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29 October 2014

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Seth's Sports Blog 2007

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Barnsley captain Brian Howard celebrates

Brian Howard

Seth's Sport Blog #15

Armed only with a cameraphone and a sense of humour - in addition to his usual microphone and passion for sport - Seth Bennett reports from behind the scenes at the sports events he covers for BBC Radio Sheffield.

Monday, 18 February, 2008


What a weekend!  Well done to Barnsley for creating one of the biggest cup upsets in my time working for BBC Radio Sheffield. It was a huge performance and thoroughly deserved result, I have to admit that I had a pang of jealousy as was sitting in my car hearing Andy Giddings commentating on the game. 

Reds players celebrate with match winner Howard

They are always special moments and you have to savour them as fan, player, manager or commentator. After results like that you always feel happy for the characters you know, like Dave Cooper and Andy Firth who follow the Reds around the country for us, but also for the likes of Brian Howard who is a great bloke and Rob Kozluk who will have no doubt been buzzing on Saturday night. I hope they get the reward of a good home draw with the semi-finals on the line.

Sunday it was the Blades v ‘Boro at Bramall Lane, Kevin Blackwell’s first game in charge and I felt there was a marked difference in not only the play, but the atmosphere too. 

Blackwell happy back at the Lane

Blackwell happy back at the Lane

Blackie got more out of the players in terms of energy and endeavour as well as at times playing nice football.  In terms of style the Blades were a bit more direct, but that did not mean long ball, it was more about getting it into the final third and creating chances.  I think though some in the media described it as boring, I found it enjoyable, it was the kind of performance you can hang your hat on.

Following the game Blackwell looked like he was the cat that got the cream, he was happy and energised.  I can see that some of the players will respond will to him and I imagine that Billy Sharp will be one of them, others may not, but then they will probably fall by the wayside in the coming weeks.  All in all a decent result and performance and there is still certainly something for him to work with.


I got the phone call early Saturday morning that Doncaster Rovers match against Leeds was called off due to the frost.  I was stunned, the fact the temperatures were dropping to -5 were so widely reported I find it hard to imagine that anyone could have missed it.  The Stadium crew decided to only cover one part of the ground with a frost sheet, the shady part that would not get the sun in the morning, ironically I am told that it was that part of the ground was the only bit that was fit for football. 

Doncaster's Keepmoat stadium

Doncaster's Keepmoat stadium

There will be many arguments as to the why’s and wherefores and no doubt the inquest is well underway as to how that can happen.  For me I am not very happy because it robbed of a rare chance to see Doncaster Rovers, I reported on them for the best part of three season and I still have an number of friends at the club and it is always good to see them and work at the Keepmoat.  On top of that it would have been a great game. 

Putting personal thoughts to one side, how much did this cost? The policing will have been used irrespective of if everyone turned up and so that is a massive expense to someone, be that the tax payer or Doncaster Rovers, then you think of all of the pubs that were forced to shut because of the danger of trouble, they remained closed all day, for many it will have cost them their best take of the week and for some of the year, though I partially understand the decision for this, my view is that it is an overzealous measure.

The people that get my goat though are the people who commissioned the Stadium, how to you spend £30m on a brand spanking new stadium and then not spend the extra how ever many hundred's of thousand's of pounds that it takes to put in under soil heating. 

It would have been so easy at planning stage to have had the long term view and put in the facility for a heating system for this very occasion.  I am stunned that this was not done, to me it is like spending a 50 thousand pounds on a brand new car, but then saying, it’s ok I don’t want a sound system, nor do I want air conditioning or a heating system.  You just wouldn’t do it!  I hope that someone is answering some difficult question this week.


Well done to Ian and Melissa Manzano, for the birth of their first child.  As many of you know Melissa is our hockey house wife on Steelers Hockey every week and she has been helping us out with her view on the hockey season and life in Sheffield and we have also found out a bit more about her life and that she was eight months pregnant.

Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team

Sheffield Steelers ice hockey team

Well on Saturday she went in to labour, Ian had to miss the trip to Nottingham, mind you that wasn’t a bad move in the end as the Steelers lost 10-1, 28 hours later Mia arrived and good on the pair of them.  In true fashion Melissa kicked Ian out of the hospital and sent him to play Hull on Sunday and the Dad did his bit by scoring what a great day that must have been for them.

It’s a big week for all in Steelers land on Wednesday night we are in Nottingham for the second leg of the Challenge Cup Final and even though they trail by three goals on aggregate I still have a feeling it could get very interesting, these things usually do.  The whole game will be live and exclusive on Wednesday both here on the radio and around the world on the web. 

Tomorrow should be fun I am going to shoot a preview for Look North with the Steelers so that will be another first to me, fingers crossed it goes ok.

Keep the comments coming!


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created: 18/02/2008

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I take what you are saying about Under soil heating not been put in when the Keepmoat stadium was built, but from what I can gather it was considered in the original plans, but because of costings it was left out. It is easy to jump to conclusions (like we all do)but I suppose we need to gather all the facts before commenting.Keep up the good work.

You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield > Seth's Sports Blog 2007 > Seth's Sport Blog #15

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