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13 November 2014

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Credit Crunch

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People and pants

Pants are doing ok

Hit by the Crunch in SY: Page 6

It's November 2008 and it's not all doom and gloom - pants and pawnbrokers are doing a roaring trade in these credit crunch times! Property's still not looking so good though...

Charity shops hit by the crunch

Charity shops are really struggling through 2008 because they can't get enough second hand stock.

Karen Britton the Head of Retail at St.Luke's hospice in Sheffield came in to BBC Radio Sheffield to speak to Toby Foster about the charity pinch...


An unexpected effect of the credit crunch... an online shop selling men's underwear based in Worksop say business is booming. 

James and Jane Keightley run 'Giggleberry' and they reckon their sales could have increased by up to 40%.

They say since the economic downturn people are more likely to surf the net than hit the high street - and say their gold shiny pants have been a particular hit.

People are evidently still looking for luxuries amidst the doom and gloom.


There was once a stigma attached to the traditional pawnbrokers shop, but with times getting tough, the security of banks looking shaky and the lack of other available loans, more and more people are seeing the pawn shop as an alternative to a high street bank.

We visited a pawnbrokers in Sheffield. Read the article and listen to the interview.

Property - the top end of the market

It used to be said that you needed £6,000,000 to live the life of a millionaire - but house prices are dropping and that big mansion you've always dreamed of might just be within your budget.

BBC Radio Sheffield's Dan Johnson took a look round a five bedroomed, double garaged house in Fulwood with great views, a lovely garden and even a cottage for the gardener.

Andrew Winter from Blundells estate agents told Toby Foster that he's worked in the business for 30 years and through two previous recessions, but this is the "worst and longest" he's seen.

"Usually even in recession a house like this flew off the shelves, but not now. Even these sorts of houses have seen significant price reductions - from over £1m to nearer £850,000 - a 15-20% reduction in price."

Listen to the full interview:

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created: 16/10/2008

You are in: South Yorkshire > Credit Crunch > Hit by the Crunch in SY: Page 6

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