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29 October 2014

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You are in: South Yorkshire > SY People > Profiles > Adam Duffy: Rising Snooker Star

Adam Duffy, snooker player

Adam Duffy, snooker player

Adam Duffy: Rising Snooker Star

19-year-old Adam Duffy from Eckington has been awarded this year's Paul Hunter Snooker Scholarship; he's being funded for a year a the World Snooker Academy at the Institute of Sport - a prestigious honour.

:: May 2008

After Paul Hunter died in October 2006, World Snooker decided to award a young, promising player the chance to train at the Snooker Academy in Sheffield.

In May 2008, it was announced that the winner of the 2008 scholarship was Adam Duffy. BBC Radio Sheffield's Howard Pressman went along to Eckington Snooker Centre where Adam was taking part in a practice session.

:: Listen to Adam's interview with Howie via the link below.

"When I heard I'd got the Paul Hunter Scholarship I was delighted. I've seen how Daniel Wells [winner of the 2007 Scholarship] has been doing since he won it and it's just a delight to win it. I've been dreaming about it for the past month - it means everything to me.

"I've been at Eckington for some time and I really appreciate everything they've done - of course, I'll still be going in now and again!



"I started playing with a mate when I was about 10," says Adam. "I suppose I really got serious about it when I was 14 or 15... that's when I started winning tournaments - it just carried on from there really.

"I'd say Ronnie O'Sullivan's my favourite star player - just the way he floats round the table!

"After my year at the Academy, I'm hoping to turn professional -  and I'm most confident I will do."

Howie asks Adam whether this is a daunting thing - earning money from snooker for the rest of his life...

"No, I can't wait to do it!" says Adam. "I just love playing the game. Having it as my job would be a dream come true. Hopefully one day I'll be playing at the Crucible...

So watch this space for Adam Duffy - snooker star of the future...

:: We'll be providing regular updates on Adam's progress right here where you'll be able to listen to interviews with the hot shot pot shot.

Referee sets out snooker balls

Pre-award (April 2008)

BBC Radio Sheffield's Seth Bennett spoke to Adam Duffy and his dad Kevin before Adam was awarded the scholarship.

They discussed his hopes, his strengths and his weaknesses. Listen to the interview by clicking on the link below.

"I'm an all-round game player. My big strength is my break-building - my long pots. If I had to work on something, it would be my safety."

Adam's dad Kevin agrees that his son is a great all-rounder, but that playing at the Academy will have no end of benefits:

"Just going to the Academy will be worth an extra 14 points a frame - and that's what Adam's coach Dell Hill has told me."

Adam went to Eckington Comprehensive School and he's an Owls fan: "I was alright at football, I did trials for Sheffield Wednesday but I never followed it up, I always preferred snooker.

"My top break this year is 1-4-6. I've had many 1-4-7's in practice but 1-4-6 in competitions. I believe I'll be at the Crucible in two to three years.

Gary Dickinson is acting as Adam's agent and legal representative. He explains why Adam is someone the public will love:

"People love Clinton Woods so much because he's himself, and Adam's like that. He's the most down to earth person you could meet. Underneath his quiet demeanour there's a frightening talent but he's a good family lad and his feet are firmly on the ground."

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You are in: South Yorkshire > SY People > Profiles > Adam Duffy: Rising Snooker Star

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