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24 September 2014

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Gatecrasher Fire

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Tell us about your good times at Gatecrasher/ Republic...

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I used to go to Gatecrasher at Bakers in Birmingham. Didn't know it had burned down as I moved to London and don't go out any more.

Started going in 1998 at its peak, have very fond memories of Crasher probably the best club in the UK.

Tom A.
I can't believe the waste bin survived! This happened 3 days after I flew out to Michigan, otherwise I would have been right next to the almighty club in Exchange Works.We will miss you Gatecrasher, long live your memory and lets hope to see you back on top soon.

I don't know what these people are on about. Usually this place was full of idiots! It will not be missed by a lot of people

Mikey F
Me and my wife fell in love there in 1997, after Gatecrasher moved from The Adelphi (which was awesome too).

Dave M
Had many great nights at the former Republic nightclub. Last went around 2 years ago and most memorable was seeing Italian dj Mauro Picotto at the GC club night who ripped an incredible 6 hour techno set. Also all the special nights like GC Red & Black, White & Black, etc!

karl walford
I've had the best nights of my life at gatecrasher it has to be rebuilt.

Natalie (Manchester)
Absoloutly gutted - the first time I went to Gatecrasher was in 2001 and there isn't another place like it.Bring back Crasher like it used to be!! :)

kirsty stephenson
gatecasher was a blast def the place to be for a good time and a party,X

sophie delaney
well wot can i say am gutted it was my 2nd home for 3yrs was there every wend and stil enjoy a good tomp there now so get well u 4 everxxxxxxxxx

the gatecrasher was mint and i will miss it gutterd lol

Matt & Lisa
Gutted to use the pun, we have some really great memories over the last 10 years of Gatecrasher and we were very shocked to hear the news.Can't erase the memories though, they will always be with us.

tony g
gutted , my spitual home destroyed, what more can i say.been going there for 10 years and it will always be with me .

Danielle S5
OMG where are we going to go now!!! by far sheffields best nightclub!!!

kati hamer
i loved gatecrasher one it was a really wicked night the last time i was there on friday!


s j d
too many but the lats will alwas be memorable pvd back to his best

Had some of the best nights of my life here at crasher. Hope they rebuild it the same so I can have many more. Clubland just won't be the same without crasher

I've not got any good memories only bad ones, i'm glad it burnt down, the place was full of bigheaded lads and snobby girls who think there it.

Too many good times to say! A club which will be sorely missed!

stephanie powell
Cried when i heard the news!feel like a part of me has died...been goin there for years,its terrible. Could always go there and see someone iv not seen in ages!gutted!Bring it back as soon as possible!..i call for a collection! xxx

So many of the happiest times of my life were in Gatecrasher. I put the flowers there to say thank you and speak for hundreds of thousands around the world who loved the club, the music, the amazing lights and the spirit of true trance lovers as I did; for those who were not fortunate enough to be able to say goodbye as the smoke billowed up, or view the charred ruins and remember ........You will always be with us!

Never went to proper Gatecrasher but we used to go to Jigsaw there on Tuesday nights in 2000-2003 and it was mint. The Scratch Perverts always used to play. Also we used to never know where it was - how to get there or how to get home - it seemed like it was in the middle of nowhere back then. I've worked it out now though!

I partied at crasher about 10 years ago. Driving from Boro on a Saturday, getting changed in the train station, being first in the que and the last one out - they were just the best. Cannot wait to see you bigger and better, if that's at all possible xxxx

it was the best nightclub ever! floorfillers on a saturday are the best nights i've ever had! it will be sadly missed, and dance music will suffer for it!! RIP Republic! nat

Laura Burke
look at the biiiiiiiiinnn what a legend!!!! hes a warrior truely a hero!!!! x x x x

Luke Thomas
I'm absolutely gutted about Gatecrasher! I met my girlfriend there just over a year and a half ago and we havn't hd a chance to go back there again now : ( I do think Gatecrasher had got away with not having a refurb for quite a while though cos the club nights there were so good it didn't matter about the state of the venue! Hopefully they will rebuild a bigger better Gatecrasher more fitting for their quality nights out! Gatecrasher

looks like it all went Pete Tonge :)

You are in: South Yorkshire > In Pictures > Music > Gatecrasher Fire

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