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24 September 2014

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The Arctic Monkeys line-up

The Arctic Monkeys line-up

Hey, hey it's the Monkeys!

The Arctic Monkeys have taken music scene by storm, even before releasing their debut album. BBC South Yorkshire caught up with the download superstars on their way up back in 2005.

:: 2005

Sheffield band Arctic Monkeys have gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years and are now labeled the first superstars of the download generation.

We caught up with lead singer/ guitarist Alex Turner [AT] and guitarist Jamie Cook [JK] back in 2005 before they'd completely taken off...

So how did you guys get started?

AT - It was 2002, we all got guitars for Christmas and started playing in my garage that summer, rehearsed there and in a warehouse for a bit for about a year.

We did our first gig in June 2003 and we played a few gigs in and around Sheffield for a bit then started doing gigs outside of Sheffield, recording demos while all this was going on.

We got to the point where we could pack in us jobs we were doing 'cause we had enough interest to know we'd go somewhere with it for a bit.

We did us first proper tour in June 2005 which sold out, we did our second tour in August 05 which ended at Reading and Leeds Festivals and this one [third mini-tour to Europe, Japan and the United States] is like our third proper tour and it's a sellout. So that's a brief history for ya!

"This [Sheffield] is where it started, people coming to watch us here... some of them might have been there at The Grapes"

Alex Turner

What have been the highlights so far for you?

JK - Reading and Leeds were good, when we headlined at the Leadmill, that was good. We'd played before, but when we headlined we sold it out which were good.

AT - Yeah, 'cause that's where we used to go and watch bands and stuff, that was good but recording the album, finishing that and listening back was sound!

When did you finish recording?

AT - Just before this tour [October 2005], we start mixing it next week. We recorded as we'd recorded stuff before, live. But there is the odd tambourine there [laughs] to try and make it more of a record, but we did it pretty much live. It's out in January 2006.

We were in the countryside, Lincolnshire, cut off from civilisation, the chef at the studios calls the place Darwin's waiting room [laughs]... there's no-one for miles around.

The interest from the public and the media is immense...

JK - We went back home in the car just now, we dropped us mate off and it came on Radio 2. On 'way back just before our mate got in the car it were on Radio 1, and when he got in the car he goes 'I've just seen you on MTV'... it's too much though man, it's a bit daft.

Alex on stage at The Plug

Alex getting ready to rock The Plug

Has the popularity freaked you out?

JK - Yeah, some things do. I don't normally get recognised so I'm alright, I don't mind it that way, I don't want it ever to get really big.

AT - It's a bit difficult sometimes.

JK - It's when you're trying to watch other bands, I mean I know people aren't being rude but sometimes you just wanna go home [laughs].

AT - You don't want to be rude... it's nice in a way. It's like when we're trying to watch Milburn, but people are gonna talk to ya I suppose. It's nowt to moan about really.

People say Sheffield is the most happening place in the country for new bands - what do you think?

JK - There are bands like Harrisons, Milburn... we used to go and watch Milburn when we were 15 and that, but the bands started out at the same time, like Bromheads Jacket.

We started doing alright for ourselves and a lot of focus came onto this 'scene'. But there are loads of good bands, and people want to create a scene, and it's not like the London scene.

AT - It's good how we all know each other as well, it's not like I'm mates with Tom from Milburn, I'm just mates with Tom.

Jamie Cook plays warms up at The Plug

Jamie is happy he's not recognised too often

JK - And I used to play football with him for Red Rose [laughs].

AT - People do ask me if I see the other Sheffield bands and I do, but it's like, I see my mates and they happen to play as well too.

So are you at home in Sheffield very often?

AT - We haven't been back very often 'cause of the tour, but we're new to this, we've not been doing it very long.

JK - I was looking at next year's schedule the other day and we've only got about three weeks off... a lot of it is just touring.

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created: 31/01/2006

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Amazing band! Gna see them in july, can't wait! Hope to see arctic monkeys back round sheffield soon.

Joe rosenfield
Ithink arcic monkeys are the best ting since oasis and will be just as big. Alex Turner is the best singer in the business!

i really love the band they really influenced me into a new type of music x x

arctic monkeys are amaizing. Mardy bum has to be the best song of 2006!!

terri, long island, new york
I am from the U.S., so to hear that accent, slang, witty observations, & tight, catchy music all wrapped up in one terrific album is well, terrific. This is one of the few albums that did NOT have to grow on me. From the first song the first time I heard it, I loved it. I love a lot of music both indie & big label (mostly indie though) that requires many listens but it is all great, rewarding music, all different styles. This Arctic Monkeys album however, was pretty much instant classic. Big fan, yes, for sure!

they have a brilliant unique sound, their lyrics are terrific, i love the very fast punk-type beat. thanks guys for putting me in a good mood whilst i drive my car. i cant wait to see them live. i live in high green and will shake their hands if i ever happen to "bump into them"

victoria kay
the best fing since sliced bread pure talent! luv u guysxxxxxx

billie joe MEXBOROUGH
oy monkeys ares about you come an listen to my band and will tour wi thi even your'll drop your jaws at us we'll be in corner pocket at mexborough your proper like bees knees anyway

D. Riley
They are from Sheffield and as a pensioner it gives me great pride and the whole area a lift!! Keep it up dudes!!

i am a opera singer and the artic monkeys make me feel like im singing a verdi aria

Arctic Monkeys are amazing. Though I wish the best for them, I don't want them to become too big &mainstream! I love them &hope they keep coming out with more great music. Jamie Cook, you're hot

absaloutley flawless!

Arctic monkeys are all i listen to. They are the greatest band ever!! Alex Turner is a real hottie too ... hubba hubba xxxxx

Morgan-New Orleans, USA
GO ARCTIC MONKEYS!!! Come to New Orleans,ya'll rock!

Livvi- T-H-E hugest AM fan ever!! ( in thew whole
Where have the Arctic Monkeys been all this time! THERE ARE THE BAND IVE ALWAYS WANTED And here they are.. they are awsome! i could listen to them all day and still not get tired...and the leader singer is amazing he is the best song writer i have ever hjeard and uis a total in spiration.. you guys rock!

Artic Monkeys are good, no question, but with all the hype, people forget that they are just a band (albeit with really good songs) and eventually they won't live up to the expectations any more.

I really liked their performance in Montreal, they've got style!

love the way they say "beautiful".Actually just love them in general.

Julien Gobinet
They're one of the best things to happen to music since Charlie Parker, I love their music THEY ROCK, Julien Gobinet Age 12!

i just saw them two nights ago in boston and we saw them in a restaurant before the show and my friends mom sat down with them and got their autographs! theyre amazing live and really nice too!

I adore them. Quite a bit actually.

I love the Arctic Monkeys, and I think that it's really great that they're doing so well!!! :P:P they're album is a killer and they're pretty popular here in australia!!!! :D:D :P

I'm from Doncaster and the Artic Monkeys are all i listen to. Great to see Yorkshire shine in the music industry.

omer artic monkeys rox
hey guys plz cum to pk.. (pakistan) lot of fanz over here belive it or not

hey you guys are great, well in new delhi not too many people know about the arctic monkeys but i'm hooked...keep it up.. love the honesty in the lyrics , ofcourse good beats and heavy guitars, yea you are the next big thing.. try touring in india please..

(FROM CANADA)OH MAN!!!!!!!!!! those guyz are like blowing up over just 30 minutes after the Arctic monkeys concert announcement all the tickets got sold out!!!THERE ALBUM IS SOOOOO ADDICTIVE.........I havent been able to stop listening for about 3 months, now..........There are one of the best things that has happened to modern rocknroll today.I love Alex turners sexy,seductive voice, mixed withe wicked guitar sound!!!!!!!! LOVE THE AWESOME LYRICS TOO!!I LOVE THEMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! love their shows!!

My favorite song by arctic monkeys is 'mardy bum' and i think that arctic monkeys are mint with a capital M! I realy want to see them live but im not aloud,but my sister went to see them at sheffield and got a bottle of water off one of the band members! cya doncaster!!!!!

Arctic monkeys are the best band in the world. No other band plays sounds or writes lyrics like them. they ROCK !!!!!

Great group from antartika!!Here in spain anyone know but is a REALLY cood band. Hail A.M. and hail Blink :[ Not concerts in spain...ONLY ONE PLX

sam meadowcroft
this is the best music ive ever heard i normally listen to dance but this beats that by far

what a powerfull sound guys !! they already got their own sound , that's the most important thing !

paul beahan
i think they absolutly ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!! there well betta than THE KOOKS and there my favourate band going!! (need 2 see them in concert 1 day hopefully)

Not too many people know Arctic Monkeys in Australia, but they will!! i'm goin to their concert on the 8th, tickets sold out in like 5 mins!! Arctic Monkeys rule my music world!!!

This is a very good band, their sound is unbeattable! There only starting to get known up here in Canada, but im hoping they'll have a concert here soon!!! keep on rocking guys!!

i went to their gig at the rolling stone in milan, it was amazing! one of the best concerts i've ever been to

they've been the best nowadays! I'm listening to them all the time! ( Hungary)

Arctic monkeys rock!! they're not very popular in italy but they're the best!!next saturday i'll go to the concert!!

Shawn James
(from the states) These cats are the sh.t!!! Doing my best to push the buzz on the Artik Monkeez(sp)!! (yea, i no the current sp.) Cant wait for their show in Phoenix Arizona June 4. Have 12 tix and am ridic excited!!!! AM's RULE!!!!! Good Day Sheffield!!! S. James

I think the arctic monkeys are the coolest band around. There all i listen to.

Greeting from India to the Monkeys.....U guys rock mate..Folks in Bangalore are already PUMPING the new album to bits .........still a bit underground here though...not many people know u guys but once they listen to the album ,they are hooked...just like i was... hah hah ha ; - ) keep em comin...CHeers!

The Arctic Monkeys kick ass!

I think the band are really amazing and i love all there songs i sing them everywhere and i couldn't believe how fast they went to the top with, when the sun goes down. But my favourite song by them is a view from the afternoon!! I love the drum beat that Matt plays! Im so glad we can finally listen to a decent indie band.

I gave the monkeys a chance and now can't get enough. My favorite song is I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor but I truly do like every song they have put out. I love their accents but especially Alex's. Alex Turner is hot even hotter than Alex Kapranos. Alex Turner is my age as well and that makes him even hotter!!!!!

Marlen from germany
This guys will follow you....oh my god you can listen to their music 24 hours a day...wonderful..keep going...

sophie greer
i went to see them the other week and cant get them off the brain! awsome band alex is hot!!

alex turner
wow thanks guys you guys rule woooo!

Ashley and Beth
We think Jamie cook is so............... Hott!

i love the arctic monkeys but im soo gutted theyr only doin 1show in nz nd i cant go

this band are great!! their musics dead good and theyre dead cool!!!

Nicole-The BIGGEST Arctic Monkeys Fan Eva!!
I AM I BIG FAN OF THE ARCTIC MONKEYS!!!!! they r REALLY talented! Alex Turner is a total hottie! lol! i wish i could meet him but i kw 4 me thats like so impossible!I would rate them 100 out of 100 nd 5 stars any day! I LUV ARCTIC MONKEYS!!!!! :)

I come from Manchester and am old enough to have seen The Smiths, 'long live Mozza' never captured the real essence of Northern Life like the Arctic Monkeys have done in 'A certain romance'. This band has opened my eyes.

I love The Arctic Monkeys! Those boys are incredible to make music! Keep on with that! ;D

pete doherty is talented the arctic monnkeys are n
well my name says it all they know nothing and when they say that the libertines are pretentiouse i think that they just dont understand they pure amazing vocabulary that makes up our english language that pete takes full advantage of.!!!!

i know the band not very long but arctic monkeys you are the best!!!!!!!(jamie cook you are definietly hot!!!!)

alba 19
artic monkeys, u are fantastic!! i like your music a lot, it´s really good. Thanks to planned your tour also in Spain (I wish I could talk with Jamie Cook, in Madrid concert...I´ll be there, I like u!

Ah, the band is amazing... & totally gorgeous.

What stupid American slagged em' off ay? Artic Monnkeys are rate good!

arctic monkeys is best band. I love arctic monkeys love love

Arctic Monkeys are great! I love them all! Jamie is very cute...

natalie 14
i love u bigg much

Arctic Monkeys are amazing, their lyrical talent is unbridled, they can sing about the most of mundane things that you wouldn't ever imagine people would sing a song about and yet still have the skills to make it sound absolutely amazing! Fighting in taxi ranks, boys buying girls drinks, girls tarted up with their fake tan, people not believing in their band and being's all real life that people deal with everday! I cannot wait to see them at TITP 06, it's gonna be amazing!! You guys are amazing!

Sarah and Sophie
They rock! It's so great that they actually have a fit lead too! lol!! We love Alex 4eva!!

Arctic Monkeys rock !!! They're britains best band for a long time !!!

emma 14
i used to hate music like this but arctics have totally turned me! i think there really cool i love em! totally best bnd ever! xxx

emma 14
i used to hate music like this but arctics have totally turned me! i think there really cool i love em! totally best bnd ever! xxx

Good band, Good album, some of the Demo songs were better than the ones on the album though


neve 14
im not even to rock or indie but they are the best band iv ever heard they so rock arctic monkeys be mine!

arctic monkeys r gr8 bt millburn r gr8 n all! jamie is sooooooooooo super hot

Lovin these guys not only is their music good their all hot!! especially Jamie so hott

ARCTIC MONKEYS ROCK!!!!! ALEX IS GORGEOUS!!!!!;)luv the whole album. i am totally obsessed.Mardy Bum is amazin!!!!u all Rock. ;) luv anaxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox im in luv!!!!! cant wait 2 c u guys

Arctic monkeys are sweet and it helps that there all well hot!!!!!!

articmonkey's lover
You guys are soawesome! i LOVE your music, keep going, Alex your so hot, you look exsacly like a guy who goes to school with me but 3 years older, your so dreamy! ;)

lovin dacing shoes next 1 to be relased. album is great

ash n vinnie
me and me mate think there the best even tho we stud for 9 hours n waged school for tickets n never got any we still think their topnotch ;) and we have read the book and its brill :) indie forever pmsl and were both lads if ya wunderin lol

arctic monkeys are awesome, and should get down to new zealand asap!

arctic monkeys r tha best band around and will b 4 a while no1 can top them...

roxy girl
keep it going guys!!! loving your current stuff and Alex Turner, you are SO hot!

I heart Artic Monkey... and not just because I have a thing for English guy:) Their music is awesome and heir totally smokin!

Amy Bisset
You guys ROCK! :]

David McLean
I think think that the Arctic Monkeys are the best band around no one right now are even half as good as them there lyrics are brill and the will definetley go down as one of the best in britain if not the world

wow i love arctoc monkeys and ur all sooo hott love u guys soo mch xxxxxxxxx

they're are the soundtrack to 2006, definitely a memory for some of us!

Their so cool! Alex Turner... Is realllly HOT!

paul griffin
just totally refreshing.wonderful, creative,young band. they give the immpresion that their sort of personel sound just comes from out of the blue....although they sure have a huge ammount of natural talent, after seeing the videos etc,anyone can see it's just pure hard work and determination which has given them their status. what a great roll model for starting band they are....hope the success continues lads. a sheffielder living in denmark.

Maggie May
Arctic Monkeys are brilliant. its only febuary and i think ive already found the best album of the year. loving everything about them.

they're super. I love their music .I'm french and lot of french people don't no monkeys. alex and jamie are so cute!!

Craigeth Johannsson
Ool you are uber good

i think the music is great it rox soooooooo much. and i think jamie cook "cookie" is sooooooooooooooooooooo hot

Arctic monkeys rock mah stripy socks.Alex is fit , fittest person i no.It all good tho xxxx

wow, i love their speeches from nme, most of my friends hate them for their cockiness but i thought they were so funny, they all seemed a bit wasted though! good luck to them!

Mickey T
Loving thid with all my heart. Jump around so much I got back pain! Two spoons and a splash of water...excellent

Great New band! Indie music rocks, Arctic Monkeys proved that! They deserved their Brit Adward by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

a wanted 2 go c the arctic monkeys but couldnt get tickets waited for four hours. but got the album its amazing best band ever !!

Honest Joe
Our culture is saturated with so much American falseness. How can young musicians/people in general relate to those vids showing bling n birds and nasty black men with attitude? I salute you Artic Monkeys..your music/lyrics are pure poetry...I live on council estate in Liverpool and I see your music in everyday life.

i love the arctic monkeys, ive seen them live and they rockd lol i think cookie is gorgus lol xox

sarah burns
i think the arctic monkeys are the best i didnt really like indie music @ the start but they have changed my music ideas and i like the lead singer aswell

went 2 go and see them, they were really fantastic, best band for ages

i think Artic Monkeys are the best thing to come outta the UK for ages! they are utterly amazin!

theyre amazing!!! and alex is talented AND gorgeous!

aaaaaaaaaarfg LOVE the arctic monkeys! i think im becoming obsessed. help! and alex turner's my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good work boyzzz!!!

Jack Daltrey
They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!Riot van is the best song in the world!!!

Saw the Arctic Monkeys the other day they were AMAZING. Love them

Much respect from Berlin for the arctic monkeys! Keep it up!


Kate Daveron
Wow, you guys are great! I live in Australia and Judging by what i have just read, Australians can type alot better than other countries. Anyway i just came to say i think the Arctic Monkeys are great. I really love "I bet you look good on the dancefloor". I have just downloaded it and i'm thinking of buying their album. I think you rock. Love Kate. xxxooo

certain romance is a wicked song

I'm a new fan. When are you gonna take a tour in spain? In Madrid and Barcelona because you're gonna be super famous in Spain. I'm from Spain.

I'm a massive fan of Arctic Monkeys, I'm completely obessed with Alex Turner, I've even got a big poster shrine going on at my house! :)

stacey mitchell - sheffield
the best band around today. Not only is alex turner a lyrical genius hes a babe lol

james pegg
i saw ya at uea thurday u was brill even though the moshing got a bit much love certain romance will definatly come watch u guyz again crazy nite !!!!

I'm from the state of Missouri in the United States and my friend Dave lives in England and says that you guys are awesome! Can't wait til you come to America!!!

absolutly lovin the arctic monkeys they're amazing n the album is brilliant n 2 top it all off alex phhooaarr ur FIT!

Stine Siff-- Denmark
Love there album.. -And finnaly it came to denmark.. And dame is ALex hot..

Stine Siff
There is somthing about them who is undescribleby..

Gina B
I loved them from the very beginning, even bought the pirate album off ebay back in aug 05 hehe. they are wonderful little popets and I just wish they weren't so famous, because now their original fans can't get tickets to see them any more!! But they are super duper and I wish them every sucess!

wot can i say boys ...ur amazin .....jamie ur lookin gd ha ha keep up the gd work so i can get on my dancing shoes and show all those mardy bums how to have a gd time ha ha

Anthony Foord
The Arctic Monkeys are revolutionary in theiur use of drums, riff and sound. I've known about them since last August; one of the best hot tips. they have great talent and things to come and conquer.

samantha - southend
i love this album and think the cover and pictures are well clever, my fav song would have to be a certain romance, because the lyrics are bang on, but my least fav would be i bet that you look good on the dancefloor, good music, not so good lyrics, fantastic album though!

samantha - southend
i love this album and think the cover and pictures are well clever, my fav song would have to be a certain romance, because the lyrics are bang on, but my least fav would be i bet that you look good on the dancefloor, good music, not so good lyrics, fantastic album though!

Amy Todd
I've read throught the whole lot o' these comments and there wasn'e 1 regarding how delicious Mett Helders is!! U all need ya chuffin 'eads checkin! Dort get me wrong tho, Alex then Jamie. Me n Matt sitting in a tree... Yeah, anyway, the albums brill I've listened to it on repeat all day everyday I think I need psychiatric help :|

Hi, the prossie in da movie goes my school lol silly billys well done to her though :)

Luci & Stef
you are the best we love you your all so fine x

woo im coming to find you 2moro lol sheffield here i come

Marcus - Sheffield
I think the Arctic Monkeys are fantastic! The album is amazing, I've never listened to an album so much! It makes me proud to be from Sheffield!

alex is fine.arctic monkeys r da best.tere album is brillent

shelly and kirsty
i think that your band are brill jamie and alex you are so fit we are from barnsley and a big fan of your band my dad bought your albam cos ur so gd he neva stops listening 2 u lol u r the best band eva luv kirsty n shelly xXx

alex is hot n th arctic monkeys are th best!!! i love them n i was gutted wen they sold out at th newcastle carling academy i hope they cum back soon

arctic monkeys rock my little cotton socks !! they are so kool and alex should not lose his accent !! xx

hi im hannah, 13 from sheffield i just think its great there is sum real gud talent from sheffield an i love there accent wen they sing its soo cool lol:)

i love the arctic monkeys but beleive that they have been so over-hyped by the press that their 'fans' have just bought into the trend, but their lyrics are brill

Alex has amazing vocal but they song apatr from "I bet you..." are powerless.

As the biggest fan of the monkeys, i think it's only right to let everyone who possibly haven't really heard the monkeys (i dont think that is possible is it ?!), how amazing they are ! After seeing them once already, i managed to get tickets to the Hull gig in April, and im counting down the days !! xxx

Anne-marie robinson
they remind me of a very early period - The Jam....... only the Arctic Monkeys is for our generation.

Monkey Nuts
Been a born and bred Rotherham Lad it's great to hear a really local band who are telling it how it is around here! Always remember where you are from lads and you'll not go wrong!!!

Az From Doncaster
Absolutly Spot on Best band in the country right now

i love this album, the lyrics are bang on british and so true. ur ace, also alex is so fit, lol x

i love the arctic monkeys there amazing i love all of there songs and there albums fab plus jamie and andy are hot

love u guys soo much ur album is amazin my whole family-literally loves the album and my gran lives in sheffiled!! the greatset place on the earth and jamie cook is FIT!!!

Anthony, Hartlepool
great album keep the good work up. can't wait till the next single is released.

I Love the Arctic Monkeys!!

Danny - barnsley
ARTIC MONKEYS!!!! are mint all there lirics are catchy album is wicked not bothered wat next single is all mint

ARCTICS!!! album is mint! mardybum for next no1

ye i lv all der songs nd alex nd jamie are rides....

what a fab band!! what a fantastic album!! way to go boys!!

Rich Rawson
Amazing. The best band ever in my opinion. So original and so down to earth. Wish them all the best and a big congrats on being the fastest selling album, you fully deserve it lads. Well done. Keep it up.

harry cavanagh
I think there an amazing band !

I think they are brilliant!!

Lucy, Stirling
Having lived in and loved Sheff for four years, it is great to hear the Arctic Monkeys because it really reminds me of my days there. I always knew Sheffield was the coolest city - just glad this is being recognised worldwide now!!

talened guys,Decent songs, but best thing since the Jam? Anyone heard of the Smiths? Long Live Mozza


Good god yes! What an album

Chabby McCheekychops
It's good to hear bands singing in their own accents not trying to be American or whatever. The A M's have come up with a near perfect album full of wit and detail.

lizzy and robyn
Heya guys we love you loads!!!! ur album is awesome, we love u alex ur so fine!!!!! love ya loads lizzy and robynxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Absolute raw talent - Lets hope more record companies try and recognise new bands with natural ability rather than churn out the same old manufactured rubbish

beci n jami
i luv da arctic monkeys n iam addicted 2 the nu album, i will luv dem wa til da sum goes down, big it up!!!

John Frazier Cincinnati Ohio USA
I haven't heard of the Artic Monkeys until today.... I was eight years old when the Beatles first came into my life in 1963. We'll see if your music will be around when I'm 92...

There great! Shame tickets sold out so fast.....well il have to look on eBay!

most refreshing sound I have heard for long time, best thing since the Jam

Natalie lucas
The arctic monkeys are my favourite band they are so great they have a great future ahead good luck and the albums GREAT!

i think that the acrtic monkeys are amazing i think i will go and see them this year. wow and their album is amazing i got all their song on me mp3 and i got the album s soon as it came out!!!!!!!lol

Lynne Clark
The band are fantastic the lyrics are so everyday and interesting. The best thing since Paul Weller fronted The Jam

love love love em, my 2 yr old daughter knows the words to most songs.X

deffinately a good band and one which hopefully will stick around producing good songs and albums like they do.

Been listening to you guys for a good few months now, think you're SO ace! cant wait to see u at ur gig with NME in nottingham in a few days! i dont know how many times iv listened to your album, i just cant ever get bored of it.. keep it up fellas.

i think the arctic monkeys r gr8 but my friend says they r rubbish!

Awsome Band-Album 110%. COULD NOT BE BETTER. Ask Jo (below) if this is ok, or is it wong?

emma n becky
The album is wickd n alex is phwar!!!! love ya loads! BIG SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE YEAR 11'S IN YSGOL ABERCONWY!!! You'll go far lads! mwah! x x x x

I absolutely luv the album! and i am glad tht u mentioned Milburn 2 it's about time they got noticed and signed up cos they also rock! Big fan ! Gud luck lads!

erm, well they are.....fabtastic!!!! legends babey, legends! mwah gr8 album. love ya dahhhlliiiingsxxxxxxxx

yeh yeh, jamie cook is my cousin but ant seen him 4 ages!

they are ace! da album is amazin!!! especially 'when the sun goes down' and 'fake tales of san fransisco'

theyre propa gd like !

Lads your r8,love the sound, love the lyrics reminds me of my younger days:-) Stop wittlin about what people think because if you have read this page they a think your r8. Nuf said.

Dave - Sheffield
It's just gr8 to hear my accent on the radio.... Good on ya fellas.

this band is genius you will go very far thanks for the mention of rotherham in tales of san fransisco makes me proud to be a yorkshire lass xxxxxx

went to school with jamie cook(guitarist) and i think the arctic monkeys are best around and will be around for years!

Wayne, Oldham
Amazing debut!! Its only early doors but certainly a contender for album of the year!! F*****g Wicked!!

Laddy Lad
Saw them a year ago twice when they were just recording demos, listened to their album ever since, feels really weird that they have actually made it this big when i was listening to them with 100 people last year - awesome

mike oxslong
there proppa bo but why does every1 keep saying awesome its gay

vikki vee
i went to see them at the leadmill sunday night OH MY WORD FANTASTIC

they ace. Lovin how they got stared by releasin the demos on line before anyone had heard them. See yorkshire really is best spesh the south

Amazing band, amazing album. Band of 06


Reet good! The guy who said they're over rated needs a head check.

Pure genius! Be sure to listen to their cover of Girls Aloud- 'Love Machine' :D

they're gr8- 1st heard of em on radio 1 wen jack white of th white stripes recommended them- then heard them on kcrw radio- wicked!!!

Chrissie - living in Holland
It's great that an amazing band is out of Sheffield! I now have something to brag about to all the posh Southerners at my school ;) Brilliant music and great singing - Yorkshire accents! I felt at home again. :D

I hAv lOvEd thEm sIncE thE fIrst tImE I hEArd thEm ... gOOd tO hEAr sOmEthIng nEw And OrIgInAl cOmIng OUt fOr OncE ... (>

r8 band singing is ace cos there from s yorks gud n pure lol and his dad is a teacher at our skool so errr...

Arctic monkeys are quality, don't think that'll change, but what's wong with everyone else on this page? Do they not teach grammar in schools anymore?!

Ricky Neeham
A breath of fresh air, these guys rock!

Andy Thornley - New Jersey USA
Brilliant. I'm looking forward to seeing them with my kids in Philly in March. Its so awesome to see a great band like this in a small venue Worth every penny Oppppps cent

Like the music, singing is poor. Reckon they'll be too popular and the album will to well and consequently they'll become arrogant people.

the monkeys are r8 good

charlotte wright
omg i love this band so much i nev stop tlkin about them me n my mates have got 2 be some of there biggest fans we were a few of da first to ever hear asbout them n we spread the word n now we got our whole school lovin them n there number one which is great!!!! i love u!!!!!

Sheepy Bob
Nice to hear a band singing without an accent. Top bobbins band lookin forward to seein 'em again.

i love the artic monkeys there amazing:D my faveourite song has to be i bet that you look good on the dancefloor but i like all of there music

bridget byrne
alex wud u like an irish gal cus im tellin ya u probally hear it everyday but ur fit so is jamie xxxx

Sean Leach
I think there really good. My uncle works for them he dose the sound

I think the Arctic Monkeys are the most exciting band in a long time. I might be knocking on in years now, but haven't seen a band as good as this since The Jam!

Quality band. Best debut album since definately maybe. Lets just hope they dont move to London and ruin it all like Oasis did!

Bang b-b-bango!
amazing stuff. snapping at the beatles heels... they might yet snap their heads off, its all good. hav phun

theyr great ps when r they tourin

your the best band in the last 10 album i own!!! any tickets for manchester???

x katie radish x
alex is fit as ! the band r wel gd ! keep it up lads ! x

Arctic Monkeys rule! Can't wait to buy the album!

HI i heared that some of you guys went to barnsley college, if its true ya think that you could play at this years chunky fest, that would be awsome


Lea & Chan
Now then mardy bum, i bet you look good on the dancefloor !!!

lou,franki n' viki n' hlly!

the artic monkeys rate 10 in my books!!!!!there awesome!!!

the arctic monkeys r da most original band around at da moment. da new single is gr8

Arctic Monkeys are incredible and Alex is soo fit! Wot more cud u want? panther club..ibiza
i am a dj in ibiza, and I think the artic monkeys are the most original and best band for a least

artic r the best bad yet to me anyway nd im constlly istening to kerrang and cant wait get ur lbum when it comes out

Asja Herzo
Arctic monkeys are really brilliant, very energetic & fresh. Hope, they'll keep on in this wonderful mode.

lauren socha!!!
hey guyes not bein a big head but i played the girl in there video and i heard the song it was wkd man trust me! anywyas see u lot at the screin!! xxx

the band r great n Alex is well fit ;)

I heard the arctic monkeys on xfm in the "tasters" part of the show, and i thought they were fantastic!! coming from sheffield myself, i was amazed that such and exraordinary talent could come form my home town. I have been to many of their gigs, and they never faltar.They are by FAR the best new talent of 2005!!

ey fairly good eh

Went all the way to Lille in france to see the lads! was a good gig, the 60 or so french didnt seem to get it like but there was about 20 english there we loved it, doubt I will see them in that size gig again!

Katie * Arctic Monkeys fan *
I think that the arctic monkeys are effin great! Their songs are fantastic and can' wait till they become next years best band! Id go to their gigs and i gotta shout out ... Alex Turner, Damn your FINE, your singin voice is outta this world!! ... Hopefully c u guys soon ... *Bring it on Lads* Luvyaz xxxx Katie xxxx


Alex is a lyrical genius!!! The Arctic Monkeys rock!!!!!

well done to the boys and thanks to jim my uncle for producing i bet you look good on the dance floor

arctic monkeys rock! i love their original sound, also the way they sing so english. i hate wanabe american losers! grr! alex is hot! Xx

I love the band, love the sound, and i especially love Alex. Love what you are doing guys! you rock! x

Craig Fairclough
I'd like to see the Neonplastics do well, they played the leadmill a couple of months ago, enjoyed! checked them out saturday in Doncaster - Quality! ---watch this space---

i luv em cnt w8 til der nxt sinlge well dun lads !

Its between them and Kasabian as to who will be the best band for the forseeable future.

im in luv wit alex cos hes da most amazing guy! hes fit and he writes legend songs

King Ken
Hail to the Monkeys!

I bet the arctic monkeys look good on the dance floor! XX

kerry james
there are the best

they r rlly kl. their songs r rockin + we luv em! So gonna get their album - hope it is as gd as their single!

ARCTIC MONKEYS ROCK!!!!!!! the best band to go to number one in ages!!!!!! and they are from my home village high green!!!!!!!! p.s. THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U GUYS (especially jamie)!!!!!!

Arctic Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Defo getting their debut album, love fake tales of San Fran!

I love em they r soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kwl!

Arctic monkeys rock me and my m8s all lv u rok on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love them amazing saw them at reading and they are soo good looking soooooooooo good looking!!

I love artic monkeys. To the max x

they are the best and u cant dini it

Hiya guys! i think you are all amazin n i luv ur songs they are fabby! wen r u nxt cummin 2 scotland cos i wanna c u all live!! XxX

Lee "choo choo" Traynor
These guys are the freshest sound to come along in a very long time, great lyrics keep you wanting more, terrific attitude to modern music. Music as it should be!

i think the artic monkeys are great and i i love u guys

Fasil Eniyew ETHIOPIA
all of you R beautiful.GREAT.. I WANT TO SAY I L........E YOU.

Clarckys G Ma
Known Matt E nd Al Since they were 5!!!! Am 64 nd think they r fantastic.Over seas tour going great. Bet there no 1 agen next week!!

Joe Antcliff
Thank God we've taken the music sence off Manchester. Sheffield rules. Chris and Sean your probably from down South cause you don't know what your on about. mardy bum and scummy are awesome song and will inspirer many sheffey bands. Can't wait from album in January or Febuary. Right band!!!!!!!!

ARCTIC MONKEYS are the best, you hear one song u never forget it

Stop comparing Artic Monkeys and The Libertines. Both great bands.... but please dont compare!



tom from leigh
arctic monkeys= amazin northern version of libertines with more of a get up n go ! lovin it !

omg i love them! saw them in norwich and they rocked! u guys r hot!

missed them at the colly in cov cant wait to see them!

emily strong
i think the artic monkeys are really good and my brother nos them as were from sheffeild hiya lads!

hey matshaw you only think there cliche indy pop because they made it big mate, if they werew still underground youd love em, stop whingin! came to see you guys at the charlotte in leicester, loved "scummy" keep it up!

mrs alex turner
what an awesome talented group of lads. propper darn to earth and reallt decent. I think am in love, there amazzzin

I've seen them at Komedia on their 2nd tour and Astoria on the current tour. They were awesome both times. Alex for King

jonny w
amazin band, was lucky enough to go to first gig at grapes cos i know band members bro.....

c t
arctic monkeys are great i saw them at the wulfrun you guys are are amazing cant wait for the ablum to come out. a certain romance nearly made me cry and fake tales, when the sun goes down, choo choo and ritz to rubble are all amaaaaaazing live. was upset they didnt do bigger boys and stolen sweethearts but loved the new song anyways loads of luff, xx

Arctic monkeys are awesome! The best band round for ages. Mardy Bum is the best. Shame we cant get hold of tickets newer tho!

omg artic monkeys are the best band eva

stephanie j
i think that the arctic monkeys are top they have a unique sound i love them especially alex turner he is gorgeous x x x

Top band , what the world is waiting for

your band kicks ass!!! i love you guys ... best songs that i heard are mardy bum and a certain romance!! Alex ure hot! loads of luF Lora

i love you

leanne w
excellent band!!!love mardy bum

Keith Rogers
Shouldn't Steel City - an anachronistic name in 2005 - have capital letters?

overrated cliche indy pop

Rory McIntyre
I bought their single 2day and i cant wait to get all my freinds into them we all like 2 take credit for discovering great bands.

catherine arthur
i first heard of the lads on zane lowe's show and fell in love immediately. i've seen them live when they came to belfast and it was the best gig i have ever been to - no joke. i met alex afterwards and he's just such a nice, down to earth lad. love wot they're doin, keep up the good work. cant wait for the album!!!

Louise P
The best band to come out of Sheffield

i cant wait for the debut album from the artic monkeys i tried to get tickets at the plug but both dates sold out :(

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