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Usada release Armstrong evidence, plus more breaking sports news

10 October 2012 Last updated at 19:03

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  1. 1902: 

    It is time to bring this Wednesday's edition of Sportsday Live to a conclusion. There will be more of the same on Thursday so join us then.

  2. 1900: 

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez, talking to BBC Sport at the Leaders in Football conference, on the biggest change in English football: "The Barcelona effect has allowed small guys to have a career. How you win is very important, not just winning.

    "There are a wide range of different styles today. That's why the Premier League is the best league in the world - because of the different styles. Before it was about being big, strong, team bonding. Now they have a different choice and that makes it a fascinating league."

  3. 1858: 

    France centre-back Laurent Koscielny could be a doubt for Friday's friendly with Japan after injuring his right knee at the end of a training session on Thursday.

    After a collision with Franck Ribery, the Arsenal defender had to cut short his involvement in the training session and was helped off the pitch by two physiotherapists.

  4. 1855: 

    Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is a black belt in judo, has been awarded the eighth dan, one of the sport's highest honours, by the International Judo Federation (IJF).

    Putin is the first Russian to have been awarded the eighth dan, joining a handful of judo fighters in the world who have achieved such status.

    Russia's Alexander Mikhailin, who has won three world heavyweight titles and also claimed the silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, has a sixth dan.

  5. 1852: 

    Scotland international John Duffy has announced his retirement from the sport after failing to recover from a back injury.

    Duffy became Super League's youngest debutant when he played for Warrington at the age of 16 in 1997, when he also won his first cap for Scotland against France.

    "It's been an emotional few days," said the 32-year-old. "I'm very sad to miss Scotland's games as they were going to be my swansong."

  6. 1844: 

    Spain's football chief has claimed racism "does not exist" in the Spanish game despite numerous recent incidents.

    Uefa fined the Spanish FA after Spain fans racially abused Mario Balotelli during Euro 2012, while last year Barcelona's Dani Alves said racism in the Spanish game was "uncontrollable".

    But Angel Villa Llona, president of the Spanish FA and a member of both Fifa and Uefa's executive committee insisted racism was not a problem.

    Asked how racism in Spanish football compared to the game in England, which has had two high-profile abuses cases in the last year, Villa Llona said: "There is no racism in Spanish football."

  7. 1838: 

    Former England captain Bill Beaumont has been elected as chairman of the Six Nations Council. Beaumont, who lost out to France's Bernard Lapasset in his bid to become president of the International Rugby Board last December, succeeds David Pickering of Wales.

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    For those of you who want to catch up with all the latest sports news, Sportsday has just started. Manually refresh the page and it shall appear on your screen.

  9. 1825: 

    Wales coach John Hartson feels the team's poor strike rate in recent matches is "not a major worry" and is optimistic the goals will soon come.

    "It is a concern that you don't get goals from your frontmen, but it's not only your strikers you need to look at," Hartson said. "It is the whole team we look at, and when the team is on the front foot and playing well, the goals will come."

  10. 1820: 

    Michael Barry, who rode for the USPS team from 2002 to 2006, tells "After being encouraged by the team, pressured to perform and pushed to my physical limits I crossed a line I promised myself and others I would not: I doped.

    "It was a decision I deeply regret. It caused me sleepless nights, took the fun out of cycling and racing, and tainted the success I achieved at the time. This was not how I wanted to live or race."

  11. 1815: 

    Michael Owen, talking to BBC Sport at the Leaders in Football conference, on the biggest change in English football: "General professionalism. When I first got in the [Liverpool] team there was a culture. Gerard Houllier was the best thing that ever happened to Liverpool in the last couple of decades.

    "It was not just Liverpool. There was a British culture, a lot of drinking. It's not conducive to football. The foreign influence was the catalyst [to improve]. No we run further, run faster, pitches are faster. Everyone has to keep up to speed.

    "The whole game in the last decade has speeded up in many ways and that's largely down to the foreign influence, living your life correctly and training correctly."

  12. 1810: 

    Romain Grosjean accepts he made a "stupid mistake" in hitting Mark Webber's Red Bull in Japan but wants to move on from the incident and focus on this weekend's Korean Grand Prix.

    "Mark came to see me after the race and was obviously not happy, but I apologised and we have to move on."

    After the Japan race, Red Bull driver Webber called Grosjean a "first-lap nutcase" and "embarrassing".

  13. 1807: 

    Nottingham Forest midfielder Henri Lansbury and Southampton defender Nathaniel Clyne have withdrawn from the England Under-21 squad for the European Championship play-off against Serbia because of injury.

    Liverpool defender Jack Robinson has been called in as a replacement. The first leg is at Norwich's Carrow Road ground on Friday night, with the return in Krusevac on Tuesday.

  14. 1805: 

    George Hincapie, one of Lance Armstrong's former team-mates and closest allies, has admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs.

    The 39-year-old American, who rode alongside Armstrong in each of his seven Tour de France wins, released a statement on Wednesday confessing that he cheated.

    "Because of my love for the sport, the contributions I feel I have made to it, and the amount the sport of cycling has given to me over the years, it is extremely difficult today to acknowledge that during a part of my career I used banned substances," he said.

    "Early in my professional career, it became clear to me that, given the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs by cyclists at the top of the profession, it was not possible to compete at the highest level without them."

  15. 1802: 

    Former Liverpool and Newcastle striker Michael Owen, talking about Twitter: "Of course it's dangerous if it's in the wrong hands. But if I want to get my message across I can easily tweet it or ring journalists. I don't see how you can ban it but if you say something wrong on Twitter or in the press you have to be punished and more fool you."

  16. 1756: 

    BBC Sport's Matt Slater on BBC Radio 5 live: "Some of these people we knew about, Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis, but people like George Hincapie, he's an elder statesman of the peloton, he's never failed a drugs test, and he's come clean. It's that testimony that's going to sink Lance Armstrong. The first thing is: what dose the UCI do with this information? They've got 21 days to decide what to do.

    "Lance Armstrong has built his reputation on two things: cancer survivor and the Tour de France. I fail to see how he can survive this."

  17. 1751: 

    BBC Sport's Matt Slater: "Usada chief executive Travis Tygart promised the evidence against Lance Armstrong and his five co-defendants would be thorough, and he wasn't kidding.

    "As requested by the sport's governing body, the UCI, Usada has now sent them its 'reasoned decision' as to how it found the seven-time Tour de France champion guilty of running a systematic doping ring. It has also sent 1,000 pages of eye-witness testimony, lab results, scientific data, emails and financial records, evidence Tygart describes as overwhelming, conclusive and undeniable.

    "Cycling's equivalent of War & Peace will also be published on Usada's website later will be gruesome bedtime reading for Lance Armstrong's dwlindling band of believers."

  18. 1749: 

    The Usada chief also called on the International Cycling Union (UCI) to "act on its own recent suggestion for a meaningful Truth and Reconciliation programme". He said such a scheme might be the only way the sport can "unshackle itself from the past".

  19. 1748: 

    The team-mates who gave evidence against Lance Armstrong were Tyler Hamilton, Floyd Landis, Frankie Andreu, Michael Barry, Tom Danielson, George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Stephen Swart, Christian Vande Velde, Jonathan Vaughters and David Zabriskie.

    Usada chief executive Travis T Tygart praised those riders involved in the "doping conspiracy" for having "tremendous courage" to come forward and "stop perpetuating the sporting fraud".

    "I have personally talked with and heard these athletes' stories and firmly believe that, collectively, these athletes, if forgiven and embraced, have a chance to leave a legacy far greater for the good of the sport than anything they ever did on a bike.

    "Lance Armstrong was given the same opportunity to come forward and be part of the solution. He rejected it."


    Alexander Hume on Twitter: "Breach of code of conduct should be automatic 6 week wages fine and 6 game ban. Per offence, consecutively if needs be."

    James Smith on Twitter: "Simple answer is the FA should pass all charges of a criminal nature to the police for investigation."

  21. 1740: 

    Sky Sports managing director Barney Francis has admitted the cost of shelling out for the huge new Premier League TV deal has led to "tough choices" over bidding for other sports.

    "I can't tell you about the pricing structure but we have absorbed a lot of that cost," said Francis at the Leaders in Football conference. "That's not necessarily less money for other sports but we have to tighten our belts on some of those."

  22. 1733: 

    United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) will send their "reasoned decision" in the Lance Armstrong case to the International Cycling Union, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the World Triathlon Corporation.

    The UCI now has 21 days to lodge an appeal against Usada's decision at Wada or they must comply with the decision to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles and hand him a lifetime ban.

  23. 1732: 

    Stoke striker Michael Owen on diving: "The current situation is like that we were in five years ago, it's just there have been a couple of recent cases. Certainly it was not as prevalent 10 years ago. It's worse than it was 10 years ago.

    "You would have to say with foreign influence of players from South America, Spain and Italy…. When I was kid I used to watch Italian football and used to see a lot of simulation. It did not really happen in England. The influx of foreign players certainly… it's now a worldwide problem. Now English players are as guilty. Foreign players certainly started the ball rolling in England."

  24. 1722: 

    United States Anti-Doping Agency (Usada) chief executive Travis T Tygart has said in a statement that there was "conclusive and undeniable proof" of a team-run doping conspiracy.

    Usada says it will deliver the full report in the doping case against Armstrong later on Wednesday.

    The report contains testimony from 11 of Armstrong's former US Postal Service Pro Cycling team-mates, although the 41-year-old has always denied the allegations of doping.

    Tygart said the evidence was "overwhelming" and "in excess over 1000 pages".

  25. 1714: 

    Stoke striker Michael Owen on his international future: "Some people think I've retired from football full stop. No, I'd never do that [retire from international football] really.

    "I have to perform well for my club and if I do that there might be an outside chance of getting back. I don't go to bed thinking of playing for England again. It would be a bonus, but I need to get back on pitch and rediscover my goalscoring touch.

    "It ain't easy playing for England. The pressure, the time away from families, tournaments. You're sat in your hotel room staring at four white walls. It's a long stint and mentally draining.

    "It's a very intense feeling playing for your country. I don't think people express themselves as well as they do at club level. At that level you feel loved, the fans are on side, you're playing week in week out. There's certainly a bit of fear."

  26. 1709: 

    Ferrari's Fernando Alonso is confident he still has a strong chance of winning the title despite seeing his championship lead reduced.

    The Spaniard retired from the Japanese Grand Prix and race winner Sebastian Vettel is now only four points behind with a faster car.

    Alonso said: "I am sure we can be in the fight right down to the wire."

  27. 1703: 

    More from Lord Triesman, talking to BBC Sport at the Leaders in Football conference, on the John Terry case: "Talking to many of the black players I got to know during the period that I was chairman of the FA, a lot of them have been in touch and said, 'you kept saying there would be real progress, it doesn't look like it to us'.

    "I think they feel a great sense of grievance and they are entitled to feel that because I don't think there is zero tolerance.

    "And there isn't consistency in the sanctions either, so that it appears in one club it can be twice as severe in bans on games as in another club. All of these things - delays in hearing things, not dealing with it in a precise way, not dealing with it consistently - give the signal that it is not really at the top of the agenda."

  28. 1655:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    A reminder about tonight's 5 live Sport with Mark Pougatch from 19:00 BST, which comes from the Leaders in Football conference at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge. Available to download as a podcast is last night's excellent documentary on the legendary former Celtic and Scotland manager Jock Stein, who died after a World Cup qualifier in 1985. Former Scotland international Pat Nevin spoke to a host of current managers influenced by the great man, and there are clips from the late, great Bill Shankly. The programme is also available on the BBC iPlayer.

  29. 1649: 

    England Twenty20 captain Stuart Broad says Kevin Pietersen will be welcomed back into the dressing-room when he returns to the international side. Pietersen was dropped in August for sending "provocative" text messages to opposition players but signed a new four-month contract last week, subject to a "reintegration" period before he plays for the team.

    "Once the England management have decided when he's available to return, he'll be welcomed back into the changing room," said Broad. Pietersen is hoping to return to England duty during the four-Test tour of India, starting later this month.

  30. 1641: 

    The United States Anti-Doping Agency says that Lance Armstrong and his team ran the most sophisticated doping programme in sport, according to its report on the case against the US Postal cycling team.

    Usada said it was sending the report, which was more than 1,000 pages long and contained the sworn testimony of 26 people, including 15 riders, to the International Cycling Union (UCI).

  31. 1632: 

    Paralympic swimming champion Heather Frederiksen and silver medallist Louise Watkin are looking for a new club after quitting the City of Salford club. Frederiksen won a gold and three silvers in London while Watkin won two silvers and two bronzes.

  32. 1620: 

    Keep letting us know what should be on the FA code of conduct.

    Luke J on Twitter: "Breach of the code of conduct should result in confiscation of their mobile and asked to stand in the corner until sorry."

    Kieran Milward on Twitter: "Giving a footballer a fine just isn't effective. Bans need to be put into place."

    Keep your thoughts coming and send them in via Twitter using the hashtag #bbcsportsday

  33. 1618: 

    Hull FC chairman Adam Pearson tells BBC Look North the club are likely to lose £500,000 this year but have budgeted for the deficit.

  34. 1610: 

    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge: "Juventus president Andrea Agnelli draws parallels between the John Terry case and that of his own manager Antonio Conte at the conference: 'If the civil court finds you not guilty how can a sports court find you guilty?' Agnelli goes on to admit that Serie A is suffering in relation to the Premier League and La Liga. 'Italy is certainly struggling. We are certainly lacking in areas that other leagues excel at. When you travel abroad to the Far East wherever you turn on the TV you see the Premier League. Your stadiums are safe, your infrastructure is great.'"

  35. 1608: 

    AFC Wimbledon announce that former player Neal Ardley will be their new manager. He takes over from Terry Brown who was sacked last month.

  36. 1558: 

    Top seed and world number one Victoria Azarenka beats Arantxa Rus of the Netherlands 6-0 6-2 in the first round of the Linz Open in Austria. In the second round, fifth seed Julia Goerges is also through after beating Swiss player Romina Oprandi 6-3 6-3.

  37. 1554: 

    Wales coach John Hartson is confident Gareth Bale and Adam Matthews will both be fit for Friday's World Cup qualifier against Scotland. The pair have heel and ankle problems respectively but should be fit for the game.

  38. 1538: 

    Former England captain Bill Beaumont is elected as chairman of the Six Nations Council at their meeting in Rome. His three-year term of office begins immediately and he succeeds Welshman David Pickering, who will remain on the council as Welsh Rugby Union representative.

  39. 1533: 

    Hampshire are knocked out of the Twenty20 Champions League after losing by eight wickets to the Auckland Aces. The win sees the New Zealanders move into the group stage of the event.

    Hampshire hit 121-8 but Azhar Mahmood took five wickets and hit 55 with the bat to secure his side's win.

  40. 1526: 

    From BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge: "Ruud Gullit has spent much of the past hour or so in deep conversation with his agent at the conference. It is understood he would be open to speaking with Blackburn Rovers about the vacant manager's position at Ewood Park. The great and the good of football are about to listen to Juventus president Andrea Agnelli explain how the Old Lady is sparkling at the top of the Italian game once more. "

  41. 1513: 

    Tom Lewis has expressed frustration at his disappoining form in his first full year as a professional.

    The 21-year-old defends his Portugal Masters title this week but has to go back over five months to the last time he survived a cut.

    "It's a shame I'm not playing as well as I was this time last year," he said.

    "I was holing a lot more putts last year. It's frustrating because I know I am capable of doing it and I've improved on most of the areas I've wanted to, but it just has not come together.

    "I'm frustrated with myself for not performing to the level I expect. I wish I had done better - of course I do - but luckily I've got next year. I've learnt a lot, but I'm also disappointed I haven't turned that into performance."

  42. 1507: 

    Welsh FA chief executive Jonathan Ford has put further pressure on manager Chris Coleman after insisting that Wales earning their first 2014 World Cup qualifying points against Scotland or Croatia is a "must."

  43. 1505: 

    Twins Tom and George Burgess are named in a 19-strong England Knights squad for the upcoming Alitalia Cup.

    Coach Kieron Purtill's side will travel to Belfast to take on Ireland on 20 October, before facing Scotland on 28 October.

  44. 1458: 

    Sudan's 2-0 World Cup qualifying win over Zambia on 2 June has been overturned by Fifa's disciplinary committee after Sudan fielded an ineligible player in the match. The Zambians have been awarded the game 3-0.

    It means Zambia, who have never qualified for the World Cup, go top of African Group D with six points from two games. Zambian media reports said that Sudan's Saif Ali, who scored the second goal, should not have been playing due to suspension.

  45. 1449: 

    The action is continuing at the Leaders in Football conference and BBC Sport reporter David Ornstein is keeping his ear close to the ground at Stamford Bridge: "A busy afternoon session is about to get started but meanwhile the networking continues and it's not just football represented here as the Leaders in Performance conference is also taking place here. England rugby coach Andy Farrell is walking round the exhibition floor, stopping at various stands to exchange views and seek information on the latest ideas and technology being used to enhance performance in football. In fact, it's not just sport represented here - TV presenter Vernon Kay is also working the room.

    "Elsewhere, Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo is deep in conversation with representatives from MLS side San Jose Earthquakes and Manchester City director Tom Glick is chatting in the same group as Joe Cole's agent David Giess. Former Middlesbrough and Aston Villa midfielder George Boateng, now working in television, tells me he is on the look-out for a broadcaster to work with on a new series of programmes that would feature him interviewing current players, getting to know the real person. Boateng still looks like he could do a job at Premier League level!"

  46. 1442: 

    Former FA Chairman Lord Triesman tells BBC Sport's Dan Roan that he cannot understand why Chelsea's John Terry was banned for fewer matches than Luis Suarez of Liverpool for racially abusing an opponent.

    Triesman said that the decision by an FA independent panel to find Terry guilty was the correct one.

    But he added: "I couldn't understand why the sanction was different for a Liverpool player and for John Terry."

  47. 1437: 

    Top seed Roger Federer eases into the third round of the Shanghai Masters after a 6-3 7-5 win over Yen-Hsun Lu of Taipei. He follows Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych into the next round.

  48. 1434: 

    Lotus driver Romain Grosjean says he is looking forward to making amends at this Sunday's Korean Grand Prix after crashing into Mark Webber seconds into last Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix, his second early-race incident of the season.

    "Since Singapore, I've been trying to be really cautious at the starts and it's been all the more frustrating to be involved in an incident in Japan," he said.

    "When approaching the first corner, I was watching Sergio [Perez] on my left to make sure there was no contact with him. I didn't expect such a big speed difference between me and Mark [Webber] braking into the corner, we collided and that was it.

    "It was a stupid mistake. Mark came to see me after the race and was obviously not happy, but I apologised and we have to move on."

  49. 1413: 

    Hampshire make 121-8 in their Champions League T20 game against Auckland in South Africa, led by 65 from Michael Carberry. Yorkshire face Trinidad and Tobago at 1630 BST.

  50. 1405: 

    Ahead of Friday's international against San Marino, Tottenham's Kyle Walker says the presence of former Manchester United right-back Gary Neville in the England coaching staff is helping to improve his game.

    Walker told BBC Sport: "I'm young, I want to improve and become the best I can be. Having Gary Neville here - a player I look up to and watch, is great. He gives me tips and coaches me through. I'm excited to be working with him and playing with the players we are playing with."

  51. 1401: 

    Joe Hart says he not getting carried away by the praise which followed his dazzling performance in Manchester City's 1-1 Champions League draw with Borussia Dortmund last week.

    After the game, Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney tweeted: "Joe Hart has been incredible. Best keeper in the world."

    But Hart told BBC Sport: "It was a real honour for some pretty special people to say some nice things but in football you can just as easily be the worst in the world if something bad happens and it's on TV. You have to take the rough with the smooth."

  52. 1357: 

    Jamesy McHugh on Twitter with a mischievous observation regarding the forthcoming FA code of conduct:

    "I take it 1st choice England players will be exempt from the code of conduct when qualifiers are pending?"

    Keep your thoughts coming on what should be on the list, send them in via Twitter with the hashtag #bbcsportsday

  53. 1348: 

    Ryder Cup director Richard Hills insisted that the European captaincy for the 2014 Ryder Cup had not yet been decided, despite Darren Clarke being made an early favourite, and said: "No decision has been taken and none will be taken until at the earliest when the Tournament Committee next meets, most probably during the Middle East swing in early 2013."

  54. 1345: 

    The inaugural Turkish Open will be held at the Montgomerie Course in Belek in November 2013.

  55. 1340: 

    Dietrich Jeffreys on Twitter with some forthright suggestions for inclusion in the forthcoming FA code of conduct:

    "Rule 1: No RTing people because it's their birthday. I don't care, you don't care and it's probably not their birthday. Rule 2: "LOLZ, pure bantz with the ladz." Say this and face a 1 year ban."

  56. 1332: 

    Real Madrid duo Cristiano Ronaldo and Pepe are both hopeful of being fit for Portugal's World Cup qualifier in Russia after returning to training following injuries in Sunday's 2-2 draw with Barcelona. "The match against Barcelona was very tiring," Pepe told reporters. "Cristiano has more chance than me to be fit for Friday's match, but I am going to do everything within my power to recover in time."

  57. 1323: 

    Frankel impressed again during training on the Rowley Mile at Newmarket as the unbeaten colt continues preparations for what is expected to be the final race of his illustrious career, the Champion Stakes at Ascot on Saturday week. With his usual work rider Shane Featherstonhaugh on board, Sir Henry Cecil's colt surged past Midsummer Sun, ridden by Frankel's professional rider Tom Queally - who had led for six lengths - and finished more than a dozen lengths clear.

  58. 1306: 

    Republic of Ireland skipper Robbie Keane missed training this morning because of an Achilles injury but assistant manager Marco Tardelli insists the LA Galaxy striker is not a doubt for Friday night's World Cup qualifier against Germany.

  59. 1301: 

    Back to the Leaders in Football conference and this from ever observant BBC Sport reporter David Ornstein, in the thick of things: "Lunch is being served here at Stamford Bridge and it's another chance for some of football's top names to put their heads together. Former England manager Steve McLaren is deep in conversation with Manchester City director Brian Marwood, with Nottingham Forest boss Sean O'Driscoll and Reading director of football Nick Hammond in close attendance.

    "Gareth Southgate has just arrived and not far away is David Sheepshanks, who is being congratulated by every passer-by following Tuesday's official opening to the new National Football Centre, a project Sheepshanks has overseen."

  60. 1256: 

    Stuart Pearce's England Under-21 squad will watch King's Lynn Young Stars take on Rye House Raiders in the National League speedway ahead of tomorrow's European Championship play-off first leg against Serbia at Carrow Road.

    "It's fantastic. What a surprise for us for them to call us and ask if they could come," Stars promoter Buster Chapman told BBC Radio Norfolk. "They've agreed to go out and see the public, sign autographs. It's going to be good for them and for us. I hope they enjoy it. We'll certainly enjoy having them here."

  61. 1253: 

    Some of football's most influential figures are meeting at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge today, and 5 live Sport will come live from the Leaders in Football conference tonight at 19:00 BST. BBC Sport's Ben Smith reports: "Spanish Football Federation president Angel María Villar Llona, who is also a Fifa Executive Committee member, says he remains firmly against goal-line technology but says it would take too long to explain why.

    "Despite previous criticisms of the English and particularly the 2018 World Cup, Villar Llona says he is a massive fan of English football."

  62. 1250: 

    More thoughts on what should be in the FA's code of conduct:

    Simon Aindow on Twitter: "I fear this is another initiative waiting to blow up in their faces like the handshaking debacle."

    Stephen Sadler on Twitter: "How about 'Make as much effort for your country as you do for your club.'"

    Jon Stevens on Twitter: "Match bans should definitely be a factor if the codes of conduct are broken. Fines aren't effective."

    You can send in your thoughts via Twitter with the hashtag #bbcsportsday

  63. 1247: 

    We return to the Leaders in Football conference and BBC Sport's Ben Smith: "Spanish Football Federation president Angel María Villar Llona says continuity is at the heart of Spain's success. He speaks of the need for stability, both in terms of personnel and training methods, and says that is vital for any country wanting to replicate Spain's dominance.

    "He also fires a little reminder to the FA, by saying that Spain have been training and coaching their coaches since 1944."

  64. 1244: 

    England wing Charlie Sharples will return to the Gloucester side in the Challenge Cup against Mont de Marsan in France tomorrow night, more than four weeks after suffering shoulder trouble during the Premiership victory over London Irish.

  65. 1239: 

    Widnes have made Wigan backs Stefan Marsh, 22, and Joe Mellor, 21, permanent signings after they spent most of the 2012 season on loan with them.

  66. 1236: 

    The Polish city of Poznari, which had hoped to host the World Youth Olympics for the second Games in succession, has withdrawn its bid due to lack of financial guarantees. The remaining cities are Glasgow, Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Medellin and Rotterdam. A shortlist will be selected in February 2013 with a winner chosen in July 2013.

  67. 1232: 

    England youth international Chuba Akpom, a 17-year-old striker, has signed professional terms with Arsenal.

  68. 1230:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFOOTBALL

    Last night on 5 live Sport, former Scotland winger Pat Nevin presented a documentary on the life of the legendary former Celtic and Scotland boss Jock Stein, who died after his team's World Cup qualifying match with Wales in 1985. The programme featured a host of current managers who have been influenced by Stein, plus a clip from the late, great Bill Shankly.

    You can download a podcast or listen again on the BBC iPlayer.

  69. 1216: 

    Back to the Leaders in Football conference and BBC Sport's Ben Smith has this from Stamford Bridge: "FA chairman David Bernstein and former Arsenal chief executive David Dein are among those about to listen to Spanish Football Federation president Angel María Villar Llona explain how and why Spain have dominated world football for the past five years or so.

    "They're sure to be asked about what difference St George's Park will make to England's hopes of mimicking that success."

  70. 1212: 

    The Daily Telegraph's Henry Winter on Twitter: "FA website saying England v San Marino on Friday at Wembley is "sold out". 46 years of hurt and England still pull in the crowds...." A reminder that you can hear live commentary on that World Cup qualifying match on 5 live Sport from 19:00 BST.

  71. 1208: 

    Double Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt has again hinted at a change of event next year. Speaking at a sponsor's event in Tokyo he said: "It's just to find something else now to strive towards. There's a few things I've thought about.

    "I could try another event, maybe the long jump or the 400 metres. There's a few things I could try in sports I could work towards, so we'll see what I decide at the start of the season."

  72. 1203: 

    Fifa have vowed to keep empty seats to a minimum at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Speaking at the Leaders in Football conference, Fifa's marketing director Thierry Weil said: "Empty seats is always a huge topic. We are implementing new initiatives, we are implementing new resale platforms.

    "There will always be no-shows - as we call it - in the ticketing world, people who, last minute, will not come to the stadium for certain reasons. But we will do our maximum to reduce that to a strict minimum."

  73. 1152: 

    Some tributes to the former Zimbabwe all-rounder Kevin Curran, who has died aged 53.

    Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "What a shock. Combative cricketer and epitome of fitness."

    Adam Hollioake on Twitter: "Sad to hear of Kevin Curran's passing A true competitor & one of my fiercest adversaries...RIP brother my thoughts are with u & ur family.."

    Alec Stewart on Twitter: "Thoughts are with Kevin Curran's family after his tragic death. Tough cricketer with a great attitude."

    Michael Vaughan on Twitter: "RIP Kevin Curran.Thoughts are with his close Family.A wonderful cricketer who would have flourished In the modern era of T20 #cricketfamily."

  74. 1140: 

    Back to the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge, with a reminder you can hear much more in tonight's 5 live Sport from 19:00 BST. BBC Sport's David Ornstein has this: "Patrick Vieira strides purposefully into the Leaders in Football convention area and is greeted with a warn embrace by former Arsenal team-mate Fabrice Muamba.

    "They're chatting about everything from Muamba's health to Vieira's work at Manchester City. Premier League chairman Dave Richards is here too and tells us he is "delighted" with the National Football Centre at Burton."

  75. 1132: 

    There will be no further play today in the Turkish Airlines World Golf final because of storms. Rory McIlroy is due to meet Tiger Woods in his final group match and still has an outside chance of qualifying for the semi-finals, despite losing both his matches.

  76. 1128: 

    Motherwell's Scottish Premier League match with Dundee United, postponed after a power failure 10 minutes before kick-off last Saturday, will now be played on Wednesday 7 November with a 19:45 GMT kick-off.

  77. 1123: 

    World number one Rory McIlroy loses by one shot to Charl Schwartzel in the Turkish Airlines World Golf final in Antalya. All eight players could still qualify for the semi-finals. Later today McIlroy plays Tiger Woods, who beat Matt Kuchar by five shots, but the match has been delayed by an hour due to the threat of lightning.

  78. 1116: 

    Edinburgh's 22-year-old centre Matt Scott has agreed a new deal that will keep him at the club until the 2015 World Cup.

  79. 1111: 

    Cayman Islander Jeffrey Webb, who replaced Jack Warner as president of the CONCACAF federation last year, was due to speak at the conference but has been taken to a London hospital after falling ill on his flight to the UK.

  80. 1106: 

    More from that Leaders in Football conference as BBC Sport's David Ornstein reports: "Former Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba is speaking to the media here at Leaders in Football. He says he was "devastated" to hear Owen Coyle had been sacked as Trotters boss and has backed the FA decision to introduce a code of conduct."

  81. 1103:  
    BBC Radio 5 live

    Tonight's 5 live Sport with Mark Pougatch comes live from the Leaders in Football conference at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge. The programme will feature a host of leading names and is on air from 19:00 BST.


    William Martin on Twitter: "To be fair, every company has some sort of code of conduct, be it online usage or generally what not to do. Good initiative."

    Albrighton on Twitter: "Any player who breaches the code of conduct via any social network should be banned from the use of mobiles or the web for months."

    Lea Baynes on Twitter: "They should not be able to break any of the rules. If they do they should be dropped straight from the England squad."

    What rules do you think should be included in the FA's new code of conduct? Let us know at #bbcsportsday

  83. 1054: 

    BBC Sport's David Ornstein at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge: "Ronaldo concludes a discussion on the 2014 World Cup by insisting the organisation of the tournament will be "perfect" but there are no guarantees on Brazil's chances of a home triumph.

    "The organisation of the 2014 World Cup has to be perfect - it will be perfect, we will make sure it's perfect," he says. "On the football side, we can not be certain [about the Brazil team]. We have our worst Fifa ranking ever. It is a difficult moment for the national team but we are playing at home, which is a motivation and can help. Otherwise I will be playing again!"

  84. 1050: 

    Barcelona defender Eric Abidal is in fitness training in a mountain camp and practising football for the first time since his April liver transplant, the club reveals. Abidal, who underwent the operation on 10 April just over a year after having a tumour removed from his liver in March 2011, is reportedly aiming to rejoin the team in December.

    "I have been thinking about kicking the ball again for a long time," the 33-year-old French international tells Barca TV. "Today is the first day. I am tired but happy."

  85. 1044: 

    Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni, 73, distances himself from claims that he could be interested in taking charge at Blackburn.

    The Italian spoke out amid suggestions that his advisors had been in contact with Rovers owners Venky's as they look for a successor to Steve Kean. Trapattoni said: "I'm not aware of it. It must be agent chit-chat. I'm not interested anyway. I am concentrating on the task in hand."

  86. 1036:  
    BBC Radio 5 liveFORMULA 1

    5 live Formula 1 pit lane reporter Jennie Gow has posted a picture of Maria de Villota on Twitter with the following message: "So pleased to see this picture of Maria de Villota - such strength and beauty! Good on you!"

    De Villota lost her right eye following a test track crash in July. She was hurt when the MR-01 race car she was driving hit a support truck at Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire.

  87. 1027: 

    Montpellier coach Rene Girard receives a one-match European ban for raising his finger to opposite number Huub Stevens at the end of last week's fiery Champions League clash against Schalke 04.

    Uefa said on Wednesday that its disciplinary committee had also given the coach a 5,000 euros fine for "improper conduct" due to his behaviour during the 2-2 draw in Gelsenkirchen on 3 October.

  88. 1021: 

    Kenny Miller welcomes the return of Steven Fletcher to the Scotland squad even though it could cost him his own place in the team.

    Fletcher has ended his international exile ahead of the World Cup qualifying double header against Wales and Belgium after the intervention of a third party helped him heal a rift with manager Craig Levein.

    "Steven coming back into the squad affects me, of course it does," Miller tells the Scottish Sun. "It affects me in the sense there is now a young player - who plays at a high level, scoring goals regularly - who is part of our squad. It's competition, simple as that."

  89. 1015: 

    Andy Murray on his walkover to round three of the Shanghai Masters after opponent Florian Mayer withdraws with a wrist injury: "You never know whether it's a good or a bad thing, but sometimes it happens.

    "You just need to make sure you do enough prep, stay sharp today and hopefully come out playing well tomorrow. Whoever I play now will have played two matches in these conditions. It may take a little while for me to adjust so I need to make sure I'm patient."

    Murray will now play his first match of the tournament on Thursday against the winner between Alexander Dolgopolov and Gilles Simon.

  90. 1011: 

    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge: "Ronaldo speaks with passion and enthusiasm about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. He says it is a country that breathes football and talks about the 12 stadiums that will host the matches.

    "The former Inter striker also talks about the playing surfaces in Brazil and says he thinks Europe often views Brazilian football as being slow, because of the quality of the pitches. The new surfaces that will be on show in 2014, will help Brazil to play at the same speed as matches in Europe, Ronaldo says.

    "Thierry Weil, Fifa's marketing director, is then asked if Brazil will be ready. 'Yes, they will be ready. I have no doubts'."


    So what do you think should be included in the FA's new code of conduct? Let us know at #bbcsportsday

    Jordan J Walkerdine on Twitter: "Any act of simulation or 'diving' should me dealt with a 5 match ban if proven to be quilty."

    Donal Ferrie on Twitter: "Think before using Twitter - or is that asking too much?"

    Aiyesa Dare on Twitter: "It won't stop them from mistakes. They are humans. Just make it lenient enough so another important player won't retire."

  92. 0954: 

    BBC Sport's Ben Smith at the Leaders in Football conference at Stamford Bridge: "We are about to get underway at the Leaders conference but before we do former Brazil and Barcelona striker Ronaldo makes a special presentation to Fabrice Muamba on stage, in recognition of his bravery in overcoming the cardiac arrest he suffered last season.

    "Ronaldo hands over one of his iconic Brazil No 10 shirts. Muamba speaks briefly on his continuing recovery. 'I want to stay involved with football in some capacity,' he says. Ronaldo now takes the stage to tell us where Brazil's preparations are for 2014 World Cup."

  93. 0950: 

    Wednesday's Bolton News understands chairman Phil Gartside is on the lookout for a "young and hungry" new manager to replace Owen Coyle at Bolton Wanderers.

    The report adds: "Former Manchester United striker Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, now in charge of Norwegian club Molde, is believed to be top of the Whites' wanted list, with ex-Wolves and Sunderland boss Mick McCarthy also a genuine contender to succeed Owen Coyle, who was relieved of his duties yesterday after nearly three years in charge.

    "The club have pledged a "thorough process" as they draw up a shortlist, and have not set any deadlines for when they expect to unveil their new man."

  94. 0945: 

    More on Andy Murray's walkover to round three of the Shanghai Masters. Opponent Florian Mayer has withdrawn with a wrist injury.

    Murray will now play his first match on Thursday against the winner between Alexander Dolgopolov and Gilles Simon.

  95. 0943: 

    Wembley Stadium on Twitter: "SELL OUT! If you're coming to #EngSanMarino this week it will be a capacity crowd, thanks for your support and we'll see you Friday."

  96. 0940: 

    Florian Mayer withdraws from Shanghai Masters, giving Andy Murray a walkover into the third round.

  97. 0935: 

    Hannah Starling continues Great Britain's impressive World Junior Diving Championships by claiming a bronze medal in the girls' three-metre springboard in Adelaide. The 17-year-old, who narrowly missed the Olympic springboard final in London, scored 457.55 to claim Britain's third medal in as many days.

    Jack Laugher won double gold on the opening two days with victory in the 3m before teaming with Tom Daley to secure success in springboard synchro.


    Andy Davey on Twitter: "All England players MUST practise taking penalties before major competition finals."

    Willie on Twitter: "Absolutely ridiculous! We will be watching robots play soon."

    Zackary White on Twitter: "Rule #1 model yourself on #Baines or #Scholes. That way we can't go wrong."

    So is the FA's new code of conduct good for the game? And what do you think should be included in the code of conduct? Let us know at #bbcsportsday

  99. 0923: 

    Stoke's former England striker Michael Owen on Twitter: "Heading into training. I'm down to London this afternoon to be a panelist with Collina and Martinez at the Leaders In Football conference."

  100. 0920: 

    Arsenal take on Birmingham in the FA Women's Super League Continental Cup final at Barnet (1900 BST) in a repeat of last year's fixture.

    The London club won 4-1 last season as they completed a treble that included the inaugural WSL title and the FA Cup.

    "I won all the domestic honours when I was at Arsenal but now I want to take one off them - and after winning the FA Cup in May a victory on Wednesday night would complete a great year for us," says Blues captain and former Arsenal player Laura Bassett.

  101. 0916: 

    Zimbabwe national team selector and former fast bowler Kevin Curran dies at the age of 53, Zimbabwe Cricket announces.

    Curran, who had been coaching Zimbabwean franchise Mashonaland Eagles, collapsed while jogging in Mutare, with the exact cause of death yet to be determined.

    Zimbabwe Cricket managing director Wilfred Mukondiwa tells "We are still in shock, Kevin was the epitome of health and we have yet to make sense of this tragic loss. KC's past and continued contribution to the game of cricket is unquestionable and dates as far back as his playing days up until the phenomenal work he had been doing at Mash Eagles.

  102. 0910: 

    Britain's Colin Fleming and Ross Hutchins reach the last 16 of the men's doubles at the Shanghai Masters with victory over Fabio Fognini and Martin Klizan.


    Is the Football Association's new code of conduct good for the game? And what do you think should be included in the code of conduct? Let us know at #bbcsportsday

    Dale Wright on Twitter: "This code of conduct is just common sense. In my line of work if I called my employers an expletive on Twitter I'd be sacked."

    Ed Hewings on Twitter: "Code of conduct long overdue - kids in grassroots look up to the players, so the least they can do is act responsibly."

    Tom Wallin on Twitter: "Not tough enough. Cole should be banned already, it's no excuse that he's 1st choice left back. Make an example of him."

  104. 0856: 

    Bradford sign Warrington's Matty Blythe, 23, on a season-long loan. Blythe, who can play at centre or back row forward, will join the Bulls for pre-season training before spending the whole of the 2013 campaign at Odsal.

    Bulls coach Francis Cummins says: "Matty's a handful and is a real player of the game - very physical with a great offload. Ultimately, after his time here, he may well go back to Warrington and become a regular."

  105. 0851: 

    The International Cricket Council releases a statement confirming the umpires accused of match-fixing by an Indian TV station will not be appointed to officiate at any level until the investigation has reached its conclusion.

    It reads: "The International Cricket Council (ICC) and its relevant Full Member Boards have agreed not to appoint any of the umpires named in a sting operation recently conducted by India TV to any domestic or international cricket matches pending the outcome of the ongoing investigations into the allegations made.

    "The officials named are not contracted by the ICC and those Boards who employ and nominate the umpires directly will conduct the investigations as a matter of urgency."

  106. 0846: 

    Rory McIlroy gets off to a good start in his World Golf Final match with four opening pars to open up a three-shot lead on Charl Schwartzel, who bogeyed three of the first four holes.

    But Tiger Woods was two over par after three holes and two shots down on Matt Kuchar, who had birdied the third after two opening pars.

    In Group Two, Ryder Cup team-mates Lee Westwood and Justin Rose, who both won on Tuesday, were tied on one under after six holes, while Hunter Mahan and Webb Simpson were two under after five.

  107. 0839: 

    Darren Clarke responds on Twitter to reports he has been offered the 2014 Ryder Cup captaincy: "To clarify..I have not been offered the Ryder Cup captaincy. It's not decided by the committee until January. Would be a huge honour if asked."

  108. 0835: 

    Former Everton and Arsenal forward Francis Jeffers, 31, is in talks about moving to Malta to join Floriana.

    The club also confirms on its website that it hopes to sign former Fulham and Millwall keeper Tony Warner, 38. Floriana are seventh in the Premier League table with nine points from seven games.

  109. 0827: 

    Wayne Rooney has been reflecting on his England career and admits, in The Times newspaper, that he would have liked to have played better for his country.

    "For whatever reasons, it hasn't happened, but I can hold my head up high and say I've always worked hard and given everything and I'll continue to do that.," says the Manchester United forward. "I would like to know [why I haven't performed better]. Hopefully it will come off for us one day."

  110. 0820: 

    Andy Murray takes to the court at the Shanghai Masters later, but British pair Colin Fleming and Ross Hutchins are already in doubles action.

    They are taking on Italy's Fabio Fognini and Slovaki'a Martin Klizan. Fleming and Hutchins are 6-5 behind in the first set.


    So England's players will face international bans if they break a tough code of conduct being introduced by the Football Association.

    Ahead of next month's friendly with Sweden, Roy Hodgson's players will be presented with a six-page document, referring to their general conduct - but there will be no attempts to ban players from Twitter.

    So is the conduct a good thing for the game? And what do you think should be included in the code of conduct? Let us know what you think at #bbcsportsday

  112. 0810: 

    Everton midfielder Marouane Fellaini is facing three weeks out with a knee injury, according to the Belgian Football Association, and faces a battle to be fit in time to face Liverpool on 28 October.

    The 24-year-old picked up the knock in Saturday's 2-2 draw at Wigan but still travelled to meet up with his national team. A scan has shown the injury is worse than first thought, though, and he now faces a period on the sidelines.

    A statement on the Belgian FA's website read: "Fellaini suffered a small tear at the juncture of muscle and tendon in the knee. He will be out three weeks. It has been agreed with his club Everton FC he will rehabilitate in Belgium during this period."

  113. 0805: 

    We start with three stories that have made it into our football gossip column.

    Frank Lampard, 34, and Ashley Cole, 31, will not be handed new long-term contracts by Chelsea. The Blues are only prepared to offer one-year deals to the pair - even if it means losing them as free agents at the end of the season. (Sun)

    Liverpool are also keen on Hamburg's 20-year-old South Korea forward Son Heung-min. (Daily Mail)

    Newcastle United's £24m shirt sponsorship deal with Wonga has been engulfed in fresh controversy after the club's Muslim players were warned that wearing the new shirts would infringe Sharia law. (Independent)

  114. 0800: 

    Good morning and welcome to Wednesday's edition of Sportsday Live. Andy Murray is in action at the Shanghai Masters in China, a title he has won for the last two years.

    Rory McIlroy will be hoping for a better day at the inaugural World Golf Final in Turkey while both Hampshire and Yorkshire are in action at the Champions League Twenty20 tournament in South Africa.

    In addition, we build up to Friday's World Cup qualifiers as England prepare to host San Marino and Scotland get ready to visit Wales, plus all the breaking sports news.

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