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13 November 2014

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Tinsley Towers

You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Tinsley Towers > In Pics: Tinsley Towers demolition

In Pics: Tinsley Towers demolition

Have Your Say

Were you there for Tinsley Towers' demolition? What was it like?

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christine may turner
i watched from just opposite my house, at 3am i saw them begin to collapse, it had rained for just a minute then stopped as the towers collapsed, i cried, i knew the towers from my childhood. i'm now 56,still miss them when i look over at the view.

crash i missed them and smoke i loved them when they were there butnowthey are gone 3am botton was pressed and they have wires whenyou go to meadowhll you will see them gone and i saw it gone

they all got smoke around them and if you went there and you were inside and there was fire inside and if someone went inside and they were demlitined then you will die.

when ou put the mouse on the picture it says tinsley ghost towers it shows it like that coz they are gone i think

that one starts to break then this one does that's not broken yet

paul miller
no,i was at home in bed and dreaming about the blades.

hi i am rhys from sunny barnsley
i was thay it was ace

I was there at the demolition and found it quite upsetting that something that was a big part of Sheffiled was gone in minutes. The demolition was exciting and was loud.

Aisha Ahmed
i was on holiday but i heard alot of coments about it such as i was in bed and all of a sudden there was a big loud bang!


alisha rose stacey
they cant be ghosts its just a foggy day

anton simpson
i was there with my dad geoff and two of my friends called liam and kelly. it was brilliant and it just happened like a shot of a gun. it was greate but it was sad to see them go as it made sheffield knownn for its steel works.

Ellis Bryans
Im not actually from sheffield, im from Milton keynes, but some of my family live in Bradford, so I always see the towers when I go up to see them. It's a real shame they're gone. Shame on You E.ON!

renee wright nee brown.
sad day for the towers dad was one of the people to build these towers he has passed on now but i am sure he would have been looking on.

I was stood at the Meadowhall rail station. I was amazed to see the amount of people who showed up to pay their last respects to the landmark. It was a shame to see them go, and I had to laugh when part of the tower still stood proud and did not go without a fight. I had to agree with a fellow onlooker who described it as a 'soldier' Quite correct.

Stephen Hutchinson
I personally think the demolishion of the tinsley cooling towers was a waste of time and money and should never happened, the tinsley cooling towers should of be 1)as listed buildings 2) be repaired and strengthed 3) used for water cooling for a new on site power station instead of being demolished.

Carey Griffiths
I am a Tinsley resident.I watched it from the Tinsley side. A wonderful view through the gap in the trees.Immediately after the explosions there was so much smoke blowing quickly towards Wincobank that for a time it was impossible to see what had happened. The bulk of the people walked away. A few of us stayed. And as the smoke cleared we could see something. There was an erect spike of tower remaining. I like to think defiantly. There was a laugh. That was when we clapped. Not the expolsion. The one surviving shaft of tower sticking its finger up as if to say, "Up yours, EON."Or maybe that was just me.

Dave Farmer
I went past them for the last time on Saturday! Did it take long to sweep up the M1 motorway?

asd to see the towers disappear, i now live in windsor and my family live just the other side of the towers in chapeltown, i always knew i was at the end of my journey once they were in sight, the M1 will be a much more boring drive now. those towers were a symbol of sheffield and rotherham and what was achieved here, a shame the french owners have no sense of heritage.

I am a sheffield lad but at the mo i live in belfast.I have to say how sad i feel the towers have gone,everytime i make a jouney home i look for the towers as when i see them i feel great in my stomach as i,m getting nearer to home now i dont know how i will feel the next tim soon i make a trip home i have had trouble in sleeping since this has happened.

You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Tinsley Towers > In Pics: Tinsley Towers demolition

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