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29 October 2014

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You are in: South Yorkshire > History > Memoryshare > Your memories of Radio Sheffield

Rony Robinson

Your memories of Radio Sheffield

Rony Robinson tracks down your memories of BBC Radio Sheffield over the past forty years. Read and listen to them here!

Read and listen to the memories of...

Brendan Ingle

Brendan outside the gym

Brendan Ingle: former boxer, manager and trainer

"We were skint and had to mortgage the house. We put on a show at Bramall Lane, and it rained and rained all week. Radio Sheffield kept plugging and plugging the show - and on the Sunday it was full of sunshine! So Radio Sheffield must have performed a miracle because we finished the show and the place was packed, and we were able to pay everybody, saved our mortgage and got out of trouble!"

Martin Ware: The Human League, Heaven 17, and SWST

"I've been on Radio Sheffield a lot over the years, talking about Heaven 17 and The Human League. Then I became involved in the Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust. Radio Sheffield has always being even-handed about the club and I'm thankful for that."

Mark Aston, Sheffield Eagles Coach and former player

"My memories of Radio Sheffield? The sports reporter Bob Jackson. In the early days of the Eagles he came down every week to interview the team. Bob was very influential in Sheffield Eagles' life."

Dave Berry

Dave Berry

Dave Berry, 1960s legend

"My memories go right back to 1967 - I was a friend and colleague of the Radio Sheffield journalist Bob Simpson who went on to be the BBC's foreign correspondent. We all used to hang out round my flat in Broomhill near the old Radio Sheffield studios on Westbourne Road."

Roy Hearne

"About six years ago, my neighbour had gone on holiday to New Zealand and I was supposed to record the TV programme '15 to 1' for her. I phoned up Rony and appealed on-air to any listener who might have taped it. Within half an hour, we'd found several people who had! Radio Sheffield has given me many hours of listening pleasure, and it was also Rony who talked me into writing poems."

Vanessa, Barnsley

"I remember when the Asda staff at Chapeltown pushed Tony Capstick in a bed into Barnsley market, in his wee-willy-winkie shirt!"

Trevor, Dore

"It was about 1971-2 and I used to take my daughter Carol to Westbourne Road for Janie Grace's 'Hot Pot' programme, along with my boss's daughter Angela Barron (my boss was Ernest Barron, who later became Sheffield Wednesday Director). It was the Lord Mayor's Parade and my firm, Thomas Clarke's Iron Foundry, was asked to provide a lorry for the float. We constructed a float for Hot Pot - with a giant cooking pot, all painted and decorated. The kids and Janie all went on it. It was a lovely day."

Neil Warnock

Neil Warnock at Bramall Lane

Neil Warnock, former Utd manager (now Crystal Palace)

"I've enjoyed the coverage on Radio Sheffield since I was a kid. It's just got better and better over the years - I'm talking about the general coverage, not just the sport coverage. Paul Walker's commentary of Phil Jagielka's goal in the last minute against Leeds was my best moment! I never get fed up of listening to it, time and time again. It sounds like he's sat on something!"

Carol, Bramley

"My Radio Sheffield memory is digging potatoes in the quad with Miss Pritchard. The children were doing a project about working outside. Rony came over for the digging up of potatoes... they hadn't had the experience before - their amazed faces when they dug the potatoes up on-air."

Mike Morfew

Mike Morfew used to the cookery slot on Radio Sheffield at Castle College... he's now director of culinary education at the Culinary Institute of Virginia, USA.

"Rony arrived at the college with a bag of ingredients. It was April Fool's Day so Rony brought one potato and a teabag! Another time, during a heatwave, Rony asked if he could fry an egg on the bonnet of a car - and we did! (although it kept sliding off). And Steph Hazeldine (ex-presenter) also remembers nearly dying on-air when she choked on a lamb noisette!"

Peter Crabtree presenting on BBC Radio Sheffield

Sadie, Barnsley

"My memory is loads of Peters - Peter Crabtree, Peter Cooper, two Peter Harrisons, Peter Mason. People would ring up with requests and Peter Harrison played it on the organ with one hand and the piano with another. It was lovely!"

Lawrence, Rotherham

"I'm a regular on Football Heaven. I remember being sat with Doug Chalmers one night, and on Row Z with Paul, Seth and Andy. There's a great sport team at the moment - so much passion. There's four teams in red and white in this area and I know Paul Walker supports one of those - but I'm not saying which one!"

Rony Robinson (left) and David Blunkett

Carolyn, Crookes

"I used to be on the BBC Local Radio advisory panel and was there when they officially opened the offices at Shoreham Street. I met Greg Dyke and stroked David Blunkett's dog - and met a lot of people from the radio. Everybody was very friendly. Another time I went on a coach trip to Bradford with Tony Capstick and David Markwell - that was a laugh a minute!"

Chris, Conisborough

"Seventeen years ago I was manager at Conisborough Castle. The Civil War Society came to stay for a week. Myself and Rony were walking up the Barbican and it was a wild and windy day. Suddenly the Civil War Society man in charge of the gunpowder let off a huge canon and we both nearly ended up in the moat!"

Rony Robinson

"Radio Sheffield changed my life on three occasions. In the very early days, Dave Sheasby was the education producer and a very good one, the best in the country. He used to give very small amounts of money for local people to write stuff, and he got me involved in it just before my son was born.

Tony Capstick, 1960s

Tony Capstick, 1960s

"As a result of him getting me involved in his Friday afternoon programmes, I was asked if I'd like to present a programme on Saturday afternoons with Tony Capstick and Michael Cooke, who used to do it alternately but they didn't want to do it any more.

"So I was put with Capstick and I worked with them for a year and then they stopped and I started doing Saturday mornings, and then I started broadcasting daytimes and it's been great and I've done it ever since.

"Originally I'd written a novel and I'd been a school teacher. David interviews me on the radio then I get a theatre job because somebody heard me talking about my book on the radio. So Radio Sheffield got me to be a playwright, live in Sheffield with my family, and... I'll tell you the third bit another time!"

Graham, Dronfield

"4th December, 1984. We went on a trip to Amsterdam with Radio Sheffield. Tony Capstick tried to record on the boat but there was so much noise that he couldn't. It was a wonderful occasion - St Nicholas Day in Amsterdam, and we stayed in a great hotel in Dam Square. It was really something to remember. We got back safely - just! It was a real family occasion. Tony Capstick was on my coach and Peter Crabtree was on the other."

Audrey, Sharrow

"A few years ago there was an earthquake in Sheffield. My kids came into my bedroom and told me that they'd heard on Radio Sheffield that there'd been an earthquake. When I went downstairs they'd turned all the pictures and ornaments upside down to make me think I was stupid! They couldn't believe that I had in fact felt it, but the people at Radio Sheffield did and they came to interview me, so it was broadcast all day!"

Joe, Barnsley

Joe: "A few years ago, there was a sequence called 'Do It With Rony'. You always went on about your orchard and one day my wife said, "I'd like to see Rony's orchard" - so we phoned up and it was all arranged that we'd meet up and see your orchard."

Red apples on the tree

Rony: "So what did you make of it when you saw my orchard?"

Joe: "Ooh, it was massive wasn't it!" says Joe jokingly. "I wonder how many men you employed to pick all the apples!"

Rony: "Ha ha, it's no orchard is it?! It was only a little terraced house - we've moved out of there now, but we only called it 'the orchard' at 132 Totley Brook Rd because on the estate agent's brochure it described it as an orchard so we decided we'd play the game!"

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created: 31/10/2007

You are in: South Yorkshire > History > Memoryshare > Your memories of Radio Sheffield

BBC Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday

Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday

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