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27 September 2012 Last updated at 23:57

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As it happened

  1. 2338: 

    Righto, that's me done. My marvellous colleague Aimee Lewis is kicking things off tomorrow morning, I'll be rocking up at some point in the afternoon. Night.


    Michael Robertson on Twitter: "Weird to think Nicolas Colsearts wasn't even in the top 1000 golfers three years ago and now he's at the #RyderCup."


    Fiona da Wabbitt on Twitter: "Oh, so the golden pair is back in @LukeDonald and Sergio Garcia! Love that! Go get Mickelson and Bradley!"


    Doug Ferguson, Associated Press golf writer, on Twitter: "Poulter has only lost three times in the Ryder Cup. Two of those involved matches against Tiger."


    Angus McPhail on Twitter: "Would rather have seen Westwood with someone like Paul Lawrie, who I like, because he is a very good putter and thus perfect foil."


    Europe captain Jose Maria Olazabal: "When I look at foursomes, I want to have players who are consistent and are steady from tee to green. There were no surprises from Davis Love, they are all strong pairings and some of those have played before.

    "The way my players are playing is the most important thing. They believe we can win here even though the US have the crowd advantage and the experience of playing here. I will tell my players to remember it is a special event and will leave moments that are unique to this event and ones that will last a lifetime."


    Jonathan Dowson on Twitter: "G-Mac and Wee-Mac kicking things off nicely! I can see Jose holding the Cup on Sunday already!"


    Yuones Laghzali on Twitter: "I'm going for Europe, having four of the top five players in the world according to the world rankings indicates why."


    Former Ryder Cupper Andrew Coltart on BBC Radio 5 live: "You have to follow Rory McIlroy tomorrow, the world number one to see what he is capable of around the course. The captains will want their sides to get off to a good start. Pairing Lee Westwood and Francesco Molinari is a gamble. Both are good drivers and iron strikers but much has been said about their short stick. I would have paired one of them who is lethal on the green."

  10. 2308: 

    G-Mac and McIlroy kicking things off for Europe and you'd have to fancy them getting their side off to a winning start against Jim Furyk, America's lowest-ranked player, and rookie Snedeker. That said, Snedeker is the $11m Man after winning FedEx Cup only last week. The Stricker-Woods v Rose-Poulter match has got fireworks written all over it, while Westwood-Molinari v Dufner-Z Johnson is a pick-em match.


    Simon Loughins on Twitter: "Team Northern Ireland first up tomorrow against Snedeker and Furyk, bring it on!"

    Michael Dhanda on Twitter: "GMac & WeeMac first pairing - Let's do this!"

  12. 2308: 

    No real surprises there, and the first ball will be hit on Friday morning 1320 BST, 0720 Chicago time. Foursomes, in case anyone was wondering, is alternate shots. Donald and Garcia have never been beaten in that format, playing with each other or anyone else.

  13. 2305: 

    Friday morning foursomes

    3rd: Westwood & Molinari v Dufner & Z Johnson

    4th: Rose & Poulter v Stricker & Woods

  14. 2304: 

    Friday morning foursomes

    1st: McIlroy & McDowell v Furyk & Snedeker

    2nd: Donald & Garcia v Mickelson & Bradley...

  15. 2301: 

    The United States national anthem, sung by former American Idol champion Jordin Sparks. As butcherings of anthems go, it wasn't too bad, certainly not when you've seen Tom Jones hacking away at the Welsh national anthem before a Joe Calzaghe fight in Vegas. Time for the foursomes announcement...

  16. 2259: 

    To the raising of the flags, which, Justin Timberlake assures us, is always the most solemn moment of any Ryder Cup opening ceremony....

  17. 2256: 

    To Teddy Ward (see below) - yes he does, yes he does... "In this world we need all the friends we can find," says Davis, which I felt came across as a little bit needy. Strike up the band, Davis kicks off with 2011 USPGA champion Keegan Bradley, passes through Matt Kuchar - wearing the vague smile of a man who has just remembered a glorious picnic he had with a lover, back in his salad days - and finishes with Tiger Woods. Bubba looked like he might cry, just as he said he would. Perhaps he's just realised him and his mates look like ushers at the world's biggest wedding.


    Teddy Ward on Twitter: "Jimenez looks like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler."

  19. 2248: 

    For those wishing to know more about Belgian rookie Nicolas Colsaerts, here's what he has to say on his official website: "My iPod is in constant evolution but to be fair, it has about 70% of deep house music on it." Here's the US skipper, 1997 USPGA champion Davis Love. Sorry, III.

  20. 2247: 

    Fighting talk from Ollie: "I know how much you want this lovely, gold trophy back - but we have every intention of taking it back home with us." Time for the team introductions, beginning with the first Belgian to play in a Ryder Cup, Nicolas Colsaerts, and finishing with English veteran Lee Westwood...

  21. 2240: 

    As Jose Maria takes to the dais, we get some 'Oles!' and much waving of European flags from the gallery. Obviousy, far less annoying than "U-S-A!" Beautiful weather, by the way, over in Chicago. "I have had moments of great joy and experienced the pain of defeat," says Ollie, before paying tribute to his "great friend and special man" Seve Ballesteros. "I learned from him what true passion is all about - Seve, we miss you."

  22. 2237: 

    After Justin Timberlake - where would any Ryder Cup opening ceremony be without Justin Timberlake reciting a poem about golf to Holst's I Vow to Thee, My Country? - we have a Chicago choir, singing another British classic, The Beatles' Come Together. And now the captains - first-up, seven-time Ryder Cupper Jose Maria Olazabal...

  23. 2232: 

    The European players mostly shielded behind sunnies - not a good look, the skipper should have had a word about that. A word on the dearly-departed Seve Ballesteros from the chairman of the European Tour, which brings a tear to the eye of Jose Maria Olazabal, his old partner in crime. Captain's introductions coming up, after which they'll reveal the opening foursomes.

  24. 2228: 

    The first strains of "U-S-A! U-S-A!" as the players make their way to the stage - can't wait for more of that. Lots of introductions now, after which we can all be seated. Debutant Jason Dufner looks a little bemused by the whole thing, as am I. The PGA Tour president being heckled, no need for that...


    Ad Harkin on Twitter: "Oops, it's a bit awkward when all the wives and girlfriends turn up in the same dress." #RyderCup

  26. 2224: 

    WARDROBE CLASH! Both teams in grey suits. The Americans rocking a slightly cheap-looking light pebble, the Europeans in dog-tooth jackets and darker grey slacks. Not sure about that, I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to mix and match your greys, unless you're a sixth-former at school.

  27. 2219: 

    Here come the teams, led onto the stage by a military band. With their partners. Never really understood why the partners get involved, but hey-ho, they all look very nice. The European wives in little black dresses, the Americans in white tops and beige skirts. Only one winner there.

  28. 2216: 

    Timberlake is back! It would appear he is our master of ceremonies. Let's just hope he doesn't get a little bit over-zealous and reveal one of Jose Maria Olazabal's nipples. The last thing we need is a ruddy waldrobe malfunction taking away from the majesty of the occasion, Timberlake.


    Andrew Cotter, BBC golf commentator, on Twitter: "I want a Ryder Cup opening ceremony sequence which ends with Diana Ross missing a 6-inch putt."


    Andy Bennett on Twitter: "I know that Timberlake's bit was a "tad contrived", but for god's sake the Americans are already heckling!"

  31. 2212: 

    My bad, I thought that was Elgar's Nimrod, it was actually Holst's I Vow to Thee, My Country. Still European, I'm guessing Aaron Copland might have been a bit out of place. Timberlake makes way for Dan Hicks of NBC. Bit of history from Dan, I'll be back in a minute...

  32. 2205: 

    Apparently this opening ceremony has supposed to have started already. But it hasn't. Sorry about that. Hang on a minute, here we are - I didn't expect this, it's Justin Timberlake to warm us up. And they've forgotten to turn his mic on. Inauspicious. Alas, he's not singing Cry Me a River, he's retelling a poem. Over some Elgar. As Ryder Cup opening ceremonies go, it's pretty much par for the course in terms of its weirdness.


    Michael Sneddon on Twitter: "Europe to win 16-12 Mcllroy is on fire and Garcia always performs well in the Ryder Cup."

    Angus McPhail on Twitter: "I think Europe will just edge it because of the experience of success of the likes of Westwood, Garcia, Donald and Poulter."

    Ian Wolstenholme on Twitter: "Europe to win because they have 12 players who care about team spirit and will play for Ollie, 1st Cup post Seve."


    Tiger Woods on his first encounter with basketball legend and US cheerleader Michael Jordan: "Well, the first time I had ever been around him, he had fed me some beverages and the next day's golf was a little bit more difficult than I would like it to be."


    England's former Women's British Open champion and Solheim Cup player Karen Stupples on BBC Radio 5 live: "The pressure you feel in a Ryder Cup is completely different to anything else. You feel the nerves on every, single shot and the players who handle it will do well, and the ones who don't will struggle."


    Harvey Coyle on Twitter: "The Americans don't have the passion the Europeans do! #RyderCup

    CJ Augarde on Twitter: "USA to edge it, lots of big hitters will make the difference."

    Gooner Paloma Blanca on Twitter: "Got to be Europe. Great togetherness and team spirit and they're doing it for Seve."

  37. 2150: 

    Tiger Woods's final tune-up for his seventh Cup appearance included a wild drive down the 18th which hit a spectator on the head. He had recovered sufficiently to speak to the 14-major champion minutes later and Woods gave him a signed glove. Got to be honest, if I wore a Woods drive in the mooey I'd be holding out for a little bit more than a glove.


    Europe's Paul Lawrie on his first Ryder Cup match, paired with Colin Montgomerie in 1999 in Brookline: "A few things happened on the tee that were kind of funny. The referee told Colin Montgomerie that he was Scotch, and Monty said, 'No, Scotch is a drink. It's a drink, it's a drink, it's a drink'."


    US player Bubba Watson: "Well, it's the United States flag. You know, the military, the military that wears our flag everywhere they go, they give us freedom to play golf, to play the Ryder Cup."

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport

    Chief sports writer at Medinah: "Absolutely rammo out on the grassy concourses and gravel paths as the opening ceremony to this 39th Ryder Cup draws closer. Huge crowds have been out since daybreak watching the final practice rounds of the 24 players, with the reception raucous for the US stars and polite for the visiting Europeans. Heartwarming highlight of the day so far? Paul Lawrie inviting a seven-year-old boy out from the crowd packed in around the 17th green to take his putt. For the record, the lucky lad missed it right. Twice."

  41. 2145: 

    Medinah has a proud history of hosting the US Open in 1990, 1975, 1949, 1946 and 1937 and the 1999 and 2006 PGA Championships. However, word is that US skipper Davis Love has set the course up for a birdie-fest on this occasion, with rough almost non-existent. Here's Miguel Angel Jimenez, a European co-captain, plumbed into a big fat la-di-da. The Europeans in wide-lapelled, grey dog-tooth suits, very old-skool Chicago. Get involved via #bbcgolf

  42. 2139: 

    Medinah Country Club was founded by the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, a freemasonry splinter group - I'm not making this up - in 1924. The group adopted a Middle Eastern theme and soon established Temples meeting in Mosques, while its members wear fezzes.

    Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport

    Chief Sports Writer at Medinah golf club: "Think I've got Ryder Fever. Every time I see the US captain I find myself humming his name to tune of Mica Paris's '89 smash Where Is The Love."

  44. 2134: 

    Rookie-wise, Europe have one (Belgium's Nicolas Colsaerts) while the US have four (Keegan Bradley, Jason Dufner, Webb Simpson and Brandt Snedeker). However, two of the US greenhorns, Bradley and Simpson, have majors to their names. By they way, this opening ceremony isn't just a peacock's parade, we will also find out who's playing with whom in the opening foursomes.

  45. 2126: 

    When I said the US have only one player outside the top 10, I think I meant outside the top 20, Jim Furyk at 23. I am so, so sorry.


    Bernard Gallacher, three-time Ryder Cup captain, on BBC Radio 5 live: "Lee Westwood is the father figure of the European team. He is the one the US players will fear the most."


    Europe's Ian Poulter: "I am very much looking forward to this one, this is number four for me. I can't wait to get out on the golf course and there will be a lot of passion poured out on the course this weekend. On Friday morning, when you walk to the first tee, it doesn't get any better than that for me."


    World number one Rory McIlroy: "This week I am not the number one player in the world, I am one man in a 12-man team. It is about playing for the captain and the other players. It is a huge compliment, people saying they want to beat me, but whoever wants to take me on, can take me on."

  49. 2117: 

    Here's a nice quote from US Ryder Cup captain Davis Love: "The Ryder Cup is the last nine holes of a major when you've got a chance to win, except it starts Friday morning on the first tee, and it never lets up."


    Bernard Gallacher, three-time Europe Ryder Cup captain, on BBC Radio 5 live: "Seve Ballesteros saved the Ryder Cup when it was at a time when US could dominate again. It was Tony Jacklin's captaincy that involved Seve so passionately into the competition. They broke the American stranglehold on the Cup in 1985 and since then it has been about the best team on the day."

  51. 2111: 

    On paper, the Americans should do a number on the Europeans - they have only one player outside the top 10 (Jim Furyk in 13th) while Europe have six. As far as the Ryder Cup is concerned, however, rankings aren't worth the paper they're written on - just ask Phillip Price, conqueror of the mighty Phil Mickelson in 2002.

  52. 2106: 

    Earlier today, I learnt the finest golf fact ever: Peter Alliss weighed 14lb 11oz at birth, making him the heaviest baby in European history at that time. I should perhaps warn you that nothing that I write for the next four days will beat that.

  53. 2100: 

    Welcome. Welcome. In an hour's time we have the opening ceremony for golf's Ryder Cup, about which I will be writing things. The golf kicks off in about 16 hours, in the meantime I'll be relaying to you any sartorial disasters and tears. Our colleagues over on 5 live have a Ryder Cup special from 2100 BST - if you are that way inclined, listen to that while reading this, or you can read stuff that people said on 5 live that you might not have been able to listen to.

  54. 1904: 

    Join us again on this page from 2100 BST for our coverage of the Ryder Cup opening ceremony.

  55. 1900: 

    And that is your lot for Sportsday Live for another day and thank you for all of your contributions.

    Join us again tomorrow from 0800 BST for all the build-up to the Ryder Cup and the weekend's Premier League action, plus the latest sports news throughout the day.

  56. 1856: 

    Do not forget to follow our live text commentary of the Ryder Cup opening ceremony from 2100 BST. It is not long now until the real stuff starts.

  57. 1853: 

    Matt Kuchar of the United States team is sure home advantage will play a big part in the Ryder Cup.

    "Walking to the first tee on Tuesday, I knew we weren't in Wales," Kuchar said. "That was just such a big difference to me. It was so exciting knowing that we were on home turf and there was such an eruption of excitement when we got to the first tee. It was an awesome feeling."

  58. 1848: 

    West Indies win by 15 runs with with England finishing on 164-4.

  59. 1848: 

    We will also be providing a live text commentary of the opening ceremony of the Ryder Cup in Medinah from 2100 BST as the count down to the start of the Ryder Cup continues.

  60. 1844: 

    BBC golf commentator Peter Alliss has been speaking to BBC Radio 5 live about the Ryder Cup, which starts tomorrow.

    He said: "It's just got bigger in so many ways. When I played 60 years ago there were people there but spectators came wearing rain coats and trilby hats rather than golf gear.

    "When the Americans started losing in the mid-1980s everyone got the bandwagon going and now it's just huge. The Americans are saying they're better dressed, have better iron players and are better putts but it will be a damn close run thing."

  61. 1836: 

    England now need 23 off the last over. Keep up with what happens in the final six balls on our live text commentary.

  62. 1834: 

    Sam Torrance, captain for Europe's Ryder Cup win at the Belfry in 2002, is sure of a European victory in Medinah.

    He told BBC Radio 5 live: "Europe will win 15-13 and there will be no fights or arguments. There will be huge crowds and it will be one of the best Ryder Cups we've seen because I've never known the teams to be so equal."

  63. 1830: 

    Paris Saint-Germain will not provide club travel for supporters for next month's Champions League match at Dinamo Zagreb because of security concerns.

    Though it normally makes such arrangements for away games, PSG have said they took the decision after consulting with UEFA and Croatian authorities, citing "preventative reasons of security".

    PSG have also advised fans not to travel to the match in the hope of buying a ticket in Croatia.

  64. 1827: 

    Shortly you will be able to view Sportsday Live for a round-up of all of today's top sports stories in the panel at the top of the page.

  65. 1825: 

    With three overs remaining, England need 46 more runs to beat West Indies. They are currently 134-3.

    Follow the action on our live text commentary.

  66. 1820: 

    Hibernian striker Leigh Griffiths is in line to return for Saturday's Clydesdale Bank Premier League clash at Aberdeen.

    The on-loan Wolves striker, who has scored five goals in six SPL games this season, missed last weekend's draw against Inverness with an ankle injury but has returned to training.

  67. 1816: 

    Edinburgh head coach Michael Bradley has made seven changes following last week's narrow loss to Leinster for tomorrow`s RaboDirect PRO12 clash against Newport.

    Scotland trio Ross Rennie, Allan Jacobsen and top try scorer Tim Visser come in, while Greig Laidlaw, Ross Ford and Matt Scott are rested.

  68. 1811: 

    Brian McDermott views Alan Pardew as the mastermind behind Reading's transformation into a Barclays Premier League club.

    "Alan Pardew is a good friend of mine and I believe he set the identity for this club over a period of time," McDermott said. "The tempo of the team, the passing game and work rate are second to none here and he set that trend. That's been our identity for the past 12 years.

    "Alan was the man who set Reading on course for the Premier League. I hope he gets a good reception on Saturday, but it will be what it will be. Everyone's moved on from when he left for West Ham."

  69. 1803: 

    Rangers expect to be without Francisco Sandaza for the rest of the year following confirmation he has suffered a broken cheekbone.

    The striker was forced out of last night`s Scottish Communities League Cup win over Motherwell after a clash of heads with Shaun Hutchinson and was taken from Ibrox to hospital for an X-ray.

  70. 1758: 

    England are 56-3 after 10 overs. They are chasing 180 for the victory against West Indies.

    Follow the cricket on our live text commentary.

  71. 1754: 

    Webb Simpson is expected to be paired with Bubba Watson in the American team at the Ryder Cup and believes that the duo's friendship will be a significant positive.

    He said: "Bubba and I are good friends away from golf, and I think that's what makes us a good team. He's laid-back. What you see in his golf videos and all the other funny stuff he does, that's him on the golf course.

    "He still is a competitor. You can't win the Masters and not be a very tough competitor. But his approach to the game is laid-back, and then when he has 30 seconds to hit a shot, he's serious."

  72. 1749: 

    Chief executive Ivan Gazidis maintains Arsenal's latest set of financial results show the club "can and will forge our own path to success" after they posted another healthy pre-tax profit.

    Group profit before tax was £36.6m in the figures for the year ending May 31, 2012 which were published today, up from the equivalent 2011 figures of £14.8m.

    Gazidis said: "Clubs, fans and other stakeholders in the game are demanding a more rational financial approach and this reinforces our conviction that our club is strongly placed to succeed over the long term."

  73. 1745: 

    Motherwell defender Jonathan Page has joined neighbours Hamilton on a month's loan.

    The 22-year old has found himself behind Shaun Hutchinson, Simon Ramsden and Adam Cummins in the race for a centre-back spot this season, although he has started two games.

  74. 1741: 

    Ipswich boss Paul Jewell has revealed Harry Redknapp telephoned to reassure him that he was not interested in his job at Portman Road.

    Jewell told BBC Radio Suffolk: "Harry rang me last Sunday and said there was abolutely no truth in it.

    "The only worrying thing was at the end of the conversation he asked me what the best areas to live were."

  75. 1735: 

    Bury coach Ben Futcher is the special guest on BBC Radio Manchester's In The Spotlight programme on Thursday evening from 18:00 BST.

    He talks about how the death of his close friend, former Macclesfield midfielder Richard Butcher, has given him a fresh perspective on life.

  76. 1733: 

    A day after he questioned how it was possible to want to "kill" great mates in the Ryder Cup, Ian Poulter has found a staunch ally in the shape of Masters champion Bubba Watson.

    "I understand where Poults is coming from," Watson said on the final practice day at Medinah. "I love it. I love watching his passion. The guy is great for the game of golf."

  77. 1730: 

    QPR have agreed a compensation fee of up to £4m with Blackburn for Junior Hoilett.

    Hoilett, 22, joined on a four-year deal in July after his Rovers contract expired but Rangers needed to pay a fee as the winger is under the age of 24.

  78. 1724: 

    Craig Kieswetter is out second ball for England, shortly followed by Luke Wright for his first ball. England are now 0-2.

    Follow all of the action on our live text commentary.

  79. 1722: 

    Olympic bronze medallist Kristian Thomas will compete in his first major competition since London 2012 in the World Cup event in Glasgow on 8 December.

    The Wolverhampton-born gymnast, who won team bronze at this summer's Games and also competed in the individual all-around final, will take part in the one-day competition at the newly-built Commonwealth Arena.

  80. 1719: 

    Andre Villas-Boas will encourage his team to attack Manchester United on Saturday despite the Tottenham manager's harrowing experience of his Chelsea team's 3-1 defeat at Old Trafford last term.

    "That is the way I like my teams to play," Villas-Boas said. "We obviously know that it is extremely difficult there, but that doesn't mean that you might not be given a chance when you play that (attacking) way.

    "In the end it's about taking your opportunities. Had (Chelsea) scored then maybe the result would have been different, so to try to get a result against United will be excellent for us."

  81. 1714: 

    Joey Barton, who is currently serving a 12-match domestic ban for violent conduct, tweeted in response to Terry's ban: "Well I think that proves a lot. What an absolute farce. Twelve games for violent conduct and only four for that. (The) FA should be embarrassed #shambles."

  82. 1710: 

    West Indies have finished their innings at 179-5, meaning England need 180 for the win.

    You can follow all of the action on our live text commentary.

  83. 1709: 

    Middlesbrough forward Mustapha Carayol will be out for up to four months with a knee injury picked up in the Capital One Cup win against Gillingham.

    "He'll be a huge loss for us, I'm hugely disappointed for him," boss Tony Mowbray told BBC Tees. "He has started his career so well and hopefully he'll come back stronger."

  84. 1704: 

    Southampton manager Nigel Adkins believes Jack Cork will come back stronger from the knee injury he sustained on his return to the first team.

    "It has been a stop-start time for him," Adkins said. "He comes back from the Olympics, he didn't play any games really and he picks up an injury at Bristol City.

    "He recovers from that and he has gone and picked up another injury so what it will do is make him stronger."

  85. 1654: 

    More from the BBC's sports news correspondent Dan Roan on John Terry being found guilty by an FA independent panel of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.

    "Since being found guilty of a similar charge, Liverpool's Luis Suarez has found - everywhere he goes - he has had to run something of a gauntlet up and down country.

    "Terry will find that and more because of who he is - the former England captain.

    "He has been sacked twice as England captain. He has already faced huge ramifications and Terry has always been someone who can deal with abuse. I'm sure this time will be no different."

  86. 1644: 

    Wales scrum-half Mike Phillips faces at least a fortnight sidelined after injuring his hand during training with his club Bayonne.

    The 30-year-old, who has won 67 caps and played in all three Tests for the 2009 British and Irish Lions against South Africa, will have surgery under a local anaesthetic tonight.

  87. 1640: 

    Former England and Liverpool midfielder John Barnes has been giving the BBC World Service his reaction to John Terry's eight-week ban and £220,000 fine.

    "Regardless of whether he's been found guilty today or not, people will already have had an opinion, based on what's gone on.

    "I don't think this has necessarily changed anybody's opinion - very much like with the Suarez situation, this is not a court of law.

    "People will have their opinion of John Terry and I don't think the outcome of this will influence them one way or the other."

  88. 1627: 

    Chris Gayle was swish-swashing boundaries all over the place and had taken West Indies passed 100 for the loss of no wicket after 10 overs against England.

    But he's just been caught after attempting one slog too many. Keep up to date with our live text commentary.

  89. 1623: 

    Cycling's governing body, the UCI, has for the first time expressed its concern over the length of time the US Anti-Doping Agency has taken to release its full written findings on the report that led to them stripping Lance Armstrong of his seven Tour de France titles.

    "The UCI had no reason to assume that a full case file did not exist but USADA's continued failure to produce the decision is now a cause for concern," said Mr McQuaid, UCI President, in a statement.

  90. 1609: 

    BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty on Twitter: "Lots of questions about why Terry's ban is half that of Suarez's. Dangerous to take wild guesses with written judgement yet to be published."

  91. 1604: 

    West Indies have started well in their World Twenty20 match against England.

    They're 45-0 after 5.4 overs - that's a run rate of 8.25.

    Follow the action over on our live commentary page.

  92. 1601: 

    Sunderland boss Martin O'Neill has admitted he will have to think about whether Lee Cattermole will keep hold of the captain's armband.

    The midfielder will serve a three-match ban after being sent off for the fifth time in his Black Cats career for a tackle against MK Dons on Tuesday.

    "We will see, but again, there are many qualities to him for one so young as a captain of the team. But you just can't be stepping over the mark like that," said O'Neill.

  93. 1557: 

    Norwich City striker Harry Kane could be out for around six weeks.

    The on-loan Tottenham forward damaged his ankle and may have broken a metatarsal in last night's 1-0 League Cup win over Doncaster.

  94. 1551: 

    Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas is to return to his former club Nottingham Forest in a one-month loan deal.

    The 29-year-old has not started a senior game since December last year, when he was on loan at Aston Villa.

  95. 1544: 

    More from the BBC's sports news correspondent Dan Roan on John Terry's four-match ban and £220,000 fine, which the Chelsea defender has the right to appeal against.

    "This is a significant day - the end of an 11-month saga, a case that was dragged through the courts.

    "The language, insults and abuse laid bare have made this a really uncomfortable episode for the sport.

    "Terry must now live with that stigma, the ignominy of a ban. It's not a career-ending ban, but it will be interesting to see what Chelsea do. Will they suspend him, drop him or back him? The club have a zero-tolerance policy towards racism."

  96. 1540: 

    Welsh rider Becky James won the 500m time trial on the opening day of the National Track Championships in Manchester on Wednesday and she tells BBC Sport that she hopes to one day emulate the success of London 2012 gold medallist Victoria Pendleton.

    "Vicky was 31 when she finished and I'm 20, so I've got 11 years yet to step up," she says.

  97. 1536: 

    The national anthems are being played in Pallekele, which means we are moments away from the start of England's first Super Eights match of the World Twenty20 against West Indies.

    Our live text commentators can guide you through the game - if it's half as good as Sri Lanka v New Zealand, we're in for a treat

  98. 1531: 

    Chelsea have released a statement in reaction to the news that John Terry has received a four-match ban and £220,000 fine following an FA hearing at Wembley.

    "Chelsea Football Club notes and respects today's decision by the Football Association regarding John Terry.

    "We also recognise that John has the right to appeal that decision. It is therefore inappropriate for us to comment further on the matter at this time."

  99. 1529: 

    A bit more on the news that Alan Pardew - and his coaching staff of John Carver, Steve Stone and Andy Woodman - have signed new Newcastle United deals until 2020.

    Magpies managing director Derek Llambias said: "If you look at clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal, Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger have shown that stability gives you the best platform to achieve success and that is the model we wish to emulate here."

  100. 1524: 

    BBC's sports news correspondent Dan Roan on the BBC News Channel:

    "One of the first questions many people will ask is why Terry ban is so much less - half the length - of that handed to Luis Suarez of Liverpool last year?

    "Terry has been found guilty of a similar offence as Suarez. We await the written judgement, which will no doubt explain the difference."

  101. 1519: 

    Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has signed a new eight-year deal at St James' Park.

  102. 1518: 

    John Terry's representatives have released the following statement.

    "Mr. Terry is disappointed that the FA Regulatory Commission has reached a different conclusion to the clear not guilty verdict of a court of law.

    "He has asked for the detailed written reasons of the decision and will consider them carefully before deciding whether to lodge an appeal."

  103. 1514: 

    John Terry's four-match ban and £220,000 fine is pending his right to appeal.

    He will be able to play until he either accepts the guilty verdict, completes an appeal process or the 14-day deadline for an appeal expires.

  104. 1504: 

    John Terry is banned for four matches and fined £220,000 for racially abusing Anton Ferdinand

  105. 1459: 

    Hosts Sri Lanka have beaten New Zealand in the Super Over in the first game of the Super Eights at the World Twenty20.

    Follow the reaction and England's match against West Indies, which will now be delayed because of the extended play in the previous game, in our live text commentary.

  106. 1451: 

    Yorkshire have announced the signing of England Lions seamer Jack Brooks from Northamptonshire on a three-year contract.

    The 28-year-old, who has signed until the end of the 2015 season, spent four seasons at the County Ground during which he took 118 first-class wickets at an average of 28.95.

  107. 1445: 

    BBC Radio 5 live's Juliette Ferrington on Twitter: "Brendan Rogers says he's spoken to referee chief Mike Riley about decisions that have gone against Liverpool this season."

  108. 1442: 

    BBC's sports news correspondent Dan Roan on Twitter: "Terry verdict imminent"


    Here is more reaction to Stoke manager Tony Pulis's suggestion that divers should get three-match bans. Join in on Twitter using #bbcsportsday

    Jerzy Dabrowski on Twitter: "If we can rescind red cards then why can we not give out punishment for obvious cheating, as in diving"

    Trevor Lucy on Twitter: "Agree with Pulis & add in bookings for foul language. Footballers are role models and they need to act appropriately."

    And the idea of pink punishments seems prevalent

    Sat-Nav on Twitter: "Divers should get a pink card = 5mins on a bright pink fluffy chair!!"

  110. 1432: 

    Jose Maria Olazabal is keeping us guessing on what his Ryder Cup pairings will look like.

    During Europe's final nine-hole practice session on the eve of the competition, world number one Rory McIlroy was no longer with regular partner Graeme McDowell, but with Justin Rose, Sergio Garcia and Martin Kaymer instead.

    McDowell went out with Ian Poulter, Luke Donald and Francesco Molinari, while the first group was Lee Westwood, Paul Lawrie, Peter Hanson and Belgian newcomer Nicolas Colsaerts.

  111. 1429: 

    Lahiru Thirimanne has been given out, despite the fielder fumbling the ball on to the stumps. So it finishes level and there will be a

  112. 1425: 

    It would seem the World Twenty20 has finally come to life. Sri Lanka needed one off the final ball. But did they make the quick single? Nobody seems sure... Drama. Keep up with it in our live text commentary.

  113. 1420: 

    Dundee United manager Peter Houston has revealed he has not yet been offered a new contract by the club.

    Houston, whose deal expires at the end of the season, told BBC Scotland: "There is nothing on the table for me. A lot of people have been asking me why I haven't signed a new deal - because I haven't been offered one basically."

  114. 1418: 

    Sri Lanka need eight from six to beat New Zealand. Keep up with he excitement in our live text commentary.

  115. 1416: 

    Tony Pulis believes divers should get three-match bans. Huddersfield boss Simon Grayson has given BBC Radio Leeds his thoughts.

    "I think if it's a very clear case, Tony has a point. Everybody in the game doesn't want to see diving," he said.

    "If somebody's gone out to try and influence a decision by diving then they deserve everything they get after the event possibly.

    "There may be grey areas but then people have to make the right decision. If it's a blatant dive, then they do need to be punished."

  116. 1406: 

    Australian superstar Black Caviar is set to return to the track early next year, according to trainer Peter Moody.

    The 22-year-old extended her unbeaten run to 22 races by winning the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot this year, but damaged soft tissue in the process.

    "We've decided that we'll give her a chance (to race on) and so I've sent her for a spell and she'll come back in later in the year and be given a prep and we'll take it from there," Moody told The Age.

  117. 1354: 

    The World T20 Super Eights match is back in the balance. Sri Lanka seemed as if they would reach New Zealand's target of 175 with ease, having set a cracking pace earlier. But the tournament hosts have slowed down after losing three wickets. They are 131-3 and now need 44 from 32 balls. Follow live text commentary on the BBC Cricket page.

  118. 1347: 

    World number one Victoria Azarenka will undergo tests to find out why she felt too fatigued to play her quarter-final against Angelique Kerber in Tokyo on Thursday.

    "I had low energy," said the Belarusian. "I wasn't myself. It wasn't possible today. Maybe it was tiredness from the whole season. I need to have some tests. It's a little bit unknown what it is."

  119. 1341: 

    BBC golf correspondent Iain Carter on Twitter: "Pairings for 1st 4somes will be announced at opening ceremony. Think for Euros: Westy/Molinari, GMac/WeeMac, Garcia/Donald & Rose/Poults."

  120. 1332: 

    Here is more #bbcsportsday reaction to Stoke manager Tony Pulis's suggestion that divers should get three-match bans.

    Gemma Kelly: "I like idea of divers wearing a coloured armband - Name and shame the cheaters!!"

    David Stanners: "I totally disagree with changes to the playing rules of football.its what makes it the greatest sport on earth."

  121. 1322: 

    BBC Football pundit Robbie Savage answers your tweets in this week's Savage Says. Topics include John Terry's retirement and Liverpool player Jonjo Shelvey's red card against Manchester United. Watch the video on the BBC Football page.

  122. 1315: 

    Stoke manager Tony Pulis says that players who dive should get three-match bans. Is diving such a big issue? Is it ruining the game? Have your say on Twitter using #bbcsportsday

  123. 1305: 

    So how are Sri Lanka doing in their chase of New Zealand's target of 175 in the World T20 Super Eights? The tournament hosts are going very well - they are 43-0 after four overs. Follow live text commentary on the BBC Cricket page.

  124. 1258: 

    Here are the thoughts of Swansea goalkeeper Michel Vorm who has signed a new four-year deal with the club.

    "I'm delighted - I'm enjoying my time here very much and it is one of the reasons why I've signed an extension," said the 28-year-old Dutchman.

    "I can also only see things at Swansea getting better and better. I can see a lot of positive things happening here and I believe the club has a bright future ahead of it.

    "The club has signed a lot of its quality players for longer periods, which is a good thing."

  125. 1249: 

    Swansea goalkeeper Michel Vorm signs a new four-year deal to keep him with the club until 2016.

  126. 1244: 

    Craig A. Evans: "Three-game ban could be a bit harsh, maybe those booked for diving forced to wear a pink armband for three games."

    Steve Bremner: "Great shout from Tony Pulis this AM. How about learning from rugby, a card between yellow and red that means 10 mins in a bin."

  127. 1242: 

    Sri Lanka need 175 to win their Super Eights World T20 match against New Zealand. Can the hosts do it? Find out on the BBC Cricket page.

  128. 1234: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway: "The rest of John Terry's legal team have just left in a taxi, packing the boot with boxes of legal papers. And still we wait..."

  129. 1230: 

    Arsenal defender Andre Santos has been banned from driving for 12 months after admitting speeding at up to 145mph in rush-hour traffic.

    The 29-year-old Brazilian was also ordered to pay £3,600 in fines and costs.

  130. 1226: 

    BBC Sport's chief football writer Phil McNulty: "Seems Stoke manager Tony Pulis's demand for 3-game for diving has also started campaign for 3-game ban for deliberate handball."

  131. 1215: 

    New Zealand are 141-3 against tournament hosts Sri Lanka in the ICC World T20 Super Eights match - four overs remaining. Follow live text commentary on the BBC Cricket section.

  132. 1212: 

    Here are more responses from #bbcsportsday reacting to Stoke boss Tony Pulis's call to give players who dive in football three-match bans:

    Christopher Rowe: "Maybe something between a yellow and red for diving, a subbed sending off. If the side has any subs left."

    Jay: "Diving shows intention to deceive (always) while fouls are (mostly) accidental. A ban would be the right punishment."

  133. 1206: 

    Briton Jamie Murray and Brazil's Andre Sa lose 6-4 7-5 to Lu Yen-Hsun of Chinese Taipei and Thailand's Danai Udomchoke at the quarter-final stage in the men's doubles at the Thailand Open.

  134. 1203: 

    The NFL and NFL Referees Association reach an agreement which means temporary officials will no longer take charge of matches.

    The dispute over a collective bargaining agreement, largely due to a disagreement over pension payments, had seen replacements drafted in from lower division college, high school and semi-professional football.

  135. 1156: 

    BBC sports news correspondent Dan Roan: "Terry leaves Wembley"

    For the latest developments in Chelsea captain John Terry's disciplinary hearing with the Football Association follow Dan Roan on Twitter.

  136. 1150: 

    Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko has paid tribute to Corrie who died last weekend after being shot by robbers at a restaurant in South Africa.

    The Ukrainian said his second-round knockout at the hands of the boxer in 2003 was pivotal in his success.

    "It changed a side of my character tremendously - it made me tougher and it made me better," said Klitschko.

  137. 1142: 

    Sri Lanka have their first wicket. Debutant spinner Akila Dananjaya, 18, tempts New Zealand's Martin Guptill to drive to long off where Thisara Perera is waiting. Dananjaya had never played a professional match in his life prior to being picked for the preliminary squad for the 2012 World Twenty20. Follow the latest from the Super Eights match on the BBC Cricket page.

  138. 1135: 

    Australia draft in full-back Kurtley Beale at fly-half for the Rugby Championship Test against South Africa in Pretoria on Saturday.

    Beale replaces injured Quade Cooper in the only change from the team that defeated Argentina 23-19 in the previous round.

  139. 1131: 

    There have been plenty of Twitter posts at #bbcsportsday reacting to Stoke manager Tony Pulis's view that divers should be given three-match bans.

    Devil Is A Liar: "Diving is bad for the beautiful game of football. The yellow card is a good enough penalty for me."

    Dargo: "Divers can get bans as long as teams that constantly foul and break legs are banned also."

  140. 1119: 

    The Leeds United Supporters Trust is pleased with the news that a Middle-Eastern investment bank has confirmed it is leading a takeover of the club.

    "The Trust has been calling for the potential buyer and the club to say something and this is what we've all been waiting to hear," said Lust chairman Gary Cooper.

    "It's been a long, long summer for Leeds fans who have heard very little. We knew these talks were going on and with neither side willing to say anything it's been frustrating."

  141. 1114: 

    Stoke manager Tony Pulis says those found guilty of diving during football matches should be handed three-match bans. Here are some of your views from #bbcsportsday:

    Crip Cooke: "Clamping down on diving would put an end to it short-term but it will rear it's ugly head again. Remember the dissent ruling?"

    Moon: "Couldn't agree more with Pullis, been going on far too long, with no action from the FA."

  142. 1106: 

    Eight-time world rally champion Sebastien Loeb will not take part in every race of the 2013 season of the World Rally Championship.

    The 38-year-old Frenchman, who is leading this season's drivers' standings in his bid for a ninth title, will likely race the opening Monte Carlo Rally before missing "three or four" races, according to co-pilot Daniel Elena.

  143. 1100: 

    Former England keeper David James is training with League One side Bournemouth and could be set to join the club. James, 42, had previous spells at Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham, Manchester City and Portsmouth while winning 53 caps for England. He is a free agent after leaving Bristol City in the summer.

  144. 1054: 

    Stoke boss Tony Pulis wants the Football Association to hand out three-game bans for diving. Pulis, who accused Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic of diving during City's 1-0 defeat on Saturday, said. "[The Football Association] should pull people up for diving and give them a three-game ban straight away. Ivanovic would be looking at three games, Chelsea wouldn't be too happy with him and I don't think he would be diving around any more." Do you agree with Pulis? #bbcsportsday

  145. 1045: 

    BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Danajaya not played 1st class match. Discovered in the nets. Bowls off spin, leg spin, googlies and carram balls....help!" Read live text commentary of the match, or listen to Test Match Special.

  146. 1041: 

    BBC commentator Steve Parrish backs Casey Stoner to make a success of car racing when he retires from MotoGP at the end of the season. The 26-year-old, who is recovering from ankle surgery has hinted he could move into the world of V8 Supercar racing in his native Australia.

  147. 1036: 

    BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "NZ bat first. SL play both mystery spinners including 18 year old Danajaya."

  148. 1035: 

    Thursday is the final practice day for the Ryder Cup and United States captain Davis Love III admits he is yet to decide on his pairings. "I didn't go to bed until 0230 thinking about my team," he said. What do you reckon? A bit of kidology from the skipper or does he genuinely have selection issues? #sportsday

  149. 1027: 

    BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on Twitter: "Pallekele filling up for SL/NZ. Toss in 5 mins, starts 11am BST. England/WI at 1500. On air at 1045 and staying on." You will be able to listen to Test Match Special via the BBC Sport website.

  150. 1024: 

    Arsenal have beaten Barcelona 3-0 in the first leg of their round of 32 tie in the women's Champions League. Jennifer Beattie, Jordan Nobbs and Katie Chapman scored the goals against a Barca side making their debut in the competition. Arsenal play the home leg next week.

  151. 1018: 

    The first day of the Super Eights at the World T20 get under way this morning with hosts Sri Lanka taking on New Zealand. There will be live text commentary of the game on the BBC Sport website, starting at 10:30 BST, with the game scheduled to begin 30 minutes later. England take on West Indies from 15:00.

  152. 1014: 

    Andy Farrell says the thrill of matches like those against France and Wales persuaded him to leave Saracens and join the England coaching staff. Farrell became backs coach in June after a spell on Stuart Lancaster's staff during the 2012 Six Nations.

  153. 1009: 

    The draw for the fourth round of the League Cup was made late on Wednesday evening. Chelsea v Manchester United is the stand-out tie, while Bradford, who fought back from 2-0 down to beat League Two rivals Burton, are rewarded with a trip to Wigan. If you missed Wednesday's highlights show, catch up with the BBC iPlayer.

  154. 1001: 

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says Theo Walcott must be patient in his demands to switch from a winger to striker. The 23-year-old, who scored twice in Wednesday's 6-1 League Cup win over Coventry, has indicated his future may rest on whether he plays in a striking role.

  155. 0953: 

    World number one Victoria Azarenka has withdrawn from the Pan Pacific Open in Tokyo ahead of her quarter-final against Angelique Kerber. The Belarusian had complained of dizzying spells during her win over Roberta Vinci on Wednesday. Sam Stosur is through to the semis after beating Maria Sharapova 6-4 7-6, with Caroline Wozniacki taking on Agnieszka Radwanska now.

  156. 0950: 

    Devil Is A Liar on Twitter: "Watch out for Luke Donald and Sergio Garcia. Rory Mcllory and Graeme McDowell too. But I'm on the Team USA bandwagon."

    Simon Newport on Twitter: "I reckon this could be one of the closely fought Ryder Cups in years, can't wait for it to begin, Rory's gonna shine."

    John Duncan on Twitter: "All the rhetoric is fairly standard from the Americans and best taken with a pinch of salt. Europe to win (just)."

  157. 0947: 

    Wigan manager Roberto Martinez has been defending the comments he made in the wake of the Latics' 4-0 defeat at Manchester United. Martinez was charged by the Football Association for accusing referees of favouring United at Old Trafford.

    Speaking at his news conference ahead of Saturday's game at Sunderland, Martinez said: "I think it was a rational comment and something I would like to explain. I can remember my points in the press conference, I can remember the analysis of the game. I've got huge respect for [referee] Michael Oliver and I never questioned his integrity. But it's true that we were at the wrong end of two big decisions and it's something you have to comment on at the end of the game."

  158. 0940: 

    Here's Wenger on former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba: "I don't know if Chelsea miss him, but we don't miss him. He did a lot of damage against us."

  159. 0938: 

    In his press conference ahead of Saturday's lunch-time kick-off at the Emirates Stadium against Chelsea, Wenger also said: "'Rosicky is two weeks away, Szczesny is two or three weeks away. I have selection solutions, not selection problems. You want two players in every position."

  160. 0936: 

    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says midfielder Jack Wilshere will make his return from injury in a reserve-team game against West Brom on Monday. Wenger stated: "Jack will play on Monday for the [Under-21s], he will play an hour. We have to be patient." However, Wenger believes England's World Cup qualifers, against San Marino and Poland in October will come "too early".

  161. 0931: 

    England take on West Indies in their opening World Twenty20 Super Eights game in Sri Lanka on Thursday afternoon. Captain Stuart Broad says the wicket of Chris Gayle is key to England's chances of victory. The defending champions also face Sri Lanka and New Zealand in their bid to reach the semi-finals. Ball-by-ball Test Match Special commentary on BBC 5 live sports extra and BBC Radio 4 LW and via BBC Sport website, which will also carry live text commentary. The game starts at 15:00 BST.

  162. 0921: 

    Blackburn's local paper, the Lancashire Telegraph, is calling for the club's owners Venky's to take decisive and immediate action on manager Steve Kean's future.

  163. 0916: 

    It's all hotting up nicely at the Ryder Cup. Here's Europe's Ian Poulter: "How can you can be great mates with somebody, but, boy, do you want to kill them in Ryder Cup?" Meanwhile, United States rookie Brandt Snedeker says: "I'm very, very competitive. People don't get that because I'm polite. But I'm going to try to beat their brains in as bad as I can."

    Who are you backing for victory? Who will be the key players on each team? Who should be paired with who? Tweet us your Ryder Cup thoughts #bbcsportsday

  164. 0907: 

    BBC Sport's Richard Conway on Twitter: "John Terry has arrived at Wembley for the fourth day of his FA hearing. Verdict expected later today."

  165. 0905: 

    Colchester appoint Joe Dunne as manager. Dunne, who was assistant manager, succeeds John Ward who was sacked on Monday after failing to guide his side to any victories in their opening nine games of the season.

  166. 0857: 

    Hull KR prop Scott Taylor may have played his last game for the the club after refusing to discuss a contract extension. The 21-year-old has 12 months left of his contract with the Robins and chairman Neill Hudgell told the Hull Daily Mail: "He refuses to negotiate at all, which is a very strong indicator that he doesn't want to be here any more. I think that means he has played his last game for the club."

    Taylor has been linked with moves to Wigan and neighbours Hull FC.

  167. 0850: 

    Friday's meeting at Worcester has been abandoned due to a waterlogged track.

  168. 0849: 

    The Middle-Eastern investment bank, Gulf Finance House (GFH) confirms it has signed an exclusive agreement to lead a takeover ofChampionship side Leeds. A letter reveals: "GFH would like to confirm that GFH Capital Limited, a 100% subsidiary of Gulf Finance House, has signed an exclusive agreement to lead and arrange the acquisition of Leeds City Holdings, the parent company of LUFC."

  169. 0842: 

    Brawn was similarly non-comittal on the future of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. "[It is] still under discussion, I'm afraid," he said. "I can't comment very much on that, but Michael's been a huge asset to the team. He's really taken us forward. I do think Michael contributes an awful lot, so I think the decision for Michael to stay or not continue is a difficult one. Obviously he's very involved in that decision, and discussions are ongoing at the moment."

  170. 0841: 

    Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn refuses to be drawn on whether he is about to sign McLaren's Lewis Hamilton to his Formula 1 racing team. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, Brawn said: "Any ambitious team looks at the top drivers and we're an ambitious team, but I think there's an awful lot of speculation. We will have some things to say in the next few weeks, next few months, and then all will become clear."

    When asked: "You'd like him, then, if he said yes?" Brawn replied: "He's a very good driver. A very good driver."

  171. 0836: 

    Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says age will not be a barrier to players getting a chance at Liverpool after Jerome Sinclair became the youngest player to represent the club in their 2-1 Capital One Cup win at West Brom. Sinclair was one of five Liverpool teenagers who played in the game.

  172. 0831: 

    Manchester United's reward for beating Newcastle is a fourth-round tie at Chelsea. Defending champions Liverpool host Swansea in a match that will see Reds boss Brendan Rodgers face his former side. League Two Bradford, the lowest placed side left in the competition, visit Wigan.

  173. 0827: 

    Sir Alex Ferguson was impressed with the performances of returning Manchester United duo Wayne Rooney and Darren Fletcher in Wednesday's Capital One Cup victory over Newcastle. Rooney has been out with a thigh injury while Fletcher was making his first start after 10 months out with a bowel condition.

    United's manager said: "Darren has had a great 90 minutes and Wayne had a terrific performance, he tired understandably, but I'm really pleased."

  174. 0824: 

    Captain Charlotte Edwards has been talking after England women's T20 victory over Pakistan in Galle. "We expected 150/160 but we're good players of spin," said Edwards. "Myself or Laura possibly should have been there till the end. It's all about results in this sort of tournament. All round it's been a good day."

  175. 0820: 

    Chelsea captain John Terry will return to Wembley on Thursday for the fourth day of his disciplinary hearing, with a verdict expected by the end of the day. Terry is accused of using racist language towards QPR defender Anton Ferdinand last October.

  176. 0816: 

    The Englishman, who is the current world number three, also played down any talk of a domestic rivalry with his American wife, Diane Antonopoulos. "She is 100% on the European team," said Donald. "Her parents were born in Greece so there is no conflict of interest."

  177. 0814: 

    Donald believes the fact that most of the European players compete regularly in the United States will be a help. He added: "A lot of people are aware I went to college near here and if I can garner some support from US fans it will benefit our team. It has changed in the last few years because our faces are much more recognisable than they used to be and we're getting a lot of support out there."

  178. 0813: 

    The opening ceremony for the 39th Ryder Cup takes place at the Illinois course at 22:00 BST on Thursday. European player Luke Donald has been talking to BBC Sport's Iain Carter about playing near to his Chicago home. He said: "It was strange to pack up the car and drive 30 minutes down the freeway but it's great to be with the lads every night, forming relationships and bonds and I wouldn't want to miss out on that."

  179. 0807: 

    Charlotte Edwards and Laura Marsh share an opening stand of 102 as England get their World Twenty20 campaign off to a winning start in Sri Lanka.

    Captain Edwards hit 45 off 43 balls, while Marsh made 54 off 41 and Holly Colvin took four wickets as England beat Pakistan by 43 runs in Galle.

  180. 0804: 

    But for starters here's three snippets from the football gossip column.

    Chelsea and Everton target Oscar Cardozo, 29, is set to extend his contract at Benfica - and the Paraguay striker will have a £47.7m buy-out clause. (talkSPORT)

    PSV Eindhoven's Kevin Strootman, 22, has put Manchester United on alert after the Dutch midfielder revealed he intends to quit the club in the January transfer window. (Metro)

    Blackburn will make a formal approach to Tottenham in the hope of persuading assistant first-team coach and former player Tim Sherwood, 43, to become their new manager. (Daily Mail)

  181. 0800: 

    Hello and welcome to Thursday's Sportsday live. We'll have reaction to Wednesday night's Capital One Cup games and the fourth round draw and a look forward to the weekend's Premier League action. John Terry's disciplinary hearing is drawing to a close. And there will be more build up to this weekend's Ryder Cup.

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Europe win the Ryder Cup

Ryder Cup Europe win after record comeback

Europe win eight of the 12 singles Ryder Cup matches to beat the USA 14½-13½ in Medinah, having been 10-4 down.

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