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24 September 2014

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Post Office

Post Office, floodwater and rescue

Flooding at Toll Bar

Toll Bar in Doncaster was one of the areas most badly affected by flooding in South Yorkshire in June 2007. Toll Bar Post Office was one place which was particularly badly hit.

July 2007

Jenny and John Jackson run the Post Office at Toll Bar and like the rest of us, were unprepared for the extreme rainfall on 25th June 2007.

They took photos as the floodwaters rose around their house and property. They watched as packets of crisps floated off the Post Office shelves and as their furniture was gradually submerged by the murky water.

Dinghy rescue during Toll Bar floods, June 2007

Dinghy rescue during Toll Bar floods, June 2007

They photographed the rescue and evacuation of their friends and neighbours as well as their own evacuation. The photos are dramatic, touching, sad and even funny.

:: See Jenny and John Jackson's remarkable pictures of the flooding of Toll Bar, photographed from the viewpoint of the Post Office.

BBC Radio Sheffield's Phil Butler visited Toll Bar a month after the floods and talked to John and Jenny Jackson on the BBC Bus as they looked for the first time at the pictures of the flooding of their village, house and business. 

:: Click on the link on the right of the page to listen to Phil Butler speaking to John and Jenny about Prince Charles' visit to the village, and what it's like to look back at the photos of the flooding.

Personal price

"I feel a bit sick now," said Jenny, looking at the photos. "I feel quite upset seeing it in full view - seeing what we've gone through. As we went through each hour you coped throughout the day, but seeing how it's affected all my personal belongings and of course the shop, it's upsetting.

"There's no flooring at all now, just concrete. The gas fire's gone, the wooden floors and joists have gone, the plaster is down to a metre and a half. The furniture has had to been thrown or salvaged - we salvaged an old antique of John's parents, but it's sad to see my furniture which I've had for years."

Local speculation

"I think we all think that floodgates were opened somewhere but I don't think it'll ever be proven," says Jenny. "Possibly the idea was sensible to sacrifice a little village as opposed to sacrificing Doncaster, and the better thing to do. But we're still having to suffer all this. There are a lot of individuals in our village who are suffering and trying to sort their life out. It's going to be a long time for everybody."

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You are in: South Yorkshire > Community > Features > Flooding at Toll Bar

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