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13 November 2014

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Radio Sheffield

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Kate Bradbrook

Kate Bradbrook

Kate Bradbrook: News

Kate Bradbrook is one of the forces behind BBC Radio Sheffield's news room. Find out what she does when the microphone is turned off and what she does when it is back on again...

Her job

Reporting, newsreading and producing Howard Pressman’s programme and setting up his guests.

I love the fact that when I come in in the morning I don’t know what I’m going to be doing. I could be sent out, meeting people I’ve never met before. It is never a dull moment.

Covering the emotional and difficult stories

I interviewed a woman from Barnsley whose son was in prison because he stabbed somebody. The interview was very emotional, you could understand what she was saying and how she felt. It was just an amazing story.

When I started this job, it was difficult approaching people. Now it feels quite easy, you have to put people at ease about whatever you are going to talk to them about. You have to understand what they are saying and sometimes help them to say it in a way which’ll sound good on radio.

You have to be natural, friendly and give people time, reassuring them that you won’t make them sound stupid on the radio.

The stories

I was the Barnsley reporter for a period so I did a lot of stories around there. I’ve covered the aftermath of the floods and I was walking around people’s houses 12 months on.

I also get to work on some fun stories, I’ve been around the streets asking members of the public for their opinions on a certain story. For example, what they think about the Yorkshire accent and Barnsley going to win the FA cup. I also cover very serious stories too, murders. The job really does vary.

When writing the news we make sure there is a mix of stories, from what is happening locally to across the world. There are sometimes some lighter stories at the end, it’s always good to give people a chuckle in the news.

Wobbly career moments

I was once covering a court case and a camera man tried to pull my arm out of its socket, which wasn’t very nice. (We’re guessing he wanted Kate out of the way?)

I’ve had a coughing fit on-air. Once though, I lost track of time and nearly forgot to read the news bulletin. I ran into the studio, out of breath and trying to put headphones on whilst I was talking. I just forgot, how embarrassing. I’ve not done it since!

I love SY

The people are friendly, I moved from down south years ago and one of my first memories is of a woman who ran up to me in a supermarket and said, ‘You’ll never guess what, the baguettes are 2p! Do you want me to get you some?’ Wow it was so nice, you can talk to anybody and anyone’ll talk to you.

Life outside

I don’t really have a life outside of Radio Sheffield (she chuckles) when I’m not here though you’ll catch me in the gym on the treadmill and unashamedly watching BBC News on the TV, maybe in the pub or doing housework. I don’t actually have a life!

If you have a story for Kate you can email her direct or call the BBC Radio Sheffield newsroom on 0114 2675440.

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You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield > Kate Bradbrook: News

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