach Brian Noble confirms the appointment of former Leigh, Castleford and Halifax full-back Stuart Donlan as his assistant.

    Donlan, 34, was assistant to Ian Millward at Castleford until both were sacked just over a month ago.

    He takes the place of Sean Long, who resigned last month and subsequently joined Wigan, and will not be the last addition to the City Reds' backroom staff as Noble looks to turn around the club's fortunes.

    "It's certainly not complete," Noble said. "This team does have a bit of catching up to do on the coaching front and the more resources we can throw at that, the quicker we will improve."

  131. 1039: 

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez insists the club's FA Cup triumph will not be a distraction as the fight for Barclays Premier League survival comes down to needing a win at Arsenal tomorrow.

    Wigan realistically need six points from their last two matches to stay up,

    He said: "It was a moment that changed the perception of our club for millions of people outside the UK and that is really positive but it doesn't need affect the next two matches.

    "To see a team like us deservedly win the trophy playing a powerhouse of world football in Manchester City is one of those incredible stories.

    "The memories will live forever but we need to focus on the next two games."

  132. 1035: 

    BBC Sport's Ed Marriage reports that Ireland and Lions centre Brian O'Driscoll should be fit to play for Leinster in the Amlin Challenge Cup final in Dublin on Friday.

    O'Driscoll hurt his back in Saturday's Pro-12 play-off match against Glasgow and it was feared his Lions participation might be in doubt.

    O'Driscoll was due to attend a Lions meeting and media event in London this morning, but has stayed in Dublin for further treatment.

    But the Lions head coach Warren Gatland said O'Driscoll has had the same back problem before and was confident he would be fit to play in Friday's final against Stade Francais. The Lions depart for the start of their Australian tour a fortnight today.

  133. 1032: 

    Accrington Stanley goalkeeper Iain Dunbavin agrees a new contract with the League Two club until 2015.

    The 32-year-old must first pass a medical, however, having not played since November because of a shoulder injury which required an operation.


    Gaz Wild: Manchester City need to stick with Mancini, proven good manager needs time, stability will bring them success.

    Alex Mawer: Mancini doesn't deserve to be sacked, 1 season without a trophy, Fergie had a few of those and look at his success.

    AnthonySamuelJackson: ‏I think its time city get a new manger in, Mancini has done the best he can.

    Share your thoughts on Mancini at #bbcsportsday.

  135. 1024: 

    More from BBC sports news reporter Richard Conway: "Roberto Mancini has arrived at QPR's Loftus Road stadium with the Manchester City team.

    "He offered no comment when asked if he was facing the sack.

    "Manchester City are training at QPR ahead of their Premier League game against Reading tomorrow night."

  136. 1020: 
    Gary Pallister

    Gary Pallister

    Signed from: Middlesbrough for approx £2.3m in 1989

    United appearances: 439

    Goals: 14

    Honours: Premier League: 1992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1996-97

    FA Cup: 1990, 1994, 1996

    League Cup: 1992

    Charity Shield: 1990 (shared), 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997 (shared)

    Cup Winners' Cup: 1991

    European Super Cup: 1991

    Ferguson made Pallister the most expensive British defender in history when he forked out £2.3m in 1989 but was proved right again as the 6ft 4in centre-half provided the base for the first title-winning side of 1993 alongside Bruce. Missed just one league game between 1992 and 1995, and was sold back to Boro for a profit in 1998.

    Share your thoughts on Alex Ferguson's best Manchester United XI at #fergiesbestXI.

  137. 1018: 

    Durham will go into the final day of their clash with Surrey at The Oval with high hopes of wrapping up the win that will take them top of the County Championship.

    After a rain-affected third day, the home side will resume on the final morning on 164-6, a lead of 113 after leg-spinner Scott Borthwick's three wickets gave Durham the upper hand.

  138. 1017: 

    More from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger ahead of Wigan's visit on Tuesday: "We have rebuilt the team and since January we have done very well," he said.

    "Our stability can help us start next season well. Stability is needed at clubs. I am sorry for every manager who loses his job.

    "Two months ago we had no chance to be where we are today, so we can only be happy [to be in this position]."

  139. 1014: 

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken about Alex Ferguson's retirement at his media conference ahead of Tuesday night's Premier League match at home to Wigan.

    He said: "I told my staff a long time ago that I thought it would be his last year. I detected some signs.

    "I respect his decision. He has the right to decide [to retire]."

  140. 1011: 

    AC Milan's Mario Balotelli, 22, was the target of racist abuse by opposition fans in Sunday's 0-0 draw with Roma, which forced a two-minute suspension to the game.

    Thanks again to BBC Monitoring.

  141. 1009: 

    Midfielder Xavi Hernandez, 33, became the first Barcelona player to win seven league titles when the Catalans secured the championship on Saturday.

    Pep Guardiola has won the league six times with the club, three as a player and three as manager.

  142. 1009: 

    Former Netherlands captain Mark Van Bommel, 36, ended his professional playing career in characteristic style with a red card in the 71st minutes of PSV Eindhoven's 3-1 defeat by FC Twente on the last day of the Dutch season.

  143. 1009: 

    Now for a round up of stories from BBC Monitoring.......

  144. 1005: 

    Dan Thompson: Schmeichel, Neville, Stam, Vidic, Irwin, Ronaldo, Scholes, Keane, Best, Cantona, Van Nistelrooy

    KieronButcher: Schmeichel, G Neville, Irwin, Vidic, Bruce, Ronaldo, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Cantona

    Muhammad Safnan: Schmeichel, Gary Neville, Vidic, Bruce, Irwin, Roy Keane, Scholes, Ronaldo, Giggs, Cantona, Ruud van Nistelrooy

    Share your thoughts on who you think deserves a place in Alex Ferguson's best Manchester United XI at #fergiesbestXI.

  145. 1002: 

    More from BBC Sports news reporter Richard Conway at Loftus Road: "I asked a club insider over the weekend about Mancini's apparent confrontational approach. His reply? 'Confrontational doesn't scratch the surface if it.'

    "Mancini appears to have paid the price for this style of management, coupled with an unsuccessful season.

    "But staff at the club remain in the dark over developments with their manager.

    "The team stayed in a central London hotel over the weekend following their FA Cup final defeat and are expected at QPR's Loftus Road stadium to train this morning."

  146. 0950: 

    BBC Sports news reporter Richard Conway, from Loftus Road: "Manchester City are due to train at Loftus Road this morning ahead of their game against Reading tomorrow.

    "The kitmen have arrived in their vans and are unloading the bibs, cones and water for training.

    "It's business as usual in that respect. But with Roberto Mancini's time in charge coming to an end, we wait to see if he will arrive to prepare his players for tomorrow's game. Manchester City are due to train at Loftus Road this morning ahead of their game against Reading tomorrow."

  147. 0941: 
    Daniel Sturridge

    Daniel Sturridge believes improving his mental strength has helped him make such a flying start to his Liverpool FC career.

    The £12m striker celebrated his first hat-trick for the Reds in their 3-1 victory over Fulham at Craven Cottage, taking him to 11 goals in just 12 starts since his move from Chelsea in January.

    ""I am a lot more peaceful and I'm playing with a clear mind," Sturridge told the Liverpool Echo.

    "Before there were a lot of things going on and mentally it was hard for me. It's difficult when you do well and then don't play the next game as you feel 'what more can I do?"


    James Ward-Gwilliam: Too many managers are being sacked by new owners nowadays. I'm not a city fan but Mancini doesn't deserve the sack.

    Jay: Really think Man City have missed an opportunity. They need someone like Moyes if they are to emerge from the shadows of Man Utd.

    Tara Munro: It's frustrating when clubs don't invest in their managers. I think Mancini deserved at least one more season as Man City boss.

    Graeme Jake Scott: Everyone seems to forget Fergie won NOTHING last season, yet was never questioned. Mancini has been treated harshly.

    Share your thoughts on Mancini at #bbcsportsday.

  149. 0930: 

    Bangladesh wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim admits he made a mistake in resigning the captaincy of the national team and plans to hold talks with the country's cricket board, the BCB.

    The 24-year-old announced last week, at the end of the three-match one-day series defeat to Zimbabwe, that he was standing down as he was concerned over his contribution with the bat and as a leader.

    He continued to skipper the Tigers in the two Twenty20 matches that followed, with the series drawn 1-1 and Mushfiqur making scores of 28 and 17.

    He told ESPN Cricinfo today: "After resigning I have realised that I should have discussed the matter with the BCB, who have made me the captain.

    "It was my mistake. People from the BCB have told me that we will hold discussions when I am back. I have let them know my decision, now it's for them to decide."

  150. 0925: 

    Mercedes motorsport director Toto Wolff fears there is no "magic golden key" that will solve the team's current problems.

    Nico Rosberg claimed sixth place in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix with Lewis Hamilton not able to hold on to a points-scoring position as he plummeted to 12th.

    "This car is a quick car," said Wolff. "I've been asked whether it has been made for a dragster race rather than a

    grand prix but no, it's something else.

    "It is a car which is tremendously fast on Saturday, has real speed, but then on Sunday we are not able to manage the car with the tyres.

    "It's something else which requires out-of-the-box thinking because this is a pattern we have seen in the past.

    "As I'm rather on the pessimistic side I don't believe in a magic golden key - I hope there could be."

  151. 0920: 
    Steve Bruce

    Steve Bruce

    Signed from: Norwich City for approx £800,000 in 1987

    United appearances: 420

    Goals: 52

    Honours: Premier League: 1992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96

    FA Cup: 1990, 1994, 1996

    League Cup: 1992

    Charity Shield: 1990 (shared), 1993, 1994

    European Cup Winners' Cup: 1991

    European Super Cup: 1991

    One of Ferguson's early signings, and one of his best. Formed a key partnership with Gary Pallister at the heart of the defence during the dominant 1990s, chipped in with key goals against Sheffield Wednesday in that first title win of 1993 and ended up with over 50 for the club in all competitions.

    Tweet your best Alex Ferguson Manchester United team to #fergiesbestXI

  152. 0918: 

    Australian playmaker Kurtley Beale looks set to be missing when the Wallabies take on the British and Irish Lions this summer.

    Beale, 24, has had to take an "indefinite leave of absence from rugby" according to his club, the Melbourne Rebels.

    Beale has entered a treatment program in a "private health facility... to seek assistance in resolving personal issues." He has had a number of disciplinary problems in a colourful career so far.

  153. 0914: 

    BBC pundit Robbie Savage has drawn up his best Alex Ferguson XI.

    The former Blackburn Rovers midfielder could not find a place for Ruud van Nistelrooy or Robin van Persie.

    Savage's 11: Peter Schmeichel, Gary Neville, Rio Ferdinand, Steve Bruce, Denis Irwin, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona, Wayne Rooney.

    Tweet your best Alex Ferguson Manchester United team to #FergiesBestXI

  154. 0911: 

    Tiger Woods held on to clinch his second Players Championship by two strokes on Sunday after long-time adversary Sergio Garcia imploded on his last two holes.

    Spaniard Garcia shared the lead on 13-under with Woods when he teed off at the short but treacherous 17th, but hit into the water twice to crash to a quadruple bogey, after the world number one had parred the famed island hole.

  155. 0909: 

    Cardiff City boss Malky Mackay admits he is flattered to be linked with the Everton's manager's job.

    Mackay is reported to be among the frontrunners to replace David Moyes at Goodison Park when his fellow Scot leaves at the end of the season to take over at Manchester United.

    "It's certainly very flattering to be linked to such a job like that but I've got something that we've built and we're really looking forward to coming into the Premier League," said Mackay., who guided Cardiff to promotion.

    "I've got an awful lot of hard work over the summer, concentrating on my job, as I'm doing at the moment."

  156. 0901: 

    It would be easy to forget Manchester City have got a Premier League match on Tuesday at Reading.

    Reading could welcome midfielder Hope Akpan back into their squad.

    The 21-year-old has missed the last four games with an ankle injury but could struggle to force his way into Nigel Adkins' starting line-up following last weekend's 4-2 win at Fulham.

  157. 0901: 

    Mark Lawrence: Ferguson wasn't dominating Europe when he walked into United and maybe City learn from that and give Mancini a bit more time.

    Bill Williams: Why get rid of Mancini? You can't win it every year! They should have beaten Wigan but don't sack a manager based on one game.

    Usman Mamsa: If City do decide to get rid of Mancini, than it can only be for an upgrade, and it is difficult to find such names available.

    Zebediah Thrugwitch: I think Pellegrini is a red herring. Just waiting for Mourinho to be announced next MCFC manager.

    Mancini's Manchester City future is attracting strong views from both sides of the argument. Tweet your thoughts to #bbcsportsday.

  158. 0855: 

    Spanish Grand Prix winner Fernando Alonso says he would happily forego another race victory this season so long as he took the title.

    Sunday's triumph at the Circuit de Catalunya has boosted his hopes of adding that elusive third title to his name by the end of the championship.

    Asked whether he felt he now had his best shot of the title in four years with Ferrari, the 31-year-old - winner of two of the five races so far - said: "Probably yes, in terms of performance of the car. We should have won the championship, I believe, in 2010.

    "We are not the quickest over one lap, maybe we don't set the fastest time in the race but we have fantastic strategy people, fantastic pitstops... we have many ingredients to have a competitive car to fight for the championship,"

  159. 0850: 
    Patrice Evra

    Patrice Evra

    Signed from: Monaco for approx £5.5m in 2006

    United appearances: 331

    Goals: 7

    Honours: Premier League: 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11, 2012-13

    League Cup: 2005-06, 2008-09, 2009-10

    Community Shield: 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

    Champions League: 2007-08

    Club World Cup: 2008

    Already an established France international, left-back Patrice Evra arrived in Manchester for £5.5m from Monaco in January 2006. After a slow start, Evra soon adapted his style of play and became a regular fixture in his preferred position, a rightful heir to Denis Irwin. Despite difficulties at international level - he purportedly led the infamous rebellion against national coach at the 2010 World Cup - Evra continues to enjoy great success at United, including five league titles and 2008 Champions league winner's medal.


    Dan Edwards: ‏Why is it so hard for clubs to see that the PL's best managers are British, or at least Home-Grown former players?

    Damian Otway: Mancini has to go. Won the league but to spend the amount he has and not get out the group stages of the CL is not good enough.

    Ashley Vickers: Man city need a manager who will guarantee them trophies and domination in Europe.

    Manchester City look set to sack manager Roberto Mancini. Tweet your thoughts to #bbcsportsday.

  161. 0832: 

    Malaga coach Manuel Pellegrini has denied having an agreement in place to become the next manager of Manchester City.

    It has been reported that the Chilean has been lined up to succeed current City manager Roberto Mancini, whose position at the Etihad Stadium has come under the spotlight.

    According to reports, Mancini, whose team lost the FA Cup final to Wigan at the weekend, could even be sacked before the Blues take on Reading tomorrow night.

    However, speaking to reporters following Malaga's goalless Primera Division draw with Sevilla, Pellegrini, said: "I deny here and now being the new coach of Manchester City, I haven't signed any agreement with anybody.

    "I have an agreement with Malaga not to talk to anyone and nothing has been agreed with any other club.

    "I hope in the coming weeks that things will become a little clearer what is going to be the future here at this club."

  162. 0826: 

    Sam Ince: Schmeichel, G Neville, Stam, Bruce, Irwin, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo, Van Nistlerooy, Solskjær

    Abraham Moss: ‏Schmeichel, G Neville, Stam, Vidic, Irwin, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Ronaldo, Rooney

    Aaron Wood: Schmeichel, G Neville, Irwin, Ferdinand, Bruce, Ronaldo, Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, Cantona, Van Nistelrooy

    Abdi Mohamed: Schmeichel; G. Neville Vidic, Ferdinand, Irwin; Ronaldo, Scholes, Keane, Giggs; Cantona; Van Nistelrooy/Cole

    Have your say on who Alex Ferguson's best Manchester United team would be, to #fergiesbestXI.


    While Manchester United prepare for their champions parade this evening, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini looks set to be sacked and replaced by Malaga boss Manuel Pellegrini. Tweet your thoughts to #bbcsportsday

  164. 0818: 
    Edwin van der Sar

    Edwin Van der Sar

    Signed from: Fulham for approx £2m in 2005

    United appearances: 264

    Goals: 0

    Honours: Premier League: 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09, 2010-11

    League Cup: 2005-06, 2008-09

    Community Shield: 2007, 2008, 2010

    Champions League: 2007-08

    Club World Cup: 2008

    Arguably became the first goalkeeper to fill the gloves of Peter Schmeichel. Was already 34 when he surprisingly left Fulham to make the trip north, but the Dutchman went on to star for six seasons, winning four Premier League titles and a Champions League.

  165. 0807: 

    Alex McCallum: Schmeichel, G Neville, Evra, Stam, Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Cantona

    Kieran Davey: Schmiechel, Neville, Ferdinand, Pallister, Bruce, Giggs, Cantona, Scholes, Ronaldo, Van Nistelrooy and Van Persie

    George Houlbrooke: Ferguson's 11; Schmeichel, Neville, Vidic, Stam, Evra, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, Ronaldo, Cantona, Cole

    Tweet your best Alex Ferguson Manchester United team to #fergiesbestXI

  166. 0800: 

    Peter Schmeichel

    Signed from: Brondby for £550,000 in 1991.

    United appearances: 398.

    Goals: 1.

    Honours: Premier League (5): 1992-93, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1998-99

    FA Cup (3): 1993-94, 1995-96, 1998-99

    Football League Cup (1): 1991-92

    FA Charity Shield (4): 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997

    Uefa Champions League (1): 1998-99

    Uefa Super Cup (1): 1991

    Peter Schmeichel was a steal from Danish side Brondby and solved a long-standing goalkeeper problem at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson. The 6ft 4ins goalkeeper was a talismanic presence at the back and often rowed on the pitch with centre-backs Steve Bruce and Gary Pallister.

  167. 0756: 

    Elsewhere in football, Chelsea interim boss Rafael Benitez has revealed his hunt for a new job has already started, with staying in the Premier League a priority.

    He said: "It is started already, the agents are working.

    "The priority is still England but if you cannot find a club maybe you have to go abroad."

  168. 0755: 
    Mancini latest

    Not everyone believes Manuel Pellegrini is the best choice at Manchester City.

    The Daily Mail's Martin Samuel says: "A coach who has won nothing in Europe, not even in the season he spent £200m on four players at Real Madrid, will now occupy one of the prime jobs in the Premier League. And as one door opens, another slams in the face of our home-schooled managers."

    What are your thoughts? Please tweet #bbcsportsday

  169. 0755: 

    Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is set to be sacked and replaced by Malaga's Manuel Pellegrini.

    Former Liverpool defender Alan Hansen says in his Daily Telegraph column: "Roberto Mancini had a golden opportunity to blow Manchester United out of the water and dominate the Premier League for years and years - but has not done it, and that is why he will be out of a job this week."

    What are your thoughts on the issue? Please tweet #bbcsportsday


    This morning we are asking who would be in your best Alex Ferguson Manchester United XI. Your thoughts are welcome please, to #fergiesbestXI.

  171. 0753: 

    Good morning and welcome to another Sportsday from the BBC Sport Centre. There's a busy day ahead in football, with Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini set to be sacked, Manchester United's champions parade this evening and Wayne Rooney's Old Trafford future uncertain.

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