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24 September 2014

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Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday

You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday > Sangita Myska

Sangita Myska

Sangita Myska

South Yorkshire proved to be a great training ground in the 1990s for journalist Sangita Myska. In 1997 she was able to trade her radio microphone for a job in front of the camera. These days you might see her feature in the 10 O'Clock News.

:: Sangita Myska
Reporter/Producer, 1990s

How did you come to work for Radio Sheffield?

I was a BBC News trainee. I was specialising in radio, and Radio Sheffield was my last training attachment. I was a reporter and then a producer. When I left I was producing the Drivetime show with the lovely, lovely Dean 'pips' Pepall (Pips because he always hit the pips at 6pm!)

"When I first arrived I was told it was 'The biggest village' in the world. It's true!"

Sangita Myska

Since leaving Radio Sheffield what else have you done?

I've been really lucky and done a wide variety of things. I was a producer at Radio 5 Live, a producer at News 24, and a reporter on Reporting Scotland. I've presented on Holiday and Summer Holiday. Since then, I've worked as a News Correspondent on the BBC's national Television news bulletins and am now a correspondent on the Ten O'Clock News. I also regularly present on the BBC's rolling news channel, BBC News 24. I previously presented a six part investigative series on BBC 2 called 'Lifting the Bonnet' which involved plenty of secret filming and door-stepping of criminals and fraudsters. I've also made a number of documentary films.

Proudest moment at Radio Sheffield?

Every time I got on air and stayed on without falling off! 

Radio Sheffield was the place I learnt to report and produce daily news. Local radio is terribly undervalued and without it there's no way I (and plenty of other reporters) would have learnt  the solid journalistic skills that have taken me through a very rewarding career. So thank you to all the listeners and news editors who helped me through!

What was your worst on-air (or off) moment?

Doing a live commentary during the exhumation of a decapitated body.

During your time here, who was your favourite presenter?

We've had great presenters at Radio Sheffield -  Dean Pepall, Tony Capstick, and of course Rony - to name but a few.

Favourite place in South Yorkshire?

It's got to be Sheffield itself. When I first arrived I was told it was 'the biggest village' in the world. It's true! The adage that it's just like Rome, (surrounded by seven hills) isn't quite as accurate!

Looking back now, how would you sum up your Radio Sheffield experience?

Absolutely fantastic. I wouldn't trade the memories I have for anything in the world.

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You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday > Sangita Myska

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