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17 April 2014
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LMT front-man Jon at the Boardwalk
LMT's Jon on stage

LMT tour diary

Take a look at where Sheffield band Little Man Tate have been playing and get an insight into life on the road... rock and roll!

Little Man Tate have been on the lips of many on the South Yorkshire gig circuit, and as a new and currently unsigned band we decided to keep you all up to date with what they're up to and where they are!

The band are moving from strength to strength, after receiving airplay on Steve Lamaqcq's Radio 1 show and were tipped by America's Rolling Stone magazine to be as big as the Arctic Monkeys in 2006, which could be difficult considering their incredible rise to fame, but still a good sign.

If that wasn't enough news that their MySpace site has been hit for around 6000 downloads in December, a week before Christmas, this can only be encouraging!

Sheffield Fuzz Club - Thursday, 26 January

Jon smiles

We'd not played in Sheffield for a while, so it was nice not to have to sample service-station food all day. We couldn't believe the reception we got when we came on. It was crazy! Hopefully we can play here again; it's a really good venue with a great atmosphere. Plus, Maz left his guitar capo there because he was probably drunk when he was packing his gear down! We danced the night away in the disco afterwards and had a right good laugh with everyone who had come to see us. A few students were there too, so hopefully we've converted them to the LMT Love-Waggon!

Islington Academy - Wednesday, 18 January

This was the last gig of the Academy tour so it was nice to play to packed room. There were a few familiar faces down at the front which helped us to get over our nerves! It's a bit weird when everyone sings the words to our songs, but definitely in a good way. It just puts a smile on your face constantly! The gig was great and the crowd just got better and better throughout the set. Before we knew it, it was back in the van all the way back to Sheffield. We treated ourselves to a kebab as we left London; knackered, but well happy!

Birmingham Academy - Tuesday, 17 January

Jon and ladies in Liverpool
Jon attracting some attention?

What a great night this was down in Birmingham. We got a bit lost trying to find the venue so at least we got to take in the lovely sights. Dan’s navigational skills are getting steadily worst but he got us there in the end, bless him! Earlier on in the day we did a proper radio interview in Villa Park, amazing! They didn't let us go on the pitch though (probably for the best!). The performance was top-notch later on and again, it was really great meeting up with everyone after we played. A girl called Sue came down to see us and really got the crowd going. The atmosphere was crazy from start to finish. We can't wait for the Barfly gig!

Liverpool Academy - Monday, 16 January

We got another good crowd in Liverpool which was a nice surprise seeing as it was our first time there. We played with Santa Carla, who have some wicked tunes, so we knew it was going to a good 'un. It was a bit weird when we came on because people started to take loads of photos! We're not very good at posing so hopefully they turned out alright. Some people off our website forum came down and cheered us on, which was wicked. We had a good laugh chatting and drinking with them after; it's like meeting new friends! We also missed hearing ourselves on Radio 1 on the way home. Steve Lamacq played the single!

Newcastle Academy - Sunday, 15 January

This was the first Academy date for us and apparently we'd sold some tickets so everyone was in high spirits when we rolled into Newcastle. Ben started screaming like a girl when he saw our name in lights outside the venue but it was pretty cool to see Little Man Tate in big letters advertising the gig. The gig turned out to be pretty mind-blowing. People were right at the front when we came on and were really getting into the LMT vibe. Some guys came from Huddersfield to see us but the chants of "Yorkshire! Yorkshire" didn't go down too well! (We liked it really though!) After getting through the complimentary Strongbow, we headed off home. What a way to start 2006!

Stockton Ku-Bar - Friday, 30 December

Dan sports a cheeky grin
Let's hope Dan's not been scenting the air again!

The final gig of the year was back in the North East at a really cool venue called the Ku-Bar. We were on with some other bands that made us feel really welcome and informed us it was going to be a busy night! Jon's amp broke yet again which was a bit upsetting but after borrowing from The Misled Heroes, we sampled some quality fish 'n' chips and ended up in the friendliest pub in the world (£1.50 a pint!). The gig was amazing and was a perfect way to end a great 2005 for us. Loads of people signed the mailing list as well which was a bonus but Dan's farting problem soured the journey home a little.

Sunderland - Bar Pure 14th December

Our second gig in the North East and we had a really good laugh, even if it was our 7th gig in a row! The stage was tiny so we couldn't move that much but it was funny trying not to trip over effects pedals and mic leads! We all felt knackered after but have had such a good time on the road we can't wait to get back in the LMT Love-Bus and do it again!

Huddersfield Tokyo - (Club NME Tour) 13th December

The chandeliers in the venue were dead posh and these big staircases lead the way to the stage. It was great! Loads of people, some even chanting our name and singing the words to the songs. We got some nice sarnies and beer tokens during the night which made us feel welcome. It was also pretty cool chatting to two lads who had come over from Leeds to see us!

Newcastle Digital (Club NME Tour) - 12th December

Jon at Tokyo in Huddersfield
Jon, looking strangely at the crowd

This venue was really cool. It overlooked an outdoor ice-rink so pre-soundcheck entertainment involved laughing at everyone falling over! It was a bit cold outside for us so we spent some quality time at this bar which had a "bucking-bronco". Jon got the record for staying on the longest followed closely by Dan. We got a bit worried when there was nobody at the venue at 11.30pm but then a couple of stampede's later and it was full of jiving indie-kids! It was one of the best gigs we've ever done in the end!

York Fibbers - 11th December

We played with a really cool band called The Sugars who warmed the Sunday afternoon crowd up for us very nicely. It was strange playing at 3.30 in the afternoon but we still gave it everything and even played an extra song! People went home happy and so did we but then again Fibbers is always great. I wouldn't recommend the cafe next door though, £3 for a bacon sandwich!

Oldham Castle (Club NME Tour) - 10th December

Jon being searched in Oldham
Jon: cops a feel - eat your heart out Mr Doherty!

It was a weird night in Oldham on the Saturday. Instead of keeping an eye on all the binge drinking chavs in the city centre, the police decided to pay a visit to a half-empty music venue with sniffer-dogs and a heavy presence. Naturally the lead singer of our band was targeted and swiftly frog-marched outside. After laughing at him for a bit, he was eventually let back in and we got on with the gig.

Sheffield Boardwalk  - 9th December

What can we say about this gig! It was unbelievable! Got to play with Stoney and Bromheads Jacket again which meant a pretty big crowd down at Sheffield's finest club venue. Jon's relationship with his tuner is going from bad to worse-pedal which meant we got a breather while he fixed it! It was great to see so many smiling faces in the crowd, we were really buzzing off that.

Leicester Charlotte - 8th December

This was the second time we have played at this venue and it turned into a really cool night. Had a bit of a pre-gig pool tournament which saw Rich, our driver, kick everyone's asses! Got a good reception to the new songs and people even signed the mailing list!

Colchester - (Club NME Tour) 6th December

Our first one of the tour gigs so didn't know what to expect. It took ages and ages to get down there but we soon got excited when we saw massive LMT posters advertising the gig dotted around the venue! We also had the biggest backstage area ever, a lecture theatre (it was in a University campus)!

Ben (centre-top) with fans
Ben the bassist enjoying some female company!

Much respect has to go out to a couple of lads who drove a fair few miles to come and see us so it was nice to have a beer and chat with them during the night. Felt a bit sorry for Dan though. We got back at 4am and he had to go straight to work!

London Barfly - 2nd December

It took us five and a half hours to get to Camden, a record four pile ups on the M1, so it was a case of soundchecking then getting ready to go on, even without a pint! We just had time for a swift gargle and then it was straight on stage.

It was funny playing through a bass amp for Maz as his amp decided to die on him at the last minute! Nobody seemed to notice so we belted through the set and even got a few cheers from the crowd.

We're back there again on 21.02.06 so we're looking forward to it already. We stopped on in the bar downstairs, so we could meet the locals, all in all, we had a great time, and a good kip on the way back.

York Fibbers - 22nd Nov

It's official, York is our favourite place to play outside of Sheffield. The night started off well with complimentary cups of tea (and biscuits!) from the lovely staff and some Magners cider on our rider!

We got a good response to the new songs as well, especially "Sexy in Latin" and were blown away by the number of people singing along and generally going a bit mad!

Sheffield Leadmill - 20th Nov

This was a "Best of Sheffield" night so we were well proud to be on the same bill as the likes of Stoney and Trap 2. We only did a 20 minute set but we loved every minute of it. Especially the free wine in the "VIP" bar! It would be great to play here again and soak up the fantastic atmosphere once more.

Sheffield Grapes - 19th Nov

Little Man Tate drummer Dan
Dan the drummer subject to some filming

When we found out this gig was sold out two weeks before we were amazed. We forgot to tell our mates to get tickets! It was mainly people we didn't know which scared us a bit but we came good in the end. Played three new songs for the first time as well. A great night, one of the best gigs so far! and we celebrated with a couple of pints in the tranny bar after.

Leeds Mixing Tin - 12th Nov

Finally we went on after waiting for six hours! It was a club night and we were headlining so we knew we'd have to amuse ourselves for a while. The venue was really well run - friendly staff, free beer etc!

A few people came down who had heard our downloads on the internet. It was nice to chat to them afterwards to see what they thought. I think they liked us! We were sure we saw Dicken from The Secret Garden bopping at the front.

York Fibbers - 10th Nov

We played our second gig here, the last one was when the van got nicked! We were supporting so went on quite early and did our usual set. It was strange to see a few girls down at the front dancing and singing - we weren't expecting that! It was nice to be able to enjoy a few drinks after and check out the other bands. We also gave our first proper interview after!

last updated: 14/06/06
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