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29 October 2014
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Tinsley Towers

You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Tinsley Towers > Tinsley Towers: In Pictures

Tinsley Towers: In Pictures

Have Your Say

What do the towers mean to you, would their demolition be a loss for the region? And what would you like to see the site used for?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

i cant believe so many people have commented on this, its a pity we dont get the same response for serious topics. They were old, decaying pieces of concrete, i wonder how many of the supporters would want then back if they were to be replaced in their back yard?

tinsley towers av gon down

They were going to do more harm if they didn't blow them up there and then

These Was Knocked Down On Myy Biirthdayy!:(They Should Off Been Left Standiing!!.Ox


james patchcott
Huge loss of a great landmark,loved to see them on my way back to Durham.Sheffields identity has gone.

anton simpson
very sad to see them go as i thought that they were on half a rotherham and sheffield. what a beautiful landmark i thought as people have had their wedding photos took near them as its a famours landmark for sheffield and rotherham. please bring them back.

What a shame. Local landmark gone, so dissapointed

The people that allowed this demolition to happen obviously have no idea about architecture and what architecture is about. It’s a real shame they have gone, and they can never be replaced with any other ‘landmark’. No doubt, the replacement/compensation for this dreadful misjudgement will be another generic, soulless, modern piece of architecture- or so called ‘architecture’. Yet again Sheffield takes another step toward becoming a city just like any other; indistinctive and full of modern building that are repeated in every city. Just because a building in modern, it does not mean that it’s architecture. Well done to the people behind this.

nicholas tinsley
the towers are named after my last name

i am very sad about the cooling tower


joe peacock
the towers should have stayed.they were the only industrial monument sheffield had left.

oliver thompstone
i hate the tinsley cooling towers

Janet Bagot
My dad was one of the men who built those towers. He has been dead a long while, but I liked to tell my boys that their granddad had a hand in their construction. They were an icon and a work of art. What a pity that we do not appreciate the beauty of our industrial heratage.

It's a shame that they knocked these down. Sheffield's the steel city - the Tinsley Towers were an icon of that. Yet they still demolish them and keep up the hideous bulidings like the Park Square buildings which are iconic simply due to their ugliness.I'm also rather annoyed that I was away when they knocked them down so I couldn't watch :/

i miss them u always knew when u were home :(

i was gutted iwas away wen they were taken down so wen i returned there was an empty space that once told u u were home

It's strange but if they where so old and becoming a danger why was half of one of them still standing after they where blown up!?They where not hurting anything being there.....just another way to make our city less individual...thanks alot E.ONAnd don't even think of putting an landmark "angel of tinsey/south yorkshire" in their place....cuz we'll knock it down ourselves....give us back our towers and our proud history!

Paul Rowe
Yet another iconic landmark and tribute to our history lies in the dust, as freddy mercury said, another one bites the dust, soon we won't have any history left, what next windsor castle??

Gordon of rotherham
they were a landmark far as im concerned both sheffield and rotherham landmark. no need to take them down after all this time . not be the same without them.

Real shame more history gonelove to see a symbol to represent the steel cityWelsh Owl

I bet that they never build on that land because of the credit crunch, and the towers will have been destroyed for no reason.'Robinson & Birdsell' were the demolitionists.

Christine Sheffield
I really caln't believe that they have gone. How i wish i could turn back time

Steven higgins
Coming from the south the towers were very strong landmark and only passing the site on the 27th I actualy had to check the surroundings as i could not believe they where gone, I know that I'm not local to these land marks so my say dosn't mean much but i was gutted to see them gone. I heard there is a structure up north called the angel of the north is that next to disapear as someone dosen't like it. sorry for your loss.

karen jeans Timler
Sad, but thats OK we have to move on. I now live in the USA, I remeber them referred to as the UGLY TWINS,I thought they had gone years ago,I moved from England 18years ago,My Dad and Brother Michael went to see the demolition that early morning,I went on the internet to see, I got goose pimples, CRAZY I know.KAREN WISCONSIN USA

the towers where my favouriat thing to see when i went up to leeds.I live in Kent but i liked them when i came up to leeds when i saw them i knew that we was nearly there.I thought they where part of the land scape.

Can't belive they knocked 'em down. They are apart of sheffield, every time I go to medowhall from now on, I'll be like "where have they go".Put something eco-friendly in there place.R.I.P Tinsley Towers

Jane Harrison
The towers were iconic but their time had come .Why not put wind turbines in their place? Same purpose and a fitting tribute .

went to see get knocked down was brill

Diane Phillips
I was born and brought up on the south coast but my family roots are in the north. As long as i can remember the towers were there and me and my brother looked out for them every time we travelled up the M1 as excited children. They were our gateway to the north and a symbol of happy times. People who wanted to save the towers are not saddos. Without the past there is no future.

What a shame! Why did they have to knock them down? They've been standing there for 60 years!

It's a shame the towers have been destroyed.I have lived near them for all of my life and travelled far and wide. When I saw the towers I felt ressured that I was close to home, close to family and nearing my journey's end. I miss them. I'll get over it. I never really thought of Sheffield without them. A new dawn, a new day.

Kate Pearce
How on earth are North Sheffielders going to know when they are almost home now the towers have gone! The site? Anything but PLEASE! No more houses or "apartments".

No doubt their replacement will be rubbish - I'm missing them already :(

Russell in Scotland
Middle class Britain is so ashamed of it's industrial labour heritage that it will stop at nothing to erase all evidence. This also insures that if the future includes any industry the usual suspects will get richer still from the infrastructure reconstruction. For centuries an important part of British society work under horrendous conditions to build the machines which gave us modern civilisation. Now in the continuing exploitation of those generations of workers, after we took away their industries and jobs, we must eradicate all trace of what and how they accomplished that feat.

I will miss the tower I have gazed upon them every day from my office window. NOW there is just an empty space both in my window and in my heart

Paul Lovell
A real shame.

I feel sorry for the sados who want to save the towers if people can't recognise they are back home without the towers then they would be as well staying at home in the first place. I've lived in Sheffield for 57 years and think we should celibrate the present and look to the future, not dwell in the past.

john alan
sheffield council does not know how to save anything they have destroyed agood well known landmark known by folk all over england

Trevor Milne
I used to drive past the towers everyday for 10 years to and from work and along with the dirty decrepit lower deck of the viaduct I always felt as a Sheffielder we looked like the city was stuck in the past to anyone visiting, or worst still it gave the impression that once the old industries had gone we had nothing else to give. I think there's to much sentiment for the towers, it's long overdue that the area be cleaned-up and made into something that shows people what the new Sheffield has to offer. I heard some one reffer to the towers as 'the gateway to Sheffield' - I'd say more like the 'back passage'

I don't know why people make story from anything it's only two ugly towersremind me of the stupid person who design them at that time.

alan marsden
the landscape has changed, and that is a shock to the system, but we shouldn't be sentimental about these towers, there are identical ones in use at power stations all over the UK. Let's say goodbye and let's welcome progress.

james bond
i thought they looked ugly..good they gone. but they should make a new and modern land mark inits place

Nick - Sheffield
I'm gutted about the demolition as i was born in an ambulance next the towers on the viaduct so they have always been special to me

lee of Sheffield
my grandparent's work across from them you years at meadow steel work they was an eye con will be miss by meany went on the day and day after sadness

Myk Eccles
Sheer bloody vandalism!They should replace Bill&Ben with two similar sized vases with wind turbines disguised as Yorkshire Roses in the top.

Chloe Jacobs - Solihull
I am eleven and used to live in Dore,Sheffield until 1998 when i moved to Solihull with my family. When i travel to Sheffield i always saw the Tinsley Towers and realised i was back home where i was born and felt them comforting.I am sad they have gone because they were a symbol of my heritage and also they were an icon of Sheffield.I am upset that they were demolished by EON and i think they should rebuild them.

its a shame,we have just lost 2 of the greatest landmarks in south yorkshire that represented our input into the industrial history,,Shame on the demlition team,PROUD NOW???

Hey my grandad has lived in rotherham for over 70 years and he tells me there was 7 of these cooling towers and the're not from sheffield they are in rotherham. So i am trying to find out if they are rotherham or indeed sheffield

Amy aged nine
I thought there like one of us there our landmark and they never should have demolited them because there nearly the only thing left thst is as old as they were before the demolition

Tracey -
To Ed May of Devonshire....I was born in Tinsley and spent all my childhood living there - what gives you the right to call my home town "What a horrid delapidated place! "????? Whilst you may think that places are "horrid" and "delapidated" please keep your comments to yourself as they are not appreciated by all.

Its a crying shame that they had to be took down they were a welcome sign to all travellers entering or returning to roterham or sheffeild

Stuart Rutherford
Ther are better buildings that need saving than these towers.

Dawn Johnson
My six year old daughter was devastated about "her cylinders" being demolished. She loved to see them when we had been away anywhere.

Everytime i see the tinsley towers on the motorway i know im nearly home and its going to be such a shame to demolish them xx

andrew marshall
thank goodness those ugly eyesores have gone

ex e.on customer
As a Sheffield person I would just like to say how nice it is to have e-on on our doorstep blowing up our local landmarks.

Luiz garcia - Brazil
I´ve seen the towers just once but it was enough to totally catch my eyes and soul. It´s a pity that "someone" took this decision. The towers will not be forgot. On the other hand, whoever took this decision deserves to be forgot.

Pullin' them towers down was a big big mistake! The M1 and road that runs underneath were parted with the towers, they weren't exactly ugly ones either, the black diamonds at the top really made them look better than most. The towers should still be standing.

Geoff Sheffiel born and bred
Utter disgrace. One of the saddest days in Sheffield history.

The towers are an icon of my childhood as they are the only piece of sheffields industrial past that remain. i wasnt so bothered about them until now when its too late. they were ugly but yet so beautiful as they were the face of the north east of sheffield and now theyre gone. Another piece of iconic sheffield history gone in 10 seconds. I already miss them as a resident in wincobank. rest in piece the cooling towers. rot in hell e.on.

I WANTED EM TO STAY!!!!!!so did 3/4 of sheffield but NO EON thought they were being right which is only like idk a small company against over a few thousand people?they made a bad decision now tons of people are dissapointed and sad.

Gareth Atherton
Everyone I have spoken to apart from one person says that the towers should not have been demolished, as they were an icon to Sheffield, and a reminder of Sheffield's industrial past. I am quite sure that with todays technology they could have been retained and utilised within the new power station project. A sad loss - you have to be a Sheffielder that is almost 70 years old for the towers not to have around for your whole life.

Sam of Rotherham
it must haven taken months to construct the Salt and Pepper Pots , and i saw them get blown down in seconds. Disgrace that eon got their own way, and Sheffield City council let them have it so easily. But the north tower showed resilience by refusing to crumble, and that i feel represents South Yorkshire as a whole and is also testament to the locals who constructed them.

Mrs Jane Tinsley
I was born and lived in Sheffield for almost 23 years, the latter of which I looked over the Tinsley Towers from my home. I still call Sheffield home, despite 33 years in Leicestershire. My son told me tonight that the Towers were demolished this morning. I feel so sad; I wish I'd been there to see them one last time. Thank goodness for memories. Yes, a memorial to industrial Sheffield would be fitting.

Paul - Leeds
Thank god they've seen sense and demolised these eyesaws, finally sheffield is moving into the real world, why keep two awful loking towers with no use, good riddance!!

Julie Spencer
I am very sad to see the towers demolished. I can first remember them in 1972 when I started at Hinde House School. I resent that a company with no connection to Sheffield can decide to demolish 'the Sheffield Landmarks.' I think the area right up the valley should be turned into a nature reserve - with the sewage works so close other uses would be limited.

Peter ,Yorkshire
The demolition of these icons to Sheffield and Yorkshires industrial past is nothing short of shameful. In their own way they mean as much to our history as York Minster or Castle Howard. It is typical of this nations apparent rush to turn the urban landscape into an unholy consumerist amalgam of Surrey and Middle America. If only it had been that foul carbuncle Meadowhall shopping centre they were demolishing.

I don't like the fact that the towers have gone. As Christa Akroyd said, on the way home from a long journey, the towers were a sign that we were nearing home again

Jon Short
I had a soft spot for the towers. One of my earliest memories is a distant view of them from the corner of Handsworth school yard. Both my old school and the cooling towers are now gone and I'd sooner have the school back if I'm honest. And I'd sooner have steelworks than shopping centres, cinemas and fast food emporiums in the Don Valley. But things change don't they.

leah stacey -sheffield
i thought they were a landmark of sheffield it was sad to see them go , they shouldnt have got rid of them , the viaducts was the first thing you saw on the m1 on your way to and from sheffield it was nice to see them cause you new your where in sheffield .i hope they dont build a car park or something silly like that its just a aste of history

i grew up in huddersfield and whenever we went to the south of yorkshire we would always stare up at them...years later when i moved south of the counrty i still used to travel up north to see my family and my kids would always look forward to seeing 'santa climbing the was always a landmark to indicate to us that we were only half an hour away from my parents....its a great shame...they were an icon for the entry into the north of the country and the kids will miss them....they should have stayed...its history that they have pulled down...whats going to replace them ...another shopping centre....lovely...not.shahida

went to watch the demolition last night, I have lived in Sheffield all my life and am not ashamed to admit that I shed a little tear at the moment of destruction. I guess that eventually we will all live in identikit cities with no landmarks whatsoever, just masses of poorly designed, identical architecture. The people of Sheffield are incredibly proud to come from this city, but it would appear that the local council just chooses to ignore public opinion time and time again.

John Hatfield
Whilst serving in the army from 1974-1986 Tinsley Towers were a beacon to me, aqs whenever I returned from service overseas the sight of the towers lifted my spirits, with the thoughts of a hearty yoyrkshire welcome and a decent pint too, instead of the chemical beers of Germany, Cyprus and beyond. It is a sad day that the towers have been demolished, but then that is the course of progress

jane woodcock
i did not go to see them come down but heard it. i feel so sad that this had to happen,i feel like i am in mourning.

I feel like a part of me is missing. Where is home now? Nothing could ever replace them. They should have been preserved for posterity.

Margaret Scholey
I can't believe anyone would demolish such an industrial icon/

gavin fouracre
its quite sad i live in lincolnshire now and when i travel north that was a sign of home.i didnt live far away from the towers at the time but times do move on.


I am 14 years old and used to go past these monolithic structures when we were going to Norfolk, I used to mark them as a waypoint on the way, now they will be missing from the skyline. I would like to see what will replace them

Dave Coomber
Shame, really. It was a good Navigation aid when heading north. They could have left one of them up !

Emma From Bath
I think it will be a real shame to see such a landmark be demolished.

jr- sheffield
they were a part of sheffields heritige and should have being saved because they are an icon of sheffields history

Daniel Brooke
I used to know when seeing theses as a kid from lincolnshire, visiting relatives in S. Yorkshire that it wasn't too far to go. Shame that these landmark has gone. Will have to use Meadowhall now!!

Dominic Morris
I'm in shock - I can't believe they've actually gone and done it. Sure they kept saying that the towers were unsafe and needed to be demolished, but I haven't read or heard anything explaining why. I reckon it was just an excuse to pull the towers down. First the hole in the road, now the Tinsley Towers. What's Sheffield going to lose next - the ravine at Meersbrook Park?

paula jaffray
i will miss the towers.when you saw them on the m1 you knew you was home.the site shouldnt be used for anything,the towers shouldnt have gone,

Stella Pendleton now living in France
These towers should have left. They are part of Sheffield and Rotherhams history. You knew you were nearly home when you saw them. But as they say money talks!!!!

moll (12)
iam very sad they have gone. they were our angels of the north and many people did not want to see them goincluding me and my family

its a sad day. they were an icon of south yorkshire.


Gap Daddy
Its sacriledge.Its one of the worst decisions to ever be made for anything.Its practically removed a major organ of Sheffield.i'm not happy about it at all, i refused to watch them be blown up.

Andrew in Chesterfield
If the only landmark Sheffield can be proud of is two decrepit concrete and steel cooling towers, then it just shows how low this country has become. The towers were a complete eyesore, with no artistic merit whatsoever. I wish Britons would look to the future, rather than dwelling on a fading past. They should have also demolished Tinsley Viaduct, which is another depressing monument to non architectural structures. As for those who say they are a marker to turn off the M1, will have to start using the massive road signs at the junction. Its not hard is it?

Bob, Beighton, Sheffield
If only Fred Dibnah was alive, he should have been the one to reduce the towers to their final resting place!!

these pics are really gd i was there last night

How will our grandsons know they are nearly at our house, after travelling up from Gosport?

Richard - Rotherham
I will sorely miss seeing these two sentinels of South Yorkshire. Goodbye my friends.

mandi, cheshire
As achild they were a "nearly home landmark that made me smile", had to be there to say god bye, sheffield council have obviously lost ther minds !!!

shaun law
i think that the site where the towers where should be something that everyone can enjoy

EOn should have kept them repaired.Obviously they are not interested in local opinion.I think the idea of the lattice steel towers would be a suitable landmark. Nothing less.Something locals and travellers can see.

l hancock
i still think thay should not have gone part of sheffields history has gone to dust eon dow your heads r.i.p cooling towers

Vicky Lincolnshire
I can't beleive that Eon has destroyed one of the key land marks of Sheffield. Everyone knew they where at Sheffield when they reached the viaduct and towers -they were one of the city's landmarks to be visable to all those who only nearly came to Sheffield. Will the people of Sheffield look on the new Biomass station with as much sentiment - I know this Sheffield lass wouldn't!!

Leon Baker.. Sheffield.
they have taken our heritage and history with destroying the towers.. it part of our home and its disgusting that they have been taken. you always knew you were home when you saw the towers and it made you proud to be from sheffield.. not really much left of our history here now to look at.

Abby- aged 11

katie and shelby
the point we burst into tears.

Lucy, Sheffield
A spectacular view has gone. I was stood at Meadowhall car park and couldn't help think how this is now the monument that will greet people arriving into Sheffield - how sad.

katie & shelby
we were really sad to see them go. we used to call them salt and pepper. we both burst out into tears at 3am in the morning when we saw them go down. can't they build some more?

Em, Rotherham
The destruction of the Tinsley Towers is an absolute outrage. They were iconic; a symbol of homecoming and a monument to out industrial past. And just like the coal and steel industries that gave South Yorkshire its character, they have been torn down in the name of progress, and in defiance of the will of the people. The spaces where they stood are a testament to the contempt big business holds for democracy.

it was fun to watch!

Charlotte Horton
I can't believe it. It's so sad. We came from our wedding reception to see it..I still had my wedding dress on!
great shame

them lattice steel structures for a landmark are the biggest waste of money ive seen.

Mark Hemmingfield
I grew up in Wincobank so the towers have been a part of my life for over 40 years I didn't want them to go I hope it costs Eon more money than they bargained for. i would like to see something really tall again so it dominates the sky line like the towers did

Keegan - Sheffield
I hated the towers been took down because every time I saw them I thought I was home

Jean Chaloner
Sad day for me,born in Wincobank many moons ago.Will not be the same goinghome anymore!

natalie hoole
its a shame that they had to tke them down as u know when ur home when u see them towers so now there gone it will be really weired not to see them.

paula hailstone sheffield
i was there at 1:30 am this morning , i just cant believe how many people where there to see sadly see the towers gone forever !!emotion came thro my body as we were stood there awesome feeling and i will never forget and keep as a memory..miss them ? yes i will , like people say know your home from your holidays when you see the twin cooling towers on the m1 , bless them :(

sarah/ rotherham
the towers should stay,they are not sheffield with out them,if thats the case they should take the viaduct down too in the blast

sarah from rotherham
i totally dis-agree that the towers should have come down,they should have been a listed building,they have stood there for many many years, when you are travelling on the motorway and you see the towers,you know straight away you are not far from home,e-on saw these towers as a money-makeing oppertunity,thats the top and bottom of it

i agree with scott and john whitworth when i travel home each weekend no matter what kind of week i have had the sight of the salt and pepper pots as you come down the M1 is so fantastic i can't find the words i know im almost home and i know some people have commented that they were an eyesore ect, but i will always remember them as being a welcoming homecoming sight i can only think that the people who made this devastating decision to bring the towers down don't even come from sheffield or the surrounding area which is why they didn't care and if they do come from round here then i hope they never sleep again through shame and the knowing that they are traitors to our heritage

john fletcher

Michael Thompson
Thay meen to me that i going the right way to work. now im going to get lost? please help me!

Bethany - Aged 13
I was very sad to see the towers demolished last night, when ever I was away they always symbolised coming home to me. They were a wonderful icon and part of sheffield history.

It is sad to see such a wonderful Sheffield landmark go. These towers were always such a great thing to see when coming back into Sheffield after being out and were a symbol I was home in Sheffield. My father worked in the area at Firth Browns and I used to look at the towers to remember the good times with my father when he was alive.

Tom - Rotherham
What a loss! The last remaining examples of what powered the Steel City of the world! - and what a missed opportunity for somthing really special to be done with these industrial icons!

Anna Holland
Funny isn't it Mr E On I thought that they were unsafe and falling down! THE TINSLEY TOWERS LIVE ON!! well kind of..... They're Sheffield Strong!

paul -alyson and lewis-sheffield
My family and i have just watched the fall of the tinsley towers-what a sad sad sight to see-upon our return we were reading comments made by e-on that the towers were unsafe and needed demo -then to learn that parts are still standing it just goes to show that this was wrong and sheffield is made of strong stuff -just like its steel -EGG ON FACE COMES TO MIND-HA HA HA

christopher crossley
It was an emotional moment as they blew.Got some great shots on my canon SLR but i don't believe what EON said'cos the demolision didn't go to plan there is still a chunk of it still standing.what a turn out.Thousands of people turned up.Most of them were all drunk.

its gone wrong......... we watched and half of one tower is still up its above the top deck of the M1. The one still up seemed to fall towards the M1 from our view.

Abi Ontario Canada
So very sad. How will I know I'm home when I come back?

Drew sheffield.
i think they should leave them there maybe clean them up so they look good. i am sure they can build the new place & just let them be. they are v close to the motorway so there is plenty of room for them. tipical big company. come storming in & take over to mess up what we have known for years. its a sad day. in an od way it would be funny if a tower hit the m1. & there was egg on there face. there is some very nice pics of sheff & the tower. what a pity. bleedin germans.

Lynda Gibson
I live in Tinsley and think its a shame the cooling towers are been demolished they are an icon and should be left taking them down is like knocking blackpool tower down!!My parents always referred to them as salt and pepper pots and we used to look out for them on our way home seems funny but now my grandchildren do just the same!!THEY WILL BE MISSED

I live in sheffeild and i think the towers are just there nowt good...

Sarah - Pershore
How sad seeing the end of the Tinsley Towers. For my husband and I they have been an important landmark in the 17 years we've known each other, travelling up and down the M1 between Leeds, Nottingham and Stratford-upon-Avon. Things won't seem the same again.

you should not blow them up because it is a big land mark for sheifield

The towers were a part of the viaduct, a recognition, a landmark and a sign that this is home. Its a shame they had to go, a gap that won't be filled by anything like it ever again.

Hi! I am 11 and I live in sheffield, I think they should be knocked down because what use are they?They don't do anything, all they do is stand there! You may think ohh she's just a little girl but I do know what I'm talking about you know! I think that space could be used for much usefuller thing's e.g: School's, Museum, Play Area, Houses, Community Activaties i.e: To get people to comunicate more. I don't see the point in them really. When you see them you don't think ahh home becuase you see two cooling towers! You say ahh home becuase you see Meadowhall! Not the silly cooling towers! I can't wait too go see them dimolished but that's just me, I like seeing thing's like that I'm just random! So yeah I want them to be knocked down!

im 13 and ive lived in tinsley all my life and the towers are like part of my life,a landmark when i come home from holiday i see them and know im home now how am i ment to know weather im home or not i know it may sound daft to you but im realy gunna miss ye maybe they are onli towers but i dont care

melissa, sheffield
i really dont think its fair to knock the towers down what harm are they doin just been their i think if they go it will be a part of sheffield gone as they have been their forever!! please leave them alone NOW!!!!!

when i was younger i thaught they were cloud making machines........... please keep them or the pretty clouds wil go away 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I see the towers I don't think I've arrived home - I think I've arrived in one of the ugliest places in a beautiful city. Goodbye to these monuments to redundant industrial ugliness!

surely something could have been dont to the towers so that they could have been used for something else why do they have to be knocked down i have not spoke to one person who thinks they should go why oh why i will miss them as many others will

Judy Chesterfield
As an adpotee of the north these towers always said welcome home! What a criminal shame, they are a landmark that should have been saved not allowed to deteriorate until the inevitable was bound to happen. They have no soul Eon shame on you. I will be too upset to watch,is there no demo of feeling that people will listen too?

Craig Wassell
I will miss these towers! Whn me and my brother drove past it we used to scream its homer simpson like loosers R.I.P Towers :( xxx

fay hanus
Now living in Germany,it's my sheffield and my childhood! Thanks

I have read many of the comments that people have posted and many of them say that they shouldnt be taken down and i agree with them because they represent our sheffield

Without sounding too childish i hope if they do demolish them it brings down the viaduct (which i have to say is very ugly) and closes the M1. E.ON will then end up with a huge bill and fine to pay and itl serve them right! Now wot does Sheffield have? Well I can live in hope! Kim x

Kath - Glasgow
I was born in Sheffield, and when we travelled back to visit family, the towers were the big sign that we were nearly "home". I'll miss them.

emma pridmore
its a shame cause it says sheffield to me and its goin to be no more ,r.i.p coolin towers

Amy Allsopp
As I have been away from my home in Rotherham for the last 3 years at University, those towers have meant a lot to me. I know it sounds sad, but its true. They've always stood tall as a sign that I'm back home and I really will miss them. I had one last drive along the viaduct this afternoon with my Dad. I stuck my head right out of the window and had a good last look - seeing all those explosives attached to the towers brought a tear to my eye. I will certinaly be there tonight. I hope some kind of replacement goes up - maybe something could be built from the bricks of our original towers. Goodbye!

Georgia Louise Hibbert-11-Barnsley
I think its ashame that the towers have to go. well i call them the salt n pepper pots. i'm actually going to watch them come down at the thorp heasley juction.Even though it 3am im still going.

I really don't think they should be demolished. They may not be the most attractive structures but they are part of Sheffield's landscape. Nothing will replace them and thats a fact!

John Travis
How have the towers lasted so long get rid, what an eye sore time to move on.

rachael lindley
i will miss the cooling towers i like them to stop up for ever

So sad the towers are being demolished, would love to see the lattice steel structures in their place, they would be so cool.

Phil Hall
It’s always disappointing to see large landmarks demolished especially when there have been so many memories even good and bad. This said you cannot stop the march of time as they say! The remains of the old Stanton Ironworks will shortly be demolished further down the road near J25 on the M1. You can see the old works at

becky rotherham
Such a poor shame we will soon live in a world where all the buildings look the same and there is no individuality left I will not be chaining myself to the towers in protest but I wish there was something I could do to stop this awful action. There were a marker for me and my sister on the long drive home from our holidays every year and now for me and my husdand!!!!

Richard Cameron
im current spending the summer in cyprus and ive just heard the towers are coming down tommorrow. to be honest im GUTTED im due to come home this week and it might sound stupid but i could't wait to see them because i would have known i was home! thanks shefield for getting rid of some more of our heritige and an icon that EVERYBODY loves!

Pete Bury
They were going to demolish them years ago but stopped in case they brought the motorway down with the vibration. I wonder if they have got it right now? Or will there be no M1 in the morning?

Steve. M
As a 24 year old Sheffield guy and growing up with them, I'm heartbroken to see them go. I'm so angry. I wish I could quickly get a gang together to go and preotest this. I'd strap myself to a tower if I had to! Demolishing these is a crime!

Graham Lawson, aged 80, former city councillor
The towers should have been painted in the team colours of Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday to emphasise the friendly rivalry of football in this city. I fully agree with Clive Betts MP efforts in his discussion on the matter with English Heritage who turned a deaf ear to his suggestion that they be retained as a landmark of our city.

dennis rayner

salt and pepper :(

leave them be! they are sheffields heritage. when you see them you know your home. use the money to make them safer

Marie Taylor
I would love to see them replaced by an Art installation (like the Angel of the North) as it's the gateway to Sheffield. Failing that I would want to see an Eco project of some kind. To put back what the Meadowhall development takes out.

Its about time they came down, they are just becoming a eyesore. If you look closely to the tops there starting to crumble,would you want one colapsing whilst you are driving by, just lets get rid and build something that represents South Yorkshire. Something that represents the Iron,steel and coal industry

Marie Sheffield
Remember the "Hole in the Road". That was another Sheffield icon. How many cities had one of those, er non. Same goes for the cooling towers. They are a land mark for Sheffield. This to me simply shows the total lack of consideration big companies have. They don't give a damn. I'm sure if it was left to people like these, museums would be empty buildings. Can you imagine the skill it took to build these - the fact they're still standing is a testamont to the skilled workfore who built them. What an appalling lack of vision those responsible have shown.To think that these people are planning our future - Dear God!!

They might be massive, ugly and unused, but i still love them. As many people have said they are a symbol of our past, and a landmark for south yorkshire. I think its discusting that theyre being demolised. As soon as i get to the towers its impossible for me to get lost, and im pretty sure its the same for many others. I reckon if someone submitted plans to build something like the towers to express 'art' they'd have theyre hand bitten off, so why demolish them when they mean so much.

saxon Murray
its going to be ashame the towers are coming down when ever i pass them i look at them as a symbol of sheffield

Bit upset to see them being taken down, you know youre home when you see them.However, someone said there's going to be a Biomass plant in thier place. Good riddance then, I could stand to sacrifice them for the sake of renewable energy.

Abby aged 11

I think that the towers should not be demolished. I cant believe the greediness of the person that is letting this outrage commence. The towers have been there all my life. And on the way back from town me and my mates always look at them from the Super tram. There are also some memories to be demolished as well as a landmark. Also there are a few urban myths about them that I have heard. I can’t believe that Eon are wanting to destroy culture and heritage. The towers are also a mark to show that Sheffield is an industrial city. I and all of my friends are outraged and my friends are protesting on Saturday night through Meadowhall. On Sunday morning if i wake up and see that the towers are not there then i will be so annoyed.

Mychailo Kazybrid
Having lived in Sheffield since '89, I will be so sorry to see the towers go. They're are an important part of local history that will mean so very much to Sheffield families. I've lived in northern cities before where councils have made great mistakes by destroying what can only be called Yorkshire heritage. They can never be replaced, thankfully, councils can. We'll know that we've lost something major the first time we drive back into Sheffield and no longer be seeing those welcoming giants.

Dan Hammond
Who cares, really? And yes, I have lived in Sheffield all my 32 years.


Oliver Brunt
Yes, they are one of the most famous landmarks associated with the great city of Sheffield. But if you take a trip from the heart of the city to these towers and compare it to the same journey 30 years ago, you will see just how much has changed and how monumental Sheffield has become in this modern era. Its time for change.

Barnaby Dunkin
Never knowing their proper name I referred to these two towers as 'Port' and 'Starboard' every time I drove past them during the last 19 years. I plan to go and watch the demolition - a sad day.

Nigel Rogers
What a disgrace that the towers will be destroyed!The people responsible allowing this to happen should be ashamed. It really is a crime and devinately 'cultual vandalism' of the highest order.I am not even from the North, I moed here 5 years ago, but appreciate the Towers very much. They are part of Sheffields identity, great monuments to the cty and arriving in the North. It is just another nail in the northern regions coffin. No respect at all!! They can never be replaced, it is so sad.The negative response to the demolition of the towers on this web page should be petition enough to save them. Almost everybody would like to keep them. Can the power that be not see they are severely wrong on this one,it is obvious.Shame on you!

I'll be glad to see them go there an eyesore when passing them on m1. They have served there purpose, so its time to move on.

i think its kevith who needs to get a grip these towers are a fantastic landmark and the idiots at e-on should have asked people what they think about it not just go and blow up our heritage i think its a disgrace to be honest

Greg Barley
I thought of this short poem about what the cooling towers mean to me: "Congestion, Crash, Hours-long driveWhen i see the towers i know i've arrived"

Neil Theasby, Sheffield
The towers have been silent witnesses to a changing world. Though intrinsically ugly and industrial they have, through familiarity and the passage of years, become objects of beauty. Their demolition says much about present day values and cultural perceptions.E-on are quite simply vandals.

Oak Lands
As an architectural assistant (trainee architect) i have some what of a mixed opinion to the demolition. Indeed technology, industry and the way we live all move on, that is progression. However without local 'landmarks' or phyiscal references to the past, our history and heritage how can we learn in the future from our mistakes? I believe everything has a time and a place and therefore should be in some way represented and not forgotten.... What is left remaining of the once backbone of Sheffield, its important industrial history and its connections with steel?

What an utter disgrace, and a thumbing of the nose at the people of Sheffield by EON. A pox on them forever!There is no one in Sheffield, or Yorkshire for that matter who wants the demolition. Shame.

Chris Middleton
I will be very sorry to see the towers go. They are a land mark on this part of the M1 and a proud part of Sheffield's history. We have lost a lot of our indusrial heritage and I think that this is a part that could be preserved. I don't really think that any thing could adequately replace them but some reminder of their place at Tinsley would be good.

Jason Sykes
When I used to come home on leave whilst in the army I aways knew i was near ome when i saw the towers. then as a truck driver after leaving! just the same! it will be sad to see them gone(or not see them as the case will be)even in the full monty i pointed to all my forces friends "i live near there! i know i'm nearly home when i see them"

Nick - Sheffield born'n'bred
By allowing the towers to come down after surviving WW2. I think it just proves how corrupt local councils are. I suspect there are countless promises and back-handers going on. It's all about greed and power (no pun intended). I suspect the council officials responsible for signing the demolition contract are not Sheffielders, no - just parasites feeding on a free lunch. I hope it comes back to haunt all responsible. Pathetic !!!

Arthur Manterfield
I worked at Blackburn Meadows Power Station between 1953 and 1955 as an engineer trainee. I remember helping to carry out cooling water tests from the trough around one of the towers in 1955.

These towers should have been declared a listed building or monument a long time ago and preserved for what they rightly are - part of Sheffield's industrial heritage. Too many people want to whitewash over what Sheffield is about and seem to want to erase it forever. Outu Kumpu decided to remove the silver bull from the other side of the M1 and now this. E.ON (a German owned utility) should have been forced as part of their redevelopment of the site, to maintain the towers and utilise them as part of their green power station.

fay pedley
i have seen the towers every day all my life, i think it will be a great loss of an sheffield landmark, we shud leave them as they are

Brian Usher
These towers have been my home coming beacon for 60 years, I'm absolutely devastated that they will be no more in just a few's criminal.

With our own Olympics around the corner shouldn't we be preserving the history of our country for others to see"Welcome to Sheffield - The city who's history we knocked down"As many others have said the towers are a welcoming site on a long run home - Sad day in my opinion.Heres hoping protesters stand in the way !

If the towers are destroyed i will personally sue the Highways Agency for destorying a landmark they don't have authority for.

Ken Hoult ex Factory Inspector
The Cooling Towers are the end of an era. As some 30 years ago I approved the demolition and it was turned down so now farewellI was right in the first place.R I P

I am absolutely devastated, to be honest, that they have decided to actually demolish these wonderful, historic landmarks. I think its a real shame, that people these days cant appreciate that while they may not be the most attractive, these towers are a part of life... they symbolise the fact that sheffield actually has a story to tell. When i see these magnificent towers, i know that im nearly home and i get that great warm feeling inside... For me, theyre a part of my life. "Eye sore" so what?! youre saying to me that the place will look more attractive with all the rubbel? Oh and then theyve got to put all of that somewhere too... Its too much trouble for something that isnt even worth doing, these towers belong where they are... Hell, the bloody things are older than me! Theyve been there for what, 70 years? and ive been here for 15. Id rather they stayed.

Tara Skinner
I used to live down south and drove to leeds every weekend to see my now fiance. The towers were always such a powerfull symbol that I was nearly at my destination, we call them the towers of love. Even now when I go back dwn south on my return I always get a warm feeling as I know I'm nearly home, I'm really sadthey are coming down and I'm gonna miss them.

I am a Southerner and been living in West Yorkshire for 20 years. I cant believe these beautiful towers are coming down. I agree with other comments. 45 miles from home when you go past and without fail there is always comment made when you drive past to our industrial heritage.In London, Battersea power station still has its 4 towers standing proudly as you approach London from the south on the train. Why could these 2 towers not remain? Sleep well E.On

Paul - London
The drive to Yorkshire up the M1 I have taken so many times coming from Yorshire originally. The towers are landmarks that for me tell me I am 40 miles from Bradford as the crow flies but a Landmark. The argument to demolish these towers was they were only designed to be up 20 years well look further north and you will see Emley Moor mast another freestanding structure older then its days but a working landmark. Anyway now I will see driving through Sheffield as MeadowHall and the cranes with the Christmas lights.. Please please please dont build flats of a supermarket in place...

Margo Huxley
I think the Towers should be kept, despite the cost of maintenance, and be made into art installations.

michelle saxton
the towers are a reminder of our industrial past in this city. why would they want to demolish them? surely the cost of demolishing them could be used to maintain them.... how about a "friends of tinsley cooling towers" to raise funds.

its sad to see them gone it reminds me of wen our coolin towers got knocked down.

I think that the towers should not be demolished. I cant believe the greediness of the person that is letting this outrage commense. The towers have been there all my life. And on the way back from town me and my mates always look at them from the Supertram. There are also some memories to be demolished as well as a landmark.Also there are a few urban myths about them that i have heard. I cant believe that Eon are wanting to destroy culture and heritage. The towers are also a mark to show that Sheffield is an industrial city. Me and all of my friends are outraged and my friends are protesting on Saturday night through Meadowhall. On Sunday morning if i wake up and see that the towers are not there then i will be so annoyed.

Curious Dave
Peter Ashley - what on earth do you think they were used for in the first place? - I nice little ornament?In a way it is sad to see them go, but in another it looks like the site is going full circle. The towers were the legacy of the original power station, and maybe the legacy of the towers is that Sheffield is once again producing it's own electricity.

John Clarke
Other than Kellam Island and Abbydale Industrial Hamlet there is little enough left of Sheffield's industrial herratage. These unique sentinals are just another disposable piece of our history scrificed in the name of progress. Where will it end? The canal terminal wearhouse may be the next thing to be attacked.

Catherine B
Whenever my daughter comes to see me from Leeds she always knows where to come off the M1 as she uses the towers as a land mard....she will proberbly end up in Nottingham next time shes down!!!! It will be a shame to see them go

michelle tudor
im sorry this tower is coming dowit a shame it was a shame for beastons to come down too.

What's happening!! Is there any justified reason for why they are being demolished? The gateway vista to sheffield and South Yorkshire will never be the same.

A G Leeds
So many people are saying these towers are Yorkshire's Angel of the North - that's not exactly an 'old' landmark, but people are still proud of it. Maybe Tinsley will be given an equivalent?

Tim Swann
This is indeed an end of an era! I'm sure whatever will be built in the area won't show people what Sheffield's past was about all about.These should be listed not demolished!

ann - sheffield
they do have that welcoming feeling when you see them you definately know your home .they will be missed i dread to think what will be erected in there place

i'm scottish, living in this region for 4 years, i think that the towers are a landmark of the industrial era, which i don't think should be so easily destroyed. how many artifacts of the past have been destroyed for the sake of progress?perhaps they should sort the stench in that area out instead of destroying something, although redundant, i'm sure lives were lost in the constrution of the towers.

I think it is tragic to destroy this landmark. However, if the demolition does go ahead I only hope that a thought is spared for all the wildlife that may be killed by the explosion and that some warning is given, or commotion made, to scare them away from the site before the demolition takes place.

Has anyone spared a thought for the Tinsley Viaduct? What affect will it have on the forever repairing structure? Surely once the towers go the shift in the surrounding earth could unsettle the viaduct as it will be so sudden? SYorks businesses would suffer if the M1 ws closed whilst a new viaduct was built and god forbid motorway traffic though sheffield and rotherham. LEAVE THEM ALONE, repair them its cheaper than a new bridge!!!!

jason register
i grew up in tinsley,i will be sad to see them go and think sheffield (especially tinsley) will feel empty without them.i think they should knock down meadowhell and build the new plant there.

Johann Scicluna
I lived in sheffield for the last nine years coming from abroad. The towers are definately sheffield icons and symbolize the town's great industrial past and contribution to the whole of UK economy. It is hard to see them (or rather hear them)crumble in the darkness of the night. It feels as it's some covert operation, too shameful to be seen. However the past is past and has to make way for the future; sheffield has changed so much even in the last three to four years. The past is there to teach us so to build a better society in the future. Let's not forget what the towers symbolise: the hard work, strong values and sacrifice that past generations have been through so that we can enjoy our present, by most standards, decent lives

Mark P
As a Sheffield lad living in Leeds, the towers welcome me home on my fortnightly trip to see my family. Shame on EON! And they've just put the cost of 'lecky up. Double shame on EON.

Richard - Northamptonshire
As a focal landmark and navigation aid to drivers the towers are a source of great inspiration. While they have served their purpose, they are a reminder to the history of a great city. I will be sorry to see them demolished as they give a sense of home to me when I drive up the M1.I do hope E-ON don't get too many complaints about the emissions, increased traffic, noise, dust, etc about the new biomass facility they will build on the site. (NOT !)From the biomass facilities I have visited and the concerns raised by local residents in those areas and subsequent restrictions on hours of work to the facility, they may be embarking on something 'green' but a total waste of time and money.

chris green
i don`t think they should be demolished because when you go on holiday in england, on the way back you allways look for the wonder full towers of tinsley, wich tells you you are home.

John wait
They are Sheffield.E-on could spend the money more wisely.They are part of the viaduct and vice versa.Common sense should prevail but no doubt profit is the motivation and Joe Public is not part of the equation.

the twin towers are directly between rotherham and sheffield south yorks, they are part of and represent both towns so i think both rotherham and sheffield coat of arms should have been on them instead of blowing them down.when i was on heavy goods many years ago and as soon as i saw the dunford hadfields clock when coming off the m1 at night driving north i knew i was home when i saw the clockbut now meadow hall is the only thing you see when coming off the motorway. both heavy goods drivers and reps from all over britain know just where they are when they see the towers and the tinsley underpass, when they go it will be as if we have all lost a good friend and will be much missed so the only thing i can do is to be there when they come down. peter.

yes, these are an icon of sheffield, I used to work at blackburn meadows, my first job was there after university. I think it is a real tragedy that they are been demolished. however,i feel i ought to be there when they do go. so any one at WRG Blackburn Meadows fancies meeting up before they blow them up on sunday morning; to lament the death of the beautiful towers - give me a ring!!!!I am gutted.

Emma W
i do not want them to go!! i am going to be devastated if they go. would anyone on here be up for a protest for the rest of this week or something?

Such a shame, they are part of a proud industrial city. When you see them you know your home. RIP.

Daniel Greenmount
I want the cooling towers to stay!! when they go on sunday morning [saturday night] i hope they fall on the viaduct.. it will deserve them right for blowing up for what sheffield loves and its a true sign of Sheffield. DONT BLOW THEM UP!

STOP THE DEMOLITION these 2 towers could be made in to flats,museum for yorkshire, they could be educational for school children or any thing like that, they are a landmark for evreybody in britain and across the world.

Tory Dave
well what a to do about nothing, the towers have a limited life and it is at an end. Stop whining and look to the future not at the past. Whilst we are about it the heap of scrap at gateshead also ought to go, it really is an awful eyesore. Dave in sheffield who is boycotting the olympics against the human rights atrocities.

Syril from Sheff
I pass the monstrous beasts everyday and I can see trees growing out of the side of them. If they are safe I'll eat my hat!

you wouldnt see blackpool tower being demolished as it is an iconic symbol of blackpool... you wouldnt see the angel of the north demolished as it is an iconic symbol.. so why can they knock our iconic symbol down its part of what makes sheffield sheffield.!!

frances rotherham
i can't believe there taking them down i grew up with them i'll not know i'm home now

samila khan
leave them alone we have been travelling along the m1 all our lives and we used to look forward to seeing them . my children who are also enjoying seeing them are sad to see them go . hope it gets cancelled

Can anyone confirm how long these towers been on this site? I'm 35 and use to live in Leeds and as long as I can remember they've always been there it will be sad to see them go Can't they spared as a Landmark to South Yorks Something the Angel of the North up near Gateshead I'm sure it's too little too late to save the towers but we can only try

It's going to be a sad day when the towers come down they are a yorkshire landmark and will be missed by thousands of people. i just hope whatever they do with the land meadowhall dont expand they have forced longstanding local buisinesses from the centre with no consideration to the loyal customers of the last 18 years.

Amanda-Jayne From Leeds
I am really upset that this great landmark is going when I drive back from London I know its not long before I'm back in Leeds they always make me smile.

These towers represent many things to many people, wether it's the first thing you see after a hard days work and you know your home or a shared history of sheffield and the industrial developments that have changed the landscape. The towers, like many sheffielders stand proud and unashamed of there roots. Now the towers stand for many new things, and to the people of sheffield a new era. The towers now show how the changing landscape is out of the sheffielders hands. Over the last few years sheffield has made many positive improvements to the city center and to some parts of the industrial landscape with full support of the residents. Sheffield to quote the full monty is and has always been " A city on the move" but saying that, we are reluctant to forget all our history and roots altogether and replace and up-grade all that our landscape shows us. These monumental towers are as deeply engrained into the sheffield heart, landscape and sky line as the river Sheaf, the imposing Hallamshire hospital and newer, but much loved peace gardens. We don't care if people find them unattractive or impractical, its our city, our landscape and our sense of belonging when we see them. In a very British way, we don't love them despite these things, we love them because of these things.Sheffield feels robbed, of the right to have a say in there landscape. Of course life will go on, but this marks the end of an era, an era when the people of sheffield felt like the place they called home was somewhere where they didn't just live, but belonged. now we know it belongs to the corporations and the big bucks. thanks EON.

i will be so sad to see the tinsley towers demolished, i have lived at the side of them for 26 years, and as so many others say, as soon as you see them coming down the m1 you know you are home. i like paul wards idea of cleaning them up and flooding them with coloured light, what a beautiful spectacle that would be!

Mrs D A Bailey
I live Rotherham side so obviously at Kimberworth and have always had a good view of the towers when going to Meadowhall Shopping complex. My daughter and grandaughterlive in Newquay, Cornwall and when they see the "twin cooling towers" on the M1 are always relieved to be home safely and seem to act as a beacon as does a lighthouse. Keep the towers we say or at very best have some super structure to command them to the future not to be forgotten.

The Salt and Pepper Pots -As our family refers to these beautiful towers, have been a landmark for many a motorway journey.

Winston Hazel - Sheffield DJ
This is by far an excellent replacement for the towers!!!Shame that they have to go, but I also miss the sound of the old Forge hammer presses Ricocheting up Don Valley of an evening but we wouldn't want a return to that now would we?! Lets make sure now that what's put in it's place is as stunning as the original feature and methinks the above Artist impression is an awsome idea that should be made reality!!!

everything must come to an end

Mark - Brighouse (Ex Rotherham)
I can fully sympathise with all the commetns to save the towers, and I too will be sad to see them go - but when it's your time, it's your time.Just for the record - as one other person pointed out - they have nothing to do with Sheffield as they actually fall inside the boundry of Rotherham!Also, for all of you who think of the towers as the iconic symbol of returning home to Yorkshise, surely, the viaduct does just a big a job of saying welcome home?

jason grantham
knock em down what a eye sore any body no what time they are coming down iv got to see this

jane chester
its like losing old friends,its terrible to think that they are having to go,their fate probably sealed by someone from a family of white collar workers and not from the area. they are a part of our heritage,we hardly have anything left to show from our once booming city,everything seems to be changing for the worse these days. their fate was made long before it was put to the public just like the fate of the pits. hopefully they wont be replaced with something like that terrible angel of the north, but as i said earlier,everything changes for the worse. i hope the towers put up a fight and don't go as easily as they expect them to. jane chester aged 39.

Emma Guyler
I was born and brought up in Barnsley and travelled passed the towers every weekend. They mean so much to me, I even named them about 20 years ago and to this day, everytime I pass them I say hello. I moved away from Yorkshire a few years ago, but each time I travel home to my parents and I have to pass them I know I am only half an hour away from home cooked food and a roaring fire. I am so upset to hear that they are going, I am going to miss them!

Steve Nesbitt
I used to live within a few hundred yards of the towers. If you look closely at your photos, you'll see the hideous Tinsley Viaduct which is clearly visible as you look down the Don Valley. The cooling towers, with their elegant curves, drew your eye away from the viaduct to create a view that was pleasing to eye. Alas no more.

Audrey Fletcher
I would be sad to see the cooling towers demolished. I have alway's used it as a landmark when coming home from holiday, I call them the salt and pepper pot, when we reach them I say not be long now where nearly home there is the salt and pepper pot.Leave them be they are a part of our city....THE CITY OF SHEFFIELD.

Audrey Fletcher
I would be sad to see the cooling towers demolished. I have alway's used it as a landmark when coming home from holiday, I call them the salt and pepper pot, when we reach them I say not be long now where nearly home there is the salt and pepper pot.Leave them be they are a part of our city....THE CITY OF SHEFFIELD.

Thinking Of Going To Watch It. I Know It Sounds Daft But I Really Want To See It. And Record It. I'll Put On Youtube Under "Tinsley Cooling Towers Demolition." Anyone Else Going To See It.

Sheffied City Council Will Destroy ANYTHING To use The Land For stubid Flat's or Soom Thing els just to make money the towers are only the heritage Sheffield got it's a part of soom people WHO LIVE IN SHEFFIELD AND MEMORY'S.The sheffield council have distroyed SHEFFIELD

In the future they will look back and think we are mad. Its like destroying an old windmill.

At 51 years old it seems the Towers have been a landmark all my life. It will be sad to see them go, but they no longer serve any useful purpose and the land can be better used to extend either Meadowhall or Magna.As far as I'm concerned Sheffield died in the eighties when the drop hammer was silenced. This was the real heartbeat of the city. So although I'll be sad to see them go, I think it is about time we moved on with the city and brought it, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.Bye Towers, you will be missed.

Elizabeth Cass
I have lived around South Yorks all my life. When I used to go on holiday as a child I always used to know I was home when I saw the towers and always felt like I was on my way to my hols once I passed them on the way. I will be sad to see them go. They are a big part of our history.

Naiheem Mahmood
the tinsley cooling towers make me feel very good about being a Sheffielder. Sheffield will be a poorer place without them. I might leave the city now.

Steve Wilshire
Why don't EON put floors in these towers and use them as offices that way everyone wins, I'm sure it would be possible. I've passed these towers for years and like to see them when I pass by knowing I,m half way home.

kaye - rotherham
get them down. do we really want the area to be mainly recognised by these giant ugly things!

Generations in the future will wonder just how this could have happened. There is so much that could have been done with these historic, iconic structures.It's a great shame.

Generations in the future will wonder just how this could have happened. There is so much that could have been done with these historic, iconic structures.It's a great shame.

Malcolm White
I've driven past them every week for the past two months and have to say that they're pretty hideous and a blot on the landscape. Useful when in operation, but hardly iconic and not worth saving.

I'm surprisingly really upset about the towers, I have spent today driving around them and taking pictures. We'll miss them, they are a part of Sheffield's history.I'm very sad about the whole thing and want to see them stay.

Colin - Rotherham
The Twin Towers of Tinsley as i like to call them, have been a part of my 45 years growing up in Rotherham. I can remember the viaduct being built and me and my dad walking across it and marvelling at the shear size of these two magnificent structures. Ok, only cooling towers they maybe, but they are our cooling towers and i, and a lot of folk i know will be sad to see them go. But doesn't big business always win in the end, t'was ever thus.

I've only lived in Sheffield for little under 3 years but I still know I'm home when I see those towers. I'll hate to see them go. There are so many other things that they could be used for! They are a landmark.

I think its going to be a great sentimental loss for sheffield.since i was a young child,every time we went on holidays as soon as you saw them coming back you knew you were not far away from home.what else could dominate the horizon with such magnitude?? these towers are a symbol of sheffields historic past and ever stronger future.LEAVE THEM ALONE!!

Simon Guilliatt
I can not believe that these towers are to be gone forever. They should be kept as a world heritage site. Everyone i know associates them with Sheffield.

Gillian Tinsley
We, the TINSLEY family love the tinsley towers. whenever we have travelled south from our home near stockport, we know we are almost home when we see our towers. We think they are iconic, and will miss them very much.

You guys are going backwards. Remember when power stations were bad? That's where these things came from, they aren't art, they're a symbol of heavy pollution. The only reason they didn't get knocked down in the first place is because they were too close to the viaduct lol.

The Towers are iconic, they have always been a symbol of the Sheffield landscape. They should be saved and not destroyed. Something could have been done with them which could have been advantages to Sheffield. Spend money on them, and not to destroy them.Ed May's comments below are pathetic and shallow, probably all he has seen of Sheffield (as he says once)is no doubt driving past on the motorway, and that is his opinion! What a fool. I know for a fact there are delapidated places in Devonshire too!

The Towers are iconic, they have always been a symbol of the Sheffield landscape. They should be saved and not destroyed. Something could have been done with them which could have been advantages to Sheffield. Spend money on them, and not to destroy them.Ed May's comments below are pathetic and shallow, probably all he has seen of Sheffield (as he says once)is no doubt driving past on the motorway, and that is his opinion! What a fool. I know for a fact there are delapidated places in Devonshire too!

nathan, dinnington
when I've been on holiday and I'm coming home and see the towers on the m1 I know that I'm home so leave them up

Alexander Smithurst
The towers are to a certain extent beautiful but they are a bit of an eyesaw ans they look very demeaning t night when you come down the M1.

Amy of Tinsley, Sheffield
I dont really mind them going, but i do agree that when you travelling its a landmark to know that I'm almost home, whether it being on the M1 or the train!!I do think they should have re-vamped them some how instead of being demolished.


every time me and my family drive along the M1 and we see the Tinsley towers we know we're home so we will really miss them please don't knock them down!!

KEEP THE TOWERS. I have lived in rotherham all my life and when i drive back up the motorway and see the towers I no that i am nearly home. For GOD SAKE KEEP THE TOWERS

sue errington
I have lived in the portsmouth region for over 30 years now but the site of the Tinsley towers as I drive up the M1 makes me feel that I am home. Ban bio fuels now.

these are the focal point of sheffield for passers by on the M1, you see these in the distance and you know your home... it will be a sad sad day when these go, a sheffield landmark...A Sheffield Icon, let them stay, theyve stood there proud over the years, and deserve to stand there longer....

Amy :)
THEY ARE AMAZING!!!! I think they should be left alone, maybe even turned into something that you can explore where wildlife can wander and where people can chill out. Somwhere where you can see the whole city even put some safe stairs inside so you can go right to the top or something.I'll miss looking out of my window and seeing them behind Meadowhall :( xxxx

I grew up just up the hill from the towers and always thought they looked a mess, it's time to make way for progress.

Natalie, Sheffield
The Towers are such an iconic & Visual landmark for the City...& i know i'm home when i see them! They represent out indutrial heritage...they may not be the prettiest of things but they are an integral part of Sheffield history, just give them a good clean & Leave them be!!!!!!!!!!

Steve - Stocksbridge
This is totally wrong. Although I am only 36 years old I spent my first 20 years of life in Sheffield and every time I go to my home town pass these splendid iconic structures. These are Historic land marks for recent generations, had this been London or Manchester this would not be happening!

Catherine Horkan
My dad worked on the building of those cooling towers and all the family (and friends) say 'Cathy's dad built those cooling towers' when they are driving past!

Andrew Cadman
To me the towers represent a landmark of a proud industrial past and are a monument to the hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, my grandfather included, who toiled in heavy industry in the region.I have to say it doesn't surprise me at all that the local council is totally apathetic about saving the Towers. It has always viewed the people it is meant to serve with patronising contempt and is the worst thing about the city.I went to consultation meetings about regeneration of the city two years ago and as you can imagine it was a complete farce. The exercise was a sham: the council planners had already decided to rebrand the city into fatuous and artificial 'quarters' for certain activities it approved of. The whole thing smacked of old style, failed centralised socialist planning to the last dot and comma.So if the towers have to go to fit in with their grand project they will just have to go. Letting the people of Sheffield decide how they want the city to develop has never been on their agenda...and for that reason, my fellow Sheffielders, Sheffield will always limp along behind others.

Simon Leach
The Towers are an icon, symbolising Sheffield. Whenever someone was out of town, coming back they would always know when they were home. true, the towers just take up space, but they have always been a landmark for Sheffield.

Blow 'em up, they are a symbol of the sad, dirty and decaying Sheffield of the 80's not the modern city of the 21st Century.

Yvonne Swift
My mother Irene Allen nee Fothergill was just a girl when the cooling towers were officially opened. She often spoke about how she and another Tinsley youngster were picked out from the watching crowds and asked to perform the opening ceremony.

Shiv - Leeds, England
i don't want to see them go, i remember as a small child that i used to see them when we would take family journeys down to leicester, i'm going to miss these so much, truly has had a BIG impact on my life... STOP THE DEMOLITION.

kerry -barnsley
i dont think they should get rid of them come on i know were i am when i pass them on the m1 :)i doNT wanner see houses

All EON care about is cash, hit them in the pocket by switching to an alternative energy provider next week and let them know why and it might make them think twice.

chris hepworth
what a shame.they should leave them be. wont be the same without them.

STOP THE DEMOLITION.wear only 9-13 years old and we even think they should stop it.i love the cooling towers and i really dont want them to be demolition if u want to come with on the strike leave a coment and we will meet u there!

Andraea Zambakides
I think these towers are the symbol of Sheffield and should stay there. It's a heritage thing too and I did read somewhere that it could be used for a art gallery or a concert hall. What's wrong with that?

Miss Samantha
I can't believe our lovely salt and pepper pots are finally going. Eon say they will spend a serious amount of money on an art installation in rememberance of them. Art installation?!!! We're Northerners mate! What we want is the real thing, our heritage left intact and not replaced by some poncey piece of 'art' that no doubt some soft southern 'artist' will be paid HUGE amounts of money to dream up. Shame on you Eon and shame on the powers that be in Local government that have allowed this to happen.

s shaw
I am absolutly gutted that these towers are coming down, this is a tragedy for the city of sheffield as they are are landmark and ley you know when your in sheffield when travelling along the m1.

All the money this country throws away on tat....these should have some investment to make them safe as the majority of people want them to stay,only the soleless people dont care or want them gone

michael watson
The towers should stay.They are a massive land mark.When you see some so called works of art around the contry.These towers really are.....

I live litterally 5 mins from them at brinsworth and i say get rid of the things,makes sheffield and rotherham look a hole!!

The Tinsley Towers are an icon of Sheffield history they remind us of how Sheffield came to be the city it is today and saying that they are an eyesore is like saying that Sheffield’s history is to be forgotten.

Kirsty (rotherham)
I have lived in rotherham all my life (22years) and love the towers. Althought i can never actually remember them working i they always bring a smile to my face when i see them. I will be there on Suday to watch a remider that i'm nearly home unfortunately be demolished. Does anyone know what time this sad event is taking place?

John Clarke
I passed the towers twice day from 1971 - 1994 when I worked for BSC Rotherham Works.I will be sorry to see them go. They are as much a part of Sheffield as I am.

wayne kerr
they are yorkshire's twin towers. what's the point of knockin them down 2 replace them with so called art

Liam Whales
I cant belive they are going to knock the towers down. I had assumed that they were listed buildings because of how important they are to everyone that has lived or even visited Sheffield. You know your in Sheffield when you see the towers and your reminded of our past. Knocking the towers down, is like tearing out the still beating heart of sheffield. Its wrong!

Lorraine from Sheffield
I think that the towers will be sadly missed .They have been a prominant land mark for such a long time ...They dominate the skyline and are a welcome sight when arriving back to Sheffield after being away ...It will be a sad time to see them demolished and I am not the only one think so !!!!!I hope that for their sake that they have made the Tinsley Viaduct strong enough to withstand the shock of what is to happen .. Otherwise there may have to be a diversion for a long long time if the Viaduct collapses and the motorway cannot be used ..They better have all their calculations checked ..Seems mighty dicey to me ....

Bria - Sheffield

Philip Harrison
could you tell me how far the towers are from the motorway please? big discussion going on. thank you

i moved down here from schotlad 3years ago so when we go back and forth its all ways nice to see them when we are just about home i do think its a shame they have to come down

Rob of Barnsley
To Ed May of Devonshire who has said they should be demolished with everything in a 20 mile radius... We don't like you much either! Yes it looks delapidated because the area was industrial and when the industry left Sheffield, so did the Tory Government just as they did with the miners. The towers are something that we've all grown up seeing for years in South Yorkshire and it will be sad to see them go. ALthough I do know that the cost of maintaining them to a safe standard is high for E'ON and that the land can be better used for the bio fuel power station so I understand their decision... .Shame they were sold to Coca Cola in the 80's as they wanted to paint them up as a couple of part crushed coke cans for the advertisement, I'm sure the cost of maintaining them would have been acceptable for the amount of adevrtising they would get.

Chris Wincobank sheffield
STOP THE DEMOLITION Seen them nearly every day of all my life (can see them out of my back windiow) And they are the ONLY thing in sheffield that shows the glorious history we once had with steal. Its a joke they should be taken away!!!!!!!!!!!

Mick Bennett------Sheffielder
I can remember as a kid looking down into the Don Valley where the towers stand from Wincobank Hill and all you could see was multi coloured smoke and filth from the steel works and the towers sticking out from it along with all the chimneys which belched out all this muck. I think it would be great now that all this filth has gone if a pair of Giant Wind Turbines could be installed close by thereby creating a new cleaner greener landmark for the Gateway to the North. It wouldn't be long before people would accept these new icons and at least they would be serving a far more useful purpose and be representative of how we have moved on. We have now got salmon and trout in the River Don, should we pollute it again to remind us of our Industrial Heritage or go forward with the times? Lets get a load more photographs taken of the towers and some of the dirt and filth remaining in this area and get on with life, then in a few more years we can look back at these and reminisce if we need to at the eyesores of the past.

jane-marie wright
I agree with John from Melbourne. STOP THE DEMOLITION! Our Towers are an icon of the working man and the industry of our region. Sheffield's lost a lot of identiy over the years and I can't believe that we are about to loose some more. These are our Angels, their beauty is their familurality, they are the gateway to our city. Sadly like all the listed areas and places of interest in Sheffield this is another one which will be dismantled just like our steel industry. It'll be like loosing friends!

joanne mettam
LET THE TOWERS STAY.I am 37 years old they have been there all my life,I would like to see the towers to stay they are the first thing I look for when coming home on the m1 & they are part of our history,

Vicki Rotherham
I cant believe they are finally going to be knocked down. I think its such a shame that theyre doing it in the early hours of the morning too because I'm sure many people will want to see them being brought down, sad as it is. KEEP THE TOWERS!!!

Jane Annalise Madigan
I think the Cooling Towers are the heart of Sheffield. I moved from Sheffield 9 years ago and going back to Sheffield you always have to pass the Towers. And when you pass them you know your 'home' and always puts a smile on your face. They represent all the things Sheffield has ever done. They should be left alone and to be admired. By both tourists and people who live there. They may be a preserved building but so are some of the flats. why can't they come down. They look a mess and has a bad affect on Sheffield when you see them. Taking the Towers down is like taking Sheffield's history.

Diane Cutts
The Towers are an important landmark to the people of South Yorkshire and herald the gateway to Sheffield for travellers returning home to this part of the world: they are iconic and their passing should not be in vain. Their demolition is a great loss to the city and to the landscape of our industrial heritage.

peter j
i have lived in rotherham for all my 54 yrs and think it is a great shame they have to go. in years gone by the road from rotherham to sheffield was lined with steelworks, now we have lost almost all the heavy industry to that horrible meadowhall place, and the towers are all we have left of our indutrial past.i for one will be sad to see this part of our history erased for ever.

I think the general feeling is that the people of Sheffield, and those who travel via it, do not want them to go. They could be repaired and in my opinion they should be. They are iconic and whilst I don't think they are a thing are beauty, they do represent something to many people. And it is such a shame that they are going without a thought to what the actual public want. The problem is that we are not properly consulted and even when we fill in petitions, it's already signed and sealed (remember the Yorkshire Grey pub anyone??). And so, it's sad that whatever we all say, noone in power will take a blind bit of notice when profit is involved. We merely live here!

marie smith
the tinsley towers always mean home to me. you see them from the motorway and instantly know you are back in sheffield. the towers will be a great loss for the region, they are part of our heritage. what ever is put there to replace them sheffield will never be the same again.

Frank Naylor
Am I the only one to spot the Peregine Falcon sitting on one of the towers does it nest there I wonder,I am from the south of England and have no views about the Towers except they are a Sheffield Landmark.

Phil Geary - The Distant Listener

I'm shocked and upset that such a landmark will soon be gone forever.Unfortunately it's too late to start any campagnes now, with only ten days remaining until the "big bang".My advice to everyone is to take as many pictures as you can to remember the towers.

Hassina in Sheffield
Im upset and appauled The TOWERS mean Home can see them for miles.24 August is going to b a very sad day for people far n wide

Hannah Benwell
This is wrong. This sight is a national treasure. All be it a weird one. This is better than the angel of the north, much more attractive and more of an art work. Every time I pass it I know I am near home.

sheffield council are a disgrace for agreeing. Please dont even bother replacing it, building somthing on that scale is an insulting waste of money.

sylvia -sheffield
Like with all things if its at all good they'll get rid of it. If its bad like the Parkhill Flats they make it a listed building and keep it. Dont demolish our beautiful Towers if u gotta blow something up make it the flats and stop wasting the taxpayers money.

I have never been to see the towers, but would love to.. I think they are iconic and pretty amazing! They are part of our history!Don't destroy them!

Tom - Glasgow
They could demolish the whole of Sheffield whilst they are doing the towers. Ugliest city in Britain!

Andy - Reading
The towers are wonderful. They should be kept as part of this countries heritage. If they need to knock something down how about the eyesore that is Meadowhall directly opposite the towers!

Alison, Sheffield and Proud
I'll be devastated to see the towers go. They have stood guard over this fantastic city since before I was born. I'll definitely be there to pay my respects at the fateful hour.

matt tinsey
i think its a crying shame that they will no longer be there, i have lived in tinsley for over 40 years,and they have always been a sign that you are home at last, i sse them every morning on my way to work and it will be a strange feeling when thay are gone. my daughters are gutted and thay are only young.

Chris Shaw
Im sad to see them go. I now live in the USA and wont get home until October, and it will feel strange to drive by and not have them there. On an engineering note, Im interested to see how the M1 bridge holds up, since that bridge design is known to be prone to collapse- hence the never ending re-inforcement works done to it. Future use? Maybe a temporary road for when the bridge finally does need to come down. Then lets revert the site to nature. I doubt that'll happen though- they'll forget that last year that whole area was flooded and go build on it.

Old James - Sheffield
After seeing the artists immpression of a replacement for the towers it strikes me that the replacement will be the same as the existing towers, would'nt it be better to paint the old towers rather than pulling them down, or am I on my own with this idea!!?

jennifer jones
One of my first views of Sheffield were of the Towers. Travelling down the M1 and seeing them made me realise just how close to home I was. Sad to see them go. Our industrial history is important but obviously the powers that be dont value it.

These towers represent our industrial heritage; the hard work and ingeniuty of ordinary people that the city is founded on. So so short sighted.

Chris - Engineer
I would like to see the towers stay - as many people have commented they are a distinctive landmark that marks your journey home. However if they are beyond repair (and I blame E-on(off) for that!) then they should be replaced by something equally as noticeable (and not in ten years time!) – photo number 14 IMHO would be ideal, as the ‘Ghost Towers’ is a modern take on the industrial heritage of the Don Valley.

As someone as said when you see them u are home! Dont Do It

Ted Wade
Any structures which generate as much enthusiasm, both good and bad, as the Cooling Towers should be kept. They are iconic and are a landmark which thousands of drivers on the M1 look for as a sign that they have reached Sheffield. In any other country they would be cherished, not demolished. I am surprised they haven't been declared structures of National Importance and placed in the Listed Buildings Index as a Grade 2 building.

Sue Jones (Wales)
Leave the towers alone,they represent Yorkshire. As soon as I see these towers on the M1 I know I am nearly home to where my parents lived. They are a vision of the industrial north. They may not be quaint, but they should be preserved.

Its just the next step on the road to turning Sheffield into a play ground. Instead of being a productive city it is a consumer city, a play ground.

John - Melbourne Australia
STOP THE DEMOLITION.To paraphrase another aussie "I still call Sheffield home". I agree with those who say that the towers are an icon of Sheffield, wonderful works of industrial art and part of Sheffield's Heritage. Also my Dad worked at Blackburn Meadows.

Tommy Lynch
I am 40 years old, and ever since I remember the towers have been there. I have lived 38 of my 40 years in West Yorkshire. Whenever setting off on holiday, or using the M1 Those towers have always been a way station for me, marking Sheffield as a waystage. Me and my brother would ask what they were, what cooling towers did. Not really understanding. But the shape of them, and their size dwarfing Tinsley Viaduct, itself probably 60 feet off the floor. Looking at them now, they are slimmer than modern cooling towers, probably Victorian? with the diamond shaped slits in the top, they are very nicely realised. It will be a real shame to watch them go. I really wish it could be recalled, as they are Iconic. I used to work on and off at Sheffield Forgemasters, and used to come off to do site jobs at this junction. So I used them as a visual landmark too. Also on a long journey home they gave me the indication, only 30 more miles to Leeds. I cannot really believe they are to go. Is nothing sacred. Like the golfballs at Fylingdales, and countless Victorian viaducts and follies they are to go Sigh!!!! I will miss those little puppies. I will be there on the 24th to see the last. What a shame. But I will be there to meet you all who wishes to see them kept. You never know some energy protesters may climb up them and rip out all the wires!!! here's hoping!!

The towers have been in my life for many years and for many years I always wondered what the purpose of them were. However finding out tonight that they were to be torn down tore out my pride as a young Yorkshire lad. I have lived in Sheffield for most of my life and it is my home, although I do live in London while I’m at Uni. I feel totally betrayed by the council and I am ashamed to say that I’m from a city that doesn’t seem to care about the feelings of the people that have turned this city into what it is now. Once again this city has been at the hands of some rich guy who wants his way, wants his land, and for what? The towers are smack next to the M1, the Tinsley viaduct has just been though a load of extensive repairs to stop it from collapsing and now their gunna blow two massive concrete structures up at the feet of the bridge. Might be a bad idea don’t ya think? I understand that times are changing and people want to see changes but the towers have a great presence to the city, it’s heart if you like and it’s what keeps the blood in all veins running though us and the city. I realise now what the purpose of the towers are, that it is a constant reminder of the city that pulled this country though the war though the bad times and how do you repay this? By destroying the memories of those that fell in order to let us live the way we do now. I am disgusted that your willing to ignore our history, what are you going to destroying next? My rant will not change a thing because there is to many £’s to be made but does everything always have to be down to money? Why can’t you just leave OUR heart alone OUR pride alone OUR city alone. THIS IS SHEFFIELD NOT LEEDS!!!

People need to get a grip.I , for one , won't be missing these huge , ugly eye sores.When did they stop becoming cooling towers and start becoming part of our heritage?Theyve only been there 70 years and merely represent our greed and consumption for energy.

Claire - Derbyshire
I love looking at the towers when I go up the M1 to see people in Sheffield and Barnsley.I'm really upset that they will be demolished by EON, they are so impressive and make a real statement - and I never realised they were so old!C'mon Yorkshire, give EON a bloody nose on this one!!

Kevin Ronald Willey
it is a great shame for s/yorkshire

The cooling towers are like the Angel of the North - they signify the entrance into Yorkshire. I think EON should be ashamed of themselves pulling down such iconic structures and where is English Heritage, why are they not Listed?

Sandra - Sheffield
If the towers are deteriorating then they can be repaired. They are part of our heritage and a site more attractive than the Angel of the North! They should have been designated listing buildings to protect them from e-on hatchet men.

The cooling towers are a land mark that have been there for years and are a part of Sheffield history it'l be a shame to see them go

****PLEASE LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE*** Have you asked the people of Sheffield and Rotherham if they want they towers demolished, i don't believe you have.You know your home when you see them on the horizon.

Michael Barratt
I am appalled that they are being demolished. They are an icon to Sheffield/Rotherham's industrial heritage and a great landmark on the M1 journey north. They have been a part of the landscape for so long and are little of what remains of a great industrial age. They should be kept. It is a really sad day when they go.

Gillian Whitham
I grew up in a city famous for steel the towers are all that is left of Sheffields industrial past.I think they should be preserved as a symbol of a city whos name is known world wide for cutlery , steel and silver.The citys emblem is Vulcan god of metalwork.

IF they are not taken down now - serving no useful purpose - when will they be taken down? How many generations has to see them - to know they too are home! Off with their heads I say!

Ed May of Devonshire
The towers mean very little to me. I once visited Tinsley and in my humble opinion I think the towers should be demolished along with everything else within a 20 mile radius of them. What a horrid delapidated place!

Please keep the towers they are fantastic Sheffield wouldnt seem the same without them

Brad - Sheffield
Leave the towers :( I dont care what people say, 'eyesore?' there not hurting anyone whats the point really they are Sheffield Landmark if they knock them down then what are they going to do build ANOTHER bloody factory, and thats not going to be an eyesore? We dont need any more factorys cheers. Dont knock them down please

The cooling towers are an icon of Sheffield's history, and that is exactly why they need to be torn down. Not only are they gloomy, boring and ungraceul, but they are unsafe.Having lived in Sheffield all my life, I feel it's vital we need to get rid of the horrible scars in the land.

Mr Bob
While i think the towers should remain as "A symbol" of sheffield and a welcome sight, after a long motorway journey, i also eccept the danger they could pose to the M1 should they be left to crumble!If there is any way of repairing and maintaining them this should be done, however i trust that the experts have concidered all possibilities.All this said.... I will do everything possible to make sure i am there to witness this huge historical event.

Julie Cross
I am actually from Nottingham but travel up "North" regularly with work and pass through your region and today listening to the radio I actually heard for the first time what the towers were called I nicknamed them "Peter and Paul"!!I felt quite sad to hear that they were being demolished as when Im travelling down the M1 and these magnificent towers come in to view I know I have only about an hour left to get home.What a pity they or at least one of them couldn't be saved or ebuilt elsehere as a reminder of the past.The people f Sheffield must be saddened at losing theses important and historic landmarks.

I love the towers - passing them on the M1 in the dark is magic! there aren't many other places where you can get up close to these structures.. part of our heritage which is usually hidden away from our daily lives. Sheffield locals clearly feel a sense of ownership of these towers - so why not invest in them to make them safe and find a creative use for them. Not only could they be useful and unique but can continue providing a sense of identity to Sheffield and so many of its residents.

David Binks of Barnsley/ Rotherham
Sad day for the towers to come down, always bring memories of Albert Rylett joiner who worked on them and taught me all i knowas a apprentice

Amazing isn't it? David Blunkett (when he was Home Secretary) said that the towers should be saved; thousands of people have signed petitions to keep them; Channel 4 granted a vast sum of money to turn them into an art work that would be featured on National TV (publicity for Sheffield for FREE); two local guys have campaigned tirelessly to save them and even had crockery made with pictures of them on that all sold out within 2 hours rather than the anticipated 2 weeks; the 20th Century Society campaigned to list them and save them; English Heritage (via the 20th Century Society) have said that they are of value and worth and here, just as in so many other places that I've lost count, the overwhelming majority of comments from the public are in favour of keeping them: yet, thanks to the commercial "clout" of E-On and the apathy of Sheffield City Council they are to be demolished. One thing no one has mentioned here yet though; certainly until earlier this year the Highways Agency was very unsure about the possibility of demolition without the collapse of Tinsley Viaduct, a notorious structure that has never been fully operational since it was built and was built using innovative, but exceptionally weak, box-girder construction. I'm just wondering if anyone really, truely, knows if the viaduct can withsatnd this...after all, if you've been there and seen them, you'll know that one tower stretches right under the viaduct for almost half the width of the viaduct and comes within just a handful of metres of touching the lower road deck, and the other is only a small distance further away. In the event that the viaduct is damaged I sincerely hope that the Government will not only force E-On to pay 100% of the repair cost but also a crippling penalty fee for the disruption, inconvenience and massive damage to businesses that will ensure in the run up to Christmas. I do hope someone at Government level has considered what will happen if disaster strikes.........

So sad. They are beautiful.I don't understand why our recent industrial heritage is so undervalued.

Alexander Morris, Paris, France.
Maintaining links with a city's heritage is an important part of its regeneration and advancement. Too much of this city's heritage is being lost in this area, once the heart of Sheffield's economy. Losing the cooling towers represents a significant loss to Sheffield's heritage and reflects an important failure at the local political level.

Peter Ashley
"Safety Reasons" is used as a cheap excuse when companies want to get their own way because it gives them some degree of moral high ground. It comes down to money as usual.These towers are part of Sheffield and should be cherished. Turn them into a theme park or project art or advertising as has been done in the past.How can they get away with putting a power station so close to many homes?

darren sentance
horrendous how massive parts of history can be wiped away with no thought from the powers that be.typicasl of the modern world.

john care
move them onto Buckingham Palace

Cheer up everybody, a good future awaits..
The pro towers lovers and campaigners amongst you are wasting your time, so look to the future.Planning application was approved by Sheffield City Council earlier this year for a new cleaner biomass power station that will generate enough electricity for around 40,000 homes, and a new permanent landmark artwork will be erected for the city. The land has also been earmarked for employment opportunities in Sheffield City Council's Urban Development Plan. So with rose tinted specs removed, what would the people of Sheffield rather have? Ancient concrete structures to look at which are unsafe and due to collapse and pose a risk to the public, or jobs and cleaner energy production which the city can be proud of? Surely a no brainer? Knock them down EON, long overdue. I would rather have employment and less CO2.

scott l.
they will be a terrible lost having been brouht up in wincobank and going to hinde house. they have been iconic to me and many others they simble your back home when you have been away

John Whitworth
I live in Wakefield & work away from home during the week. The sight of the twin towers approaching as I travel up the M1 each friday brings me so mush joy, knowing that I am nearly home. They are beautiful artistic buildings, up there with the Angel of the North, marking the North-South divide. 24-8 will become our 9-11.

Cayla, Sheffield
I really don't want them to go.aren't eon just gonna build another biomass plant there?i bet the sculpture won't even happen either, its just something to soften the blow.TBH, even if theyre not the prettiest things to look at, theyre still symbolic and represent the history of the city. It's gonna be a sad day when the critics realise everything that meant something's been knocked down.

Neil, Gloucester
It'll be a shame to see them go but, if what Chris - Civil Engineer says is true, I can fully understand the reasons behind the demolition. Is there any way of strengthening the structures? And before everyone starts harking on about me being "a soft shandy drinking southerner", I married a lass from Bradford and, to me, the cooling towers signify the start of "The North". I smile when I see them. It's also 45mins from her parent's house, so they also act as a useful gauge. Mind you, when I'm travelling back down the M1 towards the South West, it also means I've got another 2 1/4 hours to go.

Tony - Wakefield
Leave 'em alone. For me it means that I'm nearly home as I go up t'M1. I think they are fantastic memorials to Yorkshire's old industrial strength.

haley - Rotherham
they should stay exactly where they are! it wouldnt be the same if they werent there!

I'm sure plenty of cities have and would pay millions to have a famous landmark. Sheffield has one that is part of its history and doesnt require anything to be done. Save the towers!!

They have done their Job it's time to move on, like us when our time is up we have to bite the dust.

Michael Taylor
The loss of the towers is heartbreaking. They are a monument to those who gave their industrial labours and their lives for the creation of the wealth that Sheffield contributed to the nation. The city was "thanked" by being kicked in the teeth quite enough in the 1980's; this is one kick too many. The towers ought to be respected and preserved in the same way as is the General Cemetery.

Johnathan Hargate of Darnall
I love the towers as you always feel home when you see them appear on you way along the M1. I know there'd be a cost involved in keeping them up and maintaining them, but they should be treated as a Heritage site for future generations to enjoy.

Naomi in Wales
I think they should go move on from the past besides there are hundreds of other cooling towers to look at up north :O) and besides i'd love to see the demolition on sunday bank hols when im visiting family in a few weeks time :O)

Ju - London
Despite never having seen the towers except in the pics above - it would be a great shame if this heritage is destroyed. Too many historical icons are being destroyed in the name of progress - ie Wembley Stadium Towers. Why replace these iconic buildings with cheap and nasty plastic and metal that have no soul. Keep them Towers

Macklington Stanley
They're beautiful! If anyone's looking for an eyesore to demolish, what about Meadowhall?

Sue Fletcher- Sheffield born and bred!
Can't believe they are going to demolish our landmark. It may only be cooling towers but they are an important Sheffield landmark!

They are a landmark on the M1, so many motorways are just dull dull dull (further north the old A1 is going the same way).

Michelle Richardson - BARNSLEY
I think to demolish the towers will be a big mistake! Since a child I've called them the giant salt and pepper pots! Leave them for the next generation to enjoy !

Its a shame they can't be used for another purpose, they are fantastic looking buildings. They would have made an excellent venue, think of the acoustics!! Its very sad, but they do have to go, far too dangerous to stay up

I pass these towers everytime I go to visit family in the North East and have done for over 40 years, the towers represent to me that I am half way through my journey. I think it is criminal to demolish these wonderful pieces of architecture and Sheffield's heritage. They are doing no one any harm and they represent so much to different people.

Debbie Thomas
I used to live as a child in Worksop, and still visit family there regularly. These towers have always been a landmark for me and it will be a sad day when they're demolished.

David Forrest
I agree with Adam, whenever you go south on the M1 and see them, you know you're back in Sheffield. Much better than a tacky sign saying "Welcome to Sheffield!"

leave them be, dont knock down sheffields history, sheffield wouldnt be heffield without the tinsley towers

jean holbrook nee humphrey
i will be so sorry to se the towers go i was brought up with them,as a child we always knew when we nearly home from a holiday when we saw them. Sheffield wont be the same.

Brian Rich
We should not stand back and see more of our industrial heritage needlessly destroyed.The towers are an important part of the history of the production of electricity in S.Yorkshire.They could form the centre of a Sculpture Park. To add insult to injury it seems that the powers that be wish to make a spectacle of the demolition! Shame on them.


joe mlburn
leave them they are a symbol of the sheffield golden age before margret thatcher ruined it

Gill Curran
They should stay....! Just how many distinctive landmarks do we HAVE in Yorkshire!? The towers symbolise half way between mine and my boyfriend's house anyway so, I, for one will be hoping they stay!

ian cook

Once you let them take these down, you can not put them back. Sheffield (UK home of steel) can not allow the loss of THIS "Mark of STEEL" to go. I was born in S.Wales, and have spent over 35 years serving in steel around the country, some in Sheffield, Teeside, Rotherham, S.Wales. These are a symbol we should NOT allow to be removed

David Hibbert
This is superb industrial architechecture and should be retained and maintained to represent an era of our industry for all to witness. They should be Grade Listed.

Ben Foster of Stoke-on-Trent
Like the Angel Of The North, Tinsley Towers are an instantly recognizable and you know where you are-Sheffield! The drive up North can be a long and hard journey at times but I can't help but smile when I see these two towering giants. They are a part of Sheffield's history and something like this should be preserved. Here down Stoke we have virtually no instantly recognizable landmarks to welcome visitors and if the towers were here I would be doing whatever I could possibly do to save them!

they are in rotherham not sheffield the sooner they are gone the better

Vickie Mansell
These towers are an iconic image of Sheffield and a testament to it's industrial heritage. I am horrified that they are to be destroyed! I suppose the planning dept have already approved to some kind of superstore being built in their place!

Commonly know by us truckers as the salt & pepper pots,well know landmark but hey how can us little common people stand in the way of those with all the power and money.The land is worth much more without the towers!!

Alan Kirkby
Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone? Well they may not be paradise but there are plenty of parking lots in the area and we don't need any more boutiques, pink hotels or swinging hot spots. So leave them be. Treat them as sculpture. Use them as climbing walls. Anything other than lose the most distinctive landmarks along the M1!

Joanne Fisher - Sheffield
My 2 years old daughter loves looking for the Chimneys when we travel from our home in Barnsley to her grandparents in Chesterfield and they are great for keeping her distracted and awake

With all the cash Sheffield council has wasted over the years ,the student games and the Sheffield airport being just two.The towers should have been made listed buildings years ago.A known landmark for locals and travellers alike.

Tracey Hickling - Goldthorpe
leave them alone, they are an iconic landmark ! what are we going to tell our grandchildren about how we used to make power when there is nothing left no evidence that the industry ever existed.

Mick Rhodes of Rotherham
These towers need not be demolished. what fantastic advertising boards. I am sure big companies like Coke Cola OR Pepsi would have considered massive illuminated slogans which could hardly be missed by the thousands of passing traffic daily.A good source of revenue at little cost

adam - sheffield
leave them be!when you see them you know your home!

Jamie - Leeds
The towers are the most well known thing along the M1 every one knows there in sheffeild when they pass the towers, and i know im nearly home after working away

i know iam nearly home when i see those towers, i see them every day i will really miss them if they go.they have always been there !!!!!!

Fred Smith
The dissued towers have to come down. Engineers have carried out structural checks and found that in the not too distant future they will collapse. Big chunks of brickwork is already falling off. They can't be strengthened, so for safety reasons (to stop them falling onto the motorway) they're being demolished.

I was down at the cooling towers yesterday, photographing them for an art project. After almost circling them and seeing them from every angle, walking up to Meadowhall carpark and the tram station and seeing them from there, and getting right down underneath them below the motorway, I have to say they are among the most beautiful pieces of urban landscape I have ever seen. Their loss would be the loss of a distinctive landmark, part of Sheffield's horizon as much as the Arts Tower or Meadowhall. I'll be extremely sorry to see them go; I believe they deserve to stand for as long as they can as a testament to Sheffield's past and proof of the fact that something theoretically ugly can be beautiful too.

they are more inportant then anything you could build and people would probably vandilise the new area because people have just killed sheffield which has killed the world

you can laf at then as long as u want but it reprisents sheffield and its indistries's!!!!

there good and they reprisent sheffield.

Chris - Civil Engineer
They are rotting dilapidated structures that will one day become a risk to the M1 due to lack of maintenance and investment, the only reason they didn’t come down with the rest of the original power station was due to strengthen works of the M1 viaduct. ‘WHICH IS’ something of valve and engineering heritage due to its very unique design. Down with them and make some use of the brown field site they sit on!

Helen Wrend
I moved to London some time ago and everytime I come back for a visit when I pass the towers I know I am home.

there old and dull they make it look old

Leave them standing! Why are taking away all of Sheffields history. We used to be the Steel City and proud of it, which these towers represent. Why not make something of the surrounding area to make it look presentable when entering the city, instead of looking desolated when going to meadowhall on the tram, keep us proud of being sheffielders. I'm aware of progress and its not always for the best. Ihope they are not thinking of sticking some modern art there, as i believe my 5year old grandson could do better than todays artist and sculptures. Leave them be! They belong to us Sheffielders

Leave them standing! Why are they taking away all of sheffields history? I think the Towers represent old sheffield and lots of memories for sheffield people. W

why o why are these going? im from the south of sheffield, j31, and coming back from leeds every day from work, when i see the towers i know im home. they are outstanding and show a real insight into the history of sheffield, the industry, the working class that lived in thecity, the hard workers. i am almost certain that every person travelling along the m1 will stare at the towers as they go past. why should the towers be knocked down? and that heap ofrsty metal up north stay there. they maybe structurally unsound but they can be made safe.the towers mean a lot to me, and i would be so gutted to see them them go.thanks, lewis

Adil Cheema
i think that the tinsley cooling towers should NOT be destroyed. come on people we are knocking the history down of or world that has been there for years, in a couple of years we won't have any history left. i like seeing the towers whilst am on a jouney, in fact i can't wait to see them wen i go there again . its a unque building so let them be please.Adil please don't knock them down.

Karen Hopkins
I think the towers should stay! I no longer live in Sheffield, but I am still a regular visitor to see my family. I have drove past them so many times. They are iconic! LEAVE THEM BE! I remember the old power station, when Sheffield had industry!

I'll really miss the cooling towers when they're gone i grew up with them once theyre gone it'll feel like something has been pulled out of my life

ethan day
why don't build a new power station that way it will always be great

Trevor Agnew
It is with sadness that I hear the Tinsley cooling towers which stand at the side of the M1 near Sheffield are to be demolished.They are an imposing indicator to drivers, letting them know that they are entering the North of England.They stand moodily and artistically, dominating the steel city skyline.And they are art. A living art which is a stepping stone into an industrial golden age when Britain was a world leader. A proud monument to the efforts, achievements and sacrifices of the great British worker.Unlike what passes as modern art and sculpture these cooling pots have a story to tell, a link to local people and were once useful.If some stupid modern artist was wanting to build something like the Tinsley Towers, councils up and down the country would be falling over themselves offering kings ransoms to have them built.To the powers that be the desolate Cooling towers are an awkward reminder about how British industry has been devastated and the working class has been sold out. Millions of drivers/voters every year see them and these facts will be brought back into peoples consciences. Many people will probably agree with me that this is probably one of the main reasons why these monoliths of South Yorkshire sadly have their days numbered.

They have been an eye sore for many years and the sooner they are gone, the better it will be.

Trevor Binge
PLEASE don't knock them down.I have lived in Sheffield for 22 years now and they have been a part of my daily life,They also act as a beacon telling you that your home

Nigel Dodsworth
The towers should stay where they are.They are a landmark and mean a lot to myself and my wife.

Marice Dodsworth
I don't think the towers should be knocked down. These towers represent homecoming to us Yorkshire folk !!If they are demolished the day it is done will be a very sad day for many people and those doing it should be ashamed of themselves.


wendy reed
i wont miss them as they're an eyesore i would like to see more green areas around them

I always love to see them when I'm on the train or coach back from a long trip - they tell me I'm almost home. I'll miss them when they're gone.

The towers should be brought down they're an eyesore. The new building should be something useful though rather than a monument.

ken turner
so e on intend to build anew power station on the site of the towers anyone like to bet.blackpool has atower why cant sheffield have two/

why do people need them to tell them they are home? dont they know where they are? time for them to go, they are old, redundant and an eyesore. they serve no useful purpose and should be cleared.

John McGarry
The towers are an iconic figure to me. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne but have tarvelled the M1 many a time and on the way home, that is when you know your 'back in the North of England... NEARLY HOME'.Also, the signifigance is in the film 'threads' as its part of the opening sequence, one of the most important films ever to be screened on British TV!!! Keep the towers, please. We lost the 'Get Carter' car park up here.... don't let british heritage be destroyed in other parts of the country. SAVE THE TOWERS!!!!

Simon Marsden
I think they look or8, they should stay.


Dr Rod Stanley, Houston Texas
I grew up with them, and believe them to be excellent examples of industrial art, and of far more value than some of the other things erected in Sheffield. As a physicist, I would like to see the equations behind their design published on this website, and I would like to see whatever efforts can be made to clean them up and make them safe so that future generations can enjoy a Sheffield landmark. Forget that horrible thing outside Sunderland! sHEFFIELD. tn

Teresa Smith
I would be sad to see them go. There a landmark of the city. Okay, they are not used, but I would find it weird drving or going on a train past there and not seeing them.

Jonny, Rotherham
Keep them. I've always loved them. If they have to be demolished, E-ON could replace them by investing in wind power - Tinsley Turbines!

Tony Neil Morris
I will miss the iconic cooling towers, their presence was dramatic and a focal point. But they are in need of expensive repair, its best that they go im sorry to say. But they will never be forgotten.

william keena
reminds me of going to work everyday from barnsley to sheffield , very sad

Andy, Liverpool
Come ppl of Sheffield you need to do more to save these towers, As a visitor to your city i think these towers are absoloutly incredible and to pull these down should be against the law. Get them listed put some work in2 them AND SAVE THEM Once you let them pull them down theres NO going back!!!

Rachel Darler
Leave them! I know once I have passed them I am on the right road to visit my son..... nearly there!

Rachel Darler
Leave them! I know once I have passed them I am on the right road to visit my son..... nearly there!

alexander CAMMACK
keep them up they are a monument type thing

Sarah - Leeds
Leave them there!! When i drive past them on the M1 on my way home, I know I'm going the right way and they are Icon of the history of sheffield.

I think the towers pay testament to Sheffield’s past and provide a link to its future. Great idea to play laser projection shows on them. Anyone can have an iconic sculpture why can’t we keep the real thing? Who will save our twin towers?

Cole Haydn Taylor. AKA Badman
i cant believe they are going. i will really miss rolling into town in my Ford mustang. and seeing them thinking. Beautiful sheffield .. I used to walk around them as a kid. and i had so much fun with my friends.. i think ill attend the time when they fall down ..and pay my respects. i loved playing there, most of my childhood and i have so much memories. ill leave you with a goodbye. And ill always miss them.. i love them

mal1 ( joe malone
i never want 2 losse these towersi have known these since i was a little young chabby.i can remember when i use 2 walk around meadowhall at the age of 8 with my parents , whilst i was walking around meadowhall i got very hot a tyred so i came out side for a smoke. when i had a cigarette in my hand i really aprshiated the colling towers and reaslised how much i really like themi really really really think you should keep the towers beacuse they are a land mark of sheffield thankyou very much for taking time to read this comment

Niall Roulson & Mel Rains
We will miss u for ever and always and we will always have a space in our heart for u god bless xxxxxxxx

steve belk
the towers mean a great deal to me in the sixtys my grandad used to be the signal man at the box next to the towers i woiuld often go and stand by them in winter and feel the warmth from them it was said that because of the warmth some near by workers grew tomatow plants around the base of the towers and kids went paddling in the water don't know how true this was

save these towers! spend a bit of cash making them safe, but don't spend millions on a new modern sculpture when we have these icons already!!!!!

I have to agree with Mary. Our council wastes money on schemes like the music center but never really invest in what is important to the Sheffield people. I work all over the country and when I see the towers I know I'm home. If someone was to invest in the development of these towers surely there would be some use for them both practically and astheticly!

tom harriott
on my journey home to yorkshire the great towers act as one of my journeys landmarks so please keep them not just for me but for all of yorkshire

Ed Farrington - Sheffield
Why don'y E-ON UK just re build two more towers somewhere where there is spare land, protect them as a listed building and then the people of Sheffield has the same land mark but newer.

michael jagger
save the towers!!!!! landmark for sheffield too dangerous to blow up

Peter Collins
I love seeing the towers from the motorway as you come into Sheffield: When you see them you know you're home.I agree they need attention, but it should be to keep them as the grand structures they are; memories of the industrial heritage of the region.


Its a pity that all the money poured into the museum for pop music etc wasnt put into a venture to make the towers a prominant part of the motorway network - pictures of cutlery etc lasered onto it would have made it a real landmark - reflecting what we were famous for!!

Jane Edmonds - Leics
I now live in Leicestershire but know that I'm nearly "home" when I see the cooling towers next to Tinsley viaduct. They should be made completely safe then decorated / painted to give Sheffield an iconic piece of artwork similar to the "Angel of the North"

they should make the towers into a museum all about sheffield and sheffield's history as they are now a part of sheffield's history

Dave Seddon
I know I am (nearly) home when I see these on the horizon.

cathy ellis
damm right it wud b a loss!!!how r we guna know we'er home from holiday with out seeing them cooling towers!!i think its a great shame that we are having them dealitioned!!there a part of yorkshire!ther wot makes meadowbank meadowbank!!!

Take the towers down.lose sheffields history.The towers mean so much to people world wide

they're awful. Knock em down plant some trees create a park! To Sheffielders they might be nostalgic but the whole country drives past them - what kind of image of sheffield do you think it creates in their minds

Louise, Sheffield
As soon as I see the towers I know I'm home it wouldn't be the same without them! Long live the towers!


Richard Herrero
I hope they stay. Iconic, elegant and magnificent. A piece of history uniquely situated where millions see them close up.

Lauren & Carole
Its A Symbol Of us arriving home into sheffield :(

I live in tinsley. it wouldnt be the same if they go.

Emmajade - Steel City
i'm going to be so angry if they go, i love seeing them when i'm going to meadowhall, okay i might be 14 but i dont think that matters and for them people who think they're an eyesore are been daft, they are a part of Sheffield and they shouldnt be knocked down!

Chris E
A landmark and should be saved.

glad their comin dwn shame they cnt do park hill at same time

James Cooper
knock them down they are just an ugly reminder of sheffields dead industrial past time to build a modern future for the city

When the towers go it will be another part of my humble life gone. I used to work at Blackburn Meadows Power Station when it was open & actually worked on one of the towers doing some electrical work in April 1974 & it was blowing a gale, sleeting & raining, I won't forget that in a hurry !!. They demolished my old school, Jordanthorpe at Meadowhead a few weeks ago. Sad really

John Oxley
I Think it will be a great shame to demolish the twin towers. Every time I pass them on the M1 I think of my grandma's house after our long journey from East Grinstead.

margaret myers
the cooling towers are a landmark for Sheffield and it would be very sad to see them disappear

The cooling towers are a fundamental part of Sheffield’s history and the link with our industrial roots, I say keep them.

Bill Hindle --- Canada
Why would you want to keep decrepit useless eyesores as a monument to the PAST ? Get real ! Clean up the area and make the it useful for the future !

Selina E
The gateway to the north, don't knock them down, they are the a symbol of the city. Also they are remarkable peices of engineering - amazing size, huge dominance and curvy lines - of course they are art! They are also home to many birds.

I can remember seeing them for the first time as a child. I was amazed by their size and grandeur. I'd seen cooling towers before but never been that close to one. Ever since that day I have fallen in love with them. They represent sheffields past glories as an industrial hub of the world! The past has shaped what sheffield is today, including the people who live there. Lets embrace sheffields past both good and bad, learn form it and move forward. Without a history Sheffield is nothing!

Concrete eye-sore, turn them to useful hardcore for Eon to use for the foundations of the new power station, hopefully a pleasing design.

Shaun Arthur
As was shown on 25th July, flood plains are that, natures overflow and the towers are ona flood plain. They have stood the test of time and should stay, would the offices and other buildings they may intend to build flood like Meadowhall? Why destroy, if they are going to build something there, why not build upto the towers and utilise them for ventilation like someone else said, environmentally friendly heating and ventilation.. AWESOME example of future living using the examples of the past.

Wayne Hague
They ought to be knoked down along with half of Sheffield. Ugly towers for an ugly city.

Not a very nice introduction to Sheffield for first time visitors.

Sharon Russell - USA
OMG! I Can't imagine coming home and the towers not being there!

mark chatterton
They represent a long gone era and should be kept for nostalgic reasons.

Claire Caswell
i think its discusting they are demolishing the towers, they are apart of who sheffield are and anyone living in the area associate the towers with sheffield i for one always think of home when i see them, when i have been away i know im home when i reach the towers on the motorway if there not there then it would a great loss to the city essence and history

knock em down they're an ugly eyesore

Susan Kay
When you see The Tinsley Towers off the M1, it means you are nearly home. It would be nice to see them 'refurbished' so they don't collapse. They are a landmark. Even if they don't look very pretty not everything does! It's a reminder of what used to be there and sometimes we need it. I mean Tinsley looks Fab now, but there's hardly any reminders of the industry and steel works that used to be there. We need a reminder to see how far we've come. If the Parkhill flats can be a listed building why can't the towers be used for something? They don't need to be inhabited or anything, just used as a statue or something as part of a development. The landscape will be very different without them!

Pat Harley
The pros and cons should be weighed up with the cost of demolition. Our school had a swimming pool demolished and the repair would have been far cheaper than the demolition!

they are corroding bring them down before they fall down

simon leach
the towers should not be demolished they are an iconic structure

I think demolishing these towers show a short-sighted approach to our cultural heritage. It makes you wonder just how much say we have when private businesses are ruling this country.

EON and the council should ask the people of sheffield to vote on this Eon don't own them they just happened too buy company these towers were here long b4 most of us and should stand long after we have gone

Gareth Jones
If Sheffield wants to progress and compeat with Leeds and Manchester as a major northern City, these need to come down. Sheffield is working hard on changing its image, and I'm affraid run down old structures is not part of the new plan/

As a child growing up in the shadow of these giants, I always felt they violated the landscape. Their loss would allow the sun to shine in the place where only shadows had been cast during the industrial years. Allow local children to choose that happens to the site. Afterall, both Sheffield and Rotherham's children will inherit the land...

Paddy McCormick, Sheffield
Try some lateral thinking: cooling towers work by inducing a vertical draught; the draught could be increased (during daylight hours) by painting them black. Where is moving air urgently needed? In the Tinsley area to reduce traffic fumes of course. Divert the air from the adjacent roundabouts, via ducts, to the base of the towers and hey presto the fumes are dispersed sky high with no running cost, and environmental kudos all round. It might work.

geoffrey poole
I would like to see the towers developed in a way that can preserve a part of our history.I think too much of our past has been lost to the developers who seem to be hellbent on flattening everything they can get there hands on,surely this is not the answer,I for one would be sad to see them go.I do have a connection,as my dad worked there a number of years.I have photos I would like to share but dont know where to post them.

John Haywood
Surely it makes more sense for them to be kept as a piece of Urban Art than demolished. As has been said below, the Geordies have their angel, SY can have its cooling towers.

Barry King
Please remove them. A park would be nice. regds

Mikey B
I open my door to see these towers every day. I cant wait to see them go and be able to see across the valley. The are a monument to our past but we must move on. Maybe they could be rebuilt near the Magna. We need to relabel ourselves in new industries, cleaner and safer for the future. The fact that the towers will have gone is an indicator as to this kind of path.

ron lewis
they should stay...what will go in their place? more shops or office space no one needs! perhaps meadowhall should be knocked down instead!

When I see these towers, like many people, I know I am home. That is a good feeling, I dont want it to be taken away from me.

Gary M
The towers should have investment - make them safe and keep them - too many cities are turning into bland faceless places without even a hint of character!

Beth Kirkup
I think that we should keep the tinsly towers because otherwise we would get lost on our way to meadow hall!!

Dont worry, they have been talking about knocking em' down for years, but they are far to near the motorway for it to be done. Long live the towers!!!

Nick Phillips
shame they will go; pass them at least twice a week and they have become a welcoming view on the journey home.

am a student architect at sheffield, and the two cooling towers are and alrady established monument to sheffields' past, of which we should keep and remind ourselves of where we have come! - how can we progress further if we are always 'blacking' out the past? the cooling towers may represent a dirty and less attractive image of what sheffield once was, but we need these reminders to help appreciate what we have now! life is all about balance, you can't value the good, without understanding and experiencing the bad!

Tragic and typical of the councils and companies putting themselves ahead of communities and peoples sense of place and identity. No wonder society's percieved as having anti-social problems, local goverment won't let people hang onto a sense of history with any pride or us it to hope for the future.

Carl Knowles
The towers are a sheffield landmark. You know your home when you see them! I agree with paul, if parkhill can be a listed, why carn't these? The sheffield council should be ashamed of themselfs. Then again there too busy with the traffic wardens?

Having left SY a number of years ago.Those towers were sign that i knew i'd come 'home'. If we can keep Park Hill we can keep these towers. Whenever i describe where sheffield is....i always say look out for the cooling towers and turn left!

John Sephton
It's clear that the volume of people wanting to keep the towers and strength of their feelings, vastly out-weighs those who want them knocked down. With the help of Channel 4 and a good idea, the Towers need to be coverted into something inspiring. M1 art is memorable because everyone sees it regularly. It helps represent it's surroundings and in turn generate other developments. Think long-term people. Help save them Go to:

They have been around for a long time and I have got used to them being there. I,m sure if the planners got their heads together they could be put to very good use.

Save them! Paint one blue and white the other red and white - Sorted

Matthew Taylor
I've grown up with these towers and they're an iconic landmark. I'm all for knocking down ugly, unsightly blots on the landscape, (especially those horrendous carbunkles of the 60's etc), but these towers are neither of these things IMO. They are an iconic part of the landscape in which they are situated, part of our industrial history. It would be a shame to see them go

John Robson
Ugly old structures that urgently need demolishing. Not suitable for conversion to an art work. New artwork should be in a different location.

Mrs H Newman
I know I'm home when I see them in the distance when driving down the M1. They are to Sheffield what the Angel of the North is to Newcastle, the difference being the Angel of the North probably cost a fortune to commission. The towers are already there, just need sprucing up.

the towers are part of Sheffield,They've been there all my life.But they look rather ugly.

I love them.. They are far better left up, turned in to works of art .. The land is no good for much either! They are nationally recognised as being a significant part of Sheffield s heritage

Andrew M

I love the towers, I cant believe that contrary to massive popular public demand the towers are going to be demolished, it's an absolute travesty. The campaign to get them turned into art- i heard two vases with giant daffodils in- were inspirational.

Wendy, Sheffield
I had the misfortune to live in Hampshire some years back. The Tinsley Towers were my welcome home banner, my signpost of Sheffield. Please do not destroy this landmark. Fair enough its an industrial eyesore at present but could be turned into a piece of modern art to welcome everyone to a changing city. DON'T DESTROY OUR TOWERS. They may be owned by Eon but they belong to the people of Sheffield!!

James Thompson, Sheffield
The decision to demolish them is absolutely correct. They are an ugly eyesore and only serve to confirm the Sheffield stereotype of an ugly, industrial wasteland. Yes we need a landmark - but let's get a positive landmark, such as a striking new glass-shard skyscraper or a similarly intelligent architectural project. Ugly disused cooling towers do nothing for the city.

Martin Cater
These are the oldest cooling towers still standing anywhere in the UK and for that reason alone they should be preserved as a unique piece of industrial architectural heritage.

Mark Edeson
I think that its appalling that they should knock down such a pair of iconic structures! They aren't doing anyone any harm and havent been for the past 30 years! They are a useful direction aid if you are heading in the meadowhall direction and a welcome site from the motorway.

Don't demolish them please! They're such a comforting presence and vestige of the past. Decorate them, paint them but don't destroy them!

Never liked em, they are ugly and dirty, its time for change, lets stop living in the past and move forward, we are entering a new dawn in Yorkshire, we are now the garden of england and should express ourselves through growth and change, come on Yorkshire!

If we were to commission an artistic monument to Sheffield's proud history, it would probably look something like this anyway. Keep them!

John D.
They represent the old concrete hell hole sheffield used to be. Get rid of them!!!!!

Dave, Sheffield
I have lived in Sheffield for my whole life and although I never saw them as a working power station, but many people even those outside the city see them as a monument. They are a monument to the cities industrial heritage, how else would the factories have got their power. Also with pressure on closing other coal power stations there is an architectual need to preserve these buildings (After all thats why Park Hill Flats are listed). They can co inside with Magna and the River Don to show the two main power sources that drove Sheffield through the industrial revolution.

Gordon Lawton
It is sad to hear that the towers are going. I have lived in Australia for the past 40 years and have revisited Sheffield quite a few times. The towers are at least something left from the Sheffield I grew up in. Although Tinsley is very strange to me now the sight of the towers always gives me a sense of knowing I am not completely lost.

michael, Brightside Sheffield
old grey cooling towers from a long gone power station are not a posative symbol for a modern city.

I have spent the last 59 years(on sunday)looking at them and to me they are "HOME".They wre there long before the M1 and before most of your readers will remember so why do we have to lose our heritage so some young up and coming hopeful can say they wre responsible for getting rid of them.Why don't all you planners go and make you mistakes some where else and leave us in Wincobank alone.

Ewan (9)
They're really special and make Sheffield, Sheffield.

Keith Sheppard
They're part of our heritage, the "Welcome Home" mat to millions. They're doing no harm and will leave a hole in many peoples' memories if they go. We must keep them.


I don't think they should be demolished they are a landmark of Sheffield. The land around them could be tidied up and made more attractive

I really like the cooling towers, they are like big beacons marking my entry into Sheffield on the train when I visit my sister, I would like to see them turned into fantastic lighting installations somehow expressing their past use, and by doing this expressing the evolving & interesting city.

keep them! they are our landmark - we direct people by them! art them up instead of pulling them down.

I live in Canada. Everytime I come home for a visit I see these towers on my journey to and from the airport. They serve as a reminder of the past. Of hard work and community. I will miss them as a land mark of home. Somtimes the modern demolish everything, put somthing else there, is not always the best idea. you can't buy the memories these towers have. gill, Canada

Its better to build a beautiful landmark, which can win tourist attraction than preserving the unuseful towers

It's the viaduct which is the problem and eye sore, not the towers.

Frank Ledwood
The cooling towers are a "famous" landmark and should be kept intact.

k m quinn
Why not paint them silver. and have the words STAINLESS STEEL MADE IN SHEFFIELD as a tribute to Sheffild's history.

Tom, S2
Sheffield City Council and every other body concerned with redeveloping the area, be they public or private are determined to erase any thing that displays the traditional character of the are. A "lets be more like Leeds and Manchester" policy is about the extent of the abmbition shown. How can you market a city when you choose to obscure it heritage rather han celebrate it. We may as well by Milton Keynes, and at least they've got concrete cows. Sheffield was built on heavy industry and its an insult to the people who worked in the steel mills. pits, factories to attempt to obscure this by removing all trace of our proud industrial past. Hitler bombed most of Sheffield architechtural links with the past, seems like this will finish his work. I'm with Paul Marley on this

it change for the sake of change. they should be "listed", if they can list "park hill flats" then this should come higher on the list.

i feel the demolision is wrong, yet another piece of south yorkshire history going, sheer vandalism!!!!!!!!!!

I now live down south and everyone who has seen them laughs at them there ugly and a joke, knock em down.

Lynz, Sheffield
The towers are part of the view of Sheffield i sit and look at during my lessons in the Arts Tower at Sheffield University. The view just won't be the same without them.

Home sweet home, thats what i say when come home from an holidy down south. !!LONG LIVE SALT N PEPPER!!

gary faxon
The towers have been a land mark for years for me and i am 25 and my mother always called them salt and pepper pots. And now i have a son and he is 3 and every time we drive past them he now gets excited and calls them salt and pepper pots too.I have just found out they are coming down and it will be a very sad day for me and my son when it happens. And for what can replace them in my eyes nothing they are a local peace of sheffield history and will be missed by not just me and my son but by millions of people all around.

Like so many comments they represent'coming home'! I would like to know what is to be built in their place or is it just another excuse to have a blast!

Why do they have to go? The represent the workshop that Sheffield/Rotherham used to be... and they certainly make an iconic statement.

The Towers are a sign you are in Sheffield, people look for them heading south on the M1. They are a sign for Meadowhall from both directions. They are a land mark and an industrial change marker for the whole region. Most of all. They are ours. A Sheffield Sign. "Head for the towers and go south to London". "Head for the Towers and go North for Leeds"

Ian Chapman
When Rotherham lost its cooling towers, I didn't miss them one bit. It was a relief to see the eyesores gone. I'm sure the majority of people in Tinsley and beyond will soon get used to them not being there. The site is too near to the sewage site to be of any commercial use. Perhaps it would be used as another overflow car park for the 'Meadowhall Shopping Centre'. Maybe the viaduct will be next?

Can't believe after all the campaigning they only announced they were being knocked down the day after the towers got granted the prize money, the towers recieved more votes in support than any other site in the country, we could have made something new out of something old, thats what we're good at... where it all began.

Martin Bailey
We are affected by our past and the towers represent the difficult work and toil carried out by generations of Yorkshiremen. However, perhaps now is the time to move on and show the rest of the UK we live in a dynamic and forward thinking region.

Chris Jackson
An eyesore and long overdue for coming down - no sentiment there for me.....Build something more useful

Craig Massey
I have family near Meadowhall and my son always we are close when we see either the 2 large cranes or the 2 cooling towers. It will be sad to see them gone after all these years.

Keep them, they look better and have more history than the Angel of the north, lets see what C4 have planned for them

Mark Nixon
Admittedly they're not exactly the Angel of the North, but they detract from the "meadows" behind them and thousands have grown to love them. I prefer to be reminded of Sheffields industrial achievements, not it's love of shopping ie Meadowhall

gary john noble
Has anyone put any thought into building two office towers as close to the shape of the cooling towers as possible then everone would be happy i am sure some large companys would pay big money for the location ( air conditioning would be needed because of the sewage plant )but the companys would not need to advertise so close to so much passing trafic.

They are not a representation of sheffields industrial past - they are from a power station - many of which exist elsewhere- they are not individual to sheffers! They are not a part of our history we need to keep

Landmark? There are cooling towers all over the UK and although they do greet you home to sheffield they are an eye sore and should go

Helen Saxby
I now live in Canada, but would hate to see them go. I use to look out to them every day from my back yard. PLEASE don't get rid of them....Thanks from Canada

stephen dexter
they are a land mark for sheffield and south yorkshire

What, no one ever seen a cooling tower before?

Totally not safe, I reckon they should be turned into a huge visitor attraction like the earth centre in Conisborough.

Sheffield is noted for its beautiful examples of 60s and 70s architecture, knocking one of these down would be outrageous, after all, you wouldn't knock down St Pauls in London, and the Tinsley Towers are Sheffield's equivalent.


Lee Burke
The two towers are a national northern monument and need to be kept.

Knock em' down bloody eyesore

Craig Smith
You know you are home when you see the Towers. They are a real 'Welcome to Sheffield'. Keep them and make them a land mark.

Dee Vincent-Day
To me the Tinsley towers are a great Sheffield landmark. I would hate to see them go. I know I am home when I see them.

KEEP EM!!!!!! They are what keep Sheffield unique to passing motorists.When people are travelling along the M1 motorway, when they come round the corner and see those towers they will know exactly where they are:SHEFFIELD!!!!! LONG LIVE THE TOWERS!!!!!!

I think they're proper lejj. My mate Fraser and I want to buy one each and play Badminton across the gap. Only problem is that we're gonna need good vision AND strong right arms!

when I drive up the M1 and see the towers they say 'welcome home'. I know I'm back in good old Sheffield!!

Jane from Rotherham
KEEP THE TOWERS - whenever I have been away and I see the towers I know I am home they are a symbolic piece of Sheffield/Rotherham landscape - let them stay

Linda Campbell, Sydney, Australia
Please keep them, they are a beautiful piece of architecture and when I visit my home town Sheffield, I know I am home when I sight them off the M1, quite close to where I used to live.

D J Barker
They are not exactly "pretty" but they are a welcome site when you've been away from the city. They are an integral part of the Sheffield & Rotherham skyline that let you know you're "home" & for that reason they should stay.

dont knock them down,theres no reason to knock them down,also how can you knock them down with a motorway too close.sorry but they should stay...

John Trollope
I believe they were erected in first world war,and have ben part of my life since growing up in Templeborough in 1940's as we keep Mill Chimneys in west Yorks to retain the historical aspect of the woolen towns so shud we retain the Cooling Towers as they are representative of Sheffield and its industrial past

These Towers have become a part of SHEFFIELD, people look for these towers when they come off the motorway into Tinsley or Rotherham. The towers have become a monument and will be sadly missed. i know that after coming back to sheffield , people do look for these towers when coming off the motorway for tinsley. they are an icon.


I think they should be knocked down and the whole of the land round them turned into something useful. Build something useful as a landmark for Sheffield not keep something defunct.

A Cunningham
If they do get knocked down, they'll only build them new crap house's there. I would like them to be made into a landmark like they did with the angel of the north up Newcastle

Barry Stephenson
The Towers are a landmark which should be cleaned up and saved.The surrounding land is never going to be used for anything other than storage for the army of workmen who have been working on "repairing" the viaduct since the day it was built..

The towers are a symbol of Sheffield, and its ambitious past. Many people say that they symbolise the decline of the city's industry, but in fact they symbolise everything that Sheffield was about. It will be a sad day when the towers are demolished


The towers are a fantastic example of industreal engerneering but aare extremely ugly to a already scared land there for they should be demolished.

I think the towers should be they are a piece of history to sheffield and other local areas. if they do get knocked down..they probably will only build houses on they are doing everywhere else...which are an EYESORE.....everywhere you look these days there seem to be houses...SO KEEP THEM......


Vicky Fox Melbourne, Australia
I used to drive by the towers everyday on my way to work. On a recent trip to Sheffield I was suprised to see them still there. I think they are a constant reminder of how Sheffield used to be. Some things should be remembered, for a variety of reasons.

These fantastic towers are synonymous with Sheffield and could generate a great deal of positive promotion to Sheffield and Rotherham if turned into a good piece of public art. They do no harm whatsoever where they stand as long as they are maintained properly. Interesting that right at this moment, now they made the Channel 4 shortlist, the owners have to make the 'demolition' statement. Sheffield and Rotherham Council's should ensure these icon landmarks will be given a new lease of life.

Adrian Smith
The towers are a welcome site to me as I pass them to and from work.They would be sadly missed as the cooling towers make a good navigational landmark. They also brighten up a more dull part of the city. KEEP THEM STANDING!

And will the next conservation outcry be to preserve the scented air of Drax powerstation with its lovely sulphurous glow. Old technology, ugly concrete. Get with the twenty-first century

PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T KNOCK THEM DOWN!! These beautiful towers are iconic and should remain for future generations to admire. Whenever I have been away from our beloved Steel City, the towers signal that I am home and I would miss them so much if they were demolished. How can we stop this?

They've been going to demolish those towers for years, I'll believe it when it happens. I can understand why the Highways Agency don't want them turned into a piece of art (for safety reasons) but there must be some compromise?

Barry King
Total eyesore. Knock em down. The sooner the better.

Dot Rason
The statement by the owners gave no reason for pulling down the towers. I think they ought to think again. This area by the M1 with it's noise and traffic is no good for housing, With it's proximity to Blackburn Meadows with the smells of the sewerage smells is no good for offices housing and shopping complexes. Keeping them as an impressive landmark would do more their publicity and for the area

What a massive missed opportunity!! surely eon could save demolition costs and get to keep the land?? It seems that finally something with a bit a bit of individuality and imagination gets a break only to be killed of by dull short-sightedness.

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