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13 November 2014

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Radio Sheffield

You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield > Wendy Middleton: News

Wendy Middleton

Wendy Middleton

Wendy Middleton: News

Wendy works on BBC Radio Sheffield, she is often the voice of news and can be seen darting across South Yorkshire. She's very nosey and openly admits it, find out more about the person who wants to know more...

I work in the newsroom here at BBC Radio Sheffield. My job is all about talking to people and finding out what is going on. I then decide the best way to turn it into good radio.

The news to me

It’s all about what is interesting and relevant to the people listening, which even includes me. I try to find out what is going on here, there and everywhere and across the world. If it’s relevant then I want to hear it.

Deciding the news

I don’t really decide what goes in the news, I am deciding what is left out. What is more interesting - this or that? That’s more interesting than that and so on. By the end of it you have what you hope is an interesting news bulletin.

What makes good news?

It’s all about making use of radio. I use other people’s imaginations by using sounds so they can paint the pictures. It has to catch your attention and make people think, ‘ooh that’s me!’

Changing people’s lives

We don’t set out with the intention to change people's lives but I do think it does. People hear something and it makes them think. It might even make them react to something that they’ve heard, whatever it maybe.

Why do you love your job?

The fact you meet so many different people and talk about a lot of different issues. I like the fact that I can justify my own personal interest in news stories with my job. Oh, and we get to have the radio on at work!

I love SY

If there’s an interesting story, we go. People across the whole of this area are different. My job takes me across the whole of South Yorkshire and my focus isn’t narrowed. I’m just nosey, I can stick my nose in, wherever.

Am I nosey?

Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be a journalist. It’s all about overhearing people’s conversations. It’s all about saying, ‘Ooh that was interesting, what was that all about?’ Seeing posters on the wall, all of those things are what have made news stories. We follow them up here at BBC Radio Sheffield and it’s turned out to be a story.

No limits

Having a microphone is a piece of armour. The microphone is a passport, you can just go along and say ‘I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to go there’ and before you know it you’ve passed police tape and you’re around the corner or backstage.

A microphone can get you places that otherwise you wouldn’t be allowed. My job is to make it sound as if the listener is with us, by way of telling the story to them.

Working for the BBC

It’s exciting and challenging. I like it at BBC Radio Sheffield because we’re a good bunch of people. We have a good laugh and a joke but we always get the work done. It’s a big organisation and you can achieve a lot through the contacts that working here brings. On a day to day basis we’re really connected to the people around SY. We are right here and representing the BBC. You have to be an ambassador and it can make you feel proud. That does sound like a party political broadcast, I know but it’s just so good!

If you have a story for Wendy, you can email her direct or call the BBC Radio Sheffield newsroom on 0114 2675440.

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You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield > Wendy Middleton: News

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