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24 September 2014

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Half Marathon

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Kate Todd

Kate's half marathon

This is a diary written by Kate as she was training for the Sheffield Half Marathon in 2007. Missed your training for this years marathon? Then why not enter the Fun Run?

7) Monday, 14 May 2007: 6 days to go!...

Yikes, less than a week to go.

I'm getting scared now, I don't want to be collected by the sweep bus! This goes round to pick-up anyone who won't make it in the three hour time limit - please, not me!

London Marathon 2007

I should be ok, I did 11 miles last weekend and that was fine. Yesterday I did six though and found it quite hard going.

I think I just need to relax and get loads of sleep all week. You're also supposed to drink loads of water for the week before so you're well hydrated on the day.

My boyfriend and friend look like they'll be finishing in under two hours. I'm going for a more civilised two and a half hours...

6) Thursday, 26 April 2007: 24 days to go...

Hmmm running, it's being going ok. I've been taking it easy recently as work has been busy.

I'm going to try ten miles this weekend which is a bit scary, but at least once I've done that I'll feel confident about completing the full distance.

Kate Todd and her dog George

Kate Todd and her dog George

I was staying with a friend in London this weekend and we watched the London Marathon. 

It's so inspiring seeing all those runners of different shapes, sizes and ages going for it. We just stood for hours cheering people on. I hope the atmosphere will be good for the Sheffield run.

My boyfriend David is being slow with his!

5) Monday 2 April 2007: 48 days to go...

Yesterday (Sunday) I planned to run seven miles but ended up getting completely lost so I wasn't sure how far I'd gone.



Just checked on a map though and it was actually 8.5 miles. Really pleased as I did it in about 1hr 40 mins so getting towards the 11 minute mile I'd like to do in the race. 

In the actual race I won't have annoying things like crossing roads and children running in front of me to contend with so that should save a couple of minutes!

4) Thursday, 29 March 2007: 52 days to go...

After a break last week, I've got back into running again with my lovely new trainers. I went to a proper running shop to buy them and they watched me run on a treadmill. They seem much more comfortable.

It's great now it is lighter in the evenings, it means I can run when I get home rather than going to the gym. 

I much prefer running outside, it's really interesting discovering new roads and parks. 

My boyfriend David is doing really well with his training. He's almost run the complete distance and he's much faster than me. 


My leg hurts - because my trainers are rubbish

We definitely won't be starting and finishing the race together - I'm very happy just to stick at my own pace.

All this running is making me feel much fitter.  Disappointingly I haven't lost any weight, I was hoping to trim down a bit. 

Maybe it's the muscle!

3) Tuesday, 20 March 2007: 61 days to go...

My leg really hurt when I ran this weekend, a bit worrying.


I even went running after a night out with friends

I spoke to a friend who's a fitness instructor and she told me it's because my trainers are rubbish. 

So when I get paid on Friday I'll be purchasing a new pair and getting them from a proper running shop - not my local outlet village this time!

I also bought some new running tracksuit bottoms as I've just been wearing a pair of shorts but it actually gets pretty cold, especially this weekend in the snow. 

It's costing me a fair bob this running malarky!  I really want to buy more kit, but I must resist for now as I'll have all the essentials once I get new trainers.  


The Sheffield half-marathon is on May 10th

I'm going away this weekend so I'm trying to fit in an extra run this week as I'm sure I won't get round to going on Saturday or Sunday.

2) Sunday, 18 March 2007:  65 days to go...

I did a six mile run today, I was well proud. Left my mates in bed recovering from our night out in Sheffield and went out for an early morning run. Loved it.

1) Tuesday 13 March 2007, 2007: 68 days to go...

I've just finished my second week of training for the Sheffield half marathon, and surprisingly it's going ok!

I was so scared when I signed up that I wouldn't be able to run a mile let alone 13 odd.

A few good friends are doing it and my boyfriend, so I have to admit I mainly agreed to do it so I wouldn't be kicking myself on the day when they've all achieved something so good and I was too scared to. Also it is such a great motivation to get fit, which I definitely need.

I'm following a 12 week plan for beginners and have to do four runs a week. I've managed to fit them in ok with three before work and the long one at the weekend. My long run was four miles this time.

I was bright red by the end of it but it was quite enjoyable, especially as it was so sunny this weekend. I ache a bit today but I'll make sure that doesn't put me off getting back on the treadmill before work!

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You are in: South Yorkshire > Radio Sheffield > Half Marathon > Kate's half marathon

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