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24 September 2014

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Seth's Sports Blog 2007

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Seth's Sport Blog #11

Armed only with a cameraphone and a sense of humour - in addition to his usual microphone and passion for sport - Seth Bennett reports from behind the scenes at the sports events he covers for BBC Radio Sheffield.

Shef Utd v Man City - free kick 27/01/08

Shef Utd 2-1 Man City 27/01/08

Monday, 28 January 2008

Precious Time

It’s been an interesting last 24 hours. I spent yesterday afternoon at Bramall Lane and, lo and behold, the real Sheffield United turned up. 

Maybe that's a little bit unkind, but watching United beat Manchester City was the kind of performance that everyone expected the Blades to be putting in on a regular basis.  If they had played like that for the majority of the season then Bryan Robson would not be under any pressure. 

Luton Shelton and Jon Stead

Luton Shelton and Jon Stead

Interestingly Bryan’s Robson and Kidd were very animated on the touchline which is something I have not noticed on many other games.

As for the performance, United thoroughly deserved to win, even if it took a little help from a random balloon or two. Chris Morgan was immense even though he hadn't played since before Christmas. 

Leigh Bromby and Derek Geary returned to their very best and showed real passion for the cause. Gary Speed and Stephen Quinn showed energy and real strength in the middle of the park, and up front Jon Stead and Shelton worked tirelessly and grabbed a goal each. 

At the end of the game we all left Bramall Lane happy to have seen a good team, and finally seeing the Blades put in a performance that matches their potential. Congrats Bryan and Brian, must have been an enjoyable night for the pair of them.

Manbags for himbos?

One thing I have never really understood is the fashion with footballers to all wander around with man bags. 

I know they'd say they're shower bags, but they are Louis Vuitton. To me that means they're handbags. 

Kevin Cookson and 'manbag'

Red card Cookson! Kick the man bag out of football

It makes me smile when you see these big tough footballers wandering around with these manbags after they've just gone through the rough and tumble of an FA Cup tie like yesterday. 

However the one thing that surprised me is how people around the football club have manbag envy and are delighted to pose with them whenever they can. 

RED CARD Kevin Cookson, one of the press guys at Bramall Lane. I think there should be a new campaign: 'kick the man bag out of football'.

Saturday afternoons

Over the last seven years I've had very few Saturday afternoons off during the football season. You could probably count them on the fingers of one hand. I have to say it's rubbish, just doesn't feel right. 

This Saturday I was not at a game with the Owls getting knocked out of the FA Cup, so Claire and I decided to go to Meadowhall and buy our wedding rings. We'd already picked out the ones we wanted, but had to go and check they fit ok. 

Now I'm a person who doesn’t wear any jewellery - I used to have a St Christopher, but found I snapped the chain twice and so now I don’t wear it... so the thought of wearing a ring just seems strange to me. 

In we went to try on the rings, and found mine cut off the blood to my finger, so they stretched it. I never realised that gold was such a flexible metal, but they stretched it out two or three times. 

In the middle of this process my phone rang, now that has been a problem for me because I broke my phone and had to reset it and now don’t recognise my own ringtone. 

Ex-BBC Radio Sheffield presenter Luke Wileman

Luke, back in the Radio Sheffield days

It was a call from Canada, actually it was Lucky Luke Wileman, who is now working for the The Fan 590 Toronto’s sports radio station. Luke presents their Premiership football programme amongst other things, and I was one of their guests. 

We talked about the FA Cup and the EPL, to be honest I was a little confused when they asked about the EPL teams and how they reacted to the cup. EPL is English Premier League! 

Football does sound funny in North American, but it was nice to talk to Luke and work with him again, even if it was briefly in between deciding whether I should stick with the D shape or go with the court fit. I recommend the court fit; the D shape is a bit like having someone saw into your finger. 

I never thought that it would be so complicated to buy a wedding ring, it is however, though the best value thing that you can buy with regards to weddings. In a world where the prices seem to go up ten fold just cos, the ring seemed good value for money. 

Saturday afternoon at Meadowhall, I found it a thoroughly depressing place to be, I really didn’t enjoy the hustle and bustle with so many people all having nothing to do and wandering around aimlessly. Meadowhall on Saturdays is like a light for moths or my skin to mosquitos, people are attracted to it for no good reason. 

I can’t wait to go to Colchester next weekend and that is the first time I have ever been excited about going to Essex.

Van the Man

I know I'm just meant to be a sports person, but I feel I should share this with you. On Friday night I went to see Van Morrison at the City Hall, which is a wonderful venue for watching concerts. 

Van Morrison and Cliff Richard, TOTP, 1989

Van and Cliff on Top of the Pops, 1989

I know it might not be very cool to say I like Van Morrison, but for me he is one of the best song writers of my life time, he is accepted in North America as a genuine rhythm and blues and soul writer and performer, here he's like your pipe and slippers. 

Who can’t help singing along to Brown Eyed Girl or spelling G L O R I A. Musically he's amazing and can write in so many different styles as well as play four or five instruments during the course of the show. As a front man he's in total charge of his very talented band and they have no clue what's coming next, but by the end of the opening riff they're all in and ready to solo at any minute on Van’s command. 

It was a good night - he played for an hour and 40 minutes and barely paused for breath, came back for one encore and by the time the band and closed the final song I would imagine that he was half way going to his next port of call. It was a fun night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Van is the Man.

Till next time,


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Derek Daniels
SethIts nice to know that there are other men who are lost when their team isnt playing. I enjoy the humour.Can you tell me when the bookings for players becomes nul and void.i have heard its sometime in february.Donny have several players on four bookings and ithink Sean has been clever and worked this out.take care mate.Derek.

Daryl Slinn
Yes Van is the Man seen him a few times and normally have him on in the car, missed the concert on Friday which my father states was very good.Agree with the thought of Meadowhell on a Saturday Seth, heaven only knows how Claire managed to drag you down there.

love it. makes me laugh every time. i enjoyed the wedding ring bit. i didnt know you could get them in different shapes!

You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield > Seth's Sports Blog 2007 > Seth's Sport Blog #11

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