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13 November 2014

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Radio Sheffield

You are in: South Yorkshire > In Pictures > Radio Sheffield > In Pix: Strictly Dancing for Pudsey

In Pix: Strictly Dancing for Pudsey

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What do you think to the BBC Radio Sheffield presenters in training? Do you have any tips?

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Chris Wright
The following day i managed to raise £200 putting up shelves at my girlfriends to compensate not dancing.

I think I have erected shelves for that guy, for a months rent of course.

Hank Bresler
Lisa & Colin, what a Gorgeous couple - go guys, From uncle Hank in Mozambique!!

Melanie King
Congratulations Lisa, you danced like a fairytale princess. Love from your other' dance teacher melanie xx I am so proud of you and Colin xx

Gini West
Natalie did so well in the competition ...that girl can jive....and I should know.. Well done to Paulette too, loved the boa!!!!!

tony masons arms chezzy
howie you just look like your kevin after a training stint well done any way

Linda Scott
Good luck Emily and Rony we will be cheering you on

Amanda Kim
A great idea - good luck to all involved!

Elbow up, back straight, smile and music. One-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-and–three-spin. Well, something like that anyway. Best of luck next week Lisa. You are the best! 10 10 10 10

Excellent. Please give my son Colin my best wishes from his father in Botswana, Southern Africa.. Lisa is fantastic. A very noble cause. I am proud to be associated with it.

Melanie King
Lisa, relax and have fun! Your Ballroom dancing is coming on nicely! xxx

Marion Chesterfield
Well done keep on dancing.

It's true, your male presenters have fantastic faces for radio !!!! Seth really burst the bubble. I will never listen to praise or grumble again with the same image !!!!

Gail Bradway
Go go Paulette, you got rythm! Why are some pics blurred, was the photographer laughing too hard?

Howie try senokot for the constipation. It looks as though Ronay's tried it and it's about to work! Why not do an extra show?GOOD LUCK

Kevin Gallagher
Good Luck to our beautiful daughter Lisa, Me and your Mum will be there on the night. Love Dad. xxx

Colin Sturges
Go for it Colin (Stepson) an Lisa, already looking great!

Howard pressman!! Your photo with your dancing partner is very professional and a huge WOW! What strength! Well done Howie. Go Howie go! Xx mo

Mo aka granny Mo
Wow - i`m worn out just looking at those photo`s - You should all be winners after all the effort and hard work you`re putting in - well done to all I say from the youngest to the oldest and that must be Howie `cos Rony`s only 37 !! xxx Mo

Colin Frith
Good luck Lisa. Dont panic, you wont let myself or Melanie down. Just enjoy yourself!!!

Carol Robson
Looking forward to a lovely evening. Best wishes to everyone, but I will be cheering for Rony.


Clare Frisby
Spin it and win it Lisa-loo! You've always had perfect timing ...can't wait to see you in your pink ball gown. Don't hold back on the sequins'll look stunning! Clare xxxx

Lisa Gallagher
Thank you for the comments of support so far. My teachers, Melanie and Colin, are the most patient people I have ever met and I just hope I don't let them down on the night!!

willy of chessy
hi r best wishes to you and all the team and backup personel doing strickly sorry not able to come as worki once again all the bestng.hope we will see you all on tv

Lisa is so graceful and elegant, a beautiful dancer!

amanda gallagher
Best of luck Rony and Emily keep dancing x x we'll be cheering for you on the night x x x

Nancy Pincott
good luck on the night Emily and Rony love Nannan and Grandad

andrew bedell (andrew the picture framer)
Good luck to everyone.

Buba Mohammed Suleiman
this is wonderful for BBCs workers

linda scott
Rony,Keep watching Emily she is brilliant, especially as she is my cousins's daughter. Good luck to you both on the night.

Andy @ inkXpress
Don't give up your day job!

emily and rony all the way!

Well done Rony you did fantastically well!

Lisa isn`t doing too bad with her x line,but she does have a good instructor there

chris wright
that guy looks older than me!! cupcakex

You are in: South Yorkshire > In Pictures > Radio Sheffield > In Pix: Strictly Dancing for Pudsey

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