Sportsday - Thursday, 15 November

Reaction on 5 live's 'Body Beautiful?' programme, India close on 323-4 plus Premier League news conferences.

15 November 2012 Last updated at 21:45

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  1. 2143: 

    That is it for tonight. Thanks for your company and we hope you enjoyed our Body Beautiful special. Have a good night and we will be back on Friday morning at 08:00 GMT with all the latest breaking sports news.


    Olympic sprinter Jeanette Kwakye on Twitter: "@EllyOldroyd @RealDeniseLewis Great stuff guys!! I'm inspired to do some more sit ups and embrace my abs this evening."

    Lisa Adelle-Jondeau on Twitter: "Girls should be encouraged to be healthy and fit not thin by any means. #bodybeautiful. Strong is the new skinny"

    Elaine O'Neill on Twitter: "True words on @bbc5live from Jeanette K. So much young female talent lost due to social pressures - having to be "feminine" sad."

  3. 2132: 

    Denise Lewis tells 5 live: "The more conversations we can introduce to young girls the more we'll be heading in the right direction."

  4. 2130: 

    England Under-21 netball player Georgie Webster on 5 live: "I'm confident in my body. I'm tally because it's a height dependent game. I've not had any problems with it so far. I've got two close groups of friends - one group in my sport and one group from school. They are four foot foot tall and I'm six foot."


    James Ruskin on Twitter: "Incredibly candid interview with @Hollie_Avil just finished on @bbc5live."

    Jo Quint (Jo Sloane) on Twitter: "Great @bbc5live #BodyBeautiful piece. Sport gave me my identity and far more opps than the average teenager, but 'friends' were resentful."

    Selena on Twitter: "@wsff_uk coaches working with young girls/women should get training to help spot self image issues early on."

    You can tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  6. 2118: 

    Olympic heptathlete gold medallist Denise Lewis on 5 live: "It comes back down to not wanting to stand out in an environment when it's not the culture. It has to change and it has to start at primary school. Girls need to know it is ok to look a bit different and a bit talented and gifted."


    Olympic champion cyclist Joanna Rowsell on Twitter: "Really enjoying listening to the #BodyBeautiful programme on @bbc5live. Some great contributors and an interesting discussion."

    Pete Allison on Twitter: "I'm staggered that looks are deemed infinitely more important than what the body can do. Form over function again and again."

    Dani Nimmock on Twitter: "@Hollie_Avil It's so sad that an eating disorder took over such an incredible talent in triathlon."

    You can tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  8. 2059: 

    You can read about triathlete Hollie Avil's story here. She says her eating disorder was triggered by a coach's comment.

    "I said I was looking forward to getting back to my swimming and that it would get me fit," she says. "He said, 'Swimming is not going to make you quicker Hollie, if you want to get quicker you should watch your weight'."

  9. 2052: 

    More from Hollie Avil, on her eating disorder, on 5 live : "I was actually doing really well (performance wise). I was running super quick because I was really light. My coach said he wouldn't work with an athlete with an eating disorder. I did put on weight but I was still very weight conscious. It's sad to look back on it."

  10. 2049: 

    Hollie Avil, former triathlon world and European champion, tells on 5 live about her eating disorder: "When you are 16 you are easily influenced. I started to look at what some of the older athletes ate and they ate things like salad, no carbohydrates. I kind of got addicted to not eating and limited my diet. I was probably eating no more than 1500 caleries a day. For someone training up to four hours a day that was not enough. I wasn't a nice person and became snappy."


    Elaine O'Neill on Twitter: "It's important coaches are aware and careful around this area, "weight" comments can be potentially quite damaging!"

    Francesca Day on Twitter: "I admire female athletes for their dedication they are the kind of positive role models women need."

    Pete Allison on Twitter: "I'm staggered that looks are deemed infinitely more important than what the body can do. Form over function again and again."

    You can tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  12. 2032: 

    Mandie Gower, editor of Zest magazine, on 5 live: "There is the bigger issue. You can take it way outside of the sporting arena... music, film, television, where we all feel there's this agenda for looks to get women promoted and get a bigger profile. At least with sport, in its very essence, those women are getting to where they are through their ability. There's no way you're going to get into Team GB because you look prettier than the other members of the squad."


    Paula Thomas on Twitter: "As a coach who is teaching a group of teenage girls i sometimes think i spend more time on psychology than I do gymnastics."

    Philip Wood on Twitter: "Women need their own sports to make most of their natural physical properties, take a tip from gymnastics."

    Dani Nimmock on Twitter: "Girls get career-ending injuries unnecessarily trying to lose weight to improve performance in distance running."


    Helen on Twitter: "Don't the guys commenting on how good sportswomen look on @bbc5live realise they're still perpetuating the objectification?"

    jo tongue on Twitter: "When PE is rained off next wk all teachers must sit their pupils down and make them listen to #BodyBeautiful @bbc5live."

  15. 2018: 

    British Olympian Denise Lewis: "We have had situations where our sprinters have been fiercely criticised for their body shape. I can think of two individuals who have been criticised openly on TV about their weight. I've seen over the last few years girls in PE lessons who aren't happy to run around in gym shorts and are actively trying to change what they wear in PE so that they do feel comfortable."


    Sophie Cocking on Twitter: "The most inspiring thing about sport is the fact that people of all different body types can be successful!"

    Josh Davis on Twitter: "The Olympics changed the way the UK media looks at our sports women. I just hope it doesn't change back."

    Tweet your thoughts using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  17. 2011: 

    Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis: "I'm like any other woman or girl, you look in the mirror and you like bits and you see bits you don't like. There are things I feel a bit insecure about. Around the age of 16, you want to be the same as everyone else, look the same as your friends. Obviously I was training and wanted to be an athlete and that was around the time a strength and conditioning programme was introduced to my training and I avoided it. But you can't become an Olympic champion without that strength and conditioning base.

    "The nicest thing is that there's this perfect figure that's put out in the media that young girls try to aspire to and, I think, if sportswomen are put out there a bit more, like we have done this year, it creates a real healthy body image for young girls to aspire to."


    Andrew Waldron-Kelly on Twitter: "My 11yr old daughter gets picked on at school for eating healthy lunches. Why? Healthy should be the norm."

    You can tweet your views using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  19. 2001: 

    Former Olympic gymnast Paula Thomas, now a gymnastics coach, on 5 live: "If you're quite a slight shape you're drawn to gymnastics, especially elite gymnastics. My gymnasts are that body frame anyway. But not all gymnasts are going to be top gymnasts, we'd never say to a child 'you're too tall, too big'. Some of my gymnasts come in and say 'my legs are too big' and they're not at all. I don't think it's just gymnasts. I hear that just as much from the school children as I do from my own gymnasts. If I ever saw or heard anything I would be worried about I would be open to approach them."

  20. 1956: 

    Denise Lewis on 5 live: "We have this polarised view of what a beautiful woman ought to look like. This cannot be healthy... Trying to monitor what my daughter is watching, I just think 'you can't watch this, it's mindless and it's only about girls looking beautiful'."


    Laura Kemp on Twitter: "Brilliant radio #BodyBeautiful on @bbc5live . These women are superstars and even they have issues."

    David Howell on Twitter: "Dealing with issues of body image in sport are a crucial element of the Olympic legacy that I'm glad the BBC are aware of."

  22. 1948: 

    British weightlifter Zoe Smith on 5 live's Body Beautiful: "It didn't help that my friends were saying stuff like "if you keep doing that you'll get legs like a man". At first that was a scary thought, but on the circuit there are 'normal', pretty girls. I'm never going to be tall and skinny so I have to accept that.

    "I'm constantly having weight-related issues. I usually have to lose 3-4kg every time I compete and I have a special diet to help me do that. Maybe eventually I'll have to move up a weight category. The constructive criticism you can use to your own advantage, but if they're just comments saying 'I don't like you', then tough."

  23. 1942: 

    Denise Lewis on 5 live's Body Beautiful: "I've seen the shift from people talking about athletes in a grotesque way and, slowly, over the years, we've progressed and the attitudes, I'm hoping, are getting better. London 2012 defined what we are about, which is making sure every woman is represented.

  24. 1940: 

    Olympic heptathlete gold medallist Denise Lewis on 5 live: "I've not [received abuse on the way I look]. For me, my training, was about performance, about making sure that my body performed the job I had to do. As a young girl, body image issues would arise. I remember doing weights and not liking it."

  25. 1937: 

    BBC 5 live's 'Body Beautiful' programme is under way. You can listen to Eleanor Oldroyd with Jessica Ennis, Denise Lewis, Rebecca Adlington, among others, live on 5 live. Join in the debate using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  26. 1928: 

    More from Lewis Hamilton. The McLaren driver on the title race between Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso: "It goes without saying they are two of the best here.

    "What they've achieved is incredible, with the rest of us aspiring to try to do the same.

    "They're both incredibly professional, and it's amazing to see how focused they are considering how much pressure is on them, but they are both world champions and they're handling it, no problem.

    "As for me, it is what it is. I'm happy to be here fighting in the last two races with my team. I just want to do the best job and try to still fight with them, even though we are not fighting for championship."

  27. 1910: 

    Lewis Hamilton has said he was surprised by McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh's comments last week that questioned his move to Mercedes.

    Whitmarsh was unequivocal in his comments, claiming he was still at a loss as to the reasoning behind Hamilton's decision.

    Asked as to how he felt about the remarks, Hamilton said: "I was a little bit surprised to hear it, but it (regret) is absolutely not the case.

    "I've a great team, I've been with them such a long time, and I'm sure everyone has emotions within the team.

    "But I'm still here, giving 100 per cent to them for the last two races, and of course it's quite emotional for me. But I'm very, very happy with the decision I've made."


    5 live's Eleanor Oldroyd on Twitter: "Do tweet us during our @bbc5live sport special on female body image in sport - #bodybeautiful on air from 7.30."

  29. 1858: 

    BBC Radio 5 live are to broadcast 'Body Beautiful?' at 19:30 as part of their women's sport special. Olympic champion Jessica Ennis will be on the show and the heptathlete says increasing the profile of sportswomen can help create a healthy body image which young girls can aspire to.

    Swimmer Rebecca Adlington, sprinter Jeanette Kwakye and 400m runner Christine Ohuruogu also feature. You can send us your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #bodybeautiful

  30. 1850: 

    Chris Adcock is to renew his on-court partnership with fiancee Gabby White after Imogen Bankier's decision to quit Great Britain's badminton programme.

    Adcock and White peaked in 2010 when they cracked the world's top 20 before coaches made a decision to dissolve the mixed doubles partnership.

    But GB Badminton say the pair are to be reunited just months before they are set to marry in the autumn of 2013.

  31. 1842: 

    Italy coach Jacques Brunel has made eight changes to the side that beat Tonga 28-23 last week ahead of taking on rugby's "Everest" side on Saturday.

    Italy have suffered defeat to the All Blacks in all 11 of their previous encounters but Brunel is hoping his best available team can provide a stiffer challenge to the reigning world champions at the Olympic Stadium.

    "If New Zealand are the Everest of rugby, we must be ready to climb as far and as high as we can and make light of the cold and bad weather," said Brunel. "Otherwise we're better off staying in the comfort of Mont Blanc."

  32. 1835: 

    You can catch up with all the latest news on Sportsday. If you refresh this page then the programme will magically appear at the top of this screen.

  33. 1829: 

    Former France and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry is one of three players nominated for Major League Soccer's Most Valuable Player award.

    New York Red Bulls forward Henry finished in the top three of a poll of current MLS players, coaches, club officials and the media.

    The 35-year-old Henry struck 15 goals for the Red Bulls who were eliminated from the playoffs by D.C. United in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

    San Jose Earthquakes striker Chris Wondolowski, who equalled the league's record for goals scored in a regular season with 27 this campaign, was also nominated along with Sporting Kansas City midfielder Graham Zusi, who had the most assists.


    John Hunt on Twitter: "I'm finding it very odd that "Best Goal Ever" seems to have been scored either by or against a British team..."

    Mowlid on Twitter: "There's a debate about the best goal ever and no-one mentions the name Mauro Bressan? Best goal by a mile."

    tom watson on Twitter: "Hart has 2 take some credit 4 the assist. As far as 35yard overhead kicks go, it was served up on a plate 4 him."

  35. 1821: 

    Australia coach Robbie Deans has brushed aside comments by David Campese that he has "destroyed Australian rugby," but admitted he understands criticism of his regime.

    Deans is under intense scrutiny due to a roller-coaster season that reached its nadir with last weekend's 33-6 defeat by France.

    "The criticism is fair under the circumstances. We're not happy with our performance either, so it's understandable," Deans said. "People are entitled to their opinion. It's part of the territory

    "It's great that David's passionate about the game still and particularly the Wallaby jersey. But I really don't want to comment any further.

    "Every week there's pressure, that's what living in this arena is. It's not about me, it's about the team and helping them do what they do."

  36. 1814: 

    Tony Watt says he has so much more to fulfil in his career than his crucial strike against Barcelona after signing a long-term contract with Celtic.

    The 18-year-old has committed himself to the Parkhead club until the summer of 2016 after his decisive goal in the 2-1 Champions League win over the Catalans last week helped move negotiations along.

    "Everybody is stopping and talking to me and saying 'well done' for the Barcelona match," said Watt. "Ever since then I've been happy. I've just taken it in my stride.

    "It has happened so I can't dwell on it. It will be a good memory for the rest of my life but I just need to get on with the rest of my season and maybe look back at the end of the season."

  37. 1808: 

    Burnley striker Charlie Austin insists he is unconcerned by talk of big-money moves following a run of form which has seen him score 20 goals in 17 appearances.

    "I'm not up there - I play in the Championship, I don't play in the Premier League," said Europe's leading goalscorer.

    "If I do get there, brilliant, and I'll assess that situation when I get there. I play for Burnley in the Championship at the moment, I've got a job to do in the Championship scoring as many goals as I can and that's what I'm doing."


    zephyr neat on Twitter: "What about Owairan of Saudi Arabia..class goal and the commentator goes crazy."

    mo sami on Twitter: "That Ibrahimovic goal does not deserve to be in a friendly, World Cup final goal!!!"

    Fat Controller on Twitter: "If you're looking for the best volley ever, it's Darren Mackie's for Aberdeen v Hearts. Over the shoulder from 40 yards out!"

  39. 1754: 

    Jamie Heaslip insists Ireland remain in high spirits as Declan Kidney's men prepare for Saturday's non-cap international against Fiji at Thomond Park.

    "This is the third week of a good camp. The lads have been going well in training and there's a lot of excitement around. It's a good place to be," said Heaslip.

  40. 1750: 

    Match of the Day's John Motson has given his verdict on Zlatan Ibrahimovic's mesmerising bicycle kick against England last night. "The best I have ever seen," the BBC man tells the Daily Mail. He then goes on to list his top 10 international strikes of all time, with Maradona and Carlos Alberto coming second and third respectively.

    You can tweet us your thoughts on the greatest international goals on Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsday

  41. 1743: 

    France's double Olympic gold medallist Yannick Agnel has set a new world record in the short course 400m freestyle event at the French championships.

    Agnel clocked 3 minutes 32.25 seconds, beating the previous mark of 3:32.77 set by German Paul Biedermann in Berlin in November 2009.

    "I was targeting a time close to the world record," Agnel said. "Now, I haven't fixed my limits. Up until the end of the week, I've got the 100, 200 and 800m."

  42. 1732: 

    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has assured fans the club will be able to compete with any side in the world over the next few seasons.

    The Gunners have not won a trophy since 2005 and have made their worst start to a Premier League season.

    But Gazidis told BBC Sport: "As we look to the next two, three years we will have an outstanding platform on which to compete with any club in the world."

  43. 1721: 

    Southampton manager Nigel Adkins is confident both he and QPR counterpart Mark Hughes will remain in charge whatever the outcome of Saturday's match between their respective sides.

    It has been suggested the losing manager could be sacked but Adkins said: "I don't think it will have any relevance whatsoever for either manager.

    "I'll be perfectly honest because that is what you're going to build it up as, because we've got two managers, two football clubs at the wrong end of the table.

    "I am pretty sure, I am pretty confident that both managers will be in situ come on Monday."


    More tweets on where Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick stands in the pantheon of international goals.

    Adam Bowley on Twitter: "Cambiasso goal against Serbia in 2006. Ultimate team goal."

    Adam Scott-Goulding on Twitter: "Easy! Archie Gemmill v Holland 1978."

    Bill Pearmain on Twitter: "We'll probably hear many reports of attempts at 30 yard bicycle kicks in the Sunday leagues this weekend."

    Keep sending us your thoughts on #bbcsportsday

  45. 1709: 

    Chelsea defender David Luiz thinks Radamel Falcao would be an excellent addition to the Blues squad. Chelsea are one of a number of clubs reportedly interested in signing Colombia striker Falcao, who has scored 10 goals for Atletico Madrid this season.

    "He would fit perfectly in to the squad," Luiz told Brazilian media after the country's draw against Colombia in the United States last night.

    "We would all be happy [if he signed] because Falcao would undoubtedly a great player for our team."


    Your opinions on where Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick last night stands in the pantheon of international strikes.

    Jozef Brodala on Twitter: "Pele's goal in the World Cup final against Sweden. Amazing technique and he was 17."

    Jon Davenport on Twitter: "Best goal ever, Carlos Alberto 1970 World Cup final. Seen it 100 times and still gives me goose-bumps. Delightful indeed."

    Patrick McCoy on Twitter: "What about Ray Houghton's suberb lob over Pagliuca for Ireland against Italy in USA 1994."

    Let us know your thoughts #bbcsportsday

  47. 1652: 

    Olympic silver medallist Fred Evans reveals how his desire to be a part of Great Britain's first World Series of Boxing team convinced him to resist the lure of the professional ranks after success at the London games.

    The 21 year-old says: "I spoke to a few professional promoters but the World Series of Boxing seemed the best way forward for me. It is a monthly wage plus bonuses and the experience of fighting some of the best boxers in the world."

  48. 1640: 

    Rugby Football League ban South Wales Scorpions player Tom Morgan for six matches for racially abusing an opponent.

    Morgan, 23, was found guilty by an RFL tribunal following an incident during a Championship One game against London Skolars last season.

    A statement read: "Morgan, who failed to respond to contact from the RFL, was found guilty in his absence of using offensive or obscene language based on race or ethnic origin against London Skolars player Lamont Bryan."

  49. 1631: 

    Swansea manager Michael Laudrup warns his side they could be made to suffer if they are not at their best against Newcastle on Saturday.

    Laudrup says: "If we are at our best we could get three points or just one, but there are loads of factors that can effect this game."

    Swansea travel to St James' Park without midfielders Ki Sung-yueng (hamstring) and Kemy Agustien (toe)

  50. 1623: 

    Germany and Hamburg goalkeeper Rene Adler, 27, has revealed his fears about suffering from depression and his concerns about avoiding a similar fate to Robert Enke, who committed suicide after struggling with the illness.

    Adler tells German magazine Stern: "We had both felt we are similar, which has scared me, because I could follow a similar path,"

    "I put myself under much too much pressure, the body looks for a way to release the valve and in my case it was injury after injury," he added having admitted it made him consider retiring."

  51. 1618: 

    Dundee United right-back Keith Watson is also a doubt for the Clydesdale Bank Premier League game against Kilmarnock after picking up a leg injury in Sunday's defeat to Hibernian.

    Left-back Barry Douglas could return after a recent ankle injury, while French defender Gregory Vignal is still absent after his hamstring tear.


    Your opinions on where Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick last night stands in the pantheon of international strikes.

    James Bunyan on Twitter: "Yes it was a great goal, great to even try it, only thing that takes anything away from it was there was no keeper."

    Chris Nriapia on Twitter: "John Barnes solo goal against Brazil in 1984 has to be up there with Maradona vs England?"

    James Gunn on Twitter: "We all know that the greatest volley ever was Van Basten's vs. USSR in 88. Pure technique."

    Let us know your thoughts #bbcsportsday

  53. 1604: 

    Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew says striker Papiss Cisse may miss Saturday's game with Swansea City because of a row with Senegal.

    Cisse, 27, was due to meet up with Senegal ahead of Wednesday's friendly in Niger but withdrew due to a back problem.

    Senegal are now understood to be threatening to invoke Fifa's five-day rule after claiming they were not sent details of the players medical condition.

  54. 1557: 

    Jockey Frankie Dettori passed a total of six random tests for banned substances in Britain during 2012.

    The Italian faces an inquiry in France after providing a positive test at Longchamp racecourse in September.

  55. 1553: 

    Kilmarnock will be without striker Rory McKenzie for their Clydesdale Bank Premier League game against Dundee United on Friday.

    McKenzie, 19, is expected to be sidelined for a couple of weeks with a groin injury.

  56. 1539: 

    Interim head coach Rob Howley accepts the reigning RBS 6 Nations champions Wales are under pressure as they take on Samoa at the Millennium Stadium on Friday.

    Howley says: "We are under pressure and we will come out fighting. I am sure you will see a performance that every supporter will be proud of in Wales."

    Wales, who lost their opening autumn international to Argentina on Saturday have dropped captain Sam Warburton, Gethin Jenkins and Rhys Priestland to the bench.

  57. 1531: 

    Wigan Athletic boss Roberto Martinez believes a top-10 Premier League finish is a realistic target for the team this season.

    Martinez says: "We need to play well and get the positive results. The moment we do that, we are capable of finishing in the top half of the table."

    Martinez confirms that winger Ryo Miyaichi, will be available to face Liverpool on Saturday. James McArthur (dead leg) is a doubt and Albert Crusat (knee) and Antolin Alcaraz (groin) are not ready to return.


    Your opinions on where Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick last night stands in the pantheon of international strikes.

    Danny Jaimeson on Twitter: "Best goal for me, given the importance of the match, pressure involved and sheer inventiveness: Panenka's winning penalty,1976."

    Anthony Botfield on Twitter: "Best international goal has to be Gazza Euro 1996. Perfect chip, perfect finish and perfect celebration! Amazing."

    Gbadebo Rotimi on Twitter: "Ibrahimovic's goal is the best goal that I have ever seen. Kudos to him."

    Let us know #bbcsportsday

  59. 1523: 

    World number five David Ferrer begins Spain's bid for a fourth Davis Cup title in five years on Friday against the Czech Republic's Radek Stepanek.

    The Czech team's top player, Tomas Berdych, will then take on Nicolas Almagro in the second of the opening day's matches.

    The Czechs are aiming to achieve a rare double after the women's team won the Fed Cup in Prague two weeks ago.

  60. 1519: 

    Celtic assistant manager Johan Mjallby says goalkeeper Fraser Forster "can challenge to be England goalkeeper" by playing in Scotland but believes Celtic need to make it through to the Champions League knockout stages if they want to keep him at Celtic Park.

  61. 1516: 

    The Tottenham defender Steven Caulker also says Zlatan Ibrahimovic's overhead bicycle kick "was probably the best goal" he had ever seen.

  62. 1510: 

    Tottenham defender Steven Caulker, 20, says he achieved a personal milestone after making his international debut before his 21 birthday in England's defeat to Sweden last night.

    He also became the first England player to score on his first appearance since David Nugent against Andorra in Barcelona five and a half years ago.

    Caulker says: "A target of mine was wanting to make my England debut before I was 21."

  63. 1501: 

    BBC Sport's cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew takes a look at how England fared on the opening day of the first Test against India in Ahmedabad as the hosts closed on 323-4.

    "The tourists suffered because their three seamers were expensive. While Graeme Swann was bowling very well at one end, the pacemen were haemorrhaging runs at the other end, which released the pressure."


    Your opinions on where Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle kick last night stands in the pantheon of international strikes.

    Jahaber Ali on Twitter: "Maradona's solo goal vs England. Ibrahimovic's was stunning but he's just a flat-track bully. Over-rated."

    Alex Gress on Twitter: "Dont forget Zidane's chipped penalty World Cup final 2006.. billion people watching and he chips it down the middle. Unreal goal."

    Joel Thompson on Twitter: "Best goal in my opinion is the Roberto Carlos 35 yard free kick vs France in 1997! Outstanding strike!!"

    Let us know your thoughts #bbcsportsday

  65. 1446: 

    Manchester City midfielder James Milner could return to action against former club Aston Villa this weekend after four games out.

    Milner, 26, who received a one-match ban after his sending off against West Brom in October 20, then suffered a hamstring injury.

    Speaking to the club's website, Milner said: "I've been progressing well and I'm back training so I'm hoping to be available for Villa."

  66. 1444: 

    Olympic champion Jessica Ennis says increasing the profile of sportswomen can help create a healthy body image which young girls can aspire to.

    Ennis said: "If sportswomen are put out there a bit more, it creates a real healthy body image for young girls to aspire to."

    BBC Radio 5 Live are to broadcast 'Body Beautiful?' at 19:30 GMT on Thursday as part of their women's sport special.

  67. 1436: 

    Qatar, who will host the World Cup in 2022, will keep bidding for the summer Olympics, despite having failed to make the final shortlist to host the 2016 and 2020 Games, the country's Olympic Committee said on Thursday.

    Qatar's Olympic Committee's general secretary said: "Every time we bid, we are listening and learning to see how we can make our bid stronger."

  68. 1425: 

    West Brom boss Steve Clarke has ruled out goalkeeper Ben Foster with a groin injury from Saturday's game against Chelsea, the club confirmed via Twitter.

  69. 1419: 

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas says his side "have to" finish above Arsenal this season.

    When asked if it is a realistic target, Villas-Boas said: "We have to. By what I see in the Premiership, it's obvious that Man United, Man City and Chelsea are running towards the title.

    "We are looking at trying to shorten the gap and not letting it grow."

  70. 1410: 

    Celtic striker Tony Watt signs a new contract to keep him with the Parkhead club until 2016. The 18-year-old striker, who scored Celtic's winner against Barcelona last week, arrived from Airdrie for £80,000 in January 2011.

  71. 1405: 

    Barnsley boss Keith Hill is confident of making further signings before next week's loan deadline.

    The Tykes brought in Marcus Tudgay from Nottingham Forest on Wednesday and Hill told BBC Radio Sheffield: "We're constantly looking and we know that we can recruit now.

    "I've never been this enthusiastic ahead of a deadline, I'm 100% confident we can bring in the kind of player we want."


    Your opinions on where Zlatan Ibrahimovic's bicycle-kick last night stands in the pantheon of international strikes are continuing to come in on the Twitter hashtag #bbcsportsday.

    Robert Bramley on Twitter: "Top 3 goals from people's choices are 1st is negrete euro88 2nd is ibrahimovic last night 3rd is maxi rodriguez vs mexico."

    Gary Wood on Twitter: "Bergkamp v Arg 98WC. Such audacity with only moments remaining. Fluke? Does similar in lge. That's the test: doing it again!"

    Mike Hoy on Twitter: "A great goal is one that wins the World Cup, not in a friendly."

  73. 1353: 

    Manchester United legend Eric Cantona says that he would like to return to the club one day as manager.

    However, the 46-year-old, who is the director of soccer at the New York Cosmos says also wants current boss Sir Alex Ferguson to remain as manager "forever".

    "I would say, 'United is special, of course I would do it'," he is quoted as saying in the Daily Mirror.

    "Today I'm with the New York Cosmos, but if one day there is an opportunity, why not? Like diving from here to the sea, watching, speaking to the fish, octopus, crabs, journalists."

  74. 1342: 

    Brighton boss Gus Poyet says it is too early to consider extending Wayne Bridge's stay at the club.

    The 32-year-old, who is on a season-long loan from Manchester City, has impressed at left-back for Albion.

    Poyet told BBC Sussex: "From the club point of view, it's very easy. From Wayne's it's very difficult.

    "We are trying to be realistic and wait. At the right time we will talk for sure because you can see he is different class."

  75. 1338: 

    Swindon have signed Norwich City's 24-year-old striker Chris Martin and Charlton midfielder Danny Hollands, 27, on loan until 5 January.

    However, manager Paolo Di Canio's move for Sheffield Wednesday forward Gary Madine has fallen through.

  76. 1333: 

    Ireland have included three new caps in the side to face Fiji at Thomond Park on Saturday.

    Ulster's Paddy Jackson comes in at fly-half with his provincial team-mates Craig Gilroy and Luke Marshall also making their debuts at centre and wing respectively.

    Ireland: D Hurley (Munster); F McFadden (Leinster), D Cave (Ulster) L Marshall (Ulster), C Gilroy (Ulster); P Jackson (Ulster), C Murray (Munster); D Kilcoyne (Munster), S Cronin (Leinster), M Ross (Leinster), D O'Callaghan (Munster), D Tuohy (Ulster), I Henderson (Ulster), J Muldoon (Connacht), J Heaslip (Leinster, capt).

    Replacements: R Strauss (Leinster), C Healy (Leinster), M Bent (Leinster), D Ryan (Munster), C Henry (Ulster), P Marshall (Ulster), J Sexton (Leinster) S Zebo (Munster).

  77. 1324: 

    Head coach Stuart Lancaster says that winger Chris Ashton has earned his recall to the England side to face Australia on Saturday.

    "He is hungry for the ball ,his work-rate is superb and, despite his picking up a few yellow cards early in the season, his defensive work has improved as well.

    "The way he tracks the ball and creates opportunites for himself and others time - his understanding with Andy Goode in the back three is also a bonus for us. His try return over the long haul is excellent."


    Colin Blackwood on Twitter: "Best international goal is Archie Gemmill in Argentina World Cup 1978 against Holland."

    Seun Shobande on Twitter: "Zidane in the Champions League Final. The technique on the volley was sublime and on the highest club stage."

    Waheed Seria on Twitter: "Anyone listed Maradona's effort v Belgium in the '86 semi? Bobby Robson said it made him believe El Diego was the greatest!"

  79. 1312: 

    Birmingham acting chairman Peter Pannu denies claims from Gianni Paladini that a takeover deal could be agreed within the next 10 days.

    Pannu, who is currently in Hong Kong along with City's Far East owner Carson Yeung, told the club's website that fans should not pay any notice of "rumours or speculation".

    "There are no active negotiations with the group involving Gianni Paladini or any of his associates," said Pannu.

    "Should there be any agreement reached, there shall be formal announcements made in Hong Kong and also in the UK."

  80. 1304: 

    Hearts manager John McGlynn insists that he is fully focused on football despite suggestions that the club's financial problems are so severe that this Saturday's match against St Mirren could be their last.

    "That's my priority because it's the only thing I can actually control to any extent. If you win football matches you can almost accept other things. It would make it more happy," he said.

  81. 1259: 

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insists that Luis Suarez, reportedly set to be subject of a £40m from Manchester City in January, will not be leaving the club.

    " He's staying here. If we lost Luis then we've got no strikers. I don't think we can afford to lose anyone," he said.

    "Luis has already shown in the summer his commitment to the club, he's signed a new deal."

  82. 1252: 

    Number eight Kieran Read will captain a New Zealand side against Italy in which winger Julian Savea is the only survivor from the 51-22 win over Scotland last weekend.

    Read is expected to take over from Richie McCaw when the team's regular skipper takes a six-month break next year.

    Aaron Smith, Ma'a Nonu and Conrad Smith return in the back division with Tony Woodcock, Keven Mealamu and Liam Messam back in pack.

  83. 1244: 

    England off-spinner Graeme Swann sets his team-mates the target of keeping India's first-innings total below 450 after the rest of the bowling attack toiled in vain on the first day of the first Test in Ahmedabad.

    Swann took all four of the wickets as India finished on 323-4.

    "We will need quick wickets in the morning," said Swann.

    "We will be batting last on this - that's what happens when you lose the toss. They have two very good spinners so we will have to bowl well."


    Phillip Kent on Twitter: "Greatest international goal? Puskas' first in the 6-3 win over England. Zen-like ball control to secure England's humiliation.

    Ben Amadues Moses on Twitter: ""The Scoop" by Karel Poborský vs Portugal Euro '96 has to be one of the best, pure cheek!"

    Euan Gregor on Twitter: "Arid Haan's goal v Italy in the 1978 World Cup...boom!"


    BBC Sport's Juliette Ferrington: "Brendan Rodgers in good spirits at #LFC press conference. "There'll be no bidding war, he's staying here. @luis16suarez #bbcsportsday #MCFC"

  86. 1230: 

    Batsman Naeem Islam made a maiden Test century to help Bangladesh thwart the West Indies in the first Test in Dhaka on Thursday. The hosts finished the third day on 455-6, just 72 shy of the visitors' first innings total of 527-4 declared.

  87. 1224: 

    Former Austalia winger David Campese has accused the current Wallabies coach Robbie Deans of "destroying Australian rugby".

    Campese admits that he is torn as to whether he wants Australia to even win against England on Saturday.

    "I played for Australia and it's clearly hard to go against them, especially when it's against the Poms. But if Australia win, Deans stays. I just want him to go," he told the Daily Telegraph.

  88. 1207: 

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas has described Zlatan Ibrahimovic's fourth goal against England as amazing, but says it is not the best he has ever seen.

    "It's an awkward goal. Goals come in various different forms , it's really amazing to see, not the best I've ever seen, but really amazing," he said.

  89. 1159: 

    From Carlos Alberto's strike in the 1970 World Cup final to a teenage Michael Owen slaloming his way through the Argentine defence in the 1998 tournament, BBC Sport have put togther a video featuring some of international football's greatest goals.

    You can join the debate on the best ever via the Twitter hashtag #bbcsportsday.

  90. 1153: 

    Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas believes that the gap between Spurs and Arsenal is closing, but the Gunners' record of Champions League qualification and three Premier League still gives them the edge when the clubs' recent history is compared.

    "I think we are certainly getting nearer in terms of what we are doing for the club," he said ahead of the side's meeting on Saturday.

    "This is a game that passion is extremely high, it's a game that represents three points in the league but represents more than that in the history of North London derbies."


    Zlatan Ibrahimovic's fourth goal against England last night has sparked your thoughts on the greatest goal ever on Twitter. Where does it stand in your reckoning and what are the other contenders?

    Matthew Vins on Twitter: "Roberto Carlos' 35-yard free kick Brazil v France 1997. Ridiculous strike."

    Billy Wylie on Twitter: "Dennis Bergkamp France 98 v Argentina. Brilliant long ball, sublime 1st touch, skill and then great finish. In injury time too

    Greg Unitt on Twitter: "I'm not getting the Zlatan hype, he over head kicked it into an open goal, that's the reality. No where near "best goal ever."

    Join the debate on #bbcsportsday.

  92. 1132: 

    India complete a promising start to the first Test against England, reaching the close of the first day in Ahmedabad on 323-4. Virender Sehwag top-scored with 117, with Cheteshwar Pujara at the crease on 98.

    Off-spinner Graeme Swann took all four of the wickets to fall.

  93. 1125: 

    South Africa batsman Hashim Amla says that he finds Australian sledging amusing rather than intimidating. Amla, scored a century in in the drawn first Test at the Gabba, was due to be targetted psychologically by the Australians according to a leaked team dossier .

    "I actually found it quite humorous," Amla told "I guess it is a bit funny when guys get a bit emotional when there is no real need to."

  94. 1116: 

    Football journalists in Manchester and Liverpool have been reacting to reports claiming that Manchester City will attempt to buy Liverpool striker Luis Suarez in January. It is suggested that City would start the bidding at £40m.

    "Contrary to stuff being leaked by Liverpool, City have absolutely no interest in Luis Suarez. My take on Liverpool briefing Merseyside press on Suarez is so Rodgers can knock it down at his press conference today. The other possibility is that they want to sell, and have started the auction rolling. Whichever way, the story is nonsense," tweets Manchester Evening News Manchester City reporter Stuart Brennan.

  95. 1110: 

    Pakistan has refused Shahid Afridi, Saeed Ajmal and Umar Akmal permission to take part in the Australia's Big Bash Twenty20 competition, insisting that they prepare for next month's tour of India instead in a domestic event.

    Afridi was due to play with Sydney Thunder while Ajmal had signed for Adelaide Strikers and Umar for Sydney Sixers.

    "Since the Big Bash was clashing with our Twenty20 tournament we have asked the players to feature in the national event so that selectors can check their form and fitness," PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf told AFP.


    Opoku-Appiah Manu on Twitter: "Asamoah Gyan vs Czech Republic World Cup 2006 for me as a Ghanaian. Heralded the birth of the 'Baby Jet'."

    Waheed Seria on Twitter: "Zidane, international debut v Czech Republic '94. Step-over followed by a curling 30yd screamer with the outside of his left."

    Andy Ferrari Bradley on Twitter: "May not be the greatest but David Beckham's free-kick against Greece still gives me goosebumps."

    What is the best international goal you have ever seen? Tweet us your thoughts, #bbcsportsday

  97. 1054: 

    Murray Bremner makes a brilliant start to the South African Open, carding an eight under par 64 in the first round to claim an early four-stroke lead over a group which includes last year's US Masters champion Charl Schwartzel.

    Bremner was only a shot off the pace at halfway last December, but fell back to 20th with weekend rounds of 72 and 75.

    This time he did not look back after opening with two birdies. Four more followed for an outward 30 and he then made further gains at the 603-yard 11th and 628-yard 16th.

  98. 1048: 

    Scunthorpe announce a record loss of just under £2m for the financial year ending 30 June 2012. The League One club have blamed a fall in matchday revenues because of poor results and lower away attendances.

    "Clearly this kind of loss isn't sustainable," says David Beeby, Scunthorpe general manager.

  99. 1045: 

    Everton manager David Moyes is planning to offer veterans Phil Neville and Sylvain Distin new one-year contracts to keep them at the club.

    The current deals of captain Neville, 36 in January, and Distin, 35 in a month, are due to expire in the summer.

    "We are monitoring Phil's position, but if you were asking me, I'd say let's give him another year's contract and keep it going," the Scot tells the Liverpool Echo. "I'd say the same for Sylvain Distin, who is in the same position."

  100. 1039: 

    Mousa Dembele is ruled out of Tottenham's north London derby against Arsenal on Saturday.

    Dembele has become a key player for Spurs since his deadline day move from Fulham, but he has missed the club's last eight games with a niggling hip problem.

    The Belgian had hoped to return for Saturday's crunch match at the Emirates Stadium, but manager Andre Villas-Boas rules the playmaker out of the game.


    James Nicholls on Twitter: "Michael Owen. 1998. England. Argentina. Wondrous."

    Russell Hammant on Twitter: "Carlos Alberto 1970 - no goal will ever come close."

    Mark Bunn on Twitter: "Best one touch international goal has to be David Platt v Belgium Italy 1990!"

    Most memorable international goal? Send us your thoughts, #bbcsportsday

  102. 1029: 

    Sauber team principal Monisha Kaltenborn says Kamui Kobayashi is under no pressure to bring in sponsors to secure his seat for next season.

    Kobayashi expressed hope last month of securing backing to aid his cause in holding on to a drive that has been his with the Swiss-based team for the past three years.

    Asked specifically whether Kobayashi required sponsorship to retain his seat, Kaltenborn says: "No. We didn't even do that at the end of 2010 when, with regards to running the team, we were starting from scratch again. I don't think it's right to now suddenly make it an issue, and there is no pressure on him. It's about what he does on the track."

  103. 1023: 

    Graeme Swann claims a fourth wicket, with Virat Kohli out for 19. India are 288-4 in their innings on day one of the first Test against England. Keep up-to-date with events via our live text commentary and listen to the action on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  104. 1015: 

    Chris Ashton returns to the England starting line-up for Saturday's clash with Australia at Twickenham.

    The Saracens wing takes over on the right from Charlie Sharples, who moves to the left in place of Ugo Monye. Ashton's recall after a one-match suspension is the only change from the 23 which beat Fiji last Saturday.

    England squad: Alex Goode, Chris Ashton, Manusamoa Tuilagi, Brad Barritt, Charlie Sharples, Toby Flood, Danny Care, Joe Marler, Tom Youngs, Dan Cole, Tom Palmer, Geoff Parling, Tom Johnson, Chris Robshaw, Thomas Waldrom. Replacements: David Paice, David Wilson, Mako Vunipola, Joe Launchbury, Tom Wood, Ben Youngs, Owen Farrell, Mike Brown.


    Andy Blagrove on Twitter: "Call me overly patriotic but I still love Gazza's lob and lash v Scotland at Euro '96."

    Mattinho on Twitter: "All this talk of best international goals…no mention of David Healy's third against Spain?"

    Thomas Eagle on Twitter: "Best international goal? Maxi Rodriguez vs Mexico, 2006 extra time winner. Oooooossshhh."

    Tell us your most memorable international goal, #bbcsportsday

  106. 1009: 

    QPR midfielder Joey Barton wants to stay at Marseille for the rest of his career.

    The controversial former England international is on a season-long loan at the Ligue 1 club from Queens Park Rangers and will be eligible to make his league debut against Lille next weekend after the end of a 12-match ban given to him by the English Football Association.

    "I don't know if I'll stay. It's not my decision. It's between QPR and Marseille. If it was my choice, I'd stay here for the rest of my career," Barton tells RMC Radio.

  107. 1004: 

    Fancy a look back at some of the best international goals ever scored? Then you are in for a treat as we have montages of the best World Cup goals, Alan Shearer's top picks from European Championships and some of the best from Euro 2012, including one from man-of-the-moment Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

    Watch, reminisce and then let us know what you think is the best-ever international goal on Twitter, #bbcsportsday.

  108. 0956: 

    Brentford are set to sign Wigan Athletic defender Rob Kiernan on loan, the Hounslow Chronicle reports.

    The Bees are short of options at the back after injuries to Leon Legge and Kevin O'Connor, with 21-year-old Kiernan coming in to provide cover.

  109. 0950: 

    PFA chairman Clarke Carlisle feels many of the recent comments about racism by Society of Black Lawyers chairman Peter Herbert are misguided. On Wednesday, Herbert accused the Football Association of being "institutionally racist", a claim the organisation strongly denied.

    Clarke tells BBC Radio 5 live: "There's definitely still an issue with racism that we have to tackle in the game, but he's (Herbert) using such emotive and antagonistic language that it seems to be setting up division within this campaign against racism, as opposed to trying to form the collaborative effort which football has been trying to do for many years."


    Peanut on Twitter: "Best competitive international goals: Negrete v Bulgaria, Mexico 86, Baggio v Czech Italia 90. But Zlatan last night beats both."

    Mike Jones on Twitter: "RE: Framey, Jimmy Johnston in 78? Oh dear that would be Wee Archie Gemmill surely!?"

    Freddie Andrews on Twitter: "I think Ibrahimovic's best one-touch goal...he had to do get that so perfect! But I think Maradonna vs England or Roberto Carlos vs France for best goal."

    We are discussing if Zlatan Ibrahimovic's fourth goal against England last night is the best-ever international goal. Have your say, #bbcsportsday.

  111. 0937: 

    World number one Rory McIlroy admits his first round at the Hong Kong Open was a write-off and says he was suffering from fatigue after the defending champion posted a three-over-par 73.

    "I probably just lacked a bit of energy out there, I felt a bit lethargic - mentally, more than physically, if I am being honest," he says.

    Spain's Javier Colomo, ranked 506 places below McIlroy, is the clubhouse leader after shooting a blemish-free six under 64.

  112. 0929: 

    Former England manager Graham Taylor admits Joe Hart was far from at his best against Sweden last night, but says it would be unfair to be overly critical of his display.

    "Joe Hart did not look like the Joe Hart many people are describing now as the best England keeper for sometime," Taylor tells BBC Radio 5 live.

    "Some of his decision making was questionable, but having said that he had two new centre-backs ahead of him and it is not easy at times to get that understanding. Let us not jump on the bandwagon and have a go at him straight away, but he will be disappointed with his performance."

  113. 0925: 

    Lock Yoann Maestri is in the France team to face Argentina on Saturday as manager Philippe Saint Andre made only one change to the team which thrashed Australia last weekend.

    Maestri, who missed France's 33-6 routing of Australia at the Stade de France last Saturday because of a back problem, replaces Jocelino Suta.

    The rest of the team is unchanged, with man of the match Frederic Michalak staying at flyhalf with Maxime Machenaud at his side at scrumhalf.

  114. 0919:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Olympic champion Jessica Ennis believes increasing the profile of sportswomen can help create a healthy body image which young girls can aspire to.

    BBC Radio 5 live are to broadcast 'Body Beautiful?' at 19:30 GMT tonight as part of their women's sport special and in the programme, Ennis says: "There's a kind of perfect figure that's put out in magazines but it's not realistic. If sportswomen are put out there a bit more, it creates a real healthy body image for young girls to aspire to."


    Matthew Nieuwenhuys on Twitter: "Zlatan Ibrahimovic's goal was Sweden's revenge for Joe Cole's goal against Sweden in the 2006 World Cup! Both Incredible!"

    Zezinho on Twitter: "Manuel Negrete for Mexico v Bulgaria."

    Adam Poots on Twitter: "For sheer control of the football - Bergkamp v Argentina at World Cup 1998."

    What is your favourite international goal? Have your say, #bbcsportsday

  116. 0910: 

    Australia coach Robbie Deans makes for changes for the clash with England at Twickenham on Saturday. Full-back Berrick Barnes and winger Digby Ioane return to the Wallabies' backline, taking the places of Mike Harris and Pat McCabe. Second rower Sitaleki Timani and tight-head prop Ben Alexander are also in the squad, coming in for Kane Douglas and Sekope Kepu respectively.

    Australia squad: Berrick Barnes, Digby Ioane, Adam Ashley-Cooper, Ben Tapuai, Nick Cummins, Kurtley Beale, Nick Phipps; Wycliff Palu, Michael Hooper, Dave Dennis, Nathan Sharpe (captain), Sitaleki Timani, Ben Alexander, Tatafu Polota Nau, Benn Robinson.

    Replacements: Stephen Moore, James Slipper, Sekope Kepu, Radike Samo, Liam Gill, Brett Sheehan, Mike Harris, Drew Mitchell.

  117. 0905: 

    Administrators of Portsmouth agree the sale of the club to the Pompey Supporters Trust, meaning they are set to become largest supporter owned club in the UK.

    Trevor Birch, joint administrator of Portsmouth, says in a statement: "We can confirm that we have signed a sale agreement with the Pompey Supporters' Trust (PST) to acquire the business of Portsmouth Football Club.

    "Portpin has rejected the Trust's offer for Fratton Park, so the sale has to be conditional on receiving the Court's permission to sell the ground. We are therefore in the process of submitting an application to the Court."

  118. 0901: 

    An unbeaten century by Naeem Islam was the mainstay of Bangladesh's belligerent reply to West Indies at tea on day three of the first Test in Mirpur.

    Naeem and Mushfiqur Rahim had put on an unbroken 63 for the fifth wicket as the home side replied to the tourists' 527-4 declared by reaching 349-4.

    Naeem had earlier paired up with Shakib Al Hasan as the home side continued to slowly eat away at West Indies' first innings total. Naeem reached tea on 102 not out and Mushfiqur was unbeaten on 32 as Bangladesh continued to fight against the prospect of defeat, trailing by 178 runs at the interval.


    Dan F on Twitter: "Best goal: van Basten v. USSR, mostly because of the occasion: a final in a major tournament rather than a friendly."

    Framey on Twitter: "Ibrahimovic scored a belter but I'm afraid Jimmy Johnstone against Holland in the 78 World Cup still beats it."

    Robert McAuley on Twitter: "Ibrahimovic's goal is not even best Swedish goal: that's Larsson vs Bulgaria 2004. Stunning header."

    What is the best international goal you have seen? Have your say, #bbcsportsday

  120. 0853: 

    Wigan owner Dave Whelan believes Premier League clubs will vote for a new break-even rule today.

    Under plans which could be introduced next season, clubs would not be allowed to spend more cash than they generate.

    Whelan told BBC Sport: "I think the clubs will say break-even is something they want. We could definitely see it."

  121. 0849: 

    It is tea on day one of the First Test between India and England, with the hosts 250-3. Graeme Swann claimed his third wicket just before the interval with Sachin Tendulkar out for 13. Follow the latest action via our live text commentary or listen on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  122. 0840: 

    Former England manager Graham Taylor tells BBC Radio 5 live that Zlatan Ibrahimovic's stunning overhead volley against England last night is one of the best he has ever seen. "It was an absolute first class goal and it certainly ranks as one of the best goals I have seen in professional football," he says.

    What is the best international goal you have seen? Carlos Alberto for Brazil in the 4-1 win over Italy at the 1970 World Cup? Diego Maradona's mazy run and finish against England for Argentina in 1986, Dennis Bergkamp for the Netherlands against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup?

    Let us know your favourite international goal on Twitter, #bbcsportsday


    Laksh on Twitter: "Zlatan's goal was special, however Neymar's wonder goal against Flamengo pips it for me....and then there's the Zidane volley.."

    Adeel Teladia on Twitter: "Zlatan's goal was the best I've ever seen, to think he even attempted was outrageous, but he rounded up his night in style."

    Have your say, #bbcsportsday

  124. 0824: 

    Miguel Angel Jimenez is the clubhouse leader midway through the first round of the Hong Kong Open. The Spaniard shot seven birdies and just two bogeys for a five under 65. Rory McIlroy has endured a tough opening round and he is currently three over par through 17 holes, having carded four bogeys and just one birdie.

  125. 0816: 

    So the First Test is under way between India and England and it is not good news for the tourists at the moment. India won the toss and currently lead 225-2 in their innings. Graeme Swann took both wickets, with Virender Sehwag just gone for 117. Follow the latest action via our live text commentary or listen on BBC Radio 5 live sports extra.

  126. 0807: 

    "The best goal I have seen live", "like something from a video game", "wonderful to see on a football field".

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic's stunning overhead volley to cap a 4-2 win for Sweden over England last night has been attracting plenty of superlatives from people throughout football, most in agreement that it is the best they have ever seen.

    But what do you think? How good was that goal and is it one of the greatest ever scored? Are there any other goals that eclipses it as one of the best? We want to know your thoughts, so get involved in the discussion on Twitter. #bbcsportsday

  127. 0804: 

    First, though, we kick the day off with three snippets from our football gossip column.

    Manchester City will open the bidding at £40m as they make an audacious move to sign Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, 25, in January. City are ready to offload striker Mario Balotelli to make room for the Premier League's leading scorer. (Daily Mirror)

    Balotelli, though, will stay at Manchester City despite interest from AC Milan, says the 22-year-old's national coach Cesare Prandelli. (Metro)

    Dutch striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is deciding whether to join a Premier League club. The £7m-rated Schalke forward, 29, has been attracting interest from Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. (the Sun)

  128. 0800: 

    Good morning and welcome to Thursday's edition of Sportsday Live. Play on the first day of the First Test between India and England is under way, while there are plenty of Premier League news conferences throughout the day. We'll also have the latest in European Tour golf at the Hong Kong Open, plus all the reaction to England's 4-2 defeat to Sweden last night and, of course, THAT goal...

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