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24 September 2014

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Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday

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Radio Sheffield badge, 1960s-70s

Radio Sheffield badge from the 60s-70s

40th Birthday!

BBC Radio Sheffield celebrated its 40th birthday in November 2007. But how did South Yorkshire's favourite radio station come about?

The Radio Sheffield team

BBC Radio Sheffield was born as a result of a 1966 Government White Paper which paved the way for nine BBC local radio stations. Radio Leicester came first on 8th November 1967, followed by Radio Sheffield on 15th November 1967.

Initially Radio Sheffield was on trial for two years. A team of 15 launched the station, broadcasting for just four hours a day. The service was well received and by 1974 the team had grown to 35, and broadcasts were extending across 12 hours.

Rony presenting at Radio Sheffield, 2007

Rony presenting at Radio Sheffield, 2007

Today the radio station employs 45 full time members of staff. There are over 130 hours of live broadcasting every week, plus the website of course!

Find out what's on when on Radio Sheffield nowadays, and take a photo tour of the station as it is now:

Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday Quiz

Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday 'Old vs New' Quiz

An Audience with Radio Sheffield

Radio Sheffield held a special audience event to celebrate our 40th Birthday. The Pennine Lecture Theatre at Sheffield Hallam University was packed with Radio Sheffield listeners who turned up to meet presenters past and present.

Bob Ballard hosted the 'Old vs New' quiz in which old presenters Bob Jackson, Jack Shaw and Mea Webb came head to head with current presenters Paulette Edwards , Howie Pressman and Steve White.

Everard Davy and Rony Robinson

Everard Davy and Rony Robinson

The audience then got the chance to ask those questions they've always wanted to ask. Rony Robinson, Toby Foster, Everard Davy and Radio Sheffield's Editor Gary Keown sat on the panel and revealed what it's like behind the scenes at the radio station.

Your memories of Radio Sheffield

In a special version of the Forum, Rony asked for your memories of Radio Sheffield from the past 40 years. You can read and hear some of them here.

Bob Jackson, Mea Webb and Jack Shaw

Ex-presenters Bob Jackson, Mea Webb and Jack Shaw

We'd love to hear your memories of BBC Radio Sheffield over the past 40 years. Submit your memories with Memoryshare...

last updated: 16/11/07

Have Your Say

Tell us your memories of BBC Radio Sheffield over the years. Who has been your favourite presenter?

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Diane C Bernard
Congrats to all there present and past. I wish you 40 more and then some. I did a short stint as a (very) young teenager on Radio Sheffield in 1968. There was a teen magazine programme called "Eleven UP" - hosted by Phillip Liddell which went out on Tuesdays at about 5.30 as I recall. I did vox pops, film and concert reviews, fashion pieces. I did a piece on gliding once, from Great Hucklow Gliding Club and actually went up and talked through the landing - oh the courage of impetuous youth!! I went ghost hunting in a field in Cheshire - all sorts of off the wall things, as well as the more mundane such as how to pick up a new boyfriend in the all night laundrette. I loved every minute of it and only stopped because I went off to Finishing School in London. Some time after I ran into Peter Crabtree when he was also in London and working with BBC2 I think or was it BBC 1, not sure, anyway it was lovely to see him again and that was the last of my contact with anyone from that era. I think Michael Barton was the Station Manager in my day. I came to Jamaica on holiday many years ago and ended up marrying a Lawyer out here and have been here since. I must say that working for Radio Sheffield still ranks as one of the highlights of my life - it all seeemed so glamorous and exciting. Fond memories indeed. Once again well done and all the very best for the future. Sincerely, Diane C. Bernard - I was Diane Green back then.

Kevan Smith
In my opinion for what it's worth there is something for everyone on BBC Radio Sheffield with great presenters. Phone In's, Sport, Music from yesteryear, a sense of humour and even those touching emotional moments you can only get on live radio. Great Stuff!!!

Michael Cooke & Tony Capstick..Memories of - The train journey to London. The Guiness record swim at Ponds Forge. Training to be a presenter at Norfolk Street on a series of Saturdays. Meeting Tony at the old building at Broomhill and many more!!

Winton Cooper
His Sunday morning phone in quiz show was legendary, I could never get through.

Barry Foster
I remember the verbal battle between Arthur Scargill and Michael Cook, or "Cookie" as he was known! Michael was a very good broadcaster with a strong character who could argue his case with anyone....and usually win. I think though in this case he lost to Arthur.

Winton Cooper
He did a fantastic interview with Marty Caine the Christmas before she died. Could we hear it again?Jim

Chrid Hughes
He was holding the phone in when the man rang up for help because the wardrobe he was moving had fallen on top of him and he had then fallen downstairs.Kate

My favourite was Capstick, especially Fridays when Smithy used to come in and entertain us with his anecdotes from the courts, and I still use the radio alarm which I won by identifying a celebrity "voice", I won this on Capsticks show!

Your Barnsley Outside Broadcast Reporter
About 20-25 years ago this Reporter for Radio Sheffield used to interview Barnsley locals with unusual hobbies or pets and one day he interviewed a person who had a pet mudskipper he took for walks. It was hilarious. Ian Kassell

Alan Bond, Sheffield
My first son was born on 15th November 1967 at Jessops Hospital in Sheffield. I seem to remember Radio Sheffield being born the same morning and it was the first station I listened to when I got home that morning.

Tony Neil Morris
Happy 40th to the station and thank you for your coverage of the flood situation it was very interesting to listen to. I was captivated by coverage. Well Done to you all. Tony Neil Morris

You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield's 40th Birthday > 40th Birthday!

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