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24 September 2014

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Park Hill

You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Park Hill > Park Hill: the building

Park Hill: the building

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Whether you lived or worked on Park Hill, or just viewed it from afar, tell us your memories of the estate.

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Kay Hardy
My parents were the landlords of the Link Hotel . This was supposed to be the link from the old to the new . We literally moved from the Sun Inn South Street into the brand new pub. It was always so warm and there was always lots of hot water. we loved the disposable sink unit Someone in the pub lost her teeth down there. I now live in the Bahamas but i have very fond memories of Park Hill. I was also The Star Gloops Queen with Aunt Edith!!!!! My parents are both dead but my brother still lives in Sheffield .

mitchell butt
i remeber in the early 80s drugs became around and i kept my children in doors

Loren Millward
I remember feeling very safe and happy there as a child in the 1960s and the place was full of friends to play with on the many open spaces, climbing frames and parks. The flats were warm and full of light and had a very real sense of community.

Elizabeth Cleaver
I had loads of mates that lived on the flats i lived on norfolk rd.they used to walk me home from the roxy on a saturday nights,one night i fell over the wall on south street which had steep drop on the side i fell off my high heels while holding a chip butty nobody noticed i was missing for at least 5mins when they came runnig back.but it was alright i hadnt dropped my butty.great days in the early 80s

paula gregory
i was born 1963 i lived on grafton st opposite duke st baths n library i moved on parkhill at 15 wen they demolished my street i went 2 school on parkhill and hung around on flats n it wa great lookin at all old photos brings back memories my cousin worked at dempseys on pavement do u remember weighin scale at market wer carpark was near norfolk arms

michelle jones longhenry row.
parkhill wot memories. great community,great school great people.we lived near pavement. still look at flats when i go past

pauline hague
I lived on long henry row for 24 years what happy memories & good times. Parkhill was the place to be way back then.

That looks like Dixon Lane looking from the flat to the Hay Market. The pub up the lane towards the top of the picture looks like the Norfolk Arms.

went to parkhill primary school in the 80' brothers ishfaq istiaq fatty and berry we all went and enjoyed our selfs at parkhill known as the naji family.

Anthony Crookes. (T)
how times change. hi Lee Bouldin, (the ginger ninja! what times we had hey m8!lol)I sat on the roof of the flats like all the naughty kids did, and felt as if i was surveying my kingdom from the heavens above. what an amazing feeling. we knew those flats inside out, nowhere was out of bounds, we wre under the flats, above the flats, in the flats obviously, and through the ducts ythat ran between tha flats from below ground to the rooftop. No wonder Clarky could never find us on there innit. lol.

Diane Crossland
pic 3 wat a picture!great to see as i always went to dempseys for all my shoes as did my brothers and sis,when i had my own family i was in a flat on long henry row just above the shops,its very interesting to view these

Margaret McNeil
I taught at the Grace Owen Nursery for a year before leaving to have my first baby.I will always remember the great kindness of the community and staff.

Past Resident
I was brought up here and whilst I had an enjoyable childhood, I have used these pictures to show my kids why they need to work hard at school.

Howard Humphries
Can people remember the caretaker of the fLats in the late 50's & 60's..Walt White.He use to scare us half to death tellin us off for playing on the grass or making a noise playing Kick Can

Howard Humphries
We moved on Gilbert Row in 1959,moving out of the old Park area to make way for Hyde Park Flats.Having an indoor bathroom was novel for my mother.I had a bath every night instead of the old tin bath on Friday nights in shared water.God how my mother struggled trying to get my balaclava off.

zaida najib
i went to park hill primary school.for a few years i was taught at that school

Kay fenwick
Oh my god! theres loads of old faces i remember and names aswell, especially the damaged photo of the school netball team, recognise a few faces on there,they were the best times ever every day was an adventure for the kids.

the building that runs across to the right was known as "The Penthouses" I can't remenber their actual name, My friends Carol Spurr and Deborah Harrison lived on them...

I attended the Victorian built School which was awesome!!! My siblings attended the modern building which replaced it.

Kevin Dewhurst
Lived on the hyde park in the early 60's

the photo asking what is on the right - its Sky Edge...

this photo is on the side of the primary school i can remember when they did it!!! we all had to chip in and the 90's was on the bottom of the school where the reception kids where...i havent sin this for years ha ha!

Linda dodworth
looking for the man who use to run the newsagents neal in 1995 the pavement parkhill sheffield where has he gone now

The two brown set of flats with landings on the front used to be called the bard street flats, they are still there but with a new exterior. The long row of flats across the picture are hyde park terrace they are still there except for the the set below hyde park flats. The hyde park flats thats in the picture is no longer there, this was this biggist block which was demolished in the late eighties early nineties. All that remain of hyde park flats is the smaller block which have been remodenised and wouldnt be in this picture

natalie handisides
I lived on park hill flats till i was 14 they were the best years of my proud to say im a parkhillion through and throgh

susan windle
my daughter,natalie in photo 30.the angels at park hill primary,she is 2nd on the left.what lovely memories these photos bring back.

carol memmott
i was born on parkhill flats in 1967 and left when i was 18. They were the best days of my life, there was never a dull moment. I remember playing kit-can court, delavio and two balls. The flats were a safe place to be , i remember my dad leaving the door open all night.

Martin Hickson
I loved the photos. Brings back memories for me. My family and I lived on Duke Street side, Hague Row. I went to the old primary school and delivered the area that is why I know that on photo 40 the buildings that run across to the right are Hyde Park Walk and Hyde Park Terrace.They are still there but may be under a different name. They were extensively refurbished and re modelled in the 90's.

i was sa student at park hill and alwas will be 1960

gary walker
lived on parkhill from being born till i was 21 and they were the best years of my life. my mum dot worked in the newsagents for years and years. you couldnt ask for a better community spirit anywhere. the mates i made there and the people who lived there were the best ever snd there ought to be some sort of reunion. resoect to you all you are all legends

Rose Scarrott
As Rose Payling I spent ten happy years teaching at Park Hill First School,I introduced my German friend to my class and they promptly demanded to know where his gun was! This was in the 1970s.

Chris Hamer
My parents Roy and Mavis were managers of "The Parkway" in 1962. At that time it was a "Hope and Anchor Brewery" pup. I went to City Grammar School on Leopold Street walking through towen every day. My first record was bought at Violet May's at the bottom of Duke Street. I also used to help the Fletchers Bakery truck round the landings on Saturday mornings.Tub butter from Gower and Burgens on The Pavement.Moved to The Everest at Ballifield later in the 60's.

Mick Burkinshaw
Photo 37, one of the finest chippies in the world;the other 2 were across the road behind Dempseys´ & the Barracuda further up Duke St.

debbie porter
i remember sunday dinners at the parkway

picture 16 is view down duke st showing low st on left.The low flat roof was Gunstones bakery garagethe bakery was behind.The large tower on left was the old ice house building Mudfords marquees used it up to it being demolished for the park sq r/about

russ goddard
lived on long henry row in 70's & early eighties. We used to go in the scottish queen public house when terry coggles had it, many good memories.

Dave Oxspring
We lived in Park Hill flats from 1959/1960 until 1961. I went to the old Primary school seen in several of the other pictures before we moved to the Manor Park. We left Sheffield in 1992 and get totally confused with the city centre on my rare visits back home.

What a great selection of old photos! I remember having a great time playing on all those swings and slides and the roundabout when i was little.

You are in: South Yorkshire > Places > Park Hill > Park Hill: the building

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