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24 September 2014

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Seth's Sports Blog 2007

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Squash champion Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew

Seth's Sports Blog #9

Armed only with a cameraphone and a sense of humour - in addition to his usual microphone and passion for sport - Seth Bennett reports from behind the scenes at the sports events he covers for BBC Radio Sheffield.

Thursday, December 13 (12 days to Christmas)

The last time I wrote was 8 days ago, just before the Sheffield Steelers beat the Cardiff Devils to progress through to the Challenge Cup final against the Nottingham Panthers. It was a great, great game and the Steelers won 2-0, I love watching professional sport when you see two teams really working for one another and just showing they care about what they were doing.

Randy Dagenais

Dagenais clapping after beating Cardiff

The Steelers fought inch by inch yard by yard for their place in the game, it took Joey Talbot till the third period to open the scoring then Ashley Tait won it in the dying seconds. The rest of the game was really intense and great fun to watch with a lot of chances. 

The good news is we can now go to Nottingham in February to try and win some silverware.  The Steelers Panthers rivalry is a big one and I am sure that it will be another classic over the two legs probably in front of over 13,000 people over both games, not to mention a good audience via the TV.

Rotherham United:::

Looking at the above figure, Rotherham United would kill to think that they were guaranteed a chance of those crowds.  I am really disappointed that the Millers great run up to last weekend hasn't been rewarded with a vastly improved attendances.  The Millers will always struggle to draw a little bit because of their proximity to Sheffield, but I really believe they deserve more than the 3,500 they have been getting. 

The hard core impresses me week in week out and god knows they have had to put up with some rubbish in recent years, but the football is improving and the Millers are playing well. 

The Main Stand at Millmoor pictured in 2006

It is very easy for me to complain about poor crowds because every Saturday I get to sit in decent seats with generally the promise of a warm cup of coffee and a sandwich at half time for free. However I still think it is worth pointing out that it must becoming very difficult for the club to be sustainable. 

I think towns without league football clubs are generally not talked about, football clubs should be an integral part of the community and the Millers should be drawing double what they get.  I think it would be a sad day when Rotherham United start playing within their means as it would be hard to imagine the club being able to afford to be much more than league 2 strugglers on the gates at the moment.  I hope the council will realise how important the Millers are to the town and really get behind them and their bid to build a new home.

Sheffield has another World Champion :::

Sheffield’s Nick Matthew got in touch with me on Facebook to tell me he was in India playing the squash World Team Cup for Great Britain.  Nick is a great bloke who is a mad Sheffield Wednesday fan and someone I enjoy talking to.  What do I know about squash? 

Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew

Pretty much nothing, except that when I have made the attempt to play the court is too small for me, I have the turning circle of an oil tanker and the stopping distance of a space shuttle.  So my squash experience was me arriving several seconds too late to hit the ball and then smashing into the concrete walls.  Ouch!

Nick is ranked number 5 in the world and in parts of the middle east he is a swamped by fans seeking autographs and pictures.  In Sheffield he is just Nick who travels a lot for work, that is for me a really interesting double life.  Funnily enough this weekend Nick is playing in the English Open at the EIS in Sheffield and he is the favourite to win, for the first time I will go down and see him play live, it is meant to be well worth it.  I think the final is 8pm Tuesday evening so if you need to do something to get you away from the Christmas shopping go and have a look.

JT on TV:::

Last Sunday I sat down and watched the BBC sports personality of the year awards, what a great programme, it is one of the things we do very well as a company.  The star of the show was James Toseland who did really well, he finished fourth and was about 700 votes from beating Ricky Hatton to a trophy. 

Toseland at the 2007 BBC Sports Persoanlity Awards

James Toseland

On Tuesday I spoke to him about the whole event and it was great to hear someone who has achieved as much as him sounding like a little kid in a sweet shop.  As for what he did on the night it was very impressive, he arrived on the stage on his Superbike and then wandered over to the grand piano whilst being interviewed, sat down and played a tune he wrote with backing from the BBC Orchestra. 

He may as well have walked on stage and said, “Britain, my name is James, I am bloody brilliant at everything and in the next 12 months me and you are going to have some fun!”  Check out the video of his performance.

Super Cats

A couple of weeks ago Claire eventually wore me down and persuaded me that we need to add to the family.  She was desperate to add a cat into the equation, I have never really been a cat man, but I prefer them to dogs.  Eventually I agreed that we should maybe look into it so we went to Thornbury Animal Sanctuary which is about 10 minutes drive from home.  The second time we went she fell in love with a black and white cat called Lynn, named after the irritating feminist who spent her time in jungle on I'm a celebrity asking men to do stuff for her because she was a woman, made me want to scream! 

Seth and Claire's cats

Seth and Claire's cats

So anyway we went to the office and asked about her and they told us she was a flea ridden stray, who was 5 months old and had been found in a grave yard abandoned.   The only catch was she had to come with her pal Janice (named after the fake faced self titled first ever SUPA model who was also in the jungle.)  Into the cage we went, a month ago I didn't want one cat now I was thinking of getting two. 

Of course I am a big softy and after playing with them for ten minutes I was sold and ready to become Mr Cat owner.   I am now learning the good and bad bits about having cats, our poor Christmas tree has already taken a right hammering. They however lovely but gone are wingey in Lynn and fake Janice, Bobby and Rudy are their names, not really too sure why, but I think it has something to do with American politics.


Can't wait for Christmas, I am the biggest child when it comes to Christmas and so for me having spent last night in the freezing cold standing on a ladder hanging our outside lights, I am starting to get the feeling that maybe I should get out to hear some of the traditional carols at Deepcar and maybe I should go to church. 

I have to say I still enjoy singing a good carol at the top of my lungs. Don't forget you can send your thoughts via the form at the bottom of the site, I would love to hear from you if you have any questions for me or Radio Sheffield Sport.

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created: 14/12/2007

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You are in: South Yorkshire > Sport > Seth's Sports Blog 2007 > Seth's Sports Blog #9

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